South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
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Joe Sneve
County & City Watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media

Catch Scott at Club David Aug 7th at 7 PM at Club David doing commentary of the city council meeting.

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Machine Transcript

[0:27] Paul Walker by episode 20 South Dakota podcast episodes,
a year,
could I have a hobby for kid.
You’re still at one right that I know of I know I haven’t told your child for kindergarten in 3 weeks.
She’s ready for it. Are you ready for looking out all the government forms she hasn’t been in.
Like traditional preschool or anything like that so this is kind of our she’s been off the radar so I think so.

[1:31] Now so it’s kind of like it’s our first introduction into like Opening Our Lives to government with our children the next she’s going to go to public school so.
Poor kids like I’m sorry to hear that,
yeah what was right or just our gas because we have Robert the producer who have to host whose name we will not speak and then we have Joe sneve E,
did you get that right I got sleepy,
Stevie Stevie from the newspaper,
Argus Leader sorry Hill that radio host ceuta montse the ark.

[2:20] He’s been better about at least giving the reporters credit when he’s talking about Argus Leader content. Have you ever heard his reasoning for not saying the name I feel like I’ve Been Told,
why we didn’t get along with anything since you think it’s funny it’s a it’s a Harry Potter bit he said it on there that’s the only reason,
in friction with one of the former Publishers few years back.
Master spell too many words right,
Greg T o d e y on the website and I was laughing,
I always tease Theresa Staley cuz I’m like chivalry like the stories when they’re talking about you,
spell your last name like multiple different ways it’s like they may just take a stab at it,
for them so they can always go back in and change.

[3:25] Probably what are the broadcaster up at SDSU to journalism school that if you spelled some his name wrong in his story Billy.
It’s kind of a continue reading remember the name I don’t,
I know my grammar is not the best and I know I misspelled words but I am kind of a stickler about spelling people’s names right b word good,
yeah and I just just like to just was cuz I don’t want that something them to come back at me,
get off my favorites been watching how many different ways people have been spelling dear ketchum’s name,
Chad I just said catch up most the time but.
Write down small that’s always chaos.
Which Darren spelled his name this way you know your eyes out for a long time I had to go back and look each time just to not make mistakes cuz the old are in his Darrin.
In the stairs Darren which is really weird I’ve never seen a date Dar another two darrins on.
Bewitched and sister nice going out the old the old Wayne’s World.

[4:43] York was that I did that go.

[4:48] I don’t know I was thinking you were moving a dick Sergeant Sergeant York sergeant,
anyway anyway I know right about the stop.

[5:12] What do you think about the school district handling their own election for.
Basically a 300 million dollar Bond I mean what reality you don’t have to agree with me at 9 to take my interest loan special election,
and their claims ER their claims are job because their one claim as we have to have the budget.
To the state by September 30th which is true that is not a lie.

[5:43] We could be amended why we just let flat out ask Brian Maher on the show you can amend the budget anytime. Can’t you and Brunswick.
So you don’t have to have a special election so you can have it with the journal I saw you think they’re feeling I mean what is a good strategy,
well it depends on what your what you consider a victory.
If it’s if only people they’re going to come vote are the ones who supported right yet. Wrong if it’s a standalone election I think that’s not it want to say that they have.
I’ll tear your motives cuz I don’t come to these people I’m not covering this but my first.
Buy at first blush when I saw that was they’re probably trying to keep turn out down excellent understand strategy.
What but also did the other the other part of that is is I will I was going to say that.

[6:51] Is it a state law that says it’s been election special election,
in 60 days of an already schedule election it should be moved to the schedule the last 60 days 60 days.
Free clothes why would you spend all this extra money when you can just do it in November and then you know the will the alternate have Bob would tell.
Mountain pretty early before everybody West River even a fox.
Don’t work hard interactive doesn’t use it doesn’t software support them anymore people be Pro tried to get him to work during the primaries and it didn’t work very good and Shantel said no more I’m not using them.

[7:52] Who’s going to do who’s running this off work how are they going to tabulate they haven’t called Bob you know that right they have had no discussions with him.

[8:02] They’re going to handle their absentee and remember they did that 2 years ago it is if Belle Chase was at lunch you couldn’t eat the door was locked and you couldn’t vote.
And it’s like no that’s not really how it works you can’t just and then I just have a problem with hand County.

[8:20] This is going to be this 300 million dollars is going to be decided by 3,000 people that’s just Insanity rest make any sense.
Yeah I’m probably made it obvious that you always will have a higher turnout.
And big things like this but I mean I mean I understand I don’t feel comfortable enough to hang up I agree with you to support public education.
Okay got to get a 60% Passage.

[8:47] And maybe they’re just thinking it’s easier to get a 60% if not enough people it’s almost like the way they talk anytime you see the superintendent or.
One of the task force people or or or on the school board members talk.

[9:05] The person Phil Mickelson she doesn’t seem as confident as some of the other ones talk they just seem like they are perfectly confident that this is going to be.
Like they have no worries about it and that’s what worries me the most is like what are they know that I don’t know that they don’t work on conclusion the software doesn’t work properly on e-poll book,
that means.
I could go vote at every single super Precinct multiple times,
so that’s the part that worries me the most who’s checking this.
Bev but that also is counterintuitive to the to the argument that they want lower turnout because,
voting Super precincts or whatever he can vote anywhere so it takes another hurdle Overton boat.

[10:08] I would say that using the super precincts are having to go anywhere actually I think does drive internal organs I think it’s those confusion people are used to voting in a Precinct.
I did there used to be a trying to do now for the last couple election is always come back to this stupid thing.
A certain government of what’s the temperature this way a certain government official that is not involved with the school district called a certain person over at school district and basically said.

[10:42] You can have been handled absentee sheets Scott capable.
And they decided to have Randall it anyway so I think they want this all in their house and that’s the thing that worries me the most who’s watching.
Who watches the Watchmen who’s watching the election,
well they got to school.
I get it yeah yeah they ought to elections are elections but every form of government is independent of the other forms of government.

[11:21] At least in terms of Elections Bruce to ask to be an election judge.

[11:28] Any glass pieces I will ask but I don’t know if they’re going to let me but I’ll ask and I’ve even thought about asking and then the other thing to is.

[11:37] Yeah that would be that would be nice but I just don’t know I just got reassured that this is going to.
Run as smooth as they think I don’t know I just it seems it’s being handled so weird it any have Vernon Brown who’s running up this other group and you guys reported about this you know.
In the treasurer’s with the public school Association and supposed to be released.
And in the girls in obviously a is there is a baker or maiden names Baker in the baker’s runoff bonds to their Bank,
you have learned Brown who works rest in which is a conflict because they do tons of work contracts with school district what are you so worried about it for at least they’re nice people,
it doesn’t matter if someone’s nice or not conflict to something that’s on paper.
Hey nothing to do with your personality but we all know South Dakota doesn’t have the most I lost myself.
What is planning on you all the task force members however many people work we’re on their we’re planning on watching them in there.
Families to see yeah once they start building all these things who’s getting the contracts are they are these cuz that’s the problem.

[13:02] Let me couldn’t you report on currently that here’s the task force.
Curious historically what these people have done in the relationship they’ve got with the school district or government in terms of,
Dakota vs contract.
Speaking of scams do you know I have to go too much into this cuz I know you’re working on a story about it.
But obviously they want to build a 230 million dollar water plant which is that price tag is.
And of course they want to do this to the the infamous Enterprise funds that mystery bucktooth and bowl cut created former mayor,
so that you can celebrate so we could have in the second mortgage but.

[14:10] Obviously are water rates are going to go out but this is this is this is what I’ve sent to City councilors.
We have all these cities around us to use our water treatment services which is fine because they don’t want to build their own water treatment plant expensive,
so they’ve been paying us and they pay a higher rate just so people know that what we pay for our sewer and water.
What and what they pay us is a lot more unless they’re just screwing their citizens I don’t know but my suggestion is been.

[14:47] Quadruple the rates,
and if the cities don’t like it they can build their own their own treatment plant and then it takes pressure off ours the other argument I have with this thing is is what they getting their numbers so they can have all these growth projection.
And were you saying on the way over here the last census of was it 2010.

[15:10] Throughout the interim but 80% I just seems like it’s a it’s a weird.
They’re just expecting us to grow and we might not we might start slowing down here in Sioux Falls you never know we’re almost at our borders already.
You know so I think the 260 million dollars about 160 million out of it would actually be spent out there at the water treatment facility,
the other hundred million would be to upgrade,
the conveyance system they call it which is in town your infrastructure that would try to be in the car where you have like.
Clay pipes and some reason I guess.
So let’s say I mean that that core work that conveyance system was going to have to happen anyway so let’s just break that up to the facility steps 160 billion dollars,
the plant that’s out there right now it’s built 1980 and.

[16:13] They say like I got an old article from like 1981 saying I only had a 20 year life expectancy when they.
Today got a 18 x 4 years,
so I got a big chunk of the hundred sixty million is to renovate what’s already there and that seems reasonable.
But I don’t have the numbers in front of me but maybe like half of it is to build on.
Stad tankage and capacity like right now they have like six basins where they break like one,
like seven or eight different steps where they filter out all the crap out of water comes in Black filmed it through the whole process just out there got the same to her you know.
Rihanna four five years ago they were only using five or four of the six basins now there at 5 once they get to 6 they have no,
room for capacity so when you’re not a mathematician or anything like that but you can tell just by looking at what they’re using out there that they are Nearing.

[17:26] Capacity it does base itself on the fact that cities going to continue to grow and like you’re saying I could fall off TJ Nelson in the mayor’s office.
So like you know it’s hasn’t you know for a long time we’ve added over a thousand people here right now are you at the house and now we’re getting it.

[17:45] Well you can’t Bank on that,
right because if if they reach capacity it’s going to take like 12 years to complete this whole waiting till the rack pass,
governance might might my shoe and then you were mentioning this on the way over is that there’s a.
Perpetuity of an increase in the water rates yeah.

[18:26] Aiken,
yeah cuz it was the biggest CIP ever right like my Shooters biggest one ever was $570 an hour,
what’s the biggest cfp ever if you see huge the cleanest water,
sweaty beautiful you drink the water,
and then that’s adorable I see this presentation in the numbers like $200 more than anything I say.
If you take the water treatment plan out of it it’s.
Last but I mean that’s what he said that that would likely see some modest rate increases,
to pay for this I have reported yet I’m not going to break the news here but some folks might take issue with the categorizing them as modest increases.
When you hear what those numbers are I’m working on a story for Sunday’s paper about some of this stuff and we’re going to we have a little bit more inside us to like what the rate modeling will look like,
but I’ve heard a little bit too. Going to that my thing is that.

[19:50] I understand the Enterprise fun thing you know you you charge the users to do upgrades and get that.

[19:58] But I also consider what we’re doing out there as infrastructure.
And that is what the second penny is supposed to be 4 so.
I can understand the shoes in the Enterprise funds to build new pipes maintenance running the facility.
But to say that we’re going to pay the mortgage on this this monster 200.
60 million – Enterprise front that’s not right I think I like how you broke it up how you said that a hundred millions for this and 164 that’s I think we should take we should break that in half.
Have the hundred million part of it we paid for out of the second Penny and then the hundred sixty million paid for out of the Enterprise funds and breaking apart.
And start using II penny for its intention infrastructure Capital this is capital this is infrastructure.
Instead of just saying out again razor buddies water rates that way we can free up the second Penny to build palaces,
and monuments you know and that’s that’s the that’s the problem I have with Enterprise and the other thing is is about the population growth and I’ve mentioned this to counselors in and Theresa’s asked to have this breaking down she hasn’t been successful,
and getting this I think it was in 2016 they figured we had about 5,000 people move.

[21:24] 5000 new people in Sioux Falls 3300 of them were babies,
that were born here so that’s not new people coming to Sioux Falls break it down,
break this population growth down for whatever she wants how many years senior citizens coming here to retire,
how many of the people like I said or how many people are they move to Sioux Falls each year that come from the Town Center using the treatments ready Brandon Canton Tea.
How many are babies,
how many actual people actually moving here from someplace else adult movie near break those numbers down and then you could have a better understanding of what you really need and I guess that’s the way I look at it.
Some of what they’re going to be doing out there is prompted by the federal regulations coming down the chute,
shared by federal regulations coming out your eyes seem.
Limited in reduced or is that a series of tweets I mean down where it would appear that in South Dakota.
Federal Regulations really don’t matter permitting.

[22:51] Basically I nitrate permits aren’t being companies who discharge Wastewater into the waters aren’t.
Being held to the standards that DPS put in place until.
According to the folks I’ve talked to the city says that they have until a few more years to get the compliance for the states going to.

[23:13] We don’t die did you know the states letting people get their ducks in order before does the state have until the EPA test,
like last weekend I tore all this asbestos insulation on my basement in the dumpster behind,
I would not admit that I would cut this whole entire second,
lay it on thick or next I was curious nuclear waste out of my basement now.

[23:58] Yeah yeah I was just not not really Shop but you know that.
It’s not the first time that this is kind of in the news where a federal rule or regulation is decreed upon the land and.
State officials kind of like,
will see you know I will take will take the money that comes with it but we’ll see if we can forward to this for you cuz like I said I saw it on Twitter,
and there was an exchange between a gay guy employee of the administration and an employee of the Argus Leader,
about the story in where the truth lies and in all of it so.

[24:46] We have to discuss that but you previously said maybe here maybe elsewhere that the previous administration at stop returning your phone calls.

[24:57] And what is your sense of your thought of your early in the early days of the new Administration is that the new boss same as the old boss or is your phone blowing up all the time it’s definitely not it’s been kind of a night and day,
different I’ll tell you there’s a press conference today about the budget what was that all about us embargo,
I can’t talk about the 4-wheeler in there because you go on a date,
they were going to email me last night that we Finance HR and T2 nails were there,
and it went out they showed us the presentation and,
and that’s I think I don’t know if user got burned or something like that but,
there seems to be just more trust in the media if we say it will honor an embargo there don’t have any reason to think we’re going to.
Not under the Embargo I don’t think anybody’s violated one yet generally journalist are pretty good at,
is a saurus right you’ll burn a bridge if you do that so,
situation I can call these folks over if there’s something they don’t want to talk about it on record because it’s just too hot or whatever you know they’ll say look we can’t talk about this.

[26:20] On record and then we’ll go talk off record you know what I mean like they’re very forthright with me about what’s going on and.
It’s just my opinion and I’m sure it’s yours too.

[26:36] It’s our government we should build to know everything and accesses information,
actress in question as much as they have a right to say what they want about,
people talking what are they trying to hide by breaking news breaking news we just learned,
which Olsen a view of the Argus Leader does with the days that God gives them when nobody talks to him his imagination runs wild,
that’s what you decided to do with the days that God gave you I’d only been in.
Mayor Hooters office two times in the whole time I covered him and it wasn’t until the first time I was ever in his office was in.
February or March this year I started covering the city beat in 2000.

[27:49] 14
Saw the game of three players club Palace who got the blue carpet in there and like it was super nice and I didn’t know City Hall was So Posh and then I can contact I had seen.

[28:07] So fast forward to the new Administration and Paul 10 Higgins.
Hakins secretary Julius was he through secretary and it’s kind of awkward when you go in there cuz it’s okay Julie I’m here too.
Send me some beautiful and she’s like okay so she calls back.
Hangs up the phone and says you can go back do you know where his office is,
and like I didn’t need to be escorted back there I didn’t nobody held my hand they were just so cute makes open home whatever I walk through I see Erica back sitting in her office with the door open like literally the doors are open in San Salvador city hall.

[28:48] Night and day,
different cell after the door Man in Black Roach,
where as you know we would text him a couple of times since he’s been mayor and he doesn’t respond right away.

[29:08] Don’t usually within an hour I’ll get a text back from him like he did something out of meeting one night and all I said to him was I like what you did on this item and I can’t remember it was later I got it thanks you know,
yeah I mean I don’t know what the reason is but we’re also still in the honeymoon. Here and we’re still like,
digging into all the stuff we couldn’t get under the old regime you know like they’re glad things coming out right now from the Hue through ministration,
10 minute timer, so maybe like we’re building a treatment plant only I write someone flatter stories about them and,
they’re not going to be happy I mean the first test used to be a photographer he seems to out he’s been in PR Rose before,
so he seems to understand the role of the press and he doesn’t,
seem to take things personally I don’t think Paul ten haken takes.

[30:21] Didn’t take it personal the next day was a new day with the media wear as former mayor huether.
Grudges yeah there’s going to be a lot of stuff online today about how.

[30:41] Mayor 10.

[30:43] Haken is considering still moving forward with this parking ramp deal.

[30:52] I do not want well I don’t know either one of those thing somebody said to me is you get outside counsel.
Cuz you know this Joe.
A lot of the same people that were working for heater and it coping to cut this deal are still there so.
Turn letter she was there when this is all going on you can’t tell me she didn’t know anything about it.
Of course Karen’s going to look at Paul and say we’re legally bound here you know she isn’t going to go around and,
I know that there’s been some people who have worn Paul that keeping a ride lot of these heat there people around is not a good idea.
Because it’s going to end up burning your ass in the end cuz you’re going back and tell him what people like Joe Frank and Sue Quan back,
throw heater soldiers on Kearney.
But I don’t know Jeffrey Schmidt I don’t know I’m told that.
There is there are other people in City Hall at ancillary rolls in this but the primary players is which I wrote today we’re Darren catch him back at least people around there still these people,
that you don’t think I’m trying to make the best out of this deal and.

[32:17] I think there’s some people saying and I really believe too they think it kill it number 1 construction hasn’t started.
Okay that’s the first thing they’ve done some utility work that’s about it number 2.

[32:32] You can keep the bonds and build an actual parking ramp there and use the money to build a parking ramp that actually has enough spaces to handle growth you know and at a reasonable price.

[32:47] What the problem they’re probably would be a penalty as someone said to me you know they’re probably a penalty to kill this till like Lamont or so.
Or to the bond or whatever but is it better to just.
Bite the bullet now and pay that penalty and get this to go away because this will always be tied to Legacy and this Fiasco and if you just cut the cord right now.
You’re done,
any key in Impala you can’t blame Paul for this either because he had nothing to do with it he can definitely just come out and say this is our best option to kill this,
we have to pay a penalty it’s going to be a million dollars I’m sorry.
AutoZone on South Main in Seoul.
You just you just you just say it that way otherwise work we’re going to be tied to this now for a hundred years.

[33:51] Most people won’t in the $0.20 bill this day in 20 years most people don’t pay attention,
so people that listen to this podcast will Siri saying if you build it they will forget yeah they will.
That thing had quite the story behind it before it got built you know and then after,
5000 people that move your next year will be like at school building.
There any weather is leasing out.
Which one they’re both options we have the one by five guys and they’re both on the table,
I got yelled at for walking through an Argus Leader Park on my wife works for the Argus Leader and I dropped off in her vehicle and I close the door and,
I think it was the Publishers assistant or something as I was walking out be rated me about holidays for employee parking only and I was like.

[34:56] My wife works there so stop go to hell.
So sew in
the spiritual things are not what I want.
I have heard that there certain people knock City councilors but there are City councilors but I’ve heard that there are certain people in the administration.
That have been trying to find an angle to kill us,
is an escape hatch you know I think.
I respect the dating are the people Tracy turn back my Q3 catch him knew that their time was going to come to an end to end a few short months after they pass.

[35:57] And I’m sure they made that thing watertight options that I said you could throw out there.
Police would not cost us anything cuz we have City attorney staff that could do this and they’re sitting there all day anyway they can they can do this stuff.
My first option was to be send a letter to the construction company that basically says we are.
We’re thinking about litigation don’t even have to say they’re going to do it then said we’re thinking about it you want to go ahead and start construction you can but we highly recommend that she don’t,
Ibanez we may not pay you the contractor tractor that actually building that doesn’t cost anything the second thing you could do,
is you could send a letter that basically says we are considering litigation.

[36:49] And we are awaiting the results of the doj investigation etc etc etc and then we’ll make a decision.
After that or whether we want to move forward or not in other words we’re considering litigation so.

[37:06] We always suggest you don’t start construction the number to would highly suggest it because we might not pay you so.

[37:16] I think the city has options that don’t cost us anything you can just drag this out,
as long as the Department of Justice is going to drag the investigation out the city can do the same thing just keep sending letters I just keep send a letter every 3 months,
we’re still considers cost,
taking things slow under huther eventually.

[37:48] And I eventually lamontez probably trial would just back out I think on their own.

[38:02] Maybe I can construction safety workplace safety in South Dakota Zone 47 right now we can get it,
we can get more people to try really hard but anyway I did there is options there
I think that’s where I look at it is that.
There is things they can do to delay and take stall yeah.
7 years is good at installing.
And you just stall stall the crap out of in Journeys going to go we got other project I don’t have time to sit and fight though,
CPA how many years just playing games,
it’s very yeah. But not every Federal in but I mean what more damn it would have nothing more damning comes out then you stopped for no reason oh well.
Why do you say I’m not at my worst that’s the worst case scenario.

[39:24] They back out and don’t build a hotel we have this $20 in the bank,
we build an actual parking ramp for a good you know $20,000 stall not 40 40,000 stall,
and we get the actual parking needs downtown that we need and we leave some space next to it so if somebody wants to build a hotel next to it they certainly can’t it’s just not going to be,
this one will where are you you should go to.

[39:50] How to import executive session that that tomorrow that they’re going to talk about this and I’m pretty sure it’s what it’s about.

[40:03] That’s.

[40:05] I don’t know I don’t know what’s going to happen we do know that they have Defenders we know that concert nightshirts defended it we know that Christine is defending it and this whole thing about.
So bad too but I can tell you two things that I heard from both separate things I’ve heard from Christine quite a while ago,
that Paul sink was Shintoism and that he was tied in with Norman he was tied in with the Equity Building and and he was tied in with whole grain.
This is stuff that’s never been on paper it’s just stuff you here up second hand for people and she told me this nightshirt told me that Norm was mentoring.
You know.
That tells me mentoring means a lot of things that means investing in his construction company they were using him for all of their projects.

[40:59] We know that was kind of like why would Aaron yeah but what was it known or documented between sink and Canfield.
So which Day in Ireland right ownership in a relationship.
But until they filed bankruptcy none of this was no everything else that’s going to come out I’ve heard from people.

[41:32] The doj is so deep into this right now that there’s there’s something going on.
That’s very serious and just like I said when we started talking about this.

[41:46] Every time something comes up about this we’re going to be tight to this fucking thing and it’s pole cut the cord now get it over with.
Certainly treskilling patzcuaro,
turning out to be true Pat star his whole issue,
wasn’t through the developers where it was he didn’t think it was we’re getting in the parking space project but he should probably cling on to the anti acid decide for.
Doesn’t hold water,
so that’s not that was never going to be the argument that killed project it was this is who the developers are that was the thing that causes public outrage not the fact that it was $40,000 a parking space.
But it wasn’t raining cuz I called all the counselors to see I asked him.
Did you know your project guarantors three of your floor project guarantors were on resolved construction and.
The answer is unequivocally no from Greg.
Night Sir stalia Pat star but I had to phrase the question different ways to Christine and Marshall.
Cuz I would say wait I don’t I guess I don’t quite understand what you’re asking it was a little bit weird so finally I had to just say well it sounds like you didn’t know is that correct.

[43:16] Patterson yeah I didn’t know I like I’mma put you in the category it made it easier to ride the nut graph but.
No response from a couple of them the same way it was with with the three I truly believe that it’s such a shit deal.

[43:37] The best course of action for Paul.
Would be to cut the cord now and if anybody jumped his case about a bod fucking defend him top to bottom.
And cuz he’s been doing there’s been quite a few things that he’s done that I’m like go for it you know this is good stuff and I defend from top to bottom.

[43:57] Only has to say is before my time and it’s a bad deal and I’m cutting the cord that guy’s not here anymore I’m running I’m the new sheriff.
If you don’t have to be a dick about it but he can just say I’m the new sheriff and we’re done I wonder if.
If there was there’s nothing stopping.

[44:20] Them will they pull the Hulk run off after they already approved the deal so they could pull,
so pause making it sound like now that they’re not a part of it see that’s the question everyone I know it’s not true,
they’re certainly part of it Jeff Lamont is running Village River Group LLC he’s the managing actor in the,
Comfort Suites hotel the fact of the matter is those three who also own home construction our project your interest meaning there personally risking their own money,
you wouldn’t do that unless you had some reward coming right so like to say they’re not involved his practice just told him oh shit because.
Their names are on the deal and they wouldn’t be on the deal if they didn’t stand to gain the issue for everybody in this week.
City the people Ginsberg and says we don’t want to do business with people who may have blood on their hands.

[45:17] They’re they’re being investigated they’ve been fined for reckless practices and make crack,
that was where the outrage came from a man died due to the store and then you turn around and die,
about taking care of specs to sue town,
from your base it was a call.
Calling contractors in been saying go ahead and do the work and the fact of the matter is who stands to benefit from this and the issue that’s racist alien,
yeah some of it in her Camp had was we don’t want people making money off of the city project 2,
are not reputable or have a bad track record it’s kind of like when they talk talk about alcohol license,
sure that’s a super lien on a movie theater but it’s like a suitable they don’t seem like suitable people but actually yeah that’s fine,
squishy that was Pearl movie theater and proaxil and don’t let him drive all the way there you have to allow Boos at movie theaters and extra yes
we are here they look so stupid about that but just like I said.

[46:44] The stock gun range in the Stockbridge Michigan hell yeah baby.

[46:56] Get out.
This guy doesn’t even did you go to the guy owns West bottles even live in Sioux Falls and I’m sure he’s never made a campaign donation,
but he said him and his wife just on the movie theater they live in Madison South Dakota I think they live in Madison is where they live they want to see it up there too,
I don’t know I don’t know and it’s like they were two player that’s why I didn’t get it approved he had a safety plan the cops approved it
why is it a sin to safety plan was fine I think they probably would have approved it if I didn’t write a story that they were pursuing this,
permit 2 or 3 weeks before they got from the council and then a couple of nomad members got,
protested the only thing that I would have.

[47:54] What I said the pad is I would have just said no alcohol while your throat.
So what’s the point having one beer but that’s kind of what they consider in cages without booze when it hurts,
they’re only allowed to have one beer while my beer down the throwing axe.
I thought he said that you only drink one in your house while they’re throwing he said yeah but everybody’s,
maybe I’m wrong but there’s this.
Rooms that have cages in them and that’s where you go in the cage to throw but everybody’s in this room for an hour you’re throwing for an hour it doesn’t mean you’re in your cage for all so.
But the gun range thing I have to go to the Dell Rapids sporting club there’s usually.
Empty beer cans filling every garbage there so I don’t think anybody.
Well I’m still waiting for some chick with flip-flops on to drop an accident but rapper.

[49:03] Looks like Teresa said to me I was Tresor pack at member one of them said I just hope they got to go to church policy,
well I mean yeah sure the Astros are going to be like sore called relay,
responsible they would only be serving Labatt Blue or Molson inside maybe you’re right it would regulate itself,
I’m sorry I I was listening to radio show us some like sci-fi from 1960’s speculating about what,
beyond the year 2000 would be like and I was just like you know it’s listening that and it’s just like the pretty shoes at that time you know they figured it would be like you know what laser guns and which planet to colonize next and I’m like it’s 2018 and we’re just going to like.
So do we have to put our beer down to throw an axe inside ArcheAge where I can have a beard,
I have a bigger lady but I can’t have a little cheap red wine while watching,
some crappy movie my wife is drag me to at the cheap theater in Temecula,
gave us feel about how she works on the movie in Denver and was able to have a drink while she had watch the movie and it was the greatest experience ever.

[50:27] But I don’t think we should do that I know it was weird weird every city in United States has drinking theaters it’s been suspended in Europe for.

[50:42] He said what more do you want him to do,
I made the point to Teresa The Pavilion has drinking you can drink while watching a show that’s all ages,
the Orpheum Tri City Event Center yeah I know I just said you know those are all places,
that you can drink how many teenagers you think you’re drinking at concerts in general admission at the Event Center will try are they police in that,
but people don’t just drop their kids off at these places but I don’t imagine dragons show and that’s it felt more like,
I already front tickets,
with all the kids there and I like the glowy stuff and whatever and they were serving hard drinks I had like three too many you know what I was.
Trying to Shield my good show to Sioux Falls Demi Lovato.
Yeah what is it never heard of Demi Lovato story about survival.

[52:09] If you want me back okay so nobody know if if more people are going to the pop shows we won’t baby book is going to Country shows.
The show me anything else exciting you think going out on City Hall that that.
Well good he’s really talk in about how I’ve been trying to square stuff.

[52:34] Well thank you could give them some of that property or not give it to him sell it to him there still space thing about it is it’s not going anywhere it’s perpetual.
Saw it there.

[52:48] Tragedi Square LLC which is a legacy,
if you guys Surplus this and tell me build something there we’re going to lose access to our building is Perpetual it goes with,
landana what so if you believe,
my Cooper is there a long time I’ve got no reason to think he’s lying no matter what happens there whoever buys it,
yeah whoever ends up owning it has to maintain that so that’s kind of long and short of it,
and then when it comes to surplussing land there’s really only like one criteria the city has to consider.
The Surplus land and that is do we need this no answer according to my Cooper and the administration.
So the council’s decision is pretty well made for them yeah but the Legacy folks are trying to I don’t know confuse the council.
By saying we’re going to lose access to this it’s got its retail space it’s it’s it’s it’s downtown space competition that’s why.

[54:05] There I think they’re going to lose those views that the people who want to develop to Huey building.
Have said they think it’s because like I said he’s afraid that these nice patios they built on the back of that building.
Yeah they’ll build something there above that 12 from work and when you look out these patios you’re not going to see up the river quite like you do now,
they say that’s the issue Legacy won’t go on record and say they’re making a stink over views they’re saying it’s cuz,
what about garbage trucks what you need to go to the garbage truck in there we need to have we might get some more special,
they said they could have had a restaurant on the first floor at some point in the only a single replicated reloading base,
there’s a loading Bay back there and they need to have access for a truck to back up.
That I’ve been better this year but it’s a every single restaurant that’s downtown doesn’t use a loading dock because companies like Cisco and us food delivery companies,
do it is dollies indent ribbon areas like that they don’t do daily deliveries that’s so that’s the only people that argument disingenuous another argument that they say has been made to that is.

[55:27] FBI garbage trucks garbage truck access but only.

[55:33] Garbage trucks don’t use regular garbage trucks downtown they think only one company serves downtown and they have a special technology that used to get into tight areas so.
I have yet to determine of that and I think that they.

[55:55] Address for all the more desirable mean that you would be able to been there long time.

[56:00] People may not be so quick to come it was like okay well this feels a little bit yeah probably raise the rent.
Yeah it’s just it and now I don’t know any any other any other controversies I even you know hopefully.
Well TJ cuss anybody out in Facebook lately,
now it’s Patrick Anderson but they are okay and Panda we call it panda,
search for nickname. Patrick Anderson he took some some data from the store and was like.
Shining a light on the fact that the city isn’t it hearing to the standards or whatever and TJ Nelson took issue with some of his tweets so they went back and forth and it’s something like.
I always have you talked to government fishing but don’t you tell me how to do my job or something like that it got kind of fiery and I was in a meeting when this was going on and I came back.
And I looked and I saw the tweets I texted TJ and I said I see you met my friend Patrick and I think it’s all water.

[57:26] But I was thinking what kind is it,
waste water under the bridge cuz he missed a golden opportunity to make the joke shity water,
get out of the car on the bike trail,
get out of there they’re up to their chins and I go get out of there probably and they’re like they were like they were trying to get super powers,
is when is the swim in the river as kid at my dad’s hair is a Trestle Bridge that’s probably 50 60 feet above the water and we would jump off there in the
and I always joke that you probably come out of water was like a third arm and some point now that you’re probably end up with some bacteria that eats your brain looks like one of the nose,
Never End by a bullet hole.
So apparently somebody had jumped too far to the right or the left in like scrape themselves in the way down so then.
A market with us still there.

[58:39] This was Patrick Wiley’s brother’s idea cuz he books music at Club David so starting we’re going to try it for the month of August the owner of Club David said I’ll let you guys do August we’ll see how it goes.
We’re going to do live commentary to the city council meeting so if you come over to Cub David on the stable start August 7th,
who should I call MST 3 K so it’s going to be Patrick.

[59:10] Can me and we’re going to do live commentary yeah I know,
so we’re going to have Bingo cards and then and then we’re going to have a big sky is pretty big screen so you’re going to do this is from dating.
I haven’t been there for a while I go to bed I go to the information I was unloved it cuz I can chew their ass right there that’s great,
and then you can go up right after the presentation and go this is suited definition.
Even me who was criticized what are used to be this is like a freaking circus Heather pastor and James Reid.
You don’t Ciara said it Bass.

[1:00:10] The county is where you go to get your you don’t know where you get Human Service Human Services.

[1:00:21] Well that kind of Katherine crippled says they should do something for them.
Can you put up tents in my yard and it’s like I can’t do that really
yeah yeah yeah,
call my dad had a solution to dissolve homelessness,
go home but here’s what years Michael magic lease all he has home,
have a right to come to public input and and and you know just because you’re homeless ruler and I agree I don’t have a problem with that anybody has a right to come up there.

[1:01:17] My thing is is if you’re going to come to public input to a government meeting that’s being filmed.

[1:01:25] To ask for assistance of whatever don’t put your $600 cell phone up on the podium,
that’s the part that cracks me up I want to know walk up there the whip down there freaking Anarchy there freaking $100 Otter case and they’re $700 phone on the podium I need help,
you need not to have a $700 phone that would be your first Obama phone.
Stop video. First my first suggestion if you’re going to come in a spray.
So yeah well who are the other highlights from Pelican Patel you like Stephen Seattle sit there and kind of thing.
The best part I’m just going to say this and if we have to cut this out that’s fine if I get too carried away Robert.

[1:02:18] I always say I was saying to Pat and Bruce always go I always like it when Stevens up there you know he gives the same speech every week,
and I said I was like what he says they said I was delusional and I’m like you are Desloge at all listen to that,
and it was Pelican but sometimes he’ll drop like music lyrics.
I know some people who know he’s not he’s not a dummy he’s he’s kind of high so high functioning he’s very high functioning but I mean when he sitting there telling them that their murdering him and it’s like.
It’s like do you realize that after you’re dead there’s really not much to do about this team.

[1:03:13] Could you say that where is the crap out of me tell people that all the time laugh about,
Kate Marshall a little worried about the potty words did you know you can bring a loaded gun,
concealed loaded weapon into any public building in in Sioux Falls and there’s that accept the courthouse and there’s not a fucking thing they can do about it
and it’s razor hands and like say who’s worried about that I am your where to buy it,
from calradia,
yeah they losing your job who had the guy he tried to take the signs down remember that.
What’s up Keith it was pissed he had to take the signs down he has to sign the other sign and the Carnegie and there was a sign at City Hall that said no guns,
allowed me to take down cuz state law says nope you can bring concealed weapon into which can to the courthouse see that is he doesn’t make any sense to me it’s like if you can’t bring it into the court house why should be able to bring it into you can’t shoot Billy bring it in the car gears work on here,
what does State House on Lee Road and actually pulled the fire alarm.

[1:04:28] He was trying to get it all that’s right they’re trying to pass that would allow guns in Chambers up in Pier.
And it died but I’m off for debate people to hit the alarm,
button looks like the panic button to prove like the response time because they were sort of like,
kind of check out the kind of knew that I was coming so they didn’t like rush rush in there which.
They should have just rushed in there it really inconvenience everybody got to tell everybody get down for the capitol on lockdown,
what’s happening right now you’re fine I’m all for it because,
maybe they’ll just eliminate themselves one of these days you know what I mean like you know,
the South Dakota State Legislature now is half because they decided to have a gunfight,
get out everybody’s carrying.

[1:05:36] I guess I got to go to the store with you with all ICP where they got right I could tell her shut off time I was a little.
Private so I was standing in line sweep speaking of that I was standing in line at sunshine one day and this girl girl in front of me in her 20s.
And you don’t shoot a gun on a holster it wasn’t concealed it was on her waist it was a pink it was a pink 9 millimeter in will white holster and the first thing I thought was like I don’t think.
Boom and the cheese in front of me and I’m just looking over and I’m kind of Chuck.
And like you’re so cool and you know and then I get and she still grabbing her stuff as I’m checking through and the cashier says to me.
So sweet how you doing today I said I feel really safe right now just super safe and I just looked over at this girl and she’s.

[1:06:36] She thought I was complicated.
The pink 9 millimeter girls on that you got a hard end,
month of August watch Jonathan Alice’s Twitter handle and Patrick Anderson’s cuz they’re going to be filling in for me,
my little boy I leave on the 8th and I don’t return until the,
yeah I heard you’re going to be gone for a while so that’s at Argos jealous is that it I think so,
at P Anderson the Anderson.
Sorry for your vacation.

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