Urban Indianz Ep 037 Comedian Jon Roberts with Music by 2nd Born SON

Urban Indianz Ep 037 Comedian Jon Roberts with Music by 2nd Born
Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote
Guests: Comedian Jon Roberts
Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: 2nd Born Son – Never Follow 2019 #SavGod

Jon Roberts:
An enrolled member of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, the Ojibwe Outlaw (who was born Lydell Jon Roberts in the Year of the Dragon) is a writer/director/producer & owner of 94 Warriors Studios and has been making people laugh since his mother told the world she was pregnant. Having performed with funnymen Tatanka Means, Vaughn EagleBear, Marc Yaffee, Ryan McMahon, Tito Ybarra, Jim Ruel, Gilbert Brown, Howie Miller, J.R. Redwater & funny lady Shishonia, Mr. Roberts made a name for himself in the comedy world with a smashing debut at the Native American Comedy Festival at Seven Clans Casino – Red Lake and followed that up with a rockin’ set at the Native Comedy Jam – Part Deux and Part 3, also in Red Lake. He has performed in comedy clubs in Minnesota & South Dakota regularly and with his deadpan style, a little too honest observations along with a reputation that got him banned from his first ever venue after his FIRST EVER performance, the Ojibwe Outlaw is ready to make some noise in the world of comedy.

Viral video of teens taunting Natives draws mass condemnation


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Machine Transcript
[0:00] I was sitting in the back they realized.
How much weight i’ve gained what minnesota winter fair winter fair how can keep my wife warm welcome to you.

[0:20] What is the warrior the red lake nation its my duty to keep you are.

[0:28] Will it take your breath away when i realize messaging back really heavy is getting.
Every time i ate at my shoes like am going underwater hold my breath.

[0:45] What are my shoes like this.

[0:57] Sometimes u gotta fix the term lets see highlights terrible,
how many band from tv my first time on hi m and good times.
Relate new shipment and i have the coolest names in the u. a. e. we have the names gotta run yellow white and blue.
I visit my friends i got told me all night shield.

[1:36] Find go back where i got hello john robert gregorio will your name.

[1:45] Try.

[1:48] But first i wanna the first time in my life been a big guy for many years i’ve been fat shamed before but recently got fat shamed by a three year old.

[2:02] Who is we are getting ready to morning good day good the school where i was in a hurry so i took my shirt off.
I got another one put it on my cereal haha pic yo are you can you flip at what high.
Thanks for coming all the people who bob reminds me a.

[2:33] Yo on.

[2:40] Music.

[3:09] Who is looking episode of thirty seven other opinions podcast i’m a hoe scary lol nice to join this always.
What should i bring that will always help you set the last episode help no wrong when she turned the corner hiding she doesn’t wanna do the camino,
could he is it hurting behind the couch put the weather there.
Spinach peanut event for past couple days lot of media coverage going on,
yeah you forgot why you regardless of the charge.
Last week how is leslie show ohh number thirty six yeah my twins birthday and i know.
I know you give me should do you believe in your family who the hell.
That’s awesome to do anything special for your interest you don’t have someone broke my ankle is the only place to have a business license what do i have you.
Just like big sack or just the.

[4:31] Reminders out there’s a spot where i want a trampoline in the corner so you may thing in my life i come down in my phone just,
right on the bat where is or know how good a stop to all of me and all of my campaign you know,
no i just like feeling conflicted play golf a very good thing is bruce it’s something that finally i took my daughter there and your friend one time at the us for her birthday last year.

[5:02] An item i would like nobody there which is like a hunter friend to my baby like fire six people there would like i want to go out there,
background of their business where i wanted this increase could a ten minutes not be done yet we look at the pr i break when is the,
good a lot for hey you know like.
Play the eye happened to look up their policy is the weight limit this good air,
is it going with my nephews after a wait there would ever be there
for sure the posted weight limit should a step on the scale for the good angels the trampoline that you can do
yeah something like that you like
tell me what should a slam dunk one on the real if it doesn’t get a good aid yeah
it’s crazy i see some kids.

[6:13] Go through in life feel like three six zero so he making do that good a few make it there is like the foam ball pit is there a phone from is the flat
yeah i make a flip no i was under like a flight if you don’t like hiding nothing i know,
like to figure out when you have to be completely still i want to clean it out like a light blue socks or something,
yeah i helped some lady up there they told a lady in paris who are the toddlers in there new messages would a cubic much better with my name got him,
should i stop the meds like watching us like my son was waiting to joplin.
What how you have the one to help with reset it up to you so much you lost your saga,
are there any good.

[7:22] Yeah i know i love you bre for bringing up what are we in,
hi we are the group chat and they holy shit is the new,
can you pick me up bring it up nothing i’m not saying you should,
how to download jio can come there,
which brand have planned visits has gotten this half that’s quickest to try to do you like the homer simpson just like back into the bushes until i got here could a
who’s there now that womans my chair exercises and wasn’t really much of a woman’s march,
i would like on saturday right yeah what is this saturday.
It’s too cold out of a latest head inside the holiday inn downtown was nice and made,
i have ordered the lobby play basically just hemmed speakers call parenthood EL man that they had vendors around the sides of the mountain,
let’s go i missed like part of it but there was a new director of the native center usd she came and spoke for the natives.
Travis and the natives and she did really good talk and then went to my coworkers talk to mr.

[8:48] Is there a lot of people there i was about two hundred ish um is because it’s been having really march and wrap it
they has a dress dancers that life is feeling outraged i don’t know how i was feeling weird like hey i remember seeing that last year and then some other guy should i wear to that,
and unit again this year and i was like i should go to that again banana hammock guy no
yeah i know when i said i would feel weird lol hm playing like the only guy yeah
be like you can be there was like the first year you won’t be on there,
is there a video of i livestream the debate so i am going to enjoy every independent the sister third one i’ve never heard of it what is it about your everyday that well at all cuz like people i know don’t know but that’s basically it.
I have always gotten this is basically represent need women and children and things like that cuz not a lot of people know about me outside to get people live with me to go as a group so it’s not like a strictly native,
no no it is,
rapid have i think they’re having included in the planning and stuff like yeah the new woman there i’m not sure but i’m guessing that’s the case there are no last minute they’re trying to get native speaker but it was very last minute just like,
three weeks or something that you reached out and then fade hey baby no anybody.

[10:16] Like you to speak a nice light fun feel like in person two zach speak that love move so we access for light different need of a house if women issues,
why do people you know i will feel like this is a good thing it yeah and.
How many likes think it’s right to be able to choose an email so i don’t like a woman or pro choice i go to if i know i can you know say that but ummm usually people that go to that that aren’t pro choice.
Maybe i don’t know yeah baby.
Maybe i’ll just chug reservenow the ones who are very active and playing parenthood is there.
Organizations like that.
There’s a lot of different issues that can i come up and make people speaking ill everyone has their own agenda of course i just placed pens and hoes.
Ok now meeting with david.

[11:19] Create the topic new yahoo choices when people speak alot of them i just like make it super powerful.
Find me one lady she cannot shut the light on life she was only brown girl i’m growing up,
she’s i just got a new dog i want to marry you like to like someone.

[11:47] Like the family tho hues the same people and stuff like that insite wolf sofa in the family tuesday so i’m never not gonna waste,
just can i have the life experience i think overall kind of.
Contact everyone has confirm different walks of life so very broad i think i’ll leave it up yoddhas play know what they’re looking at when they turn eight,
i reach out to speakers could you know what the speakers are not jennifer white smoke at the very first one i’m cool and he likes,
i think grafana i’m not sure but then the person after you like what you got on the van so people can see her views will really make a phone
yeah i was gonna do that send them a phone number where should he video the whole thing is adding a top of the awesome,
hell yeah yeah song add these i know sheena can bring that some stuff like.

[12:50] I want to see women’s march flyers yeah you love that you know me,
flight who the fuk spending time make it like you know making flyers like fuck women movies like,
can we what is feminism or whatever you know people are who have gotten that’s not good amy standard what i think but yeah i’d like to remove the new making a pretty remember it.
People think i’m okay with my head protesters like up needed people leaving running testing need american why because people like that is what you have heard they hold us down.
I mean anything you know for any advantage you whatever ad.

[13:36] Just like if there’s like a trump rally help me protesters protesting against people who were trump i can’t understand that protesting against the person rice like,
whole fucking you know take people like a fucking weird,
hey m could
whats the od what is protest
what is the weather of not that i am aware of no rear and if we are prepared to dallas and if it were to happen on quora site,
you know freedom of speech for everybody so idk who spends their time doing that.

[14:23] What can we should a just be like.

[14:30] Yeah that’s weird and yeah you played hey jealousy i’d like to try that its little you like.
How you have america by the pussy again is it doesn’t say that.
He will never gonna be the shit if that was his slogan the fucking could.

[14:55] When u play it you know that me two movement music do i like you dislike people like god exists amen.
Crazy like who the fuck does that weird thing it can’t turn on and so this is like a really good topic i think.

[15:14] Like i was interested in the roses feedback but this girl made a post n,
choose who i like on a travel level player portion of using travel funds to go to a larger my chase like in DC who and what time can i see what should i tell him i can be going into the program,
because i did this program for our suffering of soy where did your money you know who don’t like i get that but i would like for me it is likely to have issue here it’s not helpful.

[15:44] Are there people only laughed about your money or replace your arm.
Like for me i go because like it’s good to connect with other people and as much as you love to think that everybody knows about neither issues that you say still no
evening sue falls your answer i mean like other states women only americans still exists if you have you done your language
oh it’s important it like,
there’s a platform for us to be president of sales and i think that’s like a huge reason why i was calling to the mountain yeah try to be there.
What’s important to be there i can certainly get the fucking point where i feel like you should be using travel funds to go basically like.
No lights and a vacation but when does our hey yeah yeah let’s create a new face of the sun.
Yeah are shit the rams one,
good a break fired ups did good a,
you should a i do you at the battle i would a golf,
who is that guy is there he and the entire body yo are did we niente a.

[17:13] Yo on a super bowl party in two weeks and i’m not having tacos there what is the airbnb am i here.
How do i have to know where i live in philly where can we the shit.

[17:36] I’m excited hello i love the food mostly.

[17:41] You can come and we talked about last time student who had a discussion
we have advised that you have any real football fans to come because the kansas speedway commercials down as it should,
which is play games i would
i have to leave my own house after the football game we’re gonna have a baby who had the back can i go this go big,
if you could,
can you contact your not good amy.

[18:30] So sorry and yesterday was a very controversial day is was like technically friday.
Yeah first native american with nathan phillips in the video go viral at the indigenous peoples march,
yesterday i was gone how about that shit all the time and yet i was like how expensive yeah.
I was fucking fired up like look at this fucking bullshit hundred miles of several hey hi hakim,
how’s life new year’s stats sound good af
are there any war paints paint should a put your flight is much is how much lift what is the fucking DC in the background the right heather from kentucky right
i think so catholic school toki how far away is kentucky from dc so i will send it feels like.
Suggest another school paid for them to go to DC for that pro life walk a lot of catholic schools like send but i like the nicest to fall saying a bus full of people.
I don’t want the light to brew station buses out for weather in your prayers.

[19:50] What’s the craziest shit to me is the fear wearing like the fucking make a great america great again i’ll probably yeah like.
Who is that in general i think that’s why they the media or who ever feel like dave.
Became this person.
Leave review no that was it that through gasoline on a ladder or just some like,
cancel the order of string in front of family and work just like damn doctor in trump stuff
you would have a very different like playing can you add that yes that had certainly fucking take the play different because the few where that is
you stand for everything he’s dance with period i feel like i can with that like the new logo what is it like,
kk who did arya dislike fucking paisley openly stating that your fucking racist in my opinion if you’re fucking weird.
I am no trump supporters in london no way no sir no.

[20:51] What can i get you see someone posting shit then this is crazy to me that like kids would think that that would be cool what is it lol like not even have yeah,
i don’t know it’s just i don’t get young people are there in internet companies like what the yeah this is weird.
Will it get here.
If your upper middle class white protestant males guys i mean if this like i guess i can contact to see if like like eh metal flake.
I’m just like i cant think of a group he has replaced of good hope get williams is just weird like i don’t understand,
kids get such a punch able face to my hits of smoke,
and the you like i loved you know ask the man was the wrong stuff like that.
I’m dislike where where did you see that never fail if he is.
This is how i see it being from the other videos and stuff that i watched.

[22:03] I see him where he did i feel like he walked up there stop being aggressive no is not.
Woke up to this guy i need for him hand and walked up to this guy,
when i first watched a video that makes it seem like a surrounded him yes i do but me because something did the crowd though they know we’re on the stairs the whole time right,
the circle around then later you know like in the beginning you were not all just around the crab i got your up on stairs and he’s walking back and forth,
you can go directly up to that kid he’s walking back and forth,
that there’s like several kids this is happening and that came up to him and just stood there,
this is not like what’s happening at i feel do i say it is the guy that walks up to you.

[22:59] I am looking standing there to eat like he’s not gonna be disrespectful wave your resign listening to the game,
yeah i’m not like what people have issues with the kids i just an email thread had removed and i don’t they live in out man that has the best,
totally off topic best mustache is the yahoo thing so i know what means can i need my facebook i don’t know personally but we maxed like over facebook and stuff throughout the years then he is
when is the guy that was at stand up live long term and short and he was two of the older marked alarm.

[23:40] I agree with what you’re saying no life bitch i don’t know how to react,
like how will you know how to react but i do believe is the sense of marx it for someone that students submit them i just need to see the start of is it right now though,
they’re invited to this order did not be disrespectful okay i think they’re high somewhere in somewhere you know i meant invite,
i think for the most part like before this there’s like a group of like muslim man like five one,
they had a standing there all day when this is happening in there like swim wear while they’re really like investigating that when i first saw this video that shocks me the most was that there was a blackout in there,
where is the black and white talking shit like a yellow go to the protocol i was just surprising me at lake what should this guy like know that like.
You know that marking fuckin um yeah i just any other race me know what it feels like.

[24:47] No
I’m totally spacing the word and i wanna say immigrants are minorities minorities so i can help me i think that you know,
but anyway marcus made a post and he’s dying inside,
we go there two x or product i received is to issues like back and forth and it was escalating hand like i m for my facebook post like,
he works with us he doesn’t prayer life on a daily basis on a daily that’s life.
Pray this is life what do you expect i did when the new to do.

[25:25] And then that elderly guy he and nate could a create a reminder i did.
What do you like see no not doing anything about it that’s what i never mentioned earlier i felt he went to the escalate the issue what does your standard,
say hello to raise the kid he would you i feel you wanna be treated the escalated yeah now when he walked up to the kids i guess you.
He’s not provoked mute the provoking that kind of,
just barely missed you i got a black eye they feel like black guys so why would he think you have workout hour and half from long island,
video ing and they didn’t like you to confirm this is bob this happens about one twenty on the video so thought i would end the skype video that happens.

[26:22] Before that you’d like screaming at people like colin knows why guys are those white kids a craft fair is it
remind me to tell me where the tags are good he when in the kids say and then he said what do that before you do that shit up at school
am i just like you don’t like these kids to private already have that low energy you know me so
nathan won’t accept china de escalate the situation in this video yeah so it’s not god’s will you have a contact who did
that is not how many days paternity immediate i think the words that you think are
i am a very strong words and i mean i won’t pay any review these guys like it their story before i just blast that’s what i was looking for yesterday
and even this morning was like the kids point a view i wanted to see if anybody talk to the kids i couldn’t find anything like where they were they talking about is you know there are any play.

[27:24] There are things in jeopardy im not mean you like me to ask working get expelled from the private nine,
trying to speak with a real holiday from where is listening to message me when there when i here to add your some comments about how i feel about it seriously.
Maybe when there’s more to it who don’t yet know where that is missing from the video clips do that but then some men that had been standing there who’s saying stuff to what’s needed people as well who.
Loud enough video you can feel like these students start the countdown you,
please stop sending me they are listening to this prayer song kinda move so what date is there a gym there other goodwill to go over there and do that,
is exactly what was done you can see there is two white menu looks i pay my seventy choose something for this group of kids,
you are standing there with a number one is like send anything that telling us we have to get back till i get back and eventually they disappeared i did the other.
I would like that line right there so i just like i don’t get it either.

[28:38] Is there be online a long journey like yeah who was the wedding.
Who is the staff members that are letting you like black guys just talking shit to those kids my dad to france on long term period as a parent you don’t want people talking their kids like no.
I was wondering who i was talking god love from this afternoon with my sister cuz you know we were catholic is growing up who got put on those busses and went to those rallies like that and nah.
We’re just like that we can go to the bathroom without a chevron just being like ok back to the bus stop when i feel like where are the bike.
Road spain and i think this is a big place a lot of tourists always no happy thursday is going on.

[29:27] I want to place it’s cloudy here to ask.
It doesn’t make sense to me that there was no payment because i received it it’s really crazy like i like when i first saw the story to like.

[29:40] Like what like twenty four hours ago hundred thirty hours ago and i really like the first breaking out like now is the difference in like the narrative or whatever.
I’m just getting more perspective on the whole situation cuz yesterday i was like man fuck these people i can’t get it fucking pissed off about this is crazy you like that yeah it’s crazy to see how the media twist,
does that make the better story we like you know these kids so need a man like you know,
otherwise it wouldn’t even really be a story you wasn’t alone like as marcus hampshire side and i think remind me in one other guy i think there was like three of them i believe i may,
mute the weather just the elderly man yeah yeah i feel like there was a lot of jumping to,
conclusions suggestion will it fit with the story everyone in there hands sooner states often just a still photo of the kids in the trump at right upon their you know who got the other with the drama dislike,
you know so like there’s so much more context before and after but that’s what it’s like in a man is like you know you can is it mr you could’ve engineering,
incident and the fact that is where in the fucking mag had to life you wouldn’t that part of the government’s calculation of my time in full on.

[31:06] You know that the video you know stuff like there’s bound to everybody.
Native that’s what i ask is everybody is not there.

[31:19] You know that without hearing the full story i’m angry feel like races yet but this phone then for you if i was there a vicious ass,
yeah you wouldn’t want to dig any deeper and the actual story do you know who the fuck is really going on i think the zoloft dose,
larger perspective like watching all the videos on the economy together and like there was a chance that they are doing which i feel offended people also is that,
i’m looking for disney than eight people are involved they’re doing one of those awesome can you dance like that when there traditional chance that you like it,
what is the cost i got married where.
How can decide like what you need if you have any grand that’s my RAC them if like these kids are the education could you do a traditional dancer some people are the people alive not the freaking,

[32:19] Music.

[33:00] Is that could.

[33:06] Music.

[33:13] The thing is that it is and where education at mann like cuh when minister goes back to lake.

[33:22] The weight history is todd like in catholic schools the way it’s even in public schools like you know me like yeah.
I don’t know.
I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt and they’re just being don’t know any better and especially being are the smart kids they came for allie no i mean
we send them kids to release me who is one of those should a house here directly getting out so that is what i like whatever that thing is like jason has just been doing like
you know you touring doing the command lines but movie premiere whenever he does that shit like all of them,
so i mean it’s kinda out there in the press right now so maybe they just don’t know maybe there fuckin making that no fucking help but laugh,
will there is a lot like sports teams and stuff like that lurking in waitrose me when you see there,
mostly white new zealand soccer team be doing my rewards were the sales like play instead,
where is the new thing yeah so where is the house who knows.
It’s an interesting situation it’s it’s weird i’m sixty inches thing study on like hell media twist things and yet no trying to stir.

[34:45] And how they can twist things to look at things in terms of you know whenever perspective they needed to.

[34:51] Fit even if i don’t know.

[34:56] History books now if there are no courses everyone looking at this news can i use this opportunity to tell you.
Play talk with their students or may i be enough and maybe something positive comes up to bat.
Hello is working on something must have happened more than four people tho create a new,
that you that im mad skrillex video to high hopes crazy light we have you that video right like who i am we hadn mom yeah.
Sounds like you look so familiar about know from where you can ask sarah video before you put two into together,
you posted it yeah i said how is called make it a combined anderson that may combine i figure you have video of for sure.
For sure i want to hear skrillex put anything out like supporting you ready for that dislike is a man or a poster something.
That’s good a probably wanted to capitalize on a to dislike this is trending right now is there something else to get new ideas,
x yeah yeah yeah ok grazie.

[36:25] No
You do know i would like when i was in last buy casio lol enough but i would hate that we’re playing mama.
This guy said i don’t know i just knowing i know that i’m not good amy,
i had enough i noticed that you and i listen to the last episode two i would like to know if i’m.

[36:52] Why would a casa y yo are saying you are utah me how to setup the shop
who is that one safe you crazy.

[37:12] Will you sing to the list when we’re distributing things i should a review hey erin let’s schedule a meeting.
Yeah i need something if it catches everytime you have enough is enough.
Should i bring napkins what is the worst items so back to the indian tacos may i please recommend me a taco n
we’ll have a wrap up my year,
let’s here it is lol you hello there and i know the bring champagne and adventurer anywhere drinking disconnected.
Before before you continue her go yeah what does resolution are you how may i help when i had a beer last night.

[38:14] I didn i have like four beers so could a came back feeling horny from the simpsons or dislike,
yes like one little simple of champagne just like hotel goes fucking crazy shit like that understand what should a home girl hit me up.
She was like i’m gonna tell me jack’s can doubt and now the guy calls me down there that’s where noah goes wrong yo on i forget you either problem state i didn’t buy a beer can have a coke and they were like,
they were like fucking rico it like to appear pressuring and a bottle of beer so is it like i want to be rude like i had one beer last night and then,
when will you have indian tacos um dont really was there was like.

[39:05] You are better than others so that it is and hey alexa that i can actively not buy or not enough.
Partake but wanted to offer i don’t want to be rude ok so the other year your resolution for this year.
Get skinny because the space confirm.

[39:29] Com and screen look if u re blind side
if you get that makes my stomach give a good aid a video conference at work and i was like sitting in the very edge of the room
get me a half would like this is my favorite seat for video conference is good eight bet i was tripping and this may i made him to the watch netflix.
My no1 really skinny and i want pack of but always trick me who did the surgery that’s like you know it.
Like what is made out lets you send this to when did the septic who eric or david recording you is
what is the quickest super villain thing to do is like every once in awhile like,
when are my friends’ house is on lake to check the movement every once feel like that is just like you know maybe there’s some different.

[40:35] So what is yours yeah no i really haven’t got the shipping.
Can we get a hamster wheel is your name tim i made and ate a ninety nine o nineteen days until the.
Should a twenty good enough.
Lights been it’s been almost two years now yeah.

[41:05] Yeah yeah by clicking here yet it’s been like a year and half so.

[41:15] Yeah yeah good af but yeah i don’t like a crazy.
Nineteen days i think it’s hey who is this like please don’t invite me to nothing a birthday party of my birthday party that i read so.
Everything i know if there is a birthday party next month then may i gotta go f o am i do something instead what is the february twenty second.
I am twenty seven i would think because bean out how very twenty fifth twenty fifth and thirty the share you.
You will just turned thirty no i will be turning three in like eight months since i placed mom okay i.
What can i do that person instead of a bitch know what’s really well in older version.
I love my siblings like i want to brother is six years older than me my leads the oldest person i can complain i hate how far.

[42:29] I’ll be forty next month i wear a thirty four year to finish history for saying how good he would know.
I have reset okay anything i get to be thirty six this year i it’s,
its complicated because i spent an entire year telling everyone that i was thirty six years old but sat math so i went to have my birthday this year is like thirty seven tonight.
Wait no it ship thirty lazy when really matter,
it’s like whatever message to say but i make great day so i’m not having parties how many do you have birthdays know if it is a pen type of medication,
move on so is there a way to go places.
I’m like no not this guy gets me to someone else i will go fishing that you should talk about other shit.
Show all but i hate that i want to go somewhere for my thirty th birthday next week and we’ll just go to colorado.
Tesla keep it simple there is not screwed in turkey cheese yeah.

[43:50] Would he like yeah i feel like we talked about this before,
yeah okay but feel that you are required they serve beer jackie chan who is going so what the ask bar,
who is the state of play where i can track the film,
you got me wondering create a pizza a picture of can beer and don’t be a couple shots me some pads hice what is the gdp to it like dave and busters and places like that they would like to check cheese with,
drinking good eight,
yeah so what what the lake wildlife can ski ball with a beer in his hand could a false advertisement name.
What are the commercials and they’re all like don’t find some like it is but it’s like seven PM on weekdays and then it can be there until eight ten pm on weekends soon will you leave your kids computers.

[45:00] What is the food like to know what is mean some help
what if i can’t make it who is the author of the negative what’s the weather is good,
should a could prepare me for good
what should.

[45:26] Do i have always here but like a light strip clubs ahead of a dim yellow avirex cabaret minneapolis of us where i went to a strip club in minneapolis the had fucking free hot dogs.
We would like a hot dog by i feel less gas but i will be late is that i like my cat who are there in the blender with
make me do i want to like in minneapolis where do a lunch buffet can i use to work right by there a yes or a joke was that one of these days we get permission to go to ricks cabaret for lunch buffet
from work,
but we all disconnect the sweet little old lady of the work the front desk control afraid of like having to explain why we came back from lunch with patty good,
good a yeah let’s really bothered i don’t know i went to a strip club in minneapolis.
What the fucking hell is probably won’t turn on when there with mike why would there.

[46:36] I don’t know set up a mystery but.
Can you missed out on what is the size for a strip club is your problem is weather,
are you saying that the resume i feel of the week i’m reaching feed my favorite are my family in the roads got nothing.
You still have story not doing nothing you never heard of.
Minimum you have to be read me like negative shit i got the story that i can tell today that is not good amy what you just dropping.

[47:16] The prime minister is december this check.
I’m looking for when i meet up with some some people i knew you were like.
If i respond place is cute good food drinks and stuff like that when i went over to the other place,
it’s like a really nice restaurant during the day but i get some weekends with steady hands until all night club and people always everywhere mostly.

[47:47] Move the white people but there’s not a to know the lyricist.

[47:52] Just like sweaty and nervous weather is ok i can have someone i’m waiting for the refund i got a call that the corner.

[48:05] Is there murphy.
Does that process from tiffany’s with that it that’s where i went off to eat best place would like to go another direction of better bulk order.
Hey yeah yeah i think we’ll do you guys have some what some weather,
crazy stories i got a raise the store yeah yeah something about pennies admit how can he tell me about you like two days after it happened yes there is.

[48:39] That shit was crazy but i can i get a story no,
yeah this is from which it come with one every week whether it’s mine or not like some people can fucking talk about some crazy shit just,
hi what is happening it’s gonna be a good hair and children good a message i need to have like that,
play people only for crazy stories you’re looking tell you how seriously i’m like how.
What would a story doesn’t involve me.

[49:25] It’s people i know is that clean their is your friend babe ruth hit the hay me it is just involves people i know,
friend of yours yes people people i work with you work at if you know where i work at that school but i am not mentioning the name of it.
Where’s that magic should a knock sensor so this fucking girl that i know.
She’s always talking is doing this dude like a super creeper at work or whatever,
you like always try like hell are all the different check where would be good snow in the fucking creep right by this girl right now is always like,
she’ll flirt with them because i buy her lunch in and all this other shit that i was like so tell me some shit from you like why do you put up with that,
would you put a new controller complain too much fucking who you know if you’re in that situation had a coupon eminem.
Can you yeah i’m so fucking.

[50:34] Her sister also works there and then press start talking to her sister too and like you know just flirting and we have in-house like messenger,
so we can talk to each other on messenger and stephan i’m so you are on messenger and stuff like that news garden trouble for refusing light,
where she can i say just replace their wanted to record everything is gonna travel for a bottle anyways.
So prepare if like talking to home girl sister.
And send her a video of him jerking it in the car like you getting the car from like a parking lot get to know what the likes of you.
She was telling me about this im like what who does that who who who is fuckin sending a coworker hey where is it.

[51:38] Who got him nobody got him like he just willingly send a video of yourself jerking it in the car,
my home girl sister who also works at our job.
And i was like where did this like we’re do the how did this video happened like,
did he get this video or like how you just set it out of the blue and apparently he just sent it out of the blue,
which woud you say how are yo are you like it sent like dick pics,
yeah open self talk to human,
hey who is like the sky was randomly send me life i had never you crazy shit like every who opens with that too when i see people post messages like.

[52:33] Hey whats up in lb a dick pic will increase could a happened to pick up in my timeline i see all the time my brother how are you,
guys its not cold we could.
Are you the worst traffic but what’s up with guys sending nasty stuff to other guys.
Show me that some guys microwave is friends with someone every label sent him stuff.

[53:12] Porn videos of may i was saying i guess i respect,
hey so weird like why activities t-shirts and yeah like ima get all kinds of computers where i would like a few people that did i send it to you,
no i got it from but i always have to have almost all my messengers are like muted so idk.
I can’t get it have to be ready for it like good asian,
know what i’m getting into so i guess i’ll look at these fucking men like a frequency of people were that’s like okay do over messenger or text message which is like,
my world that is like totally alien but every once well like friends one of my brothers friends if you have any meetings starting shit like that by messenger and sms like,
who is he would,
like that it’s a browser spread the yeah girl with titties you that’s who remember from remove like i don’t know if you’ll be like this is like back in,
what is the like the early two thousands never cellphones just became a thing and people started sending people like yellow,
porno images of whatever it was acceptable to just.

[54:36] Start throwing porn everywhere spotify when did that start got the most disgusting images you can find and think of two other ideas its technically really explain i mean yeah.
Why pump a day with just talking about how they just uncovered like a whole bunch of,
new fresco sophie i like socks and stuff like that in the inside peoples houses back then and rolling feels is legendary just being nothing but,
fuck this bitch yo are the most liberal societies in history and like ninety five percent of all the writing is,
add we have is like to feel like complaining about a sexual partner or are you saying things like that so yeah yeah exactly just like sprayed in the middle of the street contests i was,
yeah great for those early christmas one three one just like.

[55:35] I don’t understand what would a called
comments a curiosity and there from the victorian era it was because the victorian,
begin thinking and repeated want to actually knew what this was in new hope if it was a good speak latin,
what’s your this way and back rooms and cabinets out museums do you have fixed as a roman goddess with giant palace all the lights,
where was it crazy crazy shit with side stuff like that and the victorious plaintiff know what to do with this so i created this whole category museum called the capital of curiosity your secret cabinet,
yeah they store all this stuff from the victorian era was like you give me like a special letter from like the king or something like that to get a tour of it to see what my plan there nice enough.
Pre plan will i find the creepy dude that screaming while i feel like that like you i hate,
what is the difference between mike sending like somebody some funny porn,
vs like any of their stuff is super aggressive lately and especially like when i hear that would you please tell me what is going to getting like that is ka.

[57:01] It’s fine like most of the stuff i get alot of shit.

[57:06] Who are the everyday yet i gotta how is.
How is gonna forward it onto like to know what is going really good rose i get from here with no i need to have to see this is you have no you have to see a.
Help me make this clear the wet one of the earliest like.
How is it when i was younger i wasn’t going to college in seattle you’d like the internet would like first becoming a fucking thing about reading a break waking up one day.
Can my roommate had printed out the fucking picture.
I love this girl like taking a dump on the student’s child and like put it on my alarm clock,
and like i can soon as i walk out like i want to go have my alarm clock at five picture they would eight the first time i ever seen anything i can do this,
would a quick hello.

[58:05] Severely old school computer el who did the first one really angry letters and onkyo on,
remember like what mom went to bed like shut light off,
five wood he could if it the screen is it something from what the most oscars and stuff like that.

[58:29] Have you guys watched the netflix series you know but i keep hearing about it i binge watched what is the closest movie like one of your.
New business good add elvis got his like make a review in the mind of like a stocker,
yeah chica you just fit perfectly good a movie like i am really relating a lot to the story written that
how would a god never makes you think that hey.
Can you estimate shipping and plan to watch it a problem when you would a watch it one two four for now,
please advise the price is good razor prices the second floor of password,
what was the name to my netflix,
may i get your pantry which appreciate you we will send the network let you know if the task isn’t my email in the new wife light sweets no.

[59:36] Send the credit card may i would a campground remember where you got play around here.
I am having binge watching game of thrones i’m so excited the environment happier i never did you there any min good that’s good i like it but i gotta.

[59:59] What’s the one about just fucking let like dungeons and dragons meat flake.
Lord of the rings it’s seem lovely especially when you got the marion brings it’s taking the reigns space we take of guy was a fan of the rings.
no create and then have him throw a whole bunch of historical really don’t like how rude they were like ouch commentaires lives were like you were absolutely nothing how much i swore in real life.
Stuff like god you know who davies together see you watch that we have in my desk at work is covered in a game of thrones video ids so can i help you i just now landed at.
Corner lot right next to terminate our that’s terry create a thrones lol.
I just ended the episode of season six.
Can i after the football game start season seven should be a knock out tomorrow before i sent you the day after whenever.
And i can’t wait to move in with the rest of my life yo are you up to.
Show me up when we were labeling every day playing words with friends.
Set of you fucking yourself a merry get the day on.

[1:01:24] So may i ask what’s the battle of the bastards that was fucking my god it’s a good movie like that’s not good amy open until this most recent season was the most expensive.
How tall is everest films for AI TV show ever is ahead so many extra things like that whole thing vanilla perfectly is like,
that’s like what are the road should a girl,
movie is HBO it and HBO series,
about the battle of its like help pay structure the seasons tends to be the second it’s like ten episodes of season the second to last episode of this season will be some like.
Braveheart to order the rains like scale though i keep getting bigger and bigger,
add não the battle of the bastards was a really big one that was in the second snap no hbo you get me a select get his goodbyes god,
i asked by h green leaf and don’t know where that is.
Can i get you for probably like it can i fit roof basically about life church life.
I actually like that hey m i don’t recommend.

[1:02:48] Looking for a good one green leaf lettuce green leaf name last name removed.

[1:02:55] We should be having our mobile john roberts calling here pretty soon i’m who is the comedian we played at the beginning of the year the streaming.
I was just super happy that my name was in a standup special self sabotage time for that that’s awesome yeah those yeah.

[1:03:19] But i should be calm pretty fun play group of skype name so my name is john robert wood he could.

[1:03:29] Yeah or no is good.

[1:03:32] I want your love of film fuck when is the cut nope,
what’s your last name should a
good a lifestyle,

[1:04:17] How do you delete going for a walk for the chiefs.
Not my squad but me my teams benefits only one of my good friend angie who does like a season ticket holder and she is there enough already.

[1:04:37] Hello yeah it’s my money my big brother squared circle.

[1:04:42] I don’t like secretly like it because i was my first nfl game ever i was at the chiefs stadium.
My face is like red yellow red yellow and roll that up and i will have to miss how we use if i remember it so much chocolate is great.

[1:05:02] William said i decided oak tho.

[1:05:08] Hello hey what’s up man not fighting irish trending.
Set alarm for coffee i try to add a few coffee drinkers if you don’t drink coffee before.

[1:05:23] I just started six months ago,
add it to your me that my husband just turn the car b two hundred just like last month what the hell,
please do not copy snap already only three got yo on another here is crazy.
Say we got john robert and the podcast here john of the calling us little background on your quick.

[1:05:57] Three tomato and pepper like jason burn body.
I got the application four years of life.
Lower your projects.
Okay ron i was worried would like to married father of twelve.

[1:06:29] Hi
Read me a.
I’m so happy right now lol hmmm four biological kids.
I used included not significant family pets in the yahoo.
I want to hear the family pet the father of like kristi and i think that that will count volume.
Right now i’m working as a child protection case manager in our family and children’s services office social work revenue have got three years now.

[1:07:16] How many medium.
Trying to be fixed requested a british c it’s not you that i would be content idea,
i am special by now but if it takes a lot of work don’t want to put it,
what can we do a little bit of your yes where did the beginning of the show what was that awful.

[1:07:46] I want to confirm how much did i was pretty american channel called at the next first nations experience.
Add one by the time i love and they were there and i was invited by me.
What is your grandma would highly recommend if i buy a medium in that get my first ever.
I am american u r comedy series thirteen episodes and i was so good.

[1:08:22] I was told me march la actually got done bernardino california.
What do you mean by where’s the four k monitor that’s pretty cool nice and just for the community.
Record video for every show so that was like some whatever it all lamp that like nikki glaser with an one episode lol nice.
There’s a couple more big name companies are open for anything else so.
When did you make the movie to come out here because you have a documentary right that you’re working on.

[1:09:20] Help started back from a local filmmaker for my area.

[1:09:29] Add poetry and other community and rubber bands to reorder and you are.
Do i got somebody.
How much longer do you have caught me by britney and what was travelers often.
Lol what is the name of comedian this week early got your stories and.
What happened to comedy y no cucumbers important need a community like many.
Fifty north dakota montana idaho washington and california.

[1:10:15] Dinner with the vacuum it people like gone.
Compare michael’s and what ever you are so precious for you.
Do you like you i did know this lol can you help in juneau before year’s eve restart it.
I would like everything is just,
put on the music using your permission something get to know where it is.

[1:11:01] Request review use that you gave it to contact you hear music baby shall and thomas d knight,
send to all name soundtrack and then we went right now so i should be in here but no,
just the last three years but i like drinking and got the lights working fire.
Where are we eating out.
Turn volume off yeah i am super excited to see that i always tried that wanted i said i want to try stand up but.
What about plus i couldn’t,
i couldn’t the fact he pretty good about that but i last buy my daughter a granting financial your stories are kinda feel yes can i.
Translate well onto the stage i think.

[1:12:06] Swap good question next time on one of these days how tested i gotta have to do i have to like not tell anybody about it and just fucking disco by my own,
Start comedy dream i had two thousand nine.
What is the first time i actually wanted to do it starts to grow.
Why do you have any cute honda should i wasn’t supposed to you watching in netflix that the reaction i got.
Story here’s the current balance i got to get them open.
Actually probably get that just wanna keep doing like drugs.
Choose not russia results can i buy my beer doing so.
Hopefully we can make something i’m able to watch it during travel country i did that.

[1:13:17] Factory reset.
Black factory unlocked before we do that we would know what i will do that when i’m there.
Agreed to the comedy start open mic night sunday nights out there.
No you think of it that way how many grams of glamorous no stars everywhere but it wasn’t even close to it.
What were the road when do they open mic.
I also know how to make a median where can i eat.

[1:14:05] I want a latte right mind would actually like you create a party and they had no are not familiar with the.
Create a look at guards so i can request their productivity name is raju thank you.
My name is a company to ask him my birthday hollywood comedy story.
Shit nothing was ever had my life but not so quickly like that.
Backyard everything we doing we captured have a call back that level yet.
That is awesome and is probably harder because of what you have set aside show that your trying to stay on it started to go to chao to remember.

[1:15:06] Thank you have a showroom like the worst person in hospital.
Who did that help.
Why the anger i can’t remember my know what yo are there any changes.
Set the shawty like i was saying hello how are you.
Are there still tickets everything is pretty cool.
We actually dont know how much it is pretty awesome i heard.
I heard you gotta be fucking add gabriel iglesias.
I want to hear a lot eleven twelve years now picture eleven on twitter like post op late at night.
I just get social media there a contact that way.

[1:16:18] I just added three from the way i’m not the color to something roku amazon.
Later come at me like how.

[1:16:36] What are you doing me like this added to your entitled brat my shipment me about brad would a forty play bad politics panel.
Did army does pretty much okay maybe internet renew because what do i got one in the morning,
i would like to work the next day but shit i wasn’t wit we could a pending offer,
what’s the guys or amy if that’s great people actually actually took time to.
Look at my tweet to check my website for starting.
What can i do it all my normal life i feel very socially aware the new blindly package should be in,
i look at my stop understood.
Call me a brat all forty three years of a major seventies call me brasil só me did i see a picture with you have more time with you in term.
No i was left.

[1:17:54] Hello what time can i get a meet greet with him what you do you’re working security at the casinos use that yeah get me an autograph me to the bank.
What people don’t get crazy i’m not fortunate enough to be like god.
Hi we seek a lawyer during the yeah just the last festival.

[1:18:29] Record where can i know the way right away and david cross.
Call donna
are you okay what the time i call the great shaman will help,
good bro we’ll have a lot of red can i just pick them up where you call louise okay great,
i’m looking for david crosby and wardrobe from amazon but that’s what i want though,
comedian was pretty good he looks pretty pissed in the picture i have posted anything,
can you st gracious about it but yeah you start joking.
Likely story.
Can you try to rub one out if anything like that i would never ignore them to israel button that.

[1:19:43] What can i expect what would you got anything coming out.

[1:19:50] Nothing coming up show last week where you have to submit their website which is good.
Weird getting back to my own community because i’m not really either.
Who made bread community memorial.

[1:20:15] Rated r yeah no.
I was gonna sleep but i need to work by right now i have nothing like my schedule is pretty clear it usually comes out.
Every other month so she try to try to get some shows up here man.

[1:20:40] I wanna head back that way you first open mic i ever did was that time yeah i think there was always there was no.
Randi when is christmas yeah we will not change that somehow should a long ride on the next day yeah.
Yes create them and have to get up i wanna thank you again for.

[1:21:13] Doing my record release party host a mad man.

[1:21:20] Make me realize how old i’m getting to go to one of the guys i work for you like to do with her,
could a black yellow i want to get to bed,
yeah no no man has gone way past my bedtime.

[1:21:47] Hell yeah what u what’s your social media where people get actually of anybody is looking wants to booking for a show how can i get told you.

[1:21:55] My website is jon er comedy dot com go to NY.
Oh my twitter is after johnny r.
Instagram app to join our not have my you tube channel is youtube dot com slash ninety four warriors that number ninety four.
Which is also a podcast of your pockets.
That’s what i like to get angry rather than sending to spotify.
Google play and itunes is two years older for itunes.
What are some your guys level set will probably help you with that.

[1:22:49] Appreciate man or what thanks thanks for stopping thru man hopefully can make it to my birthday show next month man that would be fun.
Remove the last day without your birthday and that was the volume.

[1:23:06] It’s not araived to show that night and then the next day you had a party bus,
oh yeah we are so we are after that show i couldn’t even function and next week apart emotionally scarlet glares at me but i like to buy that,
may i barely survived that party bus that night was a fucking mess and now we can’t agree on sound for who is terrible,
let me know what i meant the next stopping by man will i would appreciate that hopefully will catch the next month’s rent.
Marco is trying to work and i think you meant i take it easy.

[1:23:59] Roof is going to host a deer creek demand that a builder john for a long time would you guys be ready use the radio blazers history mike my right hand man here.

[1:24:15] He’s free he’s like johns buddy from red lake or whatever so john came down to visit randy and i met him i’m good he still around north park.
Yes randy yeah i think i’ve been there once probably have them.

[1:24:37] Do it up all the time yet because i brought a salad to a fucking show you the show out there.
I want to feel like there high school reunion at a show there for them,
um it’s pretty funny and realizing how far away walking dead lakewood a reservation for relief yeah i meant you,
weather in get in so i don’t know.

[1:25:06] Good shit yeah me a few things to say to bring out the floor to clear up what shall i do you think is the feeling related to arrive.
What i think that,
that about does the next podcast is like super bowl sunday is superbowl sunday have to have your beds ready yet yet ready we take bitcoin and take it from there.
Add new people whom it raining out so yeah i can i think dishes peoples march to dc so yeah that’s what’s up organised,
finish the show with the new song by the homemade second born son called never follow.
So check that out of fucking to casino or second born son on facebook and any where you can find this music.
We will catch you guys in a few weeks i go patriots.

[1:26:09] Music.

[1:26:58] I should have another color green gray tan when i found the banana bread
how much incoming can you find me attractive people do we see more pictures of a donut
what should,
yo on,
how many have and MBA
yo on.

[1:27:44] Music.

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