Sioux Falls Water Contaminated From Toxic Foam

The Associated Press is reporting Sioux Falls officials are grappling with well shutdowns as the extent of the city’s water contamination from decades of firefighting foam use remains unclear.

The Rapid City Journal reports that Sioux Falls is dealing with the consequences almost 50 years after innumerable gallons of toxic firefighting foam began contaminating the grounds of the city airport in 1970. Chemicals linked to cancer and other health issues were found to have contaminated 15 municipal wells, including 10 that have concentrations above what the Environmental Protection Agency deems safe.

About 28 percent of the city’s water production from the Big Sioux aquifer is shut down.

The contamination is caused by the South Dakota Air National Guard and the Sioux Falls Fire Department’s use of the firefighting foam. But the contamination’s scope is unknown.

I’m not sure why this isn’t being covered more locally.

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4 comments on Sioux Falls Water Contaminated From Toxic Foam

  1. Julie says:

    Disgusting ???? What??? Is this Flint, Michigan??????????

  2. BRIAN GOCHAL says:

    They can add this to the lack of effort to clean up the river that runs through Sioux Falls which is near the top of most contaminated rivers in America.

  3. MJ says:

    That is Disturbing, more so because it’s not being covered locally… very fucked up.

  4. Hissho Wang says:

    Because unfortunately those who should give a sh1t don’t. Utah is horrible. I’ve literally led officials to non-permitted recycling and mining ops. They’ve had years to act and not once have they. I can only hope that more people start to care about the environment enough to take a stand. Thanks for your coverage.

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