South DaCola Podcast Ep 017 City Election Post-Mortem

South DaCola Podcast Ep 017 City Election Post-Mortem

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

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[0:27] Well we are again the episodes james call about last.
What’s cracking for basic now i have tried to bring a guest next next show.
Have somebody in mind but will be headed in what’s the accent is i got a line for check news situation coming in san jose next week so i got it.
No changes supplement the new mayor changes is boys again accents projects.
And so we have holes disney and will not speak and tell and changing history of a good,
you’re a good for a job or some of the things you been to other than robert million of course okay.

[1:19] So i guess we’re gonna talk about and,
your little action postmortem all zone was like we have this conversation before calling a hard time with them as well live like a million people,
what a text message is the truth contradicting its okay so.
Let’s lives there was there would look with the one that i was very disappointed i really was aqua one hundred forty nine volt thing.
That sucked in and you know it was heard to.
Say anything bad about either can the guy occur in all sail as a retired firefighter former union president and.
Of the firefighters and yeah good diet good gotten really fun to watch that yeah the crazy part about it was.
Well i heard a second wind luker spent alot more money he had the union backing and their money.
He had a huge donor was ball back.
Amen on election day here former states attorney david nelson durable call form obviously dave nelson was the chair of heaters campaign for mayor.
Wow and so i always knew there was i think the unit supported email zero call kind of book or over the top but still surprises me with how much piling on that sale did.

[2:59] The only be exactly hundred forty rivals just.
It seems like there’s more that learned from experience is to tell me knows i was mad for about thirty minutes and then i just said i’m still he still wants to be very active what more active in the community keep going to council meetings keep working so.
Will get on the council eventually air and some elective position.
I told me should apply to be insensitive words and stuff so that i was disappointed because i am very excited and janet down the council.
And i guess now that sale made it there’s a there’s been on line drawn in the sand i guess the cons because it was already.

[3:39] Kind of having some behind the scenes.
But you incidents for it so really yes so it’s it’s gonna be interesting to see how this works but you with the new mayor of the mayoral race and please share it if you want to.

[3:58] How many ways can your act law that fits something and frustrates me because.
I supported john lee i thought she was out of the two i originally voted for jason.
But the two in the runoff i really felt that she was the better candidate just because.

[4:23] There’s nothing that i’ve heard about joins past with a couple things but nothing that’s gonna make me not wanna vote for where the opposite was for ten ak but.
He seemed to just brush everything off like you you could tell that paul had been part of campaigns before.
Cuz he kinda knew how to adjust and whatever whatever.
You know big people or even power you know sam who is she so mean to paul you know his voice mail was and need.
It was the fact that he sent the voice mail it should never look was as intimidating lol do.
Leave a message yeah reason the whole point of calling is there something.
That the things technically no could be will be he said she say call me please write or united state and you know what the current.

[5:20] Call the voice note and you.
Control peter just called to message to say people do all over the country in the release of boys anymore.
I am so that was very interesting development in the news cycles just happened over that were lecture release the.
Part of it and then just some friends and then releasing releasing the whole thing.
I think this email overs that her characterization of that has a grandson that is something.
Feels really and i said was that we had so i know it is and i can certainly see intimidation and a lot of but i think when you use the word.
Threaten people or expense of anger you know in a voice me to sounded.
You know like home golly gee you your offering more you know you fifteen years what are you saying some more every,
you got a good tools on their own every morning using one blockage crap by saturday.

[6:33] It goes back to you know i don’t she should have reported the hacking mean when her financial records are being threatened though the bank first and thats not good you go to the authorities.
And that she should never said anything about it to the public and she should never said anything about the divorce submerged just blew it off.
Always able to just blow everything pressure yeah she needed to do something then i guess i would i would have stuck to the email or to the to the voice mail thing.
I was using it just coming in from a productive she is something that the potential to become.
A game changer amen i think it did i think her whole final week and are becoming a game changer that’s why in of seeing one of the widest margins of victory she los angles that the season of.
Write me does this look at this rate from my radio now so that flipped.
From the house not supporting ten taking to supporting ten.
Hey can you well and the when the apple pecan with their fingers precincts.
She seemed offended and she should came out and just said i saw the fb report this is the police union.
You know i’m not implement any major changes to the police department without doing a full study international walking to the mayor’s office and on may sixteenth i’m going to implement increasing.

[8:06] Should just said it’s a plan it’s an idea that i’m exploring and laughter that as the game on this full throttle defending the precincts going on and is like.
I use to the public.
It’s just my idea where or recommend anything yet because of a deal with the guy that her biggest thing is one ten.
Hey can you insinuated issues making a police report for the very easily could be there is police support among leadership.
For pricing stuff really is no opposition to it and then i’m on the rag and file to the f o p some resistance and not wanting.
To accept that can afford in both would be writers please support for the police support this effort is really does not doesn’t really matter so i think i think house and then turns right and actually i think her.
Sort of taking down deeper in the coming out is use a little defensive about that you know.
Goes back to the rotary debate when it was insinuated issues making up to support.
The conversations she had with police leadership about freezing basic that but no heat freezing placing hours movies doesn’t that i said she was just came out and said something works pouring chocolate on farther to say.
Ultimately thank you for the input from the apple be.

[9:37] Frankly that i i make the ultimate decision the council makes a decision was the founder.
And that’s how gonna make decisions and so i was wondering and you know she time.
I can certainly understand it of appease wasn’t even sort of an administration’s passes was current administration word right now os and not know a you know and i know that the universe counsel you to try to.
To be retroactive there erase some stuff some of them you know so i think that’s one one thing that.
Get all the new messages are probably not working as a better show of good faith with the public service employees and doesn’t need some something else does need to.
Is it precincts i don’t know but i think that ten.

[10:36] Hey can is considering doing something else so that that’s all well and good you know.
And it just comes back to me.
You know how you kinda have to react to this in the the one thing i set on the wiley show day was.
Shit and never you know some say wall portion of the republican party well the dominant party in the state of course you can get.
But if i was join our registers an independent.
Oh never told anybody was a democrat if it came up and someone says wifi range democrats a used to be red shoes.

[11:20] She should have either ran the campaign yourself.
Or hired nonpartisan person run it on a consulting company and actual well today the best person on her campaign team was your husband.
Who made these amazing videos they had all kinds of social networks support he was the best part of a team all the way and you know she.

[11:44] I really believe jolene wanted it way better if you were rushing in havana.
And took no help from the doctor what i do i really should we better is a good looking party could power the honor as a liberal what was that her name.
And not getting any help from the democratic party julie could easily go i’m an independent.

[12:08] Does that mean you believe in that diversity is.
Is makes me a liberal believing in you know lgbt two rights makes me some crazy lip now i feel like i don’t know where you guys are coming from i’m running this campaign myself.
As an independent they went ahead it will only stand on.
Coming after noon headlights instead of the probably one of them as as strong i think it’s mostly like why the picking on this end and,
and trying to labor and not a partisan race mean we can you know having another episode of on no races because really nonpartisan.
That will set this at the end of the day even if all that we’ve even if all those plants one of fucking line show one of one.
Well i think early on i estimates new numbers are you and i had that conversation when we saw this and patricks day parade that the.
I think she lying to close of the democrats a party in the state that is losing numbers at a pretty.

[13:15] Clip and i don’t know you know if it’s a function of that the other just.
There are powers nobody sees any reason to a line of so that i don’t know if i i i i i i i i i don’t i don’t know if the if the national influences.
Food in the south dakota democratic party leave it for the to let we’ve got some the conservative democrats are now becoming is independence but i do think in south dakota and in sioux falls.
The independence really do make up the middle ground present in us and the there are plenty of republicans who has are and.

[13:54] With no support from either party republican or democrat party she would garden.

[14:02] Highly likely release it was there of course she’s in the workforce is she she talk about she got democrats.
And you know without talking about that there’s a lesson learn from jolene if i was your uncle richard petty right now so the next room for office i’m in pain.
I did the guess something about having on having a house that’s why i’m not saying.
It is off air the guest i’m thinking about having on our next show will talk a lot about the democratic party was so.
Just so we can we can dive deeper into that is he has some opinions that are very similar to yours about the way that the democratic party is going.
Well we’re talking about ten.
Hey can this really good all things that i’ve been.

[14:55] Impressed with him as you know i ice would melt with him.
He asked to resign if i would come sit and talk to him and i said fine in one to a first you know.
He’s prob i figured it that point this is after the general direction that’s os earlier just like flying time i was for this past is like one of the organizers thinking about and i’m like.
It’s probably gonna win prizes reset the planets align.
So i was seven forty five minutes with using my first to suppress was he did listen to me the whole time he didn’t want me.

[15:32] It’s not like that yeah and i still isn’t happy mode so you know he take some of that greatness all but.
So it talk to me about some different things public input legends and you know in.
The one thing that say about paul and this is just comes from his background.
I really truly believe the one thing he talks about it will.
Go after he was on inside tell me last night talking about it is technology and making the city more efficient with techno.
I recently as in the holes are sitting on site is a pos.
And it and it sucks you can’t get documents search engines joke i told him we’re moving there was a you go there’s a wild-goose chase.
And they still make you go all these different places to find things and he’s like he is unacceptable you know and it should just be you know when you are talk transparency there certainly super easy things that the mayor.
And his directors can do.
That fix those things legally can do that overnight yeah yeah we’re gonna make search engine better fix it now it only are the speed back on yet.
You know put information out get documents to i told called another spray told him the reason that bruce messed up.
The signature on the petition drive for the ministries building was cuz he went to the city website to get the petition.

[17:10] And it wasn’t there it used to be there wasn’t there so we went to use in a hurry or whatever he went to section website sector state got off there.
Course record check about what we go over and get well that’s the point is this is a desert on a petition forms yet on that offices guess a with a citizen of very much so the specific ones but it wasn’t there raising rare.
And so i said it is bad and he wants to fix things with streaming of the videos.
I said there are certain things that him and his directors can do right away though fix tons of transparency issue.
And what are your feelings on taking me i didn’t vote for me it’s for because some things done this past was very impressed with so.
Probably give a chance cuz he doesn’t have a public record a message how i look at it i’m optimistic about a new does not have a.
Public record student present it states who iraq was fired.
But i’m optimistic part of my looking for mayors of oz need to the mayor’s falls is that.
Are there any good partner with the next stop worrying situation where their two new administrations i do think that.

[18:43] The leader of the states largest city an earlier state itself are not really work together collaboratively and not sort of get in each other’s way it’s funny you brought up that was something that we didn’t talk about quite a bit when i get me.

[18:57] Having he said having that very very important to me.
Having a very strong relationship stasis i just have to for economic development in this town to happen i have to have that relationship with the state.
You know he didn’t bring me that it and agree where in we’re gonna be looking at a time here where we’re suppose properties me over two thousand people there’s.
And then continues to have a strong advocate for growing.
Jobs in sioux falls sioux falls region with this statement are looking at inviting new industry new business in writing of those packages,
be able to work well putting those business is most industries where people are it is it’s gonna be huge and it’s in optimistic about that i do.
Hold that down ten.

[19:51] Hey can does embrace the technology pieces and i like would like to see the city on embrace.
Mainly a.
Card reader at the gas over by the washington pavilion profits before you can change as as we’re replacing the antiquated meters.
On the side streets and on main avenue instead of going with the card reader meter.
Doing an experiment to see what does this look like if we used pay stations.
Instead of cases of skin rocky here those ideas are fantastic thank you measurement is great show everybody the right show the inner the enterprise find of the parking system.
Is gonna be a little tight for about twenty years pain mortgage on a parking ramp that were paying most of it that is.
All the more reason why we should get the pay stations because if i go in and i use my card and card reader on phillips avenue.
Swipe it unit minimum pay for our i’m only going to duluth trading company for about fifteen minutes.
One cans you right behind me.
You guys are so forty five minutes of free parking lot and and if it pays stations we know it for you know if that parking spot is still valid or invalid have to go and pay no more free parking downtown sioux falls except for after five and on weekends.

[21:26] When it’s all ready for a that so.
Also the card reader those accusing because there are plenty of people who do not carry cash with them and i’ve seen plenty people pulling and try to back out it is just as its inconvenient and not very fishing funny part is if i don’t have.
I just parked in disabled see if i get a ticket was kind of role from school because yeah um it’s speaking of mr.
Ten he can.

[22:05] You promise transparency in this campaign you know obviously people problems lol.

[22:13] I don’t know what the mistake about that but he did promise.
What a day and it says transfers was a big part of everybody’s camping and ten.
Hey can certainly discuss a lot i think it’s of to the job of media including.
Logs and to hold his feet to the fire of make and keep that promise of increased.
Transparency the last thing that we want to see it is another meier getting to call him padlock these things nominated for it and the mayor the mayor se false today of your your from where.
I was nominated for emmys a from well yeah denominator first is the final season final is in the twenty team.

[23:03] Golden padlock award this is not a word you want to get the raspberry one of your exes more procedures that this is about government transparency and they basically.
Bust em on the side and settlement actually count wrong history and they are they said that.
We got half of the million we didn’t even get that that’s that’s just all of people meeting you shit danger of.
We get a million bucks to get half a million bucks will get we got our money back that’s bottles and in the second part of it was about the.
They did the child dying recently downfalls park and him saying that there’s a safety on it and it the public assurance alliance had it and they didn’t have it and there wasn’t anything in there was oral reports.
Yeah and you now but.
Ivy joker my blog is arrives price was nominated for this award every single year was administration has done so many things been so secretive.
And they have a quote and only cut quarterly the artist must enter something one time but he said something about.
Transparency is all well and good or something and they said but then it.
So apparently heather is government i vaguely remember his face when you get caught lying.
He barely feels like that’s you getting stabbed in the back.
Well when caught lying and i’m very embarrassed usually from ibm and the that doesn’t blame other people my.

[24:44] Is when the file was renounce for this whole padlock award dessert cracking of the statement humbled and honored his honor is,
you have been nominated so that if i know that this is all of the five o’clock today on the radio report he had a reply to this email for coming to and he probably won’t fix yeah i with you i am with a week left in office i.

[25:11] What’s the how many hungry people are gonna come see gonna come to the council meeting tomorrow it is files was what was created golden lilacs yeah that would be funny.
You know where my one for my bicycle around my neck on the.

[25:32] The speed of hit his honor and his last week.
What do you think of this whole thing i mean i really had to chuckle and i don’t know if i’m lafayette paul.
Or from laughing at my niece or from laughing at the whole situation of this paul shadow when the mayor.
When the two don’t have anything in common as far as i’m concerned and why would you want to shadow my eight and and i was surprise that my niece,
was even allowing that is gonna make for a hell of a sitcom pilot are realities seem like and doesn’t seem like mikes is taking two week vacation.
When he’s done this one simple that he’s getting i just see of we leave for two weeks at the white showing up in like.

[26:23] You know some soprano kind of workout active where,
on the first junsu and just quits ugly your ball come role in his office any more help i can’t hangout today and all and just kinda like me hanging out at the islands can’t wait.
If you think he’s sick as a dog like this go away you know anyone for paul.

[26:50] Open a can of worms or fuse is cleverly doing this to see what kind of information he can get.
That’s what i think it’ll need it to i always do ut it to see what kind of information yeah the mayor’s willing to share early yeah.
Me with the director ceo coconut information it on me in one day.
Ask the mayor for what information see gonna share kinda thing you know i’ve got no qualms with we are and.
Hey can i wanted to set it deepest hoses get himself was work.
The sea level get to know all the city directors or what to their departments do getting a little bit more of in depth understanding understanding of all that i don’t know if if you have to be housed in city hall.
To do that or a continue they continue to use your cat is so transient references history.
Yeah yeah striking a question to see the cover of it was others office space for rent right across and for a couple weeks.
But i think i think you’re right i think it’s the and she is a fishing expedition little bit yeah.
But i just mention paul.

[28:18] It might add some of the city directors that the conference table just having some discussions about stuff and.
Hey paul saying asking questions and the directors are kinda answering the questions and then.
It’s my old man is my external answer questions like says something with one of the directors was at what i was i was i waiting for the.
He sits down with the directors and the mayor and the directors give their.
You know party approved answer and then a little while later is meeting with out the marriage it’s the director’s like so what’s really going on it has like oh let me tell you yeah oh and there’s already been a little bit of that going on there’s a few people.
That i haven’t figured out the problem.
Because they were heater appointees very strongly heather appointees they suck when as a either appointee there’s a couple of them.
Who doesn’t what’s up who appointed and heather okay it is worth holdovers no no from the first four years obviously going to replace turn baker.
But yeah nice i know turbot’s sorry.
Sorry you can’t replace your maker and then he’s gotta be used to replace the fill valve because he’s already gone over for those of us were not up on or stop isms with little battlefield thousand four receipts here.
He can’t david blithely oh okay thirty a box for families office to is this.

[29:53] It’s a little hot for this job then he would run publishers lemak golden parachute and then it cuz apparently there’s no turn up to run it forever.
I want to edit turn back.

[30:10] He’s the finance director who’s leaving in june after you guys this hours bike over the past two years.
So stupid we has replace there’s a couple other people that actually believe they get sick around and they’ve been rd kind of.

[30:27] Oh but already is as i understand it but i have a feeling that welcoming our hands all over lord if paul paul and the brains.
Which i believe the smart enough that he’s as a person who use to you now have employees and understand those things work i would assume that he’s probably like he.

[30:49] Thank you for your service but there’s a new sheriff in town and there’s the door so yeah it’s gonna be fun to watch how that’s handled usually audi handles things as they go on.
You gotta resigned today.

[31:06] You’re going to resign today it so we don’t make a big mess out of this kind of thing well.
And i’ve always been a fan of the practice when it administration changes hands or even if there is a reelection at all.
Department heads oh sure submit a letter of resignation is a for the new administrative in there and then re every door to two accepts resignation or not accept wasn’t all the outlets hydrangea.
There’s some people really idealistic that maybe you know some weird sort of things actually happened yeah but you’re not a bad.
Yeah there’s some people that are untouchable in my opinion i i believe since good road was just appointed the fire department.
The good thing with him was was paul’s life in as why would you at this week and then i think that the police chief is probably pretty safe.
I do know that there’s little inside baseball i do know that jamison.
Was has been helping paul he was hoping paul you know when your on the run off.
And jamison express to some people that he was gonna keep the police chief in but kinda give him.
You know certain period time to life use coupon group.

[32:37] But there were some people that and greg was definitely gonna of the door and.
There’s there’s three other directors that i could pop cooper i think it’s safe here is the plan apartment his post retired couple years i don’t think they’re gonna kick in lol.
Honestly color safe car basically runs the city anyway so it’s like he’s like he’s like the the the backup mayor in it i don’t want to get rid of him.
It covers always done a pretty decent job on.

[33:15] But i think the health director it social services director.
And the parks director could definitely be by.

[33:29] I don’t know enough about some would say never parsed the other two people go yeah i can see that it is it is what it is guitar center special agents background.
But the parts director surprise lot of.
Super while heather and he was super secret keeper and kept secrets like crazy he expanded parks department.
Because he is.
How big budget was so that’s way ladies that’s why he was always expanding the parts from the one to get paid more and you’ll push for the pool all the lies we carman terminal wise try to get that indoor pool bill.
So i don’t know ho paul’s gonna take this paul what something like that around keep them around maybe likes me being awesome like that.
Will there be quite the question.

[34:27] On the future parks department is under new administration will will there actually be a normal list and will it be on the news in usa exactly what we’re talking about here the guy was just i mean.
He pulled stuff out of black consistently and constantly i was at the levitt pavilion ground breaking ceremony.
And the lady from live it said that we have one of the best parts structures in the country and how wonderful it was in the background laughing computer look.
That’s all the list yet one from last month about him i don’t get to make those decisions you know and like you said pull pulls you should show right now.
He’s gonna have people coming at all different directions in iran city before so he’s going to have to do all this is that lives in a house with soul-searching but i think it would be.
What’s good to conserve.

[35:29] From the reds don’t an act anything to soon no just listen to you don’t choose the second challenge pump the brakes get your bearings.

[35:41] Jake you know a good a good balance then starting good hard look at some of the things people come come to me with but don’t.
The only changes are the only the only sudden change that i think that.
Could be made and would not be opposed to people sit down card reader at gas lost its a quick cheap immediate pics and look at that day one solving problems.
So one more thing is you guys and some anything else to add to,
the new administration it’s a it’s a new day and it’s all the numbers of muslims cautiously optimistic ask i am to i’m benefit of the doubt you’ll.
I asked paul if i could be your when we talk couple weeks ago i told my one to talk to him again.
After he won basically told he was probably gonna win.
He spots me when i said that and i said i’d like to be with you again sometime and then i also told him i asked him after the election if i could be a part of the me round table.
Anything i cook so i was pretty excited about that because nice.
I’m only get invited once but no i don’t mind the crazy but.
What year is the year of the boys are transparency is the current mayor has.

[37:14] Not consider version i part of me and every way shape or form i believe the words he probably used it behind the closed doors described as shoot on sight where is the something like that so.
It was i thought it was cool to paul you know we both kind of agreed email that was just start off fresh air which.
I did but like i said if he doesn’t hold is an apartment and becomes transparencies here when on your blog you weren’t overly critical.
Oh and why was it idle i don’t know the year or really or maybe critical of it of the people.
That we’re doing all his dirty work for really really bleeding hatchet people use the money you can be his campaign manager’s wife i guess was on facebook constantly.
Just bashing the shit out of joe that’s questionable you know now you you you can you can how you originally your campaign managers wife isn’t on facebook bashing generic jewel.
But i’m going on in just specifically the things that you can point to the camp an actual.
Things that were there is a plausible deniability did you know introduce a good look at his.
Was is hundred a plant is twenty six point but i don’t know what days now the names of lesbians of goodies and there’s a lot of good stuff in there you know that.
Thirty seven and you know you are overly critical the actual plan you can be critical of tactics that’s tactics.

[38:50] And been campaigning for giving the government and i don’t think that you have been critical of his ability to.
Governor of the ideas that he would bring to cover the order gonna be right other than his hundred a twenty six point plan whatever it is now thirty three point three three point a lie.
He wants to get tougher and code enforcement that’s the one thing i heard but you wanted what is he wants me.
So that means that is me was me harder on the enforcers that’s what should write right of the ring overzealous yet but still a back x-ray help these people,
or does he want to use for what’s on the actual of india just what years it was just trying to work with people who was kind of water comes code enforcement but.
You know what do you do there but.
What do you think of the comments he’s made about how public input i was just doesn’t get to make that decision right,
right so i need to know how to drive whatever the i think that some of the counselors have.
Convince stamp is this is some other ideas that like you said earlier that.
Push pump the brakes and i think some of the concerts are st their saying pushes this goes.
You’ve seen interaction with the chair the current share with people and we think that’s part of the problem.
And we’ll see how people react and you know i i even told a couple people i’m not even gonna go do public and put for a while and think because.

[40:27] I’m just gonna kind of sit back and watch a point in like yelling at me when he still like i’m still tryna find that he is there as the new or the new counselors are we hour until the thirty give my chance you know the kind of react to things.
In that you know what’s the point in them.
It also i think i’ll convince him and he doesn’t make this any way but i think we can vesna go paul which is.
Let’s just give it a couple months and then it turns into a circus here.

[40:59] Right away the how we’re gonna do something to do something but lately he said it it easily could be that the.
You know the current situation public input fault close enough.
He just awaits currently being handled and get some of the current policies that are having their humanity cannot do this i gonna make anybody mad in your use to open and transparent everything is going on swimmingly.
Public input probably gonna be like girl you guys well or for the water to be able to feel like you know that they’ve been.
Her by the city or some that’s probably legitimate yeah in an.

[41:42] Before going to this last day here any comments on.
Tell everyone i talked to earlier what’s it about again on my blog.
I’m just glad he’s gone kind of a sigh of relief that’s almost like you know.

[41:59] Of all the things that you could do they were anti citizen.
And so pro corporate welfare in all and and and and all that stuff which is like it’s almost like a sigh a relief i am starting to compile.
Just put in electronic form i think there amazon or something like that of all my blog post called blog post about heather but it’s that the ones that the big ones from the time a short little reference.
Set of what he started running for office today and.
So that’s kinda fundamental commentary will reference for the yeah you think he’s working on a book about is his his is experience,
so i figured out i put mine together what actually happened because my block followed all the way.
And i’m gonna start from the beginning and just start grabbing bloody susan revel are book,
that’s scary i’m gonna grab situations and ima comment how i feel about them today can’t compare happened first it was the outcome yet wasn’t one who were the players that you recall and there,
that’s interesting when he was running for office i told people all the time that i was leery of him because he marketed the most predatory credit card information and i just fell.
You know i don’t know a lot of our except for that yeah and that was enough for me to go.
Do we really want someone like this from me or you know yeah and i know my a my final thoughts on those who are foreign to the years ago.

[43:41] I don’t recall acts like he did i think he told me he is smiling i did i said don’t.
I don’t recall i know that is under voted for hours ago for i don’t recall voting for me or eight years i might as evidence of.
Where the house and i don’t even live in c falls mi ago where am i what am i doing here is just relieved he’s in i think.
And in the past eight years in sioux falls and i really.
Strong eight years enters a girls and find in our own footing as a city it’s are having receded run it doesn’t it can’t give you their.
All the credit union some of the credit but that’s been a long time coming was so you last three big wins over the past.
It’s over the either ministry in that weren’t part of the the reception i think i might my one criticism of him is if i were riding his his win last that he just.
It just released cal callousness cancel.
Sioux falls on the win list for sioux falls of the last eight years sioux falls as my heater person asia sandals and here you know.
Some ice the tennis center knows who falls not the tennis center i don’t think.
The sale of the really are in sioux falls to god thousand poorly ago is as cfo as a women and i don’t know how it goes you know it’s been a long time coming.

[45:16] That the fat medical you have lines go away was train’s girl that’s the thing three teams are still there right and i was only knows when to travel more often been,
like a year double button hole with the last eight years we have literally changed the style in sioux falls if he,
if that wasn’t developers have done here at with family has that wasn’t his big win was changing the skylight in sioux falls in the midst of the situation.
What did he use rest the events such as calling right away after you got a ton of new construction watch the event center on a hot day.
Ask is constantly moving to.
Yea go to go to colorado brownie and watch it but the you you’ll get a ton of new construction lotto always even downtown is specially on that,
you know that sort of revitalization it’s gonna continue writing in the new administration but you know you got in washington,
that’s where to be able to have worked with developers in order to do some that’s of i think probably is what he should call his biggest win.
For ss to falls was on the pic that i was.
I understand why it was on the list right now and doesn’t understand why he thought that was number one right i would have thought he was the answer for i would have even if you just,
you know we’ve changed the silence of balls and all of these great new.
Construction projects one another the negotiation went with like the rail yard but maybe that’s the biggest item in his mind because of how much to use had to spend that much time you know like when you’re doing anything with railroad is just.

[46:57] And now your hair is most is the most recent of the city has had a direct involvement with it so that is probably why call the number one but i on a.
You should’ve listed events are not easter to it i’ll be there was also those also debated and study for a long time and he doesn’t always you’ve always get this done.
Sioux falls and will bring in garth brooks for nine solo shows that was.

[47:23] Where is my final criticism of him is he doesn’t know how to compile is hot as the new three years robert new no up for about four.
Yeah like for fun like i think i would have moved here about the time he got reelected okay what were your thoughts on.

[47:42] You know well but when i left the state i kinda thought you know sioux falls i thought it was pretty.
Pretty stagnant not like really that dynamic of a place or anything like that but.
I don’t get that vibe at all and other people i talk to the podcast just different artists and performers and stuff like that i don’t know if,
it’s related to heather or if he just happened i don’t know if it’s that movie where clint scenario where the you know the big we will prosperity with happened anyway for if you helped facility or he didn’t her or food and more if he,
stay out of it either way sioux falls is going from like a serious control explosions slash renaissance right now i would give more credit to.

[48:28] On all of the prisoners get the record you guys to that can relate to the culture itself is young and i think wit with you ther in particular i think his legacy is going to be complex because you’ve got.
Kinda like you know i’m put my history and had on here you got all that blinks four figures to build a big monuments and stuff like that but what was it like for the people,
yeah the little people that live around all those giant monuments and who paid for like that day after work you know who gets to be his george bush senior who gets to come in afterwards inherit the bill i can see that’s the thing that he’s brought up is that.
You know the debt is actually this is a little bit less than what was working in the office it was.
Was hovering at that three hundred million place when he came in the office.
Now i think is pretty good it’s bout to ninety now i think or around there so we but when he doesn’t say is that he created two hundred million in new debt.

[49:32] The.
So if he wouldn’t have created an event which is it possible and right virtually impossible because there’s always infrastructure projects but let’s say you know we didn’t build the event center some of these things.
That would be right now would be at probably hundred million.
And that is because all these things during the years he was in office stuff that munson and handsome spend money most munson.

[50:00] All that all those bills were paid off because of the scheduling of the payments and wasn’t anything that heather did.
It makes a sound like he got he is the benefactor good timing right and i think there i think that is got any political.
And visions in the future he hasn’t done anything super catastrophic that would.
Prevented running for higher office will you still liable right now but if that’s interesting story that you bring of the city’s started as mayor three olds use your number three hundred million dollars three million dollars and it makes.
The mass of all the body of the event center and he’s still and a his eighty years,
ten million dollars less in debt than when he started and that’s including,
giant hundred forty million dollar public to say at write themselves for that one again and the new tablet and the new public indoor pool those things aren’t cheap,
and then on top of that and the roads are pretty okay pieces are our per capita dennis down course of perhaps the dentist because we have.

[51:06] Two thousand more people this answer as is no repairs themselves i don’t know elected governor,
or senator who is your best the devil for a hundred years from now i hope for.
Time it was just leave it to that you know the jewish one me a great point.
Email rose were when it is she know she worked for months and she laughed god left city hall the exact same time my keys are rolled in it she.
Was the business journal editor as room this is now all the way up she’s watching and she said invest our roles were rated seven on a ten.
One monster left office and they rated seven hundred ten today.
He’s he’s really does that says format and and meeting you tube on us always started on the road supposes disease eighteen is of a kinds of decent rose.
In sioux falls seven hundred ten for municipality is really especially in the midwest.
And so you know it least he’s maintain that could a been better sure who spent money on other stuff yeah the thing that people don’t realize is.
How many bonds at tax and fee increases he said over fifty horse council voted form to yeah so he’s not guilty.
All you do is perform a boat and fifty tax and fee increases.

[52:40] And you know fifteen seventeen bonds some like that take now.
Jim is still more than a golf yup.
What are the side talk to the people i said get up you had company will do this for me and landed on my.
But i can almost guess i told people.
If you live in the same house that you were point one peoples or take up your tax bill.
In twenty ten introductory tax bill today and tell me the difference of when these guys is warms where.
Seventy percent hundred percent something like that in and it eight years but is it where dan is pretty crazy.
Which is a big coming on for that women is it percent was big big job water follies and but yeah yeah what is of yet and then on top of that you have.
They’re cool now destroying from talk about now but you know.
Proposing two hundred seventy nine get that yeah it is it is inside the energy companies they,
there was double the rate increase the wine to the pc isn’t an old pc monitor game theory winning alaska is people are no strangers to the nash equilibrium he happy ass of a brother to me and.
So we got an raisins of your taxes back so i still have my said yeah heather maybe ending this for.
Right you know the streets the same they were when he came and the death the same it was working lower.

[54:15] Lower but he your fees and taxes are gone maya and another.
Thing even look at is looking how much spending has gone down since he’s been mayor is.
You don’t text you no sales tax revenue is is is is a steady flow down down down down that’s the sweetest people are paying more than i make in they’re not they’re not getting the races are keeping up with your taxes.
The races are heating up with the expense of goods and.
They’re spending less and less money on buying things they don’t have it this time and it’s all of two to take a look.
At that winters and see you really get a car’s coming find out what the impact of each of those things are on or is that were just really sing really really.
Bed time right now for breaks and order retail the.

[55:15] Damn it so that’s that’s interesting and i don’t know if it is a tricycle also have enough of this.
What is her heaters.
Back once more in twenty i was always twenty twenty two twenty four because the appears on about eighty where i swear to god i’m scrolling i will dwell.
Is it really so as i say that your barf bag ready let’s finish was something that happened.
What happened in pages has a lot of stuff off of app yeah happened in april i can’t remove this happen.
We don’t know what to believe because the television about it but the city fish scammed yes yes apartment.
The weather going around this is a rumor you heard about this no this is the official.

[56:14] Purl a great day two people posing as vendors that they hold my this is where it gets kinda as suspicious to order normal vents.

[56:25] To normal vendors road money.

[56:30] To the two people posed as these vendors yes in there is a man in the middle attack if you will be at peace these individuals posed as of an invoice as as these two vendors who are legit vendors,
and the city without waking paid bills was estate be given to bake routing number.
They said these are new bank routing numbers the city takes the debate rabi numbers put them in the system says the money so here’s a rumor going around the city won’t tell us how much it is.
But i have a feeling that it probably is this amount the rumor going around that kind of seat out.

[57:09] Gossip thirty half a million wall knoll.
Lol really well i’m feeling suspicious that is a higher amount because i think it was thirty thousand or five thousand or even.
He thousand the city probably were told us born they brought up the fact that the press release that.
They have an enhanced crime fraud prevention insurance policy i’m like what the fuck is that.
And we brought that up and said that the publishers alliance will pay us our money back that we got taken for and if the fbi catches these people and can get the money.

[57:53] That the fbi would give that money to the publisher excellence in here like what.
So it sounds like we were taken for quite a bit is what i’m guessing if we have to get a payment cuz if we were taken for me even eighty thousand dollars the city will just have to go and cant write that off.
When they’re what your pastor deductible is a one year so i can how we get paid back for this.
Set with the four hundred million dollar budget we can just suck up ten grand in your like this and get alot of money.
And then the other quite.

[58:36] To the city employees that do it did this to the trouble of better yet who’s checking their work.
You can just send off payments and nobody else chat usually the system like that will somebody check and what you’re doing.
In big organizations like that tho its it’s really common tactic to just send fly i mean jarvis payment,
i get that part,
but will the weather be grounded number with somebody she checking if that’s weird is real it’s incredibly common from what i’ve seen in past jobs i’ve had,
the giant sub contractor in the city that i worked for are for coming out he got ten a week.
That were invoices that were not for anything and it just someone in the city just fire them off like every big business they know eventually someone will actually pay,
you know ten thousand dollars are under dollar fifty days common yeah i get that all i told but that were jackson browne’s with it with your no yeah i mean i think your writer friend remember that my account is in dallas it.
Are under.
Generally accepted accounting principles and practices that you card wanna make sure are a grounded is generally it’s not receives.
Ni in invoice cuz i’m allison versus going to actually pay it like it never did this isn’t the sales gonna.
Cut the payment was somebody if the vendor is calling to change their bank routing numbers and that’s out of the blue you sure that somebody should check right and if it’s not is normal practice for him to be doing.

[1:00:17] They set the vendors change the bakery numbers quite a bit,
see there’s a lot of stuff yeah is sold that is interesting in thing i said someone was.
The mayor just brag not to long ago in another when but it didn’t make the big when was the gas in the summer when this is our to keep track he should you like calendar or something.
Twelve months and neither is when this tall top winds get to sleep on the couch tonight.
No say anything when for me not for city so long tracks plus sullivan’s.
Send the level after it’s all the lights so anyway.

[1:01:07] I forgot what that with a few seconds of major never mind is it so anyway what is it okay now remember.

[1:01:18] Five is the part he increased by twenty people since he’s been you know that he’s increase five but mostly business alice.
Yeah he was bragging about the fact that they got this brand new financial software.
Then i would think we have some things in it that would help with the whole double checking people’s work and play going okay demeaning than management.
They’re changing this bank routing number maybe you should look and that’s your kind of thing.
Because they said they were using software from the eighties which was bad i guess i was looking county is just numbers and with all anyway so that’s what’s price on this is that.
With all this new software this new people they that it’s just seems like somebody wasn’t checking someone’s for is what it seems like to me.
And it and it was a half million dollars holy shit down you know person can just change the change of bank routing number.
And send up a half million dollars and everyone just kinda goes on or about we got an insurance policy will get you pay setting to premiums insurance policy.
Can we do to lol you sold.

[1:02:43] I wonder if anything will come of this with with with today he i think it would.
At least take a look and let me know when one of these and every light so not have this happen again just recently double check get get get is falling and then just say aaron at thing now.
If so we changed the routing number do burger king everything for a while with or having someone all check the food bags that when the spare time call them and in verify he that is.
Is this a yeah management have management call you know.

[1:03:26] Johnny down here so that you need to change your way around this is mary ten.
Hey can solve for five two zero number was ow ow ow good cop one yeah growing back there seems over.
I thought i told i told allie today isn’t going to get jesse schmidt from the.
Better business bureau over the workers to dig stamps the if somebody calls and claims to be the city’s grandson and what,
to pay half million dollar bill and i tune cards be very says,
maybe call was to call the city’s daughter and find out this is gracie abc contracting it would like to get paid for that three billion dollar bridge we just bill,
with i tune cards oh okay.
No that was was the second jewelry dollars nothing said we don’t really have it out it.

[1:04:35] He paul to pay it heats cards.
Can you spot to fly but whatever it cool,
what was all said it is finish my cat that i think with the new council.
And the new mayor and stuff that i know about paul’s past.
It’s going to be a lot of fun watching even if there’s any even if there’s no controversy.
It’s gonna be interesting to watch the warriors it will it will be fun.

[1:05:20] The i know that janet rocky thing that she liked she’s not a lot of things just wants to put the pipe.
So it’s gonna do a lot of fun watching the counselor she knows what she’s doing ratios what she’s doing and it’s gonna to be really interesting to watch how the other counselors handle that yup and the mayor new.
Where we enter the caesar what kind of demarcation line cousin between us on restriction but you jack credit she’s meeting with everybody and letting everyone in our ideas for me she hasn’t been.
You don’t keeping the cards close to herself and saying i’m not shown no she probably see council’s election yeah for as of she talking every single concert right is been talking here about our ideas she says no surprise she’s a big transparency over.

[1:06:10] Awesome and so you’re not gonna get any surprise jet and i think it’s frustrating some of them because they’re so used to work and.

[1:06:20] With different you know where you never know what you what information you gotta get up and i’ll.

[1:06:29] Hopefully our retires how to avoid for years will have more sunshine or summer school right tm right trouble have a.

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