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Sioux Empire Podcast 129 Veteran’s Day With Garrett Gross from Age Media

On this very special patriotic episode of The Sioux Empire Podcast hosts Robert Mehling and Seth Glover welcome Garrett Gross from Age Media, he’s here to tell us about some of the extraordinary stories about Sioux Empire veterans he’s collected.

Sioux Empire Podcast 114 South Dakota Kills the Internet with Scott Hudson

Well internet, we’ve had a good run, but this week South Dakota finally killed you.  We always kind of knew you’d be behind hit but we just weren’t sure how. This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Estes) welcome music journalist, blogger, and podcaster extraordinaire Scott Hudson.  This week’s topics include a deranged entomologist, Sanford Health’s Great Shots (finally older white men will have a place in Sioux Falls), the Sioux Falls city council decides to let you keep speaking (For now), the best mayor in the history of Minnesota and possibly America retires (Good Mayor, Who’s a Good Mayor?  You Are!), speaking of dogs, Daren Ketcham returns to his masters at Legacy Development for the treat he earned while playing city employee (Good boy), and finally South Dakota makes sure that you must be this tall (holds hands overhead) to survive as a retailer on the internet. This week’s episode is brought to you by Live605. Live605 is an online station and media company that provides music and content created by people in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.  and by listener patrons who support the show by going to The Sioux Empire Podcast bets that Duke the Dog Mayor never tried to silence public input.



Sioux Falls to release wasps in fight against emerald ash borer: ‘It’s our revenge’

“It’s really an unpleasant way to die, but let’s just say it’s our revenge,” —

John Ball, an entomologist and forester with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture


Splendid new pleasure palace for our oligarch overlords

“Sanford Health plans to open Great Shots, an interactive golf entertainment business, at the Sanford Sports Complex. It will feature a three-story driving range, a restaurant and meeting spaces. Great Shots also will house the Sanford POWER Golf Academy. It’s scheduled to open in late 2019.”


Public Input Compromise

“The City Council abandoned their plan to move public input to the end of its weekly agenda.
Instead, a compromise measure was forwarded that would keep public where it is now but limit it to 30 minutes and giving the speakers three minutes to speak.”


Minnesota Dog Announces His Retirement as Mayor

“After serving four terms in office, a Minnesota dog’s owners announced the canine is retiring as the city’s mayor. Mayor Duke was elected mayor of the town of the tiny town of Cormorant. A town of about 1,000 and about 3 and a half hours northwest of the twin cities. Duke’s owner said that it’s time for the 13-year-old dog to retire. Now Duke has been involved in many of community events including leading the town in parades to appear on billboards. Even one of the teachers at the local elementary school is releasing a book based on Dukes time in office!”


Best Gov money can buy


South Dakota kills the Internet



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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Soon buyer podcast one fourteen south dakota kills the internet was scott hudson.
Oh yes we ordered yo robin that was all him party from the group of the building.
What will you get the ps four battery smile all things on interstate your red car having a.
Sure and light on the.
[0:29] Music.
[0:57] Hello everyone and welcome to another great episode of the sioux empire podcast in your host robert mailing and this is the sewer empire podcast the corky but harmless podcast that’s all about to empire news county music and culture.
Joining me is always on the camera is natasha to the s this.
[1:14] Oh yeah and also joining us is seth piano man glover also an affirmation the yep.
And joining us today is a very special gas to a pot the godfather of sioux falls podcast scott hudson,
my god father room old man suposed parkas senior citizen.
[1:38] Did the letter about your muscles to the right front the caymans and park out by the grow there you go.
Let’s see let’s go ahead and jump right into this year so here’s our first headline for this week.
So i saw this story and in doing double take because i was is like this is okay this is like an onion article or this usu falls headliner like pretty article but no this is sue falls to release why us to fight against the emerald ash bore.
Poets are revenge that’s the actual goddamn argus leader headline for this thing so.
Using wasps that prey on the boars is also an effective way to supplement response efforts he said later this summer hill begin releasing the loss to lay eggs inside the error of words which jesus christ nature is fucking brutal.
We wish then die and then the wasp eggs hatch and let see.
In order to falls where they are confirmed emerald ash force okay but what was interesting here’s the this is the actual quote from john ball the and tamala just and forrester who’s releasing these things.
It’s really unpleasant way to dot no shit it’s really unpleasant way to die but let’s just say it’s our revenge slow rude in she’s slick shit that’s.
That’s star command that i feel like this animal in the sky is like working out some issues through the emerald ash forces like that for you treaty custody of my kids all that you fucking emerald ash for.
[3:13] And it’s like something out of a science fiction movie where the wasps are gonna rebel and they’re gonna start killing us yup the desert laying eggs in us and it be like alien or something or like it’s loading with wasp eggs and stuff.
Yeah it’s suppurate who was with good intent yes it makes me think of.
[3:32] There’s a simpsons weather like we’ll see we’re gonna release the the special birds to kill all the snakes site but then what will you do about the birds is like.
Oh then releases special breed of grill that will be a perfect.
But then what will you do with the gorillas is like although all freeze to death in the winter time is slick civil freelance great plan yeah.
That could help but think that sums up as unread so not much of a story here other than i just plate.
The animal exists years the john ball is working out some fucking like rage issues.
That quote is so weird though when a horrible way to die truancy in the city and the he is the are great gaming days of species you,
do you remember the sir live skit with a printer member if it is was like a will will ferrell year or when it was but.
With the ants trap that is her flight cockroach trap that’s like here it’s you know greater living insect traps.
It’s not enough just to kill the cockroaches we have to make them pay,
and so is like a computer simulation the cockroach crawls in and these robot arms pull off all that’s arms and legs so does that,
text it shows a want of cotton so good i’ll call into its anus and its model of the little congresses eyesight is like and then it beats it to death with its only that’s the.
[5:06] That’s what i think of when i think of this guy and his like he would invent the cell that but you probably like pitch that you know were cockroaches being beaten with their own lens and it made me think of,
what’s that rick and morty while rick.
Pickle rick yes oh shit that is very pickle ram mm nice point for you.
Yeah okay so moving on from.
From are like mad scientist entomology just a splinter do pleasure palace for our new all of the or for are not our new are all of our overlords.
This is the new sanford health plans to open great shots of interactive golf entertainment business at the sanford sports complex will feature a three story driving range which damn this actually has some pretty fucking cool.
A restaurant and being spaces.
Great shot will also how’s the same for power golf academy which i don’t know what that is but the scheduled to open in late twenty nineteen so yeah well i’m kinda like man you know was who falls needed another like playground for.
Old white rich people yes but you know that’s that’s demographic that is really under served here.
But the same token i’m just like as i am getting older and.
Continuing to be white and has like a golf range that would be nice.
That would only shoes i have coffees probably indoor range behind that only i although the idea of walking eighteen holes for,
a middle aged fat guy like me is yeah.
[6:37] Yeah i could do that in my twenties we used as because i cant hit my two little it can hit a golf ball like if i try of the tv to the club like a hit and then takes a swing and looks like someone blew an air horn and is faxing,
not not not exaggerating not making this up.
I had one good friend’s wife say when she saw me swing the first time cuz we we have this wednesday ritual we go to the indoor driving range and make wouldn’t just hit like cuz it was like five dollars for all you can swing,
and so does a bucket of golf balls this wack wack not any better but finish it and she said and i quote.
Robert swings like it looks like a nineteen fifty’s robot swinging a golf club.
[7:24] Set things jennie thanks you knows it’s only been like ten years since the quote now i’m just like not gel or not to not bitter about it all.
Or self conscious but no back in the day in my twenties golfing was more excuse for my group anyway was to,
drink right drive a drive a golf cart around good and smoke cigars exec and then my wife maybe give up cigars and now i’m allergic to alcohol so in can like.
Call the stent colors that i.
[7:54] Is what was left golf core i can say i got internet man it i don’t need a golf cart to go to miles do yeah.
The farmer drive a four wheeler and do some real shit if i’m one like you know get that.
Get that check box checked off since got a drug range restaurant in many places i like that like when they were interviewing for one of the four letter local major news stations the guy a.
I was like that with this place to be some where that you would go on a date.
And what can a man is the whitest date for changing the grill on a day late whose place because honestly a.
If she likes it that’s back in because.
There is there’s like nineteen cloves that’s nineteen different things i went on a date to an archery range i now own a bow and arrows just you and close the case.
I feel so grown up of this word of golf i hope you got deep pockets of the b is that shit’s whorls you can you know i don’t know man it’s too much it.
You just yeah.
I mean i don’t some of yours from here but the real issue here is we have a medical facility that is now turning into of.
Profit you know retail spot.
You’re very pretty soon the saver couples be like empire mall you’re gonna have you know a little orange juice shop years is is forget that that that that technically does the hospital system that’s opening like.
[9:32] A call short and it’s crazy it’s one thing for them to put their name on every building in town which you know we could go on and on about that have now we still,
now it’s another thing to do they they’re their becoming retailers where when does the medical fees start to go down because a making money on these,
these little shops while we know that he hear hear you’re adorable that you just wanna just take you home and you know all yeah do.
Exactly but yeah something i forget to is that in this hospital systems is like.
[10:08] Next of the water sides of that either but you know business ethics and you know the.
Ethan’s and makes non profits haven’t really been something that and then it’s what is that put its its good point out is a tight when it is things.
[10:31] Next story pump natasha did you have some to say i’m sorry i will i suck at golf on exit seventy golf.
The research i would high five you if i was closer see.
So but i have done for the golf a couple times on the aux frisbee golf is fun except for that and except for that one time you over here why i stopped.
Frisbee golfing i don’t think so toast round so mutual acquaintance of ours from our college days and i’ve were frisby golfing.
And he basically shattered a little kids face with a frisbee golf desk proving not that does not yeah so you can imagine this dick this dick i.
You can mention about how well he handled like breaking a little could fix so the killer like a broken nose you can see the market was like super bleeding and the mom was like and nick being the stand up more all.
Pillar that he is like what the fuck i hear her up to the front house.
He’s so it probably hiding under the covers are they going flick yes i’m sure they went to the hospital next week.
We have way to be but yeah some frisbee golf after that which i don’t want to either cuz there’s like it’s downloading right i think i can do it now and i feel okay but like i still see blood when i think of frisbee golf so yeah.
Yeah mr golf often and that to his happened to non me you but my friends it’s some kind of days.
[12:07] But you know with happens you really have to lady cowboy where the where do they put those damn course because.
[12:14] Or where did they put this fucking hole because it’s like i’m throwing across the sidewalk to that it was prentice park invert vermillion i guy i know but you know each yeah yes yes or a.
[12:27] Yeah you’re right i’m sorry study or play frisbee golf.
Couple times size of you’re familiar with what the hell we’re talking about la,
any way to get him in the face will he got really angry and night to the frisbee in the river that was right next to a little stream well to be honest i would too if so hit me in the face of one of the bleeding all of a sudden it.
Who did it were them they would yeah well see it but there the dude yeah he you hit my friend in the face with tears.
And that’s yeah so very we said sorry it’s your time but the course was poorly designed and with the walkways and such.
So that’s that’s why that’s when he hit the kid was because the guy was lilly standing in line to get the pools looks like a mass of human beings.
Like right in front of the pool and furnace park is like the course exec’s over the lake front entrance of the pool area that’s where it is and really not as well well place.
You know new that park built in like nineteen ten is not like i do for frisbee golf course but yeah.
Actually kinda was cuz of the one where people around it was great for golf course but anyway moving on moving on from that scene cover the.
Pleasure park for overlords public input speaking of rich people telling us to shut up and sit down.
[13:54] The public input compromise so we covered this last time what they’ve where were at now i believe i’ve been a little out of and i can have some family shit going on this week.
But i believe where we’re at now is we’re gonna do a second reading on the proposal where they would keep public input at the front of the meeting.
But the what limit public input to thirty minutes yes there’s this other little rules to a.
Let the if your scott aaron you must stand on your left foot the entire thing as the of the balance on one what if you fall and your turn is a fish does make that rule so that like i would like to see that,
cuz then play would get better ratings on the the city lol channel i think so and i think people would be a lot more to the point disability okay so of its water coming in my basement i think this is his response was also guy got kids is,
when you fall over the like that poor guy okay we should do something about that also we should like pick him up off the floor.
So what but yeah that’s where that’s at and.
[14:56] I don’t like i said i’ve been distracted so i haven’t gotten all the details on this but i guess on the surface i might.
[15:03] That’s okay i guess if we have to do anything with public input a feeling this is.
A solution in search of a problem for you read me that’s that’s that’s the problem the prior administration.
Had sinus issues with large percentage of bubbly.
Yeah no is this at roosters you can i have those same problems apparently sd counting on it the must be.
I did the thing that bothered me.
As i was relievers people’s facebook rants about this is you will get all you will get is people that we need to just republic input so we can get the real business is that okay so.
[15:47] Two million years all are all the for you know that.
These people work and get it i would not want to talk,
the listen to scott every week yeah who are you kidding i’d.
You know some of these people they had their neck.
This is there one time to talk to the city about things that matter to.
Let them have their it will you let them have it there’s is that hurting anyone that want isolated incident where someone threw out a four letter word.
One isolated incident now so what about the children yeah when someone please think of the children government is a doll business yup.
That’s the bottom line in in is guarantee that concert,
every word plus a few others all man that his probably got you too he’s probably yeah probably is like were like swear words they’re like wontons were words that are beyond our comrades aqui trying to lake,
diagram the sexual positions referencing and we just be like okay this is purely theoretical everything because possible yeah.
[16:54] Internet but death so yeah um.
So i don’t know i’m still kinda miffed about this pissing me to do something i guess at least they’re keeping it at the front and lisa is the owner zest ah i don’t have a problem with the police of rules that you know maybe.
That once a month thing that’s five disc i just feel like a shitty kinda like why did this even have to be a thing and yeah.
[17:22] Whatever he moving on.
Now here’s a story about some fucking effective government for once although i’m very sad to announce that duke.
He mayor of a small town in or the town of course that.
Warm warmer in the corner wrench he’s lord of corn ranch keeper of the flame of atlantis sorry that tony missed this ridiculous anyway.
Um so there’s dog being to put spin them meier been very good mare who could point is a boy he before.
You know for what i believe four years now i think it for your term.
And because is thirteen years old now he is going to retires mare but people wanted to reelect duke.
This is a good boy good boy and.
[18:16] Yeah i think this is an example of government that works exactly yeah yeah doesn’t mean.
I hope that the do gets on with the call we still get to pay after only a pension so let go and hope to get a pension and really nice pension me to.
And like a chew toy that you’re all new to tell a and yeah.
[18:42] Couldn’t get ahold of anyone try to have a phone interview with duke here this morning but to no of gumbo.
What’s what’s that it deficit spending will destroy america group if it wasn’t.
[18:56] Wow she’s a i got is leaving office is being really can’t about how he feels about asian people from a.
Sort of liberal or conservative whether their hands full as it has hired for non debts spending an.
Will i don’t know i was dices suv cream words and use my no i legally he’s not he’s he’s you know.
He is a balanced budget makes for or is the man’s best friend temp talking about.
[19:29] Yeah but i think he wants everyone have a warm place to sleep and plenty of yes sirs thirties compassion and it.
Yeah but in the center there liberal because they they believe in free love,
yellow partners yeah absolutely no very socially liberal yes that freud yeah and you know i’m sure that,
the bus nothing incident of the last campaign you know that still on same idea of a cosmic of those casts shadow but you know.
He kept his tail way in and got through it yeah well cosby me that not sticks of that the weather no drugs of all that’s true grade yours now he doesn’t were crazy sweaters.
[20:11] Thankfully or maybe this was is dog air bud was well looked kinda like it is not a golden retriever as kind of a life.
Oh i’m sorry this is good all the filer village sorry about ticket but the ticket at the dog door.
Nine or k nine dog claim in for the eleventh.
[20:38] Saying okay so don’t mayor good boy good boy.
[20:46] But see here’s this next story here article link because i didn’t write enough notes about it but.
Okay so this guy was like city manager what was his position here he was.
She’s commandant home yes or users boys was is yeah.
Former city official who played key role in the latest developments to lead to the fifty million dollar mixed use building now.
I was at like trees and steely and pat stars late press conference about oh opposing.
This building and this guy showed up.
And super guy in everyone’s face and was just like basically like shouting down like everything they were saying it really was your day yet and was glory because he was like seven seconds and he was in the second row and just proceeded to like.
No that’s not fair baba ba just i mean super super light that’s part of what really bugs me on this one is this,
like he wasn’t just like it just some random official this is the guy that i saw like in the fucking trenches at a press conference just like working the media and working everyone be like no this parking ramp is got happens like.
Well now you fucking know why exactly exactly yeah so it’s like,
that’s why people like were here to sweetie office because it is a private citizen leave him alone was like no he fucking went to an official press conference and shouted down your elected officials because he was getting his fucking,
bride from flying he knew where he was going way back william when he was advising the city and what to do.
[22:25] Yup and been that’s that’s just wrong on every level i don’t care has left right when ever.
You ther nine is user what i will i would be against this guy is first always there is you learning ball then this this is just this is talk about this guy and fucking legacy and just he’s a scumbag yeah.
A deuce bag of the highest caliber just to be clear we’re talking about beer and catch on,
yeah and just moved eric who you sell a piece of crap anyway i.
But i don’t know if it is just like you see so many,
you know you know it happens a lot you see that the blue about the the revolving door between the governments the private sector you seat on the federal level all the time worse like immediately when someone gets an office all the people who’s you know back say scratched.
Or the fact that you’re generally speaking even though we can’t wait roller eyes that to.
Personally i don’t they have and work for that company the.
In their official you know positioned just a few months before they headed friendly to the company but.
They’re did not charlie i’m working on a toshiba do to help them out the this is so blatant so in our phase,
that it does is just insane than that people think that this is oh that’s fine needs he’s always city government he can do what he was no heat when he was in city government he was working for the basically yup.
[23:58] Um that just working for them and going above and beyond because he was not.
Sirs i know i mean it was open to the public but it wasn’t like directly invited to this press conference and this was the elected officials talking about their opposition to it and he went out of his way.
During a workday to someone even joked with him about us are you getting paid to be here right now and.
And just show up this press conference and proceeded to tell you why or elected officials are full of crap and we really need support this project is click this son alone money and and sweet gig after this waiting is so.
What a pos.
Yeah um no not sure there’s anything i can do about it other than called his bullshit out cuz i mean well we’ve already found out we can’t do anything about legacy in general they they’re pretty much get to do what they want if you don’t.
If you find a way to go after them well the just like.
That has changed all of the dates there lol seeing create another one tomorrow yeah yeah that the thing under thirty thousand dollar fines.
The other male yeah it’s frustrating.
And is it a really great way for south dakota just really enforce that reinforce the whole we are the most crops the in the uk sucks speaking of things i’m at supper about here’s our headline story here.
South dakota kills the internet now baby is this is a little bit of hyperbole but here’s where i’m at with this.
[25:29] I sell stuff online and i’m like talking with a lot of like other small small business owners and like.
Sam’s club walmart way fair amazon they’re all gonna be just fine because they’ve got the the like staff and everything to like get this done.
But a small business owner and that this article is specifically report from forcing of the left-wing radicals over force is lake.
It is for the small business owner who’s like the way this is written and the way this ruling came down.
I will legally be obliged because there’s a lot of states where you have to file a return even if you don’t have sales kisses fila zero on the return.
So if i get a sales tax license in every state figures like only forty eight states you have to do it for but still forty eight different states file sales tax returns.
And the way this this ruling has shaken al is a lot of people reading and saying that technically they can also collect.
Is this income tax.
On on your sales that you do in that states we also have to file for that so the guy in the forbes article was saying that just overhead for his on line two small retail business that has like three employees.
Will be like a hundred and sixty one thousand because he priced it to me like a hundred fifty one thousand dollars a year.
Not in taxes he pays but just in overhead to comply with all the taxes.
[27:04] So super fucking program and of course is brought you by the.
Child forced urine collection in the easiest marty jake lee and i am that.
Oh it’s like thanks jake lee that you think cl is in heat and who fucking has all that he is and just.
I just he’s he’s the tape player to sway today ap is never gonna change and they have died.
Yeah it’s scary it really really i’m humans able to do you know i in house of.
[27:40] Few pieces of merchandise that my very show cells now have a little bit of peach tree on income on.
You know how hot what little bit of money i make.
Yeah this to this doesn’t kill the big guys isn’t her the big eyes and i don’t think it’s gonna make a shit of difference in revenue two most states when i think its gonna do.
Is just really really fuck over the little guy on the internet yet which is just another thing just like net neutrality works like fuck the little guy on the internet your work but.
If the internet like the one last free.
Open area where it’s like get to the back of the line you presence will your overlords passing there hovering luxury got cl is this area where they’re doing yeah but it’s a free for all with you know.
Net neutrality which is the best part of it it’s the wild west where there’s no more wild west in like this which in except the wolf.
Lack of and i am in the money now is kind of you know it’s not the nineties anymore to sad yeah well you wanna talk about lack of anonymity tom so nehemiah for stay in the pro i.
Do thank you i’m so i boosted one of our episodes and in the show description in the at the post for the apple so i mentioned that.
That county sheriff’s the fire the deputy that beat him and he’ll actually like right away and because of that facebook flack me as a political poster.
[29:18] And that i am running political ads and need to identify myself as such so it last two weeks i have sent them scans of my drivers license.
My social security number.
They have to have my physical address and then mail it cold to hear and i enter in order to confirm that is not only me who i say i am but i am at this physical address.
Before they would let me run at again because they wanna make sure you’re not of russian hacker or whatever,
but it wasn’t as six step process plus i have to have i am now required to have to park her you know to phase authentication.
On my facebook account for your visit here which that’s is a good thing to do any way but jesus require that require all this personal information address like i feel great about facebook’s handling a personal information.
Right this is hilarious because there are they even like acknowledge it or just like.
For this stuff we deleted within thirty days of like confirming you are who you say you are and then we delete the records and was like all that you do yeah iris is the little park as in you know we’re not we’re not verified,
i mean all propaganda must be must be at in every viewed.
So that’s that’s the for sharing to the next episode yeah town.
Yeah um not you think you are do you think you timing lauren can is pleasure there yeah i.
I just found that should just laid in is another way year your shouldn’t a little got cuz like i see some of the big political posters and they have sponsored like actual political ads and there’s nothing where i can click on there and see cuz they’re like this is for to protect our.
[31:02] Are users and stuff like that you can click on there and see you pay for all this confirm stuff so i’m just like why did i have to turn that in but.
Icy lake.
The current posts and war college and all these different sites even bigger free press i don’t think they had to do that in order to post stuff on facebook um.
So i’m just like i don’t know if i got flagged by someone like flying matter but i know it is like i think it’s stupid and just coming heats in the theme of fuck the little guy on the internet you think there is somebody like city of facebook who’s to say.
They can only question flag.
Willow you can flatten people on facebook for stuff if you click on that the little dot dot unlikely to be in and that’s.
And then it is system i think is they think is what happened as portable that’s for the entire day.
[31:58] Because they can’t handle anybody have an opinion differing there’s they just go through and play anything.
That they do they just don’t like to read and it could be something like.
I hate rain well re lovers on flight that yup in that and there’s no reason that should be fly i’ve i’ve a friend to she keeps posting men are trash.
And if she’s got six facebook accounts now because every time she posts that the ban her for one month.
What who’s six flip of a light switch and she bay and as of the channels okay everyone i’ve moved over this account because i got banned for saying and so do the most decent men are fresh.
I’ve had two with with their with their big brother podcast.
The lunatics big brother fans are lunatics and if you would like somebody.
That they don’t like they will do the same thing they will be is to try to get you off the internet they will try to docs you they will they will do all the aca is it.
It’s a stupid person on a tv show who cares if i like them or not yup is i don’t like fish.
I understand totally later why i do what i do with the i get does it from a lot of people i know.
So the tasha what you wanna own speaking of all the russians for whatever it.
[33:21] I have not been playing the the in a sander or whatever they call it but i get posts interesting things in interesting but.
I do get a whole bunch of.
That there is work place other pt guys goin’ it is in the hood thru the rest it wink wink and they did have something to natasha will what did the americans leave the country.
[33:48] When does phones actually said that while simonsen angler down there soon got em down while.
[33:58] So that the conclusion of today’s episode is that humanity is doomed yeah i’ll have every week everybody,
oh yes i know that but anything else i may wants to to say about the little guy being fucking internet.
[34:13] I am from.
[34:17] Have a beginning of a jeff have andy okay sorry sage your phone yeah eighty one million seven.
You know run my house is in this week’s shiney listless perfect timing oh awesome so scott will have you do right now is plug.
All your shows link seven people should need need to know what’s going on re set back is good to go okay.
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Siouxland Women’s U.S. House GOP Nominee Forum

Siouxland Women’s U.S. House GOP Nominee Forum

Hello Readers,

If you want to skim this article then here are the two big points to take away.

1. Neil Tapio and Shantel Krebs are incredibly similar in policy and agree on almost everything policy-wise that was asked this evening. Some crucial differences on the War on Terror and how a Congressperson can bring about change. But that is it.

2. Tapio is a very lovely man and an entirely legitimate candidate. He is so very much more reasonable, and main-stream in his politics than the peoples of the internet have labeled him. You don’t have to agree with him, but he isn’t a monster.

Here are the candidate responses to questions asked as I wrote them in my notes:

Introduce yourself:

Krebs: Turned the paperwork mess she inherited four years ago, and now it “runs at the speed of business” (I am aware how cheesy that sounds. It was repeated several times tonight)

Pro-President Trump, 4rth generation farm girl. Owned at least two businesses in Sioux Falls.

Wants to reform and make D.C. run things like a business

De-regulation in general. Wants to work on the Agriculture Committee in the House of Representatives.

South Dakota Values! Get Government out of the way of the people.


Tapio: Small business owner and an entrepreneur. Considers himself entirely politically incorrect.

$700 Billion deficit with a 21 trillion dollar debt. Congress out of control spending.

Wants to end the War on Terror (this is probably the most significant difference between the two)

He was the Trump South Dakota state director early on in the presidential campaign.

Not your typical politician and dramatically desires entitlement reform for things like social security spending for example.

Question: What to do with the overspending by Congress

Tapio: We have runaway spending on Social Programs.

The War on Terror is super expensive and is impossible to solve without addressing the Islamic terrorist problem behind it.

A significant problem with these social programs is that they do nothing to solve the breakdown of the family unit.

” We need to fight for Faith, Family, Freedom, and Free Enterprise.”


Krebs: She agrees with Tapio on much of what he just said, especially on the issue of government reform

As S.D. secretary of state, she uses 0 based budgeting, which is what all businesses have to use.

“Wipe the Budget clean every year.”

She wanted further reductions on the S.D. appropriations budget, and the S.D. legislature wouldn’t give it to her.(actually impressive)

She wants to support President Trump in Congress.

We need to de-regulate for farms and businesses, especially for starting small ones.

The story about how the businesses and farms she talks to can’t get lines of credit due to a bad law like Frank-Dodd.

Congress needs to have oversight over any proposed regulations from the executive bureaucracy.

Question: What about the Omnibus bill recently passed and the funding for Planned Parenthood

Krebs: The Omnibus bill is always the wrong approach

Our National Congress needs to reflect better S.D. state Congress which goes through legislation line by line.

Pay raise for the military in the omnibus bill was very good and well needed. But this is the wrong way to go about getting it.

We must ultimately Defund Planned Parenthood.


Tapio: What can we possibly accomplish going the Krebs way: line upon line

This position is only 1 out of 134 people. Therefore it is impossible to bring about real change following the system.

Commended Trump for his fighting and recognition of Islamic Terrorism.

We have to do the big things right. What are we still doing there? (in the middle east and Syria)

20 years later and we are still fighting in places like Iraq?

There is no bigger supporter of President Trump than Tapio.

The political system as is is incapable of solving these problems (omnibus, the war on terror, etc.)

To bring about real change we need people of courage to take this on.

Question: Support the wall or not? If so, how do we fund it?

Tapio: In favor of wall and Mexico should pay for it.

Send Mexico the bill for all the money we spend on its citizens (social programs, money sent out of the nation, etc.)

Wants to be a member of the Freedom Caucus


Krebs: In favor of the wall, secure borders, extreme vetting, and ending chain migration.

Cap government spending including capping the money spent by government agencies

She disagrees with Tapio on the 1 of 134 comments.

Question: What about the recent school shooting in Parkland Florida? What do you propose to keep schools safe?

Krebs: Lifetime Member of the NRA, story about shooting a rattlesnake four times with a shotgun (overkill, but still a funny story)

A strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, In favor of the school sentinel programs.
Wants to make such programs an option to school-boards if they wish to pursue it.

Having an armed police officer at each school is a good idea (included with the Sentinel comments btw)

Increase education for Mental Health Awareness,

The conversation in Congress for trying out Gun Control must stop:

Tapio: For the Parkland Shooting Evil Idiot (my term for him, won’t aggrandize him by using his real name) there were at least 40 run-ins with law enforcement before the shooting.

30 days prior he said on his Facebook page that he wanted to be a school shooter.

This isn’t a 2nd Amendment problem, but instead a failure by Law Enforcement.

President Obama pushed policy to reduce the number of minorities going to jail irrespective of actual criminal activity.

That policy creates more problems, Basically said you would have shootings with such a plan.

There used to be a STAR academy for people needing help.

Told story about church family friend who had a meth problem as a teenager. In short after begging Law enforcement to do something over and over again, eventually, they consented to take the kid and to get him some rehab and other help.

Fast Forward 6 months later, and the kid was put precisely into that same high school and environment that the kid used to live when he was doing drugs. Thus kids in that situation, of course, are more likely to return to bad behavior.

He wants to fight the Obama system.

Question: What do you think of the Trump Tariffs and the trade war (my term) with China.

Krebbs: I appreciate what President Trump is trying to do.

Trump is trying to deal with China and open new markets.

China continually steals our intellectual properties and provides no recourse to fix it.

The story about seeing a truck with a fake version of the Triple M logo, instead says triple N.

She is the only one with an agricultural background and has spent time in China opening up markets for South Dakota agricultural products.


Tapio: $300 billion trade deficit in the United States. A $500 billion dollar trade imbalance.

Agrees that China steals our I.P.s

China is a currency manipulator plus we have with them a great product to product imbalance.

Trump is treating this issue correctly but taking it head-on.

It’s a terrible situation right now economically, but it has to be done.

Trump is doing Bi-lateral negotiation. And that is also partly why he is pushing renegotiation NAFTA and China.

Question: Agriculture and the Farm Bill.

Tapio: He has lots of family in Agriculture, and continuously works with people in agriculture.

So he has a “strong pulse on the Agriculture Community.”

The commodity to dollar ratio is hurting businesses and agriculture.

He remembers when his businesses were hurt by as much as 65% due to this problem.

Dollar policy directly affects agriculture prices.

And there will always be a continual market for protein.


Krebs: 80% of the Farm Bill is Welfare Assistance, with only 20% addressing agriculture

Reform the Farm Bill

Require work requirements for SNAP and other welfare assistance

Food Security is Bio Security. So we need to have food security.

We need a farm safety net program in case of things like Hale or Drought.

It is impossible for beginning farmers to get loans.

We need a Foot and Mouth vaccination Program, (I”m assuming Cattle)

Question: Why are you running for Congress?

Krebs: Feels like the Federal Government is changing and she wants to be a part of that.

Yes, it is possible to change the federal government.

We need to run government like a business and “run government at the speed of business.”

Tapio: Krebs has done very well as our S.D. Secretary of State

To be a good leader and make the change you need to be able to face the heat

Need to be able to face the issue of Islamist Extremism, which is a civilization level issue.

He is not an Establishment candidate

Question Was attacking Syria a good idea? When and how do you know it is time to engage with military force?

Tapio: The nation-states in the Middle East aren’t naturally created states. They tend to be governed by a Shia.

Why should we help the Syrian rebels whose membership mostly came from terrorist organizations such as ISIS?

Once Bashar is gone who gets to replace him, and will they be any better?

He used to believe that nations and people naturally yearn for Democracy and Freedom.

There are some 1.2 billion Muslims, the issue of Syria should be solved by the Muslim nations.


Krebbs: President Trump used Swift action, and he kept his word regarding a Red Line in Syria.

She supports the Presidents effort in Syria and supports and trusts his choices on this.

Question from the crowd: Welfare Reform?

Krebbs: Welfare should include drug testing and work requirements.

There is a big recidivism issue at the heart of Welfare.

Past Administrations put in an incentive for welfare recipients to later return to welfare after they had gotten off it.

The goal should be to get people into jobs. Plus WorkForce Development

Social Security is a train wreck and needs some changes.

Allow states to manage block programs and encourage them to tie work requirements, etc.


Tapio: Social Security has been abused

Started at about 15 workers to 1 S.S recipient, now we are at less than 3 to 1.

Tells older folks that promises made should be promises kept.

He agrees on Welfare reform. Workforce requirements and encouraging people to work.

Crowd Question: What about ObamaCare?

Tapio: Good Health Care and Alternative ideas are impossible to get through the government.

Take that money and put it in the hands of the people.


Krebbs: Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

Health Care is a huge problem.

When talking to business owners in Sioux Falls, she found that very many of them don’t have health insurance for themselves because of the incredibly expensive cost to do so.

We should let the Free Market work instead of the Government is in charge of it.

We also need to incentivize Health Savings Accounts.

Last Thing you want to tell us?

Krebbs: Story about growing up and being taught to work hard and pray often.

Too few people in Congress have any idea or experience running a business or paying payroll.

In the end, she is what her parents made her: A Mom and Pop businesswoman and a Farm Girl


Tapio: Being a Representative is an overwhelming job. It requires someone to stand and fight.

He will be the same person now as he will be when he comes back to be re-elected.



I waited patiently and tried to get a better answer on the Trump Tariff issue; I just asked what she thought about tariffs in general?

Krebs gave me a real quick sound bite answer about supporting President Trump in his efforts, an obvious repeat talking point.

She came off to me from this sounding over-produced, and a tad slimy. Not willing to engage or answer questions with any honest thought. I know she isn’t trying to sound dishonest, just trying to keep to the safe script. So I recommend taking this how you may.

I should also point out that her speaking and presentation during the forum was excellent.

Tapio was completely different. He talked my ear off for 10 minutes about how what I call protectionist is good for the country, and he calls it supporting Americans. We need to solve this bad consumer trade economy where we are only the consumers and not producers.

He wanted to then talk about Islamic Extremism and Terrorism, asked even asked me about my thoughts on the issue. Though we disagree on several things, he was polite and gave me a great conversation. Best one I had that night.

Also, though Tapio is always depicted screaming, he is a very soft-spoken man. There were Mic problems making sure he could be heard well enough by the audience.

He came off to me less prepared, or at least less ready with the talking point answers.

USD Band Concerts April 15

VERMILLION, S.D. – The University of South Dakota Department of Music presents the USD Symphonic and Concert bands in concert on Sunday, April 15, at 3 Slagle Hall’s Aalfs Auditorium.

USD Law Students Take Tax Prep To Alaska

VERMILLION, SD – While the middle of April is generally considered the busiest time of the tax season, for six University of South Dakota law students, their experience providing assistance in rural Alaska in the middle of February may always rival even the most hectic tax deadlines.

Gordon-Bland and Lombardi Honored with Belbas Larson Awards

VERMILLION, S.D. – Professors Chaya Gordon-Bland and Paul Lombardi are the recipients of the 2018 University of South Dakota Belbas Larson Awards for Excellence in Teaching. They will be honored at the USD commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 5, and each will receive $5,000.

Name Released in Turner County Fatal Crash

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

CONTACT: Tony Mangan, Public Information Officer, 605-773-6196

Name Released in Turner County Fatal Crash


What:    One-vehicle crash

Where:   277th Street and 447th Avenue

               Two miles south of Marion, S.D.

When:    8:15 p.m., Saturday, April 7, 2018

Occupants:   Lolette Oja, 36, Chancellor, S.D., Fatal Injuries

Vehicle: 2001 GMC Yukon

MARION, S.D. – A 36-year-old woman from Chancellor, S.D. has been identified as the person wo died Saturday night in a one-vehicle crash that occurred south of Marion.


A 2001 GMC Yukon was westbound on 277th Avenue, which is a gravel road, when the vehicle went off the roadway, into the ditch and eventually rolled.

Lolette Oja, who was driving and not wearing a seatbelt, was thrown from the vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene. She was the only person involved in the crash.

South Dakota’s Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

The Highway Patrol is part of the South Dakota Department of Public Safety.


Note: Records of state-reportable crashes are now available at   Records should be available about 10 days after the investigation is complete.


*** No pronouncer available

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Dr. Mary Jo Olson delivers 1,000th baby in Vermillion

VERMILLION, S.D. — With her soft voice, gentle demeanor and strong credibility, it’s no wonder soon-to-be parents keep coming back to Mary Jo Olson, M.D., to deliver their babies. Dr. Olson delivered Sidney Ann, her 1,000th baby at Sanford Health on March 30. A graduate from the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine, Olson […]

The post Dr. Mary Jo Olson delivers 1,000th baby in Vermillion appeared first on Sanford Health News .

Augustana Receives $1 Million Endowment Gift from David B. Jones Foundation







Contact text

Kelly Sprecher

Director of Media Relations



Augustana University today announced a $1 million gift from the David B. Jones Foundation . The gift will be used toward the establishment of an endowed chair in anthropology/archeology and will support outstanding teaching, scholarship and service.

“Augustana is honored and deeply grateful to the David B. Jones Foundation for this significant gift to the University,” said President Stephanie Herseth Sandlin . “David Jones embodied the term ‘lifelong learner.’ He was curious about the unknown and was passionate about the study of history — particularly paleontology and archeology. This gift will ensure that future generations of students will have new and exciting opportunities to explore and discover those areas as well.”

While the gift is extraordinary, so, too, is the story of how David Jones came to know Augustana and why he chose to support the University through his foundation.

It all began about 20 years ago.

Adrien Hannus, Meet David Jones

It all started in the late 1990s when Jones walked into Augustana’s Archeology Laboratory one afternoon and introduced himself to Dr. Adrien Hannus .

Jones, who was in his early 70s at the time, didn’t offer much background about himself. He said his interest in fossils and dinosaurs prompted him to visit the Lab.

Hannus, who serves as a professor of anthropology and director of the Archeology Lab , did exactly what anyone who knows him would expect him to do — he smiled and offered Jones a cup of tea. From there, the two sat down and began a good conversation.

That’s the thing about Hannus — he loves a good conversation.

An established scholar, internationally known anthropologist, and TV star (he’s appeared on PBS’ “Time Team America” ), Hannus also has an intangible, quintessential ‘average Joe’ quality about him — a characteristic that makes him markedly approachable and easy to talk to.

With silver-streaked shoulder-length hair and his standard “uniform” of blue jeans and work boots, Hannus divides his time between the Archeology Lab (a building “guarded” by a life-size mammoth replica), field work and teaching — which he does on campus and at sites around the world, including the Thomsen Center Archeodome near Mitchell, South Dakota, and in the United Kingdom through Augustana’s exchange program with the University of Exeter.

Like Hannus, Jones enjoyed a good conversation, too.

A native of California, he completed high school in Wayzata, Minnesota, and later studied business at the University of Minnesota. He spent the majority of his career owning and operating a farm management business, all the while passionate about the study of ancient history.

At the age of 37, he enrolled in a college course in geology, which gave way to a lifelong interest in paleontology. During his career as an amateur paleontologist, he attended conferences and seminars across the country and conducted field research in Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota. For several decades, he participated in Boy Scout summer camps at the Lewis & Clark Scout Camp, located on the Missouri River near Yankton, South Dakota (where he eventually built a home).

Lunch at Inca

Hannus said that after that initial meeting, Jones began stopping by the Archeology Lab about once a month when he wasn’t traveling to conferences and dig sites. Those visits eventually gave way to monthly lunches at Inca, a restaurant located a few blocks from campus.

Conversation during those visits and lunches always focused on topics the two were interested in — archeology and paleontology.

“He just wasn’t the kind of guy you asked a lot of questions about, Hannus said. “Paleontology and archeology are enormous subjects — we never ran out of things to talk about.”

A few years after their first lunch, Hannus was at work in the Lab when the mail was delivered, including an envelope from Jones.

Inside was a $5,700 check to the Archeology Lab from the David B. Jones Foundation.

“I was shocked,” Hannus said. “I didn’t even know he had a foundation.”

At their next lunch, Hannus thanked Jones for his gift and attempted to learn a bit more about his background — and how it came to be that he had a foundation in his name.

Jones, however, was more interested in discussing paleontology and archeology. So, they talked about paleontology and archeology.

A few years later, in 2007, Jones stopped by the Lab one afternoon to see if Hannus would be interested in having lunch.

Lynette Rossum, office manager for the Lab, told Jones that Hannus wasn’t in. She went on to say he would be out for a while, due to the fact he’d just had triple bypass heart surgery.

Jones nodded, went out to his truck, and came back in with a $6,000 check, made out to the Archeology Lab from David B. Jones.

“Hopefully this will have a therapeutic effect,” Jones said at the time.

Hannus did get better and eventually the two resumed their monthly lunches at Inca. Jones also began to attend meetings of the South Dakota Archaeological Society at Augustana and visited Augustana’s field school at the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village.

Over time, Jones talked more about his foundation and its mission to “support research in paleontology, encourage writing and publication of articles relating to paleontology, and to support educational programs and training for young and amateur fossil hunters.”

To achieve its mission, the Foundation provide grants to domestic nonprofit organizations to further “educational, research and charitable activities working in the science of paleontology who primarily promote those activities within the United States of America.”

The Foundation was supported solely by Jones, who donated income he earned through his farm management operations and investments.

The fact that Jones gave his fortune away to others only further emphasized his humble nature, Hannus said.

“You never would have known he was a multimillionaire. He never wanted to be recognized for his worth. He wanted to be known for what he was passionate about.”

— Dr. Adrien Hannus

Professor of Anthropology

As time went by, Jones and Hannus continued their monthly lunches at Inca, eventually talking about the possibility of creating an endowed chair in anthropology/archeology at Augustana

In 2013, while visiting colleagues at the University of Exeter in England, Hannus received a message that Jones had died while on a paleontology dig in Wyoming.

Three years later, Hannus received word from the David B. Jones Foundation of its decision to make a $1 million gift to Augustana.

Word of the gift, Hannus said, was both overwhelming and humbling.

“This gift will create an enduring legacy in David’s name and will honor his passion for paleontology and his excitement for scientific discovery,” said Hannus. “We are deeply grateful to the Foundation for this extraordinary gift.”

In honor of his many contributions to Augustana, the field of anthropology, and the spirit of research and discovery, Hannus will serve as the first David B. Jones Endowed Chair.

On a personal level, Hannus said his unexpected friendship with Jones is something he’ll always cherish.

“I guess the moral of the story is if someone wants to talk with you, take time to listen. You can learn so much just by listening to and talking with other people,” Hannus said. “It’s really what this field of anthropology is all about — the study of people.”


The gift will be used toward the establishment of an endowed chair in anthropology/archeology and will support outstanding teaching, scholarship and service.


April 10, 2018

Lede Image

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In the News: Augustana Grad Named Director of Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship

King Named 2017-18 ASA Faculty Recognition Award Recipient