Sioux Empire Podcast 132 Podcast in a Box with Jordan Van Maanen

Game On Noobs!  This week we introduce a brand new segment for 2019 called Seth Glover’s IT’S GAME TIME. Then, we talk with Jordan Van Maanen Consultants in a Box.  Jordan talks with us about business, technology, 5G, and more. We also talk about how excited we should be about 5G coming to Sioux Falls and some of the ridiculous conspiracy theories floating around about the technology.

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Be sure to listen to this episode of The Sioux Empire Podcast wearing your tinfoil hat to keep the 5G magic mind control waves from frying your brain…

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Seth Glover’s IT’S GAME TIME

Join us for a bi-weekly run-down of the competitions Seth knows you should care about. Next up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch. Seth hasn’t finished the game but then again the games never end. IT’s TIME… for GAME TIME.

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Interview with Jordan Van Maanen

Consultants in a Box

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Machine Transcript
[0:50] Sioux Empire podcast 132 podcast in a box with Jordan van maanen.
Wild rocket live in South Dakota with a glittering smile I was hauling
pigs on the interstate you were in a red car having a problem with your shirt and life hung.

[1:17] Music.

[1:46] Weworewhat and welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast,
this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless blog and podcast that’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture.
I am your host Robert mehling and joining me as always is tailgunner Seth Glover if you’re listening to this you’ve made it to the second week of 2019 congratulations your life,
I also joining us here is Jordan van maanen reminder going on there
well apparently I thought this monin was white like growth but I didn’t write it financially right
so I’m going to go you know hang my head in shame and actually I’m at the studio for about 5 minutes in the bathroom with the door shut,
well Seth talks about a video games and his exciting new 2019 segments called game on or know it’s game time.
Yes I’m I’m really I made it to the second week but just barely sent me word good Seth me work me work good.

[3:00] Music.

[3:19] Everybody.
Thanks for coming to the new 2019 Sioux Empire segment presented by the Sioux Empire.

[3:31] This week we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite games of all time or at least the game franchises Zelda.
Big shout out to my family that got me switch and Dad The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild for Christmas.

[3:50] There hasn’t been a good Christmas gift like this since 2000 you know how ya ya not something that’s really let my fire.
Full disclosure I’m a huge Zelda fan alive played most of them I didn’t finish the one on the NES but.
Ocarina of Time Majora’s Mask Twilight Princess Skyward Sword and played all of them,
I loved all of them and I can say that breath of the wild takes all of that good stuff from all of those other games dammit you’re going to make me want to buy a switch by the end of this aren’t you sit in this game so.
I haven’t completed the game yet I I think I’m about 50 hours and there’s something I ate I got it opened a New Year’s Eve and played it immediately for the next 8 hours and then.
And then I had to go home from work
next to know the game is extremely huge it sits it takes
hours to get from one area to the next luckily there is a fast travel feature in the game which.
You know they’ve had another game so do you know if they’re bringing that.

[5:10] The you’re going to see some of this same bad guys of course your ultimate villain is in this game Calamity Ganon and the story centers around.
Obviously you know you’re at your link you’ve awoken you are the hero of time and a hundred years ago some shit went down and see how to go to sleep.
And then you woke up under years later now it’s time to kick some ass yeah.
Little Hundred Year nap little hundred year did you know classic for Heroes but I’ve completed one of the temples have completed the Zoras Domain Temple,
and that one was a lot of fun is really easy first temple like they generally do inside the game so it’s.

[6:00] It was nice because there’s a whole slew of different abilities that you can use with link now you can move metal items you can freeze water to create pillars you can,
you know obviously produced bombs which is kind of nice in this game that bomb is a special ability and not something that you have to carry or worry about a,
you’re finding more bombs are buying more bombs so how to read into that like so what is the bomb is it like,
so you start out it’s lovely if I can love how Zelda.
Tizen Nintendo to their games you remember knocker Ocarina of Time that there are pictures of Mario and Yoshi and still I got up in the castle will this one links one of his primary tools.
Is a switch let’s be real by two guys they call it a sheikah slate.
But on your hip saying it’s a little meta yeah absolutely yeah absolutely there there is.

[7:02] It it’s taking account of the outside world and inside just in its own world even though it’s such a large World it could be.
That’s where you get the powers of those bombs stasis.

[7:22] Yeah the special abilities it’s from the chicest it’s late which is a really really fun addition.

[7:31] To all the other fun things that sell that has in it the right now I just completed the career Duke rudo.
Or no I’m sorry.
I am about to challenge tackle that temple in the group Gerudo desert I just beat the,
clan leader the yagi clan leader I believe it is it’s a clan that was new in this game,
but they formed to they pledge allegiance to Gannon and are in.

[8:12] They’re at ends with with link their their main objective is to kill the hero of time because that’s cannons wish.

[8:20] Another great thing about the game is climbing.
Weird but it is so God damn enjoyable to be climbing the side of a cliff.
And you know it and you got a stamina bar so you can’t claim forever so there is that little bit of realism I going to make it you know I’m sort of fun this and and there’s nothing more satisfying than like you jumping up to.
The wedge with your last sliver of stamina you have a stable of horses now you catch your horse,
it’s a wild horse you have to sneak up on it jump on it soothe it,
and then you can take it and register it at a stable and then you can go to any stable in the world and on the world map and and.

[9:11] That horse fast travel basically.
Her know I said you could just do you have access that stable wherever you’re at exactly you have access to it up to five horses at any stable so if you left the horse in and got stuck on a mountain you can go to a stable
recall it it’s with you,
oh okay are you going to name them to come bail on your horse and then just some of them back but absolutely leave it you know just do whatever they can be used as Weapons just like back in Ocarina of Time you can run into,
enemies and kill them with your horse.

[9:45] Is then there’s so much stuff to know about the love that it is useful to watch YouTube videos on things that they don’t teach you in the game I have.
Been doing that a lot and so that’s been really fun learning about all the little things that you don’t necessarily aren’t pointed out in the game.

[10:06] And that’s that’s a lot of things like.
Strategy more than more than anything just how to take on you enemies when you don’t necessarily.
Have the best equipment or all the hearts and whatnot.

[10:25] Classic Zelda it’s open-ended so you can wander around you can wander into areas that are you have no business being and you know as a yellow wood just a few hearts.
Yeah haven’t finished yet.
Absolutely love it if you have a switch do you need this game if you never played a Zelda game please play this game it’s.
It’s got a lot of it in with Zelda stories it’s it’s got a lot of good messages there’s your the interactions of short stories short Quest the short bus that you do know they’re there is usually some.
Good interaction with people and you know it’s it’s the.

[11:11] The goal is to help other people so I think you know growing up playing Ocarina of Time kind of Tommy some.

[11:21] Heroism and you know how to be kind of crazy just in a good person so I hope that the younger kids are going to be able to play this game and pay attention and love it as much as I’ve loved the other Zelda.
Games and I love this one.

[11:41] Yeah so that is my that’s game time baby.

[11:47] Music.

[12:14] All righty joining us this week is Jordan with consultants in a box Jordan
I didn’t know much about consultants in a box in this this new project coming up until you contact me about wanting to be on the podcast which by the way if you want to be on the podcast that’s the way to do is just say hey can I be on the podcast and usually I’ll be like.
Okay so yeah hop on that that gravy train anyway consultants in a box why don’t you tell us a little bit about.
Well first off let’s tell us a little bit about you what’s going on in your life while who are you young man.
I’m young but.
I’m from Watertown came here about seven years ago I went to DSU for a business education graduated.

[13:07] Got a job in the wireless industry to Sprint then went to Verizon for a while,
and then I spent four and a half years of Samsung as a territory rep so really enjoyed that time my time there was a very interesting company to work with very good experience came from that.
I’m hats mapper aspirations of starting my own business bought a moving business while doing that at the same time which you know.

[13:33] That’s not advised to buy a business and work full time at the same time to that extent especially as a mover so did that for a while and sold that business to the manager who was running it at the time I had the opportunity
about seven months later to pursue opening T-Mobile stores when T-Mobile put the 4G towers in South Dakota
back in 2014 I just went to their website and simply asked you know it could I open a store for you and as soon as it’s an industry that I’ve really enjoyed growing up in
I had the chance to do that so I haven’t opened up these three stores in Minnesota,
interesting business model a little bit different than all the other stores run,
hard to make you know a good decent income and man. Kind of got pushed out what should I say okay I’m all right with that so I came back home and you know really what my passion and all that has been is just
being able to discover new software discover new business processes learn about businesses
that’s what I really enjoyed the most and that led me to Consulting in all that it’s always been in in my mind to that I would use you know by my T-Mobile stores to to sell a few other products here and there.

[14:51] And I didn’t really have an Avenue to Market that and that came over the last two or three months or mainly I didn’t have a brand,
and nothing to call it so it didn’t really have a way to Market it so I just waited on it until I finally had
an idea for a name and,
and then that consultants in a box URL was available you know I like URLs and businesses that
really just tell people exactly what they do and I really wanted to fix my mindset because my business is about having one stop shop for a lot of different business tools that a business owner would need,
cuz when I was a business owner as a moving business.

[15:39] In a one of the things I had to look into for Fleet management software and where to find that and the struggle was I couldn’t get,
demos from the company’s I couldn’t get a trial run on it and I had a lot of very specific needs I just did not get the answers that I wanted
and ended up getting software that in the end didn’t work it so now I’m I’m stuck in this contract that I don’t even want and have to go look for more software and I’m paying twice as much now than I when I could have
it just done right the first time so that’s really why I’m here and why I’m doing this is to help those businesses that.
You know their focus is their business not the software if it’s going to be a pizza place their focus is selling pizza yeah you know not trying to figure out what point of sale software they need to sell the pizza.
Yeah it’s a especially with entrepreneurs where they are like.
Oh you’re really good at it you know but using your example make it Pizza you should brought a pizza or Pizzeria which is not at all how business works because.
Maybe you enjoy the actual like making the pizza Parts like you want to guarantee that you’re never going to get to make pizza again start a pizza business.
Is inference that way with like podcasting it can even be that way with farming sometimes just yeah there’s there’s a lot of mental and you know a physical overhead,
from from launching a business that a lot of people don’t consider when they’re they’re looking at it.

[17:03] So tell us a little bit about
but before we move in a deep dive this catches my attention cuz we were just talking about baby names on the previous episode here I I see you just had
a child’s for going to go wait so into their yet we’ll find out the gender and in a couple weeks.

[17:27] And we were settling on the name Oliver for a boy not know that was the number one name,
the farthest prior-year we just like the name we didn’t get it from anything we just it’s a good name so,
but we had the Discover I won’t bore the listeners could we have this exact conversation in the first first round on this but why did you choose Oliver and,
if you do if you end up going with that will you call them Ali for short we were going to go,
because my sister just had a baby and their last name is Swenson so I just called their kids spend.
You know for fun so now they and their cousins are sleeping set we have to.
Very very nice I saw that note water out of all the other like I I don’t think there’s a way to respect the five minutes talking about that exact name in the last episode so that’s why I had to go back there that’s that’s awesome,
but knowing and an angle I did not expect all that well played sir yes let’s see.
So you know you’ve talked a little bit about your background and why you be qualified on on doing this so.

[18:50] You don’t we talk about the overhead of starting a business both resources time mental energy things like that what exactly do you do would you do like hypothetical you help a business or help an entrepreneur,
make that leap what what specifically do you do for them as far as that goes my time for free,
and I have products that I sell myself I bought 17 different software platforms that I’ve reached out and they have partnership programs where they can pay me a residual income for promoting their products and that’s not my necessarily my intention of course in any business you need to make money in a thankfully I
I found a way to monetize the something that I really enjoy but if there’s a solution out there and,
it’s my goal to go and find that solution reach out to that service provider hopefully they’re able to pay me through and I’ll parship partnership program in if not,
you know that’s okay you know in the end I find the exact need for that business owner and didn’t have to pay for my time and they got an expert you know in software.

[19:53] Nice.

[19:54] Took My Adidas kind of more like you know Microsoft Word and a little clip art got in a little paper clip you’re starting to do this can I help you,
that’s that’s my mindset in that
I see you’re typing a poorly worded a drunken letter to your ex girlfriend at 2 a.m. do you need help with that.
So that every that’s that’s really my my focus is systems to work with those business owners to find something on my time and not their time.

[20:25] Let’s see but one question I do have with putting the consultants in the Box.

[20:33] You know why did you put them in a box and who’s going to let them out.
You know that’s a good question I just you know I needed to retain them you know and there are air holes I assume in the box yet there’s there’s holes in the box but not in the solutions.
Well played sir well played.
So let’s see So speaking of get you know give you crap a little bit about the name where it where did that name come from specifically wanted to have obviously I wanted people to know I was a consultant.
And I wanted to somehow portray the fact that I like insulting a lot of different areas.
And also when you think of Jack of all trades in a.

[21:18] That and then having Solutions I have all my Solutions all in one box or a box of tools and that’s what they specifically where it came from.
And Isis surprised that the URL is available figured someone probably would have taken that already but I guess not.
Nice yeah it’s amazing sometimes the URLs that you find out there like the Sioux Empire nobody thought of that before me really like.
Open out some news network didn’t have it.

[21:47] Let’s see so but I have some information here what insights can you give about your work with Samsung and T-Mobile as a store owner that our listeners would find interesting.
Samsung was you know it’s such a beast you know they’re the largest company in the world and you don’t even realize like where they have their hands in,
they sell ships cranes granite.
You know it’s basically are South Korea and they build the Burke and
what is the Arab Emirates that was built by Samsung
Chase they have an insurance company that that is their own they own their own baseball team in in in South Korea and I like they just had a lot of stuff going on that you would have no clue
you know you look at your TV on the wall and I’ll I got a Samsung TV in this but you’ve got Samsung everywhere else and you know what the components being and everything that that was one interesting thing.
The only thing that was interesting when.

[22:56] We were there it was there was always different marching orders I would come from Korea that would be completely different from what we are spoken to you for like us or you know.
Corporate orders so he was constantly like switching and constantly doing different things you over that scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or power at his teaching how to surfboard.
I forgot who the other actor was in the movie but he was like you got to do this no no no no no.
No don’t do this. That’s that’s what it was like you know sometimes working in that environment in the the,
culture in a lot of Asian countries is just should work to your death and you just don’t stop working I had a co-worker who they got a lot of since I had was in the Minneapolis area.
I’d be a lot of Korean people that would come in Minneapolis and they would ride along with the Reps in the Minneapolis area because of Target and Best Buy and some of those corporate accounts yo
and the white one co-worker he’d still maintain friendships with some of those Korean dispatchers I came over and they would go back to Korea and he’d still talk to him but he got this picture once of.
The Korean dispatcher that he was with it sent him a picture of his boss sitting at his desk with his boss sitting at his desk and the clock in the background and it was 2 a.m. they weren’t doing anything.
But they were not leaving because their boss didn’t leave.

[24:23] Then their boss didn’t leave so that was the culture of us and not leave so until your boss leaves work it’s very similar to Japan then with the might not have anything to do and my.
Yeah it’s more of a cultural thing is is like I don’t actually have anything to do with this desk but I’m not going to be the first one to leave was like well I’m not going to be the first one to leave and then that like mantality through like a whole building.

[24:51] Yeah so.
That was interesting I went through I was still there when the whole like note explosion thing was going on so that was interesting cuz we be.
Are just going about our day and then we get pictures on our group chat that would be like guys I have a phone explode one of my stores oh okay probably just a one-time thing and then it was like.
Hey I just got a phone exploded 200.

[25:22] Hey exploding Samsung Note is trending
I kind of like a cable that connected the battery to like the the motherboard of the phone
that was part of it and then the other manufacturer wasn’t one of them was Samsung’s internal battery manufacturer that is real private-label not necessarily labeled Samsung and then
and then there was a bad cell and another batch of batteries basically so like yeah to completely random two different
issues not the same people out of people think it was all they they just it was the same issue they never fixed it now has two separate issues.
Wow yeah let’s it lithium iron ion technology for though so you her history nerds it’s like it was under its like,
there was a reason for a long time no one adopted that as Battery Technology is so, and cell phones now but it’s because they’ve had the technology since like the 70s but they were like notoriously unstable and not
considered like safe and reliable,
just like operate so it’s like then in the 90s that like Tech late 90s the tech got better a little better and then finally that kind of became the standard but it’s like underneath all the like gloss and the shininess like the principles of what
drives a lithium ion battery are you know.

[26:46] You are taking all of that potential energy and putting it into a box and sometimes it doesn’t hold.
And then they’ll probably the last thing that I thought was really interesting is when we go to our national conferences.
And then they would they give us a phone’s about a month early before they are even announced which is kind of crazy if they’re trying to keep things under wraps but of course you see the weeks all night all the time,
but there’s people that were so dumb they would just post stuff as soon as I got it and they’d be fired at the conference because they,
they give us
you know the phones in like these little black bags and if we had to go through the airport again if you had to get screened for whatever reason for your thing toothpaste or whatever you had to request a special screening and it’s like.
You know so that way the phone won’t be publicly shown they were it was just like this unnecessary secret ISM behind you know us having the phones a whole month early so it was really cool because I know I’m one of like.

[27:48] 10 people are in a whatever I want the only person in South Dakota that has this phone from you know,
this is awesome I’m like king of the world I go around all the stores and be like to check it out and then after lunch and a half whenever again.
But for that month you’re king of the world.
Very nice T-Mobile that is T-Mobile based where are they based out of like where did you sell your March T-Mobile’s based out of Bellevue,
Bellevue Washington and then my stores are up in Moorhead and in Baxter Minnesota.
Okay it’s all so it’s not exactly the same as you’re getting contradictory order is her and,
like that is like you got with Samsung T-Mobile was very very consistent in fact there’s there’s so consistent T-Mobile owns all their phone inventory and they’re their accessory inventory and all their stores and all the stores have to be exactly the same it’s unlikely stores here
where you know Wireless World so lonely all those you know dealers don’t run stores they don’t own their phones,
you know that they are they on their phones are they on their accessories they get them from Distributors who know how ever they want to get them and they can put their own prices on them,
and that’s how they make their money,
and I can do that as that T-Mobile they controlled the car so I was really just a glorified commission sales rep new no sew.

[29:17] But I supposed to be a little bit.
Maybe that’s a little bit easier if you’re going to be taking ownership of it at least for sure steady company and they just easier to just get it going because they just managed everything,
you know so the cost actually build the stores was a whole lot last is T-Mobile paid for you know basically the whole construction of of the store.
So it was a lot easier to just jump into him and and do what you’re doing now,
is someone you know you didn’t have a completely done for you but T-Mobile kind of showed you like you know,
this can be a successor you know starting a business can be a package and you don’t need to go crazy in like hedo have.
Answers from all different directions as what you need this is what you do as a base and that’s kind of what you’re trying to do for just.
Yo people starting any business.

[30:16] So like for instance one of the products that all died partner with is the Square Reader you know where you can resell Square
and you know if y’all are credit card processing and type deals but they all have systems in place in Owen customer service in place so I don’t have to be the you know the.
Frontman for everything you know I have a support team with all these major companies that I work with that can support all my customers,
and that was the one thing I liked about T-Mobile to and you know Samsung is just having you know another company to,
to manage everything as opposed to owning my business as a moving business is I had everything.
You know an animal T-Mobile I didn’t even have to submit sales tax because they paid me a commission so all I need to do at the end of the year for submit income tax that was it you know.
So do you think like with the people that you help starting businesses.
The biggest issue is just I mean is it just like not knowing what you don’t know yes that’s exactly it. One of my favorite quotes is from Steve Jobs actually even though I’m I really just,
infuriated with the company cuz I just overpriced products Apple but what if people.

[31:37] People don’t know what they like if they haven’t seen it yet.
You know so that’s a lot of the things he’s like I’ve been so engrossed in this industry of software and apps the longest time that
I’ve discovered a lot of different applications that I remember what those applications do even after just you know viewing website for 15 minutes I would always remember like oh I better solution for you and you know that there was.
An exit instance where I had a customer that I worked with
and I remembered an application that I discovered three years ago that I had only downloaded for 5 10 minutes 3 years ago just to look at to see what it was in and deleted. My phone I just happened to remember it
yeah it’s exactly right just finding them solutions that they didn’t even think about okay.

[32:22] Very cool very cool definitely necessary there’s we talked to a lot of.

[32:30] Accomplished in an entrepreneur is not so much your people just getting into it and that’s.

[32:39] Movie talk to me though it’s it’s the ones that really worked for it though have Story Just Like You of.

[32:46] Why I didn’t even see it coming you know that I needed that’s just like your your Fleet management software I mean you know yeah you got a business move and business but oh yeah and now I need to track these truck.
Scrap needed keep you no need to make sure my drivers are driving crazy and you know Juanita,
you know all that stuff and think about the future technologies that they’re not thinking of you know it.

[33:10] It when I when I look at the technology like 5G and that being really important and what that’s going to do to people’s businesses locally I mean.
5 G is probably one of my favorite Technologies because of what technologies are going to come because of that and people think I just get faster internet but that’s not the case it’s the response time between connecting whatever you have that’s connected.
To what you’re connecting to so when you’re talking about a communication standpoint that self-driving cars,
that’s more robotics you know so enough for someone who has a doll like Bosses Pizza for instance if they’ve got their delivery vehicles and their delivery drivers well you know if automation is going to come was going to do that.
Do you know who’s going to or.
And I actually traded on my own dispatch system for fun and I used to existing software out there to create an online ordering system that would go to a dispatch system so I could create a bite squad or a Food Dudes type company,
if I wanted to because there’s existing software out there to do it.
Been on and now neither one of my ultimate goals is you know I have an understanding of how much money those Services take from the restaurant owners.

[34:18] Kind of hurts me because they’re there they can make their money without doing that,
and I think it’d be great to create a Cooperative of delivery drivers for the restaurant owners so the owners actually own the delivery service and then work with each other to get their food out the door that has like that idea,
tell Anna I have to do is fine you know those people who want to drive and then the drivers get paid more to you in that business.

[34:44] You know the drivers don’t make anything for those.
Does gig type service they do if they work for like dominoes and in some of these bigger companies that pee on their drivers in a 650 an hour plus mileage and then they get their tips and he make really good money being a driver for them.

[35:00] Yeah I had a friend that works for one of those.
Third-party delivery services and I mean you know the deliveries are for him it seemed like they’re few and far between UNI-Dome so you didn’t go on that many anyway.
But he also he never said that he wasn’t getting enough money really too.

[35:24] Back to you when you talk about the the wear and tear on your car you know and that you’re spending money on gas and then when it comes down to it.
We are almost see you’re done you’re like you’re almost losing money exactly what I’ve been paying I’ve not a Lyft driver anymore but I’ve still on the Lyft driver like Facebook page and.
There their timing out cars now and Sioux Falls because Sioux Falls specifically has an ordinance for the age of a Lyft vehicle.
So now these drivers are having to buy a new vehicle just to keep their job so when you factor that until you’re really not making a lot of money yeah my fiance just started driving for Lyft and then you know we were looking at because I have an older car in.
And I I knew there’s like some requirements for the car year and its 2004 is what she found.
I didn’t see myself but because I drive a 2017 I was excluded regardless.
But but she has a newer car and she likes that a lot it’s the freedom of it is nice but.
It works for her you know.

[36:34] And it’s it’s you know what it is nice that there’s opportunities like that I I still.
And I don’t care honestly why we didn’t have Uber but now we have left but it is it’s better than working for one of those third-party food deliveries.
For sure.

[36:54] But that that would be really cool to see like a Homebrew and Sioux Falls delivery service.
I like the way you make it sound it sounds really really really think of really good idea.

[37:10] It wouldn’t be like a specific like branded service it would just be a way for all these restaurant owners to keep their delivery drivers cuz I’m sure that she was a delivery job I know the turnover so high.
And I’ll just an entry-level job and people are doing it just to get by and.
Hey I’m up for something like this now they can pay their delivery drivers local know where they don’t necessarily have to to worry about not having enough deliveries to sustain their business you know what to pay a specific driver to do it so it’s going to help them scale properly,
and then that’s kind of my biggest without no one of these businesses.
Country with that and want to work together I guess we’ll see him say that I’ll just work together you could totally like,
you know run the board but you won’t read,
they just need to ship work together on it cuz it just makes more sense when you’re being more efficient with your having a bunch of orders cuz the biggest drain on resources is in off is an inactivity of your time.

[38:26] And it’s interesting what you’re saying about your favorite technology or one of your favorite Technologies 5G that I didn’t consider is is that wireless communication.
Sure that the way that they do it now for like Wireless or remote surgeries are dispensers like fiber but,
you know with 5G and other stuff and more opportunity to,
I have that as a reliable source of connection for for like remote surgeries and crazy stuff like that future sinus man when you could take that,
you know he knows you could take a surgery of Robotics in a surgery and you can have that put into an ambulance,
you know so not an ambulance goes out and say go out with me a doctor to do this now like he’s he’s got this artery that’s,
completely severed we can’t put it back in you know he’s going to die before I get the hospital while now because of 5G in the speed in the connection you know they could do that remotely sitting in the back.
You know an ambulance and have no idea how
dig those robots so many possibilities don’t shoot it opens up you know anything to is it it’s kind of scary to to see what’s going to happen with that because you realize that went to 5G and all these automated vehicles are coming is.

[39:50] Your truck drivers are gone no more jobs for them to know you’re fast food employees are going to be gone cuz they’ve got real bats that are starting to be able to to cook the foods and it in when they bat speed increases.
You know it’s interesting they have Walmart piloting a robot that actually is putting products on the Shelf.
You know so there you’re almost to the point now where your consumer in a process from.
Factory to finish is almost being done a hundred percent by robots.
It’s it’s scary it’s a question what will those you know workers do but then it’s also a question of what is this country going to do for those people honest I’m sorry that like taking that but.
Like you know for displaced workers,
they have programs at least in South Dakota that you can go back to school see you hurt your back your Carpenter you can go back to school and go for you know it and then that will be the state will help you.

[40:56] It’s it’s because I own I honestly don’t think those jobs are too filling anyway.
And so I think the people could be doing you know might be able to find something that’s more fulfilling you would you would hope that someone would
with developer skills go to do that you know and I think I might know my wife’s a software engineer I can never do what she does but if somehow like my job got eliminated you know I don’t know what I was going to do you know,
but you know I got to get you’ll see how things change when you think about my uniform six-year-old right now and what they’re going to be learning to go.
I’m through with in school that’s like I hope we’re teaching coding classes and I hope we’re doing all these things that are going to make our kids
you know I doubt to what the world is going to be in 20 years have not what it’s going to be just in the next 10 email,
yeah the futurist in me really really wonders about.
What are Universal basic income or some something like that some kind of mechanism like that just because you know the whole point of automation was that it’s supposed to make our lives easier I mean it’s like the 40-hour work week was not.

[42:08] This magic set in stone thing it was like.
Labor movements in the early 20th century started off with like we want to not work 80 hours a week we want to not work 60 hours a week.
And I got the 40 and then we have the Depression and World War II and it’s just like 40s kind of where it got stuck but I mean.
Did they didn’t think it would be that way like in the 50s if you look at all their like articles in like talking about the future is like the future you only work 3 hours a week and even The Jetsons maid in like the 60s George Jetson works like.
An hour a day or something like that need all he does is push a giant button at spacely sprockets that’s what they thought it was going to be by now you know and obviously not exactly the most realistic like forecasting an expectation about the same token the spirit of that that,
you’re going to go.
A nice like automation shouldn’t be the enemy we just need to figure out how to get our civilization to align with the technology that we’re dealing with.

[43:05] But yeah sorry Rabbit Hole one other thing I want to talk since you’re somebody who probably understands 5G technology a little bit would you say that’s a fair assessment.

[43:19] Over the Christmas and New Year’s
are there was a thread on Facebook that just went and did you see this thing maybe it was it was one from Theresa Steely that went on and on and on about and it was just nothing but like older folks here in Sioux Falls,
were scared to death,
the 5G is going to like to cook their brains most are all and every kind of conspiracy theory on this one and,
yeah it’s like it’s really funny is the 5G is nothing more than a radio,
I know yeah that’s it or unchanged it on.
I don’t know specifically how this new 5G radio is really any different from the other ones besides of how they’ve gotten it gotten into work but your cell phone signals when you look at the.
The frequencies United 706 hundred megahertz you know it’s the same as the frequencies on your radio you know when you go to you like 1047 or 1965 or whatever those are frequencies so your cell phone if it,
CatDog 104 7 frequency it could in theory.
Now connect to your radio that’s all it is so yeah there’s nothing you know that people need to be worried about and which obviously the masses in the end probably figured that out that.

[44:42] There’s nothing to be worried about fields that we know about people you know the Higgs the electromagnetic.
Gravity and then there’s a fourth one that I can think of right now,
but all I’m trying to say is radio waves are radio waves are radio waves,
hey what are you guys think of this that’s on a board that’s nothing but electrical engineers who helped build 5G systems and you know
service Cellular Systems in Electrical Engineering Systems and stuff like that and you know they’re all just having a laugh about it just like going crazy cuz it’s just like it’s so dumb they’re like
sounds like you realize it’s like keeping we’ve been using the electric blankets for almost a hundred years and wrapping yourself in one of those and plug it in and it’s like bathing you in so many more radio waves and you know,
radio frequency stuff then than 5G will ever do and the one guy was pulling out was like well it’s stupid to think that it’s.
Farming you but even if you believed that 5G makes Towers directional instead of 4G which makes them
omnidirectional so technically you’re probably getting exposed to less radio waves towers and stuff like that for 5G
they’re all directional and that’s part of how they can penetrate different.

[46:11] Like some Straits and stuff like that and get up at her band with this that they are directional arrays in the FiOS make a circle of them instead of just this big omnidirectional 4G thing that just throws it out there.

[46:24] But yeah I just sorry it’s like I’m super excited about 5 G2 and it was just disheartening to just be like one of my fellows think of 5G and it’s just like.

[46:34] Obama’s going to mind control us with the 5G you know what I’m looking into this technology to
what I love about the Technologies and specifically with software is all these new consumer softwares and how they integrate and connect to each other and that like you know they,
the software has never communicated with each other better than it has any other time you know that’s all very.
In tune and it has been easier in the apis out there for all these companies test for anybody cuz of guy spends most of his Day writing,
hooks for apis I will attest yes,
we are in a very very interconnected Ty so you know one of the technologies that I think is completely undervalued right now
especially in Sioux Falls when you talk about our issue with public transportation I know that’s been on the mayor’s you know Hit List to to fix,
there’s Waze carpool it’s an app that’s out there just came out probably four months ago nobody knows about it.
All we need to do is promote that you get to community to take over real sudden you have you know that person that works at John morels or Citibank or the hospitals that have you know for empty seats in their car.
You know if everyone’s on that.

[47:50] Well hack for $4 round trip you know that’s what it cost enough for someone to utilize that that app per day,
that’s less than owning the best less than owning a vehicle yourself no opportunity to pull people out of poverty because they can jump on an application.
And they can have a consistent ride to work you know when when you think about cars you know people think that that’s the the.

[48:20] The key to financial freedom and being able to get to work and you don’t have that flexibility to go where you need to go,
you just need to keep your job you know what grade you have a reliable transportation that doesn’t mean it has to be a car Yahoo know you can keep your job you can keep going
I was excited when lift talked about starting a subscription subscription service because I am with my eyes I do not like driving after dark,
and then I just I don’t like driving in general basically and I’m just like I would so much rather like but between the insurance payments in the upkeep and everything else on cars it’s like if the if the needle ever hit where it was like the exact same price to have,
a subscription to Lyft for someone who’s going to pick me up when I need it meets that I own my own car threshold.
It’s like at some point there I’m going to be like deal you know then just going to sell the car or keep one around so that I can make my long trips out to see family out the country or whatever but otherwise with me being a commuter I’m just like.

[49:21] God I love that to not have to drive it was kind of thinking about it is if you could create a crowdsourced.
Bus route type system is obviously the bus routes are where there are because those are routes that are needed.
But if you had some more centralized meeting locations that people could walk it all five or six blocks to.
Or even a mile to 1/8 of a mile walk that’s you know what 15 minutes 20 minutes whatever.
But then you can have Lyft drivers or whatever,
pick up along the routes you know as of wave public transit Transportation as opposed to,
you know how the bus system works where they’re stopping every in their bus their routes consistent will know you can use this technology to aggregate okay what is actually the most popular stops and it’s.
All right yeah and then Big Data takes over and then it’s like oh wow we can make this much more efficient and I think that’s where they’ll start when they get into the like self-driving vehicles on a more massive.
Deployment across the country is that you won’t see it like everybody just shows up with a self-driving car it will just be.
You know it’ll be the lifts in the Ubers show up with like a pilot program where they have a bunch of self-driving cars.
In an area that are going to like Run route so that eventually your public transportation will go that way and so on and so forth.

[50:46] So yeah it’s it’s an exciting time we live in full scary but you know a lot of exciting and I think people.
Underestimate the the awesome parts that come with with moving forward.
Got any birds change that’s cuz it’s going to happen whether you embrace it or not so you might as well exactly you.

[51:06] Take it for me you’d rather be on the inside and I’m looking outside then.

[51:11] Being confused and frustrated and scared.
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[52:28] So very cool Seth do you have any Shameless plugs this week I would like to shamelessly plug,
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