Sioux Empire Podcast 131 Shrimp Boat Captain Baby Names with Matt Paulson

Happy New Year!  Today we’re very excited to welcome Matt Paulson to the show Angel Investor, Author, supreme overlord of, and community thought leader involved in many local organizations that deal with business and entrepreneurship development. But first, we tackle some local headlines including an anonymous Christmas donor helps out in Watertown, Nursing Homes hunt down wayward children of the elderly to get what’s theirs, Sanford and Avera reveal the top baby names in Sioux Falls for 2018, and we talk about the miracle of fresh shrimp in landlocked South Dakota.  Please help support The Sioux Empire Podcast and the work we do to bring you original local content and voices They called us mad when we blew the Sioux Empire Podcast’s entire yearly budget in 2019 on the down payment for a shrimping boat in Sioux Falls, but who’s mad now?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Merry Cardsmas Donor gives $8,000 worth of gift cards to families in need.

Dawn of the Nearly Dead

Top-5 baby names Sioux Falls parents loved in 2018

Shrimp farming coming to South Dakota

Interview with Matt Paulson

Shameless Plugs

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Sioux Empire podcast 131 shrimp boat captain baby.

[0:06] Wilderness wild rocket,
from the files of civilization on Mars when you can live in South Dakota,
I was hauling pigs on the interstate you were in a red car having a problem with your shirt and life.

[0:28] Music.

[0:56] Well hello everyone and welcome to 2019 and welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast.
The quirky but harmless podcast that’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture joining you as always as your host Robert mehling and also with me is,
riding shotgun Seth to the Glover
only like two more years in my 15 year mortgage on my Y2K Doom bunker is paid off so they are.
It’s good you got to get in there so just about used up so I’m how would you have a 15 year mortgage on a thing you would have bought 19 years ago.

[1:37] You must have refinanced I must have refinance to some point probably during bust and not the you know which happened in 2001.

[1:47] It didn’t hang out for a while. Mister and joining us is Matt Paulson with the well I don’t even where to start with a lot of different things angel investor serial on newer thought leader author.
Snappy dresser and he’s wait here with us and we will be going through headlines and we’ll get to know Matt a little bit better here so let’s go ahead and start 2019 off with some headlines.

[2:14] Music.

[2:32] 2019 here is a Shop-Vac to 2018 since we were on Hiatus during that time but I just wanted to give a huge shout out to whoever it was that up in Watertown who donated $8,000 worth of gift cards to families in need,
in Watertown I just thought that was really cool I don’t have a lot to like say or debate on that topic I just wanted to say,
on behalf of the community thank you I love stories like that around Christmas when people go out of their way to like do really nice things to help people cuz I’m a big softy yes.
Yeah so unless if I scored a discussion on that I just wanted to give a shout out to them you can check out the link in the show notes to Watertown Police Department posted about it on their Twitter account and we’ve got links to that in the show notes.

[3:17] So yeah you get a lot of good karma for 2019 way to go man you’re charged up the karma The Good Karma yes guys an interesting story about helping the poor,
yes there is a guy in town names which is like the.
If anybody like working out for people in town more than anybody it’s him and he said that like the biggest.
Cause of like the biggest cause of poverty is not lack of money it’s broken relationships cuz say you lose your job and you don’t have anybody to help you out, but it’s not it’s it’s like you don’t have that support system so like.
Having a rich guy right like $100,000 check to help poverty in Sioux Falls like it doesn’t actually solve the problem it’s,
really he said the best thing to wait till I can help poor people or impoverished people in city of Sioux Falls is to go make friends with some of them said that I thought that was very interesting.
Yeah and I think it’s the same is true for addiction you know people aren’t necessarily going to go down that path and stay down that path unless unless they’re alone if they’re alone you’re you’re kind of Sol for the most part.

[4:22] But yeah yeah maybe maybe it’s not as effective but you know I mean it’s a great thing that guy did,
I remember I say yeah exactly yeah you can do without touching them,
I know and I would never imply that that was like a cure-all to Poverty was going to be like $400 Home Depot gift cards but you know.
I just I just think that’s cool when people got all the way to do to do something nice like that and a but I totally a thousand percent agreed especially like with homelessness a lot of times that’s just you don’t have a support network cuz me if you got close family they pretty much won’t let you be.
Homeless but how you don’t have that support network around you it’s give me dog-eat-dog out there.

[5:14] Absolutely speaking of you know dog-eat-dog and a little bit too brutal.

[5:20] Music.

[5:46] So if you didn’t know from that very obscure music reference that I just made to a song called Dawn of the Dead are next headline here is all about South Dakota Newswatch did kind of an expose a little bit here about.
Oh what do they calm familial laws in South Dakota or one of like 29 US states that they have them on the books and I’ve heard of them before but I’ve never liked personally had any encounters with piano,
and those laws in focus on me or anybody I know or anything like that but the idea what these laws is that say you’ve got like a parent who is in a nursing home,
and they can’t pay their bills and things like that for being in the nursing home these laws give that establishment the,
authority to sue you as a child or anyone who’s like a Jeanette basically a genetic relation that they can prove and document for the money to support that person while they’re in there.

[6:43] I thought it was really interesting kind of a thought-provoking thing because it’s like on the one hand it’s like you,
really want people to be like supporting their family and family members and stuff like that but and thing in the you know South Dakota Newswatch article it which will link to in the show notes they talk a little bit about the,
how it’s mostly invoked when like somebody gets a big inheritance from the parents and then throws them in a home and it is appropriate to the money let’s say you know on sale.
You know speed boat or something like that instead of paying for taking care of the parents.
But I think it’s interesting that those laws are still on the books and there is like room for abuse with it cuz they did have scenarios there where they were.
In the article.

[7:27] With it and I don’t know if they were hypothetical or don’t remember specific ones where it’s like you would have someone that like barely know if they’re related to a person all the sudden you know,
get a lien on them are you know I dent on them from some nursing home somewhere with a psycho you related to this person you it’s time to pay up.
I was curious what your thoughts are on this one I’m like all over the place on Excel like it’s very on the one hand on the other hand in my head like people I’ll call you in and like say hey.
How do I get my parents in one of those free Medicaid nursing homes and then like you understand like its welfare right for people that have no assets and can’t afford,
you can’t afford a place to live in medical care if that’s why they exist so obviously expensive,
stuff you can get for free you’re going to do that but people don’t understand it’s like legally required to like spend all of your money and then if you spent all your money and have nothing left that’s when you qualify for Medicaid in a nursing home,
and if you try to work it out so that your parents just gives you give you all their money so they don’t have it anymore you know that that’s right I mean.

[8:42] That’s true that says you know,
my parents can’t give me all of their money and then go qualify for Medicaid nursing home that’s probably a good thing I do see how there is room for abuse with maybe the way it’s written.

[8:57] Well I grew up with the old folks in my family my grandparents or my dad said we’re already dead long before he came,
and then my dad was really old and then my grandma passed away.
80 is and my grandpa passed away in his 70s when I was seven well none of them lived in a home like all of them lived at home so I don’t have direct experience with having someone in a home.
But I did work at 8 a.m.

[9:31] Old people home I can’t think of any other nursing home.
It’s I guess so I assisted living assisted living thank you so I worked there for a little bit and.

[9:45] It does seem like a place that people are left and forgotten at least you know.
You know you don’t see the kids unless it’s like Christmas time or something like that.

[9:59] It’s I totally agree with Matt that I mean you just shouldn’t.

[10:05] If you’re dodging if you’re playing the system and tranny Dodge paying money for extended care of your folks than that’s that’s that’s.
You should be sued and you know you should pay for that.

[10:20] I I totally agree with a law honestly because somebody needs to pay those CNAs and you know the people that are.
Putting in hours to take care of them when you’re not and It’s Tricky when you.
There’s a removal of familiarity between you know that the relative and the old person that’s where it’s a little choppy.

[10:47] But at the same time it’s.

[10:52] If they’re there then I would have hoped that they had in it’s on a Medicare near facility I would have hoped that they had some sort of idea of what kind of pay for it so.
It’s everything cost money and so I would be curious to see how one of these lost like a lawsuit over this plays out in court cuz if,
say you were estranged from your parents and you hadn’t seen him in 20 years and they’ve contributed no Financial Resources to you,
I mean there’s probably not a judge in a country that’s going to say you’re legally obligated to pay any of that I don’t know I have been in lawsuits where I would have said that will no reasonable human being as a judge would ever ruled this way and then,
I’ve watched it happen firsthand and then like oh judges are dumb.

[11:40] Ain’t you got to trust the legal system in a little bit cuz it’s better than like taking out clubs and hitting each other I get out but it’s like on the same token us like I’m I have a healthy skepticism that may be better than that,
but dad fucks a lot of innocent people up to so yeah you wouldn’t necessarily be hitting innocent people over the head with clubs and less you had America’s legal system,
you know where we’re going down a rabbit hole with a lot of different stuff there the other thing I wanted to mention with that is that I paid my only concern cuz I really like the spirit of the law like making sure these people are
like taking care of and the Piedmont gaming the system the other thing was just my concern about like the sandwich generation where I look at people like my parents were like they’ve got,
kids that they’re supporting for one reason or another who would like you know medical issues and things like that and then on the other hand they’re also now taking care of their parents and looking at long-term Assisted Living options and things like that on that front to and,
I’m just like all you need is like,
for an unscrupulous nursing home to be like no we want more for the pie or so you know I just in my head I can see some nightmare scenario where that turns around and
aren’t we all are aware that they’re closing some nursing homes here in South Dakota.

[12:57] Yeah and then there’s there is no if you no good plan for the people like up in Mobridge they’re closing one and their people up there who have nobody else to take care of them and now they’re going to be moving away from home and that’s because this other you know.

[13:12] Managing managing company once they took over they do know did the did the.

[13:19] Crunch the numbers and saw that they weren’t going to be propaganda making money in its is for-profit business so.
Yo do what you got to do but it is cold and heartless and horrifying to.
To the people in that situation.

[13:36] Yeah I think Medicaid reimbursements just haven’t really caught up with the actual cost of your do it running a nursing home so I eventually just not going to.
You can expect I mean as terrible as as it is for nursing home because you can’t expect somebody that always want to keep running it at a loss.
In the future I mean some of them are nonprofits but it’s just like it doesn’t mean that people work for free.
But yeah there’s there’s a lot to unpack there but I just thought I was an important story that was worth mentioning that’s still one from 2018 let’s move on at well I guess this one is also kind of looking back at 2018 let’s talk some baby names.

[14:16] Music.

[14:32] So what’ll I turn out here Sanford and Avera put out their list the top 5 boy names and top 5 girl names.
From 2018 any surprises here for anybody I don’t know it just don’t seem Super Fly and I mean,
you know Nathaniel Superfly Weird Al you know it was probably a good 20 years ago that Albuquerque came out so you can stay.
Those names would be so popular right now you know or at least maybe peaches.

[15:05] For sauerkraut it seems like I think this is just a testament to the lack of originality of parents.
A little bit yeah it’s like a little too much originality is a bad thing is true that most popular names on this list you see Evelyn on this list.
I mean it’s not new names,
know if anything I think is more speaks to the cyclical nature of life like the boy names A lot of them strike me as like old man names like a picture like my Grandpa would have a name like.
Like Henry your Oliver Oliver seriously how did that come back in change soon they came to a town in.
When I was there he was software and so I I don’t necessarily think it was an old guy did I did serve associated with the poor orphan boy,
sorry but he definitely wasn’t that and John Oliver on HBO that’s what I thought when I think Oliver I think of,
orphans and I think of John Oliver friends of having all of her kid and they come all the way and I think that’s a pretty cool short name to have a few people to do that and I love it.
Oh yeah I mean I mean are these people just name your kid have to leave me so we can only help I mean.

[16:34] I mean if you get kidnapped who else do you want to come in after you this is true,
and I woke I have a particular set of skills in like 20 years right now I’m going to crap my pants but in 20 years I will have a particular set of skills to come find you.

[16:50] Evan Cohen.
Yeah I know and I I can’t knock that when I cuz I had one of my nephews from the last year is Owen so once they get out of once they’re old enough to already be showing,
because that’s you owe its debt but I don’t know about you guys but if you have like a common like first name in common last name like I do.
Like if you go on Facebook there’s at least 25 Matt Paulson’s, but like other guys you’re so lucky,
box mine like cuz I started buying domain names when I was like 16 and freaking like
but like he must have been like on dark brunette or something but this this landscape artist in Upstate New York named Robert mehling has owned that domain name for fucking ever and I have just like never been able to like
take that away from him justly damn it I don’t think they put the D in there I think it’s disturbing that.

[17:48] But I think I got my., 2003 and I’ve gotten it I’ve got enough about me any internet where I dominate the results from that Matt Paulson.

[17:58] Not until the other guy in the front page is like a photographer from Florida way more Seth Glover is out on Facebook and I ever thought there would be.
And I don’t like it and you guys should kill yourselves because there can only be one
don’t tell your doppelgangers to kill himself a nice 50 year old steel worker from Pennsylvania named Robert mehling
and him and I are like the best Facebook friends ever and I have so much in common it’s amazing I’ll go back and delete your profile.
There is a time when one of them at all since we’re not at all the other Matt Paulson to do a Facebook. Who was the most confusing thing that I’ve ever been a part of.
Oh that’s awesome yeah that’s a good idea Matt Paulson. Com for sale
get some likes though I bet you got tonight I don’t know who it’s like I wanted mehling. Com for the longest time but that’s owned by a jerk you know what that’s a super common last name in Germany so there’s like a German tool manufacturer that’s,
death grip on that don’t mean I didn’t eat one of the other Matt Paulson’s at a campaign event.
Hey they had to sign in as I know there’s two at Boston’s here and then I got in line at the other guy right in front of me with Matt Paulson turns out he’s like a coach in Watertown something something.

[19:24] Husband and I did like the quickening begin and then you guys had like a dramatic sword fight and he actually didn’t give a crap about me maybe even more disappointing but it would have been.

[19:37] Don’t let him be like at 30 minute fight sequence and then there’s like lightning shooting out of your fingers like I have the power is like there could be only one insert the rest of the Highlander references I would make it more like one of the old like,
Family Guy fight sequences that just keep going.
Yeah I know it might my knowledge of Family Guy bits is like 10 years old that ended like five seasons in because.
Seth judice then I got a life for you don’t watch TV anymore well within reason it was true that.

[20:12] Let’s see we’re going to skip the next door here for time and then we are going to jump right into our last headline here that’s all about shrimp.

[20:46] Shrimp burger.

[20:52] Shrimp have no idea what that was from are you fucking kidding me I am at.

[21:01] Forrest Gump.

[21:03] Play If I Had longer hair I’d be like how much younger than me.
Know so you’re not that much younger than Empire podcast your source for incredibly dated references.
Do you know someone posted something in the entrepreneur group this morning and I wanted to say all that so it was like a giant pretzel with cheese or something and I wanted to say should have sent a poet which is a,
call Jodie Foster film little film called Contact reference which I am now also realize was like 1996,
resume it’s like a mid-90s on it looks like you 16 years old that’s crazy. Like just,
passed away like recently so yeah but I wanted to find a gif of that to be like should have sent a poet and.

[22:04] Not at that that gif doesn’t exist because that reference is so old big that no one no one like you thought of that as a reference if it doesn’t so moving on.
Soviet Russia got one of you know like spelling is hard enough believe me Matt now knows intimately how bad I struggle with spelling of the true Shrimp Company with Mark above you I hate that
a Pioneer in healthy Innovative and sustainable shrimp today announced that is planning to build its first trim production facility,
a harbor in Madison South Dakota which by the way the thought that there’s a harbor in Madison South Dakota sounds weird I know you were talking about earlier off are not about the.
Brookings producing you know fish.
That’s only if you do something like this and I know but,
play when you think lakes in the midwest usually think Minnesota Lakes where you’re talking about like a seasonal business then see ya I thought they must be doing it like,
in a giant Warehouse in how you do hydroponic like food production on Syfy picture.

[23:23] Yeah I think every quarter check out when it’s done yeah I picture all these like really cool acrylic like aquariums all interconnected with like tubes and stuff and looks like people in lab coats with like
you know clipboards writing things in the background
I don’t know I’ve watched too many movies and it’s destroyed my brain is there a dirty job to add 150 new jobs overnight.

[23:51] I’m already have a house in five problems because of the University they can’t bring people and start hauling trailer houses to Pulaski home builder in Madison South Dakota opportunity.

[24:04] It’s like the,
it’s like the North Dakota oil boom made a friend she made like a fortune just she just been buying all these like Surplus storage containers from China wants they were like not good enough to use on container ships anymore and,
now she just literally I don’t know if it’s still like that but years ago when I talk to her about it it was just like a straight pipe line of her just having nothing but semi sending a constant stream of the storage containers in North Dakota to put stuff in cuz,
cuz the oil boom but I know when kids turn into like showers and stuff for workers so.

[24:39] No I think I think it’s interesting I just love the idea is like cuz you think.

[24:45] I am maybe I’m old-fashioned but I just like when I think Seafood I think about like when my parents going to Texas in the winter and they go to like the shrimping ports and bring back like the shrimp the size of your head like a giant like.

[24:56] Yeti cooler full of them.
For cheap and I’m just like sitting thinking like access to fresh shrimp in South Dakota and be amazing yeah it will be a big change because I won’t ever.
It’s hard to connect it out South Dakota a landlocked in South Dakota with seafood because.
That’s always like oh you know it’s don’t expect the best seafood but now.
Can I have some pretty darn good shrimp and that’s going to be a future as a tired Maybe.
You’re from Madison aren’t you were joined at you I was in Madison for college and then grad schools I was there actually from Mitchell okay that’s not,
that’s not too far up in an hour and a half away from me with the most interesting about the stories that sound like this was a done deal and Laverne,
and then there was some smoke Gallery in whatever the regulations are in Dugard and Company swooped in and got the deal also,
good on them for getting that done I mean it your governor and I’m on my way out of the office put my feet up think about the golf I’m going to play with.
Yeah that’s went to the mat for it huh.
So that’s awesome and with that I think we are ready to move into our interview portion.

[26:18] Music.

[26:36] Hey I I I like the music I got done just bullshiting so everybody so you’re the first to get it but everyone’s going to get that music so unless I change it because you made me feel self-conscious about it.

[26:54] They were very excited to Welcome Matt Paulson to the show he is an angel investor author and Supreme Overlord over at and a community thought leader involved in a lot of local organizations that deal with Business and Entrepreneurship development and holy crap out of organizations I didn’t even know he was involved in that I just like fries they’re like little landmines on social media
like really I didn’t know that so.

[27:19] What’s right off the bat since you are like a Perpetual Minefield of discoveries why don’t you tell us Matt a little bit about,
what should people know who would never heard of you who listen to the podcast because believe it or not not ever know Sue Falls follows like the whole entrepreneur share circle what should people know about you got a computer in cable internet for everyone else,
so we had cable internet in like 1998 nice,
so I had unlimited free time I had a good computer and fast internet and and limited time to explore so,
let me down many different paths and one of them was I I made this little website about SimCity 2000 and I put some ads on it and I made like 25 bucks a month.
And I figure I owe you can make money on the internet and I just never really stopped doing that nice adjusted for inflation $25 a month in the 90s is now $4,000 a month.
25 bucks a month is just that’s great I’m not getting for an eighth grader adjusting for eighth grader inflation that absolutely is like $4,000 a month like oh yeah.

[28:29] Am I got my first job in junior high so many D&D books and they’re all still sitting in my parents basement,
yeah you’re like yeah I I did something productive and I’m just feel like yeah I had a 56k modem and I burn CDs from my friends from Napster I did the same thing to you.
I thought you weren’t was like to see my phone for college course always yes.

[28:59] It doesn’t matter if it was all public domain.
I’ve never really had a real job I did web design for company out of here but I was remotely no bass at my house,
our environment outside of like a summer internship so I don’t really have a concept of like what work is supposed to look like so I was just kind of designed it in a way that I like.
I’m so don’t a business financial company news for stock investors,
boring this is what it enables me to do a lot of other things that I’m more excited about if I just helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and then being involved in Just Cause as an organization’s I care if I’m in town,
so I realized you know like you took the entrepreneurship route so obviously that’s part of why.
You know that’s a big area that you like to develop cuz I know you’ve been involved in like the bakery back in the day involved in.

[29:55] You know the list goes on so it is that the only reason or it’s just this or something about entrepreneurship that is like draws your back in
every time you try to get out they pull you back in yeah I just feel like I’ve seen some transformation stories over and over again or of a people that,
I had a job and then it went did their own thing and they’re just much more fulfilled and they can help more people and more people and then I look at who are alike,
that the most generous and most community-minded people in town they tend to be people that created their own business in a city and then are giving back,
Sanford by that guy’s write big checks to help and he’s not the only one he’s probably the only one that puts his name on everything,
Banner Desert for 40 years and now they’re really investing back in Sioux Falls and you know that’s what I aspired to do someday.
I hope to help other people to accomplish that too so in eighth grade who how did you get that first Advertiser and who.

[31:00] Oh yeah so there’s a.

[31:03] So you’re back then you were right to HTML by hand side I take screenshots on my SimCity game and I upload my saved games,
and then there was a network called it’s telling a slime too fun but you could put banners on there for like free web Hosting account.
If you put that ban on you outside then somebody signed up for their free web hosting how you make like a buck-fifty.

[31:34] ISO business.
So you know when we went over a bunch of you’ve listed there about Lionel like seal Million Cups different organizations here with any other organizations that you participate in in Sioux Falls that you think people should know about sure.
Yeah I mean certainly I like think about my involvement in bucket so the organizations or a secondary so,
Porsche pocket I think there’s a community building bucket in there and then there’s also a kind of church leadership pocket on someone to board Sioux Falls Seminary.
Believe it or not that is the fastest-growing Cemetery in the country,
and unlike most graduate degrees that cost 50 Grand you can be a seminary soon for $300 a month now.
First three years to get your master’s degree in Divinity or Christian leadership wherever you wanted me to be a pastor or missionary whatever,
can get a ticket for 10 grand now which is that’s really exciting for a graduate school to be that cheap yeah that’s that’s amazing and I did I did not know that about so Sioux Falls Seminary,
that their communication is like within earth Church leadership.
Cemetery circles and that story hasn’t really made it into Sioux Falls in any serious way yet sure so that’s really cool let’s see.

[32:58] You don’t so your ear of a successful entrepreneur now they’re there can often be a pattern with that wear
it’s like you get money and immediately you got to move to one of the coasts or something like that why
in particular was there anything about like the Sioux Empire this area other than your from here that was kind of like you wanted to stick around here and develop,
here like what plant some roots for work and I never find a more than Sioux Falls know why the heck you live in South Dakota,
typically like Save-A-Lot,
I like Sioux Falls for all the things that doesn’t have no doesn’t have traffic cost-of-living doesn’t super high there’s no state income tax not a whole lot of crime,
the sky is big enough to have everything you’d like in the city but not so big that you get all the problems that come with the big city is people it is amazing like,
how people react when you tell them you’re from South Dakota it’s like hey where you from.
I’ve never met anybody from South Dakota before his will be in Egyptian.

[34:11] It was a bunch of foreign exchange students with us so.
I am being so there was kind of like the expectation that I might be from another country by say South Dakota and they’re like,
so is that in Africa or it’s funny to watch like Europeans try to figure out where that is. Just like so South Asia or no.
Maybe we got it maybe maybe that’s true and every once in awhile to get a telemarketer they pee or the way we pronounce the last name of the family mailing that hearing is mailing and I like all maybe it’s like.
Yeah yeah so interesting there let’s see.

[34:57] So yeah I’m kind of with you there about Sioux Falls being is like my wife is from a very big issue you know like this the Twin Cities which in the grand scheme of things it’s in that big but it’s much bigger than you know anything she’s encountered here in Indiana South Dakota and.
You know I think that’s what she’s enjoyed about we tried it and living in Aberdeen for a while and then you know I’ve tried Sioux Falls I think that’s one thing she likes about it is like you said you can get everything here or just about anything you can get from a larger Community without the.
You know all the accessories like traffic and crime.

[35:31] Let’s see so just as a thought leader or someone who’s on a lot of boards here’s a lot of different you know information from all sorts of different directions,
what do you think are some of the things that we as a community of the Sioux Empire Sioux Falls greater greater Sioux Falls metropolitan area are doing right.
Yeah I think what you know growing a city is a complicated problem cuz you bring jobs and you need people.
Then you fill housing then you’d be more people for the it just,
all these different things have to like happen at the same time and in the keys to like makes you fall of the city of half million people or whatever is going to be try to keep those things level at the same time.
I feel like we’re doing a really good job with bring in a minute he’s here you know I think of the stuff.
Matt SkyJump what are the place like Sky Zone Harrisburg is and all the stuff that’s popping up around that I just saw the new things that haven’t been to Sioux Falls before like axe throwing and.
Escape rooms in in like we’re doing a good job and getting more stuff like that to make Sioux Falls plays for.
People have stuff to do I think that’s a good thing I’m starting to Premier Center has his brought a lot of good good entertainment here do you think that’s going to get hurt by losing the.

[36:46] The talent we had there as far as the yeah I’m freaking in show I don’t know that industry well enough to know if that’s going to be like a huge impact or not on our ability to get shows.
I honestly don’t know but I suspect is probably not as big of a deal as people think cuz I like,
it’s either going to make sense or it’s not regardless who the person is pitching it financed true
Mia artist just want to do this shit and if they were already thinking about Sioux Falls than,
then there they don’t care okay I’m an idiot for being worried about it got it where there when you can ask me what we’re doing wrong.

[37:34] How about now you’re like 2 hours.
What are your other podcast How It’s Made.
Like we need to like make sure that the things that are problems in other cities don’t become problems here and I feel like we’ve gotten bit behind the ball on some things one in terms of like a rodent the structure like,
Damar traffic 41st Street gets for the size of like wrote it is is is is messed up and I.
I feel like that I talked to 100 project the 85th Street interchange like that something needs to happen yesterday,
because our city is growing and we need that infrastructure and then the other thing is I think we have got behind the ball on the drug and crime problem I think a lot of people recognize that now and.
Hopefully some people are are working on it but like it you know it’s a complicated problem and it not easy to fix but I would hate for like Sioux Falls to start really having problems at the those types of problems at the scale that are there bigger cities have in,
I don’t want Sioux Falls to be ruined I’m say ruined if I’d had have the same problems and Hankins Road gets redone before a row that actually needs it.
Play Klaus Mayer what’s good for that.
But he’s going to do their own pet projects this is true.

[39:02] Yeah it’s like you don’t like it boat and giving that we usually get like 13% or less people voting I’m kind of like I don’t know but the last two City elections have left me like really cynical about.
Nothing I just makes me think of you like we will be easy to get on city council cuz like you’re in there,
at-large people got the winners get like five thousand volts.
Yeah that’s it it’s pretty thankless and then it’s just like,
and it and then it’s just like go out go out after each meeting and wave to the nice angry mob you okay there.

[39:45] Yeah it can be a thankless job and some of the some of the meetings I’ve actually sat in a person or washed on the the Livelink curve is just like yeah interesting council meeting on TV at home and it’s just amazing hot like.
People never come in there to say you’re doing a good job it’s always how dare you build this thing in this empty lot in my backyard that I don’t all women should have no voice over.
and I feel I feel bad because I have in the past thought about going in and saying when they do something right I thought about going into public input is like you just how crazy would that be to actually go there in like
say something nice about it or thank them for doing something right somebody get this fucking idiot out of here so what are the city council we talked about.
You know like crying traffic things like that do you.
I mean what what can realistically like a community like Sioux Falls do about the crime rate when it’s kind of a per-capita thing is like you’re going to have more people you’re going to have more crime and I realize there must be ways to,
mitigate but I’m just going like it’s one thing to just be like,
we need less crime that sounds great we need warmer weather awesome do that it’s a complicated problem is in a lot of crime stems from poverty and also drugs.

[41:05] I wish I had an answer to that. I hear you YouTube.
I could be for crappier but I feel like the last time I look at crime stats for the per capita are you expect
spanakopita the population by income per capita had also gone up and that’s kind of where you start to get concerned it’s creeped just a little bit in like the last I don’t know safe like 3 years or something like that.
It’s a weird thing about Sioux Falls economy is that there are tiny people making a hundred grand a year and find me people making 30 grand a year but there’s no middle class just isn’t there so I think we need,
some more middle-class job site bring people off so that they,
end up not having to resort to cry National stage do you think that’s worse here in Sioux Falls than the trend to that way nationally.

[41:53] I asked her.
Don’t know I think it’s it’s true in a lot of Great Plains Midwest kind of cities I think there are some people that have gotten plenty of opportunities to capitalize on them,
I’m sitting at in all the different factors that Define our city and Healthcare in banking like people can do what he well knows those Industries but if you’re kind of.
You know left outer you don’t get to get to be part of that you know you’re stuck working on a service job for 30 grand a year or 40 Grand a year and there’s just the opportunity to make that jump into the into a higher income gap is just not,
it’s maybe not there.
Are you sure you can put the jobs in place but you need the education for it and that’s more important I’d say then then jobs because I mean.
If you get the education then you’re not going to get stuck in the job market you go to the job market the.

[42:46] Needs your skills,
if your people are thinking that’s a good routes to test it then cuz you graduate with a $50,000 liberal arts degree and what is that
I know you’re kind of that say you’re working at Burger King,
you’re a cashier which I did in high school and then you’re the guy making sandwiches and you’re the assistant manager and then you’re the manager but there’s only like one manager what is below the sandwich
really like the cashier is like the first got it okay I would not have guessed that although so much makes sense now,
yeah that’s right exactly I always have to be like higher up or so okay,
well that’s true.
At least southeasttech now and then I don’t know there’s maybe some other time I think that’s the only thing yeah.
All the other texts Warrior attack Squad what colleges are private.

[43:58] Hey Mom I don’t know if there are any left Globe closed yeah I mean at this point in time if you’re not if your family isn’t rich and just paying for your for your.
School you’re you’re you’re you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re going to a 4-year School,
I’ll tell you that much cuz if you get a computer science degree you can make 60-ish Grande come out of college,
you got our to grab that we can do that with an Associate that you can get a history degree and then you can get a job in graphic design somebody is there some reason for your degree because they wasted time writing essays when you are working on equipment.

[44:35] So there’s.
Way more knowledge value in going to tech school currently unless you want to waste money on writing essays sacrifice cardi B from.
How I do think for some employers there is.
Difference in value between like and like for your computer science degree from School of Mines or PSU versus a two-year degree at Southeast Tech and only true for Tech stock price.
I do think there’s a gap in there a little bit.
Well I’d also point out that a 4-year school isn’t going to give you the guidance of getting certification so you’re going to stay here when reality you’ll make.
20 to 40,000 more straight out the bat if you have a certain certification which.
Probably wouldn’t tell you about Anna for your school that’s teaching you computer science.
Can an internship at a state court system doing computer science work and then a web design for firm know but nobody asked certifications.
All right with the depends on the employer I think for that if we if you working for the government they lock paperwork.

[45:54] Yeah but that’s the key with the government just getting under the radar as an outside contractor then you can then you make the money and then you’ll get through it with no not tons of ways to not so much but yeah.

[46:06] Let’s see one of them until they shut down the government and then you just got nothing to do this is true that’s why you go after state government not the Fed,
I think the federal jobs pay for a bit more yes I was going to I’m being a little facetious here but.
Big guys do this is true.

[46:28] But I think we’ve totally got knocked out a picture that’s okay we’re we’re we’re all good you can’t can we like talk about to go in cups for a little bit cuz we have some pretty cool speakers coming up list.
Are people that are speaking I know what word is kickoff at the end of January the last Wednesday in January.
On January 30th so I just send me this list so I can put it in the show notes it hasn’t been published so whatever exclusive.
How to find a message on Facebook so I guess we have put some out January 30th at 2 Wednesday 9 a.m. we’re going to be at the Museum of visual materials,
four Speakers Going to be a d Kramer she runs the event company in town so a lot of the big like non-profit events she’s like the person behind those that makes there’s happen so I can have her.
I’ve got my Critter he’s like everybody CFO has a business advisory firm very well known in the business community.
Chelsea Tracy Lawrence Boutique in town Chelsea’s Boutique.

[47:40] It is going to be a good season 4.
We we move the Orpheum ticket we could double in size and I do know they happen so we’re trying to get back to cut and it was just too big of a space so we’re trying to get back War 2.

[47:54] I mean are not on stage event where it’s more community-focused and,
you know last year we buy into nonprofit people and some business leaders and that weren’t necessarily entrepreneurs and that was the spring.
And I’m excited about it more than I have been in the last several years for over 5 years.
Doesn’t happen for community events like this so it’s yeah it’s it’s been very excited to be part of it and I’m super excited about the spring.
But that’s really awesome yeah I really like that organization I eat I really wish I I love that.
Some of them get put up on a livestream sometimes I wish I was a little better audio but you know it is it is with live streaming of those mornings off so I can actually like go to them and attend them cuz they are pretty awesome
yeah I mean he’s afraid of that like that you can never find a perfect time,
yeah you can put it on a Saturday people complaining to do an evening people to complain just blame for I just like I can’t make it but it I totally makes sense to me why it’s at that time.

[49:01] That way we can keep those Schmucks a day jobs out of there cuz I’ll be at work.
Got to keep them keep the unwashed wage slaves out of the out of the Amish Bakery Circle gas cap.
Submit Million Cups got a lot a lot of good speakers there and it’s a great event I’ve spoken at it before I really enjoyed that it was a good Q&A and I made a lot of really good.
Connections that.
Seth benefited from like Fiero pizza so,
I know but there’s a video of it so I know what happened.

[49:47] Mexican a long time ago I want to say it was not that it’s like two years ago it was before you guys were in the Orpheum and it was like,
we were in that Queen City or whenever you go
and you’re certainly welcome to come back and do it again I don’t like should come back and go to get it was a lot of fun and the Cure was really interesting and I had appointments with people helping them figure out streaming and podcasting which is kind of my my my bag is that I’m going to
evangelist for you know online stuff and yeah so that was fun for me cuz I helped a lot of people get going or figure out what they need to get going on that
so yeah million cups is awesome anything interesting coming up with the other organizations events like his he’ll got anything going on yeah Co is going to do.

[50:36] This is the first year they’ve really got a good handle on what they’re going to do for events so every week I was going to be something different to do at seal.
And you go to their Facebook page that got a list of events,
but looks like Jodi Schwan edzio is going to do a a kind of how to launch your business class on January 21st,
Alaska become a cop and then there is going to be a training event or an education event on patents and trademarks and copyrights on Dunn February 5th.
Today’s Thursday calendar now obviously you were five days until the New Year’s and nobody’s really really working yet,
but at their fill out that counter pretty quick so,
Sioux Empire podcast proudly presents this week’s Shameless plugs Seth do you have any Shameless plugs for us this week yeah I would like to shamelessly plug-in say thank you to.
All of my family and friends that’s made the holidays of last year fantastic and.

[51:39] A reason that I’m looking forward to 2018 and Beyond.
And yeah I love you guys and 2018 let’s do this shit.
2019 let’s do this I need that for the year yes.
Went through a lot of the organizations and events with you personally have any Shameless plugs you’d like to throw out there you know I tell people about that that little website you’ve got that market beat that
you know my personal stuff,
my my goal for the year, that’s it for the Gear Fit cuz I put a watch as like yeah your YouTube has been a lot more active lately if you want to see the latest videos
just like Matt Paulson and YouTube or go to Matt Paulson., my videos get posted there but talking about business entrepreneurship.
That kind of stuff so if that’s at all beaches to go check out my videos.
What time is it you’re so I try to keep in mind. It focused not edited just helpful information on video I really like the one about you know it’s like.

[52:50] For a lot of people realizing that.

[52:53] Money is not it’s not like an end in of itself if you don’t have money that sounds like such a elite is pretentious panshet thing to say.
Kind of true and I actually commented on the video about like that you’re free for the studies about like $70,000 a year right that’s all.
If you get any any more than that and then it’s just like producing more stress cuz you’re managing that money and then any less than that and you’re feeling squeezed.
She have a lot of money like managing it and like moving it around is like a legitimate job like it takes time yeah.
Think once once you get past that like 70 underground Your Mark whatever it is it’s like yeah you can afford most of things you want and you know having more than that is just as what work.

[53:42] Truth it’s a good video of they’ve all been really good videos I’ve been really enjoying the YouTube series thank you so any other personal stuff you got going on check that out I love,
I mean there’s probably doing things you can do at Watson Books in go check this out here so later and spraying watch out for that.
That’s been the most successful books and that was four years ago we probably should send me to update it and if you’re not if you’re not big into the entrepreneur book
are the entrepreneur scene just his the personal finance book what was the the title of it the 10-year turn around turn around.
I really enjoyed that book and there’s a lot of like really helpful just like day-to-day like raining in stuff with your family and budgeting advice and stuff like that that isn’t necessarily like entrepreneurship is just like
really solid foundational like money literacy that you wish was like in a course in high school or Junior High to like.
Be like hey this is a thing out in the world you’re going to encounter it you should prepare for it and if thing is so yeah I really enjoyed turn your turn around.

[55:02] Let’s see any other she knows that back that’s it okay my Shameless plugs.
You know obviously always stay Sioux Empire podcast Network and all the craziness that we’ve got going on,
there’s still time I’m still taking short story submissions for Edge case the Twilight Zone
sci-fi fantasy Anthology podcast that’s it will be launching here shortly with Philippe Starck casting that soon so stay tuned for updates on that
but my big my main for Shameless plug this week is going to be bandersnatch on Netflix.
It was really have you played it safe at all format if you mess with it all just weird and fun,
creepy super dark and creepy but it’s it’s dark mirror so are Black Mirror so you know be prepared for
you know if there’s pads in it that are like violence and stuff like that but it’s FaceTime Choose Your Own Adventure book in Netflix form and it’s a lot I enjoyed it if nothing else just for like the old video game references and the,
Palmetto it was as like Netflix itself is like kind of a character in it and stuff and it’s just it’s it’s weird it’s it’s fun I know I know a few friends were frustrated by it because of the.

[56:21] Auctions on the endings but I mean it’s a choose-your-own-adventure book you know what your read one of those you know what you’re getting into with it let’s eat and then Auntie plug for Bird Box I am so tired of these damn
the floor is hot lava arbitrary rule horror movies I’m done with them I’ve done I just.

[56:41] Find a more noxious like there’s this one that’s like a dub Spanish one or something like that that’s on Netflix words like literally that the gimmick is that you can’t go outside or you immediately die of a heart attack.
So it’s like people like tunneling underground in between box
blindfold you have to wear a blindfold all the time because there’s a spirit demon things that if you see them you see the like most in your most it’s basically The Happening where you kill yourself no that’s that the Doctor Who with the.
Does yes they’re like Doctor Who monsters and yeah but less well done so.

[57:22] Yeah and it’s just it get in between that one and you know the whole Trend with that starred with it follows which I thought was actually pretty clever I really like that,
but it’s going to fit the trend is going too far and I,
did like King of the internet Robert Bailey cure on my little pot podcast Empire I’m saying enough is enough Hollywood,
and the the floor is hot lava fiend horror movies so going into my usual Shameless plugs of,
just want to thank everyone that listen to the podcast and that if you enjoy our original content you can always support us and support Little Voices,
I had to Sioux Falls huge thank you to a Matt Paulson was one of our patriotism,
and then as always we had give a shout out to supercon our favorite favorite nonprofit big Goofy nerd event of the of the seasons.
A big shout-out to live 6:05 or you can listen to all of our podcasts and lots of amazing local music really should go check out on Shameless I’m shamelessly plugging their end of the 2018 countdown of like the best songs of 2018 from the local charts lots of fun.

[58:32] Yeah and thank you for listening everyone Matt thank you so much for being on the podcast Seth thank you for coming back and we will see you all next week thank you very much for the 2019.

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