Urban Indianz Ep 036 Wonahun Waste’ Records

Wonahun Waste’ Records is a free recording studio located in Fort Thompson, South Dakota on the Crow Creek Reservation. It is open to anyone in the area (or those who are willing to travel) who is interested in recording music (any genre or style), storytelling, poetry, and/or anyone who is interested in learning basic production or beat-making. This studio is intended for the celebration of local arts within the community and extending Indigenous communities, and aims to serve as a safe-space for therapeutic expression through sonic-art. Its intention is to heal those who come in, and those who may listen to the uncensored/unedited content that releases.

This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at siouxfallssnojamcomedyfest.com

Urban Indianz Ep 036 Wonahun Waste’ Records

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Guests: Talon Bazille from Wonahun Waste’ Records

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: Watch Over Me (Feat. Bobby J) from Wonahun Waste’ Records


Machine Transcript
[0:00] Straight out of Sioux Falls South Dakota.

[0:07] Music.

[0:37] Alright welcome to the urban indianz podcast I’m your host Gabriel night Shield.
Joined by Nathan Foote Shannon yellowback and of course Clara mailing their first of 2019.
So you still like we’ve been off for ever now like is we’ve been like a month or so since our last one hasn’t it yeah so long time so.
We had a couple like planned that we never did get a chance to do this cuz of the holidays and everybody else schedules being weird or whatever.
So we never did get a chance to start a rap up 2018 which is what I wanted to do was going to be a party with strippers lined up I had to cancel Mall sucked male ones.
House wren thinking some cool cool stripper names,
5th and I don’t know where the old American Gladiators are all their names like it for an hour Spike yeah yeah I couldn’t make it so.
You can sit out but I don’t know would you guys do for New Year’s Eve anything exciting.

[2:05] Bad Blood stuff for the kids just stayed at home and.

[2:09] Papachinos poppers,
It was like the first year and a long time that I went out.
Song that was used all over it it probably was mismo.
I was freaking walking in the tundra you I don’t know what happened somehow.
That was why I went out and I was at my homeboys house and we just having a few over there and then everybody was at Tommy Jack’s I was like all right I guess I’ll head down there so I took a ride down there and then.
Yeah then like everybody knew was there whatever Shana was there.

[3:08] It was it was blackout mode after that.
Night shift does not remember the group I don’t remember the top hat like at all but I don’t remember anything that happened there.
We’re trying to get a lift cuz after Top Hat it was closing or whatever we’re like let’s go to gilberto’s we’re trying to go eat.
But the less were costing and they’re like $16 for three blocks from Top Hat to Gilberto.
So we’re like nice was being cheap.
I believe that’s a probably why I’m still sick right now.
No we can watch we can walk we can do it like hyping me up and I’ll come cuddle.
I’m on a new level.

[4:20] Yeah it was rough but we got there and it was good.
Oh my God that line was horrible get food for real it was ridiculous.

[4:39] Who fell down big tall black guy,
he was like in gilberto’s yeah he was like walking past like the line and trying to be like
my phone’s not broken though
doodling on the ground and his back was all wet that’s how I had to do it to your landline.
Everybody just standing there and she was like.
Talking to her friends behind us and she liked was standing in front of us who is Sheldon me and night shield and she was like right here she is looking at her friends behind us and she kept going like this.
And her friends were like I’m not going to cut,
I’m not cutting like we can clearly hear them and you can see her she can’t go on like this and I still like you know we can see you right,
insane she said she’s not going to cut it back there.
Oh good I don’t know it was a rough night.

[6:07] Nez said I got slap that night too Guinness beer.
He turned around and some girls like I don’t like.
Yeah I hit I hit her up after you told me that cuz I don’t remember that at all but she probably doesn’t remember that.
And then yesterday she was really texting me to other sleep I was sleeping like almost all day yesterday and they’re all trying to get me to go out and watch the games or whatever.
Wasn’t having it may all I did like I synchronize text like to hear whatever and then I’m hers is like.
Where you at like fuck you then or whatever and then that I text you back later on when I woke up I was like.

[7:03] I think that’s why you slap me the other night huh she was like I don’t even remember that
I remember she don’t even just standing there so she likes and she was like
talking to Sheldon and nail and she like just disappeared,
grab her and pick her up since I got to have Bambi Lane Facebook
good to have baby legs that’s always have something always crazy happens whenever me night Shield Hangout Madness always.
So 2018 what what what’s like your what do you consider like your biggest accomplishment of the Year for me actually the still in the process but.

[8:05] It’s pretty much done getting this next album done its thing I suppose after you videos done by the summer and I just.
Slacked off and lazy sometimes I don’t got the whole album done hits Mix Master that’s got to duplicated.
Should have been done by the summer but oh well that’s how it always goes down.
I don’t know that’s crazy what about you Shana.

[8:40] Getting my life back in order because like 2017.
Like I had to move out of my house do it like huge Life Changes basically and just like getting back on my feet for me and my kids like that was like the biggest accomplishment.
Yep feel the same.

[9:03] Getting back to normal life after the years prior but yeah probably wouldn’t buy album out and then.
How did the Big Show’s that was pretty cool and then.
that was a fun night where was it would have been the perfect night,
that we were super upset yet,
the real town of college students don’t go to eat at 4 in the morning,
the cops shut the after party down quick quick dude didn’t even let it get started by the time we got there,
said it was already done and I was playing music and everything looked over neighbor is gone,
who’s going to tear down yep.

[10:28] Yeah that was fun though that’s like goes up there with mine one of the best ones yeah that was a fun night.

[10:37] I know I feel like was a good year I don’t know hopefully we can keep keep keep that momentum going or whatever.

[10:48] We got to Native women in Congress now they’ve been this morning so that’s pretty awesome.
And then the pollen she wore her.

[11:00] Native where to get sworn in hopefully they are like.
Stand up and do some stuff and not just like be just another person in Congress.

[11:19] But it was hidden Grand pretty much a grand entry just walking into the toilet announce some is it coming into,
who was the senators or I wasn’t supposed to send her there but they weren’t even like a speech or something like that and they were talking about how they were going to.
They’re talking about Donald Trump and then we’re going to go in there and going to impeach that mother fucker and it’s like all over the news now that she sent motherfucker or whatever.
I didn’t even see the original story about who said it yeah I just saw the memes that were like women’s pages that were all like,
don’t worry boys impeaching the motherfuker is just Girl locker room talk to you it’s good yeah I was like how can anybody get fucking upset.
Over at like stuff that anybody says now you know after Donald Trump the Pandora’s Box can you believe it’s so it’s so sworn TV shows like.
Do you know who’s in the white house right now right over there the whole like that’s indecent is just
it’s dead outfits that now yeah.

[12:37] I don’t know if I was seeing a guy was trying to watch some,
reports on that or whatever last night in like people on my Fox News and CNN were like saying hello,
is it a proper speech and we shouldn’t you know take that type of tone I think I had to turn it off I like I can’t this is just too ridiculous it’s fucking bullshit like.
Trying to get upset over.
You know the word mother fucker like it like she killed a kid or something like that but who cares.

[13:10] Stupid.

[13:13] So we can take nothing seriously does anyone actually think anything’s going to get better in 2018 on the whole.
But I feel like it’s going to be so much worse cuz now it’s like that you could have the Democrats just like investigating everything but they don’t we have to send it and they don’t have quite,
so just going to be like 2018 but with more noise yeah like I don’t think anything will happen I think Donald Trump.
And out his term I don’t know if he’ll get elected again this probably.

[13:46] A good very good chance we’ll probably get elected I honestly believe I’m even watches America saying they hate him I bet she gets reactive,
for George W bush everyone just being like so like obviously,
Imani devil and the worst thing there’s no way he’s going to win this and then he just like,
good mop the floor with Carrie and at least that’s how it was this works than again come and has a lot of goddamn power.
Yeah I don’t see him.

[14:20] Getting impeached I don’t know it would be stomach for it,
you know we’ll do whatever needs to get done but the Democrats won’t do that till feel like.
Try to take the high road all the time and that’s where you lose I mean yep.

[14:50] So I did some good things happening in 2018
iPhone 5 failed miserably in that,
I’m sure there’s at least like three Financial reports that went out for my desk in 2018.

[15:14] Yeah I’m guessing most normal people be like the first week or so it’s fine I really like the first 3 months to pass I’m riding around here I had a couple,
I like when I work at a pharmacy or whatever and I had a couple,
doctor’s prescriptions that were like January 3rd like 2018,
dog had another one,
show me some actually have to read doctor handwriting.
Check they don’t put any effort into it at all like I realize you’re busy but I mean fuck like try to make it a little bit legible two people can fucking read it Jesus terrible.

[16:09] The lady just go like this,
drug is there trying to take what is this I don’t even understand like what drug you’re trying to prescribe, that’s the worst,
you like it.
Call over or like tell him to refax it or like you know it’s Dad’s fucking bullshit.
A man who is this doctor like if you trying to fucking match the two that’s terrible.

[16:45] Don’t bother me so much cuz I’m like.
Everything has to be perfect in this handwriting so then I do have to go back sorry.

[16:59] It’s the worst I don’t know we want to give a shout out to those that are sick right now.
You get better trust me hopefully it’s been a week.
It’s getting better.
A face that is happy that’s definitely didn’t help matters.
Like what name of that Monday not Tuesday like the day we had off I thought I was just hanging over like super hardcore and then fucking.
Late in the day I was like wait I think I’m sick cuz I cannot come over like this hard.

[17:46] The bullshit men,
it went from like a strep throat like a sinus infection and then yeah,
Israel alarm Las Vegas code onto when we’re walking to worst
and I have this one on you so sad and I was like freezing on the way there.
Does horrible rough night,
you look back fondly remember that time I was sick.

[18:40] Yeah I’m guessing you guys had what I had up over Christmas week you just ruined ever it’s like I barely got any like Christmas dinner I got like a little cup of homemade ice cream
games like a motherfuker,
play at homemade ice cream,
oh yeah really oh yeah I make really good homemade ice cream awesome how do you do that we do because most people just do like that the sugar and the milk and the,
cream and all that kind of stuff will work together and she’ll do like a pudding,
that she won’t it’s like a Sprite old recipe where you like don’t let it get a skin and then so you put plastic over top of it and like you let it sit in the cold garage overnight and then you like mix that with some other stuff to like as it turns on then immediately like throw it in the,
homemade ice cream machine for hood or freeze it fast yeah oh my God is good.

[19:38] Amazon only one ice cream cooking with game,
he’ll be cool ice cream maker true.
Is that really want to try that I mean.

[20:11] As far as good things in 2019 Avengers and game that’s all I’m worried about anything else.
So what what’s it what’s the date that comes out sometime in May or something like that is 26 oh wow so Captain Marvel going to come out.
Yeah Captain Marvel is like February.

[20:37] 6 there’s something like that I don’t know I don’t know the date really on that I’m not really a Spider-Man kind of guy you know.
But that being said I went and saw Venom you know.

[20:56] And I really wasn’t impressed that movie is terrible that’s what I was getting,
something like back from Phantom awful know what’s funny is it seems like.
He’s around.
You heard me hear Sean I heard a lot of good about it so I was like me and me and the wife and the kids went and checked it out you know I mean,
I fell asleep doing I’m not me and Maniac went and watched it like that weekend 2 came out and we were both just like this is.

[21:37] And usually he’ll like movies that I don’t like,
but yeah he agreed that it was just Russell on Facebook a pre-agreed Venom sucked yeah good that’s what’s up what’s up,
I think it said they were trying to be too,
come come nobody would be the worst thing about the fact that movie even exists is that now we won’t get venom in like the MCU
like in like you told you won’t see Venom was like Iron Man or Captain America are fighting the real Spider-Man real just be off in this little pocket world where,
you know none of that exists which means.
It’s very limiting yeah it’s so dumb cuz like the end of that movie he’s fighting like a symbiant that like,
has all of my Carnage’s powers or whatever and then they set up like Carnage at the at the fucking end of the that movie inside so did we just fucking see that so next movies has to be the same as just a red simbiat you yeah it’s fucking stupid.

[22:37] Really made me mad. I don’t even like no comment or anything like I know nothing about it so that’s probably why I liked it,
turn based off of Hennessey Venom with Spider-Man in there like fighting in regular movies and shit.
That ain’t this way based on nothing like that it’s like he’s trying to be too funny you know venomous or something lyrics.
And then I watched it again on VUDU like a couple weeks ago and I was like maybe.
Hey baby little bit better than what I thought it was really wanted to be looked cool,
but other than that it was just all the way bad.

[23:30] Like if a movie makes me laugh and I’m I guess pretty good,
are you doing okay as I can in the end fight as I can Transformers and fight where it’s just you don’t really know what the fuck is happening,
it’s just a bunch of blobs of CGI is going at it I’m just trying to imagine what it looks like in real life hurts like two guys in a green bottle,
yeah it’s funny he ever seen like there was like that before CGI of like like what’s his name doing fanos or whatever and he’s just like this big like.
Had like on top and that’s where they’re all looking at but like yeah oh yeah oh yeah.
Not this what age of Ultron they had us a special that showed a bunch of the light green screen where yeah and it was just, like doors like doing this on a green screen and then he’s like on the ground like this on a green screen falling or flying there’s just like it looks.
Ridiculous sing like the guy that does the Rocket Raccoon CGI is hilarious cuz he likes Crouch down and it’ll be hard.

[24:56] I try to guess they just did. I didn’t realize they had a guy in motion capture.
Holy crap yeah it’s actually James Gunn the guy that directed the first two he is brother.
Yeah it does and he’s in the movie to he’s one of the.
Not the main guardians but the guy that kraglin or whatever his name is he’s in there like.
He’s at the end he has that yondu’s whistle at the end and he shoot yeah I know he does the motion capture for,
that’s awesome I want so I wonder if that’s if he’s gone now or if he gets yeah one roll if they’ll even have a Guardians 3 that’s true weird,
I don’t know and it wasn’t too big of a fan of the Guardians to begin with.

[25:46] I like you too I mean I’m not saying it made me laugh too.

[25:58] Yeah I’m not like bend over backwards like man that was the greatest thing ever but I enjoy them first thing but yeah.
Favorite shape is the shit I always skip when I read watch Infinity War for the 15th time whenever actually 15 is like under playing it but yeah,
bought a song on a scale of Aquaman cartoon Spider-Man homecoming where does legit probably good 30,
the 40 times now stupid the amount of,
it’s always like when I go watch the fight simulator like I’ll come home drunk and I’ll be like all right.

[26:48] Is the largest part to come home and I’m drunk I was want to watch something that I don’t have to think about because then like the next day I’ll be like.
I didn’t even remember anything that happened so I won’t watch any of the shows and I’m like binging at the moment or whatever because I won’t remember it,
and then I just turned on if anyone I watch the opening Fighter the end fight
are fast-forwarding through this movie so you can go to sleep,
which brings me to one thing I.
Decided last night was I’m going to try to try to do sober January so I’m going to try to do just be sober for the whole month and.

[27:39] That’s how I feel today but is it January 6th.
Tommy never let you just got done being sick that’s why you talk like that,
I’ve been so many times when Tony gets fucking stabbed I almost fucking lost it when Peter fucking died okay I and I almost cried when Peter died in Haiti,
watching little kid died in your arms later whenever fucking a 1/4 comes out of nowhere,
a lot of tears are like oh my God this is so awesome like I can’t believe it’s I’m watching this,
a tarantula like we’re comic book culture and stuff like that wasn’t it can you imagine trying to explain to someone in the 80s that the biggest movie event that like most people to tears theaters like this comic book purple guy
it’s Kai art will probably invest,
yeah I’m just talking raccoon sure buddy.
I cried more like whenever he was asking him what he did.

[29:02] Yeah yeah yeah my wife and my son because,
if there’s a part that’s going to make me cry and he’s like
that’s pretty much just leave me alone
I remember that when yes. Choking Infinity War for the first time with her in Albuquerque,
that was a new I was sitting there with her so I was trying to be cool Denali trying to hold it together like.

[29:51] Yep yep and I just wanted to hear just slowly coming down I said,
best way to rehearse,
oh man this is funny and Russell admits that he also cried with Peter.
I feel like you don’t have a soul if you didn’t cry when Peter died.
There is nothing wrong with you,
that was really full of it was like everybody that,
you couldn’t do the old guard that are coming like they’re at the actors that are not getting done with this and then you got this fresh new faces like this is right after black panther just like destroy the box office,
Roush spoiler by the way.

[31:02] When that happened I was just like oh no fucking I think I said it was like no fucking way and then Peter and all those like the killed all the new guys wow yeah that was a bold move I just means it like.
The next movie is for reals going to edit will be like for sure probably Tony and Steve’s like last outing or whatever so that,
what’s going on on a little bit of a delay discreet but Lakota says the air is too dry in Albuquerque it’s making my eyes water,
this ain’t that song when we go see and game cuz that’s it’ll come out the day and game comes out the day after the first day of gathering of Nations or whatever
so I’m sure I’ll be down there again and we’ll go watch it again and that’s that’s in me that work that’s going to be in the freezer
all the excuses.
Good flick I’ve seen it a million times.

[32:25] Yeah I have all boys song.
It looks like it was on like whenever we first bought it it was on for like a straight two days like those boys know exactly what happens what time happens like,
movie by heart.

[32:45] Good raise them right there is a part on a heavy he seems into the spider verse yet Robert.
Not if it’s good I really want to see it I tried lots of good things yeah it’s really good but there’s a part in there.

[33:02] I went with lyric and lyric was even into it which normally she tries to play too cool for.
My shit or whatever and then there’s a part in there that I got a little bit choked up on and I could
Feel lyrics just like looking at me like send a text for me,
it’s more Awkward than that time as a.

[33:30] God what was a sixteen-year-old and I went with my parents and Starship Troopers had no idea that the co-ed shower scene was coming up so.
Set my mom’s on one side my dad’s on the other side and it’s like co-ed shower scene.
Jerry Maguire with my mom and there’s that scene in the beginning,
when Tom Cruise is just handling his business on it with that chick and she’s like this and I was like oh my God
you know what to do Mom saying I don’t know I don’t know I don’t remember by remember being mortified that I was sitting next to my mom anytime there’s something like inappropriate,
and Jacob’s with me like I know he’s getting big but I’m still
you’re probably just doing that when he’s 30 on Redbox,
OA but if we put it in and until the kids come on.
Put it inside watching in the first scene they’re all bone-in and a bunch of people having sex,
one time we were watching
a movie I can’t remember what what it was I think it might have been no I don’t know it was recently.

[34:58] But it was me and lyric and want to lyrics friends and froze up on like the screaming in the middle of a fucked-up scene
go in your room girl,
it’s the worst it’s rough.

[35:26] Moments like that yep it’s crazy as hell like cover up her back is it done yet,
not yet hold on we’re going for round two hole.
Just fast-forward it and he’ll be all bad,
Bill actually hit the worst.
I don’t know I probably feel just like as embarrassed as my son to them like
yeah it’s uncomfortable for everybody involved being in the position of the kid in out of the dad it’s just all the way uncomfortable when I was young.
One of my earliest members Advance team is moving in forever either so I don’t remember what party was,
born on the 4th of July another time. Movie there is some nudity in there which I don’t remember but I remember my mom being like.

[36:34] Cover your eyes and like I was like really like this and I really like trying to like I don’t remember that happening
how to get beer saved by Brandy it’s crazy yeah.

[36:59] They don’t have that much nude scenes in movies anymore though I don’t know.
And like I kind of like one like what may clear come out and watch it with me sometimes like I don’t know what’s happening in the next scene so bad there’s not a good idea.
Everybody fucking nudity in that shit.
You know Game of Thrones is like like the premium TV shows like American Gods stuff like that. You’ll have to have like the most nudity and like super graphic stuff cuz it’s where all the adults in flood tuna movies are all comic books.
But you know the 70’s going to have this like Spike I remember like right about the time the first Dirty Harry movie came out while I don’t remember I was a life that I know of.
Dirty Harry there’s just like a random nude scene it ain’t even like the early 90s like Demolition Man where there’s just like for no reason or wrong number on a video phone with woman’s like completely naked in the shower just like for no reason in the middle of a file see you in the shower.
Because they can be a right that’s what was the cost to make the movie Let me some random nudity in there too.

[38:08] Just you running by
like what the hell.
Oh man,
okay clean it up my mom just logged on she’s watching all right.

[38:42] Yep I never did you are like our but I renew our pie making thing or whatever.
I will bring ice cream hey did you make that.
Fry bread for that thing and whatever.
Where they though.

[39:24] Play hot like one of those like big like that you like they’re in and shit like that like the big ass act like that full of rye bread,
carried away today so I can take some of that,
let the bag is in theaters that’s overflowing safe story to tell,
so you know I mentioned I was sick all through the holidays and that I like usually eat like a freaking crazy person,
this year because all the little kids songs on the nieces and nephews now and her grandkids all really love a little fresh made Rolls ever made that I like
everything I eat with a roll at there’s like a whole pan of them all eat for me and so I was sick I was out of the game and so I come upstairs at one point someone system like.
Get up there just like a stable full of bags of rolls she’s sitting home with people because you’ve got too many twice as many
we just figured we didn’t know you made more we just need to drop a sick plus rolls.

[40:44] That’s like my favorite roles cuz I’m I guess.

[40:51] I feel like a meal isn’t complete without a good dinner roll serious he’s not sick he’s just contagious.

[41:07] Brand new man get out the house and stuff I want to see all this.

[41:14] To see what the world’s like all these New Year’s resolution.
Yep Russell says his New Year’s resolution for 2019 is that he wants to see his first night Shield show back home will be open.
February 20th.
Bob good good times I think I’m going to go on early that night so
yeah I think I’m going to be made me do a longer set and then the guy off.
Sue flange it was actually jump it was funny as fuk I ain’t got that.

[42:10] Maybe I turned the turnout was nice to win got pretty packed and we’re being asked by the coda if we have resolutions.
I don’t know actually yes.

[42:27] Old school like everybody else I want to get skinny and then I just kind of fell off on it and then.
With that sort of like that what’s behind my sober January thing is like man I fucking look at like pictures from like even like the beginning of like last year and like before I was like.
I don’t know back to normal life or whatever like I lost all the weight I lost when I was letting you know that trouble like I just gained it right back,
yeah I’d walk a million miles a fucking day.
Yeah is rough-in it like it’s not drinking like that it’s so much like not or wasted calories in there the past 5 days.
I don’t know I think that’s my resolution to is to.

[43:26] Lose weight again to know I can do it obviously but I just need to have the willpower to do.
Soon as I love her and I was like my resolution.
Stay not smoking cuz that’s like one of my biggest thing that’s a tough one it is I quit in September,
I smoke I will smoke like when I’m looking like if somebody else has a cigarette I’ll have a cigarette with him but I haven’t bought in my own pack.
Since September,
my ignorance here part of my boredom thing is like smoking make you make make you cooler,
smoking Mexico,
but I mean like what what is it about some stuff that makes you are not smoking makes you gain weight just cuz like you need like you start eating more
cuz if I’m like bored or if I get stressed out or anything I would go smoke,
oh yeah when I’m bored or when I get stressed out over like let me just go order some wings let me know I need some pizza.

[44:54] Yeah random little things like that.
Funkadelics histology Smart Starts with one of my resolutions until the next
they should be skinny.
Have that big fucking Wooden Indian remember I from Creepshow was that old Chief woodenhead cigar store Indian,
thick every cigar store hands with Ya episode of Seinfeld Seinfeld,
Indian for that girl and she was native and she got all pissed I mean I like when even know like,
if I should be mad or if I should be like this is pretty cool,
thank you I could be mad at you just get this for me cuz I’m native.

[46:22] Yoga anyway act pissed so that you get the bonus gift afterwards day at for it but you keep the first one.
Come on through shit I wanted to made this post this is going to be on like a show that we did like a while back.
But for whatever reason we got cancelled or whatever but I want to add it into the the regular like part of the show where we talked about like.
The residence shit like.

[46:54] You either ever seen or like in the past two weeks that you seem so like going forward it might not be at school cuz I mean we might not see like some Reggie akshit like every fucking week or whatever or we can just talk with someone else stories expose but like.
What would I what do you think like what was your resume as shit of 2018 either that you are like directly involved in,
or that like you heard about or whatever.

[47:21] I know you got a story do you have a zoom
I just looked closer,
I said wait till tax time.
Why work downtown and.
But it’s a good one there was like some lady who came up and she was complaining about.
A sandwich that she ordered so I like when I had to go around the counter and go talk to her about her sandwich and I like.
Happened to notice that one of my guest service reps is like freaking out and I’m like trying to like concentrate on this lady and her Savage complained but at the same time this.
Like she’s running calling the cops took off from the front desk like went around and then I seen her run toys like the bathroom Ariana.

[48:37] I’m so sorry about your sandwich like you want me to pay for it we can cover it and she’s like no,
Mike she just wanted to complain cuz I’m worried about her sandwich like okay wonderful and then I had to like,
run around because if any one of the phones in the entire Hotel call nine-one-one it’ll bring in the back to alert everybody so like there’s an alarm going off in the back,
I have to like go in the back shut that alarm off run around and then I had to go see it why they’re calling the cops because some.

[49:11] Guy,
went into the woman’s restaurant restroom and freaking was like but ass naked washing his clothes in the sink,
in the woman’s back in the women’s bathroom and I don’t think he knew it was until one of the housekeepers one in there,
and she was like like it like it was like outrageous there for like 2 minutes cuz they’re running around,
he freaking pooped all over the bathroom all my gosh I was like I’m not going in there cuz I can smell it
and I was like no. All you’re waiting but as soon as the housekeeper come in there and he realized it was a women’s bathroom,
he like grabbed his stuff and walked across the hall to the men’s bathroom.

[50:02] Yeah but ass naked and then the cops got here and like one of the constant and he was like come on man,
Mike I just fear he was brother a break but I really should have pants or something like
at 2 in the middle of the night
anything goes in Sunday and to all my gosh and then
I was like I don’t know if he’s like washing his clothes or what happened I was like but there’s poop all over the floor in the women’s bathroom and he was like
he doesn’t like I don’t think there’s any poop on his clothes because he was washing them in the sink and he comes out,
any friggin has like girl sandals on has his toenails painted and I’m like.
Did he get arrested in trespass people from the hotel so I had to trespass him so he can’t come back to the hotel.

[51:10] I can call the cops and he’ll get arrested for like just being on property
I was like this is a lot of the stuff that happened,
it’s crazy where I work,
is a lot of native guys water at me if I wasn’t at work
it’s rough what about you Nate.
I really don’t know I think I got one here this happen.

[51:54] I was a while back prior like April or March or something like that but to hang out with this girl like back in the day like long time ago.
Pastry the other life long long time ago and so she was going to be in town so she hit me up and then we are going to go hang out.
Which we did and she is clearly something fucked up in her life like she’s all I’m asking it’s all bad but.
She’s my friend.

[52:29] You might have better before that I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see but anyways so we go hang out.
World shooting pool and I remember I took a snap of her shooting pool or whatever in it I never got so many snaps back in my life,
everybody being like dude what the fuck,
oh my God and we go down we’re playing pool and then we go to bar hopping around having fun and stuff and go back to my place and.

[52:59] Gets nude which I’m okay with that’s what’s up.
She starts like dancing and doing all this other shit.
And I’m like all right cool and then all of a sudden she starts fucking crying,
and I’m like what’s going on now and then she goes she reaches in her bag and pulled out with a pair of panties out of her like fucking,
bad or whatever goes to my sink and starts washing her panties and she’s crying and I’m like.

[53:34] What is happening right now in the whole wide is going and where did this take a left turn at and then.

[53:41] And then I was like are you okay what’s going on and she is just like leave me alone leave me alone and I was like okay and then she fucking.
Wash your panties put them on.
And then fucking walked out and then Eminem.
I sat there for like 5 minutes I was like I don’t know what this bitch is doing so like I fucking walked outside and I think she was just marching down the streets of the chi.

[54:16] Star anise so weird to hear from her after that no but I did see her when I did that show in Sturgis that Tech Nine show.
I saw her from the stage like I was on stage and I seen her and I pointed to her in the crowd Phil Collins,
how’s the panties I hope you got to clean ones I seen her from the stage and then.

[54:49] I thought I’d bump into her after the show but I didn’t,
luckily that I know what I would have said to her but oh my god dude what are you doing with this girl or whatever in the sky always had to decide to go.
Well you know I used to know this girl we used to hang out a lot back in the day and blah blah blah and acting like a full speed element one of my other friends snap me.
A photo of her that somebody else had taken and snapped and it said like not that much meth or something like that while she was like she was like playing video poker or fucking something like that.
Oh cuz she like was playing video poker on Facebook and it was like carried away.
She was playing video poker and must have just been switching out so bad that like,
somebody felt the need to lie I don’t know it’s just the thing for you I don’t know,
look at let me extract the Crazy Life what it is.
That is Better Than Ezra good.

[56:14] Yeah that was my resume as shit of 2018.
Married life a good thing right,
yeah I don’t know if I want to add that to the show will just.

[56:44] Peter bosz oh yeah it doesn’t necessarily have to be our stories it could be,
cuz I’m that post off to go back and find that post because a lot of fucking stupid ones.
It was funny.

[57:05] Thrown into Facebook jail over that one man there was some good ones I was like going through Reading someone else.

[57:13] That was supposed to do that the flange Apollo huh yeah we were going to do that.

[57:23] Good Times,
colors not me.
Remember we doing this Buffet.
Got there too late I think.
Whatever I thought you had like a set schedule well you guys blew it up,
what are what is life at this point.

[58:22] So we got it was a good time,
so now my friend Buck by bed bugs from,
back home fucking showed up out of nowhere to take that picture down because his mom really messaged me like a man.
You should take that picture down in my son so.

[58:51] Yeah I was like very nervous that show length of me being it’s a small small little town or whatever.
It’s all that and if it’s been a how it’s been promoted in what mountain there was like social media mainly so I was kind of like to him,
do not going to be nobody here but it’s hardest a little crowd,
Unity that’s not cool at all but I mean to say I’m sure they’re not at all hyper critical alert.
I was going on second you know if switch is still early in the morning like 5.

[59:33] That that they were actually into it like the crowd at first was like you know to cools but they want sex.
Oh yeah it was fucking live as fucking their men.

[59:53] Gabriel Devon where am I I never seen a worm off you didn’t play and you and I did graduate.
I think that’s where I’m at night Shield I do remember the first time we were up there for somebody’s birthday party.

[1:00:18] And I’m pretty sure Robin did the word no,
if I could do the worm here in Flandreau,
fucking sure enough yet
I can do it better type attitude with a player in it a real where am I
buckle my shoe.
Yeah that was a fun show I was kind of blank molding vile a hundred and something dollars with alcohol and let,
yeah yeah you got a big ass create a fucking,
it’s going to give out,
on room it was it was a fun night it was I don’t really remember much of what happened after the show,
that usually happens that way maybe a big ass drink sat down and I’ll talk to my buddy.

[1:01:41] I don’t remember passing out or nothing woke up TVs on I’m laying in the bed all day what happened gray still sitting here.
Who You Buck Good Times so we got a homeboy Talent going to be calling here in a second.
Sounds pretty dope he’s a hip hop artist himself or whatever and wraps under the name Basile but I didn’t show it to him in.
In Philadelphia he brought me out to Philadelphia few years ago we did that show and.

[1:02:22] I can’t remember where he was going to school at its is an Ivy League school I’m stupid so clearly I don’t remember but I’m sure he’ll go with how I felt about it but to rise and open up a studio.
That you know he’s opened up for the Youth basically of the tribe.
I wanted to talk to him about that cuz I feel like that’s something really cool and he’s like really out there like just changing kids lives like awesome actually you know like I can’t imagine you know what.
Cuz it you know when you’re on the rez you doing all kinds of dumb shit and you know.
2/2 and Outlet like that available to you that you could just go to instead of State maybe like going in there so many kisses back.

[1:03:10] Yeah. The grind won’t be so hard give him an outlet give me something else to do so,
for real.
He’ll be joining us here in a second to talk to us about that and it’s actually off of that guy saying thank you and like.
I mean I guess I want to brag but I mean I get a couple of like that or whatever but I feel like,
like that was a cool because I key like checked in like you know he sent that post and then like two years later he was like you know since I’m not like an update on it or whatever that was pretty,
that was pretty sweet.

[1:03:56] But yeah just getting posts like that or messages like that every once in a while I was just like all right cool there is people out there like listening in.
It really are sometimes you be doing stuff you like to do something it isn’t even listen to this shit like.
So I don’t know stuff like that it makes you all right.
Yep so that was cool to see I don’t know.

[1:04:34] So
Will be good here you will be good.

[1:04:49] I can go fucking Neti Pot my nose again Jesus Christ he would do that with the Neti Pot.
Since I was like gross because I know what it is.

[1:05:08] Yo this is Town hey what’s up man how you doing how are you can you hear it’s okay.

[1:05:16] Yeah yeah alright right on thanks for calling Talent.

[1:05:21] Give me a little bit of an try to know if you are watching the live stream or not but if you want to maybe give us a little bit of your background and tell us you know where you’re from in that kind of stuff.

[1:05:31] Oh yeah for sure so my name is Talon by Z-ro I go by bazzi.
25 years old Eagle View in Fort Thompson or kind of like the closest things to own for me
I’m right after and then I run will not cool watch day Studios which is why I’m here today to talk a little bit about but yeah.
Make music and then try to help other people make music and that’s about it you did where did you go to college at.
I went to the University of Pennsylvania I graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s in sight out there in Philadelphia.
That’s awesome awesome to see so.
Yeah it was cool to bring you out I was like I remember when I got there.
When I first got I didn’t know that pain was an Ivy League like when I applied I didn’t know until like my second week out there like without glasses.

[1:06:51] And like honestly I just wanted to get through it like I and Keri really by the kind of wanted to get in and get out but as things started kind of unfolding in like.
Southside happening one of the big like dreams that just came from like a Facebook post as I think I’ll sharing like Randa and like.
Live videos all the time of you or Frank lawn when he was branching out from knocking the time and a lot of other artists that but I’ve always just listen to him too and.

[1:07:26] And soon that because of like the resources that were there if he came like a goal like a dream and then a goal and then it finally happened to like bringing you guys all of what I consider to be like.
Like some of the to me like.
Pics of the pioneers and my big bike natives or just in general hip-hop items you could have to me that was the your guys’s music was all the shit that I related to so much.
And my dad’s like a young adult or whatever like growing up you know when he will be you and in Fort Thompson and whatever else that was.
But it was awesome to see you guys like out there in Philly and liked it bring you guys out there at that it was it was all cool and those are good time. That was a good trip.
Tell us a little bit about this eyestudio how you started it up and what was the how did you come up with this idea.

[1:08:29] Yeah I mean I think in a centaur always wanted.
Teddy’s something for my community that kind of like help progress not like.

[1:08:41] Not like call Cherian like the kind of.
Traditional sense it’s always turn around a lot but it just like to bring something there like that that I knew that I was interested in and that would make me happy so like throwing up,
over here in for it they have
the Luxor casino and then outside they have like this the kind of run-down stage now where it’s you know it’s outdoors and usually they have country bands and stuff and I would walk around there as a kid I was making,
you know mixtape felt like 15 and 16 and just passing out CDs and the days are you could just like burn CDs and just pass them out and people would actually listen to it.
And I would like to buy that stays like outside all the time and I wanted to perform their.
And I think the Inception of like just wanting something at home like came from that because I wanted to be great it’s like the community was more accepting of like our heart,
things that we want to do and buy the stuff that we want to date as opposed to just like.
And the trash is all the time and it’s been like celebrate by Guy celebrating each other and stuff like that but,
it kind of came from that and as I went in the college and wondering like what what I want to do is life and everything.

[1:10:05] The more I made music the more I kind of wanted to I don’t know like I wanted to kind of help other people,
people start coming up to me about anal what are used to record how do you do this is how you do that for me I never knew how to answer it because my stuff is always real low-grade low quality like I didn’t know what I was doing school for it,
and like I said if anything like I would just like Google everything like you know how to eat your vocal or whatever,
so when I got back home after graduating and working out in Philly for a little bit out there.

[1:10:47] I recorded this album called st. John’s wort and that was really the first I get back in 2017 and I was really the first time I had like been in a real real professional like Studio environment where are you know,
you’re buying your time your you know going up.
Next to Jakarta swirl recording in line and you know paying you know,
what you hope you know will be like a professional sounded like your stuff or you know good mixing and mastering,
and being in that environment,
you know alongside of you know the different like red studios and bedroom Studios bad been in and then even you know Frank law on recording an album for me and that still set to release but I don’t know when.
Being and all those environments and settings and I’m picking up what I learned along the way especially watching you know the studio engineer for st. John’s Wort,
how he did things and how you know it was all set up and made me think what what is like.

[1:11:56] You know I stand by the strong belief LIRR communities like especially out here in South Dakota like there’s a lot of talent.
And if it was just like invested in and not just like exploded in like transform to be what everybody want.
It would be like so cool and like so helpful not just for like the hardest to get there in all music out there and stuff but for them to actually be given that space and like respect to,
bring their music and all that out there.
You know I came back here with that like and I want to say mid to late 2017 and then try to make it happen in Eagle Butte but it just didn’t.
Breaking into Housing Authority in Crow Creek over in Fort Thompson the directory approached me about you know what would it take to do a studio around here so kind of gave him a list of equipment,
and they gave me a email.
Small budget for it or went out there to Sioux Falls and grab the stuff like in October and then we opened up shop in November and just kind of been doing open sessions ever since.

[1:13:09] That’s awesome man so how how do you like how do you somebody book time there.

[1:13:16] I really like right now we die do the Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30 to 7:30 just open session so whoever comes in,
and like you know it’s no one’s recording at the time they could just go ahead and like if they have a beat already.
They can use that or if they want to talk to me about my music they want to make and then maybe we can figure out a way to get to get to it because I can College I still have play.

[1:13:43] IQR 300 beats better just not used so they can choose from that too and so we have to open finishes but then I’ve been telling people to stay just email me or message me on Facebook.
Book a private session as you know they already have one in album figured out or you know for those who are going to have a solid idea when I can I,
try to go over to one of the elders in the community who is telling stories about a felony and what’s been recorded and,
I’m just doing like two stories attaching there and his home and feel like even sitting up in other people’s homes if they want that,
level of comfort bility and that gushes something they want and that’s out there or you know.
As long as it’s in the time of when the Telecom building in for Thompson’s open and they want a session for it and I can make it down there,
damn you know we can set it up that way.
That’s cool so are you like the only engineer that’s like in there working or do you have other people helping you with that.

[1:14:53] Pretty much it’s just me but I like it kind of sucks right now we’re still kind of building,
the reason we’re using right now isn’t really that well acoustically treated I mean I wasn’t looking for anything,
extremely professional quality either that I don’t try to play that off at all but you know we’re working within a limited space kind of limited time and then,
also just kind of depends on you know when I could be available to come yeah I’m the only one right now.

[1:15:30] What up what up software do you use right now I just use,
acoustica Mixcraft it’s the thing that I know best Christmas craft eat that kind of made some like updates recently that I think,
I have work for what I want and for what I’m comfortable with if I always tell them like whoever comes in especially the younger one to one of their more about production stop by definitely make sure they know about,
you know more like logic and Pro Tools and.
That was for them to like look into it and not to stick with what I’m using because it’s definitely not what a lot of the others do you using
but like that’s legit since like 2002.

[1:16:29] Six or seven I’ve been using acoustica Mixcraft like each update and they’re getting better but.
I think I’ve just gotten so used to it that I figured out like what works for me and how to make it sound as clean as I can with that software.

[1:16:47] So that was kind of when my next question was is as you’re going along do you teach teach the students how to use the software or.

[1:16:58] That what I like about Open studio sessions so much for is like,
I can have one person recording and my aclu’s totally honed in on just performing the track and trying to get them,
call AAA out of that shine Zone,
you know it’s doing the vocals monotone or not the way that they envisioned it and getting them out of that and then at the same time I got,
my laptop in front of me and then I have a monitor next to me so for anyone else who’s there and people can just come in and dry or chill and listen to music or whatever but I got try to make it like.
So whoever’s there and it’s usually like I got a couple of regulars now and they vary around the age from my.

[1:17:46] 13 to mid to late twenties so they’ll be different people around that monitor and while they’re there I’ll just straight-up show him you know,
some of the ceiling that goes on and setting up the tracks and then the different things that I may do the vocal like with compression and then once the songs done later completed in mastering and mixing it.
I give them what knowledge that I have.
Like this fire so that we’d at least have those basic kind of tools if they want to go home and do it themselves later and then,
one of the things we’ve been trying to get more into a recently,
but it’s a little hard to make time for it right now is really sitting down and going over beat making cuz that’s probably what I’m most comfortable and like more so than any type of Sound Engineering
just basic beat making sampling and,
like sequencing of different songs and layering like that that’s probably when I’m most comfortable and when it comes to teaching
I try to do that too but you know it’s like six hours out of a week I didn’t expect it for like.

[1:19:03] Do you end up needing my 40 more time but it is cool because he not that keeps them coming.
That’s awesome man this is like how many people would you say you’ve liked recorded songs for now in the area.

[1:19:19] Let me say it I want to say like 9 or 10 different people and the cool thing about it to is.
I was really hoping for like a diverse like genre of you know artists and it’s
better late than that so we released actually One Like a Prayer song CD projekt both on YouTube and then
making City coffees for those who want it,
I’ve Just Seen A prayer songs from the guy who actually gave us our name one who watched a he had it
he still has a bunch of songs that he wants to do first you know if Richard future volumes but you know we have stuff like that and more traditional singing and we got a couple rappers couple of them that just want to make beats solely,
and then one or two storytellers I’m trying to take off the top of my head.

[1:20:22] When R&B singers who’s actually going to be using our studio pretty soon here and we’re just like waiting to get things scheduled out for that but,
you know I thought I would give her take like maybe 10:12 at the most right on that,
mix I want to hear the native R&B singer there you hear rappers all the fucking time but you never hear any native on Exodus,
that would be awesome Disney more that mean,
especially today like there’s so many,
wobbly chair is one who’s still getting things scheduled and figured out for when he’s going to come down and record his album
over here I think in the next like a month or so
supposed to be like his debut album he sent me a couple like demos and rough mixes and then I sent him back like edits and things like that so we’re getting all that worked out just for now just to get an idea,
but he’s one of them and then.
One that actually it may be happening tomorrow is I have an uncle named we all call him G but it’s Gerald staff here he’s one of the.

[1:21:47] Founders of the bad Nation singers drum group he approached me online in the same he wants to do like a 90s style cuz he comes from where like the eighties nineties.

[1:22:00] I was like that style of R&B stuff
disregard you doing it it’s awesome I always wanted to work out me and Maniac do you like somebody like the 90s R&B like dance steps on stage,
you know where like I be doing like a synchronized dancing or whatever but yeah like it’s like the baddest like,
we always wanted to do a doctor phone tavius like a full song of that but we never I don’t know we never got to it but,
one of these times that would be fun doctor funtavia
and honestly they on that note to that I know why reminds me of it but I think.

[1:23:04] That was what I was most excited about when it came to doing this studio is given complete creative,
and like an unedited control to whatever artists or whatever comes in because I mean.
And speaking of like you know how many Native rappers there are in stuff I think.
The popularization and more so the acceptance and like fetishization of like native rap.
Has made it to where it’s so like I don’t know it it put like a huge value on my.
Being quite correct informal and like accepted by everybody like a thing you know what I mean.
Legendary lights I mean you you’ve been in love you remember those like days were like they’re being shown Rosebud.
And I remember one way this lady like it was for one of Franklin’s events and I was just performing like three songs and it no big deal like it was just a quick set but before I go on like.
10 seconds before I go on the lady comes up to me and she says okay you you have this much time bubble but.

[1:24:19] If you were here one curse word come out of your mouth
your CDs going to be ejected and you’ll be forced off the stage and show that’s why I don’t invite me to go shows so that’s why they don’t invite me to those shows.

[1:24:35] Great in like I think that’s old like counterintuitive to what they want to do.
One of the kids who did what they wanted me to do is go to college and all that shit but after me the most helpful shit with yours and maniacs.
By taking out all of like the you know quote on quote bad words and you know around themes or whatever they’re also taking out like an aspect of reality that exists like,
it’s not late like it it’s so like ironic to me and bike fucked up,
that there’s a mess and all this kind of shit under as is but in a community is that we’re more worried about curse words.
Right yeah exact that was always my.

[1:25:24] I was just agreeing with you much bigger problems than people swearing on stage but yeah.

[1:25:31] Yeah and I think even so like they should be asking us as by artist to say the most liked offencive and crazy shit about the dress that Waits at least acknowledged and.
For those kids who have to see that stuff they don’t feel like it’s so bad anymore cuz I would listen to I mean I love like
I always bring a maniac cuz he’s seriously was for me like a big inspiration and a zit like a kid listening to music,
was like so inspiring for me growing up there and Eagle Butte because I was like yeah that shit sounds like dark side I feel like.
It was his music I felt like our way of life was like represented like in a way where was it exploited it wasn’t like.

[1:26:20] You know I really easy no signed up and made special for other people understand it was like fuck you and fuck you if you don’t get it,
play you know this is where we come from and this is how it is you know walking down the street with rat in my.
And for me it was in my it it was in my CD players and everything for the longest and not only like the shit talking songs but the ones where he was telling Story by all that he passes the Army vet in.
All the other song topics he had to me like yeah it was raunchy and it was wrong not all of it you were supposed to agree with but it was real.
And so late for the studio.

[1:27:03] I walked into it you know knowing like okay I got this like you know this support and stuff from the try for doing this but if they ever ask me to life,
take a song down just for the fact that you know the kids had something fucked up or something that none of us agree with or whatever I’m not going to do it and so I tell you one of the artists that come through there I know what you have to say.
So just say it and I promise you not only am I going to like whether I agree with it or not I don’t even like going to release it and edit it and make it sound as best as I possibly can for you,
but if anyone tries to say that it that you shouldn’t be making that type of heart imma defend your ass to the end for.
Because I mean for me like it was weird you know being an does college at in the trees especially where they’re telling me like you tell me all the time is silly basically you know tell us your story but.
You know please give us like a trigger warning about what that story is and you know how you frame it to us and what all you tell it like they wanted to exploit you but like.

[1:28:13] Have you also liked filter out that exploitation for them and I just never agreed with it like a painting it broke my heart and I needed a Slave.
Artist where I was saying are you getting me for the show because you like my music or.
Because I feel quotes that suck yeah but.

[1:28:41] But you know I wanted to at least take that and what I learned from all that and really focus it as I do my own music on the side.
Something to at least come in there with that perspective by okay is that that was kind of the main thing I had confidence in when I came to do in the studio was not so much my expertise what I knew.
But more so like just the fact that I knew that no matter what I was going to.
Defend and honor like whatever song comes through that door.

[1:29:18] Hell yeah right on man.
Keeping keeping money at right path freedom of speech is so important holidays and feels like you know even.
Shitthatiknit gets brought up like 10 years ago like that Kevin Hart Oscar shit and knock all that all the shit is just so.

[1:29:39] Selena days it’s important for real people forget the freedom of speech and you know whether you like it or not people are.
You know able to speak their mind you know you don’t always have to agree with it or you no understand it but you should at least have that ability.
Exactly or even just that respective you know who that person is first and what they’ve been through like all of my like,
like dearest mentors for ones you know.
Understood me and the only way if they could cuz you know being from that same place and experiencing some of that stuff.
One of the guy Lashley has that who gave us the name one I can wash day which means in Lakota
music as a way of healing not just for the people hearing it before the people making it for the people around it doing it on a healing wait wait no matter where it comes from or what it’s about,
like not just like saying that and then making sure everything’s like you know,
take as a medicine but Marcella like no matter what you say is benefiting so even if it’s an eagle that shit,
but you know I grew up listening to necro and all that and none of it was like he knows keep your head up or whatever it was just what it was and it got me through.

[1:30:59] In like what that person said who gave us the name is he was telling me he was like you know.

[1:31:06] You’re going to have a lot of that use come up to you which you already do you said but always keep in mind that when you talk to them you give a little piece of yourself each time that’s how you gain their trust and respect and Mike there.
Their willingness to I open up and things like that about that stuff because.
In order for you to acknowledge that shoot you got it like show it too but he got to get out okay you know.
When I was in Philly I was going to deep fry and depression
and I was depending on a lot of like different things and sometimes us is just to get me by and that’s just the fucking reality of it and when I came home some of that came with me too and I just have to be at the consequence of it.
You know what I think you need to hear out of it given what email are given what you told me and all that and just being real about it
I tried to be like that with my music no matter how many people is in and with my whatever our time doing,
people look at it they all that school like I listen to some of the stuff today and I don’t
me the trash anybody or anything but it’s real. It’s out there where it’s like you can clearly tell that people are making stuff because they know,
that’s the thing that’s going to pop off.

[1:32:30] Listen to and shared and all that and made like article. It and I didn’t want to do that I just wanted to like.

[1:32:39] I help myself and then put something out there that.
I had that same reality that you know guys like you and maniac and everybody else put out there that had that same reality in it as well. Just in my own way you know what I mean.
Yeah man for sure like.
I always try to remember like making back when black Broken Dreams came out in like that was like a super big song at the time.
And like everybody was like looking for me to go like down that path that everybody wanted me to go down where it was like,
you know come do this and you can you know go over and do all these shows across seas and you know we are like native stereotype spokesman person for.
This and that and I was like I’m going to take the hardest right turn back and go sex drugs and Hip Hop and go as far away from that direction as possible what is is.
Yeah that side I know exactly what you’re talking about and it was just always wanted to.

[1:33:44] And the thing is really people like me were the most happy to hear you do that shit like I think it was sometime after broken dreams,
wasn’t that around the time sex drugs and Hip-Hop came out the first one Broken Dreams come out on loved and hated in 2007 and then,
like it really blew up in my 2017 thousand eight and then sex drugs and Hip Hop came out 2009 that was my next out there for the.

[1:34:12] And that was the stuff where I remember hearing that and that was.
How is cuz I started doing the radio show and I think that was when I first started reaching out to you like more in like 2011 and,
so I think that came out and I got some of it that one in the checks Trunks and Hip Hop 2 came out.
And I swear like I the meanest dogs are playing was like I would close my show at Heise
out of all the doctor that was the one where he just said like.
And remember if it don’t smell good if it’s probably enough
all these people all these Ivy Leaguers in my,
is PC culture with tune in to my show and that would be the song I’ll close out with and Mike.

[1:35:15] And I love just getting that reaction but then also because I remember people would approach me at 4.
Because they knew I was doing a native hip hop show in Philly and whatever and have that preconceived notion because that’s when.
It started getting a little more buttocks censored and they would kind of see what I was about
is greenon school but I don’t know is that I got want to hear from him for a while.

[1:35:52] I honestly feel like and it’s why I like when it comes to all that I really feel for free,
because he’s one of the people that actually like just being honest in his music and all that and he’s just kind of doing what he wants to do and I think people sometimes he didn’t take advantage of that and explain that into,
making it what they want.

[1:36:18] And since it like it works then like so many people I like faking it like they don’t have skeletons in their closet or something yeah.

[1:36:26] Yeah man for sure for sure what we got to wrap this up here soon as we definitely appreciate you stopping through and I mean you’re definitely changing changing kids lives out there man for real like you’re going to be.
One of those people in like five six years man that are people going to look back on and be like.
If it wasn’t for talent in that studio you know who knows what would have happened in my life you know so doing a good thing,
yeah yeah man.
Beven you know comparing it to being in Philly and stuff like I’m genuinely happy about something that I’m doing and like I feel really took Bill with it and I’m just happy to like
I hope I can keep it going for years to come so I can spank you for,
they loved it and they’re going to like it’s going to really make them that much more confident in like willing to come in and you don’t get out of that shy Zone that they made the NRA.
Reddit Lee is definitely a game-changer I know that much.
Yeah we’re going to close the shop.

[1:37:52] Yeah I like that that I just hope that other tried to do it to invest and make like a serious like.
A serious.
Like I move towards something more artistic something more expensive than something like as free as that.

[1:38:15] Yeah man that is awesome maybe yeah you could.
Yogurt Trail Blazer Trailblazer in Crow Creek maybe you can show him how it’s done in other places too many never know where this is going to take you so.
Right on man will thanks for coming through now we definitely.
Appreciate it and will I will be playing on your songs here at the end it was recorded at the studio and if he ever got anything else you want to send us man.
We’re always looking for new music to play so you know send stuff over.

[1:38:48] Go fish are definitely thank you cool alright man take it easy thank you all right.
That’s pretty cool actually it is awesome.

[1:39:05] Yeah that’s like back whenever I was in high school I was in what they called gifted and talented and it was like video editing and like doing.
That kind of stuff from the guy named Jim Bordeaux Junior granite and like without him doing that for me like it wasn’t until like.
A week before I was supposed to go to school that I changed my on my major from video production to audio production.
But without him like being there in like helping me like when I was a kid or whatever I don’t know what I’d be doing at this point without that direction and so I mean he’s.
You know Town certainly going to be changing an influence in people’s lives like that down there and that’s awesome that they have the ability to you know.

[1:39:52] Just do whatever they want to do but you just record music and you know that’s awesome a release.

[1:40:03] And yeah with that we will end the show here we got a song called Watch Over Me by Bobby J & Roy’s how it was recorded by talin at studio so he’s our young Native artists on The come-up from the crow Creek reservation in.

[1:40:18] And we definitely appreciate you guys sticking around with us at the through Facebook and.
All that and we will see you guys in a couple weeks.

[1:40:32] Music.

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