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Sioux Empire Podcast 129 Veteran’s Day With Garrett Gross from Age Media

On this very special patriotic episode of The Sioux Empire Podcast hosts Robert Mehling and Seth Glover welcome Garrett Gross from Age Media, he’s here to tell us about some of the extraordinary stories about Sioux Empire veterans he’s collected.

Sioux Empire Podcast 127 Halloween 2018

In part one of our Spooktacular Halloween episodes, we sit down with award-winning horror filmmakers Dominic Wieneke and Ari Show with Warwolf productions.  We deep dive the local news of the last few weeks like Chief Keef’s legal trouble in Sioux Falls, the stupidity of South Dakota drug laws, the Florida firm that plans to raise rents across Sioux Falls, The SFPD’s name our bomb squad robot contest, and a school chef adds some bounce to a school’s mystery meats.  This week’s episode is brought to you by our great supporters on Patreon. If you’d like to support the work we do here at the Sioux Empire Podcast Network, visit to find out how. The Sioux Empire Podcast can neither confirm nor deny that kangaroos were harmed in this episode.


Warwolf Productions


Ari Nicole – Midwest Medium



South Dakota’s shitty drug laws.

Chief Keef’s attempt to dismiss charge from marijuana edible denied


Higher rents ahead

In $52 million deal, Florida firm snaps up 18 Sioux Falls apartment complexes


Robocop? New bomb robot arrives in Sioux Falls


School cook who added kangaroo meat to chili loses job

Hippo Meat


Seth’s Bi-Weekly Book Club

The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery
Book by Gillian Kemp


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Machine Transcript

[0:50] Hello and welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast it’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture,
I am your host Robert mehling and join me as always is,
show Gunnar I was going for like shotgun and showrunner and I got show Gunner So and I’ve been gone too long I’m clearly not in my name is McLovin Niner.
Seth Glover hey what’s up I’m I’m here I’m on the couch made it.
Set this in the house I guess who else we got in the house it’s our Halloween episodes of course we have are our favorite scary movie scary everything Halloween Consultants are you show.
And Dominic Winky.
Welcome guys we are going to have for doing kind of a two episodes with you guys and where to get it to all the like ridiculously awesome projects that you’re working on cuz you guys are like.
You like.

[1:54] The only people I know her like more prolific than me and I’m running like 9 podcast now so I’m always impressed with what you got going on it’s it’s like oh we’re doing this Plus
went we have a film screening in a film festival in like 3 different states oh yeah,
and and that’s a great way to chase away is the whole like film festivals and.
You guys with your crazy jet-setting lifestyle LOL all over America.

[2:24] But before we dive in all that let’s get to some South Dakota news,
our first update here is from almost 2 weeks ago here but I thought this Baird mentioning if those of you who remember like a year ago when Chief Keef,
although the hip hop artist was in town for a show and apparently what they found was
one freaking edible in his like carry-on bag or something like that and so then they detained him arrested him all that basically he didn’t get to the crumbs at the bottom of the he did not know man.

[2:58] Yeah so is his attorneys tried to get the case dismissed here a few weeks ago it was like his first arraignment or whatever and.
The judge rejected it so we are going to be we can look forward to a South Dakota trial of the century Chief Keef versus the state of South Dakota has an ongoing legal drama because.
That is happening now I just want the news organizations to say Chief Keef
no I want I want his haters to call him Chief queef I don’t hate on him I just want I just legalized marijuana
we are still behind the times and fighting one little edible what kind of an edible.

[3:44] I have no idea I did not go into that much detail in California last year and so I was bored Billboards everywhere for Edibles and I was like that.
Turkey legal weed advertising over out about it now okay cool
it get on it’s kind of like Coca-Cola was like trying to patent a fused,
weed install.
But I’m just like wow that’s that’s that’s where the nation is right now except for South Dakota or as we are.
We’re still still in the.
Illegal here Tire state is the little town from the village and we’re all you know powering in our our little log cabins afraid that the person out in the monster costume in the woods to keep us in line will come get us right,
yeah so yeah that’s why I brought that one up is just to go are we going to suck.
Really really suck and based on what no man Dusty Johnson all these like.

[4:56] Always FrontRunner and stuff like that in a lot of the like GOP people are just like that’s not going to change for South Dakota anytime soon without a voter initiative so get on that South Dakota.

[5:09] You know I had to do was say that the landlocked states are always the last to know it always comes from the coast. Seems like since we’re kind of that deadcenter we’re always,
but dammit then explain Colorado I mean
kind of Minnesota is too. I don’t know it was just because they are so I think it’s just due to the population density of people in the,
sharing of ideas is a little bit more steak,
overruled the Village People out in the country who are just collect changes evil nature oriented and like I think that’s just like that’s there,
state revenue comes from it comes from you know supporting,
their nature reserves and everything and if they lost that then then what I mean there was this whole campaign there was this Lake out there that they wanted to they wanted to do away with this late but this Lake like supported like the the natural water system,
of this entire town and there’s like no you have to save this late like you can’t just you know dump toxic waste into I don’t think that I’m by really high level summarizing but but yeah I mean,
they were very supportive of of there and their natural environments so I don’t know what that.

[6:37] Okay cuz I wasn’t sure if they I don’t think they’ve passed anti-fracking laws there or been able to.
Probably 10-15 years ago so it’s like the lake something out of the lake search the key I know that but anyways back to.

[6:54] Marijuana
so we’d good cash crop really fortunate though that I have reasons to go to Canada now and so,
Winnipeg ain’t that far away huh you like Dominic
I need another appointment to go commune with the spirits up in Canada actually have to go to Toronto.
Yeah we should make more sense over Edmonton.
I don’t know any Dino Toronto I don’t know anything about Edmonton Edmonton is like Minneapolis but it’s more spread out and they actually have like a Mall of America that’s like better than our Mall of America.

[7:43] It’s not going to be the mall of Canada North America Rob,
hour of Mall of America versus other I thought we had a scenario here where you know when you’re up they throw American female or he’s always love that because they,
do all wear blue jeans and then.

[8:05] The big thing is red Solo cups is apparently no one in Europe uses red Solo cups except for Americans so they go to a specialty store and buy Red Solo Cup cops like everywhere all over the,
wherever they’re having a party and all the pictures are people going with
they think Americans are well they’re right
kind of defiance that too so a little less fun you know it supposed to get any cars rating people for,
how do you plant yeah,
so a for deferment snapped up 18 Sioux Falls apartments complex is scattered all over the city and basically it’s,
it’s owner in this article here in The Argus Leader that we went to basically says yeah this is great growth opportunity and oh yeah these guys rents are way under what we think it should be so that’s one of their things that they were going to,
Skyrocket the rents for all the 18 of the complexes that they bought up so they drug courts will drive up,
rents all over the city will you have to generate revenue is so that they can pay Elon Musk to go in there and Boris,
hyperloop’s and that’s how these 18 apartment complexes are going to be connected it’s all connected.

[9:35] They’re going to be like slumlords.

[9:40] But basically Miami slumlords are taking over half the apartments in Sioux Falls but at least they’re being open and honest and true.
It cuz this is totally something that could happen like quietly,
where is be straight up an interview with the Argus Leader is just going that’s why we bought it to make money but the thing is I don’t feel that they’re going to get a lot of.

[10:02] They don’t understand the socioeconomic status of Sioux Falls whatsoever and just make cranking up front doesn’t mean that people are necessarily going to pay it
people will move to cheaper apartment complexes and that might Force the other landlords to maybe possibly lower there around 4 just going to hurt them because they have,
are costs and stuff to go creating this whole mess of the situation until the city finally maybe steps up and then she is about to say like no you guys need to like we need to have a rent standards in the city because you assholes can hear and ruined everything.
I’m sure it already is limited but.
Like learning bass. Whatever you call that living thank you so that that’s going to be a lot like a lot more limited but I think actually like that’s going to,
sort of encourage the other apartment buildings to raise there’s at least site leave still under there at the one but then.
Still Still Still raising it because they can because I mean it’s a possibility I see what you’re saying if people are being able to pay it every year then it’s not worth it because.
He’d rather have a stable income from somebody that somebody that’s not paying you a lot of people out to buy houses also because I mean.

[11:24] This was 13 years ago I was paying 750 for an apartment or I could get a house payment for 700.
Yeah and actually own something so that was kind of nice I think it’s going to do that but it’s also going to drive people out that can’t really afford houses and then the houses are going to.
Become decrepit and so yes I think it’s good it’s a problem they need to fix.

[11:47] Yeah I just like what are you doing about something like cuz it’s obviously can’t pass laws that people can’t buy things you know.
But it’s an issue and I feel like our state’s leadership is woefully inept to,
like answer any of these problems with affordable housing weather at the state level or at the city level.
I mean all they do is just like we will come out of state money yay it’s really has a Barbie like well job well done this will do long-term.
Pretty much that’s a good summation for any South Dakota politics is exactly what will make us happy right now.
Absolutely well that and it would be
well we thought we way overheated the housing market in Miami and in Florida so it looks like tunning secret reference
you’re the one that was saying is like it’s a solid investment because these apartments won’t be underwater in 10 years.

[13:01] So you guys start brainstorming now I have an unfair advantage to start preparing the list here.
Sioux Falls okay I don’t want to I don’t want anybody to overly excited the Sioux Falls bomb squad has a new bomb robot and they are making us for children.
But I feel like the podcast is only like 5 years old so I think we can sneak in there and we can also participate and some suggest some new
names for Sioux Falls is new bomb robot.

[13:38] Missed opportunity I have a good one.
Oh I just thought about it right before we start here’s a picture so you get have an idea of what,
is your parents the bomb,
Jesus fucking Christ is a hundred $50,000 I am in the wrong
I could make that for like 20 what
it was really I don’t think it does. I think that’s part not part of the warranty,
when it blow blow up around it you just replace the chunks of metal that are damaged.
So let’s see so here’s a question about the the little robot when it blows up.
Do they have like all the parts attached so it doesn’t cause shrapnel itself because now like with NASCAR’s when they crash they have like a lot of the parts are Tethered to the actual frame so they Parts don’t go flying.

[14:46] But this robot doesn’t look like that so when it explodes it’s going to just cause more internal though correct
you okay we are literally looking at one photo two guys looking like pretty like themselves
call is actually attached right because I’m guessing there is also a wireless option.
If it’s not into you’re not in robotics like none of us are,
you know we don’t understand what do you know about,
night making sure that things are like the tensile strength of the metal.
A ridiculously long and then it’s low profile for the most part other than like the arm up there.

[15:58] And then you got to remember how it’s going to approach a bomb is that that arm that’s right now pointing straight up is going to be pointed straight out so the whole thing has a Slimmer profile.
Facing the bomb in the idea is that there shouldn’t be any of one around,
is the robots there so you’re not going to do the shrapnel thing because the whole idea is that there’s no one close enough for that to happen unless they got a robot
unless they operate it from 3 foot course which I’m guessing that that is an accessory in order to operate the robot like inside of the office and to like unload it and load it from a truck.
It’s cuz you can see like clearly see where it’s plugged in at,
I can’t remember any lines from short circuit so.
Yeah they can just take the classes and show it to Classic to show two kids and a random Thursday night when it’s slow take it to a bar and go drinking with the robot they again,
in which case I think they should name it better so robot name ideas.

[17:13] Pleasure bot 9000.

[17:17] Roberto Roberto from Futurama.

[17:25] And then let’s eat bomb Enoch bomb face were you the one that made that joke on Twitter that they says don’t take that joke.
The argus911 said about the names of the lake and the first person who says bombing mcbob face gets blocked.
Well they didn’t block me so well… It wasn’t the first one to do it either let’s see another name for the robot I thought would be good with probable cause.

[17:51] Yeah we have probable cause what’s a robot doing that guy’s house a we got a camera.
The Negotiator.
If Steve is a good name for a robot mind that I came up with was a run.
And I feel like that serves as two purposes it tells that it’s it’s a command for the troops to get the hell out of there and then it is no telling run to get in there I like.

[18:29] Tell the most danger because obviously and then the other one.
Hello Bob from Mario somebody else.

[18:45] Yes yes,
why didn’t we think it’s going to be like some parent that’s a really creative and I’m going to tell the kid to submit it cuz that’s how this shit works.

[19:03] That’s the kids were the best ideas or just ask him what the rules were and they just asked me to stop calling
through child to provide this idea I need to speak with your smart ass third grader
I have a great idea it’s it’s for Shark Tank but I need a third grader you just like all they caught was it’s an emergency I need third graders,
bomb has been called off today borrow someone’s child so we could go to Legoland in Kansas City you have to bring a kid,
oh wow yeah that makes gold is an adult we were devastated to her like who do we kids.
We need to go to this way
my name is Sir no I am not from here
he’s got the disease that squirting like.

[20:27] Whatever hook get rid of the kids from experience yeah but real hard-ass for adults.
Call cuz I really want that pizza pizza and then you know.
Tickets prices like the Chloe ball,
it’s really cool you know I know it’s amazing several years ago a friend of mine when he was turning 29 he wanted his birthday party at Chuck E cheese and so we went to Chuck-E-Cheese,
and we actually shut it down like we stayed until like they were like okay guys they were closing,
it’s all talk about it that’s like one of the most epic birthday parties ever it wasn’t like it wasn’t like,
like a 30th or anything like that it was 29 so it wasn’t even you don’t like a milestone birthday,
yeah you know this morning I don’t know birthday slipped that in there alright thank you.
And yeah I I didn’t wake up with any like Grand Revelations or feel wiser or you know like excited about presents right I was just like.

[21:52] How come getting old which is 36 which is.
For the last year I thought for sure I was already 36 so I can test for anterior so I’ve been telling everyone that I’m 36 because I’m actually now
I was 35 for 35 all this year and the next year will be 37.
That’s just too confusing you missed out on 35 be 35 this year you’re 36 last year.
Okay so I was 36 this last year so I can be like totally Reckless and crazy because I’m just some crazy young 35 year-old hitting myself and
become the 80 year old man just but then go back to regular I’ll take my 29 on buttoning me
here’s something to think about it think about it as you get older as you level up so.

[22:55] That’s I’ve read an article where the across the pond they like to say that how many,
ears have you or some shit like that in a level 36 podcaster. So now level 36 podcaster so,
now I have a slightly better understanding the gain is not a volume by the way since we met you so screw you and I know we are the same age,
yeah but hell is the guy was.
Yeah I was I was like 28 and I was all like,
2018 cuz I give up just wasted like of the pop culture references that you were like bring up on basement way and then like there’s no remember you said like you were also quite a bit younger than you actually where we you were closer to your actual age and then
okay you’re getting closer and then now you for the first time I’ve officially heard from you you’re actually age I told you I was 20,
and I drunk or what you might have been you better just been pulling our life but not realizing that we wanted a real answer,
so up where where is the where is the cancers of the left leg or the right leg is like I don’t know what like do you think.

[24:20] I just wanted to say that so.
Now I can see Rob lying about his age.

[24:32] Truth,
which is it sucks cuz I can because of my shity memory I can get gaslighted very easily because I’m just like well that sounds like something I would have said okay I guess you get my car Katherine’s podcast that we do with you guys,
oh yeah I said I was super sarcastic Robbinsdale I was not I couldn’t make it but I told me was very sarcastic asshole
and abandon the craziest of the 3534 and the three,
you know what Jesus moving on
as his address what’s the name of the bomb thing on the actual name adult I don’t think I think that the police just actually decide just like harvesting everyone’s good ideas,
Yoda children’s fingerprint good want to pay a writer to actually come up with a good name for it so what they’re going to do is there going to make it a contest and everyone can stand all their apps with the de police interaction schools
it does absolutely does troops in case the bumper about has to go to your school if you named it you’re going to be real comfortable cuz that’s not a stranger run from the school in a much more orderly fashion with.

[25:56] Fluffy there to save us where to mr. robot mr. robot.

[26:04] No no no no no.
No I don’t know every time I see it on I just getting irritated that guy just irritates me if it’s a real Gucci purse
but I don’t use it for one and two and one and two is both it’s it’s good but it is there some episodes was just like what.

[26:27] What the fuck is going on and it’s the you don’t get an answer that episode but you know,
well yeah it’s it’s it’s a guy can see how you find it frustrating like it over yourself you’re not that special you’re not that cool quit smoking and quit drinking.

[26:46] Yeah that’s probably good advice with the whole mental illness thing he’s got going on that’s spoilers for the first season of.
Hackers no mr. robot 3,
I take you back from getting older by the day I saw where I actually went on a date like that was like my first date movies was half Yorkie,
nice anyways.

[27:19] And what’s his name that I can’t think of right now.
Yeah yeah yeah that one guy yeah good good story for this week is.
Did you guys hear about the school how did this even happen School cook added kangaroo meat to the chili.
At a school cafeteria then served it for like a week and then.
At the end was like haha surprise but we told me I couldn’t introduce kangaroo meat but I did didn’t tell you and where,
okay and apparently it’s because kangaroo meat is a healthier option a cheaper were they in charge of like buying l.
I’m sure there’s something we’re like they do it in Australia and it’s totally fine for like we deer you know,
or is it like there something that like Australia.
I or it’s kind of like.
So it really looks like it happened in Potter Nebraska which I might have family ties to this town.

[28:40] Interesting because my great-grandmother’s maiden name is Potter and they are a massive,
family and I have newspaper clippings where the Potter family tree Union happens in different towns in like the Iowa Nebraska Minnesota South Dakota.

[29:00] Vicinity and so
it’s basically where one family hosts the reunions and then people give gifts to that family this as a thank you for like hosting the reunions and the gifts are just like.

[29:17] I don’t know like a casserole this or some bullshit like that it’s like couches and dressers and armoires and like.
Nice things. This is like three like the late I like I found this newspaper clippings from like the late 1800 into like the early 1900s and like it continues on until like.
I want to see like the 1950s was like the last or the no 70s or some like that but I found like the most recent ones like this has been going on for a generation so I am.
Pretty certain that I have ties to this town.

[29:52] One with the unfortunate kangaroo meat incident we’re not related to that guy,
well that’s something for anything I’m 90% sure I’m related.

[30:08] Call at Toledo real
that’s all right so well I mean kangaroos man why would you die that’s just crazy I don’t know the whole pushing it on time and then.

[30:26] Kevin free sis what was your point man like your the lunch lady like you. Because it says that it comes from a food distributor that must meet Federal firemen’s cell.

[30:40] Yeah it’s it be interesting too hard to hear how they found out slim how does this go under news and crime Argus Leader.
Is it I do like the photo they have now.
Yeah I do like the real Justin kangaroos standards of Australian government for for Ministry
government not USDA like everywhere else is like way better than the USDA first for regulation everywhere but most everywhere.

[31:13] They ever ordered meat in England.

[31:16] Yeah I’ve heard you could have like maggots on it and they don’t care just brush them off in the food,
yeah we talked about that.
I mean if you’re talking about the medical devices.
With meat products the US has a legacy of kind of being more picky than a lot of other countries share simply because of the whole Upton Sinclair the jungle incident in the early 1900s.
Really solidified that is like a solid thing and give the USDA a lot of USDA a lot of teeth as far as meat goes topic.

[32:08] Oh wait.
Actually I think that is give you read the jungle I think that’s is actually the whole point is that like I’m an immigrant falls into the like meat grinder or something like that it’s all about the atom,
processing places in Chicago in like the 1890s 19 hundreds.
Yeah it’s white it’s basically what your list the government to start regulating food was that book.

[32:35] Okay okay so I just want to know though is kangaroo meat,
like a thing in other places where is here it’s not because well I mean there’s stuff in a reason why it’s not and it’s kind of crazy that this guy is trying to catch you get this.
Caught on when it’s just like logistically like stupid reserves here these Buffalo Reserves,
back in like the early nineteen-hundreds hippo like these two guys were hired by the United States of America to make hippopotamus meat.
A thing because hippopotamus meat is like way more delicious then,
beef and the cows were kind of like dying off so that’s why I want to know is is this,
is this just our own personal just like cuz we grew up only having like cows and chickens and pigs is his us just being like you gross kangaroo even though what other places it’s a thing
I’m not saying grows from the BBC is priceless it’s an article about kangaroo meat called.
Eating Skippy why Australia has a problem with kangaroos kangaroos / 1 article.
Prepper a headline that’s I just feel like kangaroos are like the deer of the Midwest.

[34:04] But I know what I think the other problem in Australia video of this if you go to YouTube there’s this video called kangaroo breaks into house and this is It’s like a 30 second video but like.
It’s a dancer this kangaroo like literally looks like they want to like I don’t know,
like Angry Birds in Ohio you can get a 20 pound bag of kangaroo meat for a hundred.

[34:31] It doesn’t really translate cuz he’s like oh God that be creepy.
Man I would be unloading that guy right now.
Second window.

[34:56] Google.

[35:07] He’s trying to fight with it the another mail that he sees in the window.

[35:17] Rubric of creatures that can recognize their own reflection and realize what it is.
So okay so the BBC says that the whole thing with Australia’s eating kangaroo meat is that actually the government would really like them too cuz it’s nutritious and efficient an answer to global warming blah blah blah blah but,
Australians have a very ingrained reluctance to eat them eat up their national emblem.
I like if we figured out the bald eagle meat was the ultimate like efficient meat.
You know everywhere we go the government really pushing that bald eagle meat on us.
Kangaroo meat is a common dish that is often served in bars across the country.
Oh okay your roomie exports are also growing about 10% every year.

[36:03] And they’re also there are there a pest problem that’s that’s the part that they’re having issues with them,
like our dear so it’s basically hey let’s eat them and ship them out,
so kind of is like trying to get people on board with eating hippopotamuses Australia is trying to feed the world it’s rats.

[36:28] Susan sing with the hippopotamuses then there’s just like overrun okay
dangerous yeah that’s what I was thinking we should really cover it in the Panama copper and wire because there’s it’s like a really lengthy article on will and that’s really good hippos all of us if they weren’t trying to be colorful
that was like putting like basically like Wolverine on a fucking like you no display or whatever it was like it was just like the most badass terrifying thing they could think of to put there.
You know I’m not saying disgusting on the kangaroo but I am saying I would be just livid if somebody was like,
I killed she killed this Anaconda down in Florida and there’s such problem there is we need to get all these snakes that are down there,
who will eat my snakes will eat these snakes that would be nasty and I was so tired.

[37:34] Signs they don’t get in the Mississippi or the Missouri I don’t know why I said Mississippi to South Dakota.
Well then we’ll release a species of gorilla that will kill all of us takes like what what are you doing
Oh They’ll freeze when winter comes a Simpsons episode where it’s like monkeys that will
quickie tall there snakes is like that when I get to the monkeys and finally just go problem solved.

[38:17] So that’s that’s all the news I have for you this week do we want to we’re going to segue into.
Seth bi-weekly book club it’s been a little more than bi-weekly but.

[38:31] Music.

[38:58] Bi-weekly book club it’s not about the book it’s about to look and today I’m looking at a book.
Tell us about your book the book is the good spell book it’s got love charms magical cures and other practical sorcery,
it’s been written by Jillian.

[39:23] Gillian Kemp alright cool but it she breaks it down into sections of what you know the different spells are,
based on actual spell book so it’s not like okay cool
I found it you can pick this up at any obscure bookstore in an obscure Islands in a secure card
culturally appropriated Oriental themed knick knack store filled with cursed objects that like.

[40:05] This is true you got me there.
But yes I I came across this spell book so it is a special spell bug to to me so.
But it it’s pretty cool it’s cheaper to sit down into five sections love Health pets.
Well and happiness.
And it’s certainly a book that you can just pick jump to any page and check out the.
The Spells there but then in between she also does give good explanations of.
When it’s a good time to outperform a spell in like as far as like the phase of the moon.
I was just going to ask that goes over that she goes into the history of like Gypsies and Rome Roman Roman Roman yes Romulan,
it’s I don’t know if it’s.

[41:15] Yeah I suppose I don’t know that’s what that’s what they actually called themselves.

[41:20] I mean I called gypsies so that’s what I go away.

[41:27] Yeah I’ve never Hooked on Phonics gypsies are basically romani’s like we call it like we call them gypsies that they’re actually from Romania.
Who will owe in United States or not I thought they were,
they are called the Romani near as we can tell based on the language that they speak amongst themselves and genetic history they are they originated in Northern India and they are.
Yeah they’ve been trapped David doing this nomadic lifestyle for like centuries and so,
Yep they’re more related to like the what were called the Aryan dynasties of Northern India that like conquered it in like,
most a thousand years ago and stuff like that and that’s why their symbol is the wheel and stuff like that cuz that’s actually a symbol that the Aryans brought when they took over Northern India.

[42:21] Yeah it’s a whole thing I’m sure it’s some bookmarks in here stuff I do.
I forget which one tricks
Ono to bind a lover to you is his the first one he has here to spell you need a pack of tarot cards are the major beveled
okay space it was separate out like the like the red cards from the black cards I’m just really high level here it’s simply.

[42:53] Take a hair from your Lover’s head you know I tried to do this in high school once it’s not heard of anything,
is there about like bathing in like gardenia or something like that,
I meant there was some oils yeah there’s some oils Katie could rub your phone with and you can.
Chester components of them on you so they wouldn’t if you’re in frequent contact with them when you feel spell has work return the cars of the pack and burn the hair so easily when.
I guess you initiate the relationship of the second one is to entice love and to have your love returned
she says do you want noise I have an explanation but you’re never going to believe it feel like I wanted to kind of like go through the book from page 1 to the end for a because really I’m interested in like
the wealth steps of a lot more than the Love Stuff I’m good there yeah I’m not trying to find anybody there.
We have bindings on a ring mean oh I mean on her finger.
Find you stepping I bind you that you could not hurt others or hurt yourself.

[44:09] I don’t care if you cry I saw a movie a lot I hate the last part of that just because I hate snakes.

[44:16] It’s hard to watch it’s hard to watch.
But yeah so I I came across this book and I have a fiance who’s kind of into the stuff and,
so I’m getting into it and like I said purchase tarot cards before this before going on a trip and finding that book and so.
Yeah and then my friend actually saw that she had another spell book.
That one was titled like how to get rid of your how to hack ex hex your ex boyfriend or something like that so I didn’t bring it just because of the title but but.
How to see her going to be dealing with any kind of hexes and stuff cuz like whatever happened to them was going to happen to you like 10 times over so don’t even mess with it.
Really yeah I think I’m good on the whole hax’s text a lot of people talk about that.
Yeah it pays off it’s instantly you know but then then you’re peeing and you know janitor’s mop buckets and your you know just being a Bieber out there.
What sold your soul so yeah dude.
Wait Justin Bieber did that yeah I’m like a video for some reason he got his doing before he changed his life and veggies.

[45:41] And had the big strong pick that everybody was impressed with.

[45:46] Wow okay I should I spend my life my world my time on the internet researching the Arcane and the weird well I guess that’s pretty funny there’s up I guess I wasn’t do that likes to rip on Justin Bieber so that’s how they all bi.
I have marked a page for you with a gold cord okay I think.

[46:08] It’s going to take a while but I think.
There’s also have two other things you can do with that later I’m all about letting things just you know take the natural course and just let it flow and yeah so like laughter was the best medicine,
I think that’s why several of my siblings died of tuberculosis.
Okay, super cute closest and laugh at like I was like I was trying to see the connection like I don’t get it.
Sorry it was an old Jack Handy thing is like by Jack Handey and one of them is my parents and we said that laughter was the best medicine.
I guess that’s why several of my siblings died of tuberculosis.

[46:58] Because they didn’t get real medical attention they just were probably told the laugh.
I know I’m sorry I killed it should have said I should just give you a Pity laugh,
and then we could have explained it later that’s what I do anyway for most of us to 90% of it over my head but I.
He gets he actually recorded me laughing at my own jokes and plays Master his jokes and it’s still do it’s very useful that way yeah I mean I don’t fault him but Sinister because it’s people that died like,
2 years ago that are laugh.
What is a Sinister I think I’ve ever thought about that that’s really fucked up like back in like years and years ago.
It and like a lot of Summer facts lots of holy stuff like The Wilhelm scream I know that guy is Super Dad 4 Dead can you get any there is literally a dead man screaming in Star Wars well that’s how they recorded it.
Well at the time it was fake but no no they pushed him off a bridge and they recorded it screen.

[48:22] That that that’s that’s a chilling fast that I never thought.

[48:31] Got it only way to be creepier is if it was like playing off one of those like the wooden sort of hearing that concept Theory without the laugh track. It’s creepy hits,
hidden super high.
Because I really just awkwardly tracks out of shows and then and it’s.
Because they’re all it’s all about timing right away it just becomes really weird,
okay okay I guess night,
so I can say they make a drug to one continue the line yeah I love it though that’s freaking awesome.

[49:30] 300 Halloween P way
Jillian camp for crafting this fine piece of literature so that I can soak up some knowledge that is.
Definitely older than I am and how to spell it.
Well I’m not going to rob I think that life’s going to figure itself out,
that but happy Halloween and you know if you’re going to curse somebody just make sure you mean it.

[50:22] Yeah absolutely.
And they kind of deserve it at least you know if at all possible get your families involved and kind of create a feud there make sure your neighbors and there’s bad blood in the you know ground.

[50:37] You know so if you’re going to do a hex do it right.
Hey folks we’ve had fun today but I want to talk to you a little bit about seriousness of the holiday season I mean I think it’s really important that families come together during this very special time of the year.
The cast of blood magic on each other one on a pentagram Park new or strangers chest with a knife.
I think those are like the American Family Values we can all get behind and yeah I just encourage everyone to take some time and do some blood magic as hell you know I will say I’ve been like forever painted from the,
final two movies of Harry Potter I had it in March some beef like ever.
And since we last seen each other I saw the last two.
Harry Potter movies cheese that starts in the end damn,
damn the whole series is dark and its teaching YouTube like worship death magic no it’s not it’s preparing you for that everyone around you is going to die I’m going to die for you
you’re not going to be able to live up to that but eat people
we’ve been telling you about this real world while you’ve always been in at if you haven’t believed that good luck.

[52:00] We going to cuddling you so that tell you’ll be woefully unprepared for adulthood.
Alright guys where you learn another 4 years of how life sucks.
If you remember any of it in your drunken Haze.

[52:16] Anyway I think this has been since this has been says bi-weekly book club thanks for joining.
Sioux Empire podcast proudly presents this week’s Shameless plugs Sheamus plugs.
Seth do you have any Shameless plugs this week,
I’d like to Shamus T plug with Rob because it’s his birthday it’s his 32nd birthday he doesn’t look a day over 29
but I’ve been saying that since he’s 20 so we we go back about 15 years now and boy,
you know what you get a guy that has all of soundproofing that you could afford,
but that love you man I appreciate that you do this and that that you have had me beat let’s let me be a part of it so thank goodness your mama gave birth to you or else I wouldn’t have a couch sit on right now.

[53:22] This is true I don’t stay here people but I mean just like right now at this moment okay.
Eating eMoney Dominic.
Any Shameless plexus week I do but are we doing one next episode 2 we are but if you got anything happening this week anything going on for Halloween.

[53:54] Really.
No surprisingly after this weekend things slow down everyday is Halloween witch.
Got some Flack for last week remember at Spencer’s.
The phone oh I don’t know we were in make it was looking for this shirt actually that I’m wearing this for cool.

[54:21] And this is something about you can order it online if you need it before Halloween and Aries has no idea he’s just a big fan. I get everyday.
alright it was really kind of like I don’t think he liked the Halloween rest of the year that is not fucking Halloween,
but you made your own happiest people so Shameless by exercising to the next episode of mr. pointy I’m hoping to have released online,
soon so I can get a certain company that will renamed remain nameless to cooperate.

[55:05] Anyway have you read the art of the deal.
Amazon I was going to say till hopefully it’ll be on The Price is Right.

[55:19] God damn it someone said my company’s name.
So hopefully that’ll be online soon and everybody can actually finally do it,
that was awesome oh I guess so if this is released what time is this releasing on Halloween by the way,
is this,
on October 31st I’m going to be Keloland living at 2 p.m. so as,
my dream IBM stuff and do my psychic stuff on
so yes I have my first like TV appearance on Halloween so I’m really excited about that yeah,
readings are you going to like they wanted me to but I’m just.
There’s only six and a half minutes and so am I I don’t know plus like when you do a reading a lot of really personal stuff can come up and so it’s like if you don’t want my personal stuff coming up on the air me it’s best if we just stick to the
questions so that’s spent the part where the show immediately does it cut scene over to her on the air being like.

[56:33] To renew a lot of butt stuff.
Ghetto help this person in your life that you know somebody years ago and they’re just like
Halloween Appaloosa a couple weekends ago and the one thing I forgot was kleenexes at my table and so I might down at please
yeah go get me some kleenexes at Walgreens so he runs and he gets clinics With Envy walk.

[57:05] No there’s no hurry on his part by the time he gets back I have my first client for the day and it was literally just they started like bawling her eyes out and I was like.
Can you like emotional I could have done that I could have pulled that bullshit but I’m not like that so.
Yeah that’s that’s my big thing for Halloween and otherwise I November 10th is the body lab Expo it’s basically another holistic health fair we just had a big holistic health fair at beginning of October of those October 6th this one is another Hollister,
first or China’s close together but I think it’s awesome I’m going to be there doing readings all day and that’s from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then November 16th,
at 7 p.m. at the last stop CD shop on the east side on the white wall Studio I am doing a live Gallery reading and the reason I said life is because it’s going to be broadcast over the internet
so but you have to be in studio to get a reading and tickets for that are $40 or do actual physical tickets just be silly pay at the door,
almost I decide to print out tickets which I don’t think I’m going to so so that’s happening on November 16th and then I’m trying to think of anything else after that I don’t think so.
Very cool.

[58:22] I thought of one other one just because but Twisted nightmare haunted house here on the east side of Sioux Falls.
Check it out very cool my Shameless plug this week is going to be for.
The Netflix The Haunting of Hill House which was surprisingly good I didn’t feel I was like that that’s on my list.
Yeah I was I was pleasantly surprised by although I took some Flack for liking it on the interwebs because there’s a certain local personality that on the Facebook’s that doesn’t like it.
So can I get 10% of rotten tomatoes so they’re all I’ve ever been seeing is really positive.

[59:08] Saturday and I won’t yeah this is serious then it’s okay cuz I just wasted another 10 hours of my life.
Do the same thing that I did three eight three years ago which is watch making a murderer binge-watched it knocked it out.

[59:24] That’s why I’ve been I was home sick yesterday with her kind of a migraine thing so I binge-watched the new season of Castlevania which I will also plug was really good.
I’m just really shocked I mean cuz I.
The first season was so frantic with the pacing it was just like a glue or Borax or glue or Borax boric and I was like this is fucking awesome and the second season.
Totally a slow burn totally about character development until the last two episodes then it’s like the first season but the payoff is huge because they spent all this time building these characters so it’s like it’s just as fucking crazy with the action,
except for now you know these elaborate Back stories on everyone fighting and shit like that like stuff makes more sense so,
good season for a cartoon it’s all about like people being blown up with magic and shit.

[1:00:16] Cartoon.

[1:00:23] But they do it like an anime States America it’s an American Studio American Artist they do it in anime style and it it looks really cool.

[1:00:34] So yeah that’s all I have for everyone this week once again if you enjoy what we do here on the Sioux Empire podcast I’d encourage you to,
going to support us on patreon and support all the great podcasts of the Sioux Empire podcast Network,
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patreon Patron Matthew Poulsen for supporting us and once again as always we plug supercon which sits armpits are baby we’re going to be coming up on another year Here and Now.

[1:01:15] Yeah only 340 days you have an exterior.

[1:01:21] I do like this one this year the one it’s called The Wrath of Khan like spelled like on say yes,
and then also be sure to check out to this and all of our podcast so we streaming at live 605 your source for local.
Local music and lots of local arts and yeah great for the radio station that got their check it out.
Thank you everyone that we will see you next week happy Halloween.


South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt

South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Guests This Week:
Mortgage Banker Craig Markhardt
Peter Vaughn Pischke

Spoiler title

[0:27] Welcome podcast number 21 once again were joined by co-host and they will not speak if I would have known it was the 21st episode I would have brought something to drink,
coffee water in celebration Scott.
Robert mehling producer here and Peter Pischke will be on he wants to sit and talk about this topic and then I have,
would you call yourself mortgage Banker,
that’s a low mortgage Banker Craig Marquardt and when I went to reason I brought on Craig is because we’re going to talk about the school bond issue today and I wanted a little expertise.
Home valuations how home valuations are going in Sioux Falls and this whole thing about the $2 a month $485,000 valuation of your home.
And how that’s kind of like.

[1:33] It’s true but it’s like kind of blown smoke a little bit so Craig I’ll start with you on this.
You know the election and some of the other problems with this issue but I thought it would start with Craig.
So let’s say I own $185,000.

[1:59] How much is 100 how much would $185,000 home go up in value.
Over the next five years in your opinion or praised County appraisal value,
just recently and within the last week we got the new stats for the community Sioux Falls when it comes to the real estate Community the rolling average over the past 12 months home values of my 6.0.
6% that’s kind of an anomaly It won’t always go up by that much each and every year,
the year before it was about 5% year before that you could have said arguably as around two and a half percent beer before that about half percent and before that we are into the,
you know the 2011-2012 part of the recession where home values didn’t actually go up at all 4. Of 2 years so if you were to average it out over 5 years or take it * 5 years out,
you could say home values could potentially go up by maybe 10% over the next.
10 to 12% over the next five years if you got a hundred eighty-five thousand to $21,000.

[3:16] So you know I get the $2 a month argument and it I mean it’s it’s true. True.
Right so the school district basically says that this.
You going to pay $2 a month for the medium home I medium home is $185,000 home should have paid $2 a month.
Were there and words decep were that while that’s true on a hundred eighty-five thousand words deceptive is they make it sound like,
through the life of the loan you’re only going to be paying this $2 a month and it’s like no because your house that’s $185,000 is going to go up in value over the life of the loan.
The other thing that I have the problem with this $2 a month is they keep saying that will this hundred and ten million dollar interest which will talk about later that’s not technically really true because.
We’re going to pay it off early well they haven’t presented a plan on how to get a paid off early no plan.
Number one and number two they’re basing this $2 a month.
The full length of the loan so if you pay it off early you’re going to have to raise taxes to pay it off early.
So that’s been my issue with the $2 a month and.

[4:41] You know that’s that’s how I see how often is a school district go through and it’s s homes for.

[4:48] Taxation honey County does that he does that but the city the city actually is voting tomorrow first reading to raise property taxes they’re allowed to do that each year,
I’m asking you to a net 2.1% this year,
hardly ever never ever they always vote for it there’s always a couple dissenters Kermit always dissented on it,
Gary t a tree so probably descent on it but are usually always passes County does the same thing,
you know so the County Assessors in my right I’m right by your value on a Lincoln there a lot more aggressive lately than they used to be because they hadn’t done it for like a really long time so they got these new appraisers in there just hammering people like.

[5:31] Telling people who have like an appraised value of a hundred grand they going in there now and there’s lots a hundred fifty Grand,
you know when you eat on your pan would say you’re paying tax but it’s been more harsh. There was one one I was watching.
The house was appraised at 200,000 and that’s kind of what they were paying their taxes on and the county came back in like said what’s 300000,
just think you’re thinking about your property taxes going other 33% 1.
The the co-host whose name shall not be spoken Texas value can certainly go up,
while property taxes themselves do not.

[6:23] How old is that happen because it’s called a mill Levy there’s a there’s a percentage of your beer equalized value,
that is charged to each dollar that is in value so what happens is,
the county set the bill they did Mount of money that they want to spend imaginist you walk into a restaurant and you already know exactly how much money you going to spend in advance,
you’re going in there with a group of four people and you already know that the bills a hundred bucks you get the luxury of that way when you set the budget for the annual year which just occurred right,
so then we already know of the budget and then what we do is we find out how much each person’s meal is valued at,
to determine how much comes out of everybody’s pocket so if you got the $25 meal obviously one quarter of the entire bill is yours but if somebody else only has a $10 meal it’s only 10% of the,
the actual cost of the entire meal so what happens is that that Milady will actually might go up or down depending on the value of your house,
or I’m in the middle of you might go up or down depending on the total tax value of all of the properties.
So has all the properties go up the mill Levy could actually decrease if the budget say remain constant.

[7:43] And this is something the school district has been trying to explain to people and I’m glad you brought this up their argument is.
If we.

[7:55] Okay Dad just task force of 30 people to the people that were sitting on it was Mark hutter Public Works director of the city of Sioux Falls and and in the head of planning.

[8:05] Why do I forget his name had a planning for Sioux Falls.
I can’t remember ever either way,
and Mark suggestion was why don’t we borrow instead of 190 million why do we borrow a hundred million,
build the two schools that we need right now and I like his plan to tell you the truth and then borrow it.
Pull the rest out of capital outlays were painless interest cuz when we borrow in half,
and pulled in last out of the levees and that Emmett and they explained they don’t like them they’re going to stop the levees the mill levies because,
they can’t trust here’s what they said the finance department said well we can’t trust Pierre on our levees so cuz they put a cap on.
And so their argument is weird here you know you realize he’s not going to go up.
But you still going to be paying this extra tax my issue is we’ll talk a little bit about this is that.

[9:12] I don’t understand my taxes are going to go up I understand we need new schools I support education funding.
But with this plan if the loan goes to its full extent which I believe it well.
It’s going to be three hundred million dollar loan so hundred and ten million towards in and 190 million. Going to build a schools.
So basically for every $3 that you paid towards this over a dollar of it just Catana to a bond investor and ever get spent on education.
And that’s why I like Carter’s idea where he’s saying will built will borrow half,
if you don’t you’ll save 50 $69 in interest payments because you’re paying for the rest of the schools through that,
do you know when you pay and they take the money and they use it to build the schools where their plan is we’re going to borrow $190 I’m going to stick this in a bank account where I spent half of it right away and then,
the other half of us to take 5-6 years as a mortgage Banker does that make any sense to you what if I what if I came in to you and said.
Rent an apartment and I’m okay with renting my apartment but I want to I want to I want to build.
I want to build a house I want to build a duplex but I want to build half.

[10:27] So I want to borrow $200,000 from you I’m going to in a hundred thousand I’m going to build half my duplex I’m not going to move and live there I’m just going to build it so going to stay in my apartment.
And I want to build the other half of my duplex five years later but I want to borrow all the money right now what would you say hits the person.

[10:46] Well I wouldn’t give that amount of time but we work in the city we always work in 5 your income it’s but I’m going to challenge you Scott when it comes to.
Your proposal or marketers proposal of of half half of it you’ll borrow a hundred hundred million and then use the rest through,
public funds and collect each year for the next five years or whatever it is currently that’s what we do cuz we don’t have a single school bond out there,
with their help. We’ve got it sounds like we pay for everything with our revenues right now right but.

[11:29] But let’s let’s kill back the onion real quick,
and pay proposed 4% interest on a 25-year note okay,
so that equals 110 $9 in interest over the entire course the life of loan if we were to accelerate that pay down which were allowed to,
cuz we would pay biannual every every six months we would pay a big chunk of money whether it’s,
6 million or 7 million dollars whatever we would have to pay at least six million million like 6.6 million is likely the dollar amount you have to spend 30 million a year
LeBron 13. Now if we just chose to to pay 14 or 15 million a year which we very well could possibly,
without any additional levies on our properties.

[12:22] Then it’s going to reduce the effective rate that we pay on that note and sodolaks reproduce that interest rate down below 4% he actually pay no one more step.

[12:34] If we were to look back only 3 years from now,
we’ve lost 20% on spending power in residential purchasing power in last 3 years 20% we’ve lost so a year ago or three years ago we could have bought $100,000 house.
This year we can only afford an $80,000 house why is that because interest rates have gone up the cost of construction has gone up the property values have increased,
and and unfortunately our wages have not kept up with that so now I know the exact same house that we could have bought 3 years ago for a hundred thousand bucks we can only spend $80,000 so we can’t buy the $100,000 house,
and so we have to keep in mind that purchasing power goes down over time and interest rates go up under normal conditions overtime and they’re going to continue to go up as inflation goes up,
we got this inflationary pressure they were already seen so we’re staring into the barrel of.
Higher interest it will have to pay.

[13:41] 2 3 4 5 years from now if we decide to borrow it later and then number two we’re looking at higher cost of construction 2 3 4 5 years from now we’re looking at inflation pressure,
so I may have to take accuplacer Asian now I get what you’re saying you’re saying we borrow all the money now.
Will save on the end. That’s my that’s just my weight my my viewpoint on it right now I’m not saying that’s the way to do it but I think that that’s a decent argument to look at.
And then the other thing is is I just feel like they’re there taking a Gamble.
By saying that they’re going to be able to pick I know what the reason is why they think they’re going to pay it off early I get it I think I understand they have never said this but I believe they believe that they’re going to pay it off early,
because there is so much growth and they believe that the bill to pay this off early because of that girl,
but there’s no guarantees of that either know there’s no guarantees that but but the thing is that,
and I think it’s only four years I think that they have to have two of the three schools done right away they want they want the high school and middle school.

[14:56] It’s one of them either middle or Elementary they want to build two right away and they want them done by 2020 and that’s why they want the swing way to yet and that’s why they want selection early.
And then as I understand it the rest of the money is going to be for Ada there’s like 40 million in there for a table but that’s going to be stretched out.
The numbers change all the time for a while they’re saying for years and they’re saying 5 years now.
No I’ve been here 10 years so they want to stretch it they want to take the the other 90 million and kind of stretch that out I’m going to say 5 years to be safe so let’s talk about so you’re saying that is probably a good idea to borrow it all at once,
is your interest rates could be able not necessarily a bad ideas what I’m saying and then let’s take this take this next approach that you just mentioned that that,
higher quality of Education will help increase increase the number of people that decide to move to Sioux Falls and the more people that move the Sioux Falls two more properties we need to build the more properties we build,
the higher the the larger the tax base the taxable.
Value of all of our properties in the opportunity for the melody actually go down.
Is there’s a lot of things they should get first before they ask for this money they should have drew the back boundaries,
it keeps saying we’re going to do that I’m going to do that going to do that will do it first should drew the boundaries you should have did Yuri District team.

[16:22] And I really believe they need to and open enrollment and and especially from other communities.
I go to school in the Sioux Falls School District.

[16:38] That don’t live there not if they don’t live in the Sioux Falls School District they live in Brandon T her blah blah blah blah and then go to school in Sioux Falls.

[16:46] And we pay for that even though their parents are not paying property taxes in this region,
what you’re not to give Brandon is in Mia County though.
I’ve stopped at there’s a lot of these things you need to do first before they decide what to have.

[17:07] And then there’s a lot of people saying that this 40 million is kind of a slush fund that they really don’t know what they’re going to go in but that’s going into some other stuff
well I guess I guess I guess I get what you’re getting at with it were you saving on the interest rate and that’s the thing that I like is if you,
I can hear the interest rate could actually be one whole percent higher,
buying power you eliminate with an increase of 1% it’s unbelievable invested somewhere,
so so but just regular interest on it I don’t know why I don’t know if any tax exempt all money
so because this is digitaka tax-exempt bonds I don’t know if we can earn interest on ice,
absolutely for sure but it probably takes,
three four years to plan the construction of a school anyways right if we don’t know if a school is coming.

[18:23] Thermals are going to be either they said they have a high school we can pretty much say it’s can be put on the same fertile and they’re not going to refuse that gift I mean,
oh yeah up north here you’re crazy if you think they’re going to use that gift so that’s pretty much we know where that’s going to be two or three million dollars.
They’re going to take that that’s where the other one is going to go they kind of do they get Mason Southeast when I don’t like to be 10 million different places.

[18:54] So I can have an issue with y’all we don’t know exactly where some of these things are going to go on but I also take it easy with the segregation I was watching a thing the other day.
And they were saying woman ever done a study the social at cannot you know did you know that.
Peter shaking his head you can way into and they say they haven’t done a study but for some reason they were able to show.

[19:19] During this work session this is on blast Tuesday they were showing all the schools that had like 80% free reduced lunches,
well it’s pretty easy to figure out what you know where the poor kids are going what school is the poor kids are going to and not talking just race I’m just talking economic social social economic,
but your parents you know.
It’s pretty easy to figure out where the poor kids are going when 80% of the 80% of the school lunches are free and reduced I mean it doesn’t take her a math Wizard never get that out,
but they’re sitting at what we’ve never done stay at cuz they’re trying to claim when Brian Mayer first came here he said.
That open enrollment is created segregation and he quit he hasn’t said that for a long time he shut his mouth about it and they know it is and they don’t want to talk about,
that’s my other issue with this you need to read District first before you then you’ll know where you need to build a new school you should have done that first. Like it’s very painful it’s very painful it’s very painful.
Will you go to your PayPal stuff first before you start asking people for money it’s like we’re going to get a hundred ninety million and then and then we’ll start doing the painful shit you know and it’s kind of like it’s kind of annoying to me like I said I don’t have an issue building is closed when he died.
I love and miss you too funny public education I had public education.

[20:32] I just think that they’re going backwards on all this stuff they shouldn’t you know the news story that I heard last night on Kellogg they had them on.
Is they actually were asking for 280 million and that this hundred 90 million is a reduction.

[20:50] And I’m like what 280 million dollars that’s an innocent sanity.
I just I mean I mean like yeah we reduce it so they basically are saying they were reduced it by 90 million dollars.
The trim the 90 million dollars off this thing sure it’s hard to trim something out that doesn’t exist,
exactly two of asking for all of the money up front now is it would be very difficult in a couple of years to go back to the boulders and say we didn’t want to eat when they’re like we just.
But they wouldn’t have to do that under what car was proposing I know exactly when he was proposing.
She basically was saying you borrow the hundred million.
You use that money right away to build the 2 News schools cuz you need it right away you have no choice but to borrow it and I get that part,
cuz you got to build these two schools right now shirt she got to have that money no contractors going to bid on a project if you don’t have the money at bank.

[21:55] And then you keep the military where they’re at are the levees where they’re at and then.
You bringing in your ear you’re bringing in money to pay for the mortgage and then you’re also bringing in money that can be put into an account Capital account all the school districts have them.
Mechanics legislation got mad at him about it but they said they had to wear their money because then they can bill and then you what you do is you keep collecting that money and then you build the the next schools with that money or class instead of bar.

[22:30] And nobody’s talked about how much debt school district has my guess is.
I looked at their financial report and they’re paying $13 a year in debt certain dead service,
but they’ve never said what their current that is nobody knows they’ve never brought it up they’ve never,
put it into the hell yeah that would be a matter of public record I so let’s get back to the property tax,
part of it so it if somebody’s got $185,000 house in the state of South Dakota requires each County to equalize it so then it’d be about a hundred and seventy $273,000 equalized value.
X the mill Levy rate so that house is a $2,800.
A year tax bill proposal that it sounds like correct me if I’m wrong that that house would go up by.

[23:26] $24.03 per year is that right so what is that a half a percent or something like that in class.
Per year which is smaller than inflation it’s hopefully a lot smaller than wage increases,
yeah I guess I don’t have a problem with the tax increase I’ve learned to just you got to have a tax increase if you’re going to borrow money for the schools I get that.
My issue is how they keep selling this $2 a month and it’s like,
that’s not true okay so then so so to finish my point this is what I’m seeing as a taxpayer if my taxes go up by $24 a year what is my return on the investment what can I expect to see in the near future,
well I’m never going to have any kids so I won’t see any educational game from my children maybe I’ll see my side,
but maybe more people will move to Sioux Falls to increase that tax base so then ultimately maybe that $24 won’t cost me $24 and three years maybe a little down.
Labor cost me $23 or $23.50 because there’s more people here there’s more people here. The budget is always set by the city.
Set of city sets the budget you can only collect that much.

[24:52] Arab descent account County and City yeah cuz you got so you’ve got Municipal levees you got County levies you got school levies and Township letters are all four,
actually water district levy to all five of those items are make up your tax,
a lot of people don’t get that a lot of people think that when you pay your property taxes go to Altura School,
so the the the folks that live in Brandon and they have their kids coming to school they get a they get an additional levy on top of their school district,
because there a Brandon.
Property that is Brandon Valley Property that is coming into Sioux Falls they actually pay 1.1.

[25:41] More Melody.
Then what Sioux Falls does so I think that there’s a little bit of formula for factoring those instances in he can in into,
the whole big picture cool thanks for explaining this to us and like I said it changed my mind about a lot of things.
Clearly cleared me up dancers for anything now that that help me figure out why they want to borrow it all expensive money Scott it is,
boy I tell you what it once that goes up my workshop early such a big deal but if they don’t pay it off early I’m still a hundred ten million dollars that you would pay a hundred and ten million dollars,
but if you don’t it don’t allow it to go to the fall 25-year Mark and you only spend 85 million in interest then you can divide that back out over the principal balance and determine.
And 25 years determine what the effective interest rate is it may be that effective interest rate would be 3.6%.

[26:49] Ira calculator they could do that and still have it in my head.
You can hang out if you want and if you want to chime in Peter’s here with us we were going to talk about to party.

[27:08] I think we already touched on the fact that I have a big issue with not doing all that the redistricting in the boundaries first and open enrollment which I have a huge problem with.
Looks like about the election little bit I think that’s kind of Peter 1 to talk a little bit about that.
I think co-host here has mentioned did you ever do any some research on that you’re saying that when you have an election.

[27:35] If there’s an election quotes to another election you can’t have or.
You would be I believe it’s you would be allowed to tack it on to a general election my issue with the whole thing it’s not.

[27:52] Don’t need schools we do the way the tax in the financing works it’s your putting it within 60 days.
Laguna tour election people have got the election in mind for November for the midterm elections with Ryan this sometime in September when no one is thinking about it so it’s really trying to suppress.

[28:15] Turn out to a much lower level 64 60% in the only white people showing up that are going to go for it that’s all they want.
That’s that’s my,
my issue with the other one direction to the people who are very much against in to show up at fire on them,
the thing that chew is is it’s a calculated risk but I’m going to call bullshit on them on this one but their argument is they got to have their Budget Inn,
by September 30th to the state which is absolutely true.
But any budget weather at the County School District or the city can be amended after that date,
so they could send their Budget Inn on September 30th without the school bond on it it’s all of his alone all they’re going to be doing is telling the state.
Battle we have a loan now $199 loan that’s literally what it is,
and when Brian Maher was asked this on Wally Show.

[29:36] Lolly said you can amend the budget though after September 30th and Maher said yes.
He didn’t want to say yes he kind of kind of stumbled over it but he did say yes oh so I say I call bullshit on them because they can amend the budget for this loan so they can definitely have this election.
With the general but they’re claiming there’s all these things they got to get lined up for the contractors in it and all the stuff.

[30:03] Like you said went to not even to 2 month. What you but we’re within 60 days 60 days I mean what’s 2 months.
2 months in the hole where you used to be couldn’t build how you could build buildings in the winter time you can build out your long now so that two months in my opinion doesn’t mean shit.
It means and then the super precincts using e-poll books that failed hardcore during the primaries.

[30:32] Cuz what happened was.
The school district Barth EZ Pull books idiots why they bought him and nobody else do just that it’s completely stupid so they bought these e-poll books a company has sold is called.
Hunter active no longer supports software on there like poop in the ship pretty much.
And so be Pro Cam and another software election company and said we can fix it so be broke came in before the primaries and they failed they come get them.
Bpro does claim that they got the problem the fixed and they and then they also claimed it was a Statewide issue and it wasn’t syncing up with the secretary of state so they’re claiming that in Sioux Falls to do this it will work,
but we don’t even know if they’re using bpro cuz they’ve never told us who they’re using so my issue is.
Using boat centers which means you can vote anywhere so you have to use EZ Pull books because they have to look your name up,
and when you coming in vote the computer checks you off system in real time so it’s not even the regular Precinct where to go right today to go.

[31:43] But that’s okay cuz I matter where you show up you’ll be able to vote right but you have to,
but yeah but you’re right because everyone’s been used two precincts over the past two years and now they’re switching it around again so what’s going to happen is.
In real time it’s supposed to say when you vote it so you can’t like vote here and then driving your car to another place and vote again.

[32:06] The software is working.

[32:09] And then they’re going to hand tabulated so if any ballots were tampered with the human eyes not going to build a child because what do you think people are going to be doing when they’re counting ballots.
They’re looking for what yes or no.

[32:23] You’re not looking to see if the ballots been tampered with their not going to be able to tell if the boat if that balance been counted once or twice or three times they don’t know.

[32:33] It’s a it’s a simple mark on a on a ballot,
they can easily a group could easily and you don’t hopefully this Creole Apple watches are but a group could easily count the boats usually how it works is correct me if I’m wrong.
Calls but isn’t it to people and they both agree on that what’s in front of them and then how they do it and they both mark it down.
Images about suicide what’s stopping anybody from grabbing them and shovel them in another pile.

[33:04] I guess I guess what I’m trying to say is this hold the way they’re handling this is bad and like I said to someone I go you know for school board election.
You know somebody who gets paid $75 a million or whatever whatever.
490 million-dollar 300 million dollar Bond.

[33:24] We’re hand count in election and a 13 Precinct I mean it’s just.
It’s one of the most atrocious things I’ve ever since and it’s like I said there depending on this to.
Have a low voter turnout will they know it’s going to be a little border turn up even said.
We don’t know why people don’t show up we wish they would pull this isn’t a good recipe to get more people to show up so what we’re thinking is they think the only people going to show up the ones I got to vote Yes and like you said you can go to waste it’s either going to be,
diction fail big time and like I said thank God I have 60%.
Or or it could be gangbusters cuz only people to show up oregonians so the election itself is bad here’s another problem.

[34:12] There’s a there is a campaign there’s a campaign law in South Dakota that says that a government agency.

[34:23] Use public resources to promote a boat so that the school district is not supposed to be coming out.
Insane bolt yes they’re only supposed to be given facts well the only information they give is to promote.

[34:41] The school bus when is the election September 18th.

[34:47] Peter I mean like 3 hours before early voting begin.
Doing it like that closer it’s just going to cause so much confused.
Did you go vote today or just put that sticker on the go I went and voted what did you vote.
And somebody thought that I was already voted in the general election and I’m like oh no his for the school bond what it’s should have just been put in with the school bus.
What do you what do you think he was coming about that but I just rant about here 5 minutes I mean I think you and I,
for school board twice now so he kind of,
studies just a little bit little bit more paying attention the average citizen
is there another requirement to have two readings of this at the school board meeting.

[36:00] They have the first initial reading and then a later there at the next board meeting a second reading of it.
Okay they haven’t notice and then I think they did I was watching the meeting so I think they did it that way.
There definitely are a pro working meetings that’s really like to conduct all their business as much as possible.
For good or ill what do you think of the.

[36:28] Music musica shipping with a general I think okay so I don’t.
My understand my finances is a little weak so okay so the superintendent said that the reason why they want to do this was because,
they had to get reported so many students were enrolled and so if they waited any longer if it was into the general don’t be over this.
So that they would have to count the kids that are enrolled this current school year and ergo it hurt the numbers they wanted for the lungs that was the argument I’m not sure if that’s the truth or not.
I’m only slightly less mystified by numbers than the rest of Sioux Falls,
what is an assistant to something that’s the whole thing that they could use to keep changing your story every every chance they have like I was watching them on inside Keloland last night and it was,
it was Vernon Brown and Brian Maher and Brian Maher said we started at 280 million,
this is the first time I’ve heard this and maybe I missed it I watched all the task force meeting,
and maybe I missed it but that’s where they were starting at probably you probably watch things a little bit closer than the average ever cuz they already turned off $90 and I’m just like.
I never understand any and here’s the other thing about him being on inside Calla last night.

[37:52] He was sitting next to Vernon Brown and Vernon Brown is to chair a vote Yes and say whatever he wants to he’s there a pack there there that’s what they’re doing they spend their money to promote the boat yet.
But those two should have never been sitting next to each other at that desk conversing together the bride Maher is a school district employee.
Who gets paid by the school district he should have not been sitting next to Vernon brown with vertebrae Vernon Brown should have been on his own segment going,
and Brian should have been separate just give you the information,
exact same time and Don Jorgensen with a smirk on his face says we tried to vote to try to find an organized vote no group and we couldn’t find one which is probably true I’ve been trying it there’s been robocalls put out but I haven’t been able to track him down.
I don’t know who they are.

[38:45] I don’t nobody has I’ve tried to get a response to some people but George is so George is a pretty much set of the whole fucking show is going to be you know Robert Vernon Brown and Brian Maher you know and is there again spending.
Our money to promote raising our taxes which irritates the fucking shit out of me.
There’s you can’t spend my money.
To raise my Ed to get me to raise my tax it just drives me insane if you want to give me the facts fine,
don’t sit there and do a raw session with my tax dollars to increase by taxes he did that with the indoor pool.

[39:27] And we busted on so many damn times we filmed them we watch them do this they do the rock sessions about the indoor pool they’re not supposed to do that they did it anyway they were spending my tax dollars doing it,
and it’s just it’s it’s it’s not right is it your big sham we’ve actually asked the ACLU to look at the selection the way they’re handling it.
And we’ve got nothing from them you know for an organization that tries to claim that they you know watch these things in the safe elections and I like this or like this one’s red hot this would be one that you really should be watching.
You know he pull books that are using some other software company you know it’d be like taking your,
you know you’re you’re you’re Del home holding up you know there’s got to be a,
board of directors code of conduct every time that there’s a school board election board member.
They’re they’re not a good sign against the law for them to promote promote cuz they’re not they’re not members that are not with this regard to school okay,
then he happens to be the superintendent so then close,
I mean he’s pretty much right there.

[40:46] I need us that who’s in charge of enforcing that he’s a smart guy Brian is that,
okay then.

[41:14] You know what you have Vernon Brown who was chair of the of the task force and stn who he works for has contracts with the with the school district technical contracts and then.
Baker is coach are you know her whole family owns First National Bank and almost bonds go through dority go through First National Bank so many other conflicts of interest right there.

[41:39] It all on the task force,
get out and then the co-chair for vote Yes for the Vernon and of course Vernon’s wife has it isn’t AP teacher I don’t know if you know this but his wife is an AP teacher,
with the school district was best friends of Dan Conrad who’s marketing Communications person for the school district she can tell me that Deanne hasn’t fed and burning information because she’s best friends with his wife,
and I mean this whole it’s very incestuous all the stuff going on in the culture of the boat yes is the sister-in-law,
to the baker you would never have somebody that was interested in being the chairman of the vote Yes campaign that didn’t have,
some type of involved you’ll never find somebody so right,
Summit media probably missed the boat on.

[42:36] They put together the task force find out okay who’s on the task was on but some that are connected to businesses that are a financial stake,
sandwich somebody said to me and they’re like well you know,
she’s going to go to get make any money from this and blah blah blah and I’m like well you know it when you put out bonds you know what percentage you get isn’t it what is it when they do you know the bond isn’t it 5% Mike that I’m the life of the bond,
how did the dishwasher 2% know it’s probably.

[43:20] Hunter baseball team won 120 what 1% of 10,
what would you what would you get for that well it’s an Institutional Investor that does it not of a Community Bank like.
First National Bank Sioux Falls to do that they’re boarding already does but there are Trump First National Bank.
So but don’t worry it will then go through an institution such as Dorsey or such as Edward Jones are some big institution Merrill Lynch so to speak or whoever underwrite these gigantic bonds.
I’m at the federal level.
Once the money comes to the Guns N I don’t know who I don’t know where the checking account is,
so I’m assuming they probably do and Great Western actually a great western and I’m in the bed I bet I bet you there there’s a likelihood that yeah First National Bank is in there Wells Fargo’s probably in there,
so yes all the money aside and all that I.

[44:36] You know like I said I support this but there just seems to be a lot of things that just don’t add up,
I mean with the with the election but you explain the interest rate thing to me and I’m glad you did cuz it makes more sense now to me cuz they have never really explained it that way.

[44:54] They talk about the construction cost where they’ve said.
And this was the same thing with the Event Center if any of you know about the event center that was the same thing we need to build it now.

[45:07] Because construction costs are going to go up and I’m always like yeah that’s called inflation you know duh everything’s going to cost more next year we all know that that’s not like some,
but the school district is use that argument to it’s just going to cost us more down the road well it’s a false argument because they’ve known for years that we would get to this.
And why weren’t they save in the money up for 1 minute and ended their lead in the argument is memorial sixth grade last year we had too many Memorial 6th graders well,
who sells kits for RV living,
what the what the increasing population was for the school district this year.
Brandon Cella West Brandon was 172 I believe,
I thought I just counted on this but I thought Maher said 800 800 increase.

[46:05] I think that’s what he said but I’d have to watch the show again but here’s the rumor that I’ve been hearing and and and co-host German Fest and we talked to talk to a teacher and then we talked to someone that works and administration without administrator,
office support staff I guess I could call her and.

[46:26] Date you know they’re gossipers and teachers and they’re pissed about how.

[46:32] There’s no plan on how you going to stay after school so in other words teachers are going to get fucking.
Screwed again I’m pay their man that administration of man is in charge of bad.

[46:48] Scary thing is they’re saying that they brought they brought Maher in this was a new thing that I hadn’t heard,
they brought Maher and to pass this in as soon as this passes he gets it rolling he’s gone because I guess the old lady doesn’t like it here and wants to go back to beautiful Nebraska.

[47:07] Like the Sioux Falls isn’t exactly you know my opinion Sioux Falls is,
fantastic but if I had a choice between Sioux Falls and bumper Kearney Nebraska I would be living in Sioux Falls that’s just my opinion but you know some people just like bump,
they want to stay there as well so I’m going to work on stat.
And once he gets a past he’s going to either retire or,
whatever you got to be glad for those teachers are going to cost because of the teachers in God’s up nothing no news about the school district was partly because I talk to support staff to,
I have a friend that used to work for him and I think he just quit last year he wasn’t part of he was in charge of inventory over the library.

[48:01] And he told me that there is so much waste will take perfectly good computers that are working instead of trying to sell them auction them off or I letting students buy them at a reduced rate is thrown away.
For someone to smaller School,
sound to the students for god sakes why don’t we put it on the city does it surplus auction when we do something like that.
I mean I’ve been to those Surplus,
yeah they’re cool actually,
awesome I almost bought a clown.

[48:49] I know that’s what really tall fiberglass clown.
But I don’t even know where used to be I think I don’t know why I was on my way in for the previous administrations mayor’s Fourth of July 5th.
Didn’t go for very much so that I was at there was a brand new Hoover
brand new Kirby vacuum still inside the Box plastic wrap around at the box in the street.
$175 like that.

[49:28] If there’s $199 school bond out there I would want to make sure that.
That the contractors are kept on budget that they’re kept on schedule they keep their reserves they keep the keep the reserves under control and they don’t overspend.
The thing is official restraint believe that this 40 million dollar slush fund,
they’re probably anytime somebody says other stuff with my tax money always go,
that’s that shit was that just for example on Tuesday you know we’ve had this 20 million dollar parking downtown,
dirty dirty habit I already have to spend another $56,000 on an engineer to tell him where to put a pipe.
I mean and it’s an extra expense to have like a 10% contingency reserve account,
I don’t know where you’re coming up with,
47 million because I thought security and age 82 here today I got it right here Security in 88 for Robert Frost and Horace Mann Elementary is 2.2 million.

[50:42] That’s what I’m saying this 40 million dollar fund they calling to upgrade
bounces one day they’ll say 40 the next day they’ll say 50 that memories because I think when you add all these in I suppose okay,
it’s for extras and they’re going to fix a gym in one of the old schools and.
Well you know one Vince new Elementary School proposed for 17.5 million.

[51:12] I am concerned that that’s enough not enough money I mean 17 and 1/2 million bucks,
and the elementary school cost 17 and you’re kind of like,
what get the kids are a little bit smaller at the elementary school but you know it’s like so like I brought.
For your enjoyment Scott the the area mpo area and growth Management areas map,
this is the this is this is this is what’s the proposed growth between now and 2035 in the direction of cities going to go,
right now the Orange is the boundaries of the city in the,
the red the reddish color is where it’s expected to grow so we could probably predict by looking at this little map here,
where the schools are likely to go.

[52:25] See that all that stuff is just kind of like whatever to me I just want to know we push our borders out anymore.
Will the Sioux Falls borders are pretty much they they took care of that last year,
there. You can always ask,
take the established boundaries with a little a little City information,
with all their neighboring cities those are all established.
Done done because all density can build an element Elementary perspective is.

[53:19] Crooks has said that they’re said he’s going to go up to this line in the city of Sioux Falls and allowed to go up to that unless you want the city of Sioux Falls go into Crooks Crooks has to be okay with.
Being absorbed into the city which is not likely to ever happen though.

[53:40] And so I said that’s so I guess the biggest thing in this whole matter is I think they’re spending too much money right away.
Are borrowing too much money right away in the second factor I have is I don’t believe I don’t like where this election is being held I think I might just have a gigantic issue with.
Here’s a little here’s a little funny story just show you about the lady who runs the school district elections okay.

[54:05] Her name is Beth Chase she also runs on the substitute teaching she started.

[54:11] What Chuck says another job shocker so anyway.
But she was the one a few years ago remember where they they were balanced locked in a van and they couldn’t find Bev and she would lock these ballots in a banner they want me to come listen to Lady running the selection so anyway.
So this is it this is funny this is I’ve been giving a lot easier here so Teresa Staley has to do Teresa to believe it or not so Teresa Staley.
I just think she could talk all the Steeler report sometimes she mailed it out someday she doesn’t buy this time she’s she’s putting it in the shop and she let me proofread it cuz I work.
Prince sister company and.
I was reading it and I didn’t say anything to her or I talked to her about it today though but I didn’t say anything to her but I said to the sales manager shopping as I said I said are you okay with that thing that she said in there about the school district printing the map.
He starts laughing and he says let me tell you a story about that so here’s the story.
Teresa’s been after them she’s been pretty neutral about how I’m sure she’s going to Bono but I know she’s been neutral on the matter.

[55:27] Scratch that she’s probably not who I don’t know how she’s going to go so anyway she told School District you should really be.
Machine tabulating the boat you should be using all the precincts.
And then she told the school district you should print a map and the shopping news and The Argus Leader pretty Precinct map or locations of the precinct.

[55:49] And so.
She put it in her article I’m a school district to put a map in the shopping news and they refused so I’m spending my own money to print it in here myself with incorrect grammar no,
and I sent it the sales manager I said.

[56:09] So you’re okay with this in here and he goes yeah I like it and I go okay so what’s the story behind this and he goes here’s the story because you know about chases and I go oh God this is going to be good,
and I go yeah I know who that is and he goes so she calls me he goes and leaves me a message.
Like a few weeks ago and says I want to print a map in for the school board for the election and leaves her phone number.
And he calls her back well if you’re a salesperson and you work at a company and somebody leaves you a voicemail and says they want to do business with you what are you do you call him back now and you probably call him at the number that they let you write three calls her back.
And she says I don’t know what you’re talking about.
He goes well you left me a voicemail saying you want to print the map and in the in the shopping news no I didn’t.

[57:05] And he goes well your name is Bev Chase right and she’s like yeah he goes well that’s the name he left on The Voice Mail and this is your phone number that I just called right,
yes that’s the phone number that you left on the voicemail I didn’t leave you a voicemail and he goes well yes you did how else why why else would I be calling you back.

[57:25] So this is the lady Brian $190 bond election calling peep just calling random people.

[57:37] You somewhere that save that voicemail and so anyway,
please tell me this so why was she denying this why did she just say we changed our mind wouldn’t you just said that like maybe she did call and then we changed our mind we didn’t have it in the budget.

[57:54] Weird he said he goes she probably,
meant to call the Argus Leader and called me and said that she did not realize that she called us and said so did he told her own,
you know I’ve always would you be interested in putting them in the shower.
So he left them voicemails and they never called.
So no he didn’t so Teresa so Teresa’s brick turning the world everybody to know that the school district.

[58:38] Does public service it’s it’s, it’s really funny I’m always going to leave you a voice,
never told you never got a ballot from you that said no on it just like I never got any other no balance,
we lock them in the van they find the van like 2 years for now full of no balance just stacked up somebody finds on it. I think it what you need to do is you need to come up with,
teen volunteers to stand at each one of the districts.

[59:16] Whole entire ship match my joke was they’re going to have to vote do you stick to your you stick your ballot in The Ballot Box I said they’re going to have to ballot boxes at the at the
coincides they’re going to have one that says yes yes,
Andy and the yes ballot was going to be a regular mailbox and then no one’s going to go that’s strange I could see this as an Office episode on the office,
flashlight on,
95% holy moly the highest in the states that didn’t say no it said on so I guess my prediction is if it does pass
it wouldn’t surprise me because of low voter turnout but it’s not going to be much over 60% if it’s super high like 70 80,
90% laws were joking around about to be real concern this election was fuck with big time,
and 60% is all pretty hard. I would think so,
but it also depends on what the voter turnout is it who voted so there’s no requirements for.

[1:00:35] Quora my sister just out of Voters cuz it’s all about you.

[1:00:48] Probably decided by I’m guessing about 3500.
That’s what historically is scoop out with those when they do the super precincts it’s about 3,500 people who’s the school district.

[1:01:03] If it’s held with other if with the city it gets up to be about 12.
If it’s by itself it’s like 4% is there an appeal normally without attaching it’s like 4%,
that this year wasn’t at like 12% for the super city election.
Again Freight.

[1:01:32] Well technically this is not an election this is a school bond vote.

[1:01:44] The only thing is we speak we don’t know if people are voting more than what I was going to do this but somebody warned me they said you could get into a lot of trouble,
cuz you have to seriously prove you were trying to catch them.
I was thinking about going and voting and I already voted so I’m done anyway but I was thinking about waiting for the day of the election and going in voting at 1 Precinct in and driving.

[1:02:11] Boy yeah you know what the fact that I’m trying to
some kind of a pre-approval yeah yeah might like as a secret shopper type things I mean,
seriously, why couldn’t you buy couldn’t somebody approach the city of Sioux Falls Police Department Say Hey I want to do this,
yeah I know that it’s really probably State’s Attorney’s office hey yo, your buddy,
secret shopper going to put me in if you can be a secret shopper,
yeah I don’t I’m not going to be one anybody else want to weigh in on this.

[1:03:04] All of the cool education activists I talk to you say they’re going no because they feel that,
what they were sold on this is higher than that they thought you were being sold on 158th and now we’re 40 over that that’s so they think that’s going to hopefully people are going to vote no and then they’ll force them to come back to the table and come back with the Lord,
I am waiting by the time we get to election day the The Proposal coming out of Brian’s Mars miles going to be like.
We were at a billion dollars and we cut all this off.
Tools and 900 million on a LaunchPad.

[1:03:59] It’ll be a great education for these kids.
I think the 208 million came from when they were doing the meetings with the parent that I forget what they called them when they were,
during the day before they had the official official,
yeah apparently committees they were trying to publicize 280 was their guesstimate for what they thought the body should be.
That’s just insane in math teacher.

[1:04:39] So I get a longer summer,
they were mad that they had that boat to change the school and when you went where did you go to,
where’d you go to school Mitchell Mitchell I knew it was in the region.
Heck yeah,
yeah right you’re from Minnesota and your fruit over after Labor Day to see what’s up I’m sorry but you live in Minnesota but your,
I was always after Labor Day made it one or two years they didn’t stupid experiment to go the week,
for labor day but you never this early was state fair I was school district,
so I was I was chuckling about it because they had to start early so they did so they start early,
start on a Thursday for one and I’m like which was Thursday you obviously those first two days of school you’re not doing,
you’re doing nothing you’re doing nothing you’re trying to figure out your fucking lock they get a weekend.

[1:06:03] Did they only go for days does the Labor Day weekend in and then get off for days and everything and I’m like you started early why
yeah but what was the point of this and that game with what 6 days
animals you fucking around with your locker for 6 a.m.
Parent, Get on Up the story on Facebook about how her son was,
go ahead receivers just devastated that he’s having to start after Labor that know your son is super happy cuz he gets out way early and I love getting traded summer of his life and on top of that,
the funny part was there big argument when the vote was coming was the I was kind of helping with that the change the date thing save the summer thing,
and their big argument was.
That this is always a peek it’s always a p kids and all this stuff did you know that after once they started the new program to start after Labor Day AP scores went up.

[1:07:11] At 8 p.m. ruhlman 20.
To their whole fucking argument about how it was going to hurt a p which actually in the opposite fucking Direction.
Decided to go back to the old way and you’re like.
What Labor Day to Memorial Day He told me at the time why he supported it is like.
He goes when the girls got out of school last year it was snowing on the last day of school it was snowing like early May.

[1:07:49] Hesus like it was stupid.
Coming up next time you’re around your own school for 4 days a week I think it shouldn’t be I’ve said that all along they should get breaks in between and that’s it.
Would pay the teachers for a we get my salary for the Full Bucket year and then you should work the whole year it’ll get me started on that guy say here we go.

[1:08:09] 07 hit
what you did change I want I’m glad I brought you on Craig because you did change my mind at a really good job explaining out all the finance change my mind about that so I feel I feel better about,
you feel better about yourself
I already voted out yet but I did not feel good about the election but I I feel better about the fact that I’m paying taxes on money,
that’s it in a bank account I just registered that we just spent an hour talking about the sick and he’s suffering so the clock lot
see you next time.

Sioux Empire Podcast 122 Blockade Billy and KELO NewsTalk with Todd Epp

This week on the Sioux Empire Podcast, we talk with News Director Todd Epp.

Urban Indianz Ep 028 “You’re not going to bully AntiBully Team” With Marcus Wright

Urban Indianz Ep 028 “You’re not going to bully AntiBully Team” With Marcus Wright

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guest: Marcus Wright

“These two Sioux Falls men help local teens, so why are they in trouble for it?” From the Argus Leader

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight: Hey Baby by Gabriel Night Shield Featuring Maniac: The Siouxpernatural & Wellington Downz

Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands, Marcus Wright, Sioux Falls Police, Argus Leader, 605 Magazine, Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, Wellington Downz

Machine Transcript

[0:54] All right.
Welcome to episode 28 of the urban Indians podcast I’m your host Gabriel night Shield say joined by Char and Robert I guess they Marcus Wright.
Will be in a book for that will.
Chit chat it up a little bit I suppose it has it has been.
And adventurous past couple weeks difference 2 weeks mix.
Yeah we got to wear in the 605 magazine so shut out to arlana for.
Hooking that up if you guys have not seen that go pick up a copy of the 605 magazine this month,
a little bit worried cuz I talk to that lady for like literally like a phone call and then.
She did a good job on the article.

[1:57] Throughout South Dakota bunch of places you can just read the article on the on the website to without having to have a physical.

[2:08] How’s that was pretty cool I don’t know 605 magazine yeah what is that it looks like some like spelunking.

[2:22] With the neutrinos and stuff it’s just like.
Her it would be very I think.

[2:38] Somewhere that were page 42 and I looked at it a lot right now.
They’re calling you I mean it,
it’s early to tell but they’re calling it 605 magazine sexiest issue yet.
Not that I had like 200 of them over here when I see my mom was all like yes yes,
what culture.

[3:22] Yeah I just I was yeah it was when we were talking about it I was like I wonder if that’s going to come out tomorrow what’s going to happen and then yeah like first thing in the morning it was out.
That’s cool.

[3:35] No it’s always an honor to be in there so yeah yes thank you for having us that’s so what.
What else have you been up to I had a show in Wagner last night that was pretty fun.
It was a good time like everybody there was,
yeah it was it was a high-end dress party all the time scale party conventions but like.
It’s like a notch below that cuz I mean they spent a lot of money on like food and,
alcohol and keeping did I make sound,
classy for a would that be like you be up there rapping but you be like a complete by like the Boston Philharmonic,
piano guys up there to go in at a Time YouTube,
yeah it was cool there was like a band there that like performed before me Cruise 69 we’re actually last night we,
bind up by where we do in Rosewood Fair Friday and Saturday night together too so,
that’s two weeks I think that might be the next time we actually.
It’s like the 23rd 24th.

[5:05] Sound like that that weekend we’re going to be doing that and then I was on the radio station down there 28095,
with that Siobhan right Von wasn’t there a girl named Elizabeth interviewed me I guess they’re going to have that in rotation so.
Didn’t catch it live then it’ll be on like at various points during the week and stuff too so.

[5:28] Very cool yeah we debuted a new song what you lost me playing in later on today hey baby from my album.
We just finally got done fucking recording,
receiving emails from you in Pawtucket no no offense subject line of hey baby.
Gabriel night hey baby.
It’s funny.
It’s the name it is the name of the father.
That’s funny I didn’t even think of that.
Work staff meeting but it’s still really good in Pine Ridge had their powwow this weekend and so it was like Wednesday and it was like.

[6:45] Like heavy traffic like going to traffic,
ghetto country parties out and hand county has ass like,
when there’s only one road it’s like it doesn’t take much to get a traffic jam going to Higher Ground Coffee.
In my marriage I go to it yeah so we had a meeting with that outside and one of my co-workers had never been to Pine Ridge
I like it’s usually not this busy food vendor trucks owned by and brother.
Yeah they had a house there and my coworkers are at. And I guess they hit about 500-600 people and then they stopped doing track.
Wow it’s like a lot of people that’s really cool I’ve never been there either.

[7:52] Yeah that’s going on right now but I actually just about my shirt or.

[8:02] Cuz,
what yeah What shirt are you talking about,
well that’s what I would have worn this for like 3 episodes.
It just says satellite short to the point.
You know like they sell like Savage on the shirts.
It’s a bunch of things a little Savage for like toddlers.

[9:01] I don’t know and then the iso Sioux Falls going to have a.
Native American Day parade for the first time yes I saw that that we have a float tube.
A flat base of your house you need a flatbed.
Let me know what you need on that and that’s that’s on October 8th.
So it’s very shortly after supercon September is going to be fucking wild I got like two weddings supercon.
There’s one other big thing and now there’s a parade at the end of of that sequence so it’ll be a bridge full month it was very sweet,
yeah well they moved it off the date so that doesn’t know yeah but yeah I took my nephew up to the outdoor pool here last night and I was like,
I think this is my first time in the outdoor pool for this season which that’s insane cuz it’s August.

[10:19] Like the older you get like the faster like just time goes by,
I’m hitting that age where a time is just going to seem like it’s moving faster and faster until everything is over is that’s true.

[10:39] What’s the worst,
if you’re doing your album release party that’s awesome October 6th.
I’m waiting yeah yeah yeah,
it matters but yeah we got a lot of cool people going to be performing just I wanted to just invite like my friends house like trying to think of who could I get that would be like drawers or whatever I was like you know what time it starts at 8:30.
Play music probably realistically won’t start till like 9:30 and sure but it but around 8:30 ish 8:30 cool down phone now that you have it on that date is that,
Conor McGregor I know I seen that God dammit,
I don’t like like it’s going to have to move that around I’ll take his 30s that you’re probably not. I wonder if we could get a TV in there but I can get them to fucking play Let’s get it on like that you like behind me,
if my dog behind the stage.
Yeah yeah that I seen that I got like those ESPN alerts on my phone and they got that alert.

[12:02] We got you just like looking at a TV while you’re on stage I’m really excited I was trying to.
Think about it and I was like you know I will probably performing at the same time McGregor’s fighting cuz usually it’ll be like around like midnight or so and then.
Yeah it’s really.
It’s really the closest place would be like B-Dubs right now can I run over something like that yeah.
Yeah there you go you just be up there with my iPad I’ll be in Oklahoma City.

[12:46] Thursday Friday and fly back Saturday so it’s going to be crazy for me too it’s a busy busy weekend.
Baby goodbye good stuff coming up early talk about like how busy summers are at this one’s been pretty busy but I’m just like man September is going to be.

[13:03] Yeah and I knocked over.

[13:08] It’s like a faster and busier it feels like.
Now it cuz I thought we did that show last night and then this Thursday I got that show with jelly roll and Levi.

[13:24] Tech Nine in Sturgis and then it just like and then like the week after that throws with fair and then just keeps like.

[13:30] Compounding you know it’s like I don’t know.
It’s been a lot of work.
Nap like his birthday is November.

[13:52] So the weather last night was crazy it wasn’t like we were out.
We went to that party and then we left there like the cops were like coming around and how’s it going we need to get the fuck out of here.
We left and went down by like the water in Wagner there’s like a cool like little like Pier,
like how is not everybody in town just like hanging out down here it’s fucking beautiful out here.
But yeah it was really it was really nice we just hung out down there for till like 3:30 or so in the morning and it was it was fine I mean it wasn’t yeah,
yeah I was so we went to hit up the fights last night and then Shayna was out at page so I checked her out and then like after that storm like started Mike went into the gas station and look,
the whole front of him was just soaking wet in the back of someone’s truck,
it’s my window.

[15:15] But you know you’re telling the parents and stuff then the grandparents the story on the phone what’s the one part he wants to go on and on about there was this crabby crabby old lady who’s Patty was like right above the pool like at one point he was,
Bob and under the water to come back up there one point got too much water up his nose and a blue water out of his milk cuz it was like,
she started yelling at him it’s just like that’s a community pool when she just like angrily like a weird at us like 15 minutes,
the last weekend the twins just got their new bike since I was riding a bike and then this old guy,
comes by my keys like crying cuz he couldn’t push the pedal and some stupid and that old man was like.

[16:03] Kids blah blah blah. I know that feeling it’s a,
I hope I’m never that crap that’s that’s why I think it was,
yeah just give me a warning and then my sister said that to the wheel warn me if I turn into that old person right.

[16:30] Something bad happened to you yeah lost your way.
Stuff yeah yeah like what I don’t get it get it I’m just happy.
It’s bad enough living with kids in an apartment would be really tough.

[16:52] It is you really can’t control that.

[17:01] Now how to say they’re going to be the only kid in our apartment but that’s not true there’s a bunch of cute I don’t know what else.
Please don’t spend enough time at your house I don’t know.

[17:17] Weird what was I going to say I totally just spaced out there for a second. I’m not kidding.

[17:26] But I don’t know it started to form a thought and then it disappeared some nights of Ben.
I’m always dating I’m always I’m always,
I was trying to be friendly. Forever on the market click expired now what.
Trying to trying to be a nice guy didn’t didn’t work out in my favor though but.
LOL yeah yeah yeah I could tell you some stories about last night,
I won’t but.

[18:20] I don’t know it’s crazy man you guys are lucky that you’re married it’s a it’s a weird world out there.

[18:29] Yeah last night is that when we’re at. Like the guy some random guy Mike was in the bathroom and I would hate it cuz I’m like that’s the worst bar to be at,
even for a second guys are just like.

[18:42] Yeah this guy took your so beautiful like that’s what I like please don’t touch me I’m married but I get away from me.
That’s how I felt last night at that res party like a beautiful girl I took like these two chicks were like.
Yeah it was just like just like hugging up on me as it goes really uncomfortable like this is not this is not what I want to be happening right now.
It was it was bad it got worse but yeah.
So yeah I watched YouTube Minecraft videos with nephew.

[19:33] Yeah what it what do people get out of there was like I always see like those videos and I don’t know but all my nieces will my nephew’s all of my nephews are super obsessed with the walkthrough videos was like they don’t like this younger generation 8.
We just talked about old people being old and crabby but we’ll be our generation version of that,
I don’t get it because they don’t want to play the video game they want to watch someone better than it’s kinda like professional sports sports they want to watch something funny,
dad talk while they walk through the game instead of actually playing it only my nephew do that too it’s so annoying I can’t even,
awful but only YouTube like video game walkthrough serious it was ever something I actually enjoyed was,
the McElroy brothers from my brother my brother and me it’s a comedy podcast about two different shows but that’s a big one.
They did for awhile YouTube City series that’s worth checking out called Monster Factory,
like where are you where they will do any,
the play any game where you get to like build an avatar and customize it and they try to make the most fucked-up Avatar that I possibly can to like break it and then at one point they.
They have like a three-part episode we’re basically they.

[21:00] A whole bunch of their fans and followers from Twitter to like all get together and throw a giant party in Second Life and then up crashing a server and like taking over some guys like virtual mansion and like perfectly trashing it and.
Yeah yeah it’s pretty hilarious.

[21:23] That’s all I love every time.

[21:26] Yeah I know I’m getting back into it just a little bit with steam know that I’m kind of going back to PC gaming a little bit and got rid of the consoles but I still have only like dipped my toe in it but just so busy with life.
Computer stuff.
And it’s crazy that my husband was reading like on average like kids play like 5 hours a day which is like mind-blowing like.
He’s like yeah we got to get our kids like outside that outdoor time is like so important you know like.
Cuz I save is educational like part of it is okay you like yeah it’s like all things in moderation you know I do think it’s funny though.
Yeah it’s just like when I was younger telling me I had to stay inside on a summer day was punishment or is now it’s like I can’t force them to go outside.

[22:20] I’d say like in my neighborhood cuz I live more Central you see more kids out and about.

[22:28] Cuz they probably don’t have cable or whatever it is.

[22:32] Alright I’m going to shut the door in the building.
Yeah Pastor shoulder.
Papers and she trying to do you wrong man in about one of the main people like in this community that’s doing stuff for the Youth and they’re trying to paint you as the bad guy or whatever which is bullshit so I wanted to get you on here to sort of.
Tell your side and it’ll give us a little bit of background on you know what you been doing and when you been doing this for a long long time exactly in on time I’ll see you later.
You know I obviously you know for the people who don’t know me you know Marcus you be star Cowabunga music United Ballers you know it started from the music.

[23:27] All this started a long time ago so this is just you know send in the making of doing better things and trying to like.
You know influence to you you know talk about 2 then let them know I K anything’s possible what you got to stay focus you know I’m saying like.
Cousin once you get yourself caught up in some bullshit you know it’s easy to get in trouble with an easy to get out of you know sending the youth are the future you know I’m saying so.
For as far as that first be an artist you know it’s our job to like.
Try to change that around a little bit and structure in and let him know like a like everything you see ain’t always what it seems you know everybody ganging this game that but like.
If that’s the lifestyle you want you want to live and you want to try to have success to.

[24:13] Show me sort of tough you know I’m saying so we started the I started the anti-bully school to school you tour.
We’ve been going so I call the boarding school Job Corps schools talking to kids about bullying and you know what happens home school work every age every race.
Touching tablets with your education you know where happens homeschool work every age every race you know to send that we bring in the music and the athletes are the major musicians and involved as well so,
it’s like assembly that starting to more like a party you know I’m saying cuz the response from kids and slide.
They were like well when I was in school we had people come out and talk to us about bullying and depression and stuff like that but it wouldn’t like nobody we were really like felt like we are influenced by you know.
So we try to bring that Vibe out to the kids and it’s like a soda response and I mean like we get it we get the feedback is Major I mean and we I took it from.

[25:11] All around from Salem North Salem Oregon to.
Show Low Arizona I mean to places I never heard of that that I’ve been going to and majority of the schools I go to our Native American schools you know I’m saying because like,
in the rule areas it’s like it’s not really close to the city.
So it’s like that really have advantages to get into the City and going to like concerts and major events and things like that so they really appreciate this type of entertainment when it come out and it’s just like.

[25:44] It’s not like a picking a chosen like I’m going to go to all these black schools I’m about to all these native schools I’m going to use an African schools are Mexican schools cuz it’s boarding schools every race all around the United States yeah you know but,
I dissed I did my own statistics in my own studies,
Evike bullying where is the most bullying at what cities what schools have the highest,
you know suicide rate that type of thing and it boiled down to like.
The rural areas like on the outskirts of these cities yes and so then I was just like what them like like what’s the problem like.
You call the police officers and things like that you know they needed don’t care what they just said hey do you know Kids R Kids Nas it ain’t gets Kids R Kids like it’s a problem yeah I got need to help these kids you need to send me these counters out here and see what’s really going on
so I cannot go out to the schools like I reach out to these kids you know we talked and we we like we build a rapport with each other you know I’m saying so it’s just like.

[26:42] Depression suicide everybody know that’s a major fact major factor in an all-over is not just a certain area at kids that don’t deal with that like on a daily.
You know so adults do it too but I mean adults.

[26:58] You know they know how to escape where they know how to vent or do I or relaxer get them self like reset if you’re a teen and sort of tough for you if you’re going through something like that to reset yourself I mean because like.

[27:14] You got to go to school you got to come home from school you got the homework.
Then if you got a job you got to go to work so where do you find the time so it’s like if if your if your pressure you’re depressed on top of all that other stuff yeah I guess hard to live life you know I’m saying so.
Twitter you like kids that age they don’t really have like the life experience to like you know.
You know then you have like kids doing things that everyone said why did they do that why did he do that why would she do that.
And it’s just like the new one nobody there to talk to him when nobody there until I tell him I hate it’s okay for you to talk to this person to talk to this person your mom your aunt your cousin your auntie local law enforcement like,
somebody at the end of the day it’s somebody that loves everybody yeah I’m saying so you should know who that person is and if not like.
Somebody need to tell you I hate like you can call here you can come here at like he needs to be resources and and how it is cuz I’m a grown up.

[28:24] The things we got involved in the things we did it’s cuz it wasn’t none for us to do,
this music this music stuff saved my life saved our life you know I’m saying I’ve been around since we’ve been around and we’ve been doing stuff together for a long time and it’s just like,
that music stuff these shows and these these events these parties that stuff I kept us out of trouble you know I’m saying that it’s just something that was.
Successful that we saw a future with so we kept going with it and going with it and you know everything went hi when you know things happen and things dispersed and then.
Everybody lose their lives at the end of the day you know I’m saying so what but with this like music I felt like.

[29:05] I ain’t quitting I’m not sure I never give up on this so like.
On the way to success having a little success here on and off the road you know that messing up Flo Rida and people like that and I was just like what man I see all these people in these cities like,
we come back what if we come back and we hit a different outskirts we meet some of these kids they said he go to boarding school this and that what if we come back and go to the school as well if we come bring events their schools and do things like that.
And it’s like it’s it’s a blessing bro cuz it’s like everybody around me could be doing a lot of other things you don’t say I didn’t like like we shipped it.
Our lifestyle to try to like help out others so in like in the process you know would like the parties.

[29:50] I was constantly hosting parties and hosting parties here host parties are hosting parties there everything I do is all ages try to keep a team team rated you know I’m saying,
because the teenagers like like we were doing what we’re doing back then I mean you have a few places like Acme so you had it for a little bit you had.
Teen night clubs in things like that to do that eventually it got shut down you know or they just closed business whatever.
So you had can’t change that stuff like that the YMCA and it was just like,
these places went until these times as well so curfew was this is never,
has never been an issue to where we were blind to it now we never been blind to the fact that curfew is the legal time and you have to be in when you have to go by by your curfew but.

[30:38] Wait like what I’ve been doing like all summer like when we are hosting a defense like we sort of we sort of Saw.
Problems about to occur alcohol and we promoted that,
like Mike heart like just to let you know don’t come here somewhere in that don’t come in when you’re doing that this is to come here and have a good time and.

[31:05] You’re the police saw that that we were doing that you know started from small two lines being around the block like we diverse that we actually diversify a youth,
event and you have blacks whites every age every races you had all that in their mix having a good time yeah we never not once hat fights,
nobody ever buy weapons nobody brought a backpack as we said don’t put in a bag for them don’t come with backpacks no bullying,
like they follow exactly what we’re saying damn and it was respect.
So every time they came and they respected us and made it gave us more motivation to do it bigger and better and do more things and events and things like that so.
And for free. For those like fire listeners or whatever that might not know like if you host these parties you know for teens or whatever in the end like the cops you know been hassling you guys and spend in the paper and stuff like that like,
recently which is being of overtime and I just wanted to let people know in case they didn’t already know but bullshit man.

[32:09] Sioux Falls has a real problem with minorities in hip hop,
you can be it’s like.
There’s nothing to be afraid about like this is a big world you know this is a big world the world is huge.
And so for you to in your own City,
there’s you there’s teenagers there is always going to be teenagers and recycle recycle recycle teenagers aren’t going nowhere they’re going to be your forever so you can’t just.
Say okay well we’re just going to keep them out the way of everything until they’re adults cuz it don’t work that way.

[32:55] You’re you’re a teenager I mean you have the right to have a good time you have a right to life,
unwind as well yeah obviously not like an adult you can’t drink alcohol you can sell it today was a long day I’m going to have a drink I’m stressed out you can’t do that but you have the right to go somewhere,
when no one’s in your face and you can meet up with your friends invent and just chill relax dance whatever listen to music just getting his own like you have the right to do that you know I’m saying so,
like with the officers with this whole situation with me and them a citation me for contributing,
delinquency contributing delinquency of a minor call C,
sorry I don’t mean to get all you guys when you get here is a quote from the artist of your story here from police spokesman Captain warm McManus on Friday,
and that they were unaware of why so many teams were at the shop even is curfew to send it.

[34:01] Okay my reaction was like first of all the contributing I just like they didn’t find anything and they’re giving you a contributing which is bullshit,
and that sorry that’s my opinion do you know how many,
different programs and grants and.

[34:23] Organizations try to put on something that teens actually want to go to that’s totally legit totally clean no alcohol it’s a good safe environment for youth,
I mean most communities would kill for that,
down in and like you are saying it’s like you’ve been building trust and you’ve been building you know we’re poor in the community and like more people are coming and white word is spreading and stuff like that is like,
that’s a success story not a fucking police report.
You know like weather sometimes like I told these kids lying.
Fibro like last week the weekend before that like after all this like we know we can go down to downtown and do this so we did it in my backyard at my house and we had it hundreds of teens in the backyard.
And I talked to him I said hey I said it’s BS you know what Sioux Falls is doing to us you know and I told him I said okay well.

[35:26] Everybody has it out for cops. Like you see a cop cop get behind you if you straighten up you like all shit you know if you’re walking along the street and you which group of your friends and cops passing you watching them too.
So like.
The cops they sometimes they bring the some of the stuff on themselves like the reason why these kids act this way towards cops is because,
that it is implanted in their head around what’s going around the world like I said it’s a big world it’s a lot of stuff that happens in every city every everywhere so you have cops,
you know what shooting unarmed teens you have these tragedies you have all types of things so these teenagers they’re not dumb they’re not dumb so they let her know what’s going on,
so whether they think you’re a good cop or bad cop you know they’re going to what they’re going to how can I put this.

[36:26] They’re going to the trust and respect is there but it’s just the respect is why is how these officers.
Present themselves like if they see a group of kids and they come up on them and these kids like these kids got into their minds where they see a cop they automatically going to run.

[36:44] Don’t run what are you running for don’t run there’s no reason to run you haven’t done nothing wrong don’t run okay spoke police officers well if there’s not a problem,
then what why are you why are you of course we want your presence known in everything we do we want your benefits entity we want you there,
but you don’t have to like.
Be to the point to where you’re now and its function is not your extraction now your but he wasn’t approved towards someone so the teens.

[37:14] Does sometimes have anger inside of them against them for no reason cuz they don’t they don’t know these officers like I told him some cops are good cops I know a lot of cops,
my boy my boy and I feel like we grew up together like he don’t know if he’s on the sheriff Force now so it’s just like.
I know a lot of cops and a lot of art are good guys and ladies you know so it’s just like but some of them,
yeah they really shouldn’t be on the force because for them to be a profession with their job.
You should know how to defuse a situation other than provoca situation and then be quick to cut off a person and say they’re being disorderly you know and not that’s that’s just where I just don’t get it because it’s like.

[37:58] You respect me I respect you just because you have a bad so mean you can just talk to me any type of way you can’t just talk to me any type of any type of way because you have a bad I respect you but I respect you too,
Ann extend yeah I know then there’s no explanation for the for the bullshit after that.
If you respect me I respect you you are the law you enforce the law but you’re supposed to put Troll and keep the people say you don’t just show up and say I’m the boss and you’re going to do this and you’re going to do that and you’re not in your going to do this and that and because,
I’m not going to just listen to everything you’re saying I know what rights these kids they don’t know their rights.
So you going to treat them that way but you you’re not going to talk to a person and know their rights and tell them how it’s going to go,
because first of all this is in your establishment who called you while you hear someone from inside call you why are you here,
okay and it if it’s someone so if it’s 11:30 or if it’s 11:15 and you’re talking to me at the door interview of the event for 45 minutes.

[38:59] And then you say okay well.
The party has in and then I go in and I go down till the DJ stop the music turn the lights on everybody got to go parties over,
and then you want to come in by the time it take me two seconds to get down the stairs and going to talk to the DJ then you’re in the room making your presence known and all these kids are like oh
freaking out and panicking and running and doing this and now now that’s entrapment entrapment falls on a lot of different categories so in trying if you want to get technical about this.
That’s entrapment what happened to me was entrapment in any way no I’m not saying okay.

[39:35] We did everything all everything was done how was supposed to been cuz obviously there were young kids in there,
and it was past curfew but the time you came today at door 11:15 11:20 while we’re talking and you’re keeping me at the door for another 40 minutes,
having this officer come over here in this officer come over here and now 6-7 squad cars up front and I asked him under arrest for something and you say no just wait one second,
and then you bring another car to the door now the cops like dude I don’t even know why I’m at the door what’s going on so they don’t know,
I’m going back downstairs and I’m just sitting in the party so I go down there not in the party and then they brush the party and then,
let a lot of kids go but pick and choose certain kids to give her free tickets to they didn’t lion all these kids up at the door and say okay.

[40:29] You what’s your name you you what’s your name how do you how do you do that kids walk past them young kids older kids and they got what they can get they picked out who they wanted to pick out and they gave him tickets.
And if it’s like there’s all kinds of like cops at the door and I’m a kid you know I’m not just going to go walk past you know a bunch of cop cars and all that shit like yeah like I’m probably scared down there like yeah want to be around them,
yeah so it’s always it’s like you know so so that’s that’s how that played out and then to me I think it’s.

[41:05] You know what I hate talking about I hate bringing bringing the race issue involved because I know,
I have a lot of friends that are white you know how I like I I know a lot of white people you know I love everybody you know it’s not about race thing,
but certain people they are on that race stuff near start certain people don’t want to see somebody succeed him some people don’t want to see certain people succeed for the dumbest reason,
like because of your skin color because of what someone of your skin color may have done to them or done to their family or done something like that so people hold grudges and people haven’t hit Vin hip to 2018 and no this is not.

[41:46] If you feel like you got to fall into future stop being a dinosaur like,
we’re here you know it’s not going nowhere but it’s still wanting it it’s like.
Like we’re not come we’re not causing any problems we just want to like,
we just trying to help what’s your relationship like with the other downtown businesses in the area cuz I’m like do you think that
they were like the impetus for it or anything like that or do you think it was the police force in general I personally think it was the police force in general and the reason I’m saying that is because.
But there is more reports more reports that came out like there are reports that came out Jeremy the guy who did our interview in August I mean his super cow going to do what he’s super cool Shelton’s Army he did our interview in there and he just had,
questions for himself he’s like man this don’t make sense like like how is this possible like so.

[42:46] He reached out and he got the cars like the police cars from from the time we started doing those events from a couple months ago or whatever and to win the police cars when they were actually called.
Show the times.
That they’re actually called in that vicinity right there were about maybe six or seven times throughout all the times we had events there and then you had calls about.

[43:09] 77207 for something else like on the block of where Wiley’s is
and then you had a lot of calls towards the area but they they weren’t to the actual establishment where we’re at shirt and so therefore one of the law enforcement’s we clarified that came into the artist with their comments whatever I’m like oh yeah we’re sorry well,
there was calls out there but to this specific establishment.
The times were 10-27-10 18 one night at 2:58 in the morning one night and like.
918 one night so in between those times like you can have music you can play music.
Like that’s not even past the sound from things like that so.
Those times don’t cause came in they need to come there at those times of those calls,
so they got that call why didn’t they come like pull up to the scene if they hate do this or do that do that now we had interactions with them on other nights you know where they came like cuz there was no one night where we were having like a.
Live performance with somebody the first time we did it and it ran late today I’m going to be like the icon.

[44:38] You know they were going through some with the sound you know what I didn’t really keep up on exit right well. But I just know I heard about them going through some stuff about the apartment and it’s just like.

[44:51] You know like why I mean downtown Sioux Falls it’s expanding this growing and that’s good that’s a good thing but it’s just like how can you.
Why would you.
Why would you want to live there and you know what’s around you and then and then come in and complain and say what I spend,
I spent $300,000 for my condo and this and that so you better tell them to keep the music down and you tell them I don’t want these people are these kids around here so why are you so
so I understand why you downtown and watch City want you downtown because it’s money because y’all some money okay so I understand but my everything can’t be about money like you got think about,
Michael’s kids lives almost like why would you move into an area that you’re irritated by,
it’s like they want downtown but they want a version of downtown they’re picturing in their head not afraid to,
that’s true I can see if these kids are outside.
At on a function that we’re having it if they’re outside.

[46:02] Breaking in cars outside fighting but none of that was going on all the reports were kids outside hanging out on the corner okay well you have adults across the street hanging out on Wiley Street outside,
they have Windows crossing the street so you have constant,
constant arm it is constant movement you don’t sound like at night time
what is not illegal to be a pedestrian and it’s not there it’s not you catch a Saturday night you got people everywhere people just walking downtown so kids that aren’t even coming to our event, so how do you how do you pick and choose now.
Olli schedule outside or walking by there stopping in making noise and it’s just like his downtown Sioux Falls Okay so.

[46:49] I looked at some of the comments on August 9th on one and it just boils down to.
Even older people of the other race and it’s because they’re black and I downtown and then trying to do something good and they’re they’re succeeding at it and.
You know they want to know what’s going on inside.
Okay how stupid can you be to say I wonder why these all these kids wanted to keep coming to this place and hanging out in that basement.
It’s like because there’s DJ there’s a music I spy something to do raffle things we give away things like this it’s it’s something to do,
go ahead I just going to say it like Sioux Falls literally had limited options when it I’d like grown-ups like you said Acme was like the only place you could go.
Yeah I remember when I was in college and you know we talked about coming up to Sioux Falls but like especially before you hit 21 there was like no you know what is a wasteland back and it’s been like 2001-2002 that year up but yeah but I’m shy.

[47:48] I’m not shocked but the the quote from the plate Captain throws me cuz it’s very like they’re baffled like
why don’t get it how can you have teenagers Gathering and not have the drugs and alcohol or other stuff and I’m just like,
this is the squeakiest clean Finn I’ve ever seen raided like silly,
party gone crazy or something and then it’s just like the more I dug into the story The More I read about it the most like what yeah.

[48:23] It basically like they gave away that they gave away a lot of curfew tickets that night so it’s disgusting like how they chose the way to create revenue for the city that night because curfew tickets aren’t cheap you know that they aren’t cheap.
And I know their past a hundred and twenty bucks or something like that wish it really so is yeah,
a lot of curfew tickets to these kids who may not even have a jobs now their parents have to pay that okay so then it boils down to the fact that.

[48:54] The aren’t the reason this happened this night where there was 18 year olds there as well as older teens it’s because.
I was out of town and so therefore we have a lot of we have a large group of kids that we have promote events and do things you know from family members and things 1.
When we send texts and things like that so when they work their Snapchats and they send messages you know I had you no one 17 year old that was doing it.
And you know it’s a 16 year old that helps out.
And then there is a 19 year old that helps out when we do like concert events to bring it all ages with all age concert is all ages,
Big Show all age concert you going to have all ages they’re going to have them still working that bar at all ages but you have to show ID near queso all ages means all ages,
okay so this is a teenage event and we always put from grade 7 through 12 and soul.

[49:53] Do that being you know you when you’re in the 12th grade you’re you’re at some kids are 18.
Kids promoting that are 16 and kids spread the word that 18 to the 18 or dirty in the art of hearing about it they just haven’t been there yet what’s going on like let’s go check the spot.
So this night I mean like that it happened be a busy night like it was packed like it was a line outside and everything is so so there’s a lot of people then you had ages from the 60s to the 1514 then you had the 17 and 18 19,
so then it’s just like.

[50:31] You know we said hey it got to a point where before it even got to 11 we said if you aren’t of this age you if you got to leave,
so we know the typical teen night the typical teen I started with the young age crowd it started with the four teams and up to no older than 16 17,
s o a lot of the parents we started knowing a lot of parents who were some of the parents they come in and check it out before they let the kids stay then I’ll leave ya but their parents are all were there they were they were always there on time to pick him up after yeah,
so if it was 11 and they’re out there by like 10:45.
This night it just seems like every every kid was able to tell their parents hate we’re going to stay we’re going to stay here and so.

[51:16] If you’re a parent then that’s your job to Satan know this is past your curfew yeah I’m coming to get you right now like this isn’t nothing new you can,
you’re not staying late tonight and you’re not we’re not known of you staying there past a certain time but now it’s not you’re going to say yeah what if you’re lying to me any place close and you just going to go to his friends house and do whatever you know what’s up.
So with the parents it to me also you know if they were okay where they’re at then.

[51:43] It’s not okay to do past curfew so I’m not saying that.
They’re not you know doing that it illegal passage that but it’s just like for a for some of these parents though as well.
You know they got to know where that kids are if your kid is 11 year old 11 years old and you’re leaving him there and why are you first of all.
If I had an eleven-year-old I’ll probably won’t let go to parties and stuff like that yet,
Genesis play in Steven pass like a teenager like I like when my brother’s like when I was young my brother.
You know they they had like the what was it called those at the YMCA is called the canteen the canteen and so I remember one time.

[52:33] I snuck in you know cuz I was with them and like when.
When I went to like sugar ideas whatever I was in between my brother and one of his big friend so I can get the first time that happened I was like.
I was like 13,
my mom is pissed off at me too because I was just to go tell my brother something in the line,
I was like man they were playing basketball in one gym and then the other gym it was like just a dance party and so I experienced that.
You know an app that you know I got my ass nest out of there.

[53:25] And then it happened again at Acme I was just to go say hey can I get my brother and tell him some and they’re like going in there and then I got in there and I was like,
shit again.
I don’t think I got a dancing and I’m just like man.
And so from that point you know we’re getting older then you have like acne and stuff like that.
Sounds like every Sunday night I think it was if it wasn’t school on Monday for I forgot the nice that were that was Soo.

[54:15] Tonight I was just like man like.
In the process of us doing a music and doing that you know doing shows and moving around then I just never forgot about that you said well I’m going to figure something out someday to wear like.
I can get back to you sometime that way you’re not saying okay.
Going to eat school and give him $1,000 and thousand thousand thousand.
Find you Indian School the lady whose name what is your name.

[54:47] Marlys marlys marlys minor Manor sound like that and it was a Justin.

[54:56] Justin.

[55:00] Starts with the beat Justin Bieber Justin Brunner Brunner Brunner something Brothers.
They booked me for a show one time right they booked me for a show.
So you know I got that worked out with the group and I was like hey man we going to Flandreau Indian school. Before show like that’s the first time I got paid to do a show so I was like shit like.
I get paid you don’t think that was I think Flandreau Indian school is like my first page show to you,
felt like like that like I said that was motivation again what I was doing so I went to the school.

[55:40] The music that we had then it wasn’t so clean and so.
And at once I saw like there and teachers in there and I saw they had their school cop in there and like the counselor who actually wanted us to come there and got us booked to come in there in like the dorm the people who run the dorms and things like that.
And I’m like and I start thinking about some of the music that was on the CD.

[56:05] And then I was like there’s a lot of kids is packed already cuz it’s a school and then there was a gymnasium and I was just like man like some jazz music.
I forgot I forgot to tell them I knew I was going to ask.
Might not be so good like so I was just like.

[56:28] I was like Nas we just going to do it anyway we still do it anyway so we like that first that first intro come in and said we’re going to pick,
the cleanest songs we have party songs 2 or 3,
and we did that and then we just going to play other people music like major artist music that turning into a party so,
movie star performing light they had never heard of us or her music before they were just happy that it was live entertainment and some that they don’t always get,
and they’re rocking with his hard and it was just a party at it amounted to be a good party like that,
they were taking us you know for coming out there the staff the director is you know maybe they loved it they like whenever you guys did I got it again do it please get us any contact with us and we would love to have you back.
And so from that point I knew after that night that I had to get more professional with it because it’s like those are.
Younger kids and obviously it’s a school so you can’t take like all that negative stuff there towards the school.
But I mean like obviously you know like I said some of the music wasn’t clean and so we we figure it out I figured out okay hey.

[57:44] One of these schools going to be professional I figure out what if I would say school is wonderful,
said some what if we gave him some type of positive message so I can let him know like yeah don’t let things Sidetrack you from the videos and things like that like this is who we are and you know we appreciate you guys giving us the opportunity to be here,
so we’re going to.
We’re going to respect the fact that we’re here so respect the faculty to keep it clean for you guys and bring some positive like a message at the same time,
picked up I kept doing it I kept doing it all the schools are catching when other schools start catching win and so like I just stuck with in the stuff Within,
you know it just start to spread so I got better at what I did and I’m still getting better at what I do it is and so I just got better as in.
Putting more speeches in like talking to the kids more more than just music talking to them more about serious topics you know about things life things that happen in life you know that.
Like suicide depression like that’s major like.

[58:49] Is my kids they go through think they go through things adults we go through things we go through things everyday nobody’s perfect we don’t you going to go through things in life and that’s the key to talk to the kids and let him know like a,
you’re going to go through things you’re going to fall in love you going to have a girlfriend or boyfriend you might do it in school.
Most likely not going to be with them forever with you going to think you’re going to be with them forever so when you get your heart broke the first.
You just like man like you’re like there’s nobody can fix it unless you say I want you back you know I’m saying or he say I want you back till like,
some kids.

[59:28] They’ve got to that point to where would that first thing happen they can take it and they did other bad things to them damn she knows just cuz that first thing cuz it was nobody to say hey.
I guess you can’t tell the person I have a light.

[59:42] You don’t like you think you got you got daughter’s you got you guys you guys got kids how do you how do you type how do you tell how do you tell.
Do your kid hey like someday you’re going to be hurt.
Someday this isn’t going to work out the way it’s supposed to work out and you’re going to feel horrible like you’re going to feel so bad to where you think is your fault and you just don’t know what to do just because your body is hurt your hurt you like shutting down.
In like this is what you don’t do this is what you don’t do you not feel this way cuz it’s just like kids they’re just want to experience the feeling.
And and try to like.
Without or react without thinking there’s going to react without thinking so my whole goal what I do isn’t talked about topics like that and not just it’s not just bowling and it’s about.
Bully in and then you break down the statistics on bullying and knee say okay well why is this person a bully what made this person turn into a bully okay,
play kids these kids that this kid bully.
And if you believe a certain amount of kids how many of those kids you’re bullying how many do them turn the bullies themselves yeah you know an Invicta mines other people,
and you know like tragedies like you got school shooting so you got all that and it’s just like all that,
you think I’m a bully anything I’m a bully as a bad person a bully is bad he’s just a person that.

[1:01:06] Don’t have no Outlet until he does bad things so it’s just like sometimes the bully might just be like you know like you don’t know,
what’s going on his life okay I’ll be the victim of bullying why you bullying mean okay I’m not poor kid I got my mom and my dad at home I’m just coming to school to get an education as a white why you picking on me from The Bully Sam point of view.

[1:01:30] My mom and dad broke up,
okay we’re not financially okay so I don’t care so I’m not caring about nothing and I’m just going to take it out on everybody you know I got to talk to nobody cuz there’s nobody can help that can help me,
Menendez so I’m just going to use my own judgement and I’m just going to think for myself and react react react when there’s people that can help you is people have you talk and let them know what’s going on,
there that they’ll be able to help you snare help you and so can the bully standpoint it’s just like.
The weather in mind developmental insula you know,
however they’re going to Target this issue and and and and decompress and that way and think it’s the right way and then you know ain’t towards others you know that that’s how I see it with bullies but then,
if there’s people like in your household your mom your dad they’re not caring if they’re not at home and they’re at the bar every night or they just know.
No type of structure and then you got to like Outsource you got to reach out for somebody yeah sometimes kids don’t want to do that cuz they’re the feeling Beres you know I’m saying all or shy or so they don’t do that,
yeah I know and it’s just like you know it’s when tragedies happen you know so.

[1:02:42] Free kid get picked on if you bully me and Bully me a bully a person everyday everyday everyday everyday what if that same kid you believe that same kid sorry about that what is that same kid that you believe.
What if.

[1:02:56] They come to school with a gun one day I was there scared of you and they’re tired of you doing that then they react but then the media paints say okay they’re bad guy cuz they did this that’s a bad decision that’s a bad decision.
As you been a teacher or principal or anything you know you should know like a like a.

[1:03:18] This kid needs some help like somebody need to reach out in like prevent this from happening like it is.
This can turn tragic and it can turn tragic for the bully to cuz you don’t know what else she’s dealing with that home and he’s coming to school and he’s just he’s displaying you know him not caring and picking on other kids.
So if your principal or whoever you are and you can’t see this and pick up on it then it’s just like it needs to be more,
more people in that school other than counselors you need to have events you need to have the speakers come out to talk and say hey like some of these schools I go to.
They asked if I can teach their staff there’s like training like what to do with these kids.

[1:04:05] Minutes late.

[1:04:07] If you’re just an employee and you have problems like these kids to that you’re not even fixing them for yourself then how are you going to like,
how are you going to teach these kids like her this is how you deal with this but but you’re the authority and you’re having these issues yourself so you don’t know how to battle these issues yourself part of coming of age is that you,
you realize that only adults around you are just as messed up and finish.
The way you’re coming at this like I know a lady at my work dr. Grice she’s doing work in this pier victimization she’s working with rural schools in South.

[1:04:48] So it’s really cool to see you bring up your stats and everything cuz I work in research and it’s like,
you know this is where the issues lie and a lot of people have to play like what do we do now and people are trying to figure out and,
you’re in like you’re just down working with the youth and,
puppy that is beautiful it’s kind of what I was saying where it’s just like you’ve got a medical research group that’s like,
pouring all this money and all these academic sitting around this late address this issue and me while you’re out there like doing it live.
Feedback and resources back to his clothes and make sure that they there needs to be prevention work done and.
Providing different curriculums to be taught in the schools but like I’m totally 100% for like prevention work and,
we can be preventing it then we should be doing anything to the groundwork is the best work because you’re getting to know these students and even if it’s one time you’re passing through that school,
like I remember people that came to the assemblies and even boring ones but if they stood out you remember that you know,
appreciate that I just like the fact that.
You know coming into this like I did a little research and then I was just like well okay well.

[1:06:09] Imma do this regardless you know so it’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing this.
If a school like schools you know some schools pay some schools don’t you know but whether it for school page or not. Don’t stop me from going to that school yeah I know it’s cuz it’s just is there something that I started and then I’m going to continue with so it’s just like.

[1:06:29] With like anyone get involved in like Santo you need this you need that I’ve just always done everything on my own.
Casino funny things among the best I could and you know went out to eat schools all around the United States,
and like I said like I said that’s that’s not going to stop going to double up anything else that come that’s just a blessing,
but it’s already a blessing to what I’m doing right now you know I’m saying to to be in this position you know and I mean cuz.
You go back 10 years you know you we all know like at life can be different right now for a lot of us like we can be in a lot of different situations and spot through shit we’ve been through so it’s just like me.
Everyday I wake up like I think God like thank God for waking me up.
You know I got a thing for my family you know give me the give me the guidance give me the strength give me the health you know Santa’s show me away tonight for the so now so there I hope nobody jump in my way because saying I’ll stop me so it’s just like.
I’m strong I’m installing that right there and that’s something that I stick to right there.
SOI cowboy music United balls you be you know everything everything where this started and formed formed from.
You know for my brothers Titus DeVaughn you know like it’s structure destruction me out to be.

[1:07:53] Like I went I say it made me think more yeah I know just just like oh on life in general you know I’m saying because.

[1:08:02] Like I don’t have any kids yet but all my friends have kids and had to be the worst thing for me to everyone at catch a phone call hearing.

[1:08:12] Oh this is he did this or she did that and it’s just like damn like we are the voice now the voice so it’s like right.
Process artist We Are The Voice you know the youth are going to look up to what we do you know cuz I think it’s cool it’s cool.
And it is cool like whether you playing sports whatever you do is cool you know you can be anything you want to be,
Mike Michael Jordan told told me that you know I’m saying yeah once he said you can be whatever you want to be you know like I like I like I carry with that like when I was a kid like.

[1:08:48] And also it’s just like the words like certain words so this was powerful and then it was like yeah I’m going to stick to it and imma ride to sending.
You know I’m not going to give up on these things like we keep it going like I said it it’s deeper than it’s deeper than,
Facebook fires in radio advertisements now like it’s so deeper now to where I can literally send for Snapchats and one phone call and one text,
and have 300 teenagers anywhere near they don’t have nothing to do and they’re willing to be off the streets to go somewhere there in in in,
have fun so far is it for like.
The city like why not why is it taking us to do this like why is it taking us it is but if we wouldn’t have been doing it last year how many homicides did we have in in in the team you,
how many accidents how many drunk drunken drivers do we have that were under the age how many DUIs underage how many you know how many anything.

[1:09:50] Dennis affected the youth any,
thing that we have last year do those statistics with these past months of June and July do the statistics then I can guarantee you in Sioux Falls that it is way less,
you knowing and it is track your numbers or like how many,
and you know we keep the clicker you know I receive for tax purposes and things like that and also we keep we keep it quicker but I’m that night.

[1:10:20] There is no 200 people in there there was no 200 people in there so,
so far whoever the officer whoever he is who gave that information like that that’s that they’re just trying to make it look bad
once we got everything paid out and officers stuff around here walking around the room taking pictures on a cell phone to take a picture snap snap snap.
And asked me if I had a flyer,
you know I was compliant like I’m not doing nothing wrong so I’m compliant with you like like I said it’s respect so you disrespect me and then when you disrespect me but it’s just,
well I’m letting you know we’re losing respect for each other straight you serious if so now you’re in my face,
with your camera phone like what do you want,
where’s the flyer for tonight where’s the fire for the night that’s word of a mouth like Snapchat how are you in school.
How is this possible what’s in it they were hoping to come in there and say we find a lot of drugs we found.

[1:11:31] Okay we found this movie that’s how they were desperate going to be the case and how frustrated they are the door wasn’t as this,
like night shift like a successful Entertainer yo you know a music artist,
you know cowboy music shows artist music like we’ve been doing this for a long time I’m sure if we sent out to our fan base hey we’re going to do some for teenagers teenagers,
they’re going to show up they’re going to show up that’s just what’s going to happen and most parents are going to let their kids go to something like that,
some house you know we’re like exactly.

[1:12:18] Somebody might do it and it might not be so successful with it,
you know somehow I’ve done a lot of events that weren’t success for you know and I’ve done a lot even someone successful,
and the only thing I did from the unsuccessful events was learned from not being successful on the events because I learned from them and so from from learning from them,
I just said okay well now I’m going to try this this way and I’m going to do this this way I’m going to Target the teams I’m going to Target to you that I want to get more people involved I’m going to have,
more teenagers help by give them work development skills like have them do a job have them do this have them help out get them involved and it’s just like it’s not hard,
to do that for the city,
why you don’t always have to be about bars you know the bars like I have no problems with any bars in town I know a lot of the bar owners and they’re super cool people but that’s for adults it needs to be some for teenagers you know I’m saying we need some for teenagers
if they’re not going to help create lunch we’re going to create it and we’re going to keep creating and we’re going to do it well and we won’t be stopped,
and it says it’s already in the making like we have our own building now that’s literally 4600 square feet.
That’s under construction right now and so there it’ll be for Live Events National artist coming in doing shows.

[1:13:35] You know the booking are for the name all that be released on Wednesday any day this podcast and we obviously will be dealing with.
Bars coming in for concerts but do the proper catering service we’re not going to be selling the liquor so we have another a safe route of doing that cuz we’re not going to.
Specialized and promote alcohol establishment but when we have concert in events and things like that,
thanks will be situated to where you know you responded off in the proper company is coming in serving liquor you know that type of thing and this is dated a thing or any numbers of downtown businesses,
I mean there was nothing there’s nothing out of the ordinary with like one night to teen night one night so you know that party night for adults and.

[1:14:32] Yeah it just the whole thing is really fishy it’s just weird it’s his real fishy,
it’s almost selfish that that is scary you know I’m saying cuz it’s just like are you you guys like you really don’t want these teenagers to succeed,
is that is that what it is or is it,
that you think that we’re bad people and we’re doing bad things to keep these teams around us or would like what is the problem okay I understand some things if things aren’t ran right okay then,
then we find out what’s wrong if there’s a fire code okay put the fire code up okay is it something with the air in here cuz this is labeled as a basement office used to be an office but the establishment where we’re at back in the day,
it was a bar it was like a card room or something like that down there on that level and so could we see like the old signs sure so it’s just like.
I understand having too many people in one spot.
But that becomes an issue for like the Pasion Fire Marshal in the health in the building inspector guidelines.

[1:15:37] We all can breathe this air real good right now we’re breathing clean decent air right now good air.
So if you get 20 people in this room it’s going to be hot.
Bunch of fat guys in here last Sunday it was hot in here.
You get people that didn’t then that’s a problem because now it’s it’s it’s becoming a health issue because nobody you’re not breathing right so Dennis issue.
So so this is all basic stuff it doesn’t sound like you’re.

[1:16:19] It sounds like you’re you know darling all your I’s and Crossing all your t’s you’re taking care of fire code you’re taking care of,
you know if there’s something that you need to be aware of it sounds like if they were like hey you need for this code you need this your right here on it and then so I’m just like.

[1:16:34] I feel like this was a like a contempt of cop charged or something like that cuz it just like.
There are there at like I said there’s good cops and there’s some cops that probably should still be in the classroom finishing and retesting because.
Like you can’t just talk to nobody any type of way especially if you’re not doing nothing wrong you can’t come up with an attitude.
Like that that particular night Bike Shop on the couch like okay cool cool cool pound pound pound Pound handshake the few.
One had his hand out and I went to handshake him and he was like oh no and he pound and he was like I don’t do that,
so is this like what why you got the audacity to I’m like I was just like okay,
I was like so and I still pound of butt and I saw him and and he had the most to say after that and then then I’ve seen him since then recently and he’s just like some of those guys and I’ll just say okay well,
alright well,
dang I shake your hand either I’m just I’m just being respectful the rest of your officers your fellow officers your hand into a pound.
Looks like I’ll pound you to or whatever you can get your pound.

[1:18:02] Let me I’ve done and shakes are the most the most awkward super yeah yeah I think I was feeling so I was just like okay well.

[1:18:19] We see the elephant on the wall we waiting oh okay alright,
tribe you talked to anybody on the city council or the mayor anything like that so you know what happened and I was about to get into this too we got a a box to the barbershop couple days ago,
from the ACLU and you know they were appreciating us for you know the work we.
We’ve been trying to do with the youth by providing a safe place for a LGBT youth you know,
weather in old no matter whatever you whatever you sexually you said you know your race you are always welcome at everyone our events you know we see people of all the genres in there,
and everyone has always had a good time had a good time together sure we we promote it diversity,
fun fun with the youth Urban and all AIDS all race you know I clean fun and so the the ACLU.

[1:19:19] You know.

[1:19:21] They reached out that’s in the letter you know they’re letting us know if we need any help or any resources you know just to let him know that if we stumble up in any type of problems that,
that they’re behind us they’re behind what we doing they seen the article as an artist I’m with wine and all these other articles and they see that you know something maybe.

[1:19:42] Corrupt here because we’re not doing nothing wrong.
And if there’s something wrong that we have the codes and things like that not okay then we’ll be magazine and wrong to that fact but just let us know we’re going to fix that because I hate that,
they reached out that’s why they search right here just came from ACLU,
you want to come in here you want to come this podcast room get a warrant then you come at you’re not just going to barge in nowhere that’s what it is,
so shut up. ACLU you know with that right there so that was a major blessing because I did some,
background research on who they are and their major organization you know what the home base in New York and Washington DC so it’s like so it’s a blessing to have them.
Notice our efforts and reach out and you don’t appreciate what we’re doing and let her know that let us know that they got our back,
so I’m inside so that’s a blessing right there so we definitely appreciate everything you’ve been doing here as a father for you know I have a 12 year old daughter.

[1:20:59] Hopefully soon we’ll have to soon but I’ll be going to have something to do around town you know I’m not just wandering around or you know whatever.
Yeah we are man cuz it could it could be worse.

[1:21:18] Breaking the houses selling drugs gang-bangin they can be out here doing all that and it’s just like.
If we have a grasp on them to like sort of control some of that time that’s where we know where they’re coming to a safe location and I have a safe fun at security.
Then that’s that’s that’s that’s all we that’s all we want right there man and it’s Talent.
Largest kids that come in The Talented they can see their artist.

[1:21:49] It’s just like when we started the music when we started doing we’re doing it’s just about finding an outlet where can you display your talent want to be.
The Source will you come display your talent and host these events and have an event have your show have a party you don’t have to worry about going to.

[1:22:06] But he would defend you and trying to figure out how do you pay $6,000 to get into thorny van a concert and things like that or how to spend multiple hundreds and thousands to get somewhere,
you know book a show and throw your first concert we want to be able to develop and help you to that point,
and let you know I like okay well there’s a house for that this is this is this is what this for this is like create.

[1:22:31] Gary Skidmore motivation motivation like that’s the key like you don’t know some of these kids may not have dads in the household you know some of these kids may have like.
For five brothers and it’s just them in that Mom some of these kids may have for five brothers and sisters and it’s just them in their grandmother’s and 90 you know so it’s just like so they’re the man of the house so it’s just like.
Why not keep that team safe when I get out K motivation why not try to show somebody that way you know jail so.
And I mean it other than that I mean we are not going to stop what happened to us I mean it happened.

[1:23:08] But hey it is what it is you know I’m saying like.
I’m taking it all the way I’m going to court I’m not taking them please I’m not taking no nothing I don’t care just say your tickets $2 I’m not taking it we’re taking it to trial though yeah that’s what we’re going to do and if there’s anything else behind that then okay then our attorneys are.
Well ready then it’s probably going to be.

[1:23:32] I don’t know I don’t know what was going to amount to in this city man with them seeing that these kids need something to do it’s not hard it’s not hard.
You know so we the bad guys then what’s we going to switch stator bad guys.
Other than that you know shout out to all the good officers and shout out to her.
All the good people you know the the kit the kids and adults that respect others cuz that’s what we rocking with you no sauce.
It’s all it’s all love Catwoman music you know what is everything we trying to do right now and going to do you know like I said we have a a new location.
New location I’ll be getting you guys in phone that this week too.
Janice is super dope forearm to my William see about booking you and getting you in at 2.
It’s a blessing in disguise on how everything happened because we went from a couple weeks ago from me hosting these parties.
Denial running a venue like I didn’t really.
That’s a lot of work yeah yeah you know it sounds like music I’m so artist and I still do other things so it’s a lot of work so now it’s just like.

[1:24:44] It’s happening and it’s there so now it’s there for a reason like everything happens for a reason you know I’m saying so I’m taking everything that comes at me the good and the bad,
and I’m working with it I don’t care what can happen the worst thing that happened to me in Alma do a step-over that shit like,
nothing is going to stop me now you don’t have some slow me now and then I’m I’m just letting myself down all I have all you have it in today as yourself,
you know you have your family the people that you care about what your dream is your dream nobody’s going to pick you up and lift you and bring you to your destination of your dream so it’s just like I’m a nobody going to stop,
and shittim stay California and that’s that’s all it is to it you know it’s like I said shout out to the good officers and.

[1:25:27] Whatever else to know the office I think that’s a good place to to leave it at man.

[1:25:36] Got your back man and that’s all I wanted to get you in here so we can,
talk about it I just saw I just like man is fucked up I know the other just tryna I’ve had my own problems with Sioux Falls Police with,
you know it’s there an issue with hip hop in my artist because this city is getting bigger,
yeah so who’s sitting behind these these who’s sitting behind the desk saying.
Okay well we’re going to build this downtown and we’re going to build this and we’re going to build this and we’re just going to build all this shit and not have teenagers in the youth involved or nothing to wear,
they would even like to come like that stop doing all these fucking restaurants in all this other extra shouldn’t you think about these kids and build something for them like everybody’s going to be like,
yeah it was supposed to do this cuz they are the future and they’re getting older they are the future that a future politician is there the future,
that the future doctors they’re the the future attorneys and hate your Authority businesses I support everything
yeah you know I support everything so it’s just like this is a good place to show a kid like you really can be what you want to be if you stay focused out of trouble,
and go for it.

[1:27:02] But I don’t understand like the fair the fair is here now,
2 Chainz are out there walking around animal said something about that just cuz I’m like,
there’s the fair you know events at the premier Center I don’t see the premier Center getting braided anytime soon right now. Stand up comedy act or something like that answers teenagers there brought that up,
you know to an officer while they were actually did that night I said okay,
events happening at the premier Center you have kids hanging out outside past 11 you have this you have that and they didn’t want to talk about that they just never just like,
just happened a couple weekends ago,
flashlight or no Feather River Fest coming up.
It’s always kids and teenagers and stuff like that at that way I understand.

[1:28:10] That’s what you’re doing wrong we just need to start another and another congregation of Our Lady of Perpetual tax exemption.
Okay whatever you know like okay I guess I guess the curfew only works for certain people.
Certain events.
That’s crazy well shit man.

[1:28:49] Hell yeah man
we’re going to end with a new song actually just finished recording my own and it’s coming in October
I haven’t announced yet but little John’s asking to be at that show too so they ask me little John Tech Nine and,
What Lil Jon out there like last year’s or he’s always out there.

[1:29:16] Nelly was out there.

[1:29:20] Oh they said I know about you but it went and they were said it’s it was wall-to-wall like you couldn’t even fucking move around in there.
Yeah but the last time I did. There was 7,000 people there it was like as far as you can fucking see out.
You couldn’t even see the end of the people it was fucking crazy so I will go out there and shut it.
Pyrotechnic Guy what’s the pyrotechnics guy from Whitesnake,
I’ll just have some of my boys is firing bottle rockets out and stay there specs,
where is the end of the show with the new song off my latest album called hey baby features at Wellington downz Maniac the siouxpernatural.

[1:30:22] Good Jam Wii U know you guys dig it and the album comes out October 6th.
Thank you guys.

[1:30:41] Music.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Joe Sneve
County & City Watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media

Catch Scott at Club David Aug 7th at 7 PM at Club David doing commentary of the city council meeting.

Tags and Topics
Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Sioux Falls, Argus Leader, Schools, water rates

Machine Transcript

[0:27] Paul Walker by episode 20 South Dakota podcast episodes,
a year,
could I have a hobby for kid.
You’re still at one right that I know of I know I haven’t told your child for kindergarten in 3 weeks.
She’s ready for it. Are you ready for looking out all the government forms she hasn’t been in.
Like traditional preschool or anything like that so this is kind of our she’s been off the radar so I think so.

[1:31] Now so it’s kind of like it’s our first introduction into like Opening Our Lives to government with our children the next she’s going to go to public school so.
Poor kids like I’m sorry to hear that,
yeah what was right or just our gas because we have Robert the producer who have to host whose name we will not speak and then we have Joe sneve E,
did you get that right I got sleepy,
Stevie Stevie from the newspaper,
Argus Leader sorry Hill that radio host ceuta montse the ark.

[2:20] He’s been better about at least giving the reporters credit when he’s talking about Argus Leader content. Have you ever heard his reasoning for not saying the name I feel like I’ve Been Told,
why we didn’t get along with anything since you think it’s funny it’s a it’s a Harry Potter bit he said it on there that’s the only reason,
in friction with one of the former Publishers few years back.
Master spell too many words right,
Greg T o d e y on the website and I was laughing,
I always tease Theresa Staley cuz I’m like chivalry like the stories when they’re talking about you,
spell your last name like multiple different ways it’s like they may just take a stab at it,
for them so they can always go back in and change.

[3:25] Probably what are the broadcaster up at SDSU to journalism school that if you spelled some his name wrong in his story Billy.
It’s kind of a continue reading remember the name I don’t,
I know my grammar is not the best and I know I misspelled words but I am kind of a stickler about spelling people’s names right b word good,
yeah and I just just like to just was cuz I don’t want that something them to come back at me,
get off my favorites been watching how many different ways people have been spelling dear ketchum’s name,
Chad I just said catch up most the time but.
Write down small that’s always chaos.
Which Darren spelled his name this way you know your eyes out for a long time I had to go back and look each time just to not make mistakes cuz the old are in his Darrin.
In the stairs Darren which is really weird I’ve never seen a date Dar another two darrins on.
Bewitched and sister nice going out the old the old Wayne’s World.

[4:43] York was that I did that go.

[4:48] I don’t know I was thinking you were moving a dick Sergeant Sergeant York sergeant,
anyway anyway I know right about the stop.

[5:12] What do you think about the school district handling their own election for.
Basically a 300 million dollar Bond I mean what reality you don’t have to agree with me at 9 to take my interest loan special election,
and their claims ER their claims are job because their one claim as we have to have the budget.
To the state by September 30th which is true that is not a lie.

[5:43] We could be amended why we just let flat out ask Brian Maher on the show you can amend the budget anytime. Can’t you and Brunswick.
So you don’t have to have a special election so you can have it with the journal I saw you think they’re feeling I mean what is a good strategy,
well it depends on what your what you consider a victory.
If it’s if only people they’re going to come vote are the ones who supported right yet. Wrong if it’s a standalone election I think that’s not it want to say that they have.
I’ll tear your motives cuz I don’t come to these people I’m not covering this but my first.
Buy at first blush when I saw that was they’re probably trying to keep turn out down excellent understand strategy.
What but also did the other the other part of that is is I will I was going to say that.

[6:51] Is it a state law that says it’s been election special election,
in 60 days of an already schedule election it should be moved to the schedule the last 60 days 60 days.
Free clothes why would you spend all this extra money when you can just do it in November and then you know the will the alternate have Bob would tell.
Mountain pretty early before everybody West River even a fox.
Don’t work hard interactive doesn’t use it doesn’t software support them anymore people be Pro tried to get him to work during the primaries and it didn’t work very good and Shantel said no more I’m not using them.

[7:52] Who’s going to do who’s running this off work how are they going to tabulate they haven’t called Bob you know that right they have had no discussions with him.

[8:02] They’re going to handle their absentee and remember they did that 2 years ago it is if Belle Chase was at lunch you couldn’t eat the door was locked and you couldn’t vote.
And it’s like no that’s not really how it works you can’t just and then I just have a problem with hand County.

[8:20] This is going to be this 300 million dollars is going to be decided by 3,000 people that’s just Insanity rest make any sense.
Yeah I’m probably made it obvious that you always will have a higher turnout.
And big things like this but I mean I mean I understand I don’t feel comfortable enough to hang up I agree with you to support public education.
Okay got to get a 60% Passage.

[8:47] And maybe they’re just thinking it’s easier to get a 60% if not enough people it’s almost like the way they talk anytime you see the superintendent or.
One of the task force people or or or on the school board members talk.

[9:05] The person Phil Mickelson she doesn’t seem as confident as some of the other ones talk they just seem like they are perfectly confident that this is going to be.
Like they have no worries about it and that’s what worries me the most is like what are they know that I don’t know that they don’t work on conclusion the software doesn’t work properly on e-poll book,
that means.
I could go vote at every single super Precinct multiple times,
so that’s the part that worries me the most who’s checking this.
Bev but that also is counterintuitive to the to the argument that they want lower turnout because,
voting Super precincts or whatever he can vote anywhere so it takes another hurdle Overton boat.

[10:08] I would say that using the super precincts are having to go anywhere actually I think does drive internal organs I think it’s those confusion people are used to voting in a Precinct.
I did there used to be a trying to do now for the last couple election is always come back to this stupid thing.
A certain government of what’s the temperature this way a certain government official that is not involved with the school district called a certain person over at school district and basically said.

[10:42] You can have been handled absentee sheets Scott capable.
And they decided to have Randall it anyway so I think they want this all in their house and that’s the thing that worries me the most who’s watching.
Who watches the Watchmen who’s watching the election,
well they got to school.
I get it yeah yeah they ought to elections are elections but every form of government is independent of the other forms of government.

[11:21] At least in terms of Elections Bruce to ask to be an election judge.

[11:28] Any glass pieces I will ask but I don’t know if they’re going to let me but I’ll ask and I’ve even thought about asking and then the other thing to is.

[11:37] Yeah that would be that would be nice but I just don’t know I just got reassured that this is going to.
Run as smooth as they think I don’t know I just it seems it’s being handled so weird it any have Vernon Brown who’s running up this other group and you guys reported about this you know.
In the treasurer’s with the public school Association and supposed to be released.
And in the girls in obviously a is there is a baker or maiden names Baker in the baker’s runoff bonds to their Bank,
you have learned Brown who works rest in which is a conflict because they do tons of work contracts with school district what are you so worried about it for at least they’re nice people,
it doesn’t matter if someone’s nice or not conflict to something that’s on paper.
Hey nothing to do with your personality but we all know South Dakota doesn’t have the most I lost myself.
What is planning on you all the task force members however many people work we’re on their we’re planning on watching them in there.
Families to see yeah once they start building all these things who’s getting the contracts are they are these cuz that’s the problem.

[13:02] Let me couldn’t you report on currently that here’s the task force.
Curious historically what these people have done in the relationship they’ve got with the school district or government in terms of,
Dakota vs contract.
Speaking of scams do you know I have to go too much into this cuz I know you’re working on a story about it.
But obviously they want to build a 230 million dollar water plant which is that price tag is.
And of course they want to do this to the the infamous Enterprise funds that mystery bucktooth and bowl cut created former mayor,
so that you can celebrate so we could have in the second mortgage but.

[14:10] Obviously are water rates are going to go out but this is this is this is what I’ve sent to City councilors.
We have all these cities around us to use our water treatment services which is fine because they don’t want to build their own water treatment plant expensive,
so they’ve been paying us and they pay a higher rate just so people know that what we pay for our sewer and water.
What and what they pay us is a lot more unless they’re just screwing their citizens I don’t know but my suggestion is been.

[14:47] Quadruple the rates,
and if the cities don’t like it they can build their own their own treatment plant and then it takes pressure off ours the other argument I have with this thing is is what they getting their numbers so they can have all these growth projection.
And were you saying on the way over here the last census of was it 2010.

[15:10] Throughout the interim but 80% I just seems like it’s a it’s a weird.
They’re just expecting us to grow and we might not we might start slowing down here in Sioux Falls you never know we’re almost at our borders already.
You know so I think the 260 million dollars about 160 million out of it would actually be spent out there at the water treatment facility,
the other hundred million would be to upgrade,
the conveyance system they call it which is in town your infrastructure that would try to be in the car where you have like.
Clay pipes and some reason I guess.
So let’s say I mean that that core work that conveyance system was going to have to happen anyway so let’s just break that up to the facility steps 160 billion dollars,
the plant that’s out there right now it’s built 1980 and.

[16:13] They say like I got an old article from like 1981 saying I only had a 20 year life expectancy when they.
Today got a 18 x 4 years,
so I got a big chunk of the hundred sixty million is to renovate what’s already there and that seems reasonable.
But I don’t have the numbers in front of me but maybe like half of it is to build on.
Stad tankage and capacity like right now they have like six basins where they break like one,
like seven or eight different steps where they filter out all the crap out of water comes in Black filmed it through the whole process just out there got the same to her you know.
Rihanna four five years ago they were only using five or four of the six basins now there at 5 once they get to 6 they have no,
room for capacity so when you’re not a mathematician or anything like that but you can tell just by looking at what they’re using out there that they are Nearing.

[17:26] Capacity it does base itself on the fact that cities going to continue to grow and like you’re saying I could fall off TJ Nelson in the mayor’s office.
So like you know it’s hasn’t you know for a long time we’ve added over a thousand people here right now are you at the house and now we’re getting it.

[17:45] Well you can’t Bank on that,
right because if if they reach capacity it’s going to take like 12 years to complete this whole waiting till the rack pass,
governance might might my shoe and then you were mentioning this on the way over is that there’s a.
Perpetuity of an increase in the water rates yeah.

[18:26] Aiken,
yeah cuz it was the biggest CIP ever right like my Shooters biggest one ever was $570 an hour,
what’s the biggest cfp ever if you see huge the cleanest water,
sweaty beautiful you drink the water,
and then that’s adorable I see this presentation in the numbers like $200 more than anything I say.
If you take the water treatment plan out of it it’s.
Last but I mean that’s what he said that that would likely see some modest rate increases,
to pay for this I have reported yet I’m not going to break the news here but some folks might take issue with the categorizing them as modest increases.
When you hear what those numbers are I’m working on a story for Sunday’s paper about some of this stuff and we’re going to we have a little bit more inside us to like what the rate modeling will look like,
but I’ve heard a little bit too. Going to that my thing is that.

[19:50] I understand the Enterprise fun thing you know you you charge the users to do upgrades and get that.

[19:58] But I also consider what we’re doing out there as infrastructure.
And that is what the second penny is supposed to be 4 so.
I can understand the shoes in the Enterprise funds to build new pipes maintenance running the facility.
But to say that we’re going to pay the mortgage on this this monster 200.
60 million – Enterprise front that’s not right I think I like how you broke it up how you said that a hundred millions for this and 164 that’s I think we should take we should break that in half.
Have the hundred million part of it we paid for out of the second Penny and then the hundred sixty million paid for out of the Enterprise funds and breaking apart.
And start using II penny for its intention infrastructure Capital this is capital this is infrastructure.
Instead of just saying out again razor buddies water rates that way we can free up the second Penny to build palaces,
and monuments you know and that’s that’s the that’s the problem I have with Enterprise and the other thing is is about the population growth and I’ve mentioned this to counselors in and Theresa’s asked to have this breaking down she hasn’t been successful,
and getting this I think it was in 2016 they figured we had about 5,000 people move.

[21:24] 5000 new people in Sioux Falls 3300 of them were babies,
that were born here so that’s not new people coming to Sioux Falls break it down,
break this population growth down for whatever she wants how many years senior citizens coming here to retire,
how many of the people like I said or how many people are they move to Sioux Falls each year that come from the Town Center using the treatments ready Brandon Canton Tea.
How many are babies,
how many actual people actually moving here from someplace else adult movie near break those numbers down and then you could have a better understanding of what you really need and I guess that’s the way I look at it.
Some of what they’re going to be doing out there is prompted by the federal regulations coming down the chute,
shared by federal regulations coming out your eyes seem.
Limited in reduced or is that a series of tweets I mean down where it would appear that in South Dakota.
Federal Regulations really don’t matter permitting.

[22:51] Basically I nitrate permits aren’t being companies who discharge Wastewater into the waters aren’t.
Being held to the standards that DPS put in place until.
According to the folks I’ve talked to the city says that they have until a few more years to get the compliance for the states going to.

[23:13] We don’t die did you know the states letting people get their ducks in order before does the state have until the EPA test,
like last weekend I tore all this asbestos insulation on my basement in the dumpster behind,
I would not admit that I would cut this whole entire second,
lay it on thick or next I was curious nuclear waste out of my basement now.

[23:58] Yeah yeah I was just not not really Shop but you know that.
It’s not the first time that this is kind of in the news where a federal rule or regulation is decreed upon the land and.
State officials kind of like,
will see you know I will take will take the money that comes with it but we’ll see if we can forward to this for you cuz like I said I saw it on Twitter,
and there was an exchange between a gay guy employee of the administration and an employee of the Argus Leader,
about the story in where the truth lies and in all of it so.

[24:46] We have to discuss that but you previously said maybe here maybe elsewhere that the previous administration at stop returning your phone calls.

[24:57] And what is your sense of your thought of your early in the early days of the new Administration is that the new boss same as the old boss or is your phone blowing up all the time it’s definitely not it’s been kind of a night and day,
different I’ll tell you there’s a press conference today about the budget what was that all about us embargo,
I can’t talk about the 4-wheeler in there because you go on a date,
they were going to email me last night that we Finance HR and T2 nails were there,
and it went out they showed us the presentation and,
and that’s I think I don’t know if user got burned or something like that but,
there seems to be just more trust in the media if we say it will honor an embargo there don’t have any reason to think we’re going to.
Not under the Embargo I don’t think anybody’s violated one yet generally journalist are pretty good at,
is a saurus right you’ll burn a bridge if you do that so,
situation I can call these folks over if there’s something they don’t want to talk about it on record because it’s just too hot or whatever you know they’ll say look we can’t talk about this.

[26:20] On record and then we’ll go talk off record you know what I mean like they’re very forthright with me about what’s going on and.
It’s just my opinion and I’m sure it’s yours too.

[26:36] It’s our government we should build to know everything and accesses information,
actress in question as much as they have a right to say what they want about,
people talking what are they trying to hide by breaking news breaking news we just learned,
which Olsen a view of the Argus Leader does with the days that God gives them when nobody talks to him his imagination runs wild,
that’s what you decided to do with the days that God gave you I’d only been in.
Mayor Hooters office two times in the whole time I covered him and it wasn’t until the first time I was ever in his office was in.
February or March this year I started covering the city beat in 2000.

[27:49] 14
Saw the game of three players club Palace who got the blue carpet in there and like it was super nice and I didn’t know City Hall was So Posh and then I can contact I had seen.

[28:07] So fast forward to the new Administration and Paul 10 Higgins.
Hakins secretary Julius was he through secretary and it’s kind of awkward when you go in there cuz it’s okay Julie I’m here too.
Send me some beautiful and she’s like okay so she calls back.
Hangs up the phone and says you can go back do you know where his office is,
and like I didn’t need to be escorted back there I didn’t nobody held my hand they were just so cute makes open home whatever I walk through I see Erica back sitting in her office with the door open like literally the doors are open in San Salvador city hall.

[28:48] Night and day,
different cell after the door Man in Black Roach,
where as you know we would text him a couple of times since he’s been mayor and he doesn’t respond right away.

[29:08] Don’t usually within an hour I’ll get a text back from him like he did something out of meeting one night and all I said to him was I like what you did on this item and I can’t remember it was later I got it thanks you know,
yeah I mean I don’t know what the reason is but we’re also still in the honeymoon. Here and we’re still like,
digging into all the stuff we couldn’t get under the old regime you know like they’re glad things coming out right now from the Hue through ministration,
10 minute timer, so maybe like we’re building a treatment plant only I write someone flatter stories about them and,
they’re not going to be happy I mean the first test used to be a photographer he seems to out he’s been in PR Rose before,
so he seems to understand the role of the press and he doesn’t,
seem to take things personally I don’t think Paul ten haken takes.

[30:21] Didn’t take it personal the next day was a new day with the media wear as former mayor huether.
Grudges yeah there’s going to be a lot of stuff online today about how.

[30:41] Mayor 10.

[30:43] Haken is considering still moving forward with this parking ramp deal.

[30:52] I do not want well I don’t know either one of those thing somebody said to me is you get outside counsel.
Cuz you know this Joe.
A lot of the same people that were working for heater and it coping to cut this deal are still there so.
Turn letter she was there when this is all going on you can’t tell me she didn’t know anything about it.
Of course Karen’s going to look at Paul and say we’re legally bound here you know she isn’t going to go around and,
I know that there’s been some people who have worn Paul that keeping a ride lot of these heat there people around is not a good idea.
Because it’s going to end up burning your ass in the end cuz you’re going back and tell him what people like Joe Frank and Sue Quan back,
throw heater soldiers on Kearney.
But I don’t know Jeffrey Schmidt I don’t know I’m told that.
There is there are other people in City Hall at ancillary rolls in this but the primary players is which I wrote today we’re Darren catch him back at least people around there still these people,
that you don’t think I’m trying to make the best out of this deal and.

[32:17] I think there’s some people saying and I really believe too they think it kill it number 1 construction hasn’t started.
Okay that’s the first thing they’ve done some utility work that’s about it number 2.

[32:32] You can keep the bonds and build an actual parking ramp there and use the money to build a parking ramp that actually has enough spaces to handle growth you know and at a reasonable price.

[32:47] What the problem they’re probably would be a penalty as someone said to me you know they’re probably a penalty to kill this till like Lamont or so.
Or to the bond or whatever but is it better to just.
Bite the bullet now and pay that penalty and get this to go away because this will always be tied to Legacy and this Fiasco and if you just cut the cord right now.
You’re done,
any key in Impala you can’t blame Paul for this either because he had nothing to do with it he can definitely just come out and say this is our best option to kill this,
we have to pay a penalty it’s going to be a million dollars I’m sorry.
AutoZone on South Main in Seoul.
You just you just you just say it that way otherwise work we’re going to be tied to this now for a hundred years.

[33:51] Most people won’t in the $0.20 bill this day in 20 years most people don’t pay attention,
so people that listen to this podcast will Siri saying if you build it they will forget yeah they will.
That thing had quite the story behind it before it got built you know and then after,
5000 people that move your next year will be like at school building.
There any weather is leasing out.
Which one they’re both options we have the one by five guys and they’re both on the table,
I got yelled at for walking through an Argus Leader Park on my wife works for the Argus Leader and I dropped off in her vehicle and I close the door and,
I think it was the Publishers assistant or something as I was walking out be rated me about holidays for employee parking only and I was like.

[34:56] My wife works there so stop go to hell.
So sew in
the spiritual things are not what I want.
I have heard that there certain people knock City councilors but there are City councilors but I’ve heard that there are certain people in the administration.
That have been trying to find an angle to kill us,
is an escape hatch you know I think.
I respect the dating are the people Tracy turn back my Q3 catch him knew that their time was going to come to an end to end a few short months after they pass.

[35:57] And I’m sure they made that thing watertight options that I said you could throw out there.
Police would not cost us anything cuz we have City attorney staff that could do this and they’re sitting there all day anyway they can they can do this stuff.
My first option was to be send a letter to the construction company that basically says we are.
We’re thinking about litigation don’t even have to say they’re going to do it then said we’re thinking about it you want to go ahead and start construction you can but we highly recommend that she don’t,
Ibanez we may not pay you the contractor tractor that actually building that doesn’t cost anything the second thing you could do,
is you could send a letter that basically says we are considering litigation.

[36:49] And we are awaiting the results of the doj investigation etc etc etc and then we’ll make a decision.
After that or whether we want to move forward or not in other words we’re considering litigation so.

[37:06] We always suggest you don’t start construction the number to would highly suggest it because we might not pay you so.

[37:16] I think the city has options that don’t cost us anything you can just drag this out,
as long as the Department of Justice is going to drag the investigation out the city can do the same thing just keep sending letters I just keep send a letter every 3 months,
we’re still considers cost,
taking things slow under huther eventually.

[37:48] And I eventually lamontez probably trial would just back out I think on their own.

[38:02] Maybe I can construction safety workplace safety in South Dakota Zone 47 right now we can get it,
we can get more people to try really hard but anyway I did there is options there
I think that’s where I look at it is that.
There is things they can do to delay and take stall yeah.
7 years is good at installing.
And you just stall stall the crap out of in Journeys going to go we got other project I don’t have time to sit and fight though,
CPA how many years just playing games,
it’s very yeah. But not every Federal in but I mean what more damn it would have nothing more damning comes out then you stopped for no reason oh well.
Why do you say I’m not at my worst that’s the worst case scenario.

[39:24] They back out and don’t build a hotel we have this $20 in the bank,
we build an actual parking ramp for a good you know $20,000 stall not 40 40,000 stall,
and we get the actual parking needs downtown that we need and we leave some space next to it so if somebody wants to build a hotel next to it they certainly can’t it’s just not going to be,
this one will where are you you should go to.

[39:50] How to import executive session that that tomorrow that they’re going to talk about this and I’m pretty sure it’s what it’s about.

[40:03] That’s.

[40:05] I don’t know I don’t know what’s going to happen we do know that they have Defenders we know that concert nightshirts defended it we know that Christine is defending it and this whole thing about.
So bad too but I can tell you two things that I heard from both separate things I’ve heard from Christine quite a while ago,
that Paul sink was Shintoism and that he was tied in with Norman he was tied in with the Equity Building and and he was tied in with whole grain.
This is stuff that’s never been on paper it’s just stuff you here up second hand for people and she told me this nightshirt told me that Norm was mentoring.
You know.
That tells me mentoring means a lot of things that means investing in his construction company they were using him for all of their projects.

[40:59] We know that was kind of like why would Aaron yeah but what was it known or documented between sink and Canfield.
So which Day in Ireland right ownership in a relationship.
But until they filed bankruptcy none of this was no everything else that’s going to come out I’ve heard from people.

[41:32] The doj is so deep into this right now that there’s there’s something going on.
That’s very serious and just like I said when we started talking about this.

[41:46] Every time something comes up about this we’re going to be tight to this fucking thing and it’s pole cut the cord now get it over with.
Certainly treskilling patzcuaro,
turning out to be true Pat star his whole issue,
wasn’t through the developers where it was he didn’t think it was we’re getting in the parking space project but he should probably cling on to the anti acid decide for.
Doesn’t hold water,
so that’s not that was never going to be the argument that killed project it was this is who the developers are that was the thing that causes public outrage not the fact that it was $40,000 a parking space.
But it wasn’t raining cuz I called all the counselors to see I asked him.
Did you know your project guarantors three of your floor project guarantors were on resolved construction and.
The answer is unequivocally no from Greg.
Night Sir stalia Pat star but I had to phrase the question different ways to Christine and Marshall.
Cuz I would say wait I don’t I guess I don’t quite understand what you’re asking it was a little bit weird so finally I had to just say well it sounds like you didn’t know is that correct.

[43:16] Patterson yeah I didn’t know I like I’mma put you in the category it made it easier to ride the nut graph but.
No response from a couple of them the same way it was with with the three I truly believe that it’s such a shit deal.

[43:37] The best course of action for Paul.
Would be to cut the cord now and if anybody jumped his case about a bod fucking defend him top to bottom.
And cuz he’s been doing there’s been quite a few things that he’s done that I’m like go for it you know this is good stuff and I defend from top to bottom.

[43:57] Only has to say is before my time and it’s a bad deal and I’m cutting the cord that guy’s not here anymore I’m running I’m the new sheriff.
If you don’t have to be a dick about it but he can just say I’m the new sheriff and we’re done I wonder if.
If there was there’s nothing stopping.

[44:20] Them will they pull the Hulk run off after they already approved the deal so they could pull,
so pause making it sound like now that they’re not a part of it see that’s the question everyone I know it’s not true,
they’re certainly part of it Jeff Lamont is running Village River Group LLC he’s the managing actor in the,
Comfort Suites hotel the fact of the matter is those three who also own home construction our project your interest meaning there personally risking their own money,
you wouldn’t do that unless you had some reward coming right so like to say they’re not involved his practice just told him oh shit because.
Their names are on the deal and they wouldn’t be on the deal if they didn’t stand to gain the issue for everybody in this week.
City the people Ginsberg and says we don’t want to do business with people who may have blood on their hands.

[45:17] They’re they’re being investigated they’ve been fined for reckless practices and make crack,
that was where the outrage came from a man died due to the store and then you turn around and die,
about taking care of specs to sue town,
from your base it was a call.
Calling contractors in been saying go ahead and do the work and the fact of the matter is who stands to benefit from this and the issue that’s racist alien,
yeah some of it in her Camp had was we don’t want people making money off of the city project 2,
are not reputable or have a bad track record it’s kind of like when they talk talk about alcohol license,
sure that’s a super lien on a movie theater but it’s like a suitable they don’t seem like suitable people but actually yeah that’s fine,
squishy that was Pearl movie theater and proaxil and don’t let him drive all the way there you have to allow Boos at movie theaters and extra yes
we are here they look so stupid about that but just like I said.

[46:44] The stock gun range in the Stockbridge Michigan hell yeah baby.

[46:56] Get out.
This guy doesn’t even did you go to the guy owns West bottles even live in Sioux Falls and I’m sure he’s never made a campaign donation,
but he said him and his wife just on the movie theater they live in Madison South Dakota I think they live in Madison is where they live they want to see it up there too,
I don’t know I don’t know and it’s like they were two player that’s why I didn’t get it approved he had a safety plan the cops approved it
why is it a sin to safety plan was fine I think they probably would have approved it if I didn’t write a story that they were pursuing this,
permit 2 or 3 weeks before they got from the council and then a couple of nomad members got,
protested the only thing that I would have.

[47:54] What I said the pad is I would have just said no alcohol while your throat.
So what’s the point having one beer but that’s kind of what they consider in cages without booze when it hurts,
they’re only allowed to have one beer while my beer down the throwing axe.
I thought he said that you only drink one in your house while they’re throwing he said yeah but everybody’s,
maybe I’m wrong but there’s this.
Rooms that have cages in them and that’s where you go in the cage to throw but everybody’s in this room for an hour you’re throwing for an hour it doesn’t mean you’re in your cage for all so.
But the gun range thing I have to go to the Dell Rapids sporting club there’s usually.
Empty beer cans filling every garbage there so I don’t think anybody.
Well I’m still waiting for some chick with flip-flops on to drop an accident but rapper.

[49:03] Looks like Teresa said to me I was Tresor pack at member one of them said I just hope they got to go to church policy,
well I mean yeah sure the Astros are going to be like sore called relay,
responsible they would only be serving Labatt Blue or Molson inside maybe you’re right it would regulate itself,
I’m sorry I I was listening to radio show us some like sci-fi from 1960’s speculating about what,
beyond the year 2000 would be like and I was just like you know it’s listening that and it’s just like the pretty shoes at that time you know they figured it would be like you know what laser guns and which planet to colonize next and I’m like it’s 2018 and we’re just going to like.
So do we have to put our beer down to throw an axe inside ArcheAge where I can have a beard,
I have a bigger lady but I can’t have a little cheap red wine while watching,
some crappy movie my wife is drag me to at the cheap theater in Temecula,
gave us feel about how she works on the movie in Denver and was able to have a drink while she had watch the movie and it was the greatest experience ever.

[50:27] But I don’t think we should do that I know it was weird weird every city in United States has drinking theaters it’s been suspended in Europe for.

[50:42] He said what more do you want him to do,
I made the point to Teresa The Pavilion has drinking you can drink while watching a show that’s all ages,
the Orpheum Tri City Event Center yeah I know I just said you know those are all places,
that you can drink how many teenagers you think you’re drinking at concerts in general admission at the Event Center will try are they police in that,
but people don’t just drop their kids off at these places but I don’t imagine dragons show and that’s it felt more like,
I already front tickets,
with all the kids there and I like the glowy stuff and whatever and they were serving hard drinks I had like three too many you know what I was.
Trying to Shield my good show to Sioux Falls Demi Lovato.
Yeah what is it never heard of Demi Lovato story about survival.

[52:09] If you want me back okay so nobody know if if more people are going to the pop shows we won’t baby book is going to Country shows.
The show me anything else exciting you think going out on City Hall that that.
Well good he’s really talk in about how I’ve been trying to square stuff.

[52:34] Well thank you could give them some of that property or not give it to him sell it to him there still space thing about it is it’s not going anywhere it’s perpetual.
Saw it there.

[52:48] Tragedi Square LLC which is a legacy,
if you guys Surplus this and tell me build something there we’re going to lose access to our building is Perpetual it goes with,
landana what so if you believe,
my Cooper is there a long time I’ve got no reason to think he’s lying no matter what happens there whoever buys it,
yeah whoever ends up owning it has to maintain that so that’s kind of long and short of it,
and then when it comes to surplussing land there’s really only like one criteria the city has to consider.
The Surplus land and that is do we need this no answer according to my Cooper and the administration.
So the council’s decision is pretty well made for them yeah but the Legacy folks are trying to I don’t know confuse the council.
By saying we’re going to lose access to this it’s got its retail space it’s it’s it’s it’s downtown space competition that’s why.

[54:05] There I think they’re going to lose those views that the people who want to develop to Huey building.
Have said they think it’s because like I said he’s afraid that these nice patios they built on the back of that building.
Yeah they’ll build something there above that 12 from work and when you look out these patios you’re not going to see up the river quite like you do now,
they say that’s the issue Legacy won’t go on record and say they’re making a stink over views they’re saying it’s cuz,
what about garbage trucks what you need to go to the garbage truck in there we need to have we might get some more special,
they said they could have had a restaurant on the first floor at some point in the only a single replicated reloading base,
there’s a loading Bay back there and they need to have access for a truck to back up.
That I’ve been better this year but it’s a every single restaurant that’s downtown doesn’t use a loading dock because companies like Cisco and us food delivery companies,
do it is dollies indent ribbon areas like that they don’t do daily deliveries that’s so that’s the only people that argument disingenuous another argument that they say has been made to that is.

[55:27] FBI garbage trucks garbage truck access but only.

[55:33] Garbage trucks don’t use regular garbage trucks downtown they think only one company serves downtown and they have a special technology that used to get into tight areas so.
I have yet to determine of that and I think that they.

[55:55] Address for all the more desirable mean that you would be able to been there long time.

[56:00] People may not be so quick to come it was like okay well this feels a little bit yeah probably raise the rent.
Yeah it’s just it and now I don’t know any any other any other controversies I even you know hopefully.
Well TJ cuss anybody out in Facebook lately,
now it’s Patrick Anderson but they are okay and Panda we call it panda,
search for nickname. Patrick Anderson he took some some data from the store and was like.
Shining a light on the fact that the city isn’t it hearing to the standards or whatever and TJ Nelson took issue with some of his tweets so they went back and forth and it’s something like.
I always have you talked to government fishing but don’t you tell me how to do my job or something like that it got kind of fiery and I was in a meeting when this was going on and I came back.
And I looked and I saw the tweets I texted TJ and I said I see you met my friend Patrick and I think it’s all water.

[57:26] But I was thinking what kind is it,
waste water under the bridge cuz he missed a golden opportunity to make the joke shity water,
get out of the car on the bike trail,
get out of there they’re up to their chins and I go get out of there probably and they’re like they were like they were trying to get super powers,
is when is the swim in the river as kid at my dad’s hair is a Trestle Bridge that’s probably 50 60 feet above the water and we would jump off there in the
and I always joke that you probably come out of water was like a third arm and some point now that you’re probably end up with some bacteria that eats your brain looks like one of the nose,
Never End by a bullet hole.
So apparently somebody had jumped too far to the right or the left in like scrape themselves in the way down so then.
A market with us still there.

[58:39] This was Patrick Wiley’s brother’s idea cuz he books music at Club David so starting we’re going to try it for the month of August the owner of Club David said I’ll let you guys do August we’ll see how it goes.
We’re going to do live commentary to the city council meeting so if you come over to Cub David on the stable start August 7th,
who should I call MST 3 K so it’s going to be Patrick.

[59:10] Can me and we’re going to do live commentary yeah I know,
so we’re going to have Bingo cards and then and then we’re going to have a big sky is pretty big screen so you’re going to do this is from dating.
I haven’t been there for a while I go to bed I go to the information I was unloved it cuz I can chew their ass right there that’s great,
and then you can go up right after the presentation and go this is suited definition.
Even me who was criticized what are used to be this is like a freaking circus Heather pastor and James Reid.
You don’t Ciara said it Bass.

[1:00:10] The county is where you go to get your you don’t know where you get Human Service Human Services.

[1:00:21] Well that kind of Katherine crippled says they should do something for them.
Can you put up tents in my yard and it’s like I can’t do that really
yeah yeah yeah,
call my dad had a solution to dissolve homelessness,
go home but here’s what years Michael magic lease all he has home,
have a right to come to public input and and and you know just because you’re homeless ruler and I agree I don’t have a problem with that anybody has a right to come up there.

[1:01:17] My thing is is if you’re going to come to public input to a government meeting that’s being filmed.

[1:01:25] To ask for assistance of whatever don’t put your $600 cell phone up on the podium,
that’s the part that cracks me up I want to know walk up there the whip down there freaking Anarchy there freaking $100 Otter case and they’re $700 phone on the podium I need help,
you need not to have a $700 phone that would be your first Obama phone.
Stop video. First my first suggestion if you’re going to come in a spray.
So yeah well who are the other highlights from Pelican Patel you like Stephen Seattle sit there and kind of thing.
The best part I’m just going to say this and if we have to cut this out that’s fine if I get too carried away Robert.

[1:02:18] I always say I was saying to Pat and Bruce always go I always like it when Stevens up there you know he gives the same speech every week,
and I said I was like what he says they said I was delusional and I’m like you are Desloge at all listen to that,
and it was Pelican but sometimes he’ll drop like music lyrics.
I know some people who know he’s not he’s not a dummy he’s he’s kind of high so high functioning he’s very high functioning but I mean when he sitting there telling them that their murdering him and it’s like.
It’s like do you realize that after you’re dead there’s really not much to do about this team.

[1:03:13] Could you say that where is the crap out of me tell people that all the time laugh about,
Kate Marshall a little worried about the potty words did you know you can bring a loaded gun,
concealed loaded weapon into any public building in in Sioux Falls and there’s that accept the courthouse and there’s not a fucking thing they can do about it
and it’s razor hands and like say who’s worried about that I am your where to buy it,
from calradia,
yeah they losing your job who had the guy he tried to take the signs down remember that.
What’s up Keith it was pissed he had to take the signs down he has to sign the other sign and the Carnegie and there was a sign at City Hall that said no guns,
allowed me to take down cuz state law says nope you can bring concealed weapon into which can to the courthouse see that is he doesn’t make any sense to me it’s like if you can’t bring it into the court house why should be able to bring it into you can’t shoot Billy bring it in the car gears work on here,
what does State House on Lee Road and actually pulled the fire alarm.

[1:04:28] He was trying to get it all that’s right they’re trying to pass that would allow guns in Chambers up in Pier.
And it died but I’m off for debate people to hit the alarm,
button looks like the panic button to prove like the response time because they were sort of like,
kind of check out the kind of knew that I was coming so they didn’t like rush rush in there which.
They should have just rushed in there it really inconvenience everybody got to tell everybody get down for the capitol on lockdown,
what’s happening right now you’re fine I’m all for it because,
maybe they’ll just eliminate themselves one of these days you know what I mean like you know,
the South Dakota State Legislature now is half because they decided to have a gunfight,
get out everybody’s carrying.

[1:05:36] I guess I got to go to the store with you with all ICP where they got right I could tell her shut off time I was a little.
Private so I was standing in line sweep speaking of that I was standing in line at sunshine one day and this girl girl in front of me in her 20s.
And you don’t shoot a gun on a holster it wasn’t concealed it was on her waist it was a pink it was a pink 9 millimeter in will white holster and the first thing I thought was like I don’t think.
Boom and the cheese in front of me and I’m just looking over and I’m kind of Chuck.
And like you’re so cool and you know and then I get and she still grabbing her stuff as I’m checking through and the cashier says to me.
So sweet how you doing today I said I feel really safe right now just super safe and I just looked over at this girl and she’s.

[1:06:36] She thought I was complicated.
The pink 9 millimeter girls on that you got a hard end,
month of August watch Jonathan Alice’s Twitter handle and Patrick Anderson’s cuz they’re going to be filling in for me,
my little boy I leave on the 8th and I don’t return until the,
yeah I heard you’re going to be gone for a while so that’s at Argos jealous is that it I think so,
at P Anderson the Anderson.
Sorry for your vacation.

Sioux Empire Podcast 112 Fire Bros. Fireworks with Andy Jorgensen

Holy Cow there was a lot of news this week, so the Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) power through it so we can talk to Andy Jorgensen Fire Bros. Fireworks about blowing stuff up for Murica’.  Councilors Marshall Selberg and Rick Kiley make their move to cripple public input at Sioux Falls City Council meetings, A couple of idiots steal the Poets Table in Custer,  The Pomp Room Documentary gets a very R rated trailer, The Sioux Falls trolleys are saved but the mall may be doomed, the podcast’s own state Rep. Michael Clark (District 9, the one with the Alien Bugs) advocates racial discrimination, The first project at the USD Discovery District is announced and is three times bigger than leaders anticipated, Sioux Falls Christian senior Kate Wynja offers an example of honor and sportsmanship that we wish pro athletes would learn from, South Dakota News Watch terrifies us with a report about STD rates in South Dakota, The Monster House finally dies (and we hope the story in the news dies with it), people oppose the idea of a city flag because… Well, we never really got a good answer out of anyone on that, and finally, Bon Homme County Sheriff demonstrates to voters exactly why he deserved to lose his election. Please help support The Sioux Empire Podcast and the work we do to bring you original local content.  The Sioux Empire Podcast remembers weeks where there wasn’t even one good local story to talk about.



Move to kill public input at City Hall (That didn’t take long…)

From the Argus Leader:

Councilors Marshall Selberg and Rick Kiley next week are expected to unveil a formal ordinance proposal that would do away with a 16-year-old practice of taking input from the public at the front-end of the council meetings that take place at 7 p.m. on Tuesday nights at Carnegie Town Hall.

Wow, it’s like the one guy (Rick Kiley) on the city council who didn’t have anyone to run against this time is the most willing to silence and ignore the people he supposedly serves… Weird.  

Basically, this means the little people need to get to the back of the line so the important rich people can get home from carving up Sioux Falls at a decent hour I guess.

I had high hopes for this new Mayor, but rumor has it he’s pushing this hard behind the scenes, even kind of hinted at it in my interview with him.  I hope that’s not true.

So if you are able, please tell Councilors Marshall Selberg and Rick Kiley and the rest of the city council how you feel about being treated as inconvenient livestock.  Please be cordial but firm. While you still can:

Tuesday, January 12, 7 PM!  Carnegie City Hall, it’s confusing because Sioux Falls has two city halls but it the one right by the Argus leader building.


Why we can’t have nice things like the poet’s table

Empty headed morons Skyler Anders, 29, and Shelby Johnson, 27,

From the Rapid City Journal:

“”Poets’ Table II” reads the inscription, perhaps a shift from singular “poet” to “poets,” as a nod to the multitude of visiting writers, both trained and inspired, over the years. The bronze marker also names the original “vagabond poet,” John Raeck, and inscribes his poem:

A castle that secluded lies

Beyond the Gates of Paradise

A soul-restoring mountain ark

Pomp Room and circumstance

A new Pomp Room Documentary trailer is out.  Rated Hard R. But if you’re into the Sioux Falls music scene history it’s a must-see.

Trolleys are back

So glad the Trolleys are saved.  I would have really missed driving behind them in traffic.  All joking aside a massive thank you to Sanford and Lewis Drug and all the local businesses that pitched in to save it!

A wound that Sears

With both Yonkers and Sears closing at the Sioux Empire Mall, I have to ask.  How will we keep that space open long enough for the machines replacing retail to take over and force us to fight in there as a gladiatorial arena?  I mean we have a good 5 years before they’re ready to enslave us.

Bad Business

What a Trump wannabe Jackass, state Rep. Michael Clark.  Wait, what district? District 9?!? Oh shit! He’s my rep.  Jesus Christ on a cracker…

We accept your apology Rep. Clark now how about your resignation?  I’m about ready to run for the seat myself. DON’T TEMPT ME!

Gattacato the Future

From Sioux Falls dot business:

“The first project at the USD Discovery District will be three times bigger than leaders anticipated one year ago.

SAB Biotherapeutics and Alumend are the first companies to announce plans to locate at the district, which will construct two buildings to support their needs.”

Robert is super stoked that Sioux Falls will be ground zero for the great human-animal slave uprising of 2073.  All kidding and scifi references this is super exciting and the real kind of jobs growth and development Sioux Falls and South Dakota needs.  Great job to all involved.

Golf scorecard gut punch – She takes the high road


Seriously South Dakota, Get checked, be safe.

Monster House

Bu-Bye.  This story is ridiculous.  They live streamed the demolition, we linked to it.  

Flag Stuff

Sore loser


“In Bon Homme County, a sheriff’s deputy lost his job just after winning the race for sheriff in Tuesday’s primary election.
Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Maggs was sent a letter by election opponent and current Sheriff Lenny Gramkow saying he was terminated moments after the race was called.”

Shameless Plugs
Please help support The Sioux Empire Podcast and the work we do to bring you local content.



Robert’s: I’m going to be a guest on Shout-Out Sioux Falls Tuesday, June 12th at 1 PM live streaming on the Shout-Out Sioux Falls page. Be sure to watch me dishonor both myself and my podcasts there.

Machine Transcript

[0:50] Zulu empire podcast episode one hundred twelve fire brother’s fireworks with me any jorgensen.

[0:57] Of sugar and why are two random variables the whole party around the block to remove the bill of a,
why are you getting so big airport battery while.
I am calling pigs on interstate your red car having a problem with your.

[1:19] Music.

[1:47] Well hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of the sioux empire podcast i am your host robert mailing this is the sioux empire podcast at work even despite gas that’s all of us to empire news calming music and culture.
Joining me as always is photographer extraordinaire natasha is this the.
Snappy intro as usual and also joining us just now is seth to the glover thousand or may ny would be sleepy set.
The true or false move tired ready to fight guess he eat some coffee.
A bronx okay cool i’m i’m more okay that’s totally fine.
And also joining us is any durbin’s of for fire brother’s fireworks a and e what’s up and he’s like.
Where the hell am i what the hell is this what is going on it and that’s normal that’s naturally pretty much of all the guests you just you’re going to be fine might get a little wet when the the war of work start.
Your fine it’s like a gala show up just go with that says you may only come used to our old intro it’s it’s change.
Yeah that’s probably why you confused if you’re a little bit confuse nothing is ever seen show flag in it and go.
Let’s see,
holy shit there is a lot of news this week so i’m gonna jump right into the news topics i’m just gonna kinda browse them say my piece of got here in the show notes and then if you guys wanna chime in you can otherwise we just were gonna rapid fire hs that we actually get to talk to me about the cool,
fireworks and blowing shit up for murder so.

[3:22] Story number one the movie to kill public input city hall well that didn’t take long.
Here’s a quote here from the argus leader counselors marshall soldered and rick kylie next week or expect to unveil formal ordinance proposal,
that would do away with a sixteen year old practice of taking public input at the front end of city council meetings that take place at seven pm on tue.

[3:46] So
Yeah here’s my take on this it’s like wow it’s like the one guy rick kindly of a city council who didn’t have to run against anyone this time is the one that’s most willing to silence people ignore the police supposedly serves weird.
Basically what this means is that the little people will get out get shoved to the back of the line that up been there argument for this if you re is that this is it it’s just,
you know the city council they have a lot of like meetings and have flight zoning stuff for like big developers and stuff like that and summers were important things to do the important moneyed harry citizen.
Yeah the important moneyed people are inconvenienced by your democracy so we’re gonna we’re gonna do that you know like at,
nine thirty ten pm at night that way nobody notices of the counselors are you not like playing fruit ninja on their phone while your.
Talking about how they’re gonna like you know destroy their street are you don’t take out on historical landmark or through this tv not that said and is that mean in read.
This nigger okay so sites changing here i just watch the thing about kill those are there like back in the nineties that the guy that.
Basically his street was destroyed by the city was living in colorado they built a cement plant in the middle of it making so that his land was cut off from traffic he would really like can’t drive to is muffler shop and destroy his business so.
Is healthy way of responding to this was that he took one of his bulldozers and turn it into the kill dozer.

[5:18] Wishing cased in like steel and concrete for thick armor.
And then proceeded to go on a mad scientist style rampage and destroyed city hall the home of the judge that ruled against him,
all this different stuff and like you in the army couldn’t stop him and they work the governor with other operating in attack helicopter to break into this thing because it’s literally like of,
if you see the pictures a lot of thick for of concrete on this machine does please for at park around the world is,
yeah found a rocket launcher the try to use donate still work power was gonna say well well grenade grenade had no affect the most powerful.
Kill the yup but anyway he was taking out the hardware store on the city council people that voted against me fell into the basement and then,
it took them like sixteen hours to cut into it to get at him to see if little you to himself in it and not buy that he shot.

[6:11] That’s the ballad of kill that are dark well well i mean how was i gonna and really.
Yeah you build a giant merciless unstoppable killing machine it’s probably not good and happy grieve these use the don’t and half in early so true but nobody hurts our or kill like anybody.
Like you know it was slow enough the people to get out the way is like that but he is like hunting or yeah who said that says something.
But you you could never love next three months push it of resorts lb it’s pretty much the insurance.
But yeah have fun explaining this with your her sister so white so but i stop got its it a bulldozer but it’s made out of sea mends.

[7:00] I don’t have a form for that again i like your glasses so tinges of fun,
basically i guess i’m gonna encourage everyone you really need while you still have the chance to have the right to do so you need to go to city council meeting if you can tuesday june twelve at seven pm at park city.
Currently city hall.

[7:24] And it’s confusing because to fall says to city halls of you google it just go to the one that’s right next the argus leader building that’s that’s the one where they actually like have the meetings.
So yeah public input i i like i like being around taller.
I’m for and hear you for the first amendment fish for some minutes already giving me.
I don’t i don’t know all the details behind this particular city council three hundred of that story up yeah it’s just.
They’ve got a few regulars who show up and kind of just and it’s kinda backed off now that heather is gone but they would just get out there and like scream at me or heather about their like a common occurrence and flake every week.
The same thing over and over and never had to sit through that and eventually they get so some of them would get so angry they were like,
cursing and stuff like that and you get like families there for like little league month with american like have a proclamation and stuff like that and then you got this person because of podium and is like,
there’s some hope action did you know display says on like a change ah change of some sort of the good oh yeah absolutely it but they can they can gamble so wanna be like that’s enough for that they can you know they’ve done this before you can have your move stuff like that.
But i don’t see why that means we get to take away like everybody’s ability to speak at the council meeting.
Cuz that that seems ridiculous are so that’s where i’m at with that but next topic.

[8:57] So the poets table or why we can’t have nice things did you all the of all the social media storm on this one familiar with of the west table out and rapid city no idea as.

[9:09] Yeah pastor five okay exec.

[9:12] Tells us our ball the ball from west river so they’re like its not pretty its cluster works with the history that table so because the poets table was a table that’s up in.
Custer state park up in hills and you can hike to it was kind of the secluded little to hard to find spot.
Where this poet the seventies left this table in the it’s a beautiful view and you can reflect our nature and people over the years have laughed like there are no books of poetry.
And it’s just a super cool mice twenty six where i have never gone probably would never hike up there cuz me hiking seriously hell no.
Just a warmed my heart to think there was something so.
Nice in the world’s and below moves and that there was this crazy thing out there that everyone loves me there were people that like have their ashes scattered there for god’s sake i mean interest they love that spot.
And now this cuz it’s a fantastic view it’s a great place for reflection and it made will be like a temple of some kind and.
So these two girls these empty headed moron ss this skyler.
Anders and shelby johnson from rapid city they proceeded to go off the hill with a hacksaw chopped up the table.
Hold it down the hill and basically like with the intent to throw it away cuz your scared it’s much nicer now without the table in the the people stuff there.
Some like there was a little green hutch that people would leave their like no books of their poetry written up there and stuff like that it was just like white please reflection and.

[10:49] This is all cool and these that’s been there since like the nineteen seventies and so they just took it upon themselves to be like nah fuck you were taking a table that’s when like it.

[11:00] Pretty sure if they’re putting a pool in the backyard and they found dinosaur thing to stock it were not we can we don’t have to.
This weekend yet as ark of the covenant thing i just have the server the traffic we we need a pool them it.

[11:16] I don’t start the digging for this in the wonderful i for one hour i don’t understand the logic of someone who sees that there’s this like thing that is good and happy in the world it makes people happy in,
feel better and ss to computer in a lot of lots like someone who sees a flower honestly punch it or like chop it up or something is water were.
Could you that mean the planting yeah in it there’s of these one day we’re that they hey the stock amp and subs.
And then go home and remember it’s a tree that so you now in peace if they forgot it wants me this never happened.
Yeah i don’t know either and since we’re on the same day pass your grand pieces and bigger but we received everything is citizen vote talked about it and then just like.
Plate and tendo and be something instead.
I think the bible with this and the spurs is really strong and so i think it be better for her thing then sitting in the.
Give him in there with the black hills progess you know few that remove vision feel the hills and the he will feel them.

[12:36] Sea food near forgetting the aux if you need to all of your parents are visitors.

[12:47] Okay sorry i’m slammed is just like a really work role in the cushions of the couch tonight right now but now.
And thanks to tasha very helpful as always runs to the wrong.
All these years there’s there’s always me in your letters oh jesus were gonna get that your have to yeah of having some good days a week so.
No that’s no ok.
So they have replaced of the poets table with it with a new one and it put an inspection it’s the poets table to read the inscription.
Ah it’s not to the you know multiple visiting writers train inspired of the years and a bronze medal markers also been placed on this table.

[13:40] That dame’s the original vagabond poet john rack who is the the man that put the table there back in the seventies and it has this whole one from him about the spot itself.
A castle that secluded lies beyond the great pic pizza paradise.
A soul restoring mountain ark of that was pretty that’s cool so i’m i’m cool with that i feel like this have a good good good for resolution.
Um i just said why why would you do that just you know why ask why people do terrible things in.
I don’t know moving on.
Pump room and circumstance i don’t have a lot to say about this just wanted to let people know that the new palm from documentary has put up a trailer fyi it is a hard or.

[14:30] There’s quite a bit of swearing in it but if you’re into the sioux falls music scenes history especially history the pump room the trailer is worth checking out i’m seriously wondering when they’re gonna put that documentary out of them been working on that for like.
Five years is a barrel movie yeah cool um.
And it’s about that that local music of the the pump room if you ever heard about that that was where he can use on the.
Yeah that’s right penny anderson was really into that and he was talking about.
Like all the different acts that have been there would be if he was he like a bouncer there back when he was a teenager something like that he said i don’t think that he probably.
Yeah kenny anderson hadst had story of the pump room for stuff for this place where like a whole bunch of big cuz like i think like guns and roses perform there and marilyn manson perform there and hoping to famous acts that.
I passed through there so learn more about with the lynx that we provided but that’s all i’ve i don’t have a lot to say on that new story other than it looks cool can’t wait to see it.

[15:33] Ta show you look at some say no and is trying to get the sound effects of the girl that say it’s all good.

[15:43] Also a quick just a quick shout out when i was wanna say that i’m glad that the trolleys in sioux falls happen saved that happened this last two weeks here op.
I really want to you know best being stuck behind them in traffic so i’m super glad that they say the trolleys.
But all joking aside i want to say a massive thank you to sandford and to luis drug where the local businesses that pitched in to save them and i think they sign some kinda do you have to look at the news article i’ve went there but,
i think for like multiple years like seven years now they are locked in,
and the girlies are saved a question that troll looks like the coolest thing ever is on like job on do you pay for that thing.
It’s like a dollar it’s ridiculously cheap but the thing like it’s so confusing because there for ever yup it looks really cool.
And if it was just kind of like handle a public transport where at i could just jump on any would take me down philips out and i don’t have to like.
Fish on a dollar bill from between my car seats i mean why to be green like san francisco with the wrist bands and you just jump on trolleys where ever their little three cars and everyone would it be would be possible news is like an.
City council questionable late will it take for that to just run for specific hours were its just public and you just jump on the trolley and it’s just kind of like.
Like this rotating route it goes it that is kind of what it does is it rotates through the lake too risky issues things downtown yeah so it’s like a bunch of different sites downtown and i know there’s a big stop for to falls park.

[17:15] And that’s kinda like work yo one of the route starts lot of people get on and off ethel’s park i never understood the trolley.
Nor have i never heard this like it looks really cool it looks really cool the interiors are like the trolley where the couple like you know the brass.
Pipes for player gap poles between each see stuff like that and so that it looks cool i’ve i would love to write on it i have never written on it either.
But i would have missed in the summer time does a new cat in downtown in the summer and i’m like oh that’s cool no access to empire podcast episode of charlotte from idaho trolley trolley.

[17:54] The really hot fuck trully nice this next three a wound that’s years.
Yeah the sioux empire mall that you know first they theyve lost yonkers and they’ve lost sears.
At the rate this is going it and how long the sioux empire malls list if so i have to ask,
how are we gonna keep that space open long enough for the machines that replacing retail to take over and force us to fight and there’s a lot of tori lori on that’s that’s like my main question is direction because that thinking that.
That would be will it started with me thinking like that the whole mall would be like one cool like giant laser tag area and is looking to put one of the machines that were responsible for its closure.
Turn into like the hunger games kinda and i was like as long as i could watch it in a movie and not have to be alive and live through that but would be entertaining.
To become like at dawn of the dead but yeah but like in reverse were there like the mall is the like the and yeah giant on a house in in october.
Hell yeah i see think va han at house of all hundred houses only got because of the world goes down and make a plan as goes down all this is one of business.
But they never moved out.
This place in this office it’s like there’s still an old man and marries to walk around the use a retail stores in this mall.
Still a two thousand dollar every place you could turn it into a just leave everything in their little the merchandise shipped by and then.

[19:32] People with all the clothes this is is it would be an awesome after all.
Paintball free for all that would be some where my dreams is this is this is like going way back is being light-years in those movies where you can get locked in the mall elf everything is locked in the retail spot just like plays around and there.
The mall all access to inspection at five year old me wants to be in the bikini corner of a the carmel corn or it showed me dan in the brightness segway is candy corn.
The any of the ice cream places grass open arms to us all man every hour all small bury our beloved do.
Every time every time i just take one of the popcorn buckets fill that with orange julius yeah lol room to fill lol.
That’s a good soak printers i like this one c so yeah.
I am the stick story is especially frustrating nice thinking it’s it’s true center i am not a case are still alive that’s always good still living things or things are looking up.
Inns go to make your business you’re adorable up so yeah.

[20:59] This rep mike clark talking about business and talking about our recent decision about a baker with not wanting to make a cake for a gay wedding.
That’s a big national story can check people can approval anywhere and find out about that but here’s where it becomes very local and i mean very local fusses hear this repair podcast.
Rip mike clark told someone here on facebook and i quote.
It’s his business he should have the opportunity to run his business the way he wants that that seems to result that’s reasonable absolutely if he was turned away people of color then that’s his choice.

[21:38] Yeah i love his stance on tourists here.
But i have a feeling that the person in bathrooms he doesn’t really feel like there’s features of debt that i do know.
It’s for a fast but i know it’s.
Well here’s the shocking twist on this news story that seen a story and like man what it do chef and then i went to research it put together snow real quick for this new story.

[22:06] I cuz this is like yeah i would trump wannabe jackass this read my quick way why is why is that name familiar.

[22:14] What district assistant district nine oh shit he’s my rap.

[22:19] You probably voted for it without you go i may have voted circles then yeah just cuz you didn’t know what other names circle no rug or the person.
Lights off to the eye i’m one of those nerds who totally like nerds out on it and stuff.

[22:35] All kidding aside michael part number recognize the name and know who were talking about his reputation for actually being a pretty reasonable guy which.
Compare to some the other legislators and so i kinda like.
But this is this is ridiculous i mean jesus christ on a cracker one them people collard that’s his way of your for history book dies eventually probably didn’t.
Mean it like that but he could press edit rate he could press edit yeah,
but the leaves that yeah i did things out of a,
yeah for screen shots were taken and i mean the person that you said that even when you say something shitty and then delete right away if you posted it,
it shows up as a notification to the person that you apply to so i’ve had people do that before where they say something that was like way over the line,
me immediately deleted but still shows up in my notifications as hey so and so said this to him like really your client and yeah.
Very very entertaining think that’s the use a pic of his you book it’s the same thing as with the.
Meet the table.
And by kills like they clearly didn’t look in the history of it they just you know the senate care they’re just like right yeah fuck this i’m doing what i want the world.

[23:59] It’s like okay now.
I don’t know i it in the you know in a frog assignation is to pay if you want to come on presley’s it.
In rep parks defense he has issued like a very strict policy was like that was very racist of me to say i am so sorry eccentric central i accept his apology and look for his resignation as a result is i’m sorry this is lake.
We can do better people.
I mean it just like what are we doing with legislature we just rounding up people at a bus station and being like okay you don’t look like your vampire what are you go represent us the site what happens to millions of dollars in state i mean.
So it sounds like you gonna i got it don’t don’t even temp me a.
Get it’s tempting i got em i prism i’m sorry i’m just.
So pissed about this it’s like six i it it expect this bullshit from where the crazy people out west river yeah that’s right you to i set it.
But someone that represents me like two broccoli that i can vote for saying this bullshit this light disgusting.
So moving on yeah how.

[25:17] Scientifically action genetically it i think there’s no such thing as different races and i know you.
I split up the thing with the.

[25:29] Currently that yeah because apparently we need to like re educate people on like racism bad is risa good good no no rough.
Bad but the bad what will,
okay i thought maybe he doesn’t know it’s still bad okay cool rolling in at least have that talk alleged the was on ambien when he broke that someone had a rosanna decided to omit that.

[25:58] Since then being even better reply that what pizza on a facebook comment.
Is there a group of racists and sleep wait wait sweets and i lost that that even ambien themselves put out of.
Est was like sw racism is not one of the side effects of our products that we have trees and yeah,
took you took it the wrong gonna be leaving my house yo is it legal for the fair just got braces by the time you make a promise in the.
Yet you declare yourself the new messiah area and set your neighbors car on fire in celebration.
Put you want to you and gas alot of races did you see the swastika into your chest hair that was in you already and you didn’t put that there yeah.

[26:50] Wow okay.
So gallic into the future this is my sd this from sue false business the first project of the usc discovery district will be three times larger than liter leaders anticipated one year ago.
Saw trumps president to be you because you are sob bio matrix and.
On the slot to saloon and how humans and how you men think yo up.
Will be the first companies to announce plans loki at the district which will be which will construct two buildings to support their needs and i’ve seen the artist mockup of its of like that looks spectacular and you know.
Here’s here’s my deal with that.
I am super soak that soup falls will not be ground zero for the great human animal slave uprising of twenty seventy three very specific here yeah,
very specific now i got it would be if you like this is a planet of the apes to yeah but that’s what i’m done kind offer planet of the apes thing.
But yes or no not planted the apes rise fall of the planet of the in the seventies one where the,
prison orange jumpsuits is just not humans are all gonna dress like not these but not really nazis but an awakening not like this is a reference to nazis it was lightning when some one of the old ones.
There was like ten of them yeah yeah i mean it’s not ready planet of the apes it’s not escape from the planet of the apes it’s.

[28:21] Conquest of the.

[28:24] Rise of the planet of the apes we lever yeah which was the one word like the film on the eighth is holding my.

[28:35] Modern day monkey in she’s all she gets like shot or something so he throws the.
Monkey in that’s a skate from the plan of the ace of that’s the one immediately before the one i’m talking about because the one i’m talking about is the story of caesar the ape that.
Is dope is the baby that states that the intelligent ape and eventually like big release the slave uprising in the one what.
Like the other one that would was sad was sad because the multi family died.

[29:08] They were cool and when’s that she is humans were the real monsters.
Call the terrifies me that is always freaking terrifying scars all over his face and body works.
What’s his name is in the paper is it in the attic that.
It’s really if i wait one moment that so hit monkey on your back.
All kidding aside and psi phi references aside it’s super exciting to have these real kinds of job growth and development to false in south dakota great job everybody gets involved in that.
As the original user working hard this for a long time balsam doesn’t show very cool lets see.
This one i don’t know that much about roses dimension because it got a whole lot outpouring on social media.
This was the sioux falls christian golfer who lost her title after she.
I admitted that she likes scored herself wrong on her scorecard otherwise she would’ve been likes the champion but she.
Disqualification can confess doesn’t like barely that would’ve caught it but she was like no i got this wrong i wrote the wrong thing on my scorecard.
And so then she was disqualified but there was a huge outpouring social media on their plotting her sportsmanship.

[30:38] And as for it forthrightness for.
I like doing that we have ec after the event or the match or can you call golf in a match maps and is she saw that her score was posted working correctly in the.
Shouldn’t have to say anything that she in our mid interested tell them and she sexy like.
Do you recall her name i’m terrible i do not turning down a.
Spring a lot of notes to the battery remember the name of the things to the condo here but they’re actually oh yeah major the or major major league offers i guess of all of these and care whatever golf.
We go one hundred he have something user you’re in the big leagues in our office.
Jacob missed after dropping your shoulder for you have been patiently.
What’s good cooking me with the proper that the room so yeah that’s the.

[31:42] Wait you keep your own score in golf apparently.
That’s really surprising it is really surprising we play so every even like when tiger was just saying.
Yeah i don’t know why this is watching me play golf of high school loser riot and not the type of golfing that professional do we just he just,
hours that’s it drop the ball down i would i would never trust a drunken degenerates that i used to go golfing with to get to to keep their own score obviously there’s some people higher class than you know we’re playing it and then got,
create ten thirty when they play that’s the there the people stuck behind the but is still interesting in the sport of competitive and you expect that all.
Actually did that in three not four that will really such mulligan and use of take it.
And all of that happens but she was this legos honest yup that ray so whoever you bar missed mystery girl we applaud your honesty think you know we go golf is.
Sort of integrity prego so that the speaking of honesty um.
So sioux falls or saturday news watch which they always put out these like really big nice investigative stories here we talk a little bit about that organization they’ve got one this week that’s about stds in south dakota and,
holy crap we should like seriously put the plastic on the couch or something for the gas coming and going,
um south dakota when you indeed not you and me but like all the other guys in the next episode of be like.

[33:19] Not you but the that a any guy friend off vehicle for the week before yes off,
seriously people get shot and be safe cuz apparently there’s a whole lot of,
and not just stds but freaking antibiotic resistant s gonna rhea on the loose in south dakota so watch yourselves also learned sexually active window or sexually active adult news.
Or way not heavy say so.
But the teen pregnancy rate is down like a huge amount for the first time in quite awhile it’s.
What is his or her eyes and it says it sent and you are there sometimes rocking gets a check once are free.
I know you know that the shia checked yes after each one so that you know which one.
Hey you wanna guessing game and his these.
Yeah things that you hear more in the swing or culture so you’re more like you now just what did we when you have four quarters than one night he got it exactly.
You know another story for in miracles man like me than clinics are open on sunday to.
What a hardware so next story of these and the is that the.

[34:52] When the monster house boo by this story is ridiculous,
but everyone was talking about it was just everywhere and social media there was a live stream of the demolition of the house for god say,
pi think god it’s over i’m so tired about hearing about this house but it’s a thing that happened in this to empire so there you go here we go,
flag stuff this is what i wanna get into this is the hard hitting stuff here you know sioux falls as you see in our studio here we have the sioux falls people’s flag up on the wall.
This is the celebrated flag that was selected after a flag design contest a few years back if i recall bomb.
And the city was cross-post adopted as our city flags were one of like only three major cities in the us that.
Doesn’t have a city flag so we came up with a flag with a contest people talk about it people were there palm.
Add that the city never adopted it for reasons that still escape me and now with the new mayor cuz apparently heather was one of the people pushing to not adopt it up the hope is.
That they can finally adopted as are flag but man i have been talking to people on social media about this flag and there’s like a holy crap load of blowback about not liking this flag where i.
What’s the flag come on coming then the fact you grounded for the having a flag.
Seems like a really cool thing it was never on their radar now and so now that it is they feel like they’re entitled to choice i don’t know what it is but i give me the atlantic.

[36:31] What is a oh have you ever and ever in your life caramel sea false flag think most of the time you don’t care about south code is flag your site,
all of sudden becomes flag for look like i don’t know or care i’m anything to look forward is a crap load of small details that i will never take his hand there of the exam flights,
here comes to falls and we finally like there’s is a symbols like an by the way it doesn’t look like.
A bad state flag i’m gonna rows of others there the wrong way put.
Some are just rude up i think it looks fairly nice and it is better than nothing it’s not exactly is not nothing and i like it.
That was all the flexes symbols and stuff like i have a breakdown of what each thing represents and stuff like that and i like the idea that the red rock represents the like you know suport site that is the the common rock around here to summary of our historical buildings are built out of.
And it’s got the falls and it because of those explain to one woman adjoin of my sioux empire logo.
It is incredibly fucking hard to come up with like an abstract factor is asian of waterfall that looks good it’s really goddamn hard i think i spent.

[37:44] Four months on the sioux empire logo trying to get something that looks like a waterfall that was like.
Make a bull into like a logo of some kind that it look like total garbage and it’s tough,
well okay then put the song on there cuz that the happy three months of our lives in sioux falls exactly it in and a shout out of you are staying flank you know so its like its its literally almost fifty percent our state flag and people just like,
it’s a dirty call me flag it’s like will okay i’ve been accused of being like.
A sleeper agent first state democrats which i’m just like how is that even he don’t even any words or images on it seriously like fields of color and a jacket line and so like.
Call me talk what was her with the pool.
I mean it’s one thing if you statically you just don’t like the flag i get it okay that’s that’s fine i disagree with you but honestly when it first.
First so as i wasn’t as like its okay i guess i hung up in the studio because.
I want it’s you know this kind of the series becoming like a shrine to various random sioux falls and sioux empire themed things in here and i thought it look good in studio.
But as it’s been hanging on my office studio wall for a few months now i’m coming to more and more like it and appreciate it.
It’s been up there and have more time with it and gas so i think is a perfectly good flag and i’m all for and i just do not understand the not just.

[39:18] Not wanting it or like people are such as the different let the just the people who are incensed by what we need for what we need to change anything ever in as the handyman eric lee is better than nine and it’s also called,
the people’s play well that was now that was an argument was fighting is because will everything that called the people’s communist,
so there is no man do we re not remember the people’s champion.
Train johnson the ride to ec out that fucking turnout will he must think we turned out great just so this thing is cooking rob to sell with this these cooking it’s not that kind tolerant cooking.
cami tall girls man to mexico about me to you guys i change my mind can i look at that like i just think communism now that’s just medially was braun ii just wanna like murder the shit out of the proletariat and like.
You know.
And join a collective farm but that the flashes is flag is actually changing my mind under marker see as we speak and city are getting so big and the red is really adjusting my a ideologies yeah i absolutely.
May i drive drove down it was ten st nice on settling monologue does.
Eyes are welling in his flight is is that their flag oh as an associate that symbols is why when nice pain somebody took the time to do that yet now.
I see the plot behind it.
I truly get it now i am being wharf to know the play has something in nc then sue it’s turn you and that played there it scares they say.

[40:57] It’s a disaster around of these starts from the greedy and it gets seen yeah so in the matter time to.
I just received from the inside rip sent to our was i playing yo yeah what’s wasn’t i was being.
No change but now i don’t wanna i don’t want that new dispenses a big plate napkins in but that won’t saying anything i hang in my studio now has lite glove crafty and properties of evil you call this friday we know that your.

[41:31] Play the what’s table in trying your casting incense year jan one thing.
That’s a wrong we know when to send rupees for it’s for your you know.
In what year did you know i was windy in my whole chanting at three in the morning and ground up when you’re playing him and sell him.

[41:53] He you and it’s called dancing now so yeah i think we’re all pretty pro flag here,
even if it is like a secret plot to turn us gay or something i don’t know i don’t know personally visitors in the doors.
Our next sc don’t know,
our next story here and we’re probably gonna make this the last name story here for time is the sore loser in bonn home county in bonham county sheriff’s deputy has lost his job after winning the race for share of.
In tuesday’s primary election the sheriff’s deputy mark mags was sent a letter by.
By his election opponent and the current share of clinique gram call saying that he was terminated just mall that email wasn’t moments after he won so little you like.
He won the election and the guy was like sitting on a button and goes your fire to and they to see the original document and check when that was created.
Yeah i’m guessing this was a this he feels like it was a repair one of the legs like really bruh decided to run again some uses for right he after.
Exactly and what a sore loser so no word yet on if share of lenny clicked send on that email with is apparently very small penis.
For yeah and with that that concludes the news so next year we are going to be moving into our interview with andy andy the reason you’re here welcome.

[43:31] Um not be transferred communist no no that is there yet sex is new does it for sherry benefit of this yeah exactly.
It be turn into a werewolf that’s that’s where walls write me work on only the headlines there you go so sixty isn’t does not communist fireworks murtaugh talk he’ll yeah.
Fireworks hard to disagree with fireworks so you like fire.

[44:00] I mean yes i like fire the most primitive sense man me the lake fire me like fire be fired friend.
And my friend was looking for vic were there but it wasn’t that will work awesome and was so andy why you do.
Why you do any any what you do to others is what you do i was like to channel my nieces and nephews there like three and four when i when i do interviews so that question why you do yeah why you to.
That’s the that’s a deep question is is somebody toddlers and little kids,
there’s a big that was profound questions my godson cly he will get in like super super deep territory i was like it was him in a passenger see in me like driving back from rapid city and not.
By the end of it i was explaining have capital punishment works like that you for whatever talking about this it was crazy beginning during up now but the ck as agreed that it’s.

[45:02] If you never seen and it’s the most hilarious thing because some things are and some things are huge again be something of your nothing.
Oh you in that nice we will we will check it out so.

[45:18] But that back to the question nice nice try to dodge there why you do.

[45:24] Do you have her system life the business were fireworks yeah we’re talking about fire brothers.
Sure why why did you actually here’s is the the first of the people are genuinely becoming more comfortable.
Inner and using technology in around using technology right fair.

[45:49] With that it exposes something that i think this is a really appreciate that people are genuinely lazy fair.
We genuinely don’t actually want to do.
That should we actually just want to hang out enjoy our time set by the beach with a margarita include the.
And finish all the using this before if food do today checkbox where you can just leave the patio unlocked and they would come into the apartment put the food in my mouth instead of delivering it to the patio,
i checked the box and it was like a five dollar fee i do it says sold it to people in the house without you,
separate entrance or like super guess have a servants entrance.
No i don’t separate them is like the.
Connecting underground tunnel with subwoofer bookcase out again in the fall.

[46:46] Yeah yeah alright solar plants and sell fireworks in twenty three seconds.

[46:57] I run fire brothers my resume watch videos of fires on my website you order them online you pick them up in store and this year orders over a certain threshold are gonna be delivered to your house,
what’s the address of the government under the ground thing mom dang can the forest where we don’t have time.
News news thousand is little kids know how to use technology ice infants using phones.
So i was in the industry for a couple years and working history and realize that people,
not only that i see amazon taking over the entire world and that’s fair i thought okay the internet is coming the internet buying things online is a thing internet good wireless inference art like in their moms arms,
play with phones million dollar shipping very well all with phones they’re just there the know how toddlers know how to go in go to the apps and play games.
They’re good at this and so there’s something to be said about the internet technology thing and there’s something to be said about the convenience of it right like all i go to the store in order something.
Can i wait two days i absolutely can’t wait two days ago and i ordered on line of fire serial.
I am in the industry realizing it has not been touched by technology it is still the we sell out of arms and hands we do so with a calculator we figure all the stuff out and all of this.
To say that it it had not been innovated yet and it’s and it’s friendly it’s.

[48:30] I mean it’s a very old industry right its like really the market for business is it one of the strongest it’s only a nineteen industry base a month industry cuz nobody cares about fires until fourth.
Is oh i thought to myself okay hmm why not pioneer this and just do something she symbol is a very simple concept.
I got my fireworks and a new good job photographing them we’ve got videos everything they do and say you go on the website you order on line you pick up in store.
And then you start to see some really cool things you see walmart’s doing this targets doing this and if they’re putting their buns behind that boy a you better get on that train and i didn’t see it back and reacted actually started acting.
Along side of that sort of thing so same idea at the same time so why i do why it what it is cuz there’s an opportunity there let’s just do it.
There’s an opportunity where’s gonna jump on that train were actually gonna start building that train.
Now all is going to be very hard because it’s such a last minute industry.
To make this in scale of the you know the vision for doing that is very cloudy with no idea how it if you conceal huge of linked to do something big with this bore gonna be really focused on doing a great.
Hear this year so what we need is people to just try it with just the people that don’t have a process and say hey any that sucked.
You are a house amazing the first year when i had one store we double our stores less rigid of his stores.

[50:03] And we double our stores to be all over the place and it was a mass and wasn’t prepared last minute guys so it was done very well.
And i think the online experience wasn’t as good the first year though we every customer that actually and by the way first year.
Can people buy online and i absolutely grilling only was you think world problems give me everything you know like those cool.
Although it again next year and was so lake is actually disappointingly symbol for them like they’re like yelling at the same point like i bought everything else in my life and convicted up.
Would could change anything you like no to me improve their life that no no just.
Do you have give me my fireworks.
Thumbs up it yeah you’re hurting me where the out my am sorry but some about it being industry intense that technology.
And when you use a calculator took back the actually going up to stand to loose act that way i just was in the spot and all around fourth of july.
And then having them all of the old calculated that at the to file the paper ream on and the printed and our weather typing it like that was.

[51:18] Yeah there’s nothing here so here’s i realize i actually planned on blake’s scaling a software to do this to me like the shop of ii.
All the fires industry because shot five fires italy all writing interface bonfires and days and doesn’t go well together payment processing in buyer’s.
Is not good at all so there is a place for me to actually create my own pyro hanging system there is a place for me to create a software that just,
does a really good job and here’s where the industry you will not catch up to me unless they start working very very very hard to focus on this.
Or they spend a lot of money on it hiring people to come in and do this if i study this i do this for a living online business.
Is a completely different game than brick and mortar business it’s a completely different beast you need to not build a site you need traffic to the site.
Eating games people there’s conversion optimization their school analytics there’s advertising conversion rates got three there’s always stuff that you got an ol.
And none of these guys are going to adopt in fact there got there fine weather doing a getting money.
Doing this for fifty years why would they change now at the end of their at the end of their time lot are retiring sounds like an industry that’s right for disruption yes indeed so it’s not gonna be,
build out this passive shop of ice offer and sell it to these fires guys for them to use because frankly.
They don’t want to use it and i do want to use that they’re not.

[52:51] They’re not gonna be able to do sell affect only you know and then there’s like all we could just take giant percentage of all the industry at that this is not gonna work yeah y’all’s half to do in this is maybe a vision.
Is a lot these people are going out of business and if they don’t have a legacy if they don’t have a fam.
Either put someone in place there with our branding and our equipment in our process and or online advertising strategies and say hey.
You could take over this business and make it may be years.
Men you know franchise it basically you could we could i don’t france is it with the cell or businesses see you have to find like businesses and get me and to know.
And just keep notes that be intense like search for calling me fun.
Yes that’s what are you doing what are you doing this year across the country to differ by our stands.

[53:46] That’s dope as cool then like you re make of any of this year is gonna be us three video i know who do i and not like me holding my phone.
Talking really excited to handing were so far yeah lol yeah this is me now until july fifteenth i’m joe blackie waving.
Flavorful are flailing tube man nice i mailed it they i got i’m that for the whole month.
And you go back and watch videos or something just don’t like them its like its that’s the animals are like that i do something that’s a fact what i saw like anyways.
Somebody sent me where to make this video and we want should in your barn does it have a barn boo barn physical story behind it.
Was it an shared to have time but yeah it’s a it’s a fragrance cool local store here any us we want you to actually like we want you to be the fireworks,
guy that they go to as like it too but he’s like not the internet guy.
Selling flyovers my she that is more like me i’m not really like this guy with his grand vision to late import all the fireworks and be this empire of fires and not just the internet can.
Selling fire in america.
First you get the fireworks then you get the money alright and you get the women thing will the audience yours funny story i went to the national fireworks convention.

[55:18] Yes that’s the thing that’s the association convention whatever it is.
And i meet this guy and it is was is call on big big tom.
And big looks like a gangster terms of the time pretty much is a gangster he’s pretty much coning all these people into thinking that he is gonna order a bunch of their fireworks of you get there bottom dollars,
then like,
pulls down avail on his new fireworks wholesale business even coordinating with chinese people on and selling fireworks and he put the price lower than all of the people he been talking to.
I am that’s research gives us for as far younger all right i die i island on wed he’s like,
hey look without a living deity actually lafferty did isn’t her but there’s he he he does some like that,
shh hit he does only got knock knock.
He bought me a large steak and cinnamon so you fireworks and i go thank you so what’s for this prime rib on one occasion and what a generous.
Rich some what she meant about and and i get ways to eat visiting hours long worry,
you’re gonna by fire xp by the end of the day he knows like in fact.
Do not buy fireworks from people i think are part of the mafia because i know how the game works seen the godfather yeah i’ll know more sets with me a favor from you.

[56:50] I will go running yeah service certainly nothing could go wrong in buying.

[56:57] Could be construed as explosive items from someone who may have criminal hi is there that never ends badly yeah lunch is getting a criminal but for sure shady perhaps you shady and and colorful.
If you don’t know how someone makes their money yada yada be concerned is seems sir you have got money and a lot of it how you may.
Well i’ve got my ways already then my sister invested heavily in beanie babies then their babies,
i got in the ground floor dvds but now the bb court last other than the dash biggers always here’s my local store in sioux falls.

[57:45] Am i was mr does business any in a place you still need a fulfillment center.

[57:51] And a little former dance while that did testing for dan is rate us i see falls blade outside the city limits his property it’s is split by the city limits the barn.
He calls me up a fire cracker kid who got does bar here you can come fix up and use it as late all sweet i’ll all used or disagree.
Can i go see it and it is a mass its falling apart and re running all that kind of good stuff but of eventually we get to the point where within the city committees and they denied me events.
Said but i can let you do business there health is to closes in minutes.
So i actually walked door to door to the neighbors they thought that they thought and said to disturb the neighbors he said were knocking when you that the neighbors can get mad as to causes the limits i said here’s the thing.
I appeal that decision the unit was denied to the city council.
It was told that i had a five percent chance of having a city council overturn a joint committee of the county and the city.
And and a chance of the over previously have to look at the city in the face and say.
We agree with this guy if not you city and not you county and so i did it’s over jane lee i was not.
Being malicious about this i just knocked on doors every neighbor touching the property and i said i’m just doing this would you like that they said that would you sign is the sign that.

[59:23] And it took that my city council meeting and i said alright here’s the deal all the neighbors are on board every single one of them even the guy that was his to the first was like.

[59:32] Does a great.
And then i said if yours worried about the city limits you can sell fires in salem it’s the rain about me becoming an island yet like other ones there’s one a block,
in sioux falls further is your ball to me like the ones who falls me give me two years.
If you limit my term to the atlanta two years all make this business work without it without that piece land if i need.
Now this recently are island through the application process and they gave me forever nice every five years and on the spot in the committee i said guys.
Can you never make me come here godson so please don’t it and here’s the thing of us falls.
With all the flag conversations and all the business conversations the development of the drum easy and sue full and on on social media you don’t see the genuine.

[1:00:26] Advantageous community that we have here.
And when i say that i mean i went to the city council in genuinely proposed hey i’m gonna work with you can i do this and they unanimously overturned the decision and we just.
And they said yes you can do it so the city council late you answer about the people and the power of the people i was just twenty three year old punk on printer.
Wanting to do something and the city council overturned we call the bureaucracy what you would call structures the status quote,
um and they overturned that and after that everything has been great,
people want to see businesses grow frankly there’s nothing to do in sioux falls so anything to talk about whether the flag it’s true.
Anything or if you could get upset about something you want to because there’s nothing to get upset about great lakes of for the fly conversation comes right back.
Yeah we cover local news we did an entire episode about him being one time and pretty sure he is.
Lately i saw and god bless all the local be there to the best but one time whiskers the cat got shot by a twenty two together that story.
You should talk on the podcast i remember the story whiskers the kittens shot by twenty two and vandalized top story tonight on global mobile keep the news yeah four letters.
We we’ve i was like no whole wheat we’ve talk withhold from argus leader before about highway pig.

[1:01:56] And that’s the number one story of all time from the argus leader was just the paid that jumped out of a moving truck on the interstate,
and then it ended up getting adopted and being made a patent with this whole thing and when is joe speaks tv was frustrated because it’s the number one most read article of all time at the argus leader is highly paid,
we live i don’t know what to say about that but it is.
This town is looking to work do something and are looking for a user excitement the number of have to be great you just have to be good in order to really gain support.
I think i think what i’m doing is fun people towards refers was your late doing something dangerous with them.
And we’re just giving it to people what they do if it in their hands to say that is a waiver would you do with them is on your own time or just sell for example if you get a fire work it’s called the liquid metal robot.
Pro tip don’t cuz you know if you like but,
if it was that far mountain lessons up current wheels to was gigantic fireworks spectacular every year with the wrong he’s and it’s kind of a right or real most of the cousins but will this like one year they’ll hosted then will host a back or anyway it’s a big thing.
So what are my cousins she got this far recall the liquid metal fire or a robot.
Couldn’t find the fuse on it will we don’t use punks cuz we don’t meet us stinking punks we all have those torches yeah we’ve all got torches and so she got the great idea to just burn her way into the side of the fireworks with it.

[1:03:33] And has a bad idea what see from the professional yeah hers is got internet before fireworks in disney and his tail but you know stove fires fashion.
Yeah don’t light where the fuses kit yeah.
Set so i remember that one because i was lighting an artillery shell of the time and there was like home i go online and i look over there sleet balls of fire flying at me so you imagine me running across the driveway,
i go to like dies behind my sister in laws car and as i am like,
diving to the ground just forget their one of the light cuz it’s got like flaming exploding balls are flying out of all directions of it now and it goes what yeah great balls of fire and eat it goes like flying underneath the car,
and explode suddenly cool mr to collect get.
Get up and wakes and like okay and a shot from there and read about them one kits rated for windshield and explodes and some look okay i didn’t stay down.
I think my mom pushed two of my nieces.
Into the garage of the hot like the garage doors they were like going to get beverage or something like push them inside and i think that one of my nephews had to jump into that without water garden at the time of the front yard yet don’t like jump into it took like get away and,
that sounds like the worst they or or activities the.

[1:05:02] But the best the best i always thought of that as the best one cuz that one was when i was like in my twenties,
are like early twenties and the best one for my late twenties is the first time that my mother in law whose from minnesota and super not into like fireworks there anything right nikki in any way like that.
Comes the farm and.

[1:05:22] Yeah we have one fireworks that light went off and exploded and it was the one of the like excluding rocket shells from it.
Hit her chair she moved to the side just in time to burn summer hair and right in smack dab in the middle of the back of the chair she was sitting in the giant like scorch for motor.

[1:05:42] I don’t think this is a fire search and sickly bread nike i think that they are when we get our hands on them i love his is roman candle fights that’s right next.

[1:05:55] Fire since i don’t who is going to save em right now yeah it’s like it doesn’t make you a redneck.

[1:06:04] To have fireworks show images renew our red neck and you do redneck things with everything yeah.
This is your yes like the car parked in the yard be you put your car parked in the yard to put your fireworks,
in a can of gasoline for after a fact when they go off fireworks in cartesian out of carpark yeah yes we’re x are bend all night can’t with the fishing yup you why.
You know you use a bunch of all baylor tubes to well together at giant cannon system for all the rockets get hanson new pickup truck horns in front.
He’ll yeah got the call and glass packs or whatever that look at me you give me men dick small.
Noise maker stuff is what exactly were or the is.
He thought are there so anyway we’ve even bilge my ridiculous lists enough um let’s see.
Anything else and you wanna tell this model sounds amazing i love the thought of being able to see a video of the firework beforehand to so often we go and we by these crazy things and it’s.
A guessing game especially when you’re buying the big ones cuz you got your cousins they are gonna show them up ye ye so you’re spending some pretty decent bank on these things so you get this like.
You know hundred dollar fire work that’s one thing with the fuse in your like man if this is not life sucks if this isn’t hundred dollars a second yeah i if this if this sucks.

[1:07:40] I’m gonna be so disappointed but for that price it’s got rock right,
yeah let’s do it here’s the the benefit that i have my when i because i focus on the online buying platform in the video based as it were them i don’t order them unless it’s split.

[1:07:56] Nice which means i don’t care about the label i don’t care about the name i watch the video is on the label many because people click on it and watch the video.

[1:08:06] I can’t get away with having about firework.
And so is summer time the future i hope to crowdsource what were in process school so will be outsource it and i’ll give them the websites and say okay you’re gonna go and pick your favorite ones.
The little were them and that way people have a chance to be like no free spend three or.
Loads of money on fireworks oh my god eight this is some people with their christmas so this is the holiday of the year,
and so with that it’s not like walmart rear in the summer you know it you’re gonna get.
And it’s so disappointing so we we we just want create a method where it’s transparent.
I feel like that’s that’s that’s kind of a thing that people are strange grip to is you can see and everything is like.
What’s the real thing happen behind the scenes it’s like we have no reason not to show you that in fact it increases our sales,
to show you that your product is inherently cool why wouldn’t you you know who is cool and i want you to see it and and i can give we would find bad ones.

[1:09:12] Yeah.
Three in after the tax to viruses pro and i think it’s awesome and yeah i love the idea of showing that you of that was power does because that was so frustrating.
Hey you know and do you have like a minor set of in store for people that just go in store,
yeah this year and you that your this year we do so they can either i mean if people are of listeners are instant visiting and you with a fire froze hires and fires start dot com all i can i get stuff class videos.
Marie your website right now missed my last project for your last nerve projects can be at the sweet.
Everybody is on there and that is store we bought a lap top of the fancy but we can we can do is duplicate heating hang in the bar.
And then he just brother website nice.
So before leaving a shameless plugs and have huge info dump all about like where they can learn about it and when the season is and what not my last question is do you have any recommendations or one that you flight with that you know you could have again that you’re like this is the firework people.

[1:10:16] Banging hard sewing and hard the heart is the if you’re gonna banky it’s just my favorite.
Actually it is is a black cat i am and so yeah black that’s a good is a very good brand and there’s a great business on the exit that of and then selling his for a long time and so he.
I just ordered a ton more cases of it we’re gonna sell it and everyone available shows rim prepackage shows nice hundred fifty dollar show i got it covered you know show i got it free packages were so swollen and you’re like.
I was in the box on a show where and i custom build one for you.
I think that’s what i’m gonna do this year that’s like perfect that’s really cool yeah was will sweetie i haven’t tested it out yet and i’m actually scared that if i get a traffic to the site.
Legislate run out so you heard that people they’re running out supplies are scarce order as fast as you can while you’re at hyundai as like a semi load too much.
This is the worst thing ever and ever during this ever again analytical essay traffic and was like all we did wheel or he’s more nice.

[1:11:32] Is it possible cost crown prince anns this week’s shameless plugs any this last part here is the shameless plugs tell us about,
when is the season when can in state resident start buying tell us about where they can learn more about,
how to use social media the website everything like that is you just get on your soapbox and for some way i feel like area disease that’s okay,
now so now this is this your formal one cuz when is the season i can catch that last june twenty seven to july fifth okay so you can start buying on june twenty seventh if you do me a favor you can order earlier.
That way we know we have to do is re orders and also you can work out all the kinks there’s any keeps the process you by the first it is season june twenty seventh wheel we we go live with this thing.
If i’m doing my job will be all over social media will be all over at council senior ton a lot to do any promos and the website you mentioned you’re working on it or is it up as of right now older one is operate okay,
you can go look and teachers are as sweet t-shirts sweetie i’ve got it got we got one as a boom on it nice period for that model fire do we call um,
yeah i got it for this office teachers will didn’t go by those two nice gaff iris fair start com from checking out,
we’ve got a east side and west side location with sayed.
Add people here’s my because my plug if anyone is missing is interested i’m gonna have a referral program.

[1:13:02] This whole hack to get traffic on never referral program that actually lets you share my stuff people click there for early can buy for me and i pay you.
Nine is that soon to be in the district as to say i’m game if you have an audience and that audience buys fireworks.

[1:13:20] I will actually pay you to sell for me.
And now this is the same thing as a salesman in real life brick and mortar business online it’s called affiliate marketing yo now up well how how comprehensive i can make it is your answer you june.

[1:13:36] By god’s grace i’m going to have a link and i’ll get one for super or next for firs on fire podcast no problem kept him super accounting yeah no fires every loss fire lowes.
Awesome so that’s that’s my pitch is icing of is the website of a man if you got an audience.
Period but can’t you lick that’s your link and then a year to go to charity i think or you can take the cash equivalent cash.

[1:14:07] Two fantastic anything else you wanna throw in before eight let the rest of the crew give their shameless plugs no i think that’s kids are eighty.
Seth what he got for us seamus plug i’m going to see him as the poet says by with the book.
How is next week you gonna get it here all about seth’s first hp lovecraft story that he read.
Did color mater stay here.
Yeah colors is speed the current space yet so that’s the first hp lovecraft story i ever read who moved my something cool.
Is that what you’re doing this week yeah i put a sony events i did it all okay.
Cool but still it’s one i’ve read like multiple times a fantastic very cool yeah it’s a thing when that will make you wanna do that and then the sioux empire podcast patrons page heats for the suspect we.

[1:15:05] By going there and you toss a few shekels so that’s out we’re hungry bruh clearly isn’t getting up she.
Faggit can machinist bug it’s very seamus it’s super seamus cuz i been fasting for eight days now so i am really hungry you looking good anything else i can self.
Is it from down for you a vintage shasta over using the sf who.

[1:15:36] Also can you do that for my snacks but not just any girl went again this.

[1:15:42] Who said arson crash there that will pass of day yeah that’s your not open.

[1:15:50] My shameless plugs this week i am going to first off oh as always to my shout out for the sioux empire podcast,
always bringing you local content be sure to check said it so empire dot com and be sure to supports on patria on all the great work we do if you love the spot gas.
And all as always super con coming up this year for the convention center you gotta check it out at the super com dot com and my main.
She was put this week is that i’m going to be a guest on shout outs to falls if you remember we had on the hostesses from.
Shut up to falls on a previous week here i will be on this tuesday june twelfth at one pm live streaming so be sure to watch me dishonorable myself and my podcasts there you can check.
Are shut up sue falls on.
Yeah and that’s my shameless plug for this week will any thank you for joining us this week we had a wonderful time avenue and.
You know good luck with the fireworks and stuff and i will be probably placing an order here sweet thanks for coming everybody and we will see wall next week.

Happy Warrior Podcast Ep 002 Neal Tapio

WAR002 Neal Tapio

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


This week we have a guest.  South Dakota State Senator Neal Tapio (District 5 Republican) and currently a candidate for US House of Representatives.  Senator Tapio and Host Peter Pischke discuss the national headlines surrounding Senator Tapio’s political opinions and politics (Local and National) in general.

Machine Transcript

[0:23] Are they counting that a lock on the viewer’s one and all i need the one.
Thank you whoever you are at three on my as well so i guess that’s for the welcome thank you for meeting us here today on my name is peter tasty this is episode two,
a happy warrior i’m here with my pal and producer robert mailing.
Over there he’s ski at eight pm to put on extra hat today because we are live streaming this just like all the cool kids in town seem to do these days today i have with us the.
Exciting mr.
Snow start state senator state senator correct that is a century but also is it a minute i try to keep things exciting i see i don’t know where the space center if you if.
And that’s appropriate and politicians okay.
I believe it’s a few are like steakhouse i no idea what colour on thursday congressmen state representative okay great blahnik or i guess i think you for taking your time to be here with us today.
Pleasure to be here as this is people can see this but this is a high powered studio i think is i think it’s very very impressive,
yeah i like it that all kinds your we’ve had mayor’s here we had the counselors if politicians we’ve had can me and magicians and comic book artists and.

[1:58] All kinds of interesting people perfect.
So some of you may be familiar with neil for good and bad idea i think he’s rather nice,
i fell at least as a person will have to see we agree with his politics told or not but i think neil as the as a person’s very nice are you at the forum,
last month we you was you and shantel crabs who is on the also running so you’re running for.
Thing the gop nomination spot to run for us house that’s correct in the republican primary june fifth.
And so anybody can re register right now if there’s independence or democrats,
still have to re register as a republican vote for me national have quite a groundswell of people in do that no i hope i hope people are paying attention so far that we get people to go and pay attention,
he said he couldn’t hear primers we just came out on april tenth at the lowest voter turnout here in sioux falls in twenty five years,
so i i know very personally the value of,
people coming and going and paying attention no but i was to say about four am yeah i thought you were fine you did great.
Afterwards they let you know the usually let the candidates speak to the people of you want and you are very genuine with me and you didn’t answer my questions i had.

[3:29] I was very impressed so that i could i mean as i don’t know if shantel crabs that well so.
Take it with a grain large chris off she wasn’t as willing to.
Engage in discussion and questions is very much on the ball under are talking points and verbiage.

[3:49] But you were very open with me and i was very impressed i thought that the person you’re putting for a was way different than anything i’ve read about you,
and so i don’t know what i’m so she may be just may be the your voice pack and head maybe neil be willing to come on my friends podcast which eventually turned into.
Despite my a yeah i’m not a politician i’m just concerned citizen business owner and.
Can a christian conservative i’m concerned about the direction of our country i do happen to follow politics but i don’t use talking quayside i basically.
Tell people what i think i think people are ready for that whether they agree or disagree i think that we have to have a dialogue these days as opposed.
Opposed to using talking points and doesn’t help anybody yeah i guess.
I guess i would say this week was kind of weird one for me but in was helping a friend tom the who is running again.
For reelection first a house and he was actually handing out tapioca cards business cards and he was knocking doors so i inadvertently get help you,
oh nice not not on for this is in that he thought you were to use the thought of the three that you are the best so i would say that take is high praise from tom but in terms of.
Trans is also not a politician no he he’s he’s a concerned citizen that was to try to change some things that.

[5:26] Are really askew in in the legal system the no tom toms really big on when the issue of shared parenting if you ask tom what he is about device top of that it,
but alright have many.
Set we i tried so we were playing this together we wanna do this be open and forthright and honest and robert always does this normally he treats people very well miss podcasts i’ve tried.
And usually on it to i run for local office twice lost twice but i can understand the value of weird we’re in the interview that your taken seriously.
And you’re treated fairly know you known ones to i know it’s kinda signed watching fox news are missing b c did watch talking heads yell at each other apparently.
Past one another but me in real life that’s no fun whatsoever and i’m not really sure it’s all the constructive so what,
what interview we’d be provided mr tapioca with the basically and outline the questions we’re playing gas for may ask of a,
this is a conservative leaning podcast so this is this is coming from a conservative journalist and his producer.
So those were watching bb more how journalistic lee inclined in their friends that they are guesser kalo i just know that’s where we’re coming from in this out of.

[6:58] So do.
I should probably of open this but new is infamous on the internet that is a special thing in the alot of people try the infamous on the internet that’s their goal there like a new tv and nobody are no one i can be.
I don’t know if that means anything to but there’s some people out there that would love it and so you came out i think i first heard you.
What was back in december when the in and outs with no lutheran social services i put out this thing about inter faith day and there was article payroll just put this out.
It says here that article i have for example i thought this was kinda colorful was from the daily beast six said hear me that bigoted many trumpets south dakota it talks about in here but if you want to be successful in.
Gop politics in south korea that you have to be as anti muslim as you can be the go off later in here they call you that will prime chains of nt muslim hate.
I think it goes on from there i thought it’s kinda funny i read this winter and another one for daily quotes that stick out.

[8:12] Set it’s pretty excited our new firey do five not use i don’t know if it how i emotionally feel about that but it’s almost if it was me i don’t miss fire and on our that i listed.

[8:25] So much you after eight after that came out is without a press release thanking them for their endorsement.
As well as argus leader and having daily coast picked it up and.

[8:39] Where is the day because like i think is close hose if i find the answer yes so no just the interface.
You are one of the issues that i am very concerned about is islamic terrorism.
And maybe my friends are in the military have one friend that’s nineteen years the military spent for five years of his life over in the middle east and we keep fighting an endless war on terror.
And i’m pretty concerned about that i don’t see an end in sight.
And if you’re going to ask people to go and give their lives for their lives in up for a war you should clearly define who your enemy is.
And then clearly defined your objectives and how you plan on winning the war otherwise what ends up happening is you’re seventeen years in dual will.
There were no closer than that when we started were actually further away in that,
yeah the concern no i hear you i think that there is no bob that’s what i don’t get most about these articles particular from the far left is actually on on.
This issue the actual shit hole lot to grab onto it do it i don’t think they’re they’re willing to engage intellectually the.
To talk about because you’re saying that we’re been in this endless war or been this for long enough so now it’s it’s time to leave i remember back when president obama,
rain the first time that was that was the strong monterey let’s get out of the war and and that you see that still.

[10:11] And i’m on both sides dial i think lol libertarians do i know people on the left off of bringing up,
i mean so i was i was kinda surprised when you talked about that the form that you know that is something that actually might be able to find agreement and i think we’re everything in this,
later out more about and why are there particular frustrations with you so let’s talk about.
Your background is clear that let’s do a quick biography of the man is not happy rn well i’m just.
Primarily i’m a small business owner and entrepreneur and my entire family on both sides of my mom and my father’s side.
Are small business people self employed people in my dad was a lutheran minister and i’ve he was part time so he full time job selling a cultural feed and seed corn.
And on the also a pastor the church of about a hundred people and so you work a year ninety hours a week and as a part of his responsibility of giving back.
As well as many of my relatives are just strong believers in.
The american dream the american way of life that my dad grew up in a home with eleven kids in basically a three room house and complete abject poverty.
And out of that team of very successful next generation of people that it wasn’t easy.

[11:43] But they they work hard and the sacrifice they lived with rested.
Sometimes it drove us apart of a wall having to live under the such type financial constraints but at the end of the day it’s it’s the right way to do it you have to live within your means you have to.
You don’t work hard and you work long hours but.
You become self-reliant and and then i know that comes something else what yourself for less than you’re able to help other people asking where i come from so i have an entrepreneurial background.
As well as can a christian conservative background and i think that’s the proper way of.
Governing is have a smaller government that helps people and encourages people to,
provide for themselves surgeon so was it isn’t watertown air from your water to water town okay that’s what i thought you even use you can have a brother currently agriculture don’t,
sure yet one of my brothers marry into a family there family farmers in.
And yeah from mitchell area and so is very close to the ag community is okay so i have this hour.
Oriented wikipedia her part of the do part of this biography but is it about was it nineteen eighty eight is when you graduate with a college or high sunday school high school and then you went to go work for mr start senator,
mary wrestler yeah i actually looking.

[13:16] Very so i worked out washing dc for right out of college or pursue my internship.
And then i was full time i’d i have the most important what least center processors and that i had the most important job in the office which was opening the mail and disturbing email making sure the email got answer.
But it was a very important learning lots of new people at seven and three hundred letters are there was three hundred dollars a day that you read and understand.
Send back a letter.
And you learn what everybody’s areas of issues were so social security healthcare issues to transportation agriculture to,
it’s just a very good learning experience,
and i actually felt inspire licenses know what i’m gonna contact mr president and see if you like to share anything i get the money i got from him was no may i wanna make sure that i’m not endorsing,
any of the three candidates spaces i consider.
Meal tap your friends is near tapioca case i’m quoting from the email gave sent back it says you tap you didn’t work for us in excellent job all tasks we sign in i do consider him a friend.

[14:27] Yes he said he don’t think that you would that’s his are question are probably won’t mind orson by friends all the candidates and wish them all including your.

[14:35] Well centers in.
I’ll unique experience in that they have a home in it i was able to stay in the basement of his home for the first two or three months.
That’s all i got i am i able to see exactly the life of the center in nineteen years old it’s or twenty one years old extraordinarily ninety from a small town in south dakota.
And they him and his ball is life harriet witches she went out of her way to make sure that i was taking care of and was included in many of their events that they would have.
But it gave me a first first row seat to political.
Each one of the things about center pressler that think you find interesting is that he had what’s called the pressler amendment.
Which was probably one of the and he will couldn’t be bribed if you remember ask him where,
there is no way that when they did should i the stories you guys don’t know is that the fbi or what had,
only this is how i got center bertha was they said okay we’ll tests these caught the senators and congressmen and offer them a bright white,
and pressure was the one who said of all of them that he was the one that absolutely would refuse ii address for invitation to the word well.
I don’t think that would be appropriate and you know he.
Just the kind of the cord connection was that it was something that he didn’t think was appropriate to their offering him money to vote a certain way but depress them and it was interesting to where he refuse or.

[16:18] To sell at six sixteen fighters to pakistan.
Which kinda fits into this discussion that we’re having right now of the war in,
in you know islamic countries pakistan being one of the islamic countries so when you do talk to him he would be a very fascinating questioned explore,
of why he was so adamant about not selling in.
Fighting fire place to pakistan so anyway that noise a great experience i learned alot of a very thankful for.
The opportunity is your biography says okay the next thing they houses that you can try to help someone else ryan and then you did something else,
so politics relay this is two thousand two and,
you end up doing business i use you get a couple of interstate one was that he sold industrial washers i think another one was that you said you’d helped build center houses out here in sioux falls in neighborhood.
You i remember interesting on the left me said that the guy that you actually see that you fell for.
Two thousand eight recession when they have wasn’t the crash the way everyone call it.
That you for that won t let us talk a little bit about your life between will in just go through the full just give you a quick email but,
after senator pressler i work for the republican senatorial committee for one election cycle ended opposition research.

[17:50] I moved back to south dakota to work for wells fargo financial which is a finance company that financed basically furniture loans.
After that i moved to sioux falls and with the red sea briefly moved to sioux falls and i work for a credit card company called i’ll be and i got fired from taco bake.
Because i was late to work and then i was heading.
Early have to be somewhere at five o’clock and a so i left a little bit early in my boss said he where you going and i said i gotta get outta here in one of the lake twice in the same day.
And so that wasn’t you wanna necessarily say that so.
Especially especially here in the midwest they take the take tardiness and them being on time for anything you w hat and in what i learned was that you have to love your job if you don’t love your job you’re not going to put the whole.
Bunch of it of your energy into it and i didn’t necessarily like my job and so.
It kinda got my cd i found a us a sales position where i actually started to excel.
And my first week of time in sales on hundred percent commission basis i actually almost doubled my income from the previous months work.
To bake and once i realize that you can actually have a.
Income based on your performance as opposed to based on your showing up or or that you interviewed really well.

[19:27] I really started enjoying life and so i been sales.
On and off my entire life so i sold industrial cleaning equipment on automatic parts washer.
The car dealerships implement dealerships do you know small towns repair shop for jo’s repair shop.
All the way up to and i still do that to this day but i sell to a fortune fifty company so slumber j and b are using halliburton.
And my ship equipment that ranges from you know ten thousand dollars all the way up to a million dollars a ship and all around the world so.
And i used every little bit of information.
Along the way in the in the position that i have now so when i worked at wells fargo financial i hated that job because i charge thirty nine percent interest rates to people and i thought it was immoral.
But i learned how to sell in that job.
And i learned how to sell money so if you wanted something for ten thousand dollars i learned that it’s only two hundred fifty dollars a month for five years you can afford that right.
Until i learn how to sell.
And finances equipment now i have a seals and leasing company where i sell payments on a million dollars of people say i can’t afford a million dollars is all you can probably afford five thousand dollars a month which it.
And all of a sudden you can reduce people’s value down to a workable amount of became quite proficient that,
so i was in sales for quite a while the downfall sales is that you travel a lot so many months are many years i would spend a hundred two hundred eighty days to the hotel room i traveled pretty much and sold from.

[21:08] New york pennsylvania california from north dakota taxes all around the side the review of the home in.
I’m so i sell the equipment in between there i built spec homes in sioux falls and you know my.
All hackers tell me a large number of people in my family are self-employed business people contractors general contractor so i don’t thirty homes here in sioux falls.
Invest in my own money.
Did a lot of work myself i hired a lot of subcontractors negotiated a lot of the new all the contracts.
And then end up selling me and i am not in two thousand eight.
With about a million half dollars worth of homes and they shut down the jumbo loan program where they could there were no buyers.
And so when you watch the market collapse i was selling four hundred twenty five thousand dollar homes.
And you couldn’t find a buyer and so i sat real twelve thousand five hundred dollar payments for the year to have straight.
That would be that would be like the where the that a good time to be in the home business is horrible i learned how to gain thirty pounds a year of that you do that it is very pretty that you are the that okay so.
That was a bad time living that life is all about is you have good ten go bad times and you try to learn from your mistakes and.
And always have kind of an idea that things are better now what could you back into politics wasn’t it was it.

[22:41] Okay so maybe you were on some i understand if i fly me to be real quick was that you were you heard that can trump’s campaign stuff you got interesting front see you when trunk and it was from that that you with then surely,
after working with.
Trump you ran for state senate or do i have those backwards that states senate and then the truck campaign stuff yeah so i got any given up so i started.
After i lost all the money into in housing a kinda lost about half a million dollars.
And i ended up with about three thousand dollars my bank account.
Just briefly a for a year i worked for growth energy which is that little trade association i help them set up memberships with the hundred and sixty cool upper farmer owned ethanol plants.
Around the country i think we team together raise three or four million dollars for.
And then i laughed and i started back selling into the parking oil field and so i started working eighty hours a week and selling of their.
And how long did you work in the woodlands so two thousand.
End of two thousand ten intel now i still do the only true professionals right now in the oil industry went from,
you know it went from average price of twenty five dollars a barrel when all the way up two hundred forty dollars a barrel and in two thousand fifteen fourteen it crashed back down to twenty five dollars or even lower.

[24:15] And so business just shut off nobody was buying anything and.
I’d seen a lot of bubbles is on the bubble in in two thousand eight and i i i was frustrated that politicians.
Didn’t even know where the mortgage black back security was clatter lies debt obligation was orange alone in it we created incentives and programs,
that were really were negative they they were actually creating perverse incentives for people not to pay their loans back or to take,
excessive risk without me with no way that they would never be able to pay you couldn’t contain it right and so i saw that and i saw the exact same thing happen in north dakota,
where we are creating a bottle and ten mentality this time i went through it and i know what a bubble was and so i protected myself.
By not actually leasing my equipment but doing it at a rental program where they would be arrested but i always have ownership of all of my foot.
And so when things went bad and i think eleven or fifteen companies file bankruptcy.
I never last one dying because i had written my contracts based on my experience from before so when everything went south i.
I’ve always been frustrated that the politicians don’t are sophisticated enough to see they don’t have enough background on business and entrepreneurship.
And i always wanted to kinda get involved and donald trump came along and started saying that you could have always been outside or even when i work for senator pressler.

[25:52] I’ve always been an outsider that but the system was broken that politicians are controlled by fear they’re not controlled by confused why is risk taking or no basically you’ve heard of big companies they’re all yes men.
Well it’s that’s what ends up happening government everybody’s yes-man the covering your own.
Right down it so you get it i just have a different perspective is it we should be able to have business people it take to make decisions good decisions and create a fair and level playing field for all.
Don’t try and got involved i recognize that he was going to win very early because it was a message that was right for the times.
And i share the message so what what i’m so what year old like what what month it and what year was so so probably just before the i guess before the cops i think.
How long before when i hit something i immediately knew when he announced that he was going to be formidable and there was a very good chance that he would win.
I knew that because i go up and talk to all these people in the oil industry and i sit in these big factories that were the size of a football field and they were almost empty there be five or six three people sitting there.
And i would give us do some smalltalk in there be alone a conversation i see what they got for trouble.
And these guys these guys muscle men with tattoos on their neck and ear stretchers and these were just go wyeth of men and they all say you were voting for trump he’s the savior.

[27:29] That’s a really they go to the next place in the same thing these guys.
Trucks gonna do when i go into the regional managers of the western region meetings and the same thing would happen these guys were all trump fans and i would try i travel a lot,
i would call and ten thousand people a year make us for vases thousands of people they were all trump fans i started realizing.
The the selection was about.

[27:55] All of the failed policies of the liberal yeah the of on his administration for the last and he was separating people that wanted to get up and move the morning and produce something of value.
From the people that we’re going to get something from government and all of the former the factory workers the union workers and the police and the fire.
Fighters those are all former democrats they were rushing into the trunk republican party did not mean and not the little in on your computer decision by icing if i look at this,
objectively as a political risk taker political gamble me,
you really don’t out me no one i think carly told front as seriously as i did for along time me a pass i will caucuses,
imma political news junkie totally blindsided me as like no way no way and then when it was down like human weather for sounds like.

[28:51] Okay this is happening this and this is something that is that we should explore so i.

[29:00] I was in a field with a lot of blue collar workers you know the majority of people i sell tool that mechanics and you know just labors use right.
And all of those people were being energize to wanna get involved in politics for the first time really that i’ve ever seen.
So i recognize it very early but a lot of people that were in the soup all the downtown areas are connected to the.
Ab missed that little wave pool even just like following the national media fee it has like all i watch it all have like a screen with cnn over there fox over there at the same time that the sound of one programming and.
Just and i read a lot of political blocks on both sides and i did not see it coming at all it you where i think you are right that front.
For whatever reason seen the best happened to the frustration lot of people were feeling i know in my own family.

[30:03] That the frustrations you know there’s this feeling that in america americans have their kids of a very strong sense of beer there has that if you are hardworking and you give all that you can give that the result of that to turn out well i think a lot of people were feeling.
Without employment with get our power titled our time the programs are in that just things weren’t fair,
i think from tapped into that and this is this be more speaking better to buy the truck did well to really tap into that frustration of feeling gas absolute hundred percent he tapped into.
You know it and people miss misunderstand trump is that he didn’t create the movement.
There was a movement are you going on and he’s a result of all the problems that happened in politics when you end up with trillion dollar deficits as a standard operating.

[30:59] You’re going to have a singer in you’re going to have conflict all over the place it’s he lives in that area right he’s.
He does his own present press releases are public relations the radio as as you know whatever daniel center what he is he is.
Incredibly well qualified candidate for this time the the people that are frustrated you know.

[31:30] If he’s the representative notice this that idea i think.
I think you’re right in your analysis now so that was pretty needing to work with now president trump and vice president pants.
What was it like you you are the st campaign manager of the from campaign which any knowledgeable little.
I need special once i got past the primary season me that was like that was a that was a out of.
South dakota i would have to expect an awful lot happened south dakota at any chance of going blue there was not there is a chance that you didn’t work,
on the and i had read a couple news stories find this but i did that you didn’t work in toronto that you were always there has rights to the purpose of training you in south dakota was to,
in making sure that you can get a large volunteer network of people that will be helping phone calling in different battleground states,
that was one of the largest part of my job was to make sure that people in every area.
That were willing to man the phones in so we would be calling in the battleground states and then as the election became closer you know within a month.
Month and a half then i moved to northern colorado helped other state directors run volunteer teams work events that think present drinking two or three times northern colorado.
I help working event in north sioux city or sioux city iowa gas and in that was the in of.

[33:01] The really interesting experiences was to watch how these events what happened.
He announced my first when i went to colorado he announced thirty six hours before an event in mother in colorado and he filled the auditorium with fifteen thousand people and there were fifteen thousand people.
Waiting outside while.
That’s rock star status in people was a hillary clinton at the same time they were saying hillary clinton was up by twelve points if you look at my facebook page you’ll read that i said i don’t see how she’s up.
Because the error i have not been involved in politics for twenty five years i have never seen anybody fill a stadium and get thirty thousand people.

[33:44] Where is that happened right now and so i was seeing something entirely has it hasn’t happened in a long time and it is the.
Probably won’t be duplicated because he’s a rock star he’s a person that is a he’s a public figure and personality.
That was also tapping into resonating with,
an entirely different group of people another thing that people have to understand is these weren’t republican traditional republicans going to these events.
I went to the rally down in iowa and beside me in the vip section i was kind organizing that.
There were union workers there was a purple heart recipient there was a gold star mother there was some pipe fitters these were.
These were not people that go to the lake and a dinner the republic and the other these were hardcore rough looking.
Does red blooded americans and that was the movement and that’s what was messed up all of these,
all of these cnbc riverside be so i know where to go to the residence is in the best mistake i mean people we the five thirty eight i think is often thought of as a top of the game right now,
and what special was that and they completely missed it so tell here’s another interesting.

[35:08] I worked one event and i had a volunteer out in colorado and she was a five foot me one each mexican lady shoes about fifty fifty five years old and the first time i matter.
Is you speaking phone calls and she says i am going to pray over president trump.

[35:28] And i said wow that’s ambitious and she says i don’t know how it could happen but i will bring over a.
And sure enough they will we have a call center that was all set up and there was an i was able to get her in to that call center and she stood up in the middle of the vent and said president or.
Mr trump will be okay if i came forward and praying over you and all the sudden a bunch of people came over with this five one mexican tears are flowing all over the places she’s praying over him.
And it’s a side of president trump that people don’t know is it he was incredibly humbled by that experience and.

[36:10] It’s those type a little things that you can see the character of a person.
Where you know right now you got some horrible stories that are tough i’m sure for his wife and son but there’s there’s very.
Intimate times in that campaign where you see the humanity of president trump is quite interesting watch well don’t think for sure that that’s a really glad that we got to share that story isn’t something i’ve heard before especially not outside.
Of our commander in chief right so i could.
I need to move this interview forward sparking me five minutes in illinois state only wouldn’t get too many of those issues but did i think it’s great that we brought up some stuff that other people have but okay so here’s.
So with your experience in politics.
I mean okay so i guess the question everyone asks and this is actually probably with the center president for the gas is present from his house and she was president trump when president trump said acts or or ass there’s no and and now i got a mean.
Idea of asking as respectfully as i can i mean when you when you said like at the about interface today that this was,
overtly political which in some ways it was os ass in terms of services does cherry work and very much parcel service’s but did you also.
Do happen to politics from time to time and there were some more political.
And groups that are also lie religious freaks me with your political background mean.

[37:42] Some people would say you know neal you know you what you should have done better this that to say no x or why.

[37:51] If you was in particular to the inter faith group in of.

[37:58] An observer of politics and overload i believe that there’s an assault on christian values and christian family.
And then you look at who’s doing the assaulting so there’s an lgbt community that is pushing their agenda.
Right or wrong there is there a job that they’re pushing that agenda call lives with a christian family are christian values and.
James dobson was labeled in his group family here to lot was labeled a christian he organization because he defended traditional marriage right.

[38:35] The organizations that did that were the aclu,
and this other hot guys saracen okay then there’s not a political controversial seem to that are pushing that agenda.
Where the same people in the inter faith movement or a large numbers of them the ceo new girl is standing right there and the the person they contact the southern poverty law center was sitting beside me.
There is an agenda that people have that’s when my dad was a lutheran minister in the lutheran church there’s a division going on in the lutheran church and is being divided by this this.
This is a belief that there are.

[39:18] We should have the marriage that was the clergy that we should have deductions very aggressive society progressive and that’s divided the church okay that’s a political movement that is not part of.
Specific traditional christian faith based movement right.
So there pushing an agenda political agenda they are also saying that we need to have diversity that we need to accept everybody and what my point is is that they.

[39:48] Just because you have a different viewpoint doesn’t mean that it is equal in value to another view point so if one person,
believes that they should be able to have sex with a four year old and other person says will no i think that you should be two consenting adults those are not equal right i get what is amazing is that in the interstate,
we’re saying that we should except everybody my point is is that,
we’re fighting a war on islamic terrorism and we need to understand the root of terrorism when people say that terror has nothing to do with islam.

[40:26] Yet all the terror organizations were fighting in the name of allah the go by isis elk it should be book a room at nuestra amounts has blood.
These are fighting in the name of those whose of terrorists russia so if people object to me calling you that long to terrorism which was my.
My only resolution was at the end was we support president trump first fight against radical islamic terrorism.
And the what the people had the people in the interfaith group had was that they didn’t want to label that is lompoc they came to me and says if you take out as long.
Will pay will let that pass this until the point of it is is the point out that.
It’s important to point out to the people fighting in the military who you’re fighting we’re fighting people that are fighting in the name of their religion and if we don’t recognize that we have a problem there pushing pushing that agenda,
so that makes them political organization that’s all i’m saying rn is on so yeah let’s just back up a little bit okay so i get was emerson i think solve your problems,
did you be friend is that a lot of people.
In the united states and elsewhere in the western world like he’s a lot disclaimers before they talk about subject you don’t seem to be one that says that to the tv set display would be says now i think,
sorry to interrupt the issue of home and i’m not seen as we don’t use twitter but if you same sex services i think the people who are.

[41:56] Who are gay or lesbian are very nice people and blah blah very nice to say that i disagree on,
it’s for example i without having the judge decided a federal judge decide on the issue same sex marriage or not,
but they have a disclaimer and that disclaimer to make to sevenths americans are very important you don’t see the use in a doing the uber so when they hear,
well be know you talk about christian values so the first thing in my asked me as well as me that he only wants christians he doesn’t like.
Jews a dozen like you know your progressive muslim using like ax me.
So i need help me out here it is this is your background speaking or.
Do you really feel that it’s it’s christian only it was a american and will not when you say christian values i think like a traditional american judeo christian values did you get what i’m saying sure and and a.
These are very we could have a full podcast just on this conversation about the history of christianity or western judeo christian values or you know western christendom.
Is there isn’t separate culture of western judeo christian values rate unit that is separate from eastern religion values or whatever.
When you understand where we came from and what freedom where we believe freedom comes from is completely unique.
The idea that god gives us complete freedom and that.

[43:29] We have the freedom to believe or not to believe to express yourself the freedom of the press.
Those aren’t guaranteed by our constitution right.
Those those are given to us by the constitution we recognize as western judeo christian values and christian values that.

[43:49] Those are given to us by god inalienable rights okay when we start there that said that comes out of.
Really just christian it comes out of the process revolution the idea that martin luther actually posted the ninety five thesis and said we don’t have to go through intercessory to talk to god that god.

[44:13] Gives us the right to talk back to him that’s quite amazing know he is right it’s the great leap forward or whatever the name of that purchase like it they go,
and so does yearly that thousand yearly but that it’s it’s.
We have to have a longer discussion of where we go if you’ve heard me speak and if you hurt me,
i was given a half hour speeches to from where freedom comes from from that the very beginning of cicero and socrates of western today or just western thought.
All the way through the dark ages and how we can wassup how you got mixed up and with the allergy where you are forced to believe.
As that as is the church pot and if you didn’t you be declared a heretic and then out of that struggle.
Martin luther the price revolution we fought bloody wars we fight a thirty years war were nine million people lost their lives to get away from this idea that they had to set the church and state were combine okay.
We we fought to get rid of that when we moved in so i know that comes the enlightenment in france where you have a renaissance of arts.
And then in the united states of the exact same time political renaissance this idea that you could encapsulated in a written document.
Form of self government that allowed us to have complete total freedom that it was completely written as almost a negative rights.

[45:49] The government can’t take away our rights that’s really the heart and soul of water constitution is.
When i talk about christian values that comes out of the christian tradition okay is not saying that i don’t by the believe everybody should be christian.
To the contrary actually because.
Of the foundation of christianity which is love the lord thy god with all thy heart with all the soul and with all thy mind and your neighbor as thyself.
That we’re all sinners and that were to love our neighbor as amazing.
Is that allows it open for a society so that we can all disagree that out of out of that love for each other.
We can have disagreements and we would go to have a rule of law okay that’s a separate way of thinking than say even islamic society islamic society when you read the book the reason it every islamic country.
There’s what fifty seven is on the majority countries they all have a punishment for leaving islam and fourteen of them have a punishment of death for leaving islam.
You see how that’s completely different right now is it so what i talk about is.
We want to make sure we educate i talk about the dialogue so that we can help educate people exactly what freedom means and compare that to.

[47:20] People would say freedom in is level there’s there’s no such thing as complete and total freedom in islam because if there was you believe it without any punishment on some people might not believe that.

[47:35] But they don’t really believe in the literal interpretation of their the books that are there scriptures i would say that there is a good enough areas that there is a good chunk of people that they when they hear anything.
Critical is longer just the worst on a conversation the kind of.

[47:52] To take off their brain hat and that’s when the monthly income that i would i would agree with you on that that that that discussion of cultural values needs to be discussed when you talk about the history of,
is on his m and m countries i think that’s all they put up i do i need to be fair though that think,
i think that when you talk about issues of is long that you’re not really distinguishing say no i,
stringent as long as tree is seven days long neck system as long as because many countries even i ran back to nineteen seventy eight that was very very,
progressive country turkey till just two years ago was called the paris of the middle east in there there is a history and is in the islamic world of.

[48:41] Forward,
in western thinking by think a lot it’s been that scared and so when people you talk the day with the here is they don’t hear that your your same value or our culture history and use,
there are different in there culture that’s not what they’re here and they’re just hearing that your your islam of all the car is longer,
they cater i mean your jokes your guy with background in politics you’re very well aware of how all this sounds i mean.
Is this an accident on their part that your label with much in this.

[49:12] I mean where they call you bigots or i need help me understand these from from your experience will how are you.
How do you handle this issue i did i was like garbled words so that you’ll i think probably.
The way you want to.

[49:33] You have to start a conversation where both people are on the same starting spot okay so.

[49:41] Three years ago i didn’t know anything for four years ago i knew there was islamic terrorism a new september eleventh happened.
But i didn’t understand why isis and kind and book of romans why there were islamic terror organizations everywhere.
And so when i read the koran it became very clear but i read the bible the new testament it’s.
Listen to the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the earth it’s very very its simple and vague the koran is just the story of muhammad’s life and his conversation with all.
As he goes and so every situation he’s in he’s given a directive by allah okay and so when he was in mecca he talked in mecca for fourteen years and he he spoke of a very.
What what someone is a peaceful religion that that you should take care of the church for the first ten percent and the social justice you should take care of the poor for a next ten percent and there is a way to take care of this it will.
He was kicked out of mac and went to medina and he became a war lord where he started.
Winning by the sword and then he conquered is really tried and he be headed six hundred forty people and it says in the koran says i was victorious through the use of terror and that if people are offended you.
If he’s talked about how we one use strike at their neck okay so that is the inspiration of islamic terrorists right.

[51:17] Is and that’s what i’m trying to point out the trying to figure out i don’t know how to have a dialogue talk to people about this but people need to know that that is the root cause of terrorism is the devout.
Followers of the book the koran and the the the sooner which are the other scriptures.
Those are the ones that we have to be concerned about and so that all people believe in.
There’s a portion so the question is is a free society how do we determine who believes in this and who doesn’t believe in this.
And that’s a really difficult issue to discuss and i think,
out for will to think because of the time we have i think we’ll finish on talking about immigration ten and then will we control whole hour i now,
it goes so fast were fifteen more minutes while so can we go a little over an hour and the reasons you want this podcasting so uncool of your gmail okay so i know i think we’re all always respect your time so,
well let’s go let’s let’s at least finish,
this conversation moving to immigration officer there strongly tied the in there almost issue at least and then discussion.
Hear us so so you but you do understand that.
You know that there is there are progressive muslims the many muslims in the.

[52:43] Hmm a password for some of these ideas these extreme that the these extreme laws that do exist the country’s but no majority of muslims and say malaysia are violent yeah was it just like the majority of the now ex.

[52:57] Religion tends not to be violent is a go and you can you can understand where saying that they are saying that will need happy he believes all muslims are dangerous and you will you would disagree with that statement obviously.
Right so thermostat malaysia so they will in each is on the country they have a ministry of islamic interpretation right.
And they will determine which how do the how they’re going to believe is a society.
Alright so for instance it read the has what’s called salon office which are the most violent and most attendance most incline to have a terrorist mentality.
They believe in the fall implementation of islamic law.
We need to understand that in malaysia they have a much lower and that’s why not everybody has the death penalty for apostasy so that they skew towards a different area there’s cultural.
Can muslims that are really don’t believe in anything but a,
are just generally share the same culture and is always like there are there people orange oh yeah and you should secular the exact document and so maybe there’s a whole wide range of people.
All i’m saying i rarely talk about muslims you notice i always talk about islam and islam this is the radical islamic terrorism.

[54:28] I am simply pointing out that there is,
the reason when we’re fighting those people there following that book completely i find it quite ironic that that the groups that are opposing me.
Fight so that when we capture somebody and we put him in guantanamo the same groups that are opposing me are saying that we need to give them a prayer rugs and occur on.
So the people that are reading that book literally.

[54:58] We’re giving them the document that tells them how to fight and what to do with their captured okay that’s a that’s weird to me.
Does that i don’t know if that’s weird to you that if they believe in the literal interpretation and that’s why they’re fighting we give them a book that.
How some understand what to do next right.
So all i’m saying is that we have to understand exactly what is in this was in the book is olives and now i don’t know if i can i would have to think more about it it in my gut reaction to that is that generally allow.
Whatever religious group access to their sacred text and there was like how do you how to manual on terrorism yeah obviously would say yes i would i don’t ever have the keira i have not read the current in in his that i recommend.
Here’s what i do is i show people this is this is when people say that they offer paradise is this chapter page one ten chapter nine terrorist right here in the heart of a believer strike off their heads as in chapter eight.

[56:03] I highlighted these because it’s important for people to understand that christians are infidels and that do not the jews or christians as friends.
Christians are infidels a secret take not on the unbelievers kill the infidels alright so that the.
The moderate muslims see those are all misinterpreted right yeah and the only mr let me be applied for time or something yeah in so it’s either that specific line is that if they offend you,
so if you’re talking like i talk to a cab driver down in florida while back and.
And i was a measles asking just from some carrot curious questions and i started asking will do you think that you should be killed for leaving islam.
And and he hesitated is so either sometimes where you think there should be.
He’s well with the they say something negative about it is that one of the what.

[57:02] If you say something negative about islam you should be killed and i i didn’t know what to say.

[57:10] It is a good one that’s that’s what you believe are eight and so we have to really have a horribly this frank discussion.
And that’s really what when i point out the the grass in in egypt is ninety five million people estimates from pew research suggest.
That probably two thirds of believe that you should be killed for leaving is loved her married or if you’re dating somebody that’s a former muslim.

[57:40] Hey in their father comes to town.
It says you need to convert back but yet he still is new and then easy when there is no freedom.

[57:51] Even if you leave it there is no freedom there is another story there’s a very influential muslim before muslim individual that works for the state government.
In rapid city and after all the research i spent three years going to suppose you’re talking to interest.
Interestingly people say oh i doubt he’s ever talk to muslim i had dinner probably with thirty or forty.
Muslims are former muslims in a three year period time.
I posted a girl from of water from the rain in in watertown who is sold into a child marry astoria.
She’s amazing unbelievable her last words from her father was to restore honor to our family mean you.
I need to see.

[58:48] That’s how you restore family under her house and her dad was a chic plant in a rayon okay.
When you understand that this is a part maybe not all people believe in this but that’s a that’s a strange part of this.
Culture that we have to understand how this works together and all i’m doing is saying this is what i’ve read so far this is what i know so far and i’m willing to talk to anybody about it which.

[59:20] Is you know you meet people that haven’t experienced it read it so well disadvantages when i talk to people i bring this with me because it.
It’s really real when i say hear it says christians are infidels and do not take infidels as friends i mean what what is that mean is that just a word in the book.

[59:40] Or is that something more serious is that some people will ignore that.

[59:48] But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t there a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound weather sound race created right.
Here is the same thing it’s in the book i get when we did it i would be okay so i would say that i do know that.

[1:00:05] Concerns about religion are something that are valid even in the western world i know that it’s been cancelled i’m a member of church is pressed the saints are more minutes,
and it’s told that if you are teaching someone that is lbs particular of their woman to have husband’s permission or fifth or just one in general there’s often council has no do not teacher did you put in this position where,
she feels that she wants to be baptized that makes a relationship.
An impossible for her and her family for her and her husband so i do know that there and that this this survey and.
Cool provides the americans and the world many in the western world have don’t apply across the board everywhere i know that were pulling many more in their channels are turkey right now because it’s become too dangerous to have them there,
a turkey i mentioned earlier mastering turkey and turkey is,
has there own has their own dictator in chief like china does and that’s it’s a big problem so i agree with you on,
that the values problem i thinks baby is because you were raised and that from a lutheran minister that you take.
Talking about this the current actual book very.
On the really i think some maybe that’s probably heard your message a little bit cuz the turn up with the always will go to if you bring this up in a new furnace is well you know it says in leviticus,
that if you catch someone doing acts that you got do why this unit was jesus christ was all about having a new texas vs offers race to.

[1:01:43] That we no longer had to.
News crews fulfill the law you that that was left in the past and that we now are are free you so that it is the new covenant right so the.
That’s a history lesson of where we came is kind of gives you a story of.
But jesus christ message is clear nobody should ever confused christ message his message was that we’re all sinners.

[1:02:13] And that we are to love our center neighbor and that we were taught share the good news.

[1:02:21] Of christ’s coming and his salvation to people that they no longer have to carry the burdens themselves that he is death.
And what are the cross he died for their sins and release people from their sins freedom freedom in christ right.

[1:02:40] That’s a completely different message so i object to just things that don’t make sense.
When people say that is lol has nothing to do with terror my all kinds of antenna go off because i see no.
It has something to do with terror because we spent seven trillion dollars on it were fighting about nineteen different organizations in every country in the world including every state in the nation we’re fighting islamic terrorism and when you compare.
What to clean plastic landed.
That’s an abomination that had nothing to do you can’t find a part in scripture where it said hanging black people from trees it is not in the new testament.

[1:03:24] It says that we’re all god’s children that we should love our neighbor.
Okay so were there questions that did some bad things absolutely in person tell me that you know hitler kill all kinds of people and i i think he forgot the actually we went over and fried.
A whole civilization based on people’s.
Convictions that there’s right things to do so i’m talking about in in creating a war before going to war with identify who your enemy is.
We’re not fighting hindu terrorists are not fighting buddhist terrorists we’re fighting islamic terrorists period if you can’t agree on that we shouldn’t go to war at all.

[1:04:07] It was suppose back each person that comes back that has p pst is costing your country eleven thousand five hundred dollars.
We have no what what is this is government has done to the the the that’s with va has done to the vets i mean we’re gonna look back,
hundred years from now and is the from in what way guys thinking that the like how we look at the japanese internment camps now or like.
Why how did you guys justify that yeah i think what happened to her that’s is not immoral.
I just i guess in summary will i know we will get on some other issues in summary i just believe that you have to have very honest frank discussion when president trump reads the pole about a snake.

[1:04:53] He’s talking about something in this is long it terrorism he’s trying to tell people that you have to understand the root cause of terror.
I simply fill in the blanks where were president trump talks a hundred forty characters i just share with people little bit more of the information.
And this is a very uncomfortable topic i know it makes people uncomfortable but we have to face it.
Because what’s going on in western europe what’s going on germany is taking a million migrants a year.
Is changing their culture know some people might not care if their culture is gone.
There’s a lot of us that do believe that we are trying to reach is shining city on the hill.
And that that we one was fire to something great that we’re not we’re not perfect.
But our goal is to try to find the best in humanity possible and i believe that.
Conservative values that are are a mother and a father having children a loving home.
Is the best way to pass on your knowledge from one generation to the next match is july skills teaching people to get up in the morning and go to work.
But also am sense of morality.
How to treat other people how to live with than you know with kindness and respect and faith hope and charity those are the values that we have to have pressed in is really a road map of how to be happy.

[1:06:23] Where yet of faith in god you have to believe that you’re here for a reason if they have a belief that if you going to problems you got a friend in jesus.
And then hope that that there’s something to look forward to that there’s there’s a reason we’re here that there’s an attorney that we can.
Can aspire to and that there’s hope for tomorrow that if you go through tough times like when i gained thirty pounds and lost everything.
And i had back surgery and back problems and couldn’t get out of bed for five days that there’s going to be hoping something and then charity that once you have everything in line that you love that’s what love is all about is that you love your neighbor.
That’s my messages that that’s the answer to so many problems and try to figure out how can we use government.
In some women fashion to encourage those the haters i call them christian beaters to it comes from christ faith hope and love.
The grass one of these is love that’s what i look at that’s what i’m that’s what i’m selling people might buy it people may not buy some people might be offended by that.
I think its workforce i think that’s really what trunk means when you make america great again is to get back to.
Take a value system and i think i know a lot of mormons and worked in utah for a full year of my life.

[1:07:49] Absolutely enjoyed my experience getting no incredibly large number of mormons and then good people.

[1:07:58] People family people they there’s a system that they have worked out that that you have worked out.

[1:08:07] Places family above everything right and and that’s that’s a part of as a part of the secret.
And and we’re just trying to destroy families that.
And i din interview with the south dakota public broadcasting lady and i was explain your that the optimum is to have a mother father child and she disagree with me.

[1:08:29] Ask what were we come.
Where that you just need an adult no a child once a sense of belonging you wanna understand where your roots go down you wanna know your father’s and your mother’s heritage.
That’s what the mormon church digs into heritage to know a lot so i know this i know i need the speaking of cup i think that this is one of those values they think most people to believe even those on the that believing in.
Gay marriage the off of the they still have the sense that you need to have.
Strong roots and strong parental figures there and then we could disagree on if that works or not be with gay marriage but i think there’s a general sense of people have that they need.
The two parents are lease is much as possible to have both parents in the picture of a female mother and father mother and father back in.
You get what i’m saying okay lunches and i really as a congressional can i shouldn’t go into the subject but.

[1:09:32] Do you think you’re born gay diets is.
How do you like the african guy is that is dangerous is this the script in the talking points as a dangerous topic because it.
He can go either way there’s some people that feel that yes this is something maybe it’s genetic or it’s something that happened with fetal syndrome so there’s on the fairway but the others feel their choice and me either feel it somewhere in between.
No i’m gonna answer that the person that i have no idea i need that’s that’s not struggle i’ve had,
i have it and it’s not even struggle that i’ve had no family members close to me and you some families do have a family member or to my uncle and nephew cuz i don’t have that so i don’t know.
But you know what’s interesting is that i’m prepared to talk about that horrible and it is the user to used to be on top ass nobody would dare ever talk about.
And i am completely prepared to have an hour long conversation with anybody about that camera is topping and that’s the challenge.
That’s what we want to college the prevailing wisdom was that there was.
There’s a ten percent society on campus utensils present society was.
They thought they said that ten percent of all populations were gay and so they had a ten percent society.

[1:11:02] Yeah that’s like it wanted to usb not that long ago but that’s with a ten percent as it is sitting in the gay students reservation for,
now the question is where do they get the number ten percent that went off in my mind with that doesn’t make sense and so i started exploring that and you know where the ten percent actually comes from i don’t he comes from a study that was conducted in the present.

[1:11:27] Okay now is there a chance that possibly if yours included in the present.

[1:11:36] That more people are more that he has a reason as opposed to not gay.
Right so when you start looking at.

[1:11:48] It’s a very very difficult topic to discuss but when you’re creating policy as a government.

[1:11:57] That is re writing a wholemeal ammonium of history and tradition of a marriage between a man and a woman.

[1:12:06] You need to have people that are very very well versed or study on this issue.
And as much time as i put into this i haven’t spent as much time on the island homosexuality and marriage and in but i have.

[1:12:24] I have investigated and talked a lot and i’m ready.
To at the right time to help lead that conversation because what i’ve found is that of the the the the loneliest people in the world the people that need a hug more than anybody else in the world.
The people that need that believe that they should be cared that they should be cared for and they should be.
My heart goes out to the people that are homosexual because they either filled with anxiety they’re filled with sadness there’s a reason especially transsexuals right now there’s a reason why.
Suicide rates approach forty to fifty that is right yeah the amounts of mental illness and depression for people that identify as transgender as much fire and,
general population there’s a push to have sex change operation once it had a sex change operation to to re identify.
That the suicide rate even goes higher were in and they’re so there’s an effort to.
Maybe even to mainstream that is not even a mental illness but it’s just a physical out malady that has to be corrected so children are having you know.

[1:13:46] Long before.

[1:13:50] They’re able to make any decisions for themselves as an adult there they’re being told that they might have some sort of a.
Sex change this is a major major deal one of the biggest cost of health insurance right now in the state prison yet is is are these things,
and we have to have very,
hard and honest discussions with her and the the prison system say it’s been generally real that you have to go forward with with the gender sex change operation,
so the idea what percentage or was that run for like a medical budget so i think the realize it was that big a deal since it’s it well so that the process you just that the most.
So i think that the most expensive case in the prison.
Is a sex change operation i think it’s two hundred ninety five thousand dollars we spent of that last year as a budget item.

[1:14:46] Something i am talking to diamonds so by a my numbers can be skewed but so.
The process of getting that mean stream starts with a lawsuit that goes towards.
Some sort of of a state institution so maybe a present saying it you have to pay for this and then once it’s illegal statue once you.
And then all the sudden you have all other government officials or government positions have to pay for that and then from there,
that then becomes push on to private health insurance that you can’t discriminate there’s already a number for this in the coding in that you can’t discriminate based on this it’s all of a sudden.
You get these type of surgeries of these type of of diagnoses push through,
we have to be very careful with that one of the things that i saw my nephew was one of the greatest kids a used to play baseball with the money was in three years old he could hit the ball further than curry pocket.
He moved to minneapolis and and and he had a lot of energy.
And he was constraining and all of a sudden he was placed on reading and i started asking questions on how many kids around these type of adhd type of.
Diagnosing almost everybody with that we can’t allow.

[1:16:15] This culture of drugs and you are gonna talk about drugs today but we can’t allow this idea that everybody has a malady that has to be fixed with some sort of chemical issue or what we gotta get back to the.
Can the roots and we have to face these problems head on okay so i would for fifteen minutes or so i guess i think we we gave says some free softballs for coffee press the.

[1:16:42] Play with you what they want and we have ours free press the.

[1:16:51] There are one-third as cory idle perks that’s all ima say ever means worries out of.

[1:16:58] Every every day it’s like is like post st politics blog it’s it’s the.
It’s the democrats others answer just the war college okay to let the beat i just want to one college one is so periphery press okay i was i think that be pretty for my mom some rebeca heard of in,
go buy hamburger just over in verdun because there and look over,
no that is a fan of yours he has anything the at the amount of articles that he had it for a prolonged as i visiting i know who is he so obsessed with me a little bit i would say a little bit but i got.
I mean in all fairness he’s been using you as an example for some subjects so it is not always directly about you he’s just,
say using your property article capture this belt but yeah you are at me the address know i was i was setting up a joke i was wondering of the hindenburg,
i can’t look at it as a hamburger been doing it,
good you are hard and i’m struggling was going to smile i have nothing against corey corey is fine lady said he’s,
lol thank you guys are gonna do good you do well,
very interesting i enjoyed it thank you for the conversation i guess the last question i would have is so nice i started mower started closed earlier told the daily beast article that was alleging.

[1:18:33] That that that you have nt muslim schtick and that you do that shit,
wake love brunch he keeps so we can that the politicians do that so that they can get,
political points and so year that from what i’m saying is you’re if you’re interested in talking about hard subjects and that that comes from a sincere point of view that isn’t that you’re trying to drum up.
Republican points well i think.
Is it the reason i entered politics is because nobody wants to talk about the tough issues and i am not afraid that i make my living.
Cold call sales,
which is the most difficult way to make a living where i get told no over and over and people would rather die exactly and it came not just good at it but i’m the best in my industry in the best in my industry around the world.
And so it i actually enjoy the the verbal jousting or the gym the the thought provoking.
Part of conversation so that’s i am not afraid of any subject and if i don’t know something i’m willing to say no i talk about this issue because nobody else dares to.
I’m willing to talk about gay marriage were trans sexual because nobody else dares to and,
maybe not in the way that i think i am capable of doing it i believe that i’m a pretty thoughtful person a pretty reese.
The argus leader label me as a yellow or it is so rare that i yell.

[1:20:09] When you see me and outweighs is just not my personality that i really get along with everybody.
But i’m willing to stand up for what i believe and if something doesn’t make sense i’m willing to call people on it,
and that creates a confrontation and what i found in my life in my business is that when i have a confrontation this what made you go to cold call sales is that if you can get a confrontation where you get people’s.
Dander up a little better a little bit of frustration you can make break throughs because people are,
listen you’re married he won’t go in maybe i would suggest sometimes having a flight.
Is the next day is actually a good day gonna talk about stuff more just facet pastors over and over you have a your collision you resolve it.
And then you go one on one in my family lives you already do anything else july conflict no we’re very were softies are selfish over swizzle i make my living in conflict are.
With that said i believe that president trump that’s why i identify with president trump is that he makes his living in conflict.
He’s willing to pick a fight with rosie o’donnell he’s going to call ted cruz lion ted which little marco he’s willing to have a rocket man our little rocket man but what happens is is that you keep that dialogue going.

[1:21:39] And if somebody is offended all of a sudden that’s an opportunity to make amends.
And it’s rich’s amazing people would never have.
My best customers have told me i never wanna see you ever again and i engage in a year you are a low life son of a gun.

[1:22:01] And a week later the writing a check for twenty thousand dollars.
And they’re apologizing to me losing while you’re persistent i really give you credit for that and i said you know what.
We have bad days everybody has a bad day and because of that i don’t hold grudges i don’t i had fights with well.
Half of the people in here didn’t talk to me for days right that’s all right we just had a disagreement the next day everything is good.
A little bit about me is that i like to talk to everybody about everything.
And when i was down watching to see one of the people that i would have dinner with quite frequently you at the end of the session center session you be going late into the night.
Any be your midnight or whatever so you go to the senate hs cafeteria and have a little meal.
So you eat with all kinds of interesting people i had dinner with its center dashes several times are or senator lot or whoever.
Center well stone was one of the most enjoyable people to have a conversation with the member center well minnesota.
He was willing to talk about any question that you dare to ask him if you said tell me exactly how you think this works where you can give everybody everything.
And there is not going to create a disincentive for them to actually produce themselves in you have an hour long conversation about that and you have this banter back and forth and that’s really how you learn from each other.

[1:23:37] And so that’s a good example because well stone really did speak to like i lived in minnesota for flight seven years and.

[1:23:47] You know he wasn’t icon to the working class there and collect your thoughts about with what color people that respect from that same group that feels marginalize the flick that,
he he was not really spoke to that democrats still same data over there amongst them you know if you get into a conversation with people about well stone it’s slip covers flowing even years later and the people that disagree with that and that’s that’s,
that’s a part of government that i inspire to be a part of i was amazed that i went to.
Here to talk about very tough issues and nobody wanted to have a conversation.
It was a strange thing it was bought to eat we can have our own conversation you de with somebody and they would wanna change the subject to solve.
Yeah seven intellectual curiosity.
And an to be able to dive in the problems and then learn then you go home and you do you go to bed and you wake up,
two in the morning your mind is going a thousand miles an hour that’s how you solve problems but you have to kinda get that started right.
That’s how those conversations with well stone with that would happen you can do business with people like paul well so you can be this far apart.

[1:25:04] If you could have that center dash on the other hand the reason i was involved in.

[1:25:10] The campaign against him is that he would say one thing and washing dc a different thing in soup in south dakota.
And you did ask him and he would basically tell you what you wanna hear you talk from the heart to tell people what you believe.
And then you defended i just tell people what i believe.
And then i wait for the stage to get big enough so that i can defend i promise you.
At the right time i will share everything i know about this and offer a solution that will work.

[1:25:47] I’m not there yet i mean there’s there’s so so in case this is a good place to and so if you if you are.

[1:25:55] Blessed with success and you get the nomination and from the nomination get elected to congress where you what me you talk about this at the form and meaning are you.
Are you planning to be as open as you are safe here in the studio with us still and then how are you going to prevent yourself from becoming a one of the swamp creatures yeah so.

[1:26:21] The.

[1:26:27] The the last question first is that i am who i am.
Ima it anybody that know has no meaning including senator chrysler ii quits repressive office because i was frustrated with the bureaucracy i predicted that he would lose the next election.
Because he wasn’t relating to the p.
And it was a frustration and he was in office what twenty two years and i want to not run yeah he you,
what happens is you kind of lose touch with just the people right so that the national to my mean.
Yeah just rest and so that’s a but all on it but i just i’ve always.
Told people what i believe and it’s not always worked out well for me to put career wise or whatever you know i wanted.
I want to work in in government when i was twenty two.
Because i thought that we should try to change things in a more drastic fashion for conservative values.
And that’s not the system that was a part of it and so i i i when out of it.
And then i try to get involved in this in center tunes office it or when he was running.
I announced i was going to the little known fact or if you knew this but i don’t know i was going to run for the us senate.
Before to announce to run for ten national i do not know that is so i started taking as around the paper the state i took out.

[1:28:05] Probably five thousand or dollars worth of ads in different areas of and i pick fights with send international.
And i’m trying to point out that he’s living in a three million dollar home in in dc and is driving around nineteen seventy eight oldsmobile and his wife just,
wealthiest lots utilizing wasn’t the wealthiest lobbyist and all appointments ryman in that he said that he was the he was honored by the navy raul for being the champion for pro choice and in,
presentation sisters would write letters to people saying that he with that as well as a pretty good size to position so i am,
talked about that and i thought well gentility did get in the race he shouldn’t be talking about negative stuff somebody else should our it as a result.
Of that.
Turn my name into a male porn website for the next five years of my life to okay that’s whatever tight now you take daniel tap you dot com it went to the action shot.
Google and kidding not serious super low,
and so someone answers for a nineteen what would that does it below the belt be then before same forms to santorum would have to it up into that come.

[1:29:27] Sorry but it just like it’s it’s one thing coming early collected public figure but your just running a primary at that i but that’s.
So i guess that tells you i just have nuclear fuel rods of of energy that i just stand up for what i believe in and if you want to hit me of it daily cuz once they hit me or do right now you daily beast are.

[1:29:52] What i do i been down and drug through all kinds of stuff you’re not gonna change who i am i just staying in a fight to defend my values and i believe in this time so i never thought that i could get elected.
In office because i was too strongly opinionated that i wanted to fight for my ideas but president trump the trump of fact is that people are listening right now and they want people even if they disagree with you.
They want people just looking in the eyes and tell the truth.
This is who i am this is what i believe and just stand there and defend it as president trump does everyday he sd he’s getting hit by a russian collusion story the democrats the media pop culture saturday night live.
But doesn’t get hit by fbi the deep state and the republicans than the mainstream establishment republicans.

[1:30:48] He’s world leaders use your like new england’s establishment republican that you know republican party is a big tent party with a lot of different like subgroups it i think we talked about that because it was a bunch.
But yeah the establishment one of the like ne region is really against me and the right cuz he comes from new york.

[1:31:11] And the intervention of the coolest intervention the idea that we can you know tyler’s jean put in up some sort of like what they’re talking about and serious is quite amazing that you’re going to remove the side and then what.
Who’s gonna take over with already learned their lesson and lydia and i ran would hope so will.
But that’s not theirs that the workers power dream team that pass of this was to go to war nancy pelosi,
john mccain lindsey graham a day older always the contraction every one of them that’s for that’s right and i was for.

[1:31:48] I bought the idea that you could bring peace or that bring freedom to our people you can’t you have to fight for your own freedom.
That’s with the lessons of all this past twenty or thirty years and taught us is that you have to fight your own battles you have to give to you to win your own battles and is coming in there and dropping bombs thirty thousand feet.
Does it help and and i guess.

[1:32:16] My thought is is that i would like to go to washington and i would like to be a leader to talk about tough issues.
And the more interviews i get to do with gas like yours them or in some time we might be able to get this into an hour long interview as opposed to a two hour long.
You get better and better and better talking about very controversial stuff and when you do you lead on that issue.
What happens when politicians of the dodge every issue.
And they never leave any issues and that’s how you get trillion dollar deficit four trillion dollar budget twenty one trillion dollars in debt.
There’s no difference between republican democrat right yeah that’s real question.
Okay i did yeah i could see you pretty much always what’s your take on this this most recent budget that you let you set it,
i’m sitting here in an old plate fiscal conservative i just look at this budget we passing on lake,
so what was the difference between republicans and democrats in congress are so far it’s looking at as in if you look at everything in life is a negotiation.
Imagine that this is a huge negotiation and then you have to have a drop dead date you have to pass by this.

[1:33:35] Or else what you shut the government down the right.
Imagine if your size says that were never going to shut government down okay so then the goal for the other side is just push it to the end.
And get to the very last day is a well i guess we gotta make a decision as to what happens all,
you have you just installed a christmas tree you just load up the christmas tree and use you get past the also the better answer is to say no,
we’re going to shut the government down we’re gonna have tough discussions were gonna have tough decisions and we’re going to defend our positions now.
In my race do you think dustin johnson is going to be able to do.
Even john thriller mike reynolds will they be able to stand and defend.
Post positions and other career politicians they don’t want controversy these are there they’re controlled by fear.
Because at one time newt gingrich should close down the government,
and remarkably one more seats in the room in the set the next legislation or the next really fees historically people taking some of the wrong lessons from that but that’s the lessons they taken that were never gonna shut the game down.
I look at it is saying.

[1:34:52] I am deathly scared the reason i am running is we have a trillion dollar deficit of four trillion dollar budget my friends my my relatives of my relatives friends.
Have invented amazing products that are national or worldwide products and they’re afraid to invest their own money in their own businesses right now because they don’t believe in the system.
Okay when you break down the system where people stop investing in it and start believing it.
Whole thing the music ends and there’s not enough chairs that’s the that’s my fear the reason i’m calling is that we have to have.
Tough decisions we have to make tough decisions or else they’re gonna be made for us and when they’re me or as its gonna be ugly.
Alright well i’m gonna have to call it in for so we found out today that new tapioca is a talker,
that’s not getting a room full of talkers i appreciate you anyone that the time to listen i appreciate.
State senator nude happiest time thank you very much thank you very much is good what i like to think you i have i will confess i have criticize you on my website super come in the past okay but i have found you.
Extremely transparent and forth right we’re not agree on everything but really enjoyed talking with you tonight and,
just really impressed with how you presented yourself and think you very much for coming i was so pleasure to have you here to talk when you said as well like about podcasting that’s long form i like to get into the that com.

[1:36:29] The complexity of bigger issues in this was really nice to have so it and i enjoyed every minute alright so you wanna give a quick shout for your.
Facebook and what not yet and social media websites or is i’m everything is really i try to put everything on facebook of consequence,
so just meal tap you on facebook but www dot neil tap you dot com is where we can have,
what’s the video and and so yeah three weeks left before the selection signing in june fifth so if you live in,
south dakota we have relatives live in south korea tell them to make sure they are registered anywhere in the am but think they wanna vote for temp do they have to be republican but get registered and try to travel the primary vote is on june fifth.
So far i don’t think you so much and absolutely.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 016 Sioux Falls City Election 2018 Predictions

South DaCola Podcast Ep 016 City Election 2018 Predictions

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Special Guests:  Joe Sneve, local government watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media, watches how your tax dollars are spent and how the rules that govern your life are made.

Bruce Danielson aka “Cameraman Bruce” local activist with Sioux Falls Citizens for Integrity.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Tags and Topics

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Machine Transcript

[0:27] What does episode sixteen something cold podcast for the timing could be better on this the free.
Pretty election eve is always sick is almost are you playing this.
Like going way back to his sister and i don’t plan to lie in to my suit on aug and in the bachelor you people were you or backwards are you really want the free.
Lights falls election.
I guess we gotta go backwards worker production schedule including the multiple double for a sweet long conversation with the young lady not too long ago about.
Me enjoy my bachelor lifestyle.
So we get into okay well we have a full house tonight robert of course is here cuz when we need him to run the buttons and co those whose name will not speak.
Two point o he got away for two point o tonight for a bit and then we cameramen bruce these statements and then our special guest of the machine is,
joe metro go seem,
from the gas leaders is super sneaky sincerely sorry is a hand writen is just will say my name it looks like the.
Steve knows was like steve pearse another the area and where is the steam comes are is the empire of.
Take me to the the salty as new ceo name is steve steve smith is a of the is little them as a.

[2:07] Hello there everybody is always busy as always no longer right now there’s an idea behind my one friend her dad was adopted and his name is.

[2:21] Bill williams where is running well and williamson car we call him bill bill bill bill is one thousand bill bill bill anyway we’re running is down real quick we can talk about course,
tomorrow’s election and when i started out with what do we think,
each of us state the number one issue is number one above everything else that was talked about more than anything.

[2:48] I think it was transparency and hear it candy’s telling me.
That that’s what they hear from their constituents i really do you in my transparency and this is coming from more a casual observer of yeah action transfers invisible issue for people.
It’s always transparency yeah ethics and transparency yeah that’s the one it’s.
Transparency first if transparency yeah that’s a lot of stuff we have a transfer and see what he thinks will i was it has residue but i was kind of cautioned with i’m in.
No we want transparency i arrive soon of us there’s another fight over transparency so that dominic is.
The user with alot so i don’t know if if you ever motor.
Give a call to will and like crime but friend call me page me out last week and it was kind of man and then after going to talking to my apologize to him cuz he was breaks he said to me cuz he is crying really an issue because think about it.
He says all the petty crimes gone down like you guys reported.
And he says they’ll always have gone for the drug and violent crimes and he says how many people isn’t really a factor goes yeah why in the murders have doubled since last year for how many people does that really affect in two people really think about that i started after i talk to him.
And he’s right but i’ll be there is that make me the bad guys or the or the drug addicts or whatever and not to downplay any of that but.

[4:27] He is right and i am the transparency thing.
Especially with the arm sleeves going for the event sour pork the las day in downtown parking in,
twenty seventh and twenty seventeen was pretty much transparency is in prison candidate,
meet us at work and they all have pointed even when it was a didn’t want to change this is crazy even well see you then,
i see what is the human growth.
I don’t know what is was very presentations that he is most aligned with the mayor mayor user of any race whether that’s fair or not they become,
this is a world the same way business acumen those kind of things that will haunt me center so the big the big things they live.
So i don’t think of in the same campaign person wanted to talk about transparency but.
He’s the reality that some folks time to you there and he had to make a decision so somehow and.
Everybody is talking about it so here goes and answers the phone.
Yeah you can you can have five or six people at your age you’re the answer though have you heard that cancer and he’s is now he stop to this answer several times i’ve listened to this them watch all email or all.
The base of my god my head hurts but.
He has stopped and this answer says i’m gonna get with my directors and i’m gonna get behind the doors were closed doors and we’re gonna make a decision in common everybody know.

[6:06] Well that’s what we’re going.
What i hear say that i think what he’s saying is i’m not change we fix us of things more fully be before they come out of the oven to in here there’s.
In for all your ingredients and is that a and the oven wondering why people like why and for what i know so.
How is your day going so far what to buy angry cooking words.
A hundred pounds of news on the council he never took phone calls.

[6:50] Oh no you all the single life noisy there mexico use buried somewhere in on a harley ride or something i mean when you you could never talk to if you were really doing anything in town at that time,
so when we were trying to get things done and we wanted him to come out and talk about some things is he was hiding say i had,
and so he runs was reserved in this piece is twenty fifteen so i have not familiar with him as a city councilor but.

[7:21] I don’t think he’s blowing smoke when he tells me he’s got his own man everything is heather at the windows.
When someone who you know anytime you change management there’s a management things courses are gonna do the same but he’s going to use what he learned in next door neighbor had my car i would dare to internet has a mere.
This is one thing i’ll give jim became air i doubt he’s gonna listen recessions eight thousand prescribed for every week.
You know i doubt it’s gonna do you gonna have a person dedicated to put press releases that’s what he’s gonna do.
Why do they call you won’t go after all scheduled beer with me.
From the best which are gonna do that is gonna be.
Yeah yes i received his girlfriend butter butter her notice in the day and all the other.
She probably at the specialist is i think that’s what will they do you think do you think this is just the beginning,
of a lot of people and is like i really cooper probably retire just retirement they have cooper that really is not gonna do the three is now if you if heather i think it for his retirement,
and the ones you tried to transition ryan if you guys he’s probably june or july we’ll probably stick around he’s got.

[8:53] And he’s getting up there is right.
Yeah you got more energy than we will freeze was gonna quit because the slightest be over the past two years sixteen thousand dollars so we kinda saw that coming.
I think i go freaking quit because she is a heather plant ice thing soup one back and then quit because she’s heather plant i think that.
You might see whatever the group we gotta see if we can assume the georgia jeff schmidt does dom was.
In city government for two thousand six hundred and the journey their experience yeah i was think the.
All of our friends are gone but they think connor will singer during father’s money yet and the uk to get ready and no matter who comes in the office is is it cheaper i agree with you and go for a walk in.

[9:50] Yeah i don’t think they’re all gonna leave the cities a good guy a good if there’s a next person will have i think a lot of me just just live with the city council operations manager makes.
Ninety thousand dollars a year to be in it well works work hard,
what is is it ninety thousand dollars worth worth of work i don’t know.
I’m not in that field he’s gotta degrees that’s what i’m told i have been told by city counselors wellies gotten he’s is his pay is determined by the amount education is.
Okay you know but does he do ninety thousand dollars worth of work i am,
well the light is very well respected by the council today and yeah i can live dvd trust and it is a very honest about things and one thing at a job jimmy gps,
with a trespass using big charlie is of the me are saying,
then we can go to accelerate it,
what a way less selection is the one we always that was was well spurs using me wasn’t her two issues it doesn’t work and it always has got a different,
the you i think some more affordable housing some was crying someone as infrastructure sends the resource development diversity and is all over the map sensor to,
i start by the end of this in time that well with his smooth road ahead i mean you did something twenty ten but you know the city elections take place.

[11:27] When the roads are at their absolute gas off at twenty first the whole campaign of.
That was a way of making as it is election makes more sense cuz if you hit a pothole and with full.
All the same either i think you did a good job on the road silly complain i think i would have with him.
Is he didn’t take care of a lot of corny road sidestreet i would like to see more that.
But george wants an article her article yesterday.

[12:03] When my kids are came in the office a rose for rate seven out of ten as the rain right now seven out of ten so.

[12:12] He was single backwards you know so i mean it’s hard to say it’s hard to do that but i think what grants talking about is making government more open,
no i wanted to run me and an owners when it is receiving his capitals street greater,
i might literally only just over all exterior or on this will include all the right side over there was a way that suffers is.
Signatures instead of actually put in my vacation is bringing on more than one not.
So so why don’t we go down well just kind of porn the races start with one zero arrows agreement there we will not have a new mayor tomorrow.
No no no we’ll be right now i.

[13:10] Do i use this for three weeks from an enemy that um always always start with.

[13:21] I’m at the end of this one and let you guys want because i did nothing neck.
I need vs christine what do you think christian eriksen hands-down christine christine yeah christine contact just ss much as i want scenic pull strong articles from.
I mean if he does get be.

[13:41] I want and to not get sucked with all the world did from i’m jealous lol sorry.
Is it always amazes sixty five the one tied up and he needed this week we change your mind but.

[14:00] Because all writing a seventy thirty google’s and does she even see the new line.
As this is our ever more interviews and in the last couple weeks that is prior to that but he christine.
These are my christine radio measures genius so he must christine too so i’m screwed if they are horrible game thousand dollars.
Did you know that.
Yeah that was great is finance report of like hey thousand dollars yeah me that can i talk to in so we got that one breaking versus poles.

[14:44] I think i pick falls into win last week to show however that’s of course that’s going for you just to be.
Has mild sausage and you’ll see janet i am going to give it to her by a little bit too it’s gonna be a close race.

[15:02] And still have been looking at it if i had the most gay kermit.
Is theresa and bill peterson doing the calls and jeff martin leaving at the first or in the surrounding she’s got some amazing endorsements that came out of the blue.
And they know what you know she has her capability and her press conference as much as it was and buy some people.
Who is it was a worst it was.

[15:36] It didn’t resonate with people people talk about and and that thing that was circulating today.
Yeah and was begging lose their you you guys made cylinders is smoking.
What is the smoking gun but it if there was.

[15:55] It was guy was jamming to the administration city council like you guys before but what,
what year was you white son policies executive orders that she says are leaving to the culture of secrecy transparent advise and i can absolutely respect that i don’t think.
But is was was happening in our executive order.
Confidentiality thing then say you fired while in this and that wasn’t quite as damning as you guys you’ll be you’ll be banished that’s the worst one in that whole thing,
here is what on earth is he disagrees with them that is fine but will you read about executive order taking away the responsibility of the city council.

[16:43] That’s in charger.

[16:45] And that was more of the simplicity the city clerk and some and functions of the city council were taken away by the mayor just or executive or not challenged.
You’re talking about when the city or the new ceo as part of it right and there’s there’s more than that was the legal.

[17:07] Is it against the charger.
On a related to the language turn says the office in he was um i was and some stories after this happened about some the stuff going around the country and.
All the legal people agree.

[17:27] It’s it’s a no no absolutely you can do to say slippery slope they say it’s unconstitutional you can’t bar.
Public employees from speaking about public information it’s a few doors.
It doesn’t say that says you cannot release it really shouldn’t permission from his supervisor.
It’s says that you will be punished and the fact that as a sense of information,
there is no legal definition executive information is not giving anything that i am i could be it could mean the maintenance guys and going to the argus leader and saying hey joe,
we spent two million dollars on troll a paper last year is that sensitive information.
Or they can come home and so i did i get you guys anything is there is no smoking gun like lee but.
When i got to the press conference that she was your job based on what you guys are in and cannot be that way of aw it was.

[18:28] Yeah well okay you not know i press conference a few weeks for that policy.
It’s a little different so it’s not the mayor in the mirror overstepped his.
Is charter responsibilities what delightful isn’t the answer to.
What the what the general’s press conference did show though is that janet knows where to find these things.
She knows or if she six on the council doesn’t seem to return his calls right now is turning or misfortune recent on the council.
If someone doesn’t contract in front of where and general go.
No you can’t do this weekend or you can or whatever to have someone to fall back on i think or press conference show that more than anything is that.
Hey i want to read the stuff i understand this stuff i’m ready to after i are ready to do this job after the first result might actually do.
And i don’t know if i agree with my thoughts are with us now but i thought my my filter because his dad was not rallying to stop her for half price for that date.
Oh crap.
She is on council you know the music gonna stop why are all these things that the council has been okay with an the says school isn’t every year.
However having those the names behind her contenders thought in my mind a little bit because.

[20:03] Maybe not the stuff it’s getting powerful people in town that can control their way around her back and so some of the.

[20:12] Are you skepticism have after that covers the other that help you can dampened a little bit with the letter she.
She put so say i’m not where the other what do you think break here also.
I’m excited because his paws around before yes he’s very well known for is also i do think that the doors wasn’t ready.
Got recently,
covers three high profile as well respect the rush jake low and mean yeah right to what neighborhood is it yours and his.
For me it’s alright starter,
rice and meat causes and heavy weight behind it behind the that does not this weekend and there’s the underdog she did not know the clarity the right was gonna ask she might be.
Her name.
Hey speaking at home all my under the exact right when i switch and that i wanna be ass as the present is yes is popular repeat the exact right moment as.
Robert why you use interview the candidates when he said um if you wanna static to know.

[21:37] I guess after interviewing both of them pretty is one with yeah.
When yeah well you also remember being on the show your nipples off go back and watch it i’m interviewing him if you go back over later you have one here in the first,
what are the one of the things that keep coming out the in laws couple days on that race is that.
Also runs for everything is it somebody else running.
What’s the weather in all there is is perception because his stuff is all in how there’s so much for the last two years campaign materials having change last time you right i think as a person who would of ran.
And lost last time i would change my campaign materials i would.

[22:26] What you know we go on these years he calls and i still have the one on.
My in my kitchen that says vote for john so the next one you change that the next one i definitely think there’s gonna be rough i think we all can agree that central district where we live.
This one is so funny noise there is ninety or mayoral runoff.
Seven months of this to this rule that the last step would be fun.
It will be several different about the whole city votes all these people are confused they show up like wise i pull but we live in such a long bell yeah,
it was the one on the floor again yeah yeah rex is phone lines and probably jammed.
So this was really tough for me what form of city candy stains that i heard sale zack tube or timer.
Store garden and stuff are family i get it put to run off.

[23:34] Hi sorry i’m gonna go i’m gonna go for and cursing.

[23:42] When you go to the guy who agree to the credit.
I think i had created time in a and zach yet come zack this ca and think of us either okay.

[23:58] I have been paying a lot of attention to central well so that i have been watching it enough to know that that.

[24:08] There are enough people in that district in their labor days and they think the current sales yeah labor.

[24:16] And i got some very hours or any other heating and that’s just where i am and always been knocking on doors a lot,
more than at the other candidates and he’s doing really early so that’s why i’m giving him an advantage in curse that’s good mailers out so that’s why i’m giving him an advantage like you said the labor people.
But i can tell you the exact time squeeze in there too is a real strong possibility in eleven days and yeah for i just don’t know why i cant see megan scott.
Or just because he has.
Seven tablespoons ever seen worries only go show it as it is this forms of people posted what raise he’s retired and stay does low volunteer where.
For him so it doesn’t ring a bloody raw signals form next free day you go to every what do you think i live in central with me.
What size don’t though.

[25:24] I’m basing this operation off of the number ones and see and give it is i can tell zack dot okay my laundry yeah.
Set door is got a fantastic story on tv and as a counselor i just.
I don’t remember giving pieces of mail from an,
and or a g maybe just not in the house once but i’m business all off of all the answers and tom it was zero is interested it’s the blonde one signs.
That when a person go was released no license no.
What is the google always reagan’s sizes when begin music,
there’s no again it is this post for me and just held for more because you can see the signs i actually believed that.

[26:21] I told people if we got zack for work tom that would be a industry be great to bring different things to do.
That would be awesome you know about you robert probably be dead wrong but i’m thinking zack and sore for a few days while we’re all over the map on one leg no.
I think they would mind if those two guys were there i think they both support each other when.
And the black one story was so it is only.
When your tongue over doesn’t like the most beautiful campaign materials probably never seen we were friends are just ahead of you disappeared one fatal error on one pieces right now the contact information contact information.
He did not tell you when devote not next day it’s on which may like a pizza with a pizza place and you,
amanda for for greater not on the phone number on there yeah dude i’m so is it that i was listening to some people talking about the.
The campaign trying to advise suitable for step back listing cousin that’s coming to.
And they that the sound was talking.
It was going the way they want is simple wednesday and where you never really laughed about the damn democrats have in their election party the day after the election yet.

[27:53] They set the magician cylinders isn’t sixteen yrs all democrats in the the day they have a dr there for the next day.
The democrats who was.
The state democratically for about a kawasaki that’s my mind economy soc if i told you that remaining stock yeah i’m suck on demographic three.
It’s called the this up he’s in this so ct on soc this is laughing matter edie michael’s appointed to was democrats in the more popular in the state,
yeah or next time you see,
we are all of the democrats they’re dying for the area that were the case you haven’t was the reason to have eleven.
This is very simple over there with the weather is like to know when there is no.
Will you let case scenario where does not want me is when rays.

[29:08] I like peter but peter just doesn’t have a chance i’m just gonna say i’m sorry peter i love you and we’re tied in the year for over.
And and you know their incompetency is just i mean.

[29:24] You know what peter did pretty good the last time he ran to it it didn’t do too bad at all.
I mean so he ran before yeah there’s a fuse for the last week of his is there i watch a few everything.
Yes i’m sure mom i want to see the term because he was all happy didn’t popped out he totally bailed on the ingredients are there in like five hundred on seeing coming.
Don’t think it was always three three the job in the eyes i was really is off the best part was i was watching it live stream and you to.

[30:08] Peter was great this one part where.
Is there talking about trump a little bit and only bless goes with will stay with school issues and.
If peter looks already know peters glasses only does it he looks overlooks overblown egos my apologies like this and my apologies so far it’s a.

[30:32] I love you yeah i enjoy it i don’t think.
Okay to go somewhere and i was actually surprised kate ran because the rumor going around was she was she was done but.
Apparently probabilistic wrong because of the new school.
Yeah haha words of down into the does employees of the three of everyone to school district that can do in the valley changes colors and want to.
Yeah you know they this color few running units are turned over in.

[31:08] What you never know we could all be shut the red nose you never know it is a three percent raise is in your everything that happened.
Yeah cool sold the mayor’s race in struggling hard with this one to a lot of people.
I was thinking we break in there.

[31:33] But i just had an idea and then just getting i’m just gonna do it because i’ve been going back and forth to charlie indulgently and paul joining ball on his is a pull on instagram all.

[31:44] I told last week is gregory paul for.
So here is the present on right had this all only on.
Paul and john we all that’s interesting enough because the forward or so.
What was the date wasn’t endorsement what i thought that was like the most progressive candidate for the most conservative candidate i wasn’t.
Why i’m sure you work i am wondering if anybody was in the world is it called cory myers ago did you guys just like.
She today or something i can you recorded this little.
Yeah i don’t know why the shoes those taxes as.

[32:35] Don’t make the man that is one so young and there was nice i got it stays on it i think it makes people mad because it’s like well that’s son endorsement.
It’s thundering amazing dirt they wanted to use them and one of the nurses made sure they don’t have to do it again.
But the same time if.
If they don’t even on indoor house now yeah well you can i do what you say everything’s gonna be grey.
And joe and he’s reading john c in ten am and the reason why it should be on ground what she has.

[33:21] As as the one person in the room that has poured through thousands of our records and the way he patterns are i just.
See that we have a certain number of people were gonna show up and vote tomorrow and you know there’s about three thousand out of early.
And so i think we’re gonna have around twenty five thousand people in and it’s gonna be the usual suspects.
I think there might be a four thousand voters who will show up to this maybe the first time ever with new voters.

[33:57] And i am gonna be very surprised if it’s if i’m off very far on that number is and those who do most julien.
I you know the leader was really been working hard and am trying to train these people to go out and go.
And silly early on are you registering people here yes so that helps a lot.
So the in and out the disparage any groups that there are groups that that.
Like to make a lot of noise that they forget to go vote man and so he died seeing that i have to.
Will you send a president brown boys rock star that can’t payments for bernie just in very different.
With a very nice news twelve.
Yeah we’re procedures is included in all situations all no now’s shenanigans is that a brilliance is it to carry compared to write tonight but i think we with the enthusiasm.
Doesn’t know if he quits it to turn over but where i am looking at is faces young is the dynamic of.
Of the the key age group voting this year was born in nineteen fifty two.

[35:25] And everything goes down like like this you know when with the older motors it’s a nice steady.
Climb up to you know nineteen fifty two and after nineteen fifty two it goes like barely curves and then it goes over here and then if you’re born.
After nineteen seventy bottom drops out and so i don’t see.

[35:51] That you’re gonna have to really really work hard to get those people that were born after nineteen seventy coming in joining things on.
Well she’s getting women out and they really working.
There’s a young republicans sold to turn off all right now and there is mold.

[36:13] Well now we’re like its mail goes flying whole different what do you think.

[36:21] We had a will for the things that did that will be in off leave and all this other then the manager.
Call me when lectures and we got julien and whatever it would i think it would go back between ten.

[36:39] Hey can you for ten.
He can but there’s a space in their own mike my question is is this as an aside is he leaving the changes and so what.
Causes of plan if he actually does when could always the original in a legitimate election result legally we use.
He’s is a person of duties okay if you can take it stays on my last name of your friend has a.
A rumor is yeah the next billing.
No balancer the they can we date stays that has my campaign manager i want people wondering is ten million.
Where is the last thing i ever takes place keep the capital is okay and i wrote a blog thing.
Turn on the.
Miss them and are covered right here in this is interesting cuz as campaign is i cannot change in a keeper tennis shoes jeans.
I don’t got arrested in a that does is this a resident with these uk if you dig through records census data.
For a class it’s the government itself has miss spell the million different ways what is the drivers license.

[38:11] I know i think there’s a space like my drivers license in my birth certificate all the games examples like.
Official diagnosis around it always so you and that is i will go back to tweeting again lecture.

[38:28] Set get ready there’s sort of occupying a lot of the same space younger already did a lot of campaigning digitally which isn’t spicy before and.
What’s your blood results to get from right something that is what i i really while i’m not coming out how at this point.
But your ss members nine is bruce and i’ve talked about was that thing literacy figure stores little bit more compelling issues.
Probably going to call me little bit more active and motivated to vote.
Amen i just don’t know where we’re turning against the courts were why can’t do i don’t get that his time is.
To the community are there different are strong and he’s kinda is lol system is known from commodity and the business community once in.

[39:27] People do things they carry a lot of influence not international business town i disagree with things.
Really i was in i never really against money in politics right gm paul.
Most money thrown around and came out today to order thirty four thousand soldiers i would’ve.
I’ve for it but thanks for offering though the.
Desserts for all of the mothers is know that i was always the penthouse to replace this money doesn’t win elections he didn’t he didn’t get donations heating contributions,
he sell financing of the proportion seventy five thousand but has a lot to do right now except for the one on the right side of the day is already in his account.
Weather jones of the child has been in it i use all the console thing all over again it’s spend a lot of money.
Raise a lot of money spent alot of money don’t knock any doors blower and billboards everything else where.
Eight you know we was all that race permit prop,
permit spend a lot of money though forgiven first heather came in second burning brown displaying crab came in third june costello coming for her like i gym and forced re doors and not be afraid.

[41:00] Does two dollar just spent an hour with just a couple people,
no i will be home around with him one day and cannot see you exact generations start room with like.
Three people in it and i thought oh this will be on cuz he’s schedule mostly there they’ll read me here but he he gave his life time c s s series of questions i don’t think.

[41:23] No i don’t know if there are any people in generations a young man janette and sometimes see wolfram reminds me of my grandson he also uterus on the way our what do you think.
I heard about it i think that you’re looking at probably grade.
And i can’t decide cuz i gonna be facebook famous this is it is people like my kind of a thirty day.
I don’t think paul might be no julie but i have is the efficacy of the great vs your cheerleader paul.
So kindly these days who got one eight okay let’s do the next one i wanted to ask this question.

[42:15] What you will do both races who do you think was the most dynamic.
Candidate in all the concert races did you think was the most romantic in the mail where they where not or would who you think was the most dynamic go getter got out their.
Just put the shit in the race is an account for his first jesus will.

[42:39] It wasn’t getting to do the things in the object.
I think she’s shoulders or pleasure strategies what she wants to do what your experience was she put it all out there is gonna be a billboard of all of the other signs of the reason this is a house.
What do you think is the i probably probably say.
Say generation of the news was as free to propose policies in place in waves so i would.
I was in that is not from a christian eriksen on instagram and she’s active their home in ca for three with.
Announces or when unit was actually might say that the nyc.
No you don’t have to but i’ve never free did you ever heard the traditional well.
When callers on or is it because i can’t talk about neil exchange program the work and witness woman wages cars brother for please.
What time is.
And his lover is jupiter distance themselves from the site national shoes now purchase participatory budgeting yeah suggested by is always interesting and his nobles.
Help them what they received position of her her exclusives got a some big things.

[44:16] Yes and i told him that i said you got a camera you hundred mean you gotta come after so i think he the same with jasmine fruit to make waves and he sell.
When you have a campaign janice has where she is so little money to work with and she hasn’t really going out on a lot of fund raising from what we can tell.
And then you have also having the pot of gold sitting there if you just put your name on line so he ran again and so sanford owner was like yeah i really.
Yeah i could i have a little problem when when when people wanna take a,
council race is nine yrs is long were saying that is is for there was an error has occurred.
I think it is it’s a in it i like the fact that positions are taken,
we know it’s what worse is gonna call nick is made some.
Some positions and he seems to know where he wants to go we know what we had with christine or she has changed stripes multiple times in the last four years,
that we never know where she is and she’s acting that way all the way through this race so.

[45:36] In the central a would just like to yeah i mean that i’m not really seeing,
in just jump do helping dynamic desire that the word is got an amazing story like i like that story i like the fact that time can come on board.
As an architect with all the stuff going on that kind action rpgs in dealing with with secrecy on the event center and all these buildings,
really would a nice to have someone else read that stuff understand what it means this plant yeah sorry i like about two is that he.
He would be pretty valuable up there with her were growing city and we’re building.
An unbelievable pays for has only have that can lines in those eyes when going through things very interesting the discussion it’s that happened.
Add and a couple meetings that i was at and when we did the strong towns.
And it got people talking about what’s possible with the.
Community and we have to start looking at how are we going to re develop the core of the town.
And get rid of the suburban sprawl idea who would also yeah because we’re we’re really we have to have a consideration.
And then it to be counted as actually talking about the jamming part by mc talked about it you know and i am and i put the that meeting online just so that people could take it.

[47:15] And continue the conversation ears of all the one thing i liked about them about all nicks stuff and his issues as platforms is.
Basically you were telling us anything we get a chance.
Let’s go to program city was word word twenty eighteen hours get technology up to a level where it needs to be we spend,
millions of dollars years the city on,
are suppose it technology enabled crappy website is in jail in all and its average rate the answer of the most interesting was that you know your falls apart be careful.
Where do the gps thing when everybody we have argus leader forms livestream no every can they got is a question most of.
Kinda general answers like it was in the city of the living room or can be done very strollers we haven’t listening to music but that makes any of.
Here is what in particular does the weather conditions are like river conditions today with reminder.
Why would the governor which easily why.
So it’s not i define it doesn’t move in to the lever for me i’m not.
But atleast its something about the different answer yeah well some people if he if you think makes a humming goes website realized we always issues and platforms.

[48:46] He wrote all that himself he did it exactly but my gut when i first went there what.
I can ask them ago did you write this well i got some stuff from it is from your radiator we wrote that.
I made him a locker be the greatest public speaker.
But if you read his website realizations of platforms he knows what he’s talking about me and he’s got amazing ideas things are christine have.
I mean four thousand out but could use a dynamic.

[49:17] It said there wasn’t anybody me that’s fine the counter is always a great how are you robert.

[49:25] Quotes on races under with zach quality carrier jensen like really close second but yes axe energy was just reason why is she is of you do as i am building a first time i’ve new zack,
was when he is abba gold paint the streets yeah that was one of the most self the permission to do it.
He risked his life to do this on a local ones that know always the city was a hundred degrees out there something and,
and is really light over there is that we still no word yet.
But i did this is gonna be i got to party answer of the email address on this one.
I’ll give it to david z even though is that in the you got it ran one of the craziest campaigns once it is not in.
I definitely hands down give it to god but we all years in our all week and not on the scroll designs,
but i definitely jolene has been the biggest go getter in this whole thing without a doubt even if that girl loses.
She’s been around for something and she said she might be a nice day for you know governor of our state i think it’s either run for city council.
Boom some c your one of the various altogether yeah i’m really feel bad that you know now that i know julien and.

[50:59] We could talk her into running.
For he might still be there you know so i mean maybe that’s not season i think getting the policy you.
Becoming more of a policy wonk with her ideas and having and see i would really love to see all of you are image or woman city council in that.
Hands down the fantastic it.
Queue up the male oppression news stories that’s right i believe it.
Hey diana even following them all you talk to on the phone probably bored all of us ever since like.
You like money well i might as person in i think he’s the bravest person in the race yeah.
I mean he he’s will not was really also a very interesting the.

[52:03] He’s got disability and does what you believe you were ever comes here.
What anyone thinks come out we had a blast i was listening to allow the show went well he’s gassy as your status friends i don’t know what,
i don’t know this one is a friend we’re friends i know most of the we’re friends i know most walmart but this one i don’t know that he’s called the.
Not the bottom and on camera but that no body call he called he called my gun the time does tom skin skillet skillet siri top scary time scary because he was like i’m scared and.
Toss it to the top scared of what i did to it but you know you rate you would you make a good point he sells for this code is not sure i.
So i first met mike he’s on the boat yeah levels for absolute hoover and is he still helps there be using this five near overly bozo around or will i ever.
And you wouldn’t out bullshit disguise it on.
Long hair you know pack of marlboro reds and is she hockey life is rough around the edges for entertaining and then.
Very interesting hours and on about entertaining about use did kaiser for about a year later he calls and says error of their and then i see city council meeting public input new because there.

[53:38] That’s the same guy and i assume your at.
Where rice measure pocket yes.
Not to no right you know we was of me and.
Will you let us to some government or something like the.
Back to see you tomorrow still has his go pocket and i mean the unit because there is the exact thing and the only goes there once.
I mean i think this is the he got rid of the superhero i think that is me and going back to where it.
I don’t know if you got the red jackets,
from our group appoints room is it over yet is it was recommended job was seventeen things that goes on,
so i go with my lemurs and you might go and.
Before you met him with them that bruce that introduced me through through through the ball thing yeah so.
Is that your code for yes and and actually.
I let him know you know through my court case and everything was possible and they were able to because the mayor was just be an asshole be an asshole things i’ve i’ve enjoyed mike.

[55:09] I didn’t really get to know you know the one of the funny things in this whole deal.

[55:16] Prior because i as an ethics question on and his wife young just her position being german precision and is you know of.
He running from it was because of the city’s website sucks so bad i couldn’t i didn’t see that there was a form for ethics questions so i file an ethics complaint like asking if that’s what you can ask an ethics question,
as in as a citizen you can we file complaints.
They changed the rules of the time so you for so if you add email add jill and jim.
We’re better bad and i tried to tell him what was doing.
They were very upset by the whole thing and she said no services on when your man who is with him yeah so so now.
All of a sudden say a month or so ago.
Jim is like my best friend when i go to these meetings he is a site pavers wanted you leave or prove that is not.

[56:22] Yeah well you can use their,
you there pizzas at i don’t think there’s anybody like you know what was is clear the air on that one right now i would never do jim and then came and i always all the mayoral candidates,
i know before this.
Campaign not all talk to me like i’m their best friend for an yeah and and i was actually asked by by one.
Do not bring up certain topics if possible and are all your gonna have your camera so that’s it mean i’m getting that kind of stuff but.
You know all the time go go and you and i showed up for the the the the as yet and when i turn back.
Are you a wizard dealers blog still stores the room wasn’t where is this.

[57:20] Well i still have video out there you have to really close to absorb now i got married to it was.

[57:31] Did you know a high school in a group of young dogs.
This is what i’m bob the to work of the the city hall and that whole thing in and the use of the mayor’s race and you look at.

[57:53] The one person every is really tired sort of boston game changer all thing is let you gotta give.
You have to give it to her i think is the most romantic person.
A person who doesn’t drive the conversation probably shouldn’t lot of different topics she brought not she’s the one that talked about crying thing you know and i think she’s the one that pushed that.
Which really surprised me actually because i thought grade work push it in as if it correctly but now.
But julian has always talked about that will joins law and protecting kids and traffic and the ages hundred even the most streisand transference issues.
Anybody else and we on the show that was number one issue in the campaign and this is how and the most forceful because she’s she’s.
Taking son is very visual person take down the door to the colors you wanted to users coffe table mayor’s office,
that’s why it’s in is there a couple buttons that what’s up nigger on it if she if she wins the reverse actions that.
What does he always use for an have.
This is amazing for handle disturbances are taken out the edges of it is in the fantastic four that’s all of these on because he wasn’t.
But that’s a little take outside or down because that black small the wind cold for the right reasons but that’s why it’s there but did take down they don’t make a coffee table.

[59:34] Make the closet door provide for us and never use her to get specific about.
How to make city more and that’s the thing that hurts julie last night and went back and why a grand why i think going to become the next mayor is because she doesn’t have the experience and it worries people.

[1:00:00] Yeah grey just enough to vote for crack in it is it is ready people don’t necessarily vote on.
If your emotions ways you much on agree again they do for before i moses are people feeling,
you’re in the right way and i don’t think that is using costa first should be as strong remaining can she is now should avoid record-breaking go look and you have to win messages that is going to run.
From a verizon was late july to give it to paul as well he probably don’t want for the first time.
You go through one exclusives children grades and have so much to do when you areas and people are gonna go back to like the guy from her business leader here,
go back in and shuts it look it look as its leader as i say that all with all of you go back and look and say say what does but when i was brought.
Two years ago i voted against and why it why the difference about james and them just the same amount as the day before the election cuz i been very good about not bringing this up.
What is that i am twenty two nobody brought that.

[1:01:17] He can i don’t want to hear it and i think we’ve i think you said something personally barbers you can one hanson talk about government transparency.
When you voted against the biggest addition to for government transparency that and was passed by the voters.
You know any italian is always gonna be well wasn’t prestige now lol there’s parts of it that may be the unconstitutional but the supreme court never got a chance look at.
I got into a argument about no one so i know that one against him see what he’s or the reserves has this been going to.

[1:01:54] Medicine think yeah i don’t know if that’s the the forties from state.
Please give me how they spent a lot of money he.
The little and on the critical for this some bull postponed yeah you’re right handed for restricting as they spending the night and now.
Yeah across-the-board this is married to that not to sit and defend reading this because you you were absolutely right but here’s my argument that.
Number one the national retailers association gets money from people from all over the country including sioux falls so there’s probably a lot of money that is from years number two.
If you go look at everyone’s campaign donation was was the money from family members and people from all over the country i mean just look at every single one,
there’s not a single candidate that’s not getting money on her ovaries get back to town aberdeen in money yellow not that much for me.
You are saying you know so there is there’s artisan state money to the side of the given value is.
In all our candidates can donations from family members and still no kids mother he has always his parents came fewer bugs and he said.
Can this product there.
Oh gizmos oh oh.
I want to see the from his parents is the right hallway to the homeless services ten there.

[1:03:32] Hey what about claim your three thousand one hundred year drought religiously as my son i’m proud of a parent is proud of their child credit for the.
Yeah yeah yeah program in here this morning and it was so wrapped rubber you in.

[1:03:53] What’s the mirror mirror it was more dynamic was letters are proudest.
The disease.
I’d like to meet him so i don’t know i don’t service.
Agreement power cord is there tax is all it is showing is the.
You are strong supporters stanford degree,
you are the lockers and use most of the fired for years forty cents did you say fire department and there’s never logged in the,
it’s really fire her but yeah for the glass around here but the question is.
Unless i was h o mean as far as being the most dynamic because when she came in,
she is wonderful on a show yeah yeah great guy great interview but when she first came into the race i kinda was aware of other people are,
or wasn’t you can’t own that has more like i don’t have the kids that’s all that was quick rainy relevance of that a long time i saw her to reside.

[1:05:23] Oh she’s just a bit of a push on facebook cuz he has like a hundred facebook ads right away and as i can only mentor our story so it it kinda wrote her off like very early on line one,
when he to hearing i was just like she doesn’t understand that the internet’s not where you in a municipal election,
and then once the campaign going it’s like oh she’s gonna play the new game and she’s got strong fundamentals as far as like a ground game and knocking on doors and getting active this is.
Is not quite what i had to re evaluate every other candidate has turned out or over the course of the race i expected them to be how i expected that person’s personality.
Joel except for her where is low expectations and it ended with very high expectations in jesus got more and more and more and more it’s.
It was it was always like dancing lol energy when she started but now looking for energy compared to what you start is like the frigging rough and the he,
i mean she knows she’s the one that happens is gonna work harder show work r,
what could she won’t raise for one and or a version real answers and there’s kinda really good subliminal message for walter progress,
to study the arrows.
Was that not claim pink not quite red is a salmon sounds slim leaving why forehead.
Of like three or four blue arrows mr so there is a lot of people in a comment about local to me.

[1:06:59] Aight i got more comments people ask me has been graphic design for points some years a lot of people ask me some people don’t get it.
And explain them were website you’ll see that you see the movie arrows all because somebody as new shoes are one hundred miles like.
No she she’s admitted that she’s not runner and whenever we can think and she can’t dance to but you know yeah i just.
Yeah as a driver due,
does a cancel messages of what i get what your saying that the very good logo does it does it he calls does it but it does for low in my right eye balls is there a message and we’ll do people unconsciously respond to that.
When i seen heroes.
The pain she is very colors either of those those of you that like hours are always with blue is always a really good color to use it it says no.
The chocolate.
This is so show her something to know that it’s something that there might be effective will start is resting kind of camping collars.
Yeah and blue and yellow or the best heater use,
those those are really good bro blue and yellow rca jacks does it matter your with no no that’s just wanted to psychology thing so we only really well with your orange or salmon and she blew.
Bread is really good to use it by itself.

[1:08:32] Or blue just by itself on red and black i was rachel’s power ranger already resurrection and power.
And if it’s as well a lot of people were orange and black or is this june is in school cuz associated with harley brand ws tuesday or use is slow and boring.

[1:08:56] Runs okay cuz he’s got enough white speech is the grass really well is got enough white space in areas use all capital letters which is smart as to.
I put orders i thought it was to see if it as a designer i thought it was just if the.

[1:09:13] To these truths hold true of united states think as i would call it vary by call of my life.
Turn on the air in this country one point red yellow probably didn’t do you well.
It is about or whatever yeah well it’s where it’s more subtle than that has me you sit right with communism read it in are like political discourse also the color of the republican party he gets.
What do you do remember michelle that means he’s color blind was just really he ran to have callers deficits so you gotta talk to you gets a whole rant of you’re talking about.

[1:09:55] This.
That the shades are kinda work together and from a distance the blower my biggest point was no is zero zero is over arrow leading,
but i still be here so i been waiting this year to the canada side the words campaigns.
In the end that race the less than shower marker and.
That was the absolute worst campaign sign where is the certainly was conference was some shitty green and for somebody like me.

[1:10:29] And percent and and she use shoes correct green and scratched his ears eyes they want to hear all it like a contractor size of.
More like the cute little bistro restaurant side red flags i has i’ve been.
I have a real pet peeve about an timmins style was earlier it’s one is orange and black bad news about me yeah.
You have so and you know that.

[1:11:01] A great majority or a minority of men have some kind of color differences.
So when these people in a way you guys probably see all of these colors but then i drive down the road and i can’t read what’s on the van.
Because it blends all in me and why would you put red letters on a black man.
I saw one today in that we are having this is is terrible in any way yeah well in his essay.

[1:11:31] Most ambitious lawn signs okay there’s very busy is a very busy is,
rumor is going to be giving the most unique and yeah just no because you are so ugly she was like got your lose americans time your over we were taught was going to jump.

[1:11:53] Size of clothes is drying in the background a black or a something easy.

[1:12:02] Can you keep your eyes on the side of the contract this is a person who works for printer we print yard signs all year long for contractors.
Work on your painting your house the brick that cine in your yard and you look like in the country shows like a contractor site.
You know the shells penny unit it always working and now it’s your turn by.
Was free from ourselves cupcake to get a cupcake yeah pickup equal.

[1:12:37] God gives his nose is christine you know big big campaigned he how about the tax breaks.

[1:12:47] Oh that was one reason to those who are the worst repetition driving member has the same result as the consummate is year all at,
i was born in the delivery give up in browser iphone to the kind of nigger ages,
decision until i talk to a couple of hours after using the remote.
The reason we’re going to they says with the flow i don’t have the mean one of the teachers increases talents hold well i talk to reset i think told called me and when we got there minds real.
That’s the other is a little jan michael’s above it and buy it when the guy valid point.
The one about is you all in about the cheese and differences that all over the country you can drink beer in the same state to state,
what’s the handle beer and wine is there.
There’s actually better not give a conditional use permit to the state theatre or of center mark nation watches we’re gonna we’re moving to this model because.
We tested that you markets and it works but they should.
Will the most sensitive down the early mover advantage the city versus stand alone building.
So there’s more security protocols in place not to do that and season.

[1:14:19] However the nobles do is over think the office will i know when it’s your turn to the pharmacy for the furniture mart,
the blue door is gonna happen if he has.
Okay and anywhere for judging hard stance on right and.
When they illegally placed yeah they checked up they checked his vision checked out so.
I wasn’t sure there for martin he was posing any of possibly wise counsel even have to vote these things.
Why not do it similar to just let city hall prove checks checks out and then.
So you can test it within a few weeks x as that as our state law we donate iris on reality shows its.
I thought it was a blue ridiculous cuz i said to someone i bet you if they had a problem with alcohol twice as per.
They would have been downloaded the first person point like this is to much to fast for me mass is a massive they’re all over eve party the first person to visit but don’t want was worried you can’t.
Twenty one year all his there was a nineteen year old friends for giving him beer well we should chill all day there still gonna be able to see the beer because that’s what’s happening right now it says please if there in all your.

[1:15:55] Release of if they’re buying it there the staff there knows who the washing make sure they.
How do you say when he walks from the screen to the back he can see what’s going on during the movie nobody’s you’re not in the dark in those movies where we use the group of us used to make monthly trips to five or five or someone to list.
The others in the country right now he has no is anybody ever been to the barber what you at your from.
Bruce is but we wasn’t about me cuz no one was in the balcony because they can show that you were there was filters.
Your bitches from brussels or hers to reduce so anyway the whole sixteen oz instead.
There’s a monster holes in the season about snow uncertain about where is about me cuz we see the six pack and burn all silos.
And then and then we’ll take turns coffee was fired over a week now that the eighty six is it so the.
What time it didn’t work was that.
He’s asleep accidently take one and then you be like in the back of the local pool your wall with the front smashed your broken glass is required the use of people saying stuff in there saying something lol hard yeah,
coors light and was there is a liquor there’s yet receiving harassing and liquor to mix it with dr pepper.

[1:17:27] And the body of the soul over the counter beer and wine only people will probably start in our magazine the handles isn’t as girls in high school he used by that you buy you go to the beauty salon the beauty store,
you could buy the spray bottles you know.
You know that for hairspray that would you by the empty ones and the phone falls in the day and age is brain mri on all of.
What is the crazy that the a c fumes of wine has a new level of.
Since when have so everybody everything they wanted out before the night before the disc gonna be it’s gonna be a crazy night is the last price of there’s move the county and the clerk tomorrow.
We have a back up plan like a whole to fill what went wrong selection become so.
I used to use having to write the story line why didn’t have a number and bruce is gonna be wandering around yeah.
So hopefully that goes well i think the city will not let me be part of their but the three degrees famously uses for doing can the ball in.
Is super receptive and quitting is recalls my email so if any of that was the thing is this is my chance to say thanks for.

[1:19:06] Make my easier i hope there isn’t or open all the races are tonight at the gym and when we get back to.
Focusing if there was no run off and and people blown me when i say this i’m just gonna.

[1:19:25] The only possibility i could see of not having to run off of the arrow collection and great james room i just put it out there since you the only one i think that could conduit that could pull that off if that’s a possibility.
Yeah think we’re gonna see tomorrow night is we might see at least one.

[1:19:45] Well the thing with a with eight central district having so many people that are not known and.
Janet john and me and.

[1:19:56] Whatever the not making hissing noise christina could and then there could also be a recount for between paul and julie’s second place you know.

[1:20:05] What they can they can we count cigarette and have a good answer this week cuz he go like the brake dial when it’s like.
There’s no use arguing even if it was close insidious three counties if your friend there who sings there there might not be mechanism.
Instigate recap three pairs of the percentage now is in this in this in state of sausage.
So you’re within a percentage you can request rica with only problem is it runs back through the same machines that was the only place wanting reconsider birthplace once up on first and second.
That doesn’t well be to second service dept pull this is what i heard it was a was was but is scenario was a great comes in first.
And he’s got five hundred more votes than the one long and jolene and paul are tied all three of them on going to the war office what i was told that.
That’s what is there not taiwan if it’s the last one was this person with a man or re can’t they can’t yeah.
That’s what i’m talking graco it went well so that’s a problem i just want to find out tomorrow i’m gonna drop him real quick turn operations number.
I’m going to bruce’s bruce bruce can handle is off and i’m gonna go a little bit higher i think we’re gonna have a bump with new voters and stuff.

[1:21:38] I’m going to twenty seven thousand was a percentage was tomorrow.
Oh twenty seven little eighteen thousand voters pronounce falls so thirty four percent of their in middle of hamlin nerissa house,
it’s gonna be in the mid twenties at the very very most of the lower to mid twenties and should i am using twenty seven all percentage.

[1:22:04] So i think life was over a glass house it is yeah there’s nothing salad is a ninety eight.
Two hundred twenty seven percent in black uranus user territory.
Who sponsors the talk it has always known as ink was your produce daily and what are the i don’t see any higher than like.
Twenty four and i think it’ll be more towards where c nineteen is yeah i get.
Both of you say that is the number that i enjoyed this whole thing is i go through and look at the this.
The res.
There’s ninety two hundred sixty voters in sioux falls never gone back into a polling booth since november a.
Two thousand one hundred.
What are the events in it and the never cared about surprised gems chinese as a camp and then there’s this there’s and there’s about four thousand.
Who voted for swimming pool walmart and.

[1:23:22] They never come back and mode so he says not to the world the more of the story is reducing precincts tomorrow in a boat.
What is this and was it we is freezing yesterday.
The road there is a water line one and say is please show for the right to i mean.
I know that to store early a lot of times all my kids nine and it still go vote come.
Old people will present them vs my is eight years is if you are very.
It’s tiny percentage of people who listen listen don’t know anything about thank you don’t know.
Don’t know what is leo’s so if you don’t know the candidates just get that one.
I’m fine with that i really and get them or if you know if.
No it does matter it matters what was cause it shows and the events and it shows in the swimming pool walmart races.
Those they have those issues in there and that drove the people to the polls and we have we have nothing.
Else in the selection all we have are four or five boxes to check and you’re done and i guarantee you,
that you’ll probably see and i’m going to london this but i guarantee you that you’ll probably see one of the biggest municipal water turn out with the school board.

[1:24:53] Bond with the schools in bitch that’s gonna be a hundred fifty million dollar bond and i just think you can see one of the biggest torture chair receiver that’s.
That’s next year probably probably right but what’s up with that covers the area as the cities now no produce number,
what is the fuck are twenty and up is everything about with the blower for sale after selecting room and use it every visible this is what i sent to someone early on,
i said engine and becomes mayor and all my counsel people lose that i want to win.
I don’t think i can handle this for four years and it be just at my breaking explode use the to imagine having more for all things on the account so.
Can you give this was a person live interview fishing ships do that or i thought about going back to be in how my blog originally started which covering local art stuff.
When i was doing.
Well we don’t region or city that yeah well you know i positive i talk to one of the candidates about this.
And they confess to me they don’t know a lot about public or get is it again was correct just great admitted to me he says i really don’t know a lot about i love,
to be educated on it so is that a incredibly over might ask the other day to what state park i said if the state,
people are willing to give fifteen percent donation would you be open this is definitely.

[1:26:25] So that’s two people plugs for him tonight so sorry the kids are skateboards on my lawn i was literally was skateboarder earnings again to me then okay it was.

[1:26:41] When did you know what everything away are we use the word,
oh it’s okay we’re on grass sale on graph for all.
What is yours and you and i played on radio i want you on grass on grass i think the thing that were grass is most of the day because you would use it whenever.

[1:27:09] What’s the laundry version of you lol because of your.

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