Urban Indianz Ep 033 Native American Music Awards 2018 and More

Urban Indianz Ep 033 Native American Music Awards 2018 and More

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: —

Produced By Robert Mehling

Guest Music: Artson with “Brave Star”

Machine Transcript
[0:53] Alright welcome to episode 33 of the Gabe and Char show aka the urban Indians podcast your host Gabriel night Shield,
with Charles we got Robert hearing,
beautiful beautiful fucking day out today,
so it’ll get us,
be right out. Hopefully it stays like this for Halloween.
Yeah yeah what do you dress up for a tablet for Halloween to do.
Well that’s what is itma let Melissa help me out.

[2:05] I need I need to come up with an idea I never dress if I just put paint on that’s about it,
other than my robot costume that was pretty spectacular,
as an adult have always been a train wreck.
Last year for Halloween but he called like her her employee.
Their Christmas party or whatever like the weekend of Halloween and.

[2:45] Or is like the weekend everybody celebrates Halloween and we were at TJ’s all day drinking and stuff and then I was wearing.
The only math I fuck with shirt with Method Man with his eyelids flipped up and I had like face paint on we go to the fucking corporate party,
I’m the only one that dressed up this is awkward and I’m sure people would like dressed up cuz it said like.

[3:22] Halloween outfits encourage like on the brochure and so she’s like,
shut up at this like the poster Symposium my conference in DC and she’s like kind of like where’s Waldo but like the female,
and she’s already got to go back to my hotel room that sucks hopefully yeah,
you should be good though the Zombie Walk is on Saturday that’s always fun,
and they changed the route right last year was the first year I was like down by my house
fucking yeah immediately,
what’s that movie Zombieland do whatever real like yeah one of the rules is cardio,
I don’t even know it comes by the post office.

[4:37] Common sense in total drag,
I can’t remember,
sucking you get your shit together yeah.

[4:53] And then person who has and probably slept in the last,
I always have like the people do in the fucking Michael Jackson Thriller dance and stuff I was wanted to be one of those people,
like fucking just thriller dancing down the street,
be awesome just make it part of the actor contacts but,
again are you one of those people that goes to like the haunted houses and stuff like that around around here.
We took them to Halloween last night in the Michael Myers,
for five kids,
just one more thing I can get cracking on god dammit dropping the ball.
I haven’t checked out that but I want to check out on the Haunted Trails my friend.

[6:08] Fangirl actually that I went to the fucking thing with last year she went to this fucking.
Haunted house her and my other homegirl and they literally peed their pants in the I’m saying I was like what the hell you’re an adult peeing your pants,
but I guess it is that scary so I don’t know.
Fun history fun fact for the day like the Romans and the Greeks those Warriors and stuff like that there’s a reason they wore skirts and it wasn’t for Style.

[6:49] You know like one in five people when they get into like physical combat like that they’re like shit themselves with fear that would be me.
I’ll see you later.
Dresses like you were a little too quick to be like oh that’s me.

[7:13] Chase get a wet wipes my legs here.
Usually I don’t know I don’t know your quote you’re moving,
no we haven’t gone and I thought I was thinking maybe this year you try to go check something out but I don’t know we’ll see.
And no I’m not going her like nowadays she just leave me in there and then like I said I’d be the one I’d be the one peeing my pants I don’t know yeah.
They said they waited in line like a hour and a half to,
oh really we should go check that out when I go to,
yeah they had it like someone was there and so I seen on the Snapchat is like a big huge robot like on the outside of it free walk-in but again like the weights like an hour or so.

[8:30] True or is it worth it like 5 minutes of being scary.

[8:35] Yeah I know.
I don’t know.

[8:47] Get my twins they’ve been wearing their Halloween costumes for like about a month now one of them loves Hulk another one those Spider-Man filters.

[8:57] But I need to wash those my nephew popped up in my sister’s Facebook that’s like in that age range and totally head to toe dressed as the flash with a mask.

[9:16] No this is how Mikey wanted to dress today with the girls I was like,
now you got to just that come here let me watch your face,
man it feels like it’s been a long time since we had a fight a cast like yeah since I’ve been here,
actually we got in trouble cuz we went cuz we first we went to fucking Tommy Jackson was going to go just do it.
Bear or whatever and look at a fucking bitch that us yelled at us.
For trying to record there no I don’t know cuz I mean normally I don’t drink on Sunday so like they’re used to me going in there not drinking,
but like everybody that we were that was with us like Brandis and all those other dudes they were drinking either and then they came out and they’re like to fuck you guys just in a bar you know nobody’s going to drink and then,
like they they were being dick so we fucking left and then we just went and did it at.
Top hat in the back top hat why did drink I learned my lesson.
Yeah that makes sense so we got a question what’s the question.

[10:37] What’s going down good people all right who said that you were talking about the.

[10:47] What you guys is perspective on the North Dakota voting situation new imposed stipulations.
What the hell is that where they have physical address I mean.

[11:04] And it’s close to the election yeah yeah I like you might as well be like Indians go home you know it’s like.
Yeah what a fun cuz I mean they’ve always had PO Boxes that’s always been their system like I don’t,
I know it in Rosebud though we have like actual like street addresses it’s like it is PO Boxes,
but like there’s like weird street names that like nobody fucking knows it’s like.
Fucking Meadowlark Lane are fucking like what the fuck like this is always 1070 Street I don’t know if I don’t really see that happening that’s like
dad’s bullshit,
yeah it is I know what one time I we had a student in Pine Ridge and I was going to mail her something until like FedEx they need like a physical address and so we were able to narrow it down to like the,
cuz they all have like a I don’t know what you call it like a something Parker like something whatever,
about where they’re at but yeah the house is themselves don’t have numbers on them
yeah but they were able to find it FedEx didn’t realize this house in same.

[12:28] Dude or whatever that but I mean.

[12:35] Yeah it’s a fuck that would do they say why they fucking changed it like this.
Since you’re the one who opposed to the question do you know why they changed I thought you were waiting for him to like answer was like what.
The fuck.

[13:07] Is it makes it more open.

[13:18] I guess for the people watching you guys know.
Just because they want to be assholes pretty much it just seems like it’s like some Republican shit that’s trying to.
You no take away probably what would mostly be Democratic votes you would think.

[13:39] I should put out fucking up that’s why I said it comes down to something like that.

[13:47] Something.

[13:52] Shane is watching.
That wave handle is reminds me of like a Ronald McDonald glove why was that the hamburger guy the Hamburger Helper guy member that guy,
that’s like Mike’s favorite still.
Yep I seen direct quote from the Secretary of State for North Dakota who is defiant and angry that people would suggest that this is for voter suppression,
I hear I can look you straight in the eye and tell you that nothing has ever happened in this office to Target anybody that’s not what we were elected to do I took it off of office,
to follow the laws of North Dakota I tried to do my best every day.

[14:48] Okay why wouldn’t they just change it like after the election right that way to give people like you know a year or two or whatever the fucking,
prepare for it rather than that’s a process but you’re not discriminate against anybody in North Dakota.
To all our efforts are ensuring that anyone who wants to vote can vote unless you.

[15:22] Yeah that’s fucked up.
Especially when you email you see people out there pushing so hard for like the native vote and for people to get out who normally wouldn’t vote you know making those kind of.
Batman kissed his only comment about the Y on all this which still leaves me scratch my head it’s because
is it becomes very difficult if someone just comes in with a PO Box because we have no way of knowing which ballot they should receive for their Precinct.
Boating is tied to residential address so there’s a lot of different ballots yeah yeah.

[15:58] So how have they figured that out in the past then you know.
Usually like it’s all just like individual like little Community that’s not like one little towns going to be big enough to have like more than one like District or whatever the fuck you know,
oh and then the Lord self language says this is to combat voter fraud.

[16:23] Like you said it’s always the Republican talking point to like throw people off the ballots for putting out warnings and it’s worth doing that,
but this election being as tight as it is on a lot of stuff a lot of states are passing laws where they’re going through and it’s like if you’re inactive or,
your address like you got the you did you spelled out first and said of 1 St Street and it’s like that’s not what the post office has then they throw you off the voter day and then,
can’t which by the way in South Dakota that happens to you ask for a provisional ballot is then you can fight it and then you get to vote and,
you know if they can screw off because you can come with documentation we like see and then they have to accept that,
my question is if you registered once like you know you voted back for like when Obama was running for president.
Are you still good do you have to redo your registration shouldn’t get very in a corset varies by state to state if you have to.
I don’t think South Dakota eliminates you for inactivity but I am not a lawyer I am going to check it out right now that’s a good question.

[17:47] Cuz I mean you know sometimes people don’t.
I know maybe something’s going on in their life and don’t post that you don’t understand why I fucking like voting days isn’t just like a national holiday,
where you know you can fucking,
have the day off and go vote rather than my try to take time off work or something.
I agree especially if they’re trying to like get their numbers up make sure everyone.

[18:20] Yep or I could just even just be like a app on your phone like fucking.
Late like you can check your fucking taxes with like the fucking an app like a IRS app I got why wouldn’t it be you know it would.
Yeah if that’s care enough for it you know that would think that like.

[18:52] So I believe you’re you’re safe from that.

[18:57] Well I’ll be damned good conversation though.
That’s crazy.

[19:11] Oceania made up a good point you can go online and look to see if you’re listed in the same Precinct.
Went when I was talking about you know confirm that you are registered and you didn’t get kicked off that’s how you do it is the state of secretary South Dakota Secretary of State’s page November 6th right now.
I’ve never actually voted if I’m being honest what felon I can’t vote now that’s what that’s my excuse now it roll anymore you that you could.
Or something like changing it. Maybe it’s not maybe it’s just conversation.

[19:59] I think what they good in Florida weren’t they trying to change that you are at work didn’t it change will I was going to be like 1.8 like million.
New voters were going to come online cuz they are going to allow like felons to vote or whatever.

[20:14] I think I remember hearing is like a big swing state so like that many new voters could really like change the demographics of the fucking.
Short hair salon in South Dakota to register to be registered to vote you must be a US citizen reside in South Dakota.
Be at least 18 years old or be 18 before the next election.
Not currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction which included imprisonment served or suspended in an adult Penitentiary system.
So I believe that means we’re one of the states where you can vote if you’re not in the system you’re not like I’m still on probation.
But you never went to prison sorry yeah you said that like it’s a bad thing.
You never even went to prison.
At the federal level individuals were convicted of a felony in Federal in federal court and sentenced to only probation or retain the right to vote.

[21:35] Think I’m off probation I think in like February or March or something like that but.

[21:44] I would have been off already but I got when I got hit by that car.
And I got arrested and then I got hit by a car and I went to jail,
but just go vote right out.
I don’t know if we missed it I think Friday was the deadline though LOL fuck Shucks that’s like crazy.

[22:19] It’s just so slow to like you go and vote have you ever been there.
It’s just so slow and it’s like no offense but it’s like older people and there’s like barely moving in
you’re so all I need to get some young people in there get them trained as like do that kind of stuff they’re all volunteers
you can actually fill out a form if you got the day open
you can be a pole judge or anything like that it’s just for men that they’d love to have you they need the people,
I was just typing that you’re out there you guys listening going to volunteer for whatever where the,
this like tiny tiny little old man was hauling up this giant container of ballots and then the Boy Scouts showed up and actually like,
went out to the cars and help unload the ballots and carry them for the people and also thank God at least somebody thought of that.
Brutal that’s crazy so November 6th so.

[23:26] Get out and vote today or tomorrow I’m on it.

[23:40] I’ll make sure it happens just kidding.
Yeah this is in my work or are you taking me.

[24:01] He was an art and he was in the Native American Day Parade,
O’Reilly fountain that was one thing that like really likes to me with the Native American Day Parade was like it was like half of the floats were fucking politicians and let you know damn well you’re fucking natives nudist,
trying to get the Viking vote yeah it’s a it’s a photo-op yeah.
Is like look at all this month.

[24:36] Okay yeah and yes Lisa we we confirmed that the deadline is the 22nd to register.

[24:45] Thank you word.

[24:48] That’s crazy that she’s 26 and she’s been helping with elections in Oslo County North Carolina for 2 years now we need young people all caps I agree.

[25:03] Get in there and volunteer very important,
I was really cool as pretty like the planning committee and so there’s just a few of us and so it’s a plan that in two months so it’s it’s good to see you again she was the main organizer,
he lives out in Rapid City I don’t know if he’s listening or not but he was earlier so yeah big shout out to him because like he’s the one who came from Rapid travel,
Chino to make these meetings happen and working with the city and I was really interesting to meet those people cuz they’re the ones like Sergeant Brooks. I forget the lady from the city’s name and some other guy but
there’s a mean ones so like any pre,
so they have they help with like all like City events that happened downtown and just to see like how that works is really interesting until you know what to see them that,
that’s a shame not like you have natives are here and we’re going to keep doing this for the planning committee so far is where.
That were committed for 4 years so same day same time.
You know easier on you guys next time.

[26:32] Knock down Dragon thing.
Fiction drama going to Robertson.
Yeah I agree feel just like the form and like all the little things that you don’t you know you’re so tedious and take a lot of time is.
Those things are kind of in place and so we just got to update those and keep it moving and of course you know tons of volunteers I mean we had a great set of volunteers this year so hopefully make sure that there’s more time to get more of those volunteers.
Yeah but yeah it was close to Robert last minute with the camera.
I went on a little Odyssey from Wessington to woke up at like 5 and started driving and then had car trouble and is like.

[27:30] Slick ran,
it’s finally happened it’s going to be over now and then I came up when I was,
that was all fucking I was that was in the car I thought we were riding in the car and then we fucking took off in,
I like oh shit I’m still in the car and then when I saw you that was my excuse to get out of the car I feel like I look like a lazy ass or whatever else is walking in front of us.

[28:07] I like my twins were like in the back just like halfway hanging out the van and,
still take pictures of them and it was good they do it like a float like I had planned but like a hopefully next year for the podcast.

[28:25] Better things happening around that time it’s kind of hectic for me but overall I mean,
and the night Shield release then I’ll head stuff it was it was it was a rough week.
A rough one but yeah.

[28:57] God damn calendar.
Donuts are nominated for the Emmys and then.
When you made the list by me I mean I got narrow down into the top five or six or whatever in that category or whatever so I was cool with the name.
Take the Native American Music Awards just like the Native American Grammys or whatever yeah yeah.
It’s pretty cool I got to see I mean I didn’t get I didn’t get to go but like I got to see like a lot of friends and stuff that we’re out there and.

[29:39] You know having fun and stuff was kind of jealous that I wasn’t able to go but I was cool like Hartson.
Who won the best Hip Hop Award which will play one of his songs at the end of the show here but.
He wanted I never I met him briefly we did that Gather in the MCS show together in in Albuquerque,
but I thought that was the first time I met him but we just breathe I don’t even know if I think I just shook his hand and that was about it but yeah he wants that was pretty cool to see that look a lot alike big.
Like Chase was in there like look like Frank Juan and bugging Malone and Lotto like big names in,
menu for Albuquerque I hadn’t really heard of Arts in before so it’s kind of cool to see some like fresh blood in there and you know when so,
thanks grilling to vote for you I’m like I don’t even know all these people,
vote for the mean you’re supposed to fucking,
like I think they expect everybody to do that like their due diligence and listen to everybody’s music and have like a fucking.
You know thought I depending on each category and it’s just like.

[30:58] Did you see Baby Alive
did like it was a very contentious pipe through race in the city,
so are these is it all like fancy and stuff then it’s cool seeing pictures of it.
Yeah I got a few pictures,
on way I got yeah I got a bunch of pictures actually I’m like yeah and so they added a new category this year like comedian John Roberts who hosted my,
party was nominated in Varsity didn’t win but Tonia Jo Hall one,
which I mean she definitely deserves it she’s really funny
meteor more than probably yeah yeah she is she like every video she puts out just goes viral in right away so I think she thought was well deserved.
Hepatitis we need more floppers and buns,
podcast episode of cooking with Gabe at the cooking with Gabe reference.

[32:21] Mike’s actually running the show that Vishnu Bunny.
And I’m doing the November 2nd at Vishnu Bunny so he’s the one that hook that up so yeah thanks to Mike for hooking that up so that’ll be my next,
in town Shelby
yeah that’ll be fine I think it’s a free show it’s a free show tattoo shop downtown him it’ll be cool,
should I be cool Friday first Friday downtown LA,
I think I mean if they serve beer and then they do also like an art show so there’s like a lot of like,
local painters are you know local artists will have art for sale and stuff like that and I’ll just sort of be like the the background noise too.
You know all these sophisticated people in there you know that while I’m rapping about getting drunk in.

[33:31] Sag and chicks there’s people looking at like a picture of a cardinal or something like that sounds very nice
all I want to do is drink and fuck like.
That’s funny yeah but yeah that’ll be fun
Nate crime sprees in a video on that with me too so we did last night.
Like candies that was really fun.

[34:11] It might sell it if I don’t want to get put in a I didn’t realize that it was,
I thought I had a it was my drunk when I last night like really trying to post it laying down I didn’t realize there was like.
You know yeah until like I looked at it this morning and I was like oh fuck my bad,
I need the Snapchat when I did but I mean Snapchat units whatever yeah yeah well last night after the show a nice young lady had me sign her bosom,
and I know you got a document that kind of stuff so it’s like yeah so I did.
Anna you know is I did not mean to.
Costa but it’s up there now it’s up to you late I was at home.

[35:13] Yeah I know the fun night it was like there wasn’t a big crowd there but I mean everybody that was there was like.
Having fun and dancing I did a lot of like a songs that I haven’t done in a long time like I knew it was going to be like a different crowd like like the rest party crowd is like different from like an actual like,
put your hands up fucking you know like actual show so.
I did like anything you want it’s on you and like these old songs I haven’t done in a long time that I like.
Hey sweetie yeah it’s like dance like like I like dance songs like I don’t know club songs or whatever.
That was good I’d I find it cuz I got 40 minutes at,
Lego longest of my voice is starting to get out but
yeah it was it was a fun night but they liked it and I think we’re getting invited I think to the casino and then they wanted us back there for.

[36:14] Then another show which they said they didn’t promote it as well as I could with this just popped up like 2 weeks ago so they wanted to do it again with like um.
Yeah more time to promoting that kind of stuff so.
So you got Nelly coming out opening for him into Grinnell Thursday night.
That will be fun that’ll be a lot of fun and Nelly and juvenile at the swiftel center in Brookings.
And then we’re doing that after party 2 at the mccrorey Event Center which I guess is just right across the street I say it’s in the same area
I’ve actually never been to any of them from Brookings me to yeah I don’t really know,
like when I was 21 i d days or whatever.
What the heck was that bar at bar 9 or something the 9 bar.

[37:19] Young P yeah it’s like a like a like a box or something like that or like that not a box but like a while user,
yeah looking Friday night that’s actually Friday night I gave away tickets at Wiley’s,
oh yeah that was fun that was crazy packed in there yeah I gave away every hour like I had I got up on stage and.
Whoever was twerking at the best like I had to give him two tickets and it was that was that was fun too.
Lot of people there school from where I mean he’s good to you know he like really interact with a crowd like he brought two people on stage at different times and stuff like that.
What are unit what you going to do if he pulls you on stage.
Oh he better not high but like the whole arena is like cheering your name like all you got to go and then.

[38:21] Jimmy Bears funny.
It’s unfair you know I’m excited for that show.
It will be good dog is it roll or Road dog.
I always say road. But I’ve heard many people say roll baby just you roll Doug but I’m always like that.

[38:57] I don’t know I feel like I don’t ever say that time you know how pretty sure I’ve heard you say it before,
roll dog.

[39:17] Yep so I don’t know.
It’ll be fun I think I’m going to go well that we are going to go live for like my whole set at actually charge job is.
Social media person for this fucking show so if it’s a fucked-up angle or whatever it’s,
Char store on the stage.
That’ll be that’ll be cool did you order that thing yet.
I need to order a priority tonight.
Dick you know hold the phone.
Yeah that’ll be that’ll be cool happy cool man.
I know my rules my rules dog.

[40:28] But yeah we got.
I’ve always wanted a selfie stick I’m really excited about the kids who have it everywhere.

[40:42] How does it like like some of them have controllers so like I could even send it down like you can make it into a tripod and set it down and,
what kind of remote control late and then the cheap ones like as a door prize like everytime call monopod in photography,
right on right on yeah yeah I wish I knew more about photography,
I mean I need to try to make some money,
this thing is going to be so damn good it’s like DSLR it’s like I take some great photos in the resolution is amazing but I’m always impressed halfway through a bathroom door sideways in the dark,
on low-power and still the photo that comes out of this phone is like amazing.
I just like snapping but there’s like actually you know settings that you can go in and change things up.

[42:10] Work and then it’s like it’s right there,
to finally get myself a graduate off of a little beginner like Auto setting with a camera that side all the settings for you actually start using the designated settings, one that’s my favorite that’s cool yeah,
it’s been awhile since you signed any of those I signed some at Tommy Jack’s a couple week while I was about 2 months ago.
Randomly did I just happen to be there and Heather do Marshalls like.
Bragging me up to some girl and then had me sign some boobs like I was just some guy.
Yeah I was wondering like okay so like she’s you know it’s today.
She’s just in the shower like trying to scrub a Sharpie off your fucking.
At the moment but then like the next it’s like for the next 3 days just try to scrub it off and,
yeah yeah yeah
but I have to tell you it’s like yeah that the fans of hip-hop or a little different than podcast fanfic.

[43:37] Sign their boobs.
I know I have Joe Rogan sign my boobs for sure,
and like two different ones said that one,
depending on who he has on his desk.
It’s like I like the ones I listen to selective like when it to MMA stuff
skip this week I tune out on that it’s
MMA stuff and then when he starts talking about weed and how beneficial does it say Jesus Christ man I’ve heard hours of this bullshit like for dinos,
yeah I like I just seen before I came here I seen you was doing with Ari shaffir I’ll probably listen to that tomorrow at work.

[44:44] So yeah he’s always been like in the top 10 of podcasters,
internet Elon Musk interview at Lee blown him up even Beyond podcast serial moment right now,
yeah I mean I have like some interesting people in there like I like when he doesn’t have very many music people on there but every once in awhile like you just I mean or even like hip hop he had Vinnie Paz and Everlast on there recently,
and those were like you know those are cool but he rarely has like me on music or even like hip hop people on there so it’s cool to see those guys on there.

[45:27] They did Steven Tyler that was an interesting interview and then he’s done like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins.
Yeah I like the music ones it gives you like a better opportunity to like.

[45:44] Yo get this person’s perspective rather than like a you know like a short like 10 min interview you got like A3 hour.
Monologue on just how fucking crazy some people are.
Search beatboxing in like the middle of it and she’s like what is happening here yeah,
so I know.

[46:20] Kind of exciting things like non-stop Halloween weekend.
Fucking Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and God damn it only gets worse the older you get.

[46:41] They say so true though.

[46:47] Yeah, I was going to ask you do you make Thanksgiving dinner.

[46:53] I would if I was by myself cuz I I can cook that kind of meal yeah but usually I try to get back to the the farm if I can’t cuz my mom will do a really big proper with like.
She’ll make like 6 trays of fresh bread and then she’ll make the six decoy trades refresh rate.

[47:17] Yeah.
I like I like doing that so I don’t know I’m not doing too well like she’s she had surgery had her hip replaced.
And then you know they get him up moving around or whatever and she fucking fell and broke her same leg that she just.
Had surgery on so she’s like that she’s fucked up right now I don’t know.
It sucks so yeah she’s it on like bed rest for like the next like 4 to 6 weeks and.

[47:52] Who knows.
But yeah I don’t know why I think I’m going to fucking try to Thanksgiving this year again.
Did I ever tell you that like I won like two turkeys once.
I made what the one I did a cooking with Gabe episode on one and then I had the other one I think I was going to do it for Christmas or something like that and I put it in the sink and I let it sit out there for like.
Two days maybe to let it like thaw,
and I and I apartment just smelled like dead flesh,
oh no and then and so I still cook it I still cook it,
5000 piece of 1/8 it was like nope this is not edible so I took it and I liked it I just had like the whole fucking train like a fully cooked turkey.
And I threw it into that I think are garbage room or whatever so I’m sure whoever went in there was like oh do this way still motherfuker right here is like a full ticket.
But yeah I totally.

[49:12] I totally failed in that one but yeah I know some people who are like so,
like anal about expiration dates and stuff,
it depends on what it is but it’s candy or something.
If you got a you got to give the the fucking you got to give it the smell test.
What’s the matter you live by going to smell anything I eat before I fucken go to town maybe like,
about your I treat everything like it’s a fucking a gallon of milk ice ice I sniff it and if it’s,
you know if it smells good then I’m like alright this is this is going down the hatch.
Good rule to live by in all aspects.
I don’t know.

[50:31] Goodshit do you do do you cook turkeys no mind pay I mean like I’ll make sides.
And you should try this year you should make a cooking with char.
Middle School my brother was in high school we’re so paranoid. My parents had to work that day so we were in charge of the turkey and we like put butter and stuff on it like juice on it like every like 30 minutes it was so good it was like one of the best turkey sub.
I got it in me sound like Donald Trump now is one of the best turkeys ever.

[51:13] I don’t know.
I think I’m going to try it again this year and going to learn to not leave it out for two days before I fucking cookies actually a butterball hotline
I want to feel like we’re going to go over the same ground but I want to know who works at
who works the Butterball hotline the same question
it’s funny I still want an answer.
Funny fat guy sets,
like I wonder if there’s like that like the manager of the Butterball hotline like what he does like for the rest of the year he’s just like,
studying up in like Kevin all these different like butter facts and Light be great.

[52:24] I think that would order how much they get paid like if he’s got enough money to just feel like you don’t understand.
Work is Butterball hotline for this week in his mouth and pull up the phone I have seen the photo and know what it looks like it’s because we did that last the Butterball,
yeah. Just me and wait we didn’t you did at supercon you did those live podcast or whatever which I went to the one I thought it was pretty fun to see that like.
And then yeah you mentioned like we would do it next year whatever I wonder that would I wonder how that would go over at cuz I was thinking like whenever I was first thinking of my release I wonder if we could do like a live.
Podcast like on stage like that day if people would sit through it I decided they wouldn’t put like.
If you like the afternoon before or something like that but like casual drinking around and just yeah.

[53:37] That’s how Native straight I don’t like staying in French.
I guess the other places you go to like when I went to hit snooze.

[53:50] People are participating and stuff like that but I might fear would just be like who would.
Who would be yeah like it would anybody come and see what he says.
Peanut Live from South Park where he’s just like the punch and pack you have to tell them.

[54:16] Food gets people in hell yeah get some fry bread,
yeah they said that every Max Capacity which I guess it was 1200 but I remember the announcer saying the Thousand but when we first got in there like the wheat they had like that there was like a lady like with the clicker thing we almost didn’t get in.
Felt wrong you know what I mean.
What is like everybody was there just to eat cuz like that fucking place cleared the fuck out.
Yeah that’s crazy I be interesting like you know obviously the Multicultural Center donates that space and then HyVee donates.
Food that served all really.
And they just have every year and not everything but I think me and obviously certain things like there’s always hot dogs or whatever the hell they do.

[55:27] They are right and somebody has to make the fry bread right like I wonder who that fucking person is that’s got to be a fucking terrible job.
I know it sounds like you know obviously we’ll see Sioux Falls is growing our native population is growing. I think we need a bigger space though.

[55:50] And better food I can’t have a soup this year,
I was like carrying a pop and I had a bowl with two wieners in it and some fry bread and I was like I don’t have any more hands to hold a bowl of soup so.
No soup for me.

[56:21] I don’t know it was like walking pneumonia afterwards and I went home and I literally slept until.
Like at new when I went home slept did not wake up until like 8 a.m. and went to work the next day,
and they are no I didn’t go to work I was too sick so it’s like yeah I was like to see you like them running in the rain,
it’s like I got to cross that finish line and making it to the parade then I was just like I’m in Oklahoma City for work and I had one day that Sunday.
And then I was afraid I had a funeral I went home and slept and then I’m going to the pow wow,
you sound like my mom’s like I’m putting on a parade and then I’m traveling to st. Louis and then I got high
Jared little appointment,
love it when player but feels good to be back in normal routine.
Like it’s super quiet cuz like you know you just like non-stop thinking and doing it’s like so crazy to be like not doing stuff.
Yep stay busy though that’s good.

[57:46] Yep yep I need it so bad right now it’s so bad.
I don’t know I had we had Burger King on the way back from fucking whatever the fuck today.
It’s all good it’s good at the moment.

[58:15] I don’t know later.

[58:24] Trough it’s rough I don’t know well shit.
Ain’t that about covers it I don’t know everybody needs to go get Nelly tickets,
make the show a big success,
you drop you off at a bar or something at like 6 like I think like.
On the poster it says like music starts at 7:30 which means that’s like me will be starting probably at like 7:38.
Nice I think I mean maybe they have like some like them but I’m the only local butt.
They might have like some tour support or something like that so it’ll be.

[59:23] Three fun I’m ready to come out so that we wouldn’t get more big events like this coming to the area.
So you know it just helps helps the whole scene overall.
Yeah especially like big.
Yeah the swiftel center holds a lot of people so hopefully hopefully it sells out.
Mike the guy that was just on earlier said it holds like 10,000 people.
When Natalie was here.
4 years ago I was pregnant and I went to the show at the Pentagon the Sanford pentagon in they were actually recording it his MTV like.
30000 what I don’t think they’ll be 30,000 people there I mean it’ll be dope if there was.
Yeah okay yeah that’s reserved seating it has capacity of.

[1:00:28] 55 area 5500 theater capacity 1500.

[1:00:34] Arena floor 30,000 fuck yeah I can be like that’s going to be but I’m just going to be like how I rock the 30,000 seat Arena.
Fuck you guys that’s that’s besides the point but,
no from fucking doing a fucking bar in Lake Andes with like 40 people in it to a 30000 seat Arena,
hey what are you I can do that so I mean to be great yeah.
I’m looking forward to it see you guys Thursday so we’re going to end this episode today with.

[1:01:19] Song from art son who won the best hip hop award at the Native American Music Awards go pick up his album bravestarr,
features that Fire Red Cloud key slot a lot of big names on there,
may I pick up that album on iTunes Spotify anywhere you can go buy music and go by my God damn album to almost to mention that.
Two weeks ago to three little over 2 weeks ago,
Tilt chilling out at the other day,
minute I had to stop turn the notifications off cuz it was at like a hundred fifty thing so I’m pretty sure it will be at number one for that next week so yeah,
go by Survivor.
More stringent and I prefer if you bought it but I mean you know either way and check out bravestarr and we’ll see you guys.
Next week.

[1:02:37] Music.

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