The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the brink.  Deep division with real issues does divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in a positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.


Segment 1 : Florida sucks at their job (national coverage)

Michael Knowles takedown!!!!

election takeaways

first N.A. governor


tons of coverage


majority of women don’t believe the Kavanaugh accusations

Synema winning?

nuts like bugs on your buttz

arsenic by bush

meth house and serve as an example




Rubio part 2

Insane history of gal in charge of elections


Go to my facebook page to read story about it. Jo Ann Cox, and candidate Tim Canova

afp version of Florida

Even after a judge rules them to stop and be examined the county refuses

gallium back tracks


Felons can now vote



dog loves mcdonalds

Llamas are our salvation


Segment2: South Dakota

Peeps trying to steal my election

Noem winning

solid essay by Stu Whitney

stats here about how close Sutton won



Side Note


Really annoyed when GOP women and Minorities get ignored


Kim is amazing and anyone would be lucky to work for her

barely mentioned

spectator is right on this one.

Awesome Video

amusement tax

Internet splitting?


Segment 2: Bad election Songs

Terrible Sutton Ad

Hillary theme song

ElizaBeth theme song

Now compare them

SJWs mad at violence against them, but not the rest of the violence

Triumph the Insult dog


Segment: 3 Whole Wide World

Finland version

Marilyn Manson version

stranger than fiction version (start at 1:00)




Censorship is growing

Wow that isn’t good

China Concentration Camps are growing

Boat shoots space missile

The sweet sweet songs of Panda Love

Secret Russian Military Bases


EU likes to ban things:

NYTimes makes case to arrest conservative speakers

Rate of innocent people convicted

drone subs

Facebook still being Facebook


on the 14th amendment

not good, bad Trump

Tanzania the pioneer of human rights

how corrupt schools embitter Americans over-time

Notre Dame considering blocking pornography, decent argument for this is made here

Must Read essay!

Unintended Consequences

pamela Anderson isn’t the most woke person ever

kotaku actually does some real journalism, crazy

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The Happy Warrior Podcast, Conservative commentary on the news of the day from a more positive perspective. Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke.