Happy Warrior 026 Schadenfreude

Happy Warrior 026 Schadenfreude

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Birdbox Challenge Live!!!!

Segment: Death of the Women March


Chicago and Washington state (national) start to close due to anti-semitism


New Orleans for same reason


Eureka too


California has amazing excuse: “too white”


tablet article that broke the news


not even the new york times could save them


they deserve what they get


at least they never claimed to be mostly young people


super weird story


internet rages over dumb Harry Potter Ret-con




worst luck ever for kidnapper

Segment2: Abortion Insanity


opening kid is awesome and correct

confronting children

at 1:00, kids are smarter than her. She didn’t even try?? Lazinees = abortion?

at 1:50 kid says she was reckless. Such an intelligence response

2:15 unscientific crappy dentist appointment, grateful wasn’t pregnant 

2:50 why is it taboo?

3:00 that boy is amazing, WAY TO GO KID! 3:14, ummmm you already created the life

3:47 says this is part of God’s plan

She is looking out for number one!

4:03 they see it like killing a baby, not allowed an alternative opinion

4:30 life does begin at conception because it isn’t a human being, sea cucumber………

5:00 family was supportive? tell everyone on Facebook she had an abortion…..

5:56: kid points out likes to push out controversial things. 

6:15 ummm pro-life are anti-choice

6:37 becuase pro-life won’t pay for the full cost of raising the kid they should just let it die? 

7:15 only old white dudes are against abortion?

7:35 seriously needs mental help

7:45 too bad for the kid, sorry it was so inconvienent


Louis C.K. on abortion


planned parenthood admits its a baby


we are losing our minds


babies do feel pain

fetal hearbeat at 6 weeks, at 8 weeks it has most of the features starting to show on ultrasounds


abortion stats 


abortion is racist


abortion views aren’t sexist


youtube sides with abortion


pope quote: Aborting a child is like hiring a hit man to solve a problem


Planned Parenthood 41 more time likely to do an abortion than prenatal care


P.P. treats its employees totally


NYT running series on abortion


ben shapiro start at 30 seconds


what is wrong with people??


is it wrong to post your naked infants on social media?


stay classy social media

Segment3: Facebook secret rulebook, patreon, and shadowbans continue


the other side to biased censorship: incompetence


Facebook calling people out for suicide?


people leaving patreon


sam harris is leaving 2


millennials hate fun


new years eve madness part1


part 2


too funny that is what this is dedicated too

Segment4: Disability Activism, The fight for disease


worrying trend for 2019

Segment:  Media Reviews and Raves

Doctor who, the last kingdom, walking dead, and more!

Bonus Links:


Parkland reports recommends arming teachers


huge breakthrough in plant bioengineering


new detection system for diagnosing Alzhiemer’s disease


Half of people with allergies are liars, just kidding, they were mistakenly wrong.


unintended consequences


good for Notre Dame


social media more damaging to teenage girls


China threatens force against taiwan


men more likely to die of brain cancer and their cancer is harder to treat


Nicki Halli is still my hero and leads the U.S. to leave UNESCO


Sam Harris and others are leaving patreon in support of free speech and Sargon

Machine Transcript
[0:23] Hello and welcome everyone it’s good to be here with all of you again I’m sorry route for the gate
this is the happy warrior podcast we this is our New Year’s episode I’m here in studio at the Sioux Empire podcast studio with producer Robert Mele,
always good to be here I have always loved visiting it’s a lot of fun Robert and I are just going to talk smack his Drive about some news articles of the day and some,
really really dumb news it’s really good to be here with all of you remember if you’re if you ever want to learn more about the podcast or ever social media you know where on Facebook happy warrior
Twitter happy warrior p
email is. Happy – Warrior. Net you have all those choices and more to choose from so voice feel comfortable to check in with us and be sure to check out all the other content with the Sioux Empire podcast Network.

[1:16] Which way is it
that’s the show Empire Empire empire,
because the people that thought of Sioux Empire but they hadn’t thought of the Sioux Empire that’s how I get you,
yes marketing Sioux Empire is a literary reference so I’m hanging on to that one
and it works I mean you do have our Urban Indian something that actually works I can see some credit to the name we live in the Sioux Empire people use the term Sioux Empire generically,
all the time.

[1:57] Alright well let’s get this thing started in on what you know I should mention the people probably don’t know what makes the what I do with Robert just when I’m on my phone I can stop I can start I can edit you know I can
move things around on going but this we almost pretty much recorded live what you hear is happening is how it goes,
so I don’t know if that helps you that made relax out there amazing,
are so talented gravitas sad to say but.
The women’s March it looks like it’s not going to march on it’s it’s dead stead gym.

[2:32] And I don’t know I haven’t seen this it’s for whatever reason wherever go for it,
set is a little a little,
schadenfreude now a little I’m like enjoying it a little bit that women’s March is just tripping all over at cell if you don’t know women’s March.

[2:56] China killed itself first of all women’s March was more response to the Trump election
does Kanye West have a God’s go in the front and now I think there was organization before that to be fair to them but it came out looking ass like,
we actually hear stand for women yada yada yada we do have a local women’s March in Sioux Falls.
Is that coming up I Spy.
Do you know who Louis Farrakhan is Robert unfortunately yes
yeah but you want to give people like a like a 30-second summary who is I’ll let you do that because I,
I haven’t followed him in a long time I just I hear the name and grown and kind of like change the channel let’s put it that way
and he never gets in trouble for it that guy okay like this weird,
pseudo like Islamic afro power slightly Christian of angelical.

[4:07] It’s more almost political that is religious is a very strange or it’s the it’s the remains of the organization that produced like Malcolm X
gone through like several iterations generation
Max is a genius compared to this guy is crazy,
I don’t I’m not sure there a lot of people outside of the Nation of Islam who would argue with that.

[4:34] It came out that the leaders of the women’s March the national which is located in Washington State.
Oh yeah they’re nice people they they bite a bunch of theories you know some of the theories they had our like you know the about what was it.
You know I’m sorry I’m not good at remembering anti-semitic anti-semitic stuff white people are literally like monsters that.
The devil made that came out of the ground sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve read read the books all kind of.
Zebra kind of rambling to says hey you know some of those folks the top of the women’s March might be anti-semites was a large hard for a lot of hard then at the end of last month or knows this month January 2nd comes out with this essay.
And it goes and share the beliefs of the head of the women’s March and a lot of people wanted like no way this is real no way,
we’re going to get onto this we’re going to figure out the truth and unfortunately unfortunately.
VV at Women’s March people did not cover their their backs for a while.

[5:49] One of them said that that you know Jews can be let me find it the basically.
We need to give them another chance let them give State their case they’re not really anti-semites it couldn’t possibly believe that they believe in this.

[6:09] Yeah.
Yeah give me some from Tamika Mallory from Sister Sister how wow white Jews as white people
appalled white supremacy all Jews are targeted by hits.

[6:31] Yeah when you’re about to open your mouth and unless you’re like Jewish and talking about like Israel or like,
Gino Jewish community relations or something if that’s unless that’s the context if the words are about to come out of your mouth like all Jew something something
just skip that sentence just use and their user right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just,
you know it’s like you remember that conversation we had about ending all your story three sentences early this this Falls in that same category,
don’t say any more times contacted the head of the women’s March and she’s like that quote,
said they seem to connect with Miss Mallory and Miss Perez
chapter 5 the chapter the base of the heaven Nationwide organization at that first meeting Miss trouble said they seem to want to educate about the,
I told her that Jewish people played a large role in the slave trade in the prison industry boy
I was taken aback she said her first extensive interview about organized the women’s March I thought maybe there are things I don’t know about my own people,

[7:47] Yeah okay so when March is dead huh.
No women’s March on Washington State guess who came and then Your Allegiance lie.
New Orleans Chicago was like maybe laugh a lot this maybe LOL,
out loud Let Me Wait wait wait wait I got to guess,
they didn’t want to women’s March because they were worried about its carbon footprint
almost as good as this is from California women’s March rally canceled over concerns that would be overwhelmingly White.

[8:37] Yeah yeah I mean,
this is Northern California this is in Southern California I don’t know a lot about the difference but apparently there is a large percentage of white people there’s more Agriculture and you know small towns in North Carolina California maybe that’s why I don’t understand,
quite the reasoning,
but yeah that’s what they said the reason is not for the anti-Semitism which I mean I probably,
and you and you totally buy this stuff you want it have a solid excuse right you’re not going to just say was going to say like.

[9:19] You know it’s carbon Footprints you know we they weren’t using they weren’t using they were using gender-specific language,
didn’t know how ya I had not heard about any of this that you know what,
God okay I haven’t been watching a lot of news over the holidays so I’ve been trying to avoid it honestly and I had no idea and yeah it’s a you’ve got it all here it’s just like a chain of cities being like,
Hot Potato throw the Hot Potato the next city he looks like Eureka might be closing it and I guarantee we’ll be hearing more stories about this in the coming days I would imagine it’s hard you know most of these movements like the women’s March.
A hard time sustaining it you know they have yet they’re like big and special connected to politics and then they just kind of.
That’s just usually what happens I mean Man March,
Kathy to try it like one one or two more times after that and that’s it
hey I did the Million Man March and then there was the million moms March in it then the word million which apparently had lost all the evening at this point.
Yeah no I as a conservative am enjoying the show did Freud mostly because it.

[10:43] Because I was so political they can never like the like let’s unify around like women and women are on you all the gains made his women and women are so awesome not so much was more like.
What’s your what was her but Madonna had her weird spiel about maybe assassinate Donald Trump go there been
Sabra just like has to look like cat ears because I thought they were fun.

[11:13] Yeah I just sat there for LA area site.
Yeah I mean I don’t know.
They kind of deserve what they get build that others I have to send the outline but this is a terrible story that just came out the other day.

[11:33] And it’s from pluralist. Com. Up website use a time but.
I have I think two articles to date an outline from this kills himself after sexual abuse at the women’s March.
It’s just it’s tragic and I have soy I feel like it’s the tragedy of it feels like a gut punch but the actual content of the like headline is so like.
It’s like a it’s like a leftist madlib male feminist suicide.
Girl falsely accuses sexual abuse at Women’s you know it just like it’s it’s like buzzword soup.
And Footprints not to undermine the the seriousness of the you know that’s that’s really terrible but.

[12:24] Yeah this is not from the US.
Number to this is kind of what populism always gets you you can look at the French Revolution people get excited when people get excited they’re not there sometimes a little shaky with the with the truth.
You know special say
popularity or credit or whatever is listed men that abuse assault in,
you know them in this last year and his name was read by his girlfriend.

[13:07] And it just eludes from there you can I’m sure social me I did all the research and look for nuance.
A boy even in Argentina and I hate to break it to you but you’re actually been on social media.
It is a waste lamp right around waist lamp it really is.
On. I mean if I was a boy why you made that decision I mean.
I mean that kind of stuff is almost impossible with her. You say she was a false accusation.
I don’t know what we do better I don’t under I don’t have all the answers but what were whatever we doing right now.
It just doesn’t work it’s not working at the moment.

[14:13] . beef roast hisses like bonus social point it is very strange I would rather us go back to 2009,
with a lake that you own a Prius that seems like an appropriate this thing real life we have to out like I’ve suffered more,
abuse and torture than the you know you did it’s just ridiculous it is and by the force that brings stupid things like this.

[14:41] Yeah it is it is sad I know.
A similar thing is the March for your lies now I’m not going to get too much into this this is more for a future thing but at least like the women’s March never made the claim that it was all young people I mean there’s this great story The Washington Post,
or someone did the math and did the samplings of the people,
it was like the majority of the people that came there had Bachelor Master degrees the maturity where the March for allies was what was he her 70% women.
Are there Highly Educated 72% or more had a bachelor’s degree or I.
Is it only 10 / 10 / 10 per-cent of participants were under 18 the average age of the crowd was just under 49 years old.
What’s the young people man.

[15:36] Maybe maybe someday they’ll move out of their parents basement is high is that because when they had the one here in Sioux Falls on that very
very cold so I’m guessing that varies wildly bait of a file location yet.
Hi again the schadenfreude help anyone sound like an idiot but I’m going to ask,
what is schadenfreude I have no idea what that word means is a German word I do have I am well my last instrumental off thinks I’m European cocktail,
it’s word for laughter at another person’s expense so when someone does something that hurts them when they have a failure when they know they trouble themselves when they,
Cardenas shut their hand on the card so it’s still Lighting in the pain or suffering of others.
Show me all comedy all the Germans have several words for mean, Dee why does this not surprise
thought that the Germans were exceptionally compassionate people a boy that’s.

[16:47] Yeah Color Me shocked that the only other language I would have liked assumed had a word for had multiple words for that would be like Russian
I would assume the Russians have like many words for you know as comedy or something
my first one I have for you from BuzzFeed.
You are a bad light is kind of a way okay a woman defended herself against the dogs attack and then the dog’s owner bit.
On her arm yeah it’s little bit run on for a headline where do you find it so real it is real.

[17:31] Jesus Christ sorry I wow
it wouldn’t be so bad but there’s the there’s a photo on the new story and right there is a picture of what is very very clearly as someone who had sisters that bit was very clearly a very hard,
human bite into so you’re jogging,
dog comes up against the dog down by law under that scenario so do they do that to the person I really do people get a pass on biting,
assal or something I don’t know I think they would charge us alt right actually fun story technically that is what’s considered Mayhem.
It’s that’s the Antiquated term for in law when you do something like main someone like cut off their arm or something like that you would like in English common law you would be charged with Mayhem I did not know that I just learned something.
Either Mayhem or Havoc now I can’t remember which one but one of those words is like as a very specific meaning that means like naming someone.

[18:37] Although I have to say this would it be the only person where if you see a dog walker with their dog,
you’re like a dog is probably more intelligent than that person who’s walking who.

[18:50] Let’s practice kind of like when I walk my dog.
No it is Mayhem Mayhem is the original its original term is an English common law is a crime that means you hurt the part of someone’s body.

[19:05] Playground mutilation you know.
Yeah but that that’s the that’s the.

[19:21] Legal definition sorry I went off the rails are in a mango tree from bites to two if you’re a Harry Potter fan this might feel like a human bite on the arm.
Most people like them or not I’m not like day one I’m in my Harry Potter costume to see the newest Harry Potter movie being Perry Potter Harry Potter fanfic.

[19:46] Yeah I know so I guess is the website that you can really has the kind of like dishes random Harry Potter facts encourages you to buy Harry Potter merchandise.

[19:58] I don’t know how much control JK Rowling has over it.
They just decided you know what people need to know about know what I always wanted when I was reading those books by Harry Potter.
Where they go bathroom what they have bathrooms right so you just assumed it that’s the actual Pottermore accounts,
a verified you know I feel like the Harry Potter verse key on with like the retconning that Dumbledore is gay the retconning the,
you know this is this and that is that and that these people are related the whole time with you know JK Rowling going to hate their fans they really do they hate.
And I hate the light especially like the Die Hard fan community and especially the fanfiction Community but they don’t hate them.
In JRR Tolkien was just about as bad as like he had like a security system on a new like fence installed to keep out the the the hippies that wanted to talk to him about how cool photo was.
At the but anyway creators are usually not super receptive to like especially fan theories and stuff like that wears JK Rowling is just like she’s so shocked that she succeeded this hard that she kind of does this like.
Yeah that’s a good idea how about that also Dumbledore is.

[21:21] Secretly two baboons in a trench coat yeah I read that online popular hashtags and.
That’s like let’s see if this the seems like they were watching that.

[21:38] There’s a family guy here to get in the weeds here on this reference but there’s a Family Guy where.

[21:45] Brian is showing Peter all these alternate dimensions and one is one where they’re super Advanced they’ve really like high technology and stuff and Brian’s just like hey where do you go to the bathroom around here and Brian and Peter sorry
Stewie is just like oh just go as like you really mean it was like yep and then there’s just like a little pop sounds like.
What was that is like so in this Dimension they just sat there waste into another dimension you never have to go to the bathroom again and then later on with her dimension-hopping it’s like,
dark and I can’t see she’s like,
all this is where it all go Redwood Suites said the Tweet was Hogwarts didn’t always have bathrooms,
before adopting muggle Plumbing methods in the 18th century which is a wizard simply relieve themselves wherever they stupid and vanished the evidence.

[22:37] Gross I agree with the with dig.
Nobody was asking for this nobody needed a deeper explanation of Hogwarts plumbing and worst of all,
it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

[23:02] Wow it’s like it sounds like a tricky like a truck he would make that kind of arguments yeah except for the Star Trek universe kind of barely make sense as opposed to.
Hogwarts wears like now what’s a metric Rock wasn’t JK Rowling I don’t know if they’ll be keeping her job but she she’s like.
She’s up there with Stephen King for really like winging it and making up shit is it go along but it’s just like everything to do with solid gold anyway since like 6th even Kingston is going to monster in the.
I was like man you have no ideas don’t you.
So when can I get when I can I get that cuz ship like 10 million copies. Like a couple different takes on his I thought Jezebel actually was the most interesting or like
well there is some historical precedents for people just going bathroom where they stand there evidence is
this is all Mike I do not know this was a thing but apparently
certain Royals particularly at the Palace of Versailles no I knew that they would just run around and collect it,
so gross so gross they actually do it in.
That I history of the World Part 1 with Mel Brooks most people think that’s a gag that they’re at vice versa and one dice like MSP and the poor servant boy played by Mel Brooks,
most people think that’s a throwaway gag cuz it’s a.

[24:30] You know it’s a Mel Brooks movie but that is an actual thing that the the rich Aristocrats did the humor isn’t just showing you how stupid reality history actually can be.
How to set up those Royals had in Versailles was.
Well usually say sweet ass I did not want to visit.
No matter how opulent even if you are at the very very very top of the social ladder it’s just like,
you wouldn’t have wanted to be a human being on Earth you would have wanted to be a human being before like the 1940s basically get it even if you were like the richest man on Earth because,
stuff gets weird and gross when you don’t have like indoor plumbing.

[25:19] People are like that’s crazy World War II for plumbing but technically I believe something like 40% of homes in the United States didn’t have indoor plumbing up until like the 40s.
Get my grandma remembers when they got a real problem for the first time wasn’t that long ago.
Is that terrifying to think about it’s like that that’s such a turd like temporary convenience flushless toilet.
And it is an amazing thing for me is one of the things we don’t appreciate enough just true when the toilet is clogged than you,
but basically if you don’t have Plumbing it’s like the toilets plugged every day all right well we spent a little longer is Harry Potter’s
do you like right, and by the way Robert we don’t like it
it’s it’s bad juju don’t I’m trying to think of one that I actually like.

[26:22] And no I can’t I’m sure someone might pop up in the comments or something you were my or my wife or somebody will remind me of one that I actually do like.
But as of this moment no here’s the deal I don’t like retconning however.

[26:42] There are like prequels where they don’t retcon but they explain things and I don’t mind that as long as it’s like.
Makes 1/2 cents.
You know I don’t like the straight up just like bending the laws of your fictional Universe like over backwards in order to,
make something happen you know.
I don’t know maybe that’s ridiculous it’s all ridiculous this is all fictional universes moving off.
I actually I’m pretty open to retcons depending on what the wreck on an example of an example of a.

[27:26] You know you’re putting on the spot I was just saying midi-chlorians by know that one’s really Haitian.
Eskista instead that’s it was nice knowing your pee,
I had to have some organized system to figure out who was for sensitive or not you know Last Jedi kind of want to do this right, where it doesn’t really matter and I
I understand both sides cuz it’s cool like that idea that anyone can harness The Sinner potential that Lucas had on the side we thought maybe one day if we do a sequel like go to like
the microverse kind of like the new Ant-Man movie really that’s where that okay cool.
But anyhow no I don’t mind and you know it song as you can say we can keep the original stuff by itself and stand alone and don’t read more into it and then we can also have
expanded fiction seat them like a particularly smart move but I don’t consider the medical Orion thing a retcon.
You’ve got to remember that Luke is coming up in basically a Jedi Dark Age you would assume they’ve lost all kinds of knowledge and a whole bunch of there with cuz our library is gone I mean you had
it’s just like in the real Dark Ages where you had the point where
historians are pretty sure they can figure out there’s work like they can pinpoint where they were the Forty people alive left the could read Greek and stuff like that.

[28:50] And it’s just like if one person died or one library that burned down all the sudden it was like,
oh we just lost trigonometry or we just not true.
Oh we just lost like 200 years worth of records for this half of the continent you know it’s like.

[29:12] Info loss was devastating and so I assume that you know the episode one is supposed to be like the height of the Golden Age of the Jedi,
Doctor Who fans will get this in the eighth doctor movie they state that the doctor maybe half human and I have never had a problem with that and I think it made opens up a lot of reasons why so attached to humans and yes,
is you know what that’s right, I have no problem with in fact red, like the very first time,
I ever heard the term retcon was watching Doctor Who to like erase people’s memory rent, and I love that,
and you know Doctor Who can get away with it because they well jackets in the hole.

[29:59] Doctor Who isn’t really sci-fi / say it’s like a freaking suicide called phantasmagoria where it’s cuz it’s like a loose.

[30:12] Inglot black English as in British culture doesn’t make as big a distinguishment between fairies and aliens and,
you know outside realm kind of stuff that Americans do where we’re very like well it’s either sci-fi or fantasy the rest of the world is coming like they’re both kind of like hypothetical imaginary things so it’s not that big a difference.
And so yeah especially the English like in their literary and,
like TV and movies and stuff like that they don’t make that big a distinction between the two alright well let’s let’s get moving on
I want to hear good rap songs future episodes indeed,
we are going to move on to what do you want to go ahead with this hard subject because it’s pretty let’s do it let’s let’s go bad.
Okay do you think that.
This got everywhere on Facebook during the month of December. Put on YouTube that YouTube song I like 269,000.

[31:19] It’s weird to say that as a small amount of Me on YouTube that’s how it is these days but on Facebook millions and millions of people done at this is kind of going all over the place.
I can’t bring it up because not only do I find the subject of abortion.
Very Stark one you know if if you’re going to make it if you want to make it or give it to me why it needs to happen it’s still something where you go back to that old very safe legal and rare like we said the 90s,
this one completely throws that under the bus this is from the lady that started the shout your abortion,
you know where we’re moving from portion wearing be something the terrible that has to happen sometime to its awesome.
Let’s do it I’m sorry you saying or abortion is awesome and everyone should try one there’s an onion video from the Romney Obama race.
Where they they didn’t like to get to meet the candidate video and so they’d have like text on the screen with like you know slideshow kind of music on and for the Obama one it was.
President Obama it’s like and then it’s just like bring up an issue abortion and then shows they photoshopping Obama like an operating room is like.
Obama thinks that abortion is awesome and that everyone should get one and try it just to see if they like it you know like like that and you’re saying that.

[32:40] Yeah well I channel that hard for myself,
I never believed the onion thing is clearly a hyperbola like for shock value in poverty,
2012 2011-2012,
so this is the show your Bush campaign this is called hi ho they like you know the videos where you make a kid watching video like
how did they do that kind of thing with this one that brings or more super sweet I like swallowing watched more than a couple
this is same thing but we’re doing it with controversial I don’t know controversial weed with some heavy stuff yeah so,
comments disabled at least at least they did something smart with this cuz.
You imagined that comment section holy cow let’s do it okay.
It will stop it. Every 3 seconds or so mulch at little bit about the claims.
I don’t know I just don’t agree.

[34:02] So to be clear that kid was like Well yeah if something Reckless happened or something like that I can see you having an abortion and this lady who just like it is face was just like.
Scree so no I’m just to keep playing the video,
I see that they even dress them to make them look younger than they are which honestly I’m a little relieved they didn’t have kids younger than they did well I’ll see you maybe they have some younger ones in here but,
honestly I’m just shocked you’re having this talk maybe I’m old I’m old and I’m old-fashioned and I’m just shocked the idea that you sit down in a room full of kids and have this conversation.
What the hell are you thinking anyway moving on so what do you know or what have you heard about abortion.
What happens if you go and basically get rid of the baby.
Have you ever talked to somebody about abortion before I actually wrote a paper in 5th grade about it is okay and it also depends on like what’s happening and why they got they got me abortion.
So you think it’s okay depending on the circumstances yes.

[35:26] Why did you have a boss Oh you mean a reasoned response that like.
Context in the universe matters,
yes small child talking to this I’m getting that Vibe I’m getting at 5 but definitely,
it just like oh a reasonable person in the room will we better get him one-on-one with her so she can.
Really know and are no children that don’t that push back on this like that’s kind of.
And I really didn’t want to have a baby.
May I ask what happened did he not wear a condom did the condom break was it.
He wasn’t wearing a condom.
Why were they wearing a condom have you ever had two options and one of them like seems easier it could take a shortcut partner think at this time.

[36:37] Jesus Christ I have to go to a convenience store, but screw it I’ll just do a doctor’s appointment at 9
or whenever I sorry I confess my ignorance I don’t know all the mechanics on how abortion works but whenever seriously so.
So let me get this straight it is more hassle to go to a convenience store and get a condom then it is to set up what I imagine our doctor’s appointments beforehand and the actual procedure.

[37:12] Okay yeah yeah.
Supportive of what I wanted to do where are you Reckless at the time I mean I don’t.

[37:30] Way to go kid mistakes happen sometime in his mind is just like.

[37:45] She’s like mistake I did wasn’t Reckless but mistakes happen he’s like in his head is shaking.
When your record this go on.

[38:02] When you have an abortion what exactly do you do if you like having a horse with your go to the doctor and they put this little straw inside of.
Cervix and then inside of your uterus and then they just suck the pregnancy out.
And it was like wow that is that is there scientific that is.
A body thing that’s kind of uncomfortable but then it was over and I felt really just.

[38:30] Grateful in the disconnect with the they suck I’m doing quotes in the air now the pregnancy pouch.

[38:40] Chris Rock I’ve been watching it and it’s probably not good for my brain
a marathon of CBS is amazing show Criminal Minds serial killers and Psychopaths and I’m guessing that one of the agents from the
the MDU that like studies like Psychopaths behavior in a track serial killers that’s,
from watching the show I know that’s called disassociation and that’s what serial killers do to their victims is they’ll sit there and basically like,
dehumanize them by referring to them as a thing in order to flex argument about it
Facebook Instagram just all the social media it’s so tab,
what’s the name of mineral why do you think that sometimes it’s not okay to have an abortion if there’s nothing wrong.

[39:41] I don’t know I just don’t agree do we want people to just have all those babies so what do we do with it,
put them up for adoption I feel like if she did Lives who dies.
Even if you’re giving a kid up for adoption still like how the kid out there somewhere here ya are you religious at all.

[40:12] I believe in God what do you think that God thinks about abortion if I were to say I think like he is fine with it cuz they’re still babies being born.
What do you think God thinks about abortion I think it’s all part of God’s plan.
That’s that’s more than what I said.
Biggest religious have you ever heard of like the Catholic church I don’t think that you’re really what do you guys think.
I think that it’s up to you.

[40:57] I feel supported by that I feel for that kind of looks like that’s how I would feel to,
when a person has a baby clearly like some people believe that life begins at conception
do you know what conception does that make sense down my leg it becomes a fetus,
it’s not really a human being. That way I feel compared to a sea cucumber,
so much scientific I like your text.
At any point where you like considering not doing it no actually for me it was like an instant.

[41:46] Feeling like I was like I’m pregnant okay I’m having issues like I’m only 3 away from filling my punch card,
which I think was another reason I wasn’t scared just because I knew that I had so much support have you told a lot of people or just here was from.

[42:03] I told my Lyft driver on my way here once
so I told you she’s the show your abortion Lady this is shout your abortion is a thing yes
the First Choice Movement was really silent the status update when,
viral which like wasn’t just people being like hey I had an abortion to yay let’s talk about it there like a lot of super angry people who were like,
harassing and abusing and threatening me I like to post controversial things I think everyone just,
I just been talking to this,
just up your friendly reminder that abortion isn’t murder I’ve never been like attacked online by pro-life people.
Yes but I don’t call the prayer like I called a magic trick.
Like being pro-life people to live their life.
Don’t want to take care of people who have babies that they can’t afford and then are totally poor they want to deprive people of access to healthcare and I’m just like that’s not.
Kids are for Lifetime real life.

[43:25] It was possible to meet anti chose for yourself but pro-choice Brothers background.

[43:34] Space and just how they think about the world and how they think about when life begins is it an RM is it a sea cucumber,
giving a baby is it a baby I I don’t know any more cucumber like.

[43:55] Old white dudes in the government would tell me that I can’t tell you how many times someone like you just told me how I should be happy
I don’t suppose any of them were loved ones were like,
I really love you too have a job to be able to support yourself so you might want to think about what you would look like at a job interview are you going to bed,
this is crazy like you can be like pro-choice you can be even like,
this is Leap far beyond that for the record I’m I’m pretty loose with the like exceptions for.

[44:41] You know what the life for the mother of the health of the mother again or things like that and I think there’s probably time for,
I think that moral honest people of good faith can totally disagree on this issue because we as a civilization do not have a consensus on this you know I don’t think someone that’s pro-choice is evil at all
I think maybe ignorant or just like you know they disagree with me they’d say I was ignorant but I think if you were coming at it from good faith I.
You know what there’s that and then there’s whatever the hell this next thing is.
I am flabbergasted okay let’s.
Corona CA.

[45:30] Live silver and she has an abortion tattoo.
It feels like I’m living my exact right life God’s plan.
Drake have so many more questions than answers from this I kind of want to know the story of the mouth tattoo how much alcohol are bed bugs was involved in that decision all right,
game where you go that was that was tough man that was tough.

[46:13] I just cover it cuz it’s socially relevant.

[46:16] Really popular right now.
What first came up to me after I watch this was like I remember someone.
Saying something about this about euphemisms and it’s right there.

[46:40] It’s not too long there Izzy says the f bomb in here by the way I so skip 2 minutes if you.

[46:49] What is a supposed to be like.

[46:53] I don’t have anything about it though going to ruin your day is a murder several babies all the time.

[47:03] I don’t think it’s going to maybe I don’t I mean it’s a little bit it’s a little bit maybe it’s a little bit.

[47:12] It’s 100% killing a whole baby.

[47:20] Plus I think that women should be allowed to kill baby that’s what I think.

[47:39] Shot and killed I feel like we are very last night talking retarded.

[47:50] Wow it’s so great.
Abortion should be.

[48:13] Are you a Libertarian argument on it it’s very absolute argument to in,
there’s a it’s a very All or nothing like either it is or it isn’t killing and you know honestly I find that thinking about it,
you know tempting because I mean it is or it isn’t guys so then it’s it’s like.

[48:36] And there’s but like I said I I make exceptions for health of the mother stuff like that because,
that kind of thing of health of the mother something million.
You’d find very very few people to be like no abortion if it’s going to kill the mom or no abortion if she’s been raped.
Debbie even on the pro-life so unfortunately I do know there are some people who are or like that because I seem to remember.

[49:10] It’s not even in the South Dakota legislature we had someone else.
They had even when they got past but we’re done with the science fiction and the Harry Potter verse so your whole conversation about the legislature learn something.
Also I’m sorry you’ve crossed over and over in a science fiction I’m sorry you might be confused.

[49:43] Did you just have an argument if we’re not allowed to at least MIT
it’s a baby where they say it’s a sea cucumber look you gave religious views but science dictates is never going to develop into a sea cucumber is ever going to develop into Volkswagen Beetle,
is ever going to develop it’s like a different creature zombie like a raccoon. Does it have its own unique human DNA mother.
Somehow Mason okay so what’s the.
The pro-choice people and it’s now being more more minutes that their babies Planned Parenthood had a bit of a goof off where they said they had this video de preschool,
why do we hire Planned Parenthood to teach sex to preschoolers and Girl Scouts I don’t know why they do that like.
Well believe it or not and I will.

[50:46] Sorry I almost threw up there I will slightly defend them on this in that Planned Parenthood does a lot more stuff besides just abortions and they do serve like a.
A useful function in like Health in like towels and sex education and stuff like that that is severely lacking in this country cuz all you have to do is.

[51:08] See previous conversation about these teenagers who like I think of it like I see you come number is like clearly,
wait we need some nonprofits to work in the whole educating people about how this works but yeah.
But by the same token that I don’t like to get into on the left they get into these psychological.
Gymnastics about things being problematic and this is problematic because of this and this problematic as this or did they just become like a leviathan eating their own tail.
But I kind of I kind of have a little bit with Planned Parenthood cuz on the one hand it’s just like yeah they do that good thing but on the other hand they’re history is what on the left you’d call problematic if you look at any history of that organization in the hole.
Eugenics thing.
Pretty sure they were big on front ology to there for a while you know living room anymore that they’re babies switch,
which is hard to have
honest debate if we can agree on at least some very basic facts and we can disagree about what those facts even mean Bean.
I’m so glad they was at this preschool add not Napa the deal where they admitted to that you know this so there was a book that came out with this video without the video was kind of.

[52:33] Pushing out for the book it’s this is what they say I put out a book yes and here’s what they said the book.

[52:40] This is a quote that this is what they told website rewire when they were at the party said quote the same celebration it’s the same Joy it’s the same relief there’s present when I’m helping a woman have a baby.
Said dr. Yashica Robinson OB-GYN practice in Huntsville Alabama being able to be there for women allowed them to exercise the right to choose and then seen the relief and gratitude to leave the clinic overwhelming.

[53:09] Yeah okay I.

[53:13] There are some like really useful like Lynx some information here but I got to get out of the abortion for us because there’s like 50 links here for that and I I can’t talk about that I’m sorry,
I just like cuz we’re at we’re at were sitting in a room by ourselves granted there are microphones.
Eventually this becomes the whole Leviathan eating its tail where it’s like the only people who are going to listen to this be on a certain point are people who have already either like totally agree with us or totally disagree with us and we’re only making them disagree with us more.
By talking about it you know what I mean so it’s a very tough argument it’s a social issues that all.
Plant my flag on and won’t move a lot from his I most things I’m like and we’ll put it off doesn’t matter when it comes to things like that without moral.
Quandary and such I don’t know it just seems it seems immoral in too many too many times,
and I feel like for example when the stats that we have is that know they came out this last year that more black women abort their children that are born live.

[54:23] And it’s like you know that can’t be accurate.
It’s just I’m very uncomfortable with it I’m very comfortable knowing the roots of the movie particular Planned Parenthood with.
Margaret Sanger the crazy crazy person that she was too ugly enough I learned the other day had enough affair with Orwell the writer.
Really yeah I know I did I did not know that either.

[55:00] Yeah I’ll come back and look at this I just like if true that is like incredibly disturbing is yasso.

[55:10] Okay I appreciate by the way audience if you’re still listening you’re you’re awesome you’re better MP stand how uncomfortable this this is why.
It is uncomfortable promise in the pro-life people if they want to make an argument they need to somehow break past that because the people on the Rabid people on the left.
Do not care and miss you as well to get the tattoo just want to sit in the room with a bunch of twins she got a tattoo on her inner lip for a god,
I’m like for the pro-life people to me is willing to do you know carry the water for them I mean it wasn’t it was like Paul ways Christmases ago,
on ABC for when their Christmas episodes they they played silent night while this one’s going to get abortion,
are you serious I had my head in the sand on this for a while cuz I feel like I’m just like, what will carry the water quite a distance.

[56:10] I am sorry I didn’t that’s up there with the speaking of.
Liberal propaganda over Christmas break did you watch any of that green launch of Murphy Brown at all.
I did a little bit it was kind of boring I like the original Murphy Brown but I was super young at the time too and I
I too like I told my mom the only thing I actually remember about that show is a joke about a guy who took money from a bunch of sources without looking at them and then he got elected and he’s like you got to help me Murphy and then.
Cuz he got elected to congress but then he finds out who bankrolled it and so he gets up there and just like slavery is a horse word.

[56:51] Why not put the back to work.
Like freaking out about his face is like freaking out about its own talking points cuz this is what the people who bankrolled him and want him to say this is like
I’m in trouble
that I remember that joke cuz I thought that as a like 10 year old or whatever I thought that was hilarious and then I was weird ten-year-old and then the other thing I remember is the guy that was always painting her apartment,
that was like never finished every episode if she goes back to her apartment
and I don’t know if they do this to save money or if it was just a stick or what but it was always that guy that was painting the the ceiling of her apartment there any was always in like pain truck stuff for a blue-collar perspective whatever so she come home to the apartment
or wherever and that guy was working on her ceiling that’s all I remember,
we were starting to push present Administration I was watching the other one Bush Junior JW and this was George Bush Senior where it was super controversial it was potato rights yeah
what’s work those were the days.

[58:05] Murphy Brown did a similar thing here this this Christmas where the whole Christmas episode was them having Christmas or no Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving they were having Thanksgiving with a Mexican family.
Where is like the sun is there and the mom and dad are illegal and so ice agents show up at this nice Thanksgiving dinner and,
Murphy Brown’s like I’m going to call my lawyers and Bubba blah and you have no right to be here cuz you don’t have a warrant in there that’s like Patriot Act we don’t need a warrant to enforce immigration law,
you know they might come in and we get a 10 minute monologue where the mom and dad are like being ripped away from the teenage son and they’re like no you have to go on with your life and it’s like both of us like.

[58:53] You don’t even realize they’re going to like it basically if we wanted by bus terminal right it’s not like what they’re getting I I am very Pro immigrant and I am super critical of.
Trump’s immigration policy but this this was like such.
Smock theater like propaganda melodrama that’s what I’m looking for it was like.
All you needed was like people on the side were telling you when to cheer and went to go put some stuff like that it was just it was so bad and it was so bad they cancelled the show,
it was basically the end of the country launch series I’ll be there,
the day would get the president to tweet about it and it will raise its like raise itself in the Limelight and the present just never bit.
He just cares about Murphy Brown.
It’s like a week later so much to the to the older folks and God bless the older folks but it just Mike.

[1:00:01] This was something people from the 80s lights let’s split squeal this Outlets.
Reboot this and I was just like how about we make new things yes yes I don’t know Ranch over.
I think I’ll do this fun section and then I’ll jump to our last segment cuz we got too heavy on abortion
capital punishment and they’re going to talk about my goodness Holio we’re going to talk about.

[1:00:39] Okay you’re choking on Good Times of the Holocaust okay okay I’m looking ahead in the show notes and I believe he is actually joking about that,
it don’t call please.

[1:00:58] So okay so let’s do I have let’s see here.
Let’s do okay you know there’s this lady she’s called dr. pimple popper.
I’m scared even click this link thank you thank you for that it’s from Jezebel,
dr. pimple popper removes 68 lipomas from one person to season 2 premiere,
this story I was a YouTube thing where she would just have people Cup oh my God look at those,
hey now throwing up on The Big Friendly couch,
and it’s a huge YouTube thing it’s otiose you like why not.
We’re talking about so she’s like the freak Show of TV.
It there are several channels that I think could win that it’s very close flat battle for which one is the most freak Show of TV.
I don’t get it at all. I don’t either man I don’t like that maybe it’s like the same thing we’re like you get fascinated picking a scab or something I don’t know.

[1:02:17] Can we watch the miles pick up pick their own scabs.
Louis CK by the way do you know that he’s coming he’s starting to come back and go slowly.

[1:02:32] I don’t know it seems like.

[1:02:35] Well here’s the deal and part of it I think it’s on a case-by-case basis because some people have had like their whole lives turned upside down because they like,
share the dirty meme or something like that you guys that like sexually assaulted women who
are walking free in our like after a month later they’ve got a book deal or something the guy from CBS La moonves so it’s all over the place,
Louis CK I’m a little concerned about because on the surface cuz I like the performer I like when he says I want to be like,
so it’s Lewis CK he’s a good guy but if you actually read like the descriptions of what he did it’s like I know he does not belong Theory supervisor on women.

[1:03:23] It at all I just don’t understand that desire or why you felt it was okay to ask people do that,
yeah Harry weird very weird they are so so that’s where I’m at
I know I feel gross about even having played that Louis CK video earlier cuz at the time I hit play on that my memory I’m like the Cosby
no Universe can repent,
but this life in this famous see the stories I heard,
didn’t even have that there was no like consent or anything it was just going to happen when I get into details.

[1:04:19] Yeah I different kind of gross from the pimple popper.

[1:04:24] I really like this comedy but I’m.
Has sought really inside such funny family comedy loads of families that I knew know if they wanted to play something on the road that was funny and was relatively safe to listen to Cosby was a good go to.

[1:04:44] I and a kind of East kind of screwed that up for all of us you really screwed it up for a lot of us cuz like I have.
A distinct memory.
That will now forever be like super contaminated and makes me feel very weird when my Grandpa Richard passed away.
I’ll keep it in mind like a 90-something year old guy,
super conservative probably I’m going to say a little like I would honestly I assumed it was racist but I didn’t know him that well,
but he’s from that year I you know but one of the things we found when he was cleaning out his place.
What’s a very heavily what do they call that dog years like which means he read it a lot copy of fatherhood by Bill Cosby.
That was like one of it that must have been like if you know I’ve never had a conversation with him about books I didn’t know he read books but that was apparently like based on what we found,
that must have been one of his favorite books and it’s it’s / how to guide / comedy like it’s.
Amazon fun takes me has a great line in there is like before we were parents I had like 50 ideas but how to raise children afterwards I have.
0 ideas Infinity calendar.

[1:06:07] But yeah so I have that memory and I’ve always thought if it’s like a man that’s so strange that Grandpa Richard had to a Bill Cosby Brokers like that must be a hell of a book and.
Now I have that thang thanks for the country in 04 Bill Cosby being a scumbag I now have that memory mixed with,
Bill Cosby’s bulshit in my head and I don’t appreciate that,
Cosby Show yep. Just messes all and it’s super disturbing like you’ve seen a the like
old clips from the show taken out of content like where it’s like he’s at a barbecue and it’s like it’s my secret recipes like knock them out and basically talking about like
what he actually does like open and flagrantly in an episode where they’re like grilling or something like that hanging out just like.
Yeah and now in the new context that’s like that’s just terrific terrific on text but if you drop the soap.
Without this poor autistic girl know ya Let’s Hispanic and social media always so classy.

[1:07:19] If if you take one thing away from this episode social media Is A Wasteland really is it really is except us enjoy us but but the rest of social media total Wasteland did you watch TV for New Year’s by the way,
not actually no I didn’t at all I got some I got some fun things.

[1:07:40] I have New Year’s Eve madness part 1 New Year’s Eve madness part 2 and then there’s one underneath it called too funny.

[1:07:48] That is what this is dedicated to Dad.
This pluralist I need to start reading a pluralist apparently.
These headlines they’re all like seriously you remember how I talked about the last one was like a Mad Lib or like a word soup or something like you took of random word generator and made a headline,
this is the same thing none of those courts Belong Together Pete none of them.

[1:08:23] This this was on NBC this is Chrissy Teigen who I.

[1:08:44] Feelings affect millions of a families are watching by meanwhile in Carson Daly’s earpiece,
knock her over the side knock her over the clear balloon.
Yeah yep yep yeah I didn’t know an embassy Embassy couldn’t.
Make a more terrible New Year’s Eve the ball drops and they that they I don’t know why but they didn’t show up,
they screwed up and they show the different you know if you’re in the control room and you choose which screen to show I’m using the wrong terminology as a really they cut away from the ball pass away from.
Oh my gosh you know if some poor intern got in the lake,
back-office their got fired though for for screwing that up.
So we could we lost the redhead because remember she was on CNN with Anderson Cooper what she’s the one that had the gold skin.
There’s like there’s like a bunch of like like French like you know there’s some Jacobins out there black.

[1:09:58] Good reference to 10,000 points for Gryffindor for that for that jacket of reference Russian X.
It works man that was awesome.
Anderson Cooper liquor it up cuz what else is funny than a drug Anderson Cooper,
would you play clay roll.
Great times lunch feels good to be a,
yeah we need to take it that a person Cooper’s a teetotaler that that is the best.
Anderson Cooper thing and I’m including the video where he cries that is like the best Anderson Cooper thing I’ve ever seen a pants down this is what Anderson Cooper.

[1:11:12] Got influence Valco size of share a wonderful story about his mother oh good. I’m sure
Chevy dealer in the dishwasher cost that
Anderson Cooper’s mom is Faye Dunaway,
you watch,
Marlon Brando it’s one of the great artists of all time.
Watch the movie trolls made a deal that they were going to help me out to look at the guy in The Middle’s reaction dislike his ear piece right now.

[1:12:20] The shot came off the rim,
Crescent States against the door and said you have Japanese skin I don’t know yeah he is drunk,
wow he said that Marlon bright like his mom had it got got busy with Marlon Brando wow lick liquor.

[1:12:49] Cuz he seems like a fun guy I want to hear somebody’s yes I want to see liquored-up Anderson Cooper at those are words I never thought would ever crossed my lips but here we are,
yeah he is he’s the last of the Vanderbilts did you know that,
I didn’t know his mom was Gloria Vanderbilt he is the Last Descendant of the Vanderbilt line.

[1:13:10] Dang you can from super super well.
Well yeah I mean he’s a really cool biography about him and his mother actually I do recommend reading I read it really good.
Very touching.
That was his mom sorry I just got confused cuz the way all that’s fine that’s fine I mean hey at least you didn’t get drunk until you know sex stories about your mom or you know get drunk and likes her slurring your words it’s like looking vacantly in the can.
You’re not interested Cooper so you’re fine.
I must get the about the thing people are saying we have to wait we can’t cure diseases we have to leave them disabled because you know.

[1:13:57] Already.

[1:14:00] Almost almost as good as abortion almost okay activist slams curing genetic diseases as threat to disabled.

[1:14:10] Tenergy it’s a form of you.
Okay no no not die when they’re too angry to angry Pete I tell him I’m going to Hulk out and then you won’t like me when I’m angry you spend too much more time you’re just like you know what America is done,
yep yep just stick a fork in her she’s done.
Okay how much time we got left Robert where were in an hour 14 we got 15 minutes to plug any Media review that you’ve seen the last of the month or two okay.
I’ll go first no I’m not go watch the bird boxing yet I will say that bandersnatch.
Well not perfect is super interesting and I am curious to see where they go with the technology do you know Dennis.
I would give that like.
3 1/2 out of 5 Stars yes okay,
it is the endings work like it wanted to say why Choose Your Own Adventure and it isn’t really until the end because most choices you make,
they just brought you back and see how to choose a different one or is in the endings are pretty interesting 73%.

[1:15:38] So Ashley Nadia scored so actually.
My Vibe is about where people are at school
I thought it was kind of stupid they’ll like it in the near the game is like the game developer guys are at work for me and develop your game and me being kind of a class at work
let him go work but here’s the deal I have not met a single human being.
Who said no to that because even the people who are like edgelords or whatever wanted to make the like like I I I listen to one of you with it was a guy I was talking about I wanted like I didn’t care about anything but I just wanted to make the best video game possible that’s how I was playing the game.
Like I played it the first time promising myself that I wouldn’t kill anybody or like do anything immoral I wanted to see like how that would play out in a Black Mirror Universe not well.
But no I’m 90% sure that Mike 99% the population takes that option cuz whether you’re.

[1:16:44] Whether you’re like trying to like fight the system or you’re trying to like or you’re just like straight-laced and just want to do what you want to do,
either way it’s like I want to make a video game guy says he has money to make a video game you take it I almost feel like that was purposely like a little bit of a loop right off the bat just to like basically.
That kind of philosophy does fit in with Black Mirror they’re burying their very much of the cheddar kind of a technocratic anti-capitalism kind of you.

[1:17:19] You know this is all but there are some people are more concerned out there that get mad watching media that isn’t,
towards the thing that I’m like you know I like different visions of different things you know I’m cool with all kinds of Science Fiction writers okay I can enjoy a piece of art and work understand what it’s trying to tell me and just disagree.

[1:17:37] That’s perfectly I need one things Black Mirror did really well that episode the end the last.
Was two seasons ago where they had where everything was on social credit system.
Holy cow that was precious and Bob Wayne Venezuela’s already bought on,
by the way I’m not sure that will help,
Venezuela it seems like how can we make this country more shity how can we make daily life more.
More Agony oh I know a social credit system.
We can’t feed ourselves we literally don’t have diapers were like pooping into our hands I’ll have a smart device to let the government are so that the government can know that I’m a good guy.

[1:18:31] What are my privileges would be like there is like does that mean that you get toilet paper like if you’re like a model Citizen and a social credit system in Venezuela you get clean water for the Q.
Yeah okay it’s like like when you reserve video games.
Yep you reserve Sherman and pay an extra $10 you also get this the deluxe pre-order Edition sharks.
Yeah get this sharpened stick for fighting off others who want your toilet paper but I shouldn’t cuz it’s even tragedy but.
Self-inflicted so it’s a little yeah yeah a little bit.
Exactly where you go today’s word kids is schadenfreude.

[1:19:30] I think.
I’ll figure it out cuz I think that’s what we’re called the episode I feel like I feel like it needs that title.
They haven’t provided any Netflix provide zero transparency on download numbers so they can say whatever they want it.
I’m not get okay so I want to be fair I like Sandra Bullock I like the psychiatrist from SVU and I like Malkovich Malkovich is in there John mouth.
Other than that is a garbage it really is just.
Not you it’s one of those movies that you are the hotel and you fall asleep with the showtime on and you wake up your life.
At the fishes this one time I did that it was wicker man I woke up the Wicker man oh my goodness the Remake oh man okay yeah.
That’s apologize for that response.

[1:20:42] Besides being kind of risky cuz it sacrifices it’s taller the beginning of the movie spoilers,
spoilers for the first 5 minutes of the movie,
like the rules don’t make any sense for their University for The Quiet forever box.
All the time.

[1:21:07] Yeah so yeah it here’s my rant Pete got a little taste of it anybody that listen to listen to the Sioux Empire podcast which will come out
probably a little bit before this is already gotten this rant I am so damn tired of the,
what I call the floor is hot lava horror movies.
We’re here at the Fort here is the formula for writing a the floor is hot lava horror movie one take a Preposterous concept
and make it a like a hard rule like the floor is hot lava we can’t touch the floor nobody can wear blue if you wear blue everyone’s going to do you know anybody that wears blue will die instantly
up I’m not making this up there’s a like dubbed movie on Netflix from Spain that’s all about you can’t go outside hitters
but this is a completely different one where it’s just like if they step outside they just have a heart attack so it’s like these guys are like that in an office building and they eat unless their food they’re trying to Tunnel down the subway tunnels to try and like get around to rescue their families and stuff like that and yeah it’s.
But that just like this whole universe of them and a quiet place and Bird Box are kind of like the late-stage.

[1:22:23] Version of the East just like I’m done seriously it was kind of cute with the whole it follows horror movie,
I think we’re even that one doesn’t really that’s more of a monster movie than the floor is lava one but it does have like it’s Proto
the floor is lava because it has like these.
Very very strict rule it doesn’t really make any sense except for it it’s universe but at least in it follows it made sense in its universe,
does that make any sense
if your Netflix you don’t have to pay anything and never tizing because you know you just put on the front page since everyone’s going to watch it all the media will cover it I mean.
They give Sandra Bullock 20 +.
It and I still don’t know how their model long-term is going to work for profitability.

[1:23:36] Okay nothing sorry I loved Netflix like every other person,
in America I have a Netflix account and I love it I don’t know how their business model will ever survive and yet
it’s like like everyone in America I watch Netflix so it’s like I think I just answered my question so like you said I do think they are heavily leveraged and I think that’s why they dropped the whole bunch of there like really really big expensive,
Christian shows full shows for example well that’s more the Disney is doing their own at Disney + or whatever I’m just scared because.

[1:24:11] Taking all the Marvel properties away but they also have a policy that the Disney plus service will be nothing rated R and nothing,
basically nothing about PG-13 so even though it successful
getting show yeah but it’s it’s alright it
that are rated TV and so it has no home and Disney plus until they’re sure ever exist on that same deal this is this season will be the last I’m sure they’ve already made them so they have to put them out but,
the net there’s one more season of Jessica Jones and there’s one more season of Punisher and once those are done that’s it,
because no more R-rated Marvel Universe it’ll be like The Punisher on do you remember the Spider-Man,
cartoon from like the 90s,
you’re an idiot Daredevil was in a couple of them,
but but I’m trying to hit blade they have blade in that series to look just like know he was a white guy in this be back,
free Wesley Snipes Blade.

[1:25:40] I don’t want about the Grateful Dead that’s right if you pick black or a white guy.
Oh my gosh we we live we truly are living in the weirdest timeline I think it yeah okay.
Walking Dead my brother for Christmas I have been kind of gas game like let’s have a party you and me and your bro he’s our mutual friend Tyler who loves Walking Dead Like We Do.
And just like let’s just get the new season Walking Dead have season we’ll just binge.
We did it was great it was so much fun and now I am I have a much lower tolerance,
yeah I have a pretty low tolerance no high tolerance for not good walking test so I like season 7 and 8 I know a lot of people but
pretty good I don’t know you said you haven’t when I last talked to you said you kind of fell off like season 6 sushi ya
and I haven’t picked up any I’ve honestly barely like keeping my head above water as far as like keeping up on TV shows like I have a,
A co-worker who basically give me like a signed viewing of a whole bunch of anime on Netflix that is like you have to go check out I’m like okay
also and I died I used to be so Nana me so at 5 a.m. this morning when I was prepping for recording the Sioux Empire podcast what I had playing in the background was a anime called Bakke,
which is just like.

[1:27:07] So over the top with the like martial arts fighting in the like people being able to break their spines and pull them out through their dad consider being so it’s like so over the top like that kind of action but it’s not even fun than just come like sister stupid.

[1:27:22] Yeah I think that’s also aging I think as you become older you have less tolerance for Whimsy except the guy that recommended it to me I’m pretty sure it’s like 5 years older than me so.
Just saying I did I want me tell you I walking dead if you lost interest because of all the fight with Negan stuff come back.
Is really in season is you don’t really need to know too much about what happened cuz they have two X Skip save us time Skip and what year and a half and they have a timeskip a six years instead of the show they skipped 6 years.

[1:27:57] What was the reason they did was because the in the graphic novels.
Seasons one through eight take place that in about a term of two years like walking dead and the graphic novel has is prompto or just like
just like a very short time.
They decided push it so the time of the show is taking place in the time of the audience watching the show okay that that makes sense to me.
That actually does make me want to watch it again cuz if nothing else I have a morbid curiosity about how they pulled that off or how they handle the transition and now the focus more on how.
You can’t rely on society anymore. They aren’t that Society Get By bridges are from boy no one can scavenge gasoline anymore you know that your you have to grow all your food yourself it’s very interested in that sense.
Cool Daryl dog sauce are on a dog I’m back I’m back on board bow
it does tell him and zombies are near and it helps him attend a zombie Walker traps oh yes
walker hans’s dog chew toys kind of awesome nice.

[1:29:27] Yeah I might have to check that out just out of curiosity of how they handled that anyway.

[1:29:36] Doctor Who Have you think you didn’t hear my review of it.
Three episodes of got four episodes ago sitting on that DVR box right there are the whole first the whole new season.
With the new doctor I I’ve only watched the first two episodes was I watch those at Sanford.
I didn’t even know it came out on disc already know no sitting on that DVR DVR DVR sorry but.
But promise to wait to watch the rest of season 1 with with my wife a doctor who actually was one of those that I took my time you watch it,
the Sheik,
not it’s not the first ones okay and this hasn’t anything to do with her being a woman or the progressive politics they push and a Porsche I did push the progressive politics like never before it’s just not.
Good it’s badly written to acting the mature other given to act with his just.

[1:30:41] Off of garbage and I’ve seen shows like Broadchurch Jodie Whittaker contact I know she has a talent build the material she’s given it’s just lousy
just I’ve seen Bradley Walsh for example the only thing I know is that I stopped following it on the light reactions on YouTube
when there was a whole bunch about a Rosa Parks episode are you kidding me we did cuz you know it’s just like.

[1:31:09] It’s already that it’s trying to like or I would have assumed is trying to like not get.
Typecast into were the liberal show that’s all about women and liberals and everything else and Aiden show
BBC says you have to do X and Y this episode,
and you can’t give her and has no new wants every white person in the Rosa Parks episodes evil which is not true of the South was heavily divided on this issue
the white part of the self-assembly divided on the issue of segregation that’s a no that’s why it was possible for them to move forward that.

[1:31:51] He was a baby and it has no nuances no-look Rosa.
Anime is the enemy is like a super time travel Nazi who for some reason will pass the stop,
Rosa Parks because it no other way will civil rights Africa flag speaking of fanfic nothing like taking the power away from,
no it wasn’t this Brave woman that stood up for civil rights by herself in this lonely think it was a whole stage thing where she had to be there be cut and actually there.

[1:32:22] Parts of it that work on a stage because there was a woman it wouldn’t doll stories got to be there was a woman who did the same thing Rosa Parks didn’t because she was like a single mother or something like that yeah she wasn’t as media-friendly so they went with the youth Rose Onsted which
both Brave women for doing that but yeah they love going deep they don’t
self-examine very much their own racial history so much as they go to Washington black.

[1:32:51] That’s the secret of the whole world you know how Iran calls us the great Satan and a Chinese talk about how decadent evil we are and I’m sure in Venezuela they’re hearing about how evil we are here’s the deal,
we have an open media free country so we’re allowed to say
be critical of ourselves every country on earth except the US and actually the US even to some extent kind of uses it itself as it’s a parts of itself as a scapegoat the whole rest of the world
if nothing else the US the US in guilt and blame is too big to fail,
because the like intellectual concept of America as the same orifice Cloud that you can throw all your hate at instead of like fixing your own issues in your own country
it’s too big to fail,
ahch to the media has to carry water so if you look at the wrong so fat could you go the Rotten Tomatoes score for Doctor Who real sugar dr. Who season 11 Rotten Tomatoes,
this is it’s crazy this is the exact same situation with the Last Jedi all over again it really is where the critics are just like.

[1:34:06] Doctor Who can do no wrong.
I have never seen that big a difference between the the tomatometer and the audience score.
Liked it.

[1:34:26] 23% off Stars don’t get counted no rating Soca counted.
Date did some weird systems of David it’s okay.
Yeah. That’s very true you could have Russian trolls out there than just back we’re going to get you Jodie Foster no not Jodie Foster.

[1:34:53] Brain not work good thank you yeah so it is not good they just finished the last episode New Year special,
didn’t get was a little better than most of the season but not by much spoil it but,
one of the biggest Doctor Who fans in the state like I will attest to that I have I’ve seriously I can name all the doctors and actors have played them and their companions most that and name of the actors I can play them I have all the big from all the Good Seasons at least,
I mean it’s just I’m so sad about this when they kind of played around with the idea that they may or may not come back they’re good like 2020 is when the next season comes,
and Jodie Whittaker and shoot Christian Christian what kind of said like maybe I’ll come back me but won’t turn in Whitaker said while Christian also I coming back on.

[1:35:45] I don’t get the BBC I mean I realize it’s a tiny Island but seriously you don’t have the budget for like.
It’s it’s literally your biggest show and you don’t have the budget to put out one season per year is there only like three directors on that whole,
weeping Island it was literally like producing sure it’s like well we can’t have Sherlock this year because he’s supposed to be Doctor Who Doctor Who because he needs.

[1:36:13] There are other directors right now.
Seriously what the up I could probably go on and on about this I will say that.
Hi Honey Island Man Doctor Who the politics are so bad right now it’s like well if this doesn’t do well you know how could they not like,
such a bother on the bright side if it is not coming out till 2020 that gives us an extra
year for the political precious
critical crack next to die down a little bit more cuz it comes in cycles of the guys from South Park have this whole thesis about a seven-year cycle with political correctness and so we’re coming back down and I’ve seen it already where people are like more and more skeptical of the like
just ridiculous stuff that we saw in 2017 and a little bit in 2018 and it feels like we’re coming back down,
well I’d like one year from now maybe it will have like backed off so we can only hope.
One of the greatest writers of our age really really cool guy.

[1:37:27] To talk about how he dedicates his books a very interesting person is Tara’s like look I read the script.
Before and after it went to the BBC it was not the same thing and basically was kind of casting a size like what,
it’s not the writers it’s the people that mutilate their scripts and it came out and I don’t know if that’s true or not because,
documentaries in the books about these these production years of Doctor Who.
Will find out the truth but that’s my guess that’s my yes it’s I think it’s mandate from the top all right now this is been a weird episode,
I apologize for that thank you for listening you guys are amazing Robert is amazing I’m glad glad we can make this happen thank you so much to all four of you who have spent it.

[1:38:29] Appreciate it.
Is it has been great more and more and great things in the future you know this is just this is a slow ride you know we’re building it up
more and more learning little bit each time I know today we experimented using a bit more hard stuff for the duo episodes with abortion but I mean that’s what happens when you experiment try things out sometimes it works sometimes it don’t.
If you have any questions concerns comments ideas if you would like to send me Nigerian prince email so you can contact me at Pete at happy – Warrior. Net Pete at happy dashboard next I do Twitter,
I just tried Twitter I have 8,000 followers by the way that’s pretty awesome thank you thank you.
P I think,
it’s probably something I should know from Facebook is happy warrior Pete and all those I just I love interacting with people I love it when people actually want to interact and have honest questions or comments,
social media isn’t always the devil’s toilet sometimes rarely you can’t be good be one of those good ones.

[1:39:37] Please okay I did my plugs now you get to your work to yours the Sioux Empire. Com all the.

[1:39:44] Insane Randomness that I’m doing it’s all there.
SCP pocket Sioux Empire podcast the the recall that the main ship them on the flagship Flagship thank you the flagship also pretty good,
and you got some more got a couple other state park aleutians we we drop some podcasts here at the first of the year so
we are I am down to only six podcasts official run there’s the happy warrior.

[1:40:20] There is a dress code.
Urban Indians Sioux Empire podcast McCobb grimoire are sci-fi or not sci-fi are paranormal research podcast it’s all about like ghosts and stuff like that and then.
The sixth one is not launched yet and that is Edge case which is the,
but yeah so Edge Edge case I’m hoping I hope it will be putting out new episodes this fall.
Because it’s these this will be like a fully produced Audio Drama production Anthology so massive cast lots of writing I’ve got like.
I’ve been super busy at work lately but I’ve got like I promise I’m going to get to them all I’ve got like five submitted script sitting on my desk cuz I haven’t even opened yet.
So yeah really looking forward to that but yeah lots of stuff going on it just follow me on the social media if you want to know all about it.
Well thank you once again to the amazing and magical Robert melling thank you audience for your time God bless this amazing country God bless the troops that the fight and defend for us and our civil rights and God bless you.

[1:41:39] All right you have a nice day.

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