Cattle Mutilations Reported in Hand County

The Hand County Sheriff’s Office is reporting to the Hand County Commissioners about an apparent series of cattle mutilations in the area.

Hand County Sheriff’s Office posted the following on its Facebook account:

Today I reported to the county commission about the recent cattle mutilations in Hand County and some in surrounding areas. These events are very troubling and disturbing.

I have located a few websites / links which I would encourage people to review. The more people who talk about this, who are aware of this, the more people will be watching in / during their travels.

I can not emphasis enough how important it is for people, regardless of where you are living, traveling or visiting, to report suspicious activities when it is seen.

It is very unlikely that this type of behavior is happening during the day but it’s not impossible. We want people to watch for activities out in the fields, pastures, groves and yards. If you see someone out in a field…and they don’t appear to belong their…call! Call 911 and report this suspicious behavior. Please do not wait until the next day, or next week or later in the evening. Report it when you see it! If we are going to catch these people, we need to move fast!

Here are some links to review:





Remember…play it safe. Do not confront someone doing this unless you are prepared for a bad encounter. Most likely these people have sharp edged weapons, firearms or other instruments sufficient to kill livestock. We recommend that you observe their behavior from a safe distance and report what you are seeing. Do not engage these people!

Please watch out for yourselves and your neighbors. Check your game cameras, your security systems and check in with neighbors. Make plans for when you are gone from home to have someone watch your place. There is now a business in Hand County that provides security video systems. We would encourage you to consider this for your unattended properties.

Producers: If you are not already, I encourage you to consider wearing a sidearm while out and about. If you want to carry open, the law does not require a permit. If you want to conceal your handgun, stop by and we’ll help you obtain your permit. Normally takes $10 and ten minutes.

Very ominous.

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