In this bonus interview, Robert Mehling sits down with Brian Wirth Independent Candidate for State Senate District 25.

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“We need leaders who will represent the interests of the people and communities that we take pride in calling home. We are continuously surrounded with divisive media tactics that seemingly push us apart and make us avoid having meaningful political conversations. I want to bring the conversations back to the people that make up our communities and find ways to work together on issues. If we take the time to talk to our neighbors, we will find that we all agree on almost all of the issues. We all want a safe environment to raise our families, we all want equal opportunity to succeed or fail, and we all want to be able to go to the doctor without bankrupting families.”

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[0:50] This is Robert mehling with the Sioux Empire podcast and I am joined today by Brian Wirth who was an independent candidate for State Senate District 25 welcome to the show Brian thank you.
Tell us a little bit about yourself I,
I will be honest I’ve been following the governor’s race pretty close but I have not gotten into a lot of the the local districts especially 25 is a little further north than me so,
tell us a little bit about yourself your district and why you’re running originally from Hurley South Dakota I’ve been in South Dakota my life.
I went to USD. Degrees in political science and criminal justice I was there 2001 to 2005.

[1:44] And I was all over the place I did cuz I had to Anthropologie in history in there too but yeah I’m just like,
I’m wondering like to do we take doctor cards South Dakota politics together maybe probably that out that sounds about right tennis crazy to advisor okay.
I also so yeah good old days used to be us so.
I actually have my best friend back then sister work for Tom daschle I’m actually trying to get an internship there buddy that will do that when I was a junior.
Yeah I’m college so that kind of went through and then I waste no time starting a family with my then girlfriend now wife.
We have two kids 11 and 8 my oldest is in 6 grade 9 the Third.
Kind of guilty of like a lot of people is not really following local politics very well.
One thing I did get my attention was when initiative measure 22 got repealed yes cuz a lot of support amounts of Voters and then,
600 Stooges,
turn around and repeal honest is kind of the trail and my mind and it was until well into starting my campaign in our guy should be on the ballot I learned that the incumbent I’m running against is one of the people who led the way in between that and it’s because lobbyist told her to.

[3:07] Oh yes I remember that that session with the the gold watches in the.
All the stuff going on there I was I was a pretty vocal critic of them doing that unlike declaring a state of emergency because people voted on something.
That’s that’s an emergency man and I think they said they were going to put something I’ll fix it but they never did of course.
Oh yeah I will will totally come back and fix it sure I.
Actually left both parties in 2009 after I registered in Dell Rapids Benatar have it for 9 years because of the banking bailout of 2008 and that is Unforgivable,
both parties build out large Banks but they didn’t bail out Working Class People or the middle class.
The what now I’m sorry I had another type of bank or like security I don’t know about yeah I was raised you know you work hard you’re honest you know things will work out for,
call my dad’s Farm are you still is Farmers of the hardest working people in this state that they are the backbone of our economy so much depends on them but yet.

[4:31] You know they’re not getting their fair share the Family Farms need to be more supported we need to move away from concentrated animal feeding operations and clover Farms move things back towards local.
Small business.
Sure no District 25 that’s that’s got a chunk of rural north north of Sioux Falls if I remember correctly the east side east side of Sioux Falls,
Sioux Falls is pretty diced up for some reason some reason quotes in the air Colton Dell Rapids where I’m at Garretson,
I’ll be at Valley Springs so wraps around Brandon and then down to Valley Springs and then we get the southeast chunka Sioux Falls the.
Dawley Farms are you sure so.

[5:22] So then you’re running as an independent because of the the bailouts.
For those who would like to know more about your of Stan on different issues and background I mean is there is there a site would you say you lean right or being left or is it by an issue by issue, Elkhart thing or where at where are you at,
tide sadly in left thumb I think the working class needs better representation in all levels of government I believe.

[5:51] People been struggling to pay medical bills and their insurance for too long and when you do something does happen to me at the fight with your insurance company I mean I was out in,
Valley Springs talking several people who you know they have health insurance but then when they get sick it doesn’t cover what it needs to and they’re on the phone for.
You know it’s like a full-time job just throw the other insurance company because just keep going up and up and I mean the Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction but it’s just my mind it was a handout to the insurance companies.
I think what as a as a state senator from District 25 could you do about that well when the federal government gives you the opportunity this expand Medicaid you could take that opportunity instead of show,
and if we had to free all this pull the money we spent on health insurance and health care we could probably come up with a better just South Dakota cares program,
pretty impossible with very low tax statement pro-business not look in a dress if we change anything on the South Dakota level but I don’t want it.

[6:58] Are ethics board retail they don’t want opportunities like expanding Medicaid to be ignored.
I don’t want our legislators to do what lobbyists tell them to prefer they listen to their constituents and.

[7:14] Which politicians could run more honestly and less on rhetoric buzzwords.
I’m coming I’m running against but the other candidates with house for example in my district will run on things like family ethics.
Low taxes and that’s all they saying that you know that wins.

[7:38] People love to hear going to lower my taxes that’s great that’s awesome but what’s the alternative.
What does the Democratic party offer people in this state.

[7:53] Yeah I asked a lot of people would do the Democrats stand for I don’t know what they stand for in the state seems like they’re all stuck fighting battles before I was born.

[8:04] We ever find what will let you know.
Yeah it sucks it’s a I don’t know just me personal opining here since like I feel like.

[8:18] It’s like the Democrats or the Republicans are just way too,
cuz I’m probably like libertarian almost at my at my bent but the Republicans in the state are would hate to comfortable they are way too I can do anything and no one can touch me and,
I mean I’ve been events work just from like our state reps of like that why she just nothing but contempt for the people that represent like.
Who does Ino like I’ve been in political events in Minnesota at other places and I’ve never seen local representatives to act so like,
unwashed masses going to like I’ve never seen it on that scale I’ve seen it here and it’s cuz they’re way too comfortable so just like part of me wants,
do Democrats or Independence in there if nothing else just to like scare them a little bit and remind them hey you actually do represent people and losing is a possibility yeah I think,
the Democrats need to run Linux support Working Families more they need to run.

[9:20] Are policies that will actually help them that’s why it since I am an independent I have to run on positions I can’t run on party I can’t run right,
Library Castle things I represent obviously I believe in our living wages medicare-for-all and getting money out of politics,
I might think that love last one getting money out of politics because it’s all that issue the other two to fix themselves by now,
I think if you work a full-time job you should be able to pay your bills should be able to support their families craziness and.

[9:51] What’s the plan to fix the healthcare crisis one example of one solution people offer is Medicare for all.
It saves money even a study that was released to discredit medicare-for-all prove that it saves us to trillion dollars over 10 years.
So I don’t know if you’re physically conservative it seems like you should Port should support.
I got to tell you it’s a fiscal conservative I have no idea where that where the hell i’ll and now of considering,
the spending going on in Washington is like now you’re supposed to vote Republican and that’s it that’ll bring the fiscal conservatism.
History is not buried that out let’s put that way yeah be nice if people ran.
And then get back on accident but they ran on you know they say they want to limit government but the government gets bigger every year will they want to let it limits.

[10:44] The meaning of limited government we could limit the NSA Wireless tapping of American citizens.
You’re actually in favor of flexible people having a civil liberties and Privacy Act.

[11:00] Crazy with these crazy ideas pie-in-the-sky like like freedom and yeah I don’t know man that’s pretty scary working for families I mean what.
Are you speaking Klingon right now I don’t know sorry this this election cycle has me very very Senegal we just had an episode of South dacola podcast where we were talking what are predictions for the election stuff,
it’s left me very demoralizing very cynical about the upcoming election just to hear some of the people who been watching it for a long time analyzing and tell me what’s going to happen in like.

[11:41] People just need to,
do the research try and get informed help if you turn the cable news off not much on there that’s informing you and mostly it’s just looking people into a frenzy getting them to fight,
if you actually talk to the people next to you how do we solve these problems you tend to find out we all kind of agree medicare-for-all has 70% sport in America population,
that’s 80% Democrats and 50 a majority over 50% pumpkin support it why isn’t it law or why isn’t my past.
How many the reason I come up with.

[12:18] You know it sounds it sounds cliche or like you’re beating a dead horse but I mean that’s just.
That’s what it is it’s just like totally uncontrolled unfettered money which how do you control.
You know money and spending and politics post citizens united you know I have to pass a law that makes that illegal.

[12:40] Corporations are people money is not speech speech speech people are people so at the Supreme Court level guess.

[12:49] But baby steps in the meantime like at the South Dakota level getting back to a little more local what can you do about the,
that the money issue in politics while we can vote Yes on Amendment w,
don’t think it’s coincidence my last name is worth w w I like it.
I’m going to try to make sure that pass and then you got to make sure that.
People in charge this next session you know set it up correctly so honest politicians.
Do you research don’t just vote down the ticket many of your candidates websites can contact him through phone numbers call him ask him what issues I support don’t ask him what.
Party day right on don’t ask him what buzzwords are using just what are they can do to help you as a welder absolutely.
So you know it’s one thing to to be upset about like the the measure and stuff like that with the you don’t like w and everything and it’s precursors,
but what in particular like in your personal history and story makes you want to want to go to go to pier and you know get get into that.
That conversation.

[14:11] I guess I’ve always been kind of concerned about ethics and laws and preventing fraud I have for the past 12 years worked as a financial crimes investigator First Premier Bank card and then now at MetaBank,
investigate cases involving tax fraud money laundering human trafficking event marijuana businesses.
Just so you would probably scare the crap out of here by the financial crimes are taking place.

[14:50] Guy I like that that’s a that’s a good selling point let’s see.

[14:55] How can people learn more about you and your your campaign and your stand on the issues like you just mentioned like reaching out and talk to you how come people do that on Facebook,
websites www. Brian Wirth 6:05. Cam has lost everything it has sold it more about me.
You can contact me through the website for Facebook you can find my phone number I believe through Facebook but I forgot podcast not sure what that would do.

[15:25] I did give out you know the phone number.
I have a business cards. Took us out to hundreds of people and two people said they call me,
nobody called nobody really seems to care about people are waiting for like the next like presidential election to fix everything and yeah it’s Tessa,
tough and I guess it’s even get mad about it but I guess it’s human nature so it’s like you know.

[15:58] You know that sing with the midterm elections is just like I felt like if we did something like made.
How the elections on Saturdays are made that a holiday or something like that be great and then,
in the US the like voter registration system where it’s just like every state has,
A random assortment of flaming Hoops you have to jump through in order to be registered and then there’s a mechanism to kick you off the register and everything that you know it’s just a hodgepodge and I’m a very states rights person,
but I feel like we need some reform in the just our election system just so that it’s a little more,
General Democratic sure to get rid of things like cross-check I don’t know how familiar with that program South Dakota does participate in that is just as your first and last night match this type of person you’re,
be a fraudulent motor and they kick you off and portents for people to make sure you’re registered and probably check to see if you’re still registered just unfortunate.
I mean I should be able to register to vote when you get your driving all you can you get driver’s license or just having a driver’s license should be enough,
oh yeah. Holiday for boating cuz I mean lost people work last people work multiple jobs to make ends meet.
YouTube support being informed we need to support being able to vote.

[17:24] And we need our leaders are legislators to represent people not large corporate Pac money interest.
Sure so one last saying anything else that you think the voters should,
here here actually let’s go with this usually my closing interview question is if I lived in your District why specifically over any other of the candidates running should I vote for you in particular.

[17:54] I believe I’m overly qualified I do did study this in college I studied in since I have been working like I said as a financial crimes investigator I have a family I know what it’s like.
Baton struggle to pay medical bills I know what it’s like to work for less than a living wage.

[18:15] My comment let the weight of brachial initiative measure 22 she is not there to represent my district she is there to take.

[18:25] Lobbyists interest.
And then it’s actually three-way race so little bit more about this recent particular,
tried to reach out get involved see if I can help somebody run a campaign and,
didn’t hear anything in the meantime the Democratic party failed to nominate anyone to run against the incumbent they sent the.
Petitions in certified and said it registered nurse Allah you have to send the petitions in registered mail.
Never say anything registered meals pretty intense you have to go to a,
post office novel by the contract office and they take out this old machine and they run this tape in the string and then they stamp at about you know a hundred forty two times so since they didn’t get,
all the petition sent incorrectly,
there is qualified so that’s when I started going door-to-door to make sure that my voters had a choice when it came to this little C and South Dakota District 25.
Do you have an option to go without the person who repealed your ethics board.

[19:36] Sounds good Brian thank you for joining us today and you can learn more at Brian Wirth 6:05. Com will also link to all of that in the show notes thanks for listening everyone and we’ll see you next time.

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