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Dresch Code Ep 013 Justin Bieber is what would happen if I got money

The Dresch Code Ep 013 Justin Bieber is what would happen if I got money

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Things you like to watch on TV but are embarrassed by, Replacement singers you liked more than the original, Covers better than the original, what would you have on your rider?, song that was overplayed but you still love, something you like that others don’t, worst pickup lines you’ve actually used, what are your favorite songs that sound happy but are dark, how do you keep up momentum, concerts that exceed or don’t meet expectations, if you could have any double headlining concert, and more.

Guests:  Hunter Johnson, Bryan Middleton, Anthony Muller, Adam Authier, and David Naylor.

Machine Transcript

[0:19] Transfer going to be 3:36 or 1 ish and you were listening to the trash coach,
that’s an extra truck episode 13 of this podcast for excited even awesome shows this evening the shows all about where we talk shop,
with Sioux Falls finest musicians artists comics,
and how would you this show is I will pull topics out of a bucket,
about music and arts and all that and we decide if it passes or fails the dress code meeting do you want to talk about it pass failed no we don’t want to talk about it,
so yeah you have to do that thumbs up or thumbs down,
issues everyone from Lucas with a cave got Adam authier David Naylor Bryan Middleton and Anthony Muller thank you guys,
being here absolutely dive straight into the dress code.
I checked it up a little bit like the cars would say and duh.
TV shows that you’re embarrassed to admit that you’ve watched.

[1:47] Ridiculousness on MTV.
That one show what they just watch movie just watching YouTube videos.
Seriously hurt but it’s funny seeing people get.
Futures kind of on one day and I was just looking around I was watching it’s whatever but it’s one of those things like I would appreciate the show more if the comments were more clever.
But all my God it is not kicked in the nuts that’s how that happened auto play something and then that Rob.

[2:35] Die jerker Dietrich,
he got throat because obviously doing something right cuz he said he was still the host very true,
training collar on Saved by the Bell I loved Saved by the Bell,
I think that’s probably all this point,
I’m here if you haven’t seen it I have to look it up,
I could not see how it’s going it’s like 10 minutes of,
Zack Morris is trash on Funny or Die it’s really good.

[3:51] British comedy and murder mysteries.

[4:01] The IT Crowd was one that I jumped on pretty late but that show is fantastic on Netflix.
So it’s I don’t think I’ve ever watched it like 3 awkward.
Number of wineries in high school my sister watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for it and then I’m married somebody.

[4:26] The loves that show and so I had to watch all of it all of it kind of like it,
0% loves the first three years of Buffy and then when I went to college that the show had no Direction anymore.
My personal opinion at Skyline College in real life killing for 10,
things to come lost me after the original movie,
anything with Rutger Hauer in it.
Blue X Bougainville Loop.
Paul Reubens just have the best death is a vampire though,
also double as a porn sound.

[5:41] I I don’t know we talked about how.
IMDb Halo calculator
hell yeah lost everybody under 25,
that’s a whole band anybody under 25.

[6:11] I’m actually I’m at 25 so it’s kind of like before 25 or 25
age that counts
balances between the chip man like hey guys.
Lyrics that’s all your fault.
Like talking to them about their relationships.
I’m not ashamed of anything I watch TV shows,
I’m kind of sort of embarrassed that I watch Dog the Bounty Hunter but you got to watch it cuz it’s such a,
like he’s such a fat dude now that he’s like,
rear lankys essentially dog the brownie Hunter.

[7:34] Epic take down the violence and then 15 minutes later.
But you’re interested other than Haley message
take a new doll boy,
rusalka had to do that and it seems like that’s always running to catch up with a walkie-talkie
Riverside Dog the Bounty Hunter but I know a lot of people at Hyvee that dress like that,
it’s normal for your living I mean if you want to see example just show up to Walmart on the weekend about,
2 a.m.
Somewhere between 2 and 5 a.m. an you see the Dog Bounty Hunter and his kids dinner last night I just won by a,
I’ve been at Jerry’s I just saw some weird stuff go down I’m just like I just want the ice cream,
next question alright.

[8:49] Replacement singers that you thought were great or maybe even better than the original singer pass or fail.

[8:56] I’ll tell you I’ll take the other yeah I’ll talk about us Michael Graves from Misfits was pretty solid.
Even though dancers with us in Misfits obviously I will say Michael Graves a very good vocalist.
Should a change name different feel different sounds true.
Positive ones obviously Brian Johnson.

[9:31] What about the 17 singers any other night there.
I don’t like that at all ever nothing about that.
Conan David Letterman or something like that that was good that was all I was fun it was great.
Halen went through three singers Road.
Unlike most people try to forget about that but I didn’t like that played for.

[10:17] Gil Sharone I played drums for Dillinger Escape Plan after your panty dropped out I’m pretty sure.
I think that’s the guy I could be wrong I could be thinking the same completely different.
They stink after going back out once he got out of prison.

[10:54] And I know they came back to a hugely mix opinion of me for lunch the general public hugely mixed and I one of those people that like I can’t get past like listening at thing at you,
yeah, after the whole Christian band,
Illinois later admitted it was just for marketing.
Can I take others for the replacement singer,
first couple albums were solid only had one lead singer.
Convert 17 bass players fortunately everybody else is like a Shel Silverstein book The,
Lucas come back.

[12:02] It’s not really 17.

[12:09] I was never based I haven’t been in the state long enough to know the history here.
I can’t comment on this question cuz I don’t I don’t know.
Matt skiba put into blank Light beer,
watch it anymore I mean I don’t think Mark Hoppus is all I go to see her I don’t hate the band Travis is really good drummer.
Tom’s vocals.

[12:54] Made me want to shoot myself,
yeah I just say I think that Steven was probably an amazing replace.
Silicone bong,
nothing sounds way better than 2.
If Ryan Howe is here I would sell say that Axel is a perfect replacement vocalist for AC DC,
cuz he hates Guns N Roses and AC DC is his favorite band and so is hearing with so bad.
That’s what I heard.
Going by the history music.

[14:22] Canada I’d like the first few AC DC shows with Axel he was in Dave Grohl’s drum throne that he use when he broke his leg 3 years ago.

[14:31] Biggest hit for that one,
yeah I know but that’s how I don’t know,
the crowd a lot of his dysfunctional markets that played in ICU for very short while at a GG Allin tattoo LOL,
I just received team bass player.
Hammerhead and can’t look away he cannot stop watching it.
Dudley topic your favorite one hit wonder song.

[15:41] How to bypass pass on that I don’t feel with man.
Alright cover songs better than the original version or Originals better than the cover.

[16:00] Alright okay.

[16:03] Imma I’m probably in the minority in this one but I love Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal cover.
Alien Ant Farm.
And I will always say Weezer’s Africa cover is.
Boring sounds just like the original song. It still doesn’t touch the original.

[16:45] I was just like why is this a hit.
What’s that The Ataris cover that you and that was our class song.
Not say that.

[17:16] I’m having some some radio play but I think that was after that they went through endless lineup changes.

[17:25] Had a manic episode or something like that is better than Elvis.
Kliebert’s while you’re on that I’m going to have to say Dwight yoakam’s coverage Cheap Trick,
want to want me was better for you never heard that position,
has done some really cool things,
you know for the BB in that genre music and I used to play in LA opening up for x and and the blasters and other punk bands and rockabilly bands and to be able to do something like that and Reno released and Alexander,
I didn’t really really good acting up.

[18:16] So if you minutes away Crashers was great.
Bandits all Johnny Cash’s hurt cover.
That’s hilarious yes that was a very good one there were some rumors that that video like the actual live in that in the video the lives part 2.
Or supposedly like,
your hat in the actual Nine Inch Nails video. The the Johnny Cash one supposedly those Lalo’s live Parts in the background were supposedly when they played in at the arena in Sioux Falls way back one that’s true or not I did this time ever somebody.

[19:01] Told me that and I believe it was someone of repeatable character that told me that
I would say I would say also in terms of the Gwar cover of.
Baba O’Riley.
Remember the name of the damn it’s like.
Abner’s a studio in New York that they don’t have any of my preparation they just come in anyway.
And I can’t think of what it’s called though and we did that to you,
it’s really really good it was before it was before,
Billy Ocean get out of my dreams.
Can I how is the name of that.
Adam Lambert smoking car.

[20:28] There’s a lot of them that I would hear like during.
Casey first days on his Dj Nate always people always ask you should play some of the punk goes pop covers like these are all garbage.
Thoroughly like the first couple.
There was I want to say that I don’t remember if there was one song on there that I thought wasn’t bad and I can’t and I don’t think I could.
Are there fun to listen my daughter’s name is Lila and on one of them they did my love.
Buy book about did that song Justin Timberlake,
so like the way they scream it sounds like Lila and so she always thought that was she always wanted me to play that.

[21:23] The Trampled by Turtles cover of where’s my mind is pretty good.

[21:35] Texas governor.
I love it when they covered it I I I was playing the game I didn’t see Hollander when they were around originally toes,
couldn’t get in,
check I did work but if I did,
the Indian Guns N Roses at United which should I love a apply but I remember you.
Now the reason it was so I mean it was it was a really good cover all things considered but the best part was the end part.
In the original Sebastian Bach hits that really high note they’re playing through it there other there speed that part.
They just threw it,
his boat song and it kept all of this song.
That’s all I got on your nerves a lot of gas.
One that I just got into here like we can go find that one Bank Larkin Poe.

[23:03] What is that Phil Collins cover yes it’s so good it’s amazing.

[23:14] I’m having a brain fart I Can Feel It In the Air Tonight.
There were a lot of actually 80s hits that were hits bet that time that were actually covers like Tainted Love was a cover and so was Always Something There to Remind me all those just covers from obscure band swing,
I didn’t realize you know the one that was originally a Neil Diamond song.

[23:45] I heard on NPR the other day I was blown away I had no idea I remember what podcast I listen to where they broke down like the whole history of that song because.
I want to say something like it was it got censored because of.

[23:59] People like radio stations out in different part of the country were like claiming that there was something dirty in there cuz you couldn’t understand the words in the original one and stuff like that was like a whole like crazy fucking story.
Nothing compares to you was a Bobby’s in Prince song.
YouTube search the Larkin Poe in the air tonight it’s absolutely amazing this just the two girls on.

[24:31] Battle Mountain Goats cover.

[24:40] Jawbreaker I think and I was awesome I love that
Chris liked it
Reggie Watts covering Panama by Van Halen titanium best cover songs ever in my opinion or ones that.

[25:07] I mean they pay homage to the original song you don’t like The Ataris.
The Great Cover-Up Ramones the KKK Took My Baby Away.

[25:27] Goodman bands take it.
And make it their own and I’m just pay a little homage to the original song I love that there’s a band called screaming females they covered Taylor Swift Shake It Off and I like her energy lights female-fronted like puncture,
Tucker energy juice like the weirdness how she sang it was just so like hell.
But it’s alright Kayley Bruns I just saw it,
Whenever I think weekly Watchers and listeners besides Robbie nolting cell.
Got any others.

[26:28] Do farewell tours mean anything at all.

[26:36] 2 out of 25 fail.

[26:54] Bear food beer and food if you’ve ever been.
It’ll be a traveling man that was.
What no I mean if you if you’re in trouble unless you’re headlining or your you know your renown.
If you’re lucky enough to get a ride or you wanted up to get yourself some people.
Spider is a things that you require on tour.
On tour in the dressing room or like food and stuff beforehand.
Dang it. I would agree.
A lot of beer and food.

[27:46] What’s that looks okay we played in Omaha.

[27:50] And that’s how we got paid beer whiskey have whole bottle of Jack Daniels.

[27:57] That’s all I got out the middleman.

[28:10] A big fan of.

[28:12] Did she buy it if I don’t have to make it tomorrow, what’s up.
That’s it that’s why I was curious. Food and I mean,
naked photos of naked photos of Bea Arthur I think I’ve told the story on the show before about the,
I forgot whose writer it was that the human skull thing and they just tried and tried and couldn’t find one they like.
A cartoony Halloween one at the last minute and I do like is that good enough and like yeah that’s good enough three puppies.
Y 3 y the number 3.

[29:09] Sick F2 or cuddling or is too much of a commitment.
Just relax.

[29:24] Or a massage therapist little jerk me off but you also relaxes me I’d say most the most buttoned-up tacos Vine and mushroom.
Mushrooms well or well worn copy of Encino Man on DVD.
Seafood fucking Skittles Skittles mushrooms Purina dog food.
Free talking should talk like I’m talking like.
Yeah yeah she talked it.

[30:14] Best Western.
What’s one song on the radio that was played to death during its prime that you still enjoy despite it being overplayed.
Oh Lord buzz in the house I want to sit I mean.
Buzzard the Buzzard.
Just one of the 17th,
what is one song that was played to death on the radio in its prime but that you still enjoy despite it being overplayed.
Blackstreet Mambo Number 5,
he’s black.
Despite the fact we asked him to not play a shit like that I mean that I mean that’s one of my.

[31:40] After the chicken dance how many times to tell him not to play that play five little play.
Any played who Let The Dogs Out.
And I want to test every time you hear,
it’s in your head they got there I don’t care I love it,
about Wonderwall
nothing like you.

[32:29] Like there’s a clean version that I played a k see if I see you could tell is clearly edited 90s chick,
like Willem Dafoe as Moissanite,
Siri by Daniel Powter,
oh Jesus it’s a guilty pleasure clips on YouTube,
hurting themselves and falling down stairs and hit the face with plates and shit that’s.
5 years ago or so AMC was doing there like 31 Days of Horror for Halloween and that’s why this is in my head,
they did a promo for all of the like Halloween movies in the zombie movie stuff that they were playing,
to that song where it’s like.

[33:56] We did a music video project in college for that song they said make music video and they basically they had me they filmed everything on a cart of me and a hallway at our College just over singing this song,
I was wearing an Argyle Sweater just crying a lot just posing next to us,
it’s on YouTube still if you want to still running around,
dinosaur that one cuz I was like it’s it’s cheesy panel Papa’s just what it is and still catching.
Hunter is a Taylor Swift song forget that guy.
Don’t even remember that he was part of his band until you was talked about it but said Poker Face Lady Gaga.

[34:51] Sounds like 70 go to jail for.

[34:57] What’s inside the site right back to the covers better than the original it’s not better than the original but Weezer did a mash-up of Poker Face and eye kids by MGMT,
cloud cover I was just thinking that just came out with some like really good covers,
I think we did better.
And I’ve never been inside the Rolling Stones Paint It Black pretty good at school.

[35:37] Why we totally side step social media cleanses,
Ice Castles,
I don’t even know if we were on a different kind of cleanse.

[36:04] Got caught peeing in the bushes one time so yeah.

[36:14] Donald okay pass.
Pass as it passes the coat I said I’d say
there is no way,
there is no way that’s going to sit there now
will you get home or I don’t like I mean I’ve never I’ve never liked the attention I kind of just I like the music enough to where I had the opportunity so I took advantage of it but maybe,
because I play drums and not talk to anybody.
I like the drummer.

[37:21] What’s 5 week at 17.
Boston sending laughing crying emoji,
what is bipolar and he’s laughing and then he’s crying and then,
it’s just anxiety and all that stuff within one sister doing stand-up drumming is the easiest why in the world.
Send it like now I’m actually comfortable in Santa now so it’s not anything it’s not as difficult anymore.
I don’t I don’t get it I don’t get paid.

[38:11] What will not get rid of famous we’re not going to get paid so I can make my wife ask me that all the time it’s not a big deal,
Facebook says 74 people showing up so it’s either going to be 7
or either way either way if 7 people think I’m an idiot,
he faced Facebook said is like a hundred 20 people coming where do you get that from.
Airplane shows before Facebook was around then.

[38:54] Okay let’s practice,
navigate to song you just bring us some good don’t think you could be a seasoned musician without playing tonight,
oh yeah course I mean it’s Vicky wife’s yes,
Sunday truth,
future now I’ve got a kid he’s got a kid.
Accelerated like wives and kids you at least 17 kids.
You got stuff on YouTube.

[39:47] You know YouTube is like that just means you’re famous apparently so might my daughter just thinks I’m like the bee’s knees down.

[39:55] But I got a whole two thousand years on this your fucking lame before,
let’s see some cool I can go unwrap some toys and play with them on YouTube too and I’ll get even more followers in my pocket manager,
we could do that he can do we can just go watch it that’s what I’m saying,
the 13th will start make it will start doing music videos with us making slime.
Ducking play with that’s cool we should be like I said 50 year old women have kids and grandkids.
You’re not thinking about the survival value wins.
What you guys need to do is little and a really great like Medicare Part B review like different brands of like,
Lucas with an entry-level the pan out till I can only.

[41:11] Y’all stop out to the next show you bring your AARP card will give you 10% off the door
they were asking for sponsorships and me if they’re down I’m down to come from Canada,
call Miller High Life,
it’s known as the champagne of beers,
where’s my thing was like.
Growing up I didn’t have a rough childhood like my parents were great.
And everything but like I got messed with a lot when I was a kid just cuz I was like I don’t know I just didn’t ever fight back cuz I just didn’t care I was just like whatever I’m going to get to go home later and whatever I have to deal with these kids anymore so I dressed like as an adult.
I like turn into a giant misanthrope so I.

[42:20] I consider myself like a philanthropic misanthrope because it’s like I help some people out but I think the biggest reason I want to help people out of so then when I’m done now leave me the fuck alone so yeah so weird,
as far as I performing I feel like.
I don’t know for some reason for some strange reason like ties into that and decide but then when I’m done just leave me the fuck alone.
Riding them like it’s it’s like it’s like I love doing stand-up,
browser with stand up you can you don’t have to rely on yourself so it’s like how can I do this show myself if I’m free I’ll do it,
and it’s one of these if like I’m aloof I like that kind of like being on my own,
extra mild thing anyways since perfect performing you do whatever you feel like it and it’s kind of aloof and canoes go off to your thing but he also get.
Talk to people and that’s why I like doing so much so.

[43:36] What’s what’s your favorite and least favorite cliche.
How do you know if you’re a hipster.
Holy shit at all part 9.
Are you going to admit it if you don’t know who you are if you can’t tell the difference.

[44:09] It’s kind of a very broad question.

[44:19] Thumb up best vinyl album by an artist.
Final album I don’t really know,
worst pick-up lines that actually used
pick up lines Dragon 3 the worst one but the most successful,
did you walk up to somebody at a bar are you down.
1 + 100 we do Domino’s 50 50.

[45:08] Just tell people on the flu by we’ll see what happens,
yes my neighbor my neighbor told me it was my neighbor likes to drink,
and that’s where we’re at his house while he’s got a projector in his garage so his go there and hang out he’s out of the garage single dude across the street and we were in,
when did Chicago Fire show I’m not going to say who it was cuz it’s embarrassing and I didn’t want to go see the guy anyway anyway I know,
where at where at where at some after the show right some random bar in Tinley Park,
and my buddy Falls like hey I’m going to use this on somebody check it out like all right and he’s like,
you know the difference between jelly and jam and when they’re like what and I can’t jelly my dick in your mouth can I just like oh my God,
I was going to prison to be cool.

[46:11] That’s a bad what is vanillin,
he said things we talked about her nor will be embarrassed to say I’m sorry in front of my anti pick up lines today and I was swallows I noticed you were having a drink at the bars that mean you’re a dependent alcoholic or did I,
I’ll be over here watching you all night makes me think it makes me think of the ladies man he’s like slides Amazon,
do you want a fish sandwich let’s go to your house so you don’t want a fish sandwich.

[46:51] I don’t even answer that cuz I’ve never I don’t think I’ve ever used
I never run out of good at that I can’t do.
It took it took me weeks if not months even realize that my wife was hitting on me before we were together so I’m terrible at it.

[47:20] I’ve never really used it going to pick up lines.

[47:24] It’s it’s it’s.
Are probably still working
but nobody’s bought it I do stand up and I may talk about this interaction on stage,
I wrote this song for you.
Actually everybody feel like for girls behind you again whatever.
Next one.

[48:12] Before Brian comes back what are your favorite songs that sound happy but are actually dark I’ll save them.
Any song that cake ever wrote,
I don’t know what music I guess one of those bands that comes on I put them in the same.

[48:47] I mean I just I need to turn it off,
immediately Alkaline Trio is a great band that has happy sounding song has to be loved for sure at least the chorus on that one.
I got it whenever I was like you there’s like the psych try and see what I find really sounds like,
masculine said Misfits and jawbreaker had a baby that’s what Alkaline Trio sounds like kind of a valid point.

[49:53] Frank Turner as a song called heartless bastard motherfuker I think is the name of some kind of an uplifting sounding song but he’s talking about how he’s just a piece of shit and like I don’t give a fuk about you right now.
That’s a great song
The Happy Song by janitor Bob and the armchair Cowboys.

[50:24] My best friend since kindergarten her dad was Lee guitarist.

[50:34] Currently employed bullshit me and my wife started dating before I was 21 so I don’t know what that’s worth.

[50:44] You got called out on.
Episode 3 on Xbox One.
The ground how do you keep up momentum going for project project.
Focus or drive try not to say what the status quo just going from Beach thing just doing it.
Get complacent fucking die of old age.

[51:20] Incarnation of weeks of the games that were really feel like we’ve all got a shitload of stuff going on.
Careers and families and babies and vans other bands and so it’s just we practicing,
Plaza Art but it’s cool if it’s not it’s not cocaine helps,
meth and cocaine helps a lot of break right now
Sanders have more children or offspring.
I see you got yours coming for me I know.
Some will pop up eventually I’m sure just like,
you take breaks I like stay lucky we had to show it to Vishnu last week.
That’s a lot of fun we haven’t played together at all and we’re done practicing play to show another good time.

[52:37] So yeah taking breaks this is important and you’re not taking it too seriously.

[52:43] We’re never going to be famous is this you guys take it as it is just enjoy what I do and drinking.
And we just do this to every once in awhile in the mid-to-late thirties at this point it’s only about love,
there’s not a high demand for people of our
I’m sorry it seems like Mexican restaurant,
got to keep the plane flag.
Favorite era of Saturday Night Live.
What’s one concert that you attended that exceeded your expectations and one that disappointed you.
Yeah my neighbor across the street Paul the guy who is he single dude he likes to drink a lot and he,
until he tells me the other day like he tells me months ago he’s like hey man I bought tickets to.

[54:07] Your desk about tickets to Kid sweet who is playing with him,
chess in the awesome and then he’s like really Gilbert and he doesn’t like that sweet like and then.
Outside of that he throws out wheeler Walker Jr and I’m like.

[54:34] I would go just to see wheeler Walker Jr because wheeler Walker jr. is great so turns out I couldn’t go because I had some other stuff going on and then some weird stuff happened like Grandma and I thought she was going to die she didn’t.
Some stuff I had to do we had to put on hold so then I’m like okay I’ll go with so it went on.
Wheeler Walker played Forrest in was awesome cuz we will rock his drink and then,
some beautiful side I do it it plays country the drummer and like the drummer plays country does it need 47 drums there’s no way I want to see it I don’t want to hear it,
so we went over like the beer gardens we hung out drink beer and I didn’t hear one note of whoever the guy is and then.

[55:24] I went by the time Kid Rock came on I couldn’t even a shit but I was drunk enough where I was like whatever we’re just hanging out but it was hilarious.
It was all just like,
is stage show is just like a bunch of like stripper looking chicks dancing all over the place and there’s a pyrotechnics going nuts and they had this big like that trying to screen the Hadley
if it started out with his old shity man with a giant,
American flag it was like the standout shot at ripping down in America,
long story short.
But my guy all day everyday.
It did some super excited I was really bummed out,
exactly how I left feeling the same way that I didn’t I should but I don’t remember how long ago was.
The Rob Zombie played in Brookings.

[56:51] Now it’s such a good show.
I waited for a buddy of mine paid for me to fly out to Florida and hang out with a couple weeks and we were Beyond he was from,
California where I was born.
And we’re at a house party in Hayward all his buddies picture to get me tickets to go to a concert and you know I was already if you know really in just a punk rock and nothing else.

[57:35] I didn’t want to go but they said we’re all going just beer cuz we’d let’s let’s go hang out.
And I got to go to this was in Florida and I got to go see Atari teenage Riot Wu-Tang Clan and Rage Against the Machine 1998.
To this day is like one of the probably top 10 shows ever been to in my life like Wu-Tang Clan,
it was phenomenal Rage Against the Machine it was right when evil empire came back and I was not a fan of evil empire.
Why they were absolutely fantastic we got busted by the US Marshals for weed.
All right I didn’t throw us out there you go.

[58:29] Chucky behind your ear cheetah weigh,
and through it,
so we obviously Super Bowl XLIX over there got it like the worst plan ever find it here.
That was one of the best shows I think I’ve ever been to after AFI sing the sorrow came out.
No but you should have ran it but it was a horrible.
I thought so nothing baby have it was hockey and Jade couldn’t play for shit and it just wasn’t.

[59:16] Cuz I was one that was disappointing I thought.
Drive to that one that exceeded and I won that a disappointment you both in the last 2 months exceeded the Metallica show surprisingly surprise me it how like,
intimate it was even though there was 12000 people like that it was Center in the middle of the auditorium,
Sanford and Hadfield run around on each corner you vocals on each side of the stage though molecules right up front every time in the band was awesome,
Adam I growing up I listen to a lot more I kind of stopped in junior high and just didn’t really come back to it till this year like I should refresh my memory,
the singles are flown real of one bad but the rest of the album slow and boring and blues and just like this is not what I like about Metallica The Salas was Perfection some new stuff.
I kind of liked frantic and say the anger the song but the rest of the ologist slow and just stare weird.

[1:00:24] Butter Burgers I get what they’re trying to do never like Metallica.
Play Metallica Brian well I grew up,
and he’s so yeah kind of,
okay. I heard that from,
Play and play one song off of Camp Creek,
pretty much everything off of that new album that’s just something magical fucking shitshow and Goblin stuff they play
you really really bad and then they see the cheese or they played a couple.

[1:01:23] I’m a Believer I just go into 7.
The opening band was far better and it was just like a rush,
and play The Rush song so I’m just like.
Show that I show that I was I had exceeded my expectations was are we board the 420 this year the Ford is actually falling team show we went to Red Rocks and saw it was supposed to be,
are three levels of headliner which we didn’t stay for them cuz whatever,
I don’t know I don’t know but I’m just leaving now at 3:11 and then it was profits fuckingawesome there was Long Beach Dub Allstars you regret then Method Man Redman.
And then Charlie Tuna from Jurassic 5 was there,
and can I ever did that was that was all of it that was after you put out the Pookie baby album and it was,
great and I Method Man Redman like those dudes are like 90,
December the fact that’s like those dudes are getting long in the tooth and and like I knew prop was going to be good when she was but I wasn’t sure about everything else is there I don’t know.

[1:02:53] Dallas is going to show.
This last spring I went to those that exceeded by Jimmy Eat World played at 1st Ave and I was solid like,
the setlist was garbage for Jack Williams going to play Blues jams that no one gives a shit about for an hour and a half,
Spell ecstatic for Belzer.
Call me in in California and this was before this is before they’re their break out and it was really cool cuz it they just really they put on a really good.

[1:03:38] Personable show really seem to enjoy what they did there a band that you can tell cares about.
Yeah but they were doing before they even said like they’re grateful for any chance they have to keep touring in like that was on,
fueled By Ramen like the album with the old lady on the front of my overall get to the edge like you’re still playing,
good for you.
Say go to hell with that installation of cable job keep touring.
You got a solid job just quit you’ll be able to get a job when you get back from tour no money.

[1:04:52] Safeway,
Jack White’s Encore was like one of those random stupid electronic folk songs he played on his new album close with that said
thank you see you,
he literally did not speak at all except once between one of the songs and that was it. Less didn’t speak at all the rest of show,
pretty up there in age just them how much acid is he eating in his entire life,
he’s probably like I can’t speak much anymore.

[1:05:44] No matter how big you get there is no excuse for not giving a show.

[1:05:58] Yeah but if you hit 50 the rest of us give 7580 I say we’re all right.

[1:06:05] Tasha Cobb Center,
Roscoe P coletrain last show that exceeded my expectations today and Valencia and I was like a solid.
3 hours at the time great.
88 years ago like saying things the last good album but they put out before Maxwell,
play collateral not citizen,
I mean if something’s going good and you’re you’re drunk and high
just recorded the album high and then goes over again like Tour on your silver and what the fuck,
but it was solid jofran I love you so.

[1:07:24] Okay we’re not being a shit out of you,
this one involves Van Halen’s going to immediately feel like an idiot,
is the daily lineup.

[1:07:48] I’ll interject really quick cuz I really like reggae and you would say I would,
and I don’t even smoke weed so jolly Christmas.
Lakeway Auto headliners.
How’s everything that ever again ice and Caitlin propagandhi.
About as good as it gets for me I’m going to say face to face in millencolin sports Gohan that’s half.
Good job some of you spell melancholy.
Amazing life on a plate I like that.

[1:09:00] Fuck you guys loud say at the drive-in in Fugazi.

[1:09:05] I got to see at the drive-in at a club and it was it was fantastic but what I will say I mean going back getting to see them separately but being able to go back and it seem together I would say.

[1:09:18] Tree.

[1:09:22] I would I was pricing early at the drive-in and murder City Devils first first album together because.
The last show I saw murder City app before they broke up.
They played Idle Hands off her name in Blood and Cedric came out and saying Idle Hands.
And it was phenomenal and from what I remember of the show because I was probably somebody incoherent it was.
Life-changing murder City Devils just play actually angharad from Sioux Falls are they actually just played in Somerset with murder City Devils,
show me some pictures from that other thing,
Party City on the same bill car so carcass so I try to fly over they all got food with the bases.

[1:10:16] Whatever reason they’re like nope.

[1:10:23] Weird Al and They Might Be Giants,
how many Masters in mathematics degrees again,
okay well I’m going to get really weird I would say Faith No More and the longest.
Electrical combo.
What were the Crusades.
Great double have Steiner Wolfmother and Greta Van Fleet bands that want to be Led Zeppelin.
Cancel whatever someone related to Camp I don’t even know how that would work is there any marriage is everything there,
however that would all work like so so so like Christie’s daughter’s boyfriend is like the most giant Greta Van Fleet fan light,
Ariel ever you three words he’s down a conversation with you.

[1:11:53] Got it,
I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever heard awesome acoustic guitar.

[1:12:11] Texting dudes you’re trying to be like that,
play either own it or don’t do it because I’m behind the times,
James do a lot of Southern Culture on the skids.
Next roll through.

[1:12:49] Collaborations that have never happened that you wish would happen.

[1:13:00] What is one artist that gets a lot of crap that you actually love.

[1:13:15] Lady Gaga.

[1:13:20] Buzz like Slayer…. I love I love Slayer.
Justin Bieber.
Where he gets a lot of shit but.
For me I just don’t really want to do and I’m like I don’t care for being such a garbage human being.

[1:13:47] But not heard from Bill Bill Hader told a story about wine,
Bieber hosted SNL that like Bieber had like six guys six bodyguards around all times like one guy holding his pizza and one guy holding his diet coke and Justin Timberlake hosted the next month he had nobody guards like just class I hang out,
Justin Timberlake seems fucking call Justin Bieber.
Tell your hair like that.
You home I have your 40,
Rings book growing up in the Limelight.
You know I don’t know he said he’ll look better in the last couple years it’s all of our thoughts for buying his shit.
And wait culture.
I forgot the question actually love.

[1:15:07] Hall & Oates.
Is crap a cheesy 80s band.

[1:15:31] Okay weird weirdest song you’ve ever heard at a supermarket you wrote that cuz you were going to,
shitting all over me.
I actually but the weirdest one I ever heard.
I heard Angel of Death slayer at a supermarket.
It wasn’t up to you to make me stop and go wow cool.
Yeah. But all of my business instrumental.
How’s it going with my day.
Yeah they play the way I tend to be a Playa.
Weakerthans song I’m like what the fuck is so good.

[1:16:50] Anthony introduced me to the weakerthans not too long ago amazing song in Tommy Boy.
Yeah yeah yeah my lucky day for you what what was the most,
thing you’ve heard that they played bodies by Smashing Pumpkins at Hyvee last year or other week that are store directors on vacation
are there play 90 songs 90s rock bands and 90s playlist you probably hear 1979 which is a raider Family song that they played bodies which is like a really aggressive,
Corrigan screaming a lot song like,
I want to hear fuck the police in Walmart.

[1:17:39] My automobile so good it’s great,
yeah I know but I was like a 6th grader or something and he was in high school so I can pick me up in his Cavalier,
the new deck is the speakers in a Cavalier you come pick me up and we listen to that shit all the time,
I’m listening to NWA and fucking easy on shape is like,
what is Mumble rap,
track it’s all of them the best,
I love you mucho you showed up on Jimmy Kimmel and I was like I was like over joining up who’s this.

[1:18:43] Pull up baby powder in your hand for turning in your address for turning in there Sears in Lakewood.
Nearest daylight.

[1:18:56] Joe, cuz they didn’t know it’s because they didn’t know that Wu-Tang Clan wasn’t into,
what’s good we’re trying to raise good kids,
Ol Dirty Chinese restaurant,
Spicewood which cleaner film would you be curious to see an R-rated for.
Wichita Toy Story.

[1:19:36] Yeah yeah he just doesn’t put up their shit.
What’s the what’s the super iconic one with Tom Hanks,
been working that super nice dumb guy,
just get the angry he’s got to get the fuck out of here.
I bought you some chocolate it’s possible they have poison in them
he told JFK,
Pocahontas is 12 John Smith America history for you.
Which R-rated film would you want to see clay and that’s American History X be hilarious.

[1:20:54] Pulp Fiction the face,
why does punk I just punched his arm oh boy oh boy which one are the other food near my wife with each other.
What the fuk just happened I like them.

[1:21:24] They’re my dog I’ll Google it.

[1:21:30] Child Wu-Tang.
Fault I try to fill this one do you think we should just let her go back in style,
Another One Rides the Bus.
Got a brief Ghost Pokemon what is lunge honor of music that you don’t understand I love you’s a clear wise popular.
What’s going on besides modern country pop is for me.
And it was.

[1:22:34] Cuz I hate was Waylon Jennings kid and he’s alive.
People who are scared of black people Joe Rogan wheeler Walker was talking about he was like talking about.
Yeah I’m sorry I’m sorry to someone about how Joe Rogan I love Joe Rogan and keep a conversation going for 3 hours,
but he just kind of repeats what the person said.

[1:23:14] Take the Telus long elaborate story about themselves and he’s like it’s like so I went to the ocean,
and then yeah you just like to go and go and he just lets them like hang them self,
the most odd interview of every time I listen to
try to listen to that it was I wasn’t the whole thing I was just pissed by the time I was done,
I can’t tell you man,
sorry bro I can’t tell you that turn the lights off maybe I’ll pay it tomorrow no no no no no.

[1:24:19] Bryan Mario Space Program backwards,
Gemini space program that we did an episode of my,
my car knock off of Coast to Coast AM to come pick up grimoire we like researched his like whole Space Program thing,
totally fucked this is like okay so why the fuck is.
And then the people under my like former director of the CIA director of the NSA like three former directors of NASA it’s like,
Jesus Christ Tom DeLonge Road aliens do exist.

[1:25:06] Do you think do you think buddy so a pro show Answer do shingles plugs have a show coming up any other outlets are allowed to show up at that we’re doing a show next Friday the 28th.
at Club David 7 p.m. shirts,
that’s true. Decent.
But yeah so the 26th at Club David 7 p.m. got to see if we can find it.
Trump Facebook it’s on the internet $5 to a new car.
We don’t have a new car guys it’s a used it’s a used Buick that’s false an electric 300,000 MI.

[1:26:14] When I give you a car a car Hot Wheels.
What was it watch bands are putting our putting stuff in. Like merch package.
That reminder for the first time in years.
Why do people still open then,
3s Warriors.
My dad so Lucas is gay.

[1:27:23] Work is at The Quay Odd Life Splendora and pass the flask from his partner,
to renew music but I know I’m screwed videos and play shows awesome.
I can’t think of it.

[1:27:47] The Bella Twins pretty soon,
people should get home safely I’ll be heading out to the kids as the flu bug is coming weekend show in Fargo November 10th.
It’s like a Fargo versus Sioux Falls comedy things that it’s like a Battle Competition so like me and Skyler bolts and ambulance were competing with Blake Mitch Ryerson Jen Severson couple of hours worked, so that one’s latitude,
pacify asking the other band North Dakota vs South Dakota it’s fun to do those kids really cool.
Did I thank you guys so much thank you and I’m sure it was a mistake and very much,
Taylor Morrison white boy and a Brian Hoffman so.

The Dresch Code Ep 006 Take That Gear Off The Stage

The Dresch Code Ep 006 Take That Gear Off The Stage

Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe

Produced by Robert Mehling

Equilibrium by The Disarmed


This week’s topics include: Best Keyboard Players, Favorite Universe, Dane Cook, Rules for an audience, furthest you’ve ever traveled for a show, do you still eat cereal and if so what is your brand, why do some artists succeed and others fail, bands that need to call it quits, and favorite soundtrack, and movies that make us cry.


Boss’ Comedy Club



Monstrous Little Theater Company



Guests:  Tony DePaolo, Nathan Hults, David Naylor, and Kolton Lane Harris


Tags: Zach Dresch, Ryan Howe

Machine Transcript

[0:19] Listen to Fresh Co.
They are we answer topics based on a pastor Phil method and I’m very excited for the shows me great,
I’m going to let you just hold the guests around the panel Roundtable even though it’s not really a table it’s a couch and square thing Automan.
Knights of the Knights Inn on Empire,
Isis everyone on the show.

[1:09] Bruce is everyone around the circle from say lucky David Naylor how are you David Gordon are always at your service.

[1:24] Appositive.
Oh that’s weird or are you dating,
third gear South comedy,
guitarist Tony depaolo how are you Tony I’ve got a red to cut a welcome back to contact to Kotter that on the TV,
Inferno sternotomy Colton Harris heart rate,
alright so how this game the game Chicago game,
Ryan ipull topics out of this jar bucket we told a jacket even though that sounds alright moist,
sure that’s where I should ask him.
Shoot your eyes.

[2:53] Gosh I said she sent to myself or is it,
try to get a higher power.
So I pull up top myself arrival pull a topic out of this jacket,
and we decide if that passed or failed the dress code if it passes it we will talk about it for sales and none of us want to talk about it we’ll put it away save it for another episode least how many have you gone through in an episode 20.
I mean yeah it’s a lot of we get to it,
you’ll see this at the end but like what we like we have to pick a good once it’s like no no no no let’s shoot them all down,
don’t pay attention.

[4:22] Check my talk about it.
I would have to say the Nickelodeon Universe,
that’s a good deal I was just at the Mall of America,
Ryan stuck just saying,
this is pretty cool I was watching kids cry as they’re about to meet their Heroes which of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I was having a good time does LEGOLAND,
you can leave and go drive go karts or play laser tag and then you can get Bubba Gump Shrimp
I think is is inclusive right least of the log ride from the Paul Bunyan thing
which doesn’t matter at all but they’re like well it’s going to cost way too much to redeem this so,
does the Airbender ride is a different one okay I just saw I just saw that 10 years ago today.

[5:31] Aang save the world, guy that’s hitting me real hard right now we need I am right now.
Is love sweet love.
No not just currently my favorite universe is the Nickelodeon Universe some good old SquarePants.
Bill’s Burger you can drive boats.

[6:11] Yeah they believe little boats it’s like a little like they have a little Pond and you can drive the boat you can Ram other boats and so they recorded bumper boats.
We just drive it from my guts like an RC boat.

[6:36] Describing all this super cool stuff that you didn’t do,
when I just did jokes about the dick anyway,
cuz it’s real and it’s 40 bucks for a wristband scouting but we can.
DSW afterwards.
So it’s just there’s nothing for clearance and that’s it it was so happy and you just fucking crushed if it’s okay to still go,
but I think I give it 4 more months when the clearance gets up I think it’s great I think it’s just the new store they don’t have a lot of clearance,
I wear size 13 feet so does Amazon pieces of shit to run off my feet so I can go to DSS.

[7:46] Did you get everything on Prime day.
I didn’t know they had like a huge,
years ago I don’t remember code for Amazon,
hey did you want a 12 pack of paper towels for a dollar 75 we got you covered absolutely now I just have Echo I got lots of kids,
Michael universe of the Multiverse is our universe.
Cuz I’m still alive in this evening.
I think it’s a good time like any other Universe besides are you cuz of the universe we live in the house getting fucked in the ass.

[8:57] Didn’t know that Universe out there where is all the ships that same shit happening in this universe but I’m also dead.
Can I watch the Futurama the other night where there was the professor made the box and there’s an alternate universe inside that box,
the Farnsworth parabox yeah exactly and so yeah and so the opposite character silly,
were there miserable or onion City people in one Universe there like you have Scholars and Stellar people.

[9:30] I would like to see the alternate side of what we’ve got going on here you know what I mean I’m so I would wear like this room is just full of like terrible horrible and success.
And there were two if there was a red and blue Zoidberg inside of a inside of a dumpster it was awesome I would say Bayside High School,
7 ml,
castle that’s pretty you could do that now. You’re an adult you don’t have to go home.
Where did they bury someone at the bar.

[10:38] Now you’re sexy I know way too much about scream so.
We don’t need but I was going to USD fly Crown 2002-2003 like every year he’d make a,
the circuit of colleges or whatever it is you just a dick to like absolutely every one of them over afterwards yeah.
I was running the sound at the comedy club that he was just being paid to perform it and went to go turn on the music after the show.
Because he meant do you mind closing the door to close the door to the green room and go snacks.
I meant for me to close the door on the other side.
Pushing you baby.

[11:34] Methamphetamine in Sioux Falls and ended up being,
which if you’re going to buy me so the next day he was just,
really wired and
I know way too much about Dustin Diamond do we want to continue about shut off the next card is about Dustin Diamond so I I shall out for Destiny like no one else,
and that’s the universe the lore behind it has been
expertly crafted they still don’t know how to implement it into the game which is their own fault but there’s a whole section called like the books of Sorrow which is like this epic poet like 50 section epic poetry,
all about like the history of One race as like that’s kind of stuff I love when you got expert writing and like space stuff and evening races.
Exactly what to do when the game initially wants to know if we want this to have,
Laura compared like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and just all the greats and it’s there it’s just not implemented very well.

[13:01] I love the designer quit they had some rain boots right before they they were like going to lunch cuz,
he wanted to release it all one story and they wanted to release it out in like DLC.
Third time’s a charm get it right folks.

[13:33] All right.
Okay this one is,
got it. You got to keep it in your hand when you reach in there and said it’s like the first thing that’s in the,
do not invalidate or soil the Integrity of the directions say whatever whatever I’m sorry Joe Rogan gone off another Carlos Mencia,
. 1 Parkside how’s the whole stealing jokes scene has Joe Rogan gone off on another Carlos Mencia
Nashville episode.

[14:39] Alright greatest keyboard players of all time but that was interesting.
Alright I’m going to pass it we’re doing it cuz I was doing it we had.
Well that’s passing the good right yeah yeah,
I think it’s just you two that we’re out piano or,
kind of Pride piano player.

[15:26] Freddie Mercury Herbie Hancock hurting him.

[15:41] Dragon other keyboard place there’s a lot of singer-songwriters that are actually really great Ali sky.

[15:55] Facebook.
I’ll say this to Damien from Cradle of Filth,
really because I had a new keyboard player on every fucking record for like the first like six records and his songs for the best he was on it,
I like the other Jack’s Mannequin guy you look like a pot pie,
I love Jack’s Mannequin and something corporate.
Because I’m going to Warped Tour one time I’ve seen him twice when they came to the Vault when I was still a thing like 6 years ago,
and still train open for Jack’s Mannequin in the singer steel train was in fun and Jack Antonoff who is now bleachers and.
Rights with Taylor Swift and all this stuff or is this the end just open up for Jack’s Mannequin just.
And of the audience was not feeling them he’s like you guys alive or what.

[17:16] Who was it that played in The Vault that needed like the other grand piano and had to have it like brought in they had to figure out a way to get it in the building Aaron Carter,
Hatebreed ticket price okay I pay a large sum of money to watch a.

[17:48] I know that’s just straight up clean.
Out nose that’s about what I thought you looked specifically,
your song was played at my wedding.
But that Ewan McGregor version it’s little bit more passionate.
Gear to my song he doesn’t do Elton John thing or is like money.

[18:43] From Rush play space and keyboards at the same time just like.

[18:53] Millerton Lake.

[19:09] Listen to be over here.

[19:22] I thought the album 2112 I remember saying I’m senior year of high school like this.

[19:41] They were great they gave me wrong but I’m like I’m not going to come back the next week in high school be late would you guys do just saw a rush we’re going to go somewhere else.
Just got to check out this weekend I got to go in a heartbeat,
Metro PC in without distortion.
Rush breed.
Rush Limbaugh,
thanks Jeffrey Stein,
do you remember him Rance is of the word Jefferson I think he’ll,
he’s going to be the next if I had a nickel.
So they can cover it all day.

[21:09] Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress to play a girl bunny Veil,
yeah, we have to respond.

[21:35] How do we feel about Dane Cook today his brother sucks his comedy getting more original better or worse.

[21:48] I’ll start actually I just I listen to Okay so.
Eons ago when we used to tour we listen to was it retaliation the oldest one we listen to in the van a lot and.
Everyone hates that guy now like everyone thinks he’s like a joke Thief kind of like what we talked about earlier for a second there and then all the stuff in.

[22:07] I went to Minneapolis the other day and I grab that and I was like man I haven’t listened to this since that I’m going to listen to it on the way up there and I wasn’t about this I laughed my ass off I thought it was great
borrow joke Sunny Louis CK had a big thing about him like stealing a tri-axle joke in Japanese,
I feel like they have stood out like in Italy on the show wasn’t that like the new take that and it was like a real thing,
I listen to something could get it in when I was working you know just kind of had it on in the background is like this is why do people hate this guy thing,
yeah I’m not all that just like everybody but it’s late. Comeback Special on Showtime like 3 or 4 years ago that I was actually pretty decent schedule,
as it was a troublemaker I think movies are at found them
I didn’t like the special as he did when it was smashed Square Garden cuz it was just like him saying random things and it runs like oh my God that’s so funny about stuff I liked a lot
what was the what was the name of the
especially did where I was a lot more intimate after his big ones,
that’s where those one right after his parents died,
yeah I don’t know when I kind of was like oh you can be real for me so I like that.

[23:28] I don’t know who is Sandra I was acting.

[23:31] I like to play the month. It isn’t much but like you know you’re in the break room for like 20 minutes and it’s on,
you seem that was awaiting secondary character in Waiting as I receive.
Yeah he did oh yeah that’s right,
what’s funny is in employee of the month he’s not the funny part it’s like Dax Shepard and Andy Dick those guys who find parts that movie and so it’s like.

[24:09] But we got makes me laugh so I don’t I don’t periods Rose like that and then,
really then you were he had to kind of come back in my opinion so is previous and people who hated him I purposely would like say jokes,
that we’re Dane Cook jokes and they would laugh at that.
I’m on the free one in on the same joke you know like he was really good at like she is jokes or like I’m better than you.

[24:44] But you were all split better than you but I’m better than people but you’re also better thank him.
Popular before it was a different shot at home Super Finger,
okay cuz he doesn’t want to take the ultimate and so when you do suef I and sufu you’re a total asshole,
you just did a while you were doing that,
Dane Cook is the Deep Space Nine of comedian so what you just said that’s mine.

[25:57] You know you were just sitting there and then,
just like this.
Never going to Sioux Falls,
should there be a list of rules at the door telling her audience what we expect of them.

[26:47] Pastillas no fail.

[26:56] No this is great.

[27:11] What’s going on I figure things to piss off people’s I’ll sing the chorus of simple man but just Luke that one part over.

[27:22] Shinedown version it’s hilarious conversion.

[27:36] I’m going to say no but I think that performer should have a list of shit they shouldn’t do.

[27:47] Like what what do you think about stuff that you like.
Should be pretty if you’re in a band,
it’s up there.
At your leisure if someone’s waiting to get their stuff up on stage move.

[28:19] I agree with the sure thing though it bugs me I don’t if you’re in your hometown absolutely.
If you’re on the road and Johnny just shit his pants and kind of threw it in the same bag you don’t have a shirt for the rest of the road where your own shirt,
that’s a special,
I’ve done it I’ve learned my own shirt on stage I usually have an over shirt,
right but then it’s like oh hey by the way I’m selling this one playing sure not everybody else is wearing the same shirt.
Itsy I think I think we should go back to uniform.

[29:12] So I know who’s in who’s band.
That whole life bullet proof jacket and everything like that fucking love that shit but.

[29:26] I don’t know about Jason Newsted Metallica like always wearing a Metallica shirt on stage.
If you are a family for this is the only shirt I own I went back and watched a shitload of old videos the other day and they were all ever to a guy wearing
the T-shirt of the tour they were on and it’s like
Chinese dude that mean like are you if you’re really that hard up for merge cells I mean like like just the hawk the table a little bit harder you know what I mean like don’t just I don’t know it just see it seemed Overkill even for like an 80s that was renowned for doing that kind of,
I think you could plant people in The Naughty by give somebody shirt.
Instead of you wearing yourself bread.

[30:26] But also if you have shirts in the free that’s why I wear my own shit sometimes I have nothing clean
yeah I want to stay luckier Lucas with a K shirt and see you,
they’re one of my favorite bands you up on YouTube.

[30:52] But they didn’t know you were in that band anyway so how good of a friend I got busted wearing my own bands hoodie.
Had a fast that we were playing because it like by my other bandmates is like so we played this fast and we played on the last day and I had to I slept in this room with all of our merch and like the merch of the label that we were on.
And it was as cold hard gross floor it was the same room they cooked all the food for all the bands in the same day so I had the added luxury of sleeping on that lovely floor and so I took the hoodies out of the box,
and I made a bed and then I was cold so I got one for myself and put it on and then the morning I just kind of woke up clean all the hoodies off and like wrap them back up with tape,
and stuck him in the bar 40 bus,
does cold and walking around in the dudes,
what are you doing man I was there like. That’s were selling that at the table,
and I warned in till in when we got up on stage and then I took it off.

[32:03] That I still have it to the store but I took it off before we play it as I was waiting for the band to take their gear off the stage should be the name of the episode take that you’re off the stage.
I think with Condor is a thing I think we, do you have to tell the people to shut the fuck up what do you guys think about the.
And I’ve heard it on Rogan and seen it a couple different places like a cell phone in a bag thing love it I think it’s awesome.
For anybody like that I’ve dealt with personally it doesn’t matter right cuz I like trying to get you.
We’re not doing particularly famous people but it’s nice I think I sometimes I go to like open mics and that’s where we go to practice it is in practice we can’t practice.
Nothing seems like people taking a video of your joke that isn’t ready right it’s like you writing a song.
And then people are going to put this on Soundcloud for you don’t don’t do that.
So I got to see I think just to like when people are going out.
Now they’re out there out to experience something like you want to give them something and if they’re on their phone they’re not they’re not getting what you did one.

[33:27] I mean I don’t I don’t think it’s completely necessary it’s I think it’s sucks.
If you want to capture the moment I think there should be like a giant EMP,
that goes off after the first 20 seconds of the concerts like you want pictures right now and then you know I just did a giant EMP,
shuts down all camera phones all that kind of support the funding of that so hard I have like in the past.
Have just as hear two different shows I’ve had a phone go off while I’m on stage.
And first was when I was at Corson and bless her soul this this older lady phone starts ringing and it’s like one of the very.
Very first scene of The Glass Menagerie but me and my mother character we’re going out and we’re having this big fight scene and the phone goes off.

[34:20] And his old lady picks up the phone and instead of just turning it off answers the phone and starts having a conversation in the audience.
Well we’re doing the show during one of those pivotal scenes of the First Act water you do me like this please stop,
and most beautiful.
Lady want to go to work longer actresses just had this tirade about how nothing is sacred anymore cuz we all have a cell phone is going to go off we’re always attached to this and she finishes at the very next to someone’s phone goes off.
And she did she’s right in the middle of her line and just drops everything oldest Arab ever seen completely broke the fourth wall
but I would still be fine with it it was the greatest example public humiliation I’ve ever witnessed people out before,
if you’re sitting there eating or playing and only answer their phone and you know yelling into their phone.

[35:33] The big do they get you come to the show I’ve had Comics there’s a guy named Claude Stewart.
Giant hair is kind of funny and I like texting.
It didn’t show any literally and just without her looking up grabbed her phone and took it and put it in his pocket and like she was like no I need my phone.

[36:06] 20 minutes I got 20 minutes and then I’m done.
You don’t have a parent to a child I was like this is really weird I feel bad for the girl.

[36:19] I’ve seen some amazing.
Tackling and shaming and things like that playing in bands for years but it’s like everytime I go to one of you guys comedy shows it’s always like holy fuck man lately good there really is like a sense of.
to child kind of relationship with like the person on stage in the audience you know when it comes to that kind of stuff in it Center,
the time that we live in but it’s like to where you have to tell adults who are old enough to be in a comedy club that’s like if you’re here
you should pay attention to these people and give them your two and I’ll give them the respect they deserve you know and it’s just so weird that like it when we went and saw Timmy that night that it was like they had to tell people to be quiet and not use the phones and
that wasn’t the first thing that you said on stage and I was like God man that’s so weird you know and I’ll get in the ring with a Heckler and stuff like that you know but it said the same but that’s kind of.
Part and parcel for the course you know but but it’s like God when you’re done it’s just you and the microphone and you’re just telling stories telling jokes and stuff it’s like,
it’s so weird to me they have to be like you know please be respectful of us while we’re here at the bazaar I remember Steve Gillespie when he came to town a couple years ago did asset it was the second goal of the Late Show,
and I was outside and I was sitting next to my friends will while the show is going on and they’re on their phones and I’m just like.

[37:38] And Steve is just staring at him for like 30 seconds to 45 maybe even a minute.
Just give me on your phone right now let’s go the answer to the question.
Be maybe 4 maybe 4 music know you like stand-up comedy put your fucking phone away,
I went to Jack White and everyone at the phones in the pouches thing and it was a really cool experience me in that arena with no phones whatsoever
is awesome and I love that because I’ve couple weeks ago I wanted to Minneapolis and saw Slayer and I basically saw them through screens of 20 phones in front of me
it was so frustrating it’s like I’m a man like you if you stand up back like if you’re going to do that like side cuz I took a short video but I was in the back of the room,
like I don’t forget what song it was even just just like a CU cell phones that’s all it was,
I make it a point to be very selective about when I do that or if I even do it at all because it’s like.

[38:54] And I’m dating myself but like back in the day when we didn’t before everyone had a,
you know it iPhone and stuff like that like I have memories of shows you know what I remember exactly but it’s,
I’ll check it out I want to see Slayer last night was awesome you know he good job.
You know so I’m out of that not look at the phone screen instead of the concert,
like if if someone’s in front of me I’m like always,
if you have an emergency please have the phone I mean donut I mean but look at it excused yourself or you know what I mean.

[40:00] I get that you can look at it but then it’s not a pressing.

[40:09] I think that’s I think that’s the rule just don’t ruin anything for anybody else.
Alright here we go,
please do please do Who’s the artist you ever traveled for a show to watch or to play.

[40:42] One-off travel anywhere to any shows to watch.

[40:50] I love you too I flew from Atlanta to Belgium,
dementia Tour all around there and then back from Gainesville Florida to Cleveland Ohio to play one show.
Well we end up playing three.
Cuz we ended up there was other bands that we knew that were around the area that were playing shows when they got us on stuff but yeah we drove all the way up there just to play a gig at it was a fast and it was but it was a bad one,
so we got all the way up there and it was like this like metal and hardcore Festival is on the same weekend and gets in Cleveland but he’ll Fest is going on in Syracuse or like.
Every band is playing and that’s all you know.
8 hour drive away and sounds No 30 people.
That’s been drove all the way up here from Florida I’m definitely going forward Texas to Temecula California.
24 hours suck.
To play a show on go to a show.

[42:15] Children show the finest hours from Sioux Falls to Arizona that was brand new and then.

[42:23] To play a show we actually just did our first like way out there Rapid City.
What is the record store yeah I was at the basement it wasn’t the Black Hills vinyl but it was a basement thing that they run all the shows through it’s all right.
Sometimes it was the basement of the Improv.

[42:56] Yeah I have to go to work at 9:30 in the morning so.
Totally worth it.
What’s the weather.

[43:29] I got to the VIP area at that the Char Bar.
Or something like that it was it’s the bark like the really upscale bar club right next to there,
sounds like this is so boring there’s nothing to do.

[43:50] He have a 6-person player X-Men.
Yeah we just saw all the good one with the two screens Gartner from the disarmed.
Are we at six people on it was like 50 Cent nobody would play with me.
Usually what I do play with myself so.
Just got A6 man X-Men sorry White.

[44:39] Give me the downstairs and play X-Men again,
the Nightcrawler Nightcrawler X-Men X-Men
Idaho Falls for a hundred,
yeah I heard there was three other shows too much does he win them there’s a three shows there’s three shows that I got paired with it so is it go past Billings Montana to Idaho Falls,
which is self claimed date they say this as you walk in this you’ve probably heard that this is the worst Club in the mirror.
I have heard that Starbucks,
not including food or spaz really like that.

[45:50] Performance-wise stand up I think in Lincoln Nebraska.
Like at a theater Festival Lincoln Nebraska,
what you cuz cuz you you showed up like you actually run out of setting you had in your phone and you try to go without beer like on a night like I need this in the crowd was super receptive that I was just like.

[46:31] How many do stand-up I don’t have anything right now but.
I’m funny and I just totally think that it was very no problem and the crowd is just like.
Get like this match McConaughey attempting personality I had ladies I got.

[47:07] You don’t like the woven hoodie
NFR the singer concert this was more of an accident I was in Creative problem solving team called Destination Imagination
t i and I performed to Tennessee,
we did a pipe cleaning thing and then like we did this hold sewage we were told Scott about sewage systems,
Dole skit was poop on spit
that’s like a 3 digit no I wish.
Let’s go Chicago for a purpose purpose concert Chicago.
About to go to Denver nice for you.

[48:34] The first horror just like a one night only one that didn’t know that jawbreaker was playing again in Chicago.
Yeah I tried out this week. It look today Jason Weiss.
I might go I’m tempted.
I hate each other
play the band playing my song,
it’s funny how that kind of just goes away after time.
And I think next month will be my first to sing Alkaline Trio in St Louis some reason for that it’s like,
I saw the traits Mike nowhere near us nowhere who’s supporting for the together Pangea I think too then he makes way more money doing that,
and so it’s kind of like how often are they going to tour again probably not often so it’s like,
and now that Matt’s huge with blankets it’s probably sell faster,
I think he’s probably one of those guys that is still going to do it.

[50:00] I don’t know the guy so I’m excited.
And it’s like a 2000 cap room in St Louis so I’m like it’s going to be awesome play intimate enough for it still got it.

[50:16] Be cool awesome.

[50:25] I took a choir trip to Europe
some go to jail.
Chinchou evolve my kids talking about Call of Duty Avenue.
Why do they play the Eric Clapton version of I shot the sheriff on the radio constantly when it is clearly the latest version of the song.
Message you know we talked about it for like 20 minutes.

[51:23] Castlewood weirded.
Awesome research out there I don’t know what that one is.
Awesome research I think I just want to plug so all timers bad.
Yeah yeah music.
You still eat cereal,
for breakfast
Lil Wayne get through.

[52:35] I love you God damn it.
Play trucks,
the name of the Father the Son cereals probably going to,
favor go to hands down.
I like that what is a craven grave.
That it’s it’s the other one it is.
How to get soggy real quick which is okay.

[53:26] How do you do the recommended daily allotment the one, okay well then there you go.
That’s why I get soggy and gross.
I look at top 5 list of Fruity Pebbles.
I’m growing into an adult.
And one of these is this is coming from liquid looking to have in high school but every time every time I visit home she’ll send back a box of Lucky Charms.

[54:21] And it’s every time and the boxes keep growing in size feel like the first time I was like here’s a normal box of Lucky Charms.
And the next time as I hear look good like the larger size up and then fun,
and last time I went home it is the full-on family-size like dude
I had to like stash on the top shelf sideways,
yeah in all honesty now that we’re grown men right as anybody else dumped Lucky Charms out on the counter.

[55:03] And pick up marshmallows.
I don’t abandon I eat all the battleship out and then I just told like that
if I can get through this I can get through anything. Nutrients out of here.
Barber shop,
Elvis the family this little kid was just like I want Lucky Charms and I was like
we got marshmallows at home we’ll just leave them on the counter
shaved everything.
Thank you Robbie you can find just the mashmelose I get my wife a 5lb bag for her birthday every year.

[56:24] The crunch berries they do the just of Chuck Berry’s yeah just this,
someone else like literally just tarantula eggs,
Hearthside question blueberry.

[57:11] They changed from when we were kids to now it it’s like now that took the,
that the bullshyt Oak Park is like a fucking pillow of gross it just doesn’t shrink wrapping your teeth in like diabetes.
Uncle like what that stuff I mean like like,
can I buy like Quaker oatmeal squares is delicious multi-grain Cheerios,
it’s not it’s too early in the morning for me I’m going to have,
for dinner and lunch is determined just being different.
And he just
first like you just use mayonnaise with everything a little portion bowl of Cheerios.
Instead of adding milk.

[58:33] To the Coca-Cola dispenser is about
3 years away from.
Filter for Coca-Cola
oh my God he’s our drummer he’s lactose intolerant or he’s.
Adverse to lactose.

[59:15] Cereal to practice after meal.
What are you doing wow,
you guys just have a box of Snickers literally she’s a silly that yeah there has to have like.

[59:45] I don’t like corn flakes or hot dish that’s just there’s no in between.
How to make these pizzas when I took like a 20-minute break,
Bank of America.
You’re like two weeks later I see like pictures on the internet of The Adventures of Burger Time.
When we came back and I took pictures of the stuff in the corner and literally.
Vampire the first time I ever saw one of my best friends Ryan’s toy I can do stand-up comedy.
Alright circus Regal palsy he has to crutches can’t walk a whole lot and he had to go up the up the stairs.
And he was wearing pajama pants with holes in them shirt that didn’t look like it was clean and then any of this.
Long hair from this kind of grizzled face he gets up there.

[1:00:57] Pulls up a box of Lucky Charms and you watch this man who doesn’t have control of his functions horrible Syria,
and then get milk score,
the mail and then he sits there just kind of hovering over just eating it.

[1:01:24] They say it’s the most important meal of the day.
Hot dog business ate 5 minutes ago. That was at like 3 and we still had two minutes before the light came on it was it was
me and my friend Cody were like sitting there like I don’t know if this brilliant are stupid but I think.
Yeah it was turned out or he’s never going to do this again,
literally got paid for eating Lucky Charms
I know I’ve been walked on.

[1:02:16] 4 minutes of you setting up the drums like this spatial order to do anymore.

[1:02:32] It’s good you’re killing the room right now just talking about it you need to do it then you could be like the drummer for sale.
Oh my God.
It has actual sheet music for this full piano piece.
And get ready to make sure everything’s ready music.

[1:03:24] 4 minutes and 33 seconds rest the whole way,
close it get up push the benching leave in the music of that song is whatever is going on around you at the time
and drop whatever natural Ambiance of what’s going on but it’s still if you don’t if you’re not in it for the beauty of that is just like why are they out there,
that’s why I like it too.

[1:04:03] It’s a cool it’s a song ever yeah I think serious cereals.
Are there so many I mean like.
Blueberry muffins squares net.

[1:04:32] Breakfast lunch and dinner for like 2 years. I’m not even going to I’m not going to hang my head when I say this I have eaten I have eaten a whole box of it,
in like just in one night and I’ll wait until it was my wife working overnights at the TV station I was like mixing bowl.
Oh yeah somebody got up at 2 in the morning or cereal.
Oh yeah I’ve never been that I think there’s always been bacon and eggs around.
On your bacon egg and sandwich yeah. Those two bacon egg and cheese sandwich absolutely.

[1:05:19] Cinnamon Toast Crunch my whole life I’ve been trying to lose weight.
No whole milk mama trying to lose weight,
I love Burger King does that left titty live milk,
kill the host.

[1:06:08] William Perry personalized question,
thoughts on Weiser also if Dan this it is a guest on this episode favorite song on The Blue Album he hates The Blue Album.
I want to talk about.
A why do you think certain artists have 15 minutes of fame and others maintain a consistent career.

[1:06:43] Spell.

[1:06:47] Original and new.
Sonic fans of band say I hate their new album cuz it doesn’t sound like them and I think that’s important because those bands around like I’m.

[1:07:06] S Notes and it’s so strange that I Love My Chemical Romance on my all-time favorite band.
But they change sound so often I mean you look at Blackberry press a Danger Days in like.
They changed so much but there’s like a stick around I know it’s kind of a joke they’re broken up now but but.

[1:07:25] That there are bands that have two or three albums were there at the Zeitgeist so they reflect their Peak,
what kind of people use that but I think it’s that willingness to innovate like this is this is who we are as artists,
but we need to grow and challenge ourselves and those are the people that are willing to be in it for the Long Haul.
Rite Aid rather than just writing one Kashi sound like it’s ready to do right that one catchy song,
aren’t in it for the long haul either but it just might be an over-reliance on on that one thing right I think it’s more about cult following it is about.

[1:08:03] One hit wonders there’s a thing that happens to when you you can kind of see it where like a band has longevity to where they continued with her constantly putting out new music and there.
Maybe not even like staying true or form but their there they’re consistently doing something that is that is them that’s their sound and they’re not.
Altering the way it is to go along with the x or two to try to like gain radio AirPlay and stuff like that and so when when they when those things are a byproduct of what they do naturally,
that’s pretty cool you know along the lines of what you were saying bad religion is my favorite band of all time,
and those guys have been changed a little bit as they’ve gone on but for the most part the the formula is the same and they consistently.
Sell tickets and sell records and do all these things without changing who they are and so it’s like they’ve gotten to the point now when like when bands like that go out and tore that they’re not a novelty Act
Ronnie I did this not like it so cool look at this like they’re still playing like let’s go see him because they’re still playing it’s like they’re fucking awesome,
mr. Holton Court would be bad religion.

[1:09:16] It’s good it’s good to great.
No we don’t have David interviews about it
because people are like,
we did it and it did seem Atlas it’s the most punk-rock thing that could have ever done because people like what the fuck.
And in there like we’re not monsters like we like Christmas music this is just hard take on it you know I like I like I think it’s great that Greg graffin sings O Come All Ye Faithful I mean that to me that’s the most poker app that you can take the song that life.
It is against all the shit that you that you speak from your mouth and you can take that
and you can and you can put out something the tiger and said that they have ownership of it now even though it’s not there song but they put it on
they put their name in their fun on their album with that shit on there and then and then they kept.
Come on man it’s like it’s.

[1:10:33] 20 tracks in the album cylinder like 5 minutes long it’s a one-sided LPS Appliance way
oh you think you’re sick so sacred.
I feel like the band has staying power and if they’re if I think that’s a true sign of having staying power is that they can continue to go out and,
if you started in 1979 or 77 or whenever it was then then like in keep going and still sell records and tickets because they’re
good and not just because like isn’t that cute they’re still playing you know what I mean I’d like they’re still relevant and there’s a ton of.
Definitions of successful though is it is it,
staying power is it is it longevity or is it take sales or radio play I mean it’s not the radio sales and stuff like that I think it’s like.
Putting out music that you believe in 100% Alkaline Trio it is what he does he does,
Blink 182.

[1:11:57] With your music with your art, D whatever it is George Carlin you know like.
You know you are going to be successful you were going to stay successful because you’re always putting your opinions your your.

[1:12:14] Good thoughts into what you’re doing instead of just you know being a.
A drake 10 years from now.
Fucking quit now sadly I don’t think that’s there in might be but it’s on the same thing,
trick put out hits in MN I don’t think he doesn’t believe it but I mean he’s.

[1:12:43] Been around I mean I suppose they were people would count.
My girlfriend Love Drake.
I can better in a wheelchair I prefer Drake with Josh.
Nick nick Nickelodeon.
People on an emotional Day of the Dead and Company which is John Mayer and.
Remaining guys of Grateful Dead and it was fantastic but they’re still connecting with that music and still doing that and I think.
I’m in Frozen songs.

[1:13:53] You’re still 20 minutes long and it said it was it was a lot of fun and if they’re still connecting on a.
I think I think there’s something when something is timeless.
He can last forever but there’s a lot of flash in the pan you know like you’re saying with some of the Drake stuff yeah we all remember like.
Will remember Thriller and Billie Jean and beat it but there’s a lot of other garbage that got hit number one hit on from that Michael Jackson catalog.
He says the same power because he still there is some of these core songs that stayed emotionally connected.

[1:14:38] You look like you’re about to explode earlier when you were we were talking about something so,
no I did not. I just really enjoying it.
That’s also honest it’s interesting to see when it in regards to an artist setlist to if it’s always catered to I’m going to end with the hits towards the end then that’s kind of one of those artists that utilize strictly on the radio headset.
Remain important in their eyes or something like that so it’s like.
Couple weeks ago and he opened With Me and Julio.
Don’t like musically second song at the very least but we out like.

[1:15:34] I was going to give a marble spoiler people haven’t seen the Moors.
Play Radiohead opens up with creepy this want to get it out of the way to be done with a semi done,
oh yes it’s played out because it was like you’re single is the thing that lady.
Follow you around and you had to play it Nirvana hated hated Teen Spirit.

[1:16:11] Feel like Kurt half asses.
I don’t I just don’t like him.
Everybody’s heard this year it’s my favorite thing is the best thing to run ever released.
Hahaha I don’t know.
Just like what would take to reunite The Beatles.

[1:16:51] A bullet 39 Orange.

[1:16:59] You guys not going to come back no it’s just me,
selling all 20,000 people that were in that building definitely didn’t hit with Ryan from last Harbor recommended for Def Leppard,
how have you been in Spanish,
how is the slowest bearing on a joke ever like.
You should just do it Def Leppard Def Leppard cover.
And I did not say God damn thing anybody in this us will be like.

[1:17:57] Yep actually killed here Bobby do a cover.
Look at you.
The guy in free cover band,
oh yeah yeah we went out a couple of me
was like Astro Zombies we did scuffletown from avail
play that everytime I pick up my guitar written that song a hundred times,
boxcar from Jawbreaker.
I’m Solid box card kind of hung around for a little while.

[1:19:03] You do come for soundcheck sometimes will do it.
You know I don’t know.

[1:19:19] We have Stand By Me an Earth Angel which are like,
we do those and then you put in the way that they were written or do you plan to your style and it kind of
it’s more metal metal but you know kind of more post-hardcore with the driving beads and stuff.
And then we just did cuz we play we had to play like a three-hour set in Chamberlain the other day it was part of a little tour thing.

[1:19:55] And we had we had to learn a couple covers so we learned a couple for 3 hours.
Play American Pie like three times like a long version,
smoke in the smoker and then in the Garden of Eden
go back Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus oh my god wow,
straight up now tell me do you love me forever oh oh oh.

[1:20:52] For discern,
call the Carolina. He really not supposed to say could you do something,
there’s a comedy karaoke show where you do like two comedians working okay.
That means some people bring their own flare to it is it like that sometimes it’s just spoofing on like a shity comedian like I’ve seen.
how Dane Cook would tell if it’s,
yeah you’re not supposed to do but but they do kept comedy karaoke and we were going to do at the club.

[1:21:58] Really cool.

[1:22:10] Next next one,
you know it’s like a show like yeah.

[1:22:48] Oh yeah I woke up to the last episode.

[1:23:00] Whatever,
does that kind of show you make it in I’ll give you a blue ribbon you win you win.

[1:23:17] Celebrity crushes yes.
Aaron Carter.
I’d like to I would like to know excess the beginning of That’s right or was.
I got like to see the two different ride in history.

[1:24:05] Are Jenna Fischer from the office Pam.
Girl Next Door Facebook Ring-a-Ding-Ding every girl for Zac celebrity crushes what were talking about.
Jumping jump in water’s warm.

[1:24:31] Used to be Angelina Jolie.

[1:24:39] Newfangled pop artist.

[1:24:48] Yeah.

[1:24:54] Music shit but awesome.

[1:25:05] She’s the girl from.

[1:25:09] Blue eyes and red hair she’s in Georgia.
Maybe I don’t remember her name I’m going to find it out.

[1:25:31] In a bunch of movies that my wife makes me watch Jason Momoa.
I still like a.
I’m telling you right now I don’t know what I would do
I know I would hope so,
German smear.
How awesome are you in love you,
call Tina Fey,
Google smart glasses,
you should sectional soft oh like under 25 between 25 and 40 Saturday why are 60.

[1:26:59] But from what Helen Mirren.
She’s sassy Amy Adams Amy Adams
Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs,
glow gorgeous ladies of wrestling.
Did you see the Disaster Artist.

[1:27:45] Dress code after Dark.

[1:27:53] Oh Yeah from ladybird Grand Budapest Hotel
the shape of Mexico on her face like purple.

[1:28:13] Still Angelina Jolie take that one to the Grave if I can watch Angelina Jolie and Jason Momoa.
Who would be very private.

[1:28:39] Yet another Saved by the Bell Tiffani Amber Thiessen.
Lily James.
Slow it’s like really something but the guy from baby driver Deborah.

[1:29:00] Not Australian in clown makeup but like
brother like we’re just going to get her and put her in a bathtub and have her explain the housing crisis.
So if you’re going to have to accept it.

[1:29:26] Love my wife.
Who wrote on the MasterChef.

[1:29:49] Hahaha.
Flaws at all.
Can I see girl in just about any I’m the only hippie in the group.

[1:30:17] Pretty sure he be hugging you my friend,
Vin Diesel,
Christina Hendricks,
oh yeah,
Paris here we come,
yes we’re a bunch of dudes talking about women who keeps coming up beautiful,
he would destroy me the story of energy.

[1:31:28] You are the rock bottom
it doesn’t matter what your name is
tooth fairy I could think of a pun for that I had to make sure got out there,
where he’s like in Central America to be an entertaining movie,
mildly enjoyable I was really I was really embarrassed my wife walked in on me not,
masturbated watching soil intelligence,
I was channel surfing I was I was I wasn’t laughing very specifically the scene where.
She’s like what is this.

[1:32:54] It was just on.

[1:33:05] Teenager finger on the power button like watching Cinemax late at night.
If these guys don’t know.

[1:33:18] You need skinemax after 11 p.m. I never went to school.

[1:33:28] Stop what are you up to tonight.
What’s on Cinemax tonight Jumanji.
School Bus Tracker.
To next one I’ll go through.

[1:34:10] What’s wrong it’s.

[1:34:17] She last time we went to that question we failed because.
If an artist believes in their stuff they should never call it quits but sometimes you feel like retire or if it’s.

[1:34:30] Passage Point of relevancy or something like that should they call Dad a kind of thing so I’ll look at it from that angle.
Oh my gosh,
10 years ago during your eyes.
I don’t disagree I don’t disagree all of the day,
still can’t draw more than 50,
it’s all about being old I really enjoyed,
I’ve never had to pay to see that my visit later.
Somebody figure phone out in this record I’m just live stream.

[1:35:55] I’ll bring you a disc hey as soon as I get back.
Take us know I listen to the Yankees
she left! Did the news
is it okay to unfortunately,
figured that this is completely out of fucking left field but.

[1:36:41] The latest meatloaf record,
it’s so bad and went to a meatloaf did anybody it’s miserable
like if you’d like if you listen to that.
The babadook that record is ridiculous and crazy every single song is like
walking Opera it’s ridiculous.
And he put out this thing I was just so busy sorry weird and I’m never listening to him being like I disagree.
You know and his response was like yeah I can’t do that shit like I used to my voice can pull up to it.

[1:37:37] You know it’s like what but that was kind of your thing was your voice you know so it’s like.
If if you know like Steve Vai puts out an album of him playing full songs and it’s like.
It’s like well then just fucking done.
You’re finished I paid is he still my driving record,
people still want to go out and do it you know what I mean,
but there’s also a point when it’s like o like.
That’s what you you put that okay.
You know in like Dave Grohl goes out there.
Kills it all the fucking time right every night every night which is heart and soul and passion bites every fucking nothing does Bret Michaels.

[1:38:47] Different,
schools that man lately different era. Michael’s came from that Sunset Strip party like you know a hard like we might get paid and blow tonight you know what I mean like that kind of a thing where Nirvana and and,
you know all that stuff came up from that like we don’t give a shit if we’re famous or not we’re just going to play Uno,
so it’s like there was a 10-year Gap there and also like a completely different vibe you know.
Fucking like good musicians we just want to be,
in there
Axl Rose like Brian Johnson.

[1:39:42] What is fronting ACDC
that was my over that was why I love ACDC they’re one of my favorite bands of all time and then I hate Axl Rose more than anything else that’s so it’s like.

[1:40:01] Other people hate Axl Rose every time I text bring it up before like you’re an asshole.

[1:40:13] No don’t see I don’t really listen to Guns N Roses by will say they were kind of it as far as mainstream Rocco’s kind of essential in like the.
Switching from hair metal to grunge punk rock that kind of thing cuz they were kind of the middle they did the appearance sing with Elsa kind of the edge so it’s kind of like image zero light on.
They they just driving.
I know I will defend that ban because when I was a kid they were the first band that I saw that was like.

[1:40:50] They are gross and lightly always drunk even when they’re on TV like they smoked in the videos and stuff and they did their is gnarly in like,
my parents were like don’t be that and so I said okay well now that’s exactly what I want to be.
Rebellious music they were the first time to me that music was dangerous you know because like you could listen to it they said fuck on their records and it was like it was kind of a big deal you know what I mean and they were like they.
The mainstream news to the point that music did at that point but it was like their hearts on their album cover was completely censored they couldn’t release the record with the original art they can come up with.
Everything and so it was like it did there’s a lot of things that like we’re shut down about that band that they couldn’t do and so when you bought the wrecking you listen to it like a holy fuck this is like.
You know anyways look the same reaction that like our parents parents had when they first listen to The Rolling Stones you know what I mean and it’s like I know that’s kind of you to say but it is I think it’s the truth because it’s like oh my God you can’t like.
Brown sugar you can’t do that like me can’t sing about that you know late like that you can’t sing about,
you know like masking the song but they’re really about cocaine you know what I mean lately you can’t do that you know in Guns N Roses came out hitting his stay out late at night.

[1:42:12] So I know,
you know even if it if you were the only person in the world that it did that for I appreciate that I wouldn’t play music if it weren’t for them.

[1:42:29] Well then thank you. Some roses.

[1:42:36] No I still don’t like them we’ve had a slash I work at a store that sells guitars and Justice Center.
I wouldn’t say it’s the center 2 on the west side of town.
Guitar West.
Hopefully we can get a slash guitar it’s like one of his Epiphone models whatever it’s so bad and,
every person asks is it in the picture of the box has the slash guitar with his hat and so everybody’s like.
I-69 I pay for that just for the Hat,
it does it come with the hat boxes this wife Hattiesburg is say yes.

[1:43:38] Long long time and I’m pretty sure it was there when you were there and we hit that is it the yellow one,
ever Somebody by that thing you know what used to be white but slap to smoke around its own butt,
slash only one who is able to smoke in any Guitar Center.
Until they got rid of the smoking thing but if slash goes to a Guitar Center he is allowed to smoke I think he’s allowed to smoke it with.

[1:44:21] Alright guys are going to have the worship team come up and meet us before our guest guitarist,
a slap fight,
I would go to a speaker.
I would go to that church you guys could all be comedians,
comedy Gallery shooting.

[1:45:10] Best soundtrack to movie you’ve ever heard or TV show.
Drought what music in fuck movies.

[1:45:25] For me breakfast club. Just like I kind of like the vibe music the whole thing is.
It doesn’t it’s one of those things where I think it was made for the movie all the music was made for the movie.
It all came together and that’s when the soundtracks use its sink so well to the movie itself and I was just like.
You can’t hear the songs that were in that movie and not think about that movie.
You know what’s funny is that when I every time I see a copy of my no copy of purple rain I always think about that movie cuz that’s how she’s looking at it while she’s like.

[1:46:13] What is wrong with just enough time after that.
Super Bowl is in Great Britain.
Baby driver
I have the whole thing saving Spotify.
Lords of Dogtown Juno.
I like I like.
Personally I spell position she was a fan of tooth they want to do songs to movie that’s how that happened it’s kind of cool process Cool Running.
Not found it I really love.
Trying to rise above.

[1:47:41] That’s my karaoke go to whole fucking thing.

[1:47:46] Because of his head now you’re in now you want to talk about.

[1:47:54] Listen to Fun for everybody.
I don’t know why I remember me I just girl cry just.
Like the Cowardly Lion
the music for Interstellar Interstellar.
A Walk Hard nice.
Bickford shmeckler’s cool ideas.
That sounds like a one movie I can like really remember the whole sack was that movie about CBGB.

[1:49:03] Oh yeah and what you talk about so yeah I was pretty good contract.
What movies just came out,
it had run run from it sneak and Alan Rickman and had Prince Rupert Grint it had some other cool people like it Iggy Pop,
yeah it’s great it’s a good movie we seen that I didn’t know what happened.
AirHeads scared the crow had a good soundtrack,
most recently I really love the Guardians of the Galaxy song today.
Then he was even scheduled to be tweeted like 15 years ago about,
yeah that. He said he owned up to and apologized for and said like this was an early part of my career that doesn’t condone my behavior I apologize for it I’m doing my my best to be a better man from then.
And that is the guy that perpetrated the whole.

[1:50:21] Made the popularize the whole pizzagate thing with Hillary Clinton.
So I would be fired from every goddamn job I’ve ever had my life if that were the case.
Nothing is sacred to me what stinks.

[1:50:51] A job Disney.
Smile direct movies or do anything of serious consequence.
He’ll be fine Zack Snyder leaving in Justice League awesome.

[1:51:24] Zack Snyder leaving the DC Universe is the best thing to happen to the DC Universe.
U-Haul trailer for Titans sucker-punch garbage.
Sorry I don’t like sex I didn’t like the trailer for me too movement for that.
What’s sirloin beef I like a story,
yeah I like a plot where is planning a what’s your favorite soundtrack
you know I’m going to Classic old-school Hellraiser.
Dazed and Confused soundtrack remove YouTube Easy Rider soundtrack.

[1:52:38] Oh shit okay lots of terrible movie Gladiator.
I want to get you.

[1:52:54] Movie place with a classical score that I like,
get your shit about other than glass the Mohicans for those like the early 90s so I was like 10 and to know what the fuck I was going to but,
no that was the first one where I was like oh I’m going to make note of this composer in the follow him for the rest of the my days this is my this is my answer.
Nightmare Before Christmas.
Danny Elfman inventor of The Simpsons theme and Beetlejuice and all sorts of Batman the Batman.

[1:53:33] Fucking remember the end of
Fight Club where was it was at The Chemical Brothers all the way to the movie was just kind of like man that’s all right but then one shot better than that
you know what I mean like like that Pixies cover ever Hollander shut up.

[1:53:53] That’s a great cover where is my mind with like God was on their braids promise ring going to heaven in fucking destroy the whole wreck.
Nada Surf did where is my mind on there and then liked it. It’s so good to see if you should bring me a.
Burmese CDR,
that is something that you burn music onto you to pick me up now talk Jason Segel nice,
that you got it over there I saw you looking at it.
That’s some good shit TV show wise I think scrubs was great. Music
I guess every time CSI Gotham.

[1:55:04] The one with the who.
Best scrubs actually kind of it was responsible for me getting me until I bore Indie ish kind of music.
Water is he just into stuff like that the artist like it could I use it.
Oh my God damn I mean there’s just a ton of shit on there just absolutely amazing.
Josh Groban Falls around the main character in a singing.
Shut up I mean lame is.

[1:56:02] You act like this I love live.

[1:56:14] 867-5309 whatever the number one is I don’t cry.
Never was about who hurt you to 46011.

[1:56:26] What the fuck is happening I have not watch.
Scare at the old College try,
and my friends do I check my voicemail my voicemail
but there are only three movies I’ve ever cried
it’s lame as a Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Deadpool 2.
When when when when the slow rendition of take on me hit that the anti lost it I was just bawling in the theaters.
How tall is Michael Fry at every move away like Beethoven.
I don’t know if I.

[1:57:43] It’s very rare that should be accepted the bucket list,
how do you say you don’t cry you just lied all this.
It was close to an hour ago the last time somebody type something and it wasn’t even about the show that’s me.
That’s it I’m I’m the one viewer. I meant to say.

[1:58:26] Yes her and events Cheese’s I just got there.
It is it’s a joke about how we’re all going to die in radioactive fire and within the next 6 months.
Wineries near Coast.
Fallout 76 Ethan Allen Highway.
So wait a second if you’re the other one you like everybody everybody.
You meant to say wouldn’t fake news,
Shameless plug Shameless plug so you guys have to approach my go round you got shows anyting.

[1:59:28] Albums and don’t have any going to be on the white wall sessions.
Say what he’s going to taking a break right now we’re going to be writing some new shift and recording and.
So I think for the rest of the year we’re done but yeah in August we’re going to be on the way all sessions awesome I am.
Hopefully recording an album sometime soon so keep an eye on that soap wash my Facebook and stuff I will be at The Goonies September 7th.
8th and Rochester Minnesota, Hometown show.
So come out to that there’s a lot of great stuff coming to The Comedy Club notably April Richardson.
Is going to be here August 6th it’s a big deal she’s very cool.
And then yeah just follow boxes comedy on Facebook updates.

[2:00:35] Demi Rose recorded a new EP over the winter just put the finishing touches on it a couple weeks ago.

[2:00:45] We’re in the process of figuring out weird DIY in that again so I was just kind of cool so we’re putting the way out together and everything like that kind of assembling the record right now so,
of the recordings done so we just got to figure out how we’re going to do it what medium for going to do it in and stuff you know it’s there’s always the talk of vinyl but it’s always very expensive so,
but besides that we don’t have any shows on the horizon.
September 8th we’re going to be doing a benefit of some sort of co-worker of mine has cancer and so we’re going to try to raise a couple bucks for him and his family so,
don’t have the venue or anything like that lock down on it but keep an eye out for it,
this is kind of a fun one we sold out of our physical copies of our record so I like our last full length and stuff so they’re all gone so I think you can still get a couple copies of it down at Old Rag but,
Jimmy rise 6:05. Bandcamp.com the whole thing is up there.
Where did acoustic show at Icon August 12th which is my birthday will be doing a suicide prevention kind of benefit concert at I think I could believe that one’s at the.
Where is that.

[2:02:09] American Legion building.
And I like what he was saying we’re doing a DIY album I II p o album Loop all up already recorded it just mixing it stuff in Sono.
Finishing touches I am so that’s going to be coming out soon eventually hopefully.

[2:02:38] I’ll be sure to check out all the amazing podcasts at the Sioux Empire. Com including this one the dress code McCobb grimoire we are getting into some like high weirdness alien shit so we should have checked that out,
as soon as pirate podcast this week I’m going to an escape room tomorrow morning be attacked by zombies and we’re recording that over at Escape 605 for that episode so you want to check that out when that releases
and yeah we should listen to all the podcast also over at 2,
live 605 really really great online radio station to celebrate all the local music,
and be sure to vote for your favorite bands there and yeah thank you for listening.
I don’t actually have stuff this is exciting as as of 8 this morning my Theater Company monster Soul theater has a website,
Let It Go Robbie www.sedar.com and with that we also announced to our 2018-2019 season,
that is up there and we were we got an open or soft opener with.
Matthew Stafford’s new play The Heart play August 16th that’s going to be at the retreat at pointers Ridge of near Baltic more information or website.

[2:04:06] Anybody boss is tomorrow I’ll be opening up for this Victory increase my Lan and Cody Frito.

[2:04:15] Genre mix up kind of Destiny fun and I’ll be hosting a bingo tournament at wood grain tomorrow afternoon I’ll be telling jokes trying to
send to me some cougars there last time I did I said benign tumors benign
I’m sure this will never be built,
9 I 29
Bob I knew been absent Idols of doing our first show at Steve MacFarlane’s from Big Red Rocket Ride
Truck Yeah
awesome that’s like the best group of people that I’ve seen them.

[2:05:14] What is Ruben’s Originals hero.
8 or 9 for sale,
is a joke really feels like if you say something and then add it with this weird noises,
you have to hang around here and see him do it I can’t do it taking a brief,
Fender guitars just announced he’s moving to Minneapolis so he’s Movin On,
that was kind of figured out,
Robert that you have anything can probably do you have anything to blood type it now and then will that be too late,
working on new stuff and then see what happens with new guitarist or some like that sell and then I’ll show her next dress code episodes are doing two in one night I think on the 29th,
and I hope I saw and the lineup for that’ll be finalized within the next few days figure it out.

[2:06:27] You’re all that so yeah thank you guys thank you David Nate Tony Colton Robert ride all you guys,
which way is off the stage.
Every fucking drum set down on the stage I would go up and break your drum set you off the stage I’m coming to town.
Have a comedy show tomorrow Jesus.
Oh now you’re quiet.
Dodge race car.

[2:07:24] Music.