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Sioux Empire Podcast Ep 114 Brave New World and RANT-A-BIT with Scott Hudson

This week on The Sioux Empire Podcast things get a little dystopian as Seth’s book club covers Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.  Joining the regular crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) to unpack this Soma filled classic is music journalist, blogger, and podcaster extraordinaire Scott Hudson.  We also get down to business with Scott and learn a little more about him and all of his projects. This week’s episode is brought to you by Live605. Live605 is an online station and media company that provides music and content created by people in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.  and by listener patrons who support the show by going to So is it a bad sign if you read a dystopian novel and think, man, I wish I lived there instead of here?


Seth’s Book Club
Brave New World is a dystopian novel written in 1931 by English author Aldous Huxley

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Machine Transcript

[0:00] Soon buyer park has episode one fifteen brave new world and ran to visit with scott.

[0:08] Oh lord why hundred and i was all read from the bottom of a.
Why do we get this thing that ever live in all things on your say you are having a problem with you sure why you all.

[0:31] Music.

[0:59] Hello everyone and welcome again to another fantastic episode of the sioux empire podcast i’m your host robert mailing and this is the sioux empire podcast that working but harmless pot gas that’s all about so empire news commie music and culture.
Also joining us today is super eager to talk about his dystopian novel for this week seth glover.
Without people on the sound of getting phone does he is also joining us is the tosh is this.

[1:32] He never will it take for the things i just head back for more punishment is podcast who ru,
on the soma here scott hudson i never wrote those things that thanks from yeah no problem let’s jump right into a little cess book club.

[1:57] Would you like to.

[2:01] Music.

[2:08] With that is the one where i can buy weekly look at the zoo that.

[2:17] Music.

[2:24] Talk to sf what you got well i read a brave new world by aldous huxley this week.
Which is a story that describes the world the brick goes to in the pilot episode of rick and morty.
The wind after maury braces legs going down the cliff with the boots that it in turn on.
Goes there show your drano you that’s what he described use the old man which is basically like linda and john going to this utopian paradise,
you know completely void of all il niceness and you know use such an arty that he was a rockstar they’re kind of like,
the savage yeah i took the joys of a brave new world in early that connection rude completely disease and aging were consciousness of happiness is waiting paid,
pleasure income this is all on see other was those of you explain the you know.
Time there over heats landed in the book is andy different than a rick and morty episode after about half way of in the book yummy arrive at disneyworld.
Yeah out to strangers appear one of which the people don’t care about the other half everyone is mesmerized by says that the all the with and being not cared for and john being a celebrity of sorts.

[3:56] Um so yeah it’s it’s thirds the book sets the scene of the utopia which is very rigid and.
Yes very accurate go get laid back.
Really great exactly service seems to be the perfect harmony has perfect harmony for everyone an there isn’t no religion no family’s which you know.
Who the hell would say that we were money if no sickness.
And related parts see talked about conditioning.
The book is published in nineteen thirty two which is fucking amazing what does not really because pat lol stark was like i think the paper was published on that in nineteen o two there’s there’s crats school conditioning.
And they keep the power plug actually was doing the experiments in the nineteen eighty nine you so hours already ad a kind.
I don’t know like i do have a whole society,
dystopian like filter on that tomorrow i’m gonna do that too but anyway there’s dissing talked about it have started thinking was published in nineteen or two,
but proper and conditioning didn’t come around till nineteen like it’s.
Think using the twenty second the upper and conditioning was being greasers and their papers being published on it so.
You know you be really get that the sense of this okay yeah the author cared about saying the actual science of the staying thought about how that will affect society.

[5:34] Where is talking about with the references to the sky is so amazing at future is that how it was.
The church mode taxi conductors eddie huber’s fucking try to may tenth you cover so whether or not it actually happens to berbice the money and making something of the disc in the nineteen twenties thirties stands there,
imagined in his fucking mind with.
Just so many other terrible similarities to today and i think you both have read the books so that was.
Oh is unum knows book you they they go into this reserve which.
And is the tar it’s in condition the children of the utopia as.
There is or was selling turn favorable climate where geological conditions or poverty you of natural resources.
And has not been worth the expense that was the goal of physically a albuquerque he will get through it.
I am going to reserve the come across this woman who was originally from utopia but left.
And have this child so you had she gotten plate lost fight i seen the guy that sends them to the the sanctuary wherever,
says it’s like dangerous cuz he was with a woman there and got lost its for thurs four saturn before the event occurred absolutely so yeah you meet that woman and she had a child in.

[7:08] Eventually this to get taken back to the suit utopia on some sort of experimental research pays which yeah which.
Can the unused book is just like it’s crazy it’s it’s worth every page in word um yeah that’s.
It was great read a little longer than normal guys so i’m sorry for the guys who read your or in book club for the enter hundred pages that again.
But we get.
Lovecraft just like expanded your mind down and now you’re going all over the place move okay just no and me and i was i was hoping to get work lovecraft but then it so this was a slight this is going to.
But yeah.
I tell you next when she was definitely mounds madness anyway that back on topic here i’m curious now that you’ve read that one have you read nineteen eighty four.

[8:05] But you’re probably familiar with the tropes of a great big brother surveillance state stuff like that yeah exactly what do you think.
There’s there’s kind of alike in literary world the rivalry between people were like oh mostly is more relevant then open it so on eighty eighty-four was written after a brave new world,
yeah i went in the back of the xbox there’s a guy from the interstate weather that huxley wrote to or well.
No shit and which i love so they put this in there.
And so he’s and few him as a whirl sent him a book a copy it is publishers and cuts the copy.

[8:52] And the end of is i feel that the nightmare of nineteen eighty four where is dustin to module eight into the nightmare the world having more reading once resemblance to that which i imagine it brave new world.
To change with will be brought about as a result of the fill the need for increased efficiency.
Meanwhile of course there be there maybe it word scale biological an atomic war in which he is the son of nightmares of other and scares the imaginable kinds thank you once again for the book.
Yours sincerely of thought to or well i think that was making.
Or when shirley what is he probably sent it in nineteen forty nine okay um.
So i kinda awesome so is he saying that nineteen eighty four in to bring the world.
That’s what he said he saying that for is like would be like on the journey to break the world exactly can be its my wifi yet scott it’s one comes from another which is kind of.

[9:58] Yeah hopefully is born cindy like to do when the good the.
Pretty good that you came up after i messenger you’ve got there did see your trying thing like we talked about with love crafters very for suspicion he was a scum like.
Reserve your authors are piece of shit pieces of shit and here’s why and here’s why you should publish me but you won’t publish me.
But if you publish we don’t fucking touch my stuff cuz yachts part of.

[10:27] And then it and it works and it works and then also in the beginning of his letter to where it said i need dot.
Tell you yet once we’re fighting how profoundly important to book your book is man’s speech instead of the thing with which the boat deals dot net revolution.

[10:48] That’s just interesting that yeah that’s it’s mine will i always twenty put that in the back of it yeah that’s a good call.

[10:57] So what you personally.
Where you think about eighty four vs great know i am ready for and i know but you know the tropes you know like will i think that he for sunday hope agree now and i think.
Brave new world service sounds like the medicated state that be perhaps of.
Please are you don’t see jenna in of the police of this they’re gonna be key not druggy making happy there there there there there seem to be victimized people i mean for criminals.
Fred or not pregnant woman yeah sorry.
But i don’t know i don’t know if there gonna wanna be shooting some potion and stopping people that way but i do believe that eunice are the more.
We’re talking heavy towards a more medicated in a society which.

[11:59] Is it sounds i like preview world i don’t think the dual moves new family india his that’s to lake what is a new jet urgent jan to mechanic eugenics yeah that’s or avoid that.
And then you know that shit pressuring out every button religion.
Yeah but i feel like it is his idea of like what brings about the time my greets treasure you know like more or some wiring in then and you for ignition civil war torts,
we’re gonna have like the middle of countries every light pan am from hunger games.
And the west coast is to be brave new world and the east coast will be like nineteen eighty four or not he for.
The hand written scale.
Let’s go to bora pan am or whatever i have no credit for that to tv should the tasha pose a singer read that book.
Before it was a tv show what do you folks do you think there’s lake.
Cuz i think that that one is almost like a counter argument to brave new world that kinda like its like its like the mirror of brave new world as its like it just hope that’s created by a similar issues except sj.
Where they go the other way were they go hardcore like christian taliban takes over and then steering.
Yeah i think i think me and still is much scarier and unfortunately i think it’s slightly more realistic young yeah.

[13:34] Yeah if you live this is good one if you were to live in a dystopia.
Would you want oh fucking great new role all the way yeah god yes that’s the sick thing about it like it’s in your head is this what lafayette approve it if i had live in a society i guess i go without one cuz the sugar can they were your your going.

[13:55] I would the contestants see you.
We’re like put the chip in my arm and let’s get sticker and a short form on hard to my fucking some girl already working bro.
Where tenants later this happiness and i’m doing it as pope and the most for the ways or a get over to.
That yeah forty forty that’s right.
What’s important you and the crew lead to murders and i’m still a that the world controller but it got it i mac building grant from the us scared that.
You doing okay well.
He knows the government concessions fair and you know the sad thing is one time yeah my girlfriend will my fiancee and i were playing a game of would you rather.
And your question was how would you grow up it woman.
Or would you rather have no science and ages nuisance because i did the plate i understand it and i don’t want none address no science be a woman is it that.
Wow these are the things that i have pondered as a person medium not normal but these things.
Natasha dot com and thoughts on that there be like not touching that with a ten foot pole.

[15:26] That’s the look of football got it okay anything else before we said we without where does this guy what will you think.
Thank you for praying yeah but just hope you know what you want about her new world the following yeah exam sure so he for with the whole big brother today and if you don’t know i’d i’d i’d prefer to of.
View my big brother world rather than live it share.
That that makes sense then you give the omnipotent like just floating there not having to participate so people lot more fun to read nineteen eighty four that live in exactly there you go.
Okay so let us transition and i don’t have the transition music right now so let’s just jump right into okay we don’t have ten seconds to renew it or let’s say that.
Let’s do it let’s do it.
Okay so sat yes welcome to the podcast this second time around and there were actually let you talk and when i did a lot of talking first time and i know i’m just moving specious pe you get it.
And the talk about what you do what but what will you do.
Please do so do what you do well in some respects i don’t do a lot but i do to much and.

[16:51] You know it’s funny cuz we were talking before when there you did or will you just be.
You i forgot how you call with of godfather is podcast and thought i think i didn’t have the first two photos podcast based i researched a lot before i launch and based on that research i would concur with that.
Yeah like first thing that ever came up and the longest running one that i know of sugar monitor couple small ones not the minor so big for anything but sure.
Yeah two thousand eleven i think is when i start my music show or maybe late two thousand ten so we are there so that that the two thousand ten action than that yeah that puts you had a chaos reigns which is the other longest running podcast and off so.
It basically what happened there is ah i had you know the nineties are over typists.
I was a music collector for decades fever talk about tempests on this podcast we talked about it a little with patrick loudly maybe you guys remember that options at your member tempest,
was the magazine that was like it was ever suppose versions of the pages from yeah i know but i think from patrick okay yeah you remember a little bit that’s galaxy pages the example,
so it in it so i had collected over the cuz i’m insane i made by like some before and hours i have to have everything there ever made.
In so it had built up this giant library of over a hundred thousand songs and is like yo you listen to the last three record i bought.

[18:27] So i have decided does that of judges look forward to show.
And at first it was more of the interview slash music show but my format was i would have people on whether musicians or fans or so i had a couple authors have movie director and would be.
They would pick a dozen songs.
That would be years for throughout the show is so half the interview would be now read the usual plug your stuff kind of thing but why why did you play this why did you pick this arms and.
You know after you go through all your friends and also my famous people you know you end of story regular radio show this is kind of what that became and then.
I have been blocking form of my friends big brother site.

[19:19] And what sister do part cassie and i realize i didn’t write anymore.
You know i do not ready for the argus chairman incisive were only trying to do a talk show because there wasn’t.

[19:31] At that point there wasn’t in the real talk shows based on that show and the couple that were real really really bad it was the love everything and everybody.
And they were to you know if they have a chat they also so the chances you look pretty not nobody was list lags.
Might want to have it on censored you know very opinionated show in and this is what big brother worked for talk shows.
Is the one show that has live feeds i can watch for you were seven.
Just like i’m fasting like our rockers me the upper how a movie is made.
I’m confessing how tv shows are made in with big brother you can in and so you do see how this person that on the tv version is showing of the angel.
But you see that there really the biggest fucking ass holes in the world nice that’s that’s it that’s cool i was argue that like there should be a special like me award for.
The editors of reality tv shows because they essentially have to like create an area of base living at this block of content and break.
Create an areas on our characters except trout out of all this wrongful everything with big brother that’s doing on the fly you buy ever stone six months and time.
So i have said they know that and game when they’re creating the footage big brother.
Yo what you see him was the night they film monday night you know that’s that’s a picture of so we that’s what we created that we actually take.

[21:04] Are you clips from the live feeds.
We point and laugh at them a lot over summer controversial at times were blocked plate number former big brother people file out but we’re regularly in the town is really the top ten of the.
Tv movie it itunes charts ice so what we’re doing is working.
Yeah good for you that’s that is awesome is so it through that going on for the all the other shows a couple years ago we discover page on.
And so one of the one of the rewards of we offered was that collette one because.
And i were to use about day drinking and.

[21:51] We decided that once big brother was done for the year that we were continue danger in through the to the danger that is so that now has become an yearly concert no weekly all your show nice.
In yet that we have a portion of that too and then now more big brother religious of we got approached by.
An app called tv party okay in there trying to create exclusive content for the app it’s all about stuff that’s on tv.
In so we are to short lol weekly shows where they are at a meeting us.
Oh boy yes and for some reason i’m a duck i don’t know why a bit me this it well.
I mean how do you feel docs on the regular you like size to dollar your but it would you like some some little piece of bread or something we might help does it feel about dr in humans.
Which is your under our the diner stopped me when heather was we had a phone call where were they wanted ideas from was for you know.
Care dot one that uses every week we be something different and well in so.
You know i i brought it up because there’s usually a little rubber duck in the pool on big brother his full round cancel use and and i just brought that up next a no that’s all the drama is okay.

[23:23] Collect she’s drawn is a few little blonde girl.
That had whatever you know you won’t be great if they did dr blake your head as the floaty like them circular of the death wish we had a little human.
With so that’s a sure little thing like fifteen min of ten to fifteen minutes weekly that in you know i think were hoping that.

[23:49] Kinda jump starts the other things that we do german more than it already does that’s it that’s five minutes of be.
Condensed so how did you were.
How did you get started in the white pot guessing you’re going about like two thousand ten i was in the first podcasts were like two thousand.
Five right that was like the of the protocol your as i remember.
Well i when my ipod’s downloading a podcast episode of like ten minutes lost the or something like that was in college and just very very primitive different days for podcasting but what why were you like.
You know podcast specifically on.
I’m involves shockingly i’m involved in a ton of online communities sure and.

[24:41] One of them was replacements you doe boarding group whatever in replaces are my favorite band ever.
Okay is so there was somebody in there that was already doing some kinda short little.
Music show weekly rca and service light on top the whole how do you do that.
He gave me some song in or temps i found some software right learn how to edit audio in.
Just went from there that a couple years will later slicer doing it live which was kinda scary at first now sit white no still alive.
Yeah there’s there’s a trade off for me for doing live like this i get more control and more editing and have better video quality cuz we free recorded board do we need to pay oh.
But i have to say as far as like my time why is trash code and urban indians where we live stream.

[25:47] I can’t get it to just live stream but then i don’t have to process it formatted uploaded.
Great all that stuff so it just went when it’s done it’s done other than yeah we don’t do it what would i do my music show all of the ledge.

[26:03] When is done i have to do is cut off the beginning of the end and i upload to server the big brother thing we do stream a live on mix were as we’re recording but like we take little breaks or you know.
Somebody may actually cross a line that has to be taken what’s.
And so there’s a little bit of me in there but i still have it up with that an hour afterwards share you know i’ve i’ve learn how to do that real quick okay it’s fun actually to look at way forms.
Play run with that.
Yeah i don’t do too well with live i have about ten seconds of live footage blue is the first super con.
And it was it was i look like one of those petrified young weather man to get up there and just arm flailing around it the green screen it just.
Stuttering stammering and backed up that i was more like no let’s restart this.
What do you mean that’s restart know this is five this is down ow from the eleven am time does from a nineties thing as a music writer comes of places i.
Interviewing musicians for over a decade sure it even though you can cut and re me but i was record my interviews all yeah.
Is give you some idea of yeah cuz i was on the transfer of them perfectly so.
Read from beginning was exacerbated that transition to do something alive so very very simple the way for the technology year did you sit there listening and transfer.

[27:43] Are still to this day listen transfer when i am because i’m fun software that doesn’t well no there there is no good software that the most most of the supper that’s out there in learns your voice.

[27:57] But you can give to learn that other person which is usually on phone where the quality isn’t that great.
You know toward the to sense of being.
And told the google one is pretty good but it’s expensive to pay by oh i don’t make enough money to even think of that.
So there is the some people make the argument that you can speak words you know much more quickly in writing so it does that benefit if you do get speech to text software that.
Yeah rather that yeah you might not be able to plug it in and have them but you can you mean so just talk there’s.

[28:40] Well i’m a fast day for that helps but it’s generally what i would do is all i didn’t have a misses the road for the argus right three years sure and most of my musician interviews be like twenty minutes long.
And i were transferred old the first and i usually take an hour teaser with me i thought she have to look up words do it what.
I can hear when correctly well there’s a lot of going back to like we today see that moon.
That’s why it takes an hour somehow or the interviews to back was writing.
Oh yeah like where to julie i’d be very present to you to transcribe something that you know was forty five minutes long and now.
Oh no no forty five min one would take longer than i most likely said most argus interviews the belle a twenty minute conversation.
It would take about an hour to of that’s mine yes it is hard and there parents were couple while we’re like when the interview the the guy from the cult.
That was like an hour to two minute conversation and there were things that i just and trust driving and he was very conversation but i knew that i don’t have a thousand words for articles so i have to pick and choose what.
What i use sure.
Let’s see how long what’s what’s your favorite of all of oldest you late would you.

[30:16] Do you like the music the boss the the big brother stuff what’s your or do you like that like id of having multiple things going on in mexico multiple things each have their own you know i’ll be the music thing is fun because i i feel that i am.
Have some knowledge in and i wouldn’t listen to life which i get the impression.
You know you really enjoy this and like yeah appreciate using all level that i will never on it sounds good news is like.
You’ll kill it before f you take a music appreciation class flight we cruise instruction there and before is this cut i lock the noise that make me feel good.
You have an insight i’d totally have friend that is very in depth with the density frozen so he knows just.
The back stories and every you know about every song and i’m like well you know a good concert like an engine but like i got knocked up didn’t tell jesse.
Yeah i’m the same person buys every british music magazine there is and the and buys a ton of books and and you know so.
I have a pretty good stash of in full.
Is so i hope that comes across as yeah but then again like i said the other shows they fill other.
You guys i like to know right to get from the big brother saying yup you know an electrical i understand that people don’t like to shorter like detroit reality tv year don’t like this that.

[31:43] But what we just kind of fun instead of veggies so it enjoy the the bashing reality tv here’s where i always put that i put that in the same category as jim gaff again when he’s talking about mcdonald’s and he’s like.

[31:56] People people are we saying oh you leaving mcdonald’s i know it was a better person than you and yeah he’s like here’s the thing.

[32:07] That’s sign up there says they’ve served but eighty billion burgers but everyone says they don’t need a mcdonald’s.
I think people are wire is that me and it.

[32:22] I don’t understand i get that a lot to me and i like stuff that is consider hi a art.
Select stuff that’s cutter material i’m area is no hired in the new britain world the true and if so i would you know be people fish for something that wasn’t.
I don’t watch tv i read what you mean i don’t read are you trying to say that you don’t read.
I’ve read more books than you did well i love you you’re good joke about this is there was something at this cafe when and now the three in the book of the weakest him to be in shoes like.
What you reading for not what am i reading what if i reading for the honda.
This is this book can you read it and its a story okay but now ie that’s part of the joke i mean she bill hicks everybody’s dead but nobody do bill hicks jose’s.
No i don’t know is he’s just like mitch hedberg there’s some g it me geez use your lost is it did i do mean.

[33:32] Then we for no hear expect from life a year now sorry i know that’s horrible.
Longer know i was thinking like his wife for some with his the stairs with that has a rose on a mission burger to be released yet and mark man had his,
baxter way for whatever on his pike as an she talked about that back and me we two thousand thirteen fourteen okay to this and i’m really stuff,
phones that’s a good episode because you know apparently people thought that bitch died alone will no shoes to.
So it’s a very fast me one i don’t think you’d probably still catch you without.
For two years you can only get to us fifty epson breaking for a bit it’s worth it you now he’s a lot of good kid well and people that are dying think ranger old was one of the spurs.
Just ignore.

[34:27] Yeah i digress i actually wanted to go in the other direction rather than talk about the big brother like what instigated you getting into music journalism and talking to musicians.
Tune into that i’ve been saying about music all my life real soon.
I was buying you know when i was seven years old i was taking my allowance funny you in buying.
The three for two dollar forty fives clothes dryer me that shows all and that isn’t even the word serum yes is you through me but i’m not good with math word for those once you could play interior tackles right.
Can i do about three to beard tiller and not until it during the trolley cars like really he all know about the really story about the nineteen fifties and the third about the three two fluid and ask with the photos i was will rule us.
Yeah eight thirty two xl large eggs so i was able to drink three to be here for a couple years before they made it all one piece.
What do it but i but the colors are the colors radio it so that got me you too.
Creating songs ago trying to create something go together and things like that out and i kept doing shows on.
Are these okay you are what years after that what was your dj name next to much radio down my real name lol cup yeah.

[36:02] Missed opportunity man i wanted to run the,
it is a trip everyone everyone on flight info for public public radio has a crazy know everyone in college radio has to have mr beat night two or mr news for,
i was that was me that was a good way to discover stays and never got my for show wasn’t over night midnight to six.
Let them in half power didn’t go through the big you know they had a wall of the library back.
So what does that mean why yes okay i do is to regular school we try this play it but then.
What happened was temp is started.
I was involved with temp is set first and the person that they did have write music stuff at the beginning was in my opinion that could.
And i didn’t know valley i didn’t know why anybody to set the time.
And i wrote a little heat while was email i wrote a letter saying there is a cover socks off grass and next thing i know i’m interviewing the scorpions.
What else gonna be in dc because you know where d you stereo sounds like in almost famous or the story of you just being a kid that works music is pretty much grown up one day and then getting into the scene and then i suppose that.
You figured out how to get in contact with the there’s probably with them and so that that’s that’s that’s coo yeah eighty eight i think of us and learn from dewey the from ready for the temp was ready for their uses.

[37:46] What i like is and all that’s out there i don’t you know i’ve learned am i a very very strong opinion as.
Many people know but i don’t really care what somebody else likes there at their of their likes dislikes are thousands my so like we are all winners shush with the reason selected artists would say.
You got a interview does he see contractors point arena.

[38:12] Out do you know before with the you know i will do the same research and if it’s where favor bank of town and trying to.

[38:21] Guy and ask them the best questions like here and it’s old try to when i would write that story afterwards i would leave my personal opinions.
All of it is the switch out my job was to write on this act is coming to town so there’s if i really hated them the best news let them hang by their own were yeah.
Them hang themselves it’s the preparation that differentiates the music the manager in the you know music listener service because i like to see dance and.
Go there was no note three you know creed three for searches don’t listen to music or anything just to see them live.
Third it’s lot of music i tickets users i dont know dont know in the ttc z just have a different approach to it and i think others crap this to see using the word.
So everybody has certain thing i would hope that the key to solution to the question that the people would look at the credits on the records.
And then go what what what say you were rolling stones fan nineteen sixty eight p will look at the song writing credits in who is muddy waters.
And that’s how a lot of these blues guys discovered by the waters the us to credits arose over but i’ve what i just kind of an updated version of it is like.
I like this pay and what are their influences life to go find out what they are in x ian on by the tire velvet underground cal nice.

[39:57] So that’s that’s.
That’s use any of the music larger which is final differ than a collector of anything else he out everybody’s got their thing they collect cuz i as lower people just like man think of the money that you must spend on podcast equipment and then to turn around and.
You know like my brother be like the the money you spend on this and then it’s like.
Just go on a big hunting trip investor see parkins been last twenty thousand dollars or some like ridiculous amount that i could never ever spend on.
Anything like this again that’s music for a long time and collecting you must be overjoyed with the advances in technology and the fact that you don’t have to care a crap records and you can add.
You know terabyte with music on areas but where are you do used it since with the record player and like he just doesn’t sound right if it’s not broke on both.
I’m both and i do have.
Hard drive with the back of the back of the back of over to and listen to is he his advice yes but then i also i want.
To visit if i really like something i have to have the physical version of which for years was cd’s that i am now one of those.
They’ve gone back to vinyl yes he’s occurs hundred mp three but you know i’m on it sits there is no yeah i can’t scratch it for can mp three as the car that has a cd player and i have to lose of.

[41:28] The midi and there i get embarrassed easily play the music loud enough that skips that shows our antiquity you know when an antique with this car you have.
You were is yeah zaria when martin is marvelous the and when you see his luke worm up up up no but i have a cigarette lighter.
Can your previous to that no.
But yeah instead of pushing so you later it’s very it’s quite to skip that creedence a track jammed stitches use seventy thousand so that’s just right before everything changed.

[42:10] Used to being incarcerated like just like that like my car is like one year before they put up good lying in on everything source of these account and fm transmitter of.
Is this an option is rl legally mine has except,
also the consent player see i’m not news that which is the great better that would be great although not allow the sony where you can get them at walmart and you can find it online it’s.
Because it was that that’s yellow with no facts of reviews.
Nope that’s a shot of the radio is now gone lisa didn’t international and now we’re getting court date point shack you could still be in business but was your ceo.
Fricking radio shack they claim shack i come on that cassidy cachet for.
It’s trendy it kids shoes kids the people go what.
It is it’s the beginning to something pairs of can’t see though yeah connie and jay z.

[43:17] You no no no kate earlier earlier using the sentence about old stuff and i was asleep well what stone english and then you just set a sentence that i’m just like.

[43:29] Wasn’t about english what does that cover all rocking room or you recover anything outside of that circle around like your property you surf that i was.

[43:41] My stomach area for today but yeah if for some with over the years of you know that causes quite the buttons i know does some of them as an interview done mr.

[43:58] Set culminated and you know i do i did a few years ago yes yes that’s could save safe no but i think about.

[44:08] So i just interview so many be able this like all players where was a weekly thing for three years so yeah i can’t i can’t say emperor we can remember every single guess name that i’ve,
all shit like even for for this can’t even get it right the first and hes memories that grey and and then like.
The other day i was tryna identify all the signatures up on the board and i just like shit like half of my don’t remember who that is.
What was the way to find since the touch as started cat you know creating a bolt of what’s the real reason for natasha’s photography is for rob shitty memory and that’s why we switched the oyster doing video as well as so that rob can be like.

[44:51] Sprinkles will only remember that you’re as the ones that fall is gonna have labels on the back with the room like right now in prints name.
This just people names in crayon while i was the year maureen by sade printed oh no actually it’s is the manual.
Once you do this studio is grey is thirty up re well and and i need a like unify that to say.
The the sound stuff i for okay so if you buy a cheap chinese knockoff sound phone like that do not also buy the cheap chinese knockoff double-sided tape that in the car with it.
Because that should this shit yeah do not agree,
not at all pretty little like blue but if it does work long enough to make you think it works and if you come in the next stay in your tire studio with amanda’s like i hate to tell you this but.
Your studio looks like phone hell cuz there’s like chunks hanging from the ceiling and stuff all over the floor and slick got hit.
Yeah but anyway that’s little inside track there for folks at home my soundproofing foam did not want us wanna stay so,
now if you look at the back of the panels that looks like a mad scientist with limited resources was trying to attach it so it’s like three in three different kinds of packing tape masking tape duct tape and.

[46:25] And screws it up occasionally just for the fuck of it like this screw that shit literally what.
I want to buy the leary’s the use both tues and goes to divide in fridge stand and take it that.
Words in nj who were testing yes it is it really is.
Um so speaking mysterious of you ever like a home set up that you use discover bedroom now okay me i have a nice desk with.
A mixture of that has an ipod dock i have a couple old school hundred sixty gay got,
ipod’s city mostly record by yourself then and if you do interviews you do those yeah everybody owner i have various other recording tech.
You know things for recording interviews weather’s on the phone or in person whatever and in those would just simply do it solo alot you have the surrey warner cone of silence.
The sissy that is cook siri every where she said she it she’s the second biggest pot caster hearing snowball’s chance she’s in like new and notable itunes constantly and she got figured it or like for a bunch of stuff,
with your girl in space podcast um.
Anyway when she records for some point he’s always fucking amazing i’m was blown away by it and the seeker is that she’s got a bunch of like.

[47:57] Chicken wire and the soundproof foam around it like a cold the she sits on her desk,
with the microphone inside the image just sticks their head in that has a script that she restart near when i’m in and i don’t do that but when i have orders equipment or audio is like an pr level like.
Cuz i was just like i’m so blown away by house greatest south of the show be a photo it looks like six freaking like farm arts and crafts mixed with plate.
From home and stuff is making this cronin’s yeah no i-i i have good mike some nice mixer and three laptop since.
That’s hours from eight nine thousand thirty the address once in but hearing you say ipod’s agents at the cachet of apple.
And say house then transferring the music ss cross.
Anything on apple devices sorry and the city and just those four nine how ridiculous see complicated than me transferring your for can file cp.

[48:59] So there and a record of it records as a wave the up voice the voice mail of all.
And do it i hook it up to buy a lot of me lisa’s you wanna download,
i click it and chances are on i expect to wait for for you serve you disease above is the ruler yet because i tunes but you just like to say fuck apples dr m.
What’s apple’s year end fuck apple for the role you know anti rate read to repairs all yeah that’s bullshit and itunes interface is probably the least convenient for musical actors ever.
But it’s burning change it and then so the five height now to download the update user.
That’s one thing is you know i have to advise against that and some kisses for security,
but it in stone yet doing did apple sheet for us to sit down brothers.

[49:58] It’s their current sorry casen she just when people know the verses they can viruses.

[50:06] And to get to know the suspend south that we can we are opposite area for sets i fucking hate apple moment one thing that the do correctly is the talents work with government to decrease their phone.
Set hue to that one good thing bodied.
You know steve jobs get out of your apple we don’t care anymore bring back you’ll imax with cool colors such.

[50:32] Sorry that’s that’s my age that oh boy.
So yeah i think this is probably a good points to.

[50:44] Is that what comes from prison six weeks shyness plugs and so one more time scott go ahead and ira rattle rattle off where people can learn about you and.
See your stuff and eccentric cetera scott wasn’t dot blogspot dot com peter dot com slash the brother guys of.
You can listen live on saturday nights at nine pm to the big brother gust so that’s mixer and my x l r dot com slash.
Slap a hyphen whatever dish dash is is going of big desk over the last doesn’t dash.
It also picture dot com slash the drinking i think that’s enough okay fair enough.
What’s the the tasha what he or she was sleeping this week my hopefully by this.
Open airing son craft finished nice so you’ve you’ve got one week for that to be for for self fulfilled prophecy.

[51:50] Set the fuck is your phone doing my family thang drive you by windows in your and your fine just let us let it charge to do its thing it just.
Seth was your pay was plug for iphone.
Each reel my mind that should cheer girls were broke i broke my head but being head brady.

[52:22] It’s like everyone pictures and say it’s not the give up are thinking about it’s me nice and.
Okay i’ll i’ll go ahead and list some stuff here.
First off i want to give a huge patria on thank you to matthew paulson for signing up for patria on he.
I believe german at the pheasant level which means that the sioux empire podcast guarantees that you will never be hunted for sport by rich was.
The remainder of the ship are not there so let’s see.
Also once again remember to supports your view like what we do if you like our random sound effects the middle of us talking three support the sioux empire podcast number we do to bring you a virtual local content at patron dot com slash sioux falls.
Also just a reminder that we are now on live sick so five streaming radio station all of our shows are on there i believe this program is either.
Monday or tuesday nights i will post that on the block for sure but all of our shows are,
like constantly looping on a station that a lot of great music local music content to in some the other podcasts there come our sister shows like chaos reigns and are bombing with them bugs to your be sure to check out all those shows that alive six to five.

[53:46] And i think that’s it for my.
Plugs will it can’t remember my own remember but that is no one else’s fault of my own.
Fault infirmities of the mind in so you know i’m memory,
but i’m gonna since it looks super has appeared tickets are still have the teacher and you cannot be brother marcus is waiting for me he turns over the news division come social progress i’m okay with that too and also.
Because there’s such a spirited discussion now you know instigated from enter for whatever words for when using marked,
i’ve been up for our dates but all the futuristic thinkers out there like fun sleeping or that you know write their thoughts and.
And not there for the world to read the makers of the heart higher arched has he discussed on this part does and.
On the park answers out there six to five.

[54:51] Everyone every shift cedar con it’s basically echoing robbers but still the with the added features so there is ninety.
Your shit was plus.
Thank you very much and scott thank you for sitting through that and thank you for agreeing to episodes with a suspect resume owns his own impressive endurance think you for that.
And we look forward to hearing about how your projects go in checking out that animated stuff and yeah thank you for coming and we will see all of you next week.

Sioux Empire Podcast Network Launches Paranormal and Weird History Podcast

Sioux Falls, SD: The Sioux Empire Podcast Network is launching a new podcast about the paranormal and weird history titled Macabre Grimoire. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.
What makes this podcast unique is it’s combining the perspectives of believers, history buffs, and the skeptical eye of a performance magician in the grand tradition of Harry Houdini’s “A Magician Among the Spirits.” In addition to the paranormal, the trio will also examine weird histories and historical mysteries. Topics in the first episodes will include dream interpretation, astral projection, and the Voynich Manuscript.

For producer and co-host Robert Mehling, this podcast is a passion project that he’s been planning for many years. “This project has been a dream of mine for a long time. These topics are something I’ve wanted to approach in a format like this since I was a kid listening to Coast to Coast AM with my dad.” Medium and co-host Ari Show “Since I deal with the paranormal in my everyday life getting to talk about it on a podcasting platform is very exciting. I never realized how steeped I was in not only supernatural experiences, but also paranormal lore after we recorded our first few episodes. I’ve been podcasting for six years now about filmmaking, and we’ve touched on the paranormal before, but I’ve always wanted to be involved with a project where its topic was the sole focus.”

Macabre Grimoire is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and all primary podcast providers. The first full episodes will premiere on Tuesday, May 1st.

A Race We Can and Should Win By Sen. John Thune

By Sen. John Thune 

The United States has experienced numerous technological revolutions throughout its relatively short history that have been so monumental that life as Americans knew it would never be the same. Henry Ford made automobiles and the assembly line a reality. Scientists helped American astronauts take “one giant leap for mankind.” And U.S. innovators and academics played a pivotal role in making the internet as integral to our day-to-day lives as it is today.

It was Americans’ desire to ask “what’s next?” that led to each of these technological revolutions in the past, and it’s already leading to those of the future. An easy example of this is the evolution in how we’ve consumed media over the last century and the technology that has allowed us to do it. We had books and newspapers, then radio and television, then color television, then VHS and VCRs, then DVDs and Blu-ray, and now with a few quick clicks, you can watch a movie from a wireless tablet on a chair in your backyard or on an internet-connected airplane at 30,000 feet.

When it comes to mobile broadband technology, in particular, of which media consumption is only one small part, I believe American innovators and entrepreneurs are at the doorstep of another “what’s next?” moment. I’m hopeful that lawmakers in Washington can help these new American pioneers cross the finish line faster and more efficiently, because if we don’t win this race, another country will.

In early 2016, I introduced the Making Opportunities for Broadband Investment and Limiting Excessive and Needless Obstacles to Wireless (MOBILE NOW) Act, bipartisan legislation that would lay critical groundwork for the next generation in wireless broadband technology. At the time, I said the MOBILE NOW Act would be our passport to a 5G future of gigabit wireless connectivity, and I believe it now more than ever.

While the Senate Commerce Committee, which I chair, easily approved this common-sense legislation a few months later, it unfortunately didn’t make it to the Senate floor before the end of the year. We were close, though, which is why I reintroduced the bill on the very first day of the 115th Congress in 2017. Our hard work and persistence paid off. The committee passed it again, and, as part of a larger legislative package, so did the full House and Senate. Our multi-year effort culminated with the president recently signing it into law.

Now that it’s the law of the land, I hope we can move quickly to cut unnecessary and overly burdensome red tape so U.S. innovators can continue to move the ball down the field. By deploying newer, modernized infrastructure, like small cell technology, and making more of it available for broadband, including inefficiently used government spectrum, the airwaves over which mobile communications travel, we can achieve these goals.

My hope is that as this new technological revolution continues to take shape, states like South Dakota can play a leading role in making it a reality. Some might say, “why South Dakota?” And to them, I say, why not? It’s within reach.

Why Call It Good Friday?

Good Friday is the day when Christians memorialize Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. So why is it called Good Friday? According to the Bible, Jesus was ordered to carry the cross on which he would be crucified and then put to death. So what’s so good about it?

Some suggest that the day is “good” in that it is holy, or that the phrase is a corruption of “God’s Friday”.

However, according to Fiona MacPherson, senior editor at the Oxford English Dictionary, the adjective traditionally “designates a day on (or sometimes a season) which religious observance is held”. The Oxford English Dictionary states that “good” in this context refers to “a day or season observed as holy by the church,” for example; the greeting “good tide” in England or old Christmas songs. In addition to Good Friday, there is also a less well-known Good Wednesday, namely the Wednesday before Easter.

The earliest use of “guode friday” is in The South English Legendary, from around 1290. According to the Baltimore Catechism – the standard US Catholic school text from 1885 to the 1960s, Good Friday is good because Christ “showed His great love for man, and purchased for him every blessing”.

The Catholic Encyclopedia says that the term’s origins are not precise. It means some sources see its roots in the phrase “God’s Friday” or Gottes Freitag, while others argue that it is from the German Gute Freitag. It notes that the day was called Long Friday by the Anglo-Saxons and is referred to as such in modern Danish. It also says that Good Friday is known as “the Holy and Great Friday” in the Greek liturgy, “Holy Friday” in Romance Languages and Karfreitag (Sorrowful Friday) in German.


Happy National Puppy Day

Sure it’s a made up holiday, but hey, puppies!

Boe Forum On Public Affairs: Condoleezza Rice

Each year the Center for Western Studies brings in an amazing and nationally prominent figure to discuss the issues of the day to Augusta Universtiy.  This year we sent Peter Pischke to take some notes and get some reaction to the event.  This years speaker was former United States Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Peter Vaughn Pischke

Peter Vaughn Pischke (Photo Provided)

Hello Audience,

This is a summary (what was to be quick)a write-up of the Condoleezza Rice speech at the Boe forum over at Augustana University on 3/20/2018.
I’m not going to pretend to be unbiased when it comes to the incredible legend that is Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

I’m a big fan, and this bio will tell you why.

A Quick Bio

She is a superstar in the worlds of policy, politics, history, and academia in general. Few in the western world know more about the middle east and Russia. She in person talked to Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev (another BOE forum speaker).

Both Presidents Bush came to her for advice and guidance on policies across the board, both foreign and domestic. During the whole of the George W. Bush administration she was there to lean on, first as the National Security Adviser 2001-2005 (first woman to do so). Then she served as the 66th Secretary of State 2005-2009, the first African-American woman to occupy that position and the 2nd woman to hold it as well.

Since then, she has written definitive books and guides that still are used by members of academia, and is currently a rock-star professor over at Stanford Graduate School of Business. And to my eyes, she always looks like she is in her 30s, which is pretty good for a young 63 years of age.

So when my friend Robert said he needed to offload some tickets to hear her speak: it felt like I was getting to meet some iconic rock group like the Beetles or the Police.

I mean getting to hear the lady who was an essential guiding hand to our foreign policy following 9/11 is a can’t miss opportunity.

Why all the pain these days, some historical background info

If you want to know what American Conservatism is, you need only listen to this speech from Rice.

Rice started by telling that the reason for the tension and chaos that we are feeling in the United States and across the globe is because worldwide, nations are abandoning the systems put in after World War 2.

After World War 2, an open and free economic system was put together in the U.S. and the rest of the western world. This system was to be non-interventionist and to stay away from protectionism because it was these systems created and elongated the Great Depression. And to help growing nations with developing economies the World Bank and International Monetary Fund so that all countries had a chance to build economically.

These systems worked “remarkably well” and “lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty.”

We, the United States led the allied powers after WW2 into supporting free and independent democratic nations in Germany and later Japan.

“Free Peoples and Free Markets” With the protection of the “American Military power as the Halo on top of this head.”

The Modern Era for China and Russia

“Everyday after September 11th felt like September 12th.  Now we face danger from ungoverned nations. There are new threats like cyber warfare, and Russia and China. (which) are two great powers misbehaving.”

Rice notes accurately how China is angrily expanding at an enormous in the South China Sea. However, China will still have to hold back because they are too integrated and dependent on the United States economy.

Russia is a different case. While China is a rising nation, in her opinion Russia is a declining power.

This next part reminds me of how awesome Rice is:

” I’ve met and talked with Vladimir Putin,” said Rice. Putin believes himself to be a great Russian leader like Peter the Great. I know because he told me “Rice you know us. You know Russia succeeds when a strong leader is in control”. In his eyes “he is turning back the humiliation of Russia.”

That is why he is willing to take Ukrainian land and push jet patrols over the coast of Sweden.

The 4 Horseman

Condoleezza then labeled the evil ideologies that are in opposition to Free Peoples and Free Markets.

Populism, Nativism, Isolationism, and Protectionism

Said Rice “for some globalization didn’t turn out well.”

Rice warned about the rise of these new so-called right-wing parties in Europe that are starting to take control of some governments.

Everyone these days decides to “play the blame game… for the left, it is big banks.”

So how do we begin to protect the liberal order?

Rice referred to when two people who speak a foreign language try to get each other to understand what they’re saying. How that people tend to “speak a bit louder, so they will understand” what they’re saying.

That is what it is like today communicating with people on the other side of politics from you.

To Rice the solution to save the liberal order is dire and straightforward: The United States must lead, or there is no chance for free nations and free markets to prosper.

Technology and Energy

Rice lives and works in Silicon Valley where the tech companies feel that they have the solution for everything. To Condoleezza, she believes that technology is neutral with the potential to be both for good and evil.

Her example is the splitting of the atom, which brought nuclear energy, medical scanning, and useful isotopes. But it also brought the horror of the atomic bomb.

In particular, the power of Online Learning is capable of transforming lives of children who live in poverty. Technology allows a kid from any walk of life the opportunity to gain an education.

Rice said with wisdom “Technology can be the answer to: Do you hear me now?”

She was working at the White House when the price for of a barrel of oil went to almost $145 in 2008. Russia decided to use this opportunity to wreak havoc and invade the Crimea and move forward other intense interests.

Russia didn’t use its energy resource and power for the global good. But we the people do.

“The United States can be the most stable energy platform in human history.”

So just imagine what good it could do?

The Millennial Generation

Condoleezza Rice is a professor and works with millennial students all the time.

“This is the most public-minded generation ever!”

She says a lot of her students then expect their first job too meaningfully. Don’t make this mistake.

“Your first job will not be meaningful; it’s your first job. Just do it and get it over.”

Education problems

“We the People is never an exclusive policy.”

America is an inspiration. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Even if you were born in Russia, and immigrated to the US like the co-founder of Google.

“Sergei Brin, the co-founder of Google, would never have been able to create Google in Russia.”

But Rice is scared for the fate of many young Americans where this founding principle may become untrue.

“The Crisis in K-12 education may be the biggest National Crisis today!”

“8-year-olds that can’t read now will never be able to read.” She also added that only 30% of the military could pass the written basic training test.

Rice stated her worries that people would remain ignorant and thus scared and angry at each other due to a lack of proper education.

“Education is the armor against prejudice.”

With probably the best line of tonight, Rice said: “My Grandfather is a Presbyterian minister and college educated because of it. He knew it would transform generations of Rices.”

Education can provide “limitless horizons.”

Rice fears that the United States may soon exist as if we were like two countries, one that is educated and one that can’t read.


Rice still feels that America can thrive and that “There has to be a way out.”

Americans have the most ingenuity, innovation, and compassion than anyone else.

Solving today’s problems are hard “but no harder than our origins.”

Rice said our founding is profound considering the impossible trials before them. Washington defeating the most powerful nation on earth at that time, the end of slavery via the defeat of the Confederacy in the civil war, and the migration of so many over mountain passes to settle in the beautiful west.

The U.S.A to Rice has come far: “I took the oath of office for Secretary of State under a document that treats a black person as 3/5 of a man.”

Condoleezza Rice ended her speech by praising our great country.

We are the “most compassionate and freest country in the world.”

Boe Forum on Public Affairs Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Boe Forum on Public Affairs Dr. Condoleezza Rice (Photo Provided)

Macabre Grimoire Coming Soon (Trailer)

Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.