South DaCola Ep 022 2018 Election Predictions

South DaCola Ep 022 2018 Election Predictions
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
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[0:28] Welcome to South Dakota podcast.
Not sure what episode is finally but I’m not sure anyway we’ll figure that out later.

[0:42] No gas this week I think the I think the local legislators or candidates are getting scared so they are probably don’t want to,
do nieces used family-friendly show,
22 I wanted to rest right there we go and so course we’re joined by Michael host whose name we will not speak.
I don’t I’ve got no response anymore.

[1:24] And then Robert if course is running running running the show over there so tonight I think we’re going to talk about our predictions for.

[1:36] The election just for the state and then but I wanted to start out with a couple little tidbits.

[1:45] I’ll just one thing of course you know Bruce was citizens for integrity and I and then some of our Media Partners have requested the.

[1:56] Sioux Falls School District to release documents concerning the election are our argument is well it’s it’s it’s two-fold one is.
Did the 85% passage is a record of the state and for 300 million dollar tax increase we found that to be a little high.
But we also on the other hand of that if they really you know if they really did hit the 85%,
we find it kind of fascinating and what kind of want to know how they did it,
so I know it’s not the point of where I don’t know there’s a part of me that doubts they hit it but.
It just seems a little extraordinary I mean what do you what do you think I mean you as someone who follows elections and stuff I can tell you how they hit it.

[2:42] I holding an election yeah,
in September Yeah by itself by itself and I really order and only the sporting show you know what you’ve got a
was that they had a large number of absentee early vote voting that occurred in until you’ve got when I guess I don’t know what the.
Employee base size of the school district is.
It’s a lot but it’s a lot and then had a lot of Orlean absentee vote so I ate like I had said previously the holding the election when they.
Held it was only going to add them and getting above that 60% Threshold at the school district needed because they could.

[3:27] Keep turn out pretty low and and I guess I didn’t take a quick look at adding a photo.
Surround 30 my camera the percentage but when you think about it there’s about 25,000 students in the Sioux Falls School District something like that and let’s say they just all had single parents I mean not even not even not even the parents,
you know showed up to vote you know.
And of course the school district boundaries are a lot more voters in the shower.

[4:06] Students and the other thing to that is the reason why we look at this president is.
We had two elections we we wanted to compare this we compare this to the only one that’s ever gotten really close in the Sioux Falls Area was snow Gates and that got around 70% it was high and,
that was a service that mostly everyone,
you know mostly everyone will get it had no tax increase attached to it,
I think date the tried to do as a scare tactic the opponents that there would be attached because there’s never been a tax increase for snow Gates they simply just budget more money for him and the other part of that is.
So where does that more money come from they just budget more money give me a break everybody knows.
The person who did the petition Drive Teresa Staley I think she spent told me she spent around 5 or $700 actually doing the petition Drive.
But she spent no money.

[5:16] Forget about the boat not nothing zilch and that passed by that high so that’s it’s kind of a little comparison there,
but that wasn’t but no tax increase and then the other one that was close you may have heard of this one Cohoes it was the one for the event center,
and that got 58% GMAT that one
is it sound familiar to you a little bit and so we can compare to that it would never got the 60% one but that was a high very popular vote people wanted it,
and that was a hundred eighty million dollar Adventure so we we found that kind of odd that a 300 million dollar Bond.

[6:01] At the end of the day I’ll be there in a million dollars.
That it would it would pass by that much so that’s why I’m a little skeptical and I I said the election in Harrisburg on the 16th of this month,
will be a Telltale sign,
and the reason I say that is because that one will will likely pass and I bet you that one passes hi I’m giving it 75% and one of the reasons is there’s no tax increase its attached to it,
they are not increasing taxes whatsoever so 40 million dollar bond for Harrisburg,
no tax increase but I’ve been told that their tax levy is a lot higher.
In Harrisburg School District in Sioux Falls now I believe quite a bit higher so there’s probably a reason why there’s not enough money right now that they can pay the bond that’s what they said so.
Like I said I think that one will pass on to give it about 75% but if that one hits a high mark.

[7:00] To be a little bit more comfortable believing that the Sioux Falls one is but anyway,
they did respond to us asking for documents they gave us about a hundred pages of a bunch of Google doc is what we like to call it and I didn’t answer a lot of her questions one of her main questions was when they took the tally sheets,
we got the tally sheets by the way and those are very interesting there’s lots of stuff scribbled out and other numbers written in,
you have wait till I post them deal you’re going to get a kick out of this and the olds were signed but not print print it’s another words people signed their names to the old.
But didn’t print their names so.

[7:43] You know chicken scratch was one of the counters basically is what I’m trying to say it so we found that really interesting and there was a list a printed list of the name of the people who counted the votes but that was not with the Oaks so we don’t know.
You know who did what question was how did the,
the vote tally get put into the system and words it had to be put into a computer system so could be uploaded to the county commissioner or the County Commission County auditor so he can put it in a total vote,
to count those Motors.
And it had to be loaded in steak and loaded up on the web and show people the results they had they had to manually do that because I’m like a machine tabulated vote.
That goes onto a flash drive that the County Auditors cannot touch that flash drive goes into their computer it gets automatically upload it to the Secretary of State save for instance like the General in November Six Flags,
that the County Auditors can’t touch that the machine puts the numbers in.

[8:46] And they put the flash drive into their computer and load it up they can’t do anything with it it’s locked securely locked where this they had to have somebody manually put.
The tally sheet numbers into the system will who was that we don’t know my guess it was the business manager trying to beat that’s my guess the reason I guess that is because I saw him on a video with Brady,
so we did we didn’t get that answer we wanted to know that answer where they get that answer seems to me like you’re disparaging School.
District employees who ran the election okay so she was the election official.
She was also written down as running one of the polling places.

[9:34] And then she was also a tabulator so I only did she run the election she tabulator book that’s like that’s kind of an ethically questionable there,
what’s that an army of one on Army of one there and then we saw the contract for the software they used but all that was a bunch of prices and didn’t really tell us how the software works we didn’t get an answer to that question,
and here’s here’s one more thing before we leave this topic they told us we could not view the balance.

[10:04] 460 days they gave no reason why they sent after 60 days we could view the balance after 60 days and we’re like.
What’s the 60-day magical number like why is it then they said once we could view the balance,
we would have to pay a district employee $5 for every 15 minutes.
So 20 bucks an hour to supervise us while we inspected our ballots know cuz they’re our balance.
And if we wanted to copy the ballots we could.
But they would charge us $0.25 per ballot so basically $4,500 to make a copy of the ballots.

[10:46] That’s democracy at work right there stick pictures of the balance we could we could do that.
Bruce’s at high speed Scanner with if I bring it down there or probably cook a generator up to it,
what’s a good idea I like that idea.
Hey Cynthia Mickelson Michaelson.
She’s a little bit cuter than you that’s true,
anyway so onto predictions ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding on the way over even though I’m not a Republican,
that they’re pretty much a straight ticket.

[11:43] And we’ll get to the finer details that I actually believe and I know you’re going to start laughing that sailor has a chain.

[11:52] Because I really think that voters are kind of not looking at that position as Republican versus Democrat,
and I I do I do disagree because.
And shouldn’t put his face on billboards,
and Realtors Realtors are really big that put their face I don’t understand it either I don’t understand like,
if the people whose face I want to see the billboard may be a bus driver to make sure I know I’m getting on the right bus may be a Lyft driver and make sure I’m getting in the right car right.

[12:34] The rabbits were really should be using his face LOL Jason’s and ice.
And he has no experience to be a general and his opponent as I mount my experience with Randy.
Here and he’s got Sylar probably a nice person is Randy Wright.
Probably he’s got a better chance than any recent Democrat running for attorney general.

[13:11] Much like also too much soda is Billy and so much like the the good while we’ll get their yard and then end up in a minute much like the gubernatorial race.
The best chance still isn’t good enough even if even if we just break it down into.

[13:29] The base is voting for each other just those who are registered Republicans in 7,000 more registered Outlook.
Deficit right off the bat and as I Drove Old Democrat said to me.

[13:46] Did Independence Day come across themselves out he says you know in South Dakota up like half The Independents vote Republican and a half so they really count the independence right.
I think in the sailor sailor ravaged trombone
I don’t know I feel sorry for the media update if if if he does become turn it down cuz that’s going to be spelling nightmare.
But he ran for for US Senate.
A couple years ago so they should still have it on file.

[14:37] Biaggi’s resetting the Democrat does probably better than anybody I was going Statewide.
Well no I mean I give the Sailor the win the the end I think Billy’s going to get close.
Is in I have no idea how much money Sylar or Brownsburg.
Have raised I didn’t look at when doing pretty good your most recent but we don’t know we don’t have robust reporting. You know on that in in,
so the other thing you’ve got to remember he is just sitting.

[15:28] Scott the backing of the Republican party which is flush with cash with organizational.
Expertise and the Democrats W keeping my.
Endorsed by his party because the the Democratic Party in the state.
You’re so disorganized yeah so so I.
If you did get an endorsement it could be a little bit his fault for not calling you know if you need help filing stuff let us know,
yo did you get the stuff I’ll just get the stuff on that would even do it anyway,
you know just what it plays into the hands that you know that the Democrats are what about what about gnomes running mate what about known as,
that is that isn’t that a flub that is that that’s really stupid in my own right I agree if they were beyond the filing yeah,
that’s why I look at those who incidences is like there’s a little bit of difference.

[16:42] Unit and have to pay a fine no Democrats have to pay a fine but they had to go through and reorganize their convention and then through everything.
I’ve been here I just I thought you were probably going to a little bit more motivated to vote in this election I decide Sailors not going to.
He’s not going to he’s not going to win he’s going to hit 45 if that.

[17:08] Hi Billy gets it when was the last time we had a Democrat running for governor that even hit 40.

[17:15] They did a story about that I know it’s been like 20 Abbott so it’s been like 25 years 26 or something like that so I think you’ll.
Get close to 40.

[17:31] I don’t think he should I take right now all the polling stuff that’s coming out is it so I like to say propaganda,
baby ornament I gave a chance to but I I really think that Dusty’s going to Dusty’s going to be the big winner conversation on the polling in the governor’s race,
first I got to be obviously was done pretty good and not reporting on it because the AP does have standards at if you get a pole or information from somebody don’t report unless they give you everything including the crosstab so you can do a full analysis of it,
it just don’t take,
the standard mammal that from the poster that you’re that the person is paying,
All the press releases.

[18:42] Independent public polling for us to sort of use as a barometer then that that doesn’t exist we have no idea where that raced and we’ve got that to go again he starts off with a,
100000 deficit Independence Crossing each other Crossing each other out,
and I always cook political report calling South Dakota a toss-up is,
is let’s also not real it’s fake that’s like they didn’t do any sort of historical analysis about and if we,
and 40 + years old Dawn and then in the I think,
I thought bjorkman had a pretty good chance and then I thought well maybe you’ll probably lose but not my much,
and I actually think Dusty is going to be the big winner of the night I think he’s going to buy a large Marge,
your phone is got a new set of ads out I’ve seen him on Facebook every time I watch him.
I feel like the next words out of his mouth were we like and that’s why we got ourselves a Medicare Advantage plan to help.
And intend Johnson doesn’t have the best dad’s either but but your commands are so so.

[20:11] Dry and I feel like I feel like they would be an ad for some sort of drug.
Discount plan that you would see on Fox News during the day.
I am bored I usually vote early night I will but I don’t think I’m going to vote for either one in the governor’s race the thing in the reason I can’t stand so there’s no way she was going to go but now please write that woman.
I hate women why do I hate women Billy this Republican light bullshit.
Pisses me off if you’re Democrat and you’re running as a Democrat run as a fucking Democrat because that’s working so well.

[20:59] I’ve never just to have it,
they haven’t been doing it they were doing this Republican light strategy in that has not worked so far but some reason to keep doing it over and over and over and I’m following to pull my hair out and go when are you going to wake the fuck up and realize that running as Republican light.
Because the Democrats have great core issues helping the Working Families you know fordable Healthcare.
Open government I mean I could go on and on and on about all the great things they have go up there and promote that stuff that’s what your parties about and Republican.
Look really why don’t you just run as a republican then why did you even bother running as a Democrat that’s a very good point I don’t know why that’s probably why I’m not going to vote for either one,
and I would I would glad we’re going to say nothing okay I would say that.

[21:55] That are our elections have gone even.
Locally gotten nationalize to a degree where people are really digging their heels in with their party affiliation the party affiliations or become the super identifier.
She’s so stupid I know I agree with you on that I often say I’ll make it back to church but everybody in the party staff.
You really got a vote for the person you believe in and then try to creep that shit even into the nonpartisan election,
I’m all for a partisan election but we as a people maybe not be so.

[22:44] Partisan because you say Billy should run as a Democrat be the Democrat.
And if you lose you lose but you lose writers you lose fighting the right game losses with a higher.
Margin by running as a democrat in this state I mean if he ran as a democrat in the state he might do even worse and requirements,
or Susie was murdered and a little shit. Welfare when he’s grown up.
What’s parents did.
And then his company he works for Vantage Vantage Point I think is the name of the company and Mitchell he had a huge Tiff and it’s like it Dusty.
You’re the king of welfare and would you let you know it’s like I made the argument it’s like Leslie Unruh got an had an abortion when she was younger but she and she was able to have that right to have an abortion because it’s legal.
But she doesn’t want anybody else to have it was it was okay that the company I work for took at F which is a huge tax rebate.
But I don’t want anybody else to have this unless they work for I haven’t let you know I haven’t looked closely enough at his at his.
But anyway because like you said he’s going to get 6% of the boat I think that.

[24:12] And he’s been this is the one thing I say about about Dusty he’s positive.
He is done a positive campaign I don’t agree with the crappy saying.
He’s positive you have to agree with you when every time you see you see Dusty talk or whatever he is positive he does not go down that rabbit hole of getting mad,
or is that mad at Miley a couple times I show but he finds a way to twist it to be positive you got to give Dusty a positive Happy Eyes gently got to,
Siri Outlook.

[24:52] I’m liking this going to do it while it is not going to be changing Social Security or not.
How to fix an insolvent program that’s been in solving for a very long time
the Congress as a whole bipartisanship,
the other race that I think is a local race at this truck tonight,
the auditor the treasure the sectors and 4/2 the most important important office in all
South Dakota state government I’m going to go they’re all going to it’s all going to be Republicans,
Barnett’s already been there when he’s going to get Secretary of State very easily you know Tom cools the Democratic candidate.

[26:05] Kind of actually, they did everyone every every slave I would you list my podcasts or not but he doesn’t.

[26:19] Thomas never want to legislative race like a State Legislative race so I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea of what God has either,
and then Aaron Matson is the communications manager for the Democratic party and they’re having him run as auditor I believe,
I don’t know anyway those races are really they just they shoved the Democratic party to shove people in their seeds
the first time in years that we’ve got a Full Slate yeah you know and so we don’t need to worry about it but then the One race I think locally District 9.

[26:52] Michael ceba is going to.
And you can pronounce either way told me the other day say Saba say buzz and then Michael Clarke beat him and everyone was kind of puzzled by that
because Michael Sabres card
all this world experience and you know Ferguson put out a story calling him a Muslim didn’t bother calling and asking didn’t bother calling and asking Michael ceba if he really wasn’t Muslim is a lifelong Catholic and
she didn’t call him and actually ask him she just took her Source who has some Neil cons told her that he was a Muslim she printed it,
she did a correction but you don’t want those nobody reach correction.
You know the best Messenger to find someone it won’t let me finish this would that be any different than.

[27:54] If I don’t use this comparison but
well then don’t say you’re what it what if you want if your world would say you were American citizens that American says your wife was born here let’s see if parents were born here and a reporter said that you are Refugee from sedan.
I mean wouldn’t you go well I’m not a refugee from Sudan you know and that mean it’s kind of like the same thing with religion if you’re religious.
Someone calling you a Muslim when you’re a Christian or Catholic you know it’s kind of you know and so what happened was Michael Save-A-Lot well since that happened mr. Clark the incumbent.

[28:35] Decided that.
Nobody knows what he was talking about really you know that it was okay to discriminate against black people who buy wedding cakes I can’t really remember you know and you got to hear this so the lady who runs the South Dakota in Lacey p.
Felt bad for him she did and you know being that kind of person she reached out to Michael Clarke I don’t know who told the story yet she reached out to Michael Clarke cuz she thought maybe he just don’t get it.
You don’t get what she doesn’t and so she met with him and tried to explain to him,
why what he said was wrong and how his apology really,
wasn’t a very good apology and she came to the conclusion I don’t know why she sat with him just the two of them hour or two baby an hour and have coffee with him or whatever,
she basically told people after the meeting no he really don’t get it like he it’s like,
so whether you believe you know and here’s my thing ignorance is not an excuse.
To be racist I don’t care it just isn’t a man in his fifties should know that is not okay to discriminate against people of color,
what are they like why you know he tries to twist it like well I meant it had to do with cakes no I didn’t have to do with cakes Michael it had to do with discriminating against black people.

[30:04] That’s illegal and as a person who takes an oath of office.

[30:12] The Constitution whatever go by the laws if we can’t have someone like that so if Michael get I don’t think Mike was going to lose but if he does lose.
It’ll be astonishing I mean it really well it certainly agree with you in and.
And on top of that even if it never happened Michael ceba is a hundred thousand million times more qualified.
Then then Michael Clarke.
We could have just said a hundred percent maybe that is why you don’t understand.
Loses by taking the Facebook in weighing in on issues that he ought not be weighing in on.

[31:01] The thing though is that should really be getting that.

[31:10] Out there making that a big feelings and it was specifically on this and I would just.
His last mailing he got to amazing endorsements that I think really helped him he got an endorsement from Tom Dempsey.

[31:26] Tom Dempster who we used to be the District 9 legislator he was a Republican and then he used to he had to run in and run as independent remember he had those grew up with his,
turning in his the Republicans and and and Tom’s very popular,
Republican here in town and then his other endorsement on the same mailer,
was from dr. kapaska who used to run a Vera and now is the president of the chamber he endorsed in so those are two really good in Portsmouth,
history is wrong your District 9 is Hartford and Sioux Falls.
Legislatively one of the seeds was the Hawks Apollo Hoxie right is that the ride is been put in the house you’re sitting in District 9 right now.

[32:25] We are technically our time I like look up I think it’s like all my Rhapsody app.
Freaking Hartford Michael lives out there Clark lives out there yeah well and I always said because of this North End of Sioux Falls.

[32:44] Nopal hikes was Spider-Man 9 was she in because,
she ran against Deb I think it’s 143 south of here but no she was lived in Hartford I know that you know shit then yeah she’s District of putting a democrat in recent history,
always with the Democrat Party in South Dakota,
isn’t it looking for candidates Democratic party they go to they go to their legislative slate and say who wants to run Statewide and let’s give up another seat in the legislature to write so so hot buns for.
Yeah, for congress a couple years ago.

[33:32] That does she owe $90 haircuts haircuts never help.

[33:41] And you open up the seats to,
Republic Republican so stupid, she was very popular because he was out there to write no.

[33:54] It was a split District 2 houses with split,
Saba Saba,
who are the Democrats are going to pick up some other sheets in the state,
after the midterms NAD lash LLC the Saba could go that way.

[34:29] I could say that I told you what’s going on what’s going on our district we both live in 13 the magical 13 that’s District,
that used to be very largely Democratic until his gerrymandered the shit and they decided to take this little stem of it shoot it out past 57th Street and get all these years
so you know I really like Kelly Sullivan I hope she wins I’m voting for,
try to get her in the gas. She’s running against Rolfing and Sue Peterson Sue Peterson will be reelected,
Rolfing guitar behind his name everyone feel sorry for him about his kid dying in the war that’s what everybody says to be as not me
that’s how my opinion that’s what people always say to me and he milks it for all it’s worth and and and
you know but he’s got to go get elected away and within the city council at-large or was he.

[35:26] He wasn’t he was at large right yeah he was he was at Large
yeah like I said he’s he’s normally he’s well-known he’s well-known state,
is that another house in another state I said did anyone tell rex that the session,
is in the middle of winter in Pierre I don’t think he knows that and that you have to show up at least what’s 75% of the time.
So that might change he might drop out after he hears this you know this little secret about it.
I don’t know about Rex no no he does not fly.

[36:21] Okay so you guys got a house I believe in Florida or rental something and he drives there.

[36:30] But he never flies eat does he not fly or just doesn’t fly there cuz I don’t know if you scared to fly or is it just likes to drive.
Somebody said to be a family on the way to be insurance salesman so he probably when you’re first starting out in insurance sales,
you got to do a lot of windshield time okay you do that’s how you build your clientele and somebody said to me that,
he probably dead stats why probably drives he’s just he likes it he’s used to it he did not score always travel this whole life when I want I want the car down there.
Will you ever seen his car he’s got a special edition Crown Vic with a with a like.
Leather or you know fake leather vinyl top on it and not the kind of cocci picture anyway.
Anyway so so so they may pick up they may pick up one but I don’t need to gain.

[37:32] I’m going to forget what you doing predictions you don’t think they are
I believe that the Democrats are going to have about 3 more seats and they did a,
that’s a why so all there’s left is.
And then we can wrap this crap up the measures now I’m voting no on everything except for w,
and I really believe W will pass because I think people are really pissed off about the legislature overturning I am 22
now I just got off at after like vote for different people for the living right you’re no but enough to pass it you know I don’t think the voters are equating the two.
We haven’t done enough advertising to help them to know to know that’s kind of bothered me and they haven’t they haven’t reintroduce to my knowledge,
the Lost traditional television I use a different,
any of what I would say were quite effective the golden watch ads the corruption ads that I the I am 22 campaign.
RAB not seen any of that coming from.
I’ve been kind of disappointed in the way they been marketing it because I I wonder if they just think it’s going to pass just because and it’s like when I think it’s going to fail cuz I feel like the people back again.

[39:01] And isn’t saying you’re not really marketing you’re well I’ve seen is I’ve seen a lot of stuff like losing his w.
I also think that the people I think after they voted for 22 and after.
All of the good the bad stuff we can’t be overturned but after all of the bad stuff came out about.
22 and a headache that I was probably going to call you came from Republican legislators it never came from,
you have been arguing this there was only bad rhetoric was from the legislators and that was it public never said a damn word about all headache,
unconstitutional that was all bunch of bullshit that was smoked up in the Republican I got on this one nobody from the public or media said it was bad it.

[40:07] Will it do whatever they want they put an emergency clause or any of the stuff that they came out between.
Between election day and the start of session,
about like okay I was the governor Republican I’m saying the rhetoric work.
And I think you need to work or not they just voted it out I know but I think it’s changing again.

[40:44] The perception of the measure,
it’s changed enough people’s mind where I don’t think that it’s going to have a problem with the South Dakota Supreme Court looking at it and saying I want that,
I am actually really pissed off a lot of people like it should have spring cord constitutional,
I are not all of it and they said no we’re going to get rid of the whole fucking thing because greed.
You know I agree and I didn’t care for the guy with the governor’s right away by.
What we’re saying it’s all today the voters,
history of lactose what does he give a show and then I am 25 reason I’m bored again status I’m all for funding vocation I don’t like using sin taxes to,
fund education I think it’s disgusting if we’re going to do if we’re going to raise taxes on Tobacco and great.
What should I go towards it should go towards getting people to quit smoking or stop using tobacco that’s what the money should access.

[42:02] They’re not reliable okay you know more people quit smoking the less money that’s going to be coming in I have said that the industries that could general contractors in the healthcare industry who use most the tech,
school people nursing medical Carpenter electrician Plumbing scholarship program.
I’ll probably be the better route because then they would have to pay or they should be a special tax that goes towards the Vocational School.

[42:36] That’s how it should be funded they’re the ones benefiting from this so I don’t know.

[42:43] Why the legislature hasn’t taken a look at and we look at everything else and find ways to.
You know partner and cap tuition rates going to cost us.
To get her tuition rates competitive with the region cuz of the highest in the region.
Protect schools.
Tiara people’s funny but this is not the approach I think too.

[43:19] Front axles.

[43:25] Elsa syntax attacks with a diminishing return because.

[43:34] The more you increase across the fewer people are going to do it and bringing the Trends on smoking been declining really.
Really any debit declined on South Dakota which is good which is how you going to vote on the restroom and everything else so it’s bad when I thought about w,
we’ve got three hospitals Constitutional Amendment X,
which I think will pass it is a 35% supermajority requirement a constitutional amendments the funny the funny part is I think I’ll pass.
I think it’ll pass with less than 55% right now I think it’s not right,
why do they tell Pat I think people like no I think I think I think after I think after the marsy’s law stuff.
I think people are getting a little bit tired of the.

[44:41] Wheel of the petition initiative process in South Dakota I don’t know people get to know I say I say.
I think a lot of Voters are tired of out-of-state interests coming in and messing with things it in the console.
Put stuff because you can find it and I’ll just say this is from the speech I’m not saying that I.
Is that an opinion on that will get to that that’s an issue with her 24 will get to that in a minute but what I’m saying is on this is I think the people,
are tired of political actors coming from out of state and messing with our laws messing with our constitutional adoption. We will get the 24th okay.

[45:36] So I think that that acts will pass because I think people are tired getting pretty tired pretty tired of it.
Quite frankly I’m getting tired of it
people are not your address like insiders are tired of it but everyone else so yeah
people are getting pretty weary of all of all of all of the issues and,
yeah the difference between when people are coming in and saying you’re we want to cost you some women on this one it’s something that,
is much better put it putting into statue because it’s a lot more Nimble and you can you can tweak it.
A little bit more than that like the width,
with these guys that we pass all these laws on November and then the January they go they were Hoodwinked their stupid there. We’re going to change this Heart by W is why.

[46:45] Why it is going to be there as you know if he if you find that this the kind of bility board.
Isn’t that fantastic idea which I don’t I don’t have no I don’t have an opinion on it but I’m just I’m just saying that if you find out that the way it’s structured,
within this measure isn’t really working right it’s it’s not working the way it should be it’s not working the way it’s intended to work.

[47:14] You the whole purpose of having an account I know what I don’t know so that the legislators can be bored.

[47:27] Is bad I’m just saying if you get it and it’s not working the way it should be in a fix it themselves.
But they can’t because you would have to have a Statewide vote to amend the Constitution to fix it.
And that’s fine keeps the legislators having II I understand that but it’s a lot less.
Nimble then it then it could be some of these things just deserve to be in state statute.
And not and we’re going to say none of them because we’ve never done this before so there’s going to be a lot of growing pains,
but you say he’s going to give me planning because now they going to be watched,
and now they’re going to have to watch your contributions and watch it they’re the only ones they going to piss and moan about it just like they did about I am 22.
I think I could care less but it’s.

[48:35] Some of the other folks around around the state that they could be in bed that are not exposed to listen to everything you got to go just as all will know that you,
technically counts you can’t do that because of this matter you can’t go through and change an exempt,
you know babe a 17 year old who is working now,
a lot of trouble a lot of issues and are we we will discuss.
Where’s my question question about I’m asking you a question I’m not making a statement okay that’s a rarity up there isn’t there though I’ve read quite a bit of.
But isn’t there a governing body that can make rule changes within this I would think there would be I don’t know if they’re a,
a a rule changing body or if they just hear complaints I would think that they would have a governing body where they can show True someone can’t change the the,
the other thing though I’m on this is the day before you interrupt just hear me out on it is the campaign Finance limits.
You can go with the philosophical approach that you know that.

[50:01] The freedom of speech and the money is speech and stopping so this Constitutional Amendment could actually.
Tempestuous on a federal level but the other thing is okay what if we find that those limits.
Are too high or are there too many workarounds.
Two limits in order to change that again cuz just a dollar amount of money out of
politician South Dakota as part of their push for their big bush word is in
babe and accountability board to wash the legislature if that was if that were the case that would be the set up completely,
have you set up completely completely different then then this knew we wouldn’t have the government appointing themselves to be the wrong one day to those limits are.

[50:57] To lower too high you either way and I can’t I don’t have an opinion on it really I mean I do but it doesn’t matter this one.
Upset and didn’t seven people are a little bit of people or,
so okay so that’s how I look at that.
Tropical dreams are cheap they don’t like giving money to political campaigns and I really believe they don’t have an issue with out-of-state money coming in and and in the reason I say that is because then they don’t have to find these campaigns.
So I think that there’s some things that come from out-of-state like Marcy is why I didn’t agree with it.

[51:48] The voters agreed with it and they were probably like that came from out-of-state we agree with that.
It’s just because it didn’t come from within the state or the money didn’t come from within the state doesn’t mean South Dakota’s don’t think it’s a good idea so and like I said it’s a constitutional issue they’ve already said.

[52:08] That they think it’ll be challenged if it passes by even go there.
I am 24 because what if.
And like I said before don’t they all get money from out of state and why is it okay for a little bit.
Anger I think that the proponents of I am 24 I really upset not about the funding no other ideas,
no but there are there they are upset about taking this order pre-packaged.

[52:50] And if they try and get measurements at the trying to different state writing out a $500,000 check to some political consultant,
circulated okay without it changing from state to state or even taking and he ain’t even going to the legislature first.
To talk about the idea not changing it from state-to-state not making it sound that would work in South Dakota I think people that’s where people are getting up so they’re upset about.
You know the date the coastal eats mostly California coming in with these initiatives in a box,
and Poppin Johnny can watch him go across the country
I don’t think he will care where the money or the money comes from the other issue with with I am I am 20 billions from 90 Sanford,
round or people yeah it is but it’s it’s on Constitution,
with it it’s interesting that they all are only applying 24 to valid question committees and not to members of the legislature but it won’t hold up in the other issue with it too is,
you know what I owe you for your presents for your brother know okay.

[54:17] What is that what is that mean right let’s say that you know.

[54:25] Yeah South Dakota some somebody’s a wild hair up their ass and decides to put an initiative measure that we don’t want bullet trains.
Or whatever. Piper pause or what I don’t know whatever muskets
yeah whatever whatever it is we don’t we don’t we don’t like that cuz it’s Elon Musk and we don’t like something
it’s right so don’t like magnets okay like to bring up science all the time when it comes to abortion but we’re not talking about that but this measure.
What prevents hyperloop from coming in and defending itself.

[55:02] If it was if we’re past that they don’t have a presence here it prohibits people from coming into in defending those people who don’t want to go play in the snow at all.

[55:12] And having one forced upon them and then when they come to defend their industry defend their business or defend their way of life.
This is why I hold on we we may have let a bunch of your neighbors from out-of-state put this thing on the ballot but by God we’re not going to let you out of state is coming to defend.
The thing that your neighbors from out-of-state put on here I think that a much better approach or want to consider is that.
In order to circulate a petition but in order to circulate a petition.
You already have to be a South Dakota resident but we could put a residency requirement that you got to be a resident for a 180 days or something,
to you being able to,
carry the petition clipboard because right now honestly I’m surprised
but I mean,

[56:32] But it that where we going.
The Falls it’s completely there anymore it’s yeah there’s one more Constitution and z
which I think will pass because we’ve already got singles doing a single subject.
Feel single subject initiated measures I think it’s going to confuse people and was the time when people are confused they don’t know.
And I’m against it yeah I.
Yeah I don’t wallpapers can pass laws that have all kinds of things in it they’ve got their single-subject bills.
I mean for a level yeah they’re just like.
To insert your stomach after the deadlines which I think is they should do that really probably either,
lyrics going to pass I think I think I’ll run down I think 24 is going to fail.

[57:47] I don’t think 24 passes the band.
Contributions haven’t heard anything really from anybody and Abby and that make the coalition’s around it chamber retailers things like that are pretty large and powerful people listen to him.

[58:07] I think 20 at 8:25 will fail I think people do see that as a,
diminishing return I think it’ll be close very very good job very very sad. This is going into the general fund,
and we have no idea if it’s in and Mickelson who proposed this,
his defense on this is been very milquetoast I mean he’s been with,
I’m like you’re trying to get it out there buddy so that’s going to fail I think w-will,
fail I’m going to pass W fails
passage that’s a call Chase to be the Secretary of State for the night of the
something password that passed by 85%
so they passed with 85% in your world is is recount territory you want to reach out to be as close as I am 22 Wizard of Oz,
point or half what’s going to be like basically 50/50 thing I think X,
passes with less than 55%. I think X pass with less than 55% of the vote because I do think.

[59:36] Even if you’ve got to have a 60% majority to raise a tax why not have a 35% majority to change,
the Constitution has been overwhelming majority of the super majority of the people who want to amend the Constitution I think it’s a good seal,
Lindsey’s that’s the single subject rule for a constitutional amendments.
Both agreed gnome we both agreed.

[1:00:09] Taylor Taylor we’re kind of on the fence both of us.

[1:00:19] Sailor.

[1:00:29] But it’s some weird way number one it is you’re not sure if it’s an endorsement you want if you are a liberal Democrat yeah it’s under doors what you want if you’re not a liberal Democrat.
He didn’t get the endorsement I’m going to just say that he didn’t get the endorsement.

[1:00:47] Because he’s a liberal Democrat he got the hint or spent by default did you hear about this no.
You know they talk about how great he is in bubble butt but did you know that they sell you sent a questionnaire to sailor and,
Nationwide commercial mortgage mortgage.

[1:01:18] So Jason never mailed it we did the South Korean so you said you a questionnaire wouldn’t you filled it out even if you’re Republican word of advice to all candidates fill out the surveys,
so basically say so by default on that one because sometimes you can wear the rejection.
Cabinet doors that’s right that’s right but if you don’t fill it out then you’ve got no you can’t say while I didn’t get any.
Endorsement they read item ideas if they don’t know your ID is fill out.
She said about the questionnaire said this a few weeks ago and Jason never sent his back in Sailor sanded and she’s been reviewing it,
you know they’re trying to be fair it would you and how do you know when you said that he got an endorsement and I thought you were going to say that his former boss
Barack Obama endorsed em you know it’s funny I’m surprised that Barack Obama hasn’t been the South Dakota to help.

[1:02:27] He wouldn’t help with the funny part about it is bro and help and help out.
Help out President Obama come come to South Dakota.

[1:02:47] You be welcome brother is going to give the tax for the Sioux Falls their $29,000 back for a private fundraiser that we help secure the $49,000 bill.
Get off at 11 power is he said that,
that it was these women that are getting together a bunch of Sioux Falls Democratic Republicans actually I think there’s a couple Republicans in the group getting together to eat all Kathy Pearsall in,
it was just a power line Empower women and he said it’s elitist event in this life.
Paying $5,000 to get your picture taken with the president that is what we call an elitist event and eyesight.
Or even $500,
post on that as well and I thought he serious like this serious,
I mean maybe it’s the old true that Republicans are the Plat band Country Club Elite.

[1:03:55] Get out you can’t or not are you and your wife that’s new.
I mean in your kids are not old enough to register to vote yet so we’re going to leave them on but they may be old enough to give contributions in mayoral election.
Anyway I I.

[1:04:18] Was Todd also team comments people are so also,
you don’t put up the opposition’s fundraising announcement because you know the more people are just going to see it in perhaps go throw it away,
throw it away delete delete.

[1:04:40] So we can really really didn’t accomplish here is the,
can robberies made for this at the beginning if you don’t want to listen to the entire episode The analysis is Republican Clean Sweep Democrats hold on to the menorah t.

[1:04:59] That’s not exactly what I said during the during the podcast but they grow their minority by 1.

[1:05:09] To realistically that’s all thank you happy about happy voting you something,
sorry that’s so you’re fine I think you’re right.
God I wish Billy suck would wait if the only reason I want to know and I don’t even like no his policies are there.
The Republican light State need a wake-up like kick in the pants like,
toddler put the fear of God in them like so bad I don’t think there are any fear God pretty much a lot and I’ll tell you to that’s true and they don’t like I can’t control it or get it they’re getting it at like.
I like Nicholson with this whole that’s not true everybody she can measure 25 and a bunch of the other like and stuff like that,
I feel like the decadence of the like establishment in the state is just way too.
Way to stay feel way to say I think Billy Sutton said it best in when I interviewed him at the Democratic Convention.
There’s three there’s three Republican parties right now in Pierre yeah.

[1:06:27] Yeah I agree with him that’s what happens when you have a super party stuff and I don’t know if I would call it,
I’m about to call if you haven’t seen the Republican Party split into two parties in the star map Republicans in the Republic man.
Right-wing Republicans extreme states right Republicans who who want who if you’re not Republican.
In my own very narrow brand of Republican you’re not a republican I’m not going to work with you at all and I’d rather work with the Democrats than you and that’s not how.
What are the Democrats to get me convinced them to vote with them.
Everybody’s getting parties into using their party identifiers are super identifier what is drawn but I agree with you I do think that Republicans if you’re not careful in the state are going to end up having their own.
Basically around trumpet that voters going to say you know what we’ve had enough of the status quo you’re not listening to us.

[1:07:47] And.
Get rid of shake things up even if it’s for a turn run a shake it off warning of History some history professors that I respect very much who studied South Dakota’s political history or like.
South dakotans are not conservative they are populist and if you don’t you don’t give give a little bit to that populist Trend they will eat you.
Yes that is true there is a very much a populist the street that runs through all of us even even those who transplant here.
Catch catch up to and happy voting kids early voting has start I always highly suggest to early vote it’s very convenient,
fast it’s very convenient to lose those Balance in the back of a car,
it doesn’t matter if they’re missing or not,
it would shake the edge of sketch is 8 okay,
next check out our new state-of-the-art voting machine light bright.

[1:09:05] Thank you babe Happy voting.

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