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start with your mistakes


Segment 1 :

Segment: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/416618-students-protesting-shapiro-chant-john-mccains-dead

Awesome Student Protestors (play top video)



jump to 18 – 2:12 seconds (hilarious) also 6:50 – 7:05, 11:50






innocent email



where he is now




Australia universities wants to ban sarcasm



British school blocking capital letters



British school bans coats


Segment2: Title9












Post sorta fair take on this.



Kavanaugh Replacement and Dwarf Tossing



David hogg and sharks



drunk man peacock



William goldman passed away



Segment4 : Americans hate each other






stan lee on the fans, passed away at 95



Stan lee on Prejudice







Bill Gates



abortion pills not as safe as to be believed



Censorship is growing



China Concentration Camps are growing



NYTimes makes case to arrest conservative speakers



on the 14th amendment



how corrupt schools embitter Americans over-time



Unintended Consequences



Pamela Anderson isn’t the most woke person ever



Iran officially breaches Chemical Weapons Ban



police inflating rape arrests


Machine Transcript

[0:24] Hello everyone welcome again this is the happy warrior podcast here with your host happy warrior Pete,
Peter Pischke unfortunately I do not have Robert melling the Magnificent the god-king mailing with me today,
Kia unfortunately we had plans twice to record this episode together that’s why it should have the usual Saturday we can drop we had to put it off and I was going to court today with him,
I’m not going to share what exactly is going on with Robert just some personal things if you guys,
can you please keep mr. Robert mailing in your prayers he could really use the help it seems like the world is just loaded all its brands on top of the poor guy in
I seriously need to break it just one thing after another.
It makes me feel like my life is positively without trials so please if you could.
Mr. melon in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it I really believe in the power of prayer I really believe that our heavenly father listens to us our divine Creator the great spirit whatever you want to call him.
And that he answers our prayers and our concerns especially ones they’re made with Goodwill and good intentions Okay so.

[1:40] I want to read now after that we’ll leave at our mistakes I as a messed having a master’s in journalism being a master of Journalism.
A journalist master,
I just wanted to leave with my mistakes I hate this most many news organizations hide their mistakes they put them in the back pages or at the bottom of articles I do not like that if we make a mistake we should put it at the top that’s my opinion,
so I’m going to leave here the last week we said that young Kim and become the first Korean sander unfortunately the recounts went which,
what is throughout the United States South by the way I think that’s kind of odd they were the Southern States apparently take longer than to recount for whatever reason.
It’s Ted Cisneros one so it took the house see in a sari said sent but how she took out seat in Southern California young Kim did not get it,
I still believe that they didn’t want to cover young Kim because of media bias however I could be wrong though it’s just the opinion of muah so don’t take it too seriously.
Sally Kim lost I like young Kim that is a sad to hear that this is going to happen for her she would have been great but you know it’s California what can you do.

[2:58] Unlike some other people Stacey Abrams I’m not going to let that she lost because of voter fraud or whatever the government poking its nose into businesses should be poking I’m not saying that okay.
No because responsible adults don’t say that they have strong evidence.

[3:17] Stop sorry it would be Kim sad to hear that we wish her the best.
You know California chose what California wine and that’s what happened.
So I hopefully Cisneros treats you well and you enjoy him as being one of your congressman.
Alright so now that we got the requisite show opening done what what you eat talk about what you being like favorite fun subject you know I love to start my episodes out with something strong,
funny it has a video if I can get audio I love it even the more so I have this great story Ben Shapiro,
I was speaking for why I asked when I went to see Michael Knowles here at August Anna and my hometown of Sioux Falls.
It was wife was Young Americans for Freedom sponsored.

[4:08] Davis Park Turlock conservative speakers then they go across the country and speaking universities Ben Shapiro is a pretty well-known one and of course the well-known ones going to a top top.
Universities this case Ohio Ohio State University,
very aware of would like I know the ivy league ones are big but after you leave the ivy league I have no idea where the State University stamp.
He was at last week he was at speaking there and there was some amazing protests just the most the most mind.

[4:47] Bending intelligence protesters that ever protester Chan in any March ever in the history of man.
Here they are you’ve asked for it the protesters at Ohio State University,
okay there you go I’ll State University testers,
they are so intelligent man now I want to play it once but you can find this on the outline
NADA particular one I went to was the hill but this Beast videos are everywhere actually a couple of them but this was the only one where there isn’t f-bombs being dropped left and right these protesters sent a very foul language did anyone ever notice that maybe that’s just something that bothers me,
Amaya puritanism.
Reagan’s dead and then I can’t quite make out what they’re saying and then they and then they moved.

[6:09] In between,
and you can hear that you’re playing a few times it’s hard to hear so you may not be able to hear an audio fuse play at you go to the website go bad here but they see it and then there’s a Fade Out people like
wait someone like someone check Google way too sick.

[6:29] Idea I was he the one they say push the older is it’s dead.
Is John McCain’s dad I don’t know what by the way those Prout was that protesting have to do with anything like.
Okay and Ronald Reagan dead okay so what’s your point we only listen to people that are alive apparently everyone that’s died just ignore what they said doesn’t matter sweep it off the books.
Okay it’s only the living we care about.
Oh yeah that’s ridiculous by the way that’s totally gets big these people watch Walking Dead they totally missed the point of walking dead I just want to point that out I know I’m a walking dead binge right now it’s probably my favorite current show.
I’m watching it for the 3rd through the whole thing for the third time I wanted to watch Walking Dead.

[7:30] Empire the thing The Walking Dead is we build it on the people that are dead so you know most the characters in Walking Dead end up being killed
eventually it’s a 9 season show so far the people image Cy hopefully go at minimum 10 seasons of got three movies and then there’s spin-off series as well.
And idea is characters may have died but the Legacy that they left is still there so we know our character died because they died
their sacrifice for the group either their ideas like I’m not I don’t want to spoil anything but when the main characters that died in his message to Rick is kind of what changes the whole ending of season 8 I mean it’s the idea idea stay there we’re gone
but we’re not there but the Legacy we leave.
So I mean it’s a stupid idea from the first part and how does that make sense because marks he’s been dead a good old time is he he’s dead.
I want to play or not we’re saying anyone is so FDR Woodrow Wilson these are all celebrities they love.

[8:35] Leaders of thoughts leaders and of the US they love their up they’re all gone guys I guess. Marks be what I’m saying.
That’s just it just ridiculous I think it’s funny too I love the purpose of life.
I told you you should have done your homework before we came to the March.

[9:03] Okay okay I’m not enough squandering my time about walking dead I love that show if you guys want to talk to me on Twitter or email me Facebook me about walking dead I will chat with you as long as you want.

[9:17] You just been worn alright so what now what else are we going to cover well I don’t want to leave this beautiful protest,
quite yet I have hear some video from fleccas talks it’s a YouTube channel,
buckets Cozy’s protest that they have four speakers and speaker has been banned for example,
I’m a tease universities where they have the heckler’s veto comes into play if you don’t know the heckler’s veto is the ability that people just make things unsafe so speakers can’t can’t be there or that they can’t talk.
You know what they do make it impossible for whatever reason,
the hecklers feet out and we see all these legendary protests where it seems like aunt and left as soon as get out of control like an Evergreen University Claremont McKenna Claire McKennitt
I think it’s clear McKennan Claire McKinnon College okay that’s the heckler’s veto
so fuck it stocks he goes and talks these people just lets to have their say they talk to people on the left and they talk to people right so the other people have to start against apparel then you have the people on the right there for Shapiro and he just talked to both of them.

[10:30] Pretty fair pretty fair I like flakiss I usually learn a little bit from watching this because.
It’s one thing to read me a cover to protesters and it’s another thing let’s do the protesters themselves and we here at the happy warrior fight with white and Truth,
so let’s just hear what the protesters have to say a lot of it has F-bomb so I can only use about 2 or 3 minutes of it
but hopefully this will help you guys out if you want to know what the protesters are saying when they’re not chancing here we go.

[11:03] Ohio State University for a ysp special parents here and he’s not happy about it we’re going to see what’s going on.
Free abortion on demand this way.

[11:30] Coconut Point but.
Kinds of things that he preaches I don’t know what he said to you physically.
Are you bored okay.
What does Ben Shapiro.
Or take every take as it’ll take a while to this life everything goes wrong with them,
how do I say I’ve been trying to sound like people talking to people
what should speak tonight.
I mean like today
that works for me.

[12:54] What is Easter everything.
Because elimination politics is a hateful thing and he doesn’t believe that people he doesn’t believe that people should be allowed to live.
Are you guys go there is the amazing protesters at Ohio State University I love these guys I love these guys I want to go over there.
It’s so so hard I love the the people they talk to do those ladies in the front front yeah you only Ben Shapiro.
Cuz like I don’t like it’s like a platform and like stuff and like like and like it’s just it’s just too many things to name just too many things bad happened Shapiro scary man.
Okay I need a teligence being shot and then they have the anti fungi at the end it’s like an adventure propose a piece of Jewish and then he was about to say nasty what we would called hate speech some of us,
what would be called paid speech if it was directed to someone on the left not okay by the way but I mean that’s that mean.
Just crazy just crazy just bull crazy.

[14:23] And that mean it’s sad it’s sad I’m reading a great book report right now cuddling of the American Mind by Greg lukianoff.
Did Jonathan haidt neither those people are leftists I mean people on the right there Democrats Jonathan haidt is an evolutionary psychologist and it’s a fantastic but I cannot recommend it enough,
I’ve learned so much reading it that any talks about how we got into the situation we’re in wonderful wonderful but anyhow.
Talks a lot about this book where they talk about incidents like at Evergreen College where we have people who come out and they don’t know what they’re talking about they just hate the other side just cuz they can’t really name why.
And they feel that it’s a threat to them and they feel that they have the complete and utter right to overwrite that other person speech because they don’t understand the First Amendment,
I need cream inside out they could name of all five rights granted the asari First Amendment. Nickname more than maybe two.

[15:24] Scary stuff I’m it’s embarrassing really Ohio State University to be embarrassed but really they’re going to get a pat on the back.
Braless those girls say that they have the right to protest yes you do have the right to protest but you don’t have the right to to yell over someone else that’s not right you have.
Okay that’s because you have a right you can say whatever the flip you want as long as you don’t prevent the other person saying whatever the flip they want.
That’s how the First Amendment Works what they’re doing is not the first,
this is Attack of the mop K we’re going back to Mom’s I know Robert saying Peter let go of talking about mods for crying out loud they keep following.

[16:08] Okay so here’s another part of the video where they have he goes to some of the people on there on the right side there I am I saying this is not propaganda okay this is not purposeful prop again I can’t help it. The people on the left.
Are crazy and no nothing and the people on the right are completely reasonable that’s not my fault I am just the messenger please don’t shoot me,
let’s have a discussion, and we were talking to you know that at the protest we were like you know hey what’s going on why don’t we talk about this,
and every single time I say something they just come back with a Chance yeah there we have it that is exactly what happens.

[16:48] Every single time not every time but a lot of the time but you won’t engage with people that say that Ben Shapiro whoever’s talking is so threatening to them is a danger to them as dangerous rhetoric,
and they denied because they aren’t ready for an intellectual debate they go to college and it’s not there for intellectualism
and I know that sounds pretty rough I understand if you would think well this is just some conservative quack who sings he’s been sort of in his feelings are hurt no ice
really enjoys Academia really enjoys talking and discussing ideas ideas I agree with the Diaz I don’t agree with sometimes discussing ideas I don’t agree with
always more exciting and more fun I enjoy learning and understanding concepts and ideas I hope I’ve used,
this platform of a podcast while to discuss some of the ideas that I believe are influencing our way of life in our nation I’ve done in the entertaining way.
I use okay so Jonathan haidt in his book he puts out three ideas they says that ruling today and he calls them the three gray on cruises the overall big picture part of the story,
he puts us in the very first chapter so you’ll have to look too long since the three-eyed on Troost are being town or college campuses and unfortunately being swallowed.

[18:07] Toy is truth truth one day on truth of fragility,
he says this is the opposite this is basically what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker which is an opposite version of the aphorism Pray by Frederick Nietzsche he was actually the first one to do it but,
yo what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger nieces. There are some things that will kill you in one go and there are some things that will hurt you at 1 going if it doesn’t necessarily kill you but by and large this is a great way to understand issues says.
Kids are being taught that there are affected by something hard that it damages them not not just that you know they counter idea they don’t like
but somehow counting this idea causes anxiety and give some PTSD you know they say they have PTSD and they’ve never experienced anything really in life that past Generations would say you deserve the argument having shellshock okay just,
The untruth number to the untruth of emotional reasoning which is trust your feelings Luke you know the first motion you have when you counter an issue is the right one
use your emotions to reason out something over the logical thought that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use emotions at all but emotions should be tempered with logic and reasoning.
And we study that’s how I know results handle things but they’re not teaching this at school Slide by and large which is sad.
The Third on truth is the truth of us verses that match the good guys versus the bad guys this is.

[19:31] Just swallowing our media culture and believe it to be true that everything is protagonist vs. antagonist,
and the truth is most people are both good and bad and it was George Washington a good guy or a villain well he was actually combination about three things that washed it did badly he wasn’t on his way but things he did good he was the father of the same thing with Jefferson
I mean you can go on and on you can find it it’s hard to find anyone in history that was entirely good or entirely bad,
okay even an extreme but you know even Hitler like the animals I mean they’re there are good things about things to everyone.
Winston Churchill is another one was at church I’ll save the west from Nazism he’s Stites ate it say that he was the one that was one to stand up and fight.

[20:19] When it was unpopular to do so but on the other hand if you were from the country of India you think that Winston Churchill was a monster because the British government under Winston Churchill,
leadership denied food to India win their mid stuff and make it much much worse.

[20:38] It went to Churchill a guy in history that we can look up to did things are wrong too.
People in real life you know are good and bad that’s within each and every one of us I think most of us know this to be true another thing that showing Walking Dead.
Rick is a great guy but also sometimes he’s a mass murderer that’s not the best example weird from episode episode what hurts you makes you weaker.
Divine truth emotional reasoning your motions always know better and untruth of US versus them it’s the good guys versus the bad guys all the time.
Okay it’s not the difference of ideas difference of opinion you know I’m a robber and I disagree on something so that’s okay Amendment w.
It was one thing we disagreed with about whether it would pass them with it was a good idea and I’m not going to say who was on what side I’m not trying to bury same.

[21:29] And no that’s okay Robert 9 friends I don’t think Robert is went on this side of the Satan
okay I’m not that no we disagree I have friends that work on the Sioux Empire podcast that are completely opposite Gabriel Knight shield probably he and I disagree 75%.
Are you not paying Gabriel Knight Shields a bad person.
We just had disagree Gabriel Knight shield there’s all ton of good things to say about Gabriel Knight shield in his very popular podcast the urban Indians podcast okay we just disagree.
And that’s okay but too often unconscious.
That these three improves have been pushed forward and example they go to for proof because I don’t want to just say something and not show evidence,
go to Yale 2015 if you remember this we all made fun of young 2015 mandated School came out not just a student organization but the official administration of Yale came out and said,
Halloween costumes art and aren’t allowed for cultural appropriation and racism reasons.

[22:31] And a professor there who was won the Masters at
Sylvan Court which is a residential yellow College came out and she just sent on email Lister is it just wasn’t everyone in the in the school it was just too that people are Miss tration say that maybe this isn’t the best,
idea because you know maybe this isn’t the right place for
other people to make that choice you know we can make this decision that they want but she says it’s great paragraph and she says how we lost faith in young people’s capacity,
in Your Capacity to exercise self-centered through social norming and also your capacity ignore eject things that trouble you.
What does this debate about Halloween costume say about our view of young adults of their strength in judgment whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people it’s not mine I know that.

[23:22] When she say we can trust young adults to make these decisions for themselves that they’re tough enough and if they encounter something don’t like bacon handle it.
We’re living in a free Society you’re going to encounter stuff you don’t like that’s part of the thing of living in a free Society crazy.
I think this is an idea I thought I used to believe that everyone agree with but too often young people and I’m not kidding they many names of people I know on my my.
My Life by this they buying it is what what hurts us you know what doesn’t kill me hurts me and makes me worse makes Society worse.

[24:03] Okay by the way that’s the stomach that is how we get to dictatorship I mean it’s that kind of thinking.
Two clips volume to play from you basically after this email came out,
all the students went nuts many professors were flaming the fans sorry Fanning the flames and pushing this and just got humongous they eventually forced the dean,
and sorry no he was he was he promised you he was Provost and his wife was also respected both of them very respected,
dr. Weinstein the guy he was the husband of the lady that sent this email.
I was in the time on 2009 time 100 most influential people of the Year okay Weinstein is loved
love for his before all the in Academia for all his contributions K both he and his wife were getting ivy league College won the top colleges United States
back in the world these are respected people and but all that work does not matter they offended the mob and so the mob must kick them out.

[25:10] Unfortunately that is what happened in for their safety and for their love of the school they did eventually leave they did they put out a lawsuit and they won which they should have you know thing,
goodness that there’s some same people out there,
here’s some of the stuff that went on in 2015 and I still straight my point about Jonathan Heights book.
The Jonathan haidt got the cause problem to the T and this is something that we need to all be aware of because the young adults that believe this are now entering.
Corporation businesses society as full adults and they are going to be the Future Leaders and what they believe and if they don’t learn from it and turn around and it except.
What you and I believed to be what makes the West so great free speech and freedom ocracy we are in a lot of trouble.

[26:03] Securus number one this is Bret Weinstein trying to thin gauge with the students talk about why it hurt their feelings he apologized about her in their feelings and he tries to get them into an intellectual debate about why this hurts them.
There are the top college you know we wanted you Dead Poet Society why is this wrong why aren’t you know we tried to engage I’m not fan that movie by the way my sister has pain. But it’s that that idea we’re going to engage engage it called.
Not so I know I’m getting a little bit long-winded here is the audio of the so-called shrieking girl screaming at Professor Nicholas christakis and exploited cross the internet 23
Tina I should quickly add that there a r f bombs coming up so if you are with a bunch of kiddos please turn the volume down and come back in 5 minutes or so.
Thank you for your patience.

[27:05] Job.
The present illness.
Again like I always tell you I like to play the full clips of the audio so you can get a more rounded idea what was said this isn’t just soundbite class crazy right this isn’t your unintellectual space we are creating a home here.

[28:20] Wait what I thought we went to college for the intellectual value of college I thought that was the whole point of University.
Apparently not so sad to say we’ve seen incidents of this big big ones happened several times out since the 2015.
Evergreen clear makana McKenna clear McKenna College,
just gigantic examples you can use to Google search but they’ve been smaller incidents as well these things are much much too, you can remember all the insanity that went on during the Cavanaugh’s stuff and I September not October.

[28:57] I mean insane right now. It’s not the other one I have another clip I could go with,
which is scary and there’s a wonderful article by the Federalists on this whole debacle if you guys want to know the whole story look up watching Mom of Yale students boy Professor they say hurt their feelings is it by
Ray Peyton and she shows more video they were at we actually have about 20 minutes
of audio in addition to this one of him just constantly trying to apologize trying to say I mean you know I believe in free speech and debate I want to discuss this let’s have a conversation that’s too much.
And it’s all about feelings it’s all about how safe they are nothing a berries about their rights
nothing there is about the value you know the value of something is all about how you know we have to have a safe place we have to be hidden and protected because we’re fragile little glass creatures that will break if confronted.
Made it just scary steel case I have one more click this is another part that I thought was very interesting and you take from it what you want.

[30:24] What is interested not in what is difference among us but what is the saying.
Okay so we all have the capacity I believe I believe.
I believe there are parts of your screen so I can understand it a human being.
Reasons to love me and you want to ask me if you know.

[31:00] Act in a way that’s like these places like people who are interested in a conversation.
I was just saying I have a vision of ourselves.

[31:20] So I can sit down and talk to you understand understand your predicament.

[31:27] What is the reason that you asked to be hurt.

[31:38] You and I are not the same person.

[31:44] But your experiences will never connect mine is not necessary for you to understand that you’re wrong.
Okay even if you don’t feel what I feel ever even if nobody’s ever been racist you cuz I can’t be racist to you that doesn’t mean that you can just act like you’re not being rude.
Oh wow isn’t that piece of audio amazing.
Amazing major props or christakis here when he’s like we have a common Humanity I mean
even though I’m not black you know there are things that you and I have in common in our daily lives that matter
and there’s no way he’s going to reason with them you can’t get through to anyone part of the I think so funny is this group doesn’t clap for each other they do that I can’t snap this is something I can’t do by the way I,
snap my fingers but they’re doing the snaps like you know.
They’re yelling at Jordan throw that bombs but they snap cuz clapping would be too aggressive.

[32:43] It’s insane this is really insane this culture is,
it’s dangerous I mean it really is it what about dangerous right out this isn’t danger ideologies that could do real damage to our social fabric because it makes talking to each other and possible it puts up this idea there isn’t a common Humanity
that’s a dangerous dangerous idea if you know when we bother someone you know they talked about this at University don’t want other people in their correct we don’t want to other people that includes the people who you think are being mean to you.

[33:17] Right that we should know each other’s humanity and what we gone common not try to spread each other thin and divided it’s just ridiculous that so that’s that’s the bit that’s my big segment for today,
now we’re going to move to some fun stuff think please look up the book by Jonathan haidt thank you the Federalist,
and if you happen to be curious you should know that Nicholas christakis is doing well now these days he recently won the top of Ward you can receive from you for his amazing teaching skills of being an awesome professor.
Truly deserves it this is just this guy handle that situation as best as anyone possibly could,
it’s just me saying it you know it’s one thing for you guys to disagree that’s fine but another to prevent me from talking it’s say anyone that disagrees and allowed on campus.

[34:08] I mean wow that is insanity
however it’s kind of fun to note that we are not alone in the insanity these ideas are spreading all around some just in the span of a week I have 3 insane stories from Delavan was speaking Nations,
Britain and Australia and you can see some of this ideologies poking its head you know the great three untruths they’re being found now across the seas.
In our fellow lands what about the DNA in today’s weekend download when is dressing.
England has banned students from wearing designer winter coats like Canada goose in Montclair which can run over $1,000 in an attempt to stop.

[34:54] Poverty shaming yes that’s right in addition to all that shared now another thing is making people feel bad for any reason so we have that wonderful we named very a title by the way poverty shaming,
don don don.

[35:12] Yes have you ever heard of something so heinous so it’s making poor people feel poor.
It’s just terrible the worst yes British schools are Banning expensive designer coats I mean should the schools be able to do that sir
I mean it’s up to you I don’t live there but I think it’s ridiculous like the kids don’t know they’re at the other kids are rich like this is like a giant news to them.
Come on now. Silly people would even spend that much money on a designer jacket I’m just saying that’s a waste of your money don’t just find something else finally got patreon like homemade Girl Scout cookies,
alpaca influenza something like anything else,
it’s ridiculous it’s ridiculous this story about the Banning of the coats and then it’s the other one about we can’t have capital letters in English,
yes we can’t have capital letters you mean like Sesame Street capital letters those capital letters yes,
those capital letters Sesame Street letters C Is For Cookie,
yeah it’s there saying that people who come to talk to come speak or sign work the students.

[36:30] Might upset them if they use capital letters a stab so here’s the the lead here it’s Metro article a memo sent out to staff at Leeds Trinity journalism Department suggest using uppercase letters May Scare them into the failure.
It also just ways to get address as soon such as riding in a friendly tone overbearing and negative language.

[36:54] Yet the journalism Department you know my people my people my folks.

[37:00] We have the people you want to read the news to tell you what’s going on the world they should be the one day those ones are so scared of capital letters yeah the people we might send overseas into you know God forsaken warzones.
Capital letters are just too scary.

[37:19] It’s ridiculous it’s someone they don’t like that uses capital letters,
you make me feel unsafe and can you let her know you gave you a letter with all we just said that we have an appointment at 9.
Is your Apple letters.

[37:46] I can take it it’s awesome I love that story so much last one last one I think is funny,
my mom actually might be in front of that she’s had this theory for years but I using the daily wire link I think it actually came from Sky News so this is Sky News Australia.
Australia versus are threatening to ban sarcasm and I am offended.

[38:17] Australian University wants to ban students from you six star cast.
When is do the public affairs free speech on campus audit 2017 the University of Queensland.
Western Sydney University of these are three schools and Charles Stewart University all band sarcasm and their English is palpable and justifiably over rod,
you must protect the feelings of students as we prepare them to go to the real world where they will certainly be Sheila from harsh language or distasteful humor notice the sarcasm.

[38:48] Oh my gosh that’s awesome I’ll now my mom hate sarcasm except when she is is it a little bit in the ribs their mom.

[39:01] I’ve gotten ridiculous I first of all there’s a difference between starred in ISM and sarcasm you think I’d top universities universities when know the difference,
Point number two,
that is an impossible thing to do because I think almost every culture on the planet uses sarcasm in some form I mean it come on that’s impossible to eat.
Band I don’t know how you’d even begin to do that.
Use sarcasm that made it right now right now.

[39:38] Oh I didn’t know that was give me a funny thing I just cannot think of something cuz the sarcasm,
said so I can so denigrated and someone sick so hurt by I cannot possibly talk with you the audience any longer
we will have to move on okay so you’re the next part of my hard article for the day we are going to talk about the evil Betsy DeVos
changes to Title Nine if you read the article from ABC if you read the
peace on this by this by The Washington Post you already know what this is about it’s just the evil Betsy DeVos wants to make it so sexual abusers can gets Kuwait
stop free they can be as many women when and where and how they want,
we got saw this is about the headline Betsy DeVos pictures protections for students accused of sexual assault that’s from ABC,
or we can go to the Washington Post one with Betsy DeVos set supposed to rights of accused in rewrite of sexual assault rules.

[40:42] Yeah this Betsy DeVos chick she is so evil she is so wicked here’s what you said you said every Survivor of sexual assault.
Sorry every Survivor of sexual violence must be taken seriously and every student accused of sexual misconduct must know that guilt is not predetermined we can and must condemn sexual violence to place those are perpetuated while ensuring,
their grievance process those are not mutually exclusive ideas they are the very essence of how Americans understand Justice to function.

[41:16] That doesn’t sound very evil to me yes that’s in your boss is adjusting Tire part of Title Nine rules Title Nine at if it’s a big thing we can get into,
because they also fix Sports and a bunch of other things but it is very case were talking about how schools often have their own court system,
that actually has no power but kick you out of school but they have these their own court system and often people get accused and they aren’t allowed to defend themselves,
they are allowed someone to defend them so they’re not allowed to like someone like a law lawyer attorney to step up for them they are not allowed to look at the evidence they aren’t allowed to cross-examine
sorry the person who’s not allowed to cross-examine the witnesses.
This is a standard in most nations of the world this is the state of the United States has both civil and Criminal.
But call just won’t allow it and so we’ve had men over the last several years some of them guilty some of them not the point is they are you’re allowed to defend yourself that is a basic basic human right,
human right is that if you get accused of something you get a stand up and say hey.

[42:23] I didn’t do it and if you didn’t do it you should be allowed and not do it then you course we’re not mine or yours so everyone if they get accused something should have the right to defend themselves.

[42:35] Can we all agree on that I think we can’t I think the vast majority of people can agree on that well the Obama rules made it made the situation
we are the people who are accused or not allowed to defend themselves we have now even have men that been kicked out the school have sued and won Millions off universities
Betsy DeVos you know she’s a very cool person that very cool life story you know what her detractors want to say she’s just this Rich uppity gal that doesn’t know what she’s talking about just wants to help evil sexist men get away with
enough terrible vile crimes.

[43:09] Not true she was not born in well she in your what was only in college when her dad became wealthy she worked most of her young life she is a very big advocate in education she’s been in education circles for a long time
we are only adjusted Obama rules and just return them to basically what they were before it up I don’t see any she even says here that.
You know if you want the person that’s accused date you can have their lawyer.
Yeah cross-examine the witnesses and the guy not be there so if we R Us we don’t want to hurt survivors and have the guy being another room and let their Defender do it for them,
I think that’s completely reasonable I don’t understand why it’s so evil and there’s a fantastic article,
on reason that examines the media bias on this particular ABC it’s called ABC makes.

[44:06] I can’t speak patently false clay about new Title Nine rules the new standard does not require victims show they can’t return to school it doesn’t even require them to leave school in the first place they basically say that ABC made a complete and utter smear job.
Just ridiculous,
I’m it’s very frustrating to me as someone that’s ran for school board twice education is very important thing to me I think I’ve shown this but I have a passion for education I believe education is one of these things came and able us as human race to Enya Rise Up
be intellectual Giants I want this for everyone that possibly can to be their own Scholars be your own intellectual.
Go as far as you can in your academics in your understanding of issues learn and study and educate yourself throughout your whole life I am all about that.

[44:56] I love education I think it it changes wives it’s amazing thing I’m a huge fan of people like Booker T Washington education is.
Amazing amazing I mean Abraham Lincoln is the great example what education can do to change your life so.
This is not what is being labeled by the media I’m very frustrated they would go ahead and do that it’s funny The Washington Post article you have to date have this front where it’s just me letting accusers you know those deals Evoque users get away with it,
kind of stuff I know what this is.
I think maybe Congress should probably acting that come out with a new one before we hit the 50-year mark besides the point,
the most significant change will guarantee the accused the right to cross-examine their accusers.
Though that would have to be conducted by advisor attorneys for the people involved rather than by the first IQ is misconduct if requested party could be in separate rooms.
Trail across some examination of mistress official said this was done to bolster the dad you price.
Yeah sorry to bolster the due process rights of accused while sharing the victims are not directly confronted by their assailants.

[46:13] It’s it’s ridiculous I mean even the Trump Administration wanted them to be allowed in the room at the cross stamps does it actually even not as much as what President Trump was saying he advocated.
I don’t see how this is wrong guys this is completely within reason.

[46:31] There will be no just by you know just by the numbers of percentages say 1% of people are falsely accused okay just 1% you know,
sure they have the right to defend themselves if it was your son if it was your uncle Heck if it was your daughter that was being falsely accused wouldn’t you want them to be able to stand up for themselves
I defend themselves you know if we’re going to have these fake school courts and I by the way do not think we should do I don’t think that’s a good idea we should be able to defend ourselves as we would in Normal
School courses for speech about the court system available to people to judicate for themselves then they should,
mimic Mission look like okay if we’re going to have a minor they should look like the majors.
I don’t understand why this is crazy this is I know I could go on and on and on so I’ll stop at there but I’m going to say Title Nine changes are good they are good they’re good idea.
Go form everyone should have the right to Due Process due process is a very basic thing.
That’s where everyone. That’s why it happened country got wrong on Kavanaugh.

[47:41] It wasn’t that cabinet is in this is necessarily innocent is that Kevin Durant deserves due process rights.
Okay you we can’t all just band you know we can’t all just have this pseudo court and just so you know when we’re listening to people Witnesses but no one else has any judicial power nothing ever one’s ever going to happen the evidence is 30 + years old okay.

[48:02] We have to have to process there has to be rule of law.

[48:07] Without rule of law we’re just animals we’re just Savages rule of law which is what sets us above our savagery are our base or Nature’s okay we need rule of law I’m sorry I’m heading the gavel so hard.
I just got the stuff you know I show you what’s happening at the University and then I see pieces like this and I’m like we are doomed.

[48:32] The future generations of our country survives all this craziness I’ll be like what the fudge was in the water
what was going on here you know what’s funny I watch them like Star Trek in the 1990s next gen big fan of the card looking for the new stuff,
these ideas are just very basic they talk about you is like, Humanity they talk about ideas that everyone has a right to a defense you know.
Just very busy could use that we all used to agree on and it’s only in the last 10 years or so they have that
a release the representation of have to call a half the universe star half the country.
Want to sweep away so much of this idea of these ideas for me I don’t know why they do it we could have an argument about why did you ignore some of its just self-serving some think that this is the best way to win future coalitions in elections.

[49:29] With the sweep away these ideas is just dangerous utter nonsense.

[49:34] And it’s stupid and it’s a contagion it seems to be spreading to our brothers and sisters you know I know Straley and Great Britain that is.
Offer that is awful.
Alright well let’s cover one more funny thing and then well ugh three more funny things and then we will do my Thanksgiving tribute,
and he will cover Stanley cuz I like Stanley a lot and was sad to hear of his passing.

[50:01] So what about something funny where’s some funny things okay will do David Hawk.
David Hogg and his amazing inside I’m so glad we decided to give an 18 year old the keys the keys the keys to the media.
Beautiful beautiful stuff you’re so wonderful inside damn it all came out.
What is this is just last week he said imagine I’m saying in trucks with imagine the only way to stop shark attacks this with more sharks.
Priceless right as right there.
Imagine CFI used Trump’s voice that we can all recognize how unintelligent it is.
But we put David Hogg up there old time hockey so smart.

[50:50] Imagine say the only way to stop shark attacks as with more sharks.
You tried there and that just did not work I can’t even begin to understand what you’re saying he’s saying what is it a fair shot given them I think that we should give each other the best not the worst we should get them back for the job.
You hear the phrase benefit of the doubt that’s what it means to give them the benefit of the doubt we want to have the very best we don’t look at their very worst.
He said what that guns don’t stop guns is that is that what you saying.
I don’t understand because I mean police stops guns and they use guns right.
People that have home in a home invasions holiday stop it need them but you know they defend themselves with what usually 2 Guns,
I don’t understand the shark and now they’re really I’m trying I’m really trying
Shrek analogy I want it for the win shark emailed you all the way I want shark analogy 20/20.

[51:54] We should see more there should be more shark analogies no political shark and now these are just they are there aren’t enough of them.
We really need more clinical shark in mythology.

[52:06] Alright alright alright here’s another here’s another one fun story Little Guys One joint drunk man goes clothes shopping online or is peacock.
Pig in giant salamander this room by the way I have from Newsweek because I do not speak Chinese yes this happened in China.
Or As Trump says China China is Chinese to Chinese.
Wow that was a good I’m not good at pressions I try it’s not good it’s like Mitt Romney telling jokes you just can’t you shouldn’t try.
I’ll just read it yesterday morning when I was drunk I clicked on taobao,
and start shopping all along I thought I had only two sets of clothes remember to look up the delivery date of my clothes and realized I had also bought a pig and a peacock.

[53:01] Oh my gosh,
I didn’t ya on weibo which is the sorry we both which is the big social media platform they are forced to use over there cute screenshots of the micro piggyback.

[53:17] And it sound Mandarin is really cheap. I paid 55 for the peacock.
Christopher books for peacock about 40 for the salamander about 40 for the micro pig micro pig.

[53:29] What is a micro pig so cute micro pig hashtag Pete wants micro pig.
One more one more this is not intentionally funny it is hilarious,
sometimes you get these articles so this is from the slot I read Jezebel Gawker and the other route because you don’t have to so you don’t have to I should say,
Bricktown are possible replacement is a conservative fever dream this is about neomi Rao who is Awesome by the way she’s similar to count now is super qualify for the position.

[54:10] She currently leads the office of information Regulatory Affairs in the OMB or the Office of Management and budget.
She’s a big deregulation person she’s been trying to smell the so-called at mystery of state that last part made directly from the article
she’s probably going to be the one that’s called she went to George Mason University’s Antonia Scalia law school and this one says that sentence came from hell and she is also and here’s the part here’s the reason why you should not,
we don’t want her we don’t want her she is so so evil so many evil people are here today I mean it’s the pits that Pantheon of evil,
studded the Injustice League another thing to know about Rau is that she’s a noted defender of an F.

[54:59] Practice called tossing.
Especially popular in Florida bars for tossing is a strange spectacle which competitors throw velcro clad little people and their mattress like shot put.
The longest toss wins the sport has been bands and some American states and part of France where judge upheld such band because it’s considerations of human dignity.
I know she’s basically said that people should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want I mean that’s that’s that’s that’s cruel but come on people,
if it’s wrong to coerce someone to dwarf us like if you’re you have a little person whoever you called.
A half man I don’t know.
If you’re a person that’s a short stature it’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

[55:57] And someone traveling from your car forces you into a bar and throws you against the wall he has that is wrong that it should be bad.
Actually already is Bam because that’s assault and kidnap whoever if you hurt me and it’s a Patrick’s day and you want to make an easy half Grand.
And you you can maybe like being picked up I don’t know.
You can go ahead I don’t see where the problem is I really don’t know if you know this idea of dignity you know they only bringing dignity when it’s something controversial dignity when it’s something someone wants to do.

[56:33] Is dignity as a legal definition is a spunk it really is because you didn’t it is Define on the person that you know Season style of the beholder what dignity is to you may not be what dignity is to me.
We have might have total different definitions of dignity.
But you know Terri Schiavo Terri Schiavo that’s where the stupid dignity stuff comes into it whenever.
I’m not saying a dignity as a concept don’t exist to see honor and a human uprightness and standing and just so you know good stuff about humans I’m not using it for a legal argument is bunk,
that was their big argument their big thing is about dwarf tossing yes Siri how is okay with dwarf tossing it doesn’t
it’s not even that route was like send our love towards taussig I purchase paid every year in my local dwarf tossing,
she’s just the old being let D and that’s what America used to be all about.
It was only in the 20th century that we totally moved to this site to you know what you should do what I want you to do and not that you get to choose that’s me that gets choose not you it’s all about me me me me.
I know I’m beginning to sound like a bit like a toddler but come on if the guy wants to be tossed let him be talk.

[57:54] You know what you want to be tossed on days aren’t Saint Patrick’s Day you know Dorothy wants to talks like a bigger man because dwarf touches the guy.
I don’t know if he’s really blocked from working out I have a story about five year old that works out in one this the Mercedes but that’s a story for another day.
We can’t have her cuz she likes dwarf tossing and some of that the fever dream it’s not true by the way that’s more libertarian thing they’ve been served.
You know I’m a class I don’t know what it called myself some days I think I’ma fusionist some other days I would serve him some days I’m a classical liberal or libertarian I don’t know
I don’t I would like to call myself at maybe a Stossel conservative because it’s I’m a bit more of a conservative version of John Stossel
okay he is definitely believes in being let be,
and I you I agree with that I would say except for the meaning of extreme abortion I think people to Jenna would be allowed to do whatever the heck it is they want as long as you know there
breaks my leg or steals from my wallet.
Let it go I don’t care as long as you don’t pick my long as it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg.

[59:07] Let’s do that one I like that one will go with it Jefferson not a perfect guy but man he was he was a good good thinker that that Sankar
big Thomas Jefferson well it’s been recording for me and more like hour 41 minutes at the 59 Mark so I think we’re good for fun stuff I actually two more segments
I will save them for Robert one is about Amazon and Ohio
which had the most hilarious reason in the history of man removing their I love what Ohio offered so I’m going to hear and I also had another thing about John Acosta but that is a totally played out yet,
and I wanted to let you know I think both sides of this argument is wrong by the way I think our cost is probably more on the wrong but Trump is a little bit on the wrong here too when it comes to Jim Acosta
okay so here is last things,
number one William Goldman passed away William Goldman was the writer of Sundance Sundance,
I know Sunday it’s Butch and Cassidy kids something like that also princess prize probably why he’s even more famous for I loved it when I was in Middle School I read the book version of The Princess Bride.
100 times thousand times I mean like the special in 7th grade I read that thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

[1:00:33] And they’re not a lot of books that I’ve done that maybe Lord of the Rings where I just cannot like going I keep going back to it I’m not really that person I mean Walking Dead I just like I’m third time watching it through and I love walking I just don’t like watching things over.
He passed away sadly head 87 I love.
The Princess Bride book I love the movie is so sad to have him leave he actually wrote a bunch of screenplays for a different thing here cool screenplay for the shazam movie that didn’t get picked up and it’s awesome screenplay can look it up online if you can.

[1:01:06] Very sad to hear that he passed away you know why I send my regards to his family thank you for crying too wonderful movies I love,
special The Princess Bride which when I was being bullied in Middle School one of the things I could dig into for Comfort was the story of Princess Bride and these great swordsman and Fighters and I. It’s just such a cool book such a cool book
also thank you for that the other thing I want to talk about is mr. Stanley so.
In this age of craziness where Parson ship and political animosity seems to be higher than ever
Paul came out from axios about less than a month ago that show the both Democrats and Republicans basically violating other and I think of each other is racist an evil and hate each other which follows predisposed by different group
back in 2016 and others you know we are looking at the other side is evil and bigoted and racist more more.
Yeah we’re doing getting used to the last favorite trim we’re all doing them we’re all doing the other side the people that don’t agree with us.
There was someone that did not do this though and he just passed away and his philosophy his moral philosophy.

[1:02:21] Is huge huge loss of the Great
authors of Western literature even a little different about the amazing Stanley Stanley passed away at 95 he is the creator of Spider-Man he’s sure the Creator Captain America
he is the creator of the Hulk and Ironman and thousands of characters Fantastic Four fortunately unfortunately it’s not had a good movie.
You know he was in the cameos for all these amazing Marvel movies that you and I love everyone loves we all love them great Marvel movies,
Dave Brandt brought joy and fun and they’re one of few things it seems like we can all agree on doing even though we disagree on Paul.

[1:03:08] Stanley was about this Stanley was about.
Seeing the good in people Stanley was about defending what was right especially when times are hard his Heroes were vulnerable sometimes they did bad things and it was their fault Spider-Man being the greatest example and Spider-Man got his Uncle Ben killed.
Spider-Man made mistakes that hurt those around him but he kept trying and he kept going at it and a lot of people related to the story of Peter Parker.
A lot of people even still today look back and say that was you know when I needed that I look back and say I know the power with great power comes great responsibility.
Enjoy the story about Iron Man by how he tries to overcome his weaknesses how is try to overcome his ego and his pride,
problems with diction mean he he he he changed Comics I mean besides praying just a whole like ton of them and
is there a thousand 1000 characters another one directly make you was you know he influence people to do so.

[1:04:11] Amazing amazing man always made me laugh he was still working everyday till the day he died his wife passed away last year so I’m sorry I’m sure it wasn’t hard to your first and.

[1:04:25] I want to play play quit for you this is some of the last Bush we have a Stanley and then I’m going to read a post that stand made on the bout the subject of bigotry back in the 1960s.
We got again the fans love your sense of humor and and and benefits.
Cuz I love my fans I cannot tell you how much I love my fans.

[1:04:57] Sometimes at night I’m sitting here and I’m thinking what’s it all about you know.

[1:05:07] And then I get a letter from a fan or I read something or I see something or I remember something and I realize.

[1:05:17] It’s so lucky to have fans fans who really care about you.

[1:05:24] That’s the reason I care so much about the fans because they just.

[1:05:32] They make me feel so great and it’s something if you think about it.

[1:05:39] That is wonderful about somebody caring about you as I care about them.

[1:05:48] Home you’ve never met in another part of the world.

[1:05:53] BayCare and you have something in common and occasionally you contact each other.
And this business of fans I think it’s terrific I love them all.

[1:06:09] Did you hear that part I just hear I’m sorry this week is Thanksgiving.
You never met you know that that love the cute common humanity and that love and affection that you feel for each other.

[1:06:28] Stanley famous for,
loving the people that were interested in the stuff that standed and that might be a little easier it might be on the Bible says it’s kind of easy to love people that love you that mean he,
did this when he was popular when he wasn’t he’s been just very kind,
very kind and very loving is always true that fans well you know I was always kept trying to treat the fans well-manicured up at this I don’t know why maybe I processed now
you know if that if anyone could be as lucky as Stanley to have the impact on the culture and four positive
goodness in the world it’s Stanley he was a true happy warrior and the original sense of the poem.

[1:07:15] So there’s one thing last year I want to talk about and you so we go back to the 1960 Stanley is not the amazing Stan Lee in the Marvel movies he’s just Milling popular comic.
And he had this beauty I did something called Stan’s soapbox I was in a lot of his issues.

[1:07:36] And I’m just going to read the whole thing and this is the message we need today we need to date 50 years later for the thing this thing came out 1968.
Let’s lay it right on the line bigotry and racism among the deadliest social is playing in the world today,
but I’m like a team of costumes super villains they can’t be halted with a punch in the snoot or is that from a raygun the only way to destroy them is to expose them to review them for the Insidious evils they really are.
The biggest is an unreasoning hater one who hates blindly phonetically indiscriminately,
if his hang-up is black men hates all black men it’s a red head once offended him he hates all redheads if some Foreigner beat him to a job he’s down on all foreigners he hates people he’s never seen people is never known.
Equal intensity with equal Venom now we’re not trying to say it’s unreasonable for one human being to bug another but I don’t like anyone.
But although anyone has the right to dislike another individual it’s totally irrational patently in say to condemn an entire race just spies entire nation to vilify an entire religion.
Sooner or later we must learn to judge each other on our own merits,
sooner or later if a man is ever to be worthy of his Destiny we must fill our hearts with tolerance for then and only then will we be truly worthy the concept The Man was created in the image of God.
A guy who calls us all his children.

[1:09:04] Packs at giustizia Stan wow we need that message to James now more than ever.
So I know we’re going to Thanksgiving guys you will meet people in your family that you disagree with if you hear this please be kind of them Beauty.
Be kind I just seen animals that’s not quite what I that’s not the right word I’m looking for.
Be kind and gentle and treat them the way you would want to be treated you remember to see the human first before you see the politics love one another.

[1:09:41] Sorry I’m just having a hard time on this it’s it’s tough as Stanley one amazing man what a truly amazing man,
I think you know Thanksgiving last message it lasted you
Thanksgiving we may argue about it Thanksgiving you know how historically accurate is but the message that we have a nation is for two sides that disagree to come together and hold a dinner to me to break bread.
That is a beautiful wonderful idea it is quintessentially American celebrate it,
yeah there is history little rough on the Native Americans but how accurate are the first Thanksgiving dinner is not
exactly truthful and really thinks giving the Traditions mean what today what we’ve had
call days of Thanksgiving Trotter history there really came at during the Civil War from Abraham Lincoln was stablish is national holiday the idea though is American.

[1:10:38] Stanley Representatives heated are movies we watch you know they come together to fight a common threat no Captain American army or the other differences but when it counts they come together and that’s what we need to do as a people as a nation.
As friends that’s what I implore all of you this Thanksgiving to show love to the other side especially when it’s hard
well this is been the happy warrior podcast if you like what you heard it all today please go to iTunes and review this and the other programs on the Sioux Empire podcast Network,
you can catch me at Twitter which is happy warrior pee on Facebook which is a happy warrior Pete my email is Pete at happy Daz scwarrior.net
Pete at Happy dash Warrior. Net tell me your Thanksgiving stories tell me how it went if you have any ideas questions things you’d like to say about the show you hate my guts please let me know what the email at the Twitter or Facebook.
Thank you so much my producer Robert million the hard work he does thank you to all the reporters and writers that I’ve used the material the day.

[1:11:41] Thank you to you the listener for taking time to list of my little podcast with this is now the official this is why first episode 20 of big full episode and it’s been worth it. It’s been a good experience for me and I’m glad I could create this and share it with you.
God bless this wonderful Nation God bless Stanley and his family God bless the troops that serve and shed their blood intro on our behalf for our rights.

[1:12:07] Please all you keep safe drive safe try not to get your other crazy and have a great Thanksgiving God bless.


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