Urban Indianz Ep 30 Native American Day Parade Prep

Urban Indianz Ep 030 Native American Day Parade Prep

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guest: Kyrie Dunkley

Music Spotlight: Howl by Sons of Sans Arc

Produced By Robert Mehling


2018 Native American Day Parade in Sioux Falls


Howl by Sons of Sans Arc

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands, Sioux Falls, Parade, Native American Day, Kyrie Dunkley

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[0:54] Alright welcome to episode 30 of the urban Indians podcast on your host Gabriel Knight Shields joined by Char and it’s been a long time since you’ve had carry on the show so thanks for being gay.
And I got Matthew.
Being awesome,
I normally record on Sundays today is Thursday night we all have prior engagements this weekend so we are unable to record so it’s a little bit early but,
didn’t want to talk about,
Native American and phrases coming up here and I’m sure you’re like sort of heading that up want you,
what’s a little bit about that,
so this will be the first Native American Day Parade ever in Sioux Falls on which is really cool when you think about that.
Not a lot goes on here for I feel like native people and so this will give opportunity for you know.
Native you too too kind of like be creative in the floats and idea that they’re going to have and then.
Be able to mingle and I’m sure people will be able to handle talk and do all that so I think it’s really awesome.
Can’t wait to show our culture in a wayward.

[2:20] People haven’t seen before in Sioux Falls and so hopefully people feel comfortable enough to like a tendon.

[2:28] Open to everybody people coming from all over so yeah yeah yeah so there’s like,
the biggest thing is like Kim Gallego keep the Grand Marshal and he’ll be heading on the parade kicking that off,
and she’s the one who originally he was a person who switched it back in like 1999 t.
Columbus Day and so he was the one who pushed for it to be Native American day and was successful on that so it’s huge that he’s able to kick off the parade in Sioux Falls on my Netflix huge,
and then on the Dakota 38 + 2 Riders will be here,
what you like if you don’t know what they do Google I’m so they pretty much take a ride you know in remembrance and honor is all those back on.
The word hanged enough Minnesota so after the Dakota war of 1862.

[3:40] Stay right out from Crow Creek all the way to Mankato I think that’s like that 12 gauge on your phone.
Yeah it’s it’s really lengthy I know like someone who reached out to me before and I like do you want to ride a horse from.
Or what is awesome they able to do that.
The guy has work at morning they will take that many days off.
12 days is a long time to do all that, I think people host them to as well it’ll showing their Style.

[4:17] Even though I don’t have that off the top of my head.
Oh they go all the way to wrap just saying I’m trying to compare the distance what is probably like.
Less than that and they also taking like a back road route or not following Interstate know it’s less than that.
Thank you for your dog 1990.

[4:48] Are the state proclaimed Columbus Day Native American day but Sioux Falls started it last year that’s what we went to write.
Yeah yeah but I just ate like you think that they would acknowledge it but I guess who falls is always delete and they do what they want.
Yeah that’s right I missed it I came late cuz it was so quick.
Yeah it was that what we went to the car.
Town hall or whatever it was,
yeah something like that.

[5:39] Yeah I think it was in September October crazy.
Jennifer white and a broken leg.
Jerry Van.
Yeah yeah,
so yeah so don’t be there but there’s like a bunch of tribal schools that will be rapping and that’s really cool fortunately like Sioux Falls schools are still in session and because of that you know.

[6:20] Are hoping you know you supposed to be in attendance but we kind of are taking into account that you know because.
True. There might be an American holiday so.
I know that like an elementary school here in Sioux Falls all of their 4th and 5th graders will be in attendance to high schools their Native American Connections programs are going to have a float in the parade,
and so there’s definitely exception since I don’t know it’s definitely the teachers moving that forward with the principles and having those discussions so hopefully other school is kind of take my follow lead with that,
hopefully we’ll see you more I reached out to Whittier and Washington and George McGovern cuz George McGovern in Whittier had the most native students by far.

[7:14] From middle schools in South are not that it’s going to be really disappointing.

[7:20] I want some how many floats are really hard to like the original push without paper form that went to tribal.
The kids are at Richards on West 3rd and so a lot of them are mailing them in and so you know that’s really slow process but right now I’m that you can just fill out online,
we have about 14 she’s a good number because I know we have more because,
yeah I just got to get the paper form so then I can type it in and create that list to make sure we’re keeping track of everybody is really cool you’re part of that cuz of your that’s your job at Stanford coordinator,
I’m a program coordinator for the summer undergraduate research experience but.
Come out to Richie because I mean he’s the one who kind of heat the main like person on this organizing this and.

[8:24] I got on board and I’m just like what my life is all about connecting with people and creating contacts so all I’ve been doing really the last month is getting in touch with people in my cave is the opportunity to like.
Let your students be creative and,
in a showcase their culture and be proud of like who they are in their history and stuff like that but also for organizations that work with Native American and even political parties we’ve talked to them.
Our flyer just went out yesterday and so I feel like that’s the final big push right there I’m kind of shit that showed everyone like hey this is real,
the flyer if you know I think a lot of people wait for that cuz their Facebook event you know what I mean might have been made up yeah yeah,
metal group that shows up every time it’s open to anyone who wants to know more about the planning going on with the parade and our next meeting will be on September 22nd at the labor Temple,
I believe at 10 a.m. so.
High school for like homecoming so I know I’ve never even been in a pretty damn thing on the float.

[9:52] It’s going to be at we talked yesterday about making paper mache versions of ourselves.
There are meeting yesterday I really old friend Angie.
And she’s a non-native but she’s just like amazing just really talented and when she heard that I wanted to do float for the podcast she was one of the first ones who reached out.
She’s like I want to help in any way I can you know and I’ll go that’s awesome so her and her friend I kind of told him our ideas and they’re going to think through all through it a little more but.
I just like let us know you by James Brolin so for sure.

[10:38] Petition for their sticks competitions is like most traditional which is like what most people are signing up for of course.

[10:51] So that’s all I really know I don’t think I’m getting awards for sure there’s going to be like plaque giving out and,
do the parade they’ll be people judging and stuff like that and we’re all going to meet back at the labor Temple and then we’ll kind of go through the numbers to,
of course you and then we’ll be going Facebook live to announce the winners of the bloat.
I don’t think so additional most entertainment flash art.

[11:30] School spirit for like the school obviously.

[11:36] ? there’s a couple.

[11:48] They should be most Americans.
Rapid City they did one and.
I think they’re doing another one but there’s is on the 6th have a good way of the Black Hills, but,
red car the best red car
fight scene around about on there.

[12:26] Yes I will nervous you know and this is Sioux Falls this is very different for this area I think you know.
Can a lot of people are out I feel like the most partner supportive.

[12:45] Make a post for it tomorrow I keep meaning to but then I get things it I have to post about that I have to.
Interrupt my,
traditional on prayer and blessing at Lion’s Park right on 14th and Phillips,
everyone is welcome to join us at that time and then 9 9 is the float lineup,
so that’s on the bus will get ready to.
5mm half white,
ugly for my own wedding,
kind of that and then it will start on 14th and Phillips and Northbound on Phillips so going towards 5th Street it ends on 5th Street starts on 48th Street.
It’s going to be police will be present of course but then expect of it to that we’re going to have our own volunteered at each like half block block.

[14:06] Is there more than just volunteered because what we want them to do is that like if they over here at some of the same like always what does that mean like hopefully the volunteer can like interact with a crown and be like hey that’s a that’s a grass dance outfit or that’s dumb.
Meaning behind like.

[14:28] The floating Japan,
so one of my co-workers she’s signed up for a float Too part of Lead South Dakota and,
she’s like when she’s going to walk and pass out candy,
fucking people pop can somebody,
so I could be like an annual thing.
I think and I honestly think as I started like I’m getting more excited because I think once I get that flyer hit yesterday like people been hitting me up that probably didn’t know about it until yesterday so I got the one from like new star via Waze,
they’re planning on having one which is cool could they serve a lot of native of moms new moms and then just like.
Oliver I believe State Francis Indian School.

[15:55] Public school or sorry to know the one in Chamberlain.

[15:58] Sunshine Elementary,
I don’t like 17 kids probably,
Atlanta public school student in use Council.

[16:33] Yeah it’s there just like so mad when I ask for something people know that that was my biggest thing is like you know pushing it out to places where they like you know they have the day off in,
Kylie don’t have nothing going on in their community so wishing they could go to his house,
eventually be competing,
the guys at the kickoff for.
Coco on Rapids Yamin.
Text Sunday we all have Indian tacos that kind of stuff.
You’ll be cooking,
unlike other day mice like you make it look so easy I’ll come you don’t make it more.
Not going to cry there has been coming to me for like the past week people been talking about fibroid back to back to me read it and I’m craving it.

[17:53] Yeah it sucks too cuz you can’t just make like one piece of crap.
Are Cadet.
My coworker big shout out to her cuz she it was me and her working together on that fire wasn’t just me so.
Good shut up to her also like Richie and I he lives in Rapid City and he’s been coming here he just did a,
interview with Argus Leader today so that will be out tomorrow but when does Saratoga already out on the shelves for everybody.
October 8th Sioux Falls.

[18:58] I’ll meet you at the weather today in Sherman stay with you as well.
I want to switch gears a little bit here but we were supposed to record a couple weeks ago and ended up not doing it but I wanted to ask her that you were up at the Shakopee pow wow.
J just like just rich people everywhere.

[19:29] If you get the feeling that expecting you to be rich when you show up to the Palace specially with the vendors cuz you look at it,
25 blocks you look at it. Very nice out there they’re like 55 bucks,
if you tell him like well I’m from like Turtle Island or something like.
So you can afford that.
Falling is there like regalia I think there’s a lot of fancy regalia out there is contemporary Styles definitely flashing,
attention-grabbing you know there is a lot of singers that come from all over the not just United States with Canada,
seen them come down here feeding for those big bucks,
$5 and you know there’s like drum groups I don’t even speak English they can’t understand what you’re saying but all they know is that you’re saying their drum group names and it’s ready to go.

[20:40] So they they got their own language.
How conkling Street.
For my tribe and that’s all mostly it in Canada,
yeah actually you know when did Navajo were considered to be the biggest tribal Nation based off of land but if you look at us like nakota Lakota and Dakota will you stretch like over the whole freaking,
but they that like a 30-minute firework show that takes place it’s right next to the casino.

[21:39] Bridget was it a good turnout like like like bigger than Pine Ridge.
I never been to Pine Ridge pellet aerial view of it,
play brochure fold out thing like it’s like almost like a newspaper flipping through that power thing,
are crazy like a break like a layout of like their gender schedule but like here’s a headband Siri hears head woman years.
The princess from last year’s,
the first serve whoever baseball history,
could we do the thing it’s like yours what pillows are all about there you go.

[22:30] I’ve always wanted to go there in like check it out and never have ears.
Eagles everywhere CMOS setup.
Felt that you have to be in about.
Yeah yeah he was all over the country with that and then that Three Feathers dark what place they were out there too so it’s really nice to see all the work in person.
Pretty cool out.
Yes I did I got nominated for best music video for my single killing strangers.
Surprise so happy to see that I wasn’t expecting that but yeah it’s pretty awesome,
so this will be the week the end of the week Rave of the after Native American day Friday October 12th.

[23:44] I contacted them I wanted to get them on the podcast but they kind of cool guide me.

[24:04] New York it should be pretty fun.
I think this is my ninth nomination but.

[24:21] Yeah I want to say I’ve only met since like 2012 or 11 or something like that I don’t know.
I didn’t get to go to the last one that I want but yeah I don’t know.

[24:36] It should be fun traveling with anyone,
Casino so I don’t know if that’s going to be possible,
chocolatito anything.
If somebody I don’t know we will see I’ll see if somebody’s lucky enough to me to play pay for a plane ticket for them.
Yeah I think I actually.
It’s right out where like a bunny be the noble when he’s from that area Buffalo New York.
Yeah I’m sure I’ll see it like John Roberts he’s hosting my record release party he’s nominated in the best comedy category like Chase Manhattan diameter used in Jodi’s nominee.
Cody blackbirds nominated so you know a lot of friends of mine are going to be out there so it should be it should be pretty cool I’m excited to go out there.

[25:42] Alone I think is nominated it’ll be it’ll be fun yeah that’s I think sometimes the nami’s swag build not.
Still nominate like too many people I think there’s one category where I swear they just everybody that submitted got time it is the one category it’s like the last one that has like 20 now he’s what is this,
yeah. They’re invited to go I think we got,
I got two VIP tickets but I think everybody every nominee does.

[26:27] Check it out it’s been a long time since I’ve been out there the voting polls like that we you can vote for me.
Music awards.com vote for this year’s nominees I mean the best music video concept category for my video killing strangers which carrier is also.
Show thanks for being a part of my video.

[27:09] Thank you I don’t think I have any chance of winning but it’ll be.
it’s like 28 category.
Country singers and I’m just like okay Foods either Lakota.

[28:02] Nominated,
Myra Smith and Tonia Jo Hall I mean like why not that’s the truth,
Pretty cool so how do you feel about Kyrie.
What was even doing out there,
part native,
parade nodapl movement like last year and out there.
I think so cuz I don’t think his mom.

[29:21] I don’t know I guess I don’t know that much about it but I’m guessing like obviously he took the time to figure out like you know.
And I was like shoes now with like the Standing Rock logo on it.

[29:38] That would be really cool if I was like from Standing Rock.

[29:46] Prices on their stuff like that awful and 7.

[29:54] Yeah I’m making money but I mean like.
Oh okay what does bunky echo-hawk design that like Hawaiian or.
They have a collection every year and they tend to switch it out so it’ll be available for a limited period of time on website in the morning.
I know it always pissing me off and there’s like one should I really wanted I just I go back and it’s just like Dawn unavailable you know like that to Phillips Hospital.
And then you really got to do your research like everywhere else.
It’s still it’s cool though oh girl you know I know someone who works at the end.
My friends don’t get for hockey’s designs like a lot of that stuff like I know he used to do the shoes I don’t know what else like his involvement isn’t it or whatever but I know he’s like pig into that whatever.
So is crazy. Yep.

[31:12] Right on yeah it’s just a huge thank you to everyone who has been like sharing the Facebook page for the Native American Day Parade. We truly appreciate that word is getting out you know,
survival cheering at the school today and we got we went to that concert the other night,
Battleship Sansa.
I always mess up if it starts with understand.
How many sons of sandlar,
Sons of Anarchy.

[32:11] Saturday at total drag really good we’ll finish this episode with one of their songs,
I was really impressed I wanted to hear I want to hear more of their music,
anyone who hasn’t heard go to thought I mean the music I just totally,
got good heart to us off music,
we will be back with you guys in a few weeks for a special episode.

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