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[0:43] Our own stories of overcoming so that as time goes on we can bring more more gas on and more more people can listen.
And they can start to hear stories of how they’ve overcome any obstacle any struggle and their lives no matter how big or small,
brighten the specific techniques that they used to overcome those things and it’s our listeners can take those and apply them to our own last and more quickly and efficiently overcome their own struggles rather than me coming bog down and trying to find their own path.
Right now you’re learning for people have gone before is always a really really big advantage over trying to figure things out yourself,
and there’s even an army here I’m looking sexy get you a little more Center frames because right now it’s like you’re just talking to like you’re on a little edge of a wide-open couch and yeah
there you go a little more conversational I’m a big dude on this couch which is nice it’s way nicer than the folding chair that I used to I record my podcasts in
which is super nice cell I suppose we’re going to talk a little bit about.
Yesterday just come by decision to come under this network right as well as kind of what I’ve been up to in the past 6 months regarding your kind of my Hiatus from the podcasting world sound.

[2:03] It’s about 6 months ago I think I recorded,
what would be my last published episode with a good friend of mine from CD or Dustin clumsy DSS which gamer name is his real name,
and I was really really amazing upset I will probably posting it here soon as kind of my back backlogged episodes yo be good one check out we talk to her about some medical stuff including his raid by Ninja.
This is really awesome.

[2:34] Should I happen to be present for but no idea what that means but right all the kids out there and fortnite are,
fortnite I know that one,
that and sell my friend there I went from all the sudden averaging and I are 2230 viewers to awesome having a hundred thousand people watching him at once,
the pretty big deal for him that night as night I actually got to know him right and then I we talked about that a couple weeks later and was really good time.
But after that I can talk about before I launched a business and I February 2018 called vanborn media.
We have local businesses Leverage The Power of the internet to make more money specifically through.

[3:26] A storytelling right storytelling is a big big influence on my life and I think it’s the key to any good marketing and any sale that you’re going to get.
And so it’s interesting you know native Mark sorry marketing near here,
native marketing you know that’s really what that is it’s like you can’t just go by my soap flakes yes we are in the area that you need to tell the story of the soap flakes and why you should care about that story and identify with it more,
I personally for me because when so many businesses specifically local businesses are really really really bad at telling their stories,
and also the power of the internet which is amazing is that it gives people the power in The Leverage to mass share their story.
Right mascot that tension for super cheap.
Write the cost of that attention the ability to tell your story is just ridiculous and so many businesses under the utilizing it right now and so that had that is the goal of AVerMedia.
Write and sell between starting and watching that in February.
You know what else could really signed yet to game Steam game on tomorrow on April which is the last time I publish an episode and then.

[4:43] 9 personal life I got sick for awhile there I had to have a brain tumor scare for a while which was a bit of a setback from you turned out to be vertigo,
and crazy thing is that like I never understood how vertigo could be as debilitating as it is,
but just the tiniest little thing is you’re not aware now there’s this little crystals kind of calcium,
are sitting there and yeah they’re going back to the gym in March and my first time me being me I overworked myself and I fainted fell right out of a machine and a smack my head
I was fine right that I start again,
about to dizziness and nausea and then I got so debilitating I can get out of bed the last couple weeks of May.
And me because I have reindeer is diagnosed brain tumors as well as the fact that I had gone through brain surgery two and a half years before I was freaking out and sell some depression came in there and I can put a little bit of Hearts my business,
Razzles everything else in my life but you’re not being vertigo and got one of those little crystals not to lose and it was floating around in my ear and making my head think it was,
different places that my eyes were telling it so.

[6:01] I figured out what it is got to treat in is amazing that a simple maneuver done.

[6:09] Yeah for maybe 30 minutes once a day or two times over 2 weeks completely treated it and made it disappear,
it’s just amazing to me but after that I’m kind of straight back in my business but then I picked up a job
at a job because I’m here my business wasn’t generating income that I wanted to,
yeah. Wayne and I had been completely unemployed not bringing an income since November of 2015.

[6:43] And so I got a job at a company on the inside thousand less here in the Sioux Empire called weisser Distributing.
Wee wee cell.
Anything and everything you think you can think of right but we sell on all kinds of e-commerce websites Amazon eBay to Shopify our own websites Walmart.
Sold on Sears don’t think we’re going to anymore since I filed bankruptcy last week but I think we’re on track to do some 65 million in Revenue this year
nice really saying is I got a job there I start July 9th and,
unless my business is now starting to bloom more than ever before and I am going crazy and I don’t have enough time for anything in my life but because I’m starting to experience so much success rate I’m just like oh hey
I want to come talk about this and I continued journey of overcoming on my podcast again I think they’re still really great stories to tell and sell a couple weeks ago
a sure thing is that I was a month ago now actually call the Robert here we got something set up and,
is there going to be here today and Irene launching overcoming podcast I think we’re going to think about going to call the steps of 1.2.

[8:07] Rather than episode 15 just because I cuz I feel it feels feels more like that.
To me I think I’ll just back while the other the other 14 episodes.

[8:18] Cuz I found a whole nice little sexy little relaunch yet.
Awesome happy to have you. And it sounds it’s a great premise for a podcast it’s very similar to one that we were on once in awhile when come or not on when she’s on a medical hiatus.
Tactical pain podcast,
Lonnie Mack was very similar where but she talked about fibromyalgia and then chronic fatigue and stuff like that. She is headlight.
Medical experts and just people who look like that with us if I got even interviewed my wife about like her medical issues and stuff like that and yeah it’s a great podcast so this is this is ground we tried before here at the Sioux Empire and I’m looking forward to it
for sure I think that wants her house feeling better and loved timer on here comes to learn in the same vein to guess I had a thing back and I’m still 12.
What was episode 12 of Katie Roberts dealing with an autoimmune disease and kind of her her lifelong struggle with that and how that’s impacted her life and how she is.
I tried to work through several different tactics to.

[9:38] Be able to overcome that and I daily struggle right actually she just wants her own podcast a few weeks ago was really really exciting I think they’re about to hit up so 10.
Darkest corners podcast Darkness corner so pretty cool talking about kind of some some mythology and some combination of a true crime and then lure.
Ryan kind of mixed together I listen to enough so too it’s quite good I think I should give it a listen if you.
Salsa but yes go ahead and check that out pretty good episode.

[10:16] Play I think one of the first stories I’m going to go meet Sky talking about.
Myself I am focusing on this time I’ll be able to ride a little bit more.
Cinemark my own contact once inside of it healthy or mentally then I will text when I first started the podcast that I was doing a lot of interviews almost always in are you previously mostly because I am.

[10:41] Maybe thought of doing my own content every single week was a bit intimidating to me at the time.
It’s intimidating for everything I’ve had stand-up comedians who performed in like large fairly damn large venues they come in here and everyone is clammed up.

[11:00] Everyone no matter their background for clammy for the 1st I say 15 minutes and 15 minutes to,
to warm up and then as you get more used to the point now where I’m just going to be a Time Podcast if whatever is like.

[11:13] I got I got my pajama shirt and I haven’t done anything with my air in like a month but let’s let’s rock,
yeah and yeah and so but,
I think I have some really cool interesting stories to tell about my own process of overcoming and so I think we’ll spend some time,
I’m not a relaxed you have us as well but wanted to let you know that but we will definitely be bringing some guests on.
I don’t have any one specific lined up yet but I think they’ll be some really cool stories that I’ll be able to find until probably,
eventually be able to bring some people in here with me so I don’t look quite so lonely on the couch but then I will definitely be bringing some people in remotely streaming some people in who,
got some cool stories to tell I’m excited to see what those are kind of like the first thing I’m going to talk about I guess on this episode.
Yeah it is it’s only the new that started you know as we talked about before I start a therapy almost 2 years ago exactly a little over 2 years ago I just cost me to university called DVT.
Glad I like the hero therapy which is very very focus on skills.

[12:29] Rascals practically focused in the realm of emotion regulation interpersonal Effectiveness and and distress tolerance.

[12:38] Bright so much so much more involved in that than just the Saints but it’s really really focus on the ability to you be able to take back control of your life.
And give you a specific set of skills that you can use to overcome your your issues in your struggles.

[12:58] Yeah that’s been a really impactful therapy in the life that I say that saved my life.
Yeah I likely would have died I’d like to go to kill myself but it has been a few weeks.
The form if I hadn’t started that I was in a few weeks of me starting that at that time in my life I love is a rough spot for me and so yeah it’s kind of last a check for me and it’s been one of the Braves decisions I’ve made in my life.
But I am still actively involved in that therapy because.
Are there is a lot to overcome like there’s a lot of trauma and issues like I am night and day different than I was 2 years ago even a year ago she just tell you in like 6 or 7 months ago,
it’s a journey that you know yeah and sell something that.

[13:48] I haven’t talked about a ton before in the podcast because I’ve been a bit ashamed of it but I’ll be talking about a little bit more now is that is a pretty big drum I went through with my smart light switches,
relationship of my dad and so somebody has started about 5 weeks ago,
now with my therapist Amber champ at at South Dakota DVT if you’re looking for a great therapist and she has a 6-month weightless right now,
but I see you is the absolute best therapists in South Dakota I believe so,
plague is something called prolonged exposure therapy to deal with PTSD which is something that took me a long time to accept that I had.
Which is for most people would seem a little bit.

[14:41] Yeah hard to believe that you know you wouldn’t be able to leave you had PTSD right but the PTSD in Armenia and our culture.
Text me very much associated with a very real I don’t even say real visceral trama I like being in war.
Ryan directly suffering the violent sexual assaults and things of that nature band,
and my particular PTSD was a result of prolonged emotional and physical abuse at the hands of my father probably about 12 years worth,
wedge for me for a long time I justified by.

[15:24] I’m treating you as normal right and everything all the way that I thought and talked about it and sell one of the first things that we had to do in my therapy with I was Amber there was begin to recognize that.
But it was a trauma in in like the first place which is so incredibly hard to do and so.
If next time hung up I guess I’ll be a little more prepared to talk about this and and I will I’ll bring some notes,
but I have something I want to talk about is is how to begin to recognize that you found a trauma therapist,
don’t pretend to be but there are actually diagnostic measures that that are really really simple to Albion to diagnose whether or not you might be suffering from PTSD Associated trauma,
and all different types of trauma and a lot of people.
Right it might be surprised if I find that they suffer from PTSD and is something that’s actually holding them back in their lives cuz.
Does kind of talk about how we start down this path right.

[16:36] Nothing. That’s kind of what I focus on today is Sunday is at I have a big job coming up for a client.
And as long as I’ve known about for weeks and weeks and weeks stop I like for 5 weeks and I was completely pushing it off just completely procrastinating the hell out of it as I have often done with many things in my life.
And I when I begin to realize my weekly sessions with Amber was that I have a tendency to avoid.
To hardcore avoid things that cause me distress in relation to two.
Clam memories of emotional abuse in the beliefs of the internal beliefs that I’ve held for.
Probably 15 plus years based on what he would say about me to me and I was awaiting those things.

[17:39] Am I begin to realize that all someday this job is coming out and I am out incapable of doing the action that I’m capable taking action I take the load taking.
Brighton performing the things and and provide writing results for my clients I know I’m capable of doing because of these internalized beliefs as completely avoiding doing.
Any work related to this project which Ivy and realize this is a huge barrier to my success even though I have taken all these steps forward.
Right and I 9th and a different from where I was 3 years ago at this time.

[18:15] I am I and still miss running up against this wall that’s actually been holding me back for far longer than just about anything else.

[18:24] Right it’s something where yeah I was dismissed from my college in my first year.
Right due to I do feeling great now because I’m not intelligent but more because I just saw what you doing any of the work because I believe that I would fail.
And cells can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for me right you have to go for that right.

[18:48] He is struggling to get jobs to Charlene to stay in relationships you know and then fighting to come through school me at the college and actually eventually graduate right and every single step I take him forward to my life I’ve been hindered.
By his beliefs that I would be a failure and so that’s what kind of started the work that I’m not doing it Amber,
right which is being to recognize that I had fun too, this is one that I had to work on this is something I had to begin to overcome and so right now we’re working through something called a long exposure how much is a type of therapy.
Specifically designed to overcome PTSD.
Is specifically designed to essentially get you back in those memories to stop avoiding those memories to deal with them and to begin to change your belief system surrounding those memories.
Because so many feelings of inadequacy and failure and shame and guilt.
And just overall sadness so many really powerful intense emotions top surrounding these those experiences that you being developed belief systems and have its surrounding them,
because specifically with any sort of much as I talked about before.

[20:05] Write your emotions are there for a reason why they’re really specific but some of them are very intense and very difficult to deal with.
S L A lot of times we will avoid them and it’s kind of like taking a beach ball and pushing it under the water.

[20:22] I am so supposedly was PTSD in trauma is taking a beach ball on your voice was emotions and say he was pushing a little arm bushing on the water pushing in the water which can do for a really long time.
Right but eventually randomly that beat was going to slip as going to pop up in the snow just Bobby nicely to the surface and then floating away is going to.
Yeah just completely split of the water and so that’s what would happen for me and for many other people being a trauma which is the slightest thing.
Write either a simple memory write a symbol for example on my dad was a fan of Brad Paisley.

[20:58] Right which seems like allies out of media right and that is this really not right because I was surprising his emotions for so long I occasionally especially I’m a big fan of football the Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley Nationwide commercials with pop on,
alcyone remind of my dad and I’ll be watching and Broncos game in the on Sunday afternoon and I’ll try to be crying and I can understand why right I just.
Just uncontrollable sobbing sobbing.

[21:25] And is the type of pain that all the sun begins to really negatively impact your life and it starts to drive you to.
Candy avoidance activities Ryan so it’s easier to avoid doing things anything that might remind you.
Or trigger does emotions right now I’m not going to keep that beach ball into the water and so that’s why I was being needs you right and that’s what I have repeatedly been doing in my life.
Right from school to my business to my love life to everything I actually I’ve ever had.
Has been all focused on avoiding my trauma and avoiding dealing with those beliefs and those emotions in cell that’s the way that we starting the town.

[22:04] I’m which is going to be a long and interesting Journey which I will talk about at length on here because it’s on that one I just super believe is really important for a lot of people to hear about.

[22:16] As well as I important for me to be able to talk about it because for a long time I felt lot of Shame about that trauma.
And I haven’t talked about it openly and so it’s amazing what all the sudden having the possibility of whatever you’re saying being out in front of.
An unknown amount of people in the future came due to taxi suddenly release a chain.
Yeah it’s crazy as it seems right but it seems the more people are aware of that thing go a shame you feel what which is actually super scientifically sound.
Because the exact because the urges so she and I talked about before wrestling action images are too high to look down to avoid looking at people try to avoid sharing on hide.
And so the more open you are.
With your shame and emotions are triggering it the less you experience an invalid feeling and so some of the biggest reasons I’m also going to be doing this again as well.

[23:14] Sounds like you got a plan,
right now our plan is bi-weekly put out episodes so we’ll be live streaming again this time Team 2 weeks yes I believe so.
Lisa be very exciting names the day before I go back to Rochester for my annual appointments so MIA be some fun stuff to talk about then,
hello bat.

[23:51] Really really excited to be back here and is there anything else is top of my head that I can talk about but now I feel pretty good.

[24:02] All kinds of fun stuff,
related to overcoming your circles be sure to check us out on twitch.tv / the Sioux Empire facebook.com. Overcoming podcast
overcoming PC instagram.com
overcoming PC or at overcoming PC on Instagram are we are also at overcoming PC on Twitter.
And we are the overcoming podcast with Caleb Van Born on.
YouTube You should also eventually be able to see us some stuff on is via the Sioux Empire on the Sioux Empire and you as well,
in style. We really really exciting we’re going to be all sorts of places over here sure to go check all of those places drive a follow-up of Sharon all the fun cool stuff that we put up. Related to other podcasts on the network,
which I’m really excited to get far more familiar with as time goes on and maybe get some of those people on here to talk about their stories overcoming because.

[25:13] Selena talk about it something I will definitely talk about a future is that there’s no struggle too big or too small as long as there’s anything that has impacted your ability to.
Succeeding your life is something we’re talking about and some that you had to overcome and sell those are stories and I want to hear and stories I want to talk about and so they’re all kinds of people that we will get on here and,
I’m really excited to hear from all them and hear from you so go ahead and email me at.
Overcoming PC at gmail.com that is our email address so if you have anything that you’d like to share any stories that you liked it.

[25:50] Like to tell me about your own process of overcoming any gas so you like to see on the show please send them to me there or you can always message me on any of our socials,
so I think so much for tuning in and have a great rest of your Sunday have a good one everybody.

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