The Dresch Code Ep 012 Don’t Look Me In the Eye and Do That

The Dresch Code Ep 012 Don’t Look Me In the Eye and Do That

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Do farewell tours matter?  What album do you like only for nostalgia? What album changed your life?  What musician took forever for you to like? Famous person, you’d like to meet? What role would you play in any movie but leave the rest of the cast intact?  And much more.


Guests:  Lena Howe, Simon Floss, and Garrett Rahn


[su_spoiler title=”Machine Transcript”] [0:19] The real Nights at Freddy and I’m right now,
trash can.
We discussed music movies life in general and fun stuff like that life the universe and everything and this is episode 12 I think yes.
One two buckle my shoe,
he slaps me,
and then the 4th episode Robert slaps all of us
Popeye the 7th episode I’m back so it’s cool,
like posing as me or something and then you spent a few days at the coffee cup in Vermillion.
And that’s a great sitter Saturday night.
And I was like I didn’t buy it that’s what it was kind of nice a real knee-slapper.

[1:45] My Buddy goes how the hell did you not buy that.

[1:56] Whatever Capri 99.
So how the show works is I have a bucket.
Full of topics about music pop by Chuck it in a jacket which sounds derogatory but it is not we checked we checked online and talking about.

[2:28] Anyone any one of these topics I’ll pull the topic out or I will call the top of that we decide we were all just,
you’re hanging out what’s going on,
time hanging out with friends right side,
in the passage yes we will. Is that a play on words like can I get some rest
I trust you I trust the middle of this room I think we I think we’re going to be.

[3:08] Never thought,
Spinners Cupid y’all got any of that Modest Mouse up in here,
you know the best episodes of where we don’t even Surya topic till you know that’s going to be,
the round table but it’s a couch Lena Howe music aficionado,
and I could friend of mine Garrett Rahn are replies not good enough for you Robert.
Shut off camera when I did that,
well I found it great,
journalist at Subway I’ll give you all the dirty details.

[4:26] Alright so shall we start with office.
You are going to take the White House.
You still like me still clarify.

[4:54] Show it start.
You don’t have a watch,
part of the mean anything at all or fail,
yes or no.

[5:32] With within like the last like 3 or 4 days actually just saw that kiss came up with a farewell tour do you think they’re going to hang up after that
now I really doubt it see yeah they like if if people actually stay true to what they’re doing or like saying that they’re going to do and not do it then like it’s incredible like,
Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour was awesome because because one you went out.
60 points in a basketball game at age 38 37 and yeah he did shoot 50 times but who cares and the team that the Lakers had no.
Business meeting anyway and he said that he wasn’t going to come back and she hasn’t he says I’m done with basketball.
If you came back at age 50 all weird with that beat Michael Jordan says he can do it all the time like he could pee.
Did Big 3 basketball league is no big 3 basketball league for retired,
oh oh yeah I watch the couple games and I was like all Amanda sad still.

[6:52] Space Jam tickets.
That is awesome someone other than Robbie, this is a miracle.
Skn Harris
Paul and Jean came back with Hired Guns For The Replacements however those higher guns I know way too much about this.
Oh actually played on a lot of the old Kiss albums and Peter Criss were faking,
playing it why are they played at live at the end of the credits it wasn’t good enough,
wow I think file so it’s little things that I do you think Paul and Jean played half the time to be honest with you it’s just like they kept their voices cuz obviously how can you replicate balls right.

[7:50] I have a full album This is a sidebar I have a full album dedicated to Paul Stanley’s banter from the 70s was called let me get this off my chest.
01 S430
Point Richmond,
I don’t know I don’t really like most of the tracks begin with Paul going,
he just doesn’t feel at all let you loves Richmond and it’s probably why,
stadiums you got to say the same thing every night.

[8:37] Can you swear what if it actually was,
there was part of me that’s like maybe he’s not lying never know on the ground during For Whom the Bell Tolls,
he likes Rafael,
bad ideas I just roll with it cuz I was five rows of people from the front,
and I saw Kirk humblebrag,
yeah I was like five rows from the front when James goes I got some else to say,
no I don’t know yeah I do,
that I listen to it once today and his banter is so awkward but so beautiful ghost Sioux Falls.

[9:57] Metallica loves you I got a question for you while it’s really.
Question but are you alive.

[10:15] Are we.
In the middle of Seek and Destroy James Goes, what are you expecting the Kool-Aid guy to just emerge.
Contraption pictures.
Trade show and I I get to relive it and if you listen to For Whom the Bell Tolls you can hear Kirk Hammett stop playing his guitar and that’s when he died.
The Crypt.
Adam oh boy, I’m a big Chili Peppers.
I’ve got a tattoo of.
Side and side note are we talking about that we do like the Stadium Arcadium album yeah that’s incredible
that was in my face constantly just keep Reinventing themselves and I don’t know how they do it it’s insane third the most recent one dark Necessities that’s right up there with stay demarcated for me,
and I feel like.

[11:41] You’re going to give me one on this whole can.
Green very like didn’t know where to find himself in the in the band.
How to get away he knows what he’s doing now I really I like him a lot but you know for Chante just can’t be replaced that’s incredible unfortunately,
I mean I mean fortunately.

[12:12] They came to these specific but yeah, it’s it’s Stadium Arcadium passes the dress code the brickwall limiter does not pass baseball.
How are you,
so next topic about Metallica I’m stoked,
you make us feel good he said you make us feel good
Jim Breuer
I talked about how he was asked to perform at the MTV icon thing from Metallica Regis impersonating Metallica,
for like 5 minutes and it’s so good it’s so great,
yeah I love it and I the MTV called him and they said hey we got a problem this all the flights can you order book.
But we can get you a private you that he throws microphone down.

[13:19] Sure and the only other person on the private jet is Ozzy Osbourne and Ozzy keeps walking around,
and I got the courage to walk up to Asia South Asia,
oh man you’re my favorite War Pigs is one of my favorite songs of all time is on my brothers were in war and it came back and that’s when when’s the world to me thank you so much and Ozzy look sweet in the face.
Budget trip.
This is Bill.

[14:13] Beautiful so what genre do you not like as much or do you only go back to because of nostalgia.
Contemporary Christian once in awhile,
you know good old 90s Christian rock if I was just going to say I don’t care what anybody say,
yeah I don’t think that I don’t,
still listen to this account is contemporary Christian
is it okay I was like oh that’s Click Five sorry.
I know it’s hard to say that will go with you.

[15:20] I figured that was so like music I think and like I feel fair enough bringing this up I think,
music is the biggest time transporter,
of all time in actual one but like,
otherwise pop-punk for me is a Nostalgia like I don’t listen to it as much as I used to if I do listen to that John ra
is the older bands from like 15 years ago,
enter all keys of sexual assault,
I know I wasn’t the one.
From the doctor who that was a weird Weird Science.

[16:25] The old man’s are the ones I hold dear that’s yes that’s.
NFL draft.
If I got my tree up for example.
Absolutely in the 90s country.

[16:58] I’m not the biggest fan of country but like I do have some country in my library.
But like I don’t know I guess that’s like what what comes to mind is like obviously like Garth Brooks like the biggest in the nineties and then like
rain country song is I just pop in the back of my head I think I would like country and everybody has their own opinion which is so great about life and I think country.
In like the 1950s and 60s like The Statler Brothers I can listen to,
all day long they are just utterly incredible and like yeah it’s not so bad I like to say that I don’t like it but like it’s good,
I don’t know I guess I haven’t listened to any recent country songs by Chris Stapleton.
Yeah stapleton’s good he sang Tennessee whiskey.
Anderson East is really bad,
Sturgill Sturgill whatever his name is Sturgill Simpson,
pinky he was on SNL.

[18:21] Crusher he did like hell pulse on the 8 minute song with all this back even doing solos and all this stuff is like a Blues Brothers kind of thing which was super cool and he has this really thick country Southern accent voice I didn’t describe it but he just has such a good boy,
the voice is fantastic but the music behind it isn’t necessarily what you consider like.
Country it’s a really nice planned it’s it’s kind of sound.
I would say he Covered In Bloom by Nirvana on that album.

[18:55] That that’s why I was talking to one hot summer day by Turnpike Troubadours.
Not very many country songs get me in there like that I got to find out who this is that was that was once like check it out.
Our folk was like top 40 mainstream for a year huh like oh yeah yeah yeah at the time or Foe,
and like Mumford & Sons The Lumineers all that kind of stuff in suspenders and.
And have a mustache,
give me a ride oh I have tried and it has not turned hey how’s it going
you don’t look good.

[20:00] Remember your freshman year myself when you’re like you played a ton of that kind of stuff that year.

[20:11] Yeah.
Huh yeah I think what else was there that was kind of round that year that year.

[20:24] I’d say I’d say probably at the height of his popularity was dubstep.
Oh okay oh yeah I never even went dubstep was came out as a thing I still hated it,
Disney Magic,
and then like they play Bangarang by Skrillex turn it on the news that album for sure.
I’ve never gotten this really quick that’s because I was really into from first to last.
40 North via email just recently,
really weird like that really goes good they didn’t plan on having them,
but he’s he was like one of the tracks like I think I can do something with this and they loved it so that you don’t like why she’s do the rest,
the jerk and Anna for your surgery wasn’t we still going out but.

[21:34] It’s got that occasionally hit you up here the Skrillex.
Yeah album called path of totality,
infant loves corn and he loves you a lot,
where he’ll he’ll be like the other ones.
Scores good man bright I like you too,
there’s one night we’re about to go say there’s the Godsmack show coming up you guys going to go,
and he goes,
it’s like a new pair of underwear at first it’s constricted,
but after while becomes a part of you I got to go Steven Spielberg.
Started mono for a whole month rent that are just bored.

[22:56] Where does black pepper come open the door training for the commission.

[23:05] What is the time in a man kills another man it’s cold broke.

[23:24] Like now as soon as I’m done here I’m going to watch the movie
I was like heartbroken that Netflix if you’re watching this right now I don’t know where the camera is why,
in God’s Great glorious name did you take Jaws off of Netflix,
that is the greatest movie of all time cuz you couldn’t possibly have jaws and Scott Pilgrim both on Netflix at the same time can’t do it the documentary Chicken Run,
yes yes yes which which is the best documentary the second best documentary being Surf’s Up closely closely followed by,
another shark movie Sharknado,
it’s like how they keep making Tremors movies.

[24:41] No that’s scanners.

[24:48] Sounds Vaguely Familiar is beige really worthy of all the flat takes in the color wheel.
This one has been turned down before on the trash go.
Do you want to turn it down I guess I don’t have anything to say buy me for the rest of the series running
I feel like page itself is just something that like no one feel strongly about,
unit 2 lesson 2 page alert,
tell my wife I said hello Beyonce where is agenda right,
never make that sound.

[25:51] Briefly during one of the musicals we did at USF I was into Pablo Francisco stand-up specials wear a hat.

[26:04] Well watching the dancers cuz it was disrespectful to the strippers and the,
price of the bouncer talk to this weird was like.
During rehearsals I kept saying it everyone else kept doing it and even during rehearsals on stage
if there’s a scene replace a boss telling,
my employees what’s what I don’t even know what to see what’s about what’s what.
Jennylyn Ben & Jerry’s never make that sound again,
oh well good time.

[27:04] Sounds like great theater.
What albums changed your life for the way you look at music.

[27:23] American Idiot why I’m so shocked.
Federal is an entire speech on that’s in college.

[27:37] I didn’t even know it was just the right place at the right time pat album Which sandwich easy as hell catchy music and.
The energy was just all it all connected with me then that’s I’ve been a fan of green day before but like a mega fan on that album came out says I don’t like you see that was cool then I got you keep more when I turned 18,
cuz I don’t like it with the songs are about now,
just you just like the like the weird timing I just everything like will it was like Monumental for like that.
Peter my wife have her own.
This is no more than just money
I survived the edited versions at Walmart before then I bought The Marshall Mathers LP,
I was going to say hi Translate.
The cat everything and accept the f word like shit was kept in like everything was going to retrospective.

[29:04] What are the edited version of that it’s funny dude.
Like on My Dad’s Gone Crazy.
Pussy a lot and he did like a bunch of cat noises on every time he said pussy like a good excuse awesome coming to yes there’s a,
I’m not sure if I just say the words it’s a French band.
They just talked about hooking up with these women and it was such a stupid song but it’s so catchy the courses I effed my American c u n t,
I replaced both f and c u n t with like bike horns the song myself cuz I wanted to play
my American is fun,
like I can root it was fun to just there was one DMX Party Up by DMX We got so many requests by Bobby to play it on the East Coast.

[30:17] All right I’ll find a clean version will figure it out,
yeah yeah yeah yeah DMX.
Nothing Was the Same the same the same time there’s like if it wasn’t like I just got to get my art stuff.
Carpet carpet smoke some guy last week I just I just know.
And said he will talk about cleaning but with the Rug Doctor anyways, I was just sucking and sucking and sucking it like someone could walk in at the worst time you could have like I was just cleaning it.

[31:32] Dude put your hand down.

[31:39] What happened to talk about the story.

[31:46] I have to say one of the most influential albums for me any album by ICP.

[31:52] If I ever visit you when you have a bunch of Faygo in your fridge,
don’t I have to say Iowa by Slipknot when I was a kid I was really yeah I was very angry child that was.
Fred Durst wife.
Just one of the guys just one of those Human Condition is like the one for me because I never really listen to newer music I was always like.
Billy Joel and Elton John was like one of the one of the few newer artists that I really got behind and it’s absolutely loved it was just amazing that somebody.

[32:53] Dennis teenage actually values like lyricism.
Miss Polly of lyrics and everything that you know that type of musicianship comes back,
it’s there it’s just not for top 40 you know I mean like music in a lot of ways is meant to tell a story,
and like you know a beautiful way to tell a story is lyricism things like that so it’s really forgotten about which sucks I think that really stop.

[33:24] When 2010 came around but I mean like in my like historic favorite genre ever,
that stops like long ago like right,
after 2000 so like I don’t I don’t have like an album off the top of my head that really shaped who I am but like one,
who talking about lyricism one album that really made me like digging for lyricism and learn to like dig into study like,
knowledge of things and even knowledge of music is actually 36 Chambers by the Wu-Tang Clan and they are.
That almost incredible and Wu-Tang and I like in particular just if you research them they are.

[34:07] Mind blowing like I love I love to attend class talk about them for forever.
History of Pirate Bay right I almost died last year the problem was.
There’s a festival and at the same time there were three different bands I want to see at the same time and at the drive-in with my number one,
and Streetlight Manifesto I choose between yes hardcore hip-hop or Scott and I’m just like tickets to see twice before and would tend to cancel cuz I’d the people I was going with.
So I was just like this is my chance to filing like I had it been open,
can I really get out but it’s it’s at the drive-in the main focus / it’s like it’s I like the shorter Punk your stuff.
Yeah I buy like that yeah it’s just.
It looks like it is it’s a green itch first to Mars.

[35:34] That Lemon Grove Isis is 500 waxham a lot for that drum Phillips.
Stupid stupid,
by the way in late November or pump.
I love that, that’s hilarious.
And Paramore play the guilty pleasures by Paramore jawbreaker was playing at the same time.
And I was typing their third show in 21 years and like.

[36:30] So we definitely broke.
It’s his time can you tour for 15 years still have,
what is that like they’re their final.

[36:55] I like that song I get it I think it was just,
I think Haley is making a mature decision as an artist and saying like I wrote this when I wrote this I was in a completely different state of mind then and now that I’ve matured as a person I don’t fully stand behind with the song.
Was attendance
decision I know a lot of fans are upset because it is a fan-favorite but it’s same time if it’s not saying the artist is Passion about anymore I’m going to I’m going to respect that above all.
Absolutely for sure.

[37:40] What’s one musician that took forever for you to like to or appreciate,
I was like I don’t I don’t get it I don’t get it and then I was listening to what song was that and I was coloring,
I would like it all makes sense so beautiful
infestissumam album and I was like I don’t I don’t get this and then meliora came out,
players good that’s the one,
I miss that when it came out but my dad so good.
Ever again especially at the first album Opus eponymous is just it’s incredible but it’s so funny because people in it to like Scooby-Doo,
Stan but it’s it’s not I don’t know yeah the second album is like my favorite.

[38:53] But yeah that’s definitely.
Took me awhile to get into it and what was the question.
Oh yeah it was it took me to see him at the district to have them Blow Me Away.
No that’s it.

[39:28] Alright no another one Matchbox 20.
That sucks songs that are cheesy as fuck like you got to do that.
Detroit Lion.

[40:04] Pearl Jam actually really yeah I know no just cuz a friend of mine a friend of mine like absolutely love Pearl Jam was his favorite was his favorite band,
and so you play all the time I never really got into it and then once I start letting him out on his just like.
I like this.

[40:40] Revere lights.
Making icons don’t look maybe I can do that,
I think I found the one thing that makes me uncomfortable that was fast. Name
any other night is drugs just like.
Good stuff.

[41:48] I think he Audioslave for me I like to rage but it felt weird having Chris Cornell with,
yeah I don’t know.
I miss Chris that’s like he’d like they broke the mold with with his voice.
I meant I went to Bobby and I went to Counting Crows last week
Pearl Jam Love Eddie Vedder think Paul I don’t want to speak for you but I assume that you like Eddie Vedder and his opinion on things but just don’t like the music that’s what I saw on top of a program,
you know how I get like David Letterman he he actually inducted them into the Rock Hall of Fame damn good story about shit.
David Letterman’s kid I can remember his name is.

[42:48] Apparently he got to be really good friends with like a bunch of these bands that would playing the show over the years and Eddie Vedder actually gave the Sun.
Like an acoustic guitar.
Talking about like with what Paul’s talking about.

[43:11] Maybe you might have another respect for any better yet,
that I used it past wifey Bobby and I went to Counting Crows last week or weekend actually it was fun and I,
why the Counting Crows merch guys was on tour with Soundgarden last tour and he said I was on my last tour,
can you go see how we got the call 5 a.m. to Chris’s dad towards done like that’s the most.
Sad ever been like in his life just like damn,
hard black people it’s Bowie or Prince of which I get but it was more Chris Cornell Scott Weiland.
Balls exploding show Eddie Vedder Into The Wild soundtrack just him.
So I think so I think that’s probably because that soundtrack won a Grammy at the so I get that that make sense.

[44:20] But yeah.

[44:24] I don’t know oh you’re you’re talking about the Counting Crows live was fantastic and Counting Crows since the band was good with Adam the singer look.

[44:35] Do ya recognize mean the big on my.
I like Ike a member who made the comment but they said something about he looks like the he like the Halloween crows goodness.
It looks like something if I put that weight on Adam duritz.
But like rash on armpits she has to grow her hair out.
What do his hair that was like oh my God.

[45:18] By the way.
Really quickly I finally thought of something is.
Believe It or Not Eminem because my like taste and Hip Hop,
is not Eminem Not all his album is the one that nobody knows about and that’s infinite in my opinion and you know that’s the one when he was like it’s his very first one.
It’s the one that kind of got him recognized by dr. Dre before exactly really popular in like.
From the 2010s on you know I would listen to him and I was like man I just like.

[46:08] I don’t really like the Beats I don’t like the way that your syndicating your Rhymes and things like that I just I don’t really like it and I thought there was a lot of better Lyricist out there.
But now whenever I was into him like,
if someone’s been doing it for you know however long that he’s been doing it 25 30 years and he’s wildly successful he can’t help but like grow to appreciate someone and like one of the one of the best ways that I like to get to know artist is actually,
like physically reading their lyrics a lot like while listening to the music cuz then it’s like you’re actually being taken on that journey and like doing that with Eminem it’s like okay I like I kind of can get behind you now,
and then I like him a little bit so,
at work cuz I’m a big reader and stuff so lyrics are really important to me and there’s some people that are just like more,
the branch off.
I feel the same way about Connie I’m a big guy Nate and by the way just to let you know first and foremost.
But I mean like what Blake like I said earlier with with Eminem work used for he’s hungry.

[47:33] I’d say Eminem was I really dug Eminem stuff up until Marshall Mathers LP 2 and then that were to die.

[47:42] Kanye I would say maybe up to you this and use this is so kind of a kind of a mixed bag because like some of those some of those beats.

[47:52] Do you keep with that shit together and he didn’t care in like the first three albums he was hungry he wanted he wanted quality in the further it went.
Aside for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which is a masterpiece.

[48:08] You can you can if there’s like a solid Line in the Sand Yeezus he like he produce Like a Hurricane.

[48:16] Game quality like maybe half the album cuz like I remember reading some things were here like on an airplane going back and forth to all these places so he was writing the album while he’s on the plane and it’s like he didn’t give his Focus he wasn’t doing a hundred percent on the album.
Everything after that was just like life of Pablo on like I didn’t like life of Pablo presides ultralight beam.
Dance rich is the opening track and then after that you can just shut the rest of the outlaw ghost with Kid Cudi,
I like that album,
yeah I did you just like there’s a great quote by a very smart man.
And it’s don’t half-ass two things whole ass one thing made by finish it with me.
Ron Swanson Omaha knowledge Parks and Rec at every Plaza should you stand it I love Aubrey Plaza I would marry her in our state,
did it right cell phone advertisements.

[49:32] Life After Beth is incredible it’s on Netflix yet.
Best of Both Worlds I have all four Hulu Netflix Showtime HBO yeah,
it goes in spurts I’ll watch a lot of stuff on HBO now. I want to see that so badly.
I can lend you my HBO now I’d want it to friends cuz they just want to watch Fairy.
Not not you Facebook parasite I don’t pay for my Netflix or Hulu.

[50:21] And Showtime I bought for kidding with Jim Carrey.
Oh you mad I watch two episodes It’s Dark and carries a weird dude it’s saying something.
I have to say that he’s.
Being weird have your own weird yeah I got it for originally I’m dying up here which is a dramatic show about stand-up comedy in the seventies is a really good show.

[50:49] Thank you Danny Kaye more like okay there’s no reason to have this again so it’s like this is dark and it’s really interesting to read I just don’t like them.
I like did you know that he’s like a really good artist.

[51:12] I guess I don’t know I like still like Jim Carrey but he just I don’t know.
I like the deepest I just have a quick question what is the policy on using the restroom while in the show.
Oh wow it,
I don’t matter of sloppy joes extra song lady you’re scaring reaction when he sees other kids,
People Like Us
I’ll never not laugh at that like super hard.
Do as far as the Jim Carrey thing goes though like did you guys watch the documentary about so good.
It just changed the way I watched my other ones I so I love man the mood for that documentary changed.

[52:34] Anybody familiar with Jim Carrey in Duck Factory.

[52:47] Yeah he was in Peggy Sue got married with Nicolas Cage and that’s a great film,
and if you watch the kids break down and yes I did your moments.
Is one of the few moments we get Nicolas Cage
just intellectually breaking down his characters and it’s it’s it’s not Nicolas Cage as a meme it’s Nicolas Cage as a veteran actor
going through bit by bit like how these characters came about and talks a lot about his inspiration from like German film
ain’t talked about like vampires kisses it was his favorite movie to make
because you just took all this inspiration from like German films and like old horror films and just try to combine it together and see how far he could push himself he talks about that and Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans where he was like if you would actually have
keep you up like a line of like a sugar.

[53:46] Substitute thing and just like wood we’re just like go hold for the character
we talked about going through the alphabet like yeah yeah yeah it’s on his phone
you should also like Jason Bateman breaks down his character.
You guys watch Ohio so I love Jason Bateman in any role that he’s been in but like Ozark is different because he’s like you don’t know if you should cheer for him or if you’re like.

[54:31] You know cuz he was I don’t want to get any thing you know he talks about that breaking down his role in Max it’s like,
has a power struggle with,
Tim and Ellen Page or it’s kind of like Susie Lee,
I don’t know if I should cheer for you if I want you to die,
everything that it can be hard to get through I have stopped and restarted many times,
and he’s he’s like got on my case several times.
It’s so many things on my list of things to watch an hour little over each so it’s like,
flashlight off,
in my opinion it is D like prime example of character development in a show like there is no better,
storytelling format of character development.

[55:40] I love it so much Vince is as everyone’s a terrible person but they have reasons for being a terrible.

[55:51] Which isn’t actually the quote but.
No it’s no it’s like it’s like that it’s like the Luke I am your father thing like I just got turned into something sorry next time,
Haynes Garden. Let him know so I think it’s fair to say Nicolas Cage.
For sure.

[56:24] I never seen face off if I have two copies or do you want to see,
I want to watch it yes ma’am,
yeah it’s got Nicolas Cage,
I forgot what today is like.

[56:59] I don’t do it I can take it what’s the best thing that’s French.

[57:08] Kisses Fred.
I don’t know I don’t know but many things that are friends I got to be honest kids are y’all dressing.
Dodge Challenger price but I don’t care,
check your local public Circa 2003 is a 15 year old joke gun.

[57:45] Why do people named Richard like to go by dick and do they like to or do people just forced that apartment,
selfie fail I think I can.
2 seconds game.
Shout out does your name ever again shout out to the best Nascar driver the early 2000s Dick Trickle,
I wish I was kidding I wasn’t.
Just kidding. Do you prefer artist.
Do you prefer artist to go out on top or keep going so out of touch.

[59:00] Could also be a lot of.
Except exception to that rule like stop making albums but keep touring Billy Joel did that maybe the most recent thing Machine Gun Kelly.
Apologize it’s true,
force it kind of thing but it’s like if you feel that you can’t top that.
And your and you said you never get so fly by for like I can top this thing just don’t.
I don’t know turning out albums in this.
Yeah like I did not get started tour you fire Lindsey Buckingham what more do you have going on.
Like why the hell do you know there was a big there’s a big rift in the band.

[1:00:13] In regards to how much old vs new stuff that they were going to do which I’m assuming if he was on the favor of we’re going to do a lot of old stuff.
And they wanted it newer stuff that probably left him without a real.
The place that you wanted in the band on the tour sure if they wanted to do older stuff you probably would be singing.
What’s up that early cuz I kind of stopped listening to Fleetwood Mac’s material after the early eighties.

[1:00:43] Yeah this is one of those bands I never did it for me I would go because Tom Petty’s lead guitarist is now in the band.

[1:00:52] I’m just kidding sorry I’m sorry,
a weird thing about that everybody nice I like that.

[1:01:09] I heard that news from last DJ.
You don’t know how it feels,
TD me up we get one Tom Petty impersonation every single episode and turn we’re going to go get a Supercut of you doing Tom Petty,
no but I did sing you wreck me almost too long.
Can you bring me into so yeah.
Last Dance with Mary she can hang out with one famous person who would it be and why.
I’m a fool I’m a believer of don’t ever meet your Heroes PS2.

[1:02:15] S4 Legion Spain was it was a question famous people famous.

[1:02:20] Person person I watch that the Elon Musk Joe Rogan.

[1:02:30] I would hang out with him I’ll just like like what’s on your mind,
but the only thing that really fucking bothered me then afterwards I found out that like right after that,
they did a random drug screening and his company SpaceX does regular random upon screenings and will fire you for it dance.
Critical job Ferry yeah yeah yeah that’s,
free that’s that’s going to lay him on his part but like it is said the interview was a good interview.

[1:03:21] He was very like he’s teeth out about what who sang before he actually said it type of thing you know how like.
Late night talk show and sometimes I like stammer they’ll kind of just be kind of thinking out loud he was like he’s going to say it and saw it and then who say what he saying.
And like you might very he knew exactly what was going on the whole time.

[1:03:44] Verena blue the hell up when he like smoke that blunt and I had some drink of a whiskey whatever but like,
very short thing exactly someone,
sore throat.
Freestyle seriously looks like a guy an alien that’s trying to disguise himself as a human.
And The Mask slipping,
most of the energy.
Just chill.

[1:04:41] How do I make a Jeff Goldblum think I see yes or no way
know what’s that’s what I’ve heard.
Let me try to sleep.
Is it the video of him eating hot wings.

[1:05:25] I think I think they gave him vegan hot wings if I’m not mistaken for a place to dance the question.

[1:05:36] I don’t know man I just watched segue into my person Neil deGrasse Tyson.
We did.

[1:05:57] I was not expecting to be that engaging the public speaker,
what what do you think about in daily basis like what explain the universe. You’re up
I think of Neil deGrasse Tyson it looks like in what sounds are proving of the podcast like
yeah I like it it like in some shows like when you go to the lake like a centralized government building and you know how there’s like always like a random picture like whoever the president is.
That made me think about you it’s like a couple maybe my wife kept saying it look like.
In the world.
Knowing even when he was at Auggie yeah he initiated it by saying just pretend were at a bar talking about space.
But yeah his interview with Joe Rogan too he was talking about space force horse yeah he was talking about space and he was kind of like.

[1:07:20] Positive side of space words like why we should.
Yeah we need it we’ve been talking about it for decades it just happens that it’s getting brought up under Trump so it’s getting the.
That was really cool
it’s an if it takes it takes the footage from from Thor Ragnarok and then it said there’s an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia I was not anticipating
just sucks girl from,
we’re like they’re they’re just so cuz they’re going to this thing over and Atlanta extension like charity thing.

[1:08:12] Trucker and the truckers like some sort of like sex freak or something like that in the shop Automotive like what we were expecting.
Charity thing and he’s like well. Maybe we can get a room or not.
You guys split me open like a coconut that,
I’d look at the bloopers of that
I’ve not always the best hits.

[1:09:00] Stats and I can’t say it they can’t say it because it’s out.
There’s so many like that episode where were Frankie.
It was all busted do I look suspicious any good makeup
and he looks dead.

[1:09:36] The police off you like I’m busted and then get the other guy he’s like a judge or something like that like for you.
I think my favorite one from Sunny with Frank ever is the one where,
is inside of the couch sometimes it’s so much like the Jim Carrey Ace Ventura,
what is Danny DeVito scale look like more amazing that show,
the epidemic where was getting sick and they have the acapella competition,
shaves everything and he’s covered in sanitizer and just wonder where does
the the one where they think it’s high school or Union and they all think like,
what’s happening in their mind is like they’re just dismantling that like dance sequence and choreographed and stuff like that but I think they’re all on drugs during it right.

[1:10:49] What industry is a Mac got fat and credible like the fact that he got fat For the Love of the Game
yes daddy Hughes Hughes the secret sauce that show.
Country Mac is one of my favorite characters ever to.
Oh man episode oh. Is when they’re in the closet and you know it.
Why Safari.
That was the one with the,
with the gang solves the gasoline shortage
every type of correction that one guy’s car.
Drinking cups.
How much gas in the world.

[1:12:13] Do not follow that much gasoline attract The Crowd by by shooting Fireballs like you’re going to do that
the letter shop in Arizona there are far too many looks.
My favorite episodes of the bed that is so funny,
right there at the brake line
fix the brake cable and then they just keep going.

[1:13:02] Mexico that was a long handle last one towards you doing stand-up,
it’s just like Charlie translator,
I’m half robot half ASL,
real people problems you’re going to want to do all this because the cat’s going to start.
Star of the show has been thawed up when they’re like fucking Blitz set a reminder something,
the application they just commented the application,
that okay yeah I remember that.

[1:14:29] My chicken dance,
Iron Man and the name they like the bonfire.

[1:14:46] Should you like two more topics in Mancala.

[1:14:57] Why are scientists working on bringing dinosaurs back seems like there’s at least four movies as tonight,
I would agree I would agree, sir.
Yes Y’all suck Chris Brattle save the world though,
okay hold on I’m so sorry but I watch Jurassic world you can’t tame
Philosoraptor you cannot depend on track contain whatever,
desk right except the dinosaur at Wall Drug,
please make possible lifetrak scenarios for Carlton Banks post Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I think one very clearly is America’s Funniest Home Videos,
what is Carlton going to do after Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where that show ended makeup life scenarios,
are and yet America’s Funniest Home Videos he’s just falling around Tom Bergeron.

[1:16:11] Just following him around.
Oh yes.
I hope that’s not true. That’s not a good look dude I want to open up a clothing store called,
Chasm it’s like that but way bigger.

[1:16:45] I get it though can I see first words.
Is that what it is.

[1:17:11] If you could be in any film or play that’s already happened what part would you put yourself in with the rest of the cast already attacked.

[1:17:23] IMovie I don’t care.
I’d be a boom operator In a Boogie Nights the fluffer guy.
We need the Flopper Italian Stallion.

[1:17:44] Cemetery on Friends.
She has the best fucking lines in every show episode of a show like.
There be more Kim’s I know that for that but I don’t know what that means science stuff.

[1:18:06] I never watch friends I got it I got to be honest sorry he just trying to do with them jokes.
I would I take over as Neville in the Harry Potter franchise.

[1:18:28] That are you know like keep them by thing like Metals a great side character who.
Has he has such a great story arc in the books that isn’t fully realized in the movies and I feel like you could have done.
Yes you can actually it’s a funny I think it’s a fun roll there’s a lot to dig in there that’s a good guy that’s really good answer actually.
I mean because it what was it that that Voldemort actually chose the path of Harry Potter.

[1:19:06] Hands down I think that was the biggest that was the biggest most underrated reveal about series.

[1:19:19] It’s a tough start from the fan theory that Dumbledore was like death all along.

[1:19:27] Those those theories man.
Zach laski one time was very brief,
burglary story he was a history major in college for the one year he was in college and someone asked him why he was a history major.
His story is bad.
Well yeah there’s a lot of God that sounds like me when I was a first-year history major I still have not forgiving him for the grocery.
Oh yeah the reason why I made that face and okay.
He okay so like one of the very first times I’m at him nobody gave me a warning about this guy,
so perfect yeah yeah so I’m like so I’m at the radio station and song comes on and goes,
oh can’t can we change this out like I can’t listen Counting Crows anymore I might.
It’s it’s because when I was younger my my parents and I were in a really bad car accident and both of them were badly injured and they later died and I remember that Counting Crows was playing on the radio.

[1:20:57] When the car crash happened in so I like I can’t listen to me when I just like a dude I’m so sorry I got cat and I did not find out until like days later,
that he would. He was a pathological liar
he made up the whole story I was actually angry because I was on that Journey slime
oh it’s not the Counting Crows message Zach a photo photo of me at the concert with Bobby
and zackgoes are you at this concert right now.
Yeah so that was my very first interaction with guy and I I still not forgiving and forgetting about those,
we did it we did improv scene once where he had to play a drunk Edgar Allan Poe.
I like crows
Raven Raven.
The Crow.

[1:22:19] Was it a good show though,
looks having an atom during between a song with soul long-winded story and it was cool to hear the stories but they were very long stories,
and people in the audience for like yelling just play the damn songs.
Live like I didn’t realize how many hits light had like 6 or 7 that you would hear on the radio in the 90s
kid like they did. They are underrated they were wasting time they’re just playing each song Bam Bam Bam and the singer knew the name of the city where is Adams and saying just lays great to be here.
Like you could tell he didn’t care where he was like where is the singer Lively
Sioux City you’re with me. Kind of stuff like that happens though they call Sioux Falls Sioux City
like the stair thing it said Sioux City.
So I can’t remember if they like put something over that or got a new stair Cascade I’m sure they probably did something.

[1:23:36] I was born day really.
That’s all you got to say.
You smell well I’m not your nothing against like where your problem just saying like every time I begged and I don’t I don’t mind.
Until I give him crap but I had way too much fun in college down there so.
Lone Survivor the only thing is and like everybody’s going to be like well yeah.
Man they got to figure out that construction is done on Facebook I think it was France they like.
Read it an entire section of the interstate in 15 hours like they redid everything and like had it up and moving 15 hours and like Sioux City is like.
Fixing nearest yeah well France in our defense France probably has like 30 miles.

[1:24:40] Little little bit of scale there we come from France.
Call Ron Coneheads.
Robert zoellner.

[1:25:04] I just like.
Crystal Light Swan quoted the movie to me last week when I said Maps or something like that a Pacific Chris Farley said when.
The daughter conehead eats the subway too fast like,
oh shit I like Chris Farley with his jokes,
that is awesome.

[1:25:47] There was to do one more topic.
Just really quick I will probably want to do something really small but like like in Star Wars you know how.

[1:26:04] Simon Pegg.

[1:26:17] And it yeah he was credited for that shit and all he did was,
impactful something where you can walk around like in your normal life not get harassed but if you go to a convention,
cassia mask.
Another character there’s a character movie Kids in the Hall brain candy.
Oh it’s so good did fully plays a character that just pops into scenes as a background character when something good happens,
but who the hell are you videos,
that’s the end of the sky sky or like you know how I like an in Pulp Fiction when they’re in the when they’re in the diner and then.
She wore to the coffee shop manager and he’s like they’re about to shoot him or whatever he’s like,
Keke’s credited in the movie as coffee shop cuz he’s sown honestly like.
Since Blake Pulp Fiction by favorite movie of all times I would probably be Marvin.

[1:27:45] You shot Marvin in the face I know you get to watch the entire story develop and especially you get to see one of the most badass scenes of all time
not even have an opinion. Have an opinion
you racing Gods came down and Travolta resurrected his career with that move in an eye,
Travolta so much as I love musical theater and singing and dancing,
and he’s actually put up like I mean even even post Pulp Fiction he doesn’t some good hairspray was great I love it,
Wild Hogs.
In Hot Tub Time Machine when the guys get in the tub told bail bonding I need to see a little dogs.

[1:28:39] How to reboot an old dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta
I forgot how much I miss Robin Williams I was watching the Mork & Mindy 40th anniversary Marathon
don’t ask but is like look at somebody who just acted was such an attention ality in the way he smiled at everything was just so great
yeah I was having a Nostalgia overload moment today when I saw the post about it being the.
20th anniversary of Phil Hartman staff absolute favorite brutal time frame Chris Farley and Phil are burned passed away this late on there like in my top five cast members.
Just like a bolt made any scene for.
No matter what the Santa Clause in the lobby is trying to kill me.
Charlton Heston reading a church advertise during a book on tape and dirty book I like my butt.
A stare at it in the mirror whenever I get the chance.
Pearl Harbor was just the best Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey has a smell soothing voice.

[1:30:02] Did you really did a charge but it’s like.
Quick one more topic when you guys were talking about Pulp Fiction and I would probably play the bride.
Oh yes I’m a massive Tarantino fan yes we watch his movies.
I have the soundtrack on my phone one of the biggest things about Tarantino like that is underappreciated but people forget it’s his choice.

[1:30:42] Dude and his music.
It is so good and Tarantino I’m excited for his Manson movie.
Everybody was thinking like all those two pair.
Oh she turns you on Instagram,
no I don’t that would be Leonardo DiCaprio it up it’s the first thing that pops up,
because you are my favorite actress to is Leo Margot Robbie.

[1:31:36] Damon Herriman.

[1:31:48] So just randomly do you guys see there’s like a Peter that just came out over the weekend of Joaquin Phoenix the hell do I think about that,
I’m in the.
Fine with it
The Joker again after Heath Ledger the best performance ever.
Ypsilanti the one that picks up the torch and I feel for Jared Leto cuz it’s like.
Who the fuck could have followed he had to do something completely different and how the fuck you follow that until your phone. Could have competed with that side,
I applaud him for like attacking it and actually trying to do something new with it and I didn’t care for it.

[1:32:54] You know he’s got my sympathy for that that was point the fucking hurdle though Warner self over.

[1:33:03] Will forever be Mark Hamill of course,
that level again to me like the most iconic rendition of that character is what Mark Hamill,
I don’t know if you would do it but like that I feel like that personality has yet to be fully explored,
good ways to say Mark Hamill’s the voice and Heath Ledger is the,
Mark Hamill you can’t you can’t compete with that that is the Joker voice.

[1:33:39] So but the thing I didn’t like about those thing was.
They sold Justice League.
Just leaving so that’s why it’s entirely on like the Joker’s in this movie three different plots,
then you hired a trailer company to come in and recut it and said make this work with the joker and then it ended up like scrapping.
I Frankenstein the movie for something else inside it’s one of those where the soundtrack was better than the,
oh yeah, and it’s cover was just so good,
I will agree to that too I can’t wait I can’t wait for the sequel that’s never going to happen in Justice League,
Quentin Henry Cavill as Superman.
What yes yes yeah I heard that rumor but it still has to realize it with her.

[1:35:03] Yeah could make the next Batman cuz I thought,
Ben Affleck was actually back on the fucking doctor dude this is such a superficial thing he didn’t have the right chin for Batman,
Christian Bale with George Clooney chin George George George George George Clooney was the best.

[1:35:31] I feel like George Clooney was George Clooney.

[1:35:40] There’s a lot of things that Ben Affleck was the best.
Bruce Wayne’s baby.

[1:35:51] That’s my main question she loud,
Uma Thurman was my very first Russian.
That have Tom Hardy come back as that they had that party it was. He was incredible.
Yes yes and that was after they fix the audio they ended up his voice for every fucking scene cuz cuz you
I decided flashing light tells like what happened Security check pulse Point app is there a crash.
Post wine is like and it’s a great app for my job because any time that Sioux Falls fire rescue gets dispatched.
They give you the exact location what it is,
what’s up post point it looks like.

[1:37:14] Well the camera can’t really see but it’s loading.
Her well I’m not going to try not to come.
Do you think VHS will ever go back in style,
if that’s a way to answer the question is it.

[1:37:47] Way more than the war in Iraq right now,
I’m a come back in style for like certain things like people who have parties and watch films and just VHS no other option on little TV with the VCR,
like in it and I said that’s all I have in my room,
and I will have all my Disney movies I have Face-Off on VHS will ever come back.
Popular Resort in Russia.
It’s running around shirtless with Vladimir Putin.
The only reason I want DHS to come back in style is so that the do you know do shift schedule come back into popularity do you know dude.
Where is this guy this guy calls into a like a basic basically a Best Buy or something and he’s trying to buy a dude player.

[1:39:10] Oh yeah that was a psych first there was this and now there’s Goot I just can’t look at a tooth.

[1:39:21] What was that last one I just can’t look at it to JVC LCD TV.
I have a plasma tube and know what I want to look at the truth.
I used to literally tape and I would go to like Target and buy the stack of the HS recordables all the time and I stopped at a weird year 2012,
I was just reading what know I was reading the comment above that says dude you and me are hanging hard and I just.
I feel like that’s not how that works that’s on a delay I look like I’m slowly lose,
you’re probably wondering how I got here,
around me awesome hell yeah I stopped using VHS when,
I discovered Hulu and Netflix.

[1:40:46] When I was a really really young kid Mom and Dad hate HBO so there’s always movies on there and like like Wayne’s World adventure like.
And they were.
Record them off the beach Bo on HBO DirecTV.
Mortal Kombat was the first movie One Direction he’s ever get that for the whole family’s my little sister was like.
V said it was her favorite movie The World took it over to my grandma’s house and then we’ll have a larious yeah that most hilarious.
Her describing that like I still remember that years later she just like.
So she asked watch this movie called Mortal Kombat.
God bless you Grandma.
Can I comment on the spelling of combat what was it spelled with she did mention that she just complain about the Flash.

[1:41:56] Eyeballs,
I used to love going to Lewis and that Brenton movies and not returning them one of them it was a real it was an out of print film,
how to free bhsn like 96 97 movie 97 till I got,
and it was like one of the only cops they had it there in like I’ll have to see this before I want to see Weird Al film at work cuz we all we all do,
and so I rented it my mom talked to the owner and sit can my son have this like,
and it was a really hard to find video from like 1998.

[1:42:59] One love Jah bless Duggar Bluffs cover Bluff.
Sore last part of the show is Shameless plugs because I painted like to promote.
30 things that you have going on you’d like to share.

[1:43:26] Well we just did the British Invasion Cabaret for goodnight feeder Collective.
Let me go it was awesome I haven’t gotten involved in musicals or theater since college and like to do it again was chess Soul filling those incredible.

[1:43:50] If I do need to plug something if you’re ever up.
From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. turn it to either 46 or soon to be 21 to rescan your channels.
And you can hang out with me Subway.
Keep screen from there’s a there’s a three-tone thing that would have.
If you ever need your home power-washed.

[1:44:38] I can do that actually don’t please don’t,
we ate we are absolutely booked for the okay quick plug first like painting we are absolutely booked for the exterior season cuz like we are already pushing into November and we have no idea if the weather is going to hold up,
but we do do into your work so if you want your house painted sometime in the winter we doing to your stuff,
but if you need your house painted like starting next spring or summer were also I’m selling for that so.
Working like 65 hours a week and real fast especially with all the rain and potential snow,
I’ve been treating the ink in the willow which is an intervalve it short film.

[1:45:45] So that’s that’s what I got going on just working at Ojos.

[1:45:52] Look at the cool way to refer to it going to owe.
Are chewy plug might as well,
but you’re not even touch they’re going to collaborate for the soul crate rap karaoke.

[1:46:20] I don’t think that I don’t think the name is actually on the event is now it’s just rap karaoke nuts but newest Pentatonix it’s fun.
Peter and I are deciding if we do collaborate what song to go for we’re not sure but when is it.

[1:46:46] So it’s this one I think there’s a cover charge I think he’s it is like 5 or 10 bucks on my way.
Oh no no no
oh my God they came out with Emoji I don’t know.
Not they didn’t have the poop when I would like you had an opportunity,
oh one more thing though that I’m not directly involved with but I love supporting local music is that your face metal Fest is at Biggs my Saturday
is a great menu.
It’s burnt it’s not far from here yeah I know it’s,
I just like to say is somebody give us a lot of like different musicians performers passenger bakes is always like a super super big supporter of local axle okay thank you for that and like they get they get some.
Strangely huge acts to shelter.

[1:48:10] Mushroomhead mushroom it in the mail so DevilDriver my head.
Yeah there’s like 4 shows that night.

[1:48:42] I think that I don’t think all my eggs are done.

[1:48:51] Empire podcast live recording at supercon will first off let let let me just unpacked will supercon thing I will be at a booth through the whole weekend Friday Saturday Sunday Come harass me whatever,
I may or may not show up on Saturday dressed as the Hulk and full green body paint that rumor has not been confirmed yet but that may happen to figure out how to not get the body pains all over all my gadgets that I’m working.
According it with photos and audio recorders.
Cuz I can sweat that I tried to go without Albert and college and it looked everyone says I look like a burn victim
no powder powder powders what you do,

[1:49:46] Friday Friday I’m doing a tutorial on how to do this crazy podcasting stuff so if you want to learn that I won’t be like fucking around I’ll actually tell you that technicals of how to do this that’s Friday night at 7.
And then the fucking round will be on Saturday night 7 p.m. with Zach dresch and comedian white boy and still waiting on confirmation on Sarah Werner from girl in space Right Now podcast.
And we’ll be doing one of my favorite bits we ever did for the Sioux Empire podcast Sioux Empire fantasy Fight Club,
so kind of random like the dress code but we’re going to give you like different fights like,
who would win in a physical battle and it’ll be like an example would be like Kristi noem versus David The Gnome.

[1:50:31] Who would win and why support your support your answer on a farm so,
I know but David gnomes got the magic in he’s got that fox Man in the Box like LOL your eyes and anyway it’ll be,
yeah and then Sunday and then that same night we’re doing a live recording of Macabre Noir where to get into system paranormal shit to see just how haunted we can get the Sioux Falls convention center before they throw us out.
And then what kind of demons we can summon or some shit and yeah it should be a great time we’re all doomed and yeah and then check out the mat and Travis’s free magic show on Sunday for family day.
Family Guy oh I forgot it’s and I have a show,
that is so good in two weeks that’s right I’ve never been there I’ve heard it’s a great place so I’m excited,
I also good in Garretson it’s a really great restaurant that house shows and stuff so that’s a good place and I’m heading out candy to kids as the flu bug in late October,
we go a couple nights they asked me to go to jail I know the tree are coordinator for flu bug which is nuts
yeah do you have another one bite and they asked if I wanted to do a photo with the governor.

[1:51:57] Good night I know they want me to creep while he was getting the flu shot.

[1:52:07] So lovey-dovey phone is awesome so it’s I want to dresses with Viper rap karaoke bar.

[1:52:15] So I think it’s the same night too so I want it I want it feel my settings.
How do I sort of want to keep it a secret but I want I want to try to get a Kim jeong-hoon man romper.
For his face full face on a romper I want to try to rock that.
Says it’ll be in a month, so I can hopefully have time.

[1:52:44] Yeah I’m I’m I’m hoping for the Romper so.
I’ll try and get to costumes that night so the flu bug and I’ll wear something that’s white and nerdy.
that that’s it for a plug the next we got everything I think we got it right,
which are now moving that to the end of January so 2019 going to be stacked for going to end up with three shows back to back to back,
Prince Place in November November 15th we are now doing we’re doing another reading this time.
Yeah so that’s we were we got some stuff in the works there so I’ll have more details once we are going out those details but reading the following November 15th and then only I know we’re pushing back to end of January.
Next episode here will be Monday October 8th yes we Mouse but I got some.

[1:53:55] Wings in the fire that we’re going to unleash.
Stick around and check our Facebook for updates and Lena Garrett Simon take you guys to be on the show.
The dress code.

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