Macabre Grimoire Chapter 11 The Flatwoods Monster

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 11 The Flatwoods Monster

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

In 1952 five children were playing football in a small town called Flatwoods, WV when a strange object appeared above them. Streaking across the sky, they watched it crest a nearby hill, slow and then descend just over the top of the ridge. What followed after their sighting has become one of the most infamous local legends ever recorded. That night, seven area residents encountered a hovering, mechanical monstrosity that was described by area newspapers as “glowing” “Frankenstein-like” and breathing fire. The event helped shepherd in the 50s obsession with flying saucers and alien lifeforms and the “Green Monster” (one of three named given to the creature) has become a pop-culture figure in the decades to follow.

At 7:15 p.m. on September 12, 1952, two brothers, Edward and Fred May, and their friend Tommy Hyer said they saw a bright object cross the sky and land on the property of local farmer G. Bailey Fisher. The boys went to the home of Kathleen May, where they told their story. May, accompanied by the three boys, local children Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver, and West Virginia National Guardsman Eugene Lemon, went to the Fisher farm to locate whatever it was that the boys said they had seen. The group reached the top of a hill, where Nunley said they saw a pulsing red light. Lemon said he aimed a flashlight in that direction and momentarily saw a tall “man-like figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hood-like shape.”


Descriptions varied. In an article for Fate Magazine based on his tape-recorded interviews, UFO writer Gray Barker described the figure as approximately 10 feet (3.0 m) tall, with a round blood-red face, a large pointed “hood-like shape” around the face, eye-like shapes which emitted greenish-orange light, and a dark black or green body.  Kathleen May described the figure as having “small, claw-like hands,” clothing-like folds, and “ahead that resembled the ace of spades.” According to the story, when the figure made a hissing sound and “glided toward the group,” Lemon screamed and dropped his flashlight, causing the group to run away.

The group said they had smelled a “pungent mist” and some later said they were nauseated. The local sheriff and a deputy had been investigating reports of a crashed aircraft in the area. They searched the site of the reported monster but “saw, heard and smelled nothing.” According to Barker’s account, the next day, A. Lee Stewart, Jr. of the Braxton Democrat claimed to discover “skid marks” in the field and an “odd, gummy deposit” which were subsequently attributed by UFO enthusiast groups as evidence of a “saucer” landing.

According to former news editor Holt Byrne, “newspaper stories were carried throughout the country, radio broadcasts were carried on large networks, and hundreds of phone calls were received from all parts of the country.” The national press services rated the story “#11 for the year”.

1952 was a bellwether year for UFO’s.,_D.C._UFO_incident


Planet 51


Machine Transcript

] What do you think about that.
In the back with the kids hooked up and he said that from the engine will i lose all the village of the people that she will also change.

[0:44] Music.

[0:58] Hey ready welcome to Macau grand yr chapter 11 the Flathead monster,
then it’s eyes and roll of the berlin flat and monterey but i been doing i been leak so is at the braxton county monster or is the flatwoods monster,
clarifying Flatwood in the Flathead,
yeah where is Flatwoods I’ve looked at,
no but there’s a kentucky alabama tennessee west virginia west virginia is the next on.
Rain so i believe not that far from the infamous more of mans stopping rounds which is another thing that will.
If your only reason i brought that up is because i was i was researching this afternoon there was a holy crap load of pic images of people shipping the.
The Braxton County monster with the Mothman.
Like seriously like as a cute anime couple and like they are adorable little pictures together and mop bands playing the guitar and the Braxton County monster dancing and you know it’s super cute.

[2:22] That’s where their and that’s that’s waking up it seems to be a recurring theme because they’re kinda from us similar area and.

[2:30] Super Famous Cryptids from where you from come here often.

[2:39] Only when I’m here to steal people’s dreams.
Alright I’ll see you later anyway we should give people an idea of what we’re talking about here,
let’s see in 1952 five children were playing football in a small town called.
Appropriately enough Flatwoods West Virginia.
When a strange object appeared above them streaking across the sky they watch the cresta nearby hill.

[3:06] Slowly and then to send just over the top of the ridge will follow after their siding is become one the most infamous local legends ever recorded that night,
7 area residents encountered a hovering mechanical monstrosity that was described by an area newspaper as blowing Frankenstein like and breathing fire.
Event helped shape the Shepherd in the fifties obsession with flying saucers and alien life forms and the,
green monster now the name given to the creature has become a pop culture figure for decades now.

[3:43] I really feel like the video that we just watch talking about how the boys went out there and the mom and.
Always think is really,
Courage the Cowardly Dog episode it really feels like that like that that dog was totally like courage trying to be like stay away that’s what I Robot.
Like I literally looked it up to see if there’s any reference to that and encourage episode because it feels like it.
I’ve never seen that cartoon and I liked hurting,
yeah it was kind of,
the golden ear off or cartoon network and was just beginning like its first renaissance that’s not really goods q we do like it’s a really good horror cartoon.
Oh anymore i would probably be in the that yeah.

[4:29] So let’s see so it’s that night at 7:15 p.m. on September 12th 1952 two brothers Edward and Fred May.
Your friends top tommy hair was eighteen said they saw a bright object in the sky cross land of from a property of a local farmer named fisher the boys went to the home of kathleen may who,
they told their story to May being the most responsible adult I’ve ever heard a company the three boys and a bunch of local children Neil Nunley and Ronnie shaver,
it sounds like they were like
it looks like they’re going on a walk and Leave it to Beaver 50s thing where they’re like,
and also a come Company by a national Guardsmen and I’m just named Eugene lemon I just like.
Come from was he just like he was also around investigate the plane crash.

[5:35] It really is a got a Scooby-Doo Vibe going on right now it’s like man there so many people who just randomly hang out of this abandoned amusement park it’s just.
So when are Motley Crue of random characters why is Eugene lemon not with them when.

[5:54] When I see that machine or is he would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you and your pesky podcast crew,
witnessing a witness of the actual thing literally the national Guardsmen let the chill.
Small voice and the woman go in on a three sexist but it’s the fifties,
beat woman in a dress and the,
adolescent boys who investigate the glowing object that for all he could be like a
katie be kinda late mama or what was his but he was off that we can cuz national guard only goes on like one week and months of year to delhi and there you go up,
so that’s probably why he’s like you know I mean I am pretty cruel joke post 911 you know that
check me out now. You’re fine I just think of all my friends and family a National Guard I’m just feel like,
we can months two weeks sweet here and my cousin the national guys help on.
Million with the sarcasm that is so well.

[7:03] Three.
And like figure was there national guard games and so many in the flashlight case he was there someway.

[7:27] I like so he ran because he is like i will run the voice of the book
what was your lease images of the artwork of like screaming little boys running away from the monsters another yet and in the national guard guys pick that none of this is is used
you just the belt water i think that’s exactly loses faith,
to alien attacks work like a bear attack you don’t have to be,
the fastest person you just have to be the fastest person in your group that’s right yeah,
not the slowest I also find it disturbing how.
Equally all three of us were just like yeah that’s totally the case yet
yeah can I resolve a bear attacks this podcast crew Rob screwed
you could be good can of which i gotta chancellor in price using those that we move your telling the story.

[8:23] You first hear there’s several boy young boys outside playing and then they get their mom,
and then the mom as are walking to this location and thought of hearing that old there’s a neighbor who’s also in the National Guard and he comes along so you kind of forget,
but he’s there because all you see in your mind’s eye thanks like maybe movies or whatever is this pack of boys and the mom like you kind of forget that there’s also another like.
Adult and let the boys go I miss May how are you doing,
actions buried in an article from fate magazine based on his tape recorder interviews which i listened to this interview by the way and so this gary barker that reported these interviews was very.
Adamant that he believed the boys just throwing that out there but and he sounded genuine but obviously you know he’s right for fake magazine he might be a little biased towards like UFO stuff but but,

[9:34] They describe a figure approximately 10 ft tall with a round blood red face,
large pointed Hood like shape around the face eyes like shapes with your.
I like shapes which emitted a greenish orange light and a dark black and green or green body.
Kathleen May describe the figure as having small claw-like hands,
yeah we just saw a video where they’re just like well they’re no arms maybe they were antenna so maybe just hands like literally like the Five Fingers of hands but like arms to support them so.

[10:09] Shapes kevin start small him yeah.
Clothing like folds basically she said that they like the skirting of it was kind of like pleated but it’s killing,
maybe it’s like the battle is just style the shoot me who also an alien shape,
aliens shape their killbots cuz I mean you get the 1951 model and then they come out with the 52 that’s got the pleated like skirt,
from the Targaryen in Beulah even lineup looks like s*** now it looks like a piece of s***,
it is in heaven black is in so immediately all your white appliances look like shit yes
I don’t even know what to do with the stainless steel stuff I have anymore I mean it just and then you like throw away all your Chrome killbots and then that comes back hardcore in the 60s was like f***,
you know I shouldn’t but I only have so much room to store killbot in my flying saucers anyway,
so according to.
Women screamed and dropped okay here we don’t lamb and screamed and dropped his flashlight causing the group to run away.

[11:28] Scared the women and children when running and then i’ll ran the women and children getting out of the forest with,
the alien monster not gonna lie i have cause other people to freak out based on my own freak out so i can use credence to the whole hysteria thing yes yes i see a very forrest gump style run with him,
yeah because like fingers even doing the like yeah crossing fingers bodies runs model of germany article from the daily will not let see.

[12:02] The group and smelled a pungent missed which I apologize for that now sometime later they said and they were nauseated the local sheriff and Deputy that have been investigated reports of the crash aircraft in the area.
Search the spot with mustard van and the saw heard or smell nothing corey to baker’s account the next day a lease to our junior of the press democrat claim to have discovered skid marks.
In the field and that part of that pungent smell,
and in the field there was a old gummy deposit which were subsequently attributed by UFO enthusiasts groups as evidence of the saucer Landing
now this description I have going to bring it over what was the video we just watched in preparation for this,
that’s right we watch a 10-minute YouTube video and that’s our research now we do a little more than that.
But no they talk a lot more about that has a kind of blowing off the smell thing.
Actually the smell thing is quite dramatic and that,
they basically got mustard gas to where they’re like throat swelled shut and some of the boys can drink water and they were taken to the hospital,
it’s what the doctor thought as that they were exposed to like mustard acquiring gas that one as well though the heat to heat that violently yell yeah from the whole ordeal.

[13:17] Does not just like a little bit of upset stomach.
And kathleen may it that mentioned in the video that she gets ordered with.
What we hope is oil and make a million semen or something but you now.
It’s what i know like the probably don’t even like analyzer dress or anything like that that was probably isn’t class a clean it to the house life will did they found some of the oil and the center of the air force and the air forces like it.
Nothing is fading reply that doesn’t like ever out that will give backs ya got going back to fixing the male chases email that.
It’s very much which this ties in a little bit with,
something I meant you were going to do a whole episode just on the year 1952 and how it’s such a Bellwether for UFOs but,
yeah cuz there’s a lot to cover John pack here but 52 the summer that cuz this takes place in September but the summer of that year was the year that,
photos were just scrambling over washington dc like crazy,
like 6 to 10 sightings at night and jet fighters being scrambled out of Delaware and Ellis Air Force Base and,
chasing them around and lots of like confirmed radar sightings and then like going objects over the runways it washing in or washing the sea was a huge summer for ufos.

[14:41] And one of the big consequences anybody explain why the Air Force never got back to them and stuff like that is this was kind of the beginnings of the the UFO craze and I believe Project Blue Book was going on at this time and,
basically between a washington dc thing and then this guy this creature.

[15:02] The government kind of Gears here’s where they’re at they they kind of got the idea the CIA and Project Blue Book and others that,
maybe this is all supposed to generate hysteria because of your foreign government you’re looking at ways to you know cover up an invasion or mover out you know do some clandestine shit up,
great way with Americans Apparently after the War of the Worlds broadcast would be there really really jumpy about the whole Alien Invasion thing.

[15:32] It aliens are so hot right now cuz what was what some KGB officer would say back then in perfect English for some reason and.
So they’re thinking is well this could be this could be a Soviet plot to create panic and confusion and mistrust and Bubba Buck hysteria who create panic in the United States so,
the Air Force they changed the directive of Project Blue Book and everybody in the air force that was involved in like touching anything with UFOs was.
Only talked about this the incidents and comment on it since that you can debunk.

[16:06] Three
and so basically al and i think that’s where some of the ideas like at
cover up come from is the whole just like total shutdown of information it’s like well where they covering stuff up or where were they like trying to suppress what they thought was developing Mass Hysteria,
which is interesting because it’s almost like they didn’t have some psychology professors helping them or something explaining that actually,
like being all fucking creepy and shutting down everything about it and being all hush hush and telling people not to talk about it.

[16:49] Sisters more conspiracy shit glass okay you’re clearly covering shit up as like.
Was it a government agent telling someone in a second
talk about ufos is that is it actually an official who was really saying that but it was more because that was their instruction to just blanket america and don’t talk about ufos cuz we’re free that it’s mass hysteria thing it’s being used as a weapon against america.
Yo hi the cold war so they ask us to leave my is it the red scare to some of the year like paranoia it’s like take your cold war paranoia bump it up to eleven so.
That’s pretty frightening phrase writing the real monsters in the story are as in yes that’s us were serious.

[17:41] We were the real monsters the whole time anywhere.

[17:50] Okay so.
This basically this story ended up being like rated the number 11 story for all of 1952.
And you know the other thing was all the ufos and craziness of washington dc what’s really interesting yeah i have user the movie called planet fifty one.

[18:13] Negatives no.
That’s not surprising considering that it was released on a weekend that I think like a Twilight Zone was really sound like a really big films released at the same time,
if you wanna as earliest and dominic i would,
like I don’t know why we got it in our heads to like see this movie but we’re just go see this movie Planet 51 it’s an animated feature it looks pretty good so.

[18:37] What you want and you planet is it panic areas of atlanta fifty one.
Between the rock johnson is actually the star of this film is this it’s so cute but what kind of reminding me of this and it’s okay think this is kind of my theory.
So this is alien planet
and there are in the fifty’s there to experience in your fifties of and kind of like their own million scare later italians are on there butt of her sociological psychological
logical implications that all apparently all civilizations experience an american nineteen fifties at some point you act absolutely and,
is so he’s a nasa ass uses isn’t his and s astronaut and his spacecraft crash lands on this planet well they had ss the nasa had center actually a little rover to this planet make sure it like,
there’s any life on this planet Will turns out that the Rover robot is like obsessed with rocks to all they thought that this plan was covered in was just rocks,
green aliens and so but technically he’s the alley in cuz he’s on their plan.
Anyway that’s the whole different thing but.

[19:52] There is a lot of you is it such a good movie like there some electric fence is like other bills and stuff in it but it’s kinda remind me of late.

[20:01] Their own scare and like the fact that it’s 51 which is like you could save 5152 like a start of like the aliens.

[20:11] When will also area fifty one oh i just got it now okay so so that’s why you know then that’s its is full transformation for the planet to realize that,
I know the alien isn’t bad it’s actually out he’s actually beneficial for xcetera,
he I don’t remember call him really eating but like his his adventure takes place over like the course of several days but,
for this drying the flat the flatwoods monster.
The character the astronaut in Planet 51 is it’s very similar like that’s very like because they’re alien monster was like I was basically an astronaut with a big eyeball.
And that was like that’s how it that’s how he looks so it’s kind of like.
I wonder where this alien actually was you know and you know this is our interpretation of a really it doesn’t look anything like that so.

[21:16] Anyways all the artwork shows arms but probably antennas.
It will be able to sew us a great rate so so so system of interesting the the the.
Correlations i can kinda see between the movie and then the flat what monster what do you guys think of the barn owl hypothesis is a really deadline and i am and i’m probably alien but.

[21:41] Do you think i don’t know the select the.
Cuz Mothman is also been said that it could just be a barn owls and there’s just like a timing of this
meet where this this crap were this group are not ready for strangeness in hahaha weird the weird fucking shit like the guy leaning is ufo next your car all your,
parked by the the road and then,
sing for directions and getting back into is ufo a flying away kinda like with the call high strangeness that comes in with an like men in black and plus the moth man plus the bridge when.
Whole thing will unpack but we’re not ready for that yet we’re warming up with flat what’s will get them off me okay well in that case.
I think it’s plausible that it could be a barn owl however based off of.
Everyone’s eyewitness account.
And all of the drawings from each of the individuals of what they saw there’s there’s no way that it was an owl.
I something it that it is an owl and it could be but i don’t think it is and listen flu i use its wings tucked.
Yeah and sprayed oil and then when walls fly i would.

[23:05] Well I was about to say that they’d be moving too fast but they don’t fly like Hawks actually fly pretty slowly and so that could give you the hover effect so I mean it’s it’s a damn good theory if you’re going to come up with the ethical theory for it.
Yeah i feel it that’s that would be the skeptics lake on the message like a whole concoction of wildlife of skunks and.

[23:31] Octopi inking out of trees,
adjust to sixty lbs have spatial technology that here but they have the odor in
if someone lives here is very tell it like it’s like there’s there’s there’s a dogs a cat is a horse or cow or whatever mail pile on top of each other
one of the musicians i was saying email eight and they’re all awful so you’re but they all seem to get like
it’s like all these creatures like stacked up on top of each other and they like they go around singing there so I have to figure it out now but
he like our these you know note of it you think that plate of butter it was a bunch of raccoons with a part on top and a trench coat,
like a waffle raccoon an hour and they all just want to be like towels and stuff for touching the turf.

[24:28] I don’t really have an answer like the metallic like body thing,
throws me off cuz I don’t know I’m obviously pretty much everything will glisten under the light of the Moon,
sorry I have never heard of that I’ve never heard of it.

[24:53] It’s a popular fairytale retrieved recorded by The Brothers Grimm,
was first published in bubble by telestory for aging domestic animals with after a lifetime of hard worker neglected and mistreated by their former Masters,
eventually they decide to run away become Town musician in the city of Bremen contrary to the story’s title the characters never arrived in Bremen and intriguing and scaring off of Band of robbers captured,
so theirs is there like a picture of a visit to doc he a dog that monkey know the cat the cat
and then a rooster so they’re all like 8
read all those stores my mom and my mom had like these lips mass of books of the grooms stories or a group reading this so that’s why i’m wondering,
Travis what you’re trying to get out of there earlier about like the interesting though,
alright so.

[26:03] Is what they seen another guy said it was the airplane Beacon.
Circular airplane Beacon tower that shining a red light.

[26:16] Pulsing random thing that require power unless the hold power just fell over.
I think it’s the the tower fell over it’s kind of those those being right where it says its casting red light oh okay i got you do but feeble know you know i mean if it’s if it was something so basic you could it was duplicate.
Than light at the light so even if there’s a meter it would be actually documented somewhere.
And is there a lake we should we should really research like the weather conditions of that time,
fish super windy like anything could have just been hurling through the air if there could have been a tornado and just throwing like.
But they said it was a red glowing object co hurling through the sky in and this is so i could have been there beacon reflecting off for debris from the tornado like.
Are in aluminum are can ripple born in its twenty feet block yeah the there’s no depth perception in the dark.

[27:27] I think there is any otherwise Pilots wouldn’t be able to do s*** in the dark out of me like I hit something but I mean they have.
The Horizon oh no they just ran into stuff all the time.
It’s like putting a white.
Oh wait piece of paper surround yourself away are we really don’t know how big the dot is.
Is it small and far away or is it small enough clothes can I see what you’re saying yeah,
so an infant reflecting light off the really don’t know how far it is see don’t know how big it is full and got to the site though that’s when these out the size of it.
They think maybe they’re like that’s really far away but it’s like 4 inches from your nose.
Man that was a whole truck they got her through the air and that’s what they seen and the hazards were on.
And Will Smith when he’s like coming up with his his version of the neuralyzer like the backstory full episode.

[28:38] That’s exactly what it was he knows what’s up so I don’t know.
I don’t know i know its hard to start and why is guard i don’t really know about these alien do just because it looks so leg.

[28:58] Unlike any other alien depicted,
very unique and it’s weird that everything we’ve seen or read or watch has been like and iconic alien I’m like I never seen nothing like this.
Because even when they are coming up the put it in you know what i was reading as late.

[29:16] I wasn’t teaching as this pitching the classic late gray man yeah yeah that’s that’s way i pick this one was yeah i was like this is.
Are you meek has a slight leaking so in the weeds on so many different ufo encounter stories about but this one this one.
You know especially like the with the it’s not a classic abduction scenario it’s not a,
could be like a whole astronaut farmer story yeah i mean some do just making stuff.
It’s it’s just weird me so is okay i think that wasn’t the national guard guy was fri may can some ass now pharmacist didn’t wanna be accountable for the night i don’t know this is kid you need to go check that out,
news for the rate hike run away exactly what ya need to get out of here so i hide this thing right.
So then he actually circled back and hides the s***.

[30:13] Gotcha and he might have soiled the misses dress.
How do you say and all the object flying through the sky.
Is a kite as it was a kite in Spanish,
alright alright I don’t know,
that’s fine you don’t have to I don’t know either this is all about we need to know when you get to the bar,
yeah no freaking ours just antenna so the hissing noises obviously legs of proportion system.

[31:02] I don’t think it actually hissed at people I think it’s just a propulsion system to make it hover and go after the people.
Sure sure so that’s solved that’s done,
we solve the Mystery Case Closed hissing noise.
And back at home.

[31:23] People are trying to ship them all right.
Are chromosomes don’t even probably match they can’t like.
You know it would it be funny if the the Flatwoods Monster or the Mothman are real and they’re like well that’s total b******* there’s no such thing as a,
the other thing and like to meet other like holy fucking shit out there like mind blown as your every.
Where we can get rid.

[32:03] Yeah this is it’s amazing how many eyewitnesses there were,
how they all this kind of tried along for the adventure and then they got like way more than that what they are in for i don’t think that i mean okay so.
Burlington that 11 minute video right people watch so it was very details like times and like what dogs were there.
Which seems a little forced to me
to have the information
it’s because it wasn’t investigative
sincerely so you have police-style like just the facts ma’am okay at this time this person did this thing this person did this thing 1952 how many people actually had a clock.
Readily available out on the farm,
ever had lots of everybody.
But Mrs May that’s her name right May and lemon and they probably definitely had a watch on suppose he might have.
She cheese senses that’s a mother sense into it on the market is giving a little gift that sells on we’re not gonna talk about mop man today.

[33:31] Yeah harvard yeah baby roll.
Okay we katelyn to their relationship a little then it we can i am very interested with the fanfic looks like for mouth man flatulence what’s the,
yeah it’s super interesting.
Oh i just i just think the concept that we human beings like before that planet you know they fly by at all that’s the plan it where they’re all like.
Who’s fucking who and what’s fucking white and they’re just like totally obsessed with reproduction and that just like the just still does like put anything in a relationship those those apes down there they’re fucking crazy literally the early.
All the time.

[34:17] Yeah with let’s continue to reproduce via mall thing or something when he sexual reproduction and get this week.
Yeah that is the ff the flatwoods monster and.
I don’t i don’t i don’t think we’ve yeah it’s obviously the that their cities where we’re not gonna.

[34:42] I don’t have a strong opinion on this one as far as like oh it was definitely fakers different wheel and atlantic piece that the ambiguous ones tell i think this is one that was just a good.
You’re topic to because probably not alot of people know about it,
yeah it’s very popular in like West Virginia Pennsylvania kind of that that area there like their local folklore
well yeah I had not heard of this until I really started getting into these like Paranormal investigations spaghetti
i feel like you do not see a lot about this particular encounter.

[35:20] Which is the weird because i thought i think they be jumping the chance to talk about one that isn’t a gray and white rate.
Why don’t I think people.
Maybe a general consensus about West Virginia is up there all kind of crazy anyways and so that’s that’s unfortunate.
Long time ago for a lot of people.

[35:46] You know what the whole West Virginia think that’s a very real Factor because that that Kirkwood incident with the little Goblin aliens that we’re going to talk about.
That one takes place I pretty sure in West Virginia or like not far from here and,
what is,
they’re like always stripping hillbillies in the appalachians is gonna violate a lot of consent is of city people of time and i didn’t get as much,
play as literally people like exchanging gunfire with aliens should be that kind of story.

[36:23] Three,
and I think it’s funny that they had to know that actually they were all visiting their mom’s house and that’s why this happened so none of them were drinking because they didn’t mother didn’t allow alcohol in the house so it’s just like.
Fact david had to of,
it’s like okay that’s the present your stereotyping that’s what your average joe blow in politically incorrect man on the street in the fifty’s of thinking about a bunch of guys from this virginia that i excel at a family in the west virginia pennsylvania,
area like that’s where my family originated but not all of them.

[37:10] I could ask a few of them about you know,
talk to us in our entire lives and also you come out of the woodwork to ask us about the freaking Flatwoods Monster are part of the estranged branch of the family that like moved away because of.

[37:30] Family is pick struggle cut well so okay so here it is my great grandfather.
His mom got with this guy will call him Tom okay so this isn’t like 1912 they,
slept together out of wedlock and ended up she ended up pregnant with my great-grandfather will then Tom decides that he doesn’t like my great-great my great-great-grandmother,
and he sure likes it her sister so so he ends up marrying her sister
That b**** by the way they end up having like seven kids together Meanwhile my great-great-grandmother remarried another guy and they have
seven kids together so my great grandfather now has fourteen half siblings,
but because it was kind of taboo at the time for someone to have a baby out of wedlock my.

[38:28] Great great grandparents so basically will call her grandma Melissa will say her parents adopted my great-grandfather and basically included him on the senses and said that he was their son and just kind of treated him like their son.
Oh man see there’s a flake.
That’s that’s all that’s that whole family that lives up in Pennsylvania and there’s like 10 of them and he got tired I guess Abby the way he’s being treated in the community and everything and ended up.
Movin Out West you rather,
you need a minute alright so anyways
he moved out west and then ended up in South Dakota and so weird that Friends of the family that made it out this far as the majority of them are kind of in that area still and so showing at areas like.
Johnson or smith yeah so there’s just so many.

[39:31] And every year they have a family reunions and the Tanner Church actually dedicated one of their outdoor pavilions to our family.

[39:41] Cuz we show up the third week they’re like the second week of August every year so they’re like mayonnaise on his name and after the show Family,
i see you didn’t and yeah it’s so so.

[39:57] Three
okay we’ll funny stories of actually watching the show ring oh and i told my brother is changing my from my online presence for mary show to irina cool and i’m having a
I’m actually pretty soon the show and my brother was like aren’t you afraid that dad’s going to be upset about
forsaking the family name or some bullshit you just bullshitting me right am i,
no like cuz he won’t care but sex but you know,
literally my show will be called the area Nicole show so,
I’m still like my last name is still in there it’s just not as obvious.
Then we’re gonna launch in aug so yeah so that when this,
actually what this comes out it’ll be.
Oh so this comm anything that’s going on right now and we’ll see how it goes.

[41:05] Mr and you too very cool travis i know you’ve got something that’ll be cooking up in october.

[41:14] Okay do okay i think i do if i don’t know what are you referring to,
magician among the spirits.
That’s pretty cool it’s kind of just alive tribute to Harry Houdini.
I’m trying to avoid using the word magic show,
not really a magic show it’s more of an experience.
Storytelling Adventure research kind of going through his research interests
if experience is anything that I’m really most excited about it every shows going to be different because the audience decides the outcome.

[42:05] We’re trying to decide what weekend we want to go so you might be different in the storytelling and.
Teddy glimpse of how that’s gonna happen is houdini focused a lot on spiritual is a medium psychic stuff like that during his later part of his life
and as I’m not a person who can do those things we’re going to recreate a moment that the audience comes up with on the Fly of a day to time an event,
what happened to who,
how to happen and then perform that is a medium experiment,
yeah so that sounds fun and hit me I’m up to my usual podcast hijinx and Misadventures so be sure to check all those out at the Sioux
What see anything else in the flat was monster once twice and i’m making think we’ve covered it.

[43:11] Much as he can consist of a question mark but,
do you want to go to follow our Misadventures be sure to check us out on patreon and also once again we always appreciate your reviews be sure to send us your scary stories and paranormal stuff would love to talk to you about them,
yeah and thank you so much for listening and we will see you all next time.

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