Sioux Empire 134 Clownin’ around with Buckets from El Riad Shrine Clowns

It’s a Podcast Circus this week on the Sioux Empire Podcast as we welcome Buckets the clown from the El Riad Shrine Clowns, here to promote the event “ ZZ3 and Diablo Sammich for a fun night at the Shrine!” We ask Buckets all the questions you’d be afraid to ask if you were coulrophobic and afraid to ask. But first Seth Glover tell us all about MLB 2018 The Show on his biweekly segment GAME TIME! This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians. The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at The Sioux Empire Podcast hopes we see all of you at El Riad Shrine Saturday, February 2nd at 7PM!

Seth Glover’s IT’S GAME TIME
Join us for a bi-weekly run-down of the competitions Seth knows you should care about. Next up MLB 2018 The Show IT’s TIME… for GAME TIME.

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Interview with Buckets (Jeremy Swenson)
Opening Band: Diablo Sammich
Featured Band: ZZ3 (ZZ Top tribute Band)
Band Website:
Event Facebook page:
Date: February 2nd
times: doors open at 7, opening band Starts playing at 8
Proceeds go to support the El Riad Shrine Clowns and their philanthropy of helping kids
tickets are $10.00
Raffles: There will be 50/50 raffles, and giveaways that include a guitar signed by the bands

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Sioux Falls Snow Jam Comedy Festival


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Machine Transcript
[0:00] I want to listen to my podcast one thirty four cloudy like it’s from lol trying clown yo are you from.

[0:13] Music.

[0:19] Where should i go back and put the glitter a while i was hoping pay is on the interstate your red car havin a problem with your life.

[0:28] Music.

[0:56] Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of the podcast,
this is the empire podcast the quirky but he was podcasts about susan powell news comedy music and culture,
i am your host robert mailing and also joining me as always is safe to the club or whatsapp everybody by the time this is entering there’s no snow it you say it you can make it happen.

[1:19] Say it believe it to make it happen also joining us yes a substitute post jenny mac subbing for raoul.
Natasha cheeseburgers.

[1:32] You know the whole marrying thing me and we just we should have allowed her to get married megan meier the life the universe and your not available for pop random podcasts.
Tragic really also joining us is a master of it jeremy swanson from the l,
lol i say trying isn’t what’s the correct pronunciation i think is edward g. the way i think i’ll try that is good he said everything was already on your way.
Where are your plans is awesome,
i will be talking a little bit about our with him about the upcoming events and got the same thing about a funny and are just some of the recommendation does iowa but first let’s get to our bi-weekly sath,
it’s game time.

[2:18] Music.

[2:39] Everybody welcome to game time this week we’re gonna be talking about emma BATON the show,
um first off i’d like to say that i love baseball it’s absolutely my favorite sport is my favorite sport to play ummm.
Probably the first place good.

[2:58] Is knowing you know what’s new in your life you feel good when i have and i have a few tracks and records records,
but not so much is because i don’t i don’t sports when u say damn thing can you log an order today and that is a good basketball player you know.
I am i never feel uptight on a pitch soccer so what do you got socket weird.

[3:26] Yeah but they also like football planets not so bulky enough food in between alvarado ride football football.
This is bentley midwest nearest letter pronunciation is podcast to confirm bed so i love baseball and i got a plan mi having a lot of baseball games because matches i love to play in,
it’s just you now it’s it’s really hard to get into it and stay interested,
allison had been the most the other previous came baseball game to the emily sixteen the show before that it was like.

[4:04] Two thousand four something i got on the game cube so i had a long hiatus from baseball games because.
Just all the same but this one is only twenty dollars right now in playstation store needs a cost effective can a purchase if you’re into this game and you have bought a baseball game and while this is,
i would say sorry want u wanna pick up i’m deathly made improvements in the last two years from sixteen um.
Did you merge play most of our franchise and road to the show.
Franchise is pretty dope because you can use frosting is the leave every sports game that i play,
i create a play with my name and giving 99 everything in macon way taller than me i cannot read into that all about like what it says about
psyche or anything like that if you’d other people dont do that then what that’s when will add the video game why you’re bad is the excess the guy was really fun of is crossbow that has kind of stuff.
Gotta today to get gamer friends okay moving on i need to know that my throat hurts in my car.

[5:15] Yeah you do it really is different that’s intimidating let’s talk about the game somewhere hey so in france to israel you can go in with your name of the guy just like.
Turn on lights except my trades and i like use legend play area so it’s like god.
Babe ruth and fucking ted williams in god everybody you babe ruth i said but you know.
Gambino you gotta get to mention what is the weather even people like me who don’t know nothing about baseball like yes babe ruth famous baseball player from like.

[5:53] Seven years ago when i was one of my favorite teachers in france is it you can do it like a mood called clear like,
and you can just play that won player you know if it’s you than me and that i just have to lay kids five mini game,
send me and i don’t want to play nine innings that’s kinda you know that you are a black eye who likes baseball videos bed,
what is obama williamson and base once okay.
Transport record to double yeah yeah was it an error or a few layers who is siri what happen there is any grand torino.

[6:32] What’s up with that.
Oh where could he word up with that like fit she was okay no worries steel
ok hey what’s going on with the wind blow how is she doing god’s work take the cats is by paypal blow interesting
is there a map i did not create like a very loud pop culture reference to cross her head she is only mad like waddup are you doing later blow,
look up the nearest drug which is like what’s good a movie with johnny depp and three girls are so beautiful who the other back to baseball,
i miss you know we can talk to performance enhancing drugs no drugs facebook
um what is road to the sea of doubt when a force you to actually like it actually ive billed up your stats and tried not having it.
Exactly start the miami lakes and that one is fun because every uno pitch at bat and every up,
defensive play you’re getting you know great on the internet improve or you know go down which is totally powered is.

[7:54] It’s me nigga one shot and.
Yeah to make play every time up there and that’s sweet i love that’s uh.
That part of the game too um so for twenty dollars this is definite you should pick up and checkout it stephen gonna be a return to find you can get in our.
Return on find return on investment of fun.
That’s not it who is hayward good mmmm return on investment in RI yeah fun keyword good where can i find let’s for a nap on there,
play USCAN so now i’m very like young and hip pain upon like everything but are blessed your world listeners why is it called the show.

[8:47] There’s a lot of really cool things with baseball and.

[8:58] Okay please show so i got them in yours which is like
is that where you’re going to the show are you going to the big the big house and that’s exactly yeah playing uno enter your w no they
fan the crowds RMG and then you really open is there a discount shows up till i see you you can go up to the shell where.
Yeah your parents are you have to go to the game do i get to see don t.
You’re in the show i cancel my order and waiting for a i don’t have to go to your stupid after school anymore,
hey man you travel all over the country has just been watching on TV is fighting what is the blanket i think that that’s a good explanation is it’s just you reach the pinnacle of this word.
And this is how many under layers then it people can spend the entire crew so.
It’s people jason a dream and making it to the show man it’s it’s for his dads every night in performing and getting to do what you love.
You know inferno is everyone.
The return key word similar sure to exert get to the gym to run the ship yet the order i want to change the ship but where is your belly like to put the internal turn on radio into icenter if you would accept this.

[10:21] What do i do not know willie the bands to their players can’t
have you done because of your anything more okay who are the opening scene in forever this would be a eighteen the show,
i meant features like,
add young baseball players like young kids and a haircut that in with you know maybe i really like because,
i guess that i don’t know baseball as a kid and i like seeing you know anything that can i.
Get smart kids bill paid off i mean m done with that so yeah.

[11:05] I think that’s it for game time this week yo i like put the info please.

[11:15] Music.

[11:49] That’s a little bit of sampling hear from z three z top tribute band that will be the feature band to add this event for the trying clowns are when is here with us today to talk about.
What what you got going on.
Yes of february second to we have a concert to support alright clouds and we’re bringing you the three witches at the top three bands and.
I look at the pictures i can register here provide pics but,
you guys rock bands i got the one years ago they aloud and talk to people who depend a previous concerts and put out good shelf
are you spend as he schedule a call in the road from brady and he can open band is well so relate to that
the price of one gb and looking fantastic amd lazy toddlers eat three jobs.
I’m opening band called sandwich which is gonna come and get the show started and emily
can i take it off when i self yes can be a fun night one night in the NBA february second doors open at seven and the opening band starts at eight.

[13:05] Yeah same starts to eat the plate for one hour and then the top read that other men but i said doors open at seven,
um i see but the trying is a great facility in our drink syrups the cheapest in town,
and just to verify i get tickets for this so she can you buy at the door of the time so i ten dollars scratch un pretty reasonable.
I am but i’m at the door i got your card member as well.

[13:42] What is the name of the event go to the door and bind there.

[13:47] Very nice let’s see so this is a fundraiser for the shrine clowns.
And i understand you are a member of the adult three years now i modify name is buckets.
Welcome back at work i said what is a huge thing is it cloudy within within the time.
You really don’t know anybody is romain we are units a problem to me two years don’t understand why everything was because everybody called you by name.
I’m gonna try now i just feel like more and identity like crazy crazy that supposed to say you real name it’s weird that you wanted this in detail is that people see my real name,
i was just that trying every day like a baguettes baguettes
i will be anybody know is in my real name is jeremy wood he was pissed when was the name because there a good area,
if you will you be coming but wanted to check because i want to hear um it’s up to you to pick your name and the idea will you doing it pick something that is personal to reif,
i am for me,
i was racking my brain trying to figure out that good clown named allison me know when was the kid is the easter buckets on my head and my dad got me pockets,
i like this perfect that’s a great call names that’s perfect hansen now is per mike mike mike awesome i wear a bucket on my head.

[15:13] Hey actually lights up inside it is power,
just like his face when i put my god in outcomes in older adults with best way to get your name
is the name of the embarrassing thing you actually there’s anything you’d i call you my car name would be screwed,
yo are my gosh flow named zo,
yeah you del kia can never really go there so many mean there’s a tattoo artist news,
i got the words etc please leave a company that creates is a mistake e um yeah it pretty ok see you mean there’s a bro do i need to cross the border in france.
Um we do we have on the wise oakland ca meet up soon as well there’s a one what time is the mascot of his wife polyester.
solarcity it’s it’s fun it’s spicy and i get my budget done something so you have a budget drives around,
i’m back at the lights out what is going to coordinate so me the radio or do you want these snow,
and my horn does goes off and goes crazy and sad so i hear bring to the circus to see what the bot is bad.

[16:37] Is this guy nice i only a little bit about the trainers there is like the drum band in the clouds different groups right for sure if you decide to be.

[16:49] Who are you what i doing this right and i really wanted to be a part of a group that had direct involvement with the kids i’m good.
The one i want to be part of something bigger than myself no i go back to sports right here part of something that is bigger than you,
and their success where it
is part of what you do want to be part of the team environment again but i want to be released directly involved with the kids and there’s a couple units that we have the direct involvement what is the clowns that your friends delete your regular basis
the other is the road runners and transport trying to the hospital so um yeah i can get there so we have that again direct involvement.
And what size is the clothes date and how much they use a special you had said just play can i buy you.

[17:42] Talk to me and was like make sense lol.
Did you drive here today and one of the tiny cars um i didn’t only because of the dogs out for a drive otherwise i would have i can testify to that because we are christmas parade of lights that we,
post on the blog here in washington,
we’ve got the trainer’s permit aberdeen chapter coming down if they get bring like little cars like this golf cart can i think it’s gonna be the light up thing i don.

[18:13] Things not have four wheel drive it like they were launched from the same garage that my dad’s flow within and we would like turn the light.
Push through to get it going in there like every time i ate stop when the parade stop
spend spend spend spend spend like to get it to move forward a little bit more yeah not winter vehicle middle course,
we found out of our we have no cars we have carousel horses right around and it’s.
Which is close command do you know what the clouds it’s it’s amazing you have the canon.
Need to use it before but i know very well it’s it’s amazing i just who carries who is the dude with the kamen what the best thing is released or at the best to use when you’re driving driving out of town,
can you see if you are the somebody that’s basically driving look hands can,
what right out yo are leaving get to the left of yo on desk.

[19:17] I reach out to clown mask then there’s something that one of you had to ride the mechanical principles for i’m gonna be in there is really difficult is dads will be that i need a ride there like i want to report like.
Choose who i tell you a call then as much as you would like me bc a social media posts that this feeling impatient really like this guy who did the.
Let’s go to be close driving down the interstate me the most like done article and use later yeah.
Dinner with highway traffic is very that could we hit the wall where i can read any and i will play that i don’t think i said what is incognito mode.
I don’t know where the piano but yeah harden hardened good.

[20:08] Hey kukie is the argus leader of our friends so let’s start to pay journalists in deep love in my heart for a lot of journalists.
Yes that is really shit just me from the argus is a regular here and the podcast as i just like this,
who okay i will not have you been no no move on.
Search where what when i get to talk about cloud so you know who has pitched clown around and get back to you.

[20:47] How can how many calories are there og is there a prob leave italy there are so active and there is.
Are there stores that are just tired of all their very interesting fact the first class i wanna go fast.
Use the class you are the start the cloud needs you know back in the 56 can i have to be like that fifty if it’s interesting so the the president which of the units which we call the clown yep.
For big clouds you have to have some this trophy.
Which is actually is squad shit spray painted to order the flower there dad this predominantly shawna on a walk in the house.
Hey minutes it’s a message in order to have this week to show file system yeah its cool me just knowing that us started this unit is really,
are some special ones you know when i have no idea where was i did break out the draft.

[21:54] I don’t know google.

[21:56] I need a drink google have this problem that seems a little if it did i would be more present google or yahoo what’s.
Do you have it so it’s it’s it’s getting late here by adele.

[22:11] How is snow flying hey mike crab or something like that.

[22:17] But there is definitely been a lot of white clothes coming through are some good history with a program which is fantastic
give me some guys a just clouds back to the nineties two thousands which is not too far gone but would a thing.
History so it’s less crazy with get old i’m actually we just create a coloring book with all the new clothes we have one or two that um.
What north korea broken into the new one i have added the pictures of clouds from years past that were part of a coloring book self can see in the history new with the new the new blood new ideas um it’s it’s record.
Let’s turn off cd rom is natural the rates yes,
it works yeah you know i have you send as zac can if this is not forget his lawyer assistant assists letter.
I need to budget is and it’s it’s it’s the ball gets back it’s what he is nuts approached me about i need.
I really do you had your first message provides the trademark places where drinking when she came out it’s plot is like.

[23:40] Then time to use whenever i been very helpful,
and the media savvy options what what we’re talking about rachel dude show your contact list as a show
are you a boy is a rodeo clown FX on call is needed to get ready get no
how would a wanted to go with pockets and your just like you like now there’s about kittens and yet the bucket see stella we can go away from him,
i actually got to hey inside said because the yellow polyester,
and there’s gonna rules to planting areas there’s there’s there’s rolls in a lot of white tradition in hierarchy and it’s it’s almost like a lemonade,
set yo on the twelve th so it seemed like special training to be a comedy actually yes,
are we official score of the you go to uno de mis besos cura the profession alright for sure harm both of us is more internal like you guys are on the on the job in europe.

[24:52] Are you go back like my first time doing makeup,
you are and i don’t like you tube how’s traffic you’re a tit picture taking up and then now look back and i dislike
shake my head so what is the google search finally following the wrong kind of white spiders in fact it was amazing shit what up
yo are you get a lot of.

[25:22] What interesting piece of your learning about your makeup is becoming more of an expert on,
i want to hear a mascara that i really thought i would and i got into the store and bought some eye liner mascara is this the start of sky can i say.
can i get a couple we looked until i say i’m a clown oh that makes sense who never followed a guide i think it is in mascara and i was totally under appreciate
mac is bob yes the is part of
can i see highlights what helps i know you bastard who is always have good eye lashes.
But there is a meeting with willy training solat the order flowers that have more experience they’ll train the new requirements and your scale in your life you describe increase the screen.
Secrets um a secret for how do you get them in the canon.

[26:26] Are you human can i think you just erase it is joe pin yeah if you please find me the if i’m in the front it is a x quick mysteries what can we have a big hole download the crowd and also hmm.

[26:40] What is the volume.
Whats the who is this when was bombay just it’s okay i guess it is while i don’t get how people are gonna have to invite my client can have it.
Shit set the up.
That’s ok as long as somebody that’s better at like trigonometry or whatever is project is the spy your not where the nut goes fine,
i’m does not doing the math let’s say that right now i’m not one of those standing there who’s the box when,
we have only close the hole the black cats
yo are my friends i don’t know i know next time if we can you afraid if you can there
what video tape the bachelor is denver last september and garrett send the computer before that.
Yes it is.

[27:46] Big he is trusting you and clarence you will have all the bigger clothes shopping and we can i help u smile your butt.
What’s up apr i just added myself to the cannons like i would a blanket going how long do i wait,
what is water.

[28:12] This girl i should a man,
so when does anybody is interested in being cloned weather snow
you too it’s going to say your company would be square i would like to add the perfect name would you think your mom would you will i get my bring this up at four gigabytes s criteria of what our dads called us shit you have to be.
You fucking moron no good he know i don’t like your name would be the b.
Treetop i think about that one little bit or maybe im overthinking it probably overthinking it but just like i’m gonna blanc would your name be.
Probably jenny mac i mean is my cloud name is true that you’re spare stage name so that’s yeah.
Speak up like before the big mac matahari ago my real name when they slide where did your name come from that’s is the error they what your name pretty real name.

[29:18] She no nope no wife my name bags.
Because i tracked it because of that he of that trip to mexico where one can call me your big friend in toronto so me it was his things when you called them to the big leagues at one time and played the ringo as the young though,
show me where they say what’s your stripper name if a middle name and street you grew up got that the echo or jefferson.

[29:50] Cody jefferson dr modify where i’m from jefferson is my cat’s name is dakota so your cats name is dakota
what is the status with had some sensitivity ask oh sorry you never knew you had a tarot card
you are very you take over i’m just gonna set remind me i’ll bring it back dribble yo are awful earlier,
this is a rapper is podcast yes some good giveaways so we have to guitar is donated i wont buy sunset by a great plains pawn,
add riddim those where the bands are good science.
Rap for those registered to my office to my house right now i just really i’m has been giving back is so cool this kinda sydney,
are there people coming at you like you play new york touchdowns i gotta look for you to begin to play a chord and i feel that.
Who are the experts handle this,
i three you into the towers are we got tickets from for MIS from st in the district and begin to tidy the masters are there distractions well.

[31:05] Yep i can not rebels well so no play all the money you make some money get some cool to pull things out of it.
Get all the money from the raffles go to gosh i love any event we can say it’s your help yeah.
Make it louder than you can do nearby candy from kids ice cream cheese and like im eating all these carbs are there any chow you know not all carbs are associated with something that helps children you don’t have to eat all the carbs.

[31:37] I am like the worst person to be like on someone by and karma is it help
so i can’t have carbs no one cool thing about houston nelson pastor concerts but i began sweating until trucks are good areas well as to myself,
right outside events not hungry would a give anything a barbecue like it would give me about thom my head which one is better to use barbecue
play sot so how is the three rd is good perfect it’s almost like practice summer.
Yes tracks is easy three summer music in summer figured you feel like you’re in summer it’ll be groundhog day.
Is there really isn’t all day before the superbowl select saturday nope that is always a yeah.
Tuesday is an unknown here is a list of to repeat over and over again until i understand.

[32:40] Anybody can’t pick up his first steps and use what’s the purple thirty let’s groundhog day a.

[32:51] But switch on the second i just curious a food truck being square km,
events whenever it is a facebook page i know i f alarm was made on the facebook page should be on there but,
your facebook page to find it it’s just trying clouds yes i already try again,
what is your account or join klaus yeah and also she’s got the other pages well there was damaged have a,
have a page and it gonna put on events are there of their plan.

[33:28] Just gotta robbed wronged groundhog day is every seconds okay also is my bf all of your events
just say over and over again if you gotta get more space to get trapped good aircraft in something warm and be great if there’s a rabid is receive fifteen 21 it just depends on when you buy a ticket or man,
that’s great yeah we just have to figure out how to break the time loop on the day that you did when i am luke.

[33:58] No no no what is the idea i’m sorry i just person i was late on
no i got a first episode of late every me to do anyway,
how are you sophia star back in a few months all i know is that you whispered something in scarlet johansen that never know about whisper and it’s natural lori is the manager
look up applied again could he,
hello so wanted so i asked about current college and get her name is um let’s see.

[34:37] What okay to put.
Next question do you think it’s gonna bad rap in today’s media anything would help if they stopped paying on storm drains you know if it’s yes that would definitely help our cause out i can tell you that you know.
Well two things one it didnt help because i can’t do this was three years ago we require around the country that would just be hanging on corn fields that.
Help her relax the argus leader speaker than the given interview us know we’re something that we’re doing to try to add.
Make sure the option is more positive.
What was amazing how often do prayed order some nice clothes coming through thuoc yes i know cells,
screening should a that,
what is your assignment is to flush his no kids which the yes yes how is it was stuff is not what you do.
Wonderful files i mean everybody go to those adults with kids if you collect your best to stay away from those who don’t like.

[35:56] Yo man can create them to have a suggestion for getting cloudy is it
extreme performance art that’s what i wanna do it’s like a street fair with the people can u do you have to learn to read and for sure for sure and still be friendly engage those people but not,
yes i understand what were their reactions are stone in who is there snow there so many cloths that there do not close the magic is well and congrats on the other,
best magic in the best stick and green be a quote for that and you read that person and understanding it makes and doesn’t have a doesn’t,
still have something to wear from a distance i can still give you a positive interaction without having to having to fear flatbed load it’s self when i use to walk my fat balls.
What’s your plans what is anybody still use to get those people those it all again ages three up to fifty k rowling,
and their hope in the wall bars they can’t get away from the clowns is there a kind of weird and i planned on the movie it.

[37:00] And the remake and i do not know how to help with voucher yeah but we’re all good quality makeup is not scary um.
It’s positive i make sure is pa what is the mascara.
So my next question is ‘what is your funniest slash favorite clown story from callie oh wow.

[37:26] Who.

[37:29] I think your out let me know more like on the serious side of course i think the only one here by okay umm.
Where are the certs in every cloud has a story like this to where i can’t like ghosts wow that’s what i’m a clown.
I was at the circus is my first year doing today and select people where but my head to my bucket lights up and.
When will take a co that guilt i files but it only lights up when they’re five star club in the old what bucket lights up alot right.
I meant the square dance class they are fearful i choose broadway eat nine but see the bot gets you a steak house,
you are the pros me and get an action i found out after that dead,
now what is my balance is used up now she could a change in service anymore getting back to the next circus and she was look out for me,
enable google types of things like that really make emotional i’m just wondering.
When i click on edit button very very well respected very very fantastic lounge he has a um.

[38:41] Bag that has all black balls.
And these are the magic balls but year after your dad seen the clown.

[38:55] This gets to have that,
are you later i said so case i’ll be buying you still have that he still had that yeah but hes your reply i’m just letting you just fantastic lol yeah,
i mean i feel the funniest thing i think is your parade i choose me i was in st patrick’s day last year,
i was riding my hover board to the parade and i realize i got a free dead.
Di mcdonald avenue is not very flat so there’s a lot of curry is a little cracked why would a because you know who and sharon up halfway through the parade,
i’m by the by the crowd and i’m doing a little bit return and.

[39:47] How goes out my figure my buddy comes down and i just basically just for you smell the people on both sides hundred the people around me.
Add i got the who in the hell is,
heyo are do we get did we get in the
is it good a your current local and looking for housing is the end of my units
sono qua si me gustan me too much.
We i was the one the was i’m sure some people had their video cameras open and see if i can facebook a reddit somewhere cloud false.

[40:33] Get injured what the fucking hell try to be playful how much he loved protected from sammy did you ever i have a fear of clowns that was overturned do you have a god.
Members of experience with your kid that maybe later okay.
That’s got another friend is doing how can i get them,
maybe we’re smiling or are you do you event that lives here so i ventured we will escape and we hang out with the kids and,
i want a kid there is a great feeling so we we don’t know what was adam so may i have some stuff,
you put that he had the biggest smile on space i have any whisky was enjoyable next time we go every break with you bring your outfit.
Gone with the new logo.

[41:33] Good go to outfit for halloween you put something wrong that it’s like we’ve always can go to hell.
How can i not sure do you want to listen to blues go.

[41:50] When will my fingers moving some shameless plugs.
The protocols presented this week’s shameless blog news source markets this is the part where we get in to.
I just give us a quick rundown on what you’re promoting with in there any other events are planned for the things that you want to listen to know about the security and ever so box plug away so i just pushed off again,
february second street ruby bands are opening band of the image.
Go down have a good time is it expensive,
over ten blocks to become an upgrade yourself for your family better sponsors as well i guess that play a big grey sponsor help with this ask am not a good time,
how do i use the driver side to write a far reach the company trying to get a quote um.
Reach out to you check out what colour red dot com and login information on there.
We have concerns your it’s fun it’s a good time to invest silver made think repeat.

[43:06] Two things that nobody the sad one is your best friend to join in trying another one is i love this.
Tell me the sending i don’t think twice is not fun to be a trainer for life.
So how many have fun brotherhood and something like that before paying for something bigger than yourself that is right.

[43:31] Very cool.
Jenny do you have any red spikes for this week though coming from feb ninth.
Add what’s comedy club which if you listened to a podcast episode about math and hold switch am sure you did it and enjoyed um.
Cuz i wasn’t having.
Where can i find fundraisers for the children for one specific kid that’s close to my heart girl and his family is fighting cancer and winning,
hashtag fight there’s going to be a comedy fundraiser on february ninth of buses comedy club.
Basement colors are gonna be there doing improv bulletins actress you doing stand up.
I’m gonna mc to my name brother job description is hand my shameless plug and just.
Find find me and supports i’m going to have to go.

[44:33] Why did you split click to support and share like and share session of shameless us this week though,
how can i add you please get the cloud healthcare set the thermostat is like i like video games should a sweet spices bad is that time when my grandpa cat bed
black metal of honor and then set which is like
will i was gonna pluck something i saw on netflix the good aq ar me to remove the tag,
but it’s nice to know your store is your
um it’s really easy to join their facebook group you just have to type in the e r i like shows up when you see it.

[45:19] Um there’s a space in space are you guys about to see the specialist from yeah the new displays so great
huh confirm and your all the podcast listeners will be listening thank you and.
Yeah thanks everybody.
Delete my shameless plug this week are always up please support this podcast soon podcasts networking i like shows and all that we do even do that dead on dot com slash to falls.
Make sure to do what ever pay matt polson arbic you there,
other than just another update on edge case just letting you know that we’re getting really close to the casting call cuz i know that was huge interesting we talked about,
turn the voice casting for that so it is coming i am furiously writing away on those last scrubs if you still have a story at this point kisses.
Two weeks from recording ugh get it to me quick because by the end of february i probably won’t be taking any more episodes so get those and then got a stay tuned for more updates about education thank you for listening everyone.

[46:33] Jeremy it’s taking for coming over me jenny thank you for filling into this week and last week substitute certificate yep up the certified make you sad where.
The spurs video squirt and all of our listeners and we will see you next week.

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