The Dresch Code Ep 010 Y3K

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed

This week’s topics include: Which Grammy Categories?  Dogs or Cats? Which performer passing away recently affected you more than expected?  Which old TV show would you bring back? Rank the Beadles. Favorite Live Version of Songs that are better than the Studio version.  Which show had the best musical guests? A band that let you down when you saw them live. What is your secret hobby? How do you feel about MTV unplugged and acoustic versions? What movie was made by the soundtrack?  Best album of 2018 so far. What do you wear on stage and how do you decide? Do you like concerts to be informal or set of hits? Who is the greatest drummer of all time?


Burlap Wolf King

Guests:   Thomas Hentges, Ryan Knutson, Sheldon Swan, and Phil Dough

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[0:20] Hello I am Zach dresch and you are listening to the.
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[1:08] 18 wheeler Court those shows on Tuesday all right.
before we get into the top if you want to go around and do several in the Elmo couch hear Phil Mohler how are you good sir musician extraordinaire,
like to point that out to kill yourself
doing strong how are you today,
doing good man.

[2:01] A mastermind behind burlap wolf King Thomas hentges are you Thomas it’s great to be alive,
so how this show works is I have all these topics in a bucket or jar or jacket which is not a derogatory term but it may seem to be I don’t know topic and we decide if we want to talk about it or not,
edit that means that either passes or fails the dress code,
sure those aren’t as packets of like parmesan or something.
Struggling Eric Andre kind of thing just really acting weird like.
What’s for music in movie, your latest music program first one.

[3:05] Whatever happened to LaserDisc what the hell even is a LaserDisc.
Pass or fail past means you want to talk about it let’s not talk about it,
Trail to Young shelf life,
we have True Grit which Grammy category needs to be eliminated which needs to be added.
I thought about that passed.

[3:46] There’s so many categories like in mint I need weird categories that you don’t know anything about.
Charlie wallet what I would get rid of it there was one like best.

[4:01] Best New Artist cuz usually when they put it it’s like they suck and they fail in their careers over after that.
Often times and somebody has been doing it for 25 years.
So their career kind of ended right after that matter to me was like a flash in the pan like biggest kind of.
Fake really quick and then they went for some reason is that huge hit that you’re in the Milli Vanilli.

[4:36] The place it was like best pan flutes out every year every year.
Think about it would be kinda I would go like really random but like
post-hardcore album of the year it really weird about it just they have a whole section that was Skyler
50000 units,
but I would like there’s this many why what is this what are you metal would be awesome,
the winter once again,
there’s got to be a best comedy Grammy right now,
panda in Lake Comedy album,
if the attention is comedy than opelope broken in together like I think Weird Al George Carlin have been in the same category so it ain’t that kind of counts if it’s intentionally meant to be comedy.
Like going to throw it in.

[5:55] Dial Patton oswalt’s won a bunch of times and bunch of other comedians like that but he’s white he’s safe.
What other category they should add that would be entertaining like.

[6:11] Best best didgeridoo Solo in a song.
To be like two artists cuz he’s reaction videos are so hot now best reaction video reaction I got.
Is that we’ve gotten to the point of social media on YouTube where were just watching people watch other things,
it’s all they want to do is watch other people play Minecraft and like.
Want to be YouTube Star what it was like to see to listen to something we like the first time so.

[7:03] What is appealing about it let’s watch Milky Way 74,
watch Lionel Richie music video Dancing On The Ceiling.
Perceptual play I was curious like a couple of these like when Childish Gambino released this is America that music video and there’s like 5 million reaction videos,
two guys were like watching like this like.
They don’t socialize as much they’re just like everyone is in their own little apartments and homes and stuff like that so watching that kind of video makes it feel like you’re sitting there with friends watching it and yes yeah yeah.

[7:54] Have a good day that we should go on a really long like 5-hour like deep conversation about that very thought that’s,
dogs are cats faster fail,
you’re a huge adverse if I have cats Sheldon Stranger by Katherine where there’s like probably more,
for boys.

[8:38] Phil has my both my family I grew up with dogs I like dogs they’re like they care about you anymore,
cats suck like suck cuz they just they could carry in your house and just make your house to eat you when you like,
die is something’s Consciousness or fall in a like position that you can’t get up from or something like that pic just dislike,
yeah that’s some good meet there I feel like they don’t have the best like Mortal Kombat so we can animals like they just think they’re up to something you don’t know.
Like I’m going to destroy this guy’s for killing machine you like a shark they are just slowly destroy your house like my house smells like cat piss so awesome.
Number one don’t let your one bad experience ruin it for everyone that has cats smells like I hate to break it but.

[9:37] Everything smells like cat piss if it’s been around cats and Cat people to like no no I clean.
I think it’s the male cast from right here in general.
Yeah I could take all your friends cat likes shop it just likes to piss all over his boat and it’s like such a pain in the ass to clean it out of the boat.
Sorry very oddly specific records.
My family is always more of cat people but we need to Studio after,
my dad got an Italian greyhound like 4 years ago and so it’s like a cat but it’s a little warm,
looks like a mosquito.

[10:37] The cats for me bias but Mexico.

[10:43] Which famous musician or comic that passed away recently hit you harder than expected.

[10:50] Geyserville talk about though I talk about it.

[10:58] That one glass Lily just cuz it.
How the fuck is Keith Richards still alive.

[11:13] Free I would 90s kids so when Scott Weiland died that hit me a little harder than Sappo your prince but I felt like the odd man out when everyone else like.

[11:26] Well I’ve been playing a lot in a home have plenty left live yeah that’s what’s up.

[11:36] Phil Riordan.

[11:48] Everytime We Touch slow for me too.
Just about home. We also got.
That was a fantastic that I will say it.
Anthony Bourdain.
Joan Rivers I was actually really upset when she passed.
You know she was very old it was only a matter of time but Carrie Fisher.
That one was kind of like a maid depression in that stuff out in the open more without the stigma even though it’s still there it’s more out in the open so it’s like.
Say that was a big Iron Maiden Rose song about that book of Souls.

[13:11] My bandmates saw them I’ve never seen him live I need to know we saw them last year was Ghost yes.
Bangor beer there so old.
What he was doing with these flying Sidekicks across the monitors and stuff it was freaking crazy is my cold at all,
guitar players that he’s I mean he he looks he even on Nico’s the oldest drummer the sky looks very.
I mean he’s kind of on the edge what do you like he doesn’t seem worried.
What’s his leg up and puts it on top of his Half Stack and just like sooner the whole time with like like this.
It’s just I don’t know why you think to do that,
but the fact that he can do that was surprising.
I should have a question like what you do surprised you’re still alive that should have been a question straight up.
With a bunch of old TV shows making a Resurgence which one that hasn’t been brought back would you bring back.

[14:33] Ask fast yeah I’ll pass.

[14:39] The state from MTV.
Purdue another season of mr. show that would be awesome,
me and my wife just finished the wire last night 10 years later that’s the sad.
But mainly Beavis and Butthead,
videos from the 90s still and see if I can register him do it like me no reaction reacting to,
like a,
like rappers like now it like like SoundCloud rappers now it like that February 8th.

[15:47] I was kind of in the other like it’d be a little weirdo cuz of Chappell’s voices weirdly lower now cuz he started lifting weights and now he’s buff and it’s just like,
it’s weird. Talk outside gun.

[16:06] Consider that I’m being serious supposes the fact they can chain off two packs in a set to.
Does the most cigarettes I’ve ever seen smoking an hour.
Do you have always seems like a nervous guy which is weird but.
If you want did you watch The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Chappelle he seem oddly nervous during his hang out with Seinfeld little weird.
Remember that one I watched I’ve seen them all I’m pretty sure that mean the Louie one always sticks out my head and gets a boat.
Seinfeld does this thing like when someone says something funny he will do feel like hunger over in like fake laugh a little bit.
So then I said hey wife give it a rest,
Ellen Fallon singers,
I think we covered that one doing any other shows we thought of it would be kind of cool.

[17:36] King of the Hill I love to see king of the hill come back to.
I love it Futurama Futurama gas like beating dead horse but I’d still watch more of it.

[17:49] I have to go to be it for me I don’t want Simpsons to end.

[17:58] Maybe it’s just that I don’t watch it but I mean throwing up Network TV that would really funny shows like Seinfeld and Friends.

[18:06] You know there was like that block of comedies I don’t think there’s really anything.
Near head caliber anymore things it’s mainly like.
It’s not true but it’s not like some wholesome sitcom where they were in afraid to talk about shit like I just.
Finishing up watching The Wonder Years the other day and couldn’t figure out my favorite and I couldn’t figure out.
Why the hell I never noticed but he he never completes his senior year and turns out there’s like a sexual harassment suit against Fred Savage and the guy who played Wayne from one of the.
Costume designers or something like that but have been going on so it pretty much put it into the series plus they also said that they were like approaching topics that the.
That they felt that they needed to talk about on the show.
Mainly sex and stuff that they talked about but they were worried about alienating the audience because the wholesomeness of the first few seasons you know
so it is weird I can and now it got Game of Thrones which is like how much incest murder
Raiders getting lazy in their dislike was put in some fucking real violent thing and,
he’s a dumbass is a like it right I mean it’s just it’s so over-the-top but you don’t have to be creative anymore.

[19:34] Exactly follow Game of Thrones is very well done
it’s going to end soon I’m sorry that she’ll suck turned out good and then it just got really bad
I’m watching that blows now it’s just too much it’s just like season 1 was so good and then season 2 it will lower they basically live on Hershel’s Farm is fucking garbage,
and then it kind of come back in 3 a little bit lost in 2 minutes,
Phil still never really came just like every season develop characters in Up,
care enough or even just cuz you’re watching your like I know they’re going to kill that person off why should I even give two shits about this person so tell me that fear The Walking Dead is like basically like every season is Walking Dead even given it a chance yet so.

[20:32] Hey shows you feel had the perfect shelf life and you went and it properly free Breaking Bad,
anything to fear of them you know there’s always that lingering or am I going to get renewed or cancelled and then you got to like figure out how to wrap it up or what,
white-washed like they did with lost they didn’t really try to go too far with it right I mean that show ended at the.
Letting her watch the first two seasons of that show pretty good then it’s like you know you got to just decide.

[21:10] Ellen shows that are cancelled at the end of every year but they still come back and yet they ended it anyways the previous season but they’re like how can we continue this,
so what should I not busy come back Married with Children oh yeah
I shouldn’t be watching this and I’m getting trouble Piper Anthrax to come back on,
don’t watch that show the next thing I know it was like a family thing when I was in syndication like all the sudden.
My brothers and I would watch it with my dad I’ll be watching all laughing about no ma’am,
I would love to take the car stolen and it’s just that they washed it for the first time,
I had a red Dodge you know David Faustino.
I wish Freaks and Geeks would have been told slightly longer whole cast do I get 20 years later kind of thing or,
W Allegan High School reunions.

[22:24] I said I would have been in like early 2000s,
you know Musician’s Friend do they still put those catalogs out,
the dorkiest like Rigs of dad like you know this there’s no way these we will be in a van.

[23:03] Customize guitar picks.
What the band name y3k on it,
who is this like Daddy 9 mm probably LOL,
rank the members of The Beatles in your own personal opinion rice doll.

[24:00] I’m find me the good either way I’ll do it.
Should I start in my corner from 124 McCartney Harrison Lennon and Ringo.
Bring up going to get shafted,
I mean it’s bullshit cuz the funny thing is is that
no I’m not McCartney’s the musical Genius of nursing 3rd change no matter what major fucking cultural phenomenon that’s important more than any other member of The Beatles
by far I mean as much of an asshole as he could have been at times and some assholes things he did but he more than made up for in humanitarian.

[24:54] I’ve I’m Bruno and I’m like I’m a huge to order some fan. But when people start like talking about how he was the best Beatle as this,
I want fucking punch him fucking face shut the fuck up I’ve always been the one that like you know,
he’s kind of that Dark Horse guy no pun intended but like fuck that I’m a huge fan but I ain’t trying to hear that shit about.

[25:24] How to use the most talented or this or that shut,
that’s like that’s how you really feel about me,
it’s like all I hear it’s like well that’s debatable and if it is,
it’s because he had all the fucking songs for years,
that Paul and John where’s the fucking Phil,
switch shifts next about what might happen I’m going Platinum,
it’s like obviously it’s not good I mean it.
You know I mean it he I mean you can hate on the guy but he knew his place he knew his relation to sit there and they were special because of the way,
they played off one another and if there wasn’t the lennon-mccartney like I mean.
They pushed each other and if they didn’t have that.

[26:41] I mean we wouldn’t have that I mean I mean I don’t know how anybody could argue if there’s any more significant like.

[26:51] You know artist at least in the rock or the popular music category then the fucking Beatles I mean the changed.
Stocking world not sound so cliche but it’s true no maybe they didn’t change it.
Like they change the girl on but they’re so hip on everything as it was happening it’s like when she was happened in San Francisco like they were picking up on that shit to shit so how you doing it’s just across the pond you know like.
That’s amazing to me and they kind of like they took whatever else is doing and just with more money and more things to expand on it they.

[27:31] May 1967 was the year of the album and I mean.
Sergeant Pepper came out that you’re I mean it’s not my favorite Beatle record but I mean it’s arguably like one of the most important recordings of all time so.
Naugatuck Beatles what’s your favorite Abbey Road maybe one song.
That that I don’t care for all that much Doctor Robert but I just think at the time like.
The Beach Boys with only other van like making anything remotely close to that like sophistication and pop music.
I got into Wings before Beatles so I’m biased towards McCartney,
there is one day like 15 years ago I just said I was at FYE when I was still thing and I saw they were selling the wingspan compilation.
McCartney would have been able to do all the things that he was able to do without George Martin so bad for me but I think.
I mean if it’s one of them is like Morris I think Lennon’s Drive.

[28:59] More than anything in that chip on his shoulder from his child is probably what was the driving force behind.

[29:06] The band unsure about them going you know.
Some yeah it was out there all the ingredients ingredients came together to make this great thing that sound kind of can be cheesy at times,
wedding linen kind of random in a little bit,
but I can see the first solo album it’s like raw as hell and that the time like nobody.

[29:47] Was making anything record like that,
exactly after your third letter and sweetness,
your dad here folks The Beatles and pasta are not that different,
do you guys have a good news about that.
Volume for 12 minutes throwing against the fridge at 6.
Laptops and cheese.

[30:37] Pumping Stone Sword in the Stone favorite live versions of songs that you think are better than studio version.
Mother will that sure.

[30:53] Live versions that are better than studio version this is going to be a weird one cuz I’m not even like a huge fan of the band they do great good songs but their lead singer is one of the most annoying to Dick’s then I need to ask me but.
Counting Crows has what’s that song on Sullivan Street there’s a key change in the live version that,
just sounds that bitch at the end I remember hearing that the first time I’m holy shit that was powerful.

[31:25] Charles Bradley when he did it was just him on a guitar doing changes on Mike YouTube somewhere that was a really great strip down cover.
See you covered changes by Savin such a brilliant cover the studio version as it is but then he did it just him and.
Guitarist it was just like so strip down and so.

[31:51] I’m not a huge you to guy the song Bad on the live wide awake in America you be is pretty solid.

[32:00] Even though bottles of tool.
I don’t know if it’s better or just as good or just has a different vibe is the MTV Unplugged of Alice in Chains is really enjoyable. She’ll,
yeah like Alice in Chains Unplugged that’s what got me into house and she’s after hearing that van for years and years at every fucking lower high school
unplugged albums are so freaking great ride bring it back it just wasn’t as effective I don’t think,
but I don’t know if you noticed like them TV have on there that I should play fucking instruments that they could do that they didn’t Korn unplugged
Amy Lee doing Freak on a Leash,
and stuff like when you go to like a live performance on TV it’s like,
text sound quality on there’s like not even close but I just commented Iron Maiden flight of Icarus,
I don’t dress after death.

[33:07] I realize I have a lot of iron,
no cuz we’re still living at that house on Sportsman there but I wasn’t.
Fear of the dark the last song it’s in it’s in I think it’s been like Santiago Chile or something like that,
has this melody this dude,
and there’s like 250,000 people are going to work and the joke I came up with,
where they’re all just standing in a giant skating rink in there trying to stand up and then to fuck you,
Eddie Maiden thing live when you don’t winter installed American you got
the backing of all those people are like a lot a lot of the European bands playing some massive outdoor Fest like switching power metal stuff where they go in the studio trying to track.
I don’t 5060 layers of vocals when you can’t then you go see him live and it’s actually 30 40,000 people singing along like a librarian is always going to.
It’s always going to hold its own of the studio version bread soft.

[34:29] Danzig Mother live 9400i guitarist doesn’t know what he’s playing,
are dens it keeps like moving removing the mic from his mouth Midway while he’s singing mother,
I’ve been around the time with Logan drove him to the to the to the tanning salon when he was in town,
they had a job where you like take people like at a airport taxi type thing and
baby the 90s he was going to face. Maybe maybe he was like prepared for some kind of like you know TV roll up some stupid shit,
I will say whatever guards Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson has some of the best Stage banter between songs on Rock In Rio before wrathchild,
play for my Jurassic. Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine which one is Welcome to the Jungle.

[35:56] Live and Let Die know what the fuck song is there’s a knock on Heaven’s Door.

[36:03] From Tokyo song or something that’s a good one and then Springsteen Spirit of the night like.

[36:18] Likes when he died that and.
There’s a couple songs you did off of his first record of my studio recording,
lost in the flood that would be a perfect example if you can look up the,
live version of Lost in the flood from the 75 tour of England at the barn born to run to her that’s some powerful she at.

[36:51] So are you guys staying together.

[36:57] Cousins coming in tomorrow said that’s really not worthy.

[37:06] Next question.
I had some great guitar solo thing that it’s like.
Cuz on the way there did it Rivers just did the vocal Melody and then the guitar sold within total did this extended keyboard Solo in the,
children is cheesy as you can get at Buffalo which talk show or entertainment show do you think had the best musical guests on it in the past.
Early Saturday Night Live episodes are off yet.
Phone always had really great stuff about the first few seasons particularly of.
SNL there’s like the town of talent at the time it wasn’t necessarily the pop.
There’s a mixed bag do you know I mean you were getting more than credible.
Artist of the day you know that’s good stuff I probably been the only place to see them y’all some of them.
Is Carson I think generally have musical gas on who’s more Comedians and I had a thing,
butter and used to have a lot of really solid.

[38:36] Leto is mainly like the pop hit people of the day kind of thing.
Then what do she would like Carson Daly when he had that late night showing there that was a good opportunity for a lot of bands who never would have got a chance to be that was kind of cool to see like a bandit.
Probably didn’t think you’d normally ever seen on TV would be on TV that was a cool that he would get a lot of people on for the first time.

[39:05] Who needs this I don’t know if you still doing at TNT run.
To block or whenever we want to go to CVS when I switched over another night table to strip down in.
Seth Meyers is I like random people playing this house band that made men like the drummer from Haiti when he was on it playing drums when I was like what
I guess I think it’s mainly a Fred Armisen decision person is Yahoo the band leader at that he chooses who fills CO2.
Whatever Daily Show and Colbert would have you yell guess which was really rare it was still lost land rush was on Colbert once and a good green day out in front of Foo Fighters at one point it was pretty cool.

[39:59] I think that’s it really.

[40:02] What should be agreed that they offered.

[40:14] Going that way stuck. Anyways was when Slipknot was on Conan,
never fear was on SNL she was on SNL early on Cactus blue she was a fan yeah she’s like I won’t make a cameo on the show unless you.
Like that’s what happened,
now they’re supposed to. I think they both Elvis Costello and said that he got banned,
Yelp fishing the replacement are welcome back either the only.
Cheap televised recording of Queen in the States was on SNL to really start that was their last show in the states.
Got a huge argument with one of the band members in like screaming argument lost his voice he spent all day trying to get his voice back and then it came back like right before the performance yet.

[41:20] So you got a low-key the vocals all day you can tell why I was watching that forms recently got it like Loki didn’t over do it as much,
well it was it was just Crazy Little Thing Called Love right and I need they did Under Pressure to.
But if it was a few more noteworthy but the band was there right before the Last Waltz like they talked about on their performance there that they’ll be performing at.
Winterland the last performances to be recorded like that that was right before that so it’s the end of one of my favorite bands there.

[41:58] Robert Wayne concert films were more to Thing 2.
Thanks you too kind of thing that’s pretty awesome I was first in line for Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never.
Next topic I didn’t see that.
Least favorite artist that you love that you’ve seen live.
So like they were to let down the artist that you like that let you down you song live I think that’s what that means.

[42:40] So you’re disappointed but you were a fan of them but then you’re disappointed by their life performance.
Past seems like we got try to go.

[42:58] Jack White for me the song Riesling you had just a whiff of pretension just kind of felt like you’d rather be somewhere else.
He doesn’t sing anymore was that as he raps ha ha,
performance though because he doesn’t have a set list he doesn’t make it setlist,
he just goes by what he’s feel like playing at the moment so he like whisper to the band members were its most essential like we’re going to play this song.
Translating transition like that which is cool but the song Choices he made were one but he’s like I don’t care,
that same thing like I wouldn’t say really like the guy with Marilyn Manson when he played here was like 6 years ago so I go to the fair or whatever yeah and I was like a fake bomb threat thing went on girlfriends or some shit,
yeah it was at the fairgrounds I remember that and he was just hammered.
It was terrible that’s why I never really cared for him I just wanted to see it I think I must have got free tickets or Small Smiles.
Modest Mouse smash socks like I like some of their earlier stop Hammer tours on Sunshine.

[44:18] And we had someone else see if you hear on interview that actually like
interacted with him backstage or something like that or just like drunk out of their mind so I just just funny because the time he came in the room self on stage
first show in 2005,
funniest I got into my spouse shortly after that I had missed that show my friends are at the show,
and they came back to yours later and he was sober didn’t do anything wrong and I was I went to that show and he was solid then,
and then they came back last year and that was a really dull show he looked really bored and just kind of,
just that music doesn’t translate at all like live either that or was all new songs that no one cared about that great just.
I have a great you’re on Corey with new crap and then they just abruptly walked off saying that was in the show.

[45:20] But it was just like our water right there sure.

[45:31] And third time this is fucking ridiculous is just bad yeah I remember having conversations with people at the last of the really great.
Shut down you might want to go see the yours and you know you’re a specialist of some of that,
pull me away the only thing that was kind of a letdown was.
Def Leppard and I think was the first time they played here and supposedly the singer said he had like laryngitis or something even use just use diction out on a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff.
Part of that era he probably was one of the.
Woody’s talented vocalist and just a voice.
It really was his own fault maybe his voice was lost but sure I’ve seen way more stuff that was just like blew me away like.
Dee Snider played Ribfest.
washed up old rock star and gets out there rips his shirt off he’s got like a freakin 12 pack. An energy and I was like this is fucking awesome actually,
we actually use like.

[47:00] Hey what you doing with people in the back sitting down all your wheelchairs okay. It was amazing.
I watch the the Supreme Court thing the other day I saw the other day and I just watched it when he went and sat down and.
And the whole Tipper Gore,
do you speech is just great he just shows up looking like the holders with shades on man,
play brand new stuff it’s like more when were metal yeah this is freaking awesome.

[47:55] Guy read that article about how he thinks Twisted Sister doesn’t deserve to be in the Rock Hall of Fame
feeling like yeah I got them for sleeping on something,
the father is like some some stuff that I don’t even remember and they weren’t even notable bands like my mention of nowhere need to know who they were.
Just like I don’t want you to enjoy this is just like,
I think the worst thing ever competed she’s trapped in a stuck elevator with that fucking skindred song.
Reggae new metal.
Trinity author who trapped in an elevator with the crow on or document basically.

[49:01] Well fuck it man my dick never really hard again I might as well just tax rate myself as waterboarding.
Five Finger Death Punch is coming back to town with,
what they want what they want,
I’m at three quarters of what you’re hearing is tracks,
yeah when I start respect the drums cuz it’s kind of hard to like mine that.

[50:01] But I was pretty bad when I used to DJ kcfs we played someone ask for Five Finger Death Punch that so we played it,
and then I interjected random screams in the mix,
screamed randomly in the mix and then I could
remember we talked about how everything was away
or you did this to me
on the way,
whatever at father how could I possibly be a call this is all generator in Lakeland.

[51:05] They cover Pink Floyd’s money just change the lyrics to reflect that they didn’t get allowance that week,
like that that radio Rock nu-metal stuff Airlines You country music there’s like these,
Colbert truck Daisy Dukes,
t-shirts 17.
Fucking Will Ferrell was on SNL recently and they did ask it was similar to like Jerry Lee Lewis kind of thing it every song he was singing was about a,
13 or 14 year old,
that’s awesome,
17 like wiener ever fucking people that are pretty simple I mean if you look at the history of groupies most of the groupies were 14 to 16.
And I mean that’s one thing I kept saying last year was you know.
Got to get more groupies.

[52:27] If if if we have like everyone accountable for their behavior from,
3040 years ago.
I mean it’s it’s pretty rocks
just figured if they could get more exposed in the media those bands from back then you think the backlash is going to be bad or is it going to be like now you expect that’s what people just knew than expected with the time and that was just the attitude of the air out here in LA,
when when the when the you know Roadies would walk around with shirts to say no head no backstage pass I mean that shit was happening in the 80s still So Def Leppard,
I swallow semen,
that shit wouldn’t fly now necessarily put in some circles on me pick me up probably quiet,
what’s up in hip hop.

[53:31] I don’t know man he talks about like licking people’s at like dudes assholes and shit like that too so I’m,
pretty equal opportunity,
really need some man that is somebody’s giving me shit do you listen to fucking rap,
it’s like that all thing you know this is so degrading to women,
you talk about me.

[54:06] Next time next time
that was the last one was.

[54:22] Yeah there was one episode where the first 20 minutes Windhaven Serta topic yet I don’t even know how I love it,
this one’s where did cotton eye Joe come from and where did he go that’s a joke.
Three in the morning.
Best actor or actress that people hate.

[54:58] Math fail fail fail.

[55:05] What can we do to make the Oscars more interesting.
Alfalfa meal I heard they’re making like a mainstream movie award outside note like apparently I don’t know it’s like Marvel movie
yeah it’s called IMDb.
What is a hobby that you do that most people don’t know about.

[55:42] 2 I don’t have one that I don’t think people don’t know about,
cat grooming.
I don’t have anything that people annoy.

[56:05] For your you can talk you can talk to it agree about how the fact that you’re turning your backyard into a mini golf course I am turning my back.
That’s awesome because your dogs you can have been everywhere.
And so we’re just going to play 9-hole golf course back there.
Flexible good size backyard.
Or she’s baby pools at the end of it and when you hit their balls they lose every time,
In-N-Out Burger.

[57:00] You guys are more than welcome to.
Everything I do is pretty much out in the open I write jokes play music that’s pretty much the main two things that I do I’m always like to look up new artist but that’s kind of a.
Nothing but just be do you play PS2 on with that though.
NHL 2014.

[57:38] Simpsons road Rage,
creepy thing that you do there has to be a lot of shit,
about his fucking lawn like it looks like,

[58:15] It’s always Becca I don’t know why I apparently am like the Kevin Bacon
Falls cuz you do know everybody.
40 and whatever bills telling us or it’s all the people that would that we would possibly know who would be involved in it,
anyone ever John is telling a story it’s always like weird connection,
like it’s always all these directions and it’s right across from the old Walgreens,
where is challenge
tobacco and dad used to do,
mother wants to talk about herself,
tree removal.

[59:30] What was on MTV Unplugged a good idea how do you feel about acoustic versions of full band songs,
I think at the time it was great LOL,
when you have a heavy bronze do I really want to hear,
would you like,
but I thought I’d like it made sense because so many the bands were.
There is a newer band Beach slang that’s like sure I like them a lot they just release an acoustic album that think bad Incorporated cello and some string stuff in that sounded really like the songs were so simple and approach anyways they would just like,
like I said exception I could see that being an MTV Unplugged if they’re not picking up to obviously.
Do that but if the songs are simple enough and approach that you can strip down and make it through do it justice.

[1:00:47] No sure if you would like to see that like a studio thing,
ramp let drunk tickets in the cycle,
it’s always you it was like that Jack White’s acoustic album yeah I can put out an album of like acoustic tracks interesting to just see him like.

[1:01:14] Just him and end in the guitar and see a lion or whatever just.
Just to see what he could do I think I’ll be interesting about how great it would be a fair thing he’s done those racontours though I love Brendan Benson I love his song writing but I was so good.
Rich kid Blues so good.

[1:01:36] Dolphin’s fucking Masterpiece to and everything. All the other white stripes albums after that I think a really good too but I just that’s just good music pretty harmless.
I love to see Jack do like a full-fledged like you said I’ll let the awesome know
there’s just something about a time and Tim and Meg I buy Bellevue,
I Love To See Five Finger unplugged,
just 1,000 people just barely hear like the snare drum just like that,
Halo pop that’s all I can hear it just like a little symbol wash that’s really scratching,
what do you think of a light show I think a lot of like metal bands in general dollar
play Stoner metal bands like complete emphasis is like on how loud they give me if I would love to see them play acoustic set for my.

[1:02:43] Holy shit yeah I was right all it is your symbol.
You don’t hear by always the Stone Age you don’t hear them stripped out a lot but when they do that sound yeah,
but we are totally like yeah there’s a long slow goodbye acoustic is a great.
First MTV Unplugged in that early era of it,
a tribute to Bourdain was open up a little bit more than that that’s when that happened.
Loud quiet loud you know that the whole things like blowing up but.

[1:03:29] I don’t know I think that that. There when they started doing that all the sudden yeah you’d start hearing like acoustic cuts on some of these albums in order.

[1:03:39] Nowadays it kind of showed it’s like everything is backtrack to death now it’s those kind of hard to have to sit that’s why there’s probably not enough unplugged.
Things anymore because everyone just backtracks everything so it’s right life Slayer unplugged.
I would see that,
and my friend comments on Slater plug.
But yeah skid-row was a letdown,
cuz he told the story one so how he ran into Phil Anselmo on the urinal,
I walk up to the urinal man and I look down it feels dick like holy shit.

[1:04:46] Dude have you ever seen kiss,
see my dad’s I think I heard that,
that’s great,
the new Guardian oh my God for Biohazard
what do we call the band fittest why it just commented Savage animal.

[1:05:34] And then it’s all not having it is like come on guys,
okay next question.
You could watch only one movie for the rest of your life what would it be and why.

[1:06:02] If you had to that’s an elephant or fail fail fail.
Yeah, I was going to say the notebook.
This one what’s the greatest episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 metaluna.
Never seen that one.
Any movies where you feel the soundtrack enhance the movie.

[1:06:44] In particular that’s.

[1:06:50] Yeah we can talk about I’ll pass it and I’ll just say any movie that John went to the store to is cheer on Zimmer and that’s just like any John Hughes film.

[1:07:02] It’s kind of a silly question.

[1:07:09] Well I would include home alone right home alone was scored by John Williams.

[1:07:19] I think so maybe yes.
Don’t like right now.
Best album this year that you’ve heard so far from that came out this year.

[1:07:41] Or otherwise we could say at the rice if you don’t have one from this year.
I definitely know what mine is so far.
I want some Kacey Musgraves album.

[1:08:06] Like last year I was listening to like do dudes in their 20s right and Country shitt in on this year I’m it’s a cup.

[1:08:16] Tell me some fun pop record.
Orchestrated the band Kix ask songs are fucking great makes me feel good to know I love the new Anderson East album.
So misleading was good how was it was that at Minneapolis last week in Iowa.
I’m going to see her Kacey Musgraves and.

[1:08:45] My girlfriend bought me tickets to see my crush. It’s pretty cool. She’s married so she can off tables.
No worries yeah I Can Dream.
All yours I usually end up with like at least 20 records that.
Look up some kind of impression that she’s a little slower so far but admittedly like if I really like an artist I,
I can’t like just casually listen to a new album I have to like there’s a lot of stuff that came out at the beginning of Summer by bands that I love and I still don’t listen to it cuz I haven’t gone on a walk or done somewhere I can just like.
Zoning R2 to be life very attentive.
So she’s got to be me I can’t have anybody around and stuff and forwards fucker so I got like words so I want to hear all that.
But my front runner early Casey spaceykacey.

[1:09:51] I gave that album listen I don’t really listen to country music but it’s at first I was going to,
you know those Country lyrics and sub with her is that pod almond but it’s it’s it’s such a weird Fusion we’re like but I want to keep listen because I never really heard anything like that.
It’s like I’m there like Fleetwood Mac tape elements going on and it and I mean there’s there’s just all kinds of stuff but her and her voice is just like she’s a part of like writing.
So I’m like you to play the guitar and Shout the out hard and she’s capable of.
Yeah it in an industry where.

[1:10:34] You know they just kind of a female Chris Stapleton and then she was like writing stuff before in the this is kind of her angle in remember the name of that song that you first came out a few years ago,
Airlines was the first single blowing smoke but is very vanilla.
Is very much more country leaning but.
Folica like a big like kinda I’m going to do what the fuck I want to do.
That she’s a stoner so I can relate with that and no surprisingly good metal album Judas Priest Firepower really surprisingly good and his voice sounds,
as good as ever was just crazy with that,
melting in his vocals but he still has that much power in it so.

[1:11:36] I like the new ghost album like I will sign language,
it’s very immediate very catchy but now someone posted a meme today of what they advertise the band that’s like this dark house what it really looks like as a doll house or what it really sounds like.

[1:11:55] I don’t consume music through albums enough anymore like I used my musical listening experience lately is just like.
I was in the freaking 40 hours a power metal at work in my earbuds and whatever comes up on Pandora and you know stuff like that so lyrics and stuff.

[1:12:19] Totally.
Thunder redness how important that is to a song in the end the album is a lyric so so I’ll let you know I’ll just listen through stuff and if I really like I’ll go find the lyrics.
Differ there and do it and then yeah plug YouTube me like okay I like that song with this is the whole album or something like that.
I lean more towards indie rock myself and so it will love this year has been a lot of female fronted rock bands but you can really sing really good albums like soccer mommy isn’t it like Dan,
cuz like a sounds like Pedro the lion ishka stuff like The Returned.

[1:13:03] But yeah I like I mean the new J Cole records really good like.
There’s a record by too long songwriters that they just decided to call themselves Mary Lepanto as a group Mary / Lepanto.
Will Johnson is one of the guys I kick it other guys named jpk or is his initials but they played here in town a while back in,
the white wall Studio.
That’s another one of those really sparse kind of Records where you don’t I mean you put it on when you’re driving by yourself your home buyer you know home alone you don’t decide.
Yeah you actually,
Townes Van Zandt makes you want to kill yourself.

[1:14:08] Banks topic what factors go into what you wear onstage personally when you perform.
Comfortable shoes.
Chris larocca I wish slap Wilshire sure I used to wear a suit when I drummed metal like,
this is way too hot. I have to work I can’t wear a long sleeve
yeah I can’t do it yeah there was one show I decide to wear a suit and get all dressed up and then after each song I just removed another item of clothing after every song I like
too much and white there no fans or water next to me
your Animal Jam on the drum set I think maybe the first time I saw your band was when you open for closet monster
is that the sister,
slender man I like that that’s my exercise for the year.
Show I mean like this some shows where.

[1:15:24] You know like freaking play at the Orpheum for example it’s like he probably put a little bit more thought into what the fuck you’re wearing green stage and you would expect that out of the people that you were playing with but I mean we’re playing,
you know if it’ll dry or something like that sleep fucking Come As You Are
but I think I think jazz fest last year Jazz Fest where I had like a fucking dress code like one might was this and the other night was clearly what I do something like that but it was my way of life,
I mean you tell slots on me going to fucking do whatever the fuck he wants his interpretation of whatever the fuck you get off of goofy ass that is little
shores of the comes down.
Like everybody else kind of bit on to it and slap showed up and put his fucking Iowa to like hoodie on stop,
but I have a handful of Metallica shirts that’s what I like what I normally wear.

[1:16:39] If I’m going to see a man like it you know like again I mean it all depends on John run show and then you you know like.
Like I mean if I go to Total drag and it’s a bunch of kids with fucking no shirts on Chuck Taylors let you know like
fine I fucking that works I mean but I don’t want to go pay fucking $50 to go to the Orpheum and watch those same kids play with the fucking back to me all night and braiding outfit you know,
just doesn’t interest me you know that we live in now we’re like you can watch a concert from home you can watch YouTube,
you have to give people some fucking reason to come,
get out and as stupid as wardrobe is you know I find it you know it’s just like one of those little things that might be yeah.
But I mean that’s so funny I was just talking to somebody the other day was talking to me about like.
He kept talking about Scott’s or how great it was but they never once mentioned the fucking music it was always.
You know all the fucking light show and if not I might Jesus Christ ad but now like it’s me it’s me a little hot under the collar it’s like the same thing like.
It’s one thing if a guy cut has to come in and set up a whole production stage lighting sound but if a guy comes into a sound guy walks into a.
Gigan and he’s walking out in 04 example like where the where the sound is already there and he just pretty much on Fires everything up.

[1:18:09] And I went when the sound guys walking out with like way more than the bands leaving that shit pisses me off too cuz I’m like.
I didn’t see on the flyer there you know the headlining fucking sound guy.
Oh man I wasn’t going to go to that show cuz the Lions kind of weak but then I saw a fucking Jack dick is doing sound if that guy could fucking run a board.

[1:18:34] First atom is also different thing to certain open mics all wear shirt and jeans I don’t care we actually have a weird unspoken Rule and dirty Santa but if you wear shorts on stage it’s like a bug.
Don’t go on stage
comedian friends literally come to the venue with shorts on change in the bathroom and then get ready for the show like like I can’t wear shorts and sages used to Superstition is not wear shorts It’s the breyley just like,
if they watch you and your telling jokes and shorts they like lose all respect for you,
nicer like a plaid shirt jeans and send open my suggested for angular band shirt them like whatever.
And I’m certain shows I’ll wear a suit for a stand-up cuz at least it’s not too hot it’s like you’re on stage for 10 minutes,
like comedy burlesque show which I’ve done a couple of those it’s like you wear that suit should I dress up and then all that kind of,
they would want me to under cold shower.
Just up if you ever do stand-up don’t wear shorts.

[1:20:00] I’m afraid,
I mean for sure.
What are you guys doing it cavity.
Can you go into thinking about what dressing on stage Phil Keaggy the fuck I want to wear a t-shirt that I like usually black.

[1:20:30] Phil us talking perfect hairline,
stop the recording.
Capture my kick drum.
Take a selfie on his ass beat on on a cliff the other day.
What that some guy with a cell phone or some shit.

[1:21:13] Oh yeah.
What’s up this is going on dumbass that’s free to you yeah I can tell you where to find a computer if you need Jesus Christ,
I wonder what color panties are disappointed,
girls underwear.
Getting ready to go to the grocery store.
I just stroke I wear skirts to walk it out
I just figured he was unhappy cuz we’re out of lemons,
why does this guy look like he’s probably for landmines.

[1:22:31] Max topic.
Since folded how do you feel about censorship in music and movies fucking sucks fuck that iron.
Phil fail fail at 1 p.m.
There’s no tightwads there.

[1:23:00] It’s Deadpool to really a family movie and why Industrial.
How do you read the question suggestions on Facebook, I should really look over a wall.

[1:23:21] See if you can get a Live question,
the one viewer I think this question is from Dan missing,
how and why are you the way that you are.
Sounds like therapy session.

[1:23:54] Is Christopher Walken still pushing for more cowbell and other forgotten yet important musical instruments.
Phil Jesus.

[1:24:08] What’s up guys Robbie Robbie,
how do you like your concerts to be setlist wise structure spontaneous and loose or more hits mixture pass.
Bob Moore hits.
Like our concert or any wedding band that you see if you go to a ship.

[1:24:46] I kind of like a mixture like I think it’s more fun to have like of the mixture of hits but also deep cuts and then kinda if you want to hear hits later or in the middle.
I kind of like in the middle of the deep cut right off the bat,
Most Wanted 88
it’s to be worried about making sure they play them all these days I mean modern bands you know if I go see a classic man you know,
they have five lttle shearling hero5 those hit the some point and I found your fuck when it is you know I prefer prefer not have to wait till the end of it but.
I don’t really give a shit I mean as far as I can if it was me plan something like when I place so low I,
I don’t put the other setlist I just go but I love to be able to just be like.

[1:25:52] You said name of the song and fucking have felt count it up go into it but the choir people know the names of the fucking songs but no one laughs app.
What’s my favorite,
I just want I want bombs,
I did do a set once right and have any material written so I’m like I’m just going to do the set but what if I had hemorrhoids.
So I said so what do you get when you out what do you get when.
Elaborate to Saban guard thing or just sat on the stool acting like I was in pain asking people for alignment actually went better than I expected.

[1:26:44] You should do a whole set leaning and see if someone gives you a V8.
You got your cool though specially was like classic artist you know how long he played a bunch of deep Cuts but he also played a lot of the popular stuff but it was just really funny to watch like.

[1:27:02] That was one of the weirdest concerts I’ve ever been to because I was in general admission and I got there super early I went by myself go down to him also that nobody else could fuck it up for me,
I don’t want anybody bitching anyone complaining I wasn’t drinking cuz I didn’t want to lose my spot,
top I remember yelling at everyone around me a couple times during the show that,
why the fuck am I the youngest person anywhere close to this stage right now and I’m the only person acting books with sure you it was unbelievable like this.

[1:27:33] I was one of those things where everybody’s trying to relive their youth in LA,
my favorite though was the jackass who wouldn’t shut the fuk up the whole show and he had like hit the worst like.
Look tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo in alike on each arm and it was like his most memorable concerts you know so yes.
I try fish all this like shit and then one of them hit the Beatles you know logo,
I like o’shit man I bet that was a dope show man and you know cuz I knew damn well he went to lie or any of the last time the Beatles played.
Well you know some things you know something’s just say Craigslist all you said they were all.
They all shut the fuck up as soon as I go deep Cuts would come they just piss break.

[1:28:32] Again that makes it up like a like a play a hit and then to deep Cuts hit deep cut band does that perfect.
Bands that I like her would pay to go see I mean I want to hear that anything and everything I mean you know.

[1:28:57] Throwing a sub when Foo Fighters came to town last year at the first five songs were just like they’re pretty much a single band of this like that’s constant single single.
Open with Everlong in Monkey Wrench right off the bat and like shit Tarantino in it.

[1:29:21] NFL flemmi got stuck in Texas so Dave Grohl says Ripley extra hour to make up for lost time remember how long it in Taylor was just like,
he played almost 4 hours and I had a.

[1:29:45] What do you call a shit dry socket,
and I don’t have any pills because the oh my God the dentist is giving me my prescription before the fucking,
other pills prescription before the fucking surgery so I figured.
So you just going to give me more after the surgery I thought it was like some preparation type said okay I just fucking with that abused that you needed the most,
the whole side of my head is fucking throbbing I’m standing you know the whole time fuck man I was ready for another 3 hours,
keep going man there’s a lot of things I haven’t heard yet you know if I can find for 8 minutes,
but I mean I also have never been in a concert like that were felt like that before where there was that much energy ever fight McCartney here at this the Danny was cool but like.

[1:30:52] I like to see if Springsteen up in St Paul nobody like even people in the seats did not sit the whole show,
and everybody singing along there’s all these like big parts were it’s like probably what church should be like in there like realistically find the river front to back which is.
Vocally probably the most challenging record and I’m watching this dude who’s older than my dad up there doing shit that I couldn’t do it was like oh my God.

[1:31:27] Yeah I’ve seen Green Day couple times and they stretch two minute songs out for 10 minutes and I’m just like you could have easily played 40 songs so for one more topic and then do one more
stop it and then York Shameless plugs and then call it just plug,
hahaha I like that best opening band you’ve ever seen.

[1:31:55] Casa Loma Toronto like they’re specifically in the opening lineup slot.
Promise you you’re talking to guys that have been in so many freaking conference.

[1:32:17] Pass on this one knows fail that one Phil Allen’s film so pretty big you do to kill time,
we could talk about it but way too illegal if you could hang out with one famous person who would it be and why.

[1:32:43] She’s kind of like at Tiger Beat question,
if you can hang a Hot Pocket,
who’s the cutest boy on death row greatest drummers of all time.

[1:33:12] Path that we got to fucking drummers in here.
Three three.
I’m topshit Jimmy Chamberlin Smashing Pumpkins for me personally.
Telephone Incorporated Jazz into rock that kind of all over the place.
I’m a big Levon Helm fan from the band get it done make it funky.
You know still fuck out of the way and he also could sing their mother fucker.

[1:33:58] This is getting one but Buddy Rich,
okay I don’t think that’s freaking awesome it was just like this like the first drummer who is famous for being a drunk right.
That’s pretty cool.

[1:34:14] Food competitions with back neck,
yeah I okay. It’s animals.
Mitch Mitchell from Jimi Hendrix.
Yeah yeah yeah I like that line up with Mitch Mitchell and then Billy Cox on base on the retrieval like that kind of final lineup that he had those really good.
You know it’s Lars Ulrich.
I told Dad today that you guys would be on egos ask Brian about Lars Ulrich what needs to be done.
It’s funny as it sounds he’s the Ring of metal just does what he needs to do.
And he’s what he’s actually a interval part of Metallica’s for a sound for song arrangement to you know so.
As I am the opposite in March and arms.

[1:35:34] How do you get in the bath with somebody who is so worried about life.
But their head so far up their own ass so do the fucking drum it makes it fucking fun it’s a percussion instrument like,
people like yeah I mean I know some cool little drum fills that like I’m excited when they come but it’s not like The Melody of a song yeah,
call me when you can tell when somebody just sitting there listening to them fucking cell phone if I got mine.
It’s no good one of my favorite bands I just saw last week of Alkaline Trio albums big punk rock kind of fan been they had a fill-in drummer,
cuz the drummer that they normally have is taking the tire off is he had mental health issues with bipolar disorder this whole thing and it sucks because he’s like my one of my favorite drummers cuz he’s he does service to the song,
is fluid but machine like but it can also like it’s very subtle but plays strong,
and the feeling guy just was kind of messing up all the songs in third play went away that I’m like I wouldn’t do that like.

[1:36:35] Song like it’s just being personally like like I can do that,
what you do that part writer as I was just like bummed out about that like and you were just like,
such a song says like what.
Phil did we hear who you’re going to say it’s between two probably that I really respect.
Movie Josh Breeze schools.
Like specially Matt Chamberlain can do like the craziest shit but likes it in the mixing like high and he can’t really you really notice it.

[1:37:23] Fiona Apple’s albums are so great.
Matt Cameron Soundgarden 4 years ago machine or just sitting there like.

[1:37:47] Phil her butt plugs are you getting excited,
I’ll ask her if we can start getting our bucket
Shameless but you could have,
if you can have one but black leather
fishing like a lures are they biting on today
searching for supplies.

[1:38:37] Phil Davis triple plug.
I can’t even see I want to say Mueller Mueller pallets,
LLC for someone else I should be all about you.
Right it is almost my phone calls.

[1:39:15] If you have tree branches down let me know when we have a profile,
can get that hook up to you if you need some food analogies,
do you need a sweet to new calendar for your truck let me tell you man like Miss August butterface.
Not at all they mostly are but I mean this is like severe.
Just 77 Biggs for opening for Power Glove so if you would like,
video games and you want to see them performed in a heavy metal style that’s the show that you want to go which is a Monday,
and then October 9th also Biggs opening up for a band Canadian power metal band called unleash the archers or just really cool cool.

[1:40:26] Was one of the old Garmin Knights mascot or some shot,
this is the v o Gorman night that was stolen in the late 90s from the lobby of a hormone.

[1:40:41] Wears out right it’s not,
you doesn’t make no money down the smell like coffee and incense so I’m not convinced it’s real smells like lint,
the who won Bradford Inn at the beds the same as gel.
And any other November.

[1:41:16] Better finish running a couple more we need songwriters,
so they were pretty cool I think Thomas is going to do a guest vocals.
Fuck yeah there for me to do it otherwise there’s no way I can do that man
still sound like a strangled cat a man whatever,
pull up Wolf Gang leader play Jam against hunger on Sunday the.
Or when will be Mitchell at the back 40 on September 1st and then we’ll be back in Sioux Falls September 6th.
Just confused,
at Icon with the couple we go again
Thor playing with small houses and Michaela Elizabeth.

[1:42:28] Few full band shows in the area and then will likely go the fuck away for awhile so.
The winter and depression will come and I’ll decide to write a sad bastard record and hopefully I’ll put it out by next summer,
well thank you guys. It’s what he said live.

[1:43:02] That’s crazy.
I know it’s a Monday but I swear to God if you all show up.
We will sacrifice live go to.
Fucking calling to call into work sick on Monday night brother
Phil next songs but when I took 20 hits acid watch my parents fuck.
That guy is so Twisted yet.

[1:44:12] Now you’re racist, he was on once in this woman from the audience ask you a question,
hi my name is Linda and Eagles open YouTube video he did talking about Dimebag
definite Sabrina, Tree in a pot of people to speed up till like 1.5 yeah she sounds like a normal person. We recommend watching the super joint ritual like DVD the light one.
I mean between songs.

[1:44:57] That shit is getting three that’s cool it is hilarious man oh my God,
list next Parts the heaviest part in the world LOL.

[1:45:29] On the offense quick Thomas Ranch.

[1:45:38] And as always you been listening to.

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