Urban Indianz Ep 035 Friendsgiving with Def-i

Urban Indianz Ep 035 Friendsgiving with Def-i

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Guests: Def-i

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: Def-i with Outer Inner



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Migrants get tear gassed



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez



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[0:53] About to kill it I know you social media go ahead you can follow me at def-i Tes underscore I Instagram Twitter Snapchat DDS High tonight.

[1:08] Music.

[1:19] Stop.
Give me back with the fan spin missing.

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[2:08] Social media game,
follow me Instagram Twitter def underscore I Snapchat. Alright welcome to episode 35 of the urban Indians podcast I’m your host Gabriel night Shield joined.
Buy a.
Yeah I was going to say like these these amazing Indians or whatever but then
tell the guy that I want to compliment that good,
yep sure Shaina Nate and of course Robert all here.
Yep I don’t know first episode back from Thanksgiving you guys have a good Thanksgiving,
I’m still eating turkey today.

[3:11] They eat it all getting tired of it I was like I got up.
I don’t want to eat turkey against I made myself an egg sandwich.
Updates for dinner switch it up.
So like I after Thanksgiving I went back to work on Friday I’m like there was like a couple of us at work like so dead,
I’m the type of person I can’t work like super quiet like that that’s the best time.

[3:49] They were closed Thursday and Friday and then my coworker,
I didn’t know Vietnamese people celebrate any day to take a shot.

[4:04] But my other co-workers she’s Chinese and she’s like this my first Thanksgiving,
she says with her turkey though she’s putting like Asian spices and stuff on it
we’re like that would be really good if I just told her share my Indian friends Indians.

[4:24] Apparently a big group of them in Sioux Falls get together for like a big kind of like Co family thing and what they do is like their version of boxing day where they have all of the men,
do all the cooking and preparing in the kitchen and then all the way my can just like Take 5 and watch football or whatever they’re so it’s hilarious because like know my bosses from my day job,
I tried to imagine them like sitting there with on cell phones arguing about how to cook something slick,
so I don’t like that is like that’s hilarious be a fly-on-the-wall in there speaking world except the United States,
it’s a holiday where bosses,
take the place of their subordinates and vice versa so like kings would serve servants and servants would get to sit on the throne stuff like that and it’s a holiday that goes back centuries and
they celebrating like England Australia New Zealand places like that
yeah I can today but they don’t do it in the US I thought you thought about the guys going to do all the cooking and the girls are putting on the gloves and results travel tips.

[5:35] We are actually it sounds like most of my family’s holidays.
What’s the busquets going.
Did you eat Thanksgiving here in Sioux Falls we went out to the casino in Flandreau.
Thanksgiving dinner thing you lots a good idea.

[6:18] Should I get a giant turkey,
that’s not me that’s if you probably paid too much as you want. Just when you think about it.

[6:37] Alabama.

[6:43] Way more than 70 back and you forget stuff I forgot love me all day Thursday,
man yeah that’s a good idea I thought about going to Marlins for their like buffet or whatever
buffet or whatever bosses always has their free meal right
how do they post about it
Holiday Inn has a Thanksgiving brunch everybody pay for it.
Me and Mike were talking about it’s like if bosses chicken and Pizza can do that one day out of the year like that or they do it more than that but like all these other businesses like.

[7:39] I’d be nice to meet you. Everybody pick a different holiday and then you can use go around
boss it seems to in particular have a like commitment to like help people and I’ve I’ve noticed that they do things for holidays and playing their logo.
I know from like a volunteer work thing I did that they’re really good about hiring people with like a criminal record like giving them a chance once they get out of the system and stuff
super good at helping people get back on their feet after that and yeah.

[8:13] I told her that’s me and that’s me and they’re like that’s fine as long as you’re here,
Bosses Pizza we fucking with you,
you should hook it up where they do that at that big ass Pizza thing or whatever you know how to eat if you can eat that whole big ass pizza or whatever yeah yeah if it’s gigantic,
it’s I don’t know how big it is.
Yeah I forgot what it was like to probably do a challenge accepted,
if you don’t you don’t eat it I think it’s like cuz I looked into it I think it’s like $70 or something like that for the pizza
okay imma go in there bro
damn I I didn’t quite make it I’m going to the bathroom real quick and we’ll settle up
I know I know I know you go here’s a cup are there places in Sioux Falls right there.

[9:30] Buffalo Wild Wings have like a hot challenge or something like that,
I would fail that you know and I was like I really wanted to try it but I don’t know about that.

[9:46] Damn I know I ain’t hell no I went to,
I went to this bar and they were seen that that like hot ones like YouTube that show or whatever where they it’s just like celebrities eating like.
Levels of like hot wings or whatever you know and they go to like the hottest one.
And then you can buy like the the sauce is like online or whatever and somebody bought like the hottest sauce or whatever give me that shit and they just put like a little dab and it’s took it,
it ruined my life for like a good 45 minutes like my eyes were watering like I drank like Siri I drink like two big glasses of milk like it was fucking retarded like I have small.
I like I don’t know how people can do.
Don’t even done any good I was just like crying like a awful awful.

[10:53] Gilberto Santa Rosa.
Mannequin we reppin bosses in Coopersville to Nikki’s I Never Had The Burrito Bison someone like in line get one before and they’re huge.
The tacos are fine I think it’s just all the socks cuz you can make any burrito into the hottest depending on like what kind of fucking sauce you have.
I don’t know Sioux Falls,
about that life I mean they’re probably is but I’m not about that life like the hottest.
No no my sister’s want that life like she has vaginas bottle of freaking hot sauce and I’m like.
Very calm down over there yeah I can’t do all that it’s too much too much.

[11:59] Bowling alleys have good good bar food,
comfortable one person is like taking a bite randomly.
Do you want to TLC me and.
I was going to drive but then things changed my friend Tara ended up coming with me and we drove in her car cuz she has a nicer car than me.
And I totally didn’t realize how bad I get carsick and toss like in her car.

[12:55] God damn it I got cut really bad car sick like now that dude
cheerleading back of my head till this dick I’d like moving around like trying not to get sick and she’s like you should be just like how I’m like stop somewhere
then we spent like way too much time in Omaha we checked out a bunch of like Mexican shops they’re like is really cool.
They just sold stuff in there for like 10 bucks at this nice purse for like 10 bucks though and then we ate some tacos and I’m headed out.
Got ready and then we are like 10 minutes late to the concert,
fresh and got a drink and then this lady I thought you know that the cups would be like this size or whatever and she gave us like cups like this.

[13:51] Like this much liquor in it how much Tara you’re going to have to drink one cuz I can’t do that don’t go in there and then life.
Stage you know it’s like a small kind of venue and so like all the seats are good seats and like that the spotlights on T-Boz and Chilli and on.

[14:15] Holy Ship like 20 feet from me right now. Snapchat
why are they so late for dancers with them and if you don’t see that around here a lot
Has dog in it.
But it was just surreal to like see that and end of night of course they did all their songs they did a couple songs from their new album.
I think it’s just called like tell Siri something like that.

[15:05] Yeah and then so they so it ended and I was like all of us to add like oh my gosh I went by too quick and then they come back out and they’re just like chilling with the people like they stayed on the stage but there was like a down there at like chili was just.
Pulling babies up in like kissing on the following kids up and just taking pictures with them and then T-Boz is over there signing stuff and I miss chili cuz then she went to the other side two stage,
but then T-Boz I got close to her and I took my jean jacket off and I handed it to her and she she grabbed and she like a really cool autograph it says like TLC in it and I love together,
so it was like don’t like her sister’s closet.
That’s really cool I’m like you’re being dramatic.

[16:09] Is it in the hallway in your house as a fucking Hard Rock Casino,
the negative part of the toilet go to the store if my TLC jacket.
So much fun cuz like I don’t I hardly everything good girl trip.

[16:44] Stuff like that is just like the whole trip was really cool right on.
I know you get cars to do get like that on planes to sort of like it depends on this there like longer ones then I kind of do.
Not really it’s just in cars and I don’t know why I like I like a dog head out the window cuz every time,
time 3 but I get really sick just driving around town and I’m not driving,
I got my ready to throw up yeah I wonder why chewing gum trying to like that part because I drive all time I don’t really notice.
If you ever drive with my my boss as you’re going to drive in that way though.
I wonder what the difference is.
Because you’re focused on one thing and you’re not like everything else.

[18:02] And I don’t think about it.

[18:05] 4 + 8.
Text me on planes whenever I went to Miami I was like.
Popping them up I’m throw up I couldn’t.
The cruise would just be a nightmare.
I want to go on a cruise transatlantic Cruise tell me what is Disney Cruise,
Titanic all over wanting to take none but that.
And I will see you later. If I can just watch the Dateline to benjen like 48 Hours recently or whatever and I washed one where this girl got knocked over a fucking cruise ship and they.

[19:03] Like they can’t go in Monday nobody was at night until I can app,
fuck that shit and you meant to be in the middle of the ocean is at night and see your fucking boat going away like,
That’s My Kind of Love
not only that I’m at Ladonna
they don’t exist but they went back that blinds you for me you know that would be almost a better way to go out like fucking at least them dead and not fucking floating in the ocean for who knows how fucking long.

[19:43] Oh man that’s like my worst nightmare is like being that’s why I could never go on a cruise is just like being in the ocean just now fuck that.
we still watch Shark Week all the time and now I live in Boston we used to go whale watching,
out in Cape Cod and we go out and like a boat,
and fucking whales be jumping off when I was like seven eight years old but there’s no way they come on hit me up I don’t even care
yeah fuck that,
chilling with it,
no silly I’m going to swing by in San Francisco.
Yes but no I’m not trying to hold on.

[21:02] Dolphins are always horny too they might help you,
yeah I know that’s why I’m under reported issues with swimming with dolphins,
they might not need my money back if I don’t get humped signing up together.
Messed up fuck fucking dolphins,
literally have no friends,
we still didn’t even have this thing I wasn’t invited we should we should make a fucking pie though,
the guy I have like a thousand pies in my fridge.
That’s why I never made a pie we can have him like a guru.

[22:17] Should do that cooking with Gabe the fucking
Indian tacos man just turned into shower making Indian tacos.

[22:42] Fingers in and out I don’t like getting anymore about people making it do that shit myself.
All by myself at my own oh you don’t invite me over I’ll make my own $10 and I know I know that’s like Fairgrounds.
The name even good.

[23:19] Greg brought me an Indian taco on Thanksgiving it was good.

[23:33] It was very good.
I don’t know.

[23:46] The crazy stop being a lanai next I would say that’s two weeks.

[23:56] Yeah I just seen there’s like some Unity Concert going on up there and be up there.
Yeah I think there’s like this white like the 13th through the 15th or something like that,
there’s so much stuff that goes on that was like my favorite thing to do while I was in high school.
I want every year I remember my dad used to go watch the games like almost every year we are used to go.

[24:29] That was part of like the the quiz bowl or whatever the fuck you’re forced last year.
For their language Bowl in Sioux Falls on the map,
that I was a thing I was like a manager basketball manager 1 Year too and I went up there for that,
what’s the weather is that intelligent Waterboy,
having that sweeper thing going across the fucking is this,
let me go on all the trips with you guys.
So I used to love going for both of us. A challenge of the Dakota tribe,
under what it is cuz I think you just called I don’t even know if they.

[25:41] Well I’m old but I don’t even know if they still do it anymore but it was up in.
Watertown are for Heroes in a different time and then I think DLC was in February or March.
Yeah last year Illinois from the downtown Rapid City was the first year they had a banner up.

[26:05] Like the Ellen I like this crazy right all those years brings like so much business to Rapid City
the parents like partying up harder than like you know this is ridiculous up there I don’t know I haven’t been up there in a few years,
yeah it does always like the best time to go party we didn’t always have like a booth set up at the fucking games sound CDs and shit like that,
Eminem go fucking party at night.
Put my hair just like I look different all the time.
Yeah sure he’ll be there again he’s always spot.

[26:58] Super busy I’m hoping the like to go hiking while I’m out there in the freezing cold.
Hell yeah yeah I’m going out there cuz I’m crazy like all the natives you see ya.
It’s just a big Rose all the red all the unite in Rapid City,
it’s like everything shuts down cuz I know you we do we partner with a lot of the tribes and so it’s like they’re trying to schedule their meanings are called they’re out from like the 11th through the.
January 1st pick something like fucking they’re gone by Del like cancel like the whole Reza’s canceled for fucking ever go away not feel like you know.
Yeah it’s crazy.

[27:54] Good times I should go out there this year do they have like their art competition.
It’s really don’t they had like different styles of art two and then they separated by categories and then.
Yeah I seen some shoes some van someone beaded some of those like that is really cool and then they’re all used that do it.

[28:27] Beaded shoes.
Yeah I’ve been saying $500.
They probably would I mean they could easily but I always feel bad whenever I charge more than $20 for my earrings because I,
cost like $5 for me to make true.

[29:01] Yeah Christmas list.

[29:10] How hard are you forgetting.
Smallest beads are wearing.

[29:45] How you get pony beads.
She will put in the hair I was speaking in like Christmas so we’re going to be having like a Sioux Falls Gathering,
or native students and families and that’s December 7th song.
Lincoln High School and for all of the Sioux Falls district native students and their families to attend.
Nautical told bunch of people hit me up like,
your names on the fly in my like I owe me.
Yeah. Let’s cool it is legit,
that she was going to be a bright breaking up.
You need a Santa suit.

[30:57] If anyone can help with a busted I said I was going to be
how cool would it be to see a native Santa,
have some fake braids for it to like way back in the day when I used to be like.
The fucking computer teacher back in when it’s like when I first graduated college and I was walking around the st. Francis Indian School.
Am I fucking pants fell down indianz.
I had other pants on but I was like.
Just falling off kitchen to my sack
but I was thinking I wouldn’t Break Stuff the other day and they have like holiday sweaters.

[32:09] It’s not the same thing are you going to be fine food at Party America.
I don’t know who’s going to wear it
I might have a wrapped in gear and give gift wrap
papers also.
Fibroids and high Fry Road.
You take a bite of this one.
Native students enrolled.

[33:37] Kenilworth gets out of work without all mm you guys could be there fighting way in the morning,
and we’re hoping like we know a couple other people that we think will volunteer but we just got to reach out to him.

[33:59] It’s coming up quick and so there’s still a lot of work to do and we still need volunteers and all that stuff in.
Yeah Lincoln High School the the principles they were really cool and offering the space than the custodians and all that so we’re really thankful to Lincoln High School.
Right on.
If anyone wants to help out in any way like for free to call Indian education in Sioux Falls or my contact info is on the flyer.
Like what other activities are they going to be having the parent committee were going to introduce ourselves,
and then the director of office of Indian education is going to be there and I don’t think a lot of people understand what office of Indian education even does,
what kind of services they can provide and so I asked her if she could speak on those things and so families can hear it,
Well we only have the flyer we don’t have like an event page cuz we’re really just pushing it mostly through the email and our email the emails in the paper copies shirts people the RSVP and Stop & Shop.
This time we’re not pushing heavy on Facebook but the Flyers on Facebook though so yeah and then there will be.

[35:26] The youth Council that’s going to be starting or it’s already formed I guess is they’re calling themselves All Nations.
Student use counsel and so Delilah you know.
I’m sure she’s just like a very passionate young young lady,
speak about like what upcoming activities they have going on and if if students like want to sign up that day and.
They can she can start reaching out and kind of gathering them outside of school and it’s for all schools to sign secluded just to Lincoln High School.
Although that’s where you know it’s originating from but yeah it’s on my really excited to see what they what they have in store and how we can support them.

[36:18] That’s cool so like all schools would have like a it would be like a real school like committee thing or whatever.
Then I can go down the road would be to,
to meet with others like of the surrounding tribes in South Dakota for Sioux Falls cuz I know a lot of the tribal schools get together their student councils to so that you don’t the students here with referees in Sioux Falls.
Right on then we’ll talk about like upcoming events and we’ll have like a suggestion box and I know like when I post it on Facebook there was so much feedback from people who had ideas and,
like I can see the next event being more like incorporating like our language and activity with that and a fun fun game or something.
I’m sorry it’s like learning being a focus and I like our culture unifocus.
And snacks.
People Commerce.
Is it going to be a fry bread making station show people how to make fry bread.
Hamburger macaroni soup.

[37:46] Veggies and fruits and something to be cool to see how those are made so there’s a lot of ideas and I can see it like.
Camping really fun Hands-On interactive that would be a cool thing for like the parade next year to like.
Input in like support in getting that like word out to.
How how great is it to hear from parents but then also hang it from the youth or who go to school and live in this community so.

[38:22] I can see it being really big thing and so this is just kind of the first Gathering want to provide dinner before everyone kind of breaks off and for Christmas break in the new year,
yeah good idea.

[38:35] Good idea to help somebody get a fat a fat Santa suit so I can.
Chanticleer Green Card Brave
where to pick up from dance
I like from the for the Halloween store,
yeah, you don’t want to come off that yeah I’m just taking the ring,
fucking a crazy little things you could do that pasta.

[39:34] I’d like to have some braids it’s not it’s not that long.
Some front two random braids are you still hanging out of that haircut even though he’s like bald as fuck,
can you tell me a picture of a terrible,
Like scraggly fucking things coming out and you just bald and old.
I mean just let it go let the haircut go like you know 90% Let It Go braid Gomez.

[40:27] Still Coolio you’re still a legend but just you know when he was here and babe.
No he was here babe babe chilling for what are all the killing,
I just want you to know
how do I was going to wait till next to that haircut.
Then I blocked them all off getting their own little section really cheap.
He didn’t even get to pick your favorite on getting fixed.
I remember I wanted to go to that show and fucking what you call it that was when I was working at Sanford or whatever and tone Loke at like a fucking heart attack on.
Yeah maybe I’ll get to meet tone Loke after all cuz I was at the hospital he came back later.

[41:37] Crazy,
balls out everything it’s like to make it dramatic if you hide.
That was like the last big like hip hop show they had here in town huh,
I got it was bad I haven’t had a show since then that’s been said that’s like 2 years ago now I don’t want nobody falling out no more
yeah they look small weekend.

[42:23] It would be nice to have a concert here though a big one.
The big one free weight training in 29.
Trey Lane in package related be open today,

[42:59] But I don’t remember what you doing drinking.
I don’t know I mean I don’t think drink
you don’t say that,
that happens.
I try not to do that unlike shows that matter but shows that don’t matter like.
I forgot what that was so long ago but I was like oh my God.

[43:59] That video of that those girls,
working overtime where is this
X-Men shut up and then the right on the 15 year olds and what they twerking.
Yeah that one was super awkward and just.
Like what is that girl doing oh my God
so now who’s really laughing you DJ Tony Tone tell her,
any events I do in Sioux Falls she’s getting in free.
Shit ton of views I’m guessing that it had like a ton of you.
Think Sioux Falls only have the girls like it’s like that cuz it was one girl dancing right next to her that was dancing just fine.

[45:15] Had that good twerk I remember before I even knew it was time I asked me and I was like.
No but that sounds really stupid.

[45:29] Do you want to continue the conversation and the conversation became friends.
It’s rough.
Oh that’s so dumb laws for that I don’t know what it is 40 going,
something like that.
Katy Perry kid stuff or whatever. Everybody does that fucking
that when I went to DC back in May there’s like,
there’s like a lot of homeless people who like dance or like do something for money so this dude with these just like lay on the lawn chair and all these kids around,
and then he started playing music and then they also flossing,
and there’s like 10 kids black guy and then there he’s getting money like.

[46:49] How do you before that and some homeless guys like hey kids come here I don’t have the White House even,
I went to Washington DC to before and there’s so many homeless people there though.
Yeah and those places in Minneapolis now. K Camp.
Thrifty ready Bout a Thing that’s why you got a spot right now because of those unfortunate you don’t even like you took that to make.
To make the man yeah that’s rough.
That wall or what’s going on with that I’ve been kind of looking at the video to see what,
how is it going to rain the whole thing but anyways they still tear gas.

[48:14] Arizona oh yeah it was Arizona.
I don’t know yeah somewhere like you know what you wanna or something like that I don’t know I was just kind of gathering and just before I came here.
I don’t know anything about it.

[48:33] Are they doing like spraying people in shit when they doing.

[48:45] I don’t like to see people climbing on it or what I don’t know if they’re climbing on it trying to get over to America or what but it’s like,
to load of people I believe you trying to come over isn’t it already yeah it’s it’s one of the migrant Caravans has hit the border and they were trying to,
have climb in and waterproof u.s. border patrol fire the tear gas into.

[49:10] Yeah that’s what it was I’ve been why I was watching that little bit before I got in how hard is it to get citizenship in the United States.
Fairy like even like I feel like I like.
Ultimate test on the United States like everything president
president’s favorite color,
be at this lady’s house and she was like oh I’m taking US citizenship test soon cuz I was like,
everything about the United States
I was working with this guy and he is just naming out everything about USA.
He was going for his citizenship are the damn I didn’t even know that that’s what I mean like I don’t I wouldn’t be able to pass that
children are born in the US,
that. I automatically isn’t Trump trying to like take that away in whatever they’re called yeah it’s.

[50:27] My name is.
Just once people see nothing the other day.
Show them a speech by Obama and then show them a speech by Trump.
People made those speeches for the president.
I like your singing normally someone writes the report though.

[51:09] Yeah I know jobs are so important.
He was doing a speech and then native did a war or crying and then yeah,
what are didn’t do presidents ever reused speeches.

[51:34] Do they fucking stump speeches like when they’re campaigning and then they go like Kansas City and then they go to New Hampshire and stuff I did Hillary use like big chunks fix you’ve ever liked photo campaign for like.
Reporting and stuff like that it’s like,
once you’ve seen one stump speech like John McCain was awful where you use like word for word even the same beats and chokes the point that was just like Jesus Christ by here McCain tell that joke about the drunken sailor in the US budget one more time I’m going to lose it
yeah I think that would be like a hard jobs right like you know cuz sometimes they’re doing like 2-3 speeches a day so somebody’s fucking writing like a crazy speeches worm yeah they are.
I was going to do think but they’re getting paid pretty damn good by anybody standing yeah,
huh that would be a tough job I would think.
Yeah I just think all of it would be you have to like look a certain way be certain way if you’re not then I removed all my God.
I like that girl was that that Cortes their name.
New yeah is it relaxing Cortez.

[52:54] They were talking about how,
the USA have no problem paying for unlimited War.
But like we’re like one of the only like civilized countries that you know that it doesn’t have like.
You know medicine for everybody or whatever medical for everybody was like yeah let’s get a real answer because.
Let’s be important answer you’re going to get that’s socialism yeah yeah yeah yeah.

[53:35] And I seen a another thing I’m talking about that girl and they’re like let’s like they are trying to make her look stupid or whatever and it was like let’s let select more Millennials to Congress and then like somebody replied like,
well I mean that’s it’s going to happen because this is the way time works is triple to vote then there are baby boomers they are already at that point
we just need that Millennials to actually show up.

[54:09] Yeah yeah you guys both a lot of the millennium.
Well I know a lot of it on them really now I think I can.
I am no longer on probation so that is a excellent news yeah at your house like 4 years yes like a long time.
You’re the one that was like came out of the blue on Friday so that was good yeah Dad’s name.

[54:58] Yeah fucking I used to always get teased when I was young I had my brother would call me Ronald McDonald then the kids to school call me Ronald Reagan
and Ronald McDonald is pretty popular
yeah yeah yeah.

[55:30] Fucking when he just a yellow striped onesie on the big ass onesie.

[55:46] Got no one to wear on America.
Robert Fisher out of my pocket for a candy.

[56:05] Wow man is great,
the fuck it is yeah I was good-looking creeping ass Ronald McDonald.

[56:29] Making sure cry oh man.
Yeah that’s fucking nuts in the ball pit to like back in the day like you go in there and then like speaking about.
If you like all kinds of shit in there like you fucking to be vomit done in like the fucking like the middle of the balls oh yeah,
it’s just like a playground right there,
they’re flipping them over and remodeling them and refreshing them they were moving those that used to be a big part of their strategy
Make a video like hide in there once in awhile when there was like shit you didn’t want to do in just like.
Dude I was just,
I would hate my job is a ball washer and called my gum play area.

[57:52] All over to slide the city BPL over the slide.
Hey I’d Bloomington,
I hope you tell Madison I can’t deny it so much,
I have to go in there and clean it I’d be so mad
bad kids in here,
Jack into the only ones that are out right now.
It’s fucked up but too real.

[58:43] That’s why they get rid of him and I remember being a dirtbag on the rez like when back in high school in like pain down those slides like we used to fucking live,
it was like when I was in high school and it being a dirtbag we used to live like right near the school and bunch of us kids will just go and just pee down a slide like fucking
what was the role of the fucking Dirtbag I don’t know High School
beautiful last month when you did it.
Go out of my way to go to the playground
oh man yeah I didn’t even know that was a thing that you like girls don’t like girls don’t touch anything.
I’m sorry.

[59:54] Set your life on a different path now then you know that.
One of my fellow friends peanut slide I’m like shit.

[1:00:18] Okay.
Terrible is a cinnamon conure going to call.

[1:00:34] 10:15 I mean 6:15
I didn’t bring them any talking.
5 Pi R 3 inches to be raw breeds Wikipedia article.
Tree that was me preparing for something else I don’t know if it’s fake,
I think NASA took pictures of like the stories I’m pretty sure it’s real it’s been melting sounds really.

[1:01:24] Picture on my Facebook anyone wants to read about it,
that like I was thinking about in January testing it out I really hate how much time I’m on social media like fucking,
if you’re not close I’m just fucking scrolling endlessly through my fucking tired of it
am I a t Gordon in the Snapchat and I’ll put my phone down and another 10 minutes and then,
like I don’t put it down like I wanted to do this and then,
it’s like I never put my phone down is like fucking that is the same thing there’s so much money is the best,
it’s like during the financial crisis in like 2007 the best Minds in the country it was a travesty cuz they were all working on stock algorithms and stuff like that for investment subprime things,
right now we’re the best Minds from best schools Engineers are going it’s like they’re going to Facebook specifically to go
how can we get every person to keep scrolling little bit of endorphin release every time they tap on something but not too much so it’s like leveled off and just enough that they constantly need it
it’s super sad I wish I could just go like.

[1:02:44] Cold Terry like this post and then just be done with it like fucking just not look at it but.
It’s like it’s like an addiction.
For like a whole month I think it was one time I might like what the hell is wrong with you if you can get ahold of me on my way,
you mean me it’s like people don’t like that though.
I get text messages or Facebook Messenger things at like 10:30 at night and I’m I’m I go to bed super early and I wake up
took what I like to do to retaliate us reply at like 5 a.m. and then again
that it shows your active all the time I didn’t know that you could turn it off,
yeah because I’m forever active and I hate whenever people are like you were active on Facebook and then see it I turned mine off and then you can turn it back on.
There’s like that it’s a good thing you have like a million and one people like on mute on my fucking phone games like that’s like my favorite thing.

[1:04:13] To download cup you want to meet this conversation forever to turn back on things given I’ve done like so many friends.

[1:04:22] I woke up and all of a sudden
Drake like I wake up woke up everyday like 20 new friend request.
Not know that.

[1:04:41] Yeah I mean this my friends do but I mean if it’s not I don’t have that public Lane,
like I said me and snapped
social media is terrible but please follow us on social media Facebook friends family,
yeah that is a live podcast in like a blister like little crowd.
Yeah I’ll get you on the sound almost like The Daily Show. So if you guys want to come live and watches what they were talking about doing that for this year right,
next year next year yeah yeah I did worked really well for the tuna. We did this year yeah I think that would be cool.

[1:05:38] Buddhist people that was set up on a panel table and then people can come in a little so there’s like a room full of 30 people who are sitting there laughing and listening and I just got the mobile recorder set up in the room.
They were good episodes.
Pretty Lights parade go,
LOL.. The real Santa.

[1:06:22] I usually get a room at the Holiday Inn so I guess I found the balcony and watch everything yeah that’s.
We went to the end in this year there was so many people like last year where at the end we always go to the same spot right now for thin.

[1:06:36] Philips but this year is like wrapped around that whole block people rely on that block to,
microbiotic honest so bad like you got to get to my job.
Yeah I had my mom just go off the curb like on to Minnesota,
from where we parked. We’re going to be your forever and so she did and there’s a cop right there unscrambler.
Man I didn’t even go how can you go live Native American Day parade and I’m thinking about going to have on Native American.
Parade of Lights float like how cool would that be.

[1:07:28] Have a good big like light up headdress you’re making it next year then.
I’m on your Committee of what oh yeah,
you can’t just laugh and cry braids Sage.
Throwing out handfuls of wolves happy.
Yeah but mostly companies I seen it there’s a couple of drum groups in different high schools.
Bible churches I like women I like one of those great danes through.
Oh yeah that’s always my highlighters that was cool what they did with the Grinch.

[1:08:58] I don’t know who won cuz they they do that at your party at the Holiday Inn and I never I don’t like to work.
Pretty Lights night because it’s insane like my drinking are all bunched up into one room.
That’s a lot of them because there’s there they’re going to announce who the float winner is Santa Claus is there taking pictures with people like it’s insane.
I thought you was going to go through a lot of stuff that I never even knew that a nickel defense struggle.

[1:09:36] I parked at work which I was fine with girls.

[1:09:51] I parked on my couch back down anyways I would have even like fun.
I’ve done nothing like these past four days except sit on my couch like almost the entire time.
Mike really excited to go to work tomorrow I actually start a new.
A new position tomorrow so I’m excited too.
Get into that just fucking yeah I went to the gym for the first time almost a month.
Sister Nelly show that week messed me up.

[1:10:34] They treated like the front of the wellness center took some bushes out planted like three trees.
Oh my gosh look at it looks so different and I like what’s it been like a month since we’re here.

[1:10:52] From my boss cuz she was like do you even celebrate Thanksgiving.

[1:10:57] How do you celebrate your so we did once I know that one meme.
Like I guess nobody’s ever asked me that like personally so it’s like shit like you put me on spot just now.
Oh my God I don’t celebrate like how everybody else celebrates in the world I was like but I’m most thankful for everything I have it’s like interesting them cuz like,
I feel like majority of people don’t probably celebrate it like how.

[1:11:27] Think you know I think Thanksgiving is come so far that people really don’t celebrate.
These people that just got off the Mayflower you sign o n e mean,
they don’t even think of it like that made me think of it as like football and food family get together for the holidays,
and Thanksgiving is one so I’m course people are going to take that day you know you know the travel or whatever.

[1:11:59] I’m not like brushing history under the rug or anything but it’s just not I don’t think it stands for what.

[1:12:08] Totally again I guess it’s like Christmas I don’t celebrate Christmas.

[1:12:16] What death I don’t I have never had a Christmas tree in my adult life I don’t celebrate
not I love me too I hope I did not get my tree up I do have a daughter like I wouldn’t celebrate it at all like I feel obligated to buy stuff for my daughter because like you know everybody else gets signed up but Lake,
yeah other than like yeah I’ve never had a Christmas tree,
I mean like,
well me and all my extended family get-together at my parents house which is basically designed to host the giant fees for Christmas and Christmas Eve I usually have to get dressed up as Santa and like sneak in through the back door.

[1:13:04] When you stuff used to get all these gigantic God damn presents and so,
I just leave the house except for the one time but then the neighbors were like well you’ve done so then,
then I had to drive like 6 miles down the road it’s out in the middle of the country and snow in a pickup and I got to drive to the neighbor’s house.
You have to realize I’m showing up in the big Ford pickup it’s clearly The Neighbors.
Anyway we go we go really knots with it and then yeah it’s Amanda and her family did not really get into that my wife and.

[1:13:52] After one Christmas with with us just like we’re always going to your place for Christmas deal.

[1:13:58] Hey babe good food too then huh waster stew the night before but my mom does a ham for me at a mercy and then rhyme.
Prime rib Las Vegas crab legs seafood and then.
She does Cornish hens and Prime hey what’s up this is the five until man hey what’s up how you doing man.

[1:14:25] Can you be here with you it’s all good man want to say Happy Belated Birthday to man.

[1:14:34] Call Dan thank you brother that means a lot thank you man thank you no problem until you were just in Iowa last night right.

[1:14:42] Yeah man I actually just today too as I just flew into the performances is literally one of those how is that was the show.

[1:14:57] The show was pretty cool is my first time there and you know I like going to places I’ve been to I mean I haven’t been to before cuz it’s like you’re starting all over again.
Yeah to do a performance so it was cool man yet the next time was that was Talent on that show.

[1:15:21] Allen was in that reminded me of the time he did a performance with him in Philadelphia yeah yeah I seen he was live last night performing on Facebook and then,
that’s the same shit that identifies that or whatever so.

[1:15:38] That’s cool I didn’t I didn’t know he was like still out there doing it and always like opening a studio or something like that in Eagle Butte or whatever but.
I’m glad he’s still out there doing stuff yeah that’s a real there was good to see him and she’s at and on the micro.
How he’s doing with the efforts with the given the studio X.
And I guess wherever he’s from yeah yeah so I wanted to get you on the on the podcast this week cuz.
You’ve done something that like I’ve never heard any native hip hop artist do witches fucking tour in Africa.
Which is fucking crazy as fuck to me like how did that happen like how did you get hooked up with that and tell us how it was.

[1:16:32] All the artists that I was while I was out there doing some.
What is an international cultural Exchange program that’s called Next Level and what that is basically is a program that they Treehouse build Bridges between communities.
I would say that aren’t being built by like Trump’s agenda you know it’s like it’s sort of like where I can and adult
program itself I mean is like an antidote to what trumps doing their Building Bridges Trump’s basically wanted to build walls but and cultural diplomacy and,
Shirley just Positive Vibes in music is how this program drives and works in
basically this year so I was part of Nigeria.
Five or six other teams out there right now is actually a team that’s out and Guatemala so I just returned from my residency and how is out there to help Nigerian hip-hop artist three main fields
play me an artist education entrepreneurship and conflict transformation.

[1:17:49] Come to find out a lot of artist also have a lot of similar similarities that that we share too and I needed some help
hoping monetizer are formatted craft witches.
Step by step process so we weren’t out there on that and I learned so much from all the artists,
I told the artist out there like you know that you never know who’s going to be watching when you’re performing and so you got to be you know they’ve been a good first impression and that’s kind of how I got the performance.
Years ago a friend of mine was.
The reservation to try to search for hip-hop and he stumbled upon one of my performances while I was in Shiprock New Mexico.
Anyway like I would have got the opportunity from performing out of my butt,
some friends you got me out to DC for international Hip Hop,
Festival in paw prints then after that.
Recommended me to the program data he was part of it as an artist educator and they allow you to do that once per country per artist.

[1:19:14] Know if you do more work with next level than you have to kind of work around that,
roll that you can’t go to another country as an artist educator so he’s a lot of room for a lot of practitioners in the end it feels like I said for me to
I was just one of the team members has AMC we also had a dancer.

[1:19:35] Facial artist that beat maker and a site manager and videographers,
everybody is very good at what they do an element are they practice
selected by their ability to like be able to give back to the communities that they’re from
and that’s kind of how I was selected to buy doing a lot of just working with not being like a self-serving entrepreneur but I like serving others and still being able to
get mines in a sense in the midst of it all somehow but it was an amazing experience
broaden my scope as far as I how much connected even though
is really remarkable to see in witness to collaborations we had an unforgettable man and I got three songs and it actually we got music video done out there too so hopefully someday I’ll share that with you,
nice yeah that’s awesome and how many shows did you guys do out there.

[1:20:47] Can we do like to see shows but the main show at the end was when we were we were also given some time to prep,
each of these artists that we were working with so we put on an entire like actual show show at the end,
the dancers got to dance to know all the artist got to do this thing and.
Nancy’s and performers got to perform and they have to do it in front of the community.
Dallas big man but,
does does the does the music get here in the states over there or is it like a different energy or whatever.

[1:21:38] It’s definitely a different energy but they ain’t they everything over there they speak and understand or like they listen to it and I know
what English language very well it’s funny because when I was talking to a lot of the End season artist out there.
They brought up a time when the rap group Migos went out there and they didn’t get a response that they normally get here in the US and the Amigos went on an interview
and they stated that,
that Nigerian don’t understand English and that’s why they weren’t giving him the response that they normally get in the US
they speak and listen to hear they know English very well it’s just that they pay attention to the lyrics so much that Migos wasn’t offering that much for their pallet I guess.
You know they were giving me goes to the love that they normally get.
Because they weren’t feeling their music in actuality which I thought was kind pay attention to lyrical content and that actually matters out there.
That was cool to see Witness,
yeah that’s what’s up we need to take a little bit of a lesson maybe from the Nigerians and Ice 12 how how long were you over there for.

[1:23:04] Over there for just about 3 weeks.
The biggest cities are there Lagos and Abuja.

[1:23:19] When we were there we were supposed to do two residencies but we did one residency man it’s amazing these artists.
Some what kind of risking a lot just to do what they love and have a voice things like that so what we were there.
Sad sad news app and then I guess one of their cheeks from one of the local areas was kidnapped this and that and a lot of the artists.
We’re faced with the Dilemma because they have lockdowns with their standards of cities when you can’t leave.
Because you know it’s very dangerous to but the artist like literally like snuck out of their Town’s curfew and just to kind of partake in The Residency program
wow that’s a lot for
some of the artists.
And I’ve been relieved really pushes forward and we had a good leadership man so like it was a really good turnout all and all.
More than that it was just really great to find his family and learn from each other man.
That’s scary so or are you allowed to just like roam around on your own or did you have like chaperones or like how did Pat of that work.

[1:24:44] You know what the situation right there is very dangerous so they they they they didn’t wanted,
is there any danger at all so we were able to travel and armor to bulletproof dance to any time we went to a residencies and leave our hotel compound
yo US citizens and at that time they’re probably even right now still were allowed out of the city limits.
Same amount of luxury the Privileges we do here in the US,
Matt real out there too so the hotel is very safe I guess like what we were staying there like Prince Charles
England or somewhere you staying at the same Hotel so I was like well if he’s staying here
right yeah that’s crazy man would you go back over there again if given the opportunity.

[1:25:55] Call definitely have word and they were trying to figure ways out immediately lays when we can try to come back and.
And build again and maybe do a another performance.

[1:26:07] So yeah I really hope but I can come back out there as long as my Visa allows me to.

[1:26:15] How long is that flight oh man the flight is crazy though he have to go from the you know if I’m from Albuquerque so.
It’s not like a huge International Airport when you get a jump off from here to another country but so I had to go from here to Chicago and Chicago to Frankfurt Germany in the Germany to Abuja.
And I was just stretched I think total on my way total time from my time back and.
Albuquerque 7 hours.
Yeah I was so tired though like after the the whole experience that I just stayed up the whole time and slept as much as I could on the airport you know how it is yeah that’s crazy man,
hey I get anxiety bad so I don’t think I could make that flight I’d be in the middle seat to somewhere,
with a bunch of strangers for that amount of time as it is for sure like a anxiety,
right on yeah that’s awesome man so what what are you what are you what are you working on now.

[1:27:39] So now that I got back after they could you not,
alumni for the program enables to apply for Grants as I got a US ambassador I’m trying to like seats a little bit of sponsorship would be cool to like trying to do something
like what the program has done to other countries to retire on reservations.com.
And there might even be a loophole around like working and doing something like that aren’t on my res cuz we’re somewhere to Soccer Nation and.
Program works with Nations like that so yeah.
Why can’t we like be able to help our own people we should be cool to try to do that and they they had a budget which allowed me to
read the studio that I came to the came in with to build with with the practitioners in Partners there I thought that was really cool and important cuz usually when I’m doing these
shops in residencies
cuz you have to leave and usually I never able to leave my studio with anyone you know what I mean
it was cool to get the to be able to do that.

[1:28:57] That was kind of a unique experience to be able to just leave the studio but even just traveling with one across the world was tough man.
First time bringing a studio through TSA and everybody was just mean Muggin.
What the heck is all this equipment in Nigeria
just some random experience as I could talk about was just like everything was good and hotel was very clean but when I was,
downstairs. Night I was always wondering why I like all the females kept staring in the,
play some stuff come to find out that they were all pros and
course I didn’t take any bites on anything.
Cool cool we’ll leave Amazon I said I just came here to do one thing and that’s working I respect you your people your country things like that
it was kind of tough at first to like this telling the gauges no no
how much I guess.

[1:30:15] Colonization exist out there too when I left I thought I was going to leave to a place that didn’t celebrate any holidays but they actually had it Halloween parties in all kinds of stuff that reminded me of being back home,
in a way that’s cool that’s crazy.
Right on yeah that’s inspiring man like I said I just wanted to talk to you about that cuz I wanted to just get here as some stories about it cuz that’s that’s nuts man I always hear people going to like.
You know to Europe and things but never to Africa so that’s pretty awesome man.

[1:30:56] Yeah I’m glad it was able to do to be able to have that is like my first opportunity to really go overseas and somewhere.
And just to be of service there too and yeah.
Even though we’re not Caucasian and white has come to find out we definitely have a lot of privilege still here as US citizens in.

[1:31:22] I’m coming from the reservation sometimes if you never get out it’s interesting cuz you know.
And I necessarily able to see that privilege at all cuz me and on the rez and staying on the rez.
It’s like that so that’s the life and everything you know then and yeah he might not be able to even realize that they,
Goodyear Barley’s someone by then I don’t want to see better but just like we have a lot of privileges you know even still so that was interesting that they asked about how it was for us. He answered for natives in general,
I’m just one date is out of all of us I can only share at least how I see it from my perspective but yeah it was a great experience just to be able to share ideas and exchange.
Familiar faces hell yeah that’s awesome man will shit we definitely appreciate you jumping on the podcast again this week man.
Yeah it’s it’s an inspiring story and definitely something I wanted to know more people to give me a coin it with or whatever so we definitely appreciate you coming on.

[1:32:33] Yep even inviting me I probably one of the few opportunities I’ve been able to share.
The experiences that I had on this trip on the glass one like this really meant thank you no problem.
If people want to follow you on social media how can we how can I get ahold of you.

[1:32:57] Yeah yeah I told you that but whatever I’m usually doing on Instagram all this week so on Instagram.
Orlando is beef underscore I follow me on Instagram.
Can I see on Facebook still facebook.com.
DF rapper or just type in my artist name d e f – I.
And you can follow me on there preciate you yeah man thank you for the show with the.
One of your songs from the is it that is it D that they pronounce it Gabrielle Anderson on the trumpet,
Nicholas Lucero on the upright bass and myself on the mic and I Nicholas for sale on the drums.
Nice yeah everybody has their trimmed in next level.
Hell yeah we’re going to end the show with that outer inner so make sure everybody goes to iTunes and Spotify wherever and pick up the album and we definitely appreciate you stopping through man.

[1:34:24] Naked do what you doing alright take it easy and it will catch up with you later.

[1:34:30] YouTube family enjoy the rest of the time they’re mad love you later alright take it easy YouTube.

[1:34:40] That’s okay. That would be crazy.
Definitely make the world just opened up you know.

[1:34:54] The golden Avenue yeah I can’t even imagine going to fucking Africa that would be nuts especially,
having to travel in the armored cars and stuff going over I feel very important.
Yeah that’s the scary Department.

[1:35:20] She just went to Africa recently and she goes there frequently and her daughters like in a safari like ride and there’s freaking lion like right by,
I’m guessing not if they couldn’t travel outside City Limits yeah crazy
not try to bring a line back have it in the bag a little kitty friend in the Twin Cities her name is Queen of Asia and her,
nonprofit or NGO is African Community Health Initiative and she she’s originally from Ghana,
and she goes like up into the interior and Africa like really remote places like she’ll send pictures for me to post on social media cuz I run her web and stuff,
up like their van like trying to get through these like basically like brats of mud through the jungle and stuff like that but she what she does is she takes diabetes supplies like into the interior because there’s nobody else that it does that well.
Girl in one of my classes she just went back home and she’s from Shadow.

[1:36:31] Chad and I guess it’s pretty remote there and she’s.
Created a whole YouTube of her experience going back home and like people just making food and like it’s very Ramon very.
And it’s crazy cuz like when she talks about things,
I’m like for Native people that’s very similar like they had a lot of similarities never enough people on reservation.
Yep it’s crazy bullshiting in I think that about does it,
yeah yeah next Sunday are we still on for that I got to confirm it yet but we should be right on anything this year but in any way just always do here,
right on thank you guys for listen this another episode of the urban Indians podcast.

[1:37:31] Yeah because next week next week with a special guest.

[1:37:37] Music.

[1:38:07] Yeah, it’s a white Under the Ground beat up some and it’s a wonderful day as we know it.

[1:38:14] Music.

[1:38:26] Middle Tennessee yeah this right here is something that you should dance to that boom bat bamboo smooth jazz tune your last chance to Dash and catch a fast move back track and relax that this is Dad.
Pepper send it back of the Mexico extended end of the breath control,
dedicated my phone the microphone accelerated driving on my schedule View.

[1:38:55] Music.

[1:40:33] Water from the bottom below the Aurora y’all never stop touring before they show my order glow.

[1:40:38] Probably said that Mouse car that you want Performance phone while the only Ghost Rider with the Holy Ghost I’m not religious and most listened to what Courtney host not at one-trick Pony not her first rodeo fly like an alien ShopRite in writing,
cop lights nights like Arabian under the ground.

[1:40:56] Music.

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