Sioux Empire Podcast 126 Thea Miller Ryan from the Game Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus

Things get wild this week as we take a nature trail in search of Thea Miller Ryan from the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus.  The Sioux Empire Podcast crew talks with Thea all about all the great programs at the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus and about the wonderful new podcast that the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks has launched.  This episode also features a great bonus interview with Thor Bardon about his upcoming event “Their Only Hope: Foster Care Informational” a great event where people can learn about the South Dakota foster care system in a no pressure environment.  This week’s episode is brought to you by Macabre Grimoire, a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.  The Sioux Empire Podcast has seen some pretty strange things on a trail cam before.

Thea Miller Ryan from the Game Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus

The Outdoor Campus is a part of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. We teach outdoor skills education like hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing and more!

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Podcast

Bonus Interview

Their Only Hope: Foster Care Informational with Thor Bardon

Do you want to know more about the foster care system without the pressure of being asked to be a foster parent? Do you like learning about things without the pressure of being asked to donate or volunteer?

This event will provide an opportunity for Public officials and the general public to better understand who the foster care system benefits and situations that are handled for those children in the system without the pressure of being solicited for donations, political favor, or other “asks” that are typically made with presentations of this nature.

This event is being done to raise awareness of current programs that nonprofits administer that directly benefit the Foster Care system in the State of South Dakota.

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Sioux Empire podcast 126 South Dakota Game fish and Parks outdoor campus.
Party runs
from the files of civilization on Mars,
I was hauling pigs on the interstate you were in a red car having a problem with your shirt.

[0:31] Music.

[0:57] Well hello everyone and welcome to another very special episode of the Sioux Empire podcast this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast that’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture.
I am your host Robert mehling and join me as always as Natasha to the Estes to the brewery.

[1:18] Insightful.
And also joining us is a Thea Miller Ryan from South Dakota Game fish and Parks outdoor campus.
So Seth is,
we assume losted some like catacombs in Italy or something like that like hunting vampires or who knows what crazy Endeavor he’s up to today so we do not have a Seth’s bi-weekly book club this week we could jump right into talking with the Thea all about,
Bobby outdoor campus so tell us a little bit about.
First off where is it the first contacts for people where is the outdoor campus,
back of its on 49th our park is on 49th Street just east of there.

[2:11] Nice in Sertoma Park you guys are right next to the Butterfly House to write,
is it is there is there a rivalry there a little bit it’s like this is our church who is there first.
People always ask me or you buy the Butterfly House on like no there by us,
just me. Now I get now I get why you’d say that cuz it just like,
new things like yeah the one that we’ve been at forever ever exactly,
so awesome that’s that’s kind of it like in the heart at the heart of Sioux Falls to have unlike her,
the guy is supposed to have grown around a test yeah when we first started building on the property we’re really the South edge of town there is a 57th Street with the gravel road there is a big hell they’re doing over that
the house that they burn down and it caused all that controversy.

[3:17] And they took down the hill and now it’s 57th Street so it’s yeah and of course Sioux Falls goes how far out now 90 something yeah yeah fun ways,
so now we know where it is it to the uninitiated what is the outdoor campus I love them for the laugh cuz we are so many different things,
but our main goal is to teach outdoor skills education so we’re with game fish and parks and that’s where funding comes from.

[3:49] Our funding actually is from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses in South Dakota so we don’t go through this state general fund,
we’re not taxpayer paid so we,
teach outdoor skills education we teach hunting fishing camping canoeing hiking biking kayaking anything you can teach Outdoors or you can do outdoors we try to teach there and just get people.
In the outdoors again awesome what are some of the.

[4:23] What are some of the programs and things you do at the outdoor campus to help with that well we have classes for all ages we call it Pre-K DeGray,
and in the end I’m more gray than Pre-K now is this gray hair right here for the radio of the Mind here I’m showing my gray hair is it’s all called the outdoor campus the outdoor campus,
outdoor front door what what were we saying.
What do Wheaties what are the program sorry got caught on my gray hair.

[5:05] Catch and clean and cook it which is where we teach people families adult how to go outside how to,
catch a fish so that includes everything from being saved to having license to
how to put this equipment on your fishing rod how to hold a fishing rod some people don’t know that at all and that’s okay,
now that you’re sitting here and we’re talking about this the more I’m thinking about the fact this like.

[5:32] Well I know all this but that’s because I came from a family that did it so I was just like all this is like second hat to me but I could totally imagine like if you were if you grew up in Sioux Falls and didn’t
have a family that did that you just have no I mean it there’s nothing intuitive about like which store is he used for what and when then there’s not,
you know like with fishing people don’t know whether the real goes on the bottom or the real goes on the top and you know so we teach him about that,
and then we take them out and teach me how to cast and then we take him to our pond in our pond is really full of fish.
We stock it and it says it’s upon is close by city ordinance.
So nobody can just go back and fish there it has to be for a class for us.
And we do mostly catch-and-release but occasionally when we do these catch it clean and cook it classes,
will teach him how to clean the fish right there and then we take it back to the building and cook it in some of the simplest ways,
and even people who are like and I can eat fish will give it a try because it smells really good.

[6:38] And we’ll have to ask children while I do those classes around in the winter we do ice fishing classes,
so you know your dog shots scares me
what scares you the ice does make a big cracking sound in sometime tonight. Me too I’m not going to lie
having now been out on it with my dad so many times with like him like being like there’s no reason to be scared and to prove it he Slams on the brakes and the pickup and said that he’ll like.
Couple of 316 row I just like totally goofing around on the Isis like it’s fine it’s fine Rob was like you get to us.
Eat you get okay with it you learn the depth of the ice you know,
so go out and roll up we send a few interns or something else,
you know if it’s over 12 inches you’re super save we we don’t fish out there until we’re over 8 but most people start fishing at 3.

[7:52] 3 inches of ice.
Yes we teach those fishing classes year-round rasa doing hunting ones this year we started this whole entire series of hunting classes for adults,
and we’re kind of taking them on one by one,
so instead of having a whole class for everybody sits in classroom and you learn something and then you go out and you maybe do something or maybe we’ll go to a shooting range.
It’s a one-on-one deal so like some of my staff members are taking adults and some kids.
Out and giving him the whole experience so that’s pretty cool yeah we provide all the guns and everything and we have this new license in South Dakota call the apprentice license also if you’ve never.
Hunted before you can get this one time it’s a cheap license and you’re guaranteed to get it and you get that and you can go out with someone who has experience so it’s kind of fun.

[8:50] Mentorship kind of deal what is aimed at and for example one of my staff members Derek he has taken he think he’s up to 17 right now,
individual people and taught them how to hunt so first they met at a gun range and,
no they went over the guns and safety and shooting in the University scared of the report of armor
that’s a very comprehensive beginning to end getting them from point A to point Z and everything in between everything in between and it’s one-on-one yeah and then they meet another day after the people are comfortable with the guns,
and you know the safety and they know the regulations they meet and we have some land owners who have said please come.
They love to help new people learn how to hunt and so they go down there and they shoot a doe and.
Derek teaches them how to clean it and you know they’ll either bring it back or processing or the process that themselves.

[9:50] That is really cool I I did not know the program was like that exhaust if it’s just been in the past we’re heading toward and many other states right now are doing the same thing,
and they’re headed toward,
adult programming or family programming sure so the adult goes along and that’s mainly because we we might have missed some people,
you know we’re missing Millennials in you look at the list of people who hunt and fish in the nation you can see a dramatic drip drip drop when you hit the millennials,
and and so we’re trying to hit them now and we’re trying different ways you know millennials.

[10:34] What times are locavores you ever talk to locavores before yeah so they want to know where their food comes from and you know they want to go out in the field and they want to have the experience,
of hunting and they want to shoot it and know where that food came from.
I know that it wasn’t from a farmer it wasn’t from a grocery store for her where people think food come from you and so they then they clean it and they know where the meat then they haul it back to their house
and they cook it so you go field to plate that’s really cool let’s see.

[11:17] So that’s that’s some of the you know like that that’s a lot of that sounds like it’s like off site or whatever what kind of D do specific things.
And I haven’t been to the outdoor campus yet I need to get out there oh my God she got to come out yeah.
What’s some of the like on-site things that you have going on around so we have classes for starting at Age 3.
Just fun things for preschoolers then we go ages 5 to 7 and then 8 to 12 year olds and then families so you can do classes like coming up October 20th,
we have our Halloween hike it’s an annual hike that we have,
people come in costume and they’d go to various stations around DART Rail System,
it’s a non candy hike people I was like where’s the candy we don’t do candy we just do fun but they come in and do different activities and learn about animals and.

[12:19] Wildlife in this year’s theme is Sophie’s and groupies.
I know that sounds weird for a Halloween hike but what do you call it like a group of toads is called a knot of toad.
So where people are going to learn those kind of things and our staff is all dressed up as a parliament of owls,
nice so we’re wearing judges wigs and I’ll masks and like judge robe.
So we have a lot of special events during the year to and plus we have amazing walking trails.
And that’s why I want you to come out and see if that’s really the coolest part.
Of the outdoor campus we sit in the Hundred Acres we have 2 miles of walking trails and they’re all short.
So you know you can walk all 2 miles by walking all three Trails or you can take a short walk and just go see some wildlife in the pond.

[13:19] That’s really cool yeah I saw the website something about.

[13:25] Did you have a duck webcam or something like that we have had a trail cam for quite a few years and it’s broke him in his so popular we try to put it up on Tuesdays,
every weekend so we call it trail cam Tuesday and we have seen so many animals on their over the years we’ve been doing it for years now.
You know there’s always ducks and geese but there’s dear there’s Fox there’s we star river otters in the last 2 years which is super cool.

[13:55] There’s mink there’s possums there skunks there’s a kazillion raccoons please take them away
but we can have bad luck with our trail cam,
so over the years I bet we’re up to like number 10 by now yeah they get stolen or or this time we had that flood in the park in the trail cam got flooded in.
So I guess I just happened to put on cuz I was like it’s Tuesday there’s no pictures there’s no pictures text me and where are the pictures.
And notes so I had to say I’m really sorry the Ducks had fun during the flood but.
Artrell Town got flooded in that day a lady walked in with a new trail cam and donated it to us she went to Shields and bought a splint.
Nice I know we have we have great people.

[15:00] Trail cam where’s the trail to come Tuesday yeah if I get him up late people are mad at me I got some weird stuff on there too,
you know people walking through a guy with a machete that was fun I got
one of a kind of like half of a guy’s face looking into the cam it was super creepy I’ve had people walking their dogs I had a a policeman on a motorcycle one time and
you can see that I don’t know what the policeman was doing he was probably looking for something but just all kinds of
weird things happen and Parks.
So you got he got the fishing you got the hunting you guys are.

[15:57] You’re dabbling a little bit and podcasting recently bi thanks to you we are we have a new game fish and Parks podcast
and for a while I think we’re up to episode 4 now we don’t have a whole bunch yet it didn’t have a name and now Chris I saw him this week,
Chris Hall from Meijer. Office he is the guy that really is
is in charge of it for game fishing Park and he told me it has a name and he told me and I cannot remember it’s something like game fish and Parks.

[16:31] Podcast in something ridiculous and Parks you’ll be able to find it on all of the usual channels Broadcasting.

[16:44] That’s cool it finally finally has a name name is basically the name we,
podcast and fun to make sense truth-in-advertising I mean that’s what it is so he’s he’s like,
you’ve really creative guy in.
Some of the things that he’s done on the podcast have been really interesting absolutely Blown Away by first the.
The one with the.
The women who were conservation officers,
it was a really cool interview expected.
Yeah these women are kicking but they are out the big guys,
tiny lady that crap martial arts.
I really enjoyed the and I bet Natasha would enjoy this one the talk with the.

[18:01] The guy from the Buffalo Roundup at the Buffalo Roundup you got a booth that everything this year
massage chair the sunlight husbands are and we just kind of hung out there and let me we were in the way back.

[18:19] The second row from the way bag or away from the thing and.
And I have all this other stuff that I want to bring them course is just a bunch of like not finished projects or like what let’s bring this stuff again.
Two things happened but it was still good cuz then it’s like well now at least.

[18:43] My name is somewhat recognizable when I want to try to go next year with her sister I’m done project,
there you go,
please give massage in the snow please let us know I love the Buffalo Roundup I’ve worked at a few time,
when I was younger I’ve been working for game fish and parks for.
24s years 25 maybe and when I was younger it’s on like I’m an old lady and.
I guess I haven’t talked about gray hair.
But anyway what I was younger they did have us go out and work the Roundup and so we help our cars you know at 2 in the morning when the Roundup happen but the coolest part was we got to help down in the shoe.
And when those Buffalo come through it there is no feeling like that left that’s that authentic.
You just can’t imagine anything more real.

[19:47] That you know there’s always say there’s no place left to explore there’s no place you know you don’t discover new things anymore there’s no.
Christopher Columbus’s or or you know.

[20:01] Any of the Explorers left there’s no reason to do that anymore but if you want something authentic to feel a giant herd of buffalo Thunder Bayou.

[20:13] Is is the most real thing
Amazing adult will put up a fit after the fact I had no idea that it was such a big event that was so like well-attended like an art fair kind of like I had no idea.
They did that there I just figured it was like you know like a few people in a line watching or something like that and then between the interview and then to the Tasha stories I was like wow this is this like a bucket list item for me know for sure.

[20:49] I can’t remember how long I’ve I haven’t gone but just last year I actually got to.
Watch the the round up my husband I went out there and then this year we had a booth but.
My dad is in the the 7th Calvary drum and bugle Corps cool so for I don’t remember how many years so one year I went out in and watch that video with my mom and that was fun but my.
My cousin to those like that. Chainsaw art stuff if you would working stuff out there and he’s had a booth out there for.

[21:24] How long time too so it’s like she becomes a Sioux Falls I’ve been looking for a chainsaw artist for one of our events.

[21:34] Maybe I could grab some of his stuff and bring it out here as an excuse to go back home.
You’re from the hell yeah awesome.
Well the Buffalo Roundup is it was my on my bucket list and it is one of the most fulfilling one’s ever it is so amazing.

[21:57] To feel the ground shake underneath your feet and wow yeah.

[22:02] That’s the kind of thing we want people to do at the outdoor campus you want to you want to.

[22:08] You know just try kayaking for the first time and realize the buoyancy of the water and the view how it changes your used to looking at the lake from the shore and you get out on the lake and you look back at the shore.
It’s a whole new experience, so it is it’s really Dynamic it’s beautiful
you feel connected to the to the Earth you feel connected to people who lived here before you you feel connected to your ancestors
at least that’s how I feel maybe I’m a little mushy gushy about it but I love those kind of experiences that you just call,
wow this is there still something left like that Selene that’s really cool let’s see.

[22:56] Trying to think of I know we’ve got just on the game Fish and Parks front and got.

[23:03] Pheasant season coming up here opener for pheasant season is October 20th.
And the weekend before that is resident opener so this week,
I’m in a conference all week I can’t remember what the date is,
all right all right around the the actual like full opening okay.

[23:36] The weekend after that’s like the main openers the big of it cuz that’s when the weather is a little town of Wessington,
just gets just absolutely crazy with events and also took all the time there’s like people there and out of state license place is like The Outsiders our little village.
Yeah have you ever worked I’ve been out to the airport during pheasant season
I’ve seen it like I did like pick someone up at the airport unit time
and the couple days before the season that
convention visitors bureau Sioux Falls Convention visitors bureau goes out there and greets people and now they have other businesses that have booths as well and the people come down off the airplane if they’ve been coming back year after year they’re like
we’re so glad to feed as we give them mugs every year.

[24:29] And they just love those so there’s some guys that have huge collections of our pheasant mugs and you know all these businesses have booths and you can buy your license right there you can you book a hotel room right there,
he don’t have one we don’t recommend that you don’t get one at a time right right,
you can buy things for your dog’s people have some pheasant art there’s flower shops things like that the setup that say,
here send your wife a bouquet while you’re away hunting you know smart people I know but it’s really cool cuz
are there so many dogs barking and dogs coming in and crates and there’s so many guns it’s so weird to see that many guns in an airport yeah yeah it’s quite an experience.

[25:20] Yeah but but the opener is always always not tonight in Wessington does a.

[25:25] Pheasant races every year for the good the only look at the bar kind of like a chicken wire like these two shoots on a
semi trailer what are you yeah it’ll be like kids that have raised as a lot of us in that area would like I have lots of other memories of raising pheasants and then releasing them during the time of year it’s stuff like that and.

[25:48] Yeah it does it’s fun to watch you.
Usually usually they’re like teens or like preteens share up age get their pheasant to go through the every once in awhile one of them like it’s the end of the cage until I close it right.

[26:07] There goes you know if there goes our winner by the way how come you won’t be wearing the Medal of Honor today but he’ll but he gets the his kid gets the honor yeah.
We should do something like that with turkeys and Fort Pierre when I was growing up turkey races.
Always meant turkey races like you described on the semi and and the street dance she was always fun those were the days.

[26:31] Yep Wessington doesn’t bake.
The CIA is the citizen action but they look but they love the acronym cuz it with their hats and shirts and everything say CIA on them.
They yeah they do a fundraiser for pheasants for Lexington which is how they help subsidize and like raise pheasants in the community like like.
Their pheasant banquet takes place in the gym and they’ll do like a big silent auction and like a big roast dinner and stuff like that and they’ll get like.
You don’t like the town is only 200 people in milk at like 500 people in the gym for for that event is a lot of money too.
I think it’s some really really amazing silent auction prices too cuz it got the money from last year to invest back into it so some some years the prices get pretty crazy like an ATV or something like that oh my gosh.
And in a bank would have only 500 people you would have pretty good shot at that you might have to go over there.
It’s always like it’s that Friday night before the opener right up until 5 cuz then it starts at 6 so it looks like I have no way of making it there in time but it’s like.
But it is a super fun event so that’s that’s a Something game fish and Parks e that like I remember growing up with and so I remember my first.

[27:55] My youth license tag when I was younger and.

[28:01] That’s what I fell in love with the the lever action like 3030 like Henry garwyn are buying the first one I was with was it was a Winchester and fell in love with that gun and now that gun is like on my bucket list that I have to own one of us at some point
wow you’re a good little good little rifle they are they are yeah everybody kind of has their got in the
you know they grew up with her that was their grandpa’s or something like that and then you you buy a new one just to say this is my gun and then we’re going to head down now but yeah I still have my 20 my grandpa’s 20 gauge.
Yeah yeah yeah I got my.

[28:41] Got my grandpa’s 22 get that good cuz that’s what I was using before was a little cheap Italian one that just
was chewed up the blast off like oh okay,
oh that’s not good
no that’s that’s the best part of pheasant season don’t you think is the memories thinking about all the time my mom would cook and the hunters and come back in and they be hungry and you know drink beer and.
Talk about their day in.
It was it was an amazing time extended family visits and stuff like that always fun and like to these people you never get to see otherwise then like they come back for Fest in the season and yeah it is we have a hashtag in,
game fish and parks that we always ask people to use hashtag my ASD tradition,
and you know if you have some photos from previous hunts or this year’s hunt we would love it if people would put them up and just use that hashtag on any of the social medias.
We watch for those and we’ll post them on our site or no if we really like them will call you up and see if we can use them in a in a post that we do or something like that.

[30:00] That’s really cool yeah it’s all about tradition.

[30:06] So you’re involved in the podcast in that you do the you do an interview usually at the end of this year they are so Co. Us.
You don’t think one but like a big interview and then you’ll do a shorter one that’s kind of an update about what’s going on at the outdoor campus what inspired you guys to get involved with the medium light podcasting.

[30:28] Oh you know probably probably people like you seriously you know Chris Chris Holland here he is really into all kinds of media and.
And has worked he work for tourism in the past and he’s always kept game fish and Parks updated on every kind of media and social media that kind of thing,
he’s also done some radio and so it falls right into his wheelhouse,
and I don’t know why maybe I just like to hear myself talk cuz I’m sure but I like to do that kind of stuff to you.

[31:08] You’re no stranger to this or talk into a microphone anyway I do it once a week.
And usually I bring a guest so I don’t get to do much talking depends on who the guest is but.
Yeah I love it and so you know we listen to shows like yours and.
Lots of other ones I have lots of favorite podcasts I’m always listening to but we had people requested to you know they want to know what’s happening.
And they like right at the end of our podcast we do don’t forget deer season starts here or,
don’t forget to apply for turkey spring turkey or whatever we talk to you about the latest things that are happening in game fish and Parks so it’s a good tool for us to use that way too.

[31:56] We love having people tell us stories that’s what I try to do with my little 5 or 6 minutes at the end I try to bring in somebody to tell me a story.
I had a guy who was who was a Boy Scout leader and his kids got lost and and they hate they ended up spending the night outside but he knew they’d be okay cuz he trained him well and it was just a fun story it was a good way to talk about.
Things can happen when you’re out in the field and this week I’m going to be interviewing a lady who’s been hunting her whole life.
She does big game hunting and Fishes up in Canada.
You know it’s not there’s not always a ton of women who can claim that amount of hunting and fishing so I’m excited to talk to her.

[32:45] Where’s time we just try to hit on the kind of people that.
That everybody enjoys and like hearing their stories and I want the real story I want people to.
Be able to hear the background in the memories and stuff like that yeah.

[33:05] And yeah and then there’s some great stories to tell like like I said I was really.
It’s like I really like that first interview with the the ladies that wear the conservation officers but I really liked the.
The guy that does the Buffalo Roundup or is like one of the heads of it because that was it was a lot of like it reminded me a lot of like the stories from when I was a kid or just memories from when I was a kid of.
The where we would be rounding up cattle and stuff like that how you getting around them and all that stuff.

[33:39] Yeah that I just found that a lot about that interview really fascinating I ended up it’s one where I was like I added it and I had to go back and just listen to it to him like enjoy the interview and pick up on the thesaurus and stuff it was.
I really like that one that’s what I’m saying going on about.
But yeah I like that too that’s really fun I love the one about the artist The Outdoor artist cuz I collect art I just love art.
And I know that you guys Josh buys and Adam Oswald they’re really known in the National Art world world for their wildlife paintings and Adam to for his.
Golf Course painting and it’s just it’s just fun to hear their processes and their thoughts and how they work together and.

[34:27] Very cool anything else you want to say about the the outdoor campus or the podcast,
well listen to a podcast I could say that.
Let’s see well outdoor campus wise you know I just hope that people will,
come out and visit us if you haven’t been there we’ve been there for 22 years so it’s time time to come out yeah and and see us and take a walk on a trail and just have have some fun,
really a beautiful place and it’s right in the middle of Sioux Falls you can’t go wrong,
even if you’re like I don’t care about bird you might come out there and see a great blue heron that remind you of a dinosaur there so prehistoric-looking.

[35:20] So if you like dinosaurs maybe like great blue heron.

[35:24] Music.

[35:38] And welcome to the Sioux Empire podcast this is Robert mehling and I am doing any interview here with Thor Bardon who is here to tell us all about,
presentation you’re involved in called their only hope foster care informational that’s coming up on October 20th.
Thor tell us a little bit about that it’s so yes you said October 20th between 1 and 4 p.m. I’m doing a free informational event.
I said called Thor sorry it’s not called me it’s called it’s called their only huh Beauty Ages were ever going to be home,
Alpha security formational and,
what this event is is a chance for the public to come in in a format where they’re not going to be hit up for money they’re not going to be hit up for favors or pressured to volunteer or become foster care parents just to come in,
and learn more about the foster care system and what local area nonprofits are doing help the system at the moment as well.

[36:39] In this everybody will have some free giveaways that we have when they come in it’ll be important to the presentation.
And we’ll learn no directly from these nonprofits you know what they do how they operate,
you know where it where they feel their piece of the puzzle is to help children who come from less fortunate circumstances,
we also have a non-profit talking about how they help families stay out of the foster care system as well which is certainly important piece.
And then after the nonprofit’s presents I’m doing a case study.
And this case study is a child’s life from birth to where they are now and it covers you don’t before during and after,
their insurance in the South Dakota foster care system.

[37:28] Interesting so what you know some people may be familiar with your background some might not be what gets what’s particular interested you in this and getting involved in this activity,
well you know what I was when I was younger you know I live with my mom and dad you know that stepdad stepdad came into the picture after Mom and Dad and work out and,
eventually you know there was there was a lot of things going on and so my family reached a point where they weren’t able to take care of me anymore.
And you don’t as unfortunate as that was you know in my teens I actually lived in South Dakota foster care system.
And if it was really an interesting experience and and I learned a lot but there’s a lot of things that people don’t know you know those being that,
when those kids are moving from place to place they don’t really have luggage bags or boxes or anything like that and it’s very.

[38:22] And so most of the time if you got to have two garbage bag.
Then there you go hear you’re moving in garbage bag and just imagine me all your clothes all of your photo albums you don’t maybe you have something special you know with you like a,
a stuffed animal that you have for me Original House something about everything that you own is in a garbage bag and you’re moving for the place the place was strangers that you don’t really know.
And you know there’s a lot of there’s a lot of emotions that go with it you know like.
How come my family wasn’t able to take care of me and how come you know I’m not wanted like these are the kids that I went to a to school with and you know what what what makes me so special that I don’t get this wonderful life,
you know that you see on television and stuff like that so.

[39:07] Yeah so a very very personal close-to-home experience yeah that the luggage thing is not something that would have ever crossed my mind but it’s like oh that’s totally guy.
To be a practical thing to have yeah and you know what I mean if you think about that and I’m not trying to pull her two strings hear anything it’s just as it’s a matter of fact situations but imagine being that kid you know you’re even 11 12 years old okay and.
Your your hand is a couple garbage bag stay here put your stuff in it and do you think we’ll what do you normally use garbage right for like we use drivers rate for.

[39:40] Garbage garbage okay so now all of your stuff is in a garbage bag.
I want to combine that with your family couldn’t take care of you and combine it with you know that.
You see people who move their stuff around and garbage bags that usually the homeless population or like that right and so now you have this feeling that well if my stuff is garbage maybe I’m garbage.
You don’t like I can tell you that most foster care kids who ever move their stuff have this feeling at some point I went through it for sure.
You know when the MS just one aspect of it you know I mean there’s a lot of great things that come out of the foster care system you know how they live on your own because you know I mean what does it look like when the government raises a child they have to learn,
you know how to cook for themselves after one one paying rent is have to learn how to apply for welfare if they need it they hit you in a lot of different things that will Mom and Dad aren’t necessarily around to do that so it’s an important system absolutely.

[40:38] What what was the Catalyst for this this.
This event this I hadn’t heard of something quite like this bring together all these different non-profit organizations and stuff like that what,
was there a catalyst for torturing event not really it’s something that I’ve always kind of wanted to do I recently ran for office which you know it is quite an accomplishment for myself I didn’t do too well with us,
not a thing I mean you got to start somewhere that alright you did better than what I ran in Minnesota,
what’s a what what I had actually done as I said well only know if you wanted to do something to help benefit the Foster your system you know help kids who are currently and situations you know this isn’t a thing of the past like,
their just last year or the year before over 687000 Shield written okay so under the age of 18.
Were served by the foster care system Nationwide.

[41:33] Okay and this usually means you don’t Crisis Care intervention that you know Mom and Dad or pick up for DUIs or you know there’s domestic abuse or there say you know hopefully addiction which is a huge driver right now.
You know it’s it’s something that I wanted to get back into and hopefully help those kids that are in now because the Foster system that I went through,
even though it was just 12 years ago for me that I aged out of the system.
It’s it’s still active it still relevant and it’s a little bit different now too and so I want to I want these kids to have.
Other people understand that’s not like what we see in the movies this is an actual life that people are living in the moment.

[42:17] Very good what do you think are some of the the misconceptions of someone who’s never been involved in the.
In the foster care system but they might like encounter or be surprised by.

[42:33] You don’t South akurate South Dakota’s foster care system isn’t.
Is what you see on television is the it’s not a whole bunch of you don’t miss grandchildren you know that decided to run away from home one too many times it’s
it’s not always a case you know where the kids are orphans it’s not always the case where you know the the parents you know where severely abusing them those cases do happen still.

[43:03] But you know a lot of times you know what special in South Dakota you know there’s a very large Native American population that’s in the system for children you know different things go into that you don’t there’s,
I guess we’re misconceptions saves a lot of psychology things that go into it for the children as well.
It’s not just moving from Foster Care home to foster care home there’s also
government paid psychologist that help these children process their emotions and what they go through there’s nonprofits out there providing small things you know like here’s you know an introduction to a religion,
that you show interest in to here’s where you can go here’s here’s a food box this week we noticed,
you know what a family needed this help in order to keep their children out of the system nonprofits a lot of times can do the rehab counseling,
and you know to help keep these families out of the system as well and,
I guess what kind of delineate a little bit from it but it’s all very related in that.
If things go really bad the foster care system is needed and it’s not always just these delinquent children up seen on TV.

[44:15] What can people expect to if they go to the the event as far as like if you know how long it’s going to be do you know.
Ikea can’t give us an idea I’d like to run down to like who’s going to be there absolutely so coming to this event.
On Saturday is going to be for nonprofits presenting we have.

[44:38] Casa which is the children’s Advocates group they basically represent children.
And the court system set with the children don’t have to face their abusers and be put up on stands and he don’t go through that trauma.
You know that they would have before we have Lutheran Social Services and Volunteers of America at Lutheran Social Services has a very heavy Focus right now on benefit in the foster care system by Volunteers of America does a lot of assistance,
with those with special needs and they also have a independent living transition type program where,
as your aging out you need to learn this is what it means to live an apartment that’s what it means to pay bills we also have coming children’s in.

[45:24] And or Children’s Home Society I don’t remember which facet that is but I do know that they are going to be providing a presentation of how they help and.
You know what sparked Crisis Care situations you don’t domestic abuse they have a really strong program with that and then we also have safe families which is a program of Bethany Christian Services and they’re going to be.
Presenting how they help family stay out of the system you know what what kind of you know things can we introduce him to the family to help them,
become healthy thriving units sure the whole event is it very pretty I’m very happy to see sponsored by The Ransom Church.
With that being said you know what you hear Bethany Christian Services Ransom church Lutheran Social Services this is not a religious event everybody as well, it doesn’t matter,
which Walk of Life you come from who you believe in who you don’t you know this is solely about the foster care system,
it just so happens that a lot of Ministries actually give into it and so that’s why we hear those names it’s who shows up,
exactly it’s a it’s you know any other students who’s there in Indiana why I really.

[46:29] As far as expectations for timelines its from 1 to 4 p.m. we’re talking 3 hours ass after lunch before dinner it’s an afternoon activity and then my case study you know I’ll be presenting
no fair warning to those who it is going to be emotional you know my goal and write in the case study is to have people feel,
you know that sadness that that’s sense of hopelessness but also feel the joy and a happiness that comes from being successful person after going through the experiences that they did
and you know I like I said I have a few things that are given out to you know as as hard Goods that people be able to take with them just that way they can remember their experience and
you know they haven’t done that in a safe environment
as far as topics that we cover we talked about the abuse and neglect of the case study 1 through there was a point where the case study was suicidal at one point
and we talked about the emotions that we’re going through there we talk about their first kiss which is really exciting and when he doesn’t remember their first kiss and give everybody a chance to go off and you don’t really hit those
hard topics without you don’t have him to react to it you don’t do it in a safe environment very cool.
Once again he said it’s at 1 p.m. on Saturday October 20th goes till 4 p.m.

[47:54] Yes it’ll go to 4 p.m. at the latest okay and yeah it’s I believe it’s free if they do ask that you RSVP a register via everbrite or Eventbrite a link will be included in the show notes for that.

[48:09] Anything else you want to tell those blisters,
all know there will also be Refreshments afterwards so you don’t water ice tea and there’s there’s about an hour to where you’ll get to talk to nonprofits as well and,
hey if there’s anything that you wanted to talk to me about after leave that you’re certainly able to adjust I want everybody to get home,
have a chance to come learn that’s it no solicitations no ask just show up as you are there’s no.
You know that a tire preference or anything like that and the seats are pretty comfortable too so if anything if you looking for relaxing place to go it’s the belvis theater if you’ve ever been in it and it’s it’s going to be a good.

[48:46] Very good thank you for coming to her and thank you for what you’re doing and thanks for having me.

[48:52] Music.

[49:06] The Sioux Empire podcast proudly presents this week’s Shameless plugs this is the Shameless plug portion of the show where you can get on your soapbox and you can promote,
the upper campus at garage I mean anything you want to promote this is the point to show where you can name drop and do all that stuff you like a new show on Netflix they really like
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They come in and they groom the trails so you can go cross country skiing out there there’s no cost for that.
Funtime cross-country skiing is great especially out there.
So pretty can see a lot of deer and fox and all kinds of Critters.
I’m surprised cuz like I said it’s like in the heart of Sioux Falls.
I’m surprised those things can be so elusive how many different animals we see out there it’s really cool and people have no idea what all in town there are,
possums and raccoons and everything all over living know they’ll go down in your storm sewer drainage and move around and come out at night.
Wreak havoc we love that exactly trash panda.

[52:06] We’ve got let’s see hunting with Derek is one of our programs and that’s such an original name and Wheaties in to death about it but,
that’s the guy that’s taking people out one on one
his name is Derek and you’re hunting with tarek
we got that program we got tons of programs coming up for winter will be doing ice fishing cross country skiing snowshoeing and some indoor programs to.

[52:37] Game fish and Parks we’ve got of course every season in the world is coming up right now we encourage everybody to wear Hunter Orange
please yes I want to prevent those accidents that happen out in the field remember where you’re at the end of your gun is pointing
and look beyond your target make sure that there’s nothing on the other side of your target that you can be shooting toward.
You know don’t shoot near houses and livestock and just be nice that’s the best thing to speed nice.
Why can’t everybody be nice and all of the out-of-state Hunters.
They do so much for our economy not just in the state and Sioux Falls in particular they bring in so much funny,
in tax dollars in revenue from hotels in restaurants and gas stations and you know sporting goods stores they are a great source of tax income for us.
So be kind to him so they’ll come back.

[53:48] Excellent yeah that kind of cover what did I forget.

[53:59] Also say being outside will do that
good it’s a gateway drug to getting you Outdoors,
allergic to mosquitoes and mosquitoes,
oh I know don’t you look for that.
Let’s see so yeah so the Tasha’s is being outside so I yeah I’m going to do my Shameless plug is going to be fall and fall weather cuz,
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are performing and they sound amazing this is like it you didn’t know it was that was like local you just think you turn on a radio in cuz it’s the quality is just excellent and.
Thea thank you very much for coming today thanks for having me this is so much fun.

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