Sioux Empire Podcast 124 How to Podcast Panel from SiouxperCon 2018

Sioux Empire Podcast 124 How to Podcast Panel from SiouxperCon 2018

Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Are you a podcaster who wants to learn some new tricks? Then you don’t want to miss this panel at SiouxperCon 2018: Return of the Con on Friday, September 28th at 8 PM at the Sioux Falls Convention Center!

What kind of equipment should I use? Is there free software that can help me sound professional? What are the benefits of Podcasting? What are the pitfalls that cost rookie podcasters money and time? We’ve got you covered.

Robert Mehling has been producing podcasts since 2014 for He has created hundreds of episodes for over a dozen podcasts featured in national media such as USA Today and NPR. A podcasting consultant for the State of South Dakota Game Fish & Parks and featured speaker at 1 Million Cups Sioux Falls, he’s offering you a crash course on how to make your podcasts and will be available for Q&A on any aspect of Podcasting.

Famous for his “open door” policy on podcasting Robert has worked to foster an interest in the art of podcasting in others. That’s why he is offering this presentation and Q&A with no fees or strings attached. Just come on down to SiouxperCon.


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Machine Transcript
[0:50] So I guess I’m just going to leave in a little bit here just get it going to do it a little informal cuz we just got a small group here,
what are people’s kind of expectations for the payoff the thing with podcasting is that it’s,
there’s like a million different formats there’s a different ways to record it what what are some of people’s ideas or what would you like to hear about or do you just want me to start from the top like totally how to do it,
like like a cookie cutter.
Podcast so okay I’ll do that and then I just with the disclosure that there’s a whole bunch of like if you get to a point where I couldn’t do that.
There are other workarounds and other ways to do it there’s like a million ways to do a podcast,
so the first step is you need a topic something to talk about obviously,
it’s ideal have like a dish of some kind something that people haven’t heard before I mean you could totally do something that other people do you can do this for fun that’s totally your thing I mean there’s no,
pressures are obligations there I will caution you if you’re thinking that you’re going to get rich podcasting in any way shape or form,
that is never going to happen unless you are even the people that have done that like maren and,
Joe Rogan were famous before and they use their connections from being famous before the podcast.

[2:14] The Streamlight in in there so,
famous yeah that’s like it’s.

[2:32] You got it got really famous for interviewing Obama a few years ago but I don’t.
Yeah certainly like to think you’re saying and said another reason to do it is if you wanted kind of become more involved with just your community I mean the thing with.
Sioux Empire podcast as we started the first year with just Rob myself and his wife and we pick the topic of.
Local Sioux Empire stuff it quickly it’s no Mall from Larry.
But you know the first season we just did it ourselves never hadn’t guessed but then we started having I guess after we can make bills established ourselves in the listeners.
And then we started having a lot of really cool guest on and that’s kind of cool way to meet new people and talk about it something new that you don’t know very much about him.
If you’re interested in getting more involved with people around you is really.
Yeah whatever Community it’s like if it’s sewing if it’s cosplay if it’s local news something like that it’s a great way to reach out to a community.

[3:53] Whatever you dig and you can have her pain is not a bad place to start when you’re talking about.
I think you’re probably going to admit.
We’re going to but when we first started we did 10 episodes before we ever believes it and it’s good to have that you know sort of.

[4:14] So that you can.
You’re pretty. Depends because there’s been a lot of like conjecture on that rule and stuff over over the years now that kind of like change that a little bit we’re not all podcast will launch in with so many,
you know there’s there’s a whole bunch of arguments about you should have 3 episodes in the can before you laundry stuff too,
or excetera excetera head games trying to be like in the system would become really popular by doing that you’re not.
Just don’t mess with like little petty games like that if you put on and you promoted know you’re out there people will find you and,
a joke with people that I’m still a farmer like I was when I was a kid growing up on a farm you just planting seeds in overtime at gross I mean we probably had like 50 listeners and episode the first year,
like 200 when we added guests in season 2 and then season 3 is when it started to get,
crazy like 800 to 1200 per episode life in that territory.
There were two years there where it felt like we were basically like in a room Talking to Ourselves.

[5:28] Take off Merry Christmas images canopy layer but I guess they’re just try to get some Grill.
Fish learn English through the podcast which is terrifying,
you’re not learning from the doctors not. Too much so the next thing once you got your topic in your idea and your niche,
will get another technical stuff your equipment a lot of people,
the big mistake they make right off the bat is it going in there by like a lot of equipment you do not have to do that there are top 10 iTunes podcasts out there where they recorded with the little earbud headphones that have a microphone and then from there I saw,
that’s all they used to record so you do not have to splurge on equipment that is totally unnecessary it depends a lot.
You’re by yourself.
I don’t like Sarah Werner who’s a big podcaster here in town she’s got out iTunes like top 10 sci-fi podcast of girl in space that’s amazing.

[6:44] I always was like man I have your studio sound,
and then she’s got a bunch of acoustic foam like from Amazon and chicken wire and she made her podcast cone,
top 10 iTunes podcasts like,
and treated like this and that’s how she gets that perfect absolutely no outside noise perfectly balanced sound.

[7:26] I’m imagining she’s operated by now but I will always like a picture in the cone of silence.
Anyway so yeah like I said you do not need to spend a lot of money you can get great sound that way if you doing the podcast it’s more like ours where it’s like conversational it gets a little more complicated but even if you’re like short on money like this little guy right here this Olympus recorder,
the best recorder for $40 at Office Depot you can probably get a lot cheaper online,
it’s got everything I’m saying. So much better,
and I listen to podcast and once I’m done with it it’s it’s listenable it’s not going to be like,
but it’s going to sound good especially for like a starting out podcast getting your feel and deciding if it’s something you want to do for like your first season or whatever more than adequate or like I said like if it’s just by yourself.

[8:28] IPhone earbuds,
if you want to be a crazy person and have like no self-control you be like me and go buy an answer mics and a mixer and all that stuff like right off the bat which it is nice and it gives me a lot more flexibility,
but especially like the first few years when I didn’t know what I was doing with the mixer yet it’s really debatable whether it was like a hindrance or a helpful even have all that equipment cuz I was learning from it which I learn how to use equipment so that’s that’s helpful.

[8:58] Answer that would be confiscated stuff,
don’t spend a lot of money on equipment try it out with something cheaper and then like it’s taking off and someone starts a bit about sponsors or you’re like pushing like a thousand listens an episode or something like that eventually or something like that,
send me a pic then you can start looking at like upgrading to set up and stuff like that or if you’re doing it for fun like I am and you just done with money anyway you can I mean you can Splurge if you want but,
it’s time to make or break your podcast a lot of people will go in thinking they can spend a bunch of money off the bat,
and then that will make her podcasts work no you can have a $400 you know NPR condenser mic and make it terrible podcast I’ve heard them,
they’re out there that you were about the job again like you shouldn’t feel bad if.
Yeah I have to jump Tilex because like I said we started out with one mindset and then quickly changed as you learn how you’re doing.

[10:03] So the next thing once you got some kind of equipment to report it almost all these devices,
that’s what your audio should have come out as some of them were going to have it stereo some of them will have it just one channel in mono,
unless you’re doing like an audio play like radio play with those are fun,
it’s like full of like characters and sound effects and stuff like going on unless you produce it like fully produced like that,
I upload all my stuff in in single-channel mono anymore because it has the amount of data and,
something I’ve learned like the first year I was uploading stereo so I was literally just wasting and paying for twice too much upload that I needed to but you don’t you learn from your first year,
yeah so yeah.
So you get the way file the next thing is how do you clean it up there is a free program that is very easy to use for audio editing.
90% of podcasts use it podcast that are like four people do this for a living.
Bands that use audacity cuz it’s like like anything on the network that like flophouse and my brother my brother my brother and me.

[11:30] Let’s get bunch of them they all use audacity even though they’re guys that make their living off of podcasting that’s all they do and they still use this free software cuz it’s really stupid easy to edit
Dragon drop stuff Ben is super straightforward you want to fade you just go at it.
What are the things that you’ve done is outsourced.

[11:57] I had her intro Outdoors too so that’s kind of cheap way to kind of put some stuff if you’re not give the musically or whatever you want to,
dad as far as like there is a ton of royalty.

[12:24] There’s a ton of royalty free music out there so as far as like your intro and stuff like that I would rely on that.
Royalty free for the first two seasons like that and that in the third contacted a composer that I met on fiber fiber is right by the way if you just want a voiceover intro person that isn’t you welcome to the show until podcast.

[12:47] It’s different so it sounds more professional and stuff you can go on fiber and pay them like 5 $10 and they’ll send you that audio clip and you give them a script.
It’s stupid easy to Outsource stuff that way it’s really feel like people with British accents.

[13:05] When will I arrive at British British woman record our intro where she said all of our names like with Robert smeding Natasha Estes for the longest time I left it there but she was like set.

[13:29] He messes up names and for the first year it was just me and the podcast other than 5 and you certainly didn’t mess up hers but you know that my mood.
I believe it cuz I do that but yeah okay I’ll believe that anyway my apologies back on a podcasting and how to,
the next thing you could do so you’ve got that WAV file you’ve got I know what you want like I said you can have intros reported you can use you know royalty free music I recommend that.
Don’t push the the car anything copyrighted be really careful with fair use a lot of people will push.
There used to be like all that’s fair you have some in the elf like pulling it Tire 80 ACDC song as their theme in the podcast is like that.
Podcast to the wild west so it’s not like YouTube you will not get flag right away.
Eventually it can really come back to bite you like severely with the legal ramifications so I would strongly recommend you not do that unless you got Express.
Information it’s up and then if you’re like me and you upload your podcast to YouTube as well cuz that’s another outlet for Distributing.
YouTube will flag you like right away cuz they’ve got the algorithms to detect right away you’re using a song that you don’t.
Glad you for using music that you own and have explicit written permission to use.
And I’m still glad you would be like we don’t believe you even though your Britain documents that say I own this.

[14:56] Podcast of paranormal investigation with copper Anwar band called mouth full of BS recorded this really cool Erie soundtrack that’s the intro to it,
every episode I have to file a dispute with YouTube cuz every episode,
glad the intro as a copyright violation and then I have to email the form that says no I got written permission to use a song and then like okay.

[15:22] So just part of my routine just email that outfit every episode that.

[15:27] So stay away from copyrighted music as much as he can use the original stuff.
So you got this way file we put music in it before the intro wanted you recorded what you were your content the next thing is to format a little bit,
one of the best kept secrets other than audacity that’s free for for formatting and editing is a little program called level later.
If you Google level later you’ll find it it’s really Define to run from a company called the conversations Network and it is.
You are liquid gold it is amazing you literally drag your wave file onto the the little window that pops up and it spits out a WAV file that is like totally balanced it will lower your high and raise your Lowe’s,
superb like better than,
I have a service I use for other different like body of finishing things that’s like a paid professional service it is not as good in a lot of cases of levelator.

[16:32] I don’t like people in the industry rant and Rave about that that program and it’s totally free,
so at the best kept secret you hear a lot of people when they’re learning a podcast they’re starting out there audio levels were like really really low or really are really really high but usually really low because they’re scared and shy on the first time the first 15 minutes,
let you know the rule that everyone is scared of podcasting the first 15 minutes and then they get natural sounding.

[16:58] Yeah yeah so level later that’s one of the best piece of advice I can give you cuz I know a lot of podcast that could really use that that don’t know about it.
It’s really different than the previous year.

[17:18] Yep it’s it’s a great tool and it’s free so I highly recommend that so then the next thing you got to figure out how to host your your podcast cuz you got that file I need to distribute it to people.
Here’s where it gets a little technical because there’s like a hundred different ways to distribute it,
I’ve really common one with a lot of people I Know It SoundCloud that is absolutely a good valid resource I,
I would recommend it I know there’s some people who are like very sad again SoundCloud because the company has had some like instability with leadership and stuff like that,
but it’s a great Value Plus like $120 a year and then unlimited audio for the entire year like you can upload a hundred episodes and.
And SoundCloud.

[18:03] Are they give you the pretty front end in the player that you can embed in your website stuff like that pretty straightforward and get and now they used to not do this now they offer an RSS feed so that you could submit it to iTunes through SoundCloud so they are a full fully functional,
posting service,
another one that I use is called libsyn that’s the professional industry Standard 1 a lot of your like iTunes top 10 podcasts are posted by lips and they are the gold standard.
The thing with them is that,
they’re by media host so they host your file and they give you a little player but you might want a prettier like WordPress website that actually put the player on and display to people because otherwise the lips and websites kind of ugly but it’s.
But it’s a good host and the brakes are pretty reasonable but that one will charge based on the volume or the amount of files.
That’s why I was talking about paying double cuz I turn the stereo files instead of mono files so it’s like I’m using up twice as much memory as I need to every month.

[19:09] But yeah I can’t say enough good things about Lipson but I know people who you SoundCloud are super happy with that I know a few people who use a service I can recommend cuz I’ve never used it but podbean is very popular.
Blueberry is very popular I actually use their there plug-in on my WordPress site because if you’re going to do host multiple podcasts like I do want to cite what you can do is you can host the media file on Lipson,
and then use Burberry to create like a channel for like 6 so I can have six different podcasts from one website is burberry can just spit out,
here’s the website here’s a podcast. Here’s a separate podcast feed is another podcast feed so all of my podcast website,
fix it just it’s so easy to manage to that plug in so,
that’s a great product but I still like lips in as the host like I said they are the gold standard and they have really up their game on the analytics like giving you about who’s listening to where and for how long and things like that.
Yeah I know how to hard test I guess welcome.

[20:15] So beyond that didn’t you get into but that’s how it looks and so if you use Ice and Fire.

[20:27] I’m sorry what was that very last part.
Yes cuz cuz here’s the deal I didn’t mention I touch your podcast basically they are an aggregator and a search engine you give them the RSS feed,
which is what your podcast feed as it’s just a syndicated data feed and iTunes just basically a search engine for podcasts.
So you want to submit your podcast there because in the last report that lips and did they said that,
something like 70% of all podcast listeners are still listening through iTunes,
I mean it’s not even close how many how much Apple dominates that market so you have to be on iTunes there’s just no getting around that.
You’re going to be.

[21:20] Yeah it while we’re on the topic of submitting your podcast if you’re going to use explicit language totally fine as long as you’re not doing anything like bigoted or like race really don’t like.
Did you know really icky stuff as long as you’re staying out of that just your basic swearing,
as long as you put the explicit disclaimer on your podcast feed iTunes does not care one bit in fact,
I do it on podcasts where we don’t swear my flight Macabre Noir just doesn’t insurance policy so that they can never say all you should have said that on a non-explicit podcast,
but yeah,
but if you swear on a podcast that does not have the explicit carrier they can get really nasty about throwing you off by Toots and like I said if they close the door on you what iTunes that’s 70% of the worlds podcast listeners cut off.
So it’s very important to keep them happy.

[22:20] I don’t think I can.
Put on all of theirs I think this American life if I recall they put the explicit on specific episodes which some,
some Services allow you to do that and some don’t I don’t know if the Burberry plug-in I use lets me do that so just as a caution I put it on the channel just so I’m covered,
I just don’t want any any miscommunication where someone Flags me for having swearing when I’m not supposed to.
Cuz yeah they’ll do that and then what time does American life does it’s because they’re also going to broadcast on public radio is there put a censored version on their website and on the radio but the explicit one is the one that’s in your main feed.

[23:13] So yeah you and Stitcher is another great resource I mean not nearly as big as iTunes but basically you just take your RSS feed that you have from your host,
you just put that lead in you know you do face the Google submit a podcast to Stitcher submit a podcast to iTunes,
you’re immediately to find their connect portal and if you could set up an email account with some face if you don’t like.
Basic basic information like a horn basically you’ll be all set because what they’ll do it used to be a lot more like work on your part
but nowadays almost all of them are built so you just feed them the RSS feed they’re going to look at your house and pull that information from the beat so you don’t even have to put in your show description or your artwork half the time because
child support from a seed.

[24:00] So where were you hosted at either Lipson or SoundCloud it’ll just take that information you only thinner at once you just distribute the RSS.
If you heard of.
Cuz once it’s up and running it’s stupid easy to just upload another episode upload another episode there’s like no maintenance on it it’s just that initial getting started and submitting it everywhere.

[24:26] It’s very rare to have a podcast like turned out I’ve never had one in Sac Apple usually approve something I submit to them in like 12 hours I can have a podcast up and running,
but they say it can be up to like 2 or 3 days cuz it is a literally an internet Camaro sitting there that like manually ghosts,
you know it’s like the lowest totem job on the pole I guess is,
State the one internet approves podcast but they do have a human look at it and go this is humans.

[25:00] Yeah they don’t do a lot out to iTunes with them.
It’s better than now YouTube YouTube YouTube it’s like the cautionary tale of going too far the other way for you to restrictive and iTunes is very much the wild west get Facebook if you upload and that’s the thing is just because it’s audio a lot.
People doing stuff for their logo or like a screensaver anything with their logo but again fiber is your friend you can hire someone or Fiber to make the animated logo that just loops,
and don’t put their audio on,
I like Facebook or even streaming on Facebook live there’s so many resources and so many different like channels for delivery but if you’re doing a true audio podcast,
I can’t stress enough that iTunes is this the way cuz you know Lipson is the biggest game in town and they put out there anywhere Port every year and this year they said like 70% of listeners are still on iTunes.

[25:59] I expect that to shift a little bit now that Google is finally taking podcast seriously and there is no a dedicated Google podcast app there wasn’t before so you had,
Stitcher and pot holders like a million podcast catchers out there but the nice thing is that almost all them dish steal information from iTunes,
and skim it so once you submit the iTunes you’re on like a dozen different applications you don’t even know about.
Screaming because there cuz they want you know people to listen on their service so they’re going to pull them so you really have to submit to the big boys submit to Google submit to iTunes,
and Spotify is growing rapidly so I would definitely submit to Spotify their submission process is a little more pain in the butt is the technical term,
but yeah it’s it’s worth it cuz they are there rapidly growing there.
They are the next biggest on the radar last year and now this year they’re like the next even though a papalas 70% the next fastest and the fastest-growing is Spotify.

[27:10] So it’s a good place to be.
Yeah and from there you just need to promote your your podcast there’s a lot of different ways to do that depending on what kind of podcast is.
Like Seth was saying earlier it really helped us when we start doing interviews with people and feel like communicating more with the community,
guests are a big big boom unless you unless you’re going to do like an ass a kind of thing where you’re going to like research and plan it out in like read this set essay if your discussion and you.

[27:42] Your glasses are big part of succeeding going to let him finish.
It’s really scared to hear Dan Bob it’s Juniors voice like that is like a voice God right now.

[28:11] But that much power is terrifying.

[28:17] He’s a friend and he’s from here on homeboy cuz he’s pick her up and look like seeing for the state ID.
There’s like almost no one out there so I’m surprised you’re not related really.

[28:29] Anyway so we’re talking about Distributing podcasts and promoting is is a key thing.
Around here Facebook is a twat bigger than Facebook is paying your trying to put that depends on your,
it depends on your Niche because we are targeting people in the Sioux Empire that is our Niche so 70 to 80% of users in this area are.
Do like all their do everything on Facebook so that’s where we’re at like heavily we are very heavily invested in Facebook,
the point that I don’t like it cuz it’s a bit of a monoculture so it’s like a Facebook changes one thing we have to immediately react that’s another marketing there where you don’t want to like it too dependent on one channel for promoting your stuff.
Periscope is really growing and doing well you know YouTube obviously.

[29:26] Social media is a big retard about promoting now sorry.

[29:32] Which one am I promoting another good channel is emails I do like to get an email list I’m not huge on collecting emails but,
it is effective for like the set people that you eat,
rely on email and it’s controlled by Facebook or Twitter and Facebook puts out an algorithm change tomorrow that makes it really hard to find my podcast.

[29:56] My email is people are completely unaffected by that that’s all me I own that I own those means of communication that way.
Generator software or do you.
Emailing and have the list all enjoy your own use MailChimp and so what you can do there as you can have like up to 2,000 email addresses which is like way bigger than my list is for free,
and you got chicken connected to an RSS feed so what mine does is if a new episode of my podcast comes out.
MailChimp reads the RSS feed puts out the set you know the image from my podcast app,
title of my podcast episode and Link and emails that out to the list whenever a new episode comes out at the set time that I determine NFL free,
so that’s a really great Channel once you start collecting some emails and then they make an embedded form you can put on your website to collect more emails you like to sign up for our mailing list for your newsletter and,
especially this is the only way you’re going to use it is to tell people there’s a new episode of podcast.
Tell people that tell him you’re not going to sell it or anything like that this is just hey I want to hear there’s a new episode.

[31:06] People are usually a lot more receptive when they know it just like I’m just one person this is just my podcast this is not a multi-level marketing thing going on with your email.

[31:24] Dumb Polo South Park Cartman’s dad nobody wants that that’s no David cuz I’m sorry he doesn’t even.

[31:34] Podcast.
And even if it’s a humorous podcast,
podcast that you can go in but I mean.
Hi baby I certainly don’t want to get it as serious as we do I mean I don’t mind getting in serious as we do but.

[32:06] Later or another, the end of it.

[32:13] Yeah that’s that’s my baby.
Yes Shameless plug for the panel tomorrow night we’re working at the episodes of my humor and local news when the Sioux Empire podcast,
and then my paranormal investigation 1 Macabre Noir where I have magician Travis 9 and then area shows of medium is going to be there and I think she said she seriously said that so if that could be.
We’ll see how hot it we can get this convention center.

[32:48] Oh I think she she’s got like peridex and crystals and yeah it is it’s going to be not so I’m sure but.
That’s at 8 p.m. tomorrow maybe.
No it’ll be wearing when the closer ones up here by then hopefully the jock smell of waste out of that one.
So yeah that’s podcasting in a nutshell I know that was super vague overview but like I said that the more I learn about podcasting the more I learn the.
There’s like a million paths to success or what you want out of podcasting and there’s a million different ways to do it it’s just based on your own resourcefulness,
what kind of questions do you guys have about how to how to go forward out of out of wherever you’re at in the process if you’re still like,
kicking around an idea or if you’d like to rolling with something go ahead.
Everything about how to approach how can I be an extra going through with it if I’m saying I’ve always.

[33:59] I get Social Anxiety really bad if I did not want to talk to strangers let alone with microphones all weird and like I’ve got way more comfortable with it now but yeah when we starting off at the super super awkward.

[34:15] Robert Stacy cell.
It depends it depends on what kind of people you’re looking for so like with local news here in the Sioux Empire what I do is I will look for.
You know who who is making news and we started out really small so it was just like a local comic book artist Dylan jakobsen got featured in The Argus Leader because his Kickstarter raised like 25.
What was the 5000 no $6,000 in one week or something like that that’s what made like the front page of the Argus Leader of what’s his story so then you use social media to stop them and track them down like a dog.
Facebook is the greatest intelligence resource ever.
Yeah Facebook Messenger to talk to somebody in your local group or you can even do it by web and you know I said something that.
Download daily a lot of people in this area earlier shopping.

[35:34] Connections by a ditch Facebook groups where we can find people who are in that same thing if you’re talking about an industry podcast LinkedIn is a great resource of group if it’s like a business podcast.
You know just go where they are and then I guess it’s just like dating you just got to ask are getting in getting your desk.

[36:01] They’re in their hand in hand because the the guest helps promote usually don’t go back on their show or anything like they’re doing or those,
like what’s a podcast that was just a big part word-of-mouth the people like fuck I was on this podcast last weekend because my friend was a guest on it you know,
about to go or something like that and then as you kind of like climb the totem you get bigger and bigger guests,
and those cats have a bigger umbrella and I mean you see how it works at snowballs basically to the point that you get like the art director of the Washington Pavilion in our you get like the mayor or somebody like that.
You know you’re whatever your goal yes exactly let’s see any other question.

[36:51] Okay so talking about pot in fridge and stuff how do you how do you go about getting coffee and then keep doing that how do you keep in the.

[37:01] Nai an hour late all you can control this surprise robbed.

[37:08] Like I’m there for the ride so I mean you really have to be dedicated if it was up to me is this wouldn’t we would have not.
God has one season just because I robbed as a super dedication and.
You know he asked me how I do and I tell them that mental mental issues really help.
Mental illness is a key to keeping all these podcast going at once.

[37:42] You’re not going to blow up in the first year necessarily so he got a thank-you turns of years with podcast in your.
Growing your audience at the only podcast I ever had like blow up right off the bat was actually Urban Indians podcast that I produced The Toasted by Gabriel Knight shield that one exploded right off the bat,
hey sweets won the Native American music award like the Native American version of the Grammys where they are award ceremony in New York and stuff,
he’s wanted like 4 times and so he has like a national following except it’s so that got us on the USA Today and NPR and stuff like that so like the first.
Of that podcast we like 6,000 downloads and that’s just that that’s that power of that let me talk in earlier about like Rogan and people like that you’re already famous podcast.
Easier but obviously everybody doesn’t have that kind of resource but if you’re looking for like a co-host or something like that if you know someone,
that’s the thing that these are like a very obscure to someone who died in the Native American community so you wouldn’t on the surface think that would be a massive draw if you know somebody that’s like big in your industry a big influencer,
to or like to in your topic for you know somebody just like a comedian,
like has I’m following that can help as far as like your guess depending once again on your topic keeping it open-ended year.

[39:09] It like I said if they’re out of state or whatever the people that you want to contact her that you don’t post and I refer to.
Seth siouxpercon.
Leaving job me off track.

[39:42] So back to your actual question about content creation.
It depends a lot on your topic if you find your burning out on it you might want to take like a different direction and retool a little bit or like fine like a different knit with a niche in automobile.
Full disclosure I produce a podcast for Pete year Pappy for your podcast it’s a political podcast.
I would say like say you’re getting this is an example for the group.
Like if you’re getting frustrated with one kind of thing like the Kavanagh by testimony with Springport stuff like that you can switch gears there’s a lot of other stuff going on in politics that you could cover the it’s not being covered.
I mean are you talking like looking for like topics are you talking about just like the creation of something from a topic like research or starting out for you about.

[40:45] Getting into the consecration Kevin just keep going the Caillou.
How do you keep the fire alive okay that that is that is a quite a different question than I thought what you were asking.
That’s a good one.
You just got to be determined you can’t be motivated by money you’ve got to love this hobby it’s and that’s what it is and it’s an art form I believe now after having done it as long as I have.
Yeah cuz it seems like bikers and if it’s a conversational type of hot gases in your thing maybe try writing one out if maybe it is you like writing and have it.
Scripted podcast because that’s something completely different so if you’re kinda.

[41:27] Laundry on the conversations and kiddo. Really loving that maybe have something written out a time and you might enjoy that process.
So you can try new things like probably saying there’s a million different ways.

[41:42] It’s all about really you know you got to want to do it Whatever It Is.

[41:51] I’m going back to determination it’s it’s just like.

[41:59] It just baffles me like people that are like Music Makers that like make music that are bands like Gabriel lifeshield or the local stand-up comedians that I have on dress code like sack dress,
same deal you just got to have you got it love what you’re doing and enjoy it,
intrinsic enjoyment from it cuz you’re not going to right away get any kind of monetary from it but it is fun I mean I find a credibly rewarding and it’s one of those like that’s what separates if it was too.
It would get way too easy and way too oversaturated if it was so easy that just absolutely everyone can do it the fact that there is a little bit of a difficulty threshold in it and it does.
I would say difficulty but there’s work there’s Sweat Equity that you must put into it to get established,
in a way that’s a good thing because a little bit instead of like somebody who just goes for thought and we’re planning,
and execute and stand out from.
You know you wouldn’t you wouldn’t want it to be that anybody can just wondering. Street recorded walk away it’s kind of like you even get YouTube That’s What You Get YouTube like years ago.
Pretty much yeah so.

[43:15] Nope that would that I was apologizing that there’s any other questions though.
I guess I have a a question that down.
They have follow-up questions depending on the answer how’d you guys record locally all the time like within the same room or what not.

[43:38] Record some stuff when I try to because it is a major pet peeve of mine for podcast that record one person on Skype.
But that is super common format and it’s incredibly restrictive to me as an artist probably that I that I have that hang up because the ability to talk to people all over across the country is a really powerful tool if done right,
and it could have just bronze your guests beer so I’m I’m lucky that I don’t have to do that because my focus is local so I tried to get the local person in my studio,
and I think there’s better sound quality there and just a better repore cuz then you got body language working and stuff like that,
but I would not let my hang up on that prevent you from researching it doing it right and and talking to guess there are like podcast on fire I can’t remember the guy that produces that one but it’s an entrepreneurship podcast,
and he produces like an hour podcast a day and I think he’s making something like $7,000 a week or something like that just blew up podcasting,
and he did.

[44:46] You did a lot of that with anything but having it set up already like just just you know there he’s got a spare room where he.
It’ll be this setup and he’s been constantly improving it every year so.
Nice. If you do want to be served like a field of work out in field.
Podcast I don’t know if they specialized equipment for it but like Robert name with Richard recording the field use this guy.
TWRP use a slightly upgraded one that’s like $100 instead of the $60 one like this and then used level later on it and you,
I probably golden you can use a little bit of sound filtering the stuff in audacity for like noise cancellation from Hamed’s like that is not the greatest,
all that requires a little bit more about tech like Technical and I can do it sometimes but there are some shows where I can’t there’s only so much you can do on that front,
but some people have recorded really great episode with her interviewing someone like in a restaurant or coffee shop if you got the right recorder once you tested it and like gone out and done that,
it’s actually adds like an Ambiance of the background noise of like you know those like dishes cleaning and stuff like that and like,
you care for once in awhile stuff like that it’s very very homie inorganic and it makes you feel like you’re sitting there at the table with them that’s a pretty cool setup.

[46:16] Yeah maybe like a little further gas and then instead of the Ambiance Mike that is absolutely possible.
But not totally necessary that they did that but I totally totally possible thing I have learned,
and podcasting is that unless you are in a super controlled Studio environment less is more if I were to redo my studio today like.
I had like no credit card debts actually do it,
I would not use condenser mics like I use right now and now everyone every podcast tutorial you’re going to see how the internet says use condenser mics cuz it’s better quality,
well it is if you are an absolutely controlled Studio environment with acoustic foam everywhere and like,
what are two people in the studio super controlled environment otherwise they’re too sensitive I would just make sure that your guest talk louder,
I talked to better mic placement and use regular mic instead of condenser mics,
because I I think we get more background then we need to from our condenser mics which I can compensate that as I’m getting better with like learning my mixer and stuff like that,
but it wasn’t necessary to do that and if I rewired it or read it it I’d probably move away from condenser microphones.

[47:36] He said I’m the 2099 launching an audio drama podcast that’s going to be in like the vein of The Twilight Zone it’s going to like cat sound effects characters and stuff like that,
so I’m glad I have them for that but for like me and Seth and I guess you know like interviewing there’s no reason to use condenser mics,
or that I mean you can’t you have to look at I do but you can save money and save audio adjusting time and you know,
by not doing that that’s that’s what I was getting at the beginning of thing it’s like there’s a million ways to do this so it’s like you can do with phantom power,
you know little earbuds you can do this guy sitting on the table right here all of them work you can you can you can make work if you want.
It’s all up to your personal preference and if you record more you’ll develop personal preferences for I like the way that sounds are you I don’t like the way this sounds or we should have done it in that room or something like that and it just learn from experience. I think.

[48:48] Any other questions mention earlier that like difference.
Platforms like iTunes and Spotify they can take up a lot of time to fill up your uploads to complete does that make it hard for scheduling like.
Do like a weekly podcast.

[49:11] And I didn’t I don’t believe I said that on like a per episode basis for the approval process when they approve you the very first time.
Time your actual uploads now I will speak from my experience I’ve had incredibly good luck with them always appearing the instant I put them on my feed.
Now sure when or who I mentioned earlier than a lot of podcasting she can complain to me that she said podcast that are delayed by like 2 days,
from showing up that is not been my experience at all personally.
For me they always shown up within 24 hours of be posting them so like a very consistently Urban in his podcast is always released every other Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.
Especially with that regular schedule and I schedule it in like lips in and in SoundCloud stuff like that cuz you can schedule when the post like go live.
It’s been very consistent I haven’t had any trouble with it like not showing up on time.
Especially when you got a regular schedule and you’re not like Barney and would like three episode the day or something like that yeah I should be very consistent I think.
Like I said I’m not everyone’s experience but it’s been mine for 4 years so other questions.

[50:33] Going once going twice so what do you do for environmental control.

[50:42] You and your wife you live in private I needed for normal.

[50:46] That was awesome thank you. Me too man.
Yeah Harry show out here she doesn’t podcast called chaos reigns with her husband that’s all about like filmmaking and good podcast and.
House for cats and on a regular basis to get interrupted by cat.
And it’s hilarious will be like how we have to cut away and then you’ll hear like a cut and they’ll be okay we’re back or cats they really wanted in this room because this is the room that their litter boxes this where we record make a story.
This is the story of Marc Maron interviewed Barack Obama with Obama leaning up against maren’s like 2002 Volkswagen Beetle in his garage has his studios in his garage.
So it’s like a picture of Barack Obama leaning against his old car sitting a garage like it’s wonky but.

[51:50] You put composer and the right contact everyone understands that podcasting is something different it’s organic it’s very ground level and so unless you’re doing like an American life for like an essay one that’s like silence,
there’s a lot of forgiveness there I think some people won’t forgive us some people get really picky about having anything like that to podcast but.
I think part of that is the spice of life that actually makes podcast worth living to instead of like a corporate produced like mass-produced thing I need a dedicated space for it you know you can have really lightweight.

[52:26] You want to go longer than an hour you certainly can,
we’re kind of in Q&A and I think I’m about to I don’t know who that guy is that was awesome thank you.
What’s the other thing I was going to say too if anybody does have any other questions I wish I’d said it for.
People in the back left here but I have an open door policy so anytime you want to come over you live in Sioux Falls and you want to Shadow a podcast and see like,
I all the time except most of them sitting next to me and I’ll be like okay this is my mixer this is what I do this is why I do it your experience baby differ,
so you can call you can call me or text me or email me and we can set that up and I you can Shadow an episode of my podcast if I got room for you the studio,
my email address is our it’s Rob at the Sioux Empire. Com so it’s Rob at symbol.
The and then sue cuz I can’t spell Sioux Empire apparently.
How to spell perfect time.

[53:51] And that’s hot rods number but if you email and get so give you his number you can text me.
Yeah we’re all about podcasting as a hold a humidifier so it’s you know Rob Rob loves to go.

[54:14] And I love teaching and I love the do you know a rising tide raises All Ships especially with podcasting,
just like half the battle especially in this market is education like what is a pot.

[54:32] Wake me up at 8:10.
Everyone likes someone to play list of podcast is like their fingerprint I swear I asked every flight person I have on like guest or like people I’m just meeting here at the convention floors of Life podcast do you listen to,
I swear every time someone will have at least one podcast in their list I’ve never heard of hundreds of people that question,
and I swear I never get to say the exact same as there’s common ones like a lot of people like Hardcore History A lot of people like Marc Maron or Joe Rogan,
but they’ll also have this obscure haunted south or Southern Gothic podcast that I’ve never heard of listen to it it’s fantastic.
Or war or something like that Laura is amazing I love for.
Oh yeah they can Amazon TV show For Crying Out Loud Aaron Mahnke that guy’s got to be making bank by now.

[55:34] Yeah that is not the case the median podcast according to the CEO of Lipson gets 45 downloads.
That’s that’s the the medium Armenian and considering you’ve got podcasts to get two million downloads and then once I get none think about how that averages out so it’s just like.
So if you’re frustrated when your first your first few seasons of stuff you get like 40 and 50 lessons you were doing you’re doing well you’re on track if you’re getting that many cuz that’s.

[56:09] And there’s a lot out there it’s so like I said yourself that actually like makes you stand out a little bit helps.
But you can say like you can’t do.

[56:24] Oh there’s already ghosts podcast yeah but is there a ghost of the Missouri podcast is there a you know like haunted podcast that’s hosted by,
you know someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts but has a friend that does he know you can add Dynamics to invest with it look at how big police procedurals are in TV,
like every kind of show is a police procedural but there’s like a billion different flavors of it with different character Dynamics to podcasts.
You can it’s like there’s lots of mystery investigation paranormal podcasts but my hook is that I’ve got a medium,
a magician was a skeptic and nose like tricks light hand and is into the hole like Houdini’s Legacy you’ve like exposing.

[57:10] Mediums and psychics and stuff like that that was a big thing at the end towards the end of his life but he dedicated himself to,
and then he was like an amateur amateur historian slightly better at Googling things than most people so that’s my mic isn’t that that that helps.
So yeah there’s no other questions I think that’s it you won’t have to the business card from Seth and thank you by the way Bar and Grill.
Did you check that box or do you even know okay.
To make sure you put the Rob on there I think I have my cards with a plan that well,
up to date business cards.

[58:08] Thank you and we hope to see you guys tomorrow night 8 p.m.

[58:14] 7 7 p.m. Sioux Empire podcast APM Opera War.

[58:21] 70 x 2,
I love you so much,
I think she’s bringing some crystals and it might be a Ouija board.
But I’m just like the convention center,
I’m like thank you wanted to be on your phone.

[59:12] The convention center that’s a different story… Thanks Jenny I’m going to sleep great tonight

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