Urban Indianz Ep 031 SAVivor

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Vaney Hariri, Jayson Weihs & Nathan Foote

Produced By Robert Mehling

2018 Native American Day Parade in Sioux Falls


Machine Transcript
[0:55] Alright welcome to episode 31 of the urban Indians podcast I’m your host Gabriel night Shield so very special edition today I’m joined by.
Do colleagues in mind that I’ve been working for numerous years,
I got a new album coming out tomorrow actually it hits everywhere so if your listen to the podcast actually this will come out I think when next Wednesday or some like that for the last stream.
The album comes out tomorrow so joined by a Vonnie Harvey the Nobel one Jason Weiss and Dave foot.
Crime spree and I of course Robert our producer here background info.

[1:36] My name is Nathan Foote I go buy a crime spree on my local artist here in Sioux Falls.

[1:45] It doing music quite some time now just kind of lately taking it serious.
You’re on the album yeah I’m actually on the album on this one been blessed on this.
Jayson wife’s on local promoter Sioux Falls I’ve been working with Gabe on shows and around town for a long time.
Start promoting album release show this Saturday night at Icon Lounge yes.
Yeah be the number one I’ve been around for a minute me and I know I should go back to the first brick.
And I’m also on the new album as well cap that you needed in your life,
yes definitely right on where you guys to be over here cuz you know I been working with you guys for forever wanted to talk a little bit about the album here maybe play some tracks just get some feedback especially from the people that are,
yeah listening are joining us or whatever on Facebook and.

[2:50] Live around the world,
listen to the album at all I did,
and no I did the album just just because you know this is is pride by far the most mature album that you done in terms of the subject matter in that type of thing and social me,
as a person who got an opportunity to watch your entire Detroit detention music,
I enjoyed where did somebody login into view.
It’s on mastering the last thing I just shared it on to my page and then it’s on the urban Indians page 2 I tagged you guys in it so you guys should be able to ask on Facebook.

[3:42] Yeah man like I feel like while I mean I was in I got in a lot of trouble like I almost went to prison and all this other
bullshit so it’s like God is so that’ll get you,
yeah it was like demon eyes to the point where like I couldn’t even talk about music or anything like that like with you know the people that were in control of my life,
right I even went to jail a couple times for performing and stuff like that which is like after they said after they were like yeah you’re good,
you can do this and I did it and then they’re up now fuck you you’re going to jail
yeah that and they didn’t like the element of any type of like hip-hop that he didn’t matter where I was performing at it is they just didn’t like it.
Or whatever so I don’t know that’s why I came up recently I was like man I know that fucking feeling cuz that’s fucking bullshit but.
Yeah I do. I mean I guess I agree with Bonnie and I’ve seen a lot of your music heard a lot of your music and I for Real by far this one is like.

[4:57] That the subject matter is changed I mean if you touched a lot of ground on this one knee I feel like you got a song on this album for everybody on this one seriously where is before you.
Honest one one level right here and I’m going to keep it,
yeah I got me driving around listening to my other shit,
damn old man.

[5:40] You know being in this box with you being on the road with you recording all the stuff that we was doing it into it everything like this,
you know I honestly like it you know it it seems it seems some of that people take for granted but it like it is it’s important it’s especially live long enough.
To be able to tell you some stories you know you know some people don’t get that shit together ever you know what I mean and I was way out there but but it’s just a matter of being able to have the,
the time to round out your thought process and come to lay in the subway where you can use that experience,
dad’s gay people on the side of life with that some people don’t understand.
For sure but the album was what would you feeling about it like I guess the Bible.

[6:31] Kind of cleared up like what was your your goal and I wanted I wanted to make like a like a like a hardcore hip-hop album without any of like the club songs right now I got no fucking.
Albums of club songs in that kind of stuff I wanted to just do like just some straight like rapping with some actual like,
text messages like I’ve did it bro song for my brother-in-law and Bernie that passed away and you know just and just that.
How I got in trouble and I mean it was probably a good thing that I got in trouble because it was sort of forced out you like look at myself you know.
And I like maybe I didn’t want to see but.

[7:17] Yeah I have to sometimes alright Minnehaha County.
I’m more like all these are older rappers like Jay-Z and knows he will make it more mature albums and it’s sort of like you know.
I know I couldn’t keep doing the same thing plus hip hop at this point to was getting my kind of boring to into LAX but it’s like the same shit you know performing at SFO,
almost 15 years now wait a long time,
just wanted to do some dishwashers definitely strange like a younger audience isn’t interested.

[8:02] A lot of the things that we’re interested in hip-hop like when you go you know that everything is available on the computer right now,
getting people from other shows having send me shows on I remember every show used to work on was like,
on a week’s notice every time.
And now that would be insane,
play crooked I or like you know big artist will be here they’ll be like 12 people there like you would think,
the artists are of such a caliber that it does.
Sunday doesn’t matter that it’s Tuesday but it does like.

[9:05] Work days or whatever you wanted to be together,
Gatineau to listen to certain things you know what I mean like it wasn’t honestly the artist was maybe 40% of it come watch out.
Prior Lake even 10 years prior and I 10 years but 5 years prior to what we talked about not even with her like the shows when it was Eva.
Will I make more underground like halls and stuff like that prior to going to bars.

[9:37] Artist didn’t matter at all and I think that’s where like a lot of that cold you know came from in Sioux Falls at least you know it was like people having shows at houses in garage.
There’s like I am in a lot of times it was just it was the social event was the events a glass in a matter who is performing today in Sprite 2000.
894 crown that time frame like the local support for music was out of control like it is just being supportive,
people talk about like the pump room back in the day I feel like.
You know people still can’t talk about it now but like five five six years and I’ll talk about now this basement where they had 200 people in the basement.

[10:35] Team 220 Knights of the month,
rap wars and who got next and all of those different things Siri shows and stuff like that it was on killing foot but just phone performance.
When you were in there hey like you were at.
Here is a level and it’s just straight see to the back and is packed in the interview was typing if you guys were going,
I Could Touch the ceiling to hold the feeling well so you know I me we use that if you know that the Jag is green room ever,
if we were all mopped up there but it felt so right like if you know what I mean like it’s one of those things but like even if I wasn’t I meant we knew better Green Room it was just like,
this is cool for the first couple years of smoking so,
that has.

[11:41] Yeah there are definitely you know shows that have the sort of vibe you know where they get a bunch of artists together they do you know we’ve had moments that every created it but,
it’s crazy because Sioux Falls just really I feel like I really feel like just needs,
really run good then you know it’s like this Earth is too big and.

[12:09] I don’t know it’s just like there’s just so much opportunities so much going on and just doesn’t seem like it should be a sag.

[12:17] Yeah it feels like it goes in spurts like I feel like we’re sort of in like a dead spot right now but it’ll.
But I also think that it’s just a different thing like people are starting to come out of that phase.
Where you starting and a campaign completely on social media right you know what I mean like we were,
the beginning of that what are you still out of physical you still have to go see if you had to get kicked out of the mall 3 what time will it be in even that’s not work
then they’re having to realize they got to go and actually connect with people involved in the people and actually,
shake hands and make people care about you and then in a way behind the music,
I think that there’s like a mass Exodus from Facebook going on right now.
That’s going to force a lot more interaction I mean which is a hugely positive thing I think people are just moving from Facebook.
Or whatever but I feel like it’s at least a one less thing that people are getting their lives sucked away by.
Facebook has been turning people off for some time now yeah music in like music to is like it’s almost.

[13:41] I debated on whether I was even going to like press CDs for this,
this is almost a waste of money at this point it’s tough costume,
Farrakhan talking about you and me right now so I’m about to relax Greatest Hits Time stuff and doing,
cuttable box and whatever it is completely your money don’t put the whole purpose is just for people who really rocking with you still want to touch it feel something when I come over,
momento to be able to be able to do that but when I switch to the band.

[14:17] Potter reason why I did that is just because it was like you know this was the first time where people who have grown up most of their adult lives and Listen to Hip Hop.
You know what I mean and where I could do a sit-down type situation,
will people who had to go to work the next day who had to take the kids to school who didn’t want to necessarily put they hands in the air and wave them like they just don’t care how I just wanted to watch,
some dope happening and I actually enjoyed I enjoyed being able to had a band if you didn’t leave the stage for a while and just have people sit like I don’t need you to do anything to sit and listen to music,
and and it for me it was what I needed at that particular point in time because you know I didn’t want to be doing.
Dancing a jig for people that are always be neat all Entertain You know what I’m saying sometimes it’s like look at this dope musicianship and that’s why it for me,
you know hip-hop gets boring if you don’t change the subject matter if you don’t change the style if you don’t change the whatever like,
you know because you get to a point where I like I don’t care if you care if I got a nice guy,
could I have this if you got or whatever like you know yeah I think that that just comes with getting old.

[15:43] That have evolved,
it wanted their music to evolve to that sort of I think where I’m at I don’t have the energy to go out there,
I’m trying to get on that level like the people that I think are going to come to the show on Saturday or the you know,
like my friends are there all I know they’re not going to be like
I’m not getting like the 22 year olds in the front it’s all good bro I don’t I don’t have the energy to,
chase after that crowd or whatever anymore and whatever so yeah,
dinner shows in Rapid and you do go back to her husband stop at the end you still,
play enough shows that have the type of environment work it’s probably supplemental income for Knights for you yeah and you know what it also puts,
the music in hands that it kind of lives on in the way you know instead of just like you know that show I went to,
yes that’s eating my pee in someone’s stereo for 6 months you know that David you make it,
Gabriel fan on the way home SoundCloud like I don’t know I don’t have very many.

[17:11] Actual physical CDs or LPS for that matter.

[17:15] Current musicians that I love I just I don’t have nearly as many that’s a sad.
Because I have a huge record collection if I could just stop
at one point,
and then there was one day where it’s a suit.

[17:50] Now that’s real I don’t buy this anymore but like you know on Sunday to Saturday me and the wife of cooking and trying to clean the door whatever I throw in the bottle but it’s like,
is Al Green Sam Cooke by after you know a DJ if you don’t.

[18:08] I enjoy that more music is different for you know what I’m saying it’s not like you know what I’m saying I’m not trying to.

[18:16] It is whatever moves you want to stay at like now people want to be in a particular mood.
All the time when it was happening you know before when you listen to the CD like music will make you sad it would make you happy and get you pumped it would give it away it took you through.
Like the Dynamics of emotion now people that I want to be,
that’s assess the vibe I get with this CD is riding it it’s got that that same Friday,
going to get this album like hoping that it’s like some get drunk and,
it’s not that mean I got like 5 other albums did this
they are awesome but you got more to offer to people than that.

[19:12] Do you know who has been a transition in your life clearly you know what I mean like with your daughter and.
With your with your troubles you for a long time but it definitely changes I mean if you’re going through a time. Where you drinking every weekend or you’re going through and sober,
x amount of time like you’re probably putting out different output you know and I don’t know how much of your,
creative output was stifled with not being able to in a work on music you know maybe so maybe go out of it you know,
I feel like maybe sat for awhile you know songs on this album that I listen to that wrote like when I wasn’t drinking like the rappity rap songs like.
Fucking The Killing strangers and the warning is Sufism I just have to fucking rap like after like.
After I got done with all my bullshit or whatever and then was able to do whatever I wanted to again that’s when I start like really writing like Concepts and I couldn’t concentrate on.

[20:15] Should other than like the fucked-up situation that I was in there whatever a’ight well you know you know there’s a certain point where you get tricks you know what I mean like,
I noticed you Buble,
you know I’m about to do a show and I know this particular thing this particular saw this particular style and I know this is going to work if so then you start cleaning on that.
Love me like I said I know I can pull it out whenever I whenever it it’s not like you not challenging yourself in there for me always there is coming to me and they will talk about you know making music and it won’t what were the academy chick that was with you.

[20:52] Cuz you know all these young cats so much angst and whatever like services super-deep for them even though like the music doesn’t reflect that,
it was that damn just so you know I’m just nervous about making music in and look what the fans going to want blah blah and I had to tell him about you running around here.
Worried about what your fans want and how they want you to make music tonight who’s the fat.
And then hopefully.
There’s an audience for it but like I’m not out here taking requests.

[21:33] Say what you want to hear more of this won’t make it.
Yeah yeah I mean I’ve listened to listen to other people’s opinions on like I guess I like Broken Dreams came about.
Do a song with our Lakota language in like I after hearing that like a million fucking,
I don’t know I got a song on here on Survivor to that that’s on has some Lakota singing,
not always wrong but it’s just I got to be there to do it yet album really really.
So is your diversity or european all your skill that will let you know what I mean like.
Ziam you come in with like that and I’ll bang your head is like more more heavy heavy metal you know.

[22:33] Yeah Maniac killed that song,
you know Divergent for some of the typical things that he would do you know what I’m saying,
you both are thinkers in a way that I don’t think people appreciate you know what I’m saying yes it is good for people to be able to see that particular piece of it.
And I appreciated how you know I was all the kind of olives.
Cast characters in a lot of the same 10 years ago crew you know you know,
Louie you know a lot of that.

[23:21] Yeah I want basically for features on this like I just wanted to get like the people that I really like kick it with him then I might actually like friends with her whatever has to rather than get like whoever’s hot at the moment or you know whatever cuz I mean,
been in this long enough whoever’s hot at the moment,
probably won’t be making music 2 years from now.

[23:46] Beaches near me.
Instead of a instead of doing the I didn’t want to switch it up to like completely like formats out like this but that’s why there’s no cruelty track on there there’s no light,
silly intro hour.

[24:10] Outside of like Maniac I want to get other people that I work with so that’s why I wanted to.

[24:15] Is especially like Reckless to there’s like you know there’s a bunch of people on that one so it’s like two songs that have like most of them rapper features on it or whatever it’s not Mania why she when you when you hit me up from the hook to never knew your name was me that was part of that,
that’s all prices at at at at at at Road.
That you go through to get like people do I don’t care what level is on I don’t care if it’s local in the town of 100 I don’t care if it’s.
It is in the regional area on canvas National up here whatever.
For you to Bubble Up out of whatever environment that you went to where your name is travel to where it ring bells to where it’s on the billing to wear,
attracts people and get some up off the couch to go to another location take buddy I think talking put it in somebody else’s ass like.
She’s not easy it is not nothing. You know what I mean and even as we were thinking about that for all of us that they like it cost.
I don’t care what level that you got it cause and cause your relationship to cost you money to clock your time because you energy cuz you said that he called it cost for people to have your name mean something other people.

[25:28] Doesn’t that does something that not everybody is about that. Everybody’s willing to do that.
And and so that was you know my thought process when we were doing an attractive and I love hearing you know kind of everybody’s Universal in there because I didn’t know that’s one thing that I know we all on the same page of that we learned after.
Taking a lot of bumps and bruises you know to attend to do what we did yeah.

[25:56] For sure yeah it’s crazy I don’t know I think it back like my first album came out in 2004 so it’s almost like 15 years later.
What’s my 7000.
It’s something I never would have thought of like back in high school out and never someone who can never wrap out Monday you like yeah okay,
alarm at 7,
yeah right yeah,
don’t have a physical album the whole then when you can fill the Shelf with them like the expense.
But the have that many tracks in you to be able to maintain a relationship that long and it’ll be able to have like today ones still be.
The squad still be the people that’s only choice that’s just super rare thing and it doesn’t happen again at any level you know a lot of times when it’s not.
You don’t what it’s not like the major you know level like people can really.
You know it really you know I play it to the left take it really put it to the side and I’m going to give it the same appreciation but.
You don’t have the same dudes that you rocking with to be at how that type of trust and integrity and relationship that good people still want to fuck with you after 15 years like.

[27:23] Yeah go to me crazy.

[27:27] This song,
is it like it’s like country but Rock I mean like the old rock but it’s a lot different but I say hey baby.

[27:43] Song about I wasn’t you know calling my daughter like that hey baby like it was like the phone ringing.
I still got a phone at right now I like no one has a phone that Rings like that,
find my trash in my trash.
It’s not even believe I never even thought about that,
some ringtone from like Flo Rida ringtone or some money,
bring it to her phone,
what’s her rings of Wellington down is the third work,
because he’s the one doing the harmonica like he’s playing harmonica but I said I wanted to be like some like real life.

[29:02] Country like a Jailhouse Rock type killing strangers. Hovey.
Tell her how you said the screamer Ride Slow Southern type.

[29:29] I think.
I know it’s feels good to have like a weird I don’t know if it’s weird but it’s just like a different project than there at the usual like.

[29:41] Even I was get like the sex drugs and Hip Hop vol 3 is like alright that’s like.

[29:47] All right let’s go.
We are about to go up to a rally or something that day I had to go to if he’s sitting in it so I don’t know where we’re at.

[30:02] What’s up back.

[30:15] You don’t owe me it was still like in like.
Bucket Bay you know seeing what you were doing nothing.
Yo we bout to go to the dance.

[30:46] Eukanuba Shelf,
it’s not even a weird like that’s not even the weird story like that problem last night didn’t they like,
plug a couple times.
Play State tell you what it is,
Triple H Wrestlemania 1st,
good morning.

[31:52] I think that was in wagon that was back in like 2004,
and that was what we did it was awesome like people getting paid for this,
we got we got lots of Us stores.
yeah woke Jim Murray was going to actually he was like in the process of writing a book called like isn’t be sex drugs and Hip Hop like the book and I was like,
I was thinking like man one day my daughter is going to read this like,
I don’t feel comfortable doing this anymore.
Yeah I’m excited though for this show.

[32:56] I hope so man I don’t know what else I could do like promotion wise wanted like I have right now and tell everybody to come out.
Yeah yeah it’ll be pretty cool I tried to just get like again like people that I was cool with on the show.
No just sort of like the old like the old school feeling would just like people you know.

[33:17] Have a party with your friends or whatever here we come.
We had a God damn it I totally spaced that I was just going to say,
and then like I let you know what maybe I can shoot Hornets in until like the Native American day like parade and weekend and all that stuff and that all came like after.
I don’t think they really tell people you showing the McGregor fight.
Already talked to Icon they got a projector screen so baby I can hack into that and throw it on the wall.
So everybody just be stopped before.
I’ll call you make sure that those social media dude you doing the show one time at The District in in the shows going pretty well and people are posting about it and I have my smartphone on.

[34:37] And this is just shows you just how different it is like and I’m on I’m like in the song and my shit is like blowing the fuck up cuz I’m like looking at like alerts and shit above were supposed to shit and everything,
it is so weird just like how conscious you are all that shit all of the time even when you and your thing where for that moment.
Everybody was in that moment if you wasn’t there fucked-up yeah,
you what you wasn’t there you messed up that’s the thing that I miss the most about me it’s cool being able to share in the ZZ. People shouldn’t bread and everything,
put into something about when you cannot get this moment back.
Everybody’s got to be in the moment at that particular time I feel like when we first started it was like before Facebook thing.

[35:36] It’s a good thing and a bad thing cuz I feel like like all the shit we was doing back then probably you know wouldn’t be good for Facebook.
What year was really good for music for a while.
Yeah yeah and then we also lived through that or if we were before the everybody and their mom is a rapper now like before it like that God damn.

[36:05] I mean it.
It’s always been nothing but the game the game would have been flipped over where it was like,
everything is good cuz your style you know I’m turning in like it wasn’t anything like objectively good or objectively bad there was a point where it was like your dress.
Yeah right like I was like,
if you can carve out any audience whistle ever your music is good as anybody else’s threshold.
Was also Financial a bit.

[36:44] You had faith in your product or have fans or whatever you’re going to spend money to go to the studio or record.
So back then and or you know whatever you had to,
invest in yourself but it was a berry now you got a quiet room in your house on the computer,
cool record clean it up with some filters popping up and,
did you have to get the Ramkota or something that was times bigger than what you needed as nobody will let you book it in the stablish me so you just have to take a whole year to get your own sound changer do all of those type of things,
are you knew going into it you going to take a nap but it’s just what had to be done,
yeah and down.
Oh you whatever oh us and deleted out of that I don’t need anybody to know what necessarily happen.
Though it is surprises me that nobody is concerned nobody wants to know… That part is interesting to me because for me.

[38:04] You know in part of it is how we were raised you going to wear that was music playing.
And a home like I was listening to music that I wasn’t old enough to really fully appreciate you know I’m saying yeah but I always looked at.
You know those people with reverence you know what I’m saying and if you listen to any MC of a particular time they still going to talk about.

[38:27] You know Big Daddy Kane Coogi right you don’t I’m saying those that Rakim.
Those type of dudes and still be in a whatever cuz like they DNA is in what ways is in what we do you know what I mean and I think that kind of you don’t want a way where it where things are so disposable.

[38:46] So just come and go so quick like people don’t even have the expectation that you’ll ask me more about 10-15 year careers.
That’s not really a thing you would think I can count on one hand the amount of,
they are still doing music right what a pretty much all on the last time he was open it for,
and I was never Deli dude now and then the $90 I was hardcore.
New York independent and ID so I don’t want to hit shit out unless you would like all for himself.
Hey I remember him performing or we doing doing doing a soundcheck and I’m like bad fucking.
He did 45 minutes straight like a 45-minute block strike all number ones,
yeah but I mean all number ones every single song have with the number one and you just like.
Damn yeah my damn like that is amazing I that’s dope that you have that.

[40:11] That level of success for any. Of time before that longer. It’s hard you just can’t front on it you know what I mean.
Bro I just got I just got to break the single.
The group out of Minneapolis that.
Things I guess but instead of putting an album out you know they’re there their kind of popular MCS you know that it’s like three two song Single and.
It’s just like you get that junk you get the N with the single culture like,
the streams you know an album out with all the songs that you’ve already released your album art on automatically gets all those play right now so the numbers game is so crazy now by Thomas more beneficial for artist to put out like a.
Five song track you look at all the huge hip hop albums now the new Wayne he goes albums and I want to go to 2225 tracks and single
streams obviously go through the roof when you got three times as many songs.

[41:32] That’s one thing I love about hold though when when you know when he was battling with iTunes and all of that moves like I don’t single at my house.
I want people to get this work and one of the things that I did the model for a lot of my stuff if anybody follows my music you know there was a period of time with my stuff is kind of.

[41:51] UPS gets over the header disappoints different tracks play protect me my last couple is a story on to Asher and what I heard.
You know some of Jays earliest up Reasonable Doubt in particular like there is a clear Story on,
to it you know what I mean we’re not you can just do it movie and it’s one of those things where it’s like it because somebody is listening to that project in there taking just pieces of it it’s so much as you leave it on the table because of how to connect and that increases the degree of difficulty by like 10,
you don’t mean just do it songs that you still good night open at I like like I still not easy but.
Doing it and having a story arc into it happens you know some type of thought process going to all that the degree of difficulty is way higher you know what I mean so I appreciate people still putting together pieces.
Still putting together like an entire piece where I want you to put this in and I is the artist.

[42:50] Have a full expectation that you never skip.
You know what I mean like I don’t think people make I was like that yeah they just make single person saying I’m making his piece of work,
did I have the expectation that you don’t that is good enough that I don’t expect you to skip any of it I want you to listen to it from beginning to end,
I just ate that still special thing that sucks about the music.
And that’s what going into this probably get something that I wanted to do is give us a full experience rather than just like you know a single of this here’s my club single here’s my Sirius single here’s my fucking you know.

[43:30] Whatever right now.

[43:42] Sweetheart that I wanted to mention earlier that they were playing the lesson learned song that’s a song I get for my daughter but I wanted to give a shout out to,
Troy Lanes kids and Ashley’s they they sing the chorus on it and then my friend Kevin Kroger’s daughter who’s really good her name is Alexa she’s only,
13 she did she did the car so it’s all kids on the course of that Tree Lane like wrote the chorus but the kids all.
I’ll try to get my daughter to do if she’s way too cool to do that.
National know now be my wife.

[44:34] Piano Man for the video for PS3 red light which is what my most popular song,
she wouldn’t be in that she wouldn’t be that big of it.
He asked me to be in the video that’s one of my biggest regrets that I never heard of YouTube video then she wouldn’t do it,
like that way why is it so hard to get somebody to be my baby crazy I don’t know.

[45:09] Funny videos you got a couple of the bang your head that’s blocks you got to be a man.
He saying the producers notorious.
Is there a good word to say yeah yeah he did not care for the lie I’ve grown over his beat so he made me take him out.
But yeah it’s made it sounds it’s almost the same.

[45:44] What even after these rocket would be safer for a long time and we’ve had our ups and downs but he was going to do this whole album but then,
it’s like NASCAR not going out we butt heads too much so,
Jack’s Produce a lot of this album knows a lot of live instrumentation that stuff on there,
holidays good on this really really good yeah Mike is a super underrated.
Produced I think of one thing that people will start hitting up Mike more for like tracks what is good in Boston.
Yeah he did he did a good job with her and I think the next video I need to do off this is going to be Survivor.
In a perfect world I would have had a video for that song to roll out this week along with the album and everything else but my main guy that I work with Jake.
Too busy,
yeah I could have gone with somebody else but I feel like I want to work with people that I already know mention yet but.

[47:01] If it works out we’ll be we’ll be safe but yeah old shooting video for that.

[47:08] I know yeah yeah,
I think that was just Nelly show coming up and then I got we got like a bunch of shows coming up that I haven’t really announced yet just cuz I want.
Just to get out of the way first before I start quite are you going to put other stuff for whatever.
Call my dude Deonte who I’ve been working with for forever to like he’s done all my albums he’s from.
Georgia never never met the guy before way back in the day I used to be on this message board called The Sickness it was like a Brother Lynch Hung like.
Underground Bay Area.
Message board or whatever and that’s what I meant like a lot of people that I work with seal like it’s already saying after I made the guy that does.

[48:07] The dude from Midwest mixtapes and all these people like from the sickness have private log on to the circus in 10 years now but I still.
Now we’re cooking soup with weird but I did it was like you know.

[48:19] Force and force our click for being Stars before any of that type of stuff or you can just go on and find a beats like.
So I had to like send you this beat sound that you wanted to hide you know what I mean.
Those days sometimes I miss those days.

[48:49] Not know I it was and I was in a group so having like two.
To decide I think that’ll be a lot harder to be together now that was supposed to be on the same page,
the creativity by comedians that stuff ready to move so trying to share that with other people and out of it,
that’s one thing I Love About That should be that way when we did shit you know he will just send me the beat and just be like.
When you love do you really love that allow me to be able to but I always always felt like I had a feeling to it.

[49:35] If you want it for you trying to get some you know what I’m saying.
And that always work better for me some people don’t know how to do that if people don’t know how to just like you do your thing do your thing.
Should I made it always easier to do when you doing you no rest of the ghetto baby.

[50:00] Give me a coconut a verse or whatever.
His shit his versus like 3 minutes long I like what the fuck is this on a mixtape like a weave
like Revenge of the Nerds or I can remember there are other mixtape was but I just,
I got a bird feeder.
I think that was a rock while to be to like I think.
Girl he still has it but he had like a beat page out of it you could just fucking get Rottweiler.

[51:00] That was but that was the part that was fun though but I know where you found the Beatles and you found something like that up or even when we Collide and we were in the same room with each other,
you or we can go we being recorded together.
Yeah we was Mobb Deep in there now it’s like you don’t like email me that shit.
But there’s definitely something especially for me because the adjectives hip hop is important to me you know I mean like the competitiveness of it the ballad of it likes it when I hear somebody over there.
Tito mobile in adult lion or whatever man.
Now about to do me on this job like me either that’s the part that I enjoy seeing somebody.

[51:52] It’ll be like that I knew you was on track from certain people you knew like you got to come up with some extra bar you can come with the recognition.
Which kind of doing the same thing with our versus we talk,
to each other,
that was my whole thing like that I could I could I get somebody
Levi gave birth that was really what my whole thing was have somebody black,
I enjoy that a lot yeah it’s crazy.

[52:44] I think it comes out tomorrow on Facebook.

[52:52] Any comments from Bobby Johnson I am watching you guys.
OG Bobby Johnson.
And at one point that shart TuneIn chimed in with the,
shut up I’m I’m not that old haha.
Yeah and she is old what you got to be 30 now and she’s older.
So dramatic,
I feel so old I just turned 27,
I’ll put my hamstring like eating a sandwich jazz music,
what are you even doing.
It’s crazy that you oh it’s ruff ruff.

[54:21] Stop. Check Saturday icon.

[54:27] Album drops tomorrow on iTunes everywhere,
Saturday though at The Icon be Saturday icon 18 + should be a good time to go to Brandis we got Rogues Gallery we got maniac,
I’m sorry to hear that often so he was telling me last time you perform he was like,
not yet he said you got a special performance ready so that should be dope,
bye-bye Animaniacs Moby on stage John Roberts who just got nominated for Native American Music Awards,
that video was nominated to write killing strangers is nominated for best music video console or no,
concept you can go on the actual Awards is next Friday.

[55:33] Yeah next Friday in New York so you go on there and vote voting strangers new york.com,
so bad at this,
Ben Rector Music Awards go vote for myself go over John Roberts go vote for a see who’s in hip-hop is Chase Manhattan East End Jodi.

[56:01] Cody Cody Blackbird who’s on this album is that nominated I think in the best rock category plays flute on the Survivor song.
News about people on their Native American Music Awards and then get this on iTunes tomorrow come to the show Saturday,
and then come to Nellie on the 25th and then we’ll see you guys everywhere else in between now and then we will see you guys next time.

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