Macabre Grimoire Chapter 10 Coral Castle

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 10 Coral Castle

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Coral Castle has been featured on Leonard Nimoy’s program “In Search of…” and been the subject of speculation for decades.  It’s been the film set for nudist films and campy 60’s sci-fi. But we still don’t know how it was built. This week we explore the strange origin of Coral Castle: “Florida’s Stonehenge.”  Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin claims he built it using magnets and perpetual motion aka psychic powers. That seems far-fetched but if that’s not how he moved all that stone, how did a single man with no equipment or help move 1,100 Tons of rock?

The grounds of Coral Castle consist of 1,100 tons of stones in the form of walls, carvings, furniture and a castle tower. Commonly believed to be made of coral, it is made of oolite, also known as oolitic limestone. Oolite is a sedimentary rock composed of small spherical grains of concentrically layered carbonate that may include localized concentrations of fossil shells and coral. Oolite is found throughout southeastern Florida from Palm Beach County to the Florida Keys.  Oolite is often found beneath only several inches of topsoil, such as at the Coral Castle site.


The stones are fastened together without mortar. They are set on top of each other using their weight to keep them together. The craftsmanship detail is so skillful and the stones are connected with such precision that no light passes through the joints. The 8-foot tall vertical stones that make up the perimeter wall have a uniform height. Even with the passage of decades the stones have not shifted.


Many of the features and carvings of the castle are notable. Among them are a two-story castle tower that served as Leedskalnin’s living quarters (walls consisting of 8-foot-high pieces of stone); an accurate sundial; a Polaris telescope; an obelisk; a barbecue; a water well; a fountain; celestial stars and planets; and numerous pieces of furniture. The furniture pieces include a heart-shaped table, a table in the shape of Florida, twenty-five rocking chairs, chairs resembling crescent moons, a bathtub, beds, and a throne.


With few exceptions, the objects are made from single pieces of stone that weigh on average 15 tons each. The most massive stone weighs 30 tons, and the tallest are two monoliths 25 ft tall each.


A 9-short-ton revolving 8-foot tall gate is a famous structure of the castle, documented on the television programs In Search of… and That’s Incredible! The gate is carved so that it fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls. It was well-balanced, reportedly so that a child could open it with the push of a finger. The mystery of the gate’s perfectly balanced axis and the ease with which it revolved lasted for decades until it stopped working in 1986. To remove it, six men and a 45-ton crane were used. Once the gate moved, the engineers discovered how Leedskalnin had centered and balanced it. He had drilled a hole from top to bottom and inserted a metal shaft. The rock rested on an old truck bearing. It was the rusting out of this bearing that resulted in the gate’s failure to revolve. Complete with new bearings and shaft, it was set back into place on July 23, 1986. It failed in 2005 and was again repaired; however, it does not rotate with the same ease it once did.

Coral Castle remains a popular tourist attraction. Books, magazines, and television programs speculate about how Leedskalnin was able to construct the structure and move stones that weigh many tons. Claims that nobody had ever seen Leedskalnin at work and that he levitated his stones have been repudiated. Orval Irwin reportedly witnessed him quarry his rocks and erect parts of his wall and illustrated the methods in his book Mr. Can’t Is Dead.  Coral Castle’s website states that “If anyone ever questioned Ed about how he moved the blocks of coral, Ed would only reply that he understood the laws of weight and leverage well. “He also stated that he had “discovered the secrets of the pyramids,” referring to the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Coral Castle in Pop Culture

Nude on the Moon Film NSFW (Filmed at Coral Castle)


The 1958 film The Wild Women of Wongo used Coral Castle as the set for the dragon-god temple.


In the 1966 children’s musical film Jimmy, the Boy Wonder, Coral Castle was used as a backdrop in several scenes.


“The Castle of Secrets” is an episode of Leonard Nimoy’s program In Search of… (1976–1982) that includes a dramatization of Leedskalnin moving the stones with minimal effort.


On June 20, 2014, the History Channel aired a segment about Coral Castle in the Ancient Aliens series (Season 8, Episode 2), “Mysterious Structures”.


Billy Idol’s 1986 song “Sweet Sixteen” was inspired by the story of Leedskalnin and Coral Castle.


John Martin’s book, Coral Castle Construction, released in November 2012, describes how Ed Leedskalnin built his structure based on fundamental engineering principles.


Columnist Benjamin Radford claims on the Live Science blog that we know how he built the castle.  


As tempting as it is to view the amazing park through a veil of mystery, in fact we know how the castle was built. Creating a structure like the Coral Castle today could probably be accomplished in a few months with a construction crew and modern machinery. But Leedskalnin worked alone using basic tools like picks, winches, ropes and pulleys. Leedskalnin himself said that that he did it using hard work and the principles of leverage. The tools he used to quarry the rock are on display at the Coral Castle, and several old photos depict the large tripods, pulleys, and winches he used to move the blocks. Though the quarried stone slabs are large, they are actually lighter than they appear because the rock is porous.

Machine Transcript

26] History of many ancient monuments.
Stonehenge and Easter Island.
So versions of these particles may be concealed in florence coral cast this monumental structure was created by one man with his bare hands in the twentieth century.

[0:47] What.

[0:48] Music.

[0:58] Re very welcome to have from white chapter eleven,
I’m irie show here with my co-host Robert mailing and Travis Knight
super dramatic coral castle and its x is it,
is it that actually in Miami Florida in Miami itself it’s Palm Beach County Florida and then.
There’s a name for the township that it’s in.
The city museums address was Miami so.
This is weird castle and it’s made out of coral,
if you’re not excited about a listen to Leonard Nimoy tell you about it because he’s like the original Morgan Freeman
so I guess you have some did you want to.

[2:07] You want to read your what you wrote up or whatever you want me to read it or whatever describe a little bit for the uninitiated,
America’s America’s Florida’s Stonehenge and Florida is known for its messed up stuff so I mean.
You know if they think it’s their Stonehenge then it gets Florida so I’d imagine there’s like 10 things just as weird.
No this one is the Stonehenge of Florida okay enough Florida fashion program.
It’s been the film set for our newest films and can be sixty psi phi.

[2:50] We still don’t know how it was built this week we explore the strange origin of Coral Castle Florida Stonehenge laughing immigrant Edward lead skin,
with scott cullingford glenn county,
claims he built it using magnets and perpetual motion aka psychic powers,
this really say psychic powers he never explicitly said the word psychic powers that’s why i couldn’t find member saying cycling wheels down tools like a power yeah in my slow thrown in like,
he shifts paradigms while he,
crypto walking blockchain cryptocurrencies I mean it’s like it’s very much like the buzzwords from the fifties about like Paranormal soup.

[3:44] So
okay so it seems far-fetched that he do this like with magic powers or something but how would a single man with no equipment no heavy equipment will get will get into that more or help move.
1100 tons of rock by his self by his loneliness.
Yep apparently worked at night and if you if peoplescout it out and watched him working and stuff you would stop and wait for them to go away.
And he himself was wait you’re saying the guy that lives in the castle he built by Lev estate levitating chunks chunks of coral is a little little weird.

[4:30] Could you imagine like your work you’re doing your thing at work and your boss comes by to check on you and you literally just stop
everything that you’re doing and just
three magic that was part of his income was the main ten cents per to work any a little bucket by the door and people came in and to risk right can’t,
that’s cute it’s super cute those were the days when,
money is actually buy things and yeah.
Tours of eccentric Coral Castle.
Hey Dad I’m coming to the finish next year.
Help him load the bigger peace like cuz he built in one location and then,
somebody like load it on all at once like pieces like onto a truck transported to the new location and then basically lake.

[5:43] Just left him to emily and the reports are that he made them leave the trailer overnight yeah say with load he would load the trailer one knows how we get it and suddenly come in the morning all this like.
Multi-ton Stones we loaded on the truck.
And then they take it you know leave the trailer overnight for him to unload it at the next place and back at 4.

[6:07] Don’t know what Trucking Company he found that like agree to those terms which is totally like.

[6:15] Clearly you’re you’re not hauling bodies or so. Good night,
plus I think it’s essentially like he’s just we should probably State he doesn’t drive he didn’t drive it all the only rode his bike and,
to write it into town every day to get his supplies and whatever else that he needed so the fact that he has somebody else driving this truck for him isn’t that weird but it’s almost like you renting a U-Haul flatbed,
and then also hiring a driver to be like okay bring it to my house I’m going to load it.

[6:52] But you have to like not be here and then I need you to drive it from point A to point B and then I’m going to unload everything by myself the next day,
crazy cars that does not couches and should it’s like huge ass rocks giant rocks which felt like rocks,
unstable and wanted to fall apart halfway down the dorm stairs,
Coral Castle Coral Castle Castle consist of 1100 tons of stones that form walls carvings furniture and a castle tower,
family believed to be made of coral it is made of light also known as Olight Limestone Olight is a sedimentary rock composed of small spherical grains,
Concentra cleared carbonate thang mo,
food localize concentrations of fossil shells and coral so basically like what it looks like in the pictures where it’s like.
This is this is like.

[7:52] Beach Bayou Limestone sedimentary rock.
And so is it a while it is he’s do way several times they they don’t weigh as much as they would be if it was a like granite him.

[8:11] So it says the tallest the walls are like eight feet tall but doesn’t say how tall the entire thing was.
Yeah I think I’ve got that in here hang on so yeah and Eli is very common in that part of Florida if you did beneath the topsoil.

[8:30] The tallest points in it,
with few exceptions the objects are made from single pieces of stone that weigh on average of 15 Tons each the massive Stone the most massive Stone weighs 30 tons and the two tallest monoliths in the building,
are in the construction are 25 feet tall each.
Some of the features and carvings in The Kessler notable among them is a two-story castle tower.
Does his living quarters and consisted of a bunch of equipped all,
are 8 foot high pieces of stone.
An accurate Sundial a Polaris telescope and a barbecue a water well of Fountain Celestial stars and planets and numerous pieces of furniture,
some of the furniture was in fun shapes like for example there’s a heart shaped table and there’s a table in the shape of the state of Florida 25 rocking chairs that resemble Crescent moons a bathtub beds and throw.
In nature thought right now are we sure is a national state with state of florida he wasn’t does drum like dicks and balls la,
because he thought it was a simpler time true this is true people control like that back then that’s true of.
Really funny though that could have been the pioneer of trolling though.

[9:53] Well,
in the history of trolling zach goes,
Echoes way back to like ancient like Greek people writing letters back and forth just like you’re such a douche you’re a douche,
probably a saying you’re insulting graffiti I know some of the oldest is.
It’s in northern it’s actually let up on the island in england for the phone this like village it was preserve the married and whole bunch of graffiti it’s like the oldest england and some of the oldest in europe and.
There’s a whole bunch it just a lot of like sounds like sexually frustrated people.

[10:42] I’m talking about their exes and jenny is a total bitch and that that’s it’s the name wasn’t jenny but it’s a woman’s name and she was a total you know.
A word of there’s that kind of resembles RC word apparently.
Speak your mind and that’s true,
good good good confession on the walls no I don’t think that’s that’s quite how it work it wasn’t Pompeii,
yeah it does but let’s see Coral Castle,
allah see it oh and this is a cool part of it that i liked and,
intro which we will link to the show notes kind of showcases it back when I was still working but there’s a,
ring tone revolving the foot tall,
that’s one of the most famous structures in the castle.
And they documented on the show in search of and it’s cars so that fits within a quarter inch of the walls and it’s just basically a gigantic wall of.
Of the stone and you rotate it back and forth to get in and out and it’s so it’s so well-made that they like a small child can like push it open and closed but it’s you know it’s a 9 ton Boulder.
Let’s see they had to remove it in 1986 because it broke and the band I’d like in the 50s.

[12:11] So in order to fix it it took six men and a 45 ton crane once they move the gay Engineers discovered how we did it.
Here used a drill the hole from top to bottom in the stone and it started a metal shaft in The Rock was actually resting an old truck bearing and probably the reason that it failed was that.
He wasn’t around a toilet anymore and since they didn’t know what type of oil
falling back together nothing new house and working again in

[12:56] Aunts was appear again,
but they say that nowadays it doesn’t rotate white as easily and in some of the pictures you’ll even see it’s fenced off now be honestly a hazard to somebody tries Indiana Jones through that door was closing,
like you’re not stopping that door at some of the idea of why it’s like fenced off now and yeah probably liabil.

[13:19] But you know just how well how well made it was and how well it works for so long and then you know awesome like balance point.
So Coral Castle remains a popular tourist attraction in the area and it’s been featured in books magazine television etc etc.

[13:43] You know a lot of it claims that no one has ever seen him do the work and we’ve already talked about how there were some teenagers that played they so it levitated and reportedly one person you know saw him like worrying the rocks,
there’s a few people,
basically what you see from the pictures as he’s got really light little wooden pulleys and ropes and chains and stuff like that and I actually found a photo of his Tool Shed which is
on the site but it is a whole bunch of like surveying tools and,
chisels and stuff like that so it’s just kinda like it might not even be a mystery so much as just determination and just being really good at,
average rate that’s tell anthony cuz he’s actually in his family was actually a stone mason back a lot the f wit will they would have to be because like the the tower that he lived in the story one,
others no motor in the joints on that,
if you know anything about stonework it’s like that’s really hard to get back to we build something that lasts that doesn’t,
have that ass to be like perfect solutely.
So why Wonder have if anybody’s ever interviewed someone like who was a stonemason from Latvia to ask what what what are your methods and how do you.

[15:08] You know what I mean like you just go to the source if you don’t need the dude I mean you know.
He had friends that he hung out with and stuff like that and I’m working at get to here I have,
an article that mentions like a friend of his that hung out and thinks that the the Paranormal stuff is pretty hilarious just like knowing it’s just that stubborn and determined,
nude on the moon was filmed there which is a 1950s nudist film,
which hilariously enough the full version is available on YouTube please wait to it’s not safe for work,
so just a whole lot of topless women sitting around all the different furniture and stuff Coral Castle Lane while two guys in 1950s space suits or just like.
You don’t even get naked like song that’s like,
a minute and 30 seconds,
yeah that’s all I’m saying.

[16:29] Another kind of snuff film made their 1958 classic film The Wild Women of wongo use Coral Castle is the set for its Dragon God Temple at the like.
Can a 650 is like caveman movie Death by snoo snoo.

[16:54] Let’s see the 1966 children’s musical film Jimmy the Boy Wonder used it as a backdrop for scenes and then obviously the episode castle of secrets on Leonard Nimoy’s program in search of.
That full episode is also on YouTube live link to that the show notes.
History Channel did a segment about it on a course Ancient Aliens in the episode season 8 episode 2 mysterious structures.

[17:21] Interesting Lee Billy Idol 1986 song Sweet 16 was inspired by the story of Lisa and Coral Castle in the back story yet is Sweet 16.

[17:35] Would be because he was my with this girl.
They were engaged to be married she was 10 years younger than him,
and I think she was probably like 16 or so he always affectionately called her my sweet 16,
they have the wedding dates and everything and the day before they’re about to get married she calls off,
being and he is devastated so this man spans than.
Basically the rest of his life erecting this Coral Castle in her honor because he still heartbroken and then the guy literally dies.
Okay so he put a sign on his castle that says going to the hospital and then he goes to this hospital I think somewhere in Miami and he ends up dying three days later how freaking heartbreaking is that.

[18:28] He spent what was what were the years that he spent building the castle I can’t oh my gosh it’s like so he stopped building in 1951 but he started building I want to stay in leg.
1940s because yeah yeah so,
so it’s just.

[18:55] What did I mean so like you’ve been in like fits of like Rage or whatever we’re like you have to like get all that energy out because you know.
You’re really upset about something I don’t think it’s like a rage Castle dinosaurs.
Creative Outlet to express his,
probably his sorrow or just in basically all emotions the go through you go through like a bad breakup and this is the result of then and maybe he was wanting to.
Cleaning the character attention maybe he was just like you know why and is ninety something creative and.

[19:29] This is this is it sometimes you like.
Cuz kinda jealous i wish i could build stuff.
Imagine just living off the grid living castle made out of coral in southern florida and.
Living on like pennies a day but you’re just you don’t care and you just keep keep making castles out of at a choral such a simple life it’s like.
The testimony of his great love for Agnes took him from 1923 to 1951 to complete.
Wow the only other tribute that can compare the Coral Castle guys is the Taj Mahal.
Which is built over 20 years and several thousand slaves as a monument to the king’s wife but this guy did this all by himself over that stretch of time so.
It’s a pretty amazing test match twenty twenty eight years well yeah.
So call Miss Benjamin Radford who with Life Science Blog he’s at he’s a skeptic and a debunker and here’s what he had to say about it it’s tempting to view the amazing park for the veil of Mystery.
In fact we know how the castle was built creating a structure like Coral Castle today could probably be accomplished with a few months of construction with.

[20:52] Within a few months with a construction crew and Modern Machinery but lease can himself did it himself and he did it by using hard work and the principles of Leverage.
All the tools he used to Corey The Rock are on display at Coral Castle like I said that shed is there with all the tools and everything and there are several old fold photos that depict large tripods pulleys and winches would you use to move the blocks.
Zelda quarried stones are very large there actually a lot lighter than they appear because the rock is porous now that was the.
One of the better like skeptical things it was like to explain why this isn’t Supernatural and I don’t think it’s supernatural to be a really like weak argument on several fronts for example.

[21:37] The being like the stones pure large but they’re lighter than you think cuz they’re porous well will a porous 8 ton Stone.
Is still ain’t right,
that’s like that’s not very scientific up you would be appearance at least it’s early like a modern construction crew and a crane and everything else,
but he did it himself it’s like yeah that’s what’s impressive about it right that is the that’s the Gap we’re not connecting here exactly,
with the truck Transmission in it basically to make the stone move perfectly smooth it’s like.
You know what that like I said they had to have a crew of 20 people and 48 ton crane come in and left it out.

[22:23] So I wonder at what point I mean obviously is an impressive feat on by itself but at what point in Florida say.
This is going to be a monument of ours rather than let’s sell this house.
If that’s basically what they did after he died he had no heirs all I found it is Castle in along with the castle and the tools,
was they found a chest with like $3,000 in it which was a lot of money for the time yeah part of it was because he’d sold the land it was originally on for them to build Highway 1 to the government,
okay so became government property yeah so that so basically like eminent domain or you just sold it to the government,
I saw that he actually left before he died he left to his nephew who lived in Michigan and then his nephew sold it to a family in Illinois and then I think then it fell to the state,
so wonder what the value of is on that property.

[23:25] I don’t know but it’s not cuz it’s not family of him that owned it today right and it’s not government anymore today but like in the 50s when but when you have a lot of these like filled cruise and stuff like that that’s that’s when it was basically a public park or a or a while.
So it is it still open to visit it is still open to visit we have linked to its Museum on the the show notes okay so tourist destination that you could like go to when you propose,
I don’t know what the tour cost nowadays but they have brochures in a museum about his life and
he wrote some things some very interesting.
Yeah and what’s funny is no podcaster like show I’ve seen that like gets into like histories of got into this stuff but you actually like wrote a whole bunch of.
Stuff about how.
The week shouldn’t be Anna were talking about a guy who is very like an r and Batman Bruce Wayne to build it all will he didn’t think that,
invalids and the poor and people that they couldn’t provide for themselves should be allowed to vote.

[24:35] When holding hands so that gives you just a flavor of some of his political pamphlets that he would like print along with
call this in heat have the heat and out at the the castle castle,
what was he wasn’t angry dude but it just that he had some interesting political idea see yeah says there are five pamphlets any wrote a book in every home was contains and starts on three subjects,
sweet sixteen domestic and political years and he wrote the pamphlets on magnetic current and his men and best festival and all it contains is leaves on my cycles,
these three panels are available in the gift shop about his his death.
So is that okay so it says in December 1951 and became ill he put a sign on the door of his castle saying go into the hospital,
took a bus to Jackson Memorial in Miami and died three days later in his sleep at the age of 64 after his death and nephew living in Michigan inherited the castle,
1953 shortly before his death and nephews sold the castle so in 1953 shortly before his nephew’s death.

[25:50] He sold the castle to a family from Illinois,
during the switch in the ownership a box of Ed’s personal effects was on containing a set of instructions that led to the discovery of $3,500,
his life was basically his life saving and made a small living giving tours for 10 for 10 and $0.25,
and it’s from the sale is pamphlets and from the sale of the land where US Highway 1 passes.
Passing the castle so US Highway 1 actually passes by the castle so he probably that’s where that comes into play is that he just sold portion of the land debate basically like Highway 1 pass through that one piece of land so that’s probably where the Third.

[26:32] And it doesn’t really playing anything so it’s this but yeah so.
Travis yes being a master of manipulation and,
deception and trickery and whatnot what are your what are your thoughts on this guy how did he do it you think it’s,
being like literally like how did he do it but I’m kind of like what are your thoughts on the you know it’s kind of like we talked about with the magicians that commit their whole life to the event kind of like,
Chung Ling Soo we talked about her son committed to a bit,
so there’s no doubt that he put a lot of work and time into it i don’t doubt that at all,
if I would like some big saying like Okay cool he built this big Stonehouse thing Castle thing how he did it to me is kind of irrelevant but what really kind of.
Makes my gears turn is how he loaded it on the truck to relocate it so it almost makes me think that if I were to do it that because the crew that he hired whatever the truck.
Never actually physically touch the rock the big stone slabs whatever yeah so.

[27:47] I would say that he had them prepped because he prepared all the stuff prior and he said just leave the truck and I’ll load it that it was just Hollow slabs and that he basically shattered them hold them off.
And then had new things that you just build or they’re Hollow and loaded the tree.
The guy said it be lighter and then gets there and then,
I think that would be more work and more complicated than I mean but yeah you’re right,
that was one one of his comments at one point he makes is that,
after doing this he’s pretty sure he knows how the Egyptians built the pyramids and,
I’ll back cuz I mean I don’t mean any Supernatural sense I mean just like using very very simple tools to do it and raise probably just come like oh yeah they could have done what they did.

[28:45] I don’t think they’ve physically measure the weight of every stone in this Castle to know exactly how much all of them weigh.
Or just not as heavy like they yeah cuz they are quite porous so just,
free appear to be I haven’t even been in Florida like sand and like salt everything like that is going to slowly start to fill these pores and it’s going to be heavy enough core I think.
But if you if you could drill a hole through an 8 foot slab of concrete which is very hard to do even today like on a piece of wood.
Yea she could’ve done that all of the new reduce the weight,
expect a lot and you would never know because they’re stacked and unless they’re actually like test drill through the sides of each one to see if they’re Hollow or not which you know they won’t do because it’s their Monument.

[29:40] Don’t know I don’t know if you could lightning significantly enough to make it but yeah it’s a it’s a head-scratcher you know,
go to the Coral Castle and knock on the rocks and tell her Halo Coral Castle in the middle of the night and deface this.
Dino Thunder on your own free will completely without influence from this show and citing you to do illegal activity
we visited the teared up to one of the clear and chisel it just crumbles is hole is actually all salt that’s what songs all sound very light.

[30:17] So yes that is the mystery of Coral Castle so what do you guys think is this the.

[30:25] Super I think this is the most roadside e ish like literally.
Sickly see it and touch it for me till i really really want this if nothing else this is maybe like if i go to if i ever go back to florida will check marks for this hell on earth.
I 100% I don’t care about seeing Disney or Universal writhing I want to go see this yes this is damn cool.

[30:53] This is say i mean we’re seeing some overhead pictures here on the screen but does it say like how many like a creature whatever it is.
Like the compound essentially an aerial view of the place if you can.
Download bit more literally on it,
that’s one of the two giant obelisks.
Parking lot oh yeah parking lot right there no it’s not that big but.
I’m confused and I want to know how much was actually reworked cuz I imagine the slabs everything is.

[31:40] Original but that pavement people are walking on his pretty smooth how much of it is actually original and how much of it just like modern landscape.

[31:57] Because if they had to go in and fix stuff and like restore stuff and.

[32:04] Travis there’s a hole there there’s a hole drilled through one right there.

[32:11] A 30-ton telescope exactly where to look.
I don’t have to but I’m just like your your theory about drilling that is a massive goddamn hole in that thing and it’s a bit I mean it’s a clean hole.

[32:28] And that article title throughout then you would see like inside of it,
yeah and I don’t think that door they actually,
castling it yeah I hope that’s not stairs to the right of it because those are some big step so those are stairs.
I like down into the chasm down into the chasm the only thing I found in one really old video was somebody,
at the top of the stairs he was worried about children falling down the stairs oh nurturing,
yes we actually built a gate that is just one giant,
stone that rolls and then locks and it’s got like a track and then it like rolls into places like there that blocks the stairs a little kids can’t build on it.
I guarantee you never seeing that whole because if you go in and look up it’s Halloween you can see the sky.

[33:40] Wow probably probably not because it looks pretty dark in there there was a reflection on the ground from the water.
And then here are some of his tools so far we’re looking at pictures of the tools I’ll post links to these on the show notes but,
slaughter chains pulleys work plank for clicker met males or metal things i can’t quite yeah i can’t alter death sickle was there there yet there is there’s a circle there.
Which I suppose back that if you look at some of the older photos with the groundskeeping and stuff that’s basically how we like trim stuff back before got all paved fancy and stuff like it is today.

[34:20] Is that the guy who built it right there.

[34:25] If it is in the sold he looks super like,
tall thin unhappy that old that’s the crazy part he’s only,
he died at 6464 back then though is like way 80s now.
Has the fifties arrow i mean i know she’s adele and let genealogy so.

[34:48] Yeah let’s just say I was not that shocked for what’s quick that is that a bell tower pictures of the top one in the middle left this one left.

[35:02] Grass on the other side so it looks like I’m going to say cuz why is it Hollow is that Halle Bell Tower.
I’m not sure what i’m intrigued about every full ac now what
I am at 13 year old boys.
Play some good pictures here in this blog will definitely lincoln yeah do think that the museum’s website yeah museum’s website is,
reading your photos they just lake beaver lake was busy labor camera name in the uploaded the photos i’m intrigued violate the she will,
the shapes that he made are interesting,
like in that photo they’re half a crescent moon the moon and then like the little Lego guy with the hat.
The way it’s totally okay and is.
That’s pretty smooth for him to make compared to every other item in that place is.

[36:26] The star was originally his and then they just made it like a hollywood star type thing yeah say yeah here on a page where,
the page happens to be the bone.

[36:38] Me and blow hard to see there’s also get more shots this tools.

[36:47] I don’t see anything new here just piece of wire looks like on that one secrets of the pyramids secrets,
exactly it’s like entry and i think the whole thing is actually like a huge like planets align rube goldberg thing all the car plants are saying heart since i owe,
the stories from middle of the phone i’ve seen video of oh bill that,
the insights so that it and probably line it with claire something that chest make it water proof gotcha.

[37:23] Alright picture of a Bob was just like basically like a way up close picture of
gotcha that’s really clear water,
jesus christ i wanna live in coral castle it is so beautiful out there’s never mind now afternoon think yeah but yeah billion have a lot of scratches email bose it’s it’s were selling their.
Record the furniture seems like it real hard like at bed the main and a stone as come like.
Yeah a fight because of this no description that pictures just literally is a pineapple.

[38:12] There’s a pineapple there.

[38:17] There’s a whole restricted area what so whole hold the tv and why is now down here a back.
Sorry Bohemian by Etsy I just feel pretty sweet site though.

[38:36] I felt have a photo of it from the air and it didn’t have that pool in it that we saw on this other photo here online.
Slate and without arrogance very crazy horse people are still working on.
She like yours in are really out of it I like how they have a food court now so where would the fountain be a coordinator that star thing would it be bottom.

[39:06] Taking to the Drone photographer.
Now usually well Isaac he’s a drone photographer so he tries like hide himself under something so you don’t see him in the actual photos.
There’s some tourist doordash.

[39:26] Yeah that’s super spooky well down there.

[39:33] Yeah i didn’t wanna go down there trent.

[39:39] So if you could support us on patreon yes we will.
We can debunk the cool coral house thing I will drill a hole for you.
Will not come also for you cuz i’m not about to arrest in florida.
How do I do a family in Florida.
So yeah that was Coral Castle,
thank you very much everyone once again the supporters on peachtree on and also if you always want to you can hear it,
you episode of copper wore there on thursday nights at seven pm on july six two five be sure to check out that what.

[40:21] The internet radio station the kids these days they have the radio on the internet.

[40:30] So if you know podcasting is to convenience check out the streaming on 7 p.m. on Thursday nights now just kidding,
it really cool of the six to five guys and them spreading are content and stuff and so bitter checkout be sure to us for some patriot and then of course,
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in some conversation about the topics where we’re totally open to that and share your ghost stories are spooky stories are yeah yeah we love the stories and if you,
latvian immigrate to in the fifty’s built a giant coral castle we’d like to hear from you when to phone lines are now open,
ghost operators are standing by Space Ghost Coast to Coast theme right there,
have a great week everyone and we’ll see you next time.

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