Macabre Grimoire Chapter 13 The Cecil Hotel

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 13 The Cecil Hotel
Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye
Produced by Robert Mehling and
Voice Over by Dave Holly
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The Cecil Hotel is a budget hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, opened in 1927. Since 1931, it has gained a reputation for suicides and other violent deaths. Its name has since been changed to “Stay on Main” in an effort to distance itself from its tragic past.

On November 19, 1931, Manhattan Beach resident W. K. Norton, 46, was found dead in his room after ingesting poison capsules. A week prior, Norton had checked into the Cecil under the name “James Willys,” from Chicago. Norton’s death appears to be the earliest known suicide at the hotel but would not be the last.

In September 1932, a maid found Benjamin Dodich, 25, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He did not leave a suicide note.

In late July 1934, former Army Medical Corps Sgt. Louis D. Borden, 53, was found dead in his room at the Cecil. He had slashed his throat with a razor. Borden left several notes, one of which cited poor health as the reason for his suicide.

In March 1937, Grace E. Magro fell from a ninth story window. Her fall was broken by telephone wires which were wrapped around her body. She later died at the now-demolished Georgia Street Receiving Hospital. Police were unable to determine whether Magro’s death was the result of an accident or suicide.

In January 1938, Marine fireman Roy Thompson, 35, jumped from Cecil’s top floor and was found on the skylight of a neighboring building. He had been staying at the Cecil for several weeks.

In May 1939, Navy officer Erwin C. Neblett, 39, was found dead in his room after ingesting poison.

In January 1940, teacher Dorothy Sceiger, 45, ingested poison while staying at the Cecil and was reported by the Los Angeles Times to be “near death.” No further reports were published about Sceiger’s condition so we are unsure if she survived.

In September 1944, Dorothy Jean Purcell, 19, was sharing a room at the Cecil with shoe salesman Ben Levine, 38. Purcell, who had apparently been unaware that she was pregnant, went into labor. Purcell later testified that she did not want to disrupt a sleeping Levine, so she went to the bathroom where she gave birth to a baby boy. Thinking the baby was dead, Purcell threw him out of the window where he landed on the roof of an adjacent building. Purcell was charged with murder. Three psychiatrists (then known as “alienists”) testified that Purcell was “mentally confused” at the time of the incident. In January 1945, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

In November 1947, Robert Smith, 35, died after jumping from one of Cecil’s seventh-floor windows.

On October 22, 1954, San Francisco stationery firm employee Helen Gurnee, 55, jumped from the window of her seventh-floor room and landed on top of Cecil’s marquee. One week prior, she had registered at the hotel under the name “Margaret Brown.”

On February 11, 1962, Julia Frances Moore, 50, jumped from the window of her eighth-floor room and landed in a second-story interior light well. Moore did not leave a suicide note. Among her possessions were a bus ticket from St. Louis, 59 cents in change, and an Illinois bank book showing a balance of $1,800.

On October 12, 1962, Pauline Otton, 27, jumped from the window of her ninth floor room after an argument with her estranged husband Dewey. Dewey had left the room prior to Otton’s suicide. Otton landed on a pedestrian, George Gianinni, 65, killing them both instantly. As there were no witnesses, police initially thought Otton and Gianinni committed suicide together. However, it was soon determined that Gianinni had his hands in his pockets at the time of his death and he was still wearing shoes. Had he jumped, his shoes would have likely fallen off during the fall or upon impact.

On June 4, 1964, a hotel worker discovered “Pigeon Goldie” Osgood, a retired telephone operator, dead in her room. She had been raped, stabbed and beaten and her room was ransacked. Osgood was well known around the area and had earned her nickname because she fed birds in nearby Pershing Square. Near her body was the Los Angeles Dodgers cap she always wore and a paper sack full of birdseed. Hours after her murder, Jacques B. Ehlinger, 29, was seen walking through Pershing Square, the area in which Osgood fed birds, in bloodstained clothing. He was arrested and charged with Osgood’s murder, but was later cleared of the crime. Osgood’s murder remains unsolved.

On December 20, 1975, a still unidentified woman jumped from her twelfth-floor window onto the Cecil’s second-floor roof. She had registered at the hotel on December 16.

On February 19, 2013, the naked body of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian student, was found inside one of the water supply tanks on the hotel roof. Lam had gone missing almost three weeks earlier, on January 31, 2013. Her decomposing body was discovered by a maintenance worker in one of the rooftop water tanks, after guests had complained about low water pressure and water that “tasted funny”. Authorities later ruled Lam’s death as an accidental drowning. Video surveillance footage taken from inside an elevator shortly before her disappearance showed Lam acting strangely, pressing multiple elevator buttons, hiding in the corner of the elevator, and waving her arms wildly, causing widespread speculation about the cause of her death. After the elevator video was made public, many theories arose about Lam’s death. Lam was reported to have had bipolar disorder, for which she was prescribed various medications, which could have contributed to her death as well as her strange behavior in the elevator.

Surveillance video from elevator the night Elisa Lam died.

Some people dismiss the video as her being on drugs except while she was bipolar, she had no history of drug use and no drugs were detected during her autopsy.

Lost of people think the horror movie “Black Water” is based on this but it came out in 2005…

Elisa weighed only 121 lbs and was 5.5 ft. Police reports say she would have had to lift the lid off the water tank, and would have needed a ladder to get up there. No ladder was found on the site.

Her cell phone was never found. Even creepier her Tumblr account that she was very active on kept posting images after her death and continued to do so for 6 months. Computer forensic experts think she scheduled the posts before her death but the images and artwork she had scheduled are… Disturbing…

On June 13, 2015, the body of a 28-year-old male was found outside the hotel. Some conjectured he may have committed suicide by jumping from the hotel, though a spokesperson for the county coroner informed the Los Angeles Times that the cause of death had not been determined.

Thus it would appear that there have been at least sixteen deaths at the Cecil, resulting from non-natural causes: either as a result of suicide, accident or murder. This excludes the 1940 case of Dorothy Sceiger who was reported to be in a critical condition after ingesting poison at the hotel. There is no further reportage as to whether she died as a result.

The Cecil has also been connected with several well-known murders:

Elizabeth Short, a murder victim dubbed by the media as “the Black Dahlia”, is one of Los Angeles’ best known unsolved murders. Short was reportedly seen at the Cecil’s bar in the days shortly before her murder in January 1947. However, this information remains disputed.

The Cecil has been the reported residence for serial killer and satanist Richard Ramirez who is believed to have killed 13 people while he stayed at the hotel in 1985.

Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger stayed at the Cecil in 1991 and murdered 3 prostitutes during his stay.

The hotel has since been changed to “Stay on Main” in an effort to distance itself from its tragic past. (Start at 34:00 ish)
Elisa Lam, Richard Ramirez, Lots of bad shit.

Surveillance video from elevator the night Elisa Lam died.

Machine Transcript

[0:00] Music.

[0:55] Hey everybody Welcome to my cob grimoire chapter,
13 or talking about the Cecil Hotel I’m your host area show here with my co-host Travis Nye and Robert mehling.

[1:10] Welcome because the Cecil hotel is.
This old hotel that was built in 1919 20s as kind of like a nicer place for people to stay but,
for some reason just awful stuff can’t stop happening here.
We’re talking suicides were talking murders were talking crazy people staying here we’re talking to sterious Jeff a lot of mysterious deaths,
and it’s weird that you have such a chipper tone to your voice weird but it keeps happening I think there was one that happened within this decade so it just,
yeah it’s just kind of crazy how this this hotel is just.

[2:08] I don’t know it’s like dude it was a built on my burial ground was it you know it was it just located in epicenter of just like some bad juju I mean.

[2:19] You can’t is I don’t know it’s just really crazy so I mean there’s I don’t know how many accounts of just.
Tragedy is at this hotel but it’s it’s it’s up there so.

[2:36] I don’t know I really like the fact that this is something that I can read.
Get into it or just the disagrees accounts.
I mean it goes way back the hotel itself was built in 1924.
And it was getting built like very opulently but it.
Got overshadowed very quickly cuz it was like kind of a building boom in that area and so that ain’t became kind of a even though it was built in the like really classy gothic-style it would have been truly be.
You know what the more run-down hotel in the area that kind of discount hotel and then they switched from being like high-end business travelers to being like monthly and weekly rates that we’re really low for rooms at the Cecil.
So just to jump into the ridiculous history of this building here we go.
Family 27 and since 31 it’s gain reputation so I November 1st First Blood.
November 19th 1931 Manhattan Beach resident WK Norton 46 was found dead in his room after ingesting poison capsules a week prior Norton and checked into the Cecil under the name James Willis,
Chicago Jordan’s death appears to be the earliest known suicide of the hotel but it would not be the last.

[4:06] And then do we want to go back and forth and then so you could sell in September 1932,
not even a year after that other suicide a made from Benjamin dotage 25 dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head he did not leave a suicide note.

[4:26] And then you wanted one Travis I got a mean glare she’ll let you do it okay.
In Late July 1934 ferc former Army Medical Corps Sergeant Lewis keyboard in 53 was found dead in his room at the Cecil.

[4:44] She had slashed his throat with a razor board left several notes one of which side of his poor health as a reason for his suicide.
You know.

[4:57] I got a kind of a nice I understand like what why he wanted to do it because poor health I mean that I don’t know how for his health was but like you have to think about who’s going to fucking find you and why the fuck would you slash your throat was an awful way to go so I mean,
just so many thoughts of this anyways,
but suicide people are not the most raft,
you know who’s going to find that he’s going to clean that up so think it’s mostly like depression you know probably more depression than it is actually likes you no health issues but I was kind of like you know it’s a whole bunch of things,
anyways so March 9th in March 1937 Gracie Margo fell from a 9th story window her fall was broken by telephone wires which were wrapped,
around her body she later died at the now-demolished Georgia Street Georgia Street Receiving Hospital police were unable to determine whether Margo’s death was the result of an accident or a suicide and I think that was a
Gang Related one or not mistaken,
cuz it was like back in the day when they were just telephone wires going like all over the place as you basically like,
fell into a web of them and it was hanging over the street for a while and stuff and it just sounds like this is some of the verbal descriptions of it or just nasty sound.

[6:21] Keep in mind we haven’t even gotten out of the goddamn 30s yet so in January of 1938 Marine fireman.
Roy Thompson 35 jump from the Cecil top floor and was found on the Skylight of a neighboring building.
He is he had been staying at the Cecil for several weeks and may 1939 Navy officer Erwin C and neblett 39 was found dead in his room after ingesting poison name neblett.
So in January of 1940 teacher Dorothy C Seeker Geiger Geiger 45 ingested poison while staying at the Cecil and was reported by the Los Angeles Times at be as being near death,
no further reports were published about her condition so we’re unsure if she survived.

[7:12] And September 1944 Dorothy Jean Purcell 19 Wilshire and the room at the Cecil with shoe salesman Ben Levine 38,
Purcell would apparently better wear that she was pregnant went into labor Purcell later testified that she did not want to disrupt a sleeping Lovin so she went to the bathroom where she gave birth to a baby boy thinking that the baby boy was dead for sale
threw him out the window where he landed on the roof of an adjacent building Purcell was charged with murder,
three psychiatrist then known as alienist testified that Purcell was mentally confused at the time of the incident in January of 1945
so about a year or so after that her conviction she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

[7:59] Which I could totally understand but.
Dedham flinging out the window like people hanging from the telephone I mean Jesus Christ and work,
what folks we are just getting started,
so in November 1947 Robert Smith 35 die by jumping from one of the Cecil 7th Floor windows.
On October 22nd 1954 San Francisco stationary firm employee Helen Journey 55 jump,
from the window of her 7th Floor room and landed on top of Cecil Marquis one week prior she had registered at the hotel under the name of Margaret Brown.

[8:50] On February 11th 1962 Julia Francis Moore 50 jump from the window of her 8th floor room and landed on the Second Story,
interior lighting well or did not leave a suicide know about her possessions were a bus ticket to from St Louis $0.59 and change,
and an Illinois Bank book showing a balance of $1,800.

[9:16] That’s all right on October 12th 1962 next day,
Pauline Otten 27 jump from the window for 9th floor room after an argument with her estranged husband do we do we have left the room prior to Suicide Atlanta a pedestrian Giorgio Armani 65
killing them both instantly as there were no Witnesses police initially thought engine Johnny you always about that,
it committed suicide together however it was soon determined that Gianni had his hands in his pockets at the time of his death and was still wearing shoes had he jumped his shoes would have likely falling off during the fall or upon impact.
Allie would suck you think about,
taking killing the pedestrians beneath,
so yeah we’re not it we’re still in the 60s on June 4th 1960 for a hotel worker.

[10:24] I’m sorry did I feel really bad for the people that work there is just like why they like taking carts around would bring out your dead.
Pigeon Goldie Osgood a retired telephone operator dead in her room she had been raped stabbed.
And beaten and her room was ransacked Osgood was well known around the area and earned her nickname because she fed birds in the air by Pershing Square.
Near her body was the Los Angeles Dodgers cap that she always wore in a paper sack filled with birdseed hours after her murder.
Shakey’s El Jack,
probably Jaques Belanger Shakopee onager 29 machine walking through Pershing Square in the area where Osgood fed birds in blood stain clothing.
He was arrested charged with osgood’s murder but later cleared of the crime Oscars murder remains unsolved how do you get cleared of that crime like.
I want to know what his Alibi was spelled out,
on December 20th 1975 I still unidentified woman jumped from the 12th floor window onto the Cecil second roof floor should registered at the hotel on December 16th.

[11:46] Weird.
On February 19th 2013 okay this is the big one so February 19th 2013 is where Elisa Lam.
Who is like going to be one of the big biggest Stories We Tell from this.
2013 guessing I had new management they forgot to do their annual sacrifice to give you an idea of.
Yeah just did to keep the momentum going here.
Network will come back to her store and got a lot more in-depth on it on June 13th that so this is since,
June 13th 2015 the body of a 28 year old male was found outside the hotel sum conjecture he may have committed suicide by jumping from the hotel though spokesman for the county corner and form Los Angeles Times the cause of death had not been determined.

[12:48] Just it would appear that 16 deaths at the Cecil Hotel resulting from natural causes either the result of suicide accident or murder,
this excludes the 1940 case of Dorothy who was reported in critical condition after the poisoning but there was no reporting on whether she died or not.
Let’s eat let’s take this opportunity now and jump back to Lisa lamb and then and then we’ll fill in the Gap those years where we like oh they’re doing pretty good with all the serial killers Escape 10.
So one thing I do want to say that was all these different killers and death some stuff that happened today.
Show me she hasn’t seen the movie 1408.
Was John Cusack in the haunted hotel okay so that one was actually filmed at look up to the hotel cuz I can’t remember the Hotel Del Coronado on the East Coast,
but then it also said that inspiration from the film came from a couple other East Coast hotels also.
And then some of the true stories came from the West Coast so I’m curious how many of them actually are related to this because I know in that movie you see ghostly figures like falling from Through the Windows.
Slick roads always do anything so I wonder how much that was inspired by the these events.

[14:09] Watch American Horror Story season 5 was filmed in this hotel I think so yes,
that would make sense cuz it totally looks like the CCF I believe it was filmed in the Cecil.
Yeah it was I just had it cuz I’m looking up again it popped up on the Hotel Del Coronado came up.
I’ll find it here but I’m sure.
So on February 19th 2013 the naked body of Elisa Lam probably the most famous victim at the hotel here,
a 21 year old Canadian student was found inside one of the water supply tanks on the roof lamet gone missing almost 3 weeks earlier on January 31st 2013,
her decomposing body was discovered by maintenance a maintenance worker in one of the rooftop water tanks after guests and complain about low water pressure at the water tasted funny I know.

[15:11] I was guessing sorry every time I saw that paragraph.
Video surveillance footage taken from inside the elevator shortly before her disappearance show lamb acting strangely pressing multiple elevator buttons hiding in the corner,
waving her arms wildly causing widespread speculation about the cause of her death,
after the elevator video was made Public public many theories are roses the Lambs death lamb was reported to have had bipolar disorder for which she was prescribed various medications which could have contributed to his death as well as her strange Behavior.

[15:49] Here’s my problem with that is she throwing that out there is I know people who are bipolar and I know people who are on bipolar medication and this is more like,
if this was like what cost at this is more like schizophrenia and bipolar bipolar doesn’t mean I see things chasing me and I jump right buildings
I know people who are bipolar and that aren’t on anything and should be on something and they don’t act that way so just putting that out there.
It looks like they are in season 5 the name of the hotel Cortez.

[16:25] So let’s see the surveillance video from the elevator I’ve got a link here to the surveillance video which you really need to see cuz it’s.
By far one of the all-time creepiest things on the internet especially once you know the backstory it is just goddamn weird folks some people dismiss the video with her being on drugs except.
Are accept while she was bipolar she had no history of drug use and no drugs were detected in her body during the autopsy.
One thing I wanted to point out was that the lots of people think that the horror movie Black Water was based on this,
but that movie actually came out and I didn’t know this cuz I’m a longest time I thought that was or was from the movie itself actually came out in 2005,
this story so basically they made a movie about that happening and then it happened in real life,
so at least the only weighed 121 pounds and was five foot five and a half feet tall should tiny woman police reports say that she would have had to have lifted the lid off the water tank,
I would have needed a ladder to get up there no ladder was found on the site now one thing that.
I did notice when you look at all these pictures and would like to them of the roof of the Cecil and the water tanks is that I don’t know how she would have gotten.

[17:51] I didn’t see a ladder but they’re so like there’s an elevator thing so there stairs to the right hand side of it so she got up on top of the elevator housing,
and then jumps down she could get us gotten onto the water tank that way and then climbed inside and climbed inside.
I mean super fucking weird but technically physically that’s what she could have done to get in there on our own power.

[18:15] Jesus and then this one Urban Explorer guy in La made of it I don’t know if he made a video but I did was reading about that he actually,
wanted to replicate it to see if it was physically possible and he figured out that there was a fire escape on the side of the building that wants you were up above a certain floor made it easy to get up to the roof cuz
one of these things is the rough was locked and had alarms on it if someone went up on there yeah.
So how awesome elevator work so maybe the alarms were,
probably disable just pass also possible and you know I’ve worked in a building to say what one but that had a lot of those security features like if certain doors were open alarms to go off specifically roof access stairways.
Employee used it nine times out of 10 they were intelligent enough to reactivate that alarm.
I’m thinking we’re going to go back up or something in the center don’t so I mean to his countless times that I’ve had emails reports of hey don’t forget to lock the door true.
So you know that’s not that’s a fact or someone left it unlocked and then if somebody died guys really crap I got to go.

[19:31] So I mean.
It is it’s physically possible for her to have gotten up there but it would have been challenging and a little weird for someone to just on the Fly,
if she’s the elevator the elevator screwed up it’s not letting her down to go down the hill to go down to the lobby let’s just say she’s going to she wants down to the lobby she’s pushing his buttons trying to get the elevator to like.
Free think it’s place in life you know so you can close the door so she can let go on with whatever she’s doing so the doors not working she’s like fuck it I’m just going to wander around up here so she finds her way,
up to the top of that access and then maybe it’s Falls in or.
Do you know that’s maybe that’s how it’s a way she could have got in there but it’s,
it’s stretching I’m stretching but it’s like the alternative is like basically Supernatural or,
like its Mega super-predator soup serial killer looks like the stretch logic is actually still a probable options on the table.

[20:37] Better understand that when she standing outside the other day when she starts throwing up all those gang signs
elevators at do that then like she stood outside of it after like.
Is almost like sign language her and fingers are going so quick,
234 like you’re pushing back each finger like she’s maybe she’s counting up like I did this I tried this I did that like she’s kinda like I don’t like taking off the different things that she tried or maybe she’s like making a grocery list
was something you know like to herself possibly I don’t think she was actually talking to anybody.

[21:26] I don’t know but it is weird and that’s that’s like since.
What I thought the first time I thought like oh my God it’s like this ghost but like now that I’ve seen it several years later I’m thinking she had like it 1.0 pretty good like startled jump.
She did but I’m wondering if maybe she just trying to like get something moving like maybe if I dumped her
if I jump off the elevator jump into the elevator and that’s why the doors aren’t closing so she’s just trying different things to get the doors to close.
So it’s weird to us because we were in an elevator we just stand there and expect the doors closed while she tried that and it didn’t work so now she’s trying a bunch of different things.
And all of this still doesn’t explain how she got into the tank.
How she got in the tank and then naked with all her stuff folded and floating next to her Amy she just really wanted to swim.

[22:27] I don’t know I got in there and realized folded by was in the tank with her and she was naked in the tank.
Are water very well could have been shut off she didn’t pay her bills need a place to bathe let’s go to the Rooftop in the water tank you get in there you realize you’re close I could kind of restricting you can I swim with a story because it’s like.
All the like rationalizing it away and trying to explain it but those are like grounded answers.
Sound sounds as fucking ridiculous as
ghost Sierra gas off Venus white caught on a plane Wing from a nearby airport you know.
A Rube Goldberg device of logic and where to make it not go.

[23:21] Must have been it I mean shit cuz it’s like so why was she naked why did she get into the I’m just kinda like okay so we’re doing the stretching logic they have like so she was trying to get down to the ground level,
she panicked Waldo like dancing on his stuff was trying to get the sensors to go off right let her down don’t know much about like
you know she was bipolar but did she have like special needs or something like that that they don’t really talk about the curious what floor she was staying on does it ever say that something I passed through to the 8th floor,
cuz one if the elevator doesn’t work the stairs are locked or whatever where else can I go maybe I’ll take the fire escape down.
If they need to think she would have went down yeah but especially if your submission.
What’s this about but it where is she where she from though.

[24:30] So so she went up instead of down cuz she was exploring so then if I mean if that’s our explanation is that she was exploring then it makes a little more sense cuz part of me was wondering if she’s like.
It’s dark and she’s trying to get she’s like okay I’m trying to get down the stairs were locked or whatever my elevator doesn’t work so I went up the the fire escape and then part of me is almost like.
Wanted to say well maybe she was going with the logic of will if I go up to the roof they’ll be an access door maybe I can get in through there and then like.
I don’t know it still doesn’t really work you know
as you see the tanks maybe she’s like what are these things oh cool is water tank oh cool at the pool this hotel has a pool but maybe she’s like she knows it’s not a purple Water Swimming is saying and then
she takes off her clothes because
I told her I told her very heavy and very restricted when you’re in water like that so she takes them off because she needs to be more free and she just having a blast you know but then she gets tired and now she can’t get out,
because there’s a ladder in that water tank to like actually help you get out it’s just a slippery size her now she’s drowning.

[25:49] That’s maybe what I wonder a little bit was and then maybe she took her clothes off specifically so that she could.
Get out that you could try and swim and get out maybe she just wasn’t a very good swimmer and couldn’t tread water but figuring out how long she was in there to ceased.
I mean you there’s no way anybody could try to water that long cuz I mean really I suppose she could have been in there for like,
48 Hours alive swimming trying to get out
that’s it and if and if her muscle mass is a lot denser she’s just going to sink and so for her to be able to keep herself up above water she’s going to have to tread actively that entire time and I’ll tread on his way to chew like
you’re not going to use as much energy but it still requires energy but.

[26:39] If you’re a dancer muscle mass you’re going to need to work a lot harder to be able to stay above water because we used when I was a lifeguard we used to tread water for hours at a time just to
for like life-saving techniques and stuff like that and a lot of the guards that were denser and muscle mass had a really hard time with the exercise wears like me who had a little bit more fat on her body I could literally just put myself in a vertical position and not do
anything and still be fine
like I could basically I could probably screw survived was Bob in there but like for her she probably she probably couldn’t she.
Had a very difficult time so she probably too tired out then eventually just drown.

[27:23] And my stairs theory of her getting on the roof not every building is the top floor stair access I’ve seen it like second or even third from the top floor to access the roof.

[27:35] Do witches correctly Lysol and case I think so I don’t know I’m still not convinced.

[27:44] Yeah it’s like I mean it’s talking with you guys it’s a little more probable she going to stuff but still it’s just like.
God there are so many like freaking logic and emotional.
Backflips and freaking gymnastics we have to do to make that work but still I mean I guess it’s a good it’s a big working Theory.
Without being there it would hardly be really difficult to buy into.
This you know cuz we don’t know what how it’s laid out I really like the 1408 Theory.

[28:20] I like that alot what’s that the haunted,
if it was an actual murderer I’m going to say the owners of this hotel is like a whole dynasty of just Hotel owners that are actually serial killers that,
shut down the elevator cuz they’re watching the cameras there access dollars to the owner at all ancient Rome scenario of death exactly.

[28:51] So yeah so in other words the plot of season 5 of American Horror Story,
so let’s see which happens to be the director the same owner of the Cecil Hotel he just like we got to tell people how this works cuz I’m so proud of it,
damage make a TV series and season 5 I will tell people how it was done,
so that gets us through possible paranormal deaths accidental death and suicides let’s get let’s dig into the murderers and serial killers just a little bit cuz it be in case you thought we were done with this hotel,
oh no it keeps freaking going so Elizabeth Short murder victim dub by the media the black Delilah is one of those.

[29:36] Dalia not Delilah I read that first two I was like what are you writing about the black one of the one of those,
best known unsolved murders in one of the most famous Los Angeles murders of all time.
Short was reportedly seen at the Cecil bar in the days shortly before her murder in January of 1947 however this information remains disputed okay so she might have been around the bar.
Let’s see it’s been a a the hotel has been the site for several serial to serial killers that we know of,
I and one of them is the legendary serial killer and Satanist Richard Ramirez who is believed to have killed 13 people while he stayed in the hotel in 1985.

[30:28] Riviera’s he’s The Night Stalker is he the is he the vamp the,
l a vampire or see The Night Stalker Hunter remember which which serial killer nicknamed he has last podcast on the left did like really in depth.
You know like for Park episode about him cuz that’s kind of their specialty.
Yeah he’s The Night Stalker here we go yeah this guy is like Beyond fucked and evil just like.

[31:00] Total rape murder slaughter people like,
you know he’s in the he’s in the bait he’s a big league Sky cuz that was in 2013.

[31:18] She was February.
The ghost of the Night Stalker Dead one more one more sacrifice what is B cell lymphoma.
Says it’s just cause of death skin cancer is it.

[31:43] Yeah I did I’m not sure about that but that is a type of cancer of your lymph nodes,
but just briefly touching on Richard Ramirez AKA The Night Stalker.
Let’s see how many did he get 25 at least a drink other people’s blood.

[32:13] Or we just around other people’s blood too much that would be a good thing to find out,
but yeah super super crazy violent guy will will do a little bit of talking about him at some point here we should really check out.

[32:31] The last podcast on the left slide full 3 episode just knock down drag out total like account of his life.
Dark shit on way.
Emmett we’re not done with the serial killers yet because then that we also got to Austrian till the killer who I’m not as familiar with Jack Hunter work.
Who stated the Cecil is she Australian okay I thought was Australia nevermind.
Old school Deadman I am going to Slit your throat,
register his last name sounded almost German but I my wife Australian nevermind.
Just trying to keep you away from knowing.
So yeah in what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one has changed its name to the stay on Main which is an effort to distance itself from its.
Colorful pass everybody fucking knows no.

[33:45] Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles,
and the very first entry that comes up is stay on Main and then pictures of the front of the building,
no they can’t cuz it’s just it’s a historical landmark and so we get a little bit into like.
That cuz I had the building like wondering they’re hiring I’m going to look that up just to see what the demand is for employees there,
and it’ll probably get on with the depressed,
prices and rates and stuff like that if he can get out of run-down area apparently it’s very close to Skid Row so something like.
I want to say they said that as many as 10 yeah here as many as 10,000 homeless people live within a 4-mile radius.
How do you have a 3 star rating though on TripAdvisor.
Nice I mean you’re not doing bad what’s their rank in Los Angeles.

[34:55] But nobody’s ever really talk about ghost in the Cecil they only talk about the event where as the Stanley Hotel everybody talks about his rights with ghost you would think like that has some goes it’s got to be the ghosts are too scared they’re like fuck
this place,
getting out of here you know we just wanted to like scare people make some noises but they’re like drowning people in this place get the fuck out,
how do I go to a better place other than the Cecil.
Yeah I died to get out of the Cecil I can stay here so it doesn’t really seem like they really improved the rooms though one person says,
very creepy no bathroom in the room breakfast tastes like cardboard.

[35:40] Another person says stinks no AC hot as heck in a tiny rooms toddler size bed and a bunch of prostitutes patrolling the hallways.

[35:50] Well so it’s yeah it’s still a hotel on Skid Row,
hair that is really boring lazy Sundays.

[36:04] I don’t want to die today can I stay in your room,
cuz actually I have it on good information from sex work actual sex workers that that is actually a lot of what they do is Hangouts.
Got hang out or even like really really sad stuff like cuddle.
Professional cuddlers I wanted to be a professional like people walk her for a while and I heard about the only people who walk around down to do that too,
give me some interesting people some great stories that’s probably how you become a serial killer but it’s just pretty cool.
I think you become more of Dexter style serial killer with that though cuz you’d be a
give me a serial killer for the good guys because I have to have way too much social interaction daily to be like
Richard Ramirez like drinking human blood and if they,
so Richard Ramirez drink blood right is that what you just said.
I believe so so that’s where he is.

[37:29] Yeah yeah kind of sucks but he couldn’t be put to death because of his crimes but.
Yep that’s the key you don’t want to and I’ll give them what they want tell jobs.

[37:50] Complications due to the Cecil B cell lymphoma but do you think it’s a doctor treating a republic.

[37:59] I have no idea I didn’t become a city Landmark until March 2nd 2017 so it’s it’s fairly new.

[38:10] I wonder if that’s helped it says its stature at all.
Probably not if they don’t even have like bathrooms in the rooms I’m just like Jesus Christ I didn’t think that was still a thing that like American hotels did.
Communal bathrooms instead of oh yeah and to confirm American Horror Story was not actually filmed in there,
but they did recreate to complete floors with a working elevator mirrored after this hotel especially the lobby I’m guessing yes so.
It’s like yeah it I believe it was very painstaking Recreation Recreation.
I asked here’s an interesting fact that is not terrifying the band U2 perform an impromptu live concert on the rooftop of a one-story building on the corner of 7th and Main in downtown Los Angeles,
I’m next door to the Cecil Hotel their performance with the hotel featuring as the backdrop was filmed,
commercially and released as the music video for where the streets have no name.

[39:12] I think it’s wise that they didn’t do it on the Cecil cuz I think they would have damn the belt the band to like some sort of awful.

[39:20] RL outcome for like their success.

[39:24] They just made it that the centerpiece of their occult video that they put out like spread evil across the world.
You too man demonic ass.

[39:40] So yeah that’s the hotel Cecil and I’m not seeing any jobs available there apply in person.
If your balls enough to come in here you’re hired.
you know what just like I have like family that live out in the country and they think of Sioux Falls is like that just being with Shimmer and I’m just like I have no idea and then,
I’m just like this is the kind of place that is in what in real life what parents think.
I wonder why when I first search those Hotel the scene from.

[40:27] The Shining Jack popped up did they use this at all for no no okay,
just I didn’t think so excited never seen any reference between the two but that was
now that the shining is much more based on there’s a real-life Ski Lodge resort kind of place up in Colorado that it’s based on Ever Seen The Shining.

[40:53] It’s a masterpiece I actually own the the digital copy on an Apple so if you can watch it sometime,
nice we could we could do a you do watch party viewing and put that on patreon,
but yeah it’s super duster it’s probably the best horror movie ever made that I think just because it’s like such a it’s got you know the like.
Gross that it’s got some gross out but I mean very very mild where it’s like torture porn but the psychological like Terror from it is just.
Brilliant yeah I have a hard time following any type of like horror story horror film type thing just because I feel like they don’t have that substance to.
Hook me I guess this is this is the cure for that if you want to ever watch that at that fixes that so yeah,
very good movie also check out the American Horror Story Hotel season 5 season 5.

[42:01] But yeah it’s Elisa Lam story has been one that’s like.
Take me out for a very very long time and it’s probably on what my list of like top 5 or top 10 like stories that were like I need to a podcast about missing paranormal and stuff like that.
You’re so goddamn weird yeah.
And we can explain it as something like mundane but it’s just like we will never know you know we’ll never see where a lot of people would think it’s.
Really bizarre behavior but it’s also a bizarre scenario she’s going through like to show the video to somebody who doesn’t know the story he’s trying to do here.
And she like hola obviously she’s doing this and back okay so that’s the logic is if you’re in the elevator not about to be killed.
Everything changes when you know you’re about to die like I want to know but at the same time
we were here all the suicides over the years I’ve just been people who thought they could fly,
best I can do it check this out nope nevermind.

[43:26] Or the other Hotel was just so shity they were like I have to get out of here at some of the bathroom toddler size beds and no heat.
And they’re just like that’s it I’m checking out something that water though it has to be terrible.
Yeah and I want to know like how do I clean the pipes for that where the guests like actually informed that that is what happened at the time.
Like how did they sue I wouldn’t want to know but yeah I got it,
so the people that are probably staying or probably can’t even afford a lawyer or anybody to,
to help them open Erin Brockovich story someone stepped on by everybody
it was it was absolutely cuz of these people start having health problems later on because of their exposure outbreak right not to wear glasses,
is a TB test.

[44:33] So it real man I mean maybe maybe this thing is more than an estimate to like any kind of paranormal dark Forces a testament to what poverty does to people aminated,
they said that was a highly trashed area for prostitutes they were in all the rooms already drinking this water went out on the streets passed around,
I’ll break it TV right there yeah cuz that was my first thought when they were talking about like people getting sick in the area from a.
Yeah Ausable cuz when I got back from Korea I had to be tested for TB even though I I was vaccinated for it so.
And I was vaccinated again because they’re just like you’re exposed sex makes so.

[45:22] I’m passing test consumption a lot of people.
Special Sarah Brown and okay so here’s your thinking for test results came back clean if no drugs or anything like that.
I mean the floating in water for how many days could have diluted that,
and I don’t know how that works like if that would actually rang but that is a theory that some people who I’m not sure our doctors have floated is that it would have diluted any substances that are system.

[45:54] I’m just going to like the tissue would still hold on to.
That although 14 days is a long damn time.

[46:07] Yeah I know this man just weird weird shit.

[46:13] So yeah that concludes this week’s Macabre moire will finishing on weird weird shit in the moral of the story is,
don’t stay at the Cecil Hotel even if it cleverly changes at me it’s named the stay on Main,
and check it out and let them do not stay there,
about try again and salsa ranked as a hostile right now so stay away from hotel hostel.
Here really talking about a dark Play Good Vibes next next chapter.
Richard Ramirez there are unicorns real green children,
I started saying but we’ll make it at this time alright I have a great week everybody.

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