Sioux Empire 133 Who’s the Boss with Nathan Hults

For centuries historians have asked, Who’s the Boss? This week The Sioux Empire Podcast answers that question with the help of our guest Nathan Hults, comedian and co-owner of Boss’ Comedy Club. But first, the podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Guest Host Jeni Mc) take on the most important news items in the Sioux Empire. Including Burger King Counterfeiting problems, The Rise of Megakota, and a “Bunch of Buffoons” aka the South Dakota Legislature take a (very short) break from monitoring your children’s bathroom habits to criminalize CBD, one of the few things that could actually help alleviate the opiate crisis. This week’s episode sponsor: Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival benefiting the Special Olympics of SD is back in its 3rd year. This year, the 3-day festival will feature of 30 comedians from the U.S. and Canada performing in various venues in Sioux Falls. There will be themed shows, stand up shows, workshops, and celebrity comedians. The Sioux Empire Podcast is Siouxper 😉 excited to see Kevin McDonald as seen on Kids In The Hall, That 70’s Show, Invader Zim, and so much more. FEB. 21-23rd, 2019. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics South Dakota. Get Tickets at The Sioux Empire Podcast is pumped for “Nathan Hults and Friends.” Nathan Hults making his Boss’ Headlining Debut! The show starts on January 25th at 8 pm Doors at 7 pm. Don’t miss it!

Burger King Heist


Let the Parade of Dumb Laws Begin
Citizenship Test


“Bunch of Buffoons”
Speaker Rep. Steven Haugaard

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Interview with Nathan Hults
“Nathan Hults and Friends”
Nathan Hults is making his Boss’ Headlining Debut!
Show starts January 25th at 8 pm Doors at 7 pm.
This show will have guests all of them a surprise. The Co-owner of Boss’ Comedy club is pulling out all the stops.

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Zero empire broadcasts one thirty three who is the boss with nathan holds good.

[0:13] Music.

[0:18] Where can we put the glitter a while i was hoping pay is on the interstate your red car havin a problem with your life.

[0:26] Music.

[0:55] Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of the podcast this is the podcast the quirky harmless podcasts until about swim pirate news comedy music and culture,
i am your host robert mailing and join me as always is the hosts of glover if you don’t see white snow on the ground where you cant yourself lucky indeed.
Also just said he is,
someone that podcast listeners may be familiar with our awesome house yours filling in for the cheapest person who is interested she got married to ghost on this is this is like to find a bigger better projects in your life and she’s found it in.
I see how it is choosing a life partner spouse over over a podcast to record once every two weeks i know it’s really about priorities and yet,
schedule what ad d remove it takes now well she’s feeling the spirit takes that wasn’t that was good af
yeah we’re still shopping bag and also training set up communion and othe.
Manager type over the person of,
bosses comedy club here in sioux falls spreadsheet say hello hello i just make up can i go for people the other day i’m pretty sure i’ll call matthew pauls to the supreme overlords of his company
this is colts.

[2:23] Who is so funny i should’ve never made eye contact your good a novel i was doing well i mean i can’t remember.

[2:35] That was awesome hey i would like to but this pic taken what’s my sound for my laptop like last time admiral eternal need for of those three d printed that we were showing off the lights while it’s expensive it
i could never afford it but your just sitting on my desk written that i didn’t know i had those options know that there was a.
Thumbs while back that’s from two years now that it happened when we were shut up about it as well in his career life experience for us and somebody has this been taken need to learn.
Yeah that is correct you need to vent to submit their gun from him yes please OK.
You just keep three d printing was the gas to share the prod bunch of really cool movie prop type stuff needs three d printed and then wired up with what looked less,
what’s on at don’t like display rack thing really what is the cost like eight hundred dollars like what and what else do you know where i can afford and if it that way,
who sang yolanda flux capacitor and he’s like how much for the flux capacitor and tuesday free,
and when he didn’t make it for free if he send free i heard.

[3:48] Yeah anyway but i know we have an episode from two years ago let’s get to some headlines.

[3:54] Music.

[4:11] Where can i get insurance can i make me feel like i need to be on molly,
she is one plus six and i’m eating a pizza and you know i may feel that way i’m not so sure that canvas may i have the same one so there’s nothing you have,
yeah i enjoy that you had said you know i can handle a very,
what’s your idea was good area too much is dinner,
oh man so first story is a.
Add new no no you’re of terrorism in cyber security and yellow high stakes george clooney highest sand what not ugh,
there’s a major like crying in state high stakes crying thing going on here in sioux falls south dakota.

[5:08] Music.

[5:25] So sad that is very appropriate music to talk about today’s first story via.
Local burger kings here in sioux falls have decided but they are no longer accepting bills larger than twenty dollars cash because of the preparation of counterfeit bills when is gates.

[5:47] What if i have a forty dollars order which i have been known to do after curfew can i use your forty dollar bills,
see that’s what about the story that’s a fat guy i am very concerned because i got burger king for less than twenty dollars so what i’m really worried because its like,
i quit my like bag of white for special order with like extra bacon um,
you know what if i thought what if i get to fifty and it’s like a thirty dollar flight to hello play robert what you’re saying is when you wanna your where you wanted expensive i wanna buy a gun,
how are you i’m not gonna make fake twenty dollars bills what a waste of time,
yeah so how much is the pay for any events this is correct except display the ultimate like poverty rate is like you know i just liked hundred dollars to apply internationally you like concerned about all of those being counterfeit but these guys are saying that they get,
counterfeit twenties and counterfeit 57 members like who is making that shit in NY don’t know how to make that shit i can tell you have i can tell you we
leave i wear to add a couple restaurants before and in different places and conference of a deal like who is the spend one.

[7:09] The put the one twenty on top and than the rest of the fake bills under which you when you’re busy and you’ll.
Teenager who is afraid of getting yelled at for not going fast enough doesn’t know how to make change in their head anyway and i wonder that because we talked about life of the employee is the another employee because their moving so fast,
willy take about anything i like so that it cannot play money a burger king yeah.
It’s ping me if its news you like new rush.
It’s it’s after school kids you know that’s not working the shit out of.
Except i didn’t end so i can i know man i think about u on lakewood your whatsapp no.

[7:58] Sure yeah yeah i know else knows about story is know that there will be an inside story ERS to come to my twenty fifth and twenty sixth of us how could he hear the bullshit
yo on
i hope you play as good a hello but that could be my ringtone should,
say this now weather is burger king or mcdonald land or whatever store you go to.
Is there a clerk says i can take out money from you should not be a dick to the clinic no one is telling me they’re poor like the rest of us they wish they have six fifty c,
you know that we want to know a magic testicles someone is like a complete monster.
See how they treat dogs and see how they treat low level service inploi yes i will tell you what’s in their heart no matter how alike fake and kind are on the outside that really tell you like.
Who they are as a person it’s like you don’t treat someone like that who will be the dividing factor yes.
Any will come because soon matic hotel will come in.

[9:14] Music.

[9:26] Good a very using bottles of water,
hey limera smart enough not to take the drink offer it whenever on my own and what is a good idea can go well you just leaving them unattended good he can justify,
drinks mandel will keep an eye on it i’m sure yeah we just like this thing i don’t know what this pissing water my desk and important here but under contract.

[10:00] I always always love people like.

[10:03] Is email i can i can speak to the female experience but i always loved you like a slip drugs in your food and your like.
What i was doing drugs that sounds awesome what really got that steak from walmart that i had actually knows about the volume,
yo are the last thing i got from walmart staples some somebody somebody i wanna yeah nobody in california,
where is UBA it’s like i don’t know who was the family is whole one do that because,
very expensive who has given out,
like florida where are there has to be a do you have that was can i have some fun in there found some acid in his wallet search going to be like an accident that i can see accidents happening like there’s no when i do when i am out
is four is,
i don’t want to touch on being there are things in your drink but drugs are drugs being in my food every about hair that’s not mine like finding finding a hair.
I don’t like my own hair what’s so i me my fiancee recently went to denver for new years and on the way back we start the real life it was more expensive than a place to eat out in denver,
who is in rapid city i’m wish i could remember to pick your name because he was terrible it was overpriced and um i feel safe and a hairdryer.

[11:32] Who is just brought under cooked,
um relógio que no se a good agent i’m sorry if she hasn’t,
in a circle lights up and he said a bag and the sheer bags and had no,
she’s turning do not have hidden nature of their father’s how is your day going m never send food back and a restaurant before cuz i just gonna assume that that’s just asking for like retaliation so usually what i do it just like
hey it’s great and i can never go to the restaurant again and rudely retaliate on yelp.
Good a cannot even more food yeah i’m never in the entire to megan meier.
I am neither side of the road of north or south half that i never had hair in my food.
Congratulations glasses yes i promoted as you can find blogs hey this is boston pizza open til three am,
no hair no hair she will only hire guys are there or when.

[12:42] Should he looks like they got extra strength it’s display is there and never it’s beautiful here lesson yeah i was a test every week and sometimes twice for a good good time there.
Murray from bachelor.

[12:59] What do you eat so much space does not here and everyone always gave every kind is great it’s got a break don’t three am.
Open till three eight four AM on the weekends who is alex are you good lord god that takes me.
I can’t make it til eight thirty pm any more asos off topic but i’m just trying to imagine my college is gonna be like up at like,
four thirty am eating pizza and having water so then if alcohol poisoning that is left to myself like a chat the previous six hours so you know if it will you have a mega code then you have to have like some moreno twenty four hours stuff and have some date time.
What kind of say here’s my thought yo bring up the story about merging the dakota into one mega coated where is the collective making dakota.
Because i wanted to feel like our state’s name thy will i wanna live in a state where are name makes a sound like we fight fucking car you like war like rocket fasting godzilla.

[13:56] Yo are there.
Best go to i think i need your attention.
Where did u say IV events but i would like to would like that to be a an album i really miss him can i give it a mistake could you please send a pic.
Good ab album name of the band how i got the feeling he okay like it’s a story within it’s like a metal opera.

[14:30] It’s a power fist think i may get to cook a good agent what’s my status of your shows the shows going downhill danny i’m sorry.
Anyway i,
you’re friday off north dakota to come along in this film dakota merger they are you can come along a brand new i guess you provide
rear-ended to think you can bring legalized marijuana and that influence because it’s never gonna happen with are fucking legislature into bringing some of that sweet sweet wave money.
Bring those two things and you’re that you’re on the team here’s what i think it is a great idea.
Do lot of times people are saying they don’t and states because they don’t want to ruin the flag yeah right we go maybe dakota.

[15:19] Rico fifty states.
Nice i’d like to order go fifty states i think that’s a good natural progression of where to start consolidating.
Owen the next west virginia virginia anyway and islands.
Us virgin islands yet where is it hot what does he like.

[15:47] Ask i believe this joke is a petition i believe this position is a japanese i believe that,
i feel like this is actually really mature was a eight if i think it’s i think it’s a joke that i want to excited about.

[16:09] Do you know me what twenty is twenty actually only two thousand pa what was the biggest thing more people were involved in trying to.

[16:19] Imaginary merge our state with north dakota and then probably were involved in berlin for less gov election.
No i can confirm you have to pay more people voted because it feels like it doesn’t.
Yeah this is this is a bigger deal than who are the national championship for the third time who.

[16:42] That’s a weird thing that we’re going to minnesota to get his famous huge wind surfing.

[16:48] Stephanie where are random.

[16:54] Which set would you know about wind surfing and i know anything you from lakeside yeah we do when surf.
All of us every single one every one of you who did minnesota if its there its incorrect.
Yeah how do you balance that wind surfing hockey lumber jack can you have a lot of stuff i learn where the minnesota to make the main the main thing about being myself is what are the new one.

[17:22] Where are absolutely better that they play while i mean where is better
where is just better if i hold him how can i just say how blessed i was talking to minnesota stand up the other day,
i would a wearing someone’s leaving your trying to interview both hold the doors open for the red god.
Are you guys open event is in the state of hard when you both decide not to hold the door for each other lol you got you got is it that one can you transfer me through together.
How minnesota,
where can i learn how can i let them intimate dakota know when we can google everything in it i didn’t read i didn’t read books where i think south dakota has more legs.
Yeah well with the,
hi marketing outside but i hate that wee amounts with spaces are definition of lake both in minnesota and south dakota and my brother just like yeah men’s to ten thousand.
Like the size what do you like ławica a slew in south dakota which is one of those like every quarter section in south dakota no there’s like it’s.

[18:46] Like a nigger at least know there is actually no distinguished factors between the lake and a pond.

[18:54] Are there and somebody says that’s a lake or that i need to get the garden of golden lake reseller,
there is no actual place where i can find and the definition of love b careful what were u researching the film itself will look at a map
because its my job and so like sometimes you come across these fucking body so wired,
are you like why is the delay and what is that add pennsylvania look up dad have like making my yard recall that
reserve i’m turn also done research on this but having done drugs and whilst still like you know me clearly so they can clean it up but the definition of a lake in regards to the ten thousand lakes,
is over a certain has a certain definition of square feet were sort of stand off.

[19:49] What is the next time you say i’m looking to maps dont follow up with for my job
looking like a maps of a real tragedy i why was good doe is your job dispose of bodies that’s kinda what is like finding like
you like to write that down then robert and here’s an accent the map of where my apps i have a
terrible sense of direction should a vanilla hey skip
will i think we’d we beat that dead horse to death other what you make it dakota all the way to make it colder.

[20:28] Oh i’m think i’m mad about the name i think i make a card is just a bad name it’s cool man how about five years from now maybe go to batman.
That’s why i wanted to take the baby remember the code if you can just call it colder.

[20:49] No see that’s the reset though thats usually about when i play a lot of strong feelings about the issue because
i wanna write a letter to the editor of because there people who like we just call it dakota fact that that’s why i am dying,
that’s what i had a second to the podcast i want my state i’m dead serious i wanted to my state fights fighting guide you yeah i understand where you come from.
I just understand what part of giant want to listen to you understand i thought that i completely understand i completely understand i just did.
So very sad.
Got laid in high school select am i free to get whatever is gonna but my couch is gonna flip open and make good a time so.
I was there is could he is the smallest cell phone i don’t know what’s going on to something much more.
Something like this if the legislature.

[21:58] Music.

[22:16] Solmaz altin legislators in session oh boy i have i will be sold
bieber type toast to go to the bathroom this year i’m super curious to find out either but i ran for your many bathrooms where no one seeing my vagina,
nice that’s the cavs gold star for your startup that i have been using the women’s.
Restrooms lot more lately men’s are cleaner know what’s what’s your no no,
i only talk about single stalls i’m not am i go to the mall to a yeah i actually the multi can see that being different but yet order of the singer,
anyway um so the first thing i was not rant about it in my bi-weekly rant about the state legislature weather in session is the citizenship test thing.
Show me a post this idea for your citizenship.

[23:14] Who’s the random testing in micro managing the shit out of our students span p remind my of one AM last night flights on the topic so i actually could be very cogent and not at all like in greece create the FC on my credit
Switch to automatic micro managing education quite fine up find its important i want to so badly force the students to be patriots here’s an idea of what country that’s worth being proud of this chest beating virtuous signalling so tired.
I’m huge activist for teaching history and six so the snow is teach them that the schools there and not commit schools the don’t rank at the bottom in the country for teacher pay and for quality i know.
Switch to voice command the federal government for unfounded mandate with a like from the top down til the state have to do this but don’t give them any money to do it i feel like this is the same thing yourself go to sleep,
we give absolutely nothing to education in screw screw the teachers screwed students,
o but they are good enough to pass are very arbitrary testing is like if i got the actually care about the money it’s like your idea instead of where to replenish you a few don’t do this thing,
when i find teaching civic center funds teaching history.
Pay the teachers well enough that theyre engaged and they actually give a shit getting giving bad information out to the students yeah.

[24:43] I mean if you would like it if you had more from the top down from the federal government it seems like when i’m working the situation like this because i wanna get remind me at this time submitted seems like that’s can i like got.

[24:57] Unreasonable that somebody could shut down and then you know like get me out of financial the financial aid that’s relate do two businesses whatever.
Yeah should be getting money so that’s kind of a problem i find it interesting that.

[25:19] The roaming gnome christie.
Head she had a pic of life topic for diversion so that people don’t pay attention to what she truely does there doesn’t do what she’s an office.
Initiate focus i’m citizenship and making important that our students who are you.

[25:43] From south dakota from the united states live their whole life here so they better get up on that testing casey wanna quit somebody that makes over the wall.
Yeah that’s kinda the implication nearest south but don’t see where there are people that are watching everything she does.

[26:01] Are there a lot of people watching what she does because the biggest that appears to split the biggest disappointment.
As far as being assaulted cohen being a woman is far is what could represent us or is he the biggest disappointment i’ve ever experienced in my life.
She’s a huge disappoint.
Why won’t you leave it on the lifetime of hillary clinton select is that correct number is for women with politics women and a vehicle position where they could be a leader an example for others.
She is shes nothing nothing is number smith me know when they put on a commercial you not a fan,
good a put down how you mean another non binding resolution or just strongly where letter saying wall,
thanks just exploit thanks mike white crawl out from underneath his desk to sign off on that one two i believe it still life case we don’t ever see him.
You know i believe that if u live this far north we should never an opinion on the wall.

[27:13] That’s that’s fair set for the like the wall isn’t game of thrones that’s the wall you should a foreigner that’s think there are a lot of people that they kept thinking that
they were talking about going federal funded to the free water wall drug
are there a lot of people here that were confused about what they are talking about you hate you know i’m pretty sure that’s a joke but the info is the one shot me up
i mean it’s it’s i would really if you are mute.
They have effected with this talk of the wall and this government shutdown about the wall thing effected we built a walk the farmers here south dakota won’t be able to climb.
Economic wall that is going to trap us yes yes.

[28:06] What kind of trouble all kinds of trouble for us state that’s what the wall is done will you watch the whole how dependent we are on the tourist industry and how everybody in the black hills last year was like for the love of god we need some,
temporary help and stuff like that and you’re just set on their thumbs and goes over just don’t work anymore i don’t know.
What happened to all of the immigrants and people at work visas from europe even and stuff like that either took a minute though summer jobs like man water slides and stuff like that it’s like oh that’s right you are very beautiful,
bigger chest and you know we’ll kinda have a wall so.
Yeah yeah i just it’s funny because i spend so much time and money and effort and worry about really workforce development we need more people we need more people.
Where is blackbeard the grants need more people with more people which block the immigrants and lights no matter what they were painting living a lot of a lot of these jobs if you wanted it’s not just beer kids summer job,
if you wanted to be a full time of whenever somebody we’re not pay living wages in a lot of positions professional positions mega code,
i got paid living wages.

[29:17] And i saw something today that are seventy and seventy percent of south dakota and smith wesson forty eight thousand euros which is in pretty bad,
and it just goes to show what south dakota governors are pushing energy tour instead of fucking you know have this,
be part of the umm i am when there’s so many more things that we should be cheery kids but were not,
send me an email send this is really just tells i don’t forget the think we should.
So when should i really should be the last stand but what is a bad idea to cover what’s in the.

[30:00] You know what’s in the citizenship test shit i mean i know that i learned that would a major general
virginia st and teaching six i think it’s super
and is there a lot of teachers that is part of their curriculum when is he going to do it and give them the tools don’t say
do it or else oh by the way there’s nobody for help.
Right that i can i completely agree with you on that url is where is the topic mean like it’s far is that goes like i don’t think that’s a bad idea but i agree we need to.
Exactly need to do if i ate some take his desk and they can’t graduate until they delete you have to cover.
You can’t just be like alright this is a test.

[30:50] Are the people that are moving here right now or trying to get citizenship they have to canada do you have a class right to me they have classes but its.
No here’s the thing here’s that he would take it so what we’re saying is to graduate high school.
You have to take this citizenship is a graduation requirement separate of that it’s part of the requirement patriots class anyway for a lot of people having that knowledge knowledge of what is on it.
Compared to do if you were integrating to this country want to become a citizen and your motivation for studying is freedom.
Motivation for studying possibly escape being countries that are pretty in and and worried and things like that.

[31:40] I feel like saying you need to pass the citizenship test quote to graduate high school in a country where by bruce that is privileged,
trivia is,
why people come here and take that s exactly do you think we can do it if instead of passing the tests in high school due to could you just marry someone.
Pass the tests were like oh man.
And they only get ninety days to plan the wedding diary channel to see actually to see if it’s recording
its brother is this the show how many different ways can i own my god would a wedding here ninety day fiance hey there i read this article had this dude just
what’s every episode and it’s it’s so,
he tries like you can if you spanish when you can help it to sound like a bad person who i may try and pass a fifty burger king.

[32:43] Actually hello my friend no it’s glorious as yeah nvm.
No is pretty and that she was going to watch agreement will i watch the other player got ninety day fiance happily ever after.

[32:58] That was fucking crazy man how may i help when and talking about how i personally believe that discussion of.
Lol whatever we’re making a party reservation in building a wall is economically bad for a country i think that that is a good segway into next topic probably this country was founded on a good cash crop in it’s time for us to have another one.
Are you still there
this is working i do this when is the last one and i just briefly mentioned a few things but i have to believe this news story because this from the legislature we’re looking at you know that the most recent farm bill
legalize compare the way for farmers to grow like the products and it lifted the federal CBD.
No south dakota they react responses sb twenty two
which bollywood criminal is it in the states so it’s like now it’s legal at the federal level which of this is my nightmare for like when i start leasing we’re the federal level and stuff like that and all these other things that use mastercard for eight people
is that,
south dakota will just sit there and will pass for all of the empire state it still a legal you know like you yeah but the people that passed like that too but,
so sb twenty two and return to bring this up specifically is this article there’s so many people you deal with a chronic pain or have a family member who.

[34:27] Really needs this for private pay and not get addicted to opioids in order to treat that problem this article in twenty four hours god.
Thirteen how was interviews on the empire dot com it’s like the biggest one day post ever on my website,
the traffic exploded my host called me and it’s like is everything ok or is there something i want and i would like two hundred comments on this article on the website.

[34:54] Insane he was my little news blog and it came with on social media just because she had like ninety times or something like that would just.
Runaway six s fair for my little operation and not you know i just.
I think of understand work comes from or someone’s why do they care that much about what is really like CBD substitute think about the only people give a shit about it.
Are people who like you know it stops my kids seizures helps with the fibromyalgia you know former cancer patient with chronic pain,
stuff like that what is the south dakota in your site why do the care about any of the shit they care about recently because they don’t care about things that matter recently so this is just par for the course,
and there so ask can i leave backwards and everything in bed,
i mean molding trimming down the type of people that want to stay here or come here,
no that’s fine i’m gonna stick around hey there.
Hold up in PA or until the return and need something to talk about nothing cause.
Yo are there the weather outside is it the same time they dont want to have to open there eyes to things like,
hey may i account history for homeless count well it’s ten below freezing you know i don’t want to look at the review issues that really.

[36:24] Really really need to be dealt with the need to be helped in so they need an inflammatory diversion tactic,
and help her live on her madness,
i’m transient are homeless people dying in the walls barely hear about what does siri is gonna do that’s really bad that you know it seems like there’s a good one and evaluate the best two years.

[36:49] I have died just because i don’t have a place to go and they do not have you know the transportation broadway to get to a place that can take a nap which is a problem into falls yeah.
So the tide yeah there’s state don’t look at the last step.

[37:08] I actually needed inflammatory diversion tactics and topics they’re crazy man lane or do anything with it makes sense to me.
Yeah i need to know where i’m never had a hair in my pizza pocket whose pizza was good af.
Dinner isn’t it like which holidays do you do with thanksgiving yes so i want to just clarify i am not.
Involving bosses pizza and chicken.

[37:45] Where can i work there not in the video it says my southern champion of bosses pizza and chicken in the co holder of bosses comedy club.
Um sso always awesome things you’re talking about is my colon or use what is v. fairest nicest man i’ve ever know,
he thinks this year with david for seven turkey.
How you bought fried and breasted forty seven turkeys and gave away.
I’m literally fed anybody who wants to open a new divorce for free so why are we letting i’d like that.
Is there a way to do it because like bosses can’t is gonna reschedule because you are real problems in real like solution isn’t feelings instead of myself saying i was acting
not fixing things everything like umm what is working for him ummm.
Your help would like this is cuter in order that god.

[38:52] You know like how it was like cancelled anything over made a bunch of food.
So i ran down to the.
A joke forty pizzas with down to the place across the street from friend to my name.
Missing the mission i just don’t like when i just dropped off pizzas during their dinner time who was the next refresh you just said hey make forty pizzas,
yeah what is their just break it down and maybe forty but.
Yeah i hate you using for the dollar bills mean for you hey how are you and why is that so that every time someone complains about it be expensive,
that’s why so let’s talk a little bit about what i bought this comedy clubs we move into our page to interviews section.

[39:44] Music.

[40:03] So here we are page to help with this nathan holds so nice to meet you nathan has been reached so far he makes me speed.
Yes so funny his journey do you expect to sell.
Let’s talk a little bit about what you wanna jump into first one to my bosses comedy club do you want to talk about your upcoming event which we can obviously be talking about it here but yeah let’s let drop would you drive a little bit wired tho what’s the club,
starting last oct.
I want to tell everybody about it because is the first comedy club the really features locals and it’s been kind of up a pretty big thing miami every show has a logo on it,
where are the clubs doing local showcases that i’m aware of i been around ten years,
and dad as we do open mic since i gotta take off friday night give it to the locals um so.
Local community and i think that’s pretty cool but we were a smaller club fifty seats um everything.
Everything we get to the door with a no hub.

[41:21] Does goes to the community free minds we try to just put on a great show you never here of the person.
Like you never wanna see brian regan are you okay can you help me to see the big names at my club but i guarantee they’ll be funny.
Um that’s that’s my guarantee is.

[41:41] You might know them but they will be funny every time i been there it’s been a it’s been a great time i never regret going,
it’s like wishful of my more often but yeah its expensive date is it like the highest are tickets have been so far is twenty bucks.
Add that was for a guy like you because you know any it is great view showcase the logos and things like that but you also are bringing bringing people to our city bring entertainment to our city.
Add a reasonable price i can
centrally located and it’s not like when we have to westside around we have to leave their sports news and the middle and parking if you could a free comedy clubs can often be you have so i mean that’s,
i would love to have a downtown comedy club but,
where do you park yet yet um no it’s it’s it’s been a lot of fun doing it um i never thought i don’t know comedy club i’m.
But again jeremy cc felt very very very kind black can we get started.
Um we started doing open mic there is your stock doing comedy.
And so we doing there for awhile and after.

[43:01] After you are so we open up and then they’d a what is closed i texted jeremy at three thirty in the morning um.
Is that normal time for you to be texting people hello drunk oklahoma benefits of baby i was little i was hurt by is closing and i.
I call a taxi im at three thirty in the morning i open a comedy club and about forty seconds later he goes yeah.

[43:30] And i was kind of joking but you should a girl and we remodeled that other room and i tried to put it in my heart and soul into it,
is the club i want i would want um it’s getting really closer always been very very good and giving me advice on how to do well.

[43:52] Like video integration and recording so i need to get their help you little bit more of us leave you done any more than you needed to off
wednesday nights every wednesday night is kind of a big sing right now let’s go big push we want to get people,
enter the club see how much fun it is so or doing is we’re doing eight dollars all you can drink.

[44:15] Beer um on wednesday nights from seven pm to eleven he can i get you can drink a coke.
Hey get that has pen is a pepsi an dr pepper.

[44:29] Fadhilat like you there is fear movement,
who do i am also a okay no i didn’t ask for pepsi would a9s fairview that’s for sure yeah i drink beer either,
umm but hey allow people to use your little heart it’s hard to get your friends to come he wanted to watch me do five minutes a comedy than other people do five minutes a comedy hey all you can drink beer for eight dollars,
by the way i’ll be going to comedy that which makes it is like you know any brandon and watching us i don’t fuck yeah yeah i believe i believe our locals are some of,
best i mean we one of the coolest supportive and funny,
i heard part of a diavola and a prayer the same but i’m gone to other places so that it is you dont need to go find another one i need to find the one to find a home in this one and sell,
who is winning press with a heart and this one is just like you know the people that they’re like a regular sitter like the locals call it is like.
So passionate about it and treating as a craft and,
what are doing it you know i’m busy doing just purely for the love hurts which is like god it’s it’s really cool it really has move me as someone who’s like moved around a bit and seen a few different cities and stuff like that.

[45:56] Turn off the phone but the comedy scene is really click with me i really like you i will say this to go for a lot of.

[46:04] News of coming from nancy falls for different reasons it only within one year you are more than one sold out show.
Yes like like that’s what’s really no you both of them said no some money is not accepting my say was only fifty seats hard is it to sell out um.
And so full of np will i be prevented you the you know you’re gonna pay like people would like to hear things that sound you know there are there is.

[46:34] Umm hello i last one that i read that.
I was gonna win in set down and got the drinks because otherwise i wouldn’t have to chair yeah i would of just staying on grams lap or something or is this all the thing you like in here but i was that was a really cool,
and we help local showcase lol.
Which is and that was a room where i only knew like six other people in the room beside the comics like that was people that from.
The family yeah he is pretty and the following week we also had a salad shelf or touring comic books who is it spend has been really cool umm.
Z i have been waiting to perform at the comedy club i’m a comedian doing for ten years ummmm,
i love it i’m told i’m pretty good i was recently in finalists in the san diego comedy festival who are the two hundred people.
Self-talk five two hundred ten puts you have to do if you’d a button and that and that and gotta,
ask me should he go to sound good af but the best for sure or captain

[47:57] Middle left feeling aviv because that would a so good oh boxes i just learned might be doing a cauliflower crust.
What’s the app that i’m pretty excited about that make background yellow.

[48:16] Let’s get to know the reason i am here i am head lining the comedy club for the first time so very excited about that i was gonna do it.
It just feels weird to be like book yourself a your own place umm but you love,
what are your crazy for feeling that way but the order is like a work of shutdown let you perform so what wear comedy club or u doing self guided him
make a new kind of special every show is gonna be different i have different open tonight ugh some surprise guests hopefully,
that’s what makes them most of us will show how i don’t know.
It’s gonna be alot of wind and i’m hoping to see a lot of people out there who have performed in this capacity into falls we go along set send some.

[49:20] Send them and i think i think it was like the first four months and it’s been three years.
Almost um i want yeah yeah been too around and doing planing self i get from canada.
Get rid of my old material get ready for an album recorded so nice you never get rid of the lake you are really like that would a laugh.
When i should like let us in and what don’t let your staff will you process may i know does that wasn’t very soon.
Is we’re not remember if i heard the result of puerto rico fundraiser night yeah yes.
We raising funds this year all about forty rico what was her report trigger should be a stay or no that’s.
What’s the john oliver segment so good a good piece of sad about life in minnesota growing up and in the lakes and summers of minnesota NES.

[50:30] It’s the presentation minnesota comedian with a segment all about growing up in minnesota how is caribbean different from uber up how are you i’m self dakota comedian
okay i start a county in south dakota we have not moved their account if it’s private minnesota.
Im buy birthplace genetics or whatever you got whatever it was the presentation of and i have not heard that joke of hers prior to that never seem to live is performances and still.
I will occasionally have.

[51:05] If i hear the word find a target and i’m missing i want the minnesota so i can hear minnesota where it’s if i hear the word metallica i know you’re minute i got right that’s yeah i feel like i have,
no control over my body and burst out laughing people around me don’t know why.
I am doing pretty enjoying the fan on audio when do i know if a presentation you have so.

[51:32] NSCI contact again almost me earlier the shelf.

[51:38] I can’t move very important exclusive always joke cleared up blue balls but okay guess just books.
What’s up please tell do you have to go to the show hey if you could add that i can hear you typing,
you’re dumb and two i agree with this guy to,
oh magic of minnesota monday or and hey blue balls so i’ll get to watch some comedy stuff later and then fire yourself yet find any twenty fifth,
show us that n twenty six.
Twenty fifth twenty six that’s your headlines yep hey sis what day does it have a ganzo friday and saturday it’s gonna be in my feelings that you shit.
Can i go in at nine and ten AM friday great on friday seven on saturday so we’re more often he’ll tell you the joke about the pizza can be there and get a video.

[52:50] Somewhere no thanks.
Yes it’s better if a youtube red quad in know how long does your event is where the most elaborate joke please start a knock knock joke.
Is yo are there is somebody who is watched i’ve,
senior perform all the way back to where we are all underground downtown i can’t remember name of it i feel fat daddy’s which i was banned from.
Who is who i believe i was i was working and the hawk.
Bad lucky turn on the fan i was there is the right man.
And somebody asks me hey do you wanna do a benefit for the red cross for help with tsunami relief yes.

[53:47] That is what you do break yet because i need to raise some money just by telling jokes yeah absolutely i wanna help it though i go to the show.
She goes if.
Apparently the owner of that is if you work with this one person who is the guy who is me you can’t work in this club ever again and i’m like okay but i have to deliver food,
should a person in prison so i did i got a show at the holiday inn for seven people.
Umm monday and i was banned from.
Wild crazy shit just watching watching play back from seven people show is vigour.
The time can you drop that night at friend’s and that’s example of how a local comedian who went from the open mic the local community to branch out to travel and kids and then.
Come back in developing it.

[54:51] Like you said a crash to the performance part it’s no longer just a rolling and i can tell me a joke its performance now and seven eight
navas example of why everybody should be going to all their open mix and other local showcases because that’s how they.

[55:08] That’s the supporting need everybody to develop that so.
We need to reload now like when we say it yeah the seal of approval hey anybody sophie say something i am this is true off the street,
hey you governor should a governors down so she just saying she doesn’t go back.

[55:36] What’s your question.
I mean i looked i gave diary considered okay mom i was going to ask what time is like it if i could catch you on stage on wednesday’s the idaho
pause yo can you really don’t do that on mondays go to the mile is 3 seventy l o
i had no idea i learn my lesson i got banned from a comedy club that everyone got my name is nayana i got banded i got banned from the comedy club in northfield center on monday a,
yeah i just don’t want to i dont even feel like its teasing lol,
is jackets a good joke it’s know there is more because because it’s hilarious because i listen to a bunch of comedians,
can i know the one with jerry seinfeld hades more than anything is when somebody introduces and as the greatest comedian in the world yeah,
because it just seems like five yrs yes i can’t know every second has got that’s not my style is very play gary anus and pizza is too big and always afraid he’ll never.

[56:52] I’ll for sure i feel you know i get it yet so yeah anytime soon
how is career overall how the best comedians i know when did joke about yo are you a it’s a it’s a weird.

[57:14] Where time to be alive doesn’t say that is great man so what’s the current ones that cross streets of that sad it’s not you tell me some minnesota and twenty,
word okay i know the place in the in minnesota avenue in bosses pizza and chicken in the box account if you.
Do a favor follow bosses comedy club on facebook and on twitter,
um that’s that’s really help us try to get out we were working on getting the website kind of ready to go with open your hands finally and dad.
Were getting the calendar kind of building stuff like that but um yeah we’re trying to track a comedy viable been to falls again.

[58:02] Nice um i think you’ve done that i don’t think you have to say it again i think that you’re it is valuable insight false,
what is open and get the improv groups involved here too small stage so it’s hard to do in prague.
But i think i’m gonna be a lot of fun as well so if i’m virtually there you go its progress but i reach out we love that.
Then maybe do something self oh also skylar who is a very good comedian in sioux falls,
regularly scheduled a dozen regular here and the podcast he is doing a thing called thursday and this is my new favorite thing at the club,
besides my shows on the twenty fifth and twenty sixth of january at eight PM on the fifteen dollars job i’m.
We’re doing fine della night on thursday so tickets for five bucks he’s bringing me an thing shell from out of town so you like.
That involves stand up in comedy but they do it differently so like you might remember the benson interruption would be considered a theme show or i am,
like debate shows and stuff like that and thursday february.

[59:16] Music.

[59:24] You are great radius seven hundred seven we have you had to be there um which is.

[59:33] Most fun crazy show i’ve ever been apart of,
what was the festival favorite for the superbowl snow jam comedy festival which is also coming up i got the raise money for the special olympics,
which also involve sponsor this episode sponsor of this episode very cool i know that doesn’t traffic go created you to be there has been a festival favorite for a long time when i do the festival this year but.
Chat roulette with comedians so.
The comedians chat with all of the internet i am a very hands on person so i know what relaxed spot maybe forgets wanita some of the old bobby lets hear some of what she truely truely is skype,
what you’re paired randomly you can should a will be dicks
yes yes there will be or what hey would like that the subtitle would a common who i want to get to griffith last year during the festival.
There was the weed.
When are they during the shelf and i dropped it so there were what we got there we got back the first one was this woman aggressively fingering her self.

[1:00:58] Yo are as well
replay shows the first chat relax is you give them a in person that’s shared when did you are a shit
it’s still there
just aggressively finger yourself and i am stunned just hearing how do you determine what’s the address of who,
is the person that god minimum to a lot of research and i ah okay.
Yo are u was more aggressive than i’m use too close to grant set of pots.

[1:01:42] Who is invited just made my old moderate from her definition of cher asks i will wait,
absolutely but made the address of the event is a different strokes for different folks you was you was very was very wronged you have a friend of a group of people who never how many people want to order it no alert for events this is an a.
Xavier college football scores the most points for the most part other bosses comedy club is not in 18 plus event boxes comedy club in italian hello.
Is it just bud restaurant so um so he always you’re welcome we suggest at least fourteen,
fifteen as a parent am i that i’m not the only parent in the room are you really all right as a parent and everybody who has been in my shoes you show them an animated
is part of the scene in her own wake um,
you just have to be cognizant of what you’re going to make adult choices make good choices don’t bring your kids,
if there is ever okay to have your baby in a bar.

[1:02:52] Until you’re one of those moments where everybody else is going through that baby in the body are like the can is end of your journey just use the space between in the car seat cold gear that’s probably bike
yeah i’d like to know the cup holder and blake is his real money couple that never,
where does your children what does he do with the baby and a car seat and a drink thats not know how to talk about that streak order
record sealed promise me.

[1:03:24] But moving over that previous food so when i finally important question before we go to shoes.
So you are present bus company club yes task who’s the boss.

[1:03:42] Hello are you this but me i know jeremy is the bus,
restart the correct answer is clearly mona ung act play
this is how many presents this week’s shameless blog news i need to this is the part of the show where he can take it on yourself box account
go through in run now on upcoming events to promote your event like where it is and it is um,
different social media people should follow you on accenture accenture after this is that time of follow me i have a community page that holds comedy on facebook and then nothing hope that needs notes on twitter,
what instagram to follow me there that’s it’s a weird anyways,
i need support live comedy if you come to boss is awesome that’s where i that’s where i’m gonna be if you go by circle k both.
How is columbus doing your open mic every last thursday of the month,
umm i would greatly is doing every other tuesday thur awesome places to also show up if people are doing comedy you just go i really.

[1:04:57] When we get stuck staying at home and i want people to go mad,
there’s really great shows like you had to be there coming out there is anderson is a personal friend of mine kevin bowen reach out to a few wants to club there’s no reason he should,
do you love my swag club use it like a finalist on last comic standing and comedy central ave thanks april six that is gonna be a,
banger i just came out of the album it is.
It’s really good so i can check em out buy tickets for that um make sure he wants to come back here,
and yet come see my show twenty fifth and twenty sixth i really like to see everybody there i’m.

[1:05:42] Yeah i haven’t done something like this in a long time and i’m really excited to show you how to false what would i got so.
Awesome dr he was box like the one you’re yeah my shameless plug.

[1:06:05] Derek relax story probably heard young girls life cover in the area code is one of my personal heroes,
he is um just came back from seven weeks at the mayo post surgery and treatment for AI if you are,
umm you might know derek because his sidekick she is dead um is a big part of.
So there’s several events coming up that are fundraisers to directly help the girl like family with.
The cost of the cost of living in living well while fighting cancer so um whatever conflicts with the needs of an item.
January twenty fifth me up in flint for speaking people which on the internet i’m there are six or seven is there speakers reached ten minute story that’s it,
life in the us kind of um i don’t yet know what i’m going to talk about but hey.

[1:07:09] Can i buy something and then in february night at bosses comedy there is.
Fundraiser multilevel fundraiser local comedy showcase i’m gonna.
Help post i know my exact rash and bless and yo on the basement basement while i was in prague which when you said you not to give a beginners stage for improv i think you definitely are great,
my husband dave in the basement while they will be performing i haven’t the funds raised will go directly to derek and his family and numb.

[1:07:49] You know it kinda just i think i’ll be good they just have a fundraiser in rapids that was awful,
good morning eloy how i have never mind i me pone is well i mean if interested register to buy a meat raffle is something totally different email address just seeing.
Shane be able to get out and enjoy doing good for his kid who’s like really.
Just have fun it’s really hard to find when you have this much stuff on your mind and so i am really excited to be part of.
The very nature events advices comedy because where can i do good and have fun so.

[1:08:28] I discovered a beautiful pink and total dick as well and i would a love shane um i love i love derek.
lord of their kids didnt have cancer i would not have been a raffle ticket girl me travel that wasn’t the this is i think gonna be pretty pretty good i feel to handle self.
Quick question what’s me roster okay here’s the meat raffle.
Well with numbers on it are there bundles meet okay okay and every ear sell tickets and whatever,
just the last tickets to spin the wheel anywhere is number gets pulled gets to pick up arno love me i wasn’t sure how family friendly that was so there was a baby and the bar that night,
the children in the box no where was saying their babies in the barn and there was also shared your link every time they go to spin the wheel who read.

[1:09:29] How could he fifteen times and i think that was really good stress reliever for him that’s
i think i should be mandatory so yeah i would like you to turn your wednesday at eight dollar beer thing and we’ll wrap that i just like spending the ouija what you’re saying you cant handle me liners like
need a spinning wheel every wednesday night will you play me like it was there it was the people like fighting over tickets for meet mike
hi sky i could aiden your is really sturdy for a little bit and i don’t scare easily,
so what i did enjoy them and white spin the wheel game show aspect of it so
who are some movie like i can be allowed will be rinse spin the wheel i’m so people know it’s time to get a refill.
Yeah i should we should be taking breaks in the am and the oven makes everyone can just just got mute yes sir finishing this case of the ways that effort.
Umi said she was gonna start did we get in following not really,
i feel bad no llega the light in yourself that anyway but no not really because i also have an eight
i got a january twenty fifth and twenty six may twenty fifth twenty sec sorry eight PM.

[1:10:58] Wait what shoes doors open at seven then nothing i’m saying to be there at seven there might be some early entertainment.
Can you list the prizes the latest prices of passes comedy club and that’s enough.
You know that’s comedy you know who davies is advanced and sell these bags.

[1:11:24] No surprises hey you got amy’s flights play it.

[1:11:28] You deserve it would a did that’s twice now mean usually there’s at least two or three when is the next hiring that won i was planning to get there.
So um my name is but this week is just a big thank you to everyone for coming up here and start from giving our for.
Vibrant south dakota weather going on right now um also being shut out to work,
shannon derek off and everything weather dealing with instead of please support this fundraiser was awesome fundraiser with sharon like crazy on social media ugh i hate fight derek fights.

[1:12:14] Swimwear podcast network news of working out and case we’re getting down to the wire on story submissions but i’m still taking his tentatively,
if i have proof and i adopted nine scripts with got nine episodes scripted,
anime by time it also and i think i’d be looking around fourteen episodes of everyone that said they were gonna send story send stories plus the two that i wanna complete yet,
and then i yeah i will probably start casting i keep saying this but in the next two weeks but seriously by the end of february i will be at least casting for narrator,
the first early parts that were like interchangeable lens so the first episode so stay tuned for casting announcements not shirts and stuff like that for voice actors for each case because that is coming.

[1:13:03] Are you a man just a big thank you to everyone for his listen to a podcast i feel like we are the podcast be sure to support its over on you on youtube and dot com slash to false.
And thank you again for listening and everyone thanks for coming in we’ll see you all next week seeing game time.

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