Sioux Empire Podcast 130 2018 Election Post-Mortem

Now that the dust has settled a little The Sioux Empire Podcast presents our 2018 election post-mortem with political gadflies Tony Reiss, a public relations consultant and political analyst, and Peter Pischke host of The Happy Warrior Podcast.  This week’s episode is brought to you by our great supporters on Patreon. If you’d like to support the work we do here at the Sioux Empire Podcast Network, visit to find out how. The Sioux Empire Podcast congratulates all the winners of this year’s elections.  Just please no more bathroom bills…

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Machine Transcript
[0:50] Well hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast that’s all about Sioux Empire news comedy music and culture
I am your host Robert mehling and joining me as always is.
Seth the Glover and slightly prepared is Seth Glover all right very nice also joining us from the happy warrior podcast on this network is meter mr. Peter Pischke.

[1:21] Bangarang Bangarang Bangarang from a favorite movie Hook that is a great movie,
Rufio Rufio Rufio and leading the Rufio Insurrection here in the studio is Our Guest
Tony Reiss who is a public relations consultant and political analyst that’s correct.
That’s awesome about the Pull-A-Part the midterms of Ariana Grande Pete Davidson.
What will what will start with that and then bolt how that relates to the the 2018 Winter and now that through the 18th 2018
but he does have to think that the Pete no longer things that God is over,
I think that I know that one no that was that was a deep theological dissertation,
for her reasoning that was Ariana Grande when she was the one that did the song about God being a woman or was that Nicki Minaj.
Eden theological it was but.

[2:38] Be sure to all the summer I’m sure scholarship,
religious Scholars will debate that song for many eons to come it’s going to be like the second Planet of the Apes movie where they worship the nuclear warhead
and that’s going to be one the few relics from our time on her Frozen in Amber with Leica MP3 file.
Is this Ariana Grande was correct.

[3:17] Is the space Pope reptilian could all Futurama so anyway where should we start Pete I know you are like chomping at the bit with some thoughts on this most recent election.
What what’s something you want to talk about the election Dusty Johnson killed it but no one should be surprised,
I was at the GOP party it’s everywhere like Peter it’s amazing that’s the Johnson are you kidding me yeah.

[3:53] Race was many things I don’t know that hard-fought is where I go with that was one thing,
a well-known well lights.
Republican who spent time as an activist a Statewide elected official cheapest after the governor is that a good job building up relationships around the state and all-around nice guy a lot of energy.
Who do quite frankly looks like a congressman and has since he was 12 and.
Also policy walking can guitar Guatemala’s but it was not Peter’s right this it was not a.
Surprise I like I guess well it’s surprising in one sense that York men.
Got over 35% dad maybe is a little bit of the Democrats all got 33% or 7% of the vote,
so it’s sleep yorkman getting the up to 36% is.

[5:04] Trying but Dusty blowing out of the water in the winning the way he won.
Surprising at all oh no that was that was fun went Dusty Johnson got up there like we’ll bring up the college Republicans before him and I was like wait a second,
I know you I know you’re not in college I know you’re not in this room.

[5:30] Opportunist set up correctly,
so I think the big probably the big story for South Dakota other than some of the ballot measures was the the very unexpectedly tight governor’s race,
so I mean I don’t know I kind of knew it was going to be a long shot for Billy butts.
I don’t know it was close I mean it was certainly close my going into it had the Sudden Valley.
Check it at a high water mark of 45% of course based on the only public pool in we saw the Kelo Argus Paul.

[6:19] You know they had.
Are the known campaign in the sun campaign tide at 4545 about a week and a half two weeks out and then pulled again and she had.
Open Brightest little bit 44 sheep on the 47… High-water Mark was going to be at 45 45% but in the end he end up with 48.
After 51 today was surprisingly close shockingly clothes not something that the gnome campaign.
Necessarily won her first Statewide race and was a.
Yep the top of your meeting at popular and Company blew out Democrat and she she did it again she did it again you know something soon is an old message of the blue dog Democrat so I’m probably the last one in the country.

[7:11] But yeah I know that was a that was a close race and I just took a look at me just you know what comparison where where where he he wanted and some of the areas of surprises he he wanted many odd County Bible seven points which is.
I’m not entirely surprised but you also want up in the Northeast and just somebody comes Brookings County Moody County Lake,
County just north of Sioux Falls Event along the river and Diamond he ain’t just up and of course Indian Country and,
surprising when they said that 62% of registered voters in Hughes County that’s where the capital is,
are registered Republicans and in Sutton was able to pull off a win their.
But I look at it as soon as an untold story that if if you’re looking for a candidate that the peer insiders and those who work in state government.
We’re looking for someone who’s going to keep the status quo.
Then it would be something so certainly the folks in pure I believe viewed Sutton as less of a.
Now outside of us of an agent of change.

[8:26] So that’s interesting and you’re not the first person I’ve seen kind of like mention that and I would have thought it was the opposite but I do know but I do understand that you know Billy has been in the state legislature for a while since I’ve known quantity at least to them,
but I would have thought that because you know we all miss from the same party that I’m imagining a lot of the people,
all the operating Hughes County you know are and maybe I’m under a false impression there I did I assume that was a pretty red County but it is pretty.

[8:56] Dusty Johnson when he was, he said he also won a lot of the counties that no I’m lost in the eastern part of state fact like all of them supper maybe Union County
what it what do you think it’s okay I don’t know I’m up server do you think she’s going to like this the fear she’s going to clean house a little bit I think so I think that she’s a lot of.

[9:20] Fear that’s the wrong word but a lot of people view known as somebody who is going to clean house and we saw this Note 2 in the primaries some people criticize them so she’s just going to bring in.
Forget her people in the government like all good,
that’s what you do if you think that Jack is going to do anything differently then and now and or jacket would keep all the same people that the fact the fact is if we go back and so to look at the history at the end of.
Governor daugaard store that’ll be 16 years around Administration.
And so we had you know Senator rounds was governor for two terms in his lieutenant governor gets elected governor a lot of the same people stuck around there’s not a lot of high turnover,
in state government in South Dakota weather to the benefit of the detriment I don’t know I don’t Governor rounds came and he kept a lot of the old.
Chancla ministration official I’m moving around.

[10:30] 20 + years which is really really surprising.
You know if you look at other states allowed him going to do Administration comes in though.
Bringing around Cab in 7 I just have a continuation of the folks who’ve been there before and if we had gotten.

[10:48] Republican nomination and subsequently won the general election is he was appointed AG.
11 Roswell.
Yeah sometimes there is a need I need for change I just think I look at it he was cloudy and I Republican it is and I don’t know if it would have been interesting to see if something had one of those Warriors would change of a Democrat.
Going with that hand that feeds them kind of a thing but I certainly see that is sort of indicative of,
it’s either a lot of hurt feelings cuz that was the only County that Jack Lee won in the primary believe Shirley one of them,
and for it’s a Lisa sudden as.

[11:39] Less of a chance to upset the status quo to keep the status quo greater chance of keeping the status quo.

[11:47] I found it odd that he didn’t win his home county of Gregory.
Jaya County he lost it by just it,
how do you say que no maybe a hundred bullets one way man that Mare.

[12:12] Live to see the day where I would be watching an ad,
Athletico ad on TV and just be like hey is in jail that guy she was she was in the grade below me,
that guy’s a fucking idiot so I know these people.
Oh just the worst stop he is just no no that is such a crazy that was crazy I say that thing.

[12:49] So like.
We would watch the morning news from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and I would see that stupid commercial about as normal person over probably 10 times or more in at like the bleach weeks late leading up so that just drove me up the wall.
Yeah I thought it’s so weird that he lost his home county and I’m sure that like there’s probably never been a governor that’s one that hasn’t lost or that hasn’t won their home county I bet I mean that’s just seems odd the,
a crazy that,
somebody that was running for governor if they do get elected they have to win their home County right I mean I don’t know,
this is true in South Dakota’s legendary for like sitting in a ton of people that make it to the yeah we’re the nation’s backstabbers,
I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know about that but yes sometimes sometimes.
North Dakota better watch your back and I I really appreciate the Shout Out Billy and the concession speech.
I don’t know if you guys weren’t listening to it there’s a shout out totally gave me a shout out what totally did didn’t say Glover but he said Seth.
I was like yeah yep that would appreciate it but you know I.

[14:17] I am the king of bad calls on this show because I mean you pick any of a call to me a great kind of competition and I’ve chosen loser,
the year that the Warriors won I chose the Cavs gear that the Cavs when I chose the Warriors,
I chose the Atlanta Falcons over the New England Patriots we all know what I always shows that I was so many I chose the fucking Dodgers over the Red Sox,
and once again I jinxed it and I think that my bad look probably weighs about,
20000 volt so I’m sorry baby I did that I did that I am sorry I didn’t know that I had that big of an impact but you know what
best psychosis work so ever for that like psychological mechanism cuz I always think that like I like Minnesota sports teams from when I lived there,
and I don’t follow them and if I don’t follow them they do great but the second I peek at like
oh man they’re doing really great this season as soon as I look like every week after that it’s just like fail fail fail or like out game I turn on there like in the lead in the lose the lead like immediately when I turn on the TV,
but yeah I’m sure that’s all I might have.

[15:32] Maybe you should stop watching Minnesota sports at least the Vikings please God please.
Favre still playing
that’s so funny I mean still you can buy it you can semen that There’s Something About Mary sports team.

[15:53] Why what’s the inseam into commercials about some Copper Fit stuff.
Old guys young athletes awake put on their arms or stuff I don’t know all those Wisconsin ladies.
That’s true oh yeah the blue emu team emoji,
so let’s see earned over the difference between the race for house in the race for governor it’s really think that there is a Wii.

[16:29] You don’t look at the County’s I mean Republicans really should pay closer attention to Sioux Falls.

[16:36] We got a Republican mayor who endorsed know then she lost the area will Johnson won the area fairly popular mayor.

[16:47] We’re talking about Rick no beef,
is honor I always high I used to work with Rick Torres I always go to Nome player Pressler also endorsed I think those really help,
that’s why I will put no more over the edge wrestlers endorsement,
Sutton Sutton South Dakota is in Sioux Falls and you know this interesting a lot of Republicans,
stop it was at this whole different is pay attention anything you could do something Ramsey are you so mean Sioux Falls you got to do something in Rapid City,
boys feelings get hurt a lot of folks I feel like Sioux Falls,
liberal ideology like we’re giving Madison Wisconsin or Minneapolis or Chicago
does your dad it’s completely,
I don’t know man I knock doors and district am it’s pretty what do you talk,
run somebody find something wrong and I’ll work on making.

[18:06] Certainly when it’s not unheard of doing Jenna Hager represented that District as a republican ever she want his new dependent she beat them.
Can you give her a call again represent of the area it’s.
Section anyway in the Democrats only winning because nobody else runs there so there’s no option that’s not representative of all of Sioux Falls so but my point is is that.
Become so large and the I-29 corridor from Sioux Falls to Brookings maybe Everdeen it on the Iowa border is becoming so popular is that.

[18:45] You really are going to have a campaign a lot heavier in a lot harder.
Campaign for those ones that are maybe a little bit more for some people to moderate Republican a chamber of commerce State voter.
You know Dad you know some of the The Ranch in County’s Out West Bend so it’s something that I think that the Republican Party really needs to.
To focus on him and you know Bill down there to do some Outreach for and I think doing so well.
Sort of flip some of those counties back to read in 4 years.
I mean I guess my question for that is I mean is that with Sioux Falls of that reflection all the national Trend because Republicans cross the nation failed to get Suburban Motors I mean,
Rapid City area which would might say that breaks that but is that did some of that influence part of the reason may be that they lost.

[19:43] I don’t think so I think that their own campaign we’re really hard in the primary up to the end and then kind of took the foot off the gas,
and so slow down throughout the summer and really didn’t hit it hard again at the last few weeks but they can’t pay me where is you know something I’ve been around here a lot.
Johnson have been around Sioux Falls for a sitting member of Congress to number one even run for reelection ever to run for governor especially when you know houses in touch because if,
gnome wasn’t out there voting doing her job and the sudden campaign is like well well.

[20:33] Then she has to go back but she goes down to watch you to do the work and is like she’s at Washington and Washington and if you don’t.
It on and I think some of that played into it that’s why I don’t think that anything.

[20:54] National League played into two what’s happening Hearing in South would have.

[21:06] Better representation in cuz they didn’t go his way they they just went some so they went either way they went against snow and,
it was all politics being local or racism is she really really when hard after Jack late I mean that’s fine,
yeah because there are some things in there that I didn’t know that Jack late. Org fairly disturbing,
but that legal settlement that’s more of an indictment on our news media for not covering that in a big way.
You know the fact that that most welcome probably learned about that through a paid political advertisements really really.
Sad saving for our news media not paying attention to the government.

[21:55] Yeah I’m part of his because. So I was like no one’s out there looking at stuff and butt.

[22:02] Domes performance is anything there’s no connection to what went on Nationwide with a nationwide I don’t think that.
He can Reaver read into anything to be fairly insular from in a lot of the national Trends if it’s like.
So I was just curious I just want to know I guess somebody was so the numbers his son strategy a lot of people are saying was that gnomes,
campaign was pretty dirty edgy and Sutton’s campaign refused to go there,
and is that true cuz even Argus the polls going into add Argus Leader pull in like near the bond the page that the like ability rating of sudden had actually decreased that you something and no campaign was doing was Harmon.

[22:52] At least that’s what they want you for from the article was her harming the sun camp,
play cortical negative you don’t for for something to say that congresswoman known as the either he said this is the worst of Washington DC,
she’s the worst Washington DC,
Tony who pass historic tax cuts was cozy with the president United States was still hungry publicans is the second most popular politician in the State losing autolika John,
you know to say that she’s the absolute worst of of Washington will you got,
it also if you like the Robert Menendez of New Jersey on trial for unbelievable that guy won reelection.

[23:45] Debated taxes for years eve got you know when did Republicans are resigning Russian Road she’s not the worst of washing it was it you don’t unfair,
what time do they thought you know woodworking you know when they you know so she raised taxes both of them were accusing each other raising taxes in adults far more nuanced than that,
when you what do you look when you look at him if you change the way.
Taxes are calculated and collected in that raises Revenue that’s not a raisin taxes.
You know sorry I think you know both went.

[24:21] Are both went negative and I think a bold view them is not going to ever get negative but pointing out the record of their opponents.

[24:29] If I leave the other thing to is negative campaigning works.
It’s April what everyone always says they hate it and then it totally influences them and they get yeah it’s that so it’s like that’s it works and I feel like they both went negative I just feel like,
no one was better at doing negative or like whatever you know was putting her stuff together it will get it and some of those campaign ads though,
well I’m poor and the just the volume was more yeah that’s true cuz I saw a lots of like Billy is this and Billy is this ads like constantly on TV today and I had to get away from it I literally can’t remember seeing.
You know and I know they were out there I’m not saying he didn’t but I got a negative one against know my can’t remember actually ever seen one on TV I think they’re all ones that I saw press release for and went out and found it
5 a.m. 7 a.m. and there’s that said that would do is chock-full of it and the witching hour like 1/2 for man,
and I think that’s less indicative of campaign strategy and more indicative.
The proper usage and efficient efficient usage of campaign resources in dollars and had a better add buyer then suck.
Donate some things to that that really I think work against him that he shouldn’t have.

[25:52] It done first. You know what.
Baby you should have hired a highly partisan very laughed as easy finger Jones from the Democratic repair.
40 South Dakota I think that you know Winchester surrounding yourself with that is really easy to,
to say while you were just went to Governor’s a leftist look at who you surround yourself with,
Oakbrook is the odds of the governmental hotspot,
happy birthday images,
apparently, Carly Burke is the great Fountain Head of political thought
Walk right into it was if you’re going to portray your ticket as a pro-life ticket do not hold a fundraiser at the home of the head of.

[26:53] Yeah I would that was a big mistake that they could never shut off,
out she said no not doing that that’s not right,
right to life here in South Dakota that they were said that no more than a butt set with a c in that they had some real strong reservations about in Sutton if he became governor,
I think that you know it is sad to say I think that you know.

[27:25] At least I know he said he was pro-life I think it was a hard sell to to say that he he hasn’t but.

[27:34] You’re holding the fundraiser at the head of Planned Parenthood was an error that going back and interpol’s more than the movie say maybe we ought not have done that.
The same people to show up to somebody else’s house that’s true it’s very likely.
Tony $50 whatever from new the person is directly connected to Planned Parenthood.
Choice I think that’s interesting that kind of ties into something I’ve been I’ve been seeing a lot of people on the left you know doing the typical soul-searching afterwards and stuff like on a social media.
And there’s a big debate in the South Dakota left I think or what I’m seeing on social media which you know take a leave of.
Should the Democratic party go hard left,
or keep the moderate thing cuz I feel like Sutton was the ultimate expression of the moderate path and that it failed but,
yeah and I don’t know if I agree with that that’s just like the debate that’s going back and forth on social media I’m curious your thoughts on that I don’t think that after any.
Election that any of the parties should make a hard.
Brake left or right I think I think of that Democrats me too hard break.

[28:51] To the left that would really steal their fade in the state as a part of the truly is,
good point I seen online about it especially with the light people arguing for going hard left is looking at like,
and broadening our conversation a little bit into the national the like Kansas the different results that came out in Kansas where you know we did have they did have candidates that went hard left and what day is today,
you know hard hard right state or a pretty secure Republican Bastion and by going hard left they like,
enough of its base sucked up that they they won the.
The woman that won the,
one of the first Native American we had the lesbian Native American ship yeah I’ve heard a lot about her dad was a actually a fairly moderate.
Democrat running against a hard-right republican running.

[30:08] Hardliner and you know was quite far to the right and to the point where you had every living.

[30:18] Republican governor of the state of Kansas endorse a Democrat I think that cared a lot of weight on weirdo with the exception of maybe Ambassador Brownback.
That I think really.
This what but the Democrat over the edge when we will see him for years if it’s something that the transfer is a lot but I think that was a situation between you got.
You know somebody who is palatable and moderate and severe lose you known it extreme.
To the right of the new just probably wasn’t all that likeable but I don’t know enough about the Congressional race.
Well that’s good you’re Googling as fast but you have a PC I have a year old Cricket cell phone,
longer story than we have time to tell here I already have her contact info pulled up on my computer so anyway how you doing towels on the streets Davis I may become one as producer of urban Indians podcast she may be your shoe release.
Love you.
You should make that out like a section on your block to put it just so you know when you have at the top you should have a section right there at the end asks Charice and be like in that advice column like a skank.

[31:38] He’s going to just do it as Peter and I just whenever you see Peter just give him like a stack of paper nice.
So yeah so anyways you know I mean I don’t know what the numbers for the last governor’s race was but,
tell you how many in total you know Democrats voted last time 4 years ago to now,
painted increase the degree turnout increase in others this group of,
I said it’s always going to do our part and it’s the Republican voters that always are like it seems like they always are there in masses and that’s because
Republican about 26% raise over Center.
Yes 25.4% like that and don’t put a cold but the dependent so we don’t know which way this way,
are a lot of them are middle of the road is sick of the parties a lot of them really.

[32:50] You know I don’t think that is in the government’s business which way you register with the party and all that even valuable.
But you know certainly is there earlier that so the Democrats don’t let you know they start off at a hundred thousand.

[33:07] Deficit right off the bat so I don’t know if it is a an increase in in Democrat turn out more so than.
It was for the ticket between all of the other Republicans in the governor’s race in the state.
Yeah it’s like it for a Dame to win they really got to poach they got to get a lot of the independence and then I’ve got to poach away some registered Republicans.
The Republicans and that’s why I moved to the to the hard life is it when you would you find the sound of a nationwide,
you know it Dependable is really are really really don’t like when things go to 411 I like when things go too far to the right so the Democrats were to go to for the last day that huge swath of the independent voters,
I will be up for grabs the Republicans Republicans adopt more of a strategy of.

[33:54] Trilogy becomes more moderate lets you know you’re talking about how to grow our economy things like that and an individual liberty.
Pick up a bigger majority I mean in the legislature,
Republicans grew with y’all got some seats and Rico territory but you know what at this point is looking like the sun is going to be 30 to 5.
You know what that’s if.

[34:23] If there’s no recount or if Senator occurred hoses lead over Casey Oliver a year in Sioux Falls.
But you know it’ll be 30 to 5 if not then the status quo doesn’t change anything that means something seat flipped from Yelp him to.
Is Democrat to Republican polls for cats man.
Yeah there’s against their fickle.
Sorry, territory but it looks like a republican majority there as well.

[35:02] So it’s probably something to do with the success or the failure of all of them,
the Republican party is everything to do with.

[35:16] Two likable candidates really supposed to say a difficult choice and when he had a hard-fought primary on the Republican side you know what if people were the people whose feelings got hurt at work. Were they going to still,
you know the feeling.
Okay I guess okay I have a lot of questions I kind of site ask if I guess I’ll I’ll cut them down if you okay so first so you don’t think the cabinet stuff fed into this cuz I heard from some people.

[35:47] It says he know that the cab nothing just woke up even South Dakota woke up South Dakota it’s not trust never crap that they would say look I like son a lot of things but he’s still a Democrat and I can just not trust those guys,
I think that that that was the governor doesn’t vote on Supreme Court Justices.
Here is, I’m not saying that I’m not a huge effort to go and vote,
in this election I probably did get energized by the tactics of the Democrats are in the cabinet hearings,
Australian I did enter does a lot of the Republican base Hunting Party that’s part of the reason why we saw such a republic,
it borders coming out you know and be energized to go and vote,
I’m on that was sort of I think push back on the Blue Wave and he had on the Democratic side no it really wasn’t a vote for any of these cancers really about.
Against Trump really I I think that’s how they ran the the campaign so they tried to nationalize what a thing you know yet,
a lot of energy on both sides and what would throw that energy you know I don’t know if I assume that thing to the Cavanaugh,
hearings held on the Republican side with it probably helped on the Democrats side to you know to cuz everything there’s a congressman who is.

[37:16] To become a chair was already talking about Kevin on Peach mint over which is like.

[37:24] Did I was like he perjured himself of Miss way around like I lost my fight you found out you drink 7 beers instead of 6 during Beach week I don’t know never and never in my lifetime thought I was going to sit through,
testimony for a supreme court nominee that was all about what what Becky said about you know Jill at over at the Frat you know,
Robert Robert what is boof what is,
spoof yeah okay yeah yeah that was that was a cluster.

[38:04] Ashley wood building remote is building their numbers in the Senate,
I think that the cabinet stuff help it if it looks like it might be,
which is if I find the president’s I’m more excited while keeping the Senate and the house,
however they really pushed through recently other than that the facts that’s right you know how to bill in 2017 I don’t know what the status is you know that.
Tried to do a health care in protecting a pre-existing conditions and that was one that speaker Ryan really pushed.
Push through but you know the Democrats I don’t know if and ever,
Passover committee or the Santas was in the house for the Democrats really made an issue over pre-existing conditions even though both parties are extremely in favor of protection are both agreed on that and so.
Yeah the Democrats but somehow convince people that very publicly owned it yeah that they own it which.
It’s the furthest thing from the truth both parties are in favor of it.

[39:18] So I’m curious your thoughts cuz I again I’ve been looking at a little bit you look at
there’s always a backlash midterm like after you know the president in the modern. Anyway starting with like Clinton or so you get the president in and they’ve got,
you know,
some support in Congress or sometimes they have the Congress under their party and then the midterm comes along their first midterm comes along and all the sudden it’s always like they’re going to lose seats or seems like anyway cuz I think of like
I think of Clinton I think of,
Obama suffer that really bad cuz he got that super majority and they were to go get so much stuff done and then that that made turn to slack slack badly.

[40:00] First off I’m just like.
You know I so I kind of felt that was inevitable but it’s like the Republicans would be on the defensive in this midterm but I am impressed with,
I don’t know Auntie truck people are going to like oh God he’s praising Trump but it seems like if you look at the numbers of the states where he actually went in and like got on the ground and like supported people he actually did.
Bulwark them and he actually is seems like it help cuz I mean if you look at how many seats like Obama lost or Clinton lost like he didn’t lose that much he gained in the Senate and then you could even see it in the numbers of like the places where he campaigned so I’m just like,
I’m I don’t know if I have a question but just just an observation when I’m just come like say what you want about Trump he.

[40:46] It’s like he worked he actually like
you know he couldn’t stop the Blue Wave but I think he helped blunt it with the tactic became less of a wave and more of a splash
yeah or you know places more like when you’re standing on the edge of the beach in the water comes up with his hit your toes little bit
you know it’s like credit where credit’s do I feel like he contained it or helped a lot which modern presidents have had trouble,
I think you’re right I think that that.
Political scientists are going to have a Heyday looking at looking at this I’m trying to find out who exactly is the Trump voter are these voters.
Who might not Krishna show up in a midterm election who did show up because the president asked him to,
and maybe they don’t traditionally show up in presidential years but for some reason you know the president energizing we talked about the Forgotten man ever gotten woman you know the people who feel like their voice,
wasn’t being heard from on being out the parties you know who you really are those people how often do they vote in that you know art is this.
This unique Serta Coalition of Voters Blue Collar voters who just.

[41:59] Having participated in a couple of cycles that did show up but I think you’re so good observation to the show Andy that the president mentioned in an interview a few days before the election that he ate an interviewer asked if you would.
The blame is if Republicans lose the house and he said no because I think I’m helping and clearly you did where he you know what.
Wanted Missouri Yelp Dakota Indiana which was surprising yeah I mean.

[42:29] Surprising was a tester continue to win in Montana but it’s pretty close,
so yeah I know he really did go out and work anyways,
tireless and energetic I made in Minnesota you flip houses are doing the southern.
Fire might as in Recon territory flip the Northeast District in Minnesota.
Brother but I did talk to her friend who is in the Rochester area in the day that you was in.
15000 people showed up Jesus Rochester Minnesota,
to an arena that help 5 yeah right it’s not a big so shows it.

[43:19] Trump may be more popular than cooling suggest and think his efforts on the campaign Trail I think certainly did help those who is going out,
helping if you can if you look at it the you know the Democrats sure they won,
seeds but as it stands I 82184 majority in the house I need to got to 26 I got it lesson at 10 so you got it’s not that the Democrats won.
How do I think that this is worth pointing out or not see their other receipts were,
members Republican members opted not run for reelection the decided to to retire and I think a lot of them did that early they got scared by a Blue Wave.
I wouldn’t be surprised me too baby just be a fly on the wall or just stick to getting their head and see if they you know,
come October September of this year that they thought maybe I should have because you lose a lot of power and then coming.
So I think you know a lot of the issues that the Republicans laws were.
Dude that being open seats and that’s a lot harder as a lot harder a straw much more free for all.

[44:34] What one last thing on the national I wanted to ask was so does Trump own the Republican party now and what I mean by that is.

[44:45] You know it seems like you know you’ve got within the the big tent Republican party voice got the like country club like Republicans you’ve got the kind of like working class Republicans you say.

[44:58] And they don’t always get along and there’s been a lot of conflict between them internally,
and I’ve always I feel like you going to especially through the election stuff you was the Republicans always had to like any minute now we’re going to step away from this cuz he’s you know it’s working but it’s unstable and we’re going to step way do you think that goes away after this midterm,
you think a lot of the like establishment Republican see this and like,
okay he’s in it to win it he turned the tide and you know he’s the real deal does he own the party at this point do you think.
I don’t know if it’s a a a nobody is.
The president the president who is the president is always the head of the park but we both know that like internally that’s not.
I think Republicans starting back in.
2016 late 2015 when it look very real that that Trump is going to win the nomination.

[46:00] Started to sort of temporary they realize that it is a force to be reckoned with and.
A lot of I think tuna serve hot on the train but kind of,
get the public thing you know that I am on everybody’s mailing list is a bunch of Senate Republicans in 2016 really probably distance.
Themselves for help but they used Trump’s name for fundraising and they raised a ton of money so it is a,
you know it’s like it’s a find my where I think these the politicians like to be sort of media Darlings like on the media come up and.
I feel like a winner you know they’re trying to figure out how do we sort of.

[46:56] Not as Senators how do we get half the country too.
Not hate us you know it not vote against us because Trump is on the tickets are we continue to win Senate season 16.
We’ll also making sure that we’re not going to lose the Trump voter because review is anti-trump so I mean.
Is a an interesting spot I think for some of these for the answers to to the president in a ton of money election.
Yeah but for that for like the house campaign caucus in the Senate campaign caucus I think that you know the kind of.
They want to finally I think they see the value.

[47:44] And in Trump and I think they agree 100% with that maybe a hundred percent but you know 999.
9% of the time with his policy objectives and his goals tax cuts Health Care reform regulation reform,
I’m in it comes down to an approach and a style that they don’t like but they I think I’ll see that style.

[48:08] Energizes people because people like to see a fighter and Trump does best when he’s got in the corner.

[48:16] I like to see if I didn’t like to see someone that’s genuine I think he might be in trouble cuz I don’t see the
the Democrats don’t seem to coalescer a figurehead at this point you think that’s intentional maybe to like his opponents
that’s true cuz I’m really played that are on likeable sir like a great leverage and if there’s one thing.
They really good Republican voters out.
Other than for Supreme Court seeds is there just answer,
and the politics of course you’re really going to get her as a speaker Again by Civ.
They have to it is she going to do the creepy like when she does her swear in a speaker sermon or she can do that Village of the Damned thing she did last time or she has like children swarm her on the floor of the house chamber
do you remember that at all no I’d I do it was just like there were no like Congress people in there it was just like a bunch of children all like formally dressed like came,
bike down all the Isles and then like gathered around here and this is the people’s house when she’s holding up the big,
they haven’t been all I could think was because little boys and ties and black suits and stuff like that all I could think was,
this is like a sequel to Village of the Damned I mean a lot of.

[49:45] Democrats running for congress kind of quiet on the issue they were like clothes you speak.
They’re going to though I mean.
On a very few are going to have a scenario like Alexandria Cortez in New York where it’s a very safe district and she has not worked kind of do what you want and be safe.
Some of these Southern California Democrats that are in Republican territory.

[50:25] Either they’re in a tough spot really not a life I want it’s like a headache everyday.

[50:37] Peter do you have anymore questions for me that I was just I was getting used to the lyrical lilt of his voice well.
I see, you’re going to be a political an analyst because they glad to be in, Bella,
so it’s just the country okay so I will,
my Democrat brothers and sisters of South Dakota bone what can I do to to get the brief more life back into the South Dakota Democrat part because it’s something,
sister podcast South Dakota podcast Scott ehrisman has talked about,
is that just the roles that the rolls for Democrats are not growing mint and he blames lava Democrat leadership like tornberg has had the party,
John Deere party after your nominating convention fails to file the paperwork you got to do it again.
The only way they did the Democrats can breathe life in back into their party at this point is to get somebody elected.
Statewide there without a figurehead that’s a tough spot.
It’s tough spot to meet you don’t have the dash on Johnson or her Sandlin collisions anymore you just.

[52:05] You don’t have people like the back and winter answer that you’re backing winter in this case it’s the Republicans.
Are you going to get a seat at the table and that’s why the power of and come and see you so and so important because people want to continue that relationship in the other one start over I’m on a boat.
I don’t know how to get a figurehead.
How to build 1/2 they bowled a giant golden calf is that what they do I don’t know how literal figure I don’t know I don’t know how to do it.
Don’t be a donkey Ruby a donkey,
you know I don’t know we got it we got a senate race coming up in 2020,
I think my crown has certainly grown as a senator where do you know.
He was an unpopular former Governor I think he only won his senate seat by you.
50.1%. Still.

[53:20] You know it’ll be interesting to see what you going to wear something ends up you know after this is getting no signal legislature.
You know I don’t I don’t know how is the campaign if I don’t think you can move State funds to a federal raise.
I also don’t know how much money you know he’s got to sort of put into two running for Senate if that’s something he wants to do but that certainly is.

[53:46] Yes I do but I just I don’t think that. Unless you’ve got somebody who is holding a in important Statewide seat.
I’m like school and public land or Governor or Secretary of State Attorney General federal Offices that.
I don’t know how they feel or chicken or the egg how do you get someone into one of those
write your office when you literally don’t have a party to back right or backing you,
I mean it isn’t she the head of the democratic South Dakota party,
ghetto as use executive director in the lotto.

[54:29] Dark eyes aren’t pleased with her leadership from the demo guys I talk to you know and I just think that that it just.
You should have made a higher from.
The Democratic party is trying to do a bigger Mass Appeal to the washer running as a Democrat but you don’t find somebody who is not maybe a known commodity.
What was a slightly known commodity but you know kind of knows what who also knows what they’re doing,
psychic does he have been busy running he should have gotten Dusty to run his campaign sure and that would have been a solid okay,
I mean I don’t know Susie that all have never met her she’s nice like everybody in the state is as nice,
they are the most important quality to have in this state,
you do everything else Tony
oh shit. We were out all the way out yeah yeah those things those things on the back of the ballot and make me feel a little ovals for I’ll tell you what those are.
Just fill it in.
My opinion or a ton of surprises I guess the.

[55:56] The tobacco tobacco tax 125 was a.

[56:02] I could have said going it but I can say going in and going into I didn’t know I was going to go buy some time sure.
Wait did tobacco tax did win no no okay so I mean I could see it going.

[56:16] Either by the way that was an interesting campaign where they’re made a lot of interesting bedfellows when you got manufacturers.
The Michelson and then like all the Healthcare Group saying how we need it but for very different reasons that he got Education Association in the retailers convenience store is getting into bed of big tobacco all day it’s School Board wanted it really bad.
Lately but South Dakota Education Association came up hard against it you know that’s you know story that.

[56:49] Starmedia should tell his okay yeah the teachers meeting basically.

[56:54] You better take tobacco really that’s what I mean really I mean yeah that was a failed opportunity million dollars.

[57:03] Into into defeating it good for them not disparaging them at all I mean,
their industry was under attack of the bowel movement every right to defend themselves or wood would have banned their money past they still have every right to defend themselves you don’t know you got you know.

[57:25] Education is as used in Basel you understand of approval to.
I’m not saying it’s good or bad it’s just why why did why was the teachers union effort because we all know that that money was never going to touch education in the mail,
well I think I think too I mean yeah yeah whatever you keep telling yourself that.
And either the first 20,000 or 20 million at something and then you have no other follow up on that it just leaves me to think that okay well the first 20 million is going to happen.
I think the day they saw it has if you’re going to raise it bigger than you should go to all of Education Rochester Tech schools that were together would probably.

[58:13] Is why education association’s probably against it because you know we’d still.

[58:19] Low-paid teachers and a huge disparity between between Administration.
And TJ doing this stated particular late student one crazy.
Teachers are overpaid you know why not raise the tax give them.
Sweetie but you know we’re looking at raising the tax to the Lord question when I don’t know if the legislature even just looked at Loring tuition just Lauren,
right that’s crazy talk what schools lower the tuition.

[58:56] Lower the tuition for increase the fees
yeah that’s true the cost of school.

[59:18] They don’t eat they don’t need any help let me tell you this is yeah I mean this is a few years ago.

[59:26] Whenever this Southeast Tech STI president you know resigned that I don’t know they had some fuckery with some accounting because there’s like $200 that they ate I ate,
they might be remembering this wrong or I just don’t remember it. I don’t know what you’re talking about wow okay shit I’ve been letting myself right now but no yeah
all I have to do my research and not just rely on my fuzzy memory but,
yeah there is some Financial loads that STI had after well prior to the resignation of the last.

[1:00:06] President of US when would that have been Naproxen.
Some like that so I could hear before I came here actually let alone all that stuff at gear up in 2016 2015 2016,
I’m really bad with years of my life,
yeah I know you know life they all could have just become one something like that you know yeah but I just got a bad memory but it was I’ll look it up and I’ll find it,
so the things that passed were were 24 which is the out-of-state money ban thing and then W which was the snow W didn’t pass,
know which one Z sorry that’s where I was the one that was more probably the most competitive for whatever big.

[1:00:57] When I saw the most advertising for or against but yeah what are you like I don’t mind see I think that that one makes sense to me with the single issue on the ballot.
The one that surprised me and I don’t know what makes sense really made sense to allotted so because when we look at you know I think people are still.

[1:01:19] Upset over marsy’s law and how.
Butterflies for that was intended consequences
it just turns you from taking the giant like 3-ring binder stuff and throwing up East would have doubled the size of the Constitution and touched all kinds of,
they come Billy board okay with 7 a minute to set that up if you want to do campaign Finance reform in the country that’s an amendment to let’s set that up so I think Z,
really I think I think if you get a couple 24in Z together I think it shows it that sell the cones are really.
Getting tired of out-of-state interests playing with our balinor Constitution and coming here and trying to take this.

[1:02:11] One-size-fits-all we want to change from LA.
Tired of hearing testing Ground Taylor Swift come out for one of the,
I just don’t like the way she was doing the whole why don’t know I think it was Hunger Games Hunger Games,
I’ll go right now,
Christian Bale Russian Bale.

[1:02:51] It on.
Pressler was we go to your house to the wall dedicated to her.
If there was ever a time where Jennifer Lawrence could have impacted of vote it would have been in that election.
Get out he was going to do now reaching the movie was extremely what movie was really good movie is extremely but if you would have had the cast of American Hustle coming to here and say can we do to send Sandra Presley back to watch him then to clean it up. Blah blah blah.
Yeah I think it’s a song,
you know the meeting to pick up and then people were like oh yeah that’s right up Jennifer Lawrence wow but but what’s your point I wuv you had at Helms.

[1:03:50] Probably thought this is North Dakota Jennifer Lawrence microphone for somebody and his friends,
so the performance W could not find a single South Dakota on television to say this is bad when you know.
They can but they said that the politicians of the supermajority Republicans really didn’t want her to come out and talk about how bad W is and how it’s going to undermine.
Everything in that she’s the one who actually has put all of these predictions already in law we don’t really need W and it’s it’s going to be a headache.
Did you send a couple that the less of a couple of w and z together is so the guns are tired of out-of-state interests.

[1:04:42] Play with her ballot process sure in this is a way for them to frustrated to express their frustration with it 24.
Holy unconstitutional but people were released.

[1:04:57] Register a gas station.
Done better that was a supermajority document X amendments to the Constitution.
Past ironically without 55% of the boat but anyway but you know if failed by took to 54% of Voters voting against it so.
Did nothing really think the biggest lesson is a cell phones are frustrated with interests putting things on the ballot best evidence fight how they voted on.
Unseen and 24.

[1:05:47] Did I just break your plan don’t you guys okay I don’t doubt this is your show I’m I’m the guest.
Sza is his circus I just a performer just asking
I like it as a as a guy that you think would be a good attorney general but he did skip a lot of dates and do you think that,
well do you think I’ll create any kind of Preston I mean are people going to take from this that wow debates really don’t help your campaign or the yellow infected very much,
I didn’t get in any and I don’t think that.

[1:06:26] I was probably the and a smart move around swerved to avoid debates too many questions over his.
Experience and that was a point that Syler was always hammering and Heating & Hammer yeah you know it was probably his best to Jason out openly walk into that he’s also not retired life,
sailor so I don’t know if he even at the time cuz you still working attorney member of the Armed Forces so I use a very very busy very busy guy I don’t.

[1:06:57] Grade point is I don’t I don’t know if they help none of the other constitutional officers to debates or forums so should we be surprised we see more of that pattern and the future is different.

[1:07:12] So that’s a no that’s an unknown.
A power in the strategy is don’t ever give your opponent an opportunity.
That’s true for years now. The basement governor’s race you’re going to have that you’re probably broadcasting in TV debates but.

[1:07:35] Not really I’d be at all right that’s it I’m done.

[1:07:40] You’re fine,
if you guys think you’re selling or promoting or like a website people should check out I think like that if you want to this is the point where you can throw that out there so we finish the show.

[1:08:00] I don’t know if I’ve got any Shameless plugs on my hair is real or not.

[1:08:10] Just so I wouldn’t poor people to.
Not Blaster Christmas music too early cuz my phone was plugged already running their Christmas movie thanksgivings earlier this week please.

[1:08:27] The Sunday before Thanksgiving but yeah let’s pull up the Christmas music but let’s try to temper that that’s why,
is your appeal you should get another Cockney English guy, bonfire and have them record that for you,
Buckeye all people with the Cockney accent but try and pronounce my last name,
Joy from inside out my last name Glover.

[1:09:00] Is it in glove not glow already man I mean I am shiny I’m shining you know that’s right but,
my Shameless plug is going to be to IBM for creating contact quantum computer that can accurately predict the polls,
so by 2020 don’t have that quantum computer that is primary purpose is to forecast for poles,
and you know we’re going to have the great greatest election covered by quantum computers,
in 2020 that the leader will allow us and that advice because it was probably wrong,
the day before the election,
tried so hard Peter what are you got for Shameless plug for okay I just say,
and he said they came from Tibetan Monks.

[1:10:10] Tibetan Monks that’s all they did that’s what they dislike AirHog I just drove his hair out to give it to the fat Americans got a fun their lifestyle somehow,
so so while we’re here sorry happy warrior podcast that’s that’s alright that’s Roberts and eyes baby I do that,
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Mix between an evergreen in a daily political podcast sometimes a little little slow to get done before 6 months in happy warrior podcast you can catch me on happy warrior,
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[1:10:53] I want to see it’s happy warrior P something like that.

[1:11:01] I want to see if what you want
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[1:12:01] Thank you for joining us everyone Tony thank you for coming Pete thanks for coming and we will see you all,
might not be next week cuz by the time this comes out the next weekend will be turkey day so we don’t talk to you again Happy Thanksgiving.

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