South DaCola Podcast Ep 018 Jeff Barth Minnehaha County Commissioner

South DaCola Podcast Ep 018 Jeff Barth Minnehaha County Commissioner

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Produced by Robert Mehling

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Guest Jeff Barth Minnehaha County Commissioner


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Machine Transcript

[0:27] Damn i fell cold podcast number eighteen.
In our procedures guest i figured id wanna have a month for a long time.
But we had a lot of weird stuff going on with the city election well and a royal wedding yet right right when this happened county commissioner job are.
It’s an honor to be here and honestly you could have anything in the course cozies name when i speak,
i was not granted any kind of new titles or names of this row what i am very upset cocktails and robert miller great producer over here hey and.
Jeff of course this year and you’re what term.
Is there a visionary and by third term for thirty years and this is what twelve years county commission and how many people are running,
the you relax three right three of us are in general and all three of us are.
Going for reelection and there are three other candidates without the three candidates there are two democrats nikki greatly and john cunningham and there’s a third republican.
Five minutes i don’t remember his name that search oh and he’s just graduating this month hopefully from law school down at us she is twenty three.

[1:54] The real question so county commissioners are not termination.
So you’re going into your for fourth term if your real i did what i forgot there for that is is is is make you currently the longest.
No hell is seated worker currently elected to long is turned democrat the entire state i don’t think so but the house is gonna be as well she.
And the machine on the end but third democrats in other counties as well.
Name one time to pick it up i don’t have much time does the.
I’d like a girlfriend that’s in canada between her over the asking you do you know you know the county commissioner he commissions in another county.
Well i am the senior commissioner here in sioux falls and.
I’ve been the only democrat on the board for all these shaft she had before that we went four years with no democrats.
And before that again there is one mike o’connor and have to replace him and i replaced the gym sweet.

[3:15] Now you said there’s two other democrats running in the primary no there’s no primers and there is no salt needed to be there is six of us are in the general a while and visit you don’t light by district in the county that it is so nice to.
And we we have three one cycle go into the other cycles are five total commission is the question what if john get selecting you don’t know that bother you.
I know you know john john we should get on the show.
Rate my it with an to worry about it you know you play the game and do you have to be ready to lose and.
Certainly i hope the citizens make the right decision both for me and for them even if it’s right for me to be done and ready to be yes.
Um just quickly you know obviously there’s some big things going on the county we have were building a new jail.
The from recently the share of my left ear house down there that’s no that’s not a joke that might have to happen so does that is very sad al big things going on and counting.
Well i am working and in this trash the tree are suspicions rehab and we’re going to have a meeting on that next wednesday,
at a breakfast meeting with the city and school board hundred v and some folks will be.

[4:49] Presenting the issue some stuff with the tree are system and it’s exciting i’mma is good idea your listeners abdominal could explain the tree of.
System to them.
We’ve tried for he’s a catholic so he’s probably things about something else right now that’s the us to divert people from incarceration.
At least incarceration go.
You know if a person blinds and to dry out will drive out of person blinds and treatment will do treatment of the blood in a mental facility that will do a mental facility if they should go home will send them all.
The point being.
We don’t have to put everybody in jail book everybody’s right so yeah and so will be assessment made as you come into the system.
And someone.
Working i think they have something called ray risk assessment instruments and then they have these options and they’re not fully fledged yet there’s.
There are things that need to be expanded on like the mental facilities to say there’s been a total totally an unreliable partner as far as caring for people with mental and chemical issues.
You know you send people down to yankton and they bounce right back again trouble one time for complaining that they were.
Dropping people off on the street after we sentient yankton and so no no we.

[6:24] Permit the union gospel actually fireworks the union gospel fire went to go find where to nursing home.
But you niggas let’s go harvest on the street where people on the street so me so you are saying is is like on sale now.
If someone is is to intoxicated or or they did something and they didn’t commit crime.
Then just from jail have sit there until they figure out what they want to do some where you’re st hughs you can still will come.
But as long as to maybe there’s someone who can come and get and that could be you know into i actually have a court date and all that stuff that’s just not gonna storm in jail we used to have the tax where if you’re drunk.
That’s where you went he and before they could let you go you have to have half an hour of counseling.
Never stand for twenty four hours haven’t won for.

[7:26] But not right know no but it’s a very sore subject with him he was he was a hundred feet from the front door of his house and.

[7:38] The cops said you’re intoxicated and they make you stay there twenty four hours i don’t any more exchange silver and center the just wait till your sober and your real release.
The detox and have no is for people that may want to go for a color treatment whatever he you know that’s again something that.
A lot of people are not supportive of that in the sense they don’t believe that your addicted to believe that you can be addicted to meth amphetamines on highly addictive very hot and it’s.
Who up some people just don’t believe and that’s a decision that you made to start smoking cigarettes and now i’m twenty years later.
After the taken one of her lungs are still smoking and also the voice that i do to but when it is it’s.

[8:40] I will question for you obviously you human torch only lecture for this so.
Do you think that the.
You know we talked about this for a long time that you can county in many county in the city need to do more things together.

[9:04] Do you have with this new administration and new city council the.
More positive outlook that you guys are gonna do more things together or do you have more negative outlook or do you have maybe like things just can’t be.

[9:20] I have hope it is she’s pretty cute though the.
The fact is that with the new mayor and i met him after the election for the first time and told made info from but i was hopeful that we could account for some things and i think.
Is it already seems like he’s pulling and some other resources i know that he met with.
Cindy hamburger chairperson of.
And one of our staff people has been working industry system right so they met with i think all very supportive yeah he’s agitated because it’s right up his alley as far as reducing crime rate and.
We need we need his input we need his.

[10:12] You know leadership to move it for last last press conference is more leadership you know honestly we we had.
Ideas like this with the previous mayor but they want his ideas and he didn’t really care yeah it’s it’s like.
I said to someone i go if you if you wanna look at one of the things that he.
Totally all crime was one of the things you never but public transit he totally ignored it.
He felt the only way to solve the problem was either just get rid of it or charger way lot more than people can for.
He did nothing to solve their transit problem and it’s not easy problem to solve no but it has to be solved is the public transit.
The pp issue that no one is riding the buses center release anybody on android agree every or what my opinion on that is that.
What kind of running incorrectly.

[11:18] Well i just was reading a bit of and some absences out he’s there’s another transportation provider similar to live trooper.
That does buses and i think that per transit could be handled by an organization like that.
Just as easily without ginormous vehicles reminders there’s a lot of private companies that would love to be a part.
And then we can we can kind of i didn’t say wash your hands of it but kind of i’ve also been of the opinion that the hospitals.
You know instead of building basketball arenas and and and will not liquor licenses and.
And have a sports bars maybe they should be transporting a lot of these patients what is a huge issue this year themselves and.
When that as part of their medical care and some of their on medicare medicaid or or an insurance plan that gets put into their it would cost them that much action to do.
Can you know it would it be i believe in the same of transports i believe they should do their own transport to but that’s a whole other other thing but.
But that was that would save the city.
And the tax payers allot of money if if we have pair transit go more private and.
And it was saved money and be a lot better.

[12:50] But i also think that there we’re bus service is going well building is for one point people bring up all the time is now it was very susceptible you know we build we build this affordable housing outside in the bust area.

[13:05] Oh how are these people supposed to get to work well in the other end of the round was this is the spoken hub system.

[13:16] Kind of.

[13:18] On one to sugar in the grid make it in the making some like i i one time i looked at it the bus rides the bus schedule to take use curious one take the bus to work one day.
Ninety minutes for me to do the bus when i can drive.
Ten runners louis body issues song is this something pedal things going um okay yeah you you we talked about this.
About that but we talked about an idea you had and i really liked it.
Where to reduce maybe some of the rest of the sioux falls police department is doing a restraining handle some of these things in trash center’s gonna help alot but the handle some more of these things where they can kinda solve these problems on the fields.
Resting people you suggest that the county should charge the city for every time they were loaned to happen it’s certainly a huge cost to us and.
In our building forty million dollar jail expansion based i don’t have a problem with that i think it’s a great idea to city spends money spends money and.
Way more foolish things it would get the police to maybe try to solve some of the stuff out on the field more and and not arresting people just because they’re bothering people downtown for first friday and i’ll,
well i know that you know they arrest people right there at the bishop dudley house for being intoxicated and i found that was going to be.

[14:48] A place where people who.
Have had a few could go and sleep it off calmly without one no and i don’t understand that cuz i thought that was going to be.
When turning over the plans well be a.

[15:06] Well we all want that but the the you know the homeless issue mayor months and started the.
Almost advisory board and that when we decided to build the same form.
He left us at the altar and we had to build ourselves up on that hoe from the city and its gave several counselors hell for not voting for it’s this is exhausting program there is money that was in that.
And some of those folk are just taking back to.
Safe home rather than taking to jail right you know and it scraped off this sidewalks and we had one that didn’t make it this way now been in i never did hear exactly but.
Froze to death he process and you may have slipped and has had a i believe he had not been drinking personally.
The series is this gonna banquet for food something like reading sunny hill during it’s rough out there.
Some of the sideways mouth said deal.
I know a nurse with the same thing happened to actually she was really a wonderful person at my parents nursing home and she retired to take care of her husband tucker dog for a walk slipped on the steps and.
What’s the general front steps but that’s life in south dakota it’s that can be hazardous place but going back to in or.

[16:44] We do need to solve more problems without arresting people on we need to do more about.
Problems with mental illnesses those of you that,
speak during public input with the pleasure of a story with me you start a light,
i am yeah it’s like it’s like the wind do some center rules.
It’s like it was somebody’s mentally no i’m being serious here when somebody’s mentally ill.
No send a rules is gonna is gonna fix someone who is mentally i’ll you can’t fix someone who is mentally i’ll with the same rules.
Is that really how works no proper treatment is house rice and in the end of thing is is that they’re doing presentation tomorrow at the information all about eleven seventy two.
That goes into effect july first which actually is gonna open up more public input.

[17:48] They’re gonna have to allow the cities now i’m gonna have to allow public input at all public meeting.
I don’t do that to send james a ring that bell i only brought all the sponsors.
It’s why i’m not aware of that very much and when we see you guys our county yeah but you know we have a winner official meetings where we don’t even talk.
Do you have of official agenda for example just recently we went on the economic development bus tour of a couple of businesses and the county this is the second year in a row we did it we.
We visited rose bauer and lands that builds fire trucks we went to mac county community water which.
He has water for businesses reasons we went and visited the algae everest corey’s up a dell rapids and we went to visit the have two brothers see company and it wasn’t all.
But we don’t have.

[18:51] Test loreal the sound we just went to those places that we don’t have to make a ground lose a candidate for chicken on chicken alone.
And ask questions and ignore think she even get lunch on the deal.
You at the same time there’s really no opportunity and no one’s making speeches now i guess or planning director pointed out a place where we bought.
He’s not allowing highway for for moving the highway a couple of it we found a.
There’s a church that was built a hundred years or so that’s encroached county highway right away and so we bought land on the other side of the road and.
Move over there laughter for video house.

[19:45] Yes there’s but no we have a height limit of thirty five feet also in i’m actually thinking that the school district should put a ban on the house and that could be the new measures.
Where is the burger king parking richard the derby twenty foot hole underneath that would miss the pro when it but it.
Oh them so so yeah some about that you mention this.
So if the cord to the judge’s ruling if they don’t move the house or demolish it.
Within thirty days the first year is that it has to take care of songs that were well and having talk to the sheriff about available.
He seems to have a twinkle in his eye occasionally of this kind of thing.
But i think this will katie tvs for that equipment or of our national security dollars a gallon tank but have when i know of where can we use a v i think.
To the left and what are the neighbors to get a chain too while you’re at it you know the fact is that a lot of the contractors that do this kind of work.
For early wrapped up with all the house there is there be busy time.

[21:08] No i just vision boards on the plywood over the thing for six months for anybody does anything to it but when i think of you potentially there is some.
Reserve are some resources in the building that could be recovered players only having to sell windows salvage auction and then we are thirty days.
If someone go introduce our job or the owners is.
Start taking all the stuff for anyone to stay should just leave the walls yeah well there’s some questions will go to the doctor some questions about who really owns the house.

[21:46] With the mass is so please leave you if you belong to let’s say the bank that has the loan on the house you by the parlor at at at at at.
i’m sure it is it as its all rumors right now but i’m sure all his is a complicated solution was super easily avoidable well if you wanted and,
you know if you one of change the plans but in the building inspector should’ve not say darling nozzle not not heard that book when it.
Really comes down to me like water solely times in one week the retaining walls and fall over.
On the retaining wall falls is if if the building inspector didn’t can’t sign off on approval until the fire inspectors yeah.
This i’m bay you we will never been a cord there was a move the wall is too close fire place where do fish lol and after high.
That are you and also and hold them in korean thing will only former collegiate talk is the fax is the one that is in works of sugar.

[23:01] He was the last one that was on the board when i get elected sure we are having a thing that the screen for agree with them they disagreed about city somebody that they.
And again it’s not a county issue but i like john henry county issue zero quick suppose.
So where’s the money come from then.
He has to go and what to be a thing where they drink would take control of the house and then maybe another would be an assessment of the property.
And so if it has two hundred thousand dollars to take it out and it would be on that one on the left bank would have to pay the county for that or else we directions from get what we could.
Can we option of properties regularly give me a sledgehammer twenty four hours i get.
Can you track of and i get a lot of their winter trailer everyone the bowling some pieces of land.
You know eight feet wide and four hundred feet long serious yeah i’m sure.
Like where they can’t agree on who’s fence right and so they make it into a separate album platinum nobody pays taxes.

[24:13] So what happened sunny in.

[24:16] As a result the people refuse to sleep while to find out i’m i’m in as much is all out what did that but is it does the court order allow for the county to go in and.
I’m taking this take possession options of off to recoup costs sell i don’t know about the i think we discussed the bulldogs furniture on.
My feet and some friends that bought a house and work minnesota back there on a bank auction and it took a.
Today’s the clean the house.
Before they could even move in her because the people who got booted out letter laying only had enough time to.
Take you know they’re called in.
And the possessions they wanted so the house was on mass we probably knew for.
Four months or so that is being kicked out right lights weren’t foreclosure the twin cities right about the time the peak of the housing crisis number like the most of them and i mean.
Was always leaks and or like you have people that like to but the vents for water heater or like me or appliance just out of the house closes on the electric lotus was the price of copper these days.
Right yeah yeah know what is worth with that is i know some people that do that but they sound right.
But anyway any other topics before we let you go have sworn ambulance is gonna be a huge issue of the county this year.

[25:51] On i heard a rumor and i can’t go deeply into this because i’m not sure it’s very positive.

[26:00] There seems to be worth a new console.

[26:07] Serious exploration of doing public publications city mall for i know we have another issue though where we have.
Three voluntary ambulances and two for profit and losses in the county along with paramedics plus we’ve got mad star.
And then we have humble dell rapids carrots and and jesse from a solar cover sixteen square miles in the north east corner.
But mixer is going to the city of bread and ask them for a subsidy.

[26:38] And i understand that they’re planning on coming to see us ask for tuesday that’s kind of difficult for me to see where i would.
Want to subsidize a for profit business and just go public the other party that is that even the volunteers make a nickel and it but i am i mean in the call it’s like if your hanging out at the ambulance shop.
You might be getting six bucks an hour sleeping over night at all this and then when the alarm goes off your getting fourteen dollars an hour but they’re not you know taking and.
You know what trump tower kind of money and you know it’s hard to see what’s going on with permit explicitly they.
You know there hopefully you know bringing minutemen millions for their.
Corporate masters but yeah i would like the idea to think we all need the whole county including lincoln county and cities who falls all the.
Larger communities to get together and examine where we wanna go are we the fire department.
Management early seven told once that.

[27:48] So they’re not gonna fight i guess is what i’m trying to say and you know they’re already gone all bls trained which means advance life support so we’re gonna have trained ls firefighters.
And are you sure for the ambulance service.
So why not put an ambulance at every fire department where the initial investment and probably thirty fifty nine dollars and it just slipped five monies for but it pays for itself.
Because you what you height what you do is you hire a third party contractor to handle the billing for you.
And then they take a commission and then they give you the money that they collect from insurance and.
Because a lot of times there’s gonna be situations where they’re not gonna get paid because you now have been paid yet and i have issues there too i think.
I would like to be able to assess people who don’t pay.
For their ambulance run so we probably just like street we put in your house this a lot easier to do that when it’s a public event and if you don’t own a house that we put a lien on you’d like we do.
People think that you get a court appointed attorney for free you don’t know we have to leave we.
Have to pay for but you’re going to pay for it so right hand unless you never have picked a hell of beans a close relative who avoided paying.

[29:18] During their taxes on their business for several years and now he gets to see his tiny little social security check it.
Garnished lies yeah well i think that the guy from you eventually lose ambulance guys tell me that the only get paid for half of it and then they also have the frequent flyers for a.
One little old ladies that want you to come over and see if their kidney stones are acting up.
Or the fullest one have their catheter replaced.
No i don’t think he goes to level with some painful conversations and.
We’re gathering out without would be thinking well disappointed that i was just thinking leaving towards my mouth with one finger.
Great radio won’t play the video get those calls from people you know you’re being two years away is that and what time of the innocent.
And then if they are not getting paid you know here’s another thing.
In ambulance ride from del references to of gets paid the third as much as an ambulance ride from beers for the falls.

[30:38] Why federal government that’s medicare medicaid federal government says we have come using urban county.

[30:46] Beers for falls out is several county and i mean i don’t know where you password cows coming down from there from down there.
But either way it’s pretty driving by rough worker.
Can i buy it on that.
Did you everything else share of the four we know it go on to your next fourteen high-powered mutant where you’re going but no i don’t know what hypothermia going to that the dress code is a very nice place or,
and a few fighters t shirt i can wear the city where i am going to the wedding i might even do.
Yeah there’s like this why don’t the medical on a morning coat you to one cc fan that paul.
Ten eight and may have invented the no tie look but jeff is the original.
Six thinking of ashes the og of t-shirts and jeans and blazers were its shocks that’s also chilly out there so knows that.
I think.
I was gonna re watch the video but i think paul or shocks its first come from the ice problem do not think the real food point here with the tires that.
You’re not supposed to wear short sleeve shirt under a blazer.
And according to this we’re supposed to have like a hell so sure that it got me thinking the snake-like bracelets guys.

[32:25] Does the shirt cough in her like saxon recorder yeah.
Yeah i know is make texture color we can be word tank top under everyone or no sleeves and enjoy the weather and turn the tv on the three in the morning.
It and it starts around and then when i fall to sleep in my wasted up all night watching it swear eternity as the wedding then i fell asleep and she stayed up all night and was shot.
Hangover and i told my neighbor that were still a little hung over from the wedding if so where was it this love is as home furnace know it.
We didn’t go to london just watching tv windsor castle of one it is it’s driving distance yeah twenty miles from my house and i’ve been there.

[33:15] Yeah you have been all right stonehenge.

[33:22] So is their other stuff you liked and always everything up it yeah is there anybody that in the county that he likes doctor and against awesome.

[33:33] What is going on and you know we at mcdonalds on the weekend people that.
I have researched on the internet all the hoes whenever you know calls about people who do research on the internet about.
Play something you know we do this is it.
Everything is on the internet is everything using my defense for anything you look hard enough you don’t you metal occurred in think now no but every now and then you know you can take your to and fro cap off and.
And they sure other people so like this is not a winter i nearby.
They are being recording the planning meetings right yes i can’t find them anywhere think you have to go under planning.
Planning and zoning i will send you a link when i find one verse one to.
When i don’t watch enough about what we need another one today wasn’t having any doses for the cable her so you know what’s up with public television really need actually is more citizens to come to the meetings.
We some of the candidates of incoming nicki and jonathan coming.
And great i am actually said that i believe that people in sioux falls.
Are more involved with their local government anywhere else for this because of you study fine when it’s because it’s because it’s because of david powerpoint presentations.

[35:12] Wake me up in syria and where we need never power point presentations.
Let’s look at this beautiful picture is anything i think every thing every powerpoint sent the to your is a flower.
What is the picture to your day of the sunset today cocaine and.
That’s an extra can i like a bit of a.
Next week i think i’m just gonna make a power point where since the sound of trickling water for five minutes.
My very for city council in sioux falls is not what to expect and the kids get up there and give a speech how.
Project tree and was basically apartheid really like talking about the history of art in her released project free and he’s pretty calls.
Is the that’s culture shock wave of a minnesota have is the council meeting me in woodbridge would be or would whoever with.

[36:21] Well i tell you what first came to tell you nigga yeah and there was a couple retired guys from the unions that went.
All the school board meetings all the city council meetings all the county commission meetings and report back to us.
And nobody does that anymore but doesn’t speak volumes of the good work you guys are doing of the citizens so i can in order to.
You know for them to that could be but there’s a lot of stuff happens that we need.
But we need the public to be part of so they can explain it to the other.
No skills and the code on it’s better to have a public input before some things and i hear the presence of other union telephone employees to you are.

[37:13] You me yes or fortune in.
Can you guess workers of america local those three numbers seventy five hundred maybe i don’t know okay well that was mailed will her.
Yeah i was a vice president of the union where time went to management scab dirksen.
The news in two to chunky to climb telephone poles inc dot is answer the phone.

[37:46] I was always to talk to climb telephone poles cold what a hundred voldemort yeah yeah a ceo jeff hensley you coming and do.
No purpose acres wife june was sylvia member i heard that.

[38:06] Which and i need to sit ability to the story about the current all but he was never heard when he was a state senator he have a bill to reduce the.
Tax on a used car if it cost right now if you buy a car for thousand dollars there’s no sales tax.
He wanted to raise it to two thousand dollars and index it to inflation.
And because he tried to give car for his wife and he couldn’t find where.
For less than two thousand so anyway mice my state senator byrd everest from the everest family ready.
And she said that she married into the family she said i grew up in a poor family and.
We should not deprive for people with for the opportunity of paying taxes.

[39:00] Set the bar would say that there was a sleeper but it was a great argument was and i don’t think that anybody.
I would complain if they are deprived of their right to pay taxes to the very much well said that,
i bet you don’t say that i don’t see it but when i was there it’s always believe perimeter her but was flat and there was used to being legislature and,
i really miss being with their and i looked over and somebody in this is why i wasn’t really.
I’m involved with a lot of politics and i just remember listening to her talk and i distancing myself this person just feature.
Scares the senate leader i know they so i need to go guys while i was great having jeffie and be on his way to another room for me and then allow me is we’re kind of mixture.
I want people i available know that it’s a eighty gallon lot of appointments so yeah the way more means go to the.
They’re both legislative and executive branches right in you know there on appointments and they also have.
They invited to a lot of stuff do they get paid ones only the best in south dakota it’s about five thousand dollars more a year than the.
The city council should i want more but surely they do get the more we have a lot more responsibility and some counties in the country.

[40:34] Play all-stars conan’s must i use some counties in the state actually give health insurance to the nearest to the commissioner yes.

[40:42] Was there gonna commissions right to rule themselves is that.
If i don’t pay close enough attention to county government what happens yeah government yeah it’s it’s just it’s a weird things and go to townships in this.
So where we weekend to visit all ten.

[41:04] Hey cancel administration as right now ready look at the way the world is done american princess as the crazy on the way over here on the drive over here i was mentioning to you that i was.
I’ve been very impressed that paul doesn’t handicraft conferences and that he is the city administrator he’s.
The boss he should score our concert right so.
And maybe just because he is planning to say but i really believe that he’s gonna be more a lot more low key than that he’s there.
I even go to the press release page every day and there hasn’t been barely any press releases except you standard ones from the different departments about.
You know when somebody’s reading a book at the library or whatever how do we know he’s doing stuff done sioux falls and it and it.
How do we know when the next thing blew up and i thought that the fire.
Chief and mr fastener who is fire captain something or other did a fine job the day of their own press conference the mayor was not there he didn’t need to be there.
It’s their job their responsibility they came out they said this is what happened.
We were lucky from a black and some ac or is there that may need to be there these people work for a company that sure they briefed him and said.
This is the situation and paul was like cause i got stuff to do so in of do you press conferences what he wants to not do with today’s a goddamn soviet yeah.

[42:45] But the yeah so we’re just kind of waiting to see who’s gonna be on this team.
I was told by one of the other.
Mayoral candidates who talks to paul quite a bit that he believes.
You know i kind of agree with them i didn’t at first but he kinda convinced me that he he thinks of paul’s gonna make changes he needs to go right one.

[43:13] With department heads and stuff like that and just do a clean sweep right away and not drag it out so we’ll see what he does there.
Name this is deputy chief of staff or who are serious communications manager which was his campaign manager tj nelson and then he.
It is murder that erika back will become as chief of staff which actually surprises me because i would think she’d be more fit for the development but you never know those things are gonna could be.
Any of your eta please and i don’t know her that if she sees in his room with the city watch quit.
Well but the rule is your role of the city shoes size shoes basically or play yeah so if that could be the son of the avenue that mayor ten.

[44:06] Hey can and is wanting to take is more of a urban planning and was planning.
So the capacity in his first term here is only form awarded executive a you can you can you can look at it it’s okay no maybe he’s got a vision.
That wasn’t that is twenty.
Twenty six planned twenty six political leaders twenty twenty seven yeah and i don’t have no idea who’s tappan for attorney now and i have no idea who’s down for finance director in,
i’ve heard nothing.
I’m so it evens cards pretty close it gotta have somebody in mind but now i think with the size of the size and just to the scope of his transition team.
They would have a couple of names that would’ve specially not after would floated to the top and we’ll both really work.
It is it is not sure on attorneys inner-city this not sure on finance the lever and i know that i have been told by a lot of people that and i don’t know this for fact i just been told us that he likes to put women in leadership roles.
So you gonna probably see a lot more when.

[45:23] I could use is is fine horses funny but so well i can’t sleep so far in.
I should have been impressed but i haven’t been unimpressed by anything that still leaves a was it’s too soon only thing to his that but i did like the fact that he wasn’t.
Jumping up and down load em about does a expired we stopped a major is a mean i get it i could just picture that the former you know mayor.
Just weed over and add does astor and why fire department and you know it’s like.
Yeah we were disaster okay small.
What differences he said the drone.
What’s the big house the big help because they can tell where he’s shores for the water to keep it away from the fire we can build a made of information of the building.

[46:20] We’re gonna have a vet would have been protocol samuel l jackson address a park full on your butts.
Let’s put this in there but what about plant sale at louis.
Who are you can scrape off the street in atlanta now location going all over the one on sixty ninth and louise was removed or alarm go in the studio with peter cia.
Yes it would not of been it would not benefit.

[46:48] So the underside of our good work guys the gals which good job is a private contractor in bedroom to which is kind that a way.
I don’t really have anything else to you did he have anything at.
Enjoyed mr chris he’s interviewer is american listen to that it’s it’s i’ve learned alot about neil diamond and now.
Does it make me want to support him but it was a lot of stuff in there that i didn’t realize i was a tool salesman i was really surprised.
How much she got along format with him instead of soundbites people india and.
Yeah and its super cordless is the first politician i’ve ever had in this room would it be in cuz.
What was the thing is pretty no corey heidelberg was always funny restaurant that and.
He did the same reasons like no i know that and i totally just.
Boy i hook line and sinker and was trying to explain to court of repressed it’s the democrats version of the cold war colleges corey over the energy drinks and just like going on this really is a high over letters of like.
A lot of their.
Was she a bit his student days to got it he’s obsessed with be uncivil said yes to a.

[48:21] Cool well real quick did you hear laurel yani.
What okay you get did you hear laura are yani refuse or fuse the listen to it i refuse to articles related to it is the dumbest.
It is too me yeah was laurel he’s having now so in the car on,
the white house this is funny of the white house can the video and all that is white house staff debating over which one it was in the very and,
they play for trump because i hear cost of a.
Nice have a good night things by.

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