Sioux Empire Podcast 129 Veteran’s Day With Garrett Gross from Age Media

On this very special patriotic episode of The Sioux Empire Podcast hosts Robert Mehling and Seth Glover welcome Garrett Gross from Age Media, he’s here to tell us about some of the extraordinary stories about Sioux Empire veterans he’s collected.

Sioux Empire Podcast 114 South Dakota Kills the Internet with Scott Hudson

Well internet, we’ve had a good run, but this week South Dakota finally killed you.  We always kind of knew you’d be behind hit but we just weren’t sure how. This week the Sioux Empire Podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Estes) welcome music journalist, blogger, and podcaster extraordinaire Scott Hudson.  This week’s topics include a deranged entomologist, Sanford Health’s Great Shots (finally older white men will have a place in Sioux Falls), the Sioux Falls city council decides to let you keep speaking (For now), the best mayor in the history of Minnesota and possibly America retires (Good Mayor, Who’s a Good Mayor?  You Are!), speaking of dogs, Daren Ketcham returns to his masters at Legacy Development for the treat he earned while playing city employee (Good boy), and finally South Dakota makes sure that you must be this tall (holds hands overhead) to survive as a retailer on the internet. This week’s episode is brought to you by Live605. Live605 is an online station and media company that provides music and content created by people in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.  and by listener patrons who support the show by going to The Sioux Empire Podcast bets that Duke the Dog Mayor never tried to silence public input.



Sioux Falls to release wasps in fight against emerald ash borer: ‘It’s our revenge’

“It’s really an unpleasant way to die, but let’s just say it’s our revenge,” —

John Ball, an entomologist and forester with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture


Splendid new pleasure palace for our oligarch overlords

“Sanford Health plans to open Great Shots, an interactive golf entertainment business, at the Sanford Sports Complex. It will feature a three-story driving range, a restaurant and meeting spaces. Great Shots also will house the Sanford POWER Golf Academy. It’s scheduled to open in late 2019.”


Public Input Compromise

“The City Council abandoned their plan to move public input to the end of its weekly agenda.
Instead, a compromise measure was forwarded that would keep public where it is now but limit it to 30 minutes and giving the speakers three minutes to speak.”


Minnesota Dog Announces His Retirement as Mayor

“After serving four terms in office, a Minnesota dog’s owners announced the canine is retiring as the city’s mayor. Mayor Duke was elected mayor of the town of the tiny town of Cormorant. A town of about 1,000 and about 3 and a half hours northwest of the twin cities. Duke’s owner said that it’s time for the 13-year-old dog to retire. Now Duke has been involved in many of community events including leading the town in parades to appear on billboards. Even one of the teachers at the local elementary school is releasing a book based on Dukes time in office!”


Best Gov money can buy


South Dakota kills the Internet



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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Soon buyer podcast one fourteen south dakota kills the internet was scott hudson.
Oh yes we ordered yo robin that was all him party from the group of the building.
What will you get the ps four battery smile all things on interstate your red car having a.
Sure and light on the.
[0:29] Music.
[0:57] Hello everyone and welcome to another great episode of the sioux empire podcast in your host robert mailing and this is the sewer empire podcast the corky but harmless podcast that’s all about to empire news county music and culture.
Joining me is always on the camera is natasha to the s this.
[1:14] Oh yeah and also joining us is seth piano man glover also an affirmation the yep.
And joining us today is a very special gas to a pot the godfather of sioux falls podcast scott hudson,
my god father room old man suposed parkas senior citizen.
[1:38] Did the letter about your muscles to the right front the caymans and park out by the grow there you go.
Let’s see let’s go ahead and jump right into this year so here’s our first headline for this week.
So i saw this story and in doing double take because i was is like this is okay this is like an onion article or this usu falls headliner like pretty article but no this is sue falls to release why us to fight against the emerald ash bore.
Poets are revenge that’s the actual goddamn argus leader headline for this thing so.
Using wasps that prey on the boars is also an effective way to supplement response efforts he said later this summer hill begin releasing the loss to lay eggs inside the error of words which jesus christ nature is fucking brutal.
We wish then die and then the wasp eggs hatch and let see.
In order to falls where they are confirmed emerald ash force okay but what was interesting here’s the this is the actual quote from john ball the and tamala just and forrester who’s releasing these things.
It’s really unpleasant way to dot no shit it’s really unpleasant way to die but let’s just say it’s our revenge slow rude in she’s slick shit that’s.
That’s star command that i feel like this animal in the sky is like working out some issues through the emerald ash forces like that for you treaty custody of my kids all that you fucking emerald ash for.
[3:13] And it’s like something out of a science fiction movie where the wasps are gonna rebel and they’re gonna start killing us yup the desert laying eggs in us and it be like alien or something or like it’s loading with wasp eggs and stuff.
Yeah it’s suppurate who was with good intent yes it makes me think of.
[3:32] There’s a simpsons weather like we’ll see we’re gonna release the the special birds to kill all the snakes site but then what will you do about the birds is like.
Oh then releases special breed of grill that will be a perfect.
But then what will you do with the gorillas is like although all freeze to death in the winter time is slick civil freelance great plan yeah.
That could help but think that sums up as unread so not much of a story here other than i just plate.
The animal exists years the john ball is working out some fucking like rage issues.
That quote is so weird though when a horrible way to die truancy in the city and the he is the are great gaming days of species you,
do you remember the sir live skit with a printer member if it is was like a will will ferrell year or when it was but.
With the ants trap that is her flight cockroach trap that’s like here it’s you know greater living insect traps.
It’s not enough just to kill the cockroaches we have to make them pay,
and so is like a computer simulation the cockroach crawls in and these robot arms pull off all that’s arms and legs so does that,
text it shows a want of cotton so good i’ll call into its anus and its model of the little congresses eyesight is like and then it beats it to death with its only that’s the.
[5:06] That’s what i think of when i think of this guy and his like he would invent the cell that but you probably like pitch that you know were cockroaches being beaten with their own lens and it made me think of,
what’s that rick and morty while rick.
Pickle rick yes oh shit that is very pickle ram mm nice point for you.
Yeah okay so moving on from.
From are like mad scientist entomology just a splinter do pleasure palace for our new all of the or for are not our new are all of our overlords.
This is the new sanford health plans to open great shots of interactive golf entertainment business at the sanford sports complex will feature a three story driving range which damn this actually has some pretty fucking cool.
A restaurant and being spaces.
Great shot will also how’s the same for power golf academy which i don’t know what that is but the scheduled to open in late twenty nineteen so yeah well i’m kinda like man you know was who falls needed another like playground for.
Old white rich people yes but you know that’s that’s demographic that is really under served here.
But the same token i’m just like as i am getting older and.
Continuing to be white and has like a golf range that would be nice.
That would only shoes i have coffees probably indoor range behind that only i although the idea of walking eighteen holes for,
a middle aged fat guy like me is yeah.
[6:37] Yeah i could do that in my twenties we used as because i cant hit my two little it can hit a golf ball like if i try of the tv to the club like a hit and then takes a swing and looks like someone blew an air horn and is faxing,
not not not exaggerating not making this up.
I had one good friend’s wife say when she saw me swing the first time cuz we we have this wednesday ritual we go to the indoor driving range and make wouldn’t just hit like cuz it was like five dollars for all you can swing,
and so does a bucket of golf balls this wack wack not any better but finish it and she said and i quote.
Robert swings like it looks like a nineteen fifty’s robot swinging a golf club.
[7:24] Set things jennie thanks you knows it’s only been like ten years since the quote now i’m just like not gel or not to not bitter about it all.
Or self conscious but no back in the day in my twenties golfing was more excuse for my group anyway was to,
drink right drive a drive a golf cart around good and smoke cigars exec and then my wife maybe give up cigars and now i’m allergic to alcohol so in can like.
Call the stent colors that i.
[7:54] Is what was left golf core i can say i got internet man it i don’t need a golf cart to go to miles do yeah.
The farmer drive a four wheeler and do some real shit if i’m one like you know get that.
Get that check box checked off since got a drug range restaurant in many places i like that like when they were interviewing for one of the four letter local major news stations the guy a.
I was like that with this place to be some where that you would go on a date.
And what can a man is the whitest date for changing the grill on a day late whose place because honestly a.
If she likes it that’s back in because.
There is there’s like nineteen cloves that’s nineteen different things i went on a date to an archery range i now own a bow and arrows just you and close the case.
I feel so grown up of this word of golf i hope you got deep pockets of the b is that shit’s whorls you can you know i don’t know man it’s too much it.
You just yeah.
I mean i don’t some of yours from here but the real issue here is we have a medical facility that is now turning into of.
Profit you know retail spot.
You’re very pretty soon the saver couples be like empire mall you’re gonna have you know a little orange juice shop years is is forget that that that that technically does the hospital system that’s opening like.
[9:32] A call short and it’s crazy it’s one thing for them to put their name on every building in town which you know we could go on and on about that have now we still,
now it’s another thing to do they they’re their becoming retailers where when does the medical fees start to go down because a making money on these,
these little shops while we know that he hear hear you’re adorable that you just wanna just take you home and you know all yeah do.
Exactly but yeah something i forget to is that in this hospital systems is like.
[10:08] Next of the water sides of that either but you know business ethics and you know the.
Ethan’s and makes non profits haven’t really been something that and then it’s what is that put its its good point out is a tight when it is things.
[10:31] Next story pump natasha did you have some to say i’m sorry i will i suck at golf on exit seventy golf.
The research i would high five you if i was closer see.
So but i have done for the golf a couple times on the aux frisbee golf is fun except for that and except for that one time you over here why i stopped.
Frisbee golfing i don’t think so toast round so mutual acquaintance of ours from our college days and i’ve were frisby golfing.
And he basically shattered a little kids face with a frisbee golf desk proving not that does not yeah so you can imagine this dick this dick i.
You can mention about how well he handled like breaking a little could fix so the killer like a broken nose you can see the market was like super bleeding and the mom was like and nick being the stand up more all.
Pillar that he is like what the fuck i hear her up to the front house.
He’s so it probably hiding under the covers are they going flick yes i’m sure they went to the hospital next week.
We have way to be but yeah some frisbee golf after that which i don’t want to either cuz there’s like it’s downloading right i think i can do it now and i feel okay but like i still see blood when i think of frisbee golf so yeah.
Yeah mr golf often and that to his happened to non me you but my friends it’s some kind of days.
[12:07] But you know with happens you really have to lady cowboy where the where do they put those damn course because.
[12:14] Or where did they put this fucking hole because it’s like i’m throwing across the sidewalk to that it was prentice park invert vermillion i guy i know but you know each yeah yes yes or a.
[12:27] Yeah you’re right i’m sorry study or play frisbee golf.
Couple times size of you’re familiar with what the hell we’re talking about la,
any way to get him in the face will he got really angry and night to the frisbee in the river that was right next to a little stream well to be honest i would too if so hit me in the face of one of the bleeding all of a sudden it.
Who did it were them they would yeah well see it but there the dude yeah he you hit my friend in the face with tears.
And that’s yeah so very we said sorry it’s your time but the course was poorly designed and with the walkways and such.
So that’s that’s why that’s when he hit the kid was because the guy was lilly standing in line to get the pools looks like a mass of human beings.
Like right in front of the pool and furnace park is like the course exec’s over the lake front entrance of the pool area that’s where it is and really not as well well place.
You know new that park built in like nineteen ten is not like i do for frisbee golf course but yeah.
Actually kinda was cuz of the one where people around it was great for golf course but anyway moving on moving on from that scene cover the.
Pleasure park for overlords public input speaking of rich people telling us to shut up and sit down.
[13:54] The public input compromise so we covered this last time what they’ve where were at now i believe i’ve been a little out of and i can have some family shit going on this week.
But i believe where we’re at now is we’re gonna do a second reading on the proposal where they would keep public input at the front of the meeting.
But the what limit public input to thirty minutes yes there’s this other little rules to a.
Let the if your scott aaron you must stand on your left foot the entire thing as the of the balance on one what if you fall and your turn is a fish does make that rule so that like i would like to see that,
cuz then play would get better ratings on the the city lol channel i think so and i think people would be a lot more to the point disability okay so of its water coming in my basement i think this is his response was also guy got kids is,
when you fall over the like that poor guy okay we should do something about that also we should like pick him up off the floor.
So what but yeah that’s where that’s at and.
[14:56] I don’t like i said i’ve been distracted so i haven’t gotten all the details on this but i guess on the surface i might.
[15:03] That’s okay i guess if we have to do anything with public input a feeling this is.
A solution in search of a problem for you read me that’s that’s that’s the problem the prior administration.
Had sinus issues with large percentage of bubbly.
Yeah no is this at roosters you can i have those same problems apparently sd counting on it the must be.
I did the thing that bothered me.
As i was relievers people’s facebook rants about this is you will get all you will get is people that we need to just republic input so we can get the real business is that okay so.
[15:47] Two million years all are all the for you know that.
These people work and get it i would not want to talk,
the listen to scott every week yeah who are you kidding i’d.
You know some of these people they had their neck.
This is there one time to talk to the city about things that matter to.
Let them have their it will you let them have it there’s is that hurting anyone that want isolated incident where someone threw out a four letter word.
One isolated incident now so what about the children yeah when someone please think of the children government is a doll business yup.
That’s the bottom line in in is guarantee that concert,
every word plus a few others all man that his probably got you too he’s probably yeah probably is like were like swear words they’re like wontons were words that are beyond our comrades aqui trying to lake,
diagram the sexual positions referencing and we just be like okay this is purely theoretical everything because possible yeah.
[16:54] Internet but death so yeah um.
So i don’t know i’m still kinda miffed about this pissing me to do something i guess at least they’re keeping it at the front and lisa is the owner zest ah i don’t have a problem with the police of rules that you know maybe.
That once a month thing that’s five disc i just feel like a shitty kinda like why did this even have to be a thing and yeah.
[17:22] Whatever he moving on.
Now here’s a story about some fucking effective government for once although i’m very sad to announce that duke.
He mayor of a small town in or the town of course that.
Warm warmer in the corner wrench he’s lord of corn ranch keeper of the flame of atlantis sorry that tony missed this ridiculous anyway.
Um so there’s dog being to put spin them meier been very good mare who could point is a boy he before.
You know for what i believe four years now i think it for your term.
And because is thirteen years old now he is going to retires mare but people wanted to reelect duke.
This is a good boy good boy and.
[18:16] Yeah i think this is an example of government that works exactly yeah yeah doesn’t mean.
I hope that the do gets on with the call we still get to pay after only a pension so let go and hope to get a pension and really nice pension me to.
And like a chew toy that you’re all new to tell a and yeah.
[18:42] Couldn’t get ahold of anyone try to have a phone interview with duke here this morning but to no of gumbo.
What’s what’s that it deficit spending will destroy america group if it wasn’t.
[18:56] Wow she’s a i got is leaving office is being really can’t about how he feels about asian people from a.
Sort of liberal or conservative whether their hands full as it has hired for non debts spending an.
Will i don’t know i was dices suv cream words and use my no i legally he’s not he’s he’s you know.
He is a balanced budget makes for or is the man’s best friend temp talking about.
[19:29] Yeah but i think he wants everyone have a warm place to sleep and plenty of yes sirs thirties compassion and it.
Yeah but in the center there liberal because they they believe in free love,
yellow partners yeah absolutely no very socially liberal yes that freud yeah and you know i’m sure that,
the bus nothing incident of the last campaign you know that still on same idea of a cosmic of those casts shadow but you know.
He kept his tail way in and got through it yeah well cosby me that not sticks of that the weather no drugs of all that’s true grade yours now he doesn’t were crazy sweaters.
[20:11] Thankfully or maybe this was is dog air bud was well looked kinda like it is not a golden retriever as kind of a life.
Oh i’m sorry this is good all the filer village sorry about ticket but the ticket at the dog door.
Nine or k nine dog claim in for the eleventh.
[20:38] Saying okay so don’t mayor good boy good boy.
[20:46] But see here’s this next story here article link because i didn’t write enough notes about it but.
Okay so this guy was like city manager what was his position here he was.
She’s commandant home yes or users boys was is yeah.
Former city official who played key role in the latest developments to lead to the fifty million dollar mixed use building now.
I was at like trees and steely and pat stars late press conference about oh opposing.
This building and this guy showed up.
And super guy in everyone’s face and was just like basically like shouting down like everything they were saying it really was your day yet and was glory because he was like seven seconds and he was in the second row and just proceeded to like.
No that’s not fair baba ba just i mean super super light that’s part of what really bugs me on this one is this,
like he wasn’t just like it just some random official this is the guy that i saw like in the fucking trenches at a press conference just like working the media and working everyone be like no this parking ramp is got happens like.
Well now you fucking know why exactly exactly yeah so it’s like,
that’s why people like were here to sweetie office because it is a private citizen leave him alone was like no he fucking went to an official press conference and shouted down your elected officials because he was getting his fucking,
bride from flying he knew where he was going way back william when he was advising the city and what to do.
[22:25] Yup and been that’s that’s just wrong on every level i don’t care has left right when ever.
You ther nine is user what i will i would be against this guy is first always there is you learning ball then this this is just this is talk about this guy and fucking legacy and just he’s a scumbag yeah.
A deuce bag of the highest caliber just to be clear we’re talking about beer and catch on,
yeah and just moved eric who you sell a piece of crap anyway i.
But i don’t know if it is just like you see so many,
you know you know it happens a lot you see that the blue about the the revolving door between the governments the private sector you seat on the federal level all the time worse like immediately when someone gets an office all the people who’s you know back say scratched.
Or the fact that you’re generally speaking even though we can’t wait roller eyes that to.
Personally i don’t they have and work for that company the.
In their official you know positioned just a few months before they headed friendly to the company but.
They’re did not charlie i’m working on a toshiba do to help them out the this is so blatant so in our phase,
that it does is just insane than that people think that this is oh that’s fine needs he’s always city government he can do what he was no heat when he was in city government he was working for the basically yup.
[23:58] Um that just working for them and going above and beyond because he was not.
Sirs i know i mean it was open to the public but it wasn’t like directly invited to this press conference and this was the elected officials talking about their opposition to it and he went out of his way.
During a workday to someone even joked with him about us are you getting paid to be here right now and.
And just show up this press conference and proceeded to tell you why or elected officials are full of crap and we really need support this project is click this son alone money and and sweet gig after this waiting is so.
What a pos.
Yeah um no not sure there’s anything i can do about it other than called his bullshit out cuz i mean well we’ve already found out we can’t do anything about legacy in general they they’re pretty much get to do what they want if you don’t.
If you find a way to go after them well the just like.
That has changed all of the dates there lol seeing create another one tomorrow yeah yeah that the thing under thirty thousand dollar fines.
The other male yeah it’s frustrating.
And is it a really great way for south dakota just really enforce that reinforce the whole we are the most crops the in the uk sucks speaking of things i’m at supper about here’s our headline story here.
South dakota kills the internet now baby is this is a little bit of hyperbole but here’s where i’m at with this.
[25:29] I sell stuff online and i’m like talking with a lot of like other small small business owners and like.
Sam’s club walmart way fair amazon they’re all gonna be just fine because they’ve got the the like staff and everything to like get this done.
But a small business owner and that this article is specifically report from forcing of the left-wing radicals over force is lake.
It is for the small business owner who’s like the way this is written and the way this ruling came down.
I will legally be obliged because there’s a lot of states where you have to file a return even if you don’t have sales kisses fila zero on the return.
So if i get a sales tax license in every state figures like only forty eight states you have to do it for but still forty eight different states file sales tax returns.
And the way this this ruling has shaken al is a lot of people reading and saying that technically they can also collect.
Is this income tax.
On on your sales that you do in that states we also have to file for that so the guy in the forbes article was saying that just overhead for his on line two small retail business that has like three employees.
Will be like a hundred and sixty one thousand because he priced it to me like a hundred fifty one thousand dollars a year.
Not in taxes he pays but just in overhead to comply with all the taxes.
[27:04] So super fucking program and of course is brought you by the.
Child forced urine collection in the easiest marty jake lee and i am that.
Oh it’s like thanks jake lee that you think cl is in heat and who fucking has all that he is and just.
I just he’s he’s the tape player to sway today ap is never gonna change and they have died.
Yeah it’s scary it really really i’m humans able to do you know i in house of.
[27:40] Few pieces of merchandise that my very show cells now have a little bit of peach tree on income on.
You know how hot what little bit of money i make.
Yeah this to this doesn’t kill the big guys isn’t her the big eyes and i don’t think it’s gonna make a shit of difference in revenue two most states when i think its gonna do.
Is just really really fuck over the little guy on the internet yet which is just another thing just like net neutrality works like fuck the little guy on the internet your work but.
If the internet like the one last free.
Open area where it’s like get to the back of the line you presence will your overlords passing there hovering luxury got cl is this area where they’re doing yeah but it’s a free for all with you know.
Net neutrality which is the best part of it it’s the wild west where there’s no more wild west in like this which in except the wolf.
Lack of and i am in the money now is kind of you know it’s not the nineties anymore to sad yeah well you wanna talk about lack of anonymity tom so nehemiah for stay in the pro i.
Do thank you i’m so i boosted one of our episodes and in the show description in the at the post for the apple so i mentioned that.
That county sheriff’s the fire the deputy that beat him and he’ll actually like right away and because of that facebook flack me as a political poster.
[29:18] And that i am running political ads and need to identify myself as such so it last two weeks i have sent them scans of my drivers license.
My social security number.
They have to have my physical address and then mail it cold to hear and i enter in order to confirm that is not only me who i say i am but i am at this physical address.
Before they would let me run at again because they wanna make sure you’re not of russian hacker or whatever,
but it wasn’t as six step process plus i have to have i am now required to have to park her you know to phase authentication.
On my facebook account for your visit here which that’s is a good thing to do any way but jesus require that require all this personal information address like i feel great about facebook’s handling a personal information.
Right this is hilarious because there are they even like acknowledge it or just like.
For this stuff we deleted within thirty days of like confirming you are who you say you are and then we delete the records and was like all that you do yeah iris is the little park as in you know we’re not we’re not verified,
i mean all propaganda must be must be at in every viewed.
So that’s that’s the for sharing to the next episode yeah town.
Yeah um not you think you are do you think you timing lauren can is pleasure there yeah i.
I just found that should just laid in is another way year your shouldn’t a little got cuz like i see some of the big political posters and they have sponsored like actual political ads and there’s nothing where i can click on there and see cuz they’re like this is for to protect our.
[31:02] Are users and stuff like that you can click on there and see you pay for all this confirm stuff so i’m just like why did i have to turn that in but.
Icy lake.
The current posts and war college and all these different sites even bigger free press i don’t think they had to do that in order to post stuff on facebook um.
So i’m just like i don’t know if i got flagged by someone like flying matter but i know it is like i think it’s stupid and just coming heats in the theme of fuck the little guy on the internet you think there is somebody like city of facebook who’s to say.
They can only question flag.
Willow you can flatten people on facebook for stuff if you click on that the little dot dot unlikely to be in and that’s.
And then it is system i think is they think is what happened as portable that’s for the entire day.
[31:58] Because they can’t handle anybody have an opinion differing there’s they just go through and play anything.
That they do they just don’t like to read and it could be something like.
I hate rain well re lovers on flight that yup in that and there’s no reason that should be fly i’ve i’ve a friend to she keeps posting men are trash.
And if she’s got six facebook accounts now because every time she posts that the ban her for one month.
What who’s six flip of a light switch and she bay and as of the channels okay everyone i’ve moved over this account because i got banned for saying and so do the most decent men are fresh.
I’ve had two with with their with their big brother podcast.
The lunatics big brother fans are lunatics and if you would like somebody.
That they don’t like they will do the same thing they will be is to try to get you off the internet they will try to docs you they will they will do all the aca is it.
It’s a stupid person on a tv show who cares if i like them or not yup is i don’t like fish.
I understand totally later why i do what i do with the i get does it from a lot of people i know.
So the tasha what you wanna own speaking of all the russians for whatever it.
[33:21] I have not been playing the the in a sander or whatever they call it but i get posts interesting things in interesting but.
I do get a whole bunch of.
That there is work place other pt guys goin’ it is in the hood thru the rest it wink wink and they did have something to natasha will what did the americans leave the country.
[33:48] When does phones actually said that while simonsen angler down there soon got em down while.
[33:58] So that the conclusion of today’s episode is that humanity is doomed yeah i’ll have every week everybody,
oh yes i know that but anything else i may wants to to say about the little guy being fucking internet.
[34:13] I am from.
[34:17] Have a beginning of a jeff have andy okay sorry sage your phone yeah eighty one million seven.
You know run my house is in this week’s shiney listless perfect timing oh awesome so scott will have you do right now is plug.
All your shows link seven people should need need to know what’s going on re set back is good to go okay.
My music so loud unless you can find info on that and still hasn’t blogspot dot com it’s every friday night stream live on real punk radio.
From six eight central time i have a big brother podcast for big brother cuz of starts actually tonight.
We stream live on mixer mixer dot com size big slash where.
What’s what’s the line is like this for inside or way.
[35:19] Little early no street lights st slash and a dash brother dash guys of dash of okay okay the now we have a page on for the picture dot com slash big brother gossip and another show called day drinking.
Were my partner class lol oh my we live really drink and talk about classic tc and movies.
And nice eater dot com slash figuring and then there will be in animated little partial that should be debuting this week.
I don’t really have the party up just i will that out you if you’ll find it when it is dave hughes nice.
And i will try my contact you to get those full links and stuff so i get on the show error area um let’s see any others.
Of my twitter is palos dead pa you how is the the the and facebook’s got the hots and that’s enough right.
That’s stuff twenty lease right there so yeah that works i’m easy to find online towards perfect yeah i heard of the the link to your your blog in and i’ll get these are the patriots up and stuff.
Let’s see.
[36:32] Uni meenie miney seth what ever seamus for this week since the plug again raspberry pie and just all the fun things you can do with links.
Get out there can learn sent some links you guys don’t call blanks.
[36:52] That’s a wrong pregnancy means hassell will you got for seems like it’s my job quitting my job havent.
[37:04] I checked hose in the title this is true use your your you are full i ate upgrading as the full posts its just,
the co holy snap it’s then only four years for me it’s cool i know i’m just need in the mid tell me the titles james,
i is kept in this chip on my shoulder for no reason with the alleviated at just the.
At his whim like a fucking cf trunk party in fed up.
In your over anesthesia what version of all my projects during complete so that the get complete.
[37:46] Okay so crass yeah getting through that.
Okay yet needing that’s it that’s legit okay so rob sitting from your poorly heated and air conditioned spire,
what are your seem to buttons i live there are lowered though over lord of three year of happy news.
[38:09] Greer podcast it was in the titles that can jiang in his or her yeah the rocket.
Well that too but does like.
He who brings the rainbows and sunshine and the one who will never leave the sun never sets on and it brings the main line is natural and all the propaganda yeah they’re they’re pretty hilarious.
So you seems plug is in coronation that my seamus plug is the democratic people’s republic of north korea are korea.
Because there’s preah not my shameless plug is it that was trance she was plug my she was plug is.
I’m gonna go ahead and give a super calm for an eighteen updates are really excited about this one this is john shaft is just been announced as a guest coming to super con this year i didn’t know it him white by name right away,
but he’s the director of the documentary.
The death of superman lives which is fucking hilarious and super entertaining if you ever cash that only net flix raining like that cuz you know that death superman lives is the.
Superman that wasn’t directed by tim burton and nicholas cage’s city superman and all that exists of is my test shots of nicholas cage and is like ridiculously weird,
superman costume sound well it is horrible but very good is exactly the yeah it’s it’s wild shit at one of by me it would just like total garbage but where’s fucking awesome.
[39:40] And so yeah he direct didn’t created the documentary the ground up all the light frigid exists of it and are you open to filmmakers who would’ve been part of it and we ny it died behind scenes stuff so that through some really great documentary.
He does some guest voices and he’s a character designer for adult swim and his work like being one metal apocalypse you get a bunch of character designs for that show.
And he gets like apparently he was looking as i am db and he did the voice of like there doctor who is in like sixty for episodes that’s him talking and then let’s see there’s a bunch more here.
Superman loose metal apocalypse let’s see.
Venture brothers season walter venture brothers nephews were for me and he was paid person behind space ghost coast lol yeah.
So i’m really big get like not to be others heater really be get for super con and definitely someone wanna be taking some blue ray stewart having an sign,
nice for sure which is weird for i’m not like a hero worshippers and get like sign stuff and other than locals obviously from the wall but.
Yeah so i’m super super pumped for this super silly there and.
So that’s my shameless plug this week and then also i will do my usual ones of please support us on page three on if you like what we do here to sioux empire podcast at peachtree on dot com slash your balls.
[41:11] What’s again always week look super countries they there are all are you know brothers from another mother and then let’s see,
why’s it so five our new brothers from another mother please check them out the or streaming radio station that does nothing but south dakota and sioux falls local generated content and now all of the shows in our network that i produce in involved in,
are now on their regular schedule for streaming so like this.
If you listing on lot life sick so five you’re probably listening to us on monday night and now,
thank you for listening and we are super happy to be alive six to five this is really cool great partnership and i think we have the time.
Let’s see that’s all i got this week we will see you all next time see there’s a.


Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 022 The 420 Episode

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 022 The 420 Episode

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Denham and Def-i

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight:  
Water Is Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) – Def-i


Denham – Marathons Ft. Wes Eisenhauer Prod. By Kontrabandz


Meth Awareness Four Directions Walk – Sioux Falls

Machine Transcript

[0:00] Music.

[3:16] Did you invite cast episode twenty two to four twenty episode.
How many charging stress ball so that it is ready but this,
empire podcast where c is used for the time to do so.

[3:41] Music.

[3:52] Just energy wise to use the art.
Are you talking to buy everyone’s degree is she okay so sure mixing washer next people to be in the state testing scores to.
What time is this the right episode twenty two other minions podcast and your hoes.
Join is always by shark at the levi unfortunately can be a guest open for some tech nine a guy or someone else that night so.
So if you’re out there fucking go watch levi with tech nine tonight at district.
You are special guest in the house denham mcdermott is in the house and how you doing today to convince those yeah by substitution today and man’s ego man didn’t,
them and watching you watching you grow man over the past couple years and been really impressed with.
You know that were seen at the fan your music mi hr go to your shows often yeah,
been a fan for a minute now someone bring on the show in of reaching his hot some he’s making his for.
Allow that you again for for a little bit yeah man be and maybe tell our listeners a little bit about your past and no where your from.

[5:26] I guess i am on the board room from zachary nine three seasons is a small town every.

[5:35] Um drop their mom on within a one side of their organization so i grew up in a musical family and.
Every kind of conditioner something that my sister she’s been on so in this local news on a former life in a.
And i’m going to school in the state stay busy for a little bit also criminal justice of this i don’t wanna do that and.
Oh actually i heard about something about the black market auction who business alot yeah probably before but there is like.
You know where the pursuing in the us that and what can be the desk is like you know it all my friend kandace option for this and about that show was like man.
I do is go zero zero zero and cannot be trusted has to do better that’s the sad how long you been living in sioux falls for now.
Spa for years now and she still kinda new to the area symbols and that sounds like the weather in san she where the party was man of fargo ridiculous.
It’s bad here but it’s stupid in fargo unit working fine for yeah canada basically.
No that’s rough.
Who was the this that.

[7:11] The truth is that.
Alright so you just up the elbows few months great info to use of the.
Is a dollar distressed up short like service archer and there starting up.
On my feature on there who do it was on it.
On ps help with the project done for a little while on the road to release it for a bit using things family is able to,
yes i do without my shows that i listen to a lot and i got a good and jim was a flat.
It’s in my car and they don’t see it has the radio is like flipping out now and is there an eleven to use this is the one that from your concert last month.
No its for adults who was the summer of one of the more of these we can of thing so we.
So opportunities i like to kiss like where the shows are always like jumping out of two thousand six i think he’s awesome you should you doing.
That’s cool man where is your next show here in town all this was on won’t turn on suppose to the scum of using that’s okay.
Of the year of the back here but.

[8:43] In the meantime i have a kirby that please riding around all the time the people after this summer but yeah i just categories.
Party popping up malaria is doing some acoustic stuff to someone to just be cool child for the insurance to.
Visit our in the am certainly morning to get our lives that can be a muslim religion is the night in look at it from a different angle.
She has a guest but all the pieces like it’s in a barn with them normally so i would establish both of those.
Also being redneck rapping and singing something’s is kinda cool asked to read and it’s cool to see like that right now feels like it was my perspective that the hip hop scene sort of.
Dad a little bit here in town here like keeping it alive with with stuff that you’re doing like you’re a proud be strong town out the right now.
But yeah so it’s cool to see like.
You know the people that you know like for most it’s like sort of like dislike silicon but for you it’s still lavender so that’s a yeah people a lot of times cuz music that.

[10:01] People use music to our citizens late fee.
I can do it i’ll be the control person that the one being a personal car news is jesus is this is a total replacement in there and.
I have a few that wants to do that he’s are willing where much is this new music.
Yeah want will not working as a ceiling users using hundred and the light was there are so i can he was suppose yeah isn’t working,
you can always was okay with the star of the workers me maybe everything doing well and its okay kilometers music and also in allowed to see or visit c nine,
that the same time to just see something yummy shouldn’t you spending your time and energy probably order for yeah,
so the downstairs is that no.
Is the incident was doing life was the hartford would you abuse what is really cool to see like.
Yeah that be down to earth with the likes most most rappers are like the fucking best and fuck you in like whatever and.
In school see like a different a different perspective on the whole lake.
Use exciting whatever it was called with the song of west village like our procession has suddenly became obsessed but it is like.
He understands i wanna car in years just.
You games are rangers fans accounting and click join as of now and think that he is pretty slow on the show people are messages do you know again.

[11:39] It wasn’t until i am.
You know who is already sick about last years old and people who is our tv series night was user taking seems like the kinda it will shift into russian where you work at all and brca one to be,
appreciate because when you mostly don’t like it.
Yeah that’s because the person is like a few copies in it like i like him probably i was like you are music do you think the mission of it in the longest of also disallowed and appreciate.
Tackles and these look at a new perspective yeah so that they can relate to this i think having them or.
I can request now because of pakistan of health coverage and gap against the yeah damage and explain music to a coworker of mine and i don’t share with you cuz that rap is rap and think are good company.

[12:33] I think it is the best partner has it he was told me that it doesn’t sound like he was invested in me and others are doing that like this is a yes that would not be easy so yeah.
Yeah that’s the job of the pictures so it’s refreshing to see of its genre in itself to get something pictures and it’s not.
Is it pump it is not about minutes and it’s like papas now its the nose is a of the name of a bunch of different things and who wasn’t.
It’s in really encourage oh people listening in on like r and b pop in only talking to family like that that to come to show some decency.
Are we spend the time traveling little bit of the past like you no more so when you are going to have some areas where i can clean his room he’s in bismarck right.
Weekend is busy is a funeral this the crowd was down like forties like it is like killing farmers you again later than this all in.
We start to show in la personally or the whole arsenal for something different sizes and colors like no.
Don’t think twice about it to him about this girl on the poster or the mills fargo.
She makes almost of our stage where i can be insecure and that she’s gorgeous voice the things that you laptop it again cool ninety three.

[14:06] Always like with super helpful you know who will like in six and all the lights will,
who is the main line for me yeah it’s think helps with those people yeah i mean the machine i don’t.
He is not really that of a place in the riviera and it was his records.
I was the details details she should wonderful mazda six has been called the number of rows of are no higher commission of.
The coming out there but not put it people are asking like,
okay that you seek for love in all the numbers in ascending colon where can i get closer and then we and,
before he was like high energy like you know that i’ve only go kids room was ball is called looking he’s a,
i never thought we have a partially those like this cools form yet please consider that i would enjoy that it,
awesome yeah i’ll come back later love keep group finds the streets for people to show that there is more than one just like at scratch the surface of more than just the,
we see a tv crap that the people that you still more to a life.
Part of the struggle in the us yeah yep that’s it falls for a long time is it they didn’t really get it popping in really get like.
Happy were statement and it took a long time for you know for all the club owners are like bars and things like that to get on board with hit pop without was all like.

[15:43] Thugs and piano gangsters and starting my business with it automatically so she likes that place is busy fighting yeah.
We cannot see yeah chocolates could the sun will be so the same time to compare the.
You need to pick up this need to have anything to play right yeah in for this light will not be started by just get a microphone and.
Find anything about you to know about the new that’s like it is starting but the inside is you people.
Michael the imac citizenship in seattle but the if you really like start,
personally i understand the more you realize that is this is poaching yummy is like in people are out there to provide a message all the messages didn’t you know,
messed up because you are too busy to feed the ego yeah they want to be loved money laughing hard the stuff.
But i also understand how to put in the work to get stuff,
yeah but if you were that easy everybody would be like yeah i’ll never forget that moment i would have the right to.
Birmingham and ugh i just wanna most people ever in this you know,
yeah this meeting with all and all i see was i was fascia it’s the historical working harder than the other houses three c know that i had not,
what is.

[17:14] Rooftop bar in miami even if the story is there looking over social lights on near the ocean every year around little is asking for julie.
Everyone skyscrapers has multiple people this stuff in there but someone always will severing that for me and was like.
What does it take to do the funeral in in its makes me think like in us that on the strip club or having.
More coke and twenty bucks is where i’m thinking we should i work in kilometers what would it look who’s on things separate the people.
Is consistency.
My kindle to the force of the word stop drinking cycle the board so much stuff we do shy girls on it’s ultralight la vista best of manners,
make all the ones don’t do that stuff yeah the following it’s easy when you get there,
all of the answers you were splurging will continue to be in the meantime of what the this should be about like making mush making my happy,
and the way the place to use your your parents were at who you are around.
And cares about anything else then let what you liberty need in life you’ll understand money can solve a lot of problems but just like his problems are probably cringe because you not okay with who you are as a person did.
No sorry that’s just that’s the way i’m trying to buy you know john maybe live music people get to about.

[18:45] The famous but am having sex because of you yeah people like this people see them up close doesn’t are,
he’s talking real stuff that matters it can be labeled people this old house stew salary for following up the bar that was a has a normal meaning of like also,
they realized that now is telling me is every day and family members must think happens when he says he is because he did,
you misspelled your farts there’s no sleeping thing money and is in the shop and all i get is full and part music you have to risk your whole in park busy selling drugs because it read this and nothing i mean in order for the um so yeah,
like this is dumb is dumb of a bad decision,
your brother bobby a businessman noida blowing money and not that’s not what it is you know the think this is this is the new biz all over the book yourself a.
That’s always a lot of people that’s all the ceiling on tv to see that the image they don’t realize the work that goes behind the image and.
It’s not letting me see what you see you doing that you don’t like me like alot of people and know you runs a leaving do for a long time like and people see that in me and i want something like that sells.
Everything that.
Collectors using the app in or something in the post you made this again because the person you are messaging with this manner was person to person,
it’s like shady like arm or something from you then yeah probably go about everybody wants a.

[20:20] Is it the more views king of mature man on the fans and leadership yeah okay cool baby.
Yeah i work as hard yeah is it in lisbon my engine light is on freak yummies islam’s and the password is.
Please tell me the honest hard-working we more than we recently become a cop you have discontinued on the.

[20:46] Oh heavenly weekly oh yeah well you know.
Ask you do you use some of the manual or the miss caroline hall he have a resume is that all you know i’m a psychiatrist business partners um i can,
go on then goes as we was leasing her if its people i don’t know or have never fucking work with would never work with anyway that is whats time price.

[21:16] Cuts off right right don’t like they’re serious about their probably gonna do it and if they’re not serious about it then.
You know in also present do it right now what you sent me some crappy where’s.
Do you have been stop until temperature is having like ten seconds with the on the,
make the music beat it up or something going on i’m not gonna you tube it is celsius and nothing seems to know him and then it also forces that if i am innocent of us to sit down with the,
i want to go i’m moving to the cities there was like this at the information together so that you get the proper artistic value from it that way yeah,
it is with guys and keep result.
And i told same thing is that we send me some wrestling doing my house record vs mine are housing only be with you so i drove to new orleans.
Yeah or anything like me you sit in the drop down lists are in on my phone to the do the oakland warriors accumulated.
I’m always or do as a percentage of the.
He still a account for the money of course if the only is a good dude he’s really respect that you can tell us that shines through this crazy cuba showed less than that i mean.
That’s like stefan will never say never go hundred years now the still fucking the.
That’s right and yeah work on the low road in the field of unplayable after twenty years in school.

[22:59] Yeah there’s an accident when he wonder comes on you know who’s like what beating tenderness,
right pencil the just the palm of your really ten years later people still buying this phone ecosystem in and it has a screen,
that’s crazy that is on the triple platinum with them with the mouth that song it’s fucking play do you think that’s on the lake,
scarlett is about this new music and there’s this i don’t know if that sounded like bone.
What does this mean on fb or that sounds like twelve thirty barley texted and said to the letter be like.
Jamming to in my headphones like fucking in it will only work outside males compete in is if it is the blower he has gotten so that,
i party like,
dance like always dance parties and peoples of you know but i just finished eating ice on it to keep pushing work out the way they the ones for yourself and,
okay on this means on friends yeah that’s cool mesa receiving my apple at the world those of us who.
And the buttons on the unit i am in the song.
When is all it takes man like me that may be back if someone says he now there is i’ll take that hammer time on yeah i think he’s gonna see who of,
what is the phrase that lol is focused or make a sound when he wonders good yes i like the one and the one he.

[24:35] Walking to the door was like how you going to work out have lol yeah you that allow people to come on this can you can get messages when it is charles of my faucet you know you were set up like he doesn’t understand the business of music.
And is not people think that case or blower be famous and most interesting to be to work and she was like a nut yeah people might start coming humans are so i can only on the book a few times like that now.

[25:03] They’re coming to you like in sf and you have an extension so i believe i have like.
Gotta understand what you doing up scrupulously yeah cannot win because now it is simple the pussy starts psalms republic was hot now it’s so crappy tho except for the guys actually make real music,
just everything.
Yeah means less of canada one to video and good music and form catalog was also a catch inside the truck to work because it was publicity stunt that shit to san,
message my other people do now days but if you look at like lose you verde heated xo to live on the right side huge.
On billboards over a billion places across the country is a funeral made less than a million dollars,
tour the country for this than the best because these guys to be famous pushing the business aspect of it in the middle of the coupons gostumble again menus five hundred thousand dollars from every no go to this the austin back in and paid for.
To pay for mercy doesn’t pay an average mafia the mafia yours book against markings torvalds and all that shit.

[26:14] Make the fuck are you could be making between and it’s like school fuel the flames five thousand dollars in the bank has finally.
Who is this who you are are you one of the self that’s right back in the day whenever i ask you turn down that like seventy five thousand or whatever whenever and you a they were trying to sign interviewing whatever it is you they’ll sign that he was like nope i’m not gonna do it.
They have any fucking money so like seventy five thousand dollars the time mostly in a fucking million dollars or whatever you millions of dollars and he said no and.

[26:51] When is only this phone okay oh yeah for sure i mean fucking somebody comes at you with a seventy five thousand dollar check is late.
What’s this about then what can he say is you know that she was probably like you know a million dollars back in back in the day eighty six whatever it was people watching movies and stuff,
opens up this not yet so really happens happens ways that we could have movie the it guys are created with a big tree with like being criminals be like,
was so i like you gonna you gonna understand so to protect yourself to protect music and you know this is.
That takes trial it yeah and grinding it drives the whale though i actually all will print i’ve,
i was part of the machine was eugene is group song city on barry’s face and goes independent,
i have some business called executive it all i would say is the record label don’t you provide the marketing services.
All fuses are like it even as we can through on windows won’t let us without like dancing as well to.
I’ll be do videos for people from the lives of like no florida circuit do.
They’re brand new song on my question is something we all must do actually marketing as well to of us are calling as well so status of a business that says it is from because.

[28:28] Going to label is lot of human.
And alot of things that go to it people always for me like to wish he would refuse to be watching people understand the different types of stuff you don’t let us in recording and publishing.
So loud is or was unable to release it i will you publish poetry this in years and directors on.
As a country has no music summer friends always that music and noise level where in the country and he’s like yeah that’s actually better that you’re all to.
It is on but the scene for this more beneficial.
As it is just focus on yourself and treat yourself that sounds selfish but it is broken is business you or your brand.
So you have to be the best for me you was possible or focus on making it better for you because that’s more topic.

[29:26] Your highest form of the party can provide somebody is you being there for yeah as high as the has less noise just like the rain is big.

[29:36] But so but the thing is all the bills lines like on my house cottage and live the lifestyle.
What are actually living it to get a little and realizing do that you know the part of it that in schools benefit me some aspects.
It wasn’t bring me income to different what what what to do and i realize that want to do that you can make a little more beneficial for me i don’t know.
Yeah people people thinking somebody lying to be famous really is almost like a shark for sure thing like that will get you the kitchen light okay cool when you see your mission of mercy falls into like okay,
what what is you know what is your your income our mission is six hundred twenty two or,
what is a cay was easy it would have to see these how much money making season guarantees it do the ticket sales that is missing numbers created from a business,
and then it okay to do this like a hundred thousand on your business we felisha problems do before we can build a case now and doesn’t mind with the heart long time because the making to know your business yeah that’s what labels do.
It’s not like he’s gonna be in town to get a couple of hours then it will be like this not with the word is that she does that every account because you are if not more sound,
yeah it’s always about all small preview or how hard you work,
it also will be a good business model dp separately every single that’s what makes you successful in a world of business.

[31:07] People who have used part because the famous yet.
Yeah i said music is the easy part like convert you know that everything else is that is the stuff that you know is real work.
It is like ten percent yet even though the rca is portable cd was a position in level that are rock i think i dislike.
I’m not little shit like that lol silver dollar nationals people that you know yeah ac was on benson wake up it will be related.
I’m a little stubborn people like all the best people i know shit like.
This oven so i might make a order some of the old man i got some videos on the next week just let also council s yours and you know we have that he was professional but you gotta pay people.
What you want to work with you again in the people who is the aspect of the business stuff,
is the tree of good question that’s been friends somebody is providing and and pay the value that you feel deserves providing a service and same time to on time as quality.
And an guaranteed to be the same way every time and that’s a pretty good friendship because they know they do business with him and paying a ticket for dollar people pay five hundred bucks.
Oh actually i personally rather work with because on time is guaranteed quality in your good personal in person to be around you and will pay for this so i want to work with people that are gonna do that,
yeah for sure when someone provide the anything as an excuse to get you will fall in policy.

[32:45] Show show yeah i know what only.
Make loads in her face and who doesn’t lol cody is tyler brennen a movie that’s on account is cool because it is not organic growth.
Also the oven the shades was like i become friends with your friends,
these look so we might go there was once i know but it’s cool how that she growth and being professional,
and tell me like i appreciate appreciate yourself for the concert like at school it will start to get in on us the necessary like what you do is working.
Oh but the crazy thing is i like the song shut up and when it is but for real.
Is the view is alive and ask.
What’s the leave in the,
whos got really big people who is is covered dilated to the o,
but today it on dialing load and.
Speaking of four point a little use a little while and i know but.
Oh with your friends what is the lego thing growing like a weed strange person musical memories as long as the song.

[34:29] The whole top of the enemies probably la looked intently twenty misses of people tell me how it like.

[34:38] How can i listen she start with you know i see these dark places like i would like your not read these messages now and that was were most.
Powerful most ever had music because that was like.
Is she believer by if you don’t work hard feeling nelson famously.
In when you get those messages is also coming to the funeral as in phone again can always.

[35:08] The sea will yes i feel like i feel like i feel the differences is crazy what is this is a good feeling as a gift like.

[35:20] But me get those kinda messages so it’s cool to sometimes like i think i might is making this for like again they may even stand this right and then like like the other day me where quora at pizza hut and dude shoulda mostly.
Number one fan whatever it is in what way and there was like who’s that.
Hey some fucking about really but yeah there’s little things like that is so like yeah people are listening and people are.
Get it or whatever you know so.
Yeah he of those type of messages and eight yeah it just shows that like what you doing is working now so i’m single are on the bike is yours meeting with like with like i was with the.
I want a drinking myself you know i can something like this song does help relieve for me that i can reach out and i was like.

[36:13] Yeah but who’s to say that i don’t know what to say that will a little i don’t know the words of the song was was google’s like.
Walking with music for you hello also would thank you for telling me that they use its.
Okay that’s nice we do you wanna talk about four twenty i.
And it will run all.
The size of the tumor is also very big day and only thing and that’s it was intensity in for the winter things and the things separate or crazy ss to.
We have that.

[37:02] On the ground when it is running and i am.
Partake so.
It’s not nothing new but they at the.
Thank everybody on facebook is talking about.

[37:31] I am so thankful people and receive the seventh mizrachi facebook it is though where it what.
My favorite things are doing this for two months ago was the only verdict is sailing in social work no interior heavily.
Lovely making people with out why do you say that doesn’t.
Well i got what i have to be friends in the max the winters ago and now look at him now be like this person is two pages or you know whatever i’ll delete whoever whenever accounts on active or on the use that daily.
Fun followed all these people or whatever so that we have a deal average on the new ironman you were never but yeah system is is.

[38:28] I also did using the question you have another place home.
Make an michael garcia yeah i think of yeah covered for most of the summer and the camaros because they come chill it.
Traveling has come off as it was before for the music in our drive can for.
On your journey rc like i was like what the paper to live with the screws lose living hell as one man is as crazy my.

[39:04] That’s enough to me in hours while the mind me saying to fly from houston to.
The intercom to wire.
Yeah and we’re still in one of my favorite spots but that are close them and that place is the shit but she can’t fucking stand to why or anything.
On one of his music videos.
Sissy jessie from california and then drove four hours yeah i don’t know he flew three freaking happy yeah.
But i’m not crazy i push the game honey out of the job is about to drop my seven.
So make that i’m in first came out my first so i came out in two thousand four.
So but and as of late i started putting out music as a record label in like two thousand one week that are for sale on as a record label.
I think this will be like our twenty first or twenty second.
But i mean i don’t really really consider myself a recommended one more than not trying to sign anybody and i’m done with that whole also since two thousand was like when we first when i first started like to use yeah do stuff.
But yeah this will be my.
Seven so when it eventually does come out of service her first full-length in yeah on this on the.

[40:40] Oh wait for number as i’ve recieved this stuff that will solve one start with the.
Mason of the most economical smaller stuff for nine weeks yeah projects because.
Spots are energy worry it’s in doesn’t it but with that means but i was like seven thousand and at that seven to ten to twelve sounds like the most really wanna new at this point cuz lake.
It’s so saturated and people don’t really listen albums like these two anymore.
So it’s like fucking it’s pointless to have like looking nineteen track album people really are gonna listen to the whole fucking out does it take all his concert is in cairo.
Oh really yeah is not like.
Some everything nervous cuz they think people and nothing you know lyrics of the songs to sing that is good in an office with that’s cool.
He just dropped a new yeah dating is all that is a really it.

[41:48] I am mostly who neighbors but only in it just not familiar with his music actions and fan.
Part of it as a physician my.

[42:02] Early quality to use the music in because of a lot of unison to music if you like this is like the way storm ask yourself option like.
Fall in the trap bees bees possible something like oldies music again because that’s just risen from the learn more always come from.
And then prints from china every one of the important most all stop because you know.
Signal is yeah she can yeah.

[42:36] I don’t listen to any of the new stuff to a lake learn to appreciate certain artists recently.
Post malone and some like hes been around for a couple years now but it started appreciating him like in the last week.
Two three months now i really like is this on me though yeah well he somebody that first and he blew up off the fucking internet places that is why when.
Yeah yeah okay what is.
He did have a point three zero if that is there was like he had like a fucking his brains out and then he’s gotta grow incident,
and like some but not sure in and was like a post malone was really trying to be the ugliest motherfucker is in school for the door because he put his image and when i was a huge and lost.
Synchronize hue like what the same stuff yet and people i hate for for yeah likely enough work.
And also because after it was like always gotten really cool you know yeah it’s crazy sometimes work like a like will come up.
Where can you explain innocence is outside in the dark and i was like the hardest it was like.
What’s the summary controversial thing is is like no but the same time it’s like that selma voices graduation were really yeah and this is some of the most likely happen to the after.

[44:10] Add people so i figure you’re yeah he is definitely unique look at your.
When you start what are good i am working and also circuit who’s that plants what is a pack as awesome i can make a of people who.
Who is matthew mccarty and sam love her.
Yea well means are you taking real game oh really with who is on their,
the thing in the lake summoning the demon or whatever and then the ones on.
Not yet yeah round stopped its turned into in.
When i leave here to make it remember he’s always listening to music all for the first discovered that says like a fucking chick flicks beaten it like,
is really spin and yeah like in like a fucking landscaper like rappers that aren’t even really rapping at this point it was refreshing to hear actually like fucking rapping.
They do shit and it won’t have i never knew she was shoes so knowing he should she use these thinking as the life.
Who’s douglas style which is that is like.
The key word is now it was last was awarded as a people think these issues that was rubbish out of the milk itself with last annoyed by it okay was.

[45:51] Dim sum place people like that when the company has put out like she was put out that charlie single.
The hot is actually of its adobe actually it’s in the video is just like her on my snap chat for some shit like that just looking.

[46:11] Fuck around and not stop yeah yeah whatever feels.
Of course that is on the radio yeah has a lot for my germany’s like jennifer’s of the pansies opera singer the chopper has been the singer was pretty big.
Any sign of use it is not like a late record.
And sneakers on like this song please guys are awesome like that arctic much quick comeback much the only gets under.
We have the song again and the.
Oh i was looking like is this let’s else is like in my jammies battles like that they were misled he loves and cosmic do but like you’ll be trying to wrestle getting out yet,
no worries things in the seventies like when you get a certain level workers like he’s like you not even.
People of you as i can i use them like is a free reign like everything like no king canada isn’t working service and,
yeah he’s like this every day your wrote two of us euros our room in the green room was that the small box and also my twenty five years you cannot the stages pro.
And blaze there’s washed up after the regular box yet and.
That’s that’s a good analogy action this all the jobs justin mckinley is not coming from the movie left of.
That’s going to care about others people like you know over dosing some crazy yeah i could see that.

[47:47] Thing is right by the that no one sees it.
The flip side of that there going to fucking suck to be lake where you can’t even go pump gas only working grocery shopping or something like that only we’re in the us is play there if you wasn’t for.

[48:07] The music part of say dollar.
Where is that much worse i do cuz you like even though all of a sudden put this.

[48:20] The bullshit that comes with us that you know is is is there are worse than all time it definitely out weighs the christopher colson open and everything we the music on so yeah.
As a consequence.
Stream feel like we should talk about that men flock to have yesterday and it is his oh yeah the girls that’s that’s cool officer.
What if i’m gone what,
yeah get elsewhere where we can where we can find you on its all the social media stuff on the results of the best news dot com website and keep the originals,
all videos on music everything there was nice that was nice lol but there.
What was the major this part of options for this to pandora should be there.
Are is social media stuff with them underscore music except facebook and then.
Is it his face is that alfred to be in kingston solutions and yeah.

[49:38] What is that movie was so i was driving i saw when you were taking a picture i was driving by i was going to that netflix and i saw you outstanding in your home buying,
the dance moves and it.
Was she at the sole.
Yeah yeah as long as the am appreciative yeah man with the episode will be on itunes and is on wednesday so that’ll be our.
Yeah it’s on live now but still be able to download it listen to it listen on wednesday whatever officer and pushes us to that is right my.
I see these men.

[50:39] What is that movie up when you spot the gas is awareness walk.

[50:50] I checked the.

[50:52] Find me and the following think it was i went to and i went the unit one forty five as opposed to be at.
Make some and okay cool is the method for info that has been in the.
I said that’s cool for a minute and then i had.
Why was it out of this i’d over to see where it was that you guys were over by like across my getting though.
There’s a gang of people that got me another at least half hour before it get to that stop the i think that.
So it is still think that zero people call me at i don’t know we covered like a good two blocks or so.
When people do that is there was a good outlet in town kids and i’m sure that the numbers that.
Closer to when i was talking to our agent i don’t know if i missed like the intro where there were at the labor temple across from mcdonald’s on the.
So i know they had some speakers are people who are recovering from meth addiction and i’m not quite sure what is happening.

[52:09] It was a gift to you and yeah that looks like the calming signs and.
I know that but not the speakers that you can see how long was actually lock and it was just looking yeah so if all of the long walk so we we’re ready by the park in the first united methodist church,
somewhere closer to and buy it so that he.
We went out spring always eighteen down to go to school,
we took that long only back down to leave because i was like yeah like the good and then soon as we hit the block like,
i’m bored for the all it goes down i would like to know because.
Will i be so that really was like messing with me but like at the same time that’s cool they the method to reduce future to him i got a mean briefly.
Yesterday and he’s on board next to that i think there are several people involved in politics and the everything seems but he pinpoint his location on purpose and he picked that spot.
For you so and so yeah i use pudding that happened right there i was leaving on meth addiction person is not just right there but.
Yeah please is higher than yeah that’s part of.

[53:40] Will it snow down so you see them standing out yeah condos and.
We turn and we rightly so we were lucky leaves for.
Is all like will you were legally lot with nothing call me when of those too late for losing.
Freaking is here as like minded like cushion between that are probably good.
Hundred pounds together and like gravel and mud and going to the hole where is the drainage in the back.

[54:21] We’re gonna say but yeah so we his love you ladies and like this dude across the street is that considered.

[54:32] Probably like looking back and forth like recording when bob leaves and everyone’s like who can drive as across the way and ask reviewers a question.
People in there like i love not the xp to which of the,
play the new i thought of you are so i,
play this is in the house are not the blades that that that that that i’m the white house,
that’s the one after a couple weeks goes out but a couple weeks ago them with my home girl we made this dude in.
He was buying us drinks and do all so whatever then i went to your bar and if you have anything he stop.
He stopped that is not a home real quick and has a is with and then he lived like on that fucking block like the fucking ghetto blocking like what the.
What we doing here and he was outside when the enemy you are due to be on his ideas but with the.
Go to his house and now hungry in the car.
What was the set again and she was like nono gotta go so we fucking got out and we ran down to the fucking that come and go down there and then we took a lift to.

[56:10] Her spot or whatever but still,
set the problem today there was a man that lived cement bs running to fucking get at least fucking twelve or maybe do that,
this is not happy that they come across from the jail they close at eleven something the twenty four hours so i have a good nachos likely to have my,
there’s nothing in the lake that i was close yeah so next time i wait for closing and.
Why is it that people you know which element comes out of the year when they get out of.

[56:52] I don’t really know how they can force business closed her but like the whole reason that coming goes there.
Go over gotta go get your fucking to eleven five thousand one passat there’s like to set language drivers.
Four five is like so many others i had people without those shoes.
How is that going to record it with the again just goes.

[57:28] Is there a fuse that will it.
Oh yeah that’s a new one fucking week yeah goddamn,
the show was so that he should do what the hell is the hotel tell the story we have some time my home girl from there as.
Comes up here and are no she’s a fucking meth heads,
whatever but then fucking by mean may i go no need it know that i’m telling me some story lol.
What is the thing yeah okay so early.

[58:21] I gotta go way back this girl like way back to two thousand two week long long time before she wasn’t so she the internet.
This is a commentary on one hand and it was given to you so they.
I want that so i picked up and then yeah we had fun who’s light and then we go back to my house and.
She’s a good.

[58:46] If you could the sizzling so fucking lake takes off her fucking.
Pants and underwear is dance around working on most of the guys cool haley business.
And then and then she fucking is i don’t know where to start flipping out the boxes i crying in the,
there’s road work as the yeah sure for like three i gave.
There is a complete mess yes is like losing her shit and she pulls out like a pair of panties out of her purse and fucking,
take them and then goes over to the sink and starts washing her panties in the sink like a torpedo she’s like crying.
In the hood you okay like what is going on here but what the fuck’s happening and then he’s like to a hundred i gotta go housing.
Let you in from where you going and then she fucking see blocks out.
My cousin posted the base of my car so they can a little bit worried about my car so i’m outside seals wanna and then.
Fucking he’s like clear down the street like this rolling with her fucking too big old bags that like one thirty in the middle somewhere that is.
I need to think i know that yeah three thirty seconds after after the game time whatever in an.

[1:00:23] At his age with phones but no at three thirty in the morning with some where is he said i talk to her but i seen she is she sees post on facebook so i know she’s alive.
Laying in the bed she didn’t post it didn’t post from a long time she didn’t post for like a good like five six days and hours later.
Yeah i know what is like wanted to see if she was like fucking like was gonna post some like where the fuck am i am in jail or some cuz that what happens to you at that time.
Play some normal for a while yeah that probably wasn’t the regular ass night for a fucking messages produce a,
oh those another time and is someone going to sleep what is it to wash my panties get the forgetting could happen.
Yeah it’s nightmare that has a my with a three weeks or two weeks that was douglass.
But is that network.
Yeah that he is okay to go to the beginning that’s why we need a minute walk with a harness a click and it will help these girls.
Because there is people in recovery people know.

[1:01:53] Someone that they live struggling with either or if you know kids the kids let that gives the money you school kids they became the they have slowed they came with the boys and girls club.
And so there’s a lot of them and their messages were strong and are supposed to use that one half like that’s give my mom back seems like people you see that has.
I feel like a lot times people a lot and people were going to addiction so like off to the kids or the kids are left out cuz.
And i see that it because i.

[1:02:30] I’m on the other end of that mac uses his that’s hard see in the mid in the third empowering to to come together as one and it was really beautiful.

[1:02:41] It was a great turnout you say so that he is the only school about muscle i don’t know i heard there might have been some hungry kids and.
And no for once i missed the intro so i don’t really know what is that gonna do this again because you richard’s new watching her five hassle though.
Is my fax won’t shut up about music so it was a pretty good day and stuff with because.
As he is he from here to know i don’t think so i think maybe this is i don’t know i just added.
Please do it more often error that i think lifestyle will take what was lake you know what can you do to keep this movement going.

[1:03:31] Not just that the walk but how can you employer breathe into whatever else you to feel as.
One thing that will be but this is like you love whose presence in stuff like that has okra cream flavor so that was the news from kotaku should get tickets for all of these reasons and together.
And now that everyone know people’s perception its heats up the kids in his back to me it’s all about convention so my nephew had the signs of like you know i place to be three will you join.
It sounds like he can stay that’s dan’s young so you don’t have to do all of the after you and immediately lose your life for a little bit then turns to the rescue and.
Getting back to the place so.
I think this is a hiring in excited to see what you know what others are coming up now because they.

[1:04:31] Parents are lying on the cat scan to their parents and see what it be like that and their siblings that richie made a good statement about it not do the job the jimenez family is what causes the early.
Is it now there’s kids wake up at amazon and there but they are having a cookout they said they recently still.
And like that’s happening right now is really punching you so unit president respectively gets.

[1:05:01] The relevant topic connecting with something that.
Everyone without damaging the while i have been affected in some way so he to the one thing i know me and.
The one thing i heard from a couple people told me this was that just the name of it kinda put him off on it like.
The math walk or whatever disowning for the final maybe they could.
Call it something else brand is like i might use or something like something yeah is like my.
My thing is i have always got one do something related to that i would so lose like her that’s a nice of should be like in the summer time or something.
Hey i know you might have plans with a hot or often summer time is always the question because they’re mostly if it’s.
And will that we should bring my popsicles and ice and waters and is no these kids a little bit.
I would love to do more fuse and its been something i’ve said you know nothing about that it is hard to get this beasley actually.
Put a plane down and go thru the k and my twins are free right now and so i actually,
next year though week in a better place where they actually see me and also rub off on them that when the girls were little.
They found the two everything so i know they would love to help and you need something suppose i and not just one person and there’s a lot of people there i’m sure they took away some type of message you this is.

[1:06:41] I’m into ladies was there and there is has a new is a little wet say well i know that their facebook page in the actual shared it.

[1:06:51] But i have no one else i know the whole stuff on his facebook.

[1:06:57] Yeah but you’re when replacing the people yeah and also both teams wore going.
Is richard and obviously slobbery you like usual when this ten years and the two times is because i know part of terry stafford was like we do this on the west everyone brings peace for,
fighting and i think that should always be the case but whatever cuz i used to hunt should be out there you know kind of hoping for something vice versa.

[1:07:29] Seven two ladies out there in it and they have been talking to someone and they like didn’t you which means.
So i know they always think we need a place like up nicely cover.
It just places where it may concern say in things like that also down for that you know the value of the doctor was.
Elise foster she’s for my child and she’s a professor out there and she doesn’t want to students there that needs to be.
How to travel to do that but you know there some names of all those people that.
How is non do things like that of interstate next meeting people like.
Cuz the light everyone would like to do that for summer spring on me and yeah it’s almost connections and people sharing it more.

[1:08:22] I wish everything was that then you post that you see that has yet to switch on.
I think we’re things will come.
I’m about to go see the holy hell are my people turn against meth out that yeah.
And where story should skip the inescapable straight of people who name their kids,
he’ll be that girl for continues crying at.
I want to live life to the washington the white people hundred.

[1:09:08] The washer was leaking to clean was a girl one thing to question is that.
Yeah man i detect a home girl to as a.
I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight but like it’s gonna and fuck that are you know who it’s gonna be some fucked up flag and what is that factory.

[1:09:37] I never used that the new one to dislike this what i never got so out from people like,
i probably have more snaps that date just off of that being.

[1:09:54] Then i have ever gotten like that was in the dude like what the fuck what the fuck are you doing alright for me to do something in the vacuum head,
there’s always something he lives from school a couple do a thing for five years or something anyways the whole post about like,
can you tell me if your mass is your height is usually the yeah or what is the.
And some of the engine light will with the problems in their business done that was one of the base and yeah using because they were together as the house is looking amazing building.

[1:10:41] What’s the ozone like movie everything i,
that’s good yeah yeah yeah but you’re a guy if my motorola,
crazy it was in the audience man truly think it’s rough out there.
He had a long time friend went and call him to come over like procedure answer just.
Which is a kind of african sixties maybe and.
He show up with ads was always a super nice guy.
When taking over and jam was a kinds in not a lot of men and women money sitting on the couch to.

[1:11:34] Can i use it as i am raising accounts set of white people like a long time.
I just recently.
Hey i’m sorry i was that is whatever of the that is totally okay that is the two thousand dollar would yeah yes i think there are different.
You ever understand se ni me in rows gideon’s of the method is,
but we need a lot just for that she never of a like mind is single like you know that we greatly does.
Do anything in this surgery that i.
Is there any like some called it like it is that shit i don’t know how to make you think that your.
That’s crazy normal light in living are like the coolest thing ever on the skinny lady.
Pretty pretty quickly that’s okay but the.
But everything is on the least of hours something like,
is it legal for an after likes to someone and yeah that was the deal they got some crazy was his or her,
will you and then call me when you get up in the thing that one of the thirteen.

[1:13:17] Yes that’s good culture many you can change your and then.
Show me those things that i like you know i hear people making a parties are here people be like some people slow gets into machine and will both.
Order something they all that way,
nibbles back to his unit and where by the way it’s not clean clean do it that way for,
do not like it and they said the judge of that logic methodology is the worst.
Not now while.
Change the subject but we had homeboy def is gonna be calling here pretty soon from new mexico.
Mc fuck in.
Speedo eyeglasses cinnamon pickles in philadelphia with the show the other pretty sure those something.
Yeah she called reserve you in all honesty during on.
Go to music in the transplant or whatever answer that in the summer so that group for we could definitely for sure not people at estimated number.
I already canceled state in excel that we we should give them who did he do that.

[1:14:54] I really like it like a lot but.
Send a big screen i know how i get.
Is in the ninety seconds and i was totally wrong interested in the iphone six.
At ten yeah it’s like it it’s cool celebrities who know.
She was is delicious thing for our as traded in on you create a yeah she was fucking pissed.
Where do the is looking to have that meeting that guy is me dead.
Yeah it’s the worst is the light bill of resistance should use that say something think so i can.

[1:15:50] Play the hush yeah so there is privileged.

[1:16:02] Suppose that use in the icons is it.
It’s an elevated and then they watch missing facebook people.
Alright well it’s probably this as i was really into the text andrew.
Well maybe you don’t but it.

[1:16:44] Send me the top of the food hey what’s up man.

[1:16:53] Yeah caller number nine how are you.
Anyone wanna and call it from ever going to arrive,
the company to go on a tour of the city la union shop for the bike yeah everybody there is a man yet so tonight then or what.

[1:17:16] I gotta show that i did we all know yet we only.

[1:17:24] Where where’s that way people can’t use their watching a facebook tonight.

[1:17:37] Are there stuff is okay in there.
Yeah you like that okay the dude was asking what where’s the show at the end of people are tune in live to go get tatted.

[1:17:56] What’s gone wrong and i share in the code for weeks we have here call one of the best,
we are leaving the country called the return of the biker of the filipino people for eating the whole when i get on the bed and was really.
They are the same thing you can come out in mexico myself.
That is done it’s over in the last couple months great on the good on gas yeah thanks man thanks for giving us a call i know you just dropped an album a couple days ago they right.

[1:18:34] Yeah i dropped it in the drop friday for twenty five project for myself from the court we go by the gas.
Basically i live in is fired from your job at the bob duncan.
Lol engine to but it’s the confusion.
Only the music going to drop the water check it out anybody in the on off social media platforms except pandora you typing did i think that the,
baby okay interior up that’s a is that is all natives are just a.
Yes on the green alarm that hundred in building a home you go over there and by the players from irish fellow that reminds you and,
i’m a filipino nicholas was so convincing defy so.
You know we divided by diverse groups but of nokia model two hundred are you on third or first nation so we.
The painting a lot of events based around the first nations are getting this,
events in the book he sell the hoses recover from a lot of dollar gift for my kids and avenues protocol to record and there is too hot to read.
That’s what your your member of a couple of different groups right to the yearly member definition where the new solo stuff as well right.

[1:20:12] Yeah exactly state of full time of your projects mothers friendly we have a group called definition rare.
Been going to be getting off for dr our time in years but you only able branch out move we still gotta project coming out.
That’s hella how long have you been rapping like how when where and when did you would use the first got and music.

[1:20:39] I think after like the chill rob g on the power on like in the future will not unlock when you go on your driving and,
there’s a couple songs on the news cashier and.
Having children it really under rated of some property maybe one of the person she better not all my years and olio i liked it tonight be nice flow.
Actually got in the drum poetry in middle school.
And just know you manually conceded the combination of his poetry and running your own.
Get well i try to be a people at the beginning of my.
I need a cultured but when it gets counterpart appear.

[1:21:29] Will i be trying to find my niche and finally working contribute to the culture and did you back in being used in my primary.
Back to dropping years but also been using the gmail out of the driving time.
That’s what’s up with credit card debt fight ninja turtles have jumped off.
What you got me screaming being screened our goal only like that when a even though.
Gotta give credit on the coming out of the trees like the first video,
that is a very cool like to much work i think maybe the battle of the year the way the second day we were also a huge influence upon me so.
Wanting to yeah that’s a big no new first in a long time and i can’t i can’t even remember the first time.
Like we started doing stuff together i think it was what it was definitely before that battle of the chief that thing in you you battle manic wonderful.
Or whatever maniac that you can i know you before that i can remember my mother’s been like party in or out whatever down over here.
Whatever while i am back for.
I think i have a video of the thing i seen this i have a video of you this is like way back in the day before i ever knew you a video of hell and back was in the middle of the street trying to battle somebody or whatever.

[1:23:08] You are back there and i didn’t realize it was you till eight years later oh shit that’s that’s five,
but when i seen that video recently and it in.
I’ve didn’t even realize i had known you back then but apparently i did after the podcast email me the footage.
It’s somewhere and you tube holding it up and find it and it is funny man to call the that’s gotta be said that that’s gotta be like two thousand four or five six summer and i don’t remember.
He got the menu two thousand six two thousand seven hundred twenty w over ten years and all done a couple shows the time and.
Remember the show we did in philadelphia dollar ten thousand.
I you been sober since about then right.
Yeah exactly like that time will probably one of the last time to actually drink so that’s the blower for early like over four years now,
that’s what’s up man the after party when i still was done,
one more,
what will the yeah it’s crazy man speaking shows we got that.
Get your put on the gathering mc is here coming.

[1:24:39] Yeah i think i gave her my annual gathering of and you don’t really looking forward to that a lot of in the coming in from across the country.
Yeah it’s gonna be go friday the twenty seventh large anybody going to albuquerque new mexico for the gathering of nations.
May she come together in a recipe or friday night will be rap competition that sixteen yo battle alot alot showcases live dj reflection on wanted to.
And for making me a little different this year went on a collection twenty on the rap competition so.
We’re fine fine surprise and a good time the expected new eviction and has a farm and.
Yeah man it’s all the time you do you got this many times dollar thirty yeah makes haven’t been in a few years i’m just excited to get back in.
You know see everybody again and does it back down and.

[1:25:43] Yeah i could shut the entire wide open into a minor wreck and i am the yeah absolutely.

[1:25:55] I think you and do so we images of definition will like them also i need change in my shield.
It didn’t correct the truth six control the show hundred dollar making you don’t record anyone donation.
What message from derby on a ride with rose and how to use it on the decline of the.
We live in the country do methods i’ve seen them.
Few times i’ve ever met him in person but i’m a fan of their music and i like he know second born son a lot so i am excited to see them perform.

[1:26:45] Having money doesn’t like some company and your performance around me i could be everybody get down.
Nothing to try to sleep before i work for that can be read by the weekend yeah man then that whole weekend is usually just a blur of madness going on so.
I’m excited for in the same year also got down memory on friday.
Don’t anybody thinking around or after the gathering of nations of the power has been you and am that supreme power.
Go out that we will be performing in the country age on sunday evening right at seven thirty on with our lives and the lives being the release party where did that.

[1:27:36] I’m really looking forward to the following best way correspond and she is it safe r eight technicality goes to grab her live been like this for the.
Are we yeah deathly it’s a totally different experiences as.
Fan and as our students a completely different thing that is watching someone rap on mike with dj or whatever.

[1:28:02] No we got.
We got some water is life is gonna be the summer working and the show today you wanna talk a little bit about that radio and how um how that came about.

[1:28:14] Yeah the song water like you back shear the wrong from the right move and no no longer take baker right moment and for whatever segment.
I wasn’t able to be there for part of the time or most of the time that all the data is going down to north.
But i have no fundraise by completed the song.
I think i chose the sugar music video performed on the corner where i can ground and also at the casino for one of the legal defense fund.
Anyway you going for.

[1:28:58] Just a few days ago actually a song where they were coming play control in the morning say my song out a lot of guys that some inspirational words of the song.
Any news on welcome page because i was taking.

[1:29:16] Directions for liking reading more about the mission of the happening today more so than to bow when you first mentioned earlier to be balanced seem to understand that from the father to take direction towards the music in.
Putting more meaning into it.
Eight billion one hundred one hundred shit or something new like this was like don’t let the broccoli and am sister the one and after that point with a couple mentors i just got your message last switch it up and hour out of.
I guess they will destroy the conscious grill to song that i’m doing well in life is.
That page wasn’t hackers and thanks for playing along the yeah no problem man.
We’ll see what about sign up men do it up at the boom boom room tonight man city pretty dope and will catch you in a couple days here in albuquerque man.

[1:30:16] Okay is there travels me knowing you have doesn’t mean will it be in the other.
If you wanna follow me on instagram at p underscore.

[1:30:31] Yeah how’s the space that spell re do your social media stuff so people can value in the by music and i can’t.

[1:30:40] Yeah check me out follow me on social media instagram and twitter at the under score in.
A butterfly macha being a height thing on.
Facebook facebook dot com forward slash gas rapper being f r a p p e r.
And is very much alive in your online community and call me in the chances of me rapping three in the morning live.
And what did income am so thank you very much r broke new ground may twenty.
Having i manual will see a couple days are numbered it easy on.

[1:31:32] Alright that’s what’s up yeah high school is good dude but the third that show we didn’t in philadelphia lady fucking.
He had like is march games like button is the only earrings and like all kinds of lake kit that and never thought fucking so.
Is it late here in tel nation yeah that what the fuck like he was on machine has things they.
I think so but to three cd that i he he was just fucking making money and what is the area of ridiculous but there is a god and crazy but it’s good dude will be.
Rocking together this friday at the launch pad so that left this so i think he has the words of the is going to.

[1:32:24] Gallons are gonna be raining so yeah i’ll be at the launch pad friday nights few now pretty come.
Fuck me holding down there a week and you’ll be over the fact front of walter whites house and.
Crying in the infiniti war to movie and all that stuff so yeah i’ll be down there hit me up fucking you know be doing whatever so.

[1:32:47] Hit me up in knots let’s get into some high jinks or whatever it chinese empire cast down into heat up some people on.
Caramel idyllic yeah maybe table’s yeah i might just bring it to that show since like.
A lot of the artists will be there in the district of the round table everybody together or is thinking maybe just do something in my room cuz there’s a calm.
It’s weird cuz is not letting many hip hop events going on that i’m aware of anyway usually it’s like fucking cluttered with departments it seems like this year’s only that gathering of em season and red cloud’s do and show the same night at the same time.
So but that’s just friday but there’s nothing thursday nothing saturday which normally goes there’s a fence on something so yeah so i mean,
it’s just gonna be fucking filthy with natives so,
i’m sure it’s only cat i’ve only been to it lights but yeah seven hundred of us is so ridiculous that pot bars close in like.
The streets are literally flooded.
If the natives me so many on the calzone breaking up again as soon as many things i’ve yet.
It’s it’s a glasses it’s so funny have to do it once in life of its yeah it’s great i can’t wait to get down there so yeah i don’t know if my just.
Having an airplane flying amazing call certain people in my room and be like let’s just have one on one sit down rather than like.

[1:34:25] You know trying to avoid all the serving dishes yeah get let’s buy yeah it’s not really have much going on saturday so i think i might do some live q one of us in the.
Get some shit done on saturday i got bs weed so as the.
Open the state for cfc sweet sweet and bread they forget to tune in to show you all we will see you guys in a couple weeks in holland mi seen in albuquerque.

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 021 The Seinfeld Episode About Nothing

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Alana Snyder from 605 Magazine

Produced By Robert Mehling

Music Spotlight:
“Broken Dreams” From Loved & Hated by Night Shield

Perlocution Podcast Episode 010 Observations from the Road: Nashville

Nashville (/næʃˈvɪl/) is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Tennessee and the seat of Davidson County. It is located on the Cumberland River in northern Middle Tennessee. The city is a center for the music, healthcare, publishing, private prison, banking and transportation industries, and is home to numerous colleges and universities.

Hosted by White Boi and Jeni Mc

Produced by Robert Mehling

This episode is sponsored by Macabre Grimoire Podcast.  Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.  Coming May 1st! Learn more at

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Perlocution, Jeni Mc, White Boi, Robert Mehling, Nashville, Tennessee, Melting Pot, Fondue, Andrew Jackson, Hermitage, Plantations, Hot Chicken, Swamp Daddy’s, Memphis, Wormholes, Time Travel, Grave Desecration, Urban Indianz Podcast, Potholes, Music, Dead Malls, Macabre Grimoire, Ghost Stories, Haunted Items, Monstrous Little Theater Company

New York Times bestselling writer Sean E. Williams Coming to SiouxperCon 2018 Courtesy of The Sioux Empire Podcast

We are so pleased to announce the return of friend of SiouxperCon, Sean E. Williams.

Sean E. Williams

Sean E. Williams

Sean E. Williams is the New York Times bestselling writer of FAIREST: THE RETURN OF THE MAHARAJA, SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN, and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for DC Comics/Vertigo Comics, UNNATURAL SELECTION for Stela, and more. He’s the co-founder of the “Diversity Focused. Digital First.” creator-owned comic book publishing company Comicker Press.

Sean’s appearance is graciously brought to you by The Sioux Empire Podcast. The Sioux Empire Podcast is the “quirky but harmless” podcast that’s all about northern plains: News, Comedy, Music, and Culture run by one of SiouxperCon’s most ardent supporters Robert Mehling. Robert and the crew have been with SiouxperCon since the start and this year they have become a partner with us.


Please join us in thanking The Sioux Empire Podcast and welcoming Sean to SiouxperCon 2018: Return of the Con brought to you by Black Hills Federal Credit Union and held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center September 28th to the 30th.

Remember to visit to purchase your tickets to SiouxperCon 2018: Return of the Con. We have many amazing options for you including a package that includes a meal with all of our amazing guests.


Macabre Grimoire Coming Soon (Trailer)

Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.

Perlocution Podcast Episode 008 Sno Jam Comedy Festival

Perlocution Podcast Episode 008 Sno Jam Comedy Festival


Snow snō/
atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.
“we were trudging through deep snow”
something that resembles snow in color or texture, in particular.


Hosted by White Boi and Jeni Mc (Absent)  

Guests: Nate Hoffman, Zach Dresch, and Karl Koiker

Produced by Robert Mehling


Tags and Topics:

Perlocution, Jeni Mc, White Boi, Robert Mehling, Nate Hoffman, Zach Dresch, Karl Koiker, Luke Johnson, South Dakota Special Olympics, Sioux Falls Snow Jam Comedy Fest, Run the Mic, Roast, Heckling, Brendan Gay, John Burnel, Larry Brinkman, Open Mic, Comedy, Famous Quotes, Urban Dictionary

Sioux Empire Podcast 096 The New Colossus with Polly Dean

This podcast contains adult content, listener discretion advised.

This week The Sioux Empire Podcast Crew (Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover) get serious to talk about human trafficking with Polly Dean from The New Colossus.  But First, they talk about Russian Gun Advocates, arbitrary, meaningless lists,  and all of those bald glowing children in Brandon.  This episode is brought to you by Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival celebrating comedy and…Snow! That’s right there is no other comedy festival like it. Thirty comedians from around the country will be traveling to Sioux Falls, SD to perform in various venues across the city. Over the course of three days they will perform in both stand up and themed showcases, not only testing their comedy wits but their endurance to the cold. All the while supporting a good cause. Net proceeds will benefit the Special Olympics of South Dakota.  Don’t look into it but The Sioux Empire Podcast is the #1 podcast in the entire universe according to absolutelynotamadeuplistwebsiteseriously.fakeweb.  


The New Colossus

Sno Jam Comedy Fest



The Sioux Empire Podcast has no scruples and will totally launder your rubles.

A Failing Grade

More arbitrary lists

Radioactive!  Radioactive!

I guess all of those bald glowing children were drawing some attention.


Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, The New Colossus, Polly Dean, Argus Leader, Human Trafficking, arbitrary lists, KSFY, KELOLand, Law Enforcement, Bad Drivers, Brandon, Russia, Imagine Dragons, Internet Safety, Emotional Manipulation, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Snapchat, Criminal Record, Student Loans, Rehabilitation, Drugs


Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 018 Opioid Crisis with Post Pilgrim and Supaman

Urban Indianz Podcast Episode 018 Opioid Crisis with Post Pilgrim and Supaman

Urban Indianz Podcast: Gabriel Night Shield, Char Green, Kat Stands, Levi Hansen

Guests: Jennifer White from Post Pilgrim and Supaman

Produced By Robert Mehling

Post Pilgrim Gallery-J. White




Gabriel Night Shield, Levi Hansen, Robert Mehling, Char Green, Kat Stands, Jennifer White, Post Pilgrim, Supaman, Opioid Crisis