The Dresch Code Ep 011 Renaissance People

The Dresch Code Ep 011 Renaissance People

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Worst superheroes, worst actors, what makes a good artist, worst onstage flub, who is a true renaissance artist, Spaceballs or Blazing Saddles, comedy actors doing great drama, if you had a personal theme song, underrated movies, actors or actresses you wish would make a come back, and many more.


Monstrous Little Theatre Company

Guests:  Debbi Jones, Rebekah Merriman, and Seth Benson

Machine Transcript
[0:19] Hello everyone I’m Zach dresch I’m right now you’re watching a listening to,
the address of Comedy all that good stuff,
If I have Blues artist puppet show we lose our tattoos you curl winter sport.
You girls should get a loser loser,
oh so before we get started with the bucket of questions and topics I would like to introduce the Roundtable or round circle.
Doing great and fantastic.
Secret Debra coordinator executive director monstrous Little Theatre actress.

[1:31] Lots of other stuff extraordinaire Debbie Jones Houston things choreographer,
Rebekah Merriman,
so how the show and Game Works is Ryan I will talk now.
You don’t mind you just friendship friendship friendship.

[2:06] So show words is Ryan and I will pull a topic from this bucket,
and we can decide if that passes or fails the dress code past means yes I will talk about it fail means no I will not lie I would not like to talk about that and the majority of the vote wins the majority vote was,
all these topics about Theater movies and everyday questions.

[2:31] To get started we should all right Ryan dumbest superhero ever.
Pass way I feel.
I’m going to pass because I do have something in mind have you ever heard of Danny the street
no I think it’s I think his name is Danny but I think it’s Danny the street but it’s a sentient piece of road in a town.
I don’t really remember the backstory but it’s a favor there’s a whole comic series about this sentient piece of asphalt in a town street and help stop crying.

[3:15] Okay okay okay okay that is so amazing that hasn’t made its way into the Avengers movies,
Marvel classic untappd.
Freddy’s actual like the worst superheroes or like if I was creating it what would be the worst superhero pick the game world’s worst.
World’s worst superheroes Rebekah Camp Rock Show today Kar Facebook we need a topic,
superhero she puts glitter on everything.

[4:06] It’s more like a super super villain Aquaman was pretty.
In my opinion I’m so sad.
Yeah you just looks like a superhero with just his normal.
If you could somehow Vine mermaidman and Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
mermaid boy,
Halloween costume
any other ones you can think of.

[5:10] Which I prepared I I could come up with something there was that movie Sky High from like 12 years ago that I always was told to watch about superheroes in high school or something like that.
It’s not that bad,
I love the TV show Psych and they did a superhero.
Episode and Dule Hill played tap man because he could tap dance and like if I was ever going to be a superhero I probably would be like.
Sand Sublime to Albuquerque New tap dance on Santa Rita pouches saying he would tap dance and then away Style Style points.

[6:07] Napoleon Dynamite had a short-lived animated series, and Kim was a magician in one episode and he goes to a saloon with all these angry Cowboys and throws glitter on them,
answer to time for you,
and there’s your doing the glitter villain that’s why.
Yep this is good her dress is his gangster self layer of the film just Napoleon,
10-4 shall we move on move on.
Dell passes Goodfellas bad.
Worst actor or actress that people love I’ll talk about that.
Kristen Stewart.

[7:20] I’m sorry sorry Christmas to her her mouth is always open.
She was better in bad lip reading and she wasn’t even in that technically vocally it’s like the girl who plays Jenny.
On paper towel oh my God sunspark how much time left,
she’s like this fiery right crazy awesome that actress was young.
Paper towel boys why is what about like Fran Drescher.

[8:11] I love her though I’m so I’m like I guess I’m bi flag.
For a while Wisconsin and Crusher.
I would have to say this one is a little random but Candice Bergen I’m just not a fan,
actress or actor or actress you can go either.

[8:49] Ryan Gosling I do not understand the appeal for Ryan Gosling I just and I could see that I just don’t remember watching Drive in thinking,
as awesome as the rest of this movie is he was the weak Link in the film in my pussy didn’t do much I guess that was the point but like.

[9:10] I’m going to go with.
Colin Farrell and not because of his acting but because of the like in eight curse that he carries with him,
trees in nothing but movies that on paper I’m like that sounds like a fucking fantastic movie.
Phone booth so I guess I haven’t seen phone booth.

[9:36] Wallpaper it sounds great. You sucking it held it rent at gunpoint in a phone booth and he’s sucking up hungry for the whole film.
Foot like new the new world that should have been like a great movie how do you make Alexander the Great fucking boring,
how literally the conquest of the goddamn world and it near where people spoke travel further than like
6 miles from where they live or they’re fucking lost forever and I got conquers the entire planet and you make the story fucking boring,
what’s the most heated I’ve ever seen you get from topic I think you ever like even like episodes talking about like,
war crimes in shit I think that’s the most animated I’ve ever been I’m thinking about it’s like the fucking remake of Total Recall.
New World Alexander there’s more there’s more.

[10:40] She was on an episode of Scrubs that was fantastic and Irish brother or in Irish,
the other one bill Bono saying this is going to be a lot of people upset Will Smith.
I could I can’t I get the fuck out if you don’t know I can’t because it’s only ever Will Smith.
But yeah but that’s what’s great about it.
A lot of people that saw a Suicide Squad would agree disagree himself and everyone is really upset about that kind of thing.

[11:21] That was the thing of that movie they were upset about free was terrified,
does Jared Leto count yeah yes I hate you.
Here on the dress code were full of positivity,
if you had to who would you kill what makes a good artist for you,
what what makes a good artist for you relatability.

[12:16] That sounds like obvious but it’s kind of it’s true if they proceed or precede in anyways like relatable and not stuck up and.
And their talent was great that’s pretty much a nice stack move ingredients that make a good artist for me,
you you have to be willing to to approach things in Dothan,
hey that’s my problem was I guess a lot of modern music is that just does not it’s just bag it’s bag there’s no real depth to it at all. I love you I like Jon Bellion I mean because he takes the time to explain in-depth,
how he feels about certain things or how he views the world.

[13:01] If you could convey emotion successfully that but it doesn’t come across as contrived or false than.
I was going to say honesty I think they are,
Desert Discovery realness in openness and honesty to whatever it is that they’re creating it’s authentic and then relatable can I going back to the time like you can connect with that.
I feel like when there isn’t that when there isn’t.

[13:32] But they’re honest about who they are and what they wanted to create you could you see that it’s like I don’t believe you especially I think was acting anytime you watch movies.
Like you lost me because I’m I really don’t believe what you’re saying is like well you know.
I can fast-forward through this now or I’m done with movies and stuff I can’t watch a movie that’s too out there.
Like I can only watch movies that are pulled out real life kind of interaction
totally Turn Up full episode for lunch today I guess it’s it’s if it’s a movie that’s made just for the pure spectacle of it I don’t care
like a lot of movies like Blockbuster Summer Films I could not care about,
yeah I would agree with everything that’s been said I would also add if it’s a great artist or someone who is reliable,
who reliability is something that often gets lost in the artistic world.

[14:40] I think a quality that makes a great artist and true.
Controversy with Kevin Spacey and how they had to redo shoot massive chunks of was all the money in the world.
Christopher Plummer needs to come in and do this movie in like 2 weeks and I got it and then got a a a,
at the top of their crafting you know can come in and do this a high level of work in short notice.

[15:14] Summary of why should a musician you said like there was one year were,
The Dark Knight came out in the same summer Rachel getting married came out and I chose Rachel getting married as the greatest film of that year and it was like why would you say that when The Dark Knight came out like,
I really do it better
darn I just read is everyone did it’s more I could really resonate with Rachel can you marry far more than I could Dark Knight unless you’re like the Joker than though,
I respect your opinion get the fuck out,
I never thought any other thoughts on that.
Arranged on an artist,
if they can like form acts and then also go on and do whatever they they want to like whatever project they have,
they can make a gold like that’s that’s always your
create and not just like I’m good at this one thing.

[16:36] Huge stick to one thing and gets so dull it’s just like you can only get so wrapped up in this one thing.

[16:44] One-trick Pony.
Really I get you make money doing this building come on by do something else print out.
Seth Rogen,
she going to say Katherine Heigl earlier too I was seriously tempted Heigl eagle.
Sorry I shouldn’t next one.
Most noteworthy experience flubbing on stage during a play or musical experience flooding on stage during a play or musical.

[17:55] I have one I can think of off the top of my head when I was in How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

[18:01] We had a scene where karolina walks in on me upset with me and I’m getting out of anxiety and,
there was a problem,
and so I basically just had to look anxious somehow I’m just like seeing her like like,
Kramer Kramer,
and so we improvised a couple lines of dialogue to justify why I didn’t have the knitting on the desk and so I think I don’t know if like,
the prop master was upset that day or something and so something happened and then just an it or maybe they’re just like a running Q thing that were cute if you were like off of crap what happened and so the knitting was just not on my desk or anywhere near my house I was on stage just like,
going to take before the lights went out there just like 03.
Tons of fun show I’m sure nobody else is ever Sage Lake.
Chit chat in which you should never do backstage but I was chit-chatting and it was a small character but it was.

[19:30] 95
So I played the drunk and she comes in in the last like 5 minutes at the play and she provides information which,
causes the end of a play but it’s like if she doesn’t come on stage but it’s one like to Second Line the play stops and nothing has to,
chit-chatting Away music like 10 seconds that’s so good felt like for like 8 years and some I’m sure it wasn’t a big deal.
I have nightmares for like years.
I think the worst is probably in The Glass Menagerie eat earlier this year so we had worked out there’s a scene where I’m supposed to I’m supposed to,
initially break for The Glass Menagerie as I’m like storming out the door so supposed to grab my coat off of the off of the wall and I’d swing it into.
End of the end of the the table and it would knock some stuff over and there be no chatter some personal stuff that we had there and we’re done that a couple times.

[20:51] Should we get to the show and somebody had put their purse over where my coat was on the coat rack,
so I I felt the need to like pull extra hard instead of just like.

[21:07] I don’t know I just pulled extra heart of the coat but I also didn’t turn towards the audience and like slammed coat into the wall,
I went the complete opposite direction and I just caught all the porcelain in my jacket and slug Hunter the office,
shut it across the state I like flying a porcelain towel in the audience and hit a lady that was in the front row
we were at the church and I just go backstage,
it’s on the floor and they’re like yeah we know it’s on the Florida it’s in the audience in okay,
I think this belongs to she would try it well today
play things are going to get try but I think that’s why the most I died inside,
but it was just supposed to knock stuff over and it just shattered all over the floor like it’s going to be there for the next scene now,
just add that in script glass.

[22:27] Yeah I’ll be the one who leaves it on stage for the audience to stare at in the whole time.

[22:35] Always pick up the car with a troll pick up the phone.

[22:41] Seth Rogen you guys have stories I know I’ve had floods on page I must have blocked them.

[22:53] Next to of what is very interesting story this is my fresh sophomore year at USF we’re doing a show.
Pacifica Senior was directing for directing class I can’t even think of what the show was called but I was playing a stage manager in the show and it’s like,
I think this the actual play was Hamlet like that they were doing but it’s basically it’s like trying to keep these crazy actors in line like a lot of the show is and the girl playing Ophelia with a freshman,
and she was doing some scene.
And she had a glass and she somehow dropped your through it broke the glass went to reach for and like sliced her hands out on stage.

[23:39] Bandaging her head to I mean it was a mess but it’s like a crazy Ophelia and make me try to take care of her like some homework we stayed
in character of life,
what should I do.
On stage Ryan and I are here.
Abby’s Gold and things like that okay might my senior year we did The Wizard of Oz in Iowa.
I got the beat the lion I mean it was always always a huge dream,
and there’s there’s some seen it we we had like a stuffed dog for Toto like we’re like we’re not going to mess around with live animals or anything like that thing is.

[24:53] The dog I was somehow holding it and it had to be on the other side,
so I just like that it down really slow and then I just gave it like a quick like psychic
not my problem anymore in front of the whole school have a gram. In one. Yeah it was just like a brief little poop,
he’s a dog kicker.
Side I did play a character once where I had a lie I had to have a live animal with me at all times by character lots of God and that dog head comic timing,
like we are like looking at the dog like trying to get it to say something the dog turns to the audience and has his face like you see in the shit,
like this dog has timing.

[25:56] And this one seems like no matter how the dogs reacted I had to play along with what the. Like that was one scene the dog did not want to be on stage and kept biting beneath,
the good kind of stage and so I basically just making it like this dog hates me,
that was fun it was a fun show. That’s why pay animal but it was also like.
Just kicking myself because I think I have a better story about like knocking over like a giant set but I don’t remember the details of it,
but the one I do remember because of the pain,
what scientists were getting into like broken props and you mentioned Ophelia so.
The year was too baby I wish 2011 Robert mehling it just seemed Gladiator the theater and was his mind completely by seeing the action in that movie so,
production of Romeo and Juliet comes along oh no we can’t just have like a regular sword fight between to Bolton Romeo by the way so.
I’m like no we are actually this motherfucker up so I came up with this elaborate system with a breakaway balcony that I was going to stab and then fall backwards off the balcony.
And it worked it looks great I really fell really fell hard and like.

[27:25] I don’t know if we like missed the meeting about how there was supposed to be a pad down there or anything just because I mean I was still falling on stage,
I fell and then didn’t move and it’s just that was just like well that was really convincing are you okay,
most spectacular table death ever.
There is one horrible thing I’ve ever read in the news a couple years ago there was a.
I Sweeney Todd performance of ADA high school high schoolers in a razor,
but it turned out like this like one of them getting one of the kids got hit with like a brandishing a weapon.

[28:23] Like like
teenagers with straight razors exactly it was supposed to be rather,
yeah yeah yeah yeah
you know what have you
no will next question,
who do you feel is the Renaissance artist who best defines Renaissance currently,
key drums.
He ho he ho shows he host shows.

[29:42] I like it I meant that I was yes he plays and multiple characters with froze on Halloween
Define the Renaissance don’t.
Movie Donald Glover.
Succeeds at bolt tenfold like holy cow.
Yeah it figures.
Yeah but later see her music and singing like the acting that goes with dirty computer it’s like wow this is fantastic and stuff on the computer the battery
singer-songwriter rapper actress Monica.
Well Donnie was a Mystery Men release the song about being a superhero oh that’s that was Supergirl mine was a great movie I saw that way ahead of its time.

[31:07] Very good,
I got the most evil allies Z Drunk In Frat Boys,
able to affect alcohol poisoning in record time,
Tom Jones is actually it too.

[31:37] Feather Renaissance people.
I guess you could say Will Smith that even though you may not be afraid.
Like from an intellectual standpoint I hate I mean he he has a lot to say on a wide variety of subjects this generation is Carl Sagan,
now it wants and a wide variety of subjects and,
I just watched a video of him eating hot wings and judging judging rap lyrics based on how scientifically accurate they were so I mean like he’s he’s an interesting person I would say.
Yeah in a sense yeah you know it’s kind of the same stick he does all this different stuff and he could do any genre you could Acton if you shot right even though it’s mainly parody.

[32:31] And to do the ad like music hosting shows,
sorry guys and it’s great that he finally got his star on the Walk of Fame
was it a lot of movies I think in the early 80s.
That’s the sauce yeah other than being a spear.
Have you heard of him William Will i Am good commercial that I saw the meatloaf was in it was with this car insurance thing in like
let me sleep on it. They did the whole Paradise by the Dashboard Light for like,
oldest brother can I miss Milos Priceline commercials were used to Envy poetry.

[33:50] When I was in college when the seniors for their senior project wrote a whole musical with all meatloaf music called Bat Out of Hell and it was Fan-Tastic,
it was a great great show they like fully produced it for senior project on the main stage but very good.
Marilyn Manson is actually been doing a lot of acting like in Sons of Anarchy play prisoner I know.
Well what’s the difference
oh yeah sorry I’m boring so I’m really active in our outside you just music so.

[34:33] So what did you see the video where somebody vomited milk on her.
professional flatulence the guys that in the 1800’s were like famous because they,
panic disorder where they can just like fart on command instantly and what’s funny is like some of the first the first Comedy album basically,
was a recording of one of these guys from like 1888 on a wax cylinder
it looks like it is like it was,
almost like Monty python-esque.
Justin Timberlake another one.

[36:00] Pictures of having an impact on on culture doing things for the commute like in and having being more than what the box people put them in.
Anyways right in Trainwreck.

[36:12] Apparently Bill Hader said like he had incredible comic timing and he was like being probably on set and all this stuff so.
We covered that one pretty good.
I got to go home and watch Priceline commercials.

[36:36] Spaceballs Blazing Saddles.
I’ve only seen Spaceballs Blazing Saddles for cheap one I still have it on DVD.
I almost let go home and watch it.
How to watch these movies are so good not to be that’s my favorite Hitler.
I miss Rick Moranis doing movies yes.

[37:28] Okay the real Honey I Shrunk the Kids or Honey We Shrunk Ourselves.
Mila Kunis in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves so
why does she do it in two sequels that shouldn’t be made like American Psycho 2 the worst movie I’ve ever seen,
at Act.
Her project do you want to meet at you want to be a TA and she can be a TA for some reason she killed William Shatner and then like stuck his body in the in the car and then,
is it ever going to watch then she sign on to the movie thinking it was original movie and a half way through the filming they changed it to being an American Psycho sequel.
And it’s the biggest regret of her career she’s gone on record to say that,
they made she was like babe just made up this whole thing she was a spirit she was like the cousin of Patrick Bateman or something like that and so that’s how they tied it in and there was just the easiest way to cheat make a sequel.
American Psycho did I watched it at actf one night and on HBO.
The worst film of we can’t look away.

[38:54] Yeah I would say Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. I do have a what it was it.

[38:59] No it’s not,
definition of a Renaissance.
I got nothing the ultimate Renaissance.
Even things we don’t know about him he he had like Kevin Smith come to his his.
If we if we parked right yeah and they shot like a full length movie and Kevin Smith got paid for it and he,
you talk to a princess agent like hey am I ever going to see this like oh you never will,
he does this all the time that he brings in filmmakers and doesn’t staying in then played Prince’s new album for people and films their reactions to it,
and Kevin Smith directed it and it never saw the light of day because Prince just likes to do that sort,
really out of there but like his music and producing it at talents and everything like that,
check Cabela’s.

[40:28] I was at I forgot what the original question was.

[40:39] Gene Wilder so that’s why it’s hard.

[40:45] He is missed when he,
have a Boombox to play Putting on the Ritz I know what you’re getting for a wedding gift.
Movies gift that keeps on giving L Brooks.
Best example of a funny actor doing a serious role really well.

[41:39] Jim Carrey Eternal Sunshine.
I can’t I apparently the pilot of Jim Carrey’s new show is out of getting his oh yeah I need to shoot yet I need to see them.
I mean like.
For the for the direction he did with that documentary man on the moon like he heart and soul.
It’s like when does he end when does it begin with Andy and Jen.
Just insane Robin Williams and pretty much anything especially,
what’s the Nolan movie he did super early on Point Break you’re not point right now.
Is like Insomniac yes.

[42:59] Keanu Reeves.
But yeah in that one where he does good damn villains like super creepy villains like one hour photo is super.

[43:19] I Adam Sandler was great in Punch-Drunk Love.
Fighting a lot of praise cuz at the time I was in there was known for just the slapstick comedy that was it
people saw him doing a different role they were ready for it yet or think no.
Adam Sandler was great was.

[43:51] Salsa music.
Call Jimmy Fallon to.
Well she wanted to things and he’s got three things he’s got three things.
I was going to say it’s just like it sounds like Spencer would actually perform at the Globe Theatre,
just let the true Renaissance artists,
another real Professor coming like,
how are you doing.
The tricky one get some good moments to Corral Will Ferrell was great in Stranger Than Fiction.
Yeah yeah pretty good but when he does.

[45:04] I heard everything must go is good better assignment that.

[45:11] Pedals with Eddie Eddie Murphy did a lot of serious one Cindy like you did.

[45:16] Who is she dusted action films.
You know like Pig and everything like that and then looks to slap turn.
For seriousness.
I love when he does company around the halls,
and any sees Abraham Lincoln what happened to Abraham I did because no time you’re just an incredible pussy,
Renaissance I will not mention lin-manuel Miranda.
Props can you imagine.
John Leguizamo in Romeo and Juliet or Empire.

[46:45] It’s valid.

[46:48] Brendan Fraser in Gods and Monsters apparently that was really well acclaimed film that he was serious on and when you hear Brendan Fraser.
And I was at like 3 for the comics or just hanging out and where there’s a movie on the TV and it was Brendan Fraser’s one serious about me was in inside of Gods and Monsters I think it’s what you in McAllen.
And oh yeah I seen that we saw it Brendan Fraser was in a towel strangling Ian McKellen we couldn’t hear the dialogue you’re just like hearing nineties music blaring,
why is Brennan strangling in McAllen.
But really Encino Man that’s the bottom line for me if if if,
that’s why I would have to put a monkey bone with that very very under-appreciated.

[47:52] Brendan Fraser movie supporting actor.

[48:04] Good.
Interviewed by Joe Rogan and his time on how he misses the 90s cuz he was successful then right,
I think I like every morning she didn’t we get burrito from a guy in like no questions asked you won’t have to pay for it or.
But now I have to pay for my own burrito.
So bad he had like some scripts come to him that he passed on it was like it was going to be like in Paris as like a babysitter opare like.
Maybe it’s a good we passed on its being a bio set strong.
Any other actors in serious roles well.

[48:55] That’s it for me I’ve been struggling as I feel.

[49:07] I feel like Diane Keaton like she kind of straw the line like between copying and I’m a lot of the time.
She did really starting comedy though she’s pretty Godfather in her career.
I guess women just aren’t funny.
Just kidding that’s a cat worms.
I’m going to work if anything I feel like they would think it more shoehorned into,
a certain type,
challenge accepted Kristen Wiig in the skeleton twins.
Pulling it off really well and she did.

[50:15] That your rival,
Amy Adams,
series about a child with a role in arrival,
so give her that one Rockstar.

[50:45] You like Jennifer Aniston also.
Started off right now, myself the extra,
Howard Dean push,
Corey Cox actually when she was on friends that was front like comedy whatever and then she’s did that really serious dark show on FX,
change of pace.

[51:21] Beverly scene Lisa Kudrow Branch out though it’s always been kind of ss Universe yeah that’s that’s wow,
Oh what now of Bryan Cranston,
Malcolm in the Middle Breaking Bad,
sorry again babe 80s or something they have footage of of like,
like him he must have done modeling or something eating commercials commercials.
His biggest thing was the Malcolm in the Middle dad.
Yeah I have to take it from there I remember seeing that it’s really bad like the guy from Malcolm in the lady who is underwear.
Rick Springfield Jessie’s Girl is hilarious to me and then it goes to General Hospital.
That’s more music though.
Lenny Kravitz in The Hunger Games.

[52:38] John Cusack did a lot of serious movies and I had a good brand shut that serious stuff.

[52:48] Mother son his 80s movies are some of my personal favorites.
All those are solid Grosse Pointe Blank,
cool hair you know yes yes yes he was in that one movie where they cook things.

[53:23] Said Steve.
There’s a whole as an owl thing on his nobody can remember who he is Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Did a bunch or earlier and I think you never did did branched out good comedy but it was more of a huge primary the serious when he did but I guess it was the opposite and yeah I know,
later recently.

[54:10] Hit man that wants to be an actor that’s just like the best story.
Hickory okay we have yet to fail any topic can I just do that.
Top 10 favorite cliches in sitcoms.
Fail that one fail.
No this one is really worthy of all the flak it takes in the color wheel,
I don’t know who else is something really important we need to talk about.
Fail fail fail,
one of my friends commented once on our question like it sent us a question you put circumcision and he stopped watching smelt I was talking about.

[55:21] If you have a theme song what would it be and why there she goes.
Surpass very.
Hello for you to change the lyrics just leave it leave it.

[55:45] Okay I will try to go now.

[55:51] Cardi B’s bodak yellow,
this isn’t a theme song with just a couple days ago I decided I was a baseball player with my walk up song would be and it would be Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song,
you know and then it’s like Hammer of the Gods while you’re about to go to bat first line,
so it’s at least I’m not Facebook welcome to my life,
it’s so applicable anything happens it’s just there it’s there for you Simple Plan guys.
What time you look bad life scenario,
they did it for free they’re still think they just played the last Warped Tour.
Work well received but that’s trying so desperately to recapture the magic of the early thousands like they so desperately want it back but they won’t get it back cuz it just does not work anymore it’s just a joke now so it’s just kind of like.

[57:05] And I am we did a couple songs that were more seriously just song with the Tasha Bedingfield and I think that’s a decent song it was well-received and they said let’s just make stupid songs like we did that stupid but.

[57:21] Theme song I think baby because I am I am pretty cheery.
I always pray Smiley people coming on that I know what if you song.
Yeah it’s my personality Walking on Sunshine Katrina and the waves movie trailer,
I want to try to love but then you ran into the wall.
Walking on Sunshine in High Fidelity when Jack Black walks in the records like they’re playing sad music,
try to liven up the sad bastard right Jack Black Portuguese,
I was on a road trip last week and Wonderboy ended up on the playlist from Tenacious D,
that was like my favorite part of that song is when Jack goes,
good or bad I love the song where they like.

[58:49] Play music with the devil what’s this is not the greatest.

[58:56] I thought that was the funniest song my entire childhood.

[59:06] Even though this gets. We’re still pretty funny that we need to drive through,
special for chicken nuggets not 6 we want me to do with the other two what are you doing,
Jesus Christ does the early version of the podcast,
oh there’s one this comic that I knew he was telling a story about,
he really wanted to finish his DCd when he was in high school like back in 2001. Maybe the junior high and his parents
I would not let him get it I think one of us and every spot it for I’m not thinking anything of it and so they saw it in his room and I was like telling music or something like that so I think his mom was a principal or a teacher,
and she like wanted to hear the CD just to listen to other curiosity and it wouldn’t load for some reason,
but there was like another important faculty member in the office and somehow the first track kill boxes starts up,
cute shop in the most inappropriate time when they’re in there in the whole sounds about like my kielbasa sausage has got to perform and I’ll.

[1:00:28] I was going to say I was like did it jump to like fuck her gently or something.
I’m working in the store but I think he ever in town yesterday like man that’s bad timing.
Typical thing.
Theme song actually I mr. Blue Sky would be a fun theme song. Pianos for ripping off Guardians of the Galaxy was just so upbeat.

[1:01:00] I got you Tom Petty song.
That’s a sad but like I feel like you were like the last Trudy JFK CFS.

[1:01:20] Where is CJ Tammy Mart.
Slavery Tom Petty’s album just like.
But that one is kind of over used as far as like I did free falling over using the waiting that’s that’s about it though but it’s a solid one.

[1:01:46] And I can’t help you wreck me that’s a nice upbeat Tom Petty song I’ll feel with that okay.

[1:02:05] Chi-Chi.
Yay I just listen.
Underrated celebrity crushes.
I know even that made me feel like people who you could crush on but credit.

[1:02:41] Fail fail fail body weird that’s so weird that’s such a.
They were standing right there licking their favorite movies that don’t get enough credit Bass.

[1:02:59] Better off dead I would say that.
Joe Versus the Volcano talking about early tough love that movie it’s the first time Tom Hanks Meg Ryan.
And it’s hysterical and it has some like little moments of serious debt.
This moment when Tom Hanks about stranded on floating in the middle of the ocean you think he’s going to die and he sees the moon come up and he just like stops and he’s like,
I’m so small thank you God for my life and Blake was like moment of I could die out here but wow what a thing to experience little pockets of like death and yet it’s the stinking hysterical movie I love Tom Hanks, I love that movie,
I was the center of part of that. I don’t know if you read about it at all,
the Twitter battle with the City of Erie when Tom Hanks Twitter tweeted about coming to Sioux Falls and Erie is also in that book and they were just like what makes you come here it’s so
Chris the Sioux Empire podcast Twitter account stepped up and defended Sioux Falls honor and,
my most retweeted burn insult back at yeary the whole thing was.

[1:04:14] You losers never I bet you losers have never even seen Joe Versus the Volcano and I got a little volcano emoji.
That the losers it had that the Chris who plays Captain America.
Show me the actor that played the Human Torch,
yeah delicious cellular Teen Titan movie.

[1:05:00] Code scanner beer in the cobbler anyone.
It’s a brilliant brilliant offering Disney,
original Aladdin before Aladdin and it is so I mean.

[1:05:21] Said yes to the thief.
Never speaks but somebody is narrating his thoughts and he’s like the comedic like not really in the story but you don’t like just trying to go about his way and then he somehow,
affect the entire world but nobody knows who he is,
is there a. That is great.
All the watch with Jonah Hill Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.

[1:05:55] And Richard ID from The IT Crowd basically Ben Stiller.
There’s alien life force that attacking that he works at he’s on this Mission ever no one taken seriously you spell destroyed to find whoever killed,
like I knew that they were the guys names like the security guard like name Manuel or something you know,
I’m the guy you killed it and no one takes me seriously except for Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill who tried to be in the area but it didn’t work out and so he’s like,
like always carry a switchblade,
the Burt Wonderstone that what I do is very underrated that has Jim Carrey in it little over-the-top sometimes I like it but it’s a little weird.
Kind of feel like if I push it a little further would have done better but it felt to Safe like I was probably why I didn’t do it.
No I don’t forget that movie and I was actually solid movie.

[1:07:02] Go to Frozen,
it’s really good at these two sisters and about the importance of sister love all good.
Adaptation which has Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep
yo it’s here in the story the story is fantastic and also both of them
John Malkovich and adaptation,
yeah he plays a phenomenal I wouldn’t like five spin-off movies because of that character.

[1:08:01] Check what else I really do.

[1:08:14] This one sounds random but Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson.

[1:08:22] Basically I can’t really speak places guy that just lives on the beaches was was he in the army.

[1:08:28] Helps these kids battle these bully was a deserter.
They finally like at the end spoilers he has to go to like jail for like 3 months or something like that to make up to her.
And Josh from Drake & Josh is in it plays a bully that’s great.

[1:08:51] Spell the word trouble.
That’s a John Candy Chevy Chase Dan Aykroyd yes Dan Aykroyd,
LA and everybody in it was like 6 rolls.

[1:09:13] Too bad for you just like actual Renaissance but who’s that guy with a big nose.
Initial an update on all show up and see Humpty Dumpty Dance.

[1:09:36] When you said nothing but trouble I thought in my head the movie I love trouble which is Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte,
interesting romantic comedy about reporters actually in the feels.
Election with Matthew Broderick and.
Jefferson Tower Heist with Eddie Murphy who said that was.
Read rated about right commercial a couple of years ago for a Superbowl,
grown-up basically it has a car and wants to take the day off.

[1:10:31] Call the American bicycles from the Great American Pie band camp American Pie naked mile.

[1:10:41] Bastrop Library hours actor actress that you wish would make a comeback.

[1:10:49] Hulk smash.
Rides Again that’s why I love Steve Guttenberg,
no I just watch 3 I would love to see been so long.
Yet you know you need to come back and do something,
I want Bobcat Goldthwait to go back to his character used to do like a lot yes yes hell yes I’ve done this I heard this kid wants it just sounded like Bobcat Goldthwait,
latest IPOs,
that’s what I was in theory Department of stocking milk stuff what’s going on.
I just a three year old kid.
If I would have been like right onto.

[1:12:16] I love him in Scrooge where that voice and then being like on a shooting spree like crazy like,
the best o.
You should do our movies again I always wanted him and Joe Piscopo to be like brothers or like Ops on a Case cuz you can’t tell which ones.
Which right,
yeah because our voice voice is so funny hahaha. That was his son.
Okay they both look very similar to.
How did Joe Piscopo should really make a comeback.
You should act literally become a Santa, do I do I do jokes for you.
Then he just yelled at like it’s drivers and says goodnight and then pay me 50 bucks after that.

[1:13:40] I think we covered enough of actress and actor.

[1:13:49] Favorite snack that you feel needs to make a comeback in popularity oh my God.
I don’t know how I feel,
in conclusion Robert Lee wants to PB Max back thank you.
Is a butter sandwich and actual sandwich or is it just two pieces of butter and bread stuck together.
Fairfax because I have you seen the sandwich already submitted the question.
Chaotic are you lawful good chaotic neutral on down of like what a sandwich is there’s a,
there’s a green screen for sandwiches is the middle so you can be like,
structure chaotic ingredient chaotix like I think we’ve covered this topic now.

[1:15:09] You got something to say to a person who needs to make a comeback Tom Green,
okay this one this one’s going to fail I just want to read it whatever happened to Geena Davis used to be movies but she’s not moving
red and Stewie Griffin voice,
Geena Davis.
What’s up with ranch being a Midwestern thing at a bar restaurant.

[1:15:55] Every episode we have this they were taking out the Falcons history to solid questions then towards the end it’s just like all the weird.
Give her energy drink.

[1:16:10] I’m going to build you that app the algorithm in performance.
I’ll talk about that sounds better censorship in performance art.

[1:16:29] Depends on where it’s used I guess,
I guess the main thing is know your audience and again it looks like you’re doing comedy clubs it’s kind of already expected you’re going to go a little blue,
tiny bit free apps but I’m just naturally never been a,
hugely blue humor wise on stage like if I do a joke like that it’s kind of like a see what I can do well oh you did that that’s weird and then go back to retreating and doing it clean set again,
so it’s kind of like.

[1:16:59] It has its place so my TV makes sense to clean up.
Because it’s making the story clear it’s making the message clear then absolutely.

[1:17:16] They censoring it is taking away from the story or.
Take away from the message then it’s not necessary to.
Turn the fabric cutting edges in like writing a script like is that too much forward or is that too it was cut that out.
Do that kind of thing as far as like languaging.
Subject matter it’s kind of like it makes sense why you clean it up but it’s weird owl cable TV yet fully Embraces cuss words now except maybe the f word.

[1:17:52] What’s higher up than that obviously but like now they Embrace like TBS has Conan and they tell Conan like you should say shit here you should say that even though you may not want to but it’s a g43 advertise it as such.
I don’t know.

[1:18:10] If it’s like the stuff is clever even if it’s dirty I’m all for it but it was just kind of like you just doing it just to be shocking it’s like it,
question. Bigger artist how is your being honest and if it’s for a purpose movie for purposeful when you’re creating a part of the story you’re telling then like Donald Glover.
Yeah for sure.

[1:18:45] What Sasha Baron Cohen’s also I’m trying to do right now I don’t like it I think it is an interesting.

[1:18:52] Call me experiments in that and how far can you push that boundary.
Front flip in the news lately.

[1:19:04] Still doesn’t like how does he get them to do that shit you have to know at least that,
that guy it seems like he like if you specially watch any comedy or anything at all you should know who Sasha. Cullen and the people just like not that wear or what I don’t know,
but he must have like really seed out to people that don’t want have never seen been aware of his films and then be like Mike,
super duper celebrity,
candlers and stuff must be really solid like a connection and be like Oh yeah this is totally legit we play it straight face and just get in there.
Yes it is solid yeah backup charger he’s doing is just phenomenal.

[1:20:02] Renaissance what’s the name of the episode.
Military Academy or something else I kind of want a movie called renaissance man it just someone that doesn’t one thing and does it well and that’s it.
Why is it called a renaissance man why not.
With a mustache and he smashes smashes mango guava pear.

[1:20:45] Tender,
Seth Ennis we do what we call Shane was supposed to go around the circle and talk about things we want to promote if we have anything,
why don’t you anything exciting shows well this fall I’m doing.
Annie jr. biography.
Which terminal do in December so editions are in 2 weeks.
Doing a show at USF for us all the freshman.
We’ll see what this actually is I don’t know I create around their own stories it’s called this is me and that will be in October.
And that’s it but I mean yeah that’s what’s wrong.

[1:21:48] We do,
theater and stuff Michelle but those were Saturday,
so but I believe words still auditioning so weird
planning on putting up Elena by David Mamet,
right now we’re kind of in the market for a 40s ish man to play a university professor.

[1:22:30] Yes so you should audition for that that’ll open in October,
it’ll be really cool and you can buy season passes for a season monstrous Little Theatre Company is a company that seeks to do more like contemporary,
dramatic theater and unique spaces theater and tell stories that we think are important for the Sioux Falls Community here so get involved check out our website mom’s friend’s little
Theater re re not today are you coming up,
September 11th and 12th if you have a child or if you are.
Can you use member between the ages of 6 and 18 and want to audition for you’re a good man Charlie Brown or Annie jr. thing Charlie Brown.

[1:23:33] You did it DVD times that for you. Move your feet at all.

[1:23:41] You sure he has to do that.
I’m sitting down tap dance,
nothing. Just enjoy your September everybody have no idea,
when did Christmas become the metaphor.

[1:24:17] Always always I have.
So out of town shows coming up in pretty excited about 5 got one in Lincoln Nebraska this Sunday with Andy Swan and Skyler bulk Springside about that’s me good time,
stop. Hydra Beer Hall Downtown this Friday at 5 or 6, can you find the names of skate me right now but blacker the bastards got two books couple other locals be fun,
and I’m hoping for Timmy Williams ways could you know next Friday in town with Justin graze hosting and Luke Johnson.
And then at icon on September 21st and hosting the Four Winns 3 music festival so I’m just introducing Vans and trying to tell humorous quips and between bands which usually does all work out okay this bed is.
Without sounding endorsements,
it was a success last year it will be this year too so awesome and then copper Lounge in Yankton the day after,
Zach restaurant on Van Buren.

[1:25:28] Remind me that I am I’m hosting something this weekend to told never hosted before I’ll have to think what would.
But I really bad puns.

[1:25:53] Saturday Downtown will be like walking traffic only answer me Supergirl.
Don’t kill anything else says that,
Robert got it always one of my many many podcasts at the Sioux Empire. Com we are building up our height for.
Supercon which is September 28th 29th and 30th we will have a booth and be there will be doing a live recording of the Sioux Empire podcast,
and a live recording of macob grimoire are paranormal investigation podcast so that should be,
it was a wild time last time think the crowd was pretty Rowdy last year and recording session last year,
I think the audience and ourselves got wrapped into talking for 30 minutes about Cosplay crotch bulges.

[1:26:54] Yeah oh yeah.
Yeah it was in the bucket bucket momentum there anyway episode 12,
30, what is proof that being said,
my Compadres amazing and you’ve been listening to.

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