Urban Indianz Ep 032 Damon Perry, Bud Holly, Brandis B. Knudsen, and C-Nice 1

Urban Indianz Ep 032 Damon Perry, Bud Holly, Brandis B. Knudsen, and C-Nice 1
Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen
Guests: Damon Perry, Bud Holly, Brandis B. Knudsen, and C-Nice 1
Produced By Robert Mehling

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[0:54] Alright welcome to episode 32 of the urban Indians podcast I’m your host Gabriel Knight Shields.
I joined by some goons from fucking Rapid City today release party last night my voice is kind of fucked up but.
Wanted to grab a few minutes of these assholes well.
Why don’t you guys introduce yourself.

[1:24] Status is at Brandon Staunton VA to go to South records this is blood Holly of Dakota South records is Damon fairy Dakota.
Is C nice one the 605 hottest Ensign produces Are you rude lyrics.
Laworks with milk.
Sitting to the right of me.

[2:18] Address ever there be a creeper.

[2:34] Pine Ridge.
I was like 2 hours away or 3 hours out to a minute that’s where most of my family a lot of my family that is.
Quiet place.
Got to love the outdoors to live out there.
May I see I came out in 05 so far.

[3:18] You have to start saying you’re from South Dakota.

[3:38] Because I really really is not good,
the Giants.
And I will play against the Vikings.
Cuz I think that’s what they’re missing their mission statement.
I’m just so glad it’s me.
Say at the last night we had the record release party at Icon pretty fun.

[5:03] Yes you did I am second.
Today forgot I got to Nelly show or whatever.

[5:28] 47

[5:54] Is that the reason it has no video today is because you two are just be going out,
what does Piccadilly did you see them
supposed to be at your past but I got last night
we’ll hit me up to like his now he coming or is Nelly performing on Saturday and I didn’t know what anybody,
hell yeah so that’s why I asked you I asked you I was like playing at the icon
tonight but he’ll be in Brookings all the toys today.

[7:02] I would have beat the shit out of that fucking thing
what is the biggest.
That wish I had known that.

[7:47] I don’t know I’m going to lace up my Air Force Ones due to.
My dad,
before and after that if it’s just be like 60 yards crazy,
I like that one one set that he was actually in the hotel.
In our hotel last night.

[9:09] What was that.
Jesus man.
songs to your fucking phone and we go plug it in as a motherfuking like no that’s what they need to realize this is a business,
and it’s not that fucking hard to get them MP3s in order.

[10:14] He did a good job in fucking making it works with you know.
I was impressed with what he came up there because.
Unless I didn’t recognize and I’ll stay with the mother dudes asses like.

[11:11] Those two guys were freaking awesome
then that big I got to take that motherfucker Levi,
what the fuck revised your list made me feel like I’ve been on the show more time
in a minute song.
Go back and read it and I was like.

[12:18] That was like how many years ago was that Puerto Rico.
At the VFW I was like what do you know it’s like 5 years ago.
I got sent her hers I got to do some good video footage and stuff to her.
Buy Super Nintendo.
Hemet Lake.
People that are in the show like are there at like 8:30,
what is cellulite I need to go to bed.
Usually motherfukers ain’t showing up till like 1030 11 this is God up in the first time I showed up at after party gave already went home.
Bucking crazy man anymore man really too old fashioned.

[13:40] Too old to start at 11.
There’s no telling what could happen I don’t know.
Find me like shot.
Before I go on stage
The Last Song of the night.

[14:50] Motherfukers go to sleep it’s past your bedtime maybe I came up to us and he was like yeah dude I just got back to the hotel room. That bourbon and then he’s got two Bud Lights in his hand and I’m like dude,
can be okay they said it.
Nice and smooth.
Have you tried them hookers maniac maniac.

[15:51] Together basically when I first heard you guys like.

[15:54] Heard the music that you guys I was like two different things out of the.
Tell him if you do.
Is to be cut off in the shed and people to be getting raped.
How you been doing.

[16:46] Before I came in came into the rapper that long you been doing it for my first solo album came out 2004.
This is my seventh album. It just came out or whatever.
21st or 22nd up okay so what’s your day job.
I’m a pharmacy technician Ed’s asks for drug dealer.
Straight out there to that.

[17:35] Is everywhere.

[17:49] Lego to go pick up my balls off the fucking nightstand for me again again really gave you to send you all that it was good.
Wish you would have told told us about the backdrop last night when you put a video on your own self,
it would throw me off cuz I seem to get killed over and over again last night over and over again,
song like just do those songs whatever then I was gassing.

[18:49] A really loud sound while you’re out there just the way home video was completely off in the middle of your song
is looking up there like all right.
DJ severe super cool,
fucking DJ tour Tech Nine steady fucking DJ the elevator Rebellion set last night or two nights ago and then last night he did that
really sparked out sick dude he’s a cool guy
cuz that’s what I was.

[20:00] What I mean.
DJ severe for like 10 years now.

[20:13] If you want to embarrass someone I shouldn’t say big shows but like the shows that like.

[20:21] The Morty stop. And that one cat doing is doing.
That motherfucker motherfucker I never got like.
Worst beach in the world,
I walked in like this.
What is the weakest of the Earth.
City Hotel Motel 6 for lunch and then.

[21:30] I left and I came back it’s like 1:30 in the afternoon. Just walk into the room
by the way my name is Gabriel,
oh my god dude what the fuck bring a couple more.
Pig trough.
All the fucking time but it was like by the worst attitude ever
what time does the next time you might be the same trip and he’s like talking on the phone,
motherfucker be on the phone all the fucking time just piss me the fuck off.

[22:53] Three fourths of the chippy just be chit-chatting a bitch on the fucking a mandolin.
Don’t bring a girl.
Walking with him cuz he’s talking to this bitch or whatever and then they show up and it’s like.
Civic Center.
Down the hall when I got him to come up with something.

[23:53] I thought you were walking next to him and then I turn around
oh my God.
Bad ass and having to ask Texas business PO box.

[24:42] I don’t know his name,
what the fuck I should have kept that letter
Alicia said he was the DJ,
Play song ain’t going to hit you back.
It’s terrible that you know she going to keep it but she ain’t going.
Kids in preschool going on,
what is it like he had like three kids in three months,
3 kids and pregnant again what are you saying to you see nice was like yeah and all those three checks that have my.

[26:01] Pregnant again,
like you do the rap battles back then like you know not ignore for father-in-law.

[26:22] Is there a possibility you’ll ever pull something like that again on, now you’d like to video.
Where we first start doing those it was like you know all the dopest accent and we’re like in there doing it.

[26:46] When motherfucker start taking real elves in front of like you know a gang motherfuckers then they’re like I better not do this and so right.
It fucking got like.
Spooky kids signing up to fucking battle or whatever the fuck you.
Fastest type.

[27:17] You know I’m saying yeah see like a completely different crowd at it this time difference.

[27:28] I don’t know he was a maniac.

[27:41] When we did we did a fucking for the Albuquerque,
maybe a dope-ass freestyler a couple times last night music by me.
Yeah he messed up but you know what are you in for so long.
Enjoy your Friday so you know I’m saying like like for the show.
You know that’s the thing I don’t let him know that everybody know.
Stop that Reckless song like I don’t know if you guys seen that or whatever but like.

[28:49] Every fucking stop song.
There’s one of them does Rosebud or whatever.
Those guys when they went up there it looks like DJ severe’s stuff was like fucking up at one point and he was like he was like I could see his face was like what’s going on and then I heard like the music can I get a little life.
Differed that I was like what’s going on up there but they just be like saved it out for you.

[29:30] So I mean that’s that’s cool so I sold since you got this out of the way.

[29:39] What are you doing.
Yeah I don’t know how we say this is my last album until I mean it’s hard to say that you ever just going to be done doing something for egg.

[29:57] I mean I don’t even want to think about doing anything else that I want to promote this album that I got right now I’ll buy them for a little while and we’ll see what have.
With that being said we’re going to have to go here pretty soon so let’s talk about what’s coming up and different things like that.

[30:34] So the next Xbox coming out right.

[30:43] So now he’s coming up in Brookings on the 25th and then after that we’re going to be doing a Halloween party at Teddy’s and Rapid City what we need to come up with the name for cell since I was someone else took her name.
What name was it
picture of Delhi right there with a Band-Aid by Caesar salad.
I know I would get everyone there we just had line with Eminem and MGK rap battle.
Everybody be there for that so which one are you dressing up as Eminem which ones graceffa’s MGK
I don’t know man I think MGK did find an at-bat.

[32:02] You could respond to kill a lot of people grandfathered NGK.
Did you hear that the track that G-Eazy did against MGK because MGK came out.
Hate hate all you want.
Weather in references in rap devil to buttfuck Jesus take a couple of days man more than just too by the way cuz I could have fucking done way better and,
it’s just everybody everybody’s been saying that in this popular lot of people are just expecting like like some.
Yeah yeah but they didn’t really get all of the.

[33:10] That’s all we got.
Who was the moves that was booze and boobs.

[33:26] In Rapid City.
We have actually published are as the other than booze and booze why don’t you booze and ghouls.
And then booze.
Boos and booze.
Very white people have an address Carlton.
Yeah I was going to be Donald Trump for Halloween I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore.
Be coming out during Halloween and very can the album’s name is make music art again and so you know the Donald Trump,
game up and start fucking arguing with take it all the good words,
I can do that for no reason.

[34:45] How to start a Twitter war send a text message to everybody in the nation.
That’s not a funny meme about that just like it’s a fake tweet I thought obviously Mosey on down this way I know it’s like.
The guy messes 32 million or 300 million people and then wouldn’t even reply another one of those like presidential emergency alert I think I just messaged everyone in America.
It’s crazy man for coming up October 25th and Brookings.
Not Boos and booze fucking at Teddy’s.
It’s a man by the end of the night.
And then I.
Pretty cool and then I’ll be in late candy is at some fucking place called The Duck Inn waddle out.
I’ll be there,
fucking come check me out on what is that October 20th.

[36:15] Get the duck out.
This year.
And sports.com,
show me an image,
it’s like that’s my favorite part of that video.
Demoralize this last night.
It was a pleasure being a part of the most G-rated podcast you’ve had here.

[37:31] What’s a what’s a what’s a single on your out in so many of I haven’t even picked out a single,
yeah we don’t have it.
Recorded recorded
I get I could definitely play One for the Money
if I were to pick a single probably be getting a kid that that one I did yesterday that you like so much those pretty good one I like that one a lot.
Album coming out called mindless.

[38:27] Tell me a song email to me in this mother fucker has to go to work.
Shooter Shooters pretty good on that.
But you’ll have trans female yes all right cuz she probably be a banging on there.

[38:49] Let them decide what it’s about.
They put his shoes on in the morning.
What’s the podcast about coming through.
I don’t know I don’t know what else to say thanks see you guys in a couple weeks.

[39:40] Definitely definitely.
She is a wrap.

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