South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt

South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Guests This Week:
Mortgage Banker Craig Markhardt
Peter Vaughn Pischke

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[0:27] Welcome podcast number 21 once again were joined by co-host and they will not speak if I would have known it was the 21st episode I would have brought something to drink,
coffee water in celebration Scott.
Robert mehling producer here and Peter Pischke will be on he wants to sit and talk about this topic and then I have,
would you call yourself mortgage Banker,
that’s a low mortgage Banker Craig Marquardt and when I went to reason I brought on Craig is because we’re going to talk about the school bond issue today and I wanted a little expertise.
Home valuations how home valuations are going in Sioux Falls and this whole thing about the $2 a month $485,000 valuation of your home.
And how that’s kind of like.

[1:33] It’s true but it’s like kind of blown smoke a little bit so Craig I’ll start with you on this.
You know the election and some of the other problems with this issue but I thought it would start with Craig.
So let’s say I own $185,000.

[1:59] How much is 100 how much would $185,000 home go up in value.
Over the next five years in your opinion or praised County appraisal value,
just recently and within the last week we got the new stats for the community Sioux Falls when it comes to the real estate Community the rolling average over the past 12 months home values of my 6.0.
6% that’s kind of an anomaly It won’t always go up by that much each and every year,
the year before it was about 5% year before that you could have said arguably as around two and a half percent beer before that about half percent and before that we are into the,
you know the 2011-2012 part of the recession where home values didn’t actually go up at all 4. Of 2 years so if you were to average it out over 5 years or take it * 5 years out,
you could say home values could potentially go up by maybe 10% over the next.
10 to 12% over the next five years if you got a hundred eighty-five thousand to $21,000.

[3:16] So you know I get the $2 a month argument and it I mean it’s it’s true. True.
Right so the school district basically says that this.
You going to pay $2 a month for the medium home I medium home is $185,000 home should have paid $2 a month.
Were there and words decep were that while that’s true on a hundred eighty-five thousand words deceptive is they make it sound like,
through the life of the loan you’re only going to be paying this $2 a month and it’s like no because your house that’s $185,000 is going to go up in value over the life of the loan.
The other thing that I have the problem with this $2 a month is they keep saying that will this hundred and ten million dollar interest which will talk about later that’s not technically really true because.
We’re going to pay it off early well they haven’t presented a plan on how to get a paid off early no plan.
Number one and number two they’re basing this $2 a month.
The full length of the loan so if you pay it off early you’re going to have to raise taxes to pay it off early.
So that’s been my issue with the $2 a month and.

[4:41] You know that’s that’s how I see how often is a school district go through and it’s s homes for.

[4:48] Taxation honey County does that he does that but the city the city actually is voting tomorrow first reading to raise property taxes they’re allowed to do that each year,
I’m asking you to a net 2.1% this year,
hardly ever never ever they always vote for it there’s always a couple dissenters Kermit always dissented on it,
Gary t a tree so probably descent on it but are usually always passes County does the same thing,
you know so the County Assessors in my right I’m right by your value on a Lincoln there a lot more aggressive lately than they used to be because they hadn’t done it for like a really long time so they got these new appraisers in there just hammering people like.

[5:31] Telling people who have like an appraised value of a hundred grand they going in there now and there’s lots a hundred fifty Grand,
you know when you eat on your pan would say you’re paying tax but it’s been more harsh. There was one one I was watching.
The house was appraised at 200,000 and that’s kind of what they were paying their taxes on and the county came back in like said what’s 300000,
just think you’re thinking about your property taxes going other 33% 1.
The the co-host whose name shall not be spoken Texas value can certainly go up,
while property taxes themselves do not.

[6:23] How old is that happen because it’s called a mill Levy there’s a there’s a percentage of your beer equalized value,
that is charged to each dollar that is in value so what happens is,
the county set the bill they did Mount of money that they want to spend imaginist you walk into a restaurant and you already know exactly how much money you going to spend in advance,
you’re going in there with a group of four people and you already know that the bills a hundred bucks you get the luxury of that way when you set the budget for the annual year which just occurred right,
so then we already know of the budget and then what we do is we find out how much each person’s meal is valued at,
to determine how much comes out of everybody’s pocket so if you got the $25 meal obviously one quarter of the entire bill is yours but if somebody else only has a $10 meal it’s only 10% of the,
the actual cost of the entire meal so what happens is that that Milady will actually might go up or down depending on the value of your house,
or I’m in the middle of you might go up or down depending on the total tax value of all of the properties.
So has all the properties go up the mill Levy could actually decrease if the budget say remain constant.

[7:43] And this is something the school district has been trying to explain to people and I’m glad you brought this up their argument is.
If we.

[7:55] Okay Dad just task force of 30 people to the people that were sitting on it was Mark hutter Public Works director of the city of Sioux Falls and and in the head of planning.

[8:05] Why do I forget his name had a planning for Sioux Falls.
I can’t remember ever either way,
and Mark suggestion was why don’t we borrow instead of 190 million why do we borrow a hundred million,
build the two schools that we need right now and I like his plan to tell you the truth and then borrow it.
Pull the rest out of capital outlays were painless interest cuz when we borrow in half,
and pulled in last out of the levees and that Emmett and they explained they don’t like them they’re going to stop the levees the mill levies because,
they can’t trust here’s what they said the finance department said well we can’t trust Pierre on our levees so cuz they put a cap on.
And so their argument is weird here you know you realize he’s not going to go up.
But you still going to be paying this extra tax my issue is we’ll talk a little bit about this is that.

[9:12] I don’t understand my taxes are going to go up I understand we need new schools I support education funding.
But with this plan if the loan goes to its full extent which I believe it well.
It’s going to be three hundred million dollar loan so hundred and ten million towards in and 190 million. Going to build a schools.
So basically for every $3 that you paid towards this over a dollar of it just Catana to a bond investor and ever get spent on education.
And that’s why I like Carter’s idea where he’s saying will built will borrow half,
if you don’t you’ll save 50 $69 in interest payments because you’re paying for the rest of the schools through that,
do you know when you pay and they take the money and they use it to build the schools where their plan is we’re going to borrow $190 I’m going to stick this in a bank account where I spent half of it right away and then,
the other half of us to take 5-6 years as a mortgage Banker does that make any sense to you what if I what if I came in to you and said.
Rent an apartment and I’m okay with renting my apartment but I want to I want to I want to build.
I want to build a house I want to build a duplex but I want to build half.

[10:27] So I want to borrow $200,000 from you I’m going to in a hundred thousand I’m going to build half my duplex I’m not going to move and live there I’m just going to build it so going to stay in my apartment.
And I want to build the other half of my duplex five years later but I want to borrow all the money right now what would you say hits the person.

[10:46] Well I wouldn’t give that amount of time but we work in the city we always work in 5 your income it’s but I’m going to challenge you Scott when it comes to.
Your proposal or marketers proposal of of half half of it you’ll borrow a hundred hundred million and then use the rest through,
public funds and collect each year for the next five years or whatever it is currently that’s what we do cuz we don’t have a single school bond out there,
with their help. We’ve got it sounds like we pay for everything with our revenues right now right but.

[11:29] But let’s let’s kill back the onion real quick,
and pay proposed 4% interest on a 25-year note okay,
so that equals 110 $9 in interest over the entire course the life of loan if we were to accelerate that pay down which were allowed to,
cuz we would pay biannual every every six months we would pay a big chunk of money whether it’s,
6 million or 7 million dollars whatever we would have to pay at least six million million like 6.6 million is likely the dollar amount you have to spend 30 million a year
LeBron 13. Now if we just chose to to pay 14 or 15 million a year which we very well could possibly,
without any additional levies on our properties.

[12:22] Then it’s going to reduce the effective rate that we pay on that note and sodolaks reproduce that interest rate down below 4% he actually pay no one more step.

[12:34] If we were to look back only 3 years from now,
we’ve lost 20% on spending power in residential purchasing power in last 3 years 20% we’ve lost so a year ago or three years ago we could have bought $100,000 house.
This year we can only afford an $80,000 house why is that because interest rates have gone up the cost of construction has gone up the property values have increased,
and and unfortunately our wages have not kept up with that so now I know the exact same house that we could have bought 3 years ago for a hundred thousand bucks we can only spend $80,000 so we can’t buy the $100,000 house,
and so we have to keep in mind that purchasing power goes down over time and interest rates go up under normal conditions overtime and they’re going to continue to go up as inflation goes up,
we got this inflationary pressure they were already seen so we’re staring into the barrel of.
Higher interest it will have to pay.

[13:41] 2 3 4 5 years from now if we decide to borrow it later and then number two we’re looking at higher cost of construction 2 3 4 5 years from now we’re looking at inflation pressure,
so I may have to take accuplacer Asian now I get what you’re saying you’re saying we borrow all the money now.
Will save on the end. That’s my that’s just my weight my my viewpoint on it right now I’m not saying that’s the way to do it but I think that that’s a decent argument to look at.
And then the other thing is is I just feel like they’re there taking a Gamble.
By saying that they’re going to be able to pick I know what the reason is why they think they’re going to pay it off early I get it I think I understand they have never said this but I believe they believe that they’re going to pay it off early,
because there is so much growth and they believe that the bill to pay this off early because of that girl,
but there’s no guarantees of that either know there’s no guarantees that but but the thing is that,
and I think it’s only four years I think that they have to have two of the three schools done right away they want they want the high school and middle school.

[14:56] It’s one of them either middle or Elementary they want to build two right away and they want them done by 2020 and that’s why they want the swing way to yet and that’s why they want selection early.
And then as I understand it the rest of the money is going to be for Ada there’s like 40 million in there for a table but that’s going to be stretched out.
The numbers change all the time for a while they’re saying for years and they’re saying 5 years now.
No I’ve been here 10 years so they want to stretch it they want to take the the other 90 million and kind of stretch that out I’m going to say 5 years to be safe so let’s talk about so you’re saying that is probably a good idea to borrow it all at once,
is your interest rates could be able not necessarily a bad ideas what I’m saying and then let’s take this take this next approach that you just mentioned that that,
higher quality of Education will help increase increase the number of people that decide to move to Sioux Falls and the more people that move the Sioux Falls two more properties we need to build the more properties we build,
the higher the the larger the tax base the taxable.
Value of all of our properties in the opportunity for the melody actually go down.
Is there’s a lot of things they should get first before they ask for this money they should have drew the back boundaries,
it keeps saying we’re going to do that I’m going to do that going to do that will do it first should drew the boundaries you should have did Yuri District team.

[16:22] And I really believe they need to and open enrollment and and especially from other communities.
I go to school in the Sioux Falls School District.

[16:38] That don’t live there not if they don’t live in the Sioux Falls School District they live in Brandon T her blah blah blah blah and then go to school in Sioux Falls.

[16:46] And we pay for that even though their parents are not paying property taxes in this region,
what you’re not to give Brandon is in Mia County though.
I’ve stopped at there’s a lot of these things you need to do first before they decide what to have.

[17:07] And then there’s a lot of people saying that this 40 million is kind of a slush fund that they really don’t know what they’re going to go in but that’s going into some other stuff
well I guess I guess I guess I get what you’re getting at with it were you saving on the interest rate and that’s the thing that I like is if you,
I can hear the interest rate could actually be one whole percent higher,
buying power you eliminate with an increase of 1% it’s unbelievable invested somewhere,
so so but just regular interest on it I don’t know why I don’t know if any tax exempt all money
so because this is digitaka tax-exempt bonds I don’t know if we can earn interest on ice,
absolutely for sure but it probably takes,
three four years to plan the construction of a school anyways right if we don’t know if a school is coming.

[18:23] Thermals are going to be either they said they have a high school we can pretty much say it’s can be put on the same fertile and they’re not going to refuse that gift I mean,
oh yeah up north here you’re crazy if you think they’re going to use that gift so that’s pretty much we know where that’s going to be two or three million dollars.
They’re going to take that that’s where the other one is going to go they kind of do they get Mason Southeast when I don’t like to be 10 million different places.

[18:54] So I can have an issue with y’all we don’t know exactly where some of these things are going to go on but I also take it easy with the segregation I was watching a thing the other day.
And they were saying woman ever done a study the social at cannot you know did you know that.
Peter shaking his head you can way into and they say they haven’t done a study but for some reason they were able to show.

[19:19] During this work session this is on blast Tuesday they were showing all the schools that had like 80% free reduced lunches,
well it’s pretty easy to figure out what you know where the poor kids are going what school is the poor kids are going to and not talking just race I’m just talking economic social social economic,
but your parents you know.
It’s pretty easy to figure out where the poor kids are going when 80% of the 80% of the school lunches are free and reduced I mean it doesn’t take her a math Wizard never get that out,
but they’re sitting at what we’ve never done stay at cuz they’re trying to claim when Brian Mayer first came here he said.
That open enrollment is created segregation and he quit he hasn’t said that for a long time he shut his mouth about it and they know it is and they don’t want to talk about,
that’s my other issue with this you need to read District first before you then you’ll know where you need to build a new school you should have done that first. Like it’s very painful it’s very painful it’s very painful.
Will you go to your PayPal stuff first before you start asking people for money it’s like we’re going to get a hundred ninety million and then and then we’ll start doing the painful shit you know and it’s kind of like it’s kind of annoying to me like I said I don’t have an issue building is closed when he died.
I love and miss you too funny public education I had public education.

[20:32] I just think that they’re going backwards on all this stuff they shouldn’t you know the news story that I heard last night on Kellogg they had them on.
Is they actually were asking for 280 million and that this hundred 90 million is a reduction.

[20:50] And I’m like what 280 million dollars that’s an innocent sanity.
I just I mean I mean like yeah we reduce it so they basically are saying they were reduced it by 90 million dollars.
The trim the 90 million dollars off this thing sure it’s hard to trim something out that doesn’t exist,
exactly two of asking for all of the money up front now is it would be very difficult in a couple of years to go back to the boulders and say we didn’t want to eat when they’re like we just.
But they wouldn’t have to do that under what car was proposing I know exactly when he was proposing.
She basically was saying you borrow the hundred million.
You use that money right away to build the 2 News schools cuz you need it right away you have no choice but to borrow it and I get that part,
cuz you got to build these two schools right now shirt she got to have that money no contractors going to bid on a project if you don’t have the money at bank.

[21:55] And then you keep the military where they’re at are the levees where they’re at and then.
You bringing in your ear you’re bringing in money to pay for the mortgage and then you’re also bringing in money that can be put into an account Capital account all the school districts have them.
Mechanics legislation got mad at him about it but they said they had to wear their money because then they can bill and then you what you do is you keep collecting that money and then you build the the next schools with that money or class instead of bar.

[22:30] And nobody’s talked about how much debt school district has my guess is.
I looked at their financial report and they’re paying $13 a year in debt certain dead service,
but they’ve never said what their current that is nobody knows they’ve never brought it up they’ve never,
put it into the hell yeah that would be a matter of public record I so let’s get back to the property tax,
part of it so it if somebody’s got $185,000 house in the state of South Dakota requires each County to equalize it so then it’d be about a hundred and seventy $273,000 equalized value.
X the mill Levy rate so that house is a $2,800.
A year tax bill proposal that it sounds like correct me if I’m wrong that that house would go up by.

[23:26] $24.03 per year is that right so what is that a half a percent or something like that in class.
Per year which is smaller than inflation it’s hopefully a lot smaller than wage increases,
yeah I guess I don’t have a problem with the tax increase I’ve learned to just you got to have a tax increase if you’re going to borrow money for the schools I get that.
My issue is how they keep selling this $2 a month and it’s like,
that’s not true okay so then so so to finish my point this is what I’m seeing as a taxpayer if my taxes go up by $24 a year what is my return on the investment what can I expect to see in the near future,
well I’m never going to have any kids so I won’t see any educational game from my children maybe I’ll see my side,
but maybe more people will move to Sioux Falls to increase that tax base so then ultimately maybe that $24 won’t cost me $24 and three years maybe a little down.
Labor cost me $23 or $23.50 because there’s more people here there’s more people here. The budget is always set by the city.
Set of city sets the budget you can only collect that much.

[24:52] Arab descent account County and City yeah cuz you got so you’ve got Municipal levees you got County levies you got school levies and Township letters are all four,
actually water district levy to all five of those items are make up your tax,
a lot of people don’t get that a lot of people think that when you pay your property taxes go to Altura School,
so the the the folks that live in Brandon and they have their kids coming to school they get a they get an additional levy on top of their school district,
because there a Brandon.
Property that is Brandon Valley Property that is coming into Sioux Falls they actually pay 1.1.

[25:41] More Melody.
Then what Sioux Falls does so I think that there’s a little bit of formula for factoring those instances in he can in into,
the whole big picture cool thanks for explaining this to us and like I said it changed my mind about a lot of things.
Clearly cleared me up dancers for anything now that that help me figure out why they want to borrow it all expensive money Scott it is,
boy I tell you what it once that goes up my workshop early such a big deal but if they don’t pay it off early I’m still a hundred ten million dollars that you would pay a hundred and ten million dollars,
but if you don’t it don’t allow it to go to the fall 25-year Mark and you only spend 85 million in interest then you can divide that back out over the principal balance and determine.
And 25 years determine what the effective interest rate is it may be that effective interest rate would be 3.6%.

[26:49] Ira calculator they could do that and still have it in my head.
You can hang out if you want and if you want to chime in Peter’s here with us we were going to talk about to party.

[27:08] I think we already touched on the fact that I have a big issue with not doing all that the redistricting in the boundaries first and open enrollment which I have a huge problem with.
Looks like about the election little bit I think that’s kind of Peter 1 to talk a little bit about that.
I think co-host here has mentioned did you ever do any some research on that you’re saying that when you have an election.

[27:35] If there’s an election quotes to another election you can’t have or.
You would be I believe it’s you would be allowed to tack it on to a general election my issue with the whole thing it’s not.

[27:52] Don’t need schools we do the way the tax in the financing works it’s your putting it within 60 days.
Laguna tour election people have got the election in mind for November for the midterm elections with Ryan this sometime in September when no one is thinking about it so it’s really trying to suppress.

[28:15] Turn out to a much lower level 64 60% in the only white people showing up that are going to go for it that’s all they want.
That’s that’s my,
my issue with the other one direction to the people who are very much against in to show up at fire on them,
the thing that chew is is it’s a calculated risk but I’m going to call bullshit on them on this one but their argument is they got to have their Budget Inn,
by September 30th to the state which is absolutely true.
But any budget weather at the County School District or the city can be amended after that date,
so they could send their Budget Inn on September 30th without the school bond on it it’s all of his alone all they’re going to be doing is telling the state.
Battle we have a loan now $199 loan that’s literally what it is,
and when Brian Maher was asked this on Wally Show.

[29:36] Lolly said you can amend the budget though after September 30th and Maher said yes.
He didn’t want to say yes he kind of kind of stumbled over it but he did say yes oh so I say I call bullshit on them because they can amend the budget for this loan so they can definitely have this election.
With the general but they’re claiming there’s all these things they got to get lined up for the contractors in it and all the stuff.

[30:03] Like you said went to not even to 2 month. What you but we’re within 60 days 60 days I mean what’s 2 months.
2 months in the hole where you used to be couldn’t build how you could build buildings in the winter time you can build out your long now so that two months in my opinion doesn’t mean shit.
It means and then the super precincts using e-poll books that failed hardcore during the primaries.

[30:32] Cuz what happened was.
The school district Barth EZ Pull books idiots why they bought him and nobody else do just that it’s completely stupid so they bought these e-poll books a company has sold is called.
Hunter active no longer supports software on there like poop in the ship pretty much.
And so be Pro Cam and another software election company and said we can fix it so be broke came in before the primaries and they failed they come get them.
Bpro does claim that they got the problem the fixed and they and then they also claimed it was a Statewide issue and it wasn’t syncing up with the secretary of state so they’re claiming that in Sioux Falls to do this it will work,
but we don’t even know if they’re using bpro cuz they’ve never told us who they’re using so my issue is.
Using boat centers which means you can vote anywhere so you have to use EZ Pull books because they have to look your name up,
and when you coming in vote the computer checks you off system in real time so it’s not even the regular Precinct where to go right today to go.

[31:43] But that’s okay cuz I matter where you show up you’ll be able to vote right but you have to,
but yeah but you’re right because everyone’s been used two precincts over the past two years and now they’re switching it around again so what’s going to happen is.
In real time it’s supposed to say when you vote it so you can’t like vote here and then driving your car to another place and vote again.

[32:06] The software is working.

[32:09] And then they’re going to hand tabulated so if any ballots were tampered with the human eyes not going to build a child because what do you think people are going to be doing when they’re counting ballots.
They’re looking for what yes or no.

[32:23] You’re not looking to see if the ballots been tampered with their not going to be able to tell if the boat if that balance been counted once or twice or three times they don’t know.

[32:33] It’s a it’s a simple mark on a on a ballot,
they can easily a group could easily and you don’t hopefully this Creole Apple watches are but a group could easily count the boats usually how it works is correct me if I’m wrong.
Calls but isn’t it to people and they both agree on that what’s in front of them and then how they do it and they both mark it down.
Images about suicide what’s stopping anybody from grabbing them and shovel them in another pile.

[33:04] I guess I guess what I’m trying to say is this hold the way they’re handling this is bad and like I said to someone I go you know for school board election.
You know somebody who gets paid $75 a million or whatever whatever.
490 million-dollar 300 million dollar Bond.

[33:24] We’re hand count in election and a 13 Precinct I mean it’s just.
It’s one of the most atrocious things I’ve ever since and it’s like I said there depending on this to.
Have a low voter turnout will they know it’s going to be a little border turn up even said.
We don’t know why people don’t show up we wish they would pull this isn’t a good recipe to get more people to show up so what we’re thinking is they think the only people going to show up the ones I got to vote Yes and like you said you can go to waste it’s either going to be,
diction fail big time and like I said thank God I have 60%.
Or or it could be gangbusters cuz only people to show up oregonians so the election itself is bad here’s another problem.

[34:12] There’s a there is a campaign there’s a campaign law in South Dakota that says that a government agency.

[34:23] Use public resources to promote a boat so that the school district is not supposed to be coming out.
Insane bolt yes they’re only supposed to be given facts well the only information they give is to promote.

[34:41] The school bus when is the election September 18th.

[34:47] Peter I mean like 3 hours before early voting begin.
Doing it like that closer it’s just going to cause so much confused.
Did you go vote today or just put that sticker on the go I went and voted what did you vote.
And somebody thought that I was already voted in the general election and I’m like oh no his for the school bond what it’s should have just been put in with the school bus.
What do you what do you think he was coming about that but I just rant about here 5 minutes I mean I think you and I,
for school board twice now so he kind of,
studies just a little bit little bit more paying attention the average citizen
is there another requirement to have two readings of this at the school board meeting.

[36:00] They have the first initial reading and then a later there at the next board meeting a second reading of it.
Okay they haven’t notice and then I think they did I was watching the meeting so I think they did it that way.
There definitely are a pro working meetings that’s really like to conduct all their business as much as possible.
For good or ill what do you think of the.

[36:28] Music musica shipping with a general I think okay so I don’t.
My understand my finances is a little weak so okay so the superintendent said that the reason why they want to do this was because,
they had to get reported so many students were enrolled and so if they waited any longer if it was into the general don’t be over this.
So that they would have to count the kids that are enrolled this current school year and ergo it hurt the numbers they wanted for the lungs that was the argument I’m not sure if that’s the truth or not.
I’m only slightly less mystified by numbers than the rest of Sioux Falls,
what is an assistant to something that’s the whole thing that they could use to keep changing your story every every chance they have like I was watching them on inside Keloland last night and it was,
it was Vernon Brown and Brian Maher and Brian Maher said we started at 280 million,
this is the first time I’ve heard this and maybe I missed it I watched all the task force meeting,
and maybe I missed it but that’s where they were starting at probably you probably watch things a little bit closer than the average ever cuz they already turned off $90 and I’m just like.
I never understand any and here’s the other thing about him being on inside Calla last night.

[37:52] He was sitting next to Vernon Brown and Vernon Brown is to chair a vote Yes and say whatever he wants to he’s there a pack there there that’s what they’re doing they spend their money to promote the boat yet.
But those two should have never been sitting next to each other at that desk conversing together the bride Maher is a school district employee.
Who gets paid by the school district he should have not been sitting next to Vernon brown with vertebrae Vernon Brown should have been on his own segment going,
and Brian should have been separate just give you the information,
exact same time and Don Jorgensen with a smirk on his face says we tried to vote to try to find an organized vote no group and we couldn’t find one which is probably true I’ve been trying it there’s been robocalls put out but I haven’t been able to track him down.
I don’t know who they are.

[38:45] I don’t nobody has I’ve tried to get a response to some people but George is so George is a pretty much set of the whole fucking show is going to be you know Robert Vernon Brown and Brian Maher you know and is there again spending.
Our money to promote raising our taxes which irritates the fucking shit out of me.
There’s you can’t spend my money.
To raise my Ed to get me to raise my tax it just drives me insane if you want to give me the facts fine,
don’t sit there and do a raw session with my tax dollars to increase by taxes he did that with the indoor pool.

[39:27] And we busted on so many damn times we filmed them we watch them do this they do the rock sessions about the indoor pool they’re not supposed to do that they did it anyway they were spending my tax dollars doing it,
and it’s just it’s it’s it’s not right is it your big sham we’ve actually asked the ACLU to look at the selection the way they’re handling it.
And we’ve got nothing from them you know for an organization that tries to claim that they you know watch these things in the safe elections and I like this or like this one’s red hot this would be one that you really should be watching.
You know he pull books that are using some other software company you know it’d be like taking your,
you know you’re you’re you’re Del home holding up you know there’s got to be a,
board of directors code of conduct every time that there’s a school board election board member.
They’re they’re not a good sign against the law for them to promote promote cuz they’re not they’re not members that are not with this regard to school okay,
then he happens to be the superintendent so then close,
I mean he’s pretty much right there.

[40:46] I need us that who’s in charge of enforcing that he’s a smart guy Brian is that,
okay then.

[41:14] You know what you have Vernon Brown who was chair of the of the task force and stn who he works for has contracts with the with the school district technical contracts and then.
Baker is coach are you know her whole family owns First National Bank and almost bonds go through dority go through First National Bank so many other conflicts of interest right there.

[41:39] It all on the task force,
get out and then the co-chair for vote Yes for the Vernon and of course Vernon’s wife has it isn’t AP teacher I don’t know if you know this but his wife is an AP teacher,
with the school district was best friends of Dan Conrad who’s marketing Communications person for the school district she can tell me that Deanne hasn’t fed and burning information because she’s best friends with his wife,
and I mean this whole it’s very incestuous all the stuff going on in the culture of the boat yes is the sister-in-law,
to the baker you would never have somebody that was interested in being the chairman of the vote Yes campaign that didn’t have,
some type of involved you’ll never find somebody so right,
Summit media probably missed the boat on.

[42:36] They put together the task force find out okay who’s on the task was on but some that are connected to businesses that are a financial stake,
sandwich somebody said to me and they’re like well you know,
she’s going to go to get make any money from this and blah blah blah and I’m like well you know it when you put out bonds you know what percentage you get isn’t it what is it when they do you know the bond isn’t it 5% Mike that I’m the life of the bond,
how did the dishwasher 2% know it’s probably.

[43:20] Hunter baseball team won 120 what 1% of 10,
what would you what would you get for that well it’s an Institutional Investor that does it not of a Community Bank like.
First National Bank Sioux Falls to do that they’re boarding already does but there are Trump First National Bank.
So but don’t worry it will then go through an institution such as Dorsey or such as Edward Jones are some big institution Merrill Lynch so to speak or whoever underwrite these gigantic bonds.
I’m at the federal level.
Once the money comes to the Guns N I don’t know who I don’t know where the checking account is,
so I’m assuming they probably do and Great Western actually a great western and I’m in the bed I bet I bet you there there’s a likelihood that yeah First National Bank is in there Wells Fargo’s probably in there,
so yes all the money aside and all that I.

[44:36] You know like I said I support this but there just seems to be a lot of things that just don’t add up,
I mean with the with the election but you explain the interest rate thing to me and I’m glad you did cuz it makes more sense now to me cuz they have never really explained it that way.

[44:54] They talk about the construction cost where they’ve said.
And this was the same thing with the Event Center if any of you know about the event center that was the same thing we need to build it now.

[45:07] Because construction costs are going to go up and I’m always like yeah that’s called inflation you know duh everything’s going to cost more next year we all know that that’s not like some,
but the school district is use that argument to it’s just going to cost us more down the road well it’s a false argument because they’ve known for years that we would get to this.
And why weren’t they save in the money up for 1 minute and ended their lead in the argument is memorial sixth grade last year we had too many Memorial 6th graders well,
who sells kits for RV living,
what the what the increasing population was for the school district this year.
Brandon Cella West Brandon was 172 I believe,
I thought I just counted on this but I thought Maher said 800 800 increase.

[46:05] I think that’s what he said but I’d have to watch the show again but here’s the rumor that I’ve been hearing and and and co-host German Fest and we talked to talk to a teacher and then we talked to someone that works and administration without administrator,
office support staff I guess I could call her and.

[46:26] Date you know they’re gossipers and teachers and they’re pissed about how.

[46:32] There’s no plan on how you going to stay after school so in other words teachers are going to get fucking.
Screwed again I’m pay their man that administration of man is in charge of bad.

[46:48] Scary thing is they’re saying that they brought they brought Maher in this was a new thing that I hadn’t heard,
they brought Maher and to pass this in as soon as this passes he gets it rolling he’s gone because I guess the old lady doesn’t like it here and wants to go back to beautiful Nebraska.

[47:07] Like the Sioux Falls isn’t exactly you know my opinion Sioux Falls is,
fantastic but if I had a choice between Sioux Falls and bumper Kearney Nebraska I would be living in Sioux Falls that’s just my opinion but you know some people just like bump,
they want to stay there as well so I’m going to work on stat.
And once he gets a past he’s going to either retire or,
whatever you got to be glad for those teachers are going to cost because of the teachers in God’s up nothing no news about the school district was partly because I talk to support staff to,
I have a friend that used to work for him and I think he just quit last year he wasn’t part of he was in charge of inventory over the library.

[48:01] And he told me that there is so much waste will take perfectly good computers that are working instead of trying to sell them auction them off or I letting students buy them at a reduced rate is thrown away.
For someone to smaller School,
sound to the students for god sakes why don’t we put it on the city does it surplus auction when we do something like that.
I mean I’ve been to those Surplus,
yeah they’re cool actually,
awesome I almost bought a clown.

[48:49] I know that’s what really tall fiberglass clown.
But I don’t even know where used to be I think I don’t know why I was on my way in for the previous administrations mayor’s Fourth of July 5th.
Didn’t go for very much so that I was at there was a brand new Hoover
brand new Kirby vacuum still inside the Box plastic wrap around at the box in the street.
$175 like that.

[49:28] If there’s $199 school bond out there I would want to make sure that.
That the contractors are kept on budget that they’re kept on schedule they keep their reserves they keep the keep the reserves under control and they don’t overspend.
The thing is official restraint believe that this 40 million dollar slush fund,
they’re probably anytime somebody says other stuff with my tax money always go,
that’s that shit was that just for example on Tuesday you know we’ve had this 20 million dollar parking downtown,
dirty dirty habit I already have to spend another $56,000 on an engineer to tell him where to put a pipe.
I mean and it’s an extra expense to have like a 10% contingency reserve account,
I don’t know where you’re coming up with,
47 million because I thought security and age 82 here today I got it right here Security in 88 for Robert Frost and Horace Mann Elementary is 2.2 million.

[50:42] That’s what I’m saying this 40 million dollar fund they calling to upgrade
bounces one day they’ll say 40 the next day they’ll say 50 that memories because I think when you add all these in I suppose okay,
it’s for extras and they’re going to fix a gym in one of the old schools and.
Well you know one Vince new Elementary School proposed for 17.5 million.

[51:12] I am concerned that that’s enough not enough money I mean 17 and 1/2 million bucks,
and the elementary school cost 17 and you’re kind of like,
what get the kids are a little bit smaller at the elementary school but you know it’s like so like I brought.
For your enjoyment Scott the the area mpo area and growth Management areas map,
this is the this is this is this is what’s the proposed growth between now and 2035 in the direction of cities going to go,
right now the Orange is the boundaries of the city in the,
the red the reddish color is where it’s expected to grow so we could probably predict by looking at this little map here,
where the schools are likely to go.

[52:25] See that all that stuff is just kind of like whatever to me I just want to know we push our borders out anymore.
Will the Sioux Falls borders are pretty much they they took care of that last year,
there. You can always ask,
take the established boundaries with a little a little City information,
with all their neighboring cities those are all established.
Done done because all density can build an element Elementary perspective is.

[53:19] Crooks has said that they’re said he’s going to go up to this line in the city of Sioux Falls and allowed to go up to that unless you want the city of Sioux Falls go into Crooks Crooks has to be okay with.
Being absorbed into the city which is not likely to ever happen though.

[53:40] And so I said that’s so I guess the biggest thing in this whole matter is I think they’re spending too much money right away.
Are borrowing too much money right away in the second factor I have is I don’t believe I don’t like where this election is being held I think I might just have a gigantic issue with.
Here’s a little here’s a little funny story just show you about the lady who runs the school district elections okay.

[54:05] Her name is Beth Chase she also runs on the substitute teaching she started.

[54:11] What Chuck says another job shocker so anyway.
But she was the one a few years ago remember where they they were balanced locked in a van and they couldn’t find Bev and she would lock these ballots in a banner they want me to come listen to Lady running the selection so anyway.
So this is it this is funny this is I’ve been giving a lot easier here so Teresa Staley has to do Teresa to believe it or not so Teresa Staley.
I just think she could talk all the Steeler report sometimes she mailed it out someday she doesn’t buy this time she’s she’s putting it in the shop and she let me proofread it cuz I work.
Prince sister company and.
I was reading it and I didn’t say anything to her or I talked to her about it today though but I didn’t say anything to her but I said to the sales manager shopping as I said I said are you okay with that thing that she said in there about the school district printing the map.
He starts laughing and he says let me tell you a story about that so here’s the story.
Teresa’s been after them she’s been pretty neutral about how I’m sure she’s going to Bono but I know she’s been neutral on the matter.

[55:27] Scratch that she’s probably not who I don’t know how she’s going to go so anyway she told School District you should really be.
Machine tabulating the boat you should be using all the precincts.
And then she told the school district you should print a map and the shopping news and The Argus Leader pretty Precinct map or locations of the precinct.

[55:49] And so.
She put it in her article I’m a school district to put a map in the shopping news and they refused so I’m spending my own money to print it in here myself with incorrect grammar no,
and I sent it the sales manager I said.

[56:09] So you’re okay with this in here and he goes yeah I like it and I go okay so what’s the story behind this and he goes here’s the story because you know about chases and I go oh God this is going to be good,
and I go yeah I know who that is and he goes so she calls me he goes and leaves me a message.
Like a few weeks ago and says I want to print a map in for the school board for the election and leaves her phone number.
And he calls her back well if you’re a salesperson and you work at a company and somebody leaves you a voicemail and says they want to do business with you what are you do you call him back now and you probably call him at the number that they let you write three calls her back.
And she says I don’t know what you’re talking about.
He goes well you left me a voicemail saying you want to print the map and in the in the shopping news no I didn’t.

[57:05] And he goes well your name is Bev Chase right and she’s like yeah he goes well that’s the name he left on The Voice Mail and this is your phone number that I just called right,
yes that’s the phone number that you left on the voicemail I didn’t leave you a voicemail and he goes well yes you did how else why why else would I be calling you back.

[57:25] So this is the lady Brian $190 bond election calling peep just calling random people.

[57:37] You somewhere that save that voicemail and so anyway,
please tell me this so why was she denying this why did she just say we changed our mind wouldn’t you just said that like maybe she did call and then we changed our mind we didn’t have it in the budget.

[57:54] Weird he said he goes she probably,
meant to call the Argus Leader and called me and said that she did not realize that she called us and said so did he told her own,
you know I’ve always would you be interested in putting them in the shower.
So he left them voicemails and they never called.
So no he didn’t so Teresa so Teresa’s brick turning the world everybody to know that the school district.

[58:38] Does public service it’s it’s, it’s really funny I’m always going to leave you a voice,
never told you never got a ballot from you that said no on it just like I never got any other no balance,
we lock them in the van they find the van like 2 years for now full of no balance just stacked up somebody finds on it. I think it what you need to do is you need to come up with,
teen volunteers to stand at each one of the districts.

[59:16] Whole entire ship match my joke was they’re going to have to vote do you stick to your you stick your ballot in The Ballot Box I said they’re going to have to ballot boxes at the at the
coincides they’re going to have one that says yes yes,
Andy and the yes ballot was going to be a regular mailbox and then no one’s going to go that’s strange I could see this as an Office episode on the office,
flashlight on,
95% holy moly the highest in the states that didn’t say no it said on so I guess my prediction is if it does pass
it wouldn’t surprise me because of low voter turnout but it’s not going to be much over 60% if it’s super high like 70 80,
90% laws were joking around about to be real concern this election was fuck with big time,
and 60% is all pretty hard. I would think so,
but it also depends on what the voter turnout is it who voted so there’s no requirements for.

[1:00:35] Quora my sister just out of Voters cuz it’s all about you.

[1:00:48] Probably decided by I’m guessing about 3500.
That’s what historically is scoop out with those when they do the super precincts it’s about 3,500 people who’s the school district.

[1:01:03] If it’s held with other if with the city it gets up to be about 12.
If it’s by itself it’s like 4% is there an appeal normally without attaching it’s like 4%,
that this year wasn’t at like 12% for the super city election.
Again Freight.

[1:01:32] Well technically this is not an election this is a school bond vote.

[1:01:44] The only thing is we speak we don’t know if people are voting more than what I was going to do this but somebody warned me they said you could get into a lot of trouble,
cuz you have to seriously prove you were trying to catch them.
I was thinking about going and voting and I already voted so I’m done anyway but I was thinking about waiting for the day of the election and going in voting at 1 Precinct in and driving.

[1:02:11] Boy yeah you know what the fact that I’m trying to
some kind of a pre-approval yeah yeah might like as a secret shopper type things I mean,
seriously, why couldn’t you buy couldn’t somebody approach the city of Sioux Falls Police Department Say Hey I want to do this,
yeah I know that it’s really probably State’s Attorney’s office hey yo, your buddy,
secret shopper going to put me in if you can be a secret shopper,
yeah I don’t I’m not going to be one anybody else want to weigh in on this.

[1:03:04] All of the cool education activists I talk to you say they’re going no because they feel that,
what they were sold on this is higher than that they thought you were being sold on 158th and now we’re 40 over that that’s so they think that’s going to hopefully people are going to vote no and then they’ll force them to come back to the table and come back with the Lord,
I am waiting by the time we get to election day the The Proposal coming out of Brian’s Mars miles going to be like.
We were at a billion dollars and we cut all this off.
Tools and 900 million on a LaunchPad.

[1:03:59] It’ll be a great education for these kids.
I think the 208 million came from when they were doing the meetings with the parent that I forget what they called them when they were,
during the day before they had the official official,
yeah apparently committees they were trying to publicize 280 was their guesstimate for what they thought the body should be.
That’s just insane in math teacher.

[1:04:39] So I get a longer summer,
they were mad that they had that boat to change the school and when you went where did you go to,
where’d you go to school Mitchell Mitchell I knew it was in the region.
Heck yeah,
yeah right you’re from Minnesota and your fruit over after Labor Day to see what’s up I’m sorry but you live in Minnesota but your,
I was always after Labor Day made it one or two years they didn’t stupid experiment to go the week,
for labor day but you never this early was state fair I was school district,
so I was I was chuckling about it because they had to start early so they did so they start early,
start on a Thursday for one and I’m like which was Thursday you obviously those first two days of school you’re not doing,
you’re doing nothing you’re doing nothing you’re trying to figure out your fucking lock they get a weekend.

[1:06:03] Did they only go for days does the Labor Day weekend in and then get off for days and everything and I’m like you started early why
yeah but what was the point of this and that game with what 6 days
animals you fucking around with your locker for 6 a.m.
Parent, Get on Up the story on Facebook about how her son was,
go ahead receivers just devastated that he’s having to start after Labor that know your son is super happy cuz he gets out way early and I love getting traded summer of his life and on top of that,
the funny part was there big argument when the vote was coming was the I was kind of helping with that the change the date thing save the summer thing,
and their big argument was.
That this is always a peek it’s always a p kids and all this stuff did you know that after once they started the new program to start after Labor Day AP scores went up.

[1:07:11] At 8 p.m. ruhlman 20.
To their whole fucking argument about how it was going to hurt a p which actually in the opposite fucking Direction.
Decided to go back to the old way and you’re like.
What Labor Day to Memorial Day He told me at the time why he supported it is like.
He goes when the girls got out of school last year it was snowing on the last day of school it was snowing like early May.

[1:07:49] Hesus like it was stupid.
Coming up next time you’re around your own school for 4 days a week I think it shouldn’t be I’ve said that all along they should get breaks in between and that’s it.
Would pay the teachers for a we get my salary for the Full Bucket year and then you should work the whole year it’ll get me started on that guy say here we go.

[1:08:09] 07 hit
what you did change I want I’m glad I brought you on Craig because you did change my mind at a really good job explaining out all the finance change my mind about that so I feel I feel better about,
you feel better about yourself
I already voted out yet but I did not feel good about the election but I I feel better about the fact that I’m paying taxes on money,
that’s it in a bank account I just registered that we just spent an hour talking about the sick and he’s suffering so the clock lot
see you next time.

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