Happy Warrior 025 Biology isn’t Bigotry

 Happy Warrior 025 Biology isn’t Bigotry

The Happy Warrior Podcast Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken

Segment: Trans is wrong, Biology isn’t Bigotry

fashion show

mastectomies on girls, with ban on research that shows ROGD to be a maladaptive coping mechanism

the dangers of Lupron and 80 to 95% of adolescent patients outgrow dysphoria naturally.

james shupe and becoming transgender in the military

the surgeries are often botched

doctors have no idea who needs what when it comes to transitioning

the story about the first transition, scary as heck

why this is child abuse and medical malpractice

teacher fired for being polite but not using the correct pronouns

just a small part of a bigger push to ban any dissent anywhere in the west

youtube bans Dr. Deborah Soh for this exact same thing


Heyer tells his own story, includes cross dressing

heyer youtube video

Desmond is the face of child abuse

we have lost our minds

great quote

voice of the kid, tell me this isn’t wrong

Daily Beast gushes over this, parents are featured in the piece

Matt Walsh piece on Desmond

we can’t even point out when hepatitis is more likely in the gay population

walt heyer end with his advice 1:30

Americans ruin everything

poacher punished with Bambi

Your right to bear…..nun chucks??\\

FDA says not to eat sprinkles

witches offended by the term witch hunt

Segment2: Cortez is very smart

threatens Presidents son for meme

claims to be Jewish

Calls John Kelly a coward

Kelly led US Southern Command ( central, south America and the Caribbean)

$21 trillion,

Medicare for all

real cost of Medicare for all

migrant caravan to Jews fleeing the holocaust

makes herself valued in Congress

Using Climate Change to push her agenda

Carlson is right on AOC

Knowles gets it in one!
our ignorance of socialism is dangerous

socialists and fascists are essentially the same thing

Cortez threats and no-homework answers are rewarded

terrible ideas that will hurt people will be made possible due to the lies she is selling

the damage done by her green deal

taxes on Playstation, proof that Millenials don’t actually want socialism?

Segment: Varied and Sundry

babies feel pain during abortion

starving people to death

Orthodox Church officially splits

death of liberal arts

Atlantic version of the story

David French story on the value of mercy

just for Robert, human extinction rises again

new cure for cancer


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essay of the week!


Machine Transcript

 [0:23] Hey everybody this is the happy warrior podcast here with your host happy warrior Pete I think I just want to jump right into it
skip the pleasantries and just go into this I’m going to start this with a video from the amazing
and talented supermodel that all you need to know about each other
or she I’m not going to get away yet everywhere all over at every morning news showing all the evening new shows on the YouTubes on the entertainment everywhere this kid is everywhere,
hey it’s bizarre, I’m just going to leave it to you for the kid to talk for the kids self,
you’ve heard of drag queens what doesn’t is a self-described drag kid.

[1:11] Brooklyn 5th grader isn’t in school he’s doing photo shoots and Runway shows he’s already been profiled in the boat and even had the don’t drag name Desmond is amazing.

[1:25] Yeah so there you have it Desmond is amazing he is now eleven back then when you record that 10 years old little drag queen yes he is a boy,
and yes he is so very inspiring,
when I think of inspire and I think world war heroes that that spot in the Pacific then I think of that guy that ran into a house and save do you know 80 snakes.
Jasmine he’s even bigger than those two peas even more inspiring the guy that saves the snakes so this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of Desmond see Desmond I saw back
and Thanksgiving they were doing interview for Thanksgiving there’s like this wacky little kid that I can tell as a boy or woman and it was in this pretty excessive like outfit,
and how it felt kind of disturbing that everyone was applauding this like this is just so weird but there was Thanksgiving like I’m going to go eat something bad taste out of my mouth,
and I can hear you out guys I look I know I’m being a little bit.
A little bit fun a little bit naughty but please if you’re on the left don’t just don’t push me out. They call this guy is a hater he just a hater you such a such a hater.
He hates Omaha.

[2:48] Please hear me out this is important I think that the natural tendency of everyone is to blow this issue off.
And what this connects to because we just don’t want to fight we don’t want to deal with about it just let people be people and do what they want.
And I would agree with you 99% a Time.
This is one of those times where we had to have to put her foot down there are times that you do have to put your foot down and you have to push back.
Okay I did there are times where you have to draw a line and your mom this is I inherit this for my wonderful mom and my grandpa and it basically goes like this.
Adults can do whatever the fetch they want to hit themselves but when you bring children into the mix that’s when things get dicey that’s when things matter and that is what’s going on so Desmond.

[3:41] Here’s the news story that brought back to my attention since Thanksgiving 11 year old boy dressed in drag dances at gay bar gets dollar bills thrown at him yes there’s Bend now 11,
was that a gay bar in Brooklyn New York called the $3 bill and this gay bar sort of like.
Adult male adults wear their viewing the number if they were throwing dollars at him.
And disturbing right I think this is amazing I love some of the things people said about the so the first one was this,
only in New York a nightclub that makes you go wow read the promotion featuring upcoming Legend from television and the runway Desmond is amazing.
Performing live this stage this dance for this house is ours as long as we protect it,
and there’s someone that hears the comment for someone left on Yelp after they went to it.
I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at night time this was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since.

[4:51] I just I knew that that totally sums it up right there so.

[4:59] First thing that goes in your mind probably is,
where are the parents right where the pairs well today show has a little bit about them what’s what’s today’s going to tell us about these wonderful adults were so responsible and I really carving a better life for their children,
are pressing up to remember as soon as he could grab things.
Toddler Wendy says he’d sit in her lap as she watched the show RuPaul’s Drag Race about adult.
He was mesmerized. What made you go.

[5:40] Call amazing demo.
Dolls that look amazing to only 10 but Desmond says he knows exactly who he is and is very open about it.
Do you identify as gay though when are come out since I was born.

[6:04] After years of dressing up at home a video of him at New York’s 2015 gay pride parade went viral that’s what he told his parents he wanted to make drag on Career so they can so see if ice don’t encourage it Behavior
but don’t discourage it either there are people who would say to that he’s only 10 Wait Awhile wait for what.
Mozart first Touch the Piano when he was three I think that there are telling two children and if you see that talent and they want to do it.
Why not is it too young for a 10 year old to be marching down a runway in a sexualized way I don’t see him.
Sexualized at all I think that if people see sex in that then there’s definitely an issue on their end because I just see a child who is enjoying themselves,
I mean I know Valerie knows we’re less than she does and no one says that’s enough.
Is Instagram Desmond is amazing as more than 40,000 followers and he has his own YouTube channel there are people who would say to that you’re letting the kid lead I’ve heard that before what is it.

[7:18] His life is his life but I don’t I don’t agree with that statement.
Child so he has to have that parental support may look like he’s leading us but we’re in the back supporting him.
And there you have it folks parents of the year for Desmond is amazing oh man that isn’t that crazy that is the craziest thing you think it first.
Desmond is amazing it’s a crazy thing,
if you peel back the layers and you find out it’s the bear the parents he looks so normal and say that they are so normal,
that they allow their kid to go in and do the centers of funny, they’re here at the end she’s like.
I really pushed them on astronauts of course yes yes that piece didn’t sound propaganda at all
was very balanced very bouncy of the upbeat piano music that’s how I mean there is nothing more balanced than some pop piano music on earpiece.

[8:26] Holy cow that’s scary I would like to say that this probably is more common in attitude in New York.
And I’ve been beyond Scared guys I don’t think people like that should have children or should be responsible for children because they don’t know how to parent your land Escape,
you watch RuPaul with the kid nothing really wrong with that.
When you feed into the kids delusions and fantasies about cross-dressing and doing it for money and being in front of a gay pride parade that’s where they went wrong.
That’s where they should have stopped they should have said okay kid let’s use your energy but let’s let’s still use it towards other goals you know cross-dressing is not,
and if cross-dressing Roots come from sex it comes from men dressing up as women and going to gay bars,
maybe singing some tunes and it’s all done for the erotic aspect of it okay that’s where that’s where drag dressing in drag comes from,
it’s ridiculous the same here. People got see this just for sex.
There’s something wrong with them yeah yeah there is do that.

[9:41] It’s amazing what we are Against Child pronography because children do not have them sent and we do not want to sexualize children.
Especially little children.
And that’s what’s happening here and you look at the photos and you tell me that they’re not trying to sexualize the kid I mean some of these outfits they’re wearing if a female adult female you know that dad likes to dress a little bit more on the skimpy side,
wants to go out on a party night these things if the women wore them would say hooker I mean that’s that’s what you get from it does or does not look like,
that’s just what you get I’m sorry it’s.
Frustrates her or a character from The Fifth Element terrible movie.

[10:36] So they’re a little bit more to this than you guys think there is a strong correlation between crossdressing.
And homosexuality and transgenderism and the kids said is much she said she asked are you gay no at 10.
I’m just saying I mean you haven’t even gone through puberty.
Is it Father’s Day really is bothering me this kid is going to be a messed up adult they have set this kid up for failure in his personal life and I’m not just saying it because it’s the drag its it’s the never learning boundaries it’s never learning self-discipline.
Learning to to handle your ambition and desires into a funnel that towards productive means,
you know there’s a lot of money in this and that’s also bothers me that I guarantee and this is so sad this is true of child actors often that there pushes the parents because the parents want the cash.

[11:33] The character parents say this is my ticket is my meal ticket let’s go for it.
And I I would if I had to guess I don’t know for certain but if I had to guess that’s partly of what’s going on this is messed up I’m going to move now to.
Why this matters because and I apologize for the coarse language day this is not an episode your kids to listen to at least this first segment.
But it really is vital that you the parent and anyone else that’s involved with raise your kids hear this stuff out because it is so easy so easy where we say I don’t worry about it,
just blow it off brush it off it’s no big deal I understand that that is my first instinct to,
that I didn’t know that you were that comes from bottle enough guy comes from a cultural,
peace from Jolly Old Britain where they refer to it as a quiet life that.
In society British people give up a lot of the protesting in the descent into vocal portion the energy pushed outside in exchange for that they live quiet,
Solitaire on at Saltair but you know lives inside the family unit they don’t really want to be bothered about it too much that’s kind of where that comes from,
the pie life isn’t always the right way to go because there are times we need to stand up to this garbage.
It is wrong with these parents did to their son Desmond and I am so sorry for the kid it breaks my heart this kid is at a gay bar.
Practically stripping in front of adults they are throwing dollar bills at him.

[13:02] Letras disgusting child predator,
this is disturbing is he really as this is messed up junk
so I want to talk about the cross-dressing / how does that connect transgenderism well there’s a guy who I
he’s so smart I actually emailed him his name is Walt heyer he email me back I’ll I’ll read my email from a little bit he is a transgender activist but not the activist in favor transgender he is actually the other direction.
This is a really smart man I’ve read many articles from him first became aware of him from the Federalist which is online conservative Libertarian news magazine.
Website he is fantastic you so smart so smart I mean this is Guy besides being a transgender activist he also was involved on the Apollo missions in cryonics and amazing super smart super duper smart,
curio box hire everybody my name is.

[14:12] That guy lived eight years as a transgender female the reason I’m no longer transgenders because I found the truth.
And I found out it took me a long time to discover the.
Started my journey of what they called transgenderism at the age of 4 and struggle.
Gender identity for most of my life and eventually got married in my early twenties.
Your children I was an executive for an automobile company I worked on the Apollo space missions as a.
Set design engineer on cryogenic connectors and struggled still with my identity until I went to one of those people they call.

[14:53] Gender identity in fact the guy I went to was the guy who authored the original Harry Benjamin internet.

[15:01] So he was an expert and so he diagnosed me with gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria and said the cure for your problem to start it.
For what is hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery and so I went through the protocols.
After two years between the time I was first diagnosed I was wondering if this was going to work at eventually in April.

[15:27] Free I underwent gender reassignment surgery in Trinidad Colorado hid was a few years after that about five or six years after that it began to study.
Psychology and of addictions at a UC Santa Cruz.
And began to crack open the books and found out that the people who identify as a transgender actually suffering from a variety of what they called comorbid.

[15:52] Schizophrenia bipolar disorder body dysmorphic disorder.
Compulsive disorder and many other disorders that the people who are experts like my doctor was never paying attention to.
Frankly Speaking from my point of view is a former young child who did this is child abuse and it shouldn’t be done.

[16:15] Thank you to the YouTube page Faith Family freedom I don’t know where this originally came from so I’m going to assume they created it but anyhow.
Really interesting yeah Walt heyer is amazing man an amazing man of High Caliber that he’s a really,
good person and he’s dedicated his life for the last 20 something years to helping people who are involved with transgender or considered transgender on our plan to go through with the hormone therapies or get the surgery.

[16:48] He is really Brave to speak out he goes all over the country he gives interviews,
I use email says he doesn’t do that anymore teas to it’s too tiring but he does work really hard to make people more aware of the negative things that hormone blockers.

[17:03] And transgender physical surgery.
I’m feel so bad for him now that’s where this connects see he talks about what happened to this is so often with people who are transgender is that they have,
mental health problems you mentioned that near the end video since I found out that people who are transgender typically have,
High rates of depression they’re more likely not to commit suicide have psychosis the more likely to be bipolar and schizophrenic,
no personality and you’re all kinds of Lolly the laundry list of mental health problems
and a lot of this pain you’re somewhere this mental health problems come from his when their kids they go through something really bad there’s a story I was reading about you know I’ll just do two,
what higher fee was 4 years old he like to play dress up his grandma rewarded that with making a blue chiffon dress and it kind of just something that field into it,
he says into the store and I’m bringing from his biography had a uncle that found out about it,
and he be pull down my pants taunting laugh at me and only 9 years of age I couldn’t fight back so I turned to eating as a way to cope with anxiety.

[18:12] Fred’s teasing caused a meal of six tuna fish sandwiches at core milk become my way of suppressing the pain
one day Uncle Fred took me in his car on a trip up the hill for my house and try to take off all my clothes cheerfully what might happen I escaped ran home and told my mom she looked at me accusingly said you’re a liar Fred would never do that when my dad got home she told him I said he went to talk to Fred,
red shrug it off as a tall tale my dad believed him instead of me,
I could see no you sometime people about what Frederick was doing so I kept sign up for that point on about his continuing abuse.

[18:45] Oh yeah,
yeah really really hard but he’s he’s just had this persistent feeling wasn’t woman and a while this came from perhaps was the damage that he sustained as a kid and there’s another story about the sky
there was these twins want a boy and a girl and the boy the mom had been a rape Survivor.
And she just didn’t know how to get affects their son she gave it,
to the girl will eventually the boy catches on he says if I acted like he thinks his head if I act like a girl well then my mom will give me more attention and so that’s kind of let him just believing he was a girl now.
Thankfully and again it’s not like wolhurst can spend in this case the boy Avenged the mom eventually was able to treat the boy normally in the boy came out of it.

[19:31] Here’s of put some quick facts that you probably should know about transgender.

[19:37] Back number one eaten 95% of children that are identified to have gender dysphoria.
Crowd of it essentially most kids have this problem and they grow out of it that is so important.
Here’s another stat for you the outcomes of transgender people that go through with the hormone blockers and major drugs that change them and a physical surgery,
receive worst.
Worse Health outcomes than when they went in in fact they found that a person that’s transgender is about roughly at the 40 to 45% tile likely for suicide.
You add another 40 points with that often with people that go through with the surgery because the surgery,
can’t fix those feelings okay as of now we can’t fix the feeling that’s called gender dysphoria will you feel like something’s wrong with you I’m not right.

[20:37] Okay and this is from
mental illness and have lots of other mental illnesses people are transgender are more likely to commit suicide this is a proven fact from major studies that shows they’re more likely to commit suicide if they receive the surgery and drugs.
Stat number three the drugs that are used for
transgender. They’re the the major kind that most kids will be using are called puberty blockers where they try to delay puberty even sometimes indefinitely off and it still there are 18 but we’re using these drugs often to prevent puberty at all
they feel that this won’t be effective if you don’t start a kid at age 4 in the how you can tell the age for,
remember that stat early but how they grew out of it, do you know at age 4 that they want,
but these drugs are sanely dangerous they leave the huge muscle and bone problems include osteoporosis they don’t help the mental condition the drugs that.

[21:31] They use our particular directly I have which is called Lupron that use that for girls,
is not designed for that it’s called an off-label use I’m not totally against off label use but people think these drugs are FDA safe to give the kids not true it’s messed up.
That’s step number three they look at this that estrogen when given to men have higher rates of cancer and that it’s thought that,
the estrogen somehow putting this artificial estrogen in male bodies increases the rate to develop tumors and get cancer.
So if you’re being told that the chemicals and drugs they’re using on people are safe that is a complete and utter lie.
I would probably call this stat 4.5 I’m your often told that the drug and the surgeries are reversible not permanent that is not the case on fortunately both often are permanent and even you know you can.
It was a private show if you’re a man that transitions to woman they basically fillet your your genitalia Down Under.
And leave it as a wound and you work at as a wound will forever but particular the first couple year couple years.

[22:45] And that does some real damage and you think they could just turn it back to normal now,
that’s not as easy as that in fact the first transgender person ever that went through a surgery was exactly this situation and I’ll tell about him in a bit because the origins of where transgender comes from are so important.

[23:06] Yes this is not reversible it’s a lie they want you to believe that if your kid has this and the doctor says the services you have to go through with this and don’t worry it’s not permanent you can stop if you want there won’t be any lasting damage,
not true that are long lasting,
a term effects while higher has talked about often the health problems he goes through you know osteoporosis I already mentioned where your bones are super brittle,
muscle spasms and weakness and pain you know you don’t you don’t want drugs to be giving you pains like I’m having to you.
I know you do not and basically if you start to go down the road for it with these treatments it’s
100% guarantee that the kids will want to continue with the transition here it is it says another words only 5 to 10% as children remain dysphoria,
and go on to request for the treatments but a major study of dysphoric children,
who were administered puberty blockers found at 100% went on to request cross-sex hormones.
So fat number five so where did all this,
transgender stuff come from well it came from a man and he called himself a doctor but he really wasn’t his name was Doctor money,
a doctor money was a fruitcake and a half he was a complete and utter Nutter he eventually was kicked out of a John Hopkins where he worked because he was found to disregard of their doctors he was abusing his patients.

[24:33] But he is the one that that pioneered this this philosophy that we can just switch genders if we want to with chemicals and drugs okay so I’m going to read a little hard because the way my phone is facing me but you forgot.
This is from wildfires article on the subject of mr. money and transition,
is that sex changes have been on sound since their Inception from the start the effectiveness of treating transgender people by firming,
they are non biological identity was based on falsified evidence,
dr. Harry Benjamin will be known as the founder of transsexualism but the real Madness we see today reflects the legacy of dr. John money a psychologist
during this time at John Hopkins University Hospital in the sixties in the 1970s
moneywatch the tragic trajectory of surgical transgender suicides and regrettable outcomes.

[25:29] Money made a name for himself with research on set of twin boys
one of them had his penis ruined in a boxed circumcision when the boy’s distressed parents contacted doctor money for help
isan opportunity to conduct research on the cultural versus biological determinants of gender money recommended that doctors remove the remnants of David’s injured genitalia and his parents raised him as a girl
they followed monies advice and at the age of 2 David Rainer became Brenda.

[26:00] Over the years money met with Reynard the Rainer Twins and wrote articles touting the success of his gender experiment and how well Brenda was adapting his results fuel the acceptance of gender reassignment in the medical community,
the problem was money fabricate the results,
the truth didn’t come out until the twins until the Twins were in their 30s David have been suffering for most of his life from severe depression followed by Financial instability and a troubled marriage.
Money withheld information the medical community and public need to know about gender reassignment and replaced it with wise.
David Rainer and his twin broke their silence the exposed money as a fraud and a pedophile,
they told him I had taken photos of them together naked and sexual poses when they’re only seven years of age.
Money did not stop with snapping photos the twins describe sexual abuse a money force them to engage in incest you a sex play with each other while he watched.
The twins outcome was Grimm David died of suicide age 38 and his brother died a few years later of a drug overdose this Foundation of gender reassignment surgery was based on fraudulent,
fabricated research and this form of treatment all too frequently ends in suicide or suicide attempts.

[27:14] Wow that’s tough is dark as heck that is.
Some heavy stuff I’m sorry I had to share that but it’s important you know where all this stuff came from what was the origin of it,
it really is and isn’t really as important to know the foundation philosophies and who created the floss be where it came from where the ideas were originated and who with,
Arc home with I should say yeah that’s that’s crazy and there are a lot of stories not too dissimilar from the money thing not that we say that every doctor that does transgender surgery.
And work is a pedophile that’s not true that but what is true is that these people are often pushed into things they don’t want to do,
I have loads and loads of story I don’t have enough time but then we’re basically of doctors,
that wanted to kind of push them into it like this one I had a doctor doctor Daniel do you get a third basically used a bunch of.
A bunch of trans people experiment on gain experience about being properly trained I was denied by him for.

[28:19] How do you even say that work yet it. It’s called the removal of the testicles and coerced into having SRX which is sex reassignment surgery by my GP which is general practitioner.
Who is stressing that I needed to be castrated ASAP I previously told my therapist drop my letters of approval I never wanted surgery I feel like I was very much portions transitioning as an answer to my mental health problems that were ignored by my gender therapist,
there’s one other article I would like to know if you’re interested in reading about this I recommend this one by Jamie Shupe very interesting it’s called I became transgender in the military that’s how I know people shouldn’t you can find it at the federalist.com,
amazing story he talks about his own experience transitioning and then turning back.
And if she did this while he was in the military and serving as active member the military he has this little stat in here that I didn’t see too many places where else but is really I think it’s important so.

[29:17] When Caitlyn Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner it was Bruce Lee Caitlin right.
Everyone wanted to see how beautiful Katelyn was right well there’s is underlying idea for transitioning that if you really transition the right way you need to be as beautiful as that native,
in your purse that’s of that native sex so if your man transition woman you need to be as good looking as a normal woman what I mean we have the transgender
model at Miss Universe that is far by far that is super rare because as Jamie points on his peace I’ll jump down here with the sub handline spending taxpayer money ruining people’s life,
the pentagon’s panel of experts missed a study pointing out that only 21% of transgender people,
ever actually achieve an appearance that convinces others the person is really a member of the opposite sex so what that means is.

[30:08] Most people that are you transgender if it’s at all post-pubescent the never really end up looking like a believable female or believable male.

[30:19] And I know that that’s can I see no I despite everything else I’ve said about the dangers of Lobby surgeries dangers of these chemicals
this fact should be put in your mind to Total it’s a complete lie you can switch someone’s gender even just at least even if you can’t physically me no one change their chromosomes at least we can make them look like the other one but that’s not even true either I mean
it’s it’s ridiculous ridiculous notion of ridiculous lie so here that you think so.
You can either one allow a children to take chemical and drugs you know when they’re young to prevent puberty.
Even sometimes indefinitely and allowed to have the surgery.
Or you wait till they’re an adult to see if they grow out of it but you’ll never look as if they were natively that gender.

[31:10] So what does this mean if your apparent well if your apparent this is why I’ve got to say with all stats with all the dangers with all the the known blank research and bunk science behind this,
there is no way in hell that you should allow a loved one or a child go through the transition okay no way in hell should you allow someone to do that.
If given if it’s a friend I think you need to do a little pushback now the happy warrior wants to kill people and bring people back together conservative liberal Progressive left and constitutional right.
This is one of those few issues where you might do have to be a little harder than normal this is the happy warrior but it’s hard to be a happy Warren this so here’s the happy warrior chip to dealing with someone in this does affect me I have a family friend.
Data is decide to transition I also have known some people that have transitions are friends of my sister this is how I approach it number one I am a Christian and I would tell anyone even listen to Christian,
try to treat others as you would betray the Golden Rule try to be kind try to be fair and compassionate and lead with that first.

[32:23] But don’t give in to the fantasy okay I would say it’s okay if they want to use a new name fine but I wouldn’t necessarily use the pronoun and if they want you to support them and give them a clap on the back for this do not do it,
do not go for if it is your kid you will be held responsible if you allow your kid to go through this,
you will be held responsible the next life I completely 100% believe is transgenderism.
For children is evil it is child abuse in the fact that we tolerate at all in our society is a travesty and a Condom Nation on each and every one of us.

[33:02] I love children I cannot imagine a long a child to to Justin by all this abuse all this these mental health problems.
All the problems that you will have later on in life physically and mentally.

[33:17] Used to be when people have this thing today instead of trying to fix the body they would try to fix the mind,
it is a mental illness in the day even if you can’t classify as a mental illness most people are transgender have other mental illnesses.

[33:33] Now they got some chronic depression they got you know different kind of psychoses.
Got problems but because it’s so politically correct we can no longer say that gender dysphoria is a problem.
This isn’t the same as homosexuality by the way guys my sexuality works fine for a living letlive okay we can do The Libertine Society with homosexuality.
Transgenderism doesn’t allow that and that’s why we have so many stories about I have a story about a teacher.
This is the last week and even my route to send all this is an extreme example this would never happen or listen to this story the guy’s name is Lamar he is a teacher,
. sorry it’s not marked Peter Fleming Peter Fleming is a former French teacher at West Point High School,
he told his superiors is what you call a student by the preferred name refused to call them by their ideal pronouns because I contradict his Christian faith,
it was then fired fired filing the school’s non-discrimination policies he was on Tucker Carlson I’m going to play some of that here now.
Collectibles very much for coming on Sofia The First.
Was there something untoward that you said to this.

[34:52] All of my students.
And I did everything I could to accommodate the students new identity.
I used the new name the new name I avoided feminine pronouns.
Male pronouns where Bridge Too Far.
She never attacked us to dinner said you know I disagree with what you’re doing or or made the student belittle the sooner like that.
It’s not my place is our public school teacher tell you to give my view on that subject.

[35:35] Here’s the last thought on this.

[35:38] There is a reason why those there and favorite transitioning will not allow any wiggle room whatsoever on this issue they want not only you to show kindness and compassion they want you to give the full support 110%,
you wanting them to practically worship them at their feet and tell them how wonderful it is there truly becoming the real you.

[35:58] The reason why they have to do that is because of any of these facts that I shared with you in the last half-hour come out.
They’re they’re Walla cards they’re stack of cards just comes crumbling down because if parents know,
this will lead to worse outcomes for their kids if people know that this does damaged people and it isn’t as irreversible and it’s harmless as they’re being told if they find out that there will be a lasting impact on our society because of this.
It breaks and it doesn’t work and this is true for you guys.
With the facts on your side you will win this argument okay and even if it ends up in a blow-up fight where they yell at you and tell you what a bigot you are.
You did your part okay I don’t I died I am next on this there’s a lot of shoes where I would like to just be kind and leave it at that.

[36:50] No way you know I’ll just you know what grade to disagree the old Bush family way you know I got a couple episodes talk about how wonderful HW was
Bush mode works for most things it does not work for this guy’s please do not just go easy on this don’t just let it go and pass you by,
I know this controversial we live in a time where they say this is normal back in the day with the days of Abraham this is Sodom and Gomorrah was normal right now the Angels Coming to Town the road like we’re going to hang out with the with this family and the people come out like cake,
hey I saw those that sells Angels coming how do you send those angels I want peace those angels you know for.
That purpose is and what it what is this Asus no no take my daughters instead.

[37:33] Taking his daughters the selling up the daughters for terrible things was was.
In his mind is a better thing than having the Lord’s angels have to suffer those terrible indignities and evils and what did they say to that lease it no way man no way we want the angels.
Messed up stuff messed up stuff,
we have got to stop this because you think this is going to become maybe the pendulum will swing back but you won’t swing back on its own unless we push it back
because it will things like this was just become more and more accepted today you know transgender will be okay but who knows where we’ll end up tomorrow
slippery slope doesn’t apply to everything but it does at times apply.
And it will pull us down with it do not give it an inch you not give it a second of support or your time.

[38:24] Don’t let your children become involved in this do not allow this become a passive Acceptance in our society it makes people worse it leads to suicides at least a terrible damage at least a broken family.
Do not do it.
Play peggy-o I beg you on my knees I beg you if you hear this I beg you please do not let this evil fester and grow.

[38:49] Music.

[39:29] That was some heavy stuff I mean wow this supposed to be too happy we’re not the despondent Warrior sometimes I feel inspired to do segments,
and I just have to go with inspiration takes me and this time it was a heavy thing but it’s so crazy we live in a society today that tolerates this garbage just,
unbelievable unbelievable okay so where we can use this cool little bump for a bill if you like what you heard
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give you a review as the same alright well thank you so much for listening we’re going to move on some heavy stuff or not as heavy stuff randomly wants some light light as a feather just fun stuff just fun stuff here on out fun fun fun.
All right this this is been the happy we’re podcast with your host happy warrior Pete thank you so much for listening.

[41:41] Music.

[42:40] Put some fun
spawn stupid stories that I know of you love this bees are kind of like the frosting of news stories you know where that last one was the bread in the cake it was the somewhat nutritious you know it’s got legs Pica’s eggs,
milk cake is milk,
Bill Cosby skit sad so sad about Neil you can’t really use much of The Cosby humor anymore cuz the he’s a sicko anyhow hear some fun stories the first one from NBC News.

[43:15] Deer poacher sentenced to watch Bambi every month during the year in Missouri jail yes that that Bambi the one with supper.
I’m at the pump that that one and the skunk isn’t it was a flower,
flower an awful awful awful movie I’ve always hated Bambi even when I was a little young and.
Always hated Bambi pointless movie ecological disaster propaganda movie practically there it’s a beautifully animated I mean the story behind how Walt Disney animators to animate,
animals in such a fashion and make him so lifelike he brought in Deer he brought in actual animals from the zoo we pay for and they brought them into the room where they do the drawing
and sketching and you would have them do that over and over and over again so they would get the movement,
are the animals in a shape just right I mean amazing stuff in out to this guy is a poacher he’s a nasty person he was killing animals,
hundreds of deer illegally killed so the judge decided that this is awesome.

[44:24] The judge decided that this kid need to punish they said sometimes he would simply call fathead other kills and leave the rest of the deer carcasses to rot.
He pleaded guilty is Amesbury very pleaded guilty to take him while I file a claim with sentence earlier this month to year in Lawrence County Jail.
The County Judge Robert E green also ordered that while he sits in jail he repeatedly watch A clastic a classic 1942 animated movie about a baby deer named Bambi
whose mother is shot and killed by hunters he says quote at least one time per month the defendant is to view the Walt Disney movie Bambi with the first viewing being on or before December 23rd
2018 the list search viewing each month thereafter during the defendant incarceration in the Lawrence County Jail.

[45:14] His lawyer said that sentence was bizarre and that there was no hit that Bambi punishment was coming during the sentence hearing,
he says she said everybody in court fell silent and Ice fell down to floor it was pretty shocking but like so embarrassed to be here right now.
Oh my gosh
isn’t that bizarre was it cruel and unusual punishment is cruel and unusual punishment I don’t know maybe unusual,
definitely not cruel if it’s only once a month I mean if it was like like a you know where we put like jihadis and they play like loud rock music or like heavy metal screamo stuff I hate just leave it on repeat for days and days.
Maybe that we could see that’s cruel punishment for this this really isn’t just kind of funny is a funny story I I put that to you my listeners that is a funny funny story I like that judge by the wife very creative okay so here’s another one.

[46:14] The Second Amendment you may not have known this guarantees your right to own a firearm but did you know we also guarantees you the right to own nunchucks.
I didn’t know I learned this yesterday so at the end New York it wasn’t legal to have nunchucks,
okay it’s became out of people being inspired by Bruce Lee,
I just yesterday a federal judge concluded yesterday the Second Amendment does not limit the right to bear arms just Firearms judge Pamela Chen struck down in Empire State ban on Nunchucks of the ruling guys considered nuance.
And it goes back to basically the Bruce Lee movies in 1974,
New York State Side a band nunchucks because they were enticing tools of violence among hooligan children and Street criminals cuz they’re supposed to it on TV,
I love Sea Isle of Umi band thinks it’s so great because you can band the craziest nutty stuff and at the time I make perfect sense.
Now or what you been nunchucks to strict sticks on a string.
Just ridiculous. I think the Judge Chen made the right call their EX.

[47:32] Just freaking ridiculous next funny story to eat or not to eat decorative products on foods can be unsafe yes the FDA the same organization that really know that was Centers for Disease Control,
what and what how you can and cannot dress your chicken there rules on the costumes Crown Chicken.
Deuces give me a piece of that action and they said don’t we’re not to be left alone so we’re going to tell people you can’t eat sprinkles,
they say they’re edible sprinkles they’re not edible sprinkles to know that there was edible or not edible,
I had no idea I thought you could eat the time on the cake you can eat the kind of Hobby Lobby and it would be the same.

[48:15] That’s amazing tell me more yes you need to first talk to your Baker.
I has a note to commercial when in doubt as to see the labels of decorative products I’m sure they are edible,
be informed about the gift the glitter and dust products still sold on internet ask the seller to provide a green information from manufacturer before you buy.
There you go there you go now you know about what sprinkles you could feed your chicken in the costume okay,
got your chicken some be like people like well done chicken I’m going to give you some of this delicious corn cake.
I have to double-check though chicken. To find out.
How many just eat the cake is too late the sprinkles on work work real and he dies.
I was the end of costume chicken I’ve net the costume chicken.
Okay last one of my stupid stories for this you know the term Witch Hunt which is a pretty good store to use I think it’s excellent form.

[49:28] There we go all the Cavanaugh hootenanny,
would just perfectly apply to this when you a mean I mean remember we actually had witches performing hunts of their own when they would have spells they cast spells on Trump and whoever else they didn’t like it the time
ridiculous stuff
there are offended see in this day and age everyone gets to be offended about everything and the witches are like,
don’t leave us out man okay we want we want so this from The Daily Beast headline which is to Trump stop calling the Mueller investigation a Witch Hunt.
The which Community is tired of the president invoking the worst moment in their history to serve his political needs and they kind of like in this to the Holocaust for Jews but it just one in the United States that okay the witch hunts United States,
did Europe yes you can make me argue at the time this was comparable United States the witch-hunts never got that big you could look up stuff on the witch hunts in England and Europe the main levels
but you know the big one in the US so we can point to the Salem Witch Trials anyhow it’s a useful device to talk about hysteria and when we all get out the Torches and you know what McCarthyism is often looked at as a Witch Hunt kind of deal
just it’s just ridiculous that there.

[50:48] Oh my gosh it’s so bad like this Parts is actual witch-hunts have left what witchcraft author Katie Katie Randall we use of the name Amber K in the Witching world cause a traumatic emotional imprint on modern day witches.
To have and compare his situation to the worst. In our history is just infuriated.
There you go there you go,
someone else says this is from a Salsbury not to be confused with the steak it says monster seeking compassion and justice.
The White House did not respond to a request for comment why would they.

[51:34] Faced with a barrage of which Witch Hunt slurs some which is a chosen to raise the steaks.
Literally resorting to spell casting a group of witches organized in the internet cast a monthly binding spell on Trump while another group attempted to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
There we go there we go.

[51:56] Oh my gosh mad about something now that includes the witches don’t leave them out.
Don’t leave out the witches they get a remind to don’t mean about next the Flying Spaghetti Monster people,
the spaghettiman I don’t know what they call themselves they’re going to be mad about something we we have a commercial on Olive Gardens are like it’s just I just.
Does it’s crazy and ridiculous.
But you know what is ridiculous and what I used to think this was totally ridiculous and I apologize I think it was my first solo episode I went after 8
that’s what the cool kids color but to the rest of us Alexandria ocasio-cortez,
socialist and newly-elected Democrat New York representative,
I used to think she was ridiculous in the idiot she has a master’s in economics and politics from Boston University that’s a top university in the country.
And I thought we could Boston University give such an airhead,
give such an airhead or degree I have completely reversed I’ve gone 180 on this.
I no longer believe Alexandria ocasio-cortez to be the dumbest politician America to be you know this this clueless woman that wall go to campaign was just,
knew nothing about anything.

[53:22] I take it all back I take it back 100% I apologize to AOC and I miss my heartfelt apology you are actually part you might be the best best is in the politics,
politician in the United States of America you maybe the the Trump,
on the left and what do I say that you know is I’ve been studying a couple books one of them is addiction. Ridge by Glenn Beck excellent book another book I read was suicide of the West,
red Righteous Mind I always kind of books tap into this idea of kind of how we got into this addiction outrage machine we now have in our society,
that’s kind of how we got Trump trump knew how to play the addiction outrage machine he played it well it worked and it got him in.

[54:08] She knows how to do the exact same thing that we see really dumb stories I see these things like she threatens to retaliate against Trump jr. over meme Twitter explosive accusations of Ethics violations and what happened was Trump jr. just spread this meme.
That makes fun of her and it’s actually pretty funny meme I enjoyed it alot,
why are you so afraid of a socialist economy as a picture of her,
and it blows a picture of trump because Americans wanted walk their dogs not eat them.
Just her response was I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me when whether the investigation heats up.

[55:00] Whenever the Mueller investigation heats up please keep it comin Junior it’s definitely a very very large Brain idea to troll member of a body that will have subpoena power in the month have fun.
Now that is what caught my mind at first I was a little frustrated because she was playing kind of loose with the idea of using the a grand jury indictment powers.
Which by the way I remember it so you can indict a ham sandwich that’s the old quote about pink and purple,
people snow putting people into a grand jury indictment fortunately she can’t just do this on her own,
so I don’t think Trump jr. will see anything but you know we have the stuff of Trump trump very well could be I guarantee that they will try to go for impeachment and we might get him in the office,
and I think we could be even seen that 20/20 election is on the main issue of keeping the president.
Out of prison that would be the Republicans and the Democrats be getting putting President Trump in the prison.
Which is kind of scary stuff I am a little worried about that.

[56:05] She says and does these things on purpose knowing they will provoke a reaction okay she’s like the thought of the five year old girl that likes to poke her brother so he he yells and screams at her she is that thing she’s the best at it,
she knows how to weird of lines are and how to push,
she’s an excellent campaign or she kicked a longtime Democrat that was pretty well-loved in the Democrat Party.
And she took his spot I mean she is smart.
I will like to say she’s such a moron but she isn’t she understands the culture right now better than anyone you know when she won her first week in Washington DC she can’t did Instagram she’s a little Facebook watch videos.
Controlled experiment people that vote her they really do like her they’re really interested in what she’s selling.
I mean she’s so smart that mean there was she was at a Hanukkah event for social justice Dino Dino really.
And she said after lighting Chanukah candles in the event hosted by left-wing Jewish group in her home borough of Queens ocasio-cortez surprised the crap I seen that members of her family were descendants of Jews were forced to convert.

[57:16] Please pink now is that provable or not it is it really isn’t provable okay maybe it happened maybe it didn’t but it’s not provable.
And she basically put her in the made herself Jewish eat used a guinea politics in that instant to try to make the audience and people who are Jewish and there’s a large population Jewish people New York.
Chill out like her and she just really good that’s Now isn’t dishonest if it isn’t true yeah it’s really dishonest.
But me she’s so good at some of these things like she says she makes bow is here to the next part.

[57:52] Not only does she know about what outrageous things to say to provoke a reaction she knows what lies work and what lies do not work.

[58:02] And this is kind of a scary thing and it’s our own damn fault that we fall to it because we’re so uneducated and we’re so ignorant of what’s going on in the country we don’t know basic facts about policy issues we really don’t,
are the vast majority of us don’t think she went around for it this is my exam
she says 21 trillion of Pentagon Financial transactions could not be traced document or explain.
21 trillion Pentagon accounting Harris medicare-for-all cost 3 to trillion,
66% of Medicare for all could have been funded by the Pentagon and that’s before our premiums that was a tweet from her you get what she saying she says well we spend 21 at the Pentagon,
medicare’s offer if we didn’t spend money on the military we could have Medicare for all.

[58:52] This is completely bombed even the Washington Post and PolitiFact how to debunked the claim and give it a strong you know like a strong like this is a super Pinocchio like the nose like pokes out for a newspaper you can touch it,
this ridiculous between 1 trillion is just the total value of adjustments made of Pentagon Financial records there were years that cannot be traced but this is nowhere near the same as 21 trillion spending.
It’s just the moving of data it doesn’t recognize not saying that there’s 21 trillion that’s just missing or that we spent I mean we washed your post and they do not give those four pinocchios to people on the easy.

[59:37] But she can do it because she knows that people don’t know anything about policy and build math seems simple enough and they’ll just go with it will just go with it and it it’s a little bit scary the medicare-for-all thing is one she frequently goes with.
Is sheep spot just the facts on purpose,
now she says that you know better for all three trillion is a low number through 2 trillion over 10 years is a Lolo number
it is going to be much more than that and why the lies they say is we spend all this money anyways on ourselves put spinning on ourselves and you having the government spends two different things I mean the government because of,
not a lot of things the government is involved with things like Medicare Medicaid,
basically allows certain groups hospitals to set the prices for medical practices and it’s this kind of raise the price over all because of concentrates powers and CERN hands and they get to decide what things cost.

[1:00:35] Having the government control all of our Healthcare would be worse we talked about the VA VA sucks at their job,
that’s government Healthcare you talk about medical system I can’t think of the right word right now but for the Native Americans here in South Dakota at like Pine Ridge Rosebud
they are terrible at your job that Argus Leader which is our local paper just did the this long expose about how truly awful there again
government Healthcare in the UK
where is he know they have failing Services 9f people to do them for months and months sometimes years for specialist.
Insane that’s government-run Healthcare.
Because Central controllers suck at their job okay it doesn’t matter how smart they are they don’t know that what’s going on in the ground for each individual person each individual family and each individual patient dr. relationship.
They’re just not as good at it,
I hadn’t decided it’s going to cost us the only 32 trillion now it’s going to cost way more than that we’re more.
But it’s in this is why it’s dangerous because.
She solves these wise about socialist policies she makes them sound like they’re real is she gives just enough little bit of Truth makes it sound plausible,
and you fall for it right.

[1:02:03] And that’s I mean she’s it’s frustrating a somewhat so what are some of the other things that Cortes is done that I don’t get.
Here’s another thing she’s smart about so when she came in there she first supported the protesters that went against the laws in this was genius politicking okay this is how you make yourself valued to the leadership,
you go in there you’re against them you kind of make yourself look like you’re kind of up in the ranks of not supporting Pelosi or the dissidents.
You then went after doing that for about a week you switch and you support Pelosi and your support Pelosi with the caveat that flows he’s going to end the leadership were going to give you some more power.
You now so just come out and support for post the beginning you have now successfully maneuvered yourself a promotion.
I need this is just genius. This is really smart politicking I’m not saying it’s good for the country.
Okay but it’s smart if you’re a politician you want to have success as a politician okay.
Cortez you know like for example the green New Deal something she’s pushing on heavily.

[1:03:08] Really a dangerous idea I mean a new new new deal is as old as the New Deal in the New Deal was going on they were talking about a new new deal so I agreed new deal it’s not a new idea.
But again she pushes these fudgy numbers in These Foolish loose facts.

[1:03:28] And she convinces people that that’s what’s going on now here’s an interesting thing Michael Knowles is kind of a cool guy.

[1:03:36] I like these listen to our podcast actually are at least what he said he would I don’t know if you did I hope you did Michael if you’re listening now thank you.
And he talked about your this about or what what when was this December 11th really cool clip he says.
I used to think or care or causal protest was an airhead I take it all back I take it all back.

[1:03:59] She success Express herself.
She’s a fundraiser now for the party she’s even been a threat to Nancy Pelosi whatever firstax going to Congress was to go protest in Nancy Pelosi’s office she’s a shrewd politician and we’re all laughing at her we should underestimate this woman,
he is correct Tucker Carlson also came out now this was the same interview that he criticized President Trump is on December 6th.

[1:04:28] He said that the future is ocasio-cortez he doesn’t say that like,
what cause your court is like we’re all AirHeads we don’t know any better know it’s politicians like ocasio-cortez,
Alexander Acosta Cortez in a socialist group is probably a hundred years ago Americans last saw a socialist movement of some substance emerging.

[1:04:49] He says yes you’re absolutely right that’s the future.

[1:04:56] He’s blaming he says the capitalism is kind of the it’s a revolution and now we don’t have any people that are being standing up for the people being crushed by in a free of Destruction unfortunately does destruct and some people do get left behind and hurt by it.
Those are the people who his arguments those are the ones that go with a cousin protest but I don’t really know better.
That one idea was some that believe that there is a perfect politics that will have no negative consequences.

[1:05:29] They just buy into it she’s I mean she’s so so smart I take it back okay,
I take it back this is my argument is not an airhead ocasio-cortez is a genius she is my future she’s not going away I’ll Republicans ignore her at your peril.
I move on why this is important so I want to be Williams who is a fantastic professor of Economics at George Mason University of mazing writer just all-around great.
A thinking man’s conservative I love him he has this wonderful article is called Target,
our ignorance of socialism is dangerous he says a recent victim of recent victims of Communism Memorial Foundation survey,
51% of American Millennials would rather live in a socialist or communist country then in a capitalist country only 42%,
it’s our only 42% prefer the latter so 51% Millennials want to live in socialist or communist countries instead then all capitalist countries is 25% of Millennials know what Amir Lennon was,
view him favorably that is insane by that’s like saying Hitler’s awesome when it was the first premier of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,
half of Millennials have never heard of communist Mao Zedong rule China from 1949 to 59 and was responsible for the deaths of at least 45 million Chinese people.

[1:06:58] The number of people who died at the hands of Joseph Stalin may be as high as sixty to mail and however wondering Millennials think former President George W bush is responsible for more killings and stalling.
Isis Adolf Hitler head of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party was responsible for the deaths 20 million Nazis come in as a poor third in terms of history’s most prolific Mass murderers.
Call me Professor Rudolph Ramos research the 20th century Mankind’s most brutal Century saw 262 million people’s lives destroyed at the hands of their own governments.
That that this back to me that is evil fruit of Marxism.
Socialism communism with very little difference actually in the end scheme of things kill,
262 million of their own people 262 million.

[1:07:51] 262 million people died due to the acts of their own governments a millennial pink.

[1:08:02] Millennials are like give me a piece of that they have no idea they have no idea.
What what what Marxist things are they have no idea.
You know the stuff that mouth did in 10 years you know they killed in.
True that people are trying alone is responsible for over a hundred million deaths part of it is due to incompetence part of its social engineering a part of it’s just you know,
your politics is Galore and any of these socialist and communist Nations atrocities Galore.

[1:08:45] You know it doesn’t matter if it’s Venezuela the USSR China is Cuba.

[1:08:50] All of them are nasty but you know what thing they never do they always point to Sweden and then this is a unfair tactic they do because it’s a Well Venezuela isn’t true
communism Venezuela isn’t true socialism the look at Sweden and that’s that’s bogus one because Sweden’s actually capitalist country with welfare programs there in,
it’s not a wholesale.
Social company in fact is early the 1990s least a try to move back government regulations allow more Catalyst and back in,
so that is not true I mean s a nation School vouchers got free trade open immigration light business regulation and no minimum wage lost that sounds really really socialist.

[1:09:38] America has a fascination with socialism going back over a hundred years.

[1:09:44] I mean dangerous stuff this is why Cortez matters because.
Because we are idiots she can take advantage of that and she can lead us to places where we should never go.

[1:09:58] Our kids don’t know that 262 million people died due to Communism the people that know what the Holocaust was is not growing.

[1:10:07] It’s declining and that alone it is terrifying.
And you know the old the old syllogism whatever those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

[1:10:22] That applies here I don’t know I think America has become a socialist Nation overnight and kill all the people no no.
By the in efficiencies of the Socialist Communist governments alone the end up killing tons of people Venezuela people are starving to death not because Venezuela say hey,
I’m going to start my people to death I want to eat all our zoo animals eat all the pets the cats and the dogs and the birds and fish all the trees trees where we just want to,
just traveled on it everything that we normally don’t Chow Down on Venezuela did not say that,
baby did social policies they thought would work they thought well if we taxed the
the grocery stores and force them to sell things at a low price that will work well what he happens then you find you run out of rations you will run out diapers and you run out of food
I do know if you have a super high wages you know people can’t pay for them the business closes people lose their jobs people go hungry.

[1:11:20] Okay this with mau mau had this crazy idea that everyone should have their own little Refinery and make their own iron.
That they should make their own steel and iron and everyone had to do this and they sucked the metal was almost completely useless.
They sucked at it and it was policies like this that led to mass starvation s awesome x o it is intended in the case of the USSR I talked about, like four or five episodes ago about the holiday more.
We’re at the USSR purposely starved millions and millions of ukrainians to death in the course of like 2 years.

[1:12:00] Socialism and communism is evil evil is evil is evil TiVo TiVo
and the more you invite stupidity the more you invite people like Cortez to take advantage of us I believe Cortez does believe in Progressive ideas like socialism I don’t think she’s just playing around pretending to like it.
Four political points are at least I need to be nice if she didn’t believe in it but I don’t know that she’s leading Us in this direction she is feeding that fire four state solutions to our problems.

[1:12:35] It does it does scare me I am kind of worried about our country I’m worried about where we’re going.

[1:12:43] You know I really wants to learn her lessons now.

[1:12:47] Here is the Ray of Hope here’s my ray of sunshine Hope on the issue of socialism and politicians leaving us there.
When they actually delve deeper into the when they do the surveys with Millennials that like socials and they delve deeper usually they find you some Aaliyah doesn’t really know what socialism is I think it’s social media that’s so embarrassing,
they also find that when they say well you think government should mandate this and that and they often will say no.

[1:13:17] Okay like do you think mandate should set the wages for everyone or do you think mandate should should be in control of how Healthcare they ought to know you’ll find more push back.

[1:13:27] I saw there is a ray of sunshine it’s that but you know we is cuz of her ignorant people don’t really know what those words mean.

[1:13:35] What these policies mean what’s their history in our in our nation in the world.

[1:13:42] So there is helping out if we become more informed maybe we could turn this around and and I’m hoping that this generation is after Millennials and even hopefully the millennial generation.
Now we need to get some Hollywood movies and some TV series about these things I mean we really need to educate our kids we have failed at this educating of kids we’ve lost generation and,
terms of a.

[1:14:04] Music.

[1:14:31] Hey here we are bumper number 204 bumper number to you know it’s Christmas time you know you need to get a gift maybe you have a family or friend that has a business of Their Own,
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[1:16:01] Music.

[1:16:43] And I am loving the bumper music today that is excellent stuff,
and it’s all royalty free music so YouTube won’t have a hissy fit for me using it won’t hopefully he was crossing the fingers,
so here will do some fun stories this is kind of just a various sundry of news these are just kind of things are as in particular any organization to it just kind of interesting I’d like to linger in your mind,
I’m off for second let them marinate let them ruminate for apps will get back to them in the future okay so the first one is it’s hilarious in Chicago the rest it’s now have to pay city taxes for using PlayStation.
That ended Sadducees Chicago this is from the daily wire known far and wide is the murder capital of America,
with one that really seems outrageous and amusement tax and now taxes PlayStation users from the foundation for economic education.
It was a mutual tax it was added to put a 5% activities such as evening at the Theatre concerts sports event or a movie.
In the menu May November this year PlayStation 4 users in Chicago received a message from Sony into Canada as of November 14th,
a 9% Amusement tax would be imposed for Playstation subscription so she’s PlayStation Now PlayStation Plus PlayStation music.

[1:18:07] In this tax is specifically related to streaming services so the games themselves are not subjected to tax but it needs subscription heavy State know stuff is
so your Netflix your Hulu Okay and this is a tax they have to pay that,
which stinks that would stink it’s not just Sony that has to pay this I mean it’s a Xbox user as its intendo users and now if you have any subscription you have a subscription with World of Warcraft,
you got an apple music you have to pay this tax if you live in Chicago,
that’s that sucks man that sucks right now I don’t have any subscription games outside maybe I’d be okay well now we pay for Netflix with play for.
I’m I’m sister pays for Hulu have Amazon and vidangel should I be one two three four four things with the tax.

[1:18:55] Glad I don’t live in the glad I do not live in Chicago know what’s interesting this tax will hurt the poor more than then probably others because
it needs me know they need the money more and the subscription Services cut cord cutters are often the poorest Among Us I don’t have data to back this up this is just,
you shooting the fly was just what I think and I think that they’re the ones now to have a harder time paying for entertainment.
Which sucks that’s not cool that’s not cool at all.
Next door is pretty sad though it suffered lifesitenews basically the article I just read the headline for medical expert confirms unborn children feel excruciating pain during abortions.

[1:19:38] Yeah and they talked to a doctor that goes over. These pair of you,
studies and research they’re backing up her claims the quote from her was to the Salt Lake Tribune in Salt Lake City explained to the Tribune the neural circuitry
underline the most basic response to pain is in place by 8 weeks is entirely uncontested in the scientific and medical literature that a fetus experiences pain in some capacity from his early,
8 weeks.

[1:20:08] Scary stuff scary stuff people on the left very nervous because if we pass legislation saying okay.
Because they feel pain you can’t kill them past eight weeks are at weeks you can’t do it no course they’re fighting against it because we have to have abortion complete and total,
messed messed up okay are they just saying this is politically convenient science is wrong and Dashie point out this is
common belief in medical literature this is a common believe I did not know that it was soon as 8 weeks they feel pain that that’s some sad stuff now your goes along with this,
what goes right along with this yeah the international and international group of doctors
release new guidelines on when it’s okay to starve a patient to death this is referred to as passive euthanasia so there’s active euthanasia and passive euthanasia active euthanasia is not since you put them in the in the shower
passive is you let them starve to death okay you take a person you take them up in machines and even if they can breathe on your own you just don’t feed them you don’t give them water you let them starve to death that’s passive euthanasia,
and this is from a journal for the Royal College of Physicians that’s back in Jolly Old England.

[1:21:22] Endorsed by the General Medical Council and reverse the withdrawal clinically assisted nutrition hydration from brain-damaged patients.
It it’s it’s scary scary stuff how is that more moral by the way than just killing someone out right I don’t understand that that seems cruel and unusual punishment
but yeah they’re the Porsche on euthanasia and I talked about this before that euthanasia has a bit of a slippery slope could become more tolerable to more and more things that would be outrageous.
Week except just a little bit more euthanasia in the next guy that comes out me except just a little bit more okay just a little bit more.

[1:22:05] It it’s messed up I am completely against this 110,000 percent they said in this that this puts people who are disabled at risk you know because if you have relatives are making this decision for you and then you’re not able to communicate.

[1:22:19] The doctor this is a hair thing I’ll read this from Doctor McCarthy the spuc.

[1:22:26] It says wearing ladies guidelines these guidelines admit admonish doctors not to let their own positive views on the value of life to have any effect on determining what is in their patients best interest,
patients who are made of an informal comments geralt is about not wanting to live and be a burden in some future events are now at risk of having their lies deliberately ended by the withdrawal of basic care.
A patient who may not be suffering in any way but who may be simply disabled and unable to communicate and have his life deliberately ended in the assumption that he would not have wanted his family to suffer.
Life with a disability is increasingly treated as not having an intrinsic value deserving respect that something to cherish only if the patient currently sees it as valuable or pubis believed it would be valuable.
That is scary stuff so if I offhand comment so you know my life is so hard I’m not sure if I can keep going on.
But you clear it in your what I see that there’s a little wiggle room so they say well Peter didn’t want to go on he said
your listeners recording from this podcast what’s going on,
their stories of this and people come out of Comas you don’t have miraculous changes and they can talk about what it was like when they couldn’t move their bodies and but they were still,
with it. By the way is a horror show that is I can’t imagine hardly anything worse than that.

[1:23:49] What time will have to see if I will look and I’ll look it up in a future episode,
but it’s this kid that had that problem and was in a full-time care facility and talked about how he was abused and how he’s come out of the coma and has a life and his wife and forgiving the people that.
Tortured him just amazing stuff but yeah I am very much against to passive euthanasia that is just,
horrific horrific it’s amazing now in today’s society what we accept as normal that yesterday we would never never accept it alright it’s official in Ukraine
the Ukrainian Orthodox Church split from the Russia Orthodox Church this is a big deal historically for Christianity this is a big deal for the
Regional politics of the Ukraine and Russia because Russia was essentially using the Russian Orthodox Church to control people in Ukraine was using it for espionage.

[1:24:45] People are catching on this and we want to get out of this so they got permission to Greek Orthodox Church to split so these still be still listen to Turkey but they any kind of what was known as Constantinople
now it’s 10 bolt but once Constantinople oh yeah so.
That’s a big thing that happened I have an article about it from Nashua view it’s a bit long but why this is important but I don’t have the time for it so I just keep going on
next is about how the liberal arts is dying in Sarnia University’s the example they have here is from the University of Wisconsin.
Stevens Point announced plans to drop liberal Art majors in geography geology french-german two and three dimensional art and history by the way that’s Roberts might the god-king producer Robert
I’m in Galveston producer Robert for now he got his college in history.
And it’s it’s interesting in it there wasn’t even a essay by Adam Harris on this which was called the liberal arts may not survive the 21st century.

[1:25:52] And his argument is that because we’re focused so much on Steam stem vocationalism and pushing people that way we’re laying there a liberal arts just kind of dangle in the air and Wither on the vine.
It isn’t just that though I think there was an awesome article by Victor Davis Hanson at the natural view on this,
he says that’s a popular perception why but it has more to do with that the University’s haven’t,
invested in making history interesting current they haven’t met often histories uses a tool to make some big political point of today.
And you don’t get any new wants anything Biscuit the way we teach history is not engaging and if it doesn’t engage with people.
He didn’t say this was part in a huge entertainment generation then it’s just not going to connect with anyone.

[1:26:41] I know I don’t know why it is that these things are disappearing it is sad it is sad that kind of goes along with not knowing the history of socialism.
I mean and it’s I mean the History part bothers me but all of that all that bothers me is the technically I might have a,
so I have a masters in journalism a bachelor’s in journalism but my bachelor’s is a bachelor’s in science is a BS instead of a ba.
Just had some make me a liberal arts major how’s that work I don’t know but that is something that’s going on so you should be aware that there’s another article about it in the ones that Adam Harris what yeah yeah.
Another article which I would say is a must-read is by David French this is a lot of good essays in this episode outline,
it’s called America is intolerably tolerant talks about the stuff with the quarterback Kyle Murray Murray just don’t have any forgiveness in our hearts and you patience and your mercy.
He says this probably is partly why we have a surgeon teen depression and suicides and someone even wrote an article in the Atlantic called have smartphones destroyed a generation.

[1:27:53] And it’s okay it’s a great look it is a great look at We need he says here’s a paragraph that I thought was excellent.
Human beings need forgiveness like we need oxygen the thing goes so shattering about the shame storm is that at least it’s usually grounded in something a person did wrong even if it’s a minor transgression even if it’s just momentary thought was even if it’s just a tweet.
Nrsa Andrew subscribed of attack for a boyfriend was granted in very real mistreatment of injuring the relationship take any giant controversial usually find it for that person at the center isn’t proud of what they did they wish they had it.
That someone will that person of the sound of Shame storm is also ashamed of themselves.
But then in this terrible new world you can’t ever shake the wrong that you did never it claims to you it defines you it becomes,
to some people the entirety of who you are and you do basically saying you screw up once and we never let it go you will always be the person that did X you’ll always be the person that did why you made a terrible mistake and it was caught on digital media,
and that’s who you’ll be forever and ever and it’s fantastic essay.

[1:28:58] I totally recommend it okay so here’s a bonus Sam someone in here that I loved,
he’s at one of my favorite writers really good you can’t hardly go wrong with Kevin Williamson as a writer he’s just very talented but here’s this is for my buddy Robert he can never get enough of these people.
What human extinction be a tragedy some of you may have heard the store basically the New York by the way it’s very hard to get an opinion piece,
in the New York Times to get one published like a full one matches to the website with the full paper.
And so it is an editorial per se but they’re probably more likely to let more opinion pieces in that they agree with them they just agree with.
Especially outside of the weekly.
What’s the word I’m looking for up to indicate articles,
they hurt animals they hurt the Earth and then you know what US leaving the Earth would be awesome,
and the best way to respond as a business you first.
Yeah okay okay you do it first go ahead he says near enough we only kill ourselves out right.
We could just see no snip-snip you know it just will just make everyone sterile people stop having kids.

[1:30:23] That’s buys crazy that’s crazy.
Because animals kill each other every single day it’s it’s ridiculous but we’re just so much worse than they are.

[1:30:37] You know I watch this animal documentary blue planet with my Uncle and Cousin little kid cousins like to.
And you don’t mean it you watch the killer whales and they’re coming up and do his job. What is it a pod pod of killer was coming up and there’s a killer whales come in and check the baby calf in the,
bright eventually pull it down and drown it yeah nature nature is not very nice it’s not,
you know Disney is not nature I love Disney but it’s not reflective of reality maybe some of us have forgotten that but yeah you know this part of that movement where humans are awful we just need to get rid of them,
now the humans are just awful on Facebook and it would be in my show not to talk about how the US is now,
now a net energy provider we create more energy than we use it so we export energy and now this will make us one of the top energy exporters in the world,
this is a huge Triumph this email 10 years ago we weren’t sure we would be able to ever able to do this we would be dependent on other people for oil which is a big foreign policy problem.
We are now solved that that is humongous that’s awesome but you know what they said they said Halloween anyways this good that’s what they said a lot of people on the left on Facebook.

[1:32:04] And I’m like are you kidding me you know people are going to use oil it’s the cheap energy of today,
and who do you want to be the ones in charge of that do you want to be Saudi Arabia which currently you hate very much or do you want to be someone like us.
And that’s outside of the moral case for fossil fuels that’s just like you knows that this is going to exist when you would rather have it in our hands than the other guy.

[1:32:28] Okay well we can talk about that another time some more little let’s have a positive
looks like a positive this is Auntie tumor Dart could point the way to answer so this is this new technology that can treat tumors using radiation directly it shoots the Darton in the dark Suns off these alpha waves.

[1:32:49] And it diffuses the two more overtime and it’s a huge breakthrough in treating cancer I think we just needed that little bit a positive news a little bit of positiveness well I could have talked more about Stephen Miller and how he is,
just approved showed the way and how to win an argument but,
and if we can set up for another time talk about guns talk about China and Russia a project dragonfly maybe said we’re not sure but they’re there at the intercept and some others think maybe it’s dead.
Weed I don’t know alright we’re going to do a cute little bunker break and then I will reach you the Magnificent VMAs.

[1:33:27] Music.

[1:33:55] The Gift of the Magi.
$1.87 that was all she had put it aside $0.01 and then another and then another,
and her cat careful buying of me to know their food Della counted it three times $1.87 and the next day would be Christmas.
And there was nothing to do but fall on the bed and cry and so Della did it.
All the way to the home is slowly growing quieter we can look at the home.
Furnished rooms at a cost of $8 a week There’s a little more to say about it in the hall below was a letter box too small to hold a letter.
There was an electric Bell but it could not make a sound and also there was a name beside the door mr. James Dillingham Young.

[1:34:49] With the name was placed there mr. James Dillingham young was being paid $30 a week now when he was being paid only $20 a week the name seemed to too long and important.
It should perhaps have been mr. James DeYoung but when mr. James Dillingham young entered the furnished rooms his name became very short indeed mr. James Dillingham young put her arms warmly about him.
I called him Jim you have already met her she is Della.
Della finished her crying and clean the marks of it from her face she stood by the window and looked out with no interest.
Tomorrow would be Christmas Day and she had only $1.87 with which to buy Jim a gift.
She put aside as much as you could for months with this as the result $20 a week is not much everything it cost more than she had expected and it always happens like that.
Only 187 to buy a gift for Jim her gym she had mud many happy hours planning something nice for him something nearly good enough something almost worth the honor of belonging to Jim.

[1:36:04] There was a Looking-Glass between the windows of the room perhaps you have seen the kind of looking glass that’s placed in $8 furnished rooms.
It was very narrow a person could see a little of himself at a time however if he was very thin and moved very quickly he might be able to get a good view of himself Della being quiet.
Send Headmaster this art.

[1:36:27] Suddenly she turned from the window and stood before the glass her eyes were shining brightly butterface had lost its color quickly she pulled down her hair and let it fall to his complete length.
The James Dillingham Young’s were very proud of two things for which they owned,
one thing was Jim’s gold watch his once belonged to his father and long ago is belong to his father’s father.
The other thing was Della’s hair if a queen had lived in the rooms near there’s Della would have washed and dried her hair where the queen could see it Dylan newer hair was more beautiful than any Queen’s jewels and gifts.
If a king and lived in the same house with all his riches Jim would have looked at his watch every time they met.
Jim knew that no King had anything so valuable so now Della’s beautiful hair fell about her shining like a falling stream of brown water,
it reached below her knee it almost made itself into a dress for her and then she put it on her head again nervously and quickly once you stop for a moment and Stood Still while a tear or two ran down her face.
She put on her old brown coat she put on her old brown hat and with a bright light still in her eyes she moved quickly out the door and down to the street.

[1:37:46] Where she stopped the sign said Mr zafrani hair articles of all kinds.

[1:37:53] Up to the second floor Della ran and stopped to get her breath Miss saphronia large to White and cold I’d looked at her will you by my hair ask Della I buy hair.
Said mr. frowny let me look at it down fill the brown waterfall $2 said Mr fronie lifting the hair to feel its weight give it to me quick.
Cedella oh and the next 2 hours seem to fly she was going from one shop to another to find a gift for Jim.

[1:38:25] She found it at last it surely have been made for Jim and no one else there was no other like it in any of the shops and she had looked in every shop in the city.
It was a gold watch chain very simply made its Valley wasn’t its rich and pure material.
Because it was so plain and simple you knew that was very valuable all good things are like this.

[1:38:49] And it was good enough for the watch as soon as she saw it she knew that Jim must have it it was like him quietness and value Jim and the chain both had quietness and value she had paid $21 for it.
She hurried home with the chain and $0.87 with that chain on his watch Jim could look at his watch and learn the time anywhere he might be.
Don’t the watch was so fine it had never had a fine chain he sometimes took it out and looked at it only when no one could see him do it.
Hotel arrived home her mind quieted a little she began to think more reasonably she started try to cover the sad marks of what she had done.
Love love and large-hearted giving when added together can leave deep marks.
It’s never easy to cover these marks dear friends never easy with in 40 minutes her head looked a little better with or short hair she looks wonderfully like a Schoolboy.
She stood at the looking glass for a long time if Jim doesn’t kill me she said their self before he looks at me a second time,
how to say I look like a girl who sings and dances for money but what could I do what could I do with just a dollar and eighty-seven cents.

[1:40:08] At 7 gyms dinner was ready for him Jim was never late Della held the watch-chain in her hand and set your the door where he always entered.
Then she heard it steps in the hall and your face lost color for a moment she often said little prayers quietly about simple everyday things and now she said please got making think I’m still pretty.
The door opened and Jim stepped in he looks very thin and he was not smiling.
Poor fellow he was only 22 with a family to take care of he needed a new coat had nothing to cover his cold hands.

[1:40:47] Jim stopped inside the door he was as quiet as a hunting dog when it is near a bird his eyes look strange late Della and there was an expression in them that she could not understand.
It filled her with fear it was not anger nor surprise nor anything she had been ready for he simply looked at her with that strange expression on his face Della went to him.
Jim dear she cried don’t look at me like that I had my hair cut off and I sold it I couldn’t live through Christmas without giving you a gift.
My hair will grow again you won’t care will you my hair grows very fast it’s Christmas Jim let’s be happy.
You don’t know what a nice what a beautiful nice gift I got for you.
But you cut off your hair ask Jim slowly he seemed to labor to understand what had happened he seemed not to feel sure he knew cut it off and sold it said.
Don’t you like me now I’m me Jim I’m the same without my hair.
Jim looked around the room you say your hair is gone he said oh you don’t have to look for it so Dela it’s sold I tell you so holding on to its the Night Before Christmas boy.
Be good to me because I sold it for you maybe the hairs my head could be counted she said but no one could ever count my love for you.

[1:42:13] Now shall we eat dinner Jim Jim put his arms around his Della for 10 seconds what is looking another Direction.
$8 a week or million dollars a year how different are they someone may give you an answer but it will be wrong.
The Magi bought the Magi brought the bill gifts but that was not among them my meeting will be explained too soon.

[1:42:39] From inside the gym took something tide and paper he threw it upon the table.

[1:42:45] I want you to understand me Del he said nothing like a haircut could make me love you any less but if you’ll open that you may know what I felt when I came in.

[1:42:56] White fingers pulled off the paper and then a cry of joy.
And then it changed the tears for there lay the Combs the Combs that Dell had seen in a shop window and loved for so long.
Beautiful Combs with jewels perfect for her beautiful hair she had known they cost too much for her to buy them she looked at them without the least hope of owning them and now they were hers.
But her hair was gone but she held them to her heart and it last was able to look up and say my hair grows fast gym.
And then she jumped up and tried not yet seen his beautiful gift she held it out to him in her open hand.
The gold seemed to shine softly as if with their own warm and loving Spirit isn’t it perfect gym I hunted all over town to find it.
You’ll have to look at your watch a hundred times a day now give me your watch I want to see how they look together Jim sat down and smiled.
Della said he let’s put our Christmas gifts away and keep them away while they’re too nice to use now I sold the watch to get the money to buy the Combs and now I think we should have our dinner.

[1:44:10] The Magi as you know where wise men wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the newborn Christ child they were the first to give Christmas gifts.
Being wise their gifts were doubtless wise ones too and here I have told you the story of two children who are not wise each sold the most valuable thing he owned in order to buy a gift for the other.
But let me speak the last word to the wise of these days of all who give gifts these two were the most wise of all who give and receive gifts.
Such as they are the most wise everywhere they are the wise ones.
They are the Magi well thank you to all of you for listening today to the happy warrior podcast I appreciate your time and support,
thank you to the Magnificent O’Henry for a classic and thoughtful story I hope that enrich some of you and enlightened you and inspired you I hope some of the stuff we today that we discussed,
that you can use this information to better your life and improve the lives of others thank you so much for your support remember you can always contact us on Facebook and Twitter and email,
and we would love to hear from you thank you so much too,
are wonderful military God bless them God bless our firefighters in our one forcement in everyone that makes it possible to live in this beautiful country and have our civil freedoms.

[1:45:38] That are from our God I hope all of you are good there will be one more episode after this before Christmas and then Christmas time.
Thank you so much you guys take care drive safe don’t get in an accident and have a wonderful happy warrior.

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