Urban Indianz Ep 034 Halloween, Nelly, Veteran’s Day, and Mid Term Elections

Urban Indianz Ep 034 Halloween, Nelly, Veteran’s Day, and Mid Term Elections

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Shaina Yellowback and Nathan Foote

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: Jon on Demand with The Reconstruction (Remix)



Machine Transcript

[0:53] Welcome to Episode 34 of the urban Indians podcast night shield and joined by.
Char special guests Nate and Shayna today hey what up are you guys doing,
awesome yeah I’m happy to have a full couch again
yeah yeah right Call the way.
It’s crazy crazy so much these past.
Two weeks or however long it’s been since last podcast was it at.

[1:43] Around schedule now or we are World schedule.
Where you did a lot we had fucking Halloween we did
was it just feels like it’s been a month cuz all that shit you cry.
Yeah that show was a lot of fun and then a lot of drunken Madness,
how to make McDonald’s in what the hell Brookings like you guys have nowhere to eat past midnight,
barely made it to McDonald’s in like 5 minutes or less
I was so crying in the parking lot only get breakfast sandwiches chicken nuggets french fries
McDonald’s I can’t get a burger but I can get it chocolate shaped as a college
purple shit College operate V I feel drunk singing purchase parking lot and I didn’t realize it at close
yeah I looked up like.

[3:08] Obviously I’m not a rapper so that was my first time seeing like behind the scenes of like just seen you guys set up and get ready and.
I guess probably more nervous than you guys I’m like walking up there my hand shaking with the camera.
Easier to do than like the smaller shows I think.

[3:39] You know everybody’s there you know they have rocking you can see when people don’t give a fuck,
go ahead and order that give a fuck.
You had to go twice as long as the Chinese try to get them in the morning, I’d like to know their menu,
pregnant go to make me super nervous,
yeah the smaller 5 people in the crowd like,
question called when the other day but when he first started performing
there’s maybe like 25 when we got done performing there’s probably five.

[4:44] Levi go hard cuz you don’t want those 5 walkthrough fuck that I’m done well there’s no cussing on Turnpike
Dave artist at like 6.

[5:06] Where’s Brady saying what’s cuss words.
Yeah can’t do anything fun for Halloween treat in my neighborhood.
So I just like looking around like you know I can’t do this there’s so much work just getting ready and I was just like.
Why I remember I tell you on how do you completely blank I paid for everyone’s food at gilberto’s.
I woke up and thought I should have came up.

[5:58] They woke up the next day that it took me awhile to remember I did that cuz I thought I had like $100 in here and I had like like $35 that’s where all the money go,
yeah I think I got him food my money,
Chris we went we were at where we at or you’re downtown we are at like Tommy Jackson we stopped at that we took a lift over to,
that monster ball or whatever half hour maybe 45 minutes,
and then we took a lift back over to where you guys were at,
in somewhere in that time frame I lost my friend I don’t know where he got you for real we were outside at the firepit.

[6:52] Fresh 21 year olds in the layout
how to figure out a time anyway that’s the top of the stairs so we’re like

[7:21] I like Cheetos
idj and you standing next to me
little apple mode that I just cut in front of everybody I don’t know what they let you in.
We tried to go through the front door when you try to go in,
oh yeah they’re like no no I’m here that you know who I am amerilite,
probably didn’t know who you were what are you dressed as an art get out of here.
You guys.
You look like a gypsy like you look like a gypsy like 5 minutes.

[8:37] You’re fucking gypsy,
and that dance drunken rabbit Johnson rapper Halloween was fun like my kids.
Being loaded and he like even the twins like they filled up their buckets twice.

[9:03] The girls got a pillowcase full.
Lyrics to I wouldn’t give me any of it that one reason why do people not trick or treat in their own neighborhood,
should we go to the rich neighborhood in my neighborhood,
but I live in Terrace Park like an old historic like District.
But like for like I think about that cuz I seen that people posted it for you taking your kids I’m not don’t you just go in your neighborhood like crazy to me
call apartment building
yes and that is like the spot to go to but how much candy did your kids get.
The two little ones got to bucketfuls and Jacob filled his the same as mine I live in the neighborhood in Sioux Falls.

[10:13] If you look at low-income it’s like you and me
maybe maybe the chocolate tastes different things like a mental thing for people I don’t know I don’t know.
But I just want to bring that up cuz I don’t argue.
I know there are spotty you know places but when you live in that neighborhood.
I did not.
I have to run of the room I know,
we separated the twins candy for them we had all like the sweets and are like all of the sour you note art stuff and all the chocolate and so the twins side like one bucket was there,
each player candy of mine someone got all chocolate.
Got out at Suites right on yeah I don’t know lyrics getting too old for.

[11:36] Trick or treating she wasn’t even like I was trying to paint her face I thought cuz it first you wasn’t going to go out and then I was like well as I felt kind of bad so I was like,
let’s just all paint your face you can paint my face and we’ll just go have fun at home or whatever,
and then I got half of them do like painting her face and then her friend one of her friends at her up and she’s like,
fashion style for men,
yep my oldest son,
he only wants mask now like it’s an old costume just a mask and I’m like who are you,
I think that’s funny like that you just messed my oldest they don’t want to trick-or-treat next to you they just want to stay home and pasta candy at night,
he’s always going trick or treating with me. My nephew is Justice to my nephew’s in 9th grade.

[12:46] Like I said I was in like 8th grade I think and I was on the rez and I remember.
We went to like the like the senior citizen housing in like fucking st. Francis or whatever and somebody gave us a scoop of commodity peanut butter,
in your bag.

[13:11] Not yet I’ve been cool.
There’s some sugar I’m sorry it’s got in the form of candy are in a packet or something
that’s messed up at least make him a sandwich.
Yeah I haven’t seen that in a while though.
A whole gang will it seems like my age is showing.

[14:05] So how old is too old to be trick or treating I don’t know how to do all the worst thing.
But their way taller than me and you know their way up here in just about every house we went to they got shit.
No one said that to my nephew my nephew.
Yeah right I’m like I’m not going to even better in my neighborhood,
people passing out there like oh give Mom one two
Pizza Ranch kids eat free on Tuesday nights.
My daughter stays 10 my daughter’s been 10 for like that.
Kids under 5 and she had like a full set it to you but like.

[15:17] Really I don’t know. It’s not going to wait till my daughter will be 13 in like,
three weeks here I tried I tried that with my son telling him he’s under 10,
boys at that age they just flirting because you don’t want to be young you know
this one’s for this month 7 I made,
is British coming up.

[16:07] It’s like rich people probably never have that problem they could never get traumatized
or Little Caesars.
Little Caesars Papa Murphy.
Certain people but we make them cook it we make them cook it twice because.
They don’t cook it all the way like the cheese and burnt.

[16:59] But next time you going really analyze it.
Forget that last part
black man wearing a turban Indian podcast official cheese ologist.
I will be a Pastor Robert for my car.

[17:40] I don’t know,
I want me off you didn’t oh yeah this is my first year in my life I was able to vote really probation stuff I can’t even.
Real of trolling.
Beginning of prison.

[18:16] Yep I’ve never had that problem so I bought every time I missed one the last one cuz I didn’t really know cuz some of them are advertised if they’re not like big races.
Was there a lot it was there a lot of people there when you went to.
Why was I at the wrong one.
Because I finally updated my ID so it sounds like my married name
insulin updated make my whole three things that I usually vote at church right by the Y First Lutheran sound like,
and then now I vote at the downtown library but I’m moving sorry I’m bad bed I’ll be back at that one church but
got the downtown library people were signing up on the spot and everything even though they knew they couldn’t vote but for next time so that was cool to see.
So many volunteers and Julie I was going to head down there.
Accident when I went down again no not a lot of young people I seen a lot of.

[19:26] College student Rush In Like A bunch of people that work downtown like you could telework downtown walks.
Chicken pot pie.

[19:38] At the Y right there should be like a national holiday like you should have kept your time off of work I think it’s like up to 2 hours but your boss can dictate like which.
Part of the day everyday South Dakota’s what are the states were there legally required to give you two hours if if you’re working normal working Time covers up.
Pulling at your bosses description.
I would have took that 2 hours off,
yeah and I got to go to lunch is that holiday like,
late the liking this.
Late are the early eighteen-hundreds they would have beer and whiskey and would be like vote for my guy and like handing out free and it was just a big like
freefall you know there’s a lot of.

[20:50] Sounds like a good time I go to turn out Skyrocket.
The other night where they said there was 30%.
Of like the Millennials voted which is like the most that have ever voted or whatever in the election was still at 70% of the people that still didn’t vote.

[21:16] Could have you know.

[21:18] Made a real difference in my Facebook page but in Montana you can see like the the reservations and where their vote counted cuz they got a democrat in Senate.

[21:31] Or something like that some tests.

[21:34] You could see like where you know those numbers matter and sometimes you don’t think it does but in these Races they do matter.
He was NBC or something like that and I actually talked about that North Dakota race and whoever whoever one they specifically said like the anchors or whatever we’re talking,
day to change that law and how Native Americans were able to vote in,
or whatever or made it harder for them to body and the lady was like even if that lie ahead and change there wasn’t enough people that was going to come out and vote that would have that would have turned the tide.
On this and I was like that’s going to find out how do you know that about having that right to vote on whether it regardless of.
Did you see it was the highest turnout for Native Americans to vote in North Dakota though that was really cool.

[22:37] When you get on South Dakota to like when they showed our mats.
Oh, we have reservations reservations verb or all done.
They don’t know where the reservations are selling tickets
someone said they hadn’t Pine Ridge in Rosebud makeup from the shape of a butt
that I’m not mad they mess up like the shape of it and they swapped Rosebud and Pine Ridge.
Really like the outline.

[23:19] Yeah yeah how dare them someone put on Facebook.
Because we have assholes that live on the west side of the state and rural areas cuz that’s like it was all red and all the west side.
Set like that votes Republican but it’s late I do so many small towns on South Dakota that are outrageously Republican like 100% all circles and it’s hilarious because like,
my Sioux Falls crowd here is extremely blue and if I only hung out with them I have no freaking clue there were like conservatives around and then when I go back to the farm with my folks and stuff it’s like.
Democrats don’t like exist out there at all and it’s just like it’s both of them talk about the other one like they’re so alien and I could never understand like the Republicans.

[24:15] Wipe you even vote Democrat I mean just like how they sleep at night,
it’s like they don’t even look at the person running and I like their actual like them Mission and like things they haven’t story there’s like solely basing it off of like if they’re democrat or republican or whatever.
Night that’s big blows my mind but I mean like.
This last election was hold though I mean to see a difference.
Yeah I was like 11,000 close it there’s a chance here
yes I kept getting like further and further apart and I think I’m going to actually pay attention to it though,
like you don’t bother watching the football game,
what is a money on it. Political science nerds the the election nights are always like our Superbowl
yeah I’m like oh yeah yeah,
is that crazy but overall like when you look at the US like it was a win for definitely yeah.

[25:40] There’s like eight eight women that are going to Congress of color yeah and yeah we got to Native American,
Pharrell like I got tears in my eyes I got a lump in my throat it was like
PJ masks,
I’m so happy when I see yeah that was so cool cuz I wasn’t following other states as much as like.
I didn’t even really know that there were natives.
I knew about the Kansas sherece Davis.
And we are currently in talks with probably December we will get an interview with the devil and we’re just waiting for final confirmation on that day and I’m still waiting to hear back from her She’s Got,
I like I’m surprised that Dad got back to us the week of the election that’s pretty impressive surprised to see that like.
You know how.

[26:53] Well yeah surprised that like she like openly admits I guess to being like a alcoholic in the past and living off food stamps and stuff like that and to see someone,
overcome like all that to become like one of the first Native American congresswoman just really shows like fucking really anybody could do anything.
Amazing how your motivation so I’m really anxious to talk to her just to make sure she is very inspirational and will.

[27:20] Yeah give me a lot of it cool and say it I don’t even honestly never met anyone.

[27:27] Does the part of the Congress animal along the line but she never thought she would see someone.

[27:36] Who looks like her that she can look up to and that was was like.
That’s what I got like when they’re studying like important people actually talking to me about him asking if he could be president because I was showing him.
Now it’s like telling him what he needs to go to college for and this and this and he was like can I just go straight to wanting to be president and I was like you can I was like but you should like
run for governor run for Senate,
are you like to become a celebrity first meeting with Trump in office like the climate of the country is so.
Like divided and so like it’s so like fucked up in in his favor that it’s hard to open the door for like a lot he’s other people to come through like I don’t think.
It would have been we would have got as many people through as we did you know for minorities and women you know if.
Cyberark was still president whatever cuz it’s Shine the Light on how fucked up like you know that part of them you know I don’t know.

[28:50] Yeah yeah cuz when you have that it matters in office and then you have to show the what the rest of the country is made of I guess so that’s why they sent me something on SNL last night,
oh yeah oh no that was on it that was on Bill Maher okay yeah yeah.
Basically handed it he’s like talking about people who like got in and whatever and then he started talking about Cherise Davis and.
He’s like let Trump call her Pocahontas Emma said something like that too he was like she’s a.
Lesbian she’s a next time I’m a fighter and she’s heard from call so and so Pocahontas for how many years now.
Chill Irish okay cuz I asked somebody I was reading before even like the election like I think.

[29:52] I don’t know who said this but somebody said that they were going to she was going to lose and make sure he was going to make her lose and go back to the reservation.
No way maybe whoever said that resigned from wherever like whatever
what is a goddamn fucking tell us how you really feel.

[30:14] You crazy you come up like that you know well now it’s like the door is open now it’s like what he got to do with it though,
I don’t know over the last couple years so I’ve gotten really interested in in that Realm of the world but.

[30:43] Will see you do it do it maybe more like 35 you know like I need some,
yeah it’s $1 under my belt will the Democrats in the state are pretty much a giant power vacuum so I mean it’s perfect for someone to step in and like take over.
Yeah you could do it I don’t have people like hitting me,
I was actually I was bragging you up to my daughter’s last night or yesterday I was a fucking.
Brenda’s Got a Baby Tupac song we were talking about.
Teen mothers and things like that and had mentioned how you know you were a young mother and you’re one of the few people that you know have come out of the Trap or whatever and I was like that’s why I have so much respect for sure and this and that.
And then lyric was just like just like listening and I was it was a really good conversation about being a Teen Mom,
I feel like I’m able to talk about more openly now but like back then I like barely say one word I start balling you know cuz you do come up through a lot and and that a lot of people’s with.

[31:53] Different backgrounds I’m sure you know the deal with similar situations like that and so yeah I’ve actually recently.

[32:01] Been meeting with a teacher out in Roosevelt and I am.
Did fingerprints and background check in so I’m going to be a mentor to the native female students at Roosevelt School so yeah.

[32:15] We need more of that man yeah we need more people taking those rolls for are you so they can see positive role models in.
Here like hendu thing yeah I didn’t hear that like hey I’ve been in your shoes like I made that choice. I don’t think that allow me to,
yeah maybe not in the school systems but,
other program I feel like Sioux Falls is getting better and there’s been a huge push to see more of a center more of a,
Gathering Spot for Natives and so I think in the next.
Five years I’m really interested to see what this is going to look like recently I met with I’m on the Native American parent committee for the school district and we ate we have quarterly meetings and we just had one this weekend.
I’ve been involved in in that for about a year now but last year we met three times and I was really just kind of getting used to like what what do we do what’s the point of this was the agenda other than looking at the numbers and.
Where they’re putting their money and so on this last one a student came from Lincoln High School and she kind of just.
Was very open and kind of let her heart out at that meeting and she just like who’s there for us who’s who’s there to help us.
Like you guys me and and all this but what like what are you guys putting into action and so I just like.

[33:44] Damn I was like okay this is my time to help where I can help him I’ve always kind of held off because I understand the commitment that it takes two.
To build something like that and I was just like you know I’ve done a few events now and I’m like ready my twins are older my kids are older and,
they understand what I’m doing and when I’m behind and they help me and they support me too So the plan is is to,
have a first Native American family night and before the holidays this year,
and so that will be an invite to every single parent whether you’re native or not native but if you have a native child in the school system like we want to see your face there,
I’m part of this night won’t I’ll like education of some sort with the language in hopefully principles and some teachers will show up,
and it will be held at a school and this year for this event I think I’ll be Lincoln High School because the principal there has already open their doors into.
We just got to give him a date and time right now at this point do you know Pat Star City Council I don’t you should talk to him he has.

[34:56] I think two children now who are adopted native children and.

[35:02] He does a lot of volunteer work and stuff like that and I’m pretty sure he’d be a good Wonder like a plug-in and then he can get like an announcement like,
get the mayor to declare a like native holiday day or something like that.
To be an official I would like it on the word now. God damn it.

[35:25] Official day like a council Commission.
Call the word committee no not commit that’s not what I’m saying for more than just a committee.
Bored bored and so and that and these people would serve as I have it I’ve have a lot of mentors in this process then I’m reaching out to him going to be reaching out to next month or two to really set.
A strong comedian Sioux Falls and these people would these people on this committee is like anytime native family has an issue with the school district that one of us can go over and be with them because I feel like a lot of times they use here.
What do you get that label slapped on you it follows you for the rest of your.

[36:20] Yeah yeah yeah I feel like if you have a strong Advocate and we would all be advocates,
and be right along with these parents like what can we do for you providing those resources cuz there’s a lot of resources but if you don’t know how to utilize those resources.
It doesn’t matter that you know it’s non-existent in your world and so that being one arm of it one arm of it Delilah she invited me to.
The first first youth Council on for Lincoln high school on Friday and it was beautiful and it was.
You know she prepared for all of it and there was a few teachers that volunteered and they had on Spaghetti their salads desserts drinks and they had prayer ties because they had just planted a cottonwood tree at Lincoln High School.

[37:10] So that they’re they burned up their prayer ties at night and that there was a little ceremony and Bobby Johnson and Osceola was there and they did that and so that was really cool and I was led by you.
And the turnout there’s probably about 20 20 25 students from Lincoln High School there and most of them being freshman.
And Delilah got up and spoke and she kind of set like the guidelines of what this youth Council will look like,
and she wants it to be a Sioux Falls district wife kind of use Council and eventually building it up to a point where they’re meeting with youth council’s from tribal reservations in South Dakota.
And they are travel reservations are to meet their youth counselor to meet at certain events and so Sioux Falls there’s enough use here to represent and to represent Sioux Falls you know,
and so seeing that was just like so powerful for me and I was just like you know whatever we need to go.
Dude it was get this rolling now I was like I’m up 100% And then I’m dedicated and Mary Robertson she’s also on the Native American parent committee board for the Sioux Falls district,
she’s going to be meeting with me and we’re going to try to push this forward and I don’t want it to be separate from Indian Head.

[38:24] I want Indiana to take responsibility in and.
They should be very involved in this process like we’ll do the outside work late work on this but I want them to.
Really step up and do their part in it too because they get a lot of money for the native students that are enrolled.

[38:45] How about as much as they should exactly a lot of people don’t even know about it
some dude named Eddie this motherfucker.

[39:07] Child in the school district yeah I don’t help any of the kids I feel like.
No gift card
yeah true it’s like a walking by now and it’s supposed to help with school supplies
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah it is nice it is nice,
like I think the parent committee and other people who have really been putting some pressure on Indian I need the Lacs.
Couple meetings like I think they’re going to expand it to Shopko and they’ve done that because I remember being in school is going to Shopko,
yeah I think they’re going to move back to that because I don’t believe whatever that she got,
and I got a spider going to figure that same day and I’d like to know what you mean.

[40:24] Things are really starting to see like we don’t do much that you don’t I feel like whenever I grew up I didn’t even know by Indian and my mom didn’t know I’m buying it at all,
so that thing is called in and said that we went to the office of Indian that is and that’s why they do it there every year because that’s where their eyes are the ones who have,
paid they pay the teacher salary that do the NAC classes.
So the Native American connection classes which they’re looking for Lakota language teachers so anyone out there looking for a job,
you know it’s a rare breed to have someone who could you could teach that ass so so I mean they do,
provide that and you know I’m appreciative of that but like what else can we do because it’s important to have families involved in and having good relationships with teachers do you know
Amazon no because my relationships were not good at all in school and that’s why I dropped out like I hate it’s exactly in back when we could go to school you could drop out at 16 so it’s like okay bye
you know a lot of native students in high school like they don’t have that connection with lot of teachers because.

[41:50] Once a teacher doesn’t like you or if you do something wrong or something we just cut you up and since you’re native.

[41:57] Are there not going to be here anyway they say if they can make it past their sophomore year in junior junior year they’re more likely to graduate but.
I just feel like a lot of native since I need more help especially in high school I guess the toughest years on it.

[42:16] Cuz a lot of them are being parents themselves to siblings you know staying at a house and people are drinking and partying all night all night still drinking in the morning when you wake up.
Have to get them the guy like that yeah but then they like tired or there.
You know falling asleep in class or they’re mine is just not there they’re not engaged in,
if if you like the educated don’t understand the reality for these students like something’s wrong there’s a disconnect in our system is to be like that because the Sioux Falls there’s a lot of native students and it’s time to change that.

[42:53] And so am I and I also see this Council also pushing issues with the the the.
The school district you know itself like why don’t we have Native American day off but yet we have Monday off for what veterans day is today.
Scriptures for veterans and those are things I can see them pushing forward and really how did you say it earlier.
The students the students themselves aren’t going to be veterans but they are going to be Native American or whatever.
So who’s that model,
yeah I mean if you’re giving it a day away for the students the students aren’t going to be veterans so you know what’s what’s the point in having that day off.
I understand I don’t want to make it seem like I’m anti veteran or something like that.
You know we should we should just have great America day off to is the point.
And since I’m like one of those parents cuz like it’s Native American day you guys don’t have to go to school like that.

[44:19] Toby this is not going to go away it’s only going to get stronger and I can promise you that so we’re the fuck up for real.

[44:30] Vanna we went a long time without a square with a thing remind me,
girl getting hyped up on the way here.

[44:50] Yeah it’s been crazy I don’t know on a Thanksgiving Thanksgiving just like a couple weeks away I see people posting my battery.
You had me I’m excited debating on whether I’m going to do my own.
Day that every year
do a specialty cooking with game giving think we should do a homemade pie,
so like you know how you do about family
who I can make my,
that info about a pumpkin pie last night that was a good I mean.

[46:17] Straight story
oh really
do you know how to make a pie.
I made a way that’s been waiting by ones.
Like me cherry 17.

[47:17] Imma go shopping this is at and I’m like damn really,
and then he really does and it’s always really good I might even be is that I don’t like.

[47:31] I do not like that cartoon were there.
Floating by the fucking he made the apple pie and a cherry pie like homemade crust,
wow that’s awesome he looked up a recipe but it was like,
homemade like 100%. Be careful with pie crust can’t handle it too much gets hard that Mike Mike did good like I was his first time.
I’m going to get we should give it a shot we should do that. We said that be cool.
I thought we did that yeah how we did that but you need time off and so we should try to plug it into the plant prep for like a whole day though cuz I was longing.

[48:25] Virus that would be cool cuz make mashed potatoes.
Is it rude to make deviled eggs.
How salty.

[48:48] My girl now now I’m inviting us we need the mashed potato,
have to charge,
oh man I didn’t even invite me one.
Who’s got one one lonely person up Joshua how cold is how cold.

[49:22] Try not to watch anymore.

[49:28] Check this out my homegirl came over earlier today this is fuck this is a fucked-up story.
Came over and she was telling me how last night.

[49:39] She went over to her like friend’s house or whatever and like they start noticing things in the house for like off like.
You know I like when you go home and like you have everything sort of in a certain way and you would notice like you.
Yeah something was wrong place here like I don’t know if I like to start yet.
Fucking and then she went around to her back door and it was like barricaded like like someone inside like barricaded that door but yeah.
They look they were looking around cuz they thought someone was in the fucking house and it shouldn’t someone was in her attic.
Sunday in my God.
You could see like there was like Dusty and you can see like handprints up there or whatever and like they pulled it down and then there’s people like that are like handprints.

[50:40] Whatever is he fucking called the cops and then the cops came.
Oh so nice in that time frame because.
Whatever Hartford.
They were standing in the kitchen like they had she had a gun so she was standing there at the fucking done waiting for someone to fucking come out and nobody came out in butt.
Like the cops came they went up into the attic and no one was up there and like search on the whole house no one was around or whatever.
But there was a car in the day of notice but like parked off.

[51:25] Half mile down the road like Austin the corner like like sort of like stashed away like it wouldn’t it’s like unnatural for it to be there and doing over there.
Nobody was in the car or whatever and it was just weird like fucking and then this morning that car was gone.
Mike’s in and out but then after the cops were there like so there was a guy.
The bedroom their daughter’s bedroom window was open like someone had like jumped out the window and.
Ran away.

[52:00] Download like she came home she came home first I guess it was her and her daughter and her daughter’s like boyfriend or whatever.
And then that’s when they first start noticing things were like weird whatever and then they laughed and did something else or whatever and they came back in that fucking.
The back door was like barricaded like like.

[52:20] Yeah like if they must have been waiting for her to come home and then they knew that that’s where she would fucking run to as the back door so it’s hard for her to like get out right away.

[52:30] Yeah I thought I wasn’t being a spooky story,
how to say holy fuck me down like how could you even there I can do it when Michael died at a time for work on my tough all night light.
I wake up every 2 hours and pick outside.
Holy fuck like I don’t know how you could ever even go back to sleep and they never they did run license plates but they.

[53:05] What you said was there like everyday been arrested for anything before and then the cop just said nothing like this but wouldn’t tell him who it was or whatever.
And I have like those like a those dare cameras or whatever like those hunting cameras on the couch and someone like.
I guess you can blind them or whatever like if you shine like a flashlight like into it it will like.

[53:29] Fuck it up somehow I knew that they were there yeah it’s blinding those camera,
find somebody that knows that house so someone was Fisher in that like she looked at.
Like steak came home and they you know someone is breaking in or something like that cuz nothing was taken but like maybe as they were like breaking in they came home and then they didn’t know what to do so they fucking hit up in the attic or whatever,
but they hadn’t known that house till like.
Yeah it’s fucked up daytime.

[54:12] Yeah me and the country yeah I know I looked at a house one time,
Tri-City people around me,
going off by like 4 in the morning like.
Just going you know I’m trying to play. Tell him to shut up shut up and I thinking why is he just going off like that.
Not his thing he come running to my bedroom door and lots of all right we’ll show me and he took off and went all the way to the back and then he started barking out the sliding doors standing there.
Sounds like Gomer.

[55:09] Are the holy shit so I went out front I got my shoes on the shedding.
He was still barking at him and I went out the front door and I look back and he was standing there but his that is peeking around the corner at my dog and now he was dressed all in black like he had literally out of it,
put it on everything yet I couldn’t see who it was I said what the hell are you doing and I took off towards him and he jumped my fence
I know you work so like 4:35 in the morning,
still dark out grabbing my key on the car you said you wanted and I looked over like it’s kind of foggy that day and I looked over by the the van,
on the ground there’s a fucking rooster.

[56:05] The Habit that with my mom cuz I kept things
the neighbors to two houses over like that they lost it then end up catching it kept going to my parents house and my rooster,
watch out,
are they going to get you so they caught it eventually cuz they gave my mom stuff for it and then whatever in,
they caught it karma.
Oh my God trap
I don’t know I get scared and creeped out sometime so I do it all the time by myself.

[57:18] I know built about me how do I get scared sometimes cuz it’s just me and my kids,
I don’t get too scary I don’t know.
Seriously I’ll take them on what I do too but I got every time I go in my house at night time when it’s just me and my ex not miss me how to swing the door open,
every time like I was on the wrong with me why am I like this I’ll get scared if it’s just like me and my GF but I won’t like,
if Jacob’s wife I know he could like take off running with him or something and I’ll be like I’m fighting everyone on but mine won’t let me I don’t want to now that especially when you live but I live by myself like I’ve been seriously thinking about it.
How to say I don’t get into that.

[58:13] Yeah it’s nuts on it like all afternoon and hopefully she finds out man,
are the beginning.

[58:33] Some like spy cameras are like every way cuz it didn’t take anything then why were they been so mad at the first of all,
who this person is like why are you not saying anything someone broke into Mike’s car just like a month ago it was like really.

[58:54] This at this time in my car all the time,
but they caught the kid they caught one of the kids cuz like the cops came and then we seen a bunch of Lights in real life
but I weirdo named her again doing some but then the cop came knocking on my door you don’t have to deal with us for 2 weeks we move in there,
got it so they came pounding on the door and then,
they’re like always seems of a cop was driving by and seeing someone like rummaging through your car someone they stopped up two for two of them ran the one that was in the car got away but his friends didn’t,
sounds like what the heck where are they I’m still trying to go with another cop took him already so I must have been too young kids or something,
crazy like me and Mike would stay up every night like trying to listen cuz we’re like should we could catch him easily
I wish you know we’re still really bad we we thought about putting up traps and trap you know,
I could see you guys sent me and my client before we sure were but that’s scary and I’m like I have someone at home that lives with me.

[1:00:05] I just live with your kid like that.
Came out papers everywhere I was like someone just went through my truck.

[1:00:23] Yeah they did that to my truck before 2 I can’t remember I told that story I’m here already before but damn stole my box.
CDs hey babe can you pick them out I remember them out of my car and then I live right by the post office or whatever,
and they must have realized it,
and I know this is bullshit so they fucking
End of the Street until wine where the post office work is work going to work they thought it was one of their boxes they picked it up and they realized it wasn’t.
Say fucking brought it over to Total drag and the guys from Total draglite called me up and we’re like.
Somebody brought over here or whatever,
we’re going away from those words,
post man goes person in Sociology class and we were talking.

[1:01:32] Yeah and it’s mine.

[1:01:41] So if you know what’s going on collectors.
Oh next weekend I’m going to TLC concert,
life struggles struggles real Kansas City.
5 hours
Rapid City that’s a long drive I can do that drive asleep before she backed out.

[1:02:31] I were talking about like oh we should go to a spa or I’ll let you know what we just nap that’s free we just go to sleep for the concert too but I’m so excited cuz,
on Netflix I watched like a month ago the guy that documentary out just the two of them obviously but they were talking about some of their upcoming shows online.
Day Tour so I’m like Googling like the closest in Kansas City what’s the closest so
in my heart. Saying earlier Fuller on stage that she better be ready once wants to know so about that taco sale,
oh snap
I’m having a taco sale tomorrow what pop up shop 11:30.
Nice damn it I have to work two man.
Deliver deliver.

[1:03:50] Yeah that’s what I be cool I’ll pay you guys next time I’ll be going live I’ll be taking pictures,
I’ll be snapping so follow me.

[1:04:07] I was watching a video I uploaded that video for my birthday.
I was laughing to get it there the part at the end of Nursing.
All sprung over fucking Nelly kissed her in tears like walking with his eye,
praise up together you’re my staff,
well walking down before it like we go out and you guys look like you’re like my bodyguards or whatever it is just walking down the hallway backstage,
alright well he’s going so we got to go black panther he has it his guards or whatever.
How do uniforms someone posted they like no he’s not that tall.
That’s what like a lot of people think famous people are automatically like tall.

[1:05:20] Or they never age
all the problems
yeah but it was a weird Lighting in person,
drunk in the picture I’m like I don’t want to bother him,
I know we had it all right.

[1:06:03] I’m not I don’t want to talk about I didn’t get my picture.
How can someone come on your show to talk about human trafficking.

[1:06:14] I don’t messages messages messages.

[1:06:25] Definitely.

[1:06:27] But yeah I’m still mad and get mine to be fiction,
live solo now one of my solo,
and I wanted my solo to I was trying to get to it and then you guys all jumped into these motherfuckers and I got it on that one.
Trevor pop.
In the background go to Icon I didn’t even know that you’re taking this out he posted it,
we did play darts that night.

[1:07:15] I put it on my Snapchat.
My eyes cuz you got one good throw in just a minute you know.

[1:07:33] Right now what we started the second one yet
I had fun it was so bad.

[1:07:52] And I’m just like,
you’re gonna have a bad time to get out of there just because you said,
is there a like if it was me and you like
I was just trying to shut up cuz you’re back I was like he didn’t do it,
what happened over here facing them,
no way are you picking me up he was like facing them and then they were like pulling up anyway
this is what you’re doing.

[1:09:16] This is all your time somehow we got.
I set up started playing music.
How do you realize that I seen the cops come in but I didn’t realize they shut it down I’m still play music the lights around me I couldn’t have none.

[1:09:45] One of the guys got up and it was like a drink that’s right over there at the bar.
Came off the stage that look know everybody was gone Rihanna’s best hits. Shut it down and I walk down the hallway
everybody was standing at the cops everywhere what the fuck’s going on man in there like cops shut it down they took the bar they took all the alcohol.
Then no one was helping Nate’s house is like right what are you doing.
Life and everything discussed all this trip.
I forgot to tell me what a man is like at least give me a sandwich.
Then they shut that down quick take that about does it.

[1:10:51] Good fun in today’s episode with my homeboy John John Valentine put out album just came out.
But I’m honest Caldwell his Eagles John on demand you pick it up when iTunes and all that stuff now.
And this is the Reconstruction remix which features myself V the noble 1 and MC.
12/2 or 12/2 MC or swinger.
Check it out John Adam and the Reconstruction we will see you guys in a few weeks you guys.

[1:11:34] Music.

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