The Dresch Code Ep 008 Bebop and Rock-steady sail a tank down a river

The Dresch Code Ep 008 Bebop and RockSteady sail a tank down a river

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Why is Live such a great band, who did let the dogs out?, Most pretentious music website or magazine, Most pretentious music website or magazine, on stage banter, favorite comedy movie, favorite comedians, what you’d do with 20 min before an asteroid hits, best story about the worst beer, what songs should be banned?, and can we really know anything?


The Urban Indianz Podcast:


Green Altar


Guests:  Cannon Harlan, Chris Thode, and Gabriel Night Shield


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Machine Transcript

[0:20] Zach dresch I’m right now and you’re listening to this is our 8th episode of Believe.
If I’m correct today I haven’t slept,
and I just been drinking pipeline punch after pipeline punch
Thunder dumb joke before we get started with the topics in the jar buckets or jacket which is not a derogatory term we checked.

[1:09] I managed usar Roundtable of guess this evening we got can and 30 from Green alter how are you guys this evening drunk.
Host of urban Indians In This Very Studio,
406 yeah hell yeah this show works is Ryan I will pull up,
topics or price decline 3 by 3 Semi V in this jar and we decide pass or fail so pass we will talk about the topic fail we will,
Tiara and other feelings usually discarded safe for another episode so what’s he,
yeah your question about how did Steven Tyler get famous or we did that won the last episode deeper now on.
I’m so glad I have no one.
Are giant Crow just like a soccer mom like from high and fire calls his fucking off.

[2:32] Stereo the Harrison’s body.
So should I go to the first.

[2:49] Skip this one we’ve done this one this one’s more of it there is awesome research out there that’s just account.
to steal that one,
Brandy Swann answering this question for Android.

[3:24] Oh yeah I read it yeah why isn’t Lively live won’t live why is life such a good band so many reasons I mean the Dolphins they currently have.
I think we covered.
Reminds me girlfriend
I did
that’s good
talk further about their that good.

[4:23] Who indeed did let the dogs out.
Grace V funny story about that so I know me and Ben Hilson it’s his birthday today we’re drinking with them,
happy birthday Ben happy birthday,
who Let The Dogs Out.
How many who’s are in the song we all been on his second one.

[5:16] It’s not really that hard of a metaphor,
I said that CD when it came out.
Usually jock jams.

[5:51] That was all jacked up music.
It was legit but I was lost in the driveway in the show he insisted that we get the fog machine set-up,
and he walks in with the bulls,
and it works it works every time.
Best way to come in be like on guitar.

[6:57] Most pretentious Music Magazine website,
the funny thing about being a listen to Pitchfork is they expose me to a bunch of it
and then you read what they wrote and I’m so offended by it and same time of being in the Doom metal band
it’s it’s like these guys are the best like you just started listening to this music. What are you talking about you have no idea what you’re talking about,
but yet they’ve got like they’re considered like just where to go to figure out what what the what to get like really don’t have a great opinion on water.

[7:36] Unless you actually do the research before the review but I don’t view your source is credible.
And sometimes I have a good writer that alright then couple reviews really like this is actually really clever how they wrote this but most the time it’s like.

[7:51] You know about your childhood what was terrible and let me explain how this band is better than your childhood.
Free more respect for like Junior High,
all writing level someone saying,
finding out your dad listen to the music Lakeland positively review something you listen to your.

[8:32] Tell me all over again but like Rolling Stones,
pretty ridiculous,
which I actually bring up a lot in conversation but I don’t want to read that list at,
what are you going to look on the internet,
yeah that’s a big number I’ll go with that word you say cuz.

[9:22] Let me know what’s up Gene Simmons he probably slept with more women than like have existed,
he’s such a piece of paper.

[9:40] I wish I wish you would walk around in his kiss makeup all the time.
Oh my God it’s so pretty with Legos.
You’re half tiger half billing and half horse penis.

[10:03] I’ve slept through many hotels are out this great country you know what the ladies.
I’m going to be half horse penis like just happy about it but I mean like,
but keep the skit in context was there at the biggest douchebag Awards and the three judges were Gene Simmons Sharon Osbourne and the last name it is like one word one name like a,
do for your cycle.
I got his want to throw something at him here to fucking stocking cap on and he was like easily 9,
and I just don’t understand it I want them I like one of these days,
what mission do you have to not getting hot.

[11:17] Next stop.

[11:23] Thoughts on stage banter.

[11:31] I like it depends on how it’s done he doesn’t always go over.

[11:44] I’ve been in a different band where are lead singer was told not to swear.
Before the show there’s no there’s no kids here after we get on stage before kids in front.
Okay let’s do this like this is going to go great we do like half her set and then he starts talking and every other word is fun.
Every other word he goes on for about 10 minutes while we change tuning,
I just like dude you sound like an idiot I did that I did,
do these the rest of my very recently told me to quit telling the crowd to go.

[12:44] No. I told everybody the band told me I couldn’t go tell them to go.

[12:53] Like we used to just do that.
Topix it to each other like we are trying to be like on you know off the cuff but it was clearly,
hey Mike seeks his leg like they don’t stop playing there’s no breaks between songs can I play for an hour straight are all just like.

[13:27] Like I wish I could pull some out the super Speedy crazy likes like and.
Halfway through the set like the guitarist in the bases got into this argument looks like it’s hilarious,
arguing and he’s like it got to the end at the end of it the the guitar store,
yeah I’ll take him out his fucking man right now I did it once before in 96 just fucking ask you.
Kick me out cuz I was in what is 5 minute bit in the middle of a nonstop assault the sound,
and they just did a bit for 5 minutes late.
My favorite is when the singer is also playing rhythm guitar and tuning at the same time but trying to be the frontman it’s a thing.

[14:23] No probably would bands.
Yeah I know man I just like to be,
so honest that it it even ruins me when it goes from.
Unbelievably awkward they acknowledge and then just suddenly it’s like gas part of the stick here’s the next song.
I think they just say crazy shit like I think that’s why they have titles that are like a paragraph It’s all songs about horses,
infatic store and check in FedEx store now they knew that only played a few shows with their fucking awesome,
but like right before the last songs that we got one more song,
oh they’re sweet black and roll straight up fucking rock and roll black man Will Ferrell once play Neil Diamond storytellers.
Is there soccer world knows I’m fueled creatively by my math.

[15:53] Search point.

[16:05] Will Ferrell is my favorite person in me.
Your sister next song we are driving on tour and me and Gary we love to drive and long story short I hit a kid
call Sweet Caroline hip hop songs.
What what,
Will Ferrell I love that guy,
it went when he showed up on Cullen and as Goulet doing an area that was the past that was that just a driving a lot Johnny what’s new.
Kiss me I’m sorry for all the Diablo martini.
Next one.

[17:29] Motorcycle helmet laws
that’s it
I like how when he died it took like 2 weeks before they came out.

[17:57] A little bit definitely suck so hard,
I just know a lot about him partying himself.
That’s insane.

[18:40] When you smoke pot and get out cuz nobody quit smoking.
Clash something that right right.
For the position because back in my day we used to vote Forever at the biggest hits and that’s why Bill janklow one that’s a great job.
What you should wear a helmet.
What is mercury made mostly of beating Nazis to death with helmet.

[19:37] Beat them to death with your house why you need a helmet brightness go.
Legit o salon.
What is your favorite movie of all time in general and your favorite comedy if they’re both the same film what are your top two favorite comedy,
say how about favorite movie and four fever copy one of the two UHF.
Oh that’s a solid Joys Conan the librarian.
Dear, dear.

[20:31] Sail Anchorman for mine.
I was just watching it the other day still love it.
The scene where they went they tip the Winnebago because he doesn’t understand what cruise control
twerking in the background is more interesting than half that.
I didn’t even know what they’re smoking crack on TV.
Actually holds up freeway I was literally.
white scorpion.

[21:47] Grow Method Man smoke the weed and it’s a smart dude
it is discovered that his thing that Ben Franklin invented nobody can figure out what it is and I’m going to ruin the movie for y’all if you haven’t seen it.
Is Dildo spelled D i l d e a u x.
I don’t know why that’s funny but I agree with him my favorite movies Empire Strikes Back Star Wars.
It’s a great one.

[22:42] It’s got to be a millbrook’s for me and I auto producers and,
those are cute like those two are probably a god tier movies for me.
I love.
Parents who taught him in high school at St John’s really.

[23:25] It’s a Small World.
Where are you at right now four guys in black suits with Lexile.

[23:50] Custom ring racer fighting Darth Maul is on his way,
what is cardigan,
but it’s just a lot really angry legs,
Darth Maul was just too angry to die so it’s spider legs spider legs.
That’s literally actually distorted yeah
everybody hates him so much he’s like Maroon to this like slave planet where he just performs as an idiot in like this,
Yucca Street urgent hobo performers,
yeah then like even adult even if they’re orphans on.

[25:00] The hell away from him 4 hours of car racing
Bowers World Racing,
I don’t watch Squarespace NASCAR,
oh you want a pair.
I can act that whole scene.
I hate sand,
3 with a where they do the like.
Whenever he looks up its like.

[26:05] Hey Mike this is going to say.
This guy could just be like I’m out of umbrellas,
describe that’s not applicable to our situation but I would have had no way of knowing what you were going to say that cuz they can get in there,
now this test ball is your friend,
I don’t know cuz I’m going to fucking lizard.
No no no this is a lizard and this is your friend.

[26:52] Let me see Blade Runner are you seeing the good parts of Blade Runner,
she’s not the best director but he’s a special effects Pioneer probably more like okay this is this this is this I’m going to go over here,
oh my God that’s so cool oh my God this is so cool so cool
Rogers like what are we doing again it’s George Lucas making a Star Wars films,
if I going too far is this over-the-top no one is better than no.

[27:38] Are Chargers kind of racist shut the fuck up
you just hear glass shatter
daily Interlake super races.

[28:02] Stop making these caricatures 30 years ago George forgot,
yeah I went when he was like you know what would make this very racist fucking Asian alien,
the best price when an eight-year-old goes are you an angel you’re like well I’m going to marry you in a film,
interaction is so awkward,
so awkward that’s mentioned it just that the all those movies or just about a bunch of genders which there is like a 13 year old girl.
In the story is literally about like 3 like Renegade cult members that go in kidnapped a slave kid.
I like taking I don’t know he’d say gate in Spanish going to take them to a bunch of Palpatine George Soros.

[29:13] Yes weird.
I’m not really shity makes windows a great character that he’s so weird,
the best the redeeming factor in the prequel directing thing,
can you tell I have some friends come in first for couples like.
You’re stupid I just does the Opera seem like Oak.
Cory church just commented on the live stream what’s your favorite Cypress Hill soccer
there’s a whole bunch of the Spanish language that has his buddy Lee fantastic How I Could Just Kill a Man
who has a hand on the pump shotgun hand on the pump.

[30:31] Yeah there is a what is a that is hit from the long has the Son of a Preacher Man sample I believe so,
Rock House,
in the world not trusted anybody.

[31:07] And Cypress Hills definitely does the Cypress Hills band from Sarah Night Live cuz they smoked a blunt live on stage.
Yeah send me a resume.

[31:25] So not playing the right song.
Alibi this one in there like he went out there and,
maybe I’d like you to the prince thing we had both of his performance is crammed into one medley and then dicked around they just fucking cuz awesome went out there and.
Set Sturgill Simpson fans and everybody got a solo every member of the band and I was.
God is one of us a really talented band so like that’s a that’s a musician going hey this isn’t just about me.

[32:07] He’s definitely doing it well Sturgill I didn’t realize.

[32:20] Serta speaks to me and I didn’t know how to relate to that one
you guys are,
what he said you said
yeah, my favorite Christmas regular
in the movie there’s the movie National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1.
Blues on the beach in a trailer,
and then when you walk into the open to watch the trailer as a man should have been one and the best part is there is no sequel,
that there’s a SWAT team exploit throwing explosives on the beach and it’s Bruce Willis’s house.

[33:49] Would take 24 not 8:28 because I’m sorry I’m bad.
No problem.
I just watched split.

[34:09] It was good I haven’t seen is a lot better than.
Kind of like half a stone fairytale but I still enjoyed it.
I guess but I didn’t think it was like it’s just like a stage thing where everyone.
And to be honest those same people also didn’t come out and drove is complaining about Transformers.
I don’t know why they’re so surprised when they were little like to mention ex and like tiny tiny aliens and hot rod,
another nerdy stupid the movie and it was like this could have been darker you like for 15 year olds,
Ninja Turtles with Samurai.

[35:20] Wait what the fuck you think that was awesome,
warts on a vagina pepper is Shayla down a motherfuking river if you think that don’t think that’s awesome just suck my dick,
unfriend me right now please.

[35:47] How to make somebody try to tell him and it was the bartender hour ago so I can’t give you the movies awful,
the movie Nicolas Cage,
movies John Travolta,
that movie so bad just randomly like Nicki
and there’s literally just like
$80 behind them again.

[36:48] Outdoor,
these people didn’t pay somebody to stop coming in your skin all the fucking does not machine guns,
Cannon shake it up enough favorite stand-up comedian.

[37:24] Oh sorry but we can talk about it last time and I can talk about.

[37:28] Chester See Martin.
Make fun of stand-up comedy in the conventional sense just like a I want to make fun of the conventions.
The form and then just made a joke about it that kind of thing I was kind of hoping you was going to say.
And baby it’s a complete like legit and it’s like I love how he like when on top and then headed back now but there’s kind of,
it’s like 40 years like I don’t need it.
Mitch Hedberg is another,
on story but a friend Ben who is a happy birthday but he used to work at a club up in Minneapolis and he got to watch head,
do a lot of work and work out as material,
which is kind of a unique it and unique inside on a comic is considered a great.

[38:44] I like Greg Giraldo is output a joke writer for the Stars.
Christopher Titus is great if you want to be angry,
what is coming he’s coming in September,
fucking Patrice O’Neal man at Jim Norton
Doug Stanhope man
you got to respect the cops you got to respect the cops nobody Falls like,
Bill Burr is like the one guy that can successfully do a podcast by himself as I talked about stuff and just pauses for a long period of time like when someone dies like.

[39:46] 34 years old get that around here.
Comics that I love I’m I’m a huge Bo Burnham fan and Tom Segura,
I love the way those guys do jokes just in general I’ve been listen to the podcast.
Legion of skanks in there it’s funny but I never really like listen to like there it’s a big Jay oakerson and he’s fucking hilarious and stuff like that.
Super funny I’ve been I’ve listened to them like twice in the past week or so just be great.
That’s what I was trying to think of you cuz he’s the one with the with the plaid shirt in the.

[40:46] Basically he has conventional setups and then his Joe goes one way it’s like where the hell of that go freeze like I would like to start off my set by saying I’ve I just got back from the performing for the troops and then what is Klaus really I was performing for the Taliban,
does the bedpan.
I enjoy that a lot Jim Jefferies is another one of my favorites.
Just pushing that like like like.
What’s in a fucking asshole of the everybody love fucking not funny.
So unfunny I like really dang Coco I like them and waiting I don’t really know much else about waiting,
hey where are we going to the horse fuck you I’m just kidding.
John Mulaney.

[42:00] Hello I think as his famous Rising his stand-ups going to get weaker,
as it’s been like I didn’t think it gorgeous was that great it was okay but it had to suspend compare down dough much smaller bed.

[42:19] I wonder if he’ll run out of material is one of those guys that had a lot of the stuff built up ready to go got a little bit of Fame started releasing it heavily know he’s like what.

[42:30] I can see him start writing screenplays or doing something like that or small parts and turn them out,
what was awesome.
But isn’t it mostly done Nick Kroll Kroll John Mulaney,
Lily Nick Kroll and John have been working together in a like big mouth and work on that all of that was enough,
Will Arnett is the masturbation monsters so great. I still can’t.

[43:13] It’s amazing I know I know but it’s like
it’s got to take a break and watch me some serial killer documentaries just watching Ed Gein documentary,
Zach bucket that’s Chris not jerking off at least,
no last podcast on the left.

[43:53] 2 of bird songs at their last release were heavily influenced by them so nice about Jane toppan and we have a song called sodomized the world about.
Carl panzram,
just about every where ever is this week because they were they were recovering from most of the Roswell episode this weekend or whatever was best of Carl panzram
because I got home and I can’t wait to ask you yet I’m excited.
Like you run for president while he was president and then stole a boat and got away,
this story is just not really your country.

[44:54] Yes, I agree. You can’t come back to Africa.
Alaskan people.

[45:11] Yeah pretty much.

[45:20] To next stop I guess yeah yeah.
Are mozzarella cheese or mozzarella sticks cheese balls.
Vail Vail they’re not your mozzarellas here because you’re gorgeous.

[45:54] I like all your coat rack and DVD player.
This could be dead spoiler who really died in Infinity War and who is coming back as seen it and I’ll fucking punch you in the face not a bad question just,
touching touching favorite dinosaur and why didn’t you say velociraptor.
I think it’s one of my questions.
Got like foam plates on it.

[46:55] I don’t care what it is but one of those giant sea dinosaurs that’s like the size of half the ocean you imagine he was just like.
It’s like the size of a continent I know that I don’t know if you ever got a name for it but you know they existed I hope they did.
Yeah there’s no justice in this goddamn what was wrong with the world.

[47:24] Dinosaurs with herpes cold sores.
We just all these are just be setting up for jokes.
Thesaurus yeah you translate this fish lizards fish lizards.
Sidebar on a lot of talk shows the talk show host will set up the comic for them to talk about their bits
whatever you don’t like that so fake and snot spontaneously
I’m not the best music
I don’t even know what to say to kids and Jerry immediately goes I said a stupid thing to say I don’t know what to say to kids what do you mean.

[48:34] Search up Brian Regan about that he was on Letterman once and I did the talk show at the interview portion at the after estate upset.
And he was playing with you a bit about getting his eyes checked.
And a letter was supposed to say so I hear you’re getting some help if you went to an eye doctor recently and sand Letterman.
Change the wording of the setup so it made no sense when Brian Regan starting his bit Soul ever since I hear trying to get in shape,
and so he goes yeah I was getting my ice checks and then so we just grabbed.

[49:15] That was awkward favorite dinosaur is kind of a split I love brontosauruses because they don’t exist.
That is amazing how many text books were written by a brontosaurus doesn’t exist it was today it doesn’t know it’s not a real dinosaur as a whole bunch of different by dinosaur bones.
Where are dragons dinosaurs outside of the.
I like all the really weird looking ones like the dilophosaurus and the duck one and the one with the Dome head I can’t think of the name seven.

[49:53] I got dragged into cuz at least there’s no reason how to trim.
To the best one I mean I’m glad it wasn’t like that what’s your favorite fruit,
Pachycephalosaurus Soros that’s the Dome
have you ever seen that movie Reign of Fire that dragons are you saying has anybody here seen her in the fire,
you guys are going to need to grow crops what’s up.

[50:37] Last person to see of what like what were they called like at 12 Dragon the dragon Witcher an issue.
Let me tell you a long story short
what’s his name
Christian Bale has in Batman it’s like where you got the idea.
Not hundred percent like it’s the same voice but he shows up,
picture of the helicopters in that fucking dragons and beating death if they fall to the ground cuz they are
that is a great that’s all we need to stop smoking weed Sean Connery
is bitumen rate of fire is the best dragon movie of all time,

[52:07] Which Dragon Eragon was just terrible but no he was terrible the movie was so bad that they literally could not make it because they cut too many but one.
And the thing is US Chris repelling you was on a Reddit AMA and somebody said if you ever.
If you ever thought about remaking Eragon in a film who would you have direct in a civil funny story,
when I was talking to Executives at at Fox about who would have direct it I had a few guys in mind and one of them was the Cindy guy hadn’t done a lot of films but like you might know his work like memento.
Freaking know it was going to drag Aragon but like no no no we’ve got someone much better in mind,
she went to Christopher who directed,
fuck Christopher like a Christopher Nolan did that and then let Christian Bale use the voice.
I don’t have to worry them letters of Roman.

[53:22] Directed by Rob Bowman,
Connie ripping out of the fucking dragons body
soundtrack by M Night shield and green Electric

[54:07] Oh yeah as a producer on Xbox,
podcast Doug Loves movies they got nothing,
Reign of Fire 2 this time it’s personal.

[54:33] Emma Earhart first movie
yep that’s the first one that was per person I was busy
like you know but 1996 2015 that.

[54:56] Really castles like like a bunker maybe I like any other any other place guys.
what’s that works
it was filmed in real time documentary that’s why there any more dragons,
when did he when did he win his Oscar.

[55:57] For Dallas Buyers Club,
no they said who’s the hero and yes I’m going to have to think about that,
so I came out the next day and said my hero is me 10 years from now 10 years later,
they’ll never I’m never going to catch my hero but I always have stuff and I can live up to.
Definition for kid to say teachers like hey man you got a hero but now it’s me.

[56:41] Is that the shity answer answering this question let me be,
Dumb Stone Matthew McConaughey.

[56:58] And make more Dragon movies best songs that are dirtier than you think they are.
Give me that nut by Eazy E,
song to begin that was just yesterday or heard a song by a band called The Red Box called between the cheeks
dramatic reading of this as I approach the outer rim,
I pray to God you’ll let me in so we can fill this hole between us I know that I’ve been wrong but I know where I belong,
and I’m a fly between the moons of Venus,
prepare your ship for docking my probe is set for interlocking between the cheeks the cheeks of love.

[58:07] That’s his plan so sorry you guys heard about neckbeard death camp.
This is super well they’re super raw black metal so I can make it unless you’re into black my loves I could you don’t listen to extreme it’s hard to listen to.
They’re called Netgear Def Jam,
and her first album is called the national socialism is for you basement-dwelling losers and it says it is some in your face like.

[58:40] Hardcore Auntie can you read me lyrics earlier today what was the.

[58:49] What was the one the Fedora one.
It’s just a fucking guy in a fedora being beaten to death by do to the skin,
they’re just for their symbol is like the Iron Eagle like the Nazi Iron Eagle but instead of the eagle to the dick.
They’re going after now.
It is amazing there for them.
It’s something like fuck off you not to bug you I mean.

[59:31] Cat yeah right here lyrics are fucking hilarious all even got Pepe the frog in there,
I was laughing so hard when I saw that.

[59:50] Bedroom right shirt I can like,
like instead of a Nazi skull with Rick Ross’s face.
Play my new favorite thing in the whole goddamn world.

[1:00:20] Fire shirts that I can keep making music and pissing off he’s off pictures amazing.
It’s about being made fun of.
Call Robbie, too. He’s a listener all the things you said in December by Collective Soul the chorus is turn your head now baby just spit me out
oh my God.
That is definitely one of your shit only fuck when you see it right there I don’t think it’s rape,
what is a consensual screaming no we need we need contacts on this need to read the lines previous to this that one but yeah,
it’s the first time any podcast has looked up lyrics to A Collective Soul songs uncover,
if we bring their Collective Soul I can quit music,
when I was in college I met a guy who wrote.
And the whole his whole paper was an analytical understanding of that song and how it was about a woman. And I was just like.

[1:01:46] What it is it he wrote a long paper about how it is a metaphor,
for not going down on your girlfriend when she’s having her period.

[1:02:03] It was probably one of the most amazing misunderstanding of lyrics I’ve ever seen understanding women,
but it was one of the most like this is Corey this is really well written and completely wrong,
every aspect about why drink the water from my hand contagious as you think I am just tilt my sun towards your domain your cup runneth over again,
don’t scream about don’t think aloud just turn your head now baby just spit me out don’t worry about don’t speak of doubt,
turn your head now baby just spit me out the wind follow me to Higher Ground lost as you swear I am don’t throw away your basic needs,
Ambience and vanity.
December promise you gave unto me December Whispers of treachery December clouds are now covering me December songs no longer icing,
yeah he saw their mouth rape picture,
bucking horse and effort in college was a huge Collective Soul Fantan. There’s no way you fucking knows that that that’s what that song means.

[1:03:18] Wow I want to call you tonight
which kids were sleeping you son of a bitch,
from the singer Ed Roland we are going through a tough time with our first manager and I just felt like the time a lot of stuff happened really quickly you got to remember me to hit song before we had a label or even a true band so that relationship started to deteriorate.

[1:03:56] It was basically about a relationship breakup.
That’s a good Alibi that’s,
I like about Prince when you’re right about fucking somebody they know they’re being fucked you’ll know it.
It’s not a face me a penis joke,
no way go figure huh the chorus is my weiner is lonely tonight she cries when I turn off the light she’s only happy when I hold her tight.
Take a look at my weiner my weiner.
Play ninja sex party like,
yeah but he didn’t want to f u r a i mean,
if you ever heard an anal cuts on any of them,
don’t they have the best talk they like the best song ever.

[1:05:18] If you were that outside.
Is that just always amazes one of those like you.
Small lettering
there a lady walked by and it was a bright awkward it was a Miami Dolphin shirt,
and if it’s just sperm with dolphins helmets and said the official sports drink of the AFC East.
oh man where you were walking around a grocery store in the midwest where I’m at,
I just have a strong opinion about my favorite sports team,
that wow I wish I could find some about offending as many people as you can without them actually being able to walk up to.
Because I am the one the one I think it wasn’t meant as intent but it was it was a high schooler supposed to be like the graduating class.
But the shirt the shirt said must be 21 to enter dispatch in the back of my neck.

[1:06:48] It’s from the Christians t-shirt it says Satan as a puck,
tell me what the fuck they’re thinking of that every one of those,
you fucking kidding me.

[1:07:14] Yeah you did not take that to every punk rocker that ever saw one of those cuz I got it I need to did they make more today.

[1:07:24] Turn signal light bars.
In my dreams you’re blowing me.

[1:07:36] Anything Steel Panther does is also.

[1:07:44] But what about famous blow my Whistle by Flo Rida.
It’s already five years to realize that Flo Rida was for real hip hop,
Vince Staples PD,
Mc Juice Box hard on,
Kevin work.
Next one Delaware
is the opposite of South Dakota.
So sorry we had a conversation about how many people live in Fargo and we decided to just go with 2 million roughly two and two and a half million.

[1:08:56] We couldn’t come up with a good answer so we just going with two and a half.

[1:09:03] Next question.

[1:09:11] 20 minutes to nuclear apocalypse giant asteroid Etc what do you do,
and probably will,
I am at right now.
I got my cervix and so please be with myself.
And watching the asteroid I think my my plan would be to grab whatever liquor or beer I could strip naked juice.

[1:10:00] Oh yeah,
fully erect running down the highway who’s out there like,
you and me right now you like I was going to kill myself but fuck it,
should I blow my load like 30 seconds,
not really.
I need a short film about this very subject and as read about it and the last forever.
Harder Daddy.
That’s how you been right there that’s how you know image rain in the desert you better be fucking somebody you’re I mean like.
Better do the the guy from Office Space is answer to to the same time.
What about you.

[1:11:22] Channel 29,
that is like probably the most true explanation of what having an awkward male neighbor is like.
No it’s okay man.

[1:11:48] Got is it warmest in here am I crazy.
Ice maker sounds like crazy drunk in a room filled with large men,
that’s the first time I’ve heard that thank you your welcome,
I’m still thinking about this question what else would you do that sounds like that 30 minutes to live we can make a sandwich.
And I know you have 30 minutes to live it’s not like there’s a fucking timer out there that’s like.

[1:12:32] Yeah I like it it’s not an exact science I mean if revenge is your goal you go kill that guy you been waiting on killing
I asked that would be the greatest Apocalypse movie of all time was the first 20 minutes was everyone reacting how they would,
and then the rest of the movie is just the fucking aftermath.
Broken all my stuff well,
well I’m tired what this is awkward okay.
Next one.
Zach never let me check his up again what is the best story about the worst beer you’ve ever consumed.
Oh how God I got one so I was in Spain with my brothers and I just got into.

[1:13:50] I miss whole story about this but I just got into this week club and Barcelona to buy a bunch of succotash.
A bunch of hash I’d like my right pocket full of my left leg is full of weed and my back to Pocketful of weed and Euros because I don’t.
Michigan cash like my brother.

[1:14:16] Fuck you guys are fuck pussy ass I light up this spliff like this leg hash.

[1:14:23] Cigarette we turn the corner and we’re next to a police station like we didn’t.
Besides we’re all hanging above us and nobody paying attention to like just like just cops.
Like Alicia everywhere.

[1:14:43] I don’t know doesn’t keep walking and I feel as half of my children God damn anarchist.
End up kissing the whole country practically on a kiss you so long story short he was like.

[1:14:59] He pulled out my trailer by pockets and they pulled out my money out of my pockets and he was like that’s a lot of money.

[1:15:09] Just totally missed that battle brothers were alone bored and like ready to private but I was like totally missed it.
A couple of grams of hash you like put my pocket that he was like.

[1:15:23] What you going to do.
What’s my story.
Is there a foreign country club.
Where we leave there in this guy is like almost stole my shit I’m super pissed off and I got I hate cops I think I’m going to.
And some like super irritating we walk in this Irish Pub over my dude give me a fucking American Beer whatever.

[1:16:01] Shity American bottle of beauty, I just want to let you know I’m irritated with your judicial system.
Me and my little brother’s it may be the oldest Budweiser’s I’ve ever seen in my life like the head labels I’ve never seen before.
We drank him and like half way back to the apartment where I was bad.

[1:16:28] Well I’m not like I said I’ve never seen this Budweiser. Was the best story about the worst beer.

[1:16:38] Worst best beer right that the whole story about your worst beards would probably be.

[1:16:50] Sometime around Early College fortunately don’t remember a lot of this. Of time.
With camping we had bought a collection of beers.

[1:17:06] And after doing some hiking and all that we have finished our beers are heading back at the end of the day and I had managed to not bring any sunscreen and was.
Pretty much bright red at that point in time like I don’t even want to the sun I don’t even feel the sun yet but I’m bright red so it’s going to hurt.
And I left the Ice House in my car for 2 days in the Sun and was the best beer ever.
It felt so good cuz everything hurt everything hurt at that.
I was just beat red look like a lobster drinking a 98.
At least I have this ice house.

[1:17:54] Not quite a Barcelona Budweiser.
Samantha I told my story in the last episode.
I had three screwdrivers in for Mike sorry it’s an intensely sang Jeremy by Pearl Jam at Billy Frogs.
Yeah I know how do you do more than one mics.

[1:18:27] I guess I was sorry she really soda.
Jennifer Garner.

[1:18:45] Oh man, I have a friend who probably has the best one ever but that was also like probably one of the grossest beers I’ve ever heard of.

[1:18:58] But I hit similar thing goes to a festival in leg after the festival is like 9 a.m. he’s still hungover from partying the night before I like just.
Can barely function and finds a.
Open grave Greenbelt in his car better than sitting there for the entire day of the festival in like a good assault 100 degrees.
And drank it and then will still to this day make comments about how it tasted like lemonade or just like what was what is wrong with you.

[1:19:29] Oh that was hot beer is definitely one of like always takes the cake if you can manage to drink it.

[1:19:39] Was that a party one time and unbeknownst to me earlier in the night this girl stuck a beer can in her pussy and I drank it later on that evening.
Pretty bad impressive but I’m a little little impressed kind of grossed out.
Put it back for someone to drink yeah they they.
They set me up on it like that I’m even more impressed,
did someone have to convince her. I don’t know if it’s the right address.
Hey guys check out the party trick.

[1:20:34] Giant never play beer pong with.
I don’t have any.
I miss those commercials.
Forces Australian football.
Yeah like if we said Busch Light everywhere else me like it’s the best.
Australians live in a country full of things trying to kill him though so I don’t trust anything they say.
And the criminals I mean.

[1:21:33] What does England criminals.

[1:21:43] Like the one guy that like half a country away from stole fucking blankets.
What a bad person it’s called talk to you.
If you ever travel abroad you can always find an Australian in the bar and they’re always having a great time.
Yeah it’s cuz drugs are super illegal in their country but they’re always having a great time.

[1:22:17] You’re really Pepe for a Canadian,
yeah good health care but I don’t have to pay for my insurance I have much more money for cook,
never meant like this it was like it a swim up bar to just bringing drinks over and should we just go with it,
coming back over to talk to us they said his drink on the water like you thought it was a table something in there please,
Usher there going to be another Gregor.
Floop like all day he’s doing this by accident.
Next topic you passed that one.

[1:23:31] What song should be banned most of them bass bass.

[1:23:40] Friday Rebecca Black Metallica cover Whiskey in the Jar.
First three albums,
amount of plays from each song to Spotify,
strike over and over and over and over again
well I can do that because every asshole toothpaste that finished.

[1:24:25] Talk I hate that spread to all my God that is.
That is offencive to people who like Lou Reed.

[1:24:44] That is such a bad album that is felt such a badass.
I know I’m just to derail my own sentence.
We’re talking about talking about was when we are cut your been together in really go yeah man you don’t want to fuck around and make it album like load,
there’s like 10 seconds,
that’s when we looked at each other like we just did that,
they won’t help me to the worst metal albums all fucking time back-to-back and they sequel them if you look at them they’re not metal albums or hard rock albums they do it okay for a hard rock album.
They’re not metal at mellow out there. It’s one of those like what happened here like please stop calling yourself metal now then I got high.

[1:25:37] BJ you have to have long hair to be in a metal band but when they got haircuts it’s like they got haircuts Versace suits like major video releases on MTV they make load and reload,
stop doing drugs which is one of the weirdest bands ever they kick.
Damon staying out of being the band for being a drunk ass hole while head feels on heroin while the Kirkwood like shit faced all the time and exam with Lars.
And at that time their place bass player would have been when they kicked him out of Ben.

[1:26:28] Cliff Burton he was also I think on the time was also in heroin in it drunk dark spot,
how much of an asshole do you have to be to be kicked out of man because you’re too drunk Lars Ulrich.
I’d like to punch him in his stupid ass little fucking circular face that shouldn’t exist that I wouldn’t agree with.

[1:26:51] Like that horse you the jar is embarrassing said Iris performers do that song
Thin Lizzy cover what makes it worse is that the crow thinks it’s great to play that is the only Metallica song in the repertoire.

[1:27:14] That’s the one we especially does his leg head feel like that
Whiskey in the Jar
I know it won’t be a push-up that’s the guy you know the guy,
undisturbed totally makes it so I can movies ever.
Houston flooding done that,
honestly I’d be a little disappointed if I found out that he hadn’t done,
yeah it is never climaxed to.
Aren’t you back Disturbed.
Go to choke up a little bit more.

[1:28:38] He’s trying,
Gabriel Hardman song,
yeah I don’t know Gillette short dick man I don’t know.
Golden minutes are cold like Minnesota by what’s his name,
the route to Lucas coly Minnesota,
lyrics don’t make any sense at all.

[1:29:26] He talks about being so hard and then it’s cold in Minnesota,
down by Lil yachty,
and then wrap the way he did I just agree that sounds dope as fuk everything else is like.

[1:30:00] Exercise some ratchet fucking party get drunk but I will check,
sorry you know who that is
I’ll check it out like I made a white supremacist with my boots and I was like you got time in then.

[1:30:27] Love that song,
and she’s like I used to play on Casey faces like this is silly.
Yeah whatever some weed.
Michelle like a hell of a lot more sense cuz you have a mossy oak duck,
cuz that’s where you keep that shit,
very true but I got to be so rude like that,
if there if this guy if you’ve gone to a multiple times asking for your daughter’s hand in marriage and he is still saying no there’s probably reasons for it
that’s probably because you’re fucking terrible human being that doesn’t mean you can kidnap his daughter and force her to marry you that.

[1:31:36] There’s a lot of songs that played Ivy that I cannot do Celine Dion.

[1:31:47] Every play the ideal Shake rage at some shit like I’m in a cave somewhere.
Yeah I mean like some dinosaur fucks with me and you like.

[1:32:05] At Hyvee they play there’s a song called stitches by Shawn.
Stitches stitches shouldn’t exist by the game or some shit like that.
He’s so in the meme where it’s like,
party in 20 the 2002 and it’s got some dude with a whole bunch of stuff drawn on his face rapper in 2018 got a whole bunch of stuff done on his face.
Like that it’s kind of like Katy Perry post that mean it’s like.

[1:32:53] True story that I want to go on the record as people fucking growing up and robbing the shit out of tekashi69
it was awesome,
damn I loved it every every second of reading that story was I
I still have Joy lyrics,
hello there call the cops on him cuz he’s a pedophile.
Brilliant imagine that you went to law school for 8 years get your degree and you show up and your client is dressed like this,
I mean you just like honestly you’re either.
Chudu Outlast.
I think we are drunk enough for this does anyone really know anything.

[1:34:11] It’s hard to get down there.
Anything and everything is worthless.

[1:34:35] I do with hardcore depression too.
How do you think I know everything the best part about that question is is on a philosophical basis because of how you personally interpret the world.
No nobody knows anything you don’t even know anything this could all be simulation.
So late in fact that thing is technically real nothing’s technically provable from a philosophical standpoint living in a simulation.
Immediately I also don’t believe this but it’s crazy like that it’s just difficult.
The idea was like okay we might be living in a simulation already up the chances of it being a situation by.
Do you like the fact that you was in organic computer compute it fix it more likely that you might just be a program running somewhere.

[1:35:33] No really nobody knows anything and everything is worthless smoke weed,
if Santa is real,
I know but if they could prove God is fake and everything I say.

[1:36:01] I have a nephew.
The most traumatizing thing my parents ever did to me growing up was one Christmas morning I woke up and there were pics of red fabric.
All over all over the front deck all over the kitchen and it’s in part of it as is like property of one species of Santa Claus North Pole.
As a life third grade I thought this is a cool shower so I took that shit to show and tell.
You got your ass kicked you know I got my I think that’s I think that’s where all my social anxiety
I can relate to what you’re so fucking like next level weird shit my parents address.
It’s like for like a whole year but going to be losing teeth is five kids in my family and at one point alarm at lotta’s this with losing teeth and it just seem financially.
Idiom ass like 60 fucking nuts.
I can’t leave a dollar or $0.50 in the pillows sweet and said it look like the Tooth Fairy leave your money sorry leaving the magic sand.

[1:37:16] He’s going throw to the wind and make a wish and it’s so fucking dark now that I’m older.

[1:37:28] Now that I’m older is that is if it’s like you’re up for like the world of shit.

[1:37:37] Throat in the wind ASL daddy is awesome.

[1:37:49] Sears at Lake icaria,
how to make sense I’d be more upset to do the all who the fuck is putting this fucking handful of sand and see my dad really.
Thoughtful and I think his whole thing was just like this should give him something to believe in you clearly don’t believe in anything.
I’m just saying that.

[1:38:39] Lincoln City Metallica song.
Improvise jazz version of Enter Sandman on YouTube Briscoe they just doubled over everything but James Hetfield vocals quick jazz version of Enter Sandman
and they kept him doing banter between like versus like I’m here when you talk to me first I don’t care and this is one of the shows were Metallica what it wasn’t like
the show specifically it was like a live Earth show they did like 10 years ago,
more like you barely know who we are.

[1:39:34] Yes I’m still doing by noon on Sunday,
play why no one woke up for what’s the difference.
Free food.
What Jupiter.

[1:40:11] I’m going to first off and say we have a new album out we would release in April but we didn’t really tell anybody cuz we’re.
Should I bring a band.
Do remastered remix did Dennis from bomb ever mastered it’s called heavy side of the river it’s out on the results will River records sweet I also want in doors once again.
Pull your car over whenever you see a Nazi just fucking him.
Doesn’t matter what you doing I know if you’re late to work it’s up to you to stop your car and fuck that.

[1:40:52] Yeah I’ll just continue green altar.
Really easy to follow.

[1:41:06] We got some more merge coming up and our next show is down in Omaha on August 11th,
great electric Quest,
you’re the covers down,
full line of the open day one so shut the fuk up because we’re not going to be up to.
What about you.

[1:42:04] Yeah I got the better I’m opening for a tech 9 at the Full Throttle Saloon during the Sturgis bike rally so my next show I mean I got a new album coming out in October.
Check it out Survivor.

[1:42:24] You can listen to us here every other Sunday at Urban Indians podcast I host with a.
Group of Misfits and we talked about it sometimes we fuck around sometimes sure we can do that too.
What’s that.
Eulogy eulogy.
Geology’s DUI.
The main guy Tom swift bird makes Toady look small.
I feel like I haven’t heard of it before maybe whatever but I’m just saying like.
If I can rule and it’s cool they do this like it’s almost like.
How did the drummer just plays a 1/2 traditional.

[1:43:46] Ryan Roberts theater is opening their season August 16th or doing a stage reading of Matthew stoffels new play The Heart play,
so if you want to get involved with that you can add or any website Marshall and you can go to auditions time fill out the form there and we’ll be in contact with you.

[1:44:06] Once again passou for all your podcasts needs.
And a our next episode hero be Sunday August 12th with Andy Matt Fields at Benson the Nathan Hoffman and I’ll be coming to city near you.
August 25th by that I mean just Rapid City.
I will tell the story on the air.
But I think you can in 30 Gabriel has been.

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