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If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues does divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in a positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.

Segment Open



only thing to say about the border right now



more men than family



rocks, just saying……..



number of “families” separated



Obama just as bad as Trump



immigration policy isn’t racist






Nielsen statement, read the third and fifth paragraphs




aussies make me laugh



Segment1: Russia v. Ukraine



it begins……



Haley and Trump



really bad situation



president of Ukraine claims Russia is preparing for an invasion.



Ukraine Martial Law



British boats too?



no missiles says Russia



general mills movies: count chokula and booberry


https://www.wired.com/2018/11/geeks-guide-lotr-orcs/racist Tolkien


very funny story



Segment3: Doctor Who isn’t feeling too well.


Season 11 wiki



witches are only for women




virtue signaling


maybe not…….



series smaller is better?



no Christmas?



daily mail starts it all






calling us liars


admits the drop, but with strong caveat



so successful they want to stay


not really treating old fans nice



half season 12




looking forward to this



Doctor Who Tom Baker Novel!!!


Segment4: Twitter Wars


twitter thought police






combat vet banned



very prescient, lol



instapundit shutters in protest



banned feminist too



Kelly response


ben shapiro wins



essay worth reading




British schools and adults






Europe is burning


is trans contagious as posited



Was Litterman right?

Segment2: Amazon








stossel video is a must watch




Spain and amazon


amazon sucks with its workers








Essay of the day: https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2018/12/03/the-white-supremacy-surge/



pray for china


Machine Transcript

[0:24] Hello and welcome this is,
happy warrior Pete this is the happy warrior podcast of the conservative talk radio show that tries to build a bridge between left and right to see our common humanity and treat each other as brothers and sisters.
In this wonderful country that is the night States of America I’m here again solo flying solo across the sky Zone without God King Robert Melanie,
we will have another episode with mr. melon before we get to Christmas,
but unfortunately tell that you’re stuck with me thank you so much for taking time out of your day or night to listen to this I hope whatever you’re doing why you listening is productive or happy or maybe you’re just sleeping this maybe I’m just
blowing you off with my beautiful voice,
with the melody that might Amber brings it’s great to be here again with you I love this podcast that song by a bump of chicken thigh always open with the songs named Karma case you want to know what that song is,
my favorite song of all time.
I don’t know I just love it so much I had discovered it when I was in high school and it’s just too stuck with me all these years even that when I was to it almost brings me to tears.
Beautiful song.

[1:37] So what are we going to talk today I have a huge episode today I’m shooting for at least 90 minutes I want to talk about Twitter I want to talk about Russia I want to talk about,
transgender a little bit and we got lots of great stuff here I worked really hard putting this together,
I hope you learn from it I hope you enjoy and I hope you can learn to take what you’ve learned here and share it with your neighbor share it with your sister share it with the co-worker that’s always mouthy about politics.
Try to inform people about the fax and find Common Ground that’s that’s the goal this podcast is about teaching.
And helping people to teach others.

[2:17] So where we going to go well I do not want to talk about this I really did not want to talk about it but it apparently it needs to be talked about.
The Caravan I did not want to talk about the Caravan because it’s so politically charged I felt that there wasn’t really a good way to,
convince others to see this in a different light.
We now have more stories in more poles and where evidence where I feel at this point that we can say definitively we can give you a strong argument for or against.

[2:48] And I should point out before we start I love immigration I love legal immigration I think,
in the United States of America this is my more libertarian side a little bit conservative,
you know we should allow as much legal and safe immigration is possible but we should be able to vet who is coming in we should let them know if you sign up their criminal to see if they need,
that email treatment or being quarantined we should be able to try to attract the very best people in this world not just the low-wage workers still there I’ve nothing against them but not the scientists and the leaders and entrepreneurs,
you know people if they want to be American and assimilate in the tar Society adopt American values.
You know this is what you came for the Scottish Enlightenment you know the values of hard work bougeoir values you know we believe in families we believe in marriage we believe in treating your neighbor we believe it giving it,
you know hundred 50% at work,
we believe in Nino learning English I’m sorry it’s hard to say but in this country where an English speaking country that we know we are at our daughter country of England,
that’s just part of it goes I don’t know how we can get right now that you can’t you need to have a primary language in that language is English.

[3:59] Okay so you got you got all the way so now you understand my position on it so where we going to move to this okay so the Caravan that we have the key there many Caravans by the way they’re coming this is politically charged are people that are finding it,
George Soros and open Society foundations just one of them.

[4:15] It’s just it’s a very heavily political thing you’re very photo-op throughout the Caravan with the you see these people again trucks and buses drive a certain way stop having one get out so they can talk to the journals to get photo ops,
just ridiculous just ridiculous stuff so what’s was this photo that’s going everywhere,
I’m seeing on Facebook it’s on it’s just drive me nuts because it’s obviously a photo op it’s the same strategy to use with the Israelis and the Palestinians,
where they set the Palestinians up to for this perfect picture with children and a mother and tear gas,
just innocent Palestinians you know the old economy like I talked last week that,
ice at some universities where it’s always good guys and bad guys in between it’s only angels and demons and nothing else,
and this is just not the case so we’re going to talk about the migration on factual terms not just emotional terms and not just based on propaganda photos,
you know where you portray where this this stupid economy between evil and and the good that you know the pressure versus the innocent I mean,
man that’s that’s easy stuff that’s it said that we are all falling to it still.

[5:36] Alright so we’re going to start well I’m in use NBC because we start with facts on the show right.
So let me set up a quick for it share it with you these this is at the NBC News they’re interviewing a reporter who’s on the ground next to the Caravan Caravan,
in our Tijuana and it is really interesting listen to what this reporter has to say I’m going to give this guy,
props for his courage for trying to tell the truth and it doesn’t the same way I would he tries to approach to the for a place to understand and then tries to share that with them the facts it’s a smart move to do some major crops the reporter.
His name is Gadi Schwartz Gadi Schwartz so here is the flip,
you’re in that tent camp
besides that family give us a profile of who is there mostly and what are they looking for because it seems as though to your point they don’t actually have
the necessary information so they know how to cross the border there could have people there couldn’t evil yesterday who will running because they thought it was their only chance.

[6:42] And it is very difficult because this has become such a polarizing issue for yourself you’re a lot of women and children
the truth is in the majority of the people that,
especially outside if we can make our way all the way over there I will show you the majority of them are men so when this becomes a polarized political.

[7:09] United States you have people on one side that point and say there are women and children here and that is true
and then there are others who point and say these are all men then dinner trying to cross the border and that’s true too
from what we’ve seen in the majority are actually men and some of these men have not articulated that need for Asylum and said they have talked about going to the United States for a better life and to find work but if you come this way here,
we’re just going to leave this is where where there’s a food bank that set up and you got a long line of men earlier we saw all about.

[7:44] Five six hundred men standing in line waiting for food and it looks like that’s the window huh interesting.
It’s mostly men what I need to hear that where did you guys hear that I’m amazed I give him major props are in The Purge say that you’re being told immigration it’s a single man,
typically it’s single man during their late teens 20s and 30s that are the ones that while participating in illegal immigration even when it’s legal there often the ones that come forward first we saw this in Europe we see it here in America.

[8:22] That’s just how it is now,
NBC reporter Gadi Schwartz had this later on he figured out the numbers he said there are 5738 people being housed in the migrant shelter.
3676 of those are men again.
3.6 thousand of them are men only 1060 are women 1002 our children,
is that an interesting majority majority meant I know that seems so crazy you know it’s it’s it’s tuna one at least,
but that’s how it is I know more like 3 2 1 Beyonce yeah I know everyone wants to say that they are family but there more men and I don’t know how you move around the fact that’s just the truth okay,
so what other facts should we probably say what other facts should we look into well let’s just go here,
let’s hear from what it was like for the border patrol agents that were on the ground beef done this before let’s talk to someone that it actually was on the ground it was at that seeing that we all saw on the television of the tear gas in the families,
sorry here it is this is CNN it’s the channel that’s doing this so you know what I’m trying to give you a different news source than just say like Fox.

[9:39] Here we’re going to hear from agent Rodney Scott of the San Diego Chief border patrol if making the process.
What would make your life easier you did answer those that? That you said that you were arrested mostly men at the border there.
The pictures I’ve included women and children and there are those questioning again the use of the tear gas on,
the women and children is there some barrier in place to the used when women and children children specifically hot might be at risk.

[10:16] So you said that those less lethal techniques her or.

[10:21] When the threat is to our Personnel or to protect others you’ve got to do what you got to do what I find on Constable is it would people would intentionally take children into the situation.
What we saw over and over yesterday was that the group The Caravan is we call them.
What push women and children towards the front and then begin basically rocking our agents so there’s different types of.
Tools we use different types of Cs deployment we try to Target specifically the instigators specifically the person assault in the Aging,
Aberdeen you soften the video once that chemical is released it does go through the air I was in an area where I actually inhaled quite a bit of it yesterday as well.
That’s what’s going to happen in this situation again how interesting,
you mean it wasn’t just family just being attacked with tear gas just out of nowhere they were just sitting minding their own business event are gases children adopted children,
wait wait you mean the innocent migrants were using families women and children as human Shields.

[11:29] So then they would think that the border patrol wouldn’t retaliate at all Ensure,
how interesting how how moral wake me up that’s the opposite of moral work out of hospitals and preschools in
elementary schools in where know where women and children are there that’s where they put their Center so that the Israelis can’t fight back same strategy,
it’s immoral by the way to use Women and Children Human Shields completely wrong in my book,
there’s no defending that no justification of that at all that we have to shed some light on.
President Trump is the most evil man the history of evil men to ever occupy the White House when it comes the issue
illegal immigration that’s just not the truth he is only concealed the policy that’s been there since the Reagan years okay I don’t have back it up,
but my understanding is this was done during Bush and it’s probably done during Clinton was definitely done during President Obama
during the Years 2012 to 2016 this is from Homeland Security the sister data.

[12:50] Department of Homeland Security they say that tear gas was used by US border patrol agent 79 times from 2012 to 2016,
they had incidents like this 500 times and I have the things here 2012 or 26 you’re guessing in 2013 27.

[13:07] Your day goes all up to this year 28th 2018 twin isoprep,
but in this case it’s acceptable because we need to shut this isn’t a new policy this is the border patrols just enforcing the laws that been on the books for an awful long time.

[13:27] Okay so what else should we talk about the families parents,
was the promise often we have human traffickers that are taking these children as slaves or they’ve been hired to put them through the warrior and the kids end up being slaves anyways.
Just terrible terrible abuse and hang out so they found in the last year 170 family units had to be torn apart because they could not identify the parentage they are Homeland Security,
I believe that these people were posing as parents to these children and they just were not.
You know I did over a test was 80% of women that cross the border illegally,
face sexual assault and rape look up if you have time Google Texas rape trees or illegal immigration rape trees,
and it’s these trees just covered in women’s underwear and every time the woman gets raped when they’re bringing across the border down South by the coyotes,
they get sexual assault and rape a fan of traffic drugs it’s a gigantic mess it’s just it’s just an immoral mess all over the place,
so what else we know I don’t know let’s talk about the photo of the girl everywhere.

[14:56] NBC 5 but sorry BuzzFeed founder I just read a few of it,
she said I was with them at the walkout scared and wanted to cry that’s when I grab my daughter’s a man I thought my kids are going to die because the gas we inhale we started running and we fell in the mud but when I want to rise up and get up I couldn’t the guy grabbed me by the hand help me get up.
They know we are human beings just like them wasn’t right they acted this way with the kids have kids to the show thought about their own kids just like I should thought about hours.

[15:23] What she says just like they should have thought about hours she’s saying there that
it wasn’t right what they did to throw tear gas I’m praying to God I know that he will open the door so we can enter or this is where I this is what all of you should know this give him his props to this woman for a little bit honest,
where we stand Tijuana open the doors that we will be they will be able to give us maybe some sort of paper so we can stay and work.
Like I told you I’m a mother who needs a job I worked out my kids move forward and give them the best isn’t that interesting well
she wasn’t honest at the end part but she wasn’t honest in the first part because we have photos that actually show and this is sconce in my viral
that shows the camera crews in the back and that there are other people there being put into position for these photos.

[16:11] You know it’s the kids are barely wearing pants,
did these are set up photos okay I’m not saying her in particular it was completely dishonest but there were dishonest photo-ops being try but this is also a scene at the palestinian-israeli border.
In eastern Jerusalem this in the Gaza Strip,
same exact thing happens all the time where they posed these little kids as women showing to disable the old these photos and they know they often setups that looks like there’s evil Israeli guard is over them
for the response coming when you know it’s all just a gigantic set up you know it’s like pornography are high but it’s not real.

[16:50] I’m sorry guys that’s just the truth you can’t get around it.
I the truth is the truth I’m not trying to point side Yes you heard me so I probably side more with President Trump I think Congress needs to open up immigration
make the process possible and make sure that we have people coming legally I also want a border wall because Congress just does not have a good,
history of keeping their pledges had so in that sense that I agree with President Trump.
One last thing so Kirsten Nelson got tired of all the lies are being pushed in the media on the social medias people are saying how evil Trump is you if you see this picture of women and children being bombed how can you just send that monster.
Well there is one more nuanced in a big huge humongous backstory to the picture is humongous backstory to what’s happening and this is policy okay we need to talk.
Not with our feelings but first with our reasoning feelings can be part of the reason he’s got to win over the feelings okay and feelings have to be tempered in debate so that we can think with facts and think with our Noggins.

[17:58] So here’s a little bit it’s a five-part thing she covered some of what I just said.
Yeah it for police have been violently attacked going through to other countries not including Mexico,
people have been injured these people are now being the laws off and they’re walking around they come in and they’re not waving American flag they’re not singing God Bless America.
They’re singing wheel of Honduras,
okay and the reason why they’re doing it is because this first pair of in particular was organized by the out party in Honduras that lost the recent presidential election and they organize his Caravan and it’s organized of a lot of their political people.
Okay that’s just a fact you can’t get around it.
Also this is a very political thing in it International sense as well as in domestic sense for Honduras another thing you need to know it’s the majority of these people are not eligible for Asylum,
but here’s okay so there’s a thing International Scion why I think I mentioned this before you guys says that the first country you can get to you’re out of your own country or supposed to apply for Asylum,
they’re also a special caveat if you want to be.
Apply for Asylum and they just do not match it to say historically less than 10% of those who claim Asylum from Guatemala Honduras El Salvador are found eligible by federal judge 90% are not.

[19:16] Most these maggots are seeking jobs are to join family who are in the US already.
But they have refused multiple opportunity protection Mexico or the unhcr and the UN Refugee agency,
seek employment family reunification are not grounds for Asylum under our laws or any International there is no country that does this if you want a job we have to let you win,
that there’s no country that does this none zero zip up the fact that Mexico has offered jobs affect that they’re many the US the one offer jobs is amazing,
I’m not saying it’s necessarily good but it is out of out of a spirit of kindness a spirit of friendship,
what else should you know she talked about them being predominantly male and here’s the 5th one in this is important we cannot confirm the backgrounds and identities of the National Security public safety risk,
to our people over this point we have confirmed over 600 are convicted criminals.

[20:16] The include individuals know the law enforcement for assault battery drug price burglary child abuse rape and more.

[20:26] This is serious you guys want to let those those criminals in and that’s not that is not hyperbole 600 of them are known to be criminals.
Okay did we know that Mexico is back this up.
It’s insane it’s insane this is all just a freaking political stunt and no one’s using their head to think about this and if you do think about it while you get labeled deal homophobic.
Racist you know the list.

[20:56] I again you heard my point on immigration I want legal immigration that is open to ever actually wants to come in and wants to work wants to simulate and be part of our society.
That’s what I want that’s it that’s what most Americans want and the reason why Trump.

[21:13] This is actually a good thing for Trump and this is my electoral part speaking of politics.
Is most Americans in studies and pull shyness over and over that most Americans including Hispanics legal immigration they’re open to having people come in but they want them to do it.
Legally that’s not a political thing guys that that’s just,
common sense that’s where way more open about immigration in most countries and that’s a good thing we’re very aware very patient and kind nation that has a trait we should keep,
but not at the expense of reason not to expensive safety know what’s the most important thing you do
to rape and kill someone it is not kind of bringing 600 criminals are going to kill him rape your people that is not kindness that is not safety or sanity that is not diverse.

[22:06] Okay we have to keep this in control now I am excited because it sounds like the ocean Mexico is about to sign deal
where these people can wait on the Mexican side of War for their Turning Point the problem with illegal immigration often is it that people come in and go get a court date and they never show up most never show up to court.
Did you just kind of disappeared.

[22:28] I’m so this I get it they’ll be on the other side of the Border this does two things warm it protects us and it helps keeps them so they’ll have to come to court and you know they have to show up and that will help our legal system in pot will help give us and send him the speed these things up.
Now that’s a good incentive on the other part is it it’s in spices Mexico to actually enforce their southern border and did not just let people throw into not just use the United States as an exit for all their sick I know all there.
Poor and all their deranged and they’re criminals I mean that’s what Mexico does it’s disgusting instead of solving their own social problem they just export them to us
enjoy the dividends when they send money back to Mexico the billionaire in Mexico that deal the number one richest man in Mexico made his money for the money that is sent back from the United States into Mexico United States is the top income provider for Mexico.

[23:22] That’s crazy all I shared with you all everything I should with you this whole last 20 minutes are fats.
They are facts when you were talking to your friends and family about immigration stick to the facts stay calm.
Be reasonable try to show this in a kind light you know death is his own kind as you can get rape as his own kind as you can get we are encouraging people to join up with coyotes who will attack and Abused Women and Children,
that is not a moral thing so if you want to do immigration we have to do it legally we have to do it right and we have to make sure that the people coming in on both sides are citizens and immigrants are safe.
I think that’s fair and reasonable and that is the happy Warriors position.
Alright so I will next were going to talk about Russia and Ukraine I just wanted to remind you if you are interested in doing commercials for the Sioux Empire podcast Network or my show please contact us my produce Rob Bell everything contact me,
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And that’s just the way the businesses.

[25:22] Okay so should we talk about something funny before we go on let’s see let’s talk about this this is awesome I love this store this this will make you guys laugh,
so my funny story of Father Simon,
it comes out of the wonderful country of Australia Australia which is home tomorrow one of my favorite shows doctor Blake.
That’s amazing show anything there’s only like two seasons on Netflix that we need the other three so this story comes out of Australian so there’s this old funny rule not stralia.
That someone discovered a legislative work that goes back to the 1990s.

[26:00] And someone went viral and just made it made it go everywhere from the NBC article that’s where I found it from his Australian.
Politicians are being peppered with request for free portraits of Queen Elizabeth II after a long forgotten piece of parliamentary code was brought to public attention.

[26:19] Earlier this week under this legislative Quark which has its origins in the 1990 Parliamentary Act Australia Federal lawmakers are able to give away certain pieces of taxpayer-funded nationhood material under constituents request program.
Disability request nation of material can also include pictures of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip,
flags and recordings of the national anthem this all came to White after I’ll publication advice Australia Australia,
it’s not know exactly how many portraits have been replaced last few days still and it don’t love it it’s indicated that somewhere,
he says this is from Tim Watts members of parliament for the opposition leader prices I can say before the store is published I received zero requests for portraits of her majesty.
And then the last 24 hours I would say I’ve had about 4 dozen I think 99% were made with tongue firmly in cheek,
he’s not alone another MP from the central alliance between she’s received 25 price for portraits of the space of 12 hours.

[27:25] I love this and she added at the end that I wanted to respond to Chuck tell me she can queries with a bit of nationhood material of my own.
That is awesome,
I love this story that you know a joke that cheap and talk that providing a photo of Beyonce and said pictures of the queen but a device Road writer who wrote about materials is not popular in the office cuz number request should receive.

[27:54] And you said that people another guy who’s with Liberal Party said someone was standing in my Twitter about the porches but pointing out is it free someone’s taxes are going to pay for it.
Yeah they did the people say this is an argument which goes back that you have Australia’s sovereignty how much sovereignty do they really have if you know you have to you have to get pictures of the queen is Australia really not Sabra,
me and the queen can push up the Prime Minister I’m surprisingly in a large amount of power over Australia it rarely gets used but she does have.
And you know who who would use that power actually a lot if he was withdrawal I think Vladimir Putin would mr. Putin President Putin dictator Putin from life of the.
Country of Russia that say that we should enter World War 3,
the heat I don’t know why you loves actually just likes power and he wants to take all the land that left the Soviet Union once all those countries to come back cuz he feels that.
When Russia became free Russia dimmed in its power and station in the world a lot of Russians feel this way,
so I just going to open here here’s what Nikki Haley said about this whole situation again I love Nikki Haley said she’s leaving.

[29:11] Dan United in opposing Russia’s attempt to discuss yesterday serious escalation.
And in the Kirk straight under an agenda item entitled violation of the borders of the Russian Federation.
We strongly support Ukraine sovereignty and territorial Integrity within its internationally-recognized borders extending to its territorial Waters.
We express our deep concern over the incident which represent a dangerous escalation and violation of international law.
We look forward to discussing Russia’s provocation under the appropriate agenda item.
Accordingly we are all council members to vote against the adoption of the agenda as proposed by Russell thank you.
There was are amazing Nikki Haley probably the my favorite and was voted for the 2018 favorite politician of the year in polls so what the heck is going on what do you mean I see a World War.

[30:10] Oh yeah where we’re heading that way it’s very well could that will bring it by the time you hear this that were in another War.

[30:17] Because Russia decided that we need to be in one so what happened well on Monday.

[30:25] If you were I should decide to attack and capture three Ukrainian bolts they are military boats and they took the sailors captured.
This was on a coast Black Sea on a coast that both the Russians and ukrainians and the Crimea that rushed,
Ukraine’s have the right to be on their own.
Russia has for the last and how long ago was Jordan was that noise that I was like so for probably the last 10 years,
I would say has tried to provoke these countries particular Ukraine but others in the provocation so Russia’s then has an excuse that can go in invade and take the land.
Yeah that’s what they did with Georgia that’s what we did with Crimea remember they scooted and Russians to live in Crimea and then they said all there’s all these Russians in Crimea that want to be free and want to be Russian,
why does why were they there put them there Obama never stood up to these people and so.
That’s a big chunk of the Ukraine Ukraine was starved 7 million people were starved to death during the holiday.
Which we just had the 85th Anniversary out this is a very tight time in Ukraine election coming you never want to.
Provoke on a country during election because then the leaders on the excuse they have to feel top and they’ll be more vile are there be more prone to violence.

[31:52] Whatever Russian said let’s do it anyways.
So now guess what’s happening in the Ukraine president declared martial law Ukraine is now under martial law.

[32:04] Friends are scared to Pieces your Spears a little bit of factoids that you should know so the Ukrainian president claims that before this Russia Was preparing the ground edition of its country,
in Crimea they built military bases that were building them up with heavy levels of troops.
.2 years introduced a month on stick bug but were fired upon by the Russians.
24v gunboats and a tug tried to sail from Odessa to Marathon the Sea of asphalt.
Russia been scrambled to fire jets into helicopters.
Harry accusing the ships of illegally entering its Waters they did not buy the way Ukrainian Navy later said the books have been hit and they were disabled and then okay.

[32:51] That’s what happened so now it’s the response what are we doing well Obama.
He was a worse on this issue they they know they had a staring contest and Obama blind and I’d say that’s
I mean if you can’t really say anything else to that and that means more war this I’m so glad President Donald Trump is the guy in charge right now because he’s willing to stand up to Russia the wrong thing would be is to just cave let Russia get away with this and just slowly like
Russia annexed all the Rusty Crane in all these Soviet satellite countries.

[33:27] I didn’t now we eat the trunk of the EU and the US and the UK do you and you’re all kind of each other’s throats that kind of stopped now and leave all started to work together Germany France Britain us of all come together and say this cannot
happened Trump is pushing back on this I’m scared I really am scared to start a World War.
It would be easy to say well they should just let Russia do what it wants but we tried that before remember back in the day with the Nazis they said all look at Austria look at Austria and Poland there’s all these german-speaking people,
you should just let us blessed be one United German country and of course the Britain gave in Westgate.
And then do that with that stop aggression no.
That was the wrong thing to do so we can’t just give him we have to stand up for the Ukraine have to sign up for countries like Taiwan you know I’m not some of the say replace the world but we should protect,
countries that stand for freedom and when they need help to stand for Freedom you should be there with them.
That’s the kind of world order we built after World War II under the work of President Truman and especially present.

[34:45] Where is this going to go from here it’s your gas I don’t know what’s going to be done Rush decide to show you know the,
people on Russian TV nail gun to the Head kind of scenario.
You know it’s it’s a mess I mean
Russia even buzzed past the UK to the UK Russia sent 17 fighter jets just me I would like skimming past
a UK folks and scary scary stuff it was last month that when NATO and Norway
we’re doing practice drills Russia blocked and stop GPS completely then NATO allies cannot use GPS.
Russia is trying to provoke a response and it is idiotic it is dangerous it is catastrophic.
We do not want this and that’s why I’m done being so big on this part it is an important it is more important than the immigrants.
But it’s a little hard to understand I understand it’s a little confusing.

[35:54] But it is important this could I know I hope this is just like a breeze inside the Cuban Missile Crisis and just kind of some flip everything comes down.
Who knows I’m telling you guys pray pray pray if you are a member of.
Please pray for the Ukraine pray for Nitto pray for President Trump pray for the Russians pray that this will all calm down.
Scary scary stuff okay so let’s move on to more funny stuff,
so I’m on all the rush to make every children’s characters properties into a movie of Pikachu and Mario and everybody everyone’s Giving Up movie,
well you know General Mills.
No don’t leave us out of this don’t leave us out of this by the way the Pokemon movie trailer,
detective Pikachu by the way it’s very fun the game it’s a good game by the way if you guys can play it play it.

[37:02] So General Mills Whiskey on the action they saying they want to make movies on the properties of the characters specifically.
Count chocula Boo Berry and Frankenberry.

[37:16] Now I love count chocula love that cereal and we need to buy some I need some right now in my belly in my mouth.

[37:25] Trabue Berry not that great Frankenberry not the kaaboo bearing free cover by the way I like the same thing at least that’s how they tasted me.
Yeah so we’re going to totally going to get Blockbuster we’re going to get Blockbusters about count chocula you know about his backstory had a hard childhood he’s is an outcast among the vampires.

[37:48] I don’t know I don’t know this is going to be awesome I think this would be great,
so hey if you’re listening and you want to donate cereal contact me at my email or Twitter or Facebook.
I need so awesome maybe you should go to our patreon pay and it when you pay the patron you just leave a message say for Pete’s cereal.

[38:14] Okay so another fun thing is this going around the internet is this argument that tokens writings are racist.
And this is just the most vapid shallow a look at the world of toke token I would say token token I seen you at now I’m a huge token fan huge fan,
I don’t quite understand the Sumerian I’ve read it and some of the other weird short stories I love Tolkien,
it’s a huge part of my family we went to the movies in the early 2000s it was a big event going to Fellowship of the Ring was like was like family reunions it was like that level event for my family we love Tolkien,
we love him we love him and love him he’s a genius in our eyes there’s probably no water more more lofted that wasn’t religious writings that’s above him.
So this is basically saying that this is all all racist and they this guy wrote a basically fanfiction called Center Bilbo.
I am getting t-shirts and name of the actual racist segregation center with the name of Bilbo Baggins.

[39:21] Wesley was Theodore Bilbo anyhow it’s this parody where Bilbo is a racist and it’s it’s awful.
I don’t like it I don’t like it they’re saying that if quarts is the Orcs the same look at the Orcs And elves,
Dwarfs of each other but that’s not where he was going with that at all token was a famous for his anti-racism he was.
I’m going to use their chart very Progressive for his age okay token was making good points speak points about.
Good and evil who’s able to know that you talk about corruption in your options of the elves there Corruption of that which used to be good is now evil,
he brought this on his experiences from the world wars he will be with his understanding of what was happening,
Sauron and oryx and stuff all that came from looking at the axis Force the Allies his experiences in the world wars and in reading about them and living in that time,
nice to him writing Tolkien you know he put 20 years World building before I ever wrote The Hobbit.
He was he’s just a genius he’s a genius of world-building he’s a genius of narrative he’s a genius,
I’m storytelling about good versus evil you know in my own church we’ve had the guy the top of the present at church of the Prophet has even come out and said that you know Tolkien was inspired these are great stories
it is awesome I can’t say enough good things about Tolkien,
if you are kids they have not read Tolkien do so also there was an amazing and it’s in the late 1970s.

[40:50] Early 80s I can’t think of an was a great attitude by the BBC and that is a credible source audio drama first and then.
Maybe the movies for the movies might push them away because there’s a lot more in-depth philosophy discussions a lot more characterizations that you know the Lord of the Rings The Hobbit are also survive Survivor novels in the movies don’t.
Show that all that well I like the movies I would like the movies probably more than I should.
But I know a lot of people don’t okay so one weird one more weird article I don’t quite know what to make of it I wish I could get my friend,
he’s a present of a biotech company and he’s a really cool dude he has made glow in the dark Palace he’s working on a project right now some of which is a proven which is.

[41:43] I’m not going to name him unless I get permission so if I would ask about this see if we can do
Chinese side to Supreme Christopher babies a Chinese scientist came out and said they already made one and the goal was there musing a DNA of the goal was to make you immune to HIV,
well only sort of so this race huge ethical quandary Swan it’s illegal in most countries so the end in China.

[42:09] To using crispr to do it and we don’t quite know what the total outcomes of organisms specifically humans or on the long-term,
free this actually made the kid more likely get sick because you can’t give me the full jeans for the HIV just gave him half the genes to prevent HIV.
And it’s not full prevention if you haven’t but it also makes you weigh susceptible to flu and malaria and other diseases this is hugely unethical of course China’s done it I’m at a China has much more,
captures political dissidents is Harvest themes for organs to sell the black market I mean this is the country that watches Black Mirror and thinks that’s a guide to running a country.
I’m seriously,
I know I’m not the only one it’s made that point but I think it’s so it’s funny in a terrible terrible awful way I mean they’re heading towards this mix of 1984 and Brave New World,
and Google is helping them but we’re not going to talk about Google this time we talked about the Silicon Valley in the past we’ll talk about today about Twitter in a little bit so where should we go from here which we do Twitter Amazon Doctor Who,
Doctor Who Doctor Who Doctor Who impression okay.

[43:35] Music.

[43:55] There you go there you go the musical stylings of Peter Pischke,
it’s fair use talk about Doctor Who specifically the horrendous season 11 which is just as awful as I predicted.
Sadly I’m sad to see all kind of gleeful in the sense that I was wrong but it told you so doesn’t make things better it’s just a little bit of a self arrogance.
So it’s taking its it’s pretty bad so where should we start well.

[44:35] First of all I want to start the reason why it’s taking is nothing to do with the fact that the new doctor is a woman in fact that’s one of the last features I would say is the reason it’s taken.
It’s taken because it’s boring it’s taken because it’s too loaded and stinky because the scripts our way to regulate and PC and its PC to the max years as couple of stories,
they’ve done so far we’re on Story 8 by the way and they’re only two left and people are saying they’re just downright boring,
so this week we had the witchfinder is where the the doctor is a woman and so she gets accused of being a witch and she has to wear the right clothes and has to hide and it’s really stupid and we don’t even learn to like the last 5 minutes of show that’s an alien.
It’s like the Ugly Mutt creature it’s really stupid not it’s not very well-made it’s not,
even connected to history so you know there’s this idea that witches are only women and that is just a humongous falso yes it was more women you’re just like a caravan was more men well it was more women are plenty of men that got used in witchcraft.
And by the way witchcraft we always talk about the Salem one in the United States but that was so small compared to the tens of thousands that were killed in Europe.
I actually ate there was a good percentage of the people that were killed as witches were men it’s just true fact you know facts don’t care about your feelings at the best funeral.

[45:59] Alan Cumming was good in that episode by the way it was just ridiculous,
only thing the 13th Doctor could do because she’s a woman,
it’s just ridiculous it’s so so so stupid,
oh and here’s here cuz I was looking for it says the Witch Hunt specifically targeted women on this is from Kingsley college and Brittany says,
don’t most recorded history of civilizations last hundreds of years would have been supported two men many witch-finders held that women were far more susceptible to Temptations the witch hunts 5%.
Leather interesting point is that.
You know the people in charge from Mostly men and that’s kind of where we were men.

[47:00] Okay facts don’t care about your feelings there were men killed,
this is silly some of the stuff to be right here I just read this is from io9 I read that part of the doctor.

[47:19] This season of Doctor Who is one of the new take some familiar themes push the boundaries but the show can do sometimes pull it back it’s early through it sometimes just frustrating prove it still.
This week in among the high camp in the mud which is a story only this Arrow the show could show and it’s just really.

[47:38] Of course they say all this is just like today it’s everything that the women face it was just a garbage episode was garbage and actually was a garbage episode was better than the previous ones,
just ridiculous the episode before this was crib lamp which was just it was basically Doctor Who versus Amazon.
Now look I’m not defending Amazon I will talk about Amazon after this segment with Doctor Who Amazon Amazon Amazon is evil for bad you know it’s it’s not just one or the other,
it is just not very well episode before this was doing as a Punjab in this was and there’s so many of these this season it was a historical,
and it was about the evil in a white people pushing down on the pornos minority race now it was interesting setting in sense that this is when pakistan-india split,
that is an interesting setting I want a story like that
the bad guys of the story were pretty interesting they were called the Assassin they were racist sasson’s and I think they’re called what she Jerry in.

[48:45] That was pretty cool there were cool things about but overall was kind of a boring episode before that was a wreck into the UK which is been basically.
Doctor Who versus trump it was this Trump stand in this evil hotelier from America that wants to run for president one day,
I just garbage and before that was Rosa this is the one,
evil race relations they just decide go the us cuz it’s so much easier make fun of another country it’s easy to make fun of us okay have the balls to go and make fun of their own times
I just have frustrated a besides that it was basically this evil white supremacist from the future wants to come back and prevent Rose and Jones because,
somehow doing that stops the Civil Rights Movement I would say no because Rosa Parks was not the first person they had tried several different women.
I forgot the name of the woman the first tried to steal stay in the front of the bus but she wasn’t good-looking she was as interesting so it didn’t catch what was Rosa Parks it did,
so I think even if Rosa Parks hadn’t done it that some woman in her stead problem with a but that’s just me I’m not saying that was a prince wasn’t Brave I just saying there’s more to it than that.

[50:00] Ghost Monument was kind of interesting it was the most Doctor Who episode of them so far before that was the woman who fell to Earth this is the one that had millions of viewers coming.
These are the problem with all these besides being super PC and sjw.
I mean the characters never push back there is never another theory pushed our philosophy about what’s going on they they the characters are always apologize and protect amazing Act.
I always complaining about what the evil white people are doing and I know that sounds racist I know it sounds like I’m alright right now.
I am not that is what is happening episode this is not doing well by the way it is not helping the show people going to say well it’s just wonderful to shows doing so well that is not.
True unfortunately actually the show is going through a hard thing they say that.
This next season might not even happen to a 19 if it does it’s going to be half season should know who was the showrunner saying you might leave and enjoy Whitaker is coming on saying well if you lose I’m leaving to.
There’s not going to be a Christmas special this year and said they’re going to do a New Year’s Eve special because they ran out of ideas for Christmas.

[51:26] That’s that is junk best of ideas for Christmas really really are you kidding me.
I mean for big fish is coming out with Christmas Stories II every year.
I’ll take this by the way is this. Doctor Who after the game after David Tennant leaves go to big finish he’s at superiots the better Doctor Who audio dramas been some people don’t have the intelligence to enjoy them but hey.
I said so Christian will they be leaving I’m so what is this about race of people saying this is a half truth.
Okay so what I mean by half-truth well I like to still.

[52:12] What I need to have to get well sorry I had to clean my voice.

[52:17] The Beneficial episode did well the initial episode had about 8.2 million turn into watch but since that episode the numbers have been dropping.
And they have the people that defend adductus Doctor Who not because maybe they even love the show but it’s the right thing to do is the PC thing to do.
We’re good progresses and that’s what we do,
you know we’re just sitting uh people don’t watch TV the same way you know and look it’s better than Capaldi’s but the policies blower ratings and I love Peter Capaldi’s prayer portrayal of the doctor.
I was slow and that’s why they kicked Peter Depoali off earlier than they should have.

[52:59] Is so yeah that was lower but you’re supposed to be higher you’re supposed to be making the BBC a prophet the BBC wants this to be a mayor franchises biggest Star Wars Star Trek.
It is big but it’s not a penis get big if you’re killing your audience and what I mean is killing your audience is the BBC,
and even members of the production team have gone out of their way
to make fun of those who have a problem with switching the doctor to a woman that have a problem with the show always being about PC never having another floss fee your Doctor Who the reason why I love Doctor Who.
Is because I love science fiction science fiction is off and it’s there’s a lot. There’s a lot of drugs about sex I don’t be reading your sexual situations and every sci-fi.
You know I like silent but you know that I’m trying to you know I’m a good Christian and I try to leave phornography,
as a little weird little extreme I understand if that’s not how you think you know each to the wrong but that’s how it is for me.

[54:02] Well they even had the doctor Julie Whitaker come out and say that the the old doctors is just the old what was it the white man’s gays but this is a new view of it’s no longer the white men’s gays.
That’s not what the doctor has been about the doctors about is very for thinking is very kind he’s very loving the doctor is never been a racist the doctor has never been a sexist or big,
the doctors always encouraging us to be our best selves and he does not divide People based on their race because he is an alien so all races are alien to him they’re all different,
is not a white supremacist I had this idea that he was that got pushed in the final,
Nepali Episode by Steven Moffat is absurd the first doctor was never like that there are two episodes I can point to that maybe we’re racist but it was the feelings of the time,
and it wasn’t an active racism was more of a passive racism I’m not justifying at the say the doctor is a bigot and we needed a woman to fix his atrocities just silly.
Silly silly stuff silly silly stuff.

[55:08] So what’s going to happen I don’t know know if Jodie Whittaker leaves that could really hurt.
The show and would hurt the pr because they be saying hey and there now they couldn’t have a woman.
Doctor Who viewers are sexist and this you know the show might crash they might try have another doctor and he won’t do what I don’t know.

[55:28] I want this to turn around if they pull it out these last two episodes out of fire and the next season or 1/2 C Doctor Who is good and people like it it does well then hopefully this can turn around I want the new franchise to live on.

[55:42] I love it like a baby I really do it’s taking the place where Star Wars used to be in my heart.
I’d I wanted to prove I really do I am rooting for you Jody I’m rooting for you Christian Neil Diamond came out and says,
no guys he said this at this kind of like a signal to everyone about what’s really going on he says my friend Toby White House he’s a writer for Doctor Who stories clean big finish so I worked with him on a script.
And you know he showed me a script before you sent the BBC.
Can you show me the script after he says the thing was basically an abomination.
And that is I’ve read it a lot of places and with the pretty good evidence,
the basically the reason why this season is so boring and why the stories at the end of the Capaldi area where so I don’t know they were just so all the time you know Bill the same,
me on the last 5-10 minutes I’d remind you again.

[56:44] Just ridiculous and they said the BBC is doing this you know what that’s the difference between the US and BBC Media.
Both have to go to talk to someone but the in the US we talked our corporate overlords the producers in the people that Finance the show.
And they make decisions on thinking if it will sell or not if it will survive not survive if it will flourish as a product in the free market.
In the BBC that is not the system big shorty cuz I might but the regulars are more interested in putting out the right message on the Right View,
more about the politics and what happens is they go to the strips and they just murder them in their sleep and they change them and shake them up and they make them off on not to resemble the original interesting story
okay we don’t need to be told every 5 minutes about how awful white people have been or are,
how awful Trump is our on and on and on and it was not a show about politics,
okay play bless you showed up but he never he rarely came out on one side of political issue or another,
and even if he did you know there’s usually another character that had a different of you that could just as be as right and it was up to the viewer to decide which of these philosophies is right is it a doctor right,
is the doctor Ronnie there’s an episode about Doctor Who with guns and you know he says never again no that’s a famous.

[58:05] Are there other people that showing on maybe Mill trade training is necessary know maybe it’s okay to defend yourself and there’s all kinds of philosophies going on and yeah I’ve gotten stronger but there alternate messages and he’s new episodes It’s not that,
it’s there’s the one message and that is it.
If they need to get rid of panty characters or they need to stick to just one Companion Care or that characters that can only have one subplot yourself into three plots of plot in 3 Supply does not work,
is it against the doctor no time to care to show her characterization go to Whitaker so far has not shown herself to be Amy she’s a good actress,
but she hasn’t shown to be the unique doctor yet she’s just doing mimics a previous doctors one 1 episode is the Matt Smith what episode is Peter Capaldi what episodes did Christopher Eccleston,
but it’s not you know this is Jodie Whittaker doctor we don’t have that feel yet.

[58:56] And I don’t I’m not too sure why they probably could be put on pain that there isn’t just enough time for her to play.
I think Bradley Walsh is the best of the three companions the lot of people freaking on the left when I say Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
You decide on one guys or decide I’m just keeping it to two plots and you’ll be much better off I think.
Let’s hope that this works out better news for Doctor Who,
is that we’re going to get a Tom Baker novel Tom Baker wrote a script it was going to be for Doctor Who movie and he shoved it because the other movie didn’t happen when someone into a book.

[59:39] Yeah they finish if you’re listening make an audio on the book
solo series Rose the the first king of new who
probably the favorite companion new next to Donna she’s going to get so serious going to take place in Pete’s World during the time where she was in between where she got caught in the world end
she met the doctor again it’s going to feed her it’s been featured actress play your mom after the play your dad and it’s looking great I really want to listen to listen to.

[1:00:14] Okay so before let’s talk a little bit more.

[1:00:19] About Britain so he’s having a bit of a bit of a problem right now.
Odyssey what you were not seem to get their schools in order I don’t know what the fuck is going on with you guys but seems to me with this.
And everything else I’ve I’ve read that Britain is trying to burn itself down to the ground oh yeah I know that is I don’t know how else you guys going to put okay so let’s do this story this is a funny story,
funny in a sad way,
I want answers this is from the Sun parents at school where three-year-old asylum-seekers staying for the gcses are keeping their children at home High School in Ipswich Suffolk after that.

[1:01:04] Sorry I have a lot of.
Did you just read it after the investigation to the year 11 people was launched so here’s the start and there’s a picture of it it’s a guy with a beard he looks older than I do on 29,
he was he said he was there it’s 15 he is a immigrant from Iran.
I hear his brother his brother was apparently acting as a 12 of which are that if they’re both in their 30s.
And their people were pointing it out and the school was like,
like what guys that guy is 30 years at women when he’s at school he tries to look at the girls during his break I mean it’s disturbing stuff.
It’s really it’s kind of funny too it’s a bear is so funny.
What are you doing over there Britain.

[1:02:07] 50 I swear 15.
Very prominent apples Adams.

[1:02:23] Oh my gosh and this is not just at one school this is,
so why they do it is if they are offered a free education and so these people that didn’t have an education when they were in Africa,
they come and then they wanted education so they you know they fake being kids and there are pictures and videos these people these buses full of these men who are in their twenties coming up that from there they can go to college,
and they’re doing it because they want a free education teacher and it is dangerous.
British children have up high rate at the moment of chance of being groomed for sexual abuse and I wouldn’t be surprised there was a connection between these two things but I have no evidence okay that’s probably just a correlation.
Oh my gosh.
Yeah he says here’s another thing cleaned up pupil that they’re year old.
Garden step cuz she was worried about was true age he said.
F these people to teacher would ask this the teacher of the kid when asked this isn’t well people which are at different ages.
Yes they did.

[1:03:44] Just freaking ridiculous what else is wrong with a large number of people.

[1:03:58] Just don’t know about their history of the Holocaust and it’s too early and middle 20th century.
And they said they interviewed 7,000 people across Europe from Austria France Germany Great Britain Hungary Poland and Sweden.
So the country they said about 1 and 20 across the board said they didn’t know anything about it in France one out of every five people from age 8234 said they never heard of the Holocaust.

[1:04:26] Never heard the Holocaust 1/3 of the Europeans interviewed said that the Jews use the Holocaust Advance their own positions are goals,
but that’s semitism quotes classic anti-Semitism it has a lot to do with anti-zionism and you can’t really separate the two by the way people want to try but I don’t believe you can
it’s just hatred for Jews and they’re not learning their history in this is dangerous dangerous dangerous,
you should never forget the Holocaust you should never forget the evils of fascism in the Nazi regime for so many reasons you know for eugenics you know that’s why I’m against abortion euthanasia because the history of that and what they did to people like me you know the useless eaters.

[1:05:07] Barbaric barbaric you know we have now in Canada in England that children to be euthanized I think it’s in Canada but you don’t even need to tell the parents
I don’t know how to get around that because like what happened to Jimmy it’s not even like high the abortion for the parents it’s how do you hide no chilling but I don’t know how you do that.
I could be wrong it’s one of those two countries
scary stuff I am totally against it but 1 + 20 + 1 + 5 + 1 1/3 those are big numbers.

[1:05:41] A dangerous stuff I.
I love Britain because I love Doctor Who when I have I have ancestry from Western Europe mostly and some in Nordic countries that mow in a big truck from Germany my last name is Pischke.
That’s that’s a precious that’s German name means Peter by the way I’m so I’m Peter von Peter that’s my.
I like to go buy now happy warrior Pete when I’m with you guys I think that’s that’s a cool thing to do so let’s go back to here’s an interesting thing to you guys remember the store I told you that during the summer,
about this scholar that put out of paper and her theory was academically.
Rapid onset gender dysphoria could happen and it was partially due does social factors her thing was I look at these kids and show up in these classes at the schools are the classes you have a large number of trans kids wanted to trans kid shows up,
and it catches fire in and more want to do it it’s still a small mouth but it’s it’s it’s a big enough correlation you don’t need a lot,
to make something statistically significant that last thing had one in five that you know that is 5% that is a statistically significant number.

[1:06:57] Course that there was a huge outroar about this they tried to leave the paper from memory aids even refer to it.
I had to find it it took me awhile to find expert Google.
I’m in. The top I’m one of the top Google urgent have a master’s in journalism in a huge part of that was research.
Also and I’m pretty decent research I’m not I’m not like the very best I think I’m pretty good I would put myself up,
maybe that’s just my pride talking okay so the year was a story The Daily Mail I found this through the American spectator originally but 17 students are British school system,
how hard are becoming transgender and this is the teachers the one that came out and said she’s worried about that.
She said that these kids she thinks mostly art that she or her experience with them is that they’re mostly special needs kids they’re autistic.
There was this one kid and then they all kind of follow.
Conservative MP David Davis day I can graduate this teacher for coming out telling us what I’ve wanted suspect has been going on in our schools it is horrendous the children are being encouraged by other people’s identifies transgender particularly if they have autism
if your if you are the autism you’re not sure what to do with yourself you not sure how to dispute things you’re very confused,
everyone’s a very confused of feelings but especially when you have some disorder like autism.

[1:08:25] And she transgender like that must be what’s wrong with me I was listening to an interview but with sex scientist Deborah’s oh by the way Denver so if you’re listening marry me on that I thought you was awesome I learned so much from you,
she’s such a cool person.

[1:08:43] Debra so talked about that you know why these people are trans when they’re kids actually what they’re having is he the beginning feelings of you know homosexuality in that a lot of these people are going to become adults become sexually identify as such.

[1:08:57] The point was these people have these feelings they maybe they have more female traits the male traits of their man you know vice-versa their women and they just don’t know how to deal with these feelings as they gravitate towards the transit Urology.
But the transit Urology does not bring solace statistic after statistic statistic I share the statistic before previous outlines.
That show that suicide rates do not go down after these sex-change surgeries and hormones are used back they often go up dangerous stuff,
RNN when the fact with man you know the chemicals astragin is cancerous chemical to Amanda artificial estrogen causes tumors and you know is transgenderism look how you bought you should be kind to everyone,
you know this is right you that’s a song for my church always remember this kindness begins with me,
but you have to stick to reality is using a fake identification reality is that kind,
because it’s that think it’s more about convenience I think off and wanted to go to France it’s less about kindness and it’s more about convenience we just don’t want to float the boat whatever let them believe what they want to believe and I’m all about Live and Let Live okay,
that’s the libertarian party that we can go that way to say that we have to put our subjective you over our objective view November is wear no clothes okay we all say he’s be as beautiful quote it’s not reality.

[1:10:23] That doesn’t help these people to do side goes up people who have trans off and now huge levels of depression have huge levels of bipolarism these are people that need help.
Am I by purging this does not feel that void and was scary it to me it’s often we’re pushing kids 6-8 there’s a story of the dad in Texas,
the kid the Mommy wants to take away parental rights for the dad because the kid when it’s with the mom identifies as a female she wants him to get the surgery she wants him to take the chemicals which will sterilize him.
Now the kid they said when he’s with the data long wants to be a boy so the kid is just so you know gravity changed whatever will make the parents have.

[1:11:00] Scary stuff this I get it we give chemicals to kids and we mutilate them and we sterilize them.
Is disgusting to me it is disgusting is child abuse is abhorrent I think the parents that engage in this and that people engage in this will have to answer to God in the next life for doing this trust,
I was listening to a guy I’m going to say his last name is welt and he was a guy that.
Transition he’s a man he transitioned a female and he talks and he came back he says in your house.

[1:11:30] Devastate his life and how he’s so regrets doing it he says that people they have these feelings they need help and it’s not giving solution to help them,
you know we want to pretend that we have magical science powers and we can just change men into women and women into men poop
we cannot we cannot change the chromosomes the surgery is that where we give a man breast and all those are those aren’t real okay.
When we when we change up
I’m sorry this is going to use some medical language if you don’t want your kids to hear it maybe turn the stuff they try to change a penis into vagina they fillet it and they have to leave it as an open wound forever you always have to work at or the body will try to heal it and cover it up.
It’s not about working vagina and not a working penis for the woman it’s not working we don’t have the power to change them.
In the future maybe I don’t know if that when we have artificial bodies we can do that for people okay great but at the moment we cannot change them from man to woman woman to man it’s it’s impossible at the moment.

[1:12:34] I know it’s hard I know that’s hard I know it’s a touchy subject.
I know we want to be kind of good people in America is parchment of the things that make America So Great America is kind.
America’s time in a good way we’re good people we want to do good we want to be good we want to take care of others we want to be The Shining beacon on the hill to all the world and that is great.
Awesome but you have to stick the facts on this it’s so easy to just give in okay I’m I’m okay if they want to change their name.
Fine because you can change your name and you want to be named anything some names used to be more masculine Ashley used to be a man’s name so you’re fine with this idea that you use.
Certain pronouns is idiotic.
Do not do it you’re not given to that part but you can if you want you know recognize her new name if you’re if you’re a family member and the only way you can keep relationship.

[1:13:31] Is someone feeding the delusion that’s up to you you have to promise to pray about it I want you to think about it.
And you have to make that call for yourself but in general in open Society.
Do not do that you can you can call them by their name fine but don’t don’t think you can just buy into that he is now she and she is now a key and heard that you’re not saying that okay I just been invoking legislation don’t make it illegal to say the wrong pronoun.
I’m just insane dangerous dangerous Insanity because it is not reality guys we’re feeding it to delusions.
But why do I I bring this all up because it’s become a new issue again because a Twitter see Twitter decided that it’s getting so I talked on the summer.
The Twitter has these policies that they don’t really tell you what they are the the terms of service.
Dairy cream in terms of agreement or treaty loose you don’t really explain what the fetch is going on the kind of band people left and right for whatever the heck they want when they want and it’s never really explained.

[1:14:39] Twitter actually I guess in a weird way I’m going to get the credit actually came out and said their terms of service means you can’t you cannot do you want to be on Twitter you cannot,
call people by their dead name dead name is the old name that used to have him so now I’m Caitlin but I used to be Bruce hey that’s their dead name.
It sounds cool.
It’s it’s pretty ridiculous change in terms of service so you can’t use use term pronounce which easy mistake to make I mean to me and my dog all the time she’s like you get so confused.

[1:15:17] Totally innocent my grandma is a 2 by we might be by I might be a right at are P or something anyways.

[1:15:25] It’s ridiculous the course then guess who they went and they start bearing well they were ready Banning have band some feminist.

[1:15:41] Hold on sorry alright we will beg go to send myself wonderful article on the Federalists.
Twitter permanently banned famous for writing that man men aren’t women all she did was write this thing on Twitter saying that,
men can’t be women and that’s a transgender idea the movement harms feminism,
because Megan just say I’m a woman and then take advantage of all the work that women have done that puts women in danger the head of the ACLU the present ACLU was one that pushed for transgenderism.
Until she had one day she went to a bathroom with her. Her teen and tween daughters.

[1:16:24] Damn it there was two men that came in there that were trance there there by Guess female trance and you know it made her extremely uncomfortable and she had,
a moment of inspiration or she realize what the fat she was doing and she quit and she had this wonderful post
very smart plus by the script on completely wrong on this issue and this is not fair to women strength legitimate strength in feminism right now that has a problem with transgenderism.

[1:16:52] The lady that got banned is Megan Murphy she calls herself she calls herself an extreme feminist okay she is I left this through and through she’s also a pro socialist.
It’s just just ridiculous ridiculous she and she got suspended permanently.
Permanently is she’s not giving in totally so when the other person Laura Loomer she is they call her she saw all right sort of.
She she technically I guess is a journalist but she’s more like the Sean Hannity kind of journalists where,
I know you’re very provocative and you’re very for one side over the other not the happy warrior way okay that’s not what we do here at happy warrior we try to use fax,
reason and triad meet each other try to build a bridge that’s not Wilmer say she said that she said that,
1 L of one particular the new Representatives iliani Omar has a history of anti-israel,
comments theme for pro sure she’s Pro boycotting Israeli businesses and she is pro female genital mutilation.

[1:18:09] These are all extremely important issues she’s going to be in Congress now why is the why is it wrong to point that.
I I know it’s fax again facts don’t care about your feelings neither facts Twitter these are facts I know you may like those things fine please fax to say that they exist and that’s how she feels on issues.

[1:18:28] Okay if you horse they’re afraid to go to point it out to anyone left my adopt something so evil as female genital mutilation.
Is wrong so they have to silence them they have to block them.

[1:18:42] And I you know what that the Silicon Valley is larger than trolled by the political left and then I’d not trying to hurt
the feelings of people on the left who might listen to thank you for taking the time to listen to some of that you might disagree with I appreciate it your good American to do so in a good intellectual it’s on it’s on us intellectualism the comet that serve Rider trails,
serving in Iraq he’s a war hero,
he got banned and we have no idea what and a Twitter said their new terms of service that they have to tell you when you violate so you can fix it or why you get from a suspension date they did not empty.
And they’re trying to figure it out they some people think maybe was cussing but you says I generally don’t cuss so some people think he said something red political he’s not even totally sure what that is he is a supercell.
He’s funny guy you know what’s really funny about this to Justin Kelly wrote.
Back in August after the Alex Jones got banned and robber and I talked about how this is a terrible president this is bad because we need we want free speech we don’t want to censor speech because,
are Freedom Liberty is always better than censorship and control.

[1:19:57] So he wrote piece on the Pharaohs sing the left won’t stop at Alex Jones the slippery slope is real and we’re on it wow was he right.

[1:20:09] I love this there’s a there’s a great two parts in here and I’m just going to read these.

[1:20:15] Diastasis the ending of it okay so.

[1:20:21] It’s only Alex Jones is a comforting blanket it’s the child who closes eyes and covers his ears and then naive hope the monster disappears if you can’t see or hear him,
but the monster does not disappear and is most definitely not just Jones yesterday it was Jones today YouTube censored human vanilla Dennis Prager tomorrow there may be a knock on your door,
freedom is not something you Choir by practicing it you don’t one day wake up and decide you are free.
Freedom is something tangible and requires of operation of others if others will not give you that qua operation you have to take it away from them.
You need to stop whistling past the graveyard realize the left is taking total Victory if they do not want to compete in the marketplace of ideas their goal is to silent dissenting voices.

[1:21:05] Dairy cow that is fantastic and that’s exactly what happened they did sensor and they did close them up,
it’s and now it’s the point is a big conservative one they have decided to hang out in protest close their account,
no good for them I want to play this clip this is just to Kelly describing his experience with this and what he has to say he’s on the Tucker Carlson show,
I don’t watch Tucker very often I like Tucker Carlson overall but since he’s not on Fox sometimes he’s.
Alexa little bit more like to Handy’s of the world in his bike but I do like this website Daily Caller like he’s a he’s a cool dude I used to watch him back when he was on MSNBC in it.

[1:21:46] Terribly ugly hideous Studio they had in my back in the day all right here we go.
Freshly predicted it why did Twitter take you off as platform nobody know.
Twitter kick me off the platform because I was a mainstream voice on the right that spoke the truth. That’s all anybody knows they’ve given me no explanation as they told Congress they would give explanation.
I all they said was an email that said you were permanently banned and you can appeal it for repeated rules violation,
only I don’t violate the rules I don’t cut the people on there I don’t harass people on there I don’t do any of those ugly things that some people do what they are all the Hillary Clinton email.
The back once they banish your account it was it a suspension,
they completely banished me so I’m not even able to log in and email Twitter support a friend of mine sent me a couple email addresses for people that supposedly work it’s with her but I’m sure they’re not going to answer any of those stages.
They did exactly what I said they would do they came for Alex Jones first because he’s a nut job and they wanted to see how the right would react they got him.
And I knew they were coming for me though come for you too.

[1:23:01] Because these radical voices on the left never get censored even Farrakhan that complete scumbag that has a sweet still up comparing Jews to termites he still has an account but I suppose things about Velveeta and mine gets bad.
Yeah that last point that just Kelly was making is completely right the guy named Louis Farrakhan he’s a monster,
he is a huge anti-semite homophobe every nasty you can be he is he’s the head guy of the Nation of Islam.
He used to be known as Lewis X back in the day he is a disgusting disgusting man.
Southern Poverty Law Center in the den to defamation League, Auntie semi and a proponent of anti-white theology,
okay so it’s not it’s not just us concerns I mean they’re on the left like this guy is Looney Tunes.
Bonkers his tweets about you know called Jews termites and everything else still up there still there they have no problem they don’t censor him at all.

[1:24:05] We somehow he’s okay but the rest is not I do not understand it I do not understand it at all.

[1:24:12] It’s it’s bothersome to me but I know I don’t know what but will change don’t know what we can do to fix it.

[1:24:20] We have just keep encouraging them to turn back to free speech it’s frustrating in the program today.
Here’s one more thing I’m going to talk about let’s talk about Amazon this is kind of a fun thing and don’t forget talk about,
and what date the cities offered to get in since what if you don’t remember this Amazon headquarters.
Politicians did they did lean over they kiss the shoes of.
Amazon the offer them all the money in the world New York offer.
I think I’ll just start from the top and I move away down to this is from BuzzFeed props BuzzFeed for doing this,
a Georgia was going to offer to billion dollars taxpayer-funded incentives you wanted to have a Amazon Georgia Academy State University want to get him a State University free parking.

[1:25:22] Wanted to make addition of a stop on the Atlanta car trains and extra train for them.
Boston didn’t actually offer is much but said they can use the top university talent to draw eCommerce there.
Chicago was willing to Pony up 2.25 billion and incentives.
Half that would be offered in tax credits and they could all scared additional 400 million for infrastructure spending.
They even went and he made got Captain Kirk himself Captain Kirk sing Christmas songs really I think I did.
The previous episode yeah William Shatner did this whole thing I’ll play the end is so funny.

[1:26:08] You are the most awesome city in America right now so Columbus Ohio says will give you a half billion dollars.
You can save you know someone out of us spent will give you a 15-year 35% income tax refund which about 50 million annually.
I doubt that’s the money part that’s.
A quote City officials also vowed to create a task force to prevent what Columbus refers to as an unacceptable murder rate.
I’ll be there again and unacceptable.
People in Columbus are black.

[1:26:54] Amazon book Chicago God Chicago got a Captain Kirk to come back what are you guys.
Give me money. The murders.
Oh my gosh there is there somewhere that one is the best I thought I’d the money money money border.
I mean they got I think New York offered like way more than a building I probably had that wrong.
I it’s just insane it really is I mean Amazon value,
I mean they play dirty recently they were going to pay minimum wage to all their people at 15 bucks an hour.
But then he came out and says now the government should do it and basically they did this trying to dis is crony capitalism 101 they did this so that other companies are as big as Amazon you can’t eat $15 minimum wage.
That they would crash they couldn’t do it you know it’s the same strategy crony capitalism always does it big businesses we do some to make the government happy we use the government to punish the other companies.

[1:28:03] Just nasty I mean I have a story here about how Amazon workers in the Europe in particular or treated,
egregiously bad stories of,
pregnant women stand on their feet for 10 hours not allowed pee breaks in you know when building sorry no almost freezing.
Just insane same stories they really treat their workers badly at Amazon at least of the warehouses protests for Black Friday and.
Amazon called in the Spanish police to make the workers go to work,
okay that’s like what they do and shine okay if you’re at Fox now you don’t work they call the law on the government forces you to work I mean it is slavery of Foxconn but I tried as lots of slavery in evils every evil in the world probably be fine china.

[1:28:54] Yeah and the Spanish place like that’s not our job.
That’s not my job that’s not what we do.

[1:29:07] Just ridiculous.
Amazon and see that’s why I Doctor Who made so much fun of Amazon now that I don’t think it’s got as much attention to us I’m not sure why I don’t know if it’s like that’s worse in the UK and Europe instead of here but now that’s what it is.
Alright so what’s in this this is.

[1:29:26] Captain Kirk himself there’s my ending video for you guys is Captain Kirk and he is telling Amazon what they will do to get them.

[1:29:38] Music.

[1:31:05] Stay warm in the Second City alright well there we have it Shatner the man himself that was actually really cool ad.
I like that a lot thank you so much for listen to happy warrior podcast today I know this one was fat heavy and no this one was very in the in the fields in the grass you know it was hard to get through.
But it was worth it okay guys now you have these facts now I can use them and you can bring back Sandy to the debate into the discussion of politics and what’s going on in the world.
Remember do all this with kindness you know you know.

[1:31:41] What is what what did speak softly carry a big stick treat others you have you that’s Jesus,
I’m try to be kind while using the facts you know feelings do matter try to meet people and find common ground because we’re all humans and we’re all Americans,
I try to bring back sanity to discussion build Bridges,
if you are want to know more if you want to talk to me if you want to offer me cool stuff if you want to
proposed to me know I proposed earlier to dr. Deborah cell which is happy warrior you get me on Facebook which is happy warrior Pete and you can find me on my email which is Pete
happy – Warrior. Net again Pete at happy,
Dash Warrior. Net please contact me with any ideas questions comments things you want to see I would love to do it if you don’t let me real loud in the show I want I’ll just.

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[1:33:07] For letting me do this podcast for spray me we have some exciting things about this podcast there on the horizon and want to share with you and I am excited
to share them next episode we were going to do poetry for the month so every episode one or two poems
I have have a great Kipling poem excited share with you and I’m looking forward to giving that to him you my wonderful listener and audience you know God bless you.
God bless this country God bless the troops would sacrifice sweat and blood for the sacred soil on our secret Liberties and rights as in trying to the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights thank you for listening,
please if you see a member of our military forces police firefighters going to handshake tell him thank you.

[1:33:53] And wish them a good day as I do for you please take care until next time this is the happy warrior podcast with happy warrior videos.


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