Macabre Grimoire Chapter 12 AATIP, To The Stars Academy, and Tom DeLonge

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 12 AATIP, To The Stars Academy, and Tom DeLonge

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

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Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP)


The New York Times Story that exposed the program


Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is the co-founder, President and interim CEO of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science. As President of the company’s subsidiary, To The Stars Inc., since 2015, he was primarily engaged within the entertainment sector. His career spans over two decades, selling over 25 million records worldwide with the bands he co-founded, Blink182 and Angels & Airwaves. Prior to forming the TTS Academy, Mr. DeLonge co-founded Really Likeable People, Inc. (“RLP”), the parent company of international consumer lifestyle brands including Atticus Clothing and Macbeth Footwear, and the technology monetization platform, Modlife. Mr. DeLonge has taken his award-winning creative content that spans music, books, and film and built To The Stars Inc. as a vertically integrated entertainment business that develops, produces and distributes multi-media and merchandise world-wide.


How is he and the academy connected to AATIP?


On December 16, 2017, Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science released two of three UFO videos that are in their “custody” – stating they were officially declassified by the U.S. Government.

It was also announced these videos were part of the secret UFO Research program known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. This existence was based on the testimony of one of the  To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science team member Luis Elizondo. According to the website:

“Luis Elizondo is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East. Most recently, Luis managed the security for certain sensitive portfolios for the US Government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff. For nearly the last decade, Luis also ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. Luis’ academic background includes Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology, with research experience in tropical diseases. Luis is also an inventor who holds several patents.”

Sounds Crazy, but the list of people backing him is staggering…

Jim Semivan, Vice President Operations.  In 2007, Mr. Semivan founded the consulting firm, JimSem1 LLC, after his retirement as a senior intelligence service member of the Central Intelligence Agency. Since retirement, Mr. Semivan primarily worked as a consultant for the Intelligence Community (IC) on classified topics including IC leadership training, CIA tradecraft training and IC programs for countering weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Semivan retired from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations after 25 years as an operations officer, both overseas and domestically.

Dr. Hal Puthoff, Vice President Science & Technology.  Since 1985, Dr. Puthoff has served as President and CEO of EarthTech International, Inc. (ETI), and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (IASA). He has published numerous papers on electron-beam devices, lasers and space propulsion and has patents issued in the laser, communications, and energy fields. Dr. Puthoff’s professional background spans more than five decades of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University and SRI International. Dr. Puthoff regularly advises NASA , the Department of Defense and intelligence communities, corporations and foundations on leading-edge technologies and future technology trends.

Steve Justice, Aerospace Division Director. Steve is the Director of the TTS Academy Aerospace Division, tasked with leading the effort to examine the possibilities of emerging sciences and technologies. This team will work to define advanced systems exploiting radical technologies, prototypes promising concepts, and develop operational systems that shatter conventional thinking. He entered the defense aerospace industry in 1978 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology. After 31 years, Stephen is the recently retired Program Director for Advanced Systems from Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs – better known as the “Skunk Works”.

Luis Elizondo, Director of Global Security & Special Programs.

Machine Transcript
[0:54] Everybody Welcome to Macabre Noir chapter 12 I’m how Siri show here with my co-host Travis and Rob I wanted to sound like I was in that
yeah you did I was really fun we are today we are talking about aliens.
I specifically we’re talking about the the very recently uncovered apparent successor to Project Blue Book,
which if you aren’t familiar it was the very first like legitimate US Government looking at UFOs program,
and ever since Bluebook the US government has been like well we don’t we don’t do that thing anymore we don’t track UFOs we don’t work investigate that that’s bullshit.
So this is one that was recently Declassified and.
The weirdest rabbit hole on this one just gets deeper and deeper as you go so first off the program is called the advanced Aviation threat identification program.
And it was basically exposed via a bunch of Freedom of Information Act requests,
that were put in it turns out and then it would enemies made it into a New York Times Like cover story that was like a very big deal on 2017.
Here’s the deal the organization what’s even weirder is the organization that filed for these Freedom of Information Act requests that blew this whole thing wide open.

[2:21] Is run by the frontman for the band Blink-182 wake me know Travis Travis.
So so today we’re going to explore what do.
The advanced Aviation threat identification program the to the Stars Academy which in itself is like.
A Weird Science supervillain Colt thing we’re going to get into and then,
Tom DeLonge the lead singer for Angels & Airwaves and Blink 182.

[3:00] Sorry I’m sorry you’re so definitely was not me.

[3:08] So let’s see where it where do we begin here Tom DeLonge is the co-founder and interim president and interim CEO of an organization called the to the Stars Academy of Arts and Science,
now this entity in itself is pretty.
Wild it’s just a whole bunch of like scientists researchers Engineers futurist which get futurist in your job site I fucking want that job title anyway.

[3:36] And forget just like yeah really really powerful influential it really is the historian you could be the futurist if history repeats itself so we got to,
yes like how I feel left out.

[3:55] Already planning for tomorrow future Tech.
So anyway this company started in 2015.
He is primarily engaged in the entertainment sector yeah I know shit his career span.
Blink182 Angels & Airwaves.
And that he’s also worked with the really likeable people which was a parent company of an international consumer lifestyle Brands Atticus clothing and Macbeth Footwear some serious business chops.

[4:41] How to make a really good like where are they now story.

[4:46] Where are they now but he’s also like where is there still putting at like like what I have to just put out an album what is he doing.
I’m going to go home and I’m in look up Blink 182 of the state okay,
best album of theirs from the from the mid-to-late 90s when I was a teenager that was like the greatest album ever,
on the dress code the other night with a bunch of musicians about how hot the nurse from the cover of enema enema of the state was back in 1995 or whatever everyone was heard about what’s your favorite album cover of all time and half the musicians in here we’re like,
enema of the state.

[5:33] So yeah it’s it wasn’t it was a big deal he’s a big deal and but normally you think celebrity frontman for a rock band or whatever okay so he put together some money and he’s got this crazy project whatever.
But if you dig deeper into this in addition to like blowing wide open like government conspiracy where they are actually actively investigating UFOs not to mention how weird that UFO footage is in that in which we are posting links to all these videos,
if they released along with the original New York Times article just incredible stuff for you hear the aviators being like what the fuck is that thing you know.
But yeah it was crazy it so it gets even crazier is that.

[6:18] The let’s see what did he call him he’s the head of head intelligence officer for.
This organization is to the Stars Academy is his name is Luis Elizondo and.
Part of how he knew to ask for these videos was that he was the head of This research this Advanced Aviation Group that was in charge of researching it but he was fed up with all the secrecy and stuff like that and how much,
pick up my try to cover stuff up so he left that organization was hired by these guys it’s been sold it
nice centerpiece like one of their heads of technology to give you a little background on.
History according to the art the to the Stars Academy.
Here’s his background his career is it at was us as an intelligence officer was experience includes working in the United States Army the department defense the national counter at teligence executive and the Director of National Intelligence,
as a former special agent in charge was conducted and supervise highly sensitive Espionage and terrorism investigations around the world,
intelligence case officer here and clandestine Source operations through Latin America and the Middle East through the middle of the height of the war on terror,
wow okay most recently Lewis managed security for certain sensitive portfolio the US government as the Director of the national programs for special management staff,
Premier League last day Lewis is also add sensitive Aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial Technologies.

[7:48] Luci’s academic background is in microbiology immunology and Pastor ology,
this is an adventure and holds several patents so basically it’s like okay,
Tom DeLonge you know it’s a pretty talented guy he’s got this guy who’s pretty talented is like holy shit this guy sounds like he could be Tony Stark.
Rayzr I can’t handle it too much crazy,
okay sorry we lost Robert will be back in just a moment. Roberts lost in a 90s SNL whole again.

[8:36] So here here’s a list here’s just some highlights but they had pages and pages of these people who are like I mean I swear to God it the janitor at this place must have like three phds and be like a theoretical physicist are some of the people working there,
there’s Jim semivan.
Who is the Vice President of Operations in 2007 he found a consulting firm called Jim someone that’s very original and after after his retirement as a senior intelligence service member for the Central Intelligence Agency,
so lots of Spooks in this organization primarily work as a consultant for the intelligence community on classified topics,
including leadership training tradecraft countering weapons of mass destruction.

[9:21] He was also retired from the Central Intelligence agencies directorate of operations after 25 years as an operations officer both overseas and domestically.
Okay so that’s that’s a holy shitload of connected it’s like he name his company after his first screen name.
Hey you think Jim said was taken so that he was at and then he was like.
Of course being as he’s been in the intelligence services so long he he probably,
kill the guy that invented AOL and then gave it to the guy that actually took credit for it over half of the government.
Next week got how to boot off vice president of Science and Technology cuz this place clearly doesn’t even have science.
Since 1985 you served as president and CEO of Earth Tech International,
director of The Institute of advanced studies in Austin published numerous papers on electric being Electron Beam devices lasers space and space propulsion and is patents issued in laser Communications and energy fields,
so like like I said we keep moving further and further until like Bond villain Tony Stark territory here.

[10:38] His professional background spans more than five decades free search of General Electric Sperry the National Security Agency Stanford University SRA International.
Just like a who’s who of organizations that work on clandestine you know DARPA initiative kind of like stuff.
Corporations foundations on Leading Edge of Technology got no shit and future technology Trends so where do these people get their money to pay themselves for this is this,
right now they’re like an angel investor face but they are commercially selling like you can invest on it on their website which,
I’m guessing that’s part of the the stick or right.
They just had their like IPO in Texas and then in another state that allowed in IPL where you can buy shares in the company and stuff like that.
And it just it’s going to put out crazy Tech and research UFOs and put out albums I mean it’s just it’s like the most ridiculous company but I need to pick it was just insane it you know like the dumbest thing ever except for.

[11:44] You know it’s like you got people who are literally like inventing Auntie better weapons over here writing like what I can do,
so I’m guessing Angel Investors are just like shut up and take my money this is awesome I want my name on it,
just a few more inches or actually one more interesting person here this Steve Justice who’s the Aerospace director for the company.
What’s he’s eating their effort to examine the possibilities of emerging sciences and Technologies.
Is team of work to find Advanced systems exploring radikal Technologies prototypes and promoting concept promising Concepts and develop operational systems that shatter conventional thinking.
He entered the defense Aerospace industry in 1978 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology pretty like okay yeah aerospace engineer.
Fletc after 31 years he just retired from as program director of the advanced systems for Lockheed Martin Advanced development programs,
better known to you know Aviation nerds like me as skunkworks skunkworks is the little little.

[12:58] Think tank that could that invented stealth technology among many many other things.
They’ve got their name from a little Abner cartoon that had a skunk that was so fun promotions or something back in like,
the sixties what have they started working on like a blackbird and stuff like that my aunt actually used to work on stealth fighters in Texas like just out of Fort Worth I think.
So she has like a whole bunch of pictures and stuff actually being in there working on those is really cool to see those yeah.
That that the reason I had to share that background best for me I hear skunkworks and immediately I’m just like holy shit okay.

[13:44] Do The Longshot hear it say that the government actually has like captured UFO Parts it is incorporating them into secret experimental aircraft skunkworks would be the guys who were actually working.
Nice like the very Cutting Edge of Aviation,
and then their director of Global Security of courses the Luis Elizondo guy we were just talking about who blew it wide open the whole Advanced Aviation Group.
I feel like I’ve been talking really fast and talking a bunch so any night show all these guys got together and Tom this is what I know what do you want us to do at it and he just says throw some science on it at crazy crazy shit,
I like it I love it yeah and so we’ve linked to the the website on here so it’s like there’s a lot to unpack here cuz it’s like.
Even ignoring the crazy celebrity you saw you know Science Academy / you know music project for the Stars Academy.
This the story would be worth as talking about alone just from the fact that.

[14:55] Holy shit the government really is like researching UFOs like as recently as 2013 and going what the fuck is this we have no idea we need to get on this and figure out what’s going on.

[15:06] Eyelash you know.
It’s so many of our UFO accounts of the guys I’ve been doing research for future episodes it’s like so much of it is like it’s hot you know it’s Hay Day with really the 50s the 60s,
70s and he get some really interesting ones in the 80s and 90s but they’re much fewer and far between than in the you know the whole AC and day out of the UFO is it a doesn’t like,
automatically do the Green Man,
thing you know like it’s like this is what we know and this is yeah that’s it like it’s not trying to take off and put theory behind it really.
Which is something I like like,
there were some viral videos what are three searching are not viral videos but videos talking about media response to it and so you know a lot of them trying to play,
you know they try to take like Neil deGrasse Tyson quotes and I always try to make it like Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t like X or does not apply when,
reasonable about it he doesn’t have ever say I don’t like this or I stupid or anything like that that’s them feeding words into his yeah but there were a bunch of them for this one that was like you know.
Neil deGrasse Tyson shut down that Tom DeLonge stupid UFO videos and all he said was he was like.

[16:26] You know if Tom DeLonge is got aliens bring up to Times Square is like but in the meantime he’s like I’m glad the government is investigating it if it’s an unknown phenomenon.
You know Tom DeLonge not claiming there aliens know that I know of I did not get a chance to watch the whole.

[16:45] He did an episode with Joe Rogan where he did like A4 hour long you know Joe Rogan ridiculously long and.
So I think he might have said a few things on there that were part of Wyatt Neil deGrasse Tyson chimed in about you never show us the little green man or whatever,
as far as I can tell this organization is not saying Little Green Men they’re just saying,
aerial vehicles that we know nothing about an app technology we don’t have ring.

[17:16] Isn’t it cool,
three weeks later more feel like it’s something sinister that the government is always like.
Nothing to see here at this is nothing this is absolutely nothing cuz I know seriously I’m watching it is really something interesting don’t shut it down. Was that a man in Black quote.

[17:48] Oh yes that was at Men in Black full nice.

[17:52] Yeah yeah it’s based on an actual explanation they wants gave for a UFO was that it was a small gas it was a common one in the likes 60s or 70s,
that in this one area where they were like Willow the Wisp switch with the lights you see out,
the ghostly spirits that lure people to their deaths and get them lost in the Everglades and stuff.

[18:21] The claim for those is that those are swamp gas so those are like light emanating from pesky swamp gas man.

[18:30] Gets me everytime I just can’t stand it though when it’s like.
I feel like we’re you know fairly level-headed individuals and we can see something with her own eyes and no is inside okay I’m clearly seeing something I moves Irving this,
real-time of the government’s like nope didn’t see it did happen just move on like why why are you so concerned.

[18:58] Assuring us along and telling us to forget about it and that we like what is you know there’s obviously,
it’s something huge and if you didn’t want us to pay so much attention to it then why don’t you just entertain us with it you know what I mean like Let It Right Out rather than saying forget about it cuz I’m just telling us to forget about it she’s going to make us look at it more you know,
and we talked about this and I episode that by the time this is out will have aired where we talked a little bit with the Flatwoods Monster about.
Was it 52 was the year that sounds right yeah we’re just UFO stuff was just going like crazy,
and did we get it all into the fact that they like the CIA releaser to feel like maybe this was
the whole thing was a psyops against the us to like create panic I think we text on a little bit yeah so you know I think maybe that’s still part of their mentality and why they do write the way they do is sit there like
well this is you know.

[19:57] Not healthy for the public to to get too wrapped up into this and it cost panic and just trust the government to stuff and just ran up with that seems like such a.
I’m sure there’s lots of things in the government that the government does are that are Obsolete and Cold War ask raise because that’s the way they’ve always done it,
they know a little bit more than we do as far as like if they were to.
Say yes this is a real we don’t know what it is possibly alien intelligence blah blah blah,
it might Insight mass panic and maybe that’s what they’re trying to head off is just as mass panic that by the way we have these entities are visiting our planet and we’re never parade,
make some pies.
Attention all humans we need to welcome our handsome new overlords what was the what was that that radio broadcast I just threw why didn’t I know that then gets into the,
actually the intro to our show.
Yeah that is I took that from the Library of Congress recording of the War of the Worlds.

[21:14] It’s pretty cool and you’re not familiar with War of the Worlds it was a radio broadcast that came on and people
thought it was legit but what actually was was I don’t know what they’re called thinner the right word for it but thank you for the time was run by and this was all written by
Pulp Fiction performed by
a young Orson Welles in this helped put him on the national map of celebrity not the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds original,
yeah which is funny because to them that it was old school cuz it was written by HG Wells so by the time they performed it and made their own Americanized version of it.
It already existed for like 50 years yeah so yeah so that’s.

[22:05] Yeah I don’t know I just want
to confirm like yesterday alien so that I don’t sound crazy when I talk about aliens you know what I mean that’s all I want so I don’t sound crazy but because other people would be crazier than me and go absolutely berserk I can’t have aliens.
Yeah this is why we can’t trust us with this information cuz they’re afraid we’ll all go crazy and start killing each other right,
but it’s just like can you just like whisper it to the smart people that like oh yeah we know about this this is aliens,
that they’re cool we hang out like on Labor Day weekend and stuff in Area 51 is a big barbecue.
But thank you for validating me I just want to be validated should we think they’re alien and do you think.
You know we’ve talked to let you know several episodes now and we haven’t covered the broad topic of aliens do you think aliens are.
Aliens there’s there’s several there’s lots of theories about are they aliens that are like a in the classic Sci-fi since they’re like beings from another world that are traveling here by spaceship.
Do you think they are alien as in they are Outsiders From Another Dimension do you think that they are time Trent like Time Traveler’s like the whole there us super evolved from the future and that’s why the greys have a humanoid kind of like form.

[23:32] That’s where that classification comes first super futurist yeah yeah he’s actually one who has traveled back from the future exactly.
And then another option that is out there is that you know people have been seeing.
You know lights in the sky and strange beings.
Yo tell them thank you like Angels sorcerer,
that they are the aliens are actually like demons or the nepheline or something like that and they just change their appearance to go with whatever time.

[24:11] They’re like Bumblebee in Transformers.
That’s a lot of options so I have a whole nother Theory okay and what we actually are.
And I actually had this discussion with a couple of my buddies is like 4 in the morning and we’re just.
Talking crazy and I’m like what if we were actually the center of like a nucleus or a cell.

[24:44] And everything around us is actually we’re actually inside of something larger like imagine we are like a cell inside of a human body,
controlling one function and that is our purpose on life is to,
continue the Earth in our daily chores to make sure everything functions properly so all these other planets that we know about her actually other cells operating something even bigger than we know about.

[25:06] I had that. Yeah so these aliens that we see or actually just.
Other organisms coming in and checking this out make sure we’re staying at making sure we good.
It’s possibility I’m saying that’s why I do good everyday except I want my dude to die.
Should I fail this all come on while you’re here.
So I’ve been listening to this documentary series.

[25:54] Fudgy just forgot it it’s with a Reuben Langdon he talks to people that channel,
extra extra dimensional interview with Ed so these are people that channel.
Sophomoric joke is out of my system please.
Now it’s going to be 9 Business guys like the diabeetus guy on extra-dimensional and.

[26:30] There’s many different,
theories on what’s actually on Earth with us but basically it’s a combination of a bunch of different things so.

[26:42] Imagine,
imagine like there is billions and trillions zillions whenever a bunch of different soul that exist in the spirit Realm,
all the different Souls have different places to go as far as like different planets in different systems excetera excetera well we as sold as we evolve,
we decide that we want to Incarnate here on Earth because Earth is one of the hardest places to Incarnate because of its density because of its environment because of,
just the socioeconomic status of Earth as a whole so we decide to Incarnate here on Earth,
to experience what Earth is like to help our souls evolve to a higher state so people who engage in carnate on Earth want to basically evolve,
higher up as a soul and Earth is one of the fastest ways to do it because it’s so difficult and just because of all the lifetimes you have to go through to Incarnate.

[27:38] So you know that that whole thing sounds like BS except for it does bring me Comfort to think that the reason life sucks so much is that I’m playing on.
Extra hard or extract to go so I’m continuing on so,
we have all existed on different planets and have different experiences but then at some point we decide as a saw that we’re going to incarnates here on Earth so.

[28:12] Basically some of us have these other experiences on different planets which is why a lot of us maybe have a lot of different theories on how life should work but we also,
people soak these individuals who can Channel these extra dimensionals explain that
there are many different alien races that are on earth right now and basically Earth is a place where we kind of battle at all out
so if you think about how there’s so much conflict in like other countries across this you know overseas how is conflict here within just like America
it’s basically we’re trying to work our way through all these conflicts that we’ve been kind of repeating generation after generation
generation and we’re trying to see if the Next Generation can do better than that if you think about it in Like a Star Wars terms I like how the international Galactica whatever like all this is coming together and
big like Auditorium like trying to come to terms with like certain rules and laws and stuff.
The kind of like how or if is kind of playing out right now so it’s kind of an interesting way to kind of put on it like kind of think about it.

[29:23] I don’t know if I entirely believe that but well but I also think that there.
There’s definitely there’s not a lot but I think that there are possibly like some alien beings living amongst us already,
I don’t know for sure I think it’s possible I don’t know but I’m not saying like over definitely is like I’m not like all the way into the crazy yet so.
Travis doing with this but basically.
Your first Duty ghosts aliens everywhere we’re all ghosts aliens that’s my summary of your first theory that you started going with almost got me to start thinking about the Matrix.
A kind of right it’s so like you’re laying out really really reminds it started out reminding me of my feet,
but now it’s really reminded with the ghost alien ghost baby’s thing is really reminded me of of $0.06.

[30:30] Scientology.
Oh cuz that’s what I believe is the fate and so basically these aliens that were that were at.
But you just ate out at like theory that I know nothing about saying it but I mean but that’s not like a hundred percent like what I believe is just kind of like.
What kind of I’ve read a lot about.

[30:56] And I totally forgot what the question was cuz I was I just got going.
08 reback song.

[31:19] Nutshell I do think that there are.
Aliens out there I think they probably look close ish to us because of just how like the carbon-based beings can arrange their cells I don’t know.
I think they can exist in many different ways as energy forms or as you know I don’t know by evolution.
I think it is I think it’s just a bunch of different things but I think they’re out there I think that they are here and I think that,
we all have a little bit of alien in our souls I heard it’s a really like weird dive on probably a simple question but,
we should really talk about extra extra dimensional and maybe I won’t seem so crazy about you.
That’s just going to be clickbait.
What are the tire on TV for a miss.

[32:24] So you’d mentioned you’d said the World War of the Worlds quote Men In Black quote and I got me thinking that one of the things I really like and we talked about this one.
The cameras and Technology instead of being able to see more and actually just go by what we’ve seen and not just run with it.
One of the Men in Black quotes that I actually like a lot and that kind of goes with this with actually having technology to be able to see these things more.
Was when he said that 1500 years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe 500 years ago everybody knew your ass was flat 15 minutes ago you knew humans were alone and imagine what will no no no tomorrow.

[32:59] That’s pretty cool the more technology we have the more we know cuz we would have never known the Earth was round without having technology advanced the world being flat thing is not a good example because.

[33:15] We’ve actually known that since you quit the whole thing real thinking the World is Flat is a like actually a relatively modern invention.

[33:26] Okay Rob what about you what do you think aliens are now,
my best guess is there either some kind of atmospheric phenomenon.
Or there I think they’re dimensional I don’t think I don’t think we’re being visited by aliens that can.

[33:48] Can travel between the Stars there’s something that’s preventing that I don’t know what yet because it seems like.
You know there’s a whole bunch of like different videos different kardashev level alien civilizations and how basically in the last like I’m teen billion years if a.
Civilization hop from planet to planet existed it would have consumed like the Galaxy by now before we even like came into being truant but as far as we can tell everything is completely empty so,
what the hell do you think it’s sorry,
I think it’s like they keep us the kids so far apart that like you can’t touch each other that’s why we’re so far apart from other planets wait I am kind of wondering if.
If that’s effectively how it works just because the distances in space are so fast to magnets close planet.

[34:48] I’m being really,
really dirty right now it’s just fuck it all up because
I just think about what we would do only laughing because it’s.
Totally true it’s just like people like what happened to the Neanderthals the boutwell based on the DNA of like a third of Europeans.
I don’t know we’re going to get weird.
We want to start having sex with them because we just want to see what happened I want to know who the first would be in like who drew the Short Straw.
Let’s do this.

[35:45] That’s that’s why we we are the like raced of Concord this planet,
I like they’re like another planet that they discovered that has earth like qualities it’s really super far away but like the likelihood of us ever being able to travel to it but I think there’s some like Divine Lake.
Being that controls all this that’s just like I know you guys are so fucking far away apart from each other that there’s no way you’re going to be able to survive even getting to the other planet,
because all you’re going to do you’re just going to fucking shut up.

[36:19] This is why aliens don’t stop you’re going to think whenever you find something dumb on the it makes me think of.

[36:27] Oh what’s the classic short story called they’re made of meat.
But yes it is like a radio drama kind of thing just a short like little 10 minutes kid or whatever but basically it’s like.
Does alien Scout talking back to his leader or whatever about okay so scanning the system holyshit what.
Okay so I found a planet and there’s intelligent life here is like oh really okay begin the first Contact protocol is like no Bob you’d understand.

[37:01] They’re made of meat well will you mean they’re like the dead X Adele’s where they’re like part Meat part cybernetic no no.

[37:11] They’re made out of meat.
Hey State they communicate by like moving air through pieces of meat in smacking two pieces in the front together and they just,
they’re all they do is just like flap around your meat it’s the it’s it’s it’s horrifying and they’re like
so there’s no swearing in it by accident but if it’s so it in the end after you know having the few minutes discussion about your stuff disgusted they are and how weird that is that they’re made of meat they’re like,
so so do I start the first cut it you know what Bob.

[37:48] We didn’t find anything on the third planet of the system,
you know what you’re right that’s way less paperwork then whatever the hell is going on down there that’s so so then they just leave the solar system and just mark it as uninhabited,
maybe like drones have been sent here to scope out,
what’s going on because I don’t think anything could survive possibly unless there’s interdimensional travel where they can pass through dimension,
and they’re inter-dimensional I don’t think they’re Interstellar cuz he’s got the ability to travel,
this is something we’ve learned more recently as we’ve learned more about how many planets are out there and all the different compositions their atmospheres and stuff is that.
You know people talk about like will the aliens are coming for a water slide,
there’s water all over space and then one, could give you like everything you need so why would you come to take their water. Rare at all actually.

[38:54] It’s like rare earth metals there’s more of those in space in there on Earth,
just excetera excetera going to worry about just like coming here for resources and conquering just because the vast distances doesn’t make sense if you got the technology to get between the Stars.
You already have the whole like getting materials thing from space truly figured out so there’s no point.
Check this out and see what is more research resource that they might.

[39:28] Like one one thing I’ve seen before like on the Discovery Channel was the,
president like a hypothetical Alien Invasion and what governments would respond like that and in that one they were like the best theory they could come up with for why aliens would actually do that even though they’re working like we don’t think they would would be,
carbon complex carbon.
And chlorophyll are things that are on Earth that we’ve never seen on any of the planets and stuff like that so it’s like.
Cub complex protein so basically meat chlorophyll are things that Earth has an abundance that aren’t anywhere else so that might be a resource that they would be after which is terrifying.
So yeah they would actually be coming for us yeah okay well that’s good not to plan it just us.
Yeah makes me feel so hot right now like so wanted the amazing I’ve never felt so wanted before.

[40:25] But yeah so.
Yeah that’s that’s but yeah I like it but yeah if they could already come here they would just be already know and they be fucking shit up left and right because that’s exactly what we would do.
Yeah but I also think too like,
a lot of people want to relate it to things that they already know and understand because if I get in my car and I drive to Brookings,
that’s how I know how to travel from point A to point B so we would logically think well I’m going to get my spaceship I’m going to actually fly from point A to point B because that’s the only way I understand right now
from getting from one place to another is I have to physically go there where is where as,
aliens who understand interdimensional travel it’s like no no no no no you don’t need to do that at all what you need to do if you need to raise your vibrational.
Level from from Mike Alpha 2 legs 8 or whatever,
from basically point A to point B but it’s not even going it’s actually you’re just you just flipping you’re there you know so that’s,
creating some kind of Heisenberg you’re going into the upside down I stopped in Big Bang Theory when Leonard and Sheldon’s like you ever think you’ll invent time travel.

[41:50] Any weights for a mini like no because I would have came back to this moment right here to prove you wrong yes I thought that.
Yeah that’s that’s what Stephen Hawking did about that teach City settled time travel once and for all pissy,
he threw a put on this this giant party to celebrate the arrival of a time traveler and so he advertised it and they like carpet and stone all over the place,
party for any potential Time Travelers.

[42:23] The sad because that’s the one thing I think that people miss out on on on Time Travel like if you travel to the Past first off if you interacted with anything,
it’s like I was talking with Amanda about her show she likes and books Outlander or she travels into the past,
let’s see you spoil it for her don’t you run I do will the Super bugs that she would be carrying would mean that she would basically be a Typhoid Mary would bring instant death to like to look up population of immediately.
And the whole time she was there she would have permanent diarrhea cuz her body wouldn’t be able to handle the bacteria on the food.
Stuff like that which when you think about those challenges and then think about what it be like for an alien interacting with us that’s what I don’t get is like so.
To Grey’s or whatever don’t need my space suits or something to that effect you didn’t like the aliens it was like little creatures are my rights as colitis.

[43:29] Would think they’d really really need like space suit if I travel back in time take a few extra pair of undies.
What is that stop you from pooling did you if you have diarrhea I’ve never really wanted to close that door so,
I have that was an unexpected the most intimate,
chapter we’ve recorded the right word just the TMI Edition we need to talk about my personal garment so.

[44:10] Just so remember kids if your time traveling you’re going to be shitting your pants a lot if you move.

[44:17] Back in time he move forward in time or not sure how it’s going to work if you just could be last like eat lasers or something I don’t know,
yeah so now we know who our supplier is Imodium AD official sponsor Street pharmacist,
that’s your new calling so in conclusion this is what happens when rock band front Men set up organizations to investigate the Paranormal.
The world proves itself in time travel everything that’s the bullet points are,
rockstars are science Geniuses who can open find UFOs Time Travelers are constantly crapping themselves,
but they got re Imodium AD so they’re okay and humans will fuck absolutely anything.

[45:14] Dimitrology end caps thank you for listening this week everybody and we will catch you next time.

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