Sioux Empire Podcast 125 Jason Kurtz and Sion Lidster with Full Circle Book Co-op

Finally finished with our SiouxperCon Hangover, the Sioux Empire Podcast is ready to get back to business.  Specifically the book business with Jason Kurtz and Sion Lidster with Full Circle Book Co-op who are launching a new downtown location.  But first, we take a look at Sioux Falls, and it’s growing reputation, we name a new school, and finally, the crew explores the consequences of stacking hamsters.  This episode is brought to you by Perlocution Podcast; Turning idle chatter into thoughts that matter. Comedian White Boi along with guests gives commentary on society, culture, and entertainment. No boundaries. No filters.  The Sioux Empire Podcast always stacks its rodents in an orderly manner.  


South Dakota’s biggest city isn’t a college town or a state capital or in the Sun Belt. So how does it keep growing and growing?


Name a school (Sanford High)


Hamster Stacking…?

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Empire podcast 125.

[0:13] Smile.

[0:27] Music.

[0:54] Well good morning and welcome everyone welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast it’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture,
I am your host Robert mehling and joining us is long-absent host Natasha Estes cheese.
Yes how’s married life treating you are you are you regretting anything yet after one full month mark.
One and a half.

[1:26] Okay it’s a good it’s a good thing you didn’t reply with exactly a hundred and seventy two hours 10 minutes 12 seconds
Spider-Man that is a lot of math
math is not kind to me so yeah yeah awesome congratulations finally get to tell you that in person and also joining us is Jason and Shawn from the full circle book Co-op,
welcome to the show gentlemen thank you where did IHOP first into headlines and then we’ll talk to these guys little bit about their their project.
Our first headline is South Dakota’s biggest city is in the college isn’t a college town or state capitol or the Sun Belt so why does it keep growing.
The big thing here is that a few weeks ago here Bloomberg actually did a big write-up that was very nice about,
Sioux Falls being a mecca for industry and for growth and I mean I know we get a lot of these like new stories and stuff like that,
regularly that are like you know arbitrary people put out arbitrary list lists and we happen to be on it but I thought it was an interesting.
Interesting article just talking about like a lot of the things that Sioux Falls has growing for it and I thought something you guys would appreciate cuz you’re going to go to the downtown culture of the art culture especially like the spoken word written word kind of stuff,

[2:53] Yeah I’m curious to get your your take on do you feel like Sioux Falls has grown as a place for for parts like written word spoken word stuff like that.

[3:07] Yeah I mean I’ve been here 5 years and December now and I mean when I first got here as far as the spoken word I couldn’t find my.
You like when I first got here everyone was this painting rocks together and grunting in people now we’re hitting about 50 to 60.
You know each month so it’s growing in and that says a lot of work Jason’s been doing with the the right in community as well it’s working hand-in-hand to help that grow.
Everything was you no music in all kinds of different not work and stuff sometimes,
Urban Indians podcast about how much the music scene is grown because Gabriel’s kind of one of those like original Sioux Falls rappers or whatever and he will sit there with like V the noble one and a few others and Bill tell stories about,
having to pay a venue to let them perform,
back in the early aughts and stuff like that just begging people to show up to it knowing they were to lose money on the whole thing and it’s come a long way since then.
All you have to do is.

[4:17] Just look on you know a Facebook events calendar something for the weekend there’s open mics all over town now and two years ago when we started some of the stuff.
You know Sean’s you know the beer in poetry gig was the only open my poetry thing going on in Sioux Falls and now.
There’s regular ones there’s like three regular ones a week or a month that are ensure they incorporate sometimes incorporate stand up and live music and stuff like that but.
There’s just really a lot more venues that you can actually use,
and that’s why we’ve decided to start the full circle Book quote because it’s there so many people that want to get out there and be creative in the community that finding a venue is really getting hard to find then so.
Yeah I mean we had our biggest South Dakota rights does writers happy hour.
On the third Monday of every month third Monday night of every month and.
In January of this year we had our biggest one we had almost 50 people show up just for a happy hour on a Monday night in January.

[5:22] Because I probably were stir crazy after the holiday we are thing but I mean still.

[5:27] Considering that two years ago I think I got it. Human being instead of my family right kind of an interesting thing to see the,
the art community grow at least from our,
do something we get involved in absolutely and I mean obviously you guys are coming we’ll get to that in the second half beer but you’re investing in this like idea of Sioux Falls going to growing and developing as an artistic place what.
What are your thoughts or do you have any theories on why Sioux Falls why now and why Sioux Falls.

[5:59] I don’t know if I have any theories but I have some interesting statistics they said that for every person I’ve read recently we had to some statistics kind of thrown around that for every person that we lose to Minneapolis from Sioux Falls we get eight back.
Nationals and so I think that it has to do with a lot of the meaning of the hospitals and in the you know a lot of the bigger I mean you know I think.
One of your your satellites put out a comedic post the other day about we’re just installing cranes downtown to look like a big city but in reality I thought the crane they had there was really huge in the first place and I had to use that cream to put up the really big green.
Downtown right now that we’ve reached a peak crane.
But I mean just you know some of those statistics like Lincoln County I know two or three years ago is the fastest-growing county in the US.
And that basically constitutes 57th Street South and so I mean there’s just a lot of.
Big things happening in Sioux Falls so I imagine that with all those exciting new things with the Levitt Shell and a bunch of those things happening people hear about that and then they want to come.
To a city like ours that still small enough but not too big yet.

[7:20] Sure let’s see and then Natasha you bet you’ve been quiet your your back up on the scene what what do you do pay attention to local art scene to you,
do you feel like it’s it’s developing I mean like your your your new hubby I mean he’s Lee involved in like the tattoo scene and stuff like that those are kind of like epicenters for a lot of the art and culture in town here Julian and Company and request Dustin,
is the coolest but I mean do you ever hang out there with him and see like what’s going on and.
Yeah but mostly I just sit there with my yarn and makes faces at him before he notices on there about the plants like laugh and he’s like what are you laughing at you laughing is like.
Oh I didn’t get to this little Kermit the Frog it’s supposed to be supposed to be Ghost Rider I know but yeah I’m kind of screwed Kermit the Frog.

[8:29] Cool talents and stuff so let’s see next door here.
This one’s more of just you know if they pass the big Bond bill here in town so we’re to get our new new high schools.
Spending the big money on education and of course the most important thing we have to consider about that is what are we going to name the new high school which.

[8:56] I don’t know I thought for sure they’d go with the whole Rushmore theme that they had going so it was going to be like Jefferson.
But apparently that’s not set in stone.

[9:08] So my humble humble submission is that we call at Sanford High.

[9:15] Best mascots could be the fighting Denny’s I was thinking you know.
One of the more innocuous presidents like Wilson maybe you know somebody that Harding and somebody that was,
kind of below-the-radar a little bit you know are there any schools that was it usually caesarea ever president.
There’s a few of them to have like more Lakota influence pains and then there are some that are you know like or like civil rights figures and slow by ro you got some other ones.

[9:59] Maybe Ginsburg no RDG throw that out.
The school Mount Rushmore will never be as cool as Western South Dakota Mount Rushmore.

[10:18] Yes we know we know you’re at the West River and that West River is better than East River she got it.
Becca to Westside co-hosts there their they’re always ganging up on me about how much better the west side,
sometimes other than that like having a place to shop and live in job,
but it’s really pretty to visit it’s really pretty Sylvan Lake amazing but no jobs.

[10:51] So

[10:53] You know there’s stuff the Facebook comments on this have just been golden just like schoolie mcschoolface Garth that big research vessel boaty mcboatface.
Absolutely thanks internet.

[11:13] It’s kind of like oh what was it on the International Space Station that they were going to name and then.
Better naming contest in banded up shutting off the being able to submit any name yep I remember that.
To change it halfway through the contest to change it to like you have these 12 options and they’re all like very like Endeavor and Wikia yeah they’re all they’re all like Star Trek ship names basically yes.

[11:39] Star Trek Excelsior defiance let’s see.

[11:48] So are our last new story we’re going to talk about here you don’t really hard hitting new stuff but going on here.

[11:55] Is the hamster stacking incident thing I don’t know if you’ve seen the the Billboards I finally saw one this morning but I’ve been following it online and they have been like replying to me and stuff like that,
okay full disclosure on Tuesday night I was running Monday night I was running a really high fever.
And I proceeded to get on there and launched a gigantic tirade at them about how,
what kind of Ray Bradbury Halloween twist ending is I’d like a hamster’s going to eat my face or it might have turned into a hamster
or you guys secretly hamsters on with keyboards or I’m just like what
what’s the Shyamalan twist here about this like this pops up it’s right before Halloween there’s got to be something like Syfy Twilight Zone Shenanigans going on here,
there, it was just like wow okay,
yes really interesting but are but what we are is a lot less I-5 and what your which yeah turn out to be pretty mundane it’s the what’s the name of the group.
It’s appointment up here maybe if it was low.
Yeah there we go Heineken Schultz creative it’s the one that created the whole hamster stacking website and got this whole ball rolling.

[13:23] Babe they picked initiated measure 27 because that this is their 27th year in in business that’s why they.
Get that hold on it to send proposal I just like you but you spent much you spent money on billboards and a website and a Facebook ad campaign.
You know Google quick one so I case you guys haven’t seen it you’re still the website.

[13:50] The art of hamsters dancing it’s incredibly vital the local businesses and surrounding communities Coppola still going,
yes let’s let’s stack those hamsters.
Oh yes is pulling ahead right now this is as of 10:24 a.m. Central Time Saturday October 13th 65.22% of Voters are saying stack them hamsters.
No hamsters should run amok.

[14:28] But at Tasha’s apparently.
That’s a great face when you’re pitching Anarchy by the way that is the face to do it well.
Saw that could there’s a big east of a picture of these the stack of hamsters.
Oh oh and then I don’t know if it was like.
Ghetto hamster devil,
and after that I put obviously the green one cuz there was a red one a green one and a blue one with like no reason it’s just obviously,
Good Times.
So yeah supercon wrapped up and we had a great time with that obviously if you listen this podcast you caught up on.

[15:24] Everything I was doing there with all the panels there’s one left to are yet that’s the life but Capri more recording we did you want to be sure and check that out over it Macabre
That’ll be I think I episode comes out 2 weeks it cuz the recording schedule with that one we’re so far out ahead with episodes we recorded the.
It’s like we got a back catalog of things to like push out there.
But anyway that’s that’s the news that’s what’s going on locally anyway all the very important stories at at least course of course.
So let’s jump into a full circle book Co-op so tell us a little bit about first off it’s a co-op.

[16:06] What what up what up with that so am I going to be able to go get like my sex mug filled with coffee every morning or I don’t know about that.
Well that’s a start the co-op model it’s kind of based off the the food called Model where you become a member of.
Of the of the whole thing but you don’t have to be a member to shop there it’s more like an added benefit if you do there’s a couple of different ways to become a member whether it’s paying or you can donate your time or you can.

[16:45] Gout in blood out.
When we were inspecting the basement we walked in downstairs and you know there’s no lightning or anything in,
we got our phones out when do the back room and there’s like a hundred candles burn to the ground is a big black backdrop this tins of salt and fake blood everywhere,
and so it might be room for some blood donations,
you don’t work out you can always open a for text to hell in the basement,
reasons for it down there but we’ve kind of like the mystery aspect of it a little bit but.

[17:43] They’re going to ride it out don’t do was feeling music video down there or something for a commercial and so it turned out to be.
It was scary on that initials.
Recall on the 605 Ghostbusters right now we saw the hydro guys were trying to smoke us out something new.

[18:11] Star Lake.
I don’t think we’re we’re in New England at this like that old ones we feel them if I was going on.

[18:26] Yeah I know so,
and it’s a it’s a club for a lot of reasons because we’re you know we partner with a lot of local businesses and stuff as well I mean we’re going to have a featured artist every month that’s going to be hosted by,
I asked him the same in Prince and repeat and she’s kind of,
artistic coordinator and she’s got people lined up to be a featured artist through the next couple months actually,
and so every first Friday we will launch a new artist and we have their stuff on the wall and then we have prints for sale.

[19:03] And that’s you know how we’re supporting them we have a vendor area so on our opening on our grand opening weekend we have.
Any Jane handicrafts coming in and setting up there she does leather and leather jewelry and stuff like that so she’s going to have a booth in there plus we have all the South Dakota right to authors that are going to be having their books they’re on the shelf and so it’s really,
when you think of a food co-op where they get like a lot of local produce and everything we’re doing exactly the same thing except for the artistic community so it really is a co-op,
any ideas at all these people are contributing to the space not to mention we have the block Collective will be headquartered their self go to rights will be headquartered there.
You know just a lot of different organizations going to come in together to use the spacing and make it something amazing so nice.

[19:55] Let’s see so why books,
what why is that your ear like go to thing for so I can imagine this is like a bar coffee bar always keep it like venues that could be like a center for like artistic,
Endeavors why bookstore well it is a bookstore Beer and Wine Bar.
And event space so I mean it’s kind of we’ve heard of different places but I guess when I was getting my MFA in up in Minneapolis they had.
The Loft,
up there and it said they had it’s basically a bookstore that that teaches classes and they host events when authors come to town so they have like you know,
I believe anyway they have wine and cheese it’s been awhile since I’ve been up there but I think they have that kind of thing I’m like I think I thought the Sioux Falls was big enough to support a place like that and so the idea of,
the BET and they also do like handcrafted cards and it so they kind of have a this.

[20:56] Not exactly what we’ve done I think we’ve done it more Grassroots and more intensely local maybe than the loft is done cuz I think they do have new,
but like their regular independent Bookseller I think and we’re not clan on quite go that way but part of the philosophy to which Sean’s been you know talking about a little bit.
Is that we wanted to provide a place that artist can actually afford to come too and you can talk a little bit more about our flaskey on that.
We want to to be the place that I just can just spend 6 hours working on that project lol you know meeting up with people to talk about the project without breaking the bank and without then having to.

[21:38] Been doing that money you know I want to give people time.
To add to work on Monday the passions part of that is keeping the prices low in the shop everything everything except for like reading books and maybe particular items is probably under $10.
Coffee will be affordable books will be three and four dollars about from the the local author books for everything that is a used book I will be that.
And as far as why books in a bar I mean.

[22:10] If I was at loose in a Bookshop after a couple of beers that’s I’m buying a lot of books.
Yeah I don’t know what I mean these things exist in like some of the major city you know the city as you can.

[22:25] Go to Colorado then spear books there is you know these things are around and we just figured that was time that’s too. Plus there’s no fuse Bookshop.
You know specific used book shop downtown zombro sell some books and last stop CD shop also sells him but you know.
Used book store on we have we have thousands of books ready on the Shelf so awesome.

[22:49] Very cool what so we’ve established why why the books and you can a hopping on the the idea of.
Investing in the idea of like a performance space.
And we talked a little bit about before we got in this part about why you’re doing the their performance space but.
More specifically why was that important to you to like personally specifically to have a.
Performance space downtown like that well that was the whole thing we’ve been running our own non-profits for 2 or 3 years.

[23:29] It’s tough to find a an all-ages venue that also could accommodate you know I don’t see want to have a beer on order glass of wine while watching something without spending $300 on a venue for a non-profit running on a shoestring budget,
you you don’t even bring me a coffee so we just figured.
Well if we open up our own place maybe we can substitute with you no beer Wine and Food Sales Plus the books and then we can just have either free space or very affordable space for any nonprofits or individuals who want to hold some stuff there.
That was that was very first conversation I had with you about this I think was how to solve that problem and that’s what we this is what we come up with.
Two guys sitting around like it we should have a business let’s make a bar you know I like yeah,
block puzzles but that’s not the Genesis of this it really came up with what are we going to do like we were sitting down possibly at a bar and we had our our calendars out for the next two months and we’re like.

[24:32] Sean and I literally we posted probably 200 events in the last 2 years either here locally in Sioux Falls or across the state and.

[24:43] We were having like but we can’t go here cuz they’re booked we can’t go here cuz they’re booked we can’t get in here oh well we love going to library but they don’t allow you to charge a ticket event while we have.
You know we’re going to have a special guest speaker we have to pay them and we know from experience that if we pay our speaker and we don’t have a ticket event then we always go in the hole,
and so how are we going to We Can’t basically a year-and-a-half ago we just said we can’t keep doing this like.

[25:12] We were spending so much time on the organization aspects of just finding a venue versus actually putting the classes together and doing a bunch of other stuff.
And so that’s kind of we started with the event space and then we’ll how can we provide the event space without.

[25:28] Breaking the Bank you know like how what are we going to do for it well of course everyone that shows up to our events wants to eat and drink so that was the next logical thing and then we thought well.
The South Dakota rights authors never have shelf space so what about.
You know how do we get there books on the shelf and then what about you know poetry books poetry is a very under marketed you know venue,
I’m in a lot of the book stores in town and things like that and we knew we had some local poets and local authors and so just kind of you know grew into this idea,
books and beer and wine and and leave in space but,
where do you gather where do you hang out and there was no one Collective space and I don’t I mean there’s not so we were hoping to be that,
I’m taking a little bit of the responsibilities of yuno gasai keeping those prices low.
I mean to get to get like philosophical with it I was I was in The Beatles Museum back home in Liverpool.

[26:32] Adesina stood out to me is that if it wasn’t this one business in town in Liverpool who who allowed people to buy their guitars on like layaway.
The Beatles never would have picked up a Guitar because they could never afford it so it becomes a responsibility of a community in the business and the bigger picture to.
To accommodate if you want to build a Nazi and I’ll help you out seeing grow so that’s kind of his kind of what we were trying to do thought about but yeah I mean.
Do you know it’s like what what do you do to fertilize the ground and create.
Environment for that kind of community did you go in and it’s a $6 cup of coffee you have one copy and copy and leave and you know what I mean like if you’re broke
it’s all pretty but if you got a bottomless cup for 2 bucks you know maybe it’s different with the people that are on an Apple laptop who are working on their novel that is Sunday come out
and knock and yeah,
I like the idea of keeping it affordable and accessible that’s that’s really cool about the book Co-Op part but,
very many people at few people ask us about why full circle and the whole concept is is that we started out with.

[27:47] People who who you know right there palm and get up on stage and speak it out loud and we start with people who are riding their novel and then we teach them how to edit it or we teach them how to speak better and then we teach them how to put it into book form,
and then we help them get their hard copies and then we provide a place to put them on the Shelf so it’s a you know from origin to finish it comes right back in the same location,
and that’s something that we’ve seen already have it over and over again I mean we have people in the black Collective are in the process right now on,
the night of November 3rd when we’re doing our next year in poetry our first one at the shop.
Our friend Matt Miller just since we’ve known him in the last year has got a book together a poetry book that he’s been reading it at Open Mic poetry in.

[28:33] South Dakota rights authors you know.
Because we meet regularly and they see other people putting their books out they finally like I should put my book out and so then they get online and get their books out and we’ve had just,
explosion of new books a new poetry books in the last year that did not exist prior to when we started so I mean.
Yeah it’s pretty sure that the moment that’s coming out,
so we can take some classes on that kind of stuff and school.
Let’s see so what’s your your timeline on on on opening up.

[29:21] November 2nd grand opening night and weekend cuz we’ve had a lot of lot of interest on Facebook,
when was the last time you saw a line outside of a bookstore probably not often here in Sioux Falls anyway maybe for a Harry Potter release at Barnes & Noble,
but yeah cuz we have you know a certain capacity that load that we can only handle and we.

[29:49] According to you know some of the statistics are seeing on Facebook we are going to smash that on opening night so,
San Leandro is the opening day we’re running a Kickstarter right now that has an option to come to the pre-launch party on the Thursday night probably visit,
which will be there let you know the first time that you’ll get to see all the changes that we made and stuff that we’ve got sample of foods get some beers wines and.
Take some books off the shelf Maybe.
We have a lot of other options for specific,
we actually have a ton of stuff going on that hold grand opening weekend we have like I said we have a handicraft vendor coming in on,
Saturday afternoon we have Matt’s watching his book at the beer in poetry not on Saturday night we have.
Nanowrimo which is National novel writing month is the the our first kick it kick off right in is that Saturday or Sunday afternoon so we have a lot of,
I mean the opening weekend is already packed and then,
on our calendar already coming up we have a few things that are monsters real theater company’s going to be coming and doing some things with us in looking at working with Indie band for a midnight movie and then.

[31:13] Talking with Angelica Mikado about a woman’s poetry night and to help the.

[31:21] Help with that movement so we we have got some stuff coming up and got a pretty pretty varied but.

[31:29] Very cool let’s see so.
You know first. Look up your good guys have been collecting books for a while you’ve been very active for not having a location you’ve been like a very active organization that I’ve had people remarks like
they don’t have locations are working on it and it worked,
yeah we were Optimus no business people who know so we we we thought that would be open last summer time,
we thought we just walk into the space but finally enough. Space we have now with the very first place we have looked at and,
again yeah it’s supposed to go all the way nice,
book drives in Jason’s garage for the last year with the community of just pulled out and just being so cool,
most of our inventory is from donations from the community and there’s some really good stuff with some unexpected books that have come through which is great.
Yeah we just picked up four thousand bucks the other night yeah that’s how so I put down two flights of stairs to 1.6 tons of books by ourselves and one night but yeah that’s the fun training program.
Yeah we’re both dumping weight like crazy it’s awesome but no I think we’re we I think we’ve crested over 30,000 books now currently in our inventory.

[32:53] And then just I mean anything is if we would have been opened last August we would not have had our supply we would not have had a lot of the things that we now have in the shop.
And so,
it actually just turned out kind of perfect that we however we were bursting capacity we had a storage unit that was overflowing at a double stalex in the garage it was overflowing my spare bedroom is overflowing,
add stop stacking up in my living room Sean’s got stuff in his house in his living room in his garage and we’re like.

[33:25] We had a move-in day last Sunday where we had a group of about 20 volunteers come and help us.
And I have my entire house I can park my car in the garage for the first time in a year-and-a-half it’s amazing like just some of those like emotional moments that you want to get back you know I mean but,
absolutely fun crazy watching something you like this got to be exhilarating to just like a lot of fun being really good living and care of them we’ve just just being a blast you know.
Julia just got out for another Community response is just being pretty hot warming and especially for a Kickstarter to I mean we’ve had all these books donated which humbles us and then all the people are actually giving us money to do this which we are.
So thankful and so humbled in mind boggled everyday we’re at 91% of our Kickstarter we have 9 or 5 days left now and we’re just everyday we’re just you know feeling that the community really wants us to happen just like we do so we’re really excited,
that is awesome.

[34:25] Let’s see sweet covered your opening date you guys and you have a Kickstarter going on we’ll link to that in the show notes trying to think of what else I should bug you about are you guys still doing the,
the compilation that like Midwest apocalypse how’s that going.
Well let me see maybe I could take that one up know the funny thing was it courses that last year we had all these high hopes of getting open and everything and we wanted to have some books ready to go for when we opened well of course we were hanging on to them.

[35:01] Until we get a shop open and so they have weird kind of put on the back burner as a because we do want to do local publishing that’s.
Essentially the final part of the full circle is that we publish it for the local people as well so we do have Midwest apocalypse Anthology and,
a poetry magazine Penzeys into mace and actually that one might come out first even though that the call was afterwards but that one’s going to be a lot easier to put together sure until I think we’re very close on getting that one to the printer and you know,
of course now with the the shop opening itself it might be January when we see some time to actually put that out but.
We would love to do a launch you know a lunch in January where we just have a random,
you know oh here’s our new publication and we’re going to have a you know it a book launch for the new publication and things like that and so we do,
a 10 so that was fun getting I mean like you said we have not been still and that was one of the things we thought we could probably get organized while we had we’re waiting for a permanent location and so yeah we do have those too,
pieces of publication in the works right now and then you know we have one of my gosh just so many things on the plate.

[36:11] To get organized I mean like employees and
food ordering and construction and we finally have our permits all lined up from the city and we have to go to the city council on Monday night and get our beer and wine license and your Tuesday night
it is Monday night last time they moved it to Tuesday but I believe it’s Monday night October 15th okay so yeah so I mean it’s been.

[36:40] All the hoops and of course we’re new at all this so it’s just some things that we’re like okay what’s the next step oh no these are the next seven steps before all day will do these 7 things before we can get to the next step okay I got you so it’s been a
learning curve definitely sounds like a grand Adventure go very much it is.
Let’s see I know we’ve mentioned your downtown but I don’t think we mention the exact location of where you are downtown 123 West 10th Street.
Well that’s easy remember what night is a nice address yeah I didn’t say I did I said dress Hydro used to be in there so it’s the Hydra whole show former Hydra Hall location right across the road from the diner.
Okay yeah 123 West 10th Street.

[37:29] November 2nd full circle be there
skit guys need sandwich boards or one of those guys that like Twirls around the big Arrow to stand on the corner.
A literary gorillavid ago me and Larry’s Pawn a guy out there in gorilla suit holding the book.

[38:02] I’m here with Jason is where we’re throwing books from an overpass in traffic and tell people the books.
Don’t do that.

[38:16] Give them to us give the books to us,
I’ll take him so any anything else you think that people should know about the full circle book Co-op button cuz I mean so,
if I got this right you’re going to have a beer and wine kind of,
you know bar set up there yep you’ve got the bookstore activity going on it is Up Performance space what’s the capacity on the performance base,
oh that’s a good question I believe we the entire,
area is 70 okay and so depending on where we where people are but we’re kind of were tentatively telling people 50 is what the event space is going to be so if they want to book a,
Christmas parties are or if we have to take the adventure something like I think right now it’s full of
stuff and so we we don’t have the chairs all set up and we have a good idea but according to what our new permit allows us to have is going to be 70 for the entire space so
and that includes the bookstore area which is very limited capacity and in the bar and the event space so we figured that it’s more like a 4820.

[39:32] Something kind of thing so we also nothing but love the numbers but we also have a boardroom scriptorium alright with Rhett to mention that you wanted to,
you don’t know prophets have to host meetings monthly things and all the stuff off does any business guys or anybody wanted to just kind of higher up that room and.

[39:51] Yeah so we have we have that extra little spot as well yeah.
This is a lot going on in a small space that we’ve got our boardroom is called the scriptorium.
Nice it Edition ain’t no and an old word basically we’re the monks would go and.
Script you know they would be able to illuminate and they would write their text and so obviously it’s going to be open to anyone who wants to go in there if it’s not booked and it’ll have,
AR archive is going to be in there because one of the things we’ve been doing through South Dakota rights answer the book Co-op as we’ve been buying,
and collecting donations of anything that’s ever been written in South Dakota so it’s a living archive you don’t have to go to SDSU and get down in the archive and check something out you can come in,
see what we have on our shelves and it’s just some of the random things that we have is like,
the the Autobahn the South Dakota Audubon Society quarterly news magazine.
From the 50s we have been like years and years of runs of that we have you know the South Dakota history magazine we have,
the Hulk would we have passed petals from the 70s we have you know annuals from the colleges,
all these have articles that were written by South Dakota residence and I think that that’s something that’s really interesting one of the things we sold at the pop up.
I need American gentleman was in there in and asked if this was for sale and where like of course it is that’s why it’s here it’s like only $3 like yes he’s like why do all the illustrations in that book.

[41:20] And he had a house fire and lost it and I lost all the original and in this book was I think it was drawn in the early 90s it was like a,
it was a lot like locally published book but it was like Lakota dresses like their the way that they dressed in a lot of their fancy dance things and everything,
and he was like almost in tears purchasing it because we had that in our shop Barnes & Noble doesn’t carry that on their shelf you know it’s,
that’s the kind of stuff that we actually gravitate towards and want to grab so we loved having it for him and his awesome,
that the Mystique of a second hand Bookshop you know you get in there and you don’t know what you’re going to find we want to.
They got bigger so instead of just the books you know you don’t know who you’re going to find out how do you know what kind of event will be going on but vendor will be there so I just wanted to make it like an experience of just walking in there not to like.
And I’ll make it to to a funeral philosophical game but you know just just have an experience unique,
you’re not just going to get a cup of coffee you can go in there too you know maybe start a new venture.

[42:26] Cuz I mean that’s how all this started just you know we bumped into each other somewhere just show up.
Podcast probably presents this week’s Shameless plugs well this is the I mean basically giving you like a Shameless plug the second half of this episode Flex if you want to,
do a quick like soundbite Roundup of everything people should know about full circle book Co-op and what’s going on and everything else now is your chance,
if you got any other events not even related to it that you want to promote their selling something or anything like that this is the point of the show where you can feel free to unleash that.
Well I think it will probably just keep that our grand opening weekend we’re at 123 West 10th Street the full circle book Co-op our grand opening is November 2nd,
we have a ton of events going on the entire weekend we have new featured artist Alabama future artist launching that night we have,
featured poet and Open Mic poetry on Saturday night we have National novel writing month kicking off and we have all kinds of things starting to fill the calendar already for the month of November so.
Come down and see us their outstanding Natasha do you have any Shameless bucks this week.

[43:49] All shamelessly plug Spa mm cuz that.

[43:58] Let’s see my Shameless plugs this week are as as always I’m going to plug the two Empire podcast Network and all the great work that all of our volunteers are doing please help me provide them with donuts and coffee,
you could support us at patreon by going to Sioux Falls,
and then a huge thank you to pay transporter Matthew Paulsen if you want your name name-dropped in episodes like this I got to do is sign up for a set level over on me all the old patreon.
And yeah and then also a shout out to sponsor supercon,
of which they’ve already got the dates set for that exact same weekend next year and that is going to be asking to be awesome,
it was really great to see it like totally explode and take over the the space that it did at the convention center this year and I’m really looking forward to next year is that wrath of the Khan next year I believe is the time.
We’re finally out of Star Wars titles Star Trek one so there you go that’s a bee Supercut number for.

[45:05] And then I as always you can listen to the Sioux Empire podcast and all of our podcasts over at live 605 which also does the,
5625 count down which is an amazing weekly countdown,
of the top songs voted on by you from the Sioux Falls Area so it’s all Sioux Falls artists and talent,
and it’s all locals voting online for their if their favorite artists in,
we’ve got a lot of artist friends from Urban Indians podcast to their songs are on those charts and yeah it’s a,
great things will be sure once again to check out all the stuff over at live 605.

[45:44] And I think that does it for this week thank you both gentleman for for being here thank you very much thank you Natasha fur for surviving and making it back and good to see you again hey how was the Buffalo Run that good.

[45:57] Yeah good awesome way to summarize that like spectacular event with the,
who is Nora if I remember it was like the first time or at least in my a long time that it snowed on
although you know on the booths at the Art Festival,
come back but you know it was it was a thing
okay what school got on the poem for next year was going to be so much better there.

[46:35] You know I know how it goes that’s that’s the way I’m with the booth every year for super, some like next year were to do this and what can I do this,
and it usually ends up being an over-reaction plus respond it’s called planning for Wars words like your plan for the last one rather than when you’re actually going to go do you know the exact same way but anyway I digress thank you for joining us everyone and have a great week.

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