South DaCola Ep 023 Election Eve 2018

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

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[0:27] South koeller podcast I believe or on 24.
25 23 23 well I’m way off we are awaiting the co-host he had some business to take care of.
It had to do with water I guess yeah but we’re going to do we’re going to do our final predictions we won’t probably get into the,
the massive debate like we did last time and so a co-host will be there shortly,
and I’m joined here by Robert but I wanted to talk about a few local city issues before,
he arrived there were some things that came up today one of the.

[1:14] What are the big things that came up today is the former fire chief Sedaris have you been reading about this kind of emotions in the court will decide by Friday,
if they can submit the excuse that Jim Sedaris as computers were hacked,
by his former coworker Pat Warren and that’s been named already in the news and I figured that’s who they were talking about now you if you remember Pat was the one that was fired from the city for hacking Jim Sedaris.
As I understood work computer.
And you’re causing lots of issues and problems and they fired Patrick Warren and Patrick that was in 2014.
I’m in Patrick you know was diagnosed with.

[2:06] I don’t know if is bipolar disorder borderline is something like that.
I talked to Patrick several times after he left the city he’s doing very well and so then when I found out this happen.

[2:21] I’m not going to defend Patrick they mean obviously there is a possibility somebody can do that.

[2:28] What’s look at some of the other things around this case first off.

[2:34] Put yourself in Patrick shoes OK hacking his boss’s computer to get dirt on his boss well.
That’s something people would do he lost his job over it.

[2:46] Planting child pronography on your boss’s computer you would have to put your your computer guy you have to put yourself at risk.
Acquiring the child pronography to put it on the computer,
so that’s my first issue I have with this not being.
The other issue I have with this is when he was first arrested.
Some of the evidence that was presented was in the course this could all change you don’t know what’s happened over what two years now or whatever but.
Couple of things that I remember them talking about is how James was using his phone and driving around neighborhoods trying to access the free Wi-Fi.

[3:41] So
How does this relate to someone hacking your computer if you’re using your phone to try to access free Wi-Fi download shop in Agra Fee number 2.
What are the big kickers in this case was he was at a firefighters convention gym.
And was caught trying to download child pronography in his hotel room now.

[4:08] Hackers can only do so much.
It is my opinion even if you’re really good at it how how could you download how would you know when Jim was in his hotel room.
Add to get him to download child pronography that’s getting a lot sketch here on a good note This chords are looking at this they don’t know if they’re going to let them submit it.

[4:34] It’s not impossible but it’s claiming to have evidence.
So there could be a possibility that it could happen I just look at certain things and and and and kind of look at this and go.
You know it’s kind of like Alaskan defense.
Another thing I wanted to talk about is I was telling Robert before the show that.
They have an update on the Levitt Pavilion for those of you don’t know that I want the Levitt Pavilion is it is going to be a free concert venue down by Falls Park it’s beautiful the taxpayers of Sioux Falls and put it over 2 million dollar store,
we’re going to put $75,000 a year into maintenance in it that is an ongoing cost by the taxpayers.
Free concerts the Levites going to put on free concerts with the city will be able to run it out for other stuff the Levitt is contracted to use it 80 days out of the year the city gets to use it for the rest,
now in other communities that have the Levites one of the big things about having a free concert is that you don’t show up to a free concert and have to buy a bunch of food or buy a bunch of drinks,
pop beer wine whatever.
Tonight they were discussing that they’re going to have food trucks which is great cuz some people are just lazy and they don’t want to bring their own food some people and they’re going to have beer and wine vendors which is okay with me also.

[6:00] What’s in when they were asked about you know basically how I would have questioned is the other Levites allow this,
they said that you can bring your own cooler and you will be able to bring your own food you will be able to bring your own pop you’ll bring your own water,
and other beverages alcohol is one of the beverages they will not allow you to bring now.

[6:24] Robert jokingly said when I get to be checking people’s coolers for alcohol yeah you know and how are you going to police that and whatever else.
I believe and I told already told city council tonight in a text message I will fight this vocally because I believe that if people are allowed to bring for your food.
And free pop or not free but bring their own you should really bring your own beer.
Because isn’t that the whole point of having a free concert in the park bring your own stuff so I’m a little disappointed and what they’re planning.
The other reason why I’m a little disappointed in this is obviously there’s been no discussion with the public about this this was a decision that the rabbit and the city parks decided to make on their own once again without consulting people they already said they going to put RFP out.
RFP out for the alcohol I don’t have an issue with that but.
Would you rather would you rather buy a $5 you know Coors Light tap or would you rather by pay $5 and get a six-pack of Coors Light and Coors Light anyway but either way.
I believe if you are of age.
You should be able to drink alcohol and I wouldn’t even bring your own and I would even be opposed to saying hey if you want to bring your own beer that’s fine please come over and get a wristband so if a police officer walks by NSync seeing you drink your own beer.

[7:48] They don’t say I want to see your idea so I’m not I’m okay with you I just have a real issue with saying will if you don’t drink you know you can bring your own food and bring it on pop but you can’t bring your own beer that’s kind of silly.
And one more thing and hopefully we’ll be here when I get done with this.

[8:10] So they see how you was doing this fantastic thing and I applied for it they’re giving rides to the polls.
They’re also helping people who don’t speak English that well or don’t speak English at all.
I helping them with the ballot process helping them with absentee voting you know of course the conservatives thinks it’s probably some liberal,
liberal conspiracy you know to get the boats you know but I’m all for if you’re an American citizen and you are eligible to vote,
you should register to vote and you should vote but you should also do your research so they’re helping people with doing research and stuff like that think it’s great.
Here’s my issue with the ACLU we worn ACLU Bruce and I that.
The school district before the school district election they can easily do this with the midterms that you know they didn’t have any precincts in the southern part of the city.
They were.
What’s the one thing the School District employees were promoting a yes vote using resources they can’t do that it’s against a lot,
so before the election we told him all this and then we also said you should probably pull watch this it’s probably go there and watch them come to vote they did not do any of that they had no response obviously there’s probably some people who work for the South Dakota ACLU support public education.

[9:33] I’m okay with that.
This is about an election then after the election we found that the finance department counted all the votes there was no teachers there was no volunteers there’s no poll Watchers and we made them aware of that.
Still no assistance from the ACLU when Bruce went to the media about requesting the data from the election.
We wanted to have these feel you on board helping us with this darkness is with us queso Patrick Lally.

[10:05] Add Macy are you still has not responded so if you were so concerned about Fair elections.
Then a fair elections then they really should be looking into the school bond election in my.
And co-host has arrived so we can get into our predictions I went over some local issues I don’t think that 8% approval rating that looking at was,
overwhelmed well both Harrisburg and Sioux Falls what maybe people should work it out.

[10:40] NyQuil people should be looking at and I wouldn’t for anybody who gets elected tomorrow to the legislature or perhaps our new secretary of state to,
writing a rule at a special election cannot be held within x amount of days,
oh yeah that’s so stupid election is a waste of money that’s entire right.
Oscar predictions what we’re going to do these quick cuz we we debated and yell at each other quite a bit last time,
oh I bet I got my notes this song now and then.
Local races and then Governor Congressional attorney-general so wherever you want to go out why don’t we.

[11:29] Why was just going to order that I’ve got things which is.

[11:34] House Representatives us so the dusty bjorkman race no problem I’m giving him well over 60% what do you think I’ve got the Johnson 58.

[11:48] Oh you’re not even giving Dusty 60.

[11:52] Actually I realized I told Robert I emailed dusty over the weekend and kind of basically said,
thank him for being a positive campaigner ain’t you know I said I disagree with all your policies.

[12:04] I don’t know if I said I didn’t vote for you but I think he probably does he knows I would vote for him,
and I said I just want to say thank you do I said I wanted to thank you for being positive he’s been a very positive campaign I mean.
But the point the reason he probably wouldn’t go after,
dub York man for all kinds of things like you say,
you’re right and you know Dusty email me back and he said that he appreciated that I’ve been somewhat fair to him and and he,
Kate said you know him he had a few issues with Tim and probably people in the night driving.
So I guess we’re all kind of an agreement on that went to Robert what do you think I mean with that race
yeah but you never know it might be closer to 8 because
it was pulled out about 5052 it is.
Before four-way race will its face it’s a two-way race going to have the guys like I don’t know who they are.

[13:23] George Hendrix say I guess I can say George Hendrickson I’m going to try Rock Resort,
so you know he’s the larouche candidate.
Is independent all the TV stations have been doing candidate profiles some credit Ron was either on kdlt.
Aura kasih fly one of them and he says.

[13:58] I’m like I’m like whoa so he goes my dad he lost his leg.
This is Dad just lost another one.
Your aunt about the same path because my dad lost his leg in a farming accident,
and so I had to help out quite a bit after that happened and then a couple years later.

[14:37] Okay it is try another profession,
I was never mind I’m just like wow what are the odds.
Resume learn like I never mind that I thought that was pretty weird to be bringing up in your candidate profile is a resident of South Dakota voters,
oh yeah he knows and and if you’re coming from the as I have all we need to take the big money out,
it’s not going to resonate with.

[15:22] Your pit and some genuine when he say is it was it was pain to say like he’s falling for something easy I feel like it’s got to say it.

[15:29] Gym shoes that they want to know what’s going to happen with.
Put trade in a farm right and Tim Tim and Tim really should have stuck to his main issue which is.

[15:43] Instead of sending a text to prison you know as a judge he saw this all the time instead of sending the prison get them help and that was a big issue for him but he should have pushed it more but I’ll be honest.
Ability I don’t know what his budget was there anything like that but yorkman at our whatever ad.
That was Chicago election on Facebook but every time I felt like I was going to get sold a reverse mortgage,
Facebook asking to say a Construction lawsuit on mesothelioma if I was a ship Builder tell you guys I can really drink.

[16:28] I liked him.
And I could tell you guys so many back room stories about why some of that stuff never came to fruition,
but we don’t have the time on the show between Billie Sutton,
I like takes on high water mark is 45,
that’s the Hi-C I’m I’m not I’m not with you there I I am I talk to Jojo invited Jonathan that was on the show today he could not make it.
But we did have a discussion about that,
and this was what I said to him I said if I was a betting man I would put a fiver on gnome but I think it’s close and I don’t I don’t agree with your 45 I think it’s tight,
and then Bruce call me before the show and he got information from a national poll cuz first you tell me this poll,
and I said oh yeah it’s probably a dumb idea and see your voice and know it’s a national poll,
it’s the latest one I can’t remember I can’t remember the name of it but they have Billy f51 I don’t believe it.
But I probably could have outliers days and I don’t think I would be surprised but.

[17:51] If I was a betting man I would give it to Nome 52 I’ve got I’ve got no home 53.

[18:00] Sun 44 and the flat-earth libertarian 3 I think,
you did Kurtz going to knock out 3 with pulling at 1
call Randy the song in the public broadcasting but he really made him strong appeal to at least get me 2% to remain an amazing party.
Why don’t you see his hair and like,
you did he look like a white flower burst,
you’ve had awful haircuts I’ve had okay haircut Oregon Aryan resistance.
When is when is opening statement was I’m a young Earth believer the Earth is,
4000 years older than Jesus,
but I’ll give you those people those t-shirts we all see Ronald Reagan,
should a couple AR-15 bar right in the back of the Velociraptor those might actually be based in reality in the skies world.

[19:20] So what do you think what do you think.
I think it’s going to be like a and I like a 40,
48 it’s going to be like within like a point where to take an extremely negative
Fox traffic wifey I don’t think they have two orders me that there’s flags and I think that.
There’s some issues I think that you know that they are really hard in the primary than a sort of slow down when really they should know they should just throw in the afterburners and I think that,
dial the ads against Jackie turned off some of his voters who are.

[20:16] I’m not you see them. I did see the big bullet so I guess Greg Warren sad it is.
Call Billy Billy a liberal in this state.

[20:35] Cuz when we were talking over the summer I said there’s no way any way to get close to 40,
you can’t make up that hundred thousand votes he’s made up some of it shockingly but I do think that 45% it was in the Kellogg bowl that is as high water mark.
Don’t really pulling well with the Indies though too.
So that helps some chip away but as I said to Robert the high voter turnout I think actually they’re predicting I voter turnout and I think if the voter turnout.
Is between 50 and 60 that’s better for Billy if the voter turnout is 75 or higher that’s better for Christy that I would.
I think they definitely the higher the turnout the better it is for now that mean.

[21:28] Apps that register States and and I never would have predicted I would have predicted.

[21:38] That some point during the campaign.
Show me the last name Trump where the vice president would come I would never ever predicted that the president himself would come before this picture doesn’t look at it and I think that that.
Probably is just probably Loctite or West River,
and that’s why the vice presidents in Rapid City I stand by getting nearly nearly a thousand people,
to show up to a fundraiser in Sioux Falls take off for the day and popped on money is still,
cute I do think what you judge is magnificent beautiful.
I do think that gnome probably is going to do a lot better East River and on the I-20 Corridor then she hasn’t impasse.
Elections at least which is getting worse West River that she hasn’t passed Legends thankfully for her I think her big support lies.
East River and there are just a lot more voters East River than the rest.

[22:49] I see Sioux Falls Sioux Falls is going to be one of those words.
Spell County Sioux Falls it’s going to be within a point or two but I just,
I don’t I don’t see the state estate flipping,
Adrian giving the edge to the rounds Berg I’ve got a man 54 to a bjorkman 46 I think bjorkman does Winter end.
Talking about a g.
No Bureau Hoosick Siler not the Oregon side of the Brownsburg 54 sailor that shows you how confident I am I just going to say it I want Randy to win,
and as I said to someone the other day if Randy had an arm behind his name and Jason had to be behind his name this Ray should be 80/20 easily.
Because of of Randy’s experience Randy time Grammys has been interviewed by any ksfy if you have Brian Allen.
And Brady Mallory ask you a simple question how many cases have you prosecuted and you can’t answer that question,
you are not qualified to be attorney or I’m sorry I have to go I I I disagree with you on the call of again I do think.

[24:16] 600 cases.
Dominating into like dating cereal career prosecutors to be the Attorney General of the state because they’ve only got one,
taking mine and I surprise everybody and it’s a show me the man and I’ll find it everywhere,
gently gently what does an unconstitutional.
Career prosecutors bibilia turn it down because like Robert said every.

[25:00] Every every every detail your your everybody is just going to price it at all they know how to do so with that and we need to be possible side I do think that Jason is not showing up on two debates,
I said I think he’s fumbled someone quite a bit in the media.
The benefits of having an AR he benefits from having probably probably more money than Siler because he has heavily advertising radio d as advertised on radio in Friends,
he’s got the endorsement,
South Dakota Sheriff’s and he’s got a lot of State’s Attorney’s,
so I think I think that’s all going well for him Sylar is a government.

[25:47] Pierre bureaucrat career prosecutor Insider he had a long rambling bad Facebook video,
and people don’t know who he is and he was appointed,
by Obama Circle all things going to handle all things.
What he said you should talk about every two years,
22 okay so he wants to fit you so you want to how much does and Emma wants a federal agent seems to be bipartisan to me or nonpartisan to me,
and I believe that I believe that we should change the state,
and it should be a nonpartisan but I would I would I would I would I would I would disagree Twilight
no because I wore II marijuana or abortion and stomach issues Republican,
here’s here’s the thing is that if we’re going to get rid of for the partisan label of it all.
Then I take it we should just get rid of the election of an attorney general they just have it be appointed by the governor.

[27:05] Oh that’s okay that mean stuff that makes it a partisan issue too because of Republican governor Republican way I think removing party labels and stuff like that.
Got in this is one of the issues that was wrong with Amendment VII last time is that it actually becomes,
far worse I think for the citizens in the electorate because they don’t know.
What they’re going to get you at least at least wicked witch series where are they going to line if you are a pro version,
pro-marijuana person you’re never going to vote for the Republican if you don’t like those kind of,
can I see it if you remove that party label they can lie to your face and we all on.

[27:59] I need another job that’s silly but anyway so.
40 I don’t know today I have no I will no position on that one.
ISO ballot measures got 20 24 hours.
State money than that one could go I didn’t see I didn’t see what the only wasn’t for him it could pass download.
It’s already unconstitutional if it passes and people should not vote for because,
it is it is half out in it,
set up some serious ramifications for individuals and entities to be able to defend themselves in the court of public opinion in the state on a ballot measure I would encourage anybody who’s listening to this.
Tonight the polls open by the time listen to it and seven hours vote no on 24 I think it’s a joke.

[29:21] Money is free speech whatever.

[29:25] We are the United States of America in other words we may run our states with their own constitutions but we all.
Are united so if an idea or money comes from a neighboring state or even Massachusetts,
why would we go oh dear we can have their money old dear we wouldn’t have their ideas slow like that,
if it’s bad for them we learn from that and we go no we don’t want to do something like that so my opinion is.
Why is out-of-state money so bad when it comes to the ballot initiatives,
but dude and no man the national parties guide,
I agree that I think that the frustration is is what you’ve got.

[30:21] National groups like The marsy’s Law Group coming in and dropping stuff in here without like changing it one bit to make it fit,
South Dakota taking a look at what how did things work in what are we are you doing what’s good with Bette and I think that that’s what that’s what the anger the first reaction goes on this is the wrong Avenue to take out your frustration on out-of-state Bell managers coming in,
that is crazy. I think it’s a bad idea but not because Philip Morris pump 6.5 million dollars into the state,
if I did it right I just think it’s a bad idea it’s so I could care less,
about I could I could care less at the Tobacco Company spend that kind of money aren’t you offended at the back tobacco company out because it’s a stupid idea absolutely right to come in when you got.
A a measure that,
that is that is coming up that’s going to regulate their business in this scenario they should be able to come in and defend themselves,
I’m I do think I’m torn on 25 I see that you voted yet. I don’t know that’s going to make the decision in there I would like to see.

[31:36] Fear of people smoking.
In the money should go to my eye I always type I understand but just the two of us but on the other,
yeah but it say it has one but you got a.

[32:04] Revenue source of the diminishing return because of her going to be smoke is going to be less revenues are going to find ourselves in the same position we were in two years ago I don’t know if this is going to do anything to actually lower the cost of.
Tuition worth it just got offer
let’s figure out a way to make this work without having to raise taxes also also this is a AAA tax on Native Americans.
It attacked its attacks on people who smoke.
No I don’t want to put it but I’m just saying paper education for fly ideas.
But that be a motivating factor for you to vote against it I do think things with the.

[32:57] Twisted do need to be figured out I do support increasing the cost in order to Price younger people out of the Marcus or they’re not,
smoking I think we should have added also on that attacks on to the The Vape juice in the jewelry and all that stuff all I do think that that,
it probably will fail but I do think it was a good strategy for Mickelson to cut the ad by saying no this one is going to go to Tech schools I should know I wrote the Bill,
are they going to add some credibility to that statement and if he brought it here and he’s wanted to go on sell it on on TV I think that I don’t support.
I got they do so I think it’s going to be close but I think it’s going to fail diagram and you’ve got.
Retailers Education Association it’s just.

[33:55] Probably in a couple of days. So I’d actually going to be asking to be a close I don’t think it’s closed in my mind cuz I don’t know what I’m going to do,
but I think that altimate lead attacks fails I think it’s going to pass but it’s going to be a it’s going to be close
I think it very likely could pass I hope that it says I hope that it doesn’t pass and I think that W is got a lot of issues
is really good to show that console.
Ed Helms and the lovely Jennifer Lawrence the performance could not even find a single South Dakota to go on television and then to a video to say I support this thing,
nobody to tell the guys that they do you want for your couch a cat me and Stacey.

[34:59] Bunch of potential issues very very difficult to fix,
what is embedded
the other side of it to though is at this measure but the issue the issue is.
Happened but this regulates the this measure regulates the legislature more than regular,
corruption happens at the administrative level,
but let’s face it the legislators are there for sure they had everything over the administration that sits under a title and register business it’s there it’s not like I’m not saying that anybody hurt.
That was upset and I haven’t done things.
All of the things that were mad I don’t do anything really wrong eb-5.
There needs to be greater oversight at the administrative level.

[36:16] Address any of those issues and once we figure out it if we find out that the campaign Finance limits or the lobbying rules aren’t restrictive enough.
In the state if we continue that or there are four or more fat or people find a workaround to the issue you know how much harder it is to fix,
at the Constitutional is a legislature they fight a workaround to think they’re not going to propose the amendment and circulate and get 10% of the signatures they were elected.
In the garage where I send an email.

[36:50] If x passes Unity 55% of people to go and issues with my past I hope it doesn’t,
and I think that a lot of people more people need to go and speak to more people if you have.

[37:11] We’re upset with the way with 22 this is got all of the same stuff in 22.

[37:23] It had a lot of unintended consequences that that,
they were really okay can we give you be teacher was married to a legislator can you can you be a teacher who’s 22 met its demise,
I think that the legislature should have hands off today,
Let It Go through the chords because it would be much better for the screenshot that they did,
don’t you because these assholes or Massachusetts decided little really care but the legislature should have been source of your fellow American I know they are,
if they if you would have left 22 alone let it go through the court,
the courts would have found it to be unconstitutional of it some of it so let me know. Most of it all of the bad stuff that they wanted to get rid of to try to fix it unconstitutional,
and then we wouldn’t be here because people to say while it’s unconstitutional for every one of them if you want,
is it let the courts do it because of course we’re going to be friendly to the whims of the reason why I think,
you can you can agree or disagree with me on that spot.

[38:47] You sit here and talk about all these unattended consequences that the one that the legislators are going to have to put up with.
Consequences of,
regular Celtic Owens if you’re a teacher you’re technically working for government your check is coming to the state government these measures go in and say okay well it now you,
you you you can’t have a relationship with somebody was employed by an entity that employs a lobbyist so you’re a science teacher at Public School Roosevelt,
okay science teacher football coach where’s the nearest where’s the Sanford guess what Stanford’s got lobbyists a lobbyist,
is it school district school district,
it is sure that yours don’t have a direct relationship with that lobbyists and needed by the nurses and doctors language says,
can happen now is it because it can happen this is a bad measure,
a very bad measure and I are trying to diagnose I I am not,
that’s what that’s what the judge initially ruled that’s why I put a pause on it last December.

[40:15] 2 Decembers ago when the laws it first came on that’s when the legislators are said okay.
So they’re really honest let’s read the tea leaves this is a lot of us is going to go away we don’t do anything but the courts be the bad guys on this but I do think that that is very likely that won’t pass cuz I do think people are upset about.
A hood Wings over over over marsy’s law brought up where you know now.
You don’t you can’t know where private is happening in the state.
At all because of marsy’s Law and we had to go through a whole constitutional fix for that I think people are tired of these out-of-state cost to show meme’s coming in and saying.
We know what’s best for you South Dakota.

[40:57] Like we could ask why I hope I hope I hope I hope that it does not pass Amendment X the 55% supermajority I do think that this will pass again but passes with less than 55% and that’s the fun irony,
I don’t think so I think I’ll pass I think people are more upset than you realize I don’t spell it,
I don’t think there’s a couple people get in front of a Cameron bitch about it but most people like to have this power but people don’t for 55 people.

[41:35] Around the state and I reason why I said this is not get rid of it but I think that people don’t want Kelsey Grammer.
Coming here and say I do because I because I say then to constitutional initiative referendum
it’s too small painted this this does not do away with it,
but this does put into it does put a safeguard against,
what’s it based on what’s 60% based on.

[42:19] Set based on anything other than that you should have a supermajority,
against ate a slim majority,
completely over writing up ending the content a lot of people don’t understand it and a lot of times when people don’t understand initiatives they do one or two things,
and that’s why it’s not going to be able to play online with other people seeing people say oh yeah Amanda Constitution that makes sense to me,
I’ve more confusing one is
which is a single ish forget about that one guy that might could I don’t know I think somebody is going to take the time to 2 right.
In a manner that’s going to impact different areas let me do it I don’t know.
Legislature again saying we don’t want we don’t like her dishes a referendum for trying to limit them,
is holding our constitution with a little bit more sickness and try to prevent things that blonde with in statute.
From just being done to the car she would imagine if Chuck Brennan had been successful in the payday loan thing we would have.

[43:44] Payday loan interest rates embedded into our Constitution and that’s just bullshit right does not belong there a lot of this stuff a lot of these amendments that are coming for,
do not belong in the Constitution South Dakota has the longest state constitution in the entire Union and.
Well Department Dragon radar record,
Esther that’s part of the problem just keep adding laws and adding logs and antilogs and no one goes and tries to let you know pretty soon cuz it Doesn’t.
Like we did we got no laws everything is just Constitution.

[44:24] And then everybody’s screw because I’m the court can’t rule anything unconstitutional but I still think that the Dems are going to pick up.
Sheets that I think the Republicans are going to retain a supermajority problem is I think there’s going to be more Democrats going to Pier,
and this year didn’t want I don’t think so you don’t think so what do you think.
I can say was going to win I think that I didn’t know if Kelly Sullivan had a chance but after I,
saw the ground game that she was playing I think she could supervise,
we don’t see was going to win and it was going to be late.
I used to be Democratic but I don’t care what I don’t care what it used to be
it isn’t anymore I took that little flag pole going down to Lincoln County so,
visiting with her I don’t think she has a chance I just I don’t wait what district is she again.

[45:50] I don’t know your on your website I was trying to tell me to put it on the thing on her website I’m not on her website.

[46:02] What a haggar district is it like 25 ish I don’t know I don’t know. Why,
two or three I think that I think some districts.
My foot save on baby’s got a chance to fix state parks.

[46:29] The Salton Sea First Republic.

[46:32] Yeah right so they will be who’s running,
call Corey will see some some switching,
but I don’t think that the biggest me a lot of switching going on.
Nationally do you think national government.
Play my location Casino for 24 to be cleaned out.
Don’t listen to The Argus Leader when they said that Kristi noem is got less incentive to do it fine argument.
But consider this if you want cuz she’s not appear inside her.
She is going to shake things up at Iavarone’s of the way she’s going to open up government even more you think she’s going to be transparent
I I never won the first thing she did that anymore
so after did you know we don’t we don’t know what her son says he’s at work after 20 somewhere. So we’re not talking Federal but better close that book so.

[48:02] So I will tell you that 3.7 million she’s got something she is she won’t live full-time the governor’s mansion.
I don’t care but it’s just stupid question but but why would you have to live in. I think that we should sell a Gunner’s match myself I did a stipend when we’re having a front man yeah right.
I think I think I think she’s she’s she’s going to be where she’s just going to push for technology.
Going to likely I would not be surprised if she opens up.

[48:37] Office official offices for the office of governor and ran the pro-life in Rapid City,
Dandan Sioux Falls and maybe up in Aberdeen so she’s going to have her in a lot of ways.
That occurs is here in Washington that she understands that government does not have to happen,
and she was County government can go to where the people are and that is a a good reason so well she may have less incentive to clean up government has the largest would put it,
she has a greater ability,
she she she hasn’t she has a greater why would she has a greater ability to make it happen because if you’ve got Billy says that I think that she wants to basically tell Pierre,
it is old boys club you guys are done.

[49:36] If if if if you want your gift if you want a please call me please.
That is you’re never going to change. The Republican party if never going to change if you want your government to come to a grinding halt.

[49:59] And do I need to be South Dakota pretty much run to the grinding all right now to be completely locked up.
That you will like Billy son and you keep your super myself when I’m telling you keep your super majority Republican so that makes is not going to be good.
I did not say I’m not saying I supported I didn’t vote for Billy I didn’t vote for Billy because I didn’t like his Republican light bulbs.
Mountainville for anybody but Christie,
I got to know where you’re at is more than 6000 years old buddy the same thing,
I am Jake Almighty have this discussion at one time but guess what more close,
more closed more clothes.

[51:05] What’s Billy’s incentive he’s a Democrat Democrats been closed out of this government because it’s been closed.
He’s got plenty of incentive open up the government yeah but he is getting zero ability or chance to do it.

[51:20] None whatsoever you do lots of executive orders he can veto the shit out of all kinds of legislation will if you’ve got.

[51:33] You’re going to be happy to spend a lot of time you Friday if you’ve got Billy crazy how to open government,
I don’t usually,
bored and boring but they are exactly right what is her incentive to give a give a power power the Republicans have a supermajority horsepower
good riddance anybody she wants to do it she’s got a greater ability,
to do what she wants to do what she don’t want to do it you don’t know that so have you talked about it,
text talks about is what you sitting right next to Billy and Billy goes I want more open government less corruption and you too,
that’s not easy to do. So we’re going to be National because you got a busy Monday night of sleep sitting downtown watching
watching mostly old white man in a middle-aged woman in an older woman,
but I can access to death if you go to the meeting in person and you get up at Publix,
is on a mayor tenhagen for finally getting been pay stations at the parking lot I’ve been,
talking about for almost 2 years.

[53:00] The Dems probably aren’t going to lose Congress but they need what 23 seats to win Center,
give me a majority and son is that the case they need 23 seats to win and not to take the majority in the house I’ll be dating to join my one,
they only like to 2%.
A lot more seats in the senate in the Republicans are so my.
They’re going to grow up.
Montana North Dakota going to flip Missouri’s likely to flip Florida’s likely to flip Indiana West Virginia all letters it could.

[53:44] What do you think’s going to happen in Congress in the house,
the Republicans do have a strong possibility of holding the majority they will lose seats they will lose seats but there are some seats are going to flip from damn to Republican including two to three Minnesota.
And that’s going to help set things around the country whoever ends up holding image or the Democrats I could have this huge 38-seat 60c sweet but they all think that they will.
Whoever controls the water controls the house is going to control it by a slim margin of 1/6.
I don’t know if it’ll be that narrow but it’s yeah it’ll like the 60 the Blue Wave is not had oh no it’s more like a a blue.

[54:29] Dip your toes in that was kind of cold I’m not going in the water today.
Yeah I got it at the beach and let the water just slap your ankle that’s the extent of the way across the country and I don’t have no idea,
I have no idea how this is going to affect about you know everyone talks about the Blue Wave I’m in Independence so.
Care less about the fucking women movement in the Blue Wave and all that other bullshit everyone talks about but I think with trumps.

[55:01] I couldn’t use your list but I think Trump Trump’s popularity is been down so much that.
That the Dems are going to do way better in this been turned in they didn’t realize
Trump’s popularity is not doubt he had sexy on the upswing in steady if not climbing is some of these,
competitive districts people are coming and competitive because it’s a district that Trump lost that Hillary Clinton won,
but if you want to be my friend.
One by even wider margins if the Republicans lose control of the house.
It would be because they had so many like 24 retirement so they like a 23 seat margin to play on and it’s because early on.
I think a lot of folks got scared of the Blue Wave and didn’t want to be losers but I think that it’s sort of.

[56:13] The tightest on the way out in and so.
What we will see I mean those are still Republican Lottery Republican districts a lot of things are toss-ups and if you got if you got.
Incumbents that are Democrats and and toss-up districts,
and you’re essentially pulling a statistical he that sounded good spots when I come into the air.

[56:39] Can you hear this all the time,
voter fatigue is there voter thing that’s like we only have to show up once and vote so I don’t know what it what UB40 good anyway.

[56:56] I honestly believe that I’m like the presidential election where lot of people write each other’s throats about the whole thing and stuff going on.
I don’t think people around here are bothered by having an election at the very excited about it I think people have been very positive about this whole actually I think he was there.
We would have be setting probably highest voter turnout and midterm election in a generation,
I sometimes get mad at that story cuz they did that story out all the time it’s like it’s like Scott Hudson and Powell alley the other day talking about,
Stranger Danger on Halloween,
and you know they were laughing they were like that’s the safest night of all to take your kids out because right well lit in the news brings up the story,
well I guess you know if we would have 20 initiatives on the ballot and stuff like that maybe some people to be annoyed.
And for the most part where candidates have been very positive.

[58:09] The Giver trailer race at Daytona Beach weather.

[58:15] And I would say the same thing right when is not being negative at all or I will I wish I can watch the Facebook rant video
He don’t even understand the Constitution and how it works when it comes to guys it’s and who and who and who went to the hunt if you showed up to the Honda Today Jason didn’t,
the governor the governor,
hey Jason was invited but he was so scared Randy won’t debate him won’t show up hunting with him but Randy was there shooting pheasants where was Jason,
I was going to steal our guns away cuz he loves Obama.
Anyway sorry about Seiler cycle answer of nomin nomin rosberg have been very negative.
This how I haven’t done anything that’s the Dirty Little Secret that was negative.

[59:24] Oh yeah it works.
She’s the pedestal and when you get it when you get to work. Remember what they did to Dashiell.
Dashiell got he was Majority Leader he was sitting high on the pedestal and South Dakota in July.
HDR South Dakota that will remind me of Charlie Brown and Lucy,
that is exactly like there is a lot there’s a lot more play in the tune Dash will raise then just South Dakota.
Dashiell anymore Chrissy just 2 years ago now I do like 62%,
I don’t think the state’s going to turn their back on that’s cool.

[1:00:29] Is a lot different than running the state as Governor May trust her is that but they might not trust your cover I still say it’s like the Charlie Brown Lucy,
it’s you.
Dash hole it out and that’s and that’s what happened on that pedestal part of Washington so far I think that might happen,
people Maddie was a majority leader I used to tell people and what are you mad about that for its great Majority Leader that’s awesome.
And thanks for South Dakota didn’t see it that way or another.
If I can see I can see through him being pulled off the pedestal a lot sooner,
the number to some of those Savory you things into I did um I mean is I don’t think that that,
Senator thune loses to a Democrat his primary.

[1:01:39] And because he hasn’t come home and help and help and meetings and then public invisible the way.
But unless they put up a dash or against me know something like that you would lose from somebody challenging him in the Price Is Right.

[1:01:58] Snowblower in South Dakota is over.
Dashiell and in Johnson were an anomaly and then crab history.

[1:02:14] The grant look just go back and look at how many times you actually like two Democrats are there for a while.

[1:02:23] We liking comments but that’s about it.

[1:02:28] Aronoff psychics some Christmas really not early in a Cummins all just a percent sure and forever.
What’s the temperature like in confidence but I’m very close to winning the Johnson senate seat and I was the bush war on terror years and was.
Thanks for something so I’ll just happen to have to get an out-of-state hunting license.
Publican Port you know they usually do their thing on Tuesday nights with the city council they’re doing a special election thing tomorrow night at Club David,
I probably want to chat I’ve been the last few years I’ve been liking sitting at home by myself watching,
election results drowning or sour,
I got to tell you that are you saying that you’ve you’ve colluded with the Russians by drinking too much vodka on Election night we need to call Robert Mueller.
Well I have.
Alpha races I’ve had a lot of success is Teresa night sorry and.

[1:03:42] Well I’ve been helping someone out with a late I don’t want to say who it is yet but I mean helping someone else legislative race Bruce and I haven’t and we think that person’s got a very good chance.

[1:03:54] You probably already know who it is so anyway cool thank you,
don’t forget to go out and you don’t just remember just remember no matter what happens tomorrow people will still going to live in a Republican state under voter whatever that’s like,
not showing that you support or oppose anything yellow,
how to make Billy mad but oh well vote for Christy regret it by everybody.

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