Sioux Empire 135 Groundhog’s Day with Jordan Deffenbaugh

This week the reunited Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Buri) sit down to talk with Jordan Deffenbaugh from Studio Be Labs to find out what this whole podcasting thing the kids are into these days is all about.  But first in headlines: a rodent predicts the weather (poorly), cities deal with poverty (poorly), society deals with sick children (poorly), South Dakota Concealed Carry advocates lock and load, Sioux Falls keeps growing, and it got frigid outside.  This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians.  The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at With all this talk of Groundhog Day, The Sioux Empire Podcast really hopes we don’t get stuck in some kind of time loop.


Groundhog Update

On Groundhog Day 2019, Punxsutawney Phil could not find his shadow. And as the legend goes, this means we’re in for an early spring. This is only the 19th time out of 123 in his recorded history (there are 10 years where no record remains) that Phil hasn’t been able to find his shadow.

Even so, Phil is usually wrong, and meteorologists aren’t too sure Phil’s suspicions are right either.

Turns out that flipping a coin might be as accurate as Phil. Since 1988, the groundhog has been “right” 14 times and “wrong” 17 times.

In other words, in only 14 of the last 31 years did the national average temperature for the remainder of February match what would be expected based on what the groundhog predicted.

Helping is now a crime

El Cajon police officers arrested about a dozen people for feeding the homeless at a city park Sunday afternoon.  The event was organized by a group called Break the Ban, which formed after the El Cajon City Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance in October prohibiting the distribution of food on any city-owned property.  City officials said the ordinance was a way to protect the public from hepatitis A, but critics have called it a punitive measure to dehumanize and criminalize the homeless.
.”This park is part of city property so you aren’t allowed to food share,” the officer in the video said. “…If you guys continue to food share, then you guys are subject to arrest, all right?”  Everyone who was handing out food, including a 14-year-old child, was arrested, given a misdemeanor citation with a date to appear in court and released.

Casey Smitherman – superintendent of Elwood Community Schools in Elwood, Indiana – was booked on charges of insurance fraud, identity deception and official misconduct on Wednesday and later released on bail, according to court records.

Smitherman says the charges come after she recently went to the home of a student who had missed school and saw he had symptoms of strep throat. After the student was refused treatment at a clinic, she took him to another one, this time saying he was her son.

“I am committed to this community and our students, and I regret if this action has undermined your trust in me,” Smitherman said in a statement published by Fox 59. “From the beginning, my ultimate goal has been to provide the best environment for Elwood students’ growth physically, mentally and academically, and I remain focused on that purpose.”

Lock and Load SD

South Dakotans will be able to carry concealed handguns without a permit beginning July 1.

Less than a month into office, Gov. Kristi Noem fulfilled one of her campaign promises on Thursday by signing the bill repealing the requirement into law.

She said she was “proud” that it was the first bill she signed as governor. Republican legislators who championed the bills stood in a crowd behind her as she signed the bill at a desk in the Capitol Rotunda, applauding after her signature turned it into law.

“It’s special for me to be signing a bill into law that protects our Second Amendment rights,” Noem said afterward.

City on the Grow

Permits totaled $33.1 million to start the year, up from $29 million last year and more than double the $15.7 million issued to start 2017.
The biggest increase came in commercial additions and remodeling projects at $11.7 million — well ahead of last year’s $6.9 million for the same time period. New commercial construction was down some at $11.6 million, compared with $14.1 million.
New residential construction is ahead of last year, totaling $6.5 million, compared with $4.9 million, and reflecting 17 new single-family homes. That’s one more than last year. The bigger increase is in town homes, with permits issued for 16 compared with six one year ago.
Multifamily permits included 45 units, compared with 23 units for the same time last year.

It got cold out

Arctic Blast of 2019 Survival Stories

Amazing Infogram:

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Interview with Jordan Deffenbaugh

  • Studio Be
  • Strong Towns
  • The concept of Chaos
  • The state of criticism in Sioux Falls
  • Why I hate the word “nice.”

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Who is bob he wants a business but his uncles cousins nephew build a website,
unfortunately the website looks like a website that was built in tom’s uncle’s cousin’s mom’s basement don’t like bob,
let a professional built website if you wanted affordable website that looks expensive and the website that can be found by a customized visit don’t play bomb dot com and let them know you heard about the mondelez want to get ten percent off.
Podcast one thirty five groundhog day.
Which bar is good.

[0:41] Music.

[0:47] Where can we will it rain tomorrow while i was hoping pay is on the interstate your car have a problem with your daddy.

[0:55] Music.

[1:25] Hello everyone and welcome to the podcast this is the podcast.
Record podcasts about so im pie your newest comedy music and culture i am your host robert mailing and join me as always posts of whatever it’s saturday it’s sunday it’s you falls naturally.
Who will win free wash COM.
Also we must today is a journey definitely different but the box lol okay bye jonny depp.
Who and i would listen to projects being holy crap load of stuff going on which way to get to the interview part two and then not.

[2:07] So let’s just jump right into what headlines and get this started.

[2:12] Music.

[2:31] Electrocuted and really every morning i wake up without scratching me know when the fan is very loud and proud,
bring up ima add special today is blueberry waffles would.

[2:47] Music.

[3:29] Thank you are you tube for that wonderful groundhog day intro there other day two thousand nineteen guess what is tony fadell
you did not find these shut off of course you which i know that’s a good day at end the entire spring
yeah sure spring and ogee so i completely i thought it was that’s right sis shut up and get terrified
i would never get winter forever darian is called friends starting from his shadow yes i can void is looking into the void right is the legend goes where,
this is the,
only only the nineteenth of time in the hundred and twenty three years of the recorded history that phil hasn’t been able to find his shadow.
So you know feel is actually wrong in his prediction is like less so than like get a more accurate prediction by flipping a coin apparently,
so chapel is twenty nineteen years statistics are welcome here i know i know faith see if hello.
No fax.
Short spring so it since nineteen eighty eight fax the groundhog is because right fourteen times in lorong seventeen.

[4:47] Add that to my advantage you bad for a groundhog i mean it’s not a meeting or just didn’t go to school yet.
Yeah i guess i can’t see where it is technically worse than flipping a coin and there so may i doing more times maybe it’s not.
I think you go take a little bit the sample size and i think you’re popular.
Yeah you saying i’m racist against ground hogs perhaps i you’re setting the bar too high or something yeah you like kevin freight inspector ground hogs.

[5:23] It’s a real thing look it up there racist against asians can i forgot we went this is random.

[5:32] I am grace i don’t know what is good example rate so groundhog day next day but goodness two of systematic racism.
Hello justin are you making coffee.

[5:51] Yeah you can make coffee what was that she’ll be joining us in episode shortly can i make hey are our lovely weather up.
Can i get paid during transportation this morning so she going so late fee will be back on the program shortly it’s like out there throwing yes bro what did you false or friday of noise.
Change voice road closed random yes from moisture so speaking of in the air.
So moving on and speaking of cities that are in the theater with me let’s figure out a percent good getting a little more social issues what’s going on in the world but lets talk about jack criminal i saying poor homelessness how bout that.
When will your speed today has not more your that’s a little farther my ads down the cold a sack
would a people that are hungry what are there how much would a cab to send hire part time is the trip i know what your hands would a wood
people are hungry and does not have a title or not forget what the city of alcohol do i get rid of the van against the how much would a basic human right.

[7:19] So oklahoma city of california is just the latest in the whole bunch of cities throughout california and the west coast am starting to see a little bit of an intern in the northeast your welcome aboard to tasha who.
Say can you see if you take a copy and taking a seat otherwise i’ll.

[7:40] You’re a put in jail for a few moments in california and where california.

[7:46] Sailing ship your mayat can you check if you hear of rushing all the dark i can see why you know artist who has been the best,
she gets a percentage of all the pre in the world and spiritually pre family oven accessoriess.

[8:05] So anyways i’ve been speaking speaking of which yes is can you put.
I’m really sorry about that it was his birthday yesterday wishing happy birthday have prayed who does it because you dont believe anything you.
You’re not wrong i’m not sure why i started is because it will it will get yeah yeah we’ll go with that.

[8:36] But anyway ok on police officers were arrested about a dozen people for feeling how much the city parks and sunday afternoon know the city’s they’re doing this with italy making it a crime to like share food with homeless people in lick a public parking place like that.
Is there a justification for declaring state of emergency and then say its because of data is out of control.

[8:59] But like she was saying are the clippers like what day we’re getting out in this instance was like pre packaged food.
I like lots of hand wipes and cleaned items and the other thing you doing this is actually cleaning the park which helps with.
No control that so it’s like they’re impacting footprint there is actually like negative yeah.
When its more city park still want no yeah that does around and i think its just i feel like its.
I continuing trend of us criminal i’m saying an injustice it’s like it’s not bad enough that weed like have session
massive income inequality instead of a sweet feeling more have killed the middle class it’s that we now we need to punish should make the poor people pay for,
something i don’t i don’t understand that
all like the crazy detecting california places that’s not surprising i mean it’s not surprising help light how far north of progress though they are the homeless problem,
population of like a massive housing shortage and all sorts of problems that i brought about because of bad policies.
That’s ist.

[10:15] Will it rain till i don’t quite understand why they’re doing that bc they have teddy is kind of bogus doesn’t really.
What are the numbers on that your like one of the numbers and happy to have a need stats yeah some stats and if you read the news article about it’s like there’s no there’s been zero cases that have been traced back to.
Any kind of like feeding the homeless program ready yet i’m either in first in the solar city park station in force feeding animals like this sort of thing in national parks with feeding animals,
will it rain no just got twenty carbs are there in the area hey.
You five year olds scared that i’m gonna have to write a ticket is gonna become the key word.
You can feed the girls because of their a ticket to a fourteen year old is that put that in the years that grab me a give a fifteen year-old the fifteen or fourteen sorry,
firstname numbers,
mute me word good you will you the numbers man u just them and i’m just robbed ugh.

[11:29] Three outlets to the there their big claim to like what’s the big deal proceeding handcuff anyone but they give everyone the fourteen people citations that.
How many how much the ticket is.
Yeah i don’t know i was curious if the lights lamp light will it hold up in court i’m curious where is will be interesting people of their products some alice a little bit.
When are in the neighborhood eight min it could evolve technically but i don’t know if they wanna do that i’m not sure on that process like i’m gonna cancel but any good have to like.

[12:05] You have to go to a point where they would have to deal with a citation it doesn’t go thru they can read like,
bring up a warrant go to the next level but i know that probably would be a really bad political move but this is already a really bad political move seven am
let’s party like the people who organize this new that was what was gonna happen cuz i know you’re mad the city pass the ordinance like ok you come up here and ask if there was a comment cela lights to yellow now that happens now you have
ok so someone has been charged now you take that to the court with you and other people and you just start raising hell
when i paid i meant in the new venue and then you trying get a raise to higher courts and then demon
constitution some way i mean so i think its a lot to do if i just help but that’s not a meeting getting dressed mentality using excuses like i keeping you safe like no you’re you are
taking rights away from us literally.
Ask hey do we sleep whenever somebody goes expect money for public safety when you look in the french revolution that’s what the comedian.

[13:12] Killed everyone you love and the great heron what’s called the committee for public safety and so when people one governments it’s for your safety just like yea like the potluck.
Politics are awesome alex you’re great.
Review if someone told me that i can have a potluck and give somebody food i just forgot what does straight out it’s a midwestern thing like a midwestern thing but i don’t understand the concept of nope alex are everywhere i like zara like,
yeah thing yet like a buffet but without the place with strangers can you make food for you,
who are the pre made stuff but bring them all but we can chill a new five hundred and â its been getting chilly vegan chili is great,
what is the oasis it’s a lot of beans lol different types of beans and it cold b,
what i mean you just made pizza restaurant pains i maybe it either means actually i just roads being snowy it’s a holiday bus is being that weird feeling very creative.

[14:19] If we can only got you have a dessert what is it it’s a ten its pronounced say it’s like god yeah,
it’s let the record show his listeners can’t see that robin’s facepalm right now what
i thought i was sleeping but its it’s a good agent sain
say whenever my money that bitch broke you got fucking hell say it and hayden puts a casa
i don’t think who what is the lowest amount can i just put like me let me call u playing still work like a like doo.
I have some turkeys really great make a nice lights also barbecue sauce it’s great anyway i pay now i’m hungry can you move your arm let see.

[15:18] Are there story it would like to research this one is deeply but i just.
I saw it the same morning that i saw the arresting people for the homeless and just generally lost my shit for a little bit uh u. s. this this case.
Smith who is the superintendent to elmwood county and i would indiana.
She put on charges of insurance fraud identity deception of an official misconduct on wednesday and was later released on bond or bail.

[15:48] Shitface please charge with she had a student missions worried about who was sick and can’t afford a doctor.
And got rejected the first clinic because he didn’t have insurance the shit to him too of the instructor awoke.
So then she want to another clinic and clean just clean she would that that was first signed.
I needed her insurance to cover it and getting prescriptions and stuff like that so he could get better that she could give a shit about the student.

[16:18] So of course it’s america so.
Time to go to jail bitch is laughing at certain is from so its been a few times so i can kinda give you some insight.
Umm and can’t speak into the last one to um.

[16:39] The legal system here in america is that it is and if you do not hear friends there to help any real there take kids,
you are staying home yeah,
select last one you know if they have that if you don’t go to court after they feed some homeless people like years later even if this is found in constitutional law still have that warrant,
bench warrant out further which means the next and they get pulled over their gonna have to go to jail for a minute and explain i said and then putting this in send,
yeah she’s helping somebody out and so you know i get it insurance fraud that’s.
You know is bad but you know it she is being a good person so its kinda crazy that i mean to turn your amp.
Yeah that’s like.

[17:33] Is it just common sense we’ve box yourself into regulations for the general population but there’s regulations don’t translate to something like most powerful people in this country so your like,
we are demon eyes people actually trying to help.
Trying to actually make people’s lives better because we’re an item like home but its safety or its indication brands like it’s like it.

[18:00] Basically like me getting risk has become the key element of american society so that you don’t get sued or so that you are a number of things but then we can’t like.
Do good things and things to help people like.
You’ve made it legal to do that and so were isolating yourself further and ad.

[18:24] Does being so easy to control hey bureaucrats i hate bureaucrats i think they’re scum bags i just think the scum bags and we need to get rid of the bureaucrats system symbols that.
It’s like they’re bureaucrats like the people who is in its partially to blame because we’re the ones that
alexa use you know yahoo’s yeah what was and regulations but i don’t think it’s per i don’t think it’s just there are yahoo’s everywhere
and there is an isolated to a single political party um it’s it’s really there like within the system itself especially people
very like primal tests that are necessary to elected officials but there in places where they have power sure um.

[19:09] If you are creating all these stop gaps and i get to there’s like the balance of powers and checks and balances and although i get the outfit is a certain point where it’s like when there’s just this over each like.
Yes that the feeling homeless people are handing out ass when was asked how she took a kid too
add clinic yet when they were stressed because she is a different thing yet you still feel pissy and there was another ya theres an aspirin once this is new this is an isolated it’s ongoing yeah,
so i just think it’s a matter of light we need to really odd,
bring rationale back into our us figure of like how we act with the public and this is just ridiculous you need to.

[19:57] Need to reload the grants that somebody should have a mug shot because state thrown out the kid.

[20:06] Wasn’t gonna get help anywhere else.

[20:09] Yeah honestly i’m just collecting i be proud that much should i put that much i know because i think you’re nuts like okay let’s that’s pretty bad ass like.
Doing good things for people i really you know make a difference where you can in your community and your school serving she’s great principal receive ten and yeah i mean.
You know i d is infuriating that the way to send a tax people like this but.
Mirror mirror mirror speaking up tomorrow here’s a very more story for us and um.
Yes we got our first big piece of legislation of the twenty nineteen legislative session you know what i should feel good.

[21:01] What’s the banning people was it to you know build a wall on the border with north dakota was it what is it just dino congratulating evil know who did this was when i actually kinda like this is a.

[21:15] The gun and gun belt the paperwork nazi if you shut the can five dollars exactly.

[21:22] Yo on.
That’s right lock and loaded people conceal carry in south dakota no longer requires a permit as of january first
message and your job sorry july first she is a bitch and got power of lose to me in this podcast both um.
Let’s see so yes july first is it safe me a trip to the courthouse which is nice i like that.
Yes if you don’t know it’s incredibly easy to get your concealed permit here in the state of south dakota but yeah now you dont need to you why help.
Tell me who and where is safe haven for hunters.
In their expensive company got five dollars i don’t know man i think the trip but hey some government computer.
It’s just my social security number and my you know
oh my loans and financial transaction ever made in my entire life for members décathlon your internet search history and location and what you need and you can a because you nephew got you
sure twenty uni yeah three yeah yeah but they don’t have your name on the list exactly what.

[22:50] Yeah i just i feel i’m a little worried that’s i mean i know this is what we are gonna get with this when the.
Results of the election came through but here we are it’s a reward is that we get.
Get a feel good bills to the party the twins get to do all services in biloxi mississippi the show off that
we have the most votes horse is jake we get to skip it cultural stuff that doesn’t actually help with any other many problems sleeping going on and on about on this podcast of this year.

[23:27] Wait you are expecting a politician to like solve things.
Make solutions that is least get out of the way will the weather be cool to see because i mean it’s to that but that’s not showing the president how you do politics nantes,
is yours the secret interests policies for them and you just play ball and just sitting imagine.
I am just quietly pass things that are out of can i have your base all the way and a hard twitter twitter twitter.

[24:06] Will not never know the issues we were talking about today saying be slowing down.

[24:15] Music.

[24:21] Drop that shit so sorry.
I just you know i get nervous when i started get up at jack hammer and i just start building a sub basement of my apartment i just gotta hope you are doing that i know you like me giving a spiral.

[24:36] You will never happen the skydiving so where is forever what’s the spyware,
this is a recurring bed here are the podcasts know if i’m.

[24:48] So when should i back when we were in college together when i want to make sure we have a friendly toronto that we will do something when we’re billionaires like thirty cents for level higher and,
can we come up with different things like i feel this kinda library or urdu.
Like i was super bad at math i feel college algebra like three times so my bet was that i was going to donate
million dollars university south dakota force them to build out the robert mailing institute for ethics so that would just be like
select robert he failed college algebra forward button rod black at the rabbit just make it as big as the world premiere maths department’s
i got so that kind of thing will the best ones i ever came up with whatsapp this too false fire,
switch to be this giant like ive sorry if like,
black tower i would build right the middle of downtown sioux falls so high that you can like see it from like forty miles outta me just like you dislike the dominos thing on the skyline of the eastern half of the state without black over the distance yes
like exactly like that and a joke was that you,
go to visit me there knock on the door and walking on in the entire thing is just hollow and empty inside except for one fireplace a giant like red velvet chair and nice sitting there,
oh my god it’s so hard to heat this thing is it.

[26:16] Would be pretty hard to feed u good diet the only good get passive get past seventy but some passes solar on the south side view as a really nice like life love and just can.
You are a real help get the other one was an idea was set up to speed like ominous but meeting with symbol in downtown sioux falls was terminated are there a lot of us,
sorry to should areas as hell things going missing ya have to go to natural things can you please you’re my favorite building and sees what’s my code not what represents but what it looks like
the prison the prison is like probably but nice looking building
what’s the present its on the hill it’s a store where are those bastards dont appreciate the architect at all like the right reason for running from and if,
hey sara what you should be a happy is a blinds may i see your angle,
rate your head turn of the century stone work that’s where you can have modern plumbing yourself.
Its great it so high.

[27:31] I usually hey everett my eyes from that place because i am not that i’ve been app is broken and institutions but.
I can i just you know what i think of things i think you help.
Blah they are and how stupid the three hundred likes on that one three hundred has like a purple three hundred on the side of the three hundred bill play kubb
play billie second seventies new studio in SOMA in yet what’s taking what is the seventies do you think is case of water
ron burgundy is the wrong brittany building for news
yes only if you know building good i can have ever have any interesting to know because that three hundred and everything else is just to barks n.

[28:15] Share this like or house is kinda get that vibe is pretty and instead the clock tower sorry we’re keeping the denver reminders who can you bend of barcelona yeah it’s like
yeah i could do any of the things i like about actually get serious assistance to anything if that’s one of the historical buildings that actually build out of this suit,
soooo quartzite that’s not where still like the federal courthouse is really pretty the old.
Old county court house what about the ass if you got his beautiful of hub.
Proceed upon my health is pretty stunning it’s pretty amazing your review go inside do those like is a history nerd in the catholic the only thing that really drives me super nuts about it instead.
Cathedral the whole idea what’s like the big black computer control catches the sun so big when the sun sets yeah,
it’s supposed to do that in the opposite direction at the drill is supposed to face,
towards the holy land and they are and towards the rising sun as well and that’s how the defects with the light in everything else that we build the reverse one to i don’t,
no when me and some other nerds of the history department is super bugged by that both of them is beautiful beautiful building yet yet when i put it.

[29:39] But yeah so there’s this growing which it’s like news anymore it’s like well of course is provided.
Permits to build thirty three point one million at start of the year which of twenty nine million from last year no what’s up,
is it from twenty nine up from sorry million twenty nine last year i was looking at them for sales let me know if this is a new number good.
Did i mention the ra smelling institute for math field because i feel cold just for like four times just put it out there ummmm.
Let’s see the biggest increase came in a commercial addition and remodeling projects at eleven point seven million.
Actually new construction was down a little bit it looks like and then i was depressed with the increase and actually some residential construction with let’s go to his,
if you keep going like this week i need to pause and go on with it makes me want to be california we have an issue with the population of homeless because.
We didn’t plan anything.

[30:43] What cancer is in space why it’s not a question of just planning and you know it.

[30:51] Turn on my backyard yes yeah so the biggest you like on the coast or say san francisco for instance.

[30:59] They don’t want to bill a large number of the population does not want a bill higher than three stories,
because they want to maintain the feel of san francisco which is the surf like vill ändra connected villages and whatnot so they’ve building downtown
not in nothing like on the main area but like,
and the rest of the residential you like paris they won’t let it build out of a certain area yes i like his neighborhood organizations one nine so you have a property of your property owner,
can you own a place you can say no i dont want.
Hey affordable housing structure to go up in my neighborhood sometimes u RV don’t know certainly but there’s a lot of power in some of these blocks and that’s a big issue in the bay area where there basically as a column,
um are stopping the building of affordable housing that happens here to get me nearest places where its like pulling apartment structure is near
a single family residential developments and really that’s the thing is we have a missing middle of housing or anything out there specifically but also here,
we have single family residential apartments.
Where is the end between if you keep going the way we then where can i run into some of the problems she’s been having is that you know what the housing housing caps else.
Umm yeah its.

[32:22] It’s an ongoing thing and nobody wants note holder has not want to be by apartments for multi unit yeah and nobody wants to restart it is except for being what my next step.

[32:36] Ya thats what i find for that if i ever thank you enough.

[32:40] I got the spider wheat expire expired natasha you’re my expert on the on the spot it is technically a spiral right yeah.
Ok i think i’ll be better in the winds to know let’s wait like probably fall
like just too much wind for yeah spider we can come up with something technology gets some energy out of that from blake some little like one of the site how progressive yellow dekoda feels more like med alerts in egypt so its yeah
that’s fire fire fire for that’s fire that’s bad,
put the thinking like how the decision is based on which fantasy setting so you can ignore like i love that logic in dislike
who is definitely a spy that is it smart here we need a fantasy land but.
I really wasnt i was state of emergency at two am and never was the yeah yeah fired,
get me at the spiral i need a bill but no i’m just missing under start a go fund me page if you have space where all these man i got some money for a room really.
Ok if you could get in this non binding pleasure for money or the advanced calling me lots of money yelp.
Yo octo get some similar questions.

[34:10] And so far i last headline here let’s get into uh.
What was cold is coming like a quatro letras draft think yo.

[34:21] Music.

[34:33] Yo are the i love the end of the world just in case i get actually senior that that christmas special report
yeah song is interesting to roll for like way longer than you’d a ways what kind of find out what that says that part of it.
Drugs and or alcohol may have been involved oh you know i just kept throwing that out there.
How would he you’re definitely doing drugs.

[35:09] What’s out here survive a number from this cold snap we experience this week a week of a fight the last week of january twenty nine th.
What’s the lowest windshield the weather has ever recorded in their system wasn’t that was recorded this week negative seventy seven fahrenheit.
Are there was a river falls minnesota which say the fuck outta there in the winter time because the fever falls a break records every god damn time.
Where is that where it’s at north minnesota north face it like in not the wrong part no not delivered on the upper part of the apple pipe yeah okay.
Yes place to canada is not play international falls but its like yeah okay.

[35:53] Lowest actual temperature other recorded shot minnesota on thursday morning and negative fifty six degrees fahrenheit not wind chill out if you are a fucking terror and death.

[36:09] Lowest temperature recorded at mount carroll illinois is thursday morning what’s the negative thirty eight degrees is a confirmed this though it was accurate it will be the new illinois state record low.

[36:23] Hours consecutive of wind chills below sixty five.
65 zero fahrenheit in grand forks north dakota on tuesday eight hours ahead.

[36:37] Need to twenty three degrees record low in chicago on wednesday morning lowest since the mid nineteen eighties.

[36:45] Fifteen times set the temperature it’s been or under twenty one below zero fahrenheit in chicago since the records beginning eighteen seven be.

[36:55] Let’s see anything more like mine but that’s here just uh add some stats stats stats stats stats please book your you felt it you need stats if i can get back.
Put the fingers and toes nice that you last summer hamburger.
I’m at but then ninety four degrees what’s the temperature difference between the morning lois in key west florida in key west what is the app.

[37:25] Yeah just we’ll link to send the show notes but it just goes on and on and missing program.
Just ridiculous this cold snap hits what’s in your imagination desk this is the storm you know your parents talk about how they’d walk uphill both ways on a snowboard like find a few ideas to get warm i’m.
This is is that kind of like fictional,
universe storm landed right in the midwest where we were staying since like people probably died in there and they did twenty,
sorry twenty something my god damn it why my car has like to know where she is and so when i got to wait morning or night it was.

[38:07] What is the negative twenty two hours like now yeah.
Who is nate and twenty two degrees that when you have my email address be aware the kids ambience to fuck me outside how is negative twenty two and never seen it like that i was like fuck you,
and yes it’s gonna be broken.
No what was the flap the cold yeah i don’t know how much you dislike you know about the farm quote with like machinery and stuff like that like repairing shit in the winter time yet and this was the weather where you just like that,
just put out build for the capital and not have to like feed them for a few days like directly with the length greeting card stuff because this was the weather where do we have a piece of metal,
that wasn’t gonna stand for like fifty years with no problem like i want to order something like gaj.
This weather just because mostly like metal stuff and rubber seal stuff like that i am running machines become brittle.
Zed you have your arms and stuff like that break just explicabo breakdown there weird ones youve never worked on your machines just because of the wedding the weather is fucking with the physics of it every tracking.

[39:19] Sorry i was super glad those those who are on my work for home hes just too cold the stairs plus she may i look.
Yeah that’s perfect gonna when is colts like january february is a lot of it that i’m not doing that of it involves going outside.
There’s many more delivery food delivery is made then you know people eating out i had to imagine not in the stands grey.
No for myself in daphne.
We had restaurants in town the swamp the closing places were closed two just didn’t bother an item i am missing yes.

[40:01] I leave my apartment but no power who is like.
Add to bucket just watching people be cold on tv for my from my shit burrito good af.

[40:16] But let’s see if god it’s not cold the day
hey would a heat wave if forty degrees feels like to sixty edited images with other words
i’m wearing sandals hey yeah okay forty degrees people never understand like that first forty degrees after like there’s shit
play just bugging where’s the pool which is also kinda weird al like the discrepancy between what wednesday lo what is and what.
Events today that’s not why if like it’s odd to the sender hey can i expected from the mountains.
I hear the plans i was that i think it’s time to move into the interview.

[41:08] Music.

[41:28] Do you have a studio e r e o ok nope that little snippet there is from us to be labs with chuck.
Jordan is a part of jordan tell us a little bit about yourself and why not that
seems like a good place to start being on a podcast here right handed talk talk to me about podcasting what would you do what i do while i am,
ask about a month and a half ago i became the creative director for a new podcast studio in sioux falls colts to do be do be do you a still be.
Adams lives were starting so good,
we are with the launch process were doing is recording this thing called studio beat the labs what is anyone can submit an idea for a podcast you want you can call me and even especially a common background
who are all the contacts at the laundromat i know it’s really revolutionary i hope so are trying to do is like.

[42:33] We’re just trying to get people to start doing the act of making podcast and we have a really nice studio we have it we will all insulated about robert
so graciously gave us sound from which and welcome we just put a buffer we just put up a curtain that i select like make a review of this sound quality is really exceptional in the space of ten.

[42:56] Would u is like we have labs the city of the lives and we decided we want no robo you really did like them constraints are,
it needs to be relevant region so a big thing is like it needs to be something that is focused on more ideas and concepts that travel.
Beyond the midwest forward me focus on the midwest large body it can be super hyper local,
i’m an idea that satisfied her final ideas you have my name removed fm,
so i got to hear just figured out pretty x square dog is beagle,
so essentially it,
we develop three to five episodes and then launched on the first of the reminder we’re gonna try and do oh we did five yesterday we launched as of yesterday and i am very
wann couple days but there are there we have five shows,
we got the formative years which is about a famous and infamous peoples childhood there michelle geller that’s probably my favorite,
of the concepts so far i will say just having light browse through them a listen to a bit of each yes night.

[44:14] That i really like that one it’s got it’s got a good vibe going but i will say that when i pee,
how many people is about intellectual property very technical very fuck me nicki didn’t the two folks on there is a one is added
dr office manager for that particular order who is also a um mechanical or electrical engineer,
i’m so very very intelligent individuals can you get into the weeds about intellectual property in SF what is the weather constantly like really on edge.
Find nic shoes yes set that one is a supernatural is not for me yet me and there are people who like what he’s oh yeah i actually found it really interesting when it goes into like described,
you have to describe in words how things work.
Can you help me come up with these weirdly specific ways you gotta get in to the manusia i thought it was really interesting umm but it’s like it’s super super technical,
e team that’s a re online for a podcast which is focused on added to actions really just about like.
Use that each one is focused on a specific add a tune action black eye.
Being responsible for her and i think that uh freedom or what not n focus on like a lot of ultron your ship qualities shirt red.

[45:40] Where is the julie mann the tournament what kind of industries it’s a reference to.
The team what it also hello from the it crowd.
Is it used probably think this is a picture of me its not it to you please repeat please say go ahead that had a really bad something with cats no i know,
is good i want this morning i am looking for a minimum of caffeine but other then we got a living in the weight.
Which is about infertility and about the process of dealing with infertility.
Men’s actually i think it’s really interesting to because like i don’t see.
Podcast on infertility this is not my thing but like i know there are people that will find something in this at dadar that.
What help them and also i will say even even when i listen to it um the concept of living.

[46:44] While waiting like waiting for something to happen yeah that’s too.
Like specially i added how many times in my life where i’m just waiting for something that like.
Oh my gosh i want this thing is in my future i think i have to listen to any of that one yeah i think that’s what scares me about that serious that.
I like family health issues on anyone in my family and stuff like that.

[47:11] I do so much that with flight rating that dislike it its terrible it is terrifying that’s worse than light the thing is that yellow thing is pretty bad,
but just like a slow attrition on your mind energy and everything else.
Almost a foot the only perfect get over that way to get kind of afraid of it yeah,
will you know if i can add you paid already got that your all into that internet infertility please add supply gas but probably hear from the only one that you know.
Women’s high sierra who is what you think about that.

[47:57] No comment on who is one eight if you know see if you wanted to change boys’ some topic.
Why you no man can be and forget what can be yeah that’s true,
yeah it’s a collective effort between the two people you see would a mf collecting and then folding the danielle
i am fired your word yeah oh yes most certainly believe is the collective infertility is there if you wanted say have.
A child with your partner you have the email and if they are infertile you can,
have that baby unless you go through treatment first ok i don’t has the highest the first paragraph.
Ugh skarma batman.
Close me the info etc fidelity is all about just one aspect just the woman and spoke man we have killed them all we don’t need that from select.

[49:03] What’s the best way it’s very nice wholesome a scam and if so apparently my fiance reads scary book to find guys,
don’t read any of its it’s it’s it’s no is that what south park based that whole carton on mars colony thing with the.
The men get there and then instead the oldest like in prison underground where they produce the only two things that women want from men that forced to write comedy and then they have extracted like
i like dr machines that will have to pay tax and it’s like
i feel like milton that’s that’s like all men are allowed to do what i know this booking existed until it is okay.

[49:46] Invite i don’t know if anything is this a recent development this where this is just so that she tell me she was buying a house like that sounds really extremist and i was like heh.
Hey i was not false advertising news had like guys,
yeah probably what is that actress handbook but like of how to destroy a man.
Gotcha is less let’s pay bombs in ball breaking so you can or you can’t stand hold your fiance’s like i want to buy me a pic of helmets like stab him in the eye because sleep sounds.
Yeah me is the infra are in fantasies of writing i order seamless in ur menu because im gonna be a lot of hate mad that hes gonna be of concern.
What are some words you know what have you learn’t yes yeah yeah you’ve landed there.

[50:51] I like.
I role model by eminem but i don’t actually wanna jump from a tree with my headache i don’t know what that is but.
Role model some shit up you like it gets okay.
So lets see if hillary put a message for her description this is what this space hero wondering jordan this is what the empire party is he is like
having a fun run fundraiser and bake sale let’s be nice to buy the edward dislike
and that’s why they are dirty bastards because of your stupid.
When will i get is fun so that’s your educated go find all of this of this first launch out better educated our very own i joshua no va ir he brings in,
local author is a medication leaders who who ever end time in a while they talk about,
what you want people to learn what would you what like what could you teach the world and um it just.

[52:05] I think one is about building community um i think so zero like his job just like,
coordinate and then create culture and that’s pants do not give me bed yet yet n i’m dr what is it.
I think lent a brown who’s parts to be he talks about his first steps and on.
Ummm and van a ir what is the other one forget what fun is talking about is coming up lauren lauren for who’s up for the five talking about financial aid leader
which is something i need a nice yes i want iphone XS what was podcast slicer subscribe to bed light
skip episodes i’ve read sometimes still listened to a cassette there’s like the vegetables of my podcast lineup yeah i really should listen to the heart of the despicable and how to get over your eating disorder but,
i just ordered a pizza i’m not listening to him bitch yeah so that’s that’s a first round but like.
Do you have a sex positive podcast coming in we have other mine will be focused on ecosystems and how like you mando a quel systems can learn from natural ecosystems,
can i have my colon is currently studying permit culture in australia.

[53:29] And so he’s asking remote and i just can i am also can i find gas,
i thought of acquaintances from around the country the world actually who madam who would a buddy did come in a bowler hat with a cane and eat elsewhere monica people.

[53:49] So that’s me putting on the medical are so so right where are you now and then orders one from.
I forget where it conscious business it’s a.
What how do you build businesses that are conscious of their impact on society and the environment and it’s like god be carbs.
Because your benefit corporations it’s over this like next tier up.
In terms of like making an s-corp or i will nonprofit or whatever it’s like all about how do you align with your society and the environment and like actually build,
a co framework that it’s like focus on.
Dry herb making society bats what’s that is it such that just the concept that a natural get an actual actually use you incorporate your SSO you apply you apply for the card okay.
Is pretty cool not go into the actually we just hit a recording without talking bars otherwise it.

[54:54] Is it cost in order i thought the reservation back in pine ridge and date really,
awesome company that they have going there are only what’s that how you talk to person so good.
It’s the only be corbin south dakota the only one that is better for why i think it about ten years ago um and.

[55:21] But it’s already been longer but yeah that’s the only one there so i had the other scan a bunch more and if anyone want has an idea for a podcast,
i just have to go to our website to be that us i think bc and i love yesterday so i can remember but he scroll down.
Pass the podcast follow us here or is it okay if there’s gonna c and subscribe to listen and suicide com on cum on your produce a podcast you learn more you click that.
No ill talk about artists to do we have pricing so that where’s the booking and remember how do you know good goddamn testing concepts and there is.

[56:05] I’ll fix that.
Call the uber guy yeah i know i’m so yeah this is not a studio be last work,
it’s reading the website but never i have no idea number to fill out a form.
Number three we review the idea number four we send you another magical form asking for more detail
who has hit five we destroyed that this from the man that thirty minutes ago is like a crafts i didn’t say i feel better crabs i said remote OK google if they can do what day will i just don’t want them in control of me,
so are notified we listen to your demo
sexy blowing minds maybe i’ll come seven we invite you to come in and record three to five pilot episodes we cover the podcast cost of the episodes
about one thousand dollars worth so we base it off of studiotime in orange like maintain and sustain the studio,
we include it on our next available release date we send our pilot episodes by our studio lives podcast.
Post about you on social media blog about you email about you tell your grandma about you if you give us your email or phone number will colorado,
add twelve the public goes wild download download your podcasts go crazy mcdonald’s in.

[57:29] I’m here we keep pushing a pilot episodes for red hundred eighty days because of mesa public demand we decide to turn it public into and i’m going show will be secure spots you all get paid,
you become wildly famous in the podcast world in all the wildest dreams come true um yeah so it’s a deal.

[57:48] Who are you really is in labs in the it’s like you’re gonna be it i can’t tell,
the little people involved in this are like from the entrepreneurial world your what the whole quickly try lol concepts until you find one that clicks counting exactly it’s like it’s and also to the network start eating ish.
So when you to subscribe to the studio labs podcast will be its own channel which get all the beginnings of the shadows,
go subscribe and you’ll be like oh this is a new new contact a new concept coming out of studio b,
tell me stuff that’s like really technical audio drama or could be uh like a scientific other expiration of the brain works he any number of things,
ummm and then we’ll be why is what people to give feedback about the podcast so i so on the website you see be involved.
We are white people if you’ve listened to a podcast we want your feedback.

[58:56] We want to know what you think of this podcast and be vicious
dis be like i want you to be really critical like i want the podcast to be better treat this like yelp yes this is yelp for podcasts,
that’s so weird about the idea the ideas that we want to build a strong network of strong concept all coming out of the falls.

[59:26] Search is pretty cool.
Yes i am really looking forward to see what comes out of that some of the concepts that you discovered seems like you guys have a lot more time and energy to like investing into.
Finding people the podcast like when i was like a super expansive tori phase like last year when i was up till like twelve podcast where the hell is his first producer if this like.
Whatever it was just like we’ll this is an interesting story in the community that we told this is an interesting story told like i was one guy doing it and i get have a like.
It really fit with my model what i’m trying to enjoy myself and yeah feel like this is a note this is a lot of work i we stayed up past few days have been.
Intense like i ll uploaded eighteen episodes.
Locate where u two laughing about their what and what did they say enjoy it up and enjoy it.

[1:00:23] I like to join podcasts usually making the process of it then i despise got damage at work it’s a lie to wear.
Yeah running is a lot of work basically that’s where i was just curious problem with that chic medical the lights work except that event what do you mean you like to like.
Do things with your extra time in produce stuff haha.
Who starred of weird up here repeat that video game it.
Maybe there will be somebody virtually more than you.

[1:01:06] Mute everything because they second video game so i’m not have my dreams yeah for things of that since i am dying over gonna be easiest level be like screw is the real world is actually easier who put this for you do that can click.
What price of this game as the new cu restart your hands my love civilization she’s cold wave your blades.
Why would a diet change the skin tone of the film hoops.

[1:01:40] Add notes to a black person is that he code you just saying that you know because i read the code is really he could i just may i think hey would be i can i just say were old started out with shit codes what i can put the cheat codes n
i just starting with the end that it’s 2019 let where mine goes white privilege that you don’t cuz i m probably just.

[1:02:07] Why have there are so yeah i should i really stop to refresh rabin a new york.
Under julie on a rope you secretly had all the homeless people are killed on way to solve that problem mr i’d like to julio and ian have disappeared people.
I’m sorry for we want a few more what’s up.

[1:02:33] Where about time jordan yeah we’re gonna taking will pickup with strong towels and that’s part yeah cool google what that shameless plug time.
The invite probably presents this week’s shameless plug and joined this is a shameless plug portion of the program this is where you can get yourself box and get a very specific about anything
you want people to know about slide your twitter handle like what i can find you on social media what’s the best way to contact you if you want people to contact you stuff like that kinda did that little bit already with studio
yes this is a more like specifically like if you have like your website i think
i am contacting fight can i tell when they go somewhere yes okay i want to go to gym art supplies this week.
When is jam is closing on the new should i pay respects to rad place to be also there’s an art installation in the gallery space.
And it’s super cool and it’s connected to an event that’s coming out.

[1:03:41] Very cool to jam art supplies yet.

[1:03:47] Let’s see um image you want to plug anything else i mean i mean outside restaurant is the next thing ugh
let’s play anything else i can people learn more about studio b. studio be there is it studio b i go to studio b us that’s bb e
studio be each us you can read about it on facebook twitter and instagram i think it’s uh,
studio b is team studio be across social me at that handles teams to be across all the social networks smart um,
yea that’s about it i mean listen to listen to listen if you don’t listen this podcast check out those podcasts can see this when you like very cool.
What should i do if she was flex this week i would like to sleep lol get these but when it because it’s valentine’s day coming up and you should know there are lots b.
Open extra where is bond.

[1:04:54] Of course all those couples who are just i would recommend picking one that involves feeling very sweet because it’s got the new fancy snacks.
And yeah i also can tell them it’s kinda fun things and sono usually more quiet part of the place it’s.
It’s nice that they’re pick me wolfe very good kid stuff do you have any shameless plug this week and want to get to the science center thing every guy in the ass and symphony accident.
Maybe she’s a user input.
I know that i don’t think i’ve lost you speakers are interested in this place is great.

[1:05:38] Who’s british but okay sounds the concrete you did the same health icenter sophie derivative yeah everyone knows brian.
Why not about that too great full story,
help alarm wine bottles i think you can sell like a small small company wide anymore without having some elaborate backstory yeah i’m like really excited is that all
who sent what experience required we are thinking.

[1:06:14] Plug in the shark tank now it’s a great show i like it and put his dreams are made where there is right in front of national.
Great it’s america you hey jason download five years is a terrible idea of it should be dry out into the backyard and shot.
That’s me that’s a direct quote but anyway human i just put.

[1:06:43] Would you guys where is numbers would a hug,
yeah anyway i would like to share whats life like the obviously a great work that your doing over there test to be delivered,
will you guys cookout and then that crazy madlob of yours uh.
Can i give a shout out to the empire specifically my ongoing work with podcast people get more and more excited about dad,
yesterday was officially the deadline to get your story and then get all signed up and everything so we will be sitting at fourteen episodes for season one first episodes tentatively our lunch date is like september tenth it’s the first tuesday.
First tuesday in the first full week in september this is interrupted by labor day under a film yeah under a blood moon.

[1:07:40] Anyway i yeah.
That’s gonna be a lot of fun and i officially today after this podcast be sitting down and starting on my notes of all the characters and stuff too,
put together the casting call so stay tuned two of the empire podcast network social media at edge cases social media for announcements about audition days and stuff like that,
so stay tuned for all of that oh and also our are usually
how can a brother play shameless plugs once again please if you like we are the podcast please support us and we do with bringing new virtual local content invoices at pantry on dot com slash sue false,
thanks map all sang yes he will take you to map also off.
Our patrons are the patriotic and that’s why i got this week thank you Jordan for coming and we’ll see where all next week.

[1:08:38] Hey folks this week where i mean you walk with a new single for minority falls cold.
Just released January twenty first and they play march second of the anime show i enjoy and have a great week.

[1:08:50] Music.

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