South DaCola Podcast Ep 019 DTSF President Joe Batcheller

South DaCola Podcast Ep 019 DTSF President Joe Batcheller

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

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DTSF President Joe Batcheller


Riverfest August 18th.


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[0:27] Welcome to Tuscola podcast number 19,
so what is that and what stays guess what i’ve wanted on for a while but is the rent like a good time and there is no what she can and,
oh all kinds of corn go bachelor president of downtown sioux falls.
Co i don’t know they call president president now have a whatever i press it because yeah okay and then of course go seasoning will not speak and robert hulu.

[1:02] Haven’t been there for a while I work kind of the the bad kids of the pot of the podcast Community was suing Firefox.
Like take one week off and then we go out sick of the week that was nice things that three ways these guys going for the summer hooked yeah yeah and you know.
Or kind of lazy so most times for pretty dedicated for a week and a half.
Riding on a bike trails in the morning.
I don’t remember about we did that one for about 2 weeks 2 weeks and 1 day it rained and the next day was like how the mosquitoes are going to be out,
Saturday we’re like we doing this anymore like now,
SoJO before we go into the big announcement today.

[1:57] You’ve been with downtown Sioux Falls now for what 2 years now it’s been 3 years I had my 3-year anniversary last week and you were from.

[2:11] And your wife and you moved and you are a city planner and,
most recently in Vail Colorado so that was great experience like most people are familiar with fail there’s a lot of money there it’s a resort community that kind of Pride themselves on being,
the premier Resort community of North America and.
Those are some amazing development in in vail lot of sweet pickle condo tells,
mixed-use developments in so that gave me some really good perspective coming here to Sioux Falls and,
some stuff that’s on a very similar scale with Sioux Falls actually geared towards a different audience but still you know we’re still talking about the same kind of type of developments,
you roll that you roll then on this job after you know the last mir save downtown.
Yeah no common sense line when only you can be in.

[3:17] You can kind of fortunate that over the past three years downtown is really taking off I mean even more.
I mean lots of developments right building a hotel,
you know if they’re finishing their finally finishing Phillips to the falls or whatever you want to call that 11 shells going in which is super exciting and just I mean
so what can you get that i mean i that’s awesome yeah sue steel just announced that they’re gonna have their own private little thing going on there and of course the downtown thing but,
what what have you seen over the past three years that you go.

[3:52] You don’t besides all those great things where you see why downtown is become so popular.

[4:01] A screw down on First Fridays.
But now it’s like you can’t even walk on the sidewalk and so proud of 3000 people.
So yeah why is downtown so popular now I think it’s kind of this it’s it it’s been this slow build towards it that’s been happening.

[4:23] Yeah well before i she’s on yeah i mean the unit it really sorrow whatever solitaire on doors and yeah absolutely no is frozen or byzantine is downtown pretty much yeah and and it,
those are kind of the Mainstays from you’ve got a few that a few others sticks and steals been around for a long time as well little bit more,
recent and zambras but I look at the development of downtown.
And it started with division for Phillips to the falls,
that led to doing something about the loop,
and then investing in arts and culture and laying the the seeds for that has really been transformative for downtown,
it’s in culture we’ve got the washing that billion that i think it was in i wanna see leak ninety eight that that open up,
it’s been open 18 years I think.

[5:32] So that was that was.
It was hard for people to at first to see the value in the Washington Pavilion and I think it’s,
be hard to say that has a man of value and for the community that as usual constitution brought his eyes and the people in brought more restaurants in town and the reason i say that is because.

[5:57] In the pavilion opened they reside there was basically there’s more than three restaurants that there was basically three restaurants you would go be back before you go to shell and that was that was nervous christine as in touch are,
now opened in 1990 and was the only restaurant that was open after the shows were done so.
Tina’s in Minerva’s recalled at 9 and huge crowd,
four shows you have monster crab because people would try to get in my nerves i make reservations can get and we were we always joked sure was overflow.
So when people could get minarets thirteen as a come down our place so we would only three restaurants and i think the pavilion really.

[6:46] And alot of new restaurants out yeah it’s absolutely in the but there’s been so many things that have me down town successful what you said.
It’s a combination of a sculpture walk is another one I would put out there and then sculpture walk has done wonders for transforming the vibrancy is street life.
As simple as a sculpture bringing complete strangers together talking to one another like they’ve known each other forever about this piece of art and just being a creates this kind of delightful experience and culture
yeah just creates a something to discover for folks so,
yeah yeah absolutely there’s a guy that came in from I think it’s from Austria and he was going down to Vermillion to the National Music Museum and he commented on sculpture walk and like a,
take me to come back every year for this now so you know investing in arts and culture has been huge for downtown but.

[7:49] The thing that is happening is is its national trend.
And you see a lot of baby boomers have become empty nesters,
on a motor yard any more than one house sort of this infusion of vibrancy in their life and so they’re looking for an urban experience.
And then millennials on the kind of the other end of the demographic spectrum are.

[8:18] It for various reasons they they they don’t necessarily have as much opportunity as their parents did they can’t afford to have another if they’re married they can’t afford to have two cars all the time so they want to live,
where me they can get by with one car they do they’re more interested in experiences than buying products and so downtown ss are well suited for millennials and so that does that’s the national trend that’s happening there’s this interest,
in urbanization once again are cores hollowed out,
in really starting in the 50s and that trend,
first i just within the last decade and that’s all you see in happen in downtown sioux falls so.
You know I’m I I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do but I’ve been very fortunate and I attribute a lot of downtown success to these trends that have been going on and so,
you know.
Job i’m just trying to make sure that we celebrated as much as we can and try to turn step of the way success and foster the long hours three there still is tho,
and I just thought about this there’s still a lot of misinformation for instance.

[9:40] There’s a lot of people complain that hot harley nights wasn’t we downtown to share explained alot of people that after i told them you know they can have it downtown cuz the love it,
is all torn up and there’s no place to have it yeah and in their life also send you back down in i go yeah they’re gonna move back downtown again.
So that’s the missing information new have no home.
Primary talk about the violent crime rates downtown now the one thing that i won’t disagree with her is and.

[10:14] There is a circle around downtown you have to admit there is a circle around downtown that is not as safe as.
But the way she didn’t make she didn’t clarify yourself on that when she says I’m not defending her and that was not very appropriate.
It’s very horrible things well,
Amazon that I will just say that another other parts of the core of Sioux Falls they get attributed to being downtown and yeah downtown is a lot safer than yeah,
downtown is downtown is a lot safer than,
lose other neighborhoods and that’s kind of a function of the critical mass that we have downtown so many people downtown and you have so many more eyes on the street.
And you know that i think that that is that’s a large part of it a you talk to people if they feel safe downtown absolutely that you,
the crimes that happened downtown ten to be around drunk and disorderly conduct and to be there benson trespassing instances in and shop with,
and so by and large it’s it’s not violent crime it’s it’s the this is like these are Petty crimes,
when there is a violent crime that happens.

[11:35] Is it a lot of times is outside of downtown there was here’s the example what’s what frustrates me there was a person who was stabbed in an alley supposedly.
And you know reported widely on media outlets and turns out that this was a person who,
had some mental health issues and stab,
herself and we out yeah and we never heard anything else about it it was put out there in the media and then there was no sort of nothing says side about two and a half years ago.
Technically there was a stabbing technically there was,
tell me the weather in what you don’t like it’s for you say that cuz it kinda goes back to the pump for.

[12:36] Um because there was a stabbing but the stabbing occurred in the parking lot of the blackberry,
yeah but everyone said well it would happen at the pump room and it’s like it didn’t happen near the pump right,
and understanding occurred in the parking lot industry you now here’s the thing about violent crime to you that that also is kinda frustrating is that.
A lot of times it happens between people who know each other of the other and people like to attribute that to you know these Urban places downtown sand you know go downtown you’re going to get mugged and stabbed in,
it’s not the case may take your thyroid of a stranger assaulting you,
it’s more likely going to be someone that you know and someone probably it’s going to happen in your neighborhood or you know within 2 miles your house that’s typically how violent crimes were,
so I know some women I know this all me but it’s not nice but I don’t know I wasn’t doing something wrong,
you do you do when my wife and I first moved back to the Sioux Falls Area from Brookings.

[13:53] We went downtown for a couple years,
27 blocks away.
The halloween parade you know i jumps like physically jobs is vizio general frighten comming walking home late at night from downtown.
It is Scott and I got out at the Halloween parade we enjoyed some beverages had a nightcap at the Top Hat when our separate ways,
war podcasts all lead and they’re talking about robert and all the,
a stuff doll that we collide as they’re talking about how old moving sound.
Or swirl jumped under some leaves and i freaked out,
hurry slightly less drunk walk yourself out while we were does not have the francisco behind the hit a big uses liz are a rebate but that’s a,
U-Save and it’s walkable even.

[15:13] They used to have I would I live in the ronning apartments there and I go to the pump room and I’d walk their platform and I will walk back to my partner.
And I always walk to fade away and they have a powwow going on man I mean like a pow wow going on in faywood,
and where in there just what the lines of picnic tables and eight cases of beer sitting out and they just be pounding beers and four morning.
Just having having a good old time yeah it was pretty it was an unsafe,
but it wasn’t a crowd that you probably want to hang out with people that have kind of,
no over space and you know you can be a was in a locker there so that was that was always interesting.
I am i really like feel say with park and never go on there is a kid but,
there’s a lot of places where you could hide in there it was there was not good visibility.
That you can see through there at all at all you could cuz you could walk into feywood Park.

[16:30] And beer nearby trees.
Turn the gas vacation planned so they e pa dr grant from the epa and they basically.
You remember when you were living here they had to go around.
And they dug.

[17:07] Hole in the ground to pull up all this gas for caitian and well and then they rebuild the park and there was a big debate about,
yes they’re gonna put dvd back and it’s like why should put it back yet raised david was hiding the four xl he at this yeah you could barely see him,
yeah straight and trees are so high that he always uses had usually new york ny rangers i am
my seventies and eighties and it’s there’s always a tree bring back was to divide up to use or the other way a branch in fresno insert austin powers cakes and have some of the,
and in the other thing is that the big mystery I don’t know if you ever heard me talk about this job but is it was really.
Pissed off because he had to buy the base for this or something like that.

[18:06] This is 1970 its a $200,000 sculpture 1970 so it’s worth now and so he’s like.
I’m not going to put this on a concrete block and I’m up with this hot Italian marble.

[18:27] And to this day people of asked like when you took David down where did that bass go.
Nobody knows yeah i wonder if it’s was your name in some way locked some water.

[18:43] It is a blue fish you feeling somebody has not a on a walk that’s fine i’d never say never remember then the just bm over the
at the black tell me marble head gold leaves you later yeah so i’m fixing wonderful ever come across the glass hinson about what we’re
that means there will come a scratch that was it never there be controversy oh yeah i’m in a lot,
in a park slightly in awe of course and only down there and send this man is a good at
what is better honestly he’s been outside since nineteen seventy i think he’s online yeah only and a lot in these arrested but it’s gonna be okay but the park with been done for like
yeah you jersey shore three okay i read is like come on i was at your being on the re and really have to watch that was returned to find the,
Yeah so the big announcement today yeah big news.

[19:52] You’re gonna be breaking this to make them now or anything about top.
David and Erica are going to put a dome over all of downtown breaking news or shorts all year long.

[20:08] No it’s not a no so i’m thinking county.
When this whole thing came about where we were going to get the land I had met with David and I’ve known David and Erica billion for a long time.

[20:26] I’ve known Erica since I moved here I met her through work and some other stuff.
Good evening in your car right after this whole ordeal happened with camera man bruce bruce and small mass the railroads.
The miracle we’re trying to figure out exactly what what.
Space was gonna be and they said to me at that time cuz probably near two years ago that they were very interested and they were going to summit and are p.

[21:03] For this so it’s no surprise that they they were awarded,
and intercourse.
The one r p for the delay and four acres it’s ten acres total they got four acres next to the the rear of building this thing the space to the.
And they’re going to build one building that will be done by 2020 and I’ll be a six-story building residential.
And then they’re going to build another building that has to be done by 30 or something.

[21:41] And my question to you is on this very exciting,
leaves the pictures of whole mobile go to your heart disease in falls business services as a video on why i go there to see the pictures of your and.

[22:01] Should i have in this whole matter no live discuss that’s is.
Build residential there you’re going to have to create a quiet Zone with train because the trains are still running.
Movie star so.
Is there going to be is there going to be a plan do you think they mean just your opinion that they going to do gated they’re going to gate those on 8th and 6th Street.
You know instead of doing you know the whistle.
So Bismarck North Dakota recently was got there quiet zones.

[22:43] Things that they got all either all the funding in place or they’ve they’ve been.
It’s been created so I think it’s got to be done I think it’s it’s livability to livability issue for downtown,
I think they are downtown residential numbers are,
are going to be hamstrung if we don’t do anything about that.
One day i size i heard two different stories out there with.
What the rules and regulations are with quiet zones that you have to do.
The city year that you can do part of the city and and from what i understand you can do part of the city you don’t have to all the city but for the most part will be pretty well,
set up to do downtown I don’t think we’ll have any even if we had to do the whole city I don’t think there’s too many other areas where you have to do it,
yeah exactly or the free huge for three.
So yeah so why can’t we put a little bit of that money towards downtown I mean it. That’s a project that’s.
Yeah yeah I know that you’ve had some opinions about the deal with the railyard but you know what Bismarck did that I think is interesting and this is going to get into you.

[24:07] An area of controversy for you Scott but it’s in in its Woodward Fargo did is.

[24:17] Is tax increment financing to pay for their quite sms and basically what they have is they have a written were getting a little nerdy here now but,
that the people use these tips to pay for a new id district they don’t do a parcel beast approach with tax increment financing they have.
I live downtown bismarck is it if district and they the it sunsets in about five years,
but they identify with the public benefit is going to be and then there’s a portion of the tax increment financing that goes towards that public benefit,
in here in Sioux Falls,
don’t get me started yeah well that’s kind of one of the things that about kisses there there’s one study about Tiff’s and it’s that has been cited more than any other study and they look at the tips,
in Chicago and I mean we all hear you know the woods what they say about Chicago politics and,
thing is with test each community is different you if you sunny tips in rapid city you’d probably come up with different findings and what you’d come up with for so as to the area yeah i’d like the idea that is district,
so you’re not you’re not picking a favor.

[25:46] You decide to develop in this area can i get not because you are but that’s the district right,
public benefit should be I think any quiet zones should be one of one of those things I look at what we have to work with downtown with some of the streetscape.
And the elements the street lates the garbage cans street trees and.

[26:13] You know there are there there’s some maintenance that needs to.
And we don’t have a reliable source of funding in place for that maintenance,
and I’ll tax increment Finance Tax increment financing possibly could,
go towards something like that that’s what Bozeman Montana has done they take a similar approach to Bismarck or it’s district-wide they put in all new street lights that are dark sky compliant their energy efficient LED,
great benches and streetscape amenities and they’ve got a beautiful Charming Main Street,
and that’s how they finance that’s where the thing is I don’t I guess you know you have to decide what you want the purpose of of the tip to be but.
Anyway we’re getting a little bit off-topic I think to your original point though yeah they’re definitely needs to be quiet Zone,
yes i live by the railroad tracks in my wallet is yeah you know and it and it’s just like this does bolton noxious just recently time is yes sir you,
counselor nightshirt about the festival thing downtown.

[27:20] And I basically sat you know there has to be some there has to be a study done in there needs to be you know something done different.
And because you can’t treat downtown like you can park it’s just you just can’t because it’s like a.

[27:40] Thank you and so you know what he says well what kind of dropped it for now.

[27:49] So I don’t know if you’ve heard anything on Courage. I encouraged.
Nick Wyoming to do his own study and there was a guy from the white wall.
Hopefully I’m not going to get myself in trouble here but there’s a sound engineer from the white wall sessions kind of said that he could do one.

[28:12] I don’t know if he if he you know he could do one form that would.

[28:20] Basically go around downtown in measure the sounds for about a week to two weeks straight in certain areas and you for my uniform.
If you stand at.
12th and Phillips on a Monday between 1 and and 2 this is what the decibel.
There are some of those readings that the police have diamond and their.
Actually not that far off from what the limit is and let’s really see what these things are,
all the nasty when you can just order lobby and icons and now all the sudden it’s and the effort world you now and it’s like well.

[29:11] You know yeah the thing with icon that.
Duration is well either i don’t know if i should do that let here’s la say.
It has to do with those people have patios and I’m just going to flat out say that because I have somebody I know who has a condo in the building but there were there condos at.

[29:35] Is that West Windows to Windows they don’t have a patio and we were sitting up in his place.

[29:45] And I heard a very very very faint sign,
and I can figure it out it was either a fire truck or an ambulance and I looked out his window and I saw.
Police car going in front of house.

[30:01] So there’s a police car a block away with the school sirens on and all I heard was.

[30:08] Barely could even here so I know and I said them do you think that the sound issue is because they have those patio.
Any kind of.

[30:21] Why it’s one thing to is that before that before john’s two one was occupied by residents right,
i’ll be there to notice it before it to and so and then there is the lab and i’m sorry the he same well the way that their position in the stage.
Turn it still be it’s correct its north of the crowd there the traffic.
Just the problem the traffic is going to produce noise but those will too much food those will conclude by 11 a.m. usually,
gonna be like a bunch bluegrass guys sit in the grass and that’s not months can be you know there’s gonna be la mas o yeah.
In like you said downtown do we need some quiet sources of sure but there needs to be a balance to you can expect to move down to.

[31:24] And go on the sound is quiet is when i wouldn’t heel yeah shocker have or on charles lee you know c jazz lane.
Yeah yeah I mean you moved to downtown and you need to expect there’s going to be a little bit of source,
friction when you move downtown there’s different uses going on different all walks of life downtown.
And yeah so I just kind of goes with the territory,
happening downtown that.
You can’t talk about yet but it’s something on horizon over this next year maybe go on the twenty nineteen that you pretty excited about that’s been cut from around or is it just kinda everything that you know i probably know.
Well yeah there’s a there’s there’s a few things going on.

[32:19] I’ll just say you know with Sue Steele I think that that is something that is really exciting because,
rocking you know a doll little but the same area as the really are redevelopment that this is all contiguous,
and it’s more compact it’s less kind of spread out then then the BNSF rail yard,
so there is going to be some opportunity there gonna be some opportunities that.
Present themself with having contiguous space like that I don’t know really how much it makes sense.
Do a baseball stadium or Convention Center I mean I’m thinking of it through the rise dance pointed you that you know they’re going to hold on to that land they’re not selling it to the city so they need to do something.
Do it yourself no that’s yeah that’s their plan so involved with and.
If you have the money to do it do it privately because you believe what you want.
You know you start your public partnership makes sense sometimes yeah sometimes.

[33:39] But sometimes it’s like there’s going to be more creativity if you just let it private.

[33:45] Owner do what what they need to within within the rights of the Zone yeah yeah I think the,
I have tons of ideas for the space but you don’t know what to wear,
sad some different ideas will take it to there’s some great potential there I look at that receiving Warehouse with the giant windows that are south-facing,
yeah you could open up all the doors and stuff in the summertime,
and have open market in there and in the winter time you can close it all up and still use it yeah I mean I guess if if I were.
You know I had a magic wand that’s what I would do I would I would do some kind of public market with a food Hall there you know there’s some really some great examples across the country,
so what you thinking yeah kind of small Booth restaurants.

[34:54] It’s it’s it’s really a small business kind of on feb all type of incubators and in a lot of ways you look at my place market in seattle and it’s the same kinda thing chelsea market in,
new york city is there any there’s examples from coast to coast with these test things and it’s it’s,
how will a lot of businesses get started it is fantastic to make you said he better,
it’s it’s cool because it’s almost kind of like the Jones building you know it’s just tiny little walk up restaurants and literally run by two people,
p*** Papa didn’t run the cash register the cook,
but more of you know eclectic yeah more eclectic and then you can have a little shops in there too.
Yeah that’s kind of what I Envision for that and then I also thought that.
They have to keep a park on the make a really cool park down there.
The kind of the north side her side opportunity and trail leads back up.

[36:03] Yeah yeah I think it was great opportunity for the phase 3 of The River Greenway to really start at falls park and go all the way to Fay wake.
That’s a long stretch by it you know i can see why going along with either is this the first thing i really need is still.

[36:26] Window but the serious note there is a way and i’ve done the research on this because everyone said we can go on killing these.

[36:38] It’s ways of getting rid of them how ya nasty.
Um there’s all kinds of different you use loud noise using he you just irritate them for several weeks we should off loud noises and eventually their life.
When i think about explosion go in the area of those a neighbor move me guess just have a couple of australian shepherds roaring sound that is a good and serious i would have to see about this for a while,
it looks bad we will spend millions of dollars on the roof,
1112 million dollars already on the river Greenway.
It’s covered with Gucci yeah there’s some spots that are really bad and it’s literally all summer long it’s not the Beast don’t take a break and go,
today we’re not this week we’re not going to shit on the trail they don’t give af,
part of a part of the things which you know we don’t that’s necessary for philips server fastened over here instead of always parks right thing that they have to care,
put literally there are program there is things you can do to get rid of them and move on
one thing we could do is create some natural buffer strips of one year and we can let national grasses grow between the bike trail on the river and it creates a great filter to from river natural filter new tweets.

[38:05] You know in in ten years,
if we don’t have a swimmable Sioux River in 10 years shame on us I mean that is just a great,
natural amenity that we need to invest in and celebrate swimmable but I don’t know if you want to swim in well if you want to swim in it without puking afterwards,
we’re talking and we were just talking about the drive over here about how as i understand it the p where they.
State over discussing how to keep people out of the water and I suggest.
Last menstruation or sign up basically warned about the quality of yes in in the river.
And and the former mayor bucks with a bowl cut wouldn’t do it.
As I told you we were having.

[39:15] This is dangerous to your health to get into this water and now will be more the deter people then then.
You know I don’t know if too many 14 year old kids are going to care that much.

[39:32] Domitalia park or event that area that’s kind of what is not very deep there.
And I saw these kids down teenage kids down there last summer I was riding my bike by they were in the river.
Throwing frisbees and play in the water and ago what do you guys do we didn’t hear the killing was trunks.
And they’re like what we’re playing for when did you become a curmudgeon
maybe they were going to the bathroom.
Is that is on or get hot water on the jar is that is like the most polluted portable dvd player reads of and was like what but is highly that you cool i.
Nobody ever told you any of this and they all looking at me like.
Oh my God yeah yeah.

[40:37] They walked out and they was like looking at each other and I’m like,
disgusting YouTube video guys in the swimming Rivers.
Yeah dog usually have a pretty good digestive system where they can digest that.

[41:05] Yeah anyway but you’re right you’re right there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done on the cleanup side and it was one of the things that a lot of people talked about,
that’s all well and nice that were make and the banks look good but what about the damn river itself you know yeah and.
I i suggest a filter them there expense.
They can run about 50 million you can actually do really cheap ones though.
It’s a lot of maintenance with them but i mean it works and you know it is what time she can scratch your head and go.
Our priority sometimes because there certain things that we can do.
And you know we decide whether to spend money on this instead and we’re like.
Yeah I mean we know why it’s s***** because and fertilizer and pesticide.
It’s I can’t even imagine the suit that soup with that is yeah phosphates in poop.

[42:27] Yeah a little bit about my vision for downtown that that’s kind of one of the cornerstones right there I think that we absolutely needs to be a priority.
You know i’ve had looked in its a lot of other cities,
Denver has done a great job with South Platte there’s people swimming and playing in that they’ve got a park where you can wait out into the river there’s kayakers surfing in the river,
so that it be great to see that sort of activity that sort of interaction with our river downtown c falls.
You know when it’s a one to get back to the server the vision aspect of things you know with.

[43:10] In town i’d that there’s nothing in the works but i would love to see.
I look at like Bilbao Spain they’ve got it before 1998 I think it was.
Bilbao is a sleepy town in Northern Spain nobody ever went there.
And they built the Guggenheim Museum this beautiful piece of architecture,
that Frank gehry-designed houses some amazing works of art and their tours of numbers increase by two and a half thousand percent holy yeah.
Something like 14 million beautiful,
think you could go yeah what’s your height rabbits from the nineties that’s not loose yeah but,
no but I mean like if we can have a kind of a statement a building like that’s a statement architectural piece like that.

[44:20] Across the river doing that no I mean,
that the dark dreams this is going to be in a trash bag can see a lot of tour buses coming off the interstate to that.
On 4th of July.

[44:42] It yeah i brands of four dry and he was telling me october i think is one of the output yeah and he visited.
Where they’re putting it together and and was told me all about it.

[44:56] Oh that’s cool push you gotta let those,
I was riding my bike by their prey,
yeah that’s of right sixty micro piles heater that was done like to send before you put two on layaway yeah that’s it that’s it that’s landmark downtown in,
no but really c a house and it isn’t.
I don’t actually interesting some some kind of I think we need to shoot for the moon here and I think you know we’re really good at dreaming begging Sioux Falls and.
I mean why not go for a world-class Museum something on the scale of a Smithsonian I think that we can do that we have the capability we’ve got enough people in the community that would support that,
not just in terms of attending but in actually putting the dollars up to be able to do something like that.

[45:55] Natural history museum,
with all the kinds of dinosaurs and fossils that are around here and you can do it.
Yeah so call Sioux Falls were named after.

[46:22] So we have something like 14 million people that drive to South Dakota every year to go mostly after the Black Hills,
as for we see it eighty percent from what from what i’ve heard eighty percent of those people are either coming east from the east on i-ninety or from the south on i twenty nine and,
and I think we’re leaving a lot of untapped potential out there for if we’re not pulling them off the interstate we get,
about a million people each year going to Falls Park,
may be great to see that number doubled in the next 5 years.
A water park out by you know,
and the Danny are in that area or whatever but she can pull people often with kids.

[47:22] You’re in town for the water park big slides.
Have you heard about the water park outside of Berlin Germany in an old blimp Hangar massive it is the largest indoor structure in the world.

[47:48] By using your site is the world and then there’s two by six and i’m sick days that everyone has a hole in your ski resort yeah and,
have a water park in will while has had huge yeah it’s a mess now,
you could fit like sixteen football fields and there’s a false holdings and and planted palm trees and stuff like that so it is like basically with our actual weight beach but you look up and you just see fridge from,
the fact that you’re inside of a giant Zeppelin Hangar yeah I mean they do have a reason to like the kit cuz the kids are going to see a billboard,
you know Terry and they see that it’s better than better than stopping at the world’s biggest,
INRI I guess I look at the what we’ve the progress that we made it by investing in the arts and culture,
I would would be the way to go,
I say art museum I mean or whatever I mean the Natural History Museum you know yeah.

[49:04] Or we can just get the Pavilion to at least make the Museum free again,
let’s try that one on for size you know.

[49:23] Exhibits yeah around our necks pouring shit for people,
yeah exactly there’s a lot of cities lot of traveling exhibits let’s i forget the name of it is up in fargo that the,
in an exhibit from delta who leads all of his amazing glass you know the lies go they’ve got an art museum in there the humor the,
collection they brought in a private collection of all these beautiful to God paintings and and how cool would that be in downtown Sioux Falls to be able to go see something kind of like that.
I think there’s a yearning in Sioux Falls to.

[50:08] Become a little bit more sophisticated in our cultural offerings at the same time you know it it’s kind of it’s it’s kind of a little bit of.
We’re down Home Folks to though and mean like we we appreciate it,
I think it’s a balance I mean I think it’s a fine balance.
I have arts and culture but at same time it’s like let’s forget our roots you know that a lot of folks that in a race all to the first generation are mais ce how many people would through that uses yeah like.
Really interesting Modern Art.

[51:02] And if you really don’t want to answer don’t answer because you’re like you f*** your butt asked me this question what’s your favorite wrestler.

[51:09] Yeah it’s like it’s like Sophie’s Choice.
What restaurant do you go eat at more than any other one downtown cuz you’re always like I know what I’m going to get there and I’m always happy when I get it you know I was kind of sad.

[51:29] You know I will say that we do have a lot of really good restaurants um I’m pretty amazed with the progress to be made on that front.
Turn off I’m getting into trouble here or not but I go to MB haskett quite a bit.

[51:54] Yeah every couple years I have a new favorite spot in my new favorite spot.
I love the food yeah they do expanded their bangers and mash I like the best I’ve ever had free Bloody Mary on Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 2 if you want to.

[52:11] I mean my new favorite Parker’s is always been a favorite of mine and Bros for a while and so exchange so,
yeah yeah haskins is everything seems like something that once favorites on the restaurant so these i was but now i recruitment.
Town but the mackenzie river can was modern display lasted two and family friendly restaurant which is something that don’t really need souse so many more people.
Directions to Vons coming draw an eel the boy.

[52:57] From the south side are comfortable which is great we need that,
you know it’s it’s not like,
to avoid the twenty hey there you notice like it going at pizza burgers it’s gonna be great that is there gonna take care is,
yeah I mean it’s a it’s a nicer for a franchise it’s a it’s it’s better than a Chili’s or an Applebees I tell people that,
oh yeah
those are really hot,
it has the purple song says was coming to sioux falls are coming downtown.

[53:52] I had an hour of was the one thing you don’t you have to go do this because that’s what would it.
Go see the goose well you know I talked about what are pretty unique features are that you’re not going to find it any other downtown,
and for our meeting in afternoon.
The traveling on business loan in early.
What’s your name first thing I do is I recommend to try any of our restaurants we had a lot of great restaurants but then for your dessert you got to go.
You got to go to 180 Chris hammers places he’s got the best amazing amazing.

[54:45] I’ve been beliefs once a week I’ve been going there and get ice cream is so good I mean I mean.
You’ve ever had play.

[54:59] Gelato out of a tub and had homemade oh my God it’s the real deal he knows what he’s doing.
Yeah chocolade mousse.

[55:21] So you know go to one of our amazing restaurants go check out one of hanmer’s dessert places and you got a Hemi,
inevitably you’re going to experience sculpture walk along the way and if you have time afterwards you got to go check out Paul’s party doesn’t start cities namesake.
Pretty soon.
It’s like a museum in there a little bit yeah I love going in that back room yeah,
and there’s a bunch of Odd Fellows,
yeah yeah he’s been getting obsessed with the Odd Fellows.
In there yeah Anthony and then I have like a Sergeant Pepper’s.
Can a jacket like six words on my dad was like yeah yeah yeah cool yeah say it’s as easy ambrose is absolutely six ounces the the key the.
Opened the same year I moved to Sioux Falls and I used to live behind get 80 90 100 behind giggle.

[56:42] And I would walk down there at least once a week and have quiche,
that’s right have a quiche and a raspberry smoothie like once a week I try to do that.

[57:08] Yeah she like the ad about downtown well we.
Dtsf is we are the downtown leadership organization we really try to connect grow and celebrates downtown community in,
one of the ways in which we do that is with our events and we have had some amazing block parties already this summer.
We’ve got two more coming out for partnering up with the Levitt and,
out in the blind boys of alabama if you’ve never seen in which i’ve seen twice they’re,
yeah they’re actually blind.
Let’s see them they can’t see yeah yeah full of just for the record they have a full blues band that backs so it’s not gonna be like.

[58:12] Ask for my songs yeah it’s full and blues yeah.
Let’s see we have course Riverfest is our Marquee event that’s coming up on August 15th,
of the think that has the most unique of that to see the falls just a setting right there on the river amongst your lease maximo cold architectures of new architecture,
yeah we get we had about,
i think the figure was fun nineteen thousand people last year and that’s over the entire course of the event.
But that’s your thing good time having a baby first,
little baby ear plugs in her ears and bring it on down. I was at the fair at the fair.
Hawken popped a little bit and my wife get it
my wife made a page getting assaulted by the wrong kind of women you being picky now
my wife makes a face and I just said oh don’t mind her she’s upset the next year she’s going to be driving one of these things down here.

[59:38] Clear bra broke that’s what that that’s what happened.

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