Dresch Code Ep 009 When That Fat Squirrel Got Famous

The Dresch Code Ep 009 When That Fat Squirrel Got Famous
Hosts: Zach Dresch and Ryan Howe
Produced by Robert Mehling
Equilibrium by The Disarmed

This week’s topics include: What the F*** happened to Hip Hop? Who are your biggest influences in your life? How do you listen to music? How do you feel when an obscure artist you like becomes popular and mainstream? What would your medieval title be? Which generation is the lamest? Shows that were canceled too soon. Do musicians exploit mental illness? What bands and artists have you outgrown? Most anticipated album? What candy needs to come back? What sequels were actually good? Why did people like the Disturbed cover of Sound of Silence? What’s up with Mark Mcgrath’s Face? What’s your favorite pickup lines?

Hard Day Diaries Podcast

Guests: Andy Mattfield, Nathan Hoffman, and Nick Statik Bader

Machine Transcript
[0:18] Legendary sectional from the dress she wore at the sectionals the park at the Circle if there was some kind of Sioux Falls Hall of Fame this,
this will be in it someday baby steps,
from this corner stand up comedian extraordinaire everyone in this room is an extraordinary person still stand-up comic store near Nathan Hoffman.
How are you I’m good so is like.
I think maybe I’ve never felt as awkward afternoon in deductions than once.
Like every every other episode of any show I’ve been on that Roberts produced I’m very hungover I saw you last night to tell me at what was turned out to be the beginning,
and tired thanks for having me thank you for making it at 2 in the afternoon which I still couldn’t make on time.

[1:43] Nick Bader AKA static,
Axel not hungover though I went to bed at like 10,
what types of money that you’re responsible,
I guess we’ll find out,
come on a Saturday night.

[2:22] And Minneapolis Sarah comedian of sephardi Diaries podcast Andy mattfield.
I got a show coming up Friday August 24th dropping my mixtape.
You won’t see or hear me on it but it’s mine looks like this,
where is it.
Alright so how this podcast in show works is I have about 200 topics in this jar bucket or jacket which is not a derogatory term as where you got it
after today I will decide does this pass or fail the dress code which means past means,
yes we’ll talk about it and fail means no we don’t want to talk about it,
and I’ll move on will save it that once we should have like a bucket where you burn those like lime should,
you should just make you should make it like whole pages of paper so it’s more dramatic fails I’ll just be like.

[3:45] I mean just awkwardly episode called The Crying Game didn’t work again.
Obviously it doesn’t work you just cried up,
really up to see I like to know how to count calories,
I’ll eat it if I don’t feel we can salvage it for another episode,
but we can get that at least four people in this room that can do that.

[4:38] So should we get started earlier so we don’t need to do that right now that’s a waste of time first topic.

[4:48] What the f happened to rap hip hop and R&B Lord save us.
Clearly I’m qualified I feel like we should pick a side pick a side over here
what the fuck happened will it’s right here
Brandon you can’t find it on August 20th August 24th my mixtape drops.
Then his back pocket for years most people have never met I met this guy he’s on my mixtape you making eye contact with the camera yeah it’s right over there I have it looked at.

[5:40] Hello oh I don’t know way better for me
or if there was another screen of the other so I wasn’t like checking to see if I look good or not this is what I look like
on the fear of every gas station surveillance video of your gas station list.
Belle what happened to it
I mean like you can look at it from a positive standpoint as well as things that I think there’s fantastic,
that’s not my genre that I listen to the most but I will say is a better question
as long as I think I’m pretty sure this was like a fishy, you should have to have cable working hours near me.
OK Google set timer to 25 R&B and what else
hip hop R&B rap it’s all great.

[7:02] They’re very amazing that there’s lots of mainstream garbage,
I won’t go there that’s a whole different that’s a whole different rant man.
This music is not like it used to be just as not at work it’s hard enough.
I guess it’s are going to live by friends with fat music Meister music is always been shity,
even like if you look at the top 10 songs like,
pick any in the seventies a lot of them are garbage thinking to talk shit about Hall and Oates on the show Denver Art of the good ones you have lost your number the good ones but like mainstream music is always,
Nathan Sparks never found in VH1 specials of like the 40 most awesomely bad love song.

[8:05] Arrested by George Lopez,
can I watch VH1 I was bored one week out,
but you were on vacation and that’s your excuse for watching VH1 you know so I watch VH1 as you do.
I was watching YouTube old old VH1 specials from like.
So you were watching or worst-case version like VH1.
It was hosted by George Lopez and I’m just letting the next song is the Macarena.
I like that you just glad it tells you what the next ruined,
Macarena is the top 10 you can watch the videos if you want I’m going to go smoke,
call Shelly just tells it right away than its leaves
fuck you.

[9:32] I agree with that the mainstream stuff is always been rough and you have to really do digging to find the relief.
Great music has a a weird way of showing itself to people.
That sounded really fucking weird I will ask which which which mainstream kind of hip hop rap artist you actually would you say is not what is crappy,
not as crappy well obviously anything but you like Kendrick Lamar that’s mainstream because anything that Kendrick is on that’s not his own song it’s always on the fucking radio
every single time it’s always dope to me but that’s mainstream rappers.
I don’t really like anybody I don’t really like anybody that’s not Main Street I have I like like five artists.
In rap music is most of it is kind of garbage like that that that the card had a place to be there.
What do you mean rapid fire type.
We got top 5 Mike Shinoda Machine Gun Kelly.

[11:00] Bob The Underachievers Tupac not in that order Mike Shinoda is number one though Undisputed Linkin Park,
Linkin Park where I paid like nearly $1,000 to fly to I’m paying nearly $1,000 to fly to.
North Carolina to go meet Mike Shinoda I just recently made.
The cover a remix of one of his songs that did like a hundred thousand views on Facebook,
nice job he’s always been my biggest inspiration I seen who’s going on tour and I missed the first day of VIP tickets cuz he’s going to Denver and I would have been way more convenient right but I miss that and they’re all sold out and the only ones I can go to work North Carolina.
New Orleans or Tampa Florida and we’re going on tour ourselves in October so the only there was only one day I can go is North Carolina and I sat there for like.
10 seconds was like I’m doing this there’s no I can’t not do this I’m doing it.
Swipe it run it let’s go plane tickets are fucking retarded expensive and hotels are retarded expensive.

[12:22] It’ll be fun it’s like a Barber’s actually one of the first I don’t really listen to him as much anymore but those first couple albums I listen to see Linkin Park 2.
And I was supposed to see them in.
I was supposed to see them in August of last year in Chester Bennington hugging self in July,
so the email that I got that roof refunded my money was devastated.
As long as like the first couple hours or I got really into those and I kind of like could like say memorize was Linkin Park song.
The first the first like wrapping that I ever liked liked was Mike Shinoda so like.
I think I was like 10 years old and younger than that the first time I heard Linkin Park when did Linkin Park come out.
Is Linkin Park rap song.

[13:34] There’s no more to that,
just called off right after the DJ a.m.
That’s it take another card,
talk about music.
Mike Shinoda,
I mean I guess I’ll pass all right,
try to return to the show bro.

[14:30] The biggest influences mine man really are so many,
I get influenced by things that shouldn’t be funny but to me very much are like fat squirrels,
they’re just so fucking funny I was walking to my car like 2 days ago and I saw skinny squirrel and I just looked at it and I whispered to it,
I can’t wait till your.
I think I was like I should just call into work this is us the best part of my day I got up on this,
Peach Raleigh right back to bed that’s the last thing I’ll say or do all fucking day moments influences.
How about the same as I see you I see things that are alike.
Out of my Norm that I see and then ignore McDonald but like normal things.
Most terrible joke.
Well you said little things there.

[15:46] Little things like close up magic stuff like that.

[15:54] Canada I try and make a joke out of it but I write it down it usually doesn’t work,
and then I’ll just be like hey you just got to explain your crazy brain that’s what it like why did you crazy brain find that funny crazy that’s when I write better jokes.
Looks like a good I’m like just not think about it that’s when I get more influence to write stuff.
Right as like to get really hot and then make me sick I like fucking with people.
Yeah I do that much is clear.
You’re funny.

[16:53] Bait biggest influences my biggest influences.
Oh boy my belly is big one who tells me what to do.
Brett. I don’t think just do it,
This is going to sound cheesy like my friends or whatever you know so all you down there.
Material that like I perform you know on stage or whatever like most of it comes from just like, like talking to people conversations.
So I mean you know cuz nobody wants to.

[17:58] I’m glad I first I thought I was going to like sit here unless you two look good John Mulaney,
that’s all it’s I’ve also the same way like I can’t sit down and write so I like talk to friends and.
Say stupid silly things then why call it right but then she’ll never write it down.

[18:24] First thought best thought kind of thing improv brain.
2 Brighton Ave never forget one of the first times that did it in private with the troop our first scene was at the,
got really nice guy but a super weird improviser like always says the weirdest shit,
Kiara doing acid alone real like the first scene in this improv shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway kind of things share their first scene,
he already was standing in there and he just goes I just killed this guy with a hammer.
That was how he started he started singing,
before or no.

[19:14] Call,
let’s claim statement that you opened with,
I see it I like in the office when Michael Scott always pulled a gun.
I love my love so anytime I think they’re probably thinking of the office.
He said he can’t tell anything but he has to go next card Robert influences.
Pass or I don’t,
I don’t know what to go with that Roberts never been influence in his life. Neil deGrasse Tyson right behind
looking over your shoulder like fucking say around stop staring you,
staring you down right now he’s like.
I get to say it Roberts.
Neil is love.

[20:40] See it you can’t unsee it he’s making eye contact with us.

[20:54] Scissor most things wherever you’re at in the room he’s looking right at you under grass Tyson,
code John next question how do you listen to music MP3 vinyl Etc.
I think we can get outside I’m in it cetera kind of guy just really real,
that’s making music that’s different yeah I’m listening I’m listening to it,
it’s in the moment it’s different I just go out I go on streets and I just wait for a drum guard to just come right up.
You know music will come to you super easy you don’t even need to buy anything only go to Drumline,
fucking love those things that’s all I ever hear is just.

[22:14] Full hour of,
perfect used for
how do you have a cowbell I don’t want to hear it I just like to go out and be like.

[22:37] Where does he rank on your influences or like them,
how many times in a movie
I once I think and we watched it during Drumline party man I watched it a lot.
I went from symbols brushing your face sorry,
how do you do that on drugs it was fun you were a symbol
one symbol of us and I crashed.

[23:21] Everything is great song for euros the bass drum.
And that’s the fun one now you are Joseph and Joseph and Technicolor Dreamcoat for Drumline.
Denon this junior year you’re banging Mary.
Different type of drum actually we had exercise we had a Cadence called country bumpkin.
Which to me sounds like country blumpkin.
We rehearsing country blumpkin out or I want to see how did it go.
How did the the country bumpkin Beat Go.
Where is you know you remember it fucking know you remember it I can see it in your brain is like that,
I really don’t feel like I was.

[24:32] In the Backwoods Arkansas
play The Jug for us for when you should just like and lock people in this room in like make them get as drunk as they’ve ever been and then just see what happens,
who did that one sitting in well okay.
Get your ticket like it’ll be so hilarious and also yeah it’s hilarious and also for the people in the room but it was especially the listeners because of all the light visual should going on at.
It’s not it’s not a podcast just know it’s nice that.

[25:15] Sorry about that but I hope that thing up this is visual go to this camera come out and see us come out and see us.
Yeah mine is Andy and you see it right there,
he drops his mixtape it’s going to be a fucking Wild
it really fucking is bro I’ve been so much money in for it to be as wild as possible the Nick Cannon Drumline is going to be there Nick Cannon is going to be there I heard just wildin out the whole time.
302 through how how we listen rich. I do know that way after she eats man final though so it’s going to make it balance,
I do both listen to it portably and then when I’m at home I’ll pop records on got a thing.
That’s what I do I prefer CDs but.

[26:24] Digital music is taking over the world,
it’s already happening these are like the worst quality right but not bad.
If I don’t the best because when you get to see the Wi-Fi that’s the first place it’s better than a CD and then it wears out is better than.
Digital cuz it’s real of a real to smaller for me.

[26:58] Oh yeah MP3 is the worst person ever recorded on a cassette before it’s like early 90s technology,
so it’s not welcome project ugly Indian Robert to break out the.
I can’t talk that’s fine you’re The Geek Squad Squad deserter,
no not really I like I made it but I’m not sure if you still want to go to Best Buy,
earned it years ago,
I wrote it down in the forest trapped underneath of a log of falling on him and he lifted it off and he magically mutant with the Squeak Squad.

[28:10] Have broken and you had the other half is on my necklace yet you can buy in bulk from then it was
when I gave up the rap game so I can get rid of my chains thing that for 2022.
Nyx card baby all right time.
Man you got to go start saying is too cuz these questions are terrible
fail at 1
okay that’s the only reason I’m here
that so hard,
I like this one how do you feel when your favorite underground or smaller artist musician or comment gets bigger and more popular.

[29:21] Jappy is hot that really happy happy as fuck it’s always for me it’s like they deserve it.
It definitely should be you but also can it be me to any of the Little Rascals.

[29:51] Somebody I knew when I lived in La let him know if I see him in a commercial for sling TV now that plays all the time,
Aspen restaurant where I cook hamburgers and that’s a little rough.
I know that fucking guy is a real fucking hot in here,
Miley Cyrus likes Queen LOL,
we were great friends but we did hang out a few times,
hi hello,
girls man.
Play just going to make that.

[31:09] But I am happy as well but it it’s either.
When it comes to someone I don’t know though if it’s someone that you saw them perform like it bigger kind of thing for a like John Mulaney is a good example like when he got more famous is quality of material can.

[31:27] Not like downgraded boo just kind of feel like he’s mailing in a little bit more like.
What’s more popular Comics or is ish if you were fired for that so I can mail it in,
there’s a lot of pressure though with that everyone expect you to have new stuff in it takes time to cultivate that usually the first thing that they do,
as they pull out all the stuff that they think is new cuz they think yeah this is what I have to do and then they fuck up and realized I need to dial this in and just.

[31:57] Get back to where I was right Rim get back to what brought me there be I mean I’m happy to,
trucking jobs mainly happy mostly.
Motivate yourself,
doesn’t my influences thank you 10 minutes later when I see a fat squirrel make.

[32:32] The best form of squirrel it is look at a skinny squirrel and look at a fat grown you tell me which ones fucking funnier every time especially when they try to run under fences.
It’s so fucking funny all the squirrels you’ve ever seen or just fast what are you.

[33:00] You’re supposed to be huge lump how fat is a fat squirrel,
a fat squirrel would be like a small dose of the witch in Hansel and Gretel never said I have never seen a squirrel that size bro.
Pics of a fat squirrel,
squirrel traps are way cooler when she doesn’t even paying attention
I think it’s continuing learning.
Look at next question next question.

[34:11] Rank the members of The Beatles in your own personal opinion pass pass like tie rod.
Don’t pass I’ll head back fail,
number one George Harrison number one Paul McCartney number one John Lennon.
I like huge manta ray hey Google what was the beetle to.

[34:42] If you were a night what would you call yourself woohoo I’ll talk about that.

[34:48] Do any stars do I have to pass.
Trailer not having someone’s got a descent I’ll feel it too just to 3 to 2.
Still give two fux.

[35:09] We’re talking about like she talks a lot to fux the lots are two boxers who fucks a lot Natsu no flex again.

[35:20] I would spell it to number To Sir with s u r and a nephew XX,
Culver the ex just one accident in the dollar symbol so they really drives homeless.
I think mine would be.
Sir good night like really good night like such a good night I’ll kick your ass.
Wink wink you know the kind of night I’m talking about cuz I would not have been a night you just be like.
Short guy or muddy guy will not.

[36:16] Move it I was trying to get there but here.
Going to get like that. Just be what I would be donating for that one.
Stupid Man 2,
Andy of three fingers movie like some people man1 man to trying Girl by Amy McLovin frightened,
do you think they get to pick with the title of their character.
For someone that was like their first movie and they were fucking jacked about it,
I was definitely there,
all I did it but it was a it was a paycheck to paycheck.

[37:29] Surface-level and I’m just an extra but to me I mean it’s the guy that cares too much that’s added frying pan man to go back to work.
Next one.

[37:52] Which generation is the lamest.
The greatest Generation hands down pass.
I’m going to defend this the greatest generation is always like,
we beat the Nazis in this net no you didn’t they are still here
fucking John thank you.

[38:24] Mexican hats remove Joker.
Oh no.
Oh well he’s a little surprised that we have a.
Repeat something more same color as my beard growth.

[38:54] This is awkward I really thought that was going to say listen at Sioux Empire I thought it would be like a weird tour thing,
and that’s when we go to subscribe you have to pay to see the rest cast first
sticker ass in the camera quite like that.
You got arrested.
I really fucked up your garage I’m sorry this is horrible.

[39:32] NexGard baby boomers the generation that sees Tide Pods or let’s check out your blame.

[39:43] I want to say.

[39:48] Like the generation born in like 1850 the dead generation.

[39:55] Why would I do that,
if you don’t want to stick it out it seems like I was all kinds of fucked-up,
I mean they would have been all over that.
That was Manifest Destiny that’s not cool.

[40:30] That there is. That’s finally answered next card please.
Call Tyra Freaks and Geeks.
Oh that’s going on to my friends Open Mic at Cardinal had one showing was cancelled right after that.
Oh it’s Adam Scott yeah I never seen that show it was a really good show at a grinder.

[41:10] Grinder grinder in Rob Lowe one Rob Lowe Fred Savage one season.
Pretty solid wood shelf relatively recent.

[41:29] To check that one out check it out it’s on Hulu.
Get a life with Chris Elliott says the show that was on there early 90s news on after The Simpsons,
on Fox and it was about Chris Elliott played a 30 year old paper will you still live with his parents,
stop crushing Boulder or just some of them never seen that but I was like way ahead of its time,
yeah I did really well they get a life and the theme song was wait for it stand by REM.
Wow wow wow yep great show I really just want to not bring up Firefly cuz there’s someone that’s listening,
I was going to say that seriously we’re not going to talk about it,
they’re fine I’m okay with it but I’m okay with it I stop sending angry letters.
All I’m saying is they should have killed wash so you’re a spoilers House of cosbys got cancelled too soon I’ll House of cosbys.

[42:54] Fucking weird super illegal super weird I took it down from YouTube,
and then the stuff happened with Cosby and he couldn’t focus on trying to get the legal stuff to take it down,
Greg the bunny.
Seth Green in Eugene Levy and Sarah Silverman.
Looks like Justin Gray.
Hey Justin.

[43:43] Oh Jessica I know Justin better one time.
Turn it up a lot of the shows that were cancelled too soon aired on Fox.
You know what sucks it’s like God damn Fox noise cancelling shows that like Hazard potential but missing typing it also means they are the ones that actually give like fucking crazy ideas a shot last,
it’s like you know sure you don’t have that with CBS because that guy never got a fucking like meeting at CVS,
Peter and all the shows that were cancelled,
Andy Richter controls the universe,
Alcatraz Jefferson that,
is Left 4 Dead makers river that 80s Show and it’s from It’s Always Sunny at the main character,
pretty was pretty much a carbon copy of that 70 show just in a different decade just left cocaine introduced,
whatever so I’m going to speed it up.

[45:11] They tried to make it like the next thing,
because you say it’s a good show but all I remember is the commercials being like guess what I’m talking to you from,
okay whatever.
The whole series is actually on Hulu right now,
tahini show 13 episode guide
yeah I know to watch and play like a.

[45:58] Yeah it’s like me Eric of that 80 show I can look at anyone from It’s Always Sunny the same way anymore
what’s like when Charlie and Dennis show up on Lost Horrible Bosses 2,
Barbie songs that movies funny,
Pacific Rim
yeah they play a siblings that have kids together oh yeah.

[46:45] Don’t forget that heat that yeah.
I forget that too even though I was the one that brought it up I had forgotten it until I remembered it just now.
6 p.m.

[47:07] Do you think musicians exploit mental health for profit,
fuck yeah that’s a good point I mean I got a wow,
you guys talking about musicians like a lot it’s been recently like a thing where,
a lot of musicians are putting mental health stuff in there lyrics are making songs about it especially I can think.
That’s about it I think that is true but it’s not just for profit.
The fact that artists are getting paid because people are watching the video like Logics video that 1 800 song of like I don’t want to die but that song went fucking huge and that’s about Mental Health.
And he made a I’m sure pretty fucking pretty penny on that song but.
In the same sense that song probably helped a lot of fucking people like on our lesbireal and probably saved a lot of people’s fucking liar.
So yes it is exploited for profits but that is not mine I just really don’t think there might be some people who are like oh yeah.
I want to make a song about being sad as hell.

[48:25] I like that guy who got killed me XXX 10:10 whatever. I don’t know how to say his name got shot in Florida he made a bunch of music like that too but he.
Made it clear like on his Instagram and shit that he was actually trying to be a good person.
But you don’t know where anybody you don’t know if everybody’s motives are specifically.
Play Kanye West I guess it’s Kanye West is possible but it seems weird to like it seems weird to like.

[49:07] Poo poo artists who would sing about.
Mental health issues there is it like a little depression epidemic I think it’s healthy to,
be able to talk about it you know there’s naked okay
there’s been a lot of performers that have literally had tours plan and they cancelled them just for the sake of try to take care of their own help in a good thing.
So I don’t know it’s weird it’s weird to interview like.

[49:44] So you just want to make money off of it but it’s possible I can make money why wouldn’t I,
is about Mental Health,
and it gets 70 million views and help some people deserve to get a fucking paycheck for that.
So I don’t know I think I think I think it’s just as music in general should be paid.
Or does she get paid for what they make and let me know if it’s good at least.

[50:26] Really I think we would want to Delancey would want to look at the argument through is like.
Probably be industry if broken and takes advantage of people and that but that’s a whole other conversation I don’t think it’s just right about I think.
I think it’s more of a built-in thing in the music industry to take advantage of people into exploit pass.
I think it’s just a little different conversation but I think you’re going to if there’s a difference if a song is about a mental health issue.
As opposed to just rapid-firing some Mental Health,
I’m just going to say is many things about mental health as I can with no point other than I said depression 75 * you happy and
92 I mean you don’t have to have a good ending at the end of a song it could be a sad song and that could help someone else but that’s happened to me
the right now it’s how can you connect two people right handed people to help that they need the other there’s all sorts of different forms of helps.

[51:39] There’s a reason it’s called music therapy I don’t know what it is but there is Alicia at least one.
I’ve heard in music therapy sessions that if you play Nickelback backwards.
Sounds that work new winner good job that was Blue the other clowns out of the water.
That was my question actually I brought it in there you know.

[52:14] Alright text card shit on your list.
What are some bands or musicians that you feel you’ve outgrown Nickelback.
Yep I always forget about the question.
I need you to ask for my 15th birthday.
First time I ever touched a vagina.

[52:55] Really yes really,
I know but I’ll never forget that I’ve grown,
a big fish in any kind of country music about Aquabats.
Nick Cannon bacon pickle.
They were at the Olympics they did something wrong.
I don’t know I just know that Pussy Riot they were in jail for like three to five years is a long time.
No that’s like just happened they just got out of jail for a while.

[54:08] Okay so then we’re not going to poke Pussy Riot has is political,
oh yeah yes they’re like the rage against machine up Russia Against the Machine.

[54:28] Rage Against the Machine is another story entirely the different thing.
Do you listen to her you don’t that’s just at the speed of Rage Against the Machine.

[54:41] Next question.
Most anticipated albums coming soon.

[54:54] It’s like falling off the face of the Earth.

[55:04] Shameless blood is that an album or mixtape also what’s the difference what is the difference,
I’ve had asked myself that question a hundred thousand fucking times and it’s just a mixtape because like it’s independent I think is that’s why we call it a mixtape,
cuz like I don’t know what the difference between like a mixtape and album is it other than like an album is released by record label,
baby I don’t know if there’s any like real like set in stone terminology of like what is what the other than just artists are like yo check out my my EP 27 songs on it,
well I thought I guess I was under the impression just from,
context clues that a mixtape would be like if you remix other people.
I feel like I’ve reached that event 90s idea idea.

[56:10] I am through the Nathan’s is dressed like 70s.
I make you sad or something I don’t fix Bagel it’s just it’s just a CD.
Did you write them yes did you know that they’re not all original music.
Okay so I would call that an out an album Red album it’s an album.

[56:54] I just I just don’t want to call me myself call it and they call it album until I’m like,
I feel like I’m official enough to be like yo this is my album you can buy it here here and here I mean you can stop by my shit online iTunes Spotify and everywhere but,
I don’t want to call it we don’t want to call an album until.
We have some kind of backing behind us some kind of baby maybe it’s just like money or someone gives us a distribution deal alright we have like a legit manager just something.
I don’t know maybe after we do this to her and next next year maybe we’ll be like alright it’s time for an album guys,
we can actually call it that now okay I got I got I have I have approval from the judge called so,
there’s nothing else needed no no other forms of documents necessary got a panel of people that are like,
what’s the weather for tonight.

[58:03] Got angry gavelston decided,
as far as the upcoming stuff I think Smashing Pumpkins have something like.
I don’t know what she deserves in Minneapolis.
Next week or next week Flat Earth Brewery I have four.
Very funny comedians coming out in Smashing Pumpkins,
come on out it’s five bucks the 19th Smashing Pumpkins,
going on the 24th of August if we got sent to Iran,
Joe cocozello and Jason shelmar and then me.

[59:00] Save those Red Sox.

[59:08] That’s one sure what you got in the Honey Jar.

[59:13] Which candy do you feel needs to make a comeback words like they’re all here,
I just got excited towards like like Twizzlers that had like a soft candy feeling,
yeah they’re like little bite-size things and they were fucking awesome torps.
Yeah I have you you don’t even know what that is but I think they need to make a comeback they real good cuz I want one.
I think most of my favorite candy still around maybe.
Nerds ropes.
Remember I can do that from the left and came back crunchy M&M’s.

[1:00:09] Silverado God damn Snickers bar wonderballs,
I grew up in the 90s of the Wonder Balls like where they’re in the nineties and then they left and now they’re like a thing again
weather like they’re like little but yeah they like balls of chocolate they had like toys and shouldn’t they have Toys them anymore they have like these this shity sour hard candy
like you know like a.
Does this thing’s know like a smarties but they’re like shaped like whatever Nickelodeon themed wonderball you fucking guy,
Nutrish the suck now it like in the 90s that used to have shitted on these up like stickers and little toys.
Can I get a Pokemon and I’m at least I would always get stoked when I got a Pokemon out of my Wonder Ball speaker.
Top five PB Max it’s like chunky peanut butter on top of a cookie.
Like wrapped in chocolate.
It was like the peanut butter Twix but like on steroids and much better and it only existed from like 94 to 98 or something like that then it disappeared and I can’t get it.
I have to have it I got a black figure out a fucking make it myself so next.

[1:01:38] Dunkaroos snacks.

[1:01:52] I got that gets my idea of candies like it’s just fucking sugar snack but it was just a little candy bar like this.
You’re going to have to mail them to us,
figure it out,
chocolate it’s oh yeah,
how do I remember the commercial with soaps there it is. Now I’m not crazy it existed.

[1:02:43] That looks nice okay yeah I like the packaging.
Put that in my mouth chewed out yellow.
Yeah maybe or maybe do it again see what happens.
Why do I keep on making all my favorite candy chocolate bars
I would love you I would eat that I would fuck.

[1:03:24] They have the gummy soda flavors like that those are there Pepsi Blue,
Pepsi Blue still make the wax go like the wax sodas at Shady General store survey.
I think they need to start making.

[1:03:48] Like Japanese flavors of Kit Kats in America if you guys had any of those you can take me like that was Robbie flavor strawberry my favorite the best one is purple sweet potato.
It is it’s the best it is so tasty as I said the best because it’s tasty of the best because it’s hilarious it is purple sweet potato.
Booby and they put that.
That was like a you know it’s just a KitKat but it looks like bark coating is probably not chocolate it’s like a wafer if they were almond bark,
interesting purple Minnesota’s largest candy store on my way back as mr. green tea flavored ones.

[1:04:41] Never going to drive 5 hours to pick up some.
Maybe maybe.

[1:04:55] Maybe fish it was over I’m leaving New York City Thunder early.

[1:05:05] Are you there before it’s dark I’m bad at night Drive who’s worth the show Stone you already on the plane how to get there,
don’t have caught in Florida has some really cool candy.
Short stories from world world world candies at the candy store in Minnesota is just been there,
I drove by I’ve never actually been in it I like candy go there I know that’s a spot where I just can’t go I feel the same but I can’t not go there if it’s been more than I do I go,
oh I always spend like $200
a hundred times and I just found out like 2 months ago that that was a thing that existed out of that but it’s candy
o x i like a stupid amount of sodas.
Like a homemade like Farmhouse mayonnaise and shit like.
Like shit that’s all locally made Minnesota they have like the whole pretty walk in this vinegar and that’s it.

[1:06:28] She just bought it fires battery vinegar vinegar and like heavy cream that’s white cotton balls
so it is way way way too much is that all it is basically and eggs eggs in vinegar.
That’s mayonnaise that’s disgusting I love me so much,
not not with this shit was love me love Doug and some chicken nuggets and some mail but I’m really.
I like to mix
ketchup and Mayo together hell yeah
Miller Outdoor mustard note I can see that I can play in that area.

[1:07:27] Mustard’s to screenshot light grew up in South Dakota said we should turn this into a cooking show we all obviously know or talk.
I really think I from northern Minnesota Mayo is spicy,
that’s a good like I said I see we can text,
Pastor Phil know I still have the DVDs but I want to fail at just cuz if you have to ask the question obviously you need someone to tell you it’s okay to have your DVD going to be us.
All right.

[1:08:18] I guess we were hypothetically if Trump turned into a woman would he or she be Kim Kardashian’s dad mom dad / mom.
I’m going to go ahead and Pat have that I don’t know I kind of want to actually why would that make him Kim Kardashian.
Dad mom if one of my friends Austin T.
All this life things on that yeah that’s my friend I bet no one I know is on there,
in the summer.

[1:09:02] Dad said to tell you how many viewers there are right now there’s two people watching that’s what that was $5,
sorry for no reason. We just want to see if you have it.
Will give it back.
Bride and groom yesterday got someone to something TuneIn next see what happens.
Make your perfect band lineup who is on vocals guitar bass drums,
auxiliary percussion Morgan but dr. teeth from the Muppets is definitely in that,
just because it’s definitely just like the the band that they had on SpongeBob when they played at the halftime show.
Playing at the halftime show August 24th.
What she said speak of the bands playing at the halftime show August 24th the mixtape coming out.

[1:10:13] Yes way Rose live us.
Do you think BHS will ever go back in style
yo I highly doubt it that’s not really one of my friends like barely watches VHS,
all right people want us to know if it’s okay that they have VHS still whatever whatever you got a lot of porn we get it that’s fine.

[1:10:46] Should the leash law for snakes be changed,
snakes are leashes La Familiar yes it’s a goddamn issue in Sioux Falls because you can’t,
there are people who want to like walk their steak or collect a course take out to the park,
I mean that’s pretty awesome you can’t take.
What a loser is a big butt.
What’s the scope of this question we want to walk around and see if,
big ass snake coming in like a list of dog,
I don’t care if it’s nice I don’t like you like snakes that’s fine I don’t like everybody else I want to be with you,
that’s a going to be a wild snake in the fucking jungle what is wrong with you.

[1:12:12] Slither out email from whoever this one person has a sneak here it’s party Austin.
Actually don’t they got a fucking snake I love your snake stay away from snakes great he’s scared.
How does someone become your favorite artist Band movie or TV show I mean.

[1:12:43] How to spell question,
video question how do you good at what you do well I’m led to believe that certain chemicals in your brain fire author and you have a reaction to fail.
The kids stuff today
yeah these questions are fucking stupid.
Fuck it top 10 pop hit one-liners of all time I don’t know what this one means Liz Phair she has invited her song that says we haven’t talked yet but my head sweating,
we haven’t talked yet but what for my head swimming is my head spinning.
Either way it sounds like pop radio.
What inspires you to listen to a new album reviews word-of-mouth excetera.

[1:13:50] What about this one I’m just going to fail just The Descent I’m feeling it what do you think.

[1:13:59] Its life is in your hands.

[1:14:11] Who’s better as a musician Ed Sheeran or Charles Manson,
I think the we should fail that just because the question was better as a joke,
I like no no what classic rocker is the worst human being Steven Tyler I mean.
Yeah let’s see what our comes to my fail just cuz I don’t have any opinion I feel like I feel.
I feel like there’s somebody else to show you the show let somebody else pick your car at these all suck we think it’s you.

[1:15:05] What movies had actual worthy sequels Harry Potter.
Star Wars pass that I guess.

[1:15:26] 22 Jump Street highlights that safe,
X2 second X-Men film better than the first or third yes I mean.
The best scene is that I’d rather save that the guy that was a good movie.

[1:15:51] Human Centipede,
oh yeah I agree II you know I’m never seen either no seriously why it’s so funny so funny the third one,
even worse than the fertile movie theaters is so bad it’s the third one is so bad I’d say it’s unwatchable but you just have to see where it goes,
oh I Evil Dead 2 also good one.

[1:16:24] The Incredibles 2,
traffic Daylight Donuts
Was Austin Powers 2 intended to be a continuation of the year was just talked about it I like Spy Who shagged me though.

[1:17:07] I love go.
I’m peeling Shay Me From Myself.
Actually did like airplane 2 yellowish is a lot of everybody should just drop a bunch of acid and watch Austin Powers it’s the best thing.
I don’t want to do that I swear to God you will not stop laughing main character of all those movies.
A Very Brady sequel.
The Brady Bunch Movie I’ve never heard of that modern times in the 90s and it was fantastic is that the one where they go to Hawaii.
Okay I still like that one a lot I can back in the day Spy Kids 2.
I was too old for that I love Ace Ventura when Nature Calls,
that makes a comedy.

[1:18:21] That looks like a room full of people their arms crossed.
Hangover Part 2 in the crowd.
Really no problem for me if anyone like talks about a moving air like I got the fast movie ever,
I will fucking hate it just to spite you and I know you’re one of those people I can’t get past it cuz it’s like always ruined and it’s for me so I can go that was your favorite part awesome.
Tell me 75 more times I’m definitely going to go see that movie now.
It’s the 78th time to finally turns you into right now that’s my problem me too.
To the other sequels that were decent I heard that are vacation was technically a third sequel.
Mega 3rd August 2nd sequel for vacation but it was still solid European Vacation was okay.

[1:19:30] National Lampoon’s EuroTrip is that a sequel to Roadtrip sort of technically.
It was more of spiritual it was a direct.

[1:19:49] Unnecessary fictional universe.

[1:20:02] Oh my God.
I just want to look at least that’s just more like a definition.

[1:20:15] Go ahead and read it out loud this is a question that’s like only for me.
Best music production question.
I feel like maybe the next step so when it’s all musicians might be just like tape that one right here.

[1:20:43] Why do people think Disturbed covering Simon and Garfunkel is good,
I think many people actually do any surprises.
I’ve never heard it alone what is it and I wish I could remember who wrote it but,
I feel bad for Weird Al OK Google covers survival
nothing could ever be funnier than that the best thing about that too is like old people heard that song and we’re like I think I’d like these guys and then I got a dollar.
That was the last album.

[1:21:38] Review really accentuates.

[1:21:50] Music.

[1:22:02] Now imagine he’s wearing a sleeveless leather slicker.

[1:22:11] Spike’s out of whatever orifice is like it.
Is there a better driver there a better cover band but they are updated.
Over free doing Simon and Garfunkel cover set just out of curiosity morbid curiosity.

[1:22:48] Is a sign you guys made of her at school like when your old ass man you,
the grandkids like what kind of music did you listen to me sing you a song,
code is that the next one
I don’t want to go to the zoo fuck bad,
baby crib purple shoes character.
What’s up with Mark McGrath half cigarettes face past everything his eyebrows are up the corners of his mouth or up his nose is up he’s doing it’s all up I think they just.
Pulled if you just attach string saw the Ride Along,
I want to know where the marionette is that just does look like
his hair is that all right
yeah right he looks like a douchebag.

[1:24:17] Jesus I Spike tips driving.
Ellen DeGeneres brother.
Looks like a guy that would make grilled cheese sandwiches in toasters.

[1:24:47] Looks like the Silly Putty in a newspaper into some of those like more for Ed Two-Face combo,
I know you think he raised the specials on his forehead play season of The Bully away turn out,
double chin he’s got there the second biggest hit they ever had.

[1:25:27] Food for one person is at home relaxing with us.
To next 100 code,
dress dress sure is there really such a thing as bad production from a recording level or does it sometimes just add more of a unique character to it already unique artist.
There is such a bad thing is that for that shift.

[1:26:02] We can just say oh yes it’s also such a thing as a dumb question
why do they play the Eric Clapton version of I shot the sheriff on the radio constantly,
when it’s clearly the lamest version of the song that says white people,
which movies do you think would not fly in today’s culture,
we want to have a good conversation,
asking what is it crazy how people were even more racist background thank you Rudy dead,
not giving you my password
that’s what that’s always a,
what would your stripper name or your stripper name is your mom and dad’s meeting place and the first car you drove.

[1:27:24] I hit my stripper name would be Andrew am I a male stripper or female stripper.

[1:27:35] Are you in this year we don’t know who you are.

[1:27:45] It is what you make it
I was actually yesterday,
guys I’m so sorry I kept the browser open my bad.

[1:28:08] Know how much wood could a woodchuck chuck up.
What’s the score of these down you wrote These down and put why which is that why there’s no moderator no moderation you just.

[1:28:30] Just I’ll just go with it I guess,
piece of shit runs this show is it Ryan is it Ryan Lee’s fucking dead Ryan after Republic.
Will kick his ass for you. He’s got the hair I got the beard.

[1:29:08] Albumi I guess if you were back.
What’s up dude I’m assuming it’s yourself.
What’s the greatest pick-up line you’ve ever used.
Nothing I’ve got to pick up lines I promise not to talk to you.
Sometimes just the Wing chords I like to write the pickup lines for my friends for like Bumble and Twitter or Tinder one of them was what’s your,
what rank your top 3 favorite Smash Mouth albums,
which one of your snakes that you currently own is your favorite that is a good idea sometimes sometimes,
if I wanted to build a life size model of the ocean what material do you think I should use,
I really have any well that’s the problem.

[1:30:30] I just ordered it earlier dry cleaning,
doesn’t work I’ll take one date please I’m married an old so all my pickup lines,
hey you want to go hang out at that World Trade Center that’s too still totally there no
don’t you want to go slowly died together,
do you want to watch reruns of I’ll be honest life is good hot going well.
Do I kind of like you you don’t like me but let’s fuc.
Going to take a while you have to let go to go but I don’t see anybody else asking you out.
What you think you’re better than me,
cuz Okay how many times has that worked out.

[1:31:46] She’s a drummer in a band well then that’s all you had to say.
Quick Lane quickly there is one show that my band was playing.
And this woman wanted to have a threesome with a couple members of the band,
and I was loading drums outside course I was.

[1:32:25] Did they have the threesome.
How did they were taken and I was outside blowing a lose situation if you even took it.
I didn’t see what the person look like so I assume they look like a large Marge.
Large Marge the comedian don’t from.
I don’t know that they’re they’re very aggressive until I get there.
What do you think causes certain artists or comedians to become apart of the mainstream Zeitgeist more than others.
What what they causes them to be popular for a hot minute.
What are good things good is water wet.

[1:33:36] Bob’s on Wikipedia how do you feel today took Africa by Toto and made it worse.
It’s been doing that with a Weird Al.
Yeah happened this week I also saw the crash test dummies playing with Weird Al like.
Which version is better the crash test dummies played Weird Al’s version of.

[1:34:09] That’s awesome in 1994 like right when there’s came out and where Dallas came out,
full backstory I got into the the crash test dummies recently for no reason I was very bored at work and I was like.

[1:34:29] Do you know what now that that that’s one of the worst songs on the album I don’t like having to say the title,
the guy super fucking weird I believe oh my God so weird.
Is analytical music did the numbers figured out how to make a hit.
Almost worked.

[1:35:00] I’m not listen to their stuff besides that sounds so God shuffled his feet give it a spin.
Give it a listen on Spotify don’t give them your money how do you feel about albums being bundled with concert tickets.
I can School.
I don’t I don’t have an opinion I have no struggle like this depends on how you want to do it.
Specifically August 24th.
If you come to the show you get a free song and album know if you buy tickets to the show you get a free CD that exists not strongly strongly about it August 24th.
Come to where she’ll get an album a CV a CD skip that.

[1:36:03] A compact disc what’s all the store shit on my studio for I’ll pick it up,
it was for dramatic effect that use it was pretty dramatic LOL.
I’ll pick us up later.
Once again then she smiled over at this camera.
We’re going to throw out an old ones but it’s okay let’s just move on.

[1:36:47] The rough episode guys like I’m being straightforward,
where did that what types of shows do you prefer intimate or Arena size,
why would anyone with a good I can drink beers for 97.

[1:37:19] For me I love it I love to play it Arena over an intimate show by the time.
Arena be awesome but I like to see more especially when it comes to Comedy like whenever.
I do not, don’t feel right to me
I want people to know did an arena if he open for any show or not going to name him cuz he sucks shit,
it’s really weird you tell your joke and then you have to wait because it goes through the arena,
and then it just keeps getting last further and further and further and further back because the audio is delayed at Super confusing so you are good at it.
Have the best time because they wait the patient through a yeah that’s interesting.

[1:38:25] Tell me about the Acoustics situation is actually surprisingly important for that kind of situation crazy.

[1:38:34] What are that be the same for musicians to my bed it would but I got
Countryside together slow jam I guess it’s a situation where you’re not relying technically on the crowd unless you’re doing a part of the song where it’s like I want you to sing along,
so it’s not as.
Factoring the right it’s more of a just let it let it go kind of thing.

[1:39:04] Arena if it’s up close if it if it.
Sit down and enjoy the show light a candle sit in the back.
For beer and everyone else is behind me.
How are you behind me get in front of the West why did you pay to be here.
Your ideal festival lineup.

[1:39:53] Daleville 10000 laps in Minneapolis has like a hell of a headliner Festival.
Is there a visor for sale by owners.
Got to go the other like there’s like 7 of them and it’s just like how the fuck did you get all these people.
Yeah as long as Shane Torres last year he was there I got to see him perform and he’s yet really fucking good he was an acting like two months before that so I saw it a nice hell yeah.
Pro tip become friends with that the young comedians that are going to be in the Acme contest then just see who’s playing their contest at OC comics for free.
Leg up Minneapolis listener next question yes,
cute couple more and then we’ll do Shameless plug something in,
appointment at people step out Midway,
if you have different vegetables so I brought it up on air project.
I like the sweats fast.

[1:41:21] I think it’s the most Comics want to have like a Netflix special now you know I would love to have that.
I just want to ride by trees is to do comedy for a living to not have to also cook hamburgers yes to the spot now with my current career that I make.
Fair amount of money to be able to step out of that and going to Comedy going to be like a huge leap of faith right,
that fruit the steaks aren’t too high from you if I can probably go cooking over here somewhere,
you know what I don’t need this job I’m going to go to the show get paid $20,
put that $20 right back into Boos circle of life circle of life.

[1:42:26] How to make a bunch of money,
how they say what he said that a lot right but I don’t know if I want to sell music,
that’s what I want to do I want to be able to make money chilling my bills poking my family with,
my talent not in my league. Somebody I have zero 7 don’t care
why I love stand-up butt sketch comedy is my number one passion.
I do standing mainly cuz it’s easier because you can rely on your own schedule and red and it’s pretty much can I show up to this all right I’m not working there I can be there so it’s convenient but sketch, and be my main thing,
coccinella regardless of,
the opinion is irrational now it’d be like a dream job to do it’s always looked at us,
fat right now before it’s been worse.

[1:43:51] When Donald Glover hosted SNL.

[1:44:00] Yeah that was funny I mean it’s just it’s the Paradox though,
like was it better now or was it better than a lot of people say well it’s better than but do you have to look at who you were at that time frame,
Nathan watch that again my boy flexing in that Space Jam long sleeve
how long ago was that.
Minneapolis pick up mpls spornette status.

[1:44:43] Do you know that the,
this is Space Jam related the old website for 1996 is still out there red fish keep it that way.
I love it to do one more,
solid closer I hope it’s really bad but let’s make fun of it if it’s really bad.
I already talked about the Crash Test Dummies.

[1:45:22] Yeah that’s it as soon as I can be comic musician whatever you want to cover it sure.

[1:45:32] I like early Dane Cook I love Dane Cook
yo member I said I went to Nickelback concert I was going to go to a Dane Cook show and steady but I wasn’t old enough to get in so I went and Nickelback at the Target Center listen to and find funny.

[1:45:51] Like ladder stuff you have to see him,
because his body does most of his jokes my favorite joke that I have right now is like if you listen to Just the audio of Jeff Dunham only
it sounds like a crazy racist guy that she just sounds like you was a hour of a crazy racist
Ono is a flamboyant,
I think you should really should make for like listen to everything listen to everything so that way you know what good and what’s bad is,
shirts out even if some was like this son of this band sucks just listen to him give him the spin and see why you don’t like them because then you can find more what you actually do like right.
And then you have street cred cuz you like I made it through the whole thing.

[1:46:47] I have a lot of like 90s pile of the pop that I was growing up with I still.

[1:46:52] I will admit it’s terrible but I what you doing to love about to walking on the Sun by Smash Mouth,
love topic Steal My Sunshine by Len and I whisper yelled the whole time
have you ever tried that.
It’s just have breakfast on Saturday morning
fucking crazy life like.

[1:47:46] Get the kid the Andy Samberg Nick Cage get in the cage the funniest thing it’s got two things all the time,
the wizard or yelled number to everything’s on fire
right now we’re making a film about my making of a film.
It just want to listen to everything don’t feel bad about it I listen to every now and then I’ll sit down and listen to Michael Bolton Time Love and Tenderness
when a woman actually has some salad stuff I will say that the drum works
on that Walking Dead I love that she just want to sit on a moving piano,
like in that music video Michael Bolton hard rock band called blackjack.

[1:48:56] And I on that album actually pretty solid is a Minneapolis band.
From the late eighties early nineties their hair metal they’re fucking awful their name is slave raider.
Look him up the lead singers name on stage is chainsaw chain he plays a chainsaw,
they’re the reason I got kicked off of Wikipedia forever I used to work with chain so I can I’m not even fucking lying,
I just work at Kay bad and I don’t have his number.
VCard have ended up Wikipedia not for all the stuff I said about Bret Michaels,
you look like a pirate is like the only way to put it is like if you were a pirate.

[1:50:11] That’s chainsaw I can’t I’m not jealous but I also.
Sort of jealous just because I would have had a hard time not laughing at him when I DJ’d we had to go with what was on the playlist and slavery her was on all the time because,
Talk about it still work here,
was it welcome here,
going to do your Lumberjack rocking though
jackal jackal.

[1:51:14] Sub Lucas.
Let’s go around the circle and do Shameless plugs.
August 22nd there’s going to be a,
roast of me at Boston comedy club for my going away party after the open mic is open like at 8 and then,
I roast a vegan Future No the other comedians that night so come to that would be fun.

[1:51:54] How far is Sioux Falls supposed to be in New York September 1st.
Delta the audacity to do something that only literally thousands of other people
still like 1%,
we got this is so come to the roast in a second.
That’s yes your face our address 24 we have this CD.
Came out on Friday so it’s only been live for a couple days August 24th for throwing a release party at Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls with staff Adams Ma. So what who.
Kid brother gray new banks in light in the ones bandage a gunner be Taylor Thompson and rev and then that’s the unofficial.
Sending off of our tour and then we’re going to go do 12 cities in the midwest between September and October.

[1:53:17] Maker music.

[1:53:21] This,
this this is my podcast Diaries if you want one of these just let me know and get you a Brennan.

[1:53:42] I have a new episode coming out tonight it’s going to be late because I’ll be driving home before I can edit it so what’s up tonight ish,
maybe tomorrow early morning I’ve got a show on Saturday in Minneapolis st. Paul and st. Paul flat-earth Brewery at 8 p.m. $5,
Denali Center Road Shaker on Joe cocozello Jason schommer,
I will all be there to be great show on the 21st I’ll be at the VFW in Minneapolis for their show and then I think,
the 29th I’m at South links Legends so come out please I need this.
Anna Ardex is a full this is all I have going for me other than a woman who loves me deeply and enough money.
Panda are next podcast will be in 20 minutes Ryan Sheldon and Phil from the band March in arms.

[1:54:57] Featuring Sheldon Ryan Phil for March.
Nick left you guys free on the show,
that was fun thank you guys so much be on the show,
and as always you been listening to the YouTube channel.


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