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Happy Warrior Ep 003 Boy Scouts, MS-13, and Opioid War

Happy Warrior Ep 003 Boy Scouts, MS-13, and Opioid War

Host: Peter Vaughn Pischke

Producer: Robert Mehling

Voice Over: Dave Holly

Opening Theme: “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


Scout Oath: On my Honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law: A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.


Segment 1: Boy Scouts goes Bananas!

Quote: “For 105 years, the relationship between the Boy Scouts and the Mormon Church has been important to both groups. Any boy who is part of a Mormon congregation automatically becomes part of the Boy Scouts. The Mormon Church has been the largest participant of the Boy Scouts in the United States, making up nearly 20 percent of all of the Boy Scouts’ 2.3 million youth members.?

Scouts and Leaders get Condoms. Mandatory policy for staff and leaders must follow.

I love this quote from the Florida Family Council:

“In light of the mandatory condom policy, it is not clear how far down the rabbit hole the Boy Scouts will continue to fall. With the addition of condoms and alcohol, the World Jamboree is starting to sound more like a 1960s Woodstock festival rather than a campout that parents would want to send their children to.

Matt Walsh made a great point about the progressives when it comes to blood in the water:

“The Boy Scouts thought it could satiate leftists by revoking its prohibition on gay scouts. All it did was whet their appetites. It showed weakness; it dripped a little blood in the water, and the feeding frenzy began. The Left is not interested in making minor reforms and changes to things. Rather, it wants to completely obliterate every traditional American institution and rebuild them in its own deformed image. If you show any susceptibility, you will not be left alone until you have been completely torn down and annihilated.

Our godless, evil culture demands conformity above all else. It does not know what it wants or where it is going, but it insists that you join it, nevertheless, in its confusion. The only safe choice is to refuse completely, entirely, and with prejudice.”

End Segment: with this great summary by Girls Scouts about the Boy Scouts organization:

“The Boy Scouts’ house is on fire. Instead of addressing systemic issues of continuing sexual assault, financial mismanagement and deficient programming, BSA’s senior management wants to add an accelerant to the house fire by recruiting girls.”

Segment 2: Are MS-13 and other violent evil raping misogynistic gangs animals?


Trump calls members of MS 13: animals

Nancy Pelosi gets religious in response:

“We believe — some of us who are attracted to the political arena, to government and public service — that we are all God’s children, there is a spark of divinity among every person on earth, and that we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person and as we recognize our responsibilities with that spark of divinity within us,” she said.

“And so, when the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘These aren’t people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?” she said. It is this supposed lack of recognition for the divine spark, she went on to suggest, that motivates his administration’s “inhumane” policies.

Actually, a gang member goes by the nickname of Animal lol!

They are evil!

And Americans side with Trump at 56%. 44 says comments unfair, and 52% were fine with dehumanizing members of MS-13.

Segment 3: The Opioid War!

Start with talking about how hard the last 2 months have been for me.

Talk about meeting with my primary doctor, then being forced to go to the pain specialist.

Quote a letter to a friend of mine:

“Hi Craig,

I’m sorry to sound so down in the dumps. Having such a negative appointment with the pain specialist is very disheartening. I probably should have had more patience with him, and acted more Christlike.

I really don’t know what to say or tell you.

I am not l suicidal, so please don’t worry about that.

For future reference here is what happened at the pain doctor appointment.


I go on, nurses take my vitals and go through my medication list.

The doctor eventually comes in, he says that I’m scheduled for abdomen shots and that according to the G.I Doctor I saw on Friday:

I don’t currently have pancreatitis. (I’m kindly assuming he meant that no tests proved my amalyse enzyme levels were elevated)

He said that this is exactly what the doctor wrote him.

He wanted to know the basic where does it hurt. And asked me what usually worked to get the pain away.

I told him that Oxycontin was the most effective and that I did have a butrans pain patch in the past, but couldn’t afford it after I lost my insurance last year.

He asked if I was taking Gabapentin and Cymbalta (in some studies it shows that high levels of these may reduce chronic pain).

I said I was.

He said the abdomen shot wouldn’t be appropriate since it was deep on the inside. And that pain would be dealt with by GI.

He said he would set me up on a CORE exercise schedule.

I told him that I am fine with not taking opiates as long as he can find something else that works.

He told me that he would keep me on Gabapentin and Cymbalta.

I told him that was all very well and good; except they didn’t do much to treat the pain.

He told me that the oxycodine, the butrans, and the fentanyl (never took it or been on it) are going out the door.

“Haven’t you seen the news”

It was at this point that I blew it, and lost my cool.

I told him that to be perfectly honest I didn’t care if junkies were dying from taking illegal drugs.

What would he do to help me get out of pain. That every other freaking doctor dumps me like a hot rock onto you.

He tried telling me to cool down, and I told him that I’m leaving as it is obvious that you couldn’t care less what happens to me and all those other patients like me who are suffering.


I know I should of been Christ Like, and kept my mouth shut and and just took the humiliation. Just let one more medical professional accuse of me of being a lazy degenerate junkie.

My Mom is right, this is the one with all the power and control over any treatment. And if I try to see a different doctor, I can be arrested for drug seeking behavior.

This is wrong and unjust. And there is nothing I can do about it.

a letter I wrote to a friend that night:

What You CAN DO:

Contact FDA and Politico:

Machine Transcript

[0:24] What’s the good the good i love that song let’s get stuff that is but the chicken if anyone was curious who is the artist of that song you can look it up the song is.
Buy bump of chicken into japanese from rockville at.
My oh i only have the one that won japanese rock band in us otherwise pretty much j popped out alright and then open with this.
If you can’t tell but have me my right hand up,
to the squares might say in the audience church says on my honor i will do my best to do my duty to god and my country and to obey the scout law to help other people at all times to keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake and morally straight.
Follow by the scout law which is the sound is trustworthy loyal helpful friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverent.

[1:26] Find a flag absolute.
As many of you know that is the boy scout oath and the scout law if you ever been a boy scout these are two critical things that all scouts are expected to memorize and learn i remember the first one the scout oath i still remember.
But the scout law i often need help all those good things all together sometimes it will hard for me to figure out what the.
Well what is white.
Silly ass so we’re going to my visit so again and three basic sections i think this time robert isn’t here unfortunately he had family emergency had to take care of a cat playing off to create podcasts things kept happening.
Friday night i prepare that saturday i slept in a bit late so i can be there on time and sounds.
Monday night when we schedule a family member has a family emergency and then drop it so i don’t because of emergency i have to work real.
I don’t think i’ll be able to help you out peter this week so how about you try you go ahead and use that nice blue microphone you have,
nice snowball mike wonderful wonderful by your in your recording or streaming at all i completely recommended.
I can probably get one to two hundred two hundred fifty or less if you look online for use on the house so the brakes up the three segments i think so the first segment will be them the story that most interesting to me.
From entertainment level interest level because my back on girl’s and something stick out more personally than others.

[2:58] I saw start with this the mood to sell very specific now type of news events and at the end all try to talk about news that’s important to know when is talking about.
The first one here is about lbs scouting and the boy scouts in general okay so this all began for me i am a big fat or was a big fan of the boy scouts i’m a member in my church and,
if you know more morning voice it’s very much expected that and how was expected.
That we go ahead and become boy scout and try to get legal many families i know say they won’t let their kids get a drivers license to the become an eagle scout.
Nah don’t come.
It’s a bit bigger and areas with larger amounts of mormon so if you’re utah california arizona colorado parts of idaho wyoming,
getting an eagle so it was just something you did most people had it done before they were fourteen power out here.
In the morning boonies where there are many members it was much of it was just on our backs and our parents and so i came from a single parent household so there is,
no way i was getting legal but i did my very best mass fourteen lost all my records so i had custard from scratch and they always got to start it and go all the way back.
In which stunk when i go back to tender foot that’s the beginning of scout by the way.
For a book of the boy scouts of the cub scouts and the house on this mike a little closer hope when talking loud enough for all of you to hear and not killing the feed.

[4:35] If so i never got mail.
But i did my hardest to try when i was eighteen i was when i was back come eighteen that’s the crossing point and then you can work on boyscout stuff anymore sticking a needle was cut off then.
This is the same or got pancreatitis and uncle coincidentally out of her at all related.
And i was so frustrating as i even did the project and i never got fisher approval because.
While i had every requirement done but i think citizenship of the world many make and i think it through all the procreate bureaucracy of doing an eagle scout if you’ve been in the boy scouts you know that the bureaucracy is.
Heinous i mean there are there are members of the federal government are less complex and faster moving than the boy scouts of america.
Just bureaucracy is awful and amount of money sometimes have to dish out for uniforms for activities for cancel ice it’s can be expensive to if you really get into it.
So i can get my eagle and my and my two other brothers coming through the sky program to,
my first one let me james heating is eagle scout and i worked really hard with and he did most of the heavy lifting i mean he should be proud of what he accomplished on the john didn’t that’s my youngest brother,
similar reasons for this that you know we did everything or sky masterson of this got message on what’s going on,
or the are not being scout masters in more start and they have no idea.

[6:05] So i’ve been scanning me is a personal even though i feel very frustrated and become legal despite my work i love the scoundrel of going outdoors a lot.
Hiking i love ira i love doing all those cool things that scouts get to do i learn boats and horses and it was fantastic.
Great experiences i it makes me sad to share with you news that the mormon church the church is chrysler two cents is leaving boy scouts completely.
Last year the announced that they were going just not do varsity scouting which many wars were doing anyways that’s what we call the individual congregations with hallmarks.
And so they were just not doing anyway so it wasn’t a huge deal but was a side the times that maybe the boy scouts think of pulling out complete me down this church thing about pulling out the boy scouts completely in the future.
So it wasn’t surprise me that we found out a week or two when is this may ninth may ninth more bilious church announce that there could leaving boy scouts completely by twenty twenty on.
It in their relationship boy scouts have with the church is over a hundred five years old it’s almost as old as long as the,
boy scouts have been the boy scouts of america the boy scouts of course if you’re familiar came from the work of powell in britain and in that document other countries and it says on the very first.
And probably the the most popular of the scouting regimes and there’s sc the.

[7:36] What’s cats america i do their own thing but they are technically under the boys to scouting boy scouts of the world organization.
I don’t i don’t think i’m calling it the right thing and but the many scouting the boys get america out.
To many of the different scammers is behind the times i can print boys and girls.
Are in the same thing that you teach a lot of stuff that we teach like in the girl scouts of the progressive values homosexuality abortion,
you pick the progressive social issue they were on top of the boy scouts of america what kind of thought of being is back where they were moving forward like the girl scouts here.
In ny state which isn’t all feel a with the world scan organization as far as i know they teach abortion from planned parenthood.
Workers that then that’s that’s the fact so.
Many people in the sky organizations are religious in fact like what was the model i just shared with you.
Add to talk to myself i will do my best to do my duty to god and my country.
To god god is the first one i have a begins to this going organization was was full and in support more by religious.
Group shortly and even still now then nonreligious strips i would say that’s true of the girl scout organization.
On the next person if i get lbs church it was the biggest the biggest of the churches that were involved in this but other churches have been on catholic churches.

[9:08] Baptist organizations methodist will smaller than jungle groups i mean they were they been involve a skein but bit by bit people the pulling out why they them pulling out.
Well the church said that were merges doing because we wanna worldwide program,
for everyone that’s the same even if your united states or breaks her heart but i met a guy from barbados one time that’s an adhd moment,
but yeah barbados scouts the really injury anna or is it shakira is one of the to everyone’s from barbados me out that the church had.

[9:45] As of now makes twenty percent of the boy scouts members that’s two point three million people to ten point three million voice.
The real reason i know i did the real reason the church is pulling up,
is because the boy scouts of america won’t stand by their own principles and what they’ve taught for the last hundred years they just kinda cave with whenever they’d.
Member the metal hits the road this i have the phrase goes on a metal hits the post.
The knife is the butter i don’t know that the boy scouts of america within the last two years we just paid.
The black people of complain to them from discounts in and was does america or sorry are no waves around me don’t so wrong shame shame lol.
No they sell flatulent themselves to hundred times to ten hill near his for whatever they just with cave and i boys to be gay scout and never really big deal to me because it’s like.
That’s not really what scouting is for and i don’t think it be something you’d see a lot of his free clear so busy all the time start i doubt there be a lot of.
Scout scout loving going on it’s in the united states voice gets a mare so from a bill that was a little annoying that they would go there.
Find was like okay some scouts they have these issues.
Where i have problem with these and i’m feel little and they are saying this because i’m sure i’m gonna get some flack is when they brought in the the homosexual leaders and probably that is in there are lots of homosexual men there are wonderful people.

[11:24] Even our parents and they bring positive lives to their families i may disagree about you know homosexual marriage or if i thinking ideally that.
Man and wife is the ideal parent ship but i mean just you just admit there are plenty of great,
homosexual are gay or lesbian or whatever turn into people’s.

[11:46] But the problem that many people in the gay community have in the morning it’s the only thing that.
Joy stick in me and not nothing apple is having town and they do something common people and talk about cl pedagogical,
hey i got is a thing that some gay men decide to introduce we just had a movie come out the summer about it.
Dave the young older man will go to a young teenager and will basically charm them and groom them for a gay relationship.
It’s basically child predation but getting inside.
On the gay community and i’m not saying most homosexual men are that way but i’m saying that we just not being aware,
it’s very frustrating that we might be put our kids in danger i mean there’s an obvious problem with scout and with predation by.
A by child molesters and like me to prom that they had a lot of trouble with the law on this last several years and.
What needs is frustrating.

[12:50] So the scholars issues i told you that roxy problem of over spending problem they have retaining scouts problem.

[13:02] All those combined i think is really what’s done the minute they one address them and they just caved to every progressive thing and they just finally know the church master leaving,
just just like less than a week before the scouts came out and the announced we are no longer the boy scouts of america no.
We’re line all women in a race last year they start announced they might have some women and that wasn’t program the opening up to nine states as of now they have three thousand people so i’m not sure where that but the,
the same and that’s that’s going out can be completely and boy and girl and all programs all levels and.
Hear hear us out will you be less that’s america burgundy scouts bsa not be as is an act as in the initial starting standing for now but is america it scouts bsa don’t ask with bsa is i don’t know.
They don’t know that’s why they are now and it’s very frustrating you let it get you we all have different values in life but it’s i think it was its okay.
For groups to be different and stand for religious beliefs and principles homosexuality for example is one that,
is a common thing place gem in the judeo christian islamic theology is very common that homosexuality.
Is it.
The majority of your members boy scouts of america are religious so telling them to go f you will give them the middle finger and shove them off.

[14:34] Now why is not wise for a business and organization restoration perspective and they just came too many times of the stuff.
The they won’t stand for their principles that they tell us scouts to live by.
And frankly they just kind of abandoned them so if they’re not gonna stand there to if their telling us to raise scout and stops this will stand by these principles especially when it gets tough and you days can organizations and stand by it.
Well why should i be here is a waste of time for me and my kid.
That’s that’s how i feel that i think that’s my fear feeling by why organizations like the church is price license are leaving and it’s sad i love scouting i’m of sad that my future nieces nephews viral i have kids.
That this isn’t gonna be a thing for them to enjoy it now.

[15:28] And it gets worse it gets worse i have some articles like to share their really i read some really sol articles about the subject.
And add a little bit in the us cell.
It only gets worse from here saturday announced well we’re going scouts bsa women owned up in the ranks ever where.
Men and women can have separate organizations anymore.
I don’t know why that’s is very woke me eliminate all differences between the sexes including individual arts in groups you know we can’t have boys and women’s choir definitely now.
Now we have to remove all it but even though it sucked elementary does he need part form that has a history of western part not have that.
Can i have a that’s not walking of at a woman to but its a boys club here no.

[16:25] Of you can resume now that’s it gets worse because the boy scouts world jamboree leadership announce.
At the world jamboree which is what the guy once a year it’s for the world scout jose and its two or three scaring countries those organizations have a in hosted on behalf of the international scout organization.
So the world jamboree this year’s gonna be from july twenty first august first size twenty nineteen is me host my scouts canada association discounts team a call.
And what’s that america while they will be placed under me now asking me call the theme is called on lock and new worlds.
The theme speaks quote the steam speaks to the new adventures cultures and friendship so be sure by scouts from around the world during the event.

[17:17] Here’s a nice so this is really reported by the blaze.
And some other people i trail life usa has picked up on it some family,
heritage groups like family or the florida but place is the one that broke it so bad for them to be big blazer kinda gone downhill the past year to an app so at this world jamboree.
They’re saying that we are gonna have contact with i have contraception without condoms and we are going to have the notches for the leaders.
Befriend for scout is well i’m not joking.
There’s a trail of usa men the best retort to this set in light of the mandatory condom policy is clear far down the rabbit hole the boy scouts will continue to fall.
With the addition of dow condoms and i’ll call the pro jamboree it started somewhere like a nineteen sixty’s woodstock festival rather than the camp of the parents and want to send their children to.

[18:22] Any of these policies present a clear view protection from the bsa have absolutely refuses to recognize.
The fact there point like honestly readily accessible and communicating this to every one in your like everyone clean up participants show the ps is ball practice paying facilitating sexual conduct reminders.
That is outrageous irresponsible i would say if you’re facility between leaders and kids which i imagine is probably what do not agree with many but you know even one is terrible.
Would you and its disturbing to me to be perfectly honest.
Guess never was scott is about scout sex does not cover the straps like its not a part is not.
Not porter scouting scouting is about out doors and using your brain and learning and growing and being a leader and sex just is not part of that that belongs in sex ed class or with your parents.
Worry no with a dog sitting in between the adults okay it.
It even if you’re if you’re lefty new sale will okay with and go do that with like plan parenthood or something discounts is not about that is it doesn’t need to add another bird into it’s back to what it needs to teach kids.
So the staring me it was another great for his if i can find the me laugh so hard.
The sea to have it so he real.

[20:02] Bruce got a big to their tomorrow like go on the voice consume this is why it’s important to bring up port one.

[20:13] You can never please the will.
And they are into the sea of the comic book people they show this one the first people notice where they went and they came not to vacate the just filter their writers and artists.
And they’re there executives just full of true believers of leftist of hard progressive left is am.
And what do they do when they start kicking out all the characters we get tony stark sky now we got a new black chick to filled when he starts role captain america’s nazi.
Did that said is true they’ve mostly erase some of these lines but we forget the hammering out a gallon actually here’s and that as a comic storyline just for a few examples of.
And what they found out is that even though they replaced all the classic characters are many of them with new both the icons mile morale is another one he was play spider man for one.
And you always find contacts that people that buy comics the look them in the day i’m gonna be honest there man there nerdy.
They’re not work in eight volt left.
They are buying left them but the fan is the sales of the comics with plunge particularly physical copies at comic book stores.
Which is a dying breed sad to say in the thing is they they talk alot the spark a lot they’re really loud if they don’t buy comics the left just doesn’t buy comics.

[21:52] I hate to tell you this to its your new secret but they don’t buy comics.
And you can see the sometimes and other places and the scout is kind of this way to his i think they’re thinking they’ll will freeze,
what please all these left us and all of a sudden to like you know not the boy scouts of america no longer boy scouts of american outskirts being sent,
what’s happening to the gym real madrid spain to buy pictures of my son’s the joint with what it’s.
Lost souls beneath the the the matter but is the spice girls of america but now that there will we will do it.
What is is that gonna happen is it and the other things i agree point is that not wash and braid and the wires is never gonna be enough the scouts over ten years ago.
Made us is okay let the scouts and okay np and others people on the right person you do this guys its a slippery slope is gonna slip and slide all the way down.
It’s dark in a stop it’s now twenty eighteen.
Guess who’s right yes is correct it’s like what was put it this way.
The scout starting to see she left aspire woking prohibition on gay scouts all did was whet their appetites show weakness drip will blood in the water and the feeding frenzy began.
Now the left is not interested in making my reforms and changes rather watch completely obliterate every traditional american institution rebuild them it’s own.

[23:27] Deformed image if you show me susceptibility you will not be left alone so you’ve been completely torn down and annihilated are godless evil culture demands conformity above all else,
it does not know what it wants a where is going but insist that you join it never last it isn’t infusion.
Do i save choices refuse completely entirely and with prejudice this is than this i like this idea it’s like chum in the water.
You’d better over the charts this chump does the shark say that was good man i’m for rock candy on another by north.
The do not the shark stay longer they get they as much that possibly can’t find my appetite,
for dessert you can he is the work will have you are gonna be able to make enough reforms well after the supreme court ruled for everyone that gay marriage is a lot of land.
Did did people put like you know what it’s apt without a doubt let’s put this foot we’re done you all the money back that we have left of people,
hang up our are quotes on hope coat rack were done wash your hands that were done to me do anything now that is it will happen is it a move to trans gender visible and bathroom bills and.
I came into town with all the crazy things they wana push forward so now you cannot is the hope.
Sorry the grass is america last year when the boys get first announced they were going to have some girls in the ranks i love this quote this is.
This is fantastic really short not like the other ones are ready this one’s perfect on light okay serial.

[25:02] The boy scouts house is on fire and seven addressing systemic issues and continue sexual assault financial mismanagement anti-phishing programming.
He is a senior management one step in excel or to the house fire by recruiting girls that did not set.
Nuff said the scouts have real problems organizations real financial organizational problems.
Being what is not gonna fix it okay being more doesn’t fit strong personal life right busy or doesn’t make your job this year it’s not gonna fix the organizational problems.
And yeah you hear me that’s it nothing the boy scouts sites gas busy will survive and so far but i don’t think you’ll be is big i think it will only continue straight.
As is more more conservative or religious families pull out.
And frankly even if you’re not conservative and even if you’re not religious if you’re even left is an agnostic you may not have interest in scoring position just because you know this is organization that doesn’t stand by its principles.

[26:07] And they just gave and that’s all i have to say about this okay on to our next topic of discussion.
So originally wanted to line out of the make segment you about the ms thirteen.
Trump close the story i think that one’s kinda burned itself out just go away.
Nothing in thirty six but basically trump said when he is talking about ms thirteen and the transit unit they said that ms thirteen are animals.
And plus use it and have a religious epiphany and is like how do you say.
What are all god’s children there’s a spot that giving it to mom every porcelain off and that we all have the red noses as we respect the dignity and worth of every person,
is recognize responsibilities with the spark of divinity within calls.
Yup cell little bit like the guy from regular pizza what’s the name of it at.
My pops is elegantly part list when i hear from my mouth is so,
there is so stupid hoses and she was she every now and then she proof pro fcc.
You don’t do this okay you can stop pretending of i mean seems is a caliph if.
A politician he doesn’t even pretend to have religious beliefs and why she choose to do it yeah.

[27:38] And is thirteen animals the rapist or killers to get becoming a ms thirteen member your expect.
Often burger i think just that alone makes them as my but not withstanding that they actually have a.
Killer the game member who goes by the nickname of animal,
not besides the fact that they have a legacy of murder and rape and control throughout the the american cities and the border the border problems and a thirteen.
Not the side effect of the poor that reciprocate about shows that it is six percent of americans agree with trump.
Forty four said the cops were unfair and fifty to another fifty two were fine with the humanizing members,
and is there tea i would say try.
Tell me we get wireless talk about the the rape trees and what time you once i see that’s why i’m saying he didn’t go far enough there so many evil this game dies and other games like.
That i don’t think i think from bailey type touched on the top to be honest and i’m not a huge trump fan i didn’t vote for the man.
Because i’ve listened to what he said and felt that the father and everything he said he will not be very conservative president i’m glad for in many things i’m wrong for policy being the biggest one tax bill was kinda nice.
Had people lot of people as a plant for his regulatory agencies and awesome i really like sec of state park pale.

[29:10] I really love nikki haley i like test your sides that dick hayley is the spirit while.
Such a great line i wish i said it first of been great ira.
Select move to some stuff that actually going around okay so all put three more the first is top will do.

[29:35] But which one id okay well first with the tommy miller cell in britain like last my last episode i did with robert.
That was epson nigeria thank you for all of you that listen to the new tap you interview by the way.
We talked about brilliant and have been is losing it freaking mind i don’t know what is going on with print out where their head is at.
They just keep running civil liberties and and there common law system that the world over has tried to near.
The united states included especially night states on,
they don’t care about that anymore apparently they just want to be politically correct the latest in your instance is catching fire and i’m glad it is about this guy named tommy robinson his crime was filming outside the courthouse.
Now it say wasn’t being violent with the proceeds intruding in the court room if not now was doing that he was just recording outside the courthouse at the court house building he was doing it because.
It is recently been reported that there are these predominantly muslim gangs and sorry i set down muslim response to not point out.
And there are victims are predominantly non muslim should not put that what they do is the groom them first sexual exploitation trafficking,
basically what they do is the golden girl as young as eleven and the start grooming her and charming her and eventually they’re gonna use her and treat her to become a prostitute,
or become a sex slave and there is nothing i can think of a dying being murdered.

[31:12] Is on what is preferable to those two options that is evil evil.
He was she just takes care in recording this and brynn lost its freaking mind verdun for specifically a judge.

[31:31] So here i am swell.

[31:38] The gets worse because britain c your fear victim your mom your dad your kid gets taken away and never see that person again.
Or the victim you does have a bill you can claim they go up to the social workers to go up the teachers they up the police and other authority figures.
And what do they say they say you’re lying now that’s not true your line and often with mark and laugh at them.
On the burlingame allegations actually though not widely reported have persisted for decades on this is something that’s been on for a while now.
So tiny robinson was it leads transport he was just taking pictures of the defendants going into the court accepts.
For this he was then surrounded by police.
He’s surround by the bodies he was arrested he was holding for a judge he was taking his denied isn’t council and then you got some merrily sentenced to thirty months and yeah i’m reading this report particular from the deal why are you provide a couple other websites,
he did this is awful so.

[32:54] Turn the faucet is not likely live if he stays in prison because you the rest of thirteen months in prison if he is not taken out he will die.
These are the presents and the uk are no better than us prisons whoever says that is a liar as we talk about the fact in many ways they’re worse.
Because they have less control over the prisoners and they often put.
You know if you if they dislike you they might put you with a group that’s likely to maria and that’s gonna happen if there gonna put them with violence.
Islamic terrorists will be in there for as long tears.
Where the prime to be with his people made of islamic groups games and they’ll kill look around and see if he doesn’t get out of prison he most likely be dead or severely maimed and wounded.
And it’s frustrating as frustrating as heck heck heck no i can’t.
I’m so glad that i’m hoping that the second because this is insane we talked about the stuff with the children in the healthcare situation over there and now there is the no lack of respect for civil rights anymore.
And point out the the breed has problems and i handle is enough to get yourself thrown under the government bus.
He did he weigh when he went to trial he was not allowing his own solicitor you call them lawyers that comes lester’s the same day he was denied to have his solicitor.
He was not you was denied a right to an impartial fair trial.

[34:27] Than than the judge issued a gag order against the media indulge divulging anything about the trial and sentencing.
Yeah it’s been saying.

[34:43] It’s a huge miscarriage of justice and just so it shows how far below correctness can make the smartest people at the dumbest you’re so walk you fall asleep is,
oh my gosh okay so two more stories wine tesla is mean to me.

[35:03] Yeah i know of tesla’s conservative guy but i read the stories lately where he saying he wants the says media is at fault for getting trouble like because the media is an honest.
And are overwhelmed by streamlining all said biased he’s correct i don’t venus really with this idea was to make a website that will review journalists and journalism organizations.
Add being wet person journalism training,
i’m like hesitant to go that route you just look at what comes out of silicon valley tell me you want those guys more in charge of journalism than they already are.
The other line there’s a story going around it just no light in legal immigration all together.
So there’s the story about see if i can i lost the link yeah sorry.

[35:57] And the story around it fourteen hundred kids are being separate from the trump instruction that is true sort of it’s true without contacts.
You all know how important context is this isn’t present trump’s policy present from to make this policy was put in by a president brock hussein obama.
And rock obama is policy was to separate the kids so if you have kids if you have a family of legal immigrants come through,
goodbye mr issue policy was to separate the family completely corned each,
so siblings weren’t even allowed to peaches her unless they were like i heard you guys unless they are twins they were allowed to be together and they would separate the parents from the children this was an obama policy me it was a bar there was over sixty five hundred people.

[36:45] No that’s not fourteen not the sixty five hundred that we know of figure speech separate from the parents like.
So it doesn’t make it right that it’s only fourteen hundred from now but it’s not totally transformed either because there are the laws on handling them are set in.
And hard to change that doesn’t mean it should be change station but sc.
The show was families began to run away from the food again cover legal immigration system but we should the mystery in children’s the children of the lease let the siblings together for good golly.
Just crazy all right so those are my three.
News stories of the now and we’re sitting at thirty seven so we’re doing great we’re right on schedule.
All righty am for this those were three news stories on the next news story is a new story i feel is very important and not known about by the general populace.
Okay so i talked about some about have copied retires had a very painful affliction i had now for ten years and it’s.
What’s the word for any of that happening is unknown.
What is causing said disease they have some guesses when my taxes high pressure to a small to,
increase but it is not really known such panic in that much on this bro hat.
And treat for most of those ten years i had opioids.

[38:15] I had trammel travels technically count as here controlled substances to use that now for me at is a little bit relief now lot and no pleasure whatsoever i take no with that sometimes ibuprofen,
and then when it gets really that.
At night i use to take some although those marks coating the small stones you cat and then just a little bump up to the next one so i had like a one and then went.

[38:42] Two point five and then head to two point five s.
That was until two months ago as you know there is something called a s are something called and opioid epidemic and have those and hope see can see my at my fingers to airports but in quotes.
And if filing made it six little way down to me now i do not have a job because i’m disabled because i’m disabled and i have have health insurance so i have to go to a free clinic to receive any health care.

[39:13] My medicine is paid for by family members i basically and the bomb that leeches off their with their will fair their kindness and well giving.
And so two months ago i going to see my doctor basically she’s being a drug seeker.
I’ve never use recreational drugs in my life never smoked and never drank it all joy mormon and my car in this religion.
Those okay things are frowned upon severely have never use recreational drugs now i am mary jane is really popular and i never used it sorry.
So i’m put in this position being called casual drug seeker and she does not have anything to do with the ph tells me that she’s taking all our people of the lights down currently when i talk to this two months ago it was me and a lady was severe fibromyalgia,
we are the only ones a pain contract she says i can do they contracting more now and it’s.
And so she can wash your hands of me me me go see a different doc and that didn’t turn out any better,
i’ll just give you a brief summary and put yourself in my shoes and recently also store and the talk to you about,
some of the staff surround issue series my story i wrote this down the dumps after my visit to the pain clinic.
I said hi crank the crazy from my son sorry sound so down the dumps i just had such a negative appointment with a pain specialist and is very disheartening probably should have had more patience with them acting more christ like i just don’t really know what to say or tell you.

[40:45] Here’s what happened at the point so i go in there.
And the nurses take my virus and i go through my medication list dr bentley comes and says i’m scheduled for happening shots point gi doctor is on friday and it was weird next up on.
The guy told me point blank that i dont currently have pancreatitis he said that is black with dr roland that there are notice for my and will emily’s enzyme levels are elevated many pay people crappy eighty’s don’t.
But it was your special subcompacts is you gonna top that’s the only way to test what that’s the mainly test for pancreatitis,
he wanna know your basic shares her how much he asked me what was the most effective way to find pain relief from eight.
And i told mama said i was using oxycontin.
That was the most effective pain relief from a i’ll see you seven view trans pain patch which is technically opioid but it does the eight something have on you all the time.
It’s much safer than system of no package isn’t there to treat the pain the pulley just there to reduce the pain lower,
see you not trying to get over such high pain pills when you’re in pancreatitis attack he and i he back basically.

[42:04] Is he exercise mark the said that he was not prescribe any pain medication he said that he would just have any use something called symbols and gas engine near which rpm essence one is a anti depressants about.
Yeah they want is a devil medicine that’s okay you sometimes treat pain i know if it does anything i don’t either that help my pain.

[42:28] And i said i have no problem with oxycodone and i’m doing prompted faulkner calzones you have an alternative that most people it’s a correct.
Well i just wanted to pay and i don’t miss won’t be a druggy.
Well he told me that no they were not his pride me any opiate set oxycodone.
You trans pain patch of dental and everything but nobody said it we don’t do that anymore i said what are you talking about is haven’t you seen the news.
And it wasn’t that point that i kinda blew blew my top i lost my cool cuz set them.
I just told him that to be perfectly honest i deduct care if they were junkies dying for the illegal drugs what do that have to do with the water that do about me getting paid,
i mean that’s their problem i feel i’m sorry that there going to that did that has nothing to do with me.
And i said no sir you’re the one that people wash their hands and give to.
You are such with for his pilot and tell that the base their other doctor says well what’s the pain specialist and they will do it.
You’re the people they they toss hot potatoes and he told me to calm down i can’t talk to you when you’re like this you know you call someone a casual drug seeker.
And say you luggage tree treat them for their pain and see how they are tax as i just got out of there i should be more christ like i should just took emily asian suffered it just changed to visit.

[44:01] I need half i just lost my mind i know what i should handle that a lot better not.

[44:09] People hear about buying that the down in the base will be here sat now,
neither fan and all these poor people are getting getting these drugs and dying from some of those and that is far from the truth and it doesn’t talk about at all the people have chronic pain problems and our dinner messing taken away.
Because that’s what the da the fda.
For two thousand sixteen using of honest ration the cdc porch at the end of honest ration these guidelines and they were guidelines but doctors and regulatory agencies took them for a walk.
The center select that we have to get people off the opioids good and there’s this fall say that came out last year that’s been proven wrong its opioids they don’t really treat pain they don’t really treat.
Which is insane if you’ve ever that the are being given morphine you know for a fact of morphine treat spec opioids do.
Every person is different but i would say is a class a drugs they’re pretty dang effective at their intended goal target goal.
I’ve the stock salt ones in the store they have here is no there’s a story here from down montana.
Who was at sheriff deputy she’s member the police department shoes with exercise in marriage was a marathon snowboards love montana,
she was also visible active member of montana is painting a sushi is someone with severe cramping,
and see you when i try to talk to the public officials me that i have a tell about chronic intractable pain problems that i have to and i don’t know she happy propping says she had a chronic pain problem.

[45:48] On an twenty fourteen they started to cut her down from her pain.

[45:56] And so her doctor that she did happy missing got screwed see what they’re doing is they’re targeting doctors that prescribe opiates then the c c.
Guidelines have pushed the a attorney general’s in each state to push to arrest doctors that prescribe too many opioid prescriptions.
It doesn’t matter how many of those patients you know needle need a chronic pain relief that’s that’s in a miserable fact it doesn’t matter it’s only fact that these.
Doctors are prescribing above average amounts of opioids an above average is extremely low degree figure.
And i can get you whether figure they’re using is wrong anyways of because the federal government is incompetent of the wazoo.
So this capture doctor gets arrested is not uncommon story for from talking to people paying for this podcast ga rated his office so we had to close the pain clinic.
So she have any medicine nor would give her the product pain meds and she may basically she said she be and to live and what you call paint care desert.
And a bunch of fact is the state that leaves and nation in terms of suicides of people with complex care needs like chronic pain.

[47:13] Well guess what happened she died.

[47:26] This is why i have to stores i read that i have a hard time not tearing up now.

[47:36] It’s it’s it’s abominable but they did to this beautiful woman with a baby.
Psychologically and physically or by just not can i handle large amounts of pain for a long leaking our time the body and the mind begin to wither,
and that’s what happened to her it’s not even just suicide yeah it’s also people that you just can’t take it anymore,
it’s there’s too much pain so you don’t know what to do cat to use the other story.
After the service quality and others quality of damages numbers and there’s cause to doubt your stories and i think the stories are really important so this one is about.
Wife and has.
And the guys name is jay jay is fifty eight this is reported september six two thousand seventies this is recent news story but i doubt it broke into anything its its so dark.
It’s so horrific i couldn’t imagine.
I am in pain is bad and i understand those feels quite well but i never forgiven given to them and think god.
My heavenly father and my savior jesus christ for for helping me not to because the temptation just end the pain by ending your life is really strong when you’re really hurting for a long time you haven’t had sleep in days you can’t think no one believes you.
You’re a very cherry one around you you cant work so we have no money.
When there’s no one to believe you when you’re just suffering your basically long me disc i have wife now was probably help and it’s just it’s just super hard.

[49:16] On so it is jay the story was use me out hot but he stop he clean himself up.
Over thirteen years ago he had to a severe pain problems so bad with his lower back and neck fusion that’s that he required a pain pump eventually.
In fact it probably is so bad he intends to i got news of trauma induced dementia.
The confusion pain problem and i’ve never transfers to help with the pain pop get depression and other things going on.
When he has pain medicine though and a good day he was able to you know help around the house make coffee for his wife stephen watching tv joke read news.
You know he can’t see very well but he was it was for all intents and purposes happy as you could be expected.

[50:15] Well guess what happens if he might he might even like this part where talks that we might walk dogs.

[50:25] In two thousand seventeen chase bank click the side they can no longer prescribe the high doses of morphine was on.
The contact you seeing if you stayed is side stan xanax.

[50:38] I quote i bake the pain doctor yes lily bag for some other option doctor said if jake t.
If jake itunes acid are seem to not give other options for medications a one point is said to moses patients are paying more what making it up on pause.
The last thing the doctor said to us will stick with me forever he said my patient’s quality of life is not worth losing my practice so i’ll read again for you.
My patient’s quality of life is not worth losing my practice over.

[51:12] That is a phrase that is good if not said is being bullied by thousands upon thousands of doctors across the united states to have to deal with propane patients like me that even if they believe.
Cry pain should be managed and treated it’s not worth getting in trouble and losing their doctors license the medical license is more important.

[51:35] So they continue to decrease jay’s medication can you go couple months from winter into february here it was up to march second stay decrease it again.
It was after that jb said they had them he had the longest night of the of her life.
Here i go with three this the night before he woke me up to tell me it was time i knew what that meant but in but i try to be strong for his sake,
we talked all night long about what in it and how it should be it was the saddest strangest longest night of my life.
Jane new do not have enough pills to kill himself he also if you were trying purchase a gun they cannot sell to and so she buy it for him.
The weights to the park with him renew their vows in twenty fifteen at the top of the car while.
She held his hand while he pulled the trigger on the gun.

[52:35] Now she get charged with assisted suicide on.

[52:43] I said i don’t agree with the decision they made.

[52:49] But to be frank and honest if jay goes to heaven right now i doubt god will frown at him much for doing it.
I can’t decide that is between him and his maker but i mean okay so let me back so what i mean is this.
Until you have been in that situation where pain is so bad that you would do you anything absolutely anything.
To and it and you cant.

[53:18] I mean what other options is their life me this all the time on in articles on websites and forums and communities in social groups i don’t know if i can keep going on much longer.
The pain is so bad down what i can do and how much longer i can take this the amount of people die from pride pain.
To suicide or just the debt detriment of their bodies is much higher than anyone is willing to talk about her bring up.

[53:46] In that goes to storage really shock you guys they shot me on.

[53:55] Okay so what start dot so if any of the ages even found out that dope you either pints of the doctors i told you about were basing on.
Yeah not a medicine needed for opioids they are using that to help decide what the average doctor should be prescribing anything about it should be punished when they found out just now on our if article came out on the sixteenth that show that.
The screen up.
The company that works for them straight up and so the fda did basically was under report the amount that should be the average.
Actually that and in fact the pharmacy these pharmaceutical companies revisit under making the pills cuz the five day is trying to attack it on that side of the equation to.
The opioid crisis is real and it isn’t real you put prices is like saying.

[54:50] Display alcoholism is the water crisis,
opioids are class a drugs but there be class of drugs there are loads and loads of drugs that cover under that’s place in my d trans pays patrick provides zero euphoria.
And is meant to just treat the pain some overtime,
is included in the same group as fat now morphine and heroin these are all things the same group so what they’re doing is when they when the gas.
If someone dies and they do not see and the finally opiates in their system they just storing them under the same thing diabetes took your prison which killed them on,
it doesn’t matter if it was street or if it was legal there just putting on the same status the fda has done its been proven that the fda falsify this information by state,
by making it look like a crisis what you popping up numbers in the category you can make anything look like a crisis and this is what the fda did.

[55:48] If you look at the actual gas the majority of the dust of that of illegal drugs sex with legal drugs.

[55:57] Are fed to know and hear when air when is legal.
Fetch and all is only legal for pappy which it and of life care extreme circumstances only when human fenton on an offense all more in the second human fenton all is allowed its hard to get.
And for good reason it is an overdose and kill yourself with has very powerful that’s not having a beard ten thousand strength of carthage in carthage dollars what the best ride horses and cattle.

[56:33] That is was being sold on the street when the top is so parthenon fits now they can go by the same name but there different drugs because based on the strength carpenters ten thousand times stronger benefits and all those.

[56:46] And that is what is bringing import and what did drunk people are using is there mixing fat now with illegal drugs like heroin or meth of meth amphetamines cocaine.
And okay so they’re putting all these medicines together that will fit not because it’s an easy filler and gets a quick hi and it’s in it’s cheap it’s cheap to make our federalist is dirt cheap drum to import and make.
So these deaths by illegal drugs are being being used as an excuse,
to go after chronic pain patients who never break the law to the fuse restriction again for the instruction refill when they’re supposed to go there doctor for refills go through all the laws that were passed in the year we’ve dial.
That doesn’t matter are missing is taking away.

[57:39] We are given no chance to for a course you cuz often but this pain contract if you see another doctor what most people would call having a second opinion that’s enough for them to pull you over and arrest,
some people are are the can’t even though and see if they can find a different primary physician or different pain clinic physician very had one point at a pain contract of.

[58:02] It’s so frustrating.

[58:12] This is something that the cato institute this is only the political this is something that.
Do you have to and political political political news as politics news website that’s predominately left distance worldview heater was a libertarian think tank and the organization.
When they both agree on an issue you should be worth taking notice they both point out that this is dead set the way the fda is going after this.
Primarily going after chronic pain patients through their doctors.

[58:47] This is madness this is not gonna stop me of the fan on the streets.
Does not stop any of their when on the streets in a reduce it to eight,
but the cost of reducing at that teeny bit is humongous the pain that you are inflicting on myself but i had to go through the last two months is hell i will not work with wish it on my worst enemy.

[59:15] Go i tie dye dear all of you there listing go to chronic pain read it and just read a couple pages.

[59:22] These people are screaming for help and none of you could hear them because we are in pain and were disabled unlock it we’re stuck in our houses we are connected.
Me a listing of jobs and of course we can tell.
We’re barely making it by with the pain medicine with the payments and i had more of a life talk to robert he can tell you i was capable of doing more i was busy with more i haven’t watched my dog in two months i still what made up.
I use to do to do work on chores round house is bill helping my family more and be a bigger part of my family.
Those things that is showing for me that i use the winter stone this is this is not selfish and weekend.
By bureaucrats at the fda the da people who want to make my mark and not on the bill to make a name for themselves or try to find an epidemic and they’re falling through with it,
to those families who actually have had family members get addicted to drugs i apologize.
That your family and having that problem i have an addictive personality.
I died i know i have that kind of brain that’s the time brain was blessed with so it’s get they i’ve i am mormon this fyi it actually it been in any of those stuff i probably never been able to get off.

[1:00:41] I’m willing to recognize that but those people like in west virginia and they’re having this problem i’m sorry but how is it right to go after people who are following the law people who are find the rules and aren’t selling their medicine.

[1:00:58] And die doing that are you really helping those that are already suffering.

[1:01:04] These are the questions we need to ask and people you need to wake up at the very few people here i head up to three hundred alaska so three of you hear me tell your family tell your folks of your friends,
if you have co workers talk about this topic always people that are usually involved in society.
Because we suffer medical conditions and chronic pain but how were suffering extra money unnecessarily.
Because of some bureaucrat in washington dc so i hear we’re at one of one solid with this.

[1:01:40] I am the precinct leader for the republican party of my precinct principle set correct me ha county and i think and district fifteen sj very good remember what it is not ten i think its fifty and happy.
There the vote we get to have this year diet part of this choose between arts outdoor attorney general jason ravenous bird.
Is is one of them and lance russell is the other.

[1:02:09] Jason and lance if any of our republican friends are listening you want my vote you want my support tell me how you’re going to protect crying pain patients like me.
And deal with this crisis and how you’re going to stand up to us when you have to deal with national law enforcement or local law enforcement to become more involved in the state wants to get harder on this issue.

[1:02:36] That will be the deciding factor for me on who i choose michael for.
It’s the only power i have is this new june of powers back to clean up but that’s only use it for,
never that’s you all to pray for me pray for all those are suffering that need medical help and have had it withheld or not allowed it at all.
I i do this in messages on light hearted topic of it read,
i appreciate your time thank you so much for listening and this is the happy warrior podcast my name is peter fish be my producer is robert melange please check us out on my facebook page happy warrior,
or you can send me or happy where your pete at facebook.
I if you want to email me please do the or information is there one else.
That’s what else what else what else what else oh pocket schedule visible me this is schedule i’m hoping now to get a park is out everyone.
So and then every two or three packets someone to do an interview podcast they want normally be politicians i wanted to see the interview interesting people.
But interesting stories and lives or people i feel made a big impact and are worth discussing.
And then id try if we if i can’t get with my friend robert and try to just.
Produce these single voice podcast like we had today then this is kind of a beta for that i always a little rough i’m new to this joint by myself and having some the balance.

[1:04:14] Commentary off that really helps appreciate your time.
Thank you for all you do please listen again i’ll try to get these to be more regular thank you for your support and god bless you and god bless america.

Happy Warrior Podcast Ep 002 Neal Tapio

WAR002 Neal Tapio

The Happy Warrior Podcast

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


This week we have a guest.  South Dakota State Senator Neal Tapio (District 5 Republican) and currently a candidate for US House of Representatives.  Senator Tapio and Host Peter Pischke discuss the national headlines surrounding Senator Tapio’s political opinions and politics (Local and National) in general.

Machine Transcript

[0:23] Are they counting that a lock on the viewer’s one and all i need the one.
Thank you whoever you are at three on my as well so i guess that’s for the welcome thank you for meeting us here today on my name is peter tasty this is episode two,
a happy warrior i’m here with my pal and producer robert mailing.
Over there he’s ski at eight pm to put on extra hat today because we are live streaming this just like all the cool kids in town seem to do these days today i have with us the.
Exciting mr.
Snow start state senator state senator correct that is a century but also is it a minute i try to keep things exciting i see i don’t know where the space center if you if.
And that’s appropriate and politicians okay.
I believe it’s a few are like steakhouse i no idea what colour on thursday congressmen state representative okay great blahnik or i guess i think you for taking your time to be here with us today.
Pleasure to be here as this is people can see this but this is a high powered studio i think is i think it’s very very impressive,
yeah i like it that all kinds your we’ve had mayor’s here we had the counselors if politicians we’ve had can me and magicians and comic book artists and.

[1:58] All kinds of interesting people perfect.
So some of you may be familiar with neil for good and bad idea i think he’s rather nice,
i fell at least as a person will have to see we agree with his politics told or not but i think neil as the as a person’s very nice are you at the forum,
last month we you was you and shantel crabs who is on the also running so you’re running for.
Thing the gop nomination spot to run for us house that’s correct in the republican primary june fifth.
And so anybody can re register right now if there’s independence or democrats,
still have to re register as a republican vote for me national have quite a groundswell of people in do that no i hope i hope people are paying attention so far that we get people to go and pay attention,
he said he couldn’t hear primers we just came out on april tenth at the lowest voter turnout here in sioux falls in twenty five years,
so i i know very personally the value of,
people coming and going and paying attention no but i was to say about four am yeah i thought you were fine you did great.
Afterwards they let you know the usually let the candidates speak to the people of you want and you are very genuine with me and you didn’t answer my questions i had.

[3:29] I was very impressed so that i could i mean as i don’t know if shantel crabs that well so.
Take it with a grain large chris off she wasn’t as willing to.
Engage in discussion and questions is very much on the ball under are talking points and verbiage.

[3:49] But you were very open with me and i was very impressed i thought that the person you’re putting for a was way different than anything i’ve read about you,
and so i don’t know what i’m so she may be just may be the your voice pack and head maybe neil be willing to come on my friends podcast which eventually turned into.
Despite my a yeah i’m not a politician i’m just concerned citizen business owner and.
Can a christian conservative i’m concerned about the direction of our country i do happen to follow politics but i don’t use talking quayside i basically.
Tell people what i think i think people are ready for that whether they agree or disagree i think that we have to have a dialogue these days as opposed.
Opposed to using talking points and doesn’t help anybody yeah i guess.
I guess i would say this week was kind of weird one for me but in was helping a friend tom the who is running again.
For reelection first a house and he was actually handing out tapioca cards business cards and he was knocking doors so i inadvertently get help you,
oh nice not not on for this is in that he thought you were to use the thought of the three that you are the best so i would say that take is high praise from tom but in terms of.
Trans is also not a politician no he he’s he’s a concerned citizen that was to try to change some things that.

[5:26] Are really askew in in the legal system the no tom toms really big on when the issue of shared parenting if you ask tom what he is about device top of that it,
but alright have many.
Set we i tried so we were playing this together we wanna do this be open and forthright and honest and robert always does this normally he treats people very well miss podcasts i’ve tried.
And usually on it to i run for local office twice lost twice but i can understand the value of weird we’re in the interview that your taken seriously.
And you’re treated fairly know you known ones to i know it’s kinda signed watching fox news are missing b c did watch talking heads yell at each other apparently.
Past one another but me in real life that’s no fun whatsoever and i’m not really sure it’s all the constructive so what,
what interview we’d be provided mr tapioca with the basically and outline the questions we’re playing gas for may ask of a,
this is a conservative leaning podcast so this is this is coming from a conservative journalist and his producer.
So those were watching bb more how journalistic lee inclined in their friends that they are guesser kalo i just know that’s where we’re coming from in this out of.

[6:58] So do.
I should probably of open this but new is infamous on the internet that is a special thing in the alot of people try the infamous on the internet that’s their goal there like a new tv and nobody are no one i can be.
I don’t know if that means anything to but there’s some people out there that would love it and so you came out i think i first heard you.
What was back in december when the in and outs with no lutheran social services i put out this thing about inter faith day and there was article payroll just put this out.
It says here that article i have for example i thought this was kinda colorful was from the daily beast six said hear me that bigoted many trumpets south dakota it talks about in here but if you want to be successful in.
Gop politics in south korea that you have to be as anti muslim as you can be the go off later in here they call you that will prime chains of nt muslim hate.
I think it goes on from there i thought it’s kinda funny i read this winter and another one for daily quotes that stick out.

[8:12] Set it’s pretty excited our new firey do five not use i don’t know if it how i emotionally feel about that but it’s almost if it was me i don’t miss fire and on our that i listed.

[8:25] So much you after eight after that came out is without a press release thanking them for their endorsement.
As well as argus leader and having daily coast picked it up and.

[8:39] Where is the day because like i think is close hose if i find the answer yes so no just the interface.
You are one of the issues that i am very concerned about is islamic terrorism.
And maybe my friends are in the military have one friend that’s nineteen years the military spent for five years of his life over in the middle east and we keep fighting an endless war on terror.
And i’m pretty concerned about that i don’t see an end in sight.
And if you’re going to ask people to go and give their lives for their lives in up for a war you should clearly define who your enemy is.
And then clearly defined your objectives and how you plan on winning the war otherwise what ends up happening is you’re seventeen years in dual will.
There were no closer than that when we started were actually further away in that,
yeah the concern no i hear you i think that there is no bob that’s what i don’t get most about these articles particular from the far left is actually on on.
This issue the actual shit hole lot to grab onto it do it i don’t think they’re they’re willing to engage intellectually the.
To talk about because you’re saying that we’re been in this endless war or been this for long enough so now it’s it’s time to leave i remember back when president obama,
rain the first time that was that was the strong monterey let’s get out of the war and and that you see that still.

[10:11] And i’m on both sides dial i think lol libertarians do i know people on the left off of bringing up,
i mean so i was i was kinda surprised when you talked about that the form that you know that is something that actually might be able to find agreement and i think we’re everything in this,
later out more about and why are there particular frustrations with you so let’s talk about.
Your background is clear that let’s do a quick biography of the man is not happy rn well i’m just.
Primarily i’m a small business owner and entrepreneur and my entire family on both sides of my mom and my father’s side.
Are small business people self employed people in my dad was a lutheran minister and i’ve he was part time so he full time job selling a cultural feed and seed corn.
And on the also a pastor the church of about a hundred people and so you work a year ninety hours a week and as a part of his responsibility of giving back.
As well as many of my relatives are just strong believers in.
The american dream the american way of life that my dad grew up in a home with eleven kids in basically a three room house and complete abject poverty.
And out of that team of very successful next generation of people that it wasn’t easy.

[11:43] But they they work hard and the sacrifice they lived with rested.
Sometimes it drove us apart of a wall having to live under the such type financial constraints but at the end of the day it’s it’s the right way to do it you have to live within your means you have to.
You don’t work hard and you work long hours but.
You become self-reliant and and then i know that comes something else what yourself for less than you’re able to help other people asking where i come from so i have an entrepreneurial background.
As well as can a christian conservative background and i think that’s the proper way of.
Governing is have a smaller government that helps people and encourages people to,
provide for themselves surgeon so was it isn’t watertown air from your water to water town okay that’s what i thought you even use you can have a brother currently agriculture don’t,
sure yet one of my brothers marry into a family there family farmers in.
And yeah from mitchell area and so is very close to the ag community is okay so i have this hour.
Oriented wikipedia her part of the do part of this biography but is it about was it nineteen eighty eight is when you graduate with a college or high sunday school high school and then you went to go work for mr start senator,
mary wrestler yeah i actually looking.

[13:16] Very so i worked out washing dc for right out of college or pursue my internship.
And then i was full time i’d i have the most important what least center processors and that i had the most important job in the office which was opening the mail and disturbing email making sure the email got answer.
But it was a very important learning lots of new people at seven and three hundred letters are there was three hundred dollars a day that you read and understand.
Send back a letter.
And you learn what everybody’s areas of issues were so social security healthcare issues to transportation agriculture to,
it’s just a very good learning experience,
and i actually felt inspire licenses know what i’m gonna contact mr president and see if you like to share anything i get the money i got from him was no may i wanna make sure that i’m not endorsing,
any of the three candidates spaces i consider.
Meal tap your friends is near tapioca case i’m quoting from the email gave sent back it says you tap you didn’t work for us in excellent job all tasks we sign in i do consider him a friend.

[14:27] Yes he said he don’t think that you would that’s his are question are probably won’t mind orson by friends all the candidates and wish them all including your.

[14:35] Well centers in.
I’ll unique experience in that they have a home in it i was able to stay in the basement of his home for the first two or three months.
That’s all i got i am i able to see exactly the life of the center in nineteen years old it’s or twenty one years old extraordinarily ninety from a small town in south dakota.
And they him and his ball is life harriet witches she went out of her way to make sure that i was taking care of and was included in many of their events that they would have.
But it gave me a first first row seat to political.
Each one of the things about center pressler that think you find interesting is that he had what’s called the pressler amendment.
Which was probably one of the and he will couldn’t be bribed if you remember ask him where,
there is no way that when they did should i the stories you guys don’t know is that the fbi or what had,
only this is how i got center bertha was they said okay we’ll tests these caught the senators and congressmen and offer them a bright white,
and pressure was the one who said of all of them that he was the one that absolutely would refuse ii address for invitation to the word well.
I don’t think that would be appropriate and you know he.
Just the kind of the cord connection was that it was something that he didn’t think was appropriate to their offering him money to vote a certain way but depress them and it was interesting to where he refuse or.

[16:18] To sell at six sixteen fighters to pakistan.
Which kinda fits into this discussion that we’re having right now of the war in,
in you know islamic countries pakistan being one of the islamic countries so when you do talk to him he would be a very fascinating questioned explore,
of why he was so adamant about not selling in.
Fighting fire place to pakistan so anyway that noise a great experience i learned alot of a very thankful for.
The opportunity is your biography says okay the next thing they houses that you can try to help someone else ryan and then you did something else,
so politics relay this is two thousand two and,
you end up doing business i use you get a couple of interstate one was that he sold industrial washers i think another one was that you said you’d helped build center houses out here in sioux falls in neighborhood.
You i remember interesting on the left me said that the guy that you actually see that you fell for.
Two thousand eight recession when they have wasn’t the crash the way everyone call it.
That you for that won t let us talk a little bit about your life between will in just go through the full just give you a quick email but,
after senator pressler i work for the republican senatorial committee for one election cycle ended opposition research.

[17:50] I moved back to south dakota to work for wells fargo financial which is a finance company that financed basically furniture loans.
After that i moved to sioux falls and with the red sea briefly moved to sioux falls and i work for a credit card company called i’ll be and i got fired from taco bake.
Because i was late to work and then i was heading.
Early have to be somewhere at five o’clock and a so i left a little bit early in my boss said he where you going and i said i gotta get outta here in one of the lake twice in the same day.
And so that wasn’t you wanna necessarily say that so.
Especially especially here in the midwest they take the take tardiness and them being on time for anything you w hat and in what i learned was that you have to love your job if you don’t love your job you’re not going to put the whole.
Bunch of it of your energy into it and i didn’t necessarily like my job and so.
It kinda got my cd i found a us a sales position where i actually started to excel.
And my first week of time in sales on hundred percent commission basis i actually almost doubled my income from the previous months work.
To bake and once i realize that you can actually have a.
Income based on your performance as opposed to based on your showing up or or that you interviewed really well.

[19:27] I really started enjoying life and so i been sales.
On and off my entire life so i sold industrial cleaning equipment on automatic parts washer.
The car dealerships implement dealerships do you know small towns repair shop for jo’s repair shop.
All the way up to and i still do that to this day but i sell to a fortune fifty company so slumber j and b are using halliburton.
And my ship equipment that ranges from you know ten thousand dollars all the way up to a million dollars a ship and all around the world so.
And i used every little bit of information.
Along the way in the in the position that i have now so when i worked at wells fargo financial i hated that job because i charge thirty nine percent interest rates to people and i thought it was immoral.
But i learned how to sell in that job.
And i learned how to sell money so if you wanted something for ten thousand dollars i learned that it’s only two hundred fifty dollars a month for five years you can afford that right.
Until i learn how to sell.
And finances equipment now i have a seals and leasing company where i sell payments on a million dollars of people say i can’t afford a million dollars is all you can probably afford five thousand dollars a month which it.
And all of a sudden you can reduce people’s value down to a workable amount of became quite proficient that,
so i was in sales for quite a while the downfall sales is that you travel a lot so many months are many years i would spend a hundred two hundred eighty days to the hotel room i traveled pretty much and sold from.

[21:08] New york pennsylvania california from north dakota taxes all around the side the review of the home in.
I’m so i sell the equipment in between there i built spec homes in sioux falls and you know my.
All hackers tell me a large number of people in my family are self-employed business people contractors general contractor so i don’t thirty homes here in sioux falls.
Invest in my own money.
Did a lot of work myself i hired a lot of subcontractors negotiated a lot of the new all the contracts.
And then end up selling me and i am not in two thousand eight.
With about a million half dollars worth of homes and they shut down the jumbo loan program where they could there were no buyers.
And so when you watch the market collapse i was selling four hundred twenty five thousand dollar homes.
And you couldn’t find a buyer and so i sat real twelve thousand five hundred dollar payments for the year to have straight.
That would be that would be like the where the that a good time to be in the home business is horrible i learned how to gain thirty pounds a year of that you do that it is very pretty that you are the that okay so.
That was a bad time living that life is all about is you have good ten go bad times and you try to learn from your mistakes and.
And always have kind of an idea that things are better now what could you back into politics wasn’t it was it.

[22:41] Okay so maybe you were on some i understand if i fly me to be real quick was that you were you heard that can trump’s campaign stuff you got interesting front see you when trunk and it was from that that you with then surely,
after working with.
Trump you ran for state senate or do i have those backwards that states senate and then the truck campaign stuff yeah so i got any given up so i started.
After i lost all the money into in housing a kinda lost about half a million dollars.
And i ended up with about three thousand dollars my bank account.
Just briefly a for a year i worked for growth energy which is that little trade association i help them set up memberships with the hundred and sixty cool upper farmer owned ethanol plants.
Around the country i think we team together raise three or four million dollars for.
And then i laughed and i started back selling into the parking oil field and so i started working eighty hours a week and selling of their.
And how long did you work in the woodlands so two thousand.
End of two thousand ten intel now i still do the only true professionals right now in the oil industry went from,
you know it went from average price of twenty five dollars a barrel when all the way up two hundred forty dollars a barrel and in two thousand fifteen fourteen it crashed back down to twenty five dollars or even lower.

[24:15] And so business just shut off nobody was buying anything and.
I’d seen a lot of bubbles is on the bubble in in two thousand eight and i i i was frustrated that politicians.
Didn’t even know where the mortgage black back security was clatter lies debt obligation was orange alone in it we created incentives and programs,
that were really were negative they they were actually creating perverse incentives for people not to pay their loans back or to take,
excessive risk without me with no way that they would never be able to pay you couldn’t contain it right and so i saw that and i saw the exact same thing happen in north dakota,
where we are creating a bottle and ten mentality this time i went through it and i know what a bubble was and so i protected myself.
By not actually leasing my equipment but doing it at a rental program where they would be arrested but i always have ownership of all of my foot.
And so when things went bad and i think eleven or fifteen companies file bankruptcy.
I never last one dying because i had written my contracts based on my experience from before so when everything went south i.
I’ve always been frustrated that the politicians don’t are sophisticated enough to see they don’t have enough background on business and entrepreneurship.
And i always wanted to kinda get involved and donald trump came along and started saying that you could have always been outside or even when i work for senator pressler.

[25:52] I’ve always been an outsider that but the system was broken that politicians are controlled by fear they’re not controlled by confused why is risk taking or no basically you’ve heard of big companies they’re all yes men.
Well it’s that’s what ends up happening government everybody’s yes-man the covering your own.
Right down it so you get it i just have a different perspective is it we should be able to have business people it take to make decisions good decisions and create a fair and level playing field for all.
Don’t try and got involved i recognize that he was going to win very early because it was a message that was right for the times.
And i share the message so what what i’m so what year old like what what month it and what year was so so probably just before the i guess before the cops i think.
How long before when i hit something i immediately knew when he announced that he was going to be formidable and there was a very good chance that he would win.
I knew that because i go up and talk to all these people in the oil industry and i sit in these big factories that were the size of a football field and they were almost empty there be five or six three people sitting there.
And i would give us do some smalltalk in there be alone a conversation i see what they got for trouble.
And these guys these guys muscle men with tattoos on their neck and ear stretchers and these were just go wyeth of men and they all say you were voting for trump he’s the savior.

[27:29] That’s a really they go to the next place in the same thing these guys.
Trucks gonna do when i go into the regional managers of the western region meetings and the same thing would happen these guys were all trump fans and i would try i travel a lot,
i would call and ten thousand people a year make us for vases thousands of people they were all trump fans i started realizing.
The the selection was about.

[27:55] All of the failed policies of the liberal yeah the of on his administration for the last and he was separating people that wanted to get up and move the morning and produce something of value.
From the people that we’re going to get something from government and all of the former the factory workers the union workers and the police and the fire.
Fighters those are all former democrats they were rushing into the trunk republican party did not mean and not the little in on your computer decision by icing if i look at this,
objectively as a political risk taker political gamble me,
you really don’t out me no one i think carly told front as seriously as i did for along time me a pass i will caucuses,
imma political news junkie totally blindsided me as like no way no way and then when it was down like human weather for sounds like.

[28:51] Okay this is happening this and this is something that is that we should explore so i.

[29:00] I was in a field with a lot of blue collar workers you know the majority of people i sell tool that mechanics and you know just labors use right.
And all of those people were being energize to wanna get involved in politics for the first time really that i’ve ever seen.
So i recognize it very early but a lot of people that were in the soup all the downtown areas are connected to the.
Ab missed that little wave pool even just like following the national media fee it has like all i watch it all have like a screen with cnn over there fox over there at the same time that the sound of one programming and.
Just and i read a lot of political blocks on both sides and i did not see it coming at all it you where i think you are right that front.
For whatever reason seen the best happened to the frustration lot of people were feeling i know in my own family.

[30:03] That the frustrations you know there’s this feeling that in america americans have their kids of a very strong sense of beer there has that if you are hardworking and you give all that you can give that the result of that to turn out well i think a lot of people were feeling.
Without employment with get our power titled our time the programs are in that just things weren’t fair,
i think from tapped into that and this is this be more speaking better to buy the truck did well to really tap into that frustration of feeling gas absolute hundred percent he tapped into.
You know it and people miss misunderstand trump is that he didn’t create the movement.
There was a movement are you going on and he’s a result of all the problems that happened in politics when you end up with trillion dollar deficits as a standard operating.

[30:59] You’re going to have a singer in you’re going to have conflict all over the place it’s he lives in that area right he’s.
He does his own present press releases are public relations the radio as as you know whatever daniel center what he is he is.
Incredibly well qualified candidate for this time the the people that are frustrated you know.

[31:30] If he’s the representative notice this that idea i think.
I think you’re right in your analysis now so that was pretty needing to work with now president trump and vice president pants.
What was it like you you are the st campaign manager of the from campaign which any knowledgeable little.
I need special once i got past the primary season me that was like that was a that was a out of.
South dakota i would have to expect an awful lot happened south dakota at any chance of going blue there was not there is a chance that you didn’t work,
on the and i had read a couple news stories find this but i did that you didn’t work in toronto that you were always there has rights to the purpose of training you in south dakota was to,
in making sure that you can get a large volunteer network of people that will be helping phone calling in different battleground states,
that was one of the largest part of my job was to make sure that people in every area.
That were willing to man the phones in so we would be calling in the battleground states and then as the election became closer you know within a month.
Month and a half then i moved to northern colorado helped other state directors run volunteer teams work events that think present drinking two or three times northern colorado.
I help working event in north sioux city or sioux city iowa gas and in that was the in of.

[33:01] The really interesting experiences was to watch how these events what happened.
He announced my first when i went to colorado he announced thirty six hours before an event in mother in colorado and he filled the auditorium with fifteen thousand people and there were fifteen thousand people.
Waiting outside while.
That’s rock star status in people was a hillary clinton at the same time they were saying hillary clinton was up by twelve points if you look at my facebook page you’ll read that i said i don’t see how she’s up.
Because the error i have not been involved in politics for twenty five years i have never seen anybody fill a stadium and get thirty thousand people.

[33:44] Where is that happened right now and so i was seeing something entirely has it hasn’t happened in a long time and it is the.
Probably won’t be duplicated because he’s a rock star he’s a person that is a he’s a public figure and personality.
That was also tapping into resonating with,
an entirely different group of people another thing that people have to understand is these weren’t republican traditional republicans going to these events.
I went to the rally down in iowa and beside me in the vip section i was kind organizing that.
There were union workers there was a purple heart recipient there was a gold star mother there was some pipe fitters these were.
These were not people that go to the lake and a dinner the republic and the other these were hardcore rough looking.
Does red blooded americans and that was the movement and that’s what was messed up all of these,
all of these cnbc riverside be so i know where to go to the residence is in the best mistake i mean people we the five thirty eight i think is often thought of as a top of the game right now,
and what special was that and they completely missed it so tell here’s another interesting.

[35:08] I worked one event and i had a volunteer out in colorado and she was a five foot me one each mexican lady shoes about fifty fifty five years old and the first time i matter.
Is you speaking phone calls and she says i am going to pray over president trump.

[35:28] And i said wow that’s ambitious and she says i don’t know how it could happen but i will bring over a.
And sure enough they will we have a call center that was all set up and there was an i was able to get her in to that call center and she stood up in the middle of the vent and said president or.
Mr trump will be okay if i came forward and praying over you and all the sudden a bunch of people came over with this five one mexican tears are flowing all over the places she’s praying over him.
And it’s a side of president trump that people don’t know is it he was incredibly humbled by that experience and.

[36:10] It’s those type a little things that you can see the character of a person.
Where you know right now you got some horrible stories that are tough i’m sure for his wife and son but there’s there’s very.
Intimate times in that campaign where you see the humanity of president trump is quite interesting watch well don’t think for sure that that’s a really glad that we got to share that story isn’t something i’ve heard before especially not outside.
Of our commander in chief right so i could.
I need to move this interview forward sparking me five minutes in illinois state only wouldn’t get too many of those issues but did i think it’s great that we brought up some stuff that other people have but okay so here’s.
So with your experience in politics.
I mean okay so i guess the question everyone asks and this is actually probably with the center president for the gas is present from his house and she was president trump when president trump said acts or or ass there’s no and and now i got a mean.
Idea of asking as respectfully as i can i mean when you when you said like at the about interface today that this was,
overtly political which in some ways it was os ass in terms of services does cherry work and very much parcel service’s but did you also.
Do happen to politics from time to time and there were some more political.
And groups that are also lie religious freaks me with your political background mean.

[37:42] Some people would say you know neal you know you what you should have done better this that to say no x or why.

[37:51] If you was in particular to the inter faith group in of.

[37:58] An observer of politics and overload i believe that there’s an assault on christian values and christian family.
And then you look at who’s doing the assaulting so there’s an lgbt community that is pushing their agenda.
Right or wrong there is there a job that they’re pushing that agenda call lives with a christian family are christian values and.
James dobson was labeled in his group family here to lot was labeled a christian he organization because he defended traditional marriage right.

[38:35] The organizations that did that were the aclu,
and this other hot guys saracen okay then there’s not a political controversial seem to that are pushing that agenda.
Where the same people in the inter faith movement or a large numbers of them the ceo new girl is standing right there and the the person they contact the southern poverty law center was sitting beside me.
There is an agenda that people have that’s when my dad was a lutheran minister in the lutheran church there’s a division going on in the lutheran church and is being divided by this this.
This is a belief that there are.

[39:18] We should have the marriage that was the clergy that we should have deductions very aggressive society progressive and that’s divided the church okay that’s a political movement that is not part of.
Specific traditional christian faith based movement right.
So there pushing an agenda political agenda they are also saying that we need to have diversity that we need to accept everybody and what my point is is that they.

[39:48] Just because you have a different viewpoint doesn’t mean that it is equal in value to another view point so if one person,
believes that they should be able to have sex with a four year old and other person says will no i think that you should be two consenting adults those are not equal right i get what is amazing is that in the interstate,
we’re saying that we should except everybody my point is is that,
we’re fighting a war on islamic terrorism and we need to understand the root of terrorism when people say that terror has nothing to do with islam.

[40:26] Yet all the terror organizations were fighting in the name of allah the go by isis elk it should be book a room at nuestra amounts has blood.
These are fighting in the name of those whose of terrorists russia so if people object to me calling you that long to terrorism which was my.
My only resolution was at the end was we support president trump first fight against radical islamic terrorism.
And the what the people had the people in the interfaith group had was that they didn’t want to label that is lompoc they came to me and says if you take out as long.
Will pay will let that pass this until the point of it is is the point out that.
It’s important to point out to the people fighting in the military who you’re fighting we’re fighting people that are fighting in the name of their religion and if we don’t recognize that we have a problem there pushing pushing that agenda,
so that makes them political organization that’s all i’m saying rn is on so yeah let’s just back up a little bit okay so i get was emerson i think solve your problems,
did you be friend is that a lot of people.
In the united states and elsewhere in the western world like he’s a lot disclaimers before they talk about subject you don’t seem to be one that says that to the tv set display would be says now i think,
sorry to interrupt the issue of home and i’m not seen as we don’t use twitter but if you same sex services i think the people who are.

[41:56] Who are gay or lesbian are very nice people and blah blah very nice to say that i disagree on,
it’s for example i without having the judge decided a federal judge decide on the issue same sex marriage or not,
but they have a disclaimer and that disclaimer to make to sevenths americans are very important you don’t see the use in a doing the uber so when they hear,
well be know you talk about christian values so the first thing in my asked me as well as me that he only wants christians he doesn’t like.
Jews a dozen like you know your progressive muslim using like ax me.
So i need help me out here it is this is your background speaking or.
Do you really feel that it’s it’s christian only it was a american and will not when you say christian values i think like a traditional american judeo christian values did you get what i’m saying sure and and a.
These are very we could have a full podcast just on this conversation about the history of christianity or western judeo christian values or you know western christendom.
Is there isn’t separate culture of western judeo christian values rate unit that is separate from eastern religion values or whatever.
When you understand where we came from and what freedom where we believe freedom comes from is completely unique.
The idea that god gives us complete freedom and that.

[43:29] We have the freedom to believe or not to believe to express yourself the freedom of the press.
Those aren’t guaranteed by our constitution right.
Those those are given to us by the constitution we recognize as western judeo christian values and christian values that.

[43:49] Those are given to us by god inalienable rights okay when we start there that said that comes out of.
Really just christian it comes out of the process revolution the idea that martin luther actually posted the ninety five thesis and said we don’t have to go through intercessory to talk to god that god.

[44:13] Gives us the right to talk back to him that’s quite amazing know he is right it’s the great leap forward or whatever the name of that purchase like it they go,
and so does yearly that thousand yearly but that it’s it’s.
We have to have a longer discussion of where we go if you’ve heard me speak and if you hurt me,
i was given a half hour speeches to from where freedom comes from from that the very beginning of cicero and socrates of western today or just western thought.
All the way through the dark ages and how we can wassup how you got mixed up and with the allergy where you are forced to believe.
As that as is the church pot and if you didn’t you be declared a heretic and then out of that struggle.
Martin luther the price revolution we fought bloody wars we fight a thirty years war were nine million people lost their lives to get away from this idea that they had to set the church and state were combine okay.
We we fought to get rid of that when we moved in so i know that comes the enlightenment in france where you have a renaissance of arts.
And then in the united states of the exact same time political renaissance this idea that you could encapsulated in a written document.
Form of self government that allowed us to have complete total freedom that it was completely written as almost a negative rights.

[45:49] The government can’t take away our rights that’s really the heart and soul of water constitution is.
When i talk about christian values that comes out of the christian tradition okay is not saying that i don’t by the believe everybody should be christian.
To the contrary actually because.
Of the foundation of christianity which is love the lord thy god with all thy heart with all the soul and with all thy mind and your neighbor as thyself.
That we’re all sinners and that were to love our neighbor as amazing.
Is that allows it open for a society so that we can all disagree that out of out of that love for each other.
We can have disagreements and we would go to have a rule of law okay that’s a separate way of thinking than say even islamic society islamic society when you read the book the reason it every islamic country.
There’s what fifty seven is on the majority countries they all have a punishment for leaving islam and fourteen of them have a punishment of death for leaving islam.
You see how that’s completely different right now is it so what i talk about is.
We want to make sure we educate i talk about the dialogue so that we can help educate people exactly what freedom means and compare that to.

[47:20] People would say freedom in is level there’s there’s no such thing as complete and total freedom in islam because if there was you believe it without any punishment on some people might not believe that.

[47:35] But they don’t really believe in the literal interpretation of their the books that are there scriptures i would say that there is a good enough areas that there is a good chunk of people that they when they hear anything.
Critical is longer just the worst on a conversation the kind of.

[47:52] To take off their brain hat and that’s when the monthly income that i would i would agree with you on that that that that discussion of cultural values needs to be discussed when you talk about the history of,
is on his m and m countries i think that’s all they put up i do i need to be fair though that think,
i think that when you talk about issues of is long that you’re not really distinguishing say no i,
stringent as long as tree is seven days long neck system as long as because many countries even i ran back to nineteen seventy eight that was very very,
progressive country turkey till just two years ago was called the paris of the middle east in there there is a history and is in the islamic world of.

[48:41] Forward,
in western thinking by think a lot it’s been that scared and so when people you talk the day with the here is they don’t hear that your your same value or our culture history and use,
there are different in there culture that’s not what they’re here and they’re just hearing that your your islam of all the car is longer,
they cater i mean your jokes your guy with background in politics you’re very well aware of how all this sounds i mean.
Is this an accident on their part that your label with much in this.

[49:12] I mean where they call you bigots or i need help me understand these from from your experience will how are you.
How do you handle this issue i did i was like garbled words so that you’ll i think probably.
The way you want to.

[49:33] You have to start a conversation where both people are on the same starting spot okay so.

[49:41] Three years ago i didn’t know anything for four years ago i knew there was islamic terrorism a new september eleventh happened.
But i didn’t understand why isis and kind and book of romans why there were islamic terror organizations everywhere.
And so when i read the koran it became very clear but i read the bible the new testament it’s.
Listen to the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the earth it’s very very its simple and vague the koran is just the story of muhammad’s life and his conversation with all.
As he goes and so every situation he’s in he’s given a directive by allah okay and so when he was in mecca he talked in mecca for fourteen years and he he spoke of a very.
What what someone is a peaceful religion that that you should take care of the church for the first ten percent and the social justice you should take care of the poor for a next ten percent and there is a way to take care of this it will.
He was kicked out of mac and went to medina and he became a war lord where he started.
Winning by the sword and then he conquered is really tried and he be headed six hundred forty people and it says in the koran says i was victorious through the use of terror and that if people are offended you.
If he’s talked about how we one use strike at their neck okay so that is the inspiration of islamic terrorists right.

[51:17] Is and that’s what i’m trying to point out the trying to figure out i don’t know how to have a dialogue talk to people about this but people need to know that that is the root cause of terrorism is the devout.
Followers of the book the koran and the the the sooner which are the other scriptures.
Those are the ones that we have to be concerned about and so that all people believe in.
There’s a portion so the question is is a free society how do we determine who believes in this and who doesn’t believe in this.
And that’s a really difficult issue to discuss and i think,
out for will to think because of the time we have i think we’ll finish on talking about immigration ten and then will we control whole hour i now,
it goes so fast were fifteen more minutes while so can we go a little over an hour and the reasons you want this podcasting so uncool of your gmail okay so i know i think we’re all always respect your time so,
well let’s go let’s let’s at least finish,
this conversation moving to immigration officer there strongly tied the in there almost issue at least and then discussion.
Hear us so so you but you do understand that.
You know that there is there are progressive muslims the many muslims in the.

[52:43] Hmm a password for some of these ideas these extreme that the these extreme laws that do exist the country’s but no majority of muslims and say malaysia are violent yeah was it just like the majority of the now ex.

[52:57] Religion tends not to be violent is a go and you can you can understand where saying that they are saying that will need happy he believes all muslims are dangerous and you will you would disagree with that statement obviously.
Right so thermostat malaysia so they will in each is on the country they have a ministry of islamic interpretation right.
And they will determine which how do the how they’re going to believe is a society.
Alright so for instance it read the has what’s called salon office which are the most violent and most attendance most incline to have a terrorist mentality.
They believe in the fall implementation of islamic law.
We need to understand that in malaysia they have a much lower and that’s why not everybody has the death penalty for apostasy so that they skew towards a different area there’s cultural.
Can muslims that are really don’t believe in anything but a,
are just generally share the same culture and is always like there are there people orange oh yeah and you should secular the exact document and so maybe there’s a whole wide range of people.
All i’m saying i rarely talk about muslims you notice i always talk about islam and islam this is the radical islamic terrorism.

[54:28] I am simply pointing out that there is,
the reason when we’re fighting those people there following that book completely i find it quite ironic that that the groups that are opposing me.
Fight so that when we capture somebody and we put him in guantanamo the same groups that are opposing me are saying that we need to give them a prayer rugs and occur on.
So the people that are reading that book literally.

[54:58] We’re giving them the document that tells them how to fight and what to do with their captured okay that’s a that’s weird to me.
Does that i don’t know if that’s weird to you that if they believe in the literal interpretation and that’s why they’re fighting we give them a book that.
How some understand what to do next right.
So all i’m saying is that we have to understand exactly what is in this was in the book is olives and now i don’t know if i can i would have to think more about it it in my gut reaction to that is that generally allow.
Whatever religious group access to their sacred text and there was like how do you how to manual on terrorism yeah obviously would say yes i would i don’t ever have the keira i have not read the current in in his that i recommend.
Here’s what i do is i show people this is this is when people say that they offer paradise is this chapter page one ten chapter nine terrorist right here in the heart of a believer strike off their heads as in chapter eight.

[56:03] I highlighted these because it’s important for people to understand that christians are infidels and that do not the jews or christians as friends.
Christians are infidels a secret take not on the unbelievers kill the infidels alright so that the.
The moderate muslims see those are all misinterpreted right yeah and the only mr let me be applied for time or something yeah in so it’s either that specific line is that if they offend you,
so if you’re talking like i talk to a cab driver down in florida while back and.
And i was a measles asking just from some carrot curious questions and i started asking will do you think that you should be killed for leaving islam.
And and he hesitated is so either sometimes where you think there should be.
He’s well with the they say something negative about it is that one of the what.

[57:02] If you say something negative about islam you should be killed and i i didn’t know what to say.

[57:10] It is a good one that’s that’s what you believe are eight and so we have to really have a horribly this frank discussion.
And that’s really what when i point out the the grass in in egypt is ninety five million people estimates from pew research suggest.
That probably two thirds of believe that you should be killed for leaving is loved her married or if you’re dating somebody that’s a former muslim.

[57:40] Hey in their father comes to town.
It says you need to convert back but yet he still is new and then easy when there is no freedom.

[57:51] Even if you leave it there is no freedom there is another story there’s a very influential muslim before muslim individual that works for the state government.
In rapid city and after all the research i spent three years going to suppose you’re talking to interest.
Interestingly people say oh i doubt he’s ever talk to muslim i had dinner probably with thirty or forty.
Muslims are former muslims in a three year period time.
I posted a girl from of water from the rain in in watertown who is sold into a child marry astoria.
She’s amazing unbelievable her last words from her father was to restore honor to our family mean you.
I need to see.

[58:48] That’s how you restore family under her house and her dad was a chic plant in a rayon okay.
When you understand that this is a part maybe not all people believe in this but that’s a that’s a strange part of this.
Culture that we have to understand how this works together and all i’m doing is saying this is what i’ve read so far this is what i know so far and i’m willing to talk to anybody about it which.

[59:20] Is you know you meet people that haven’t experienced it read it so well disadvantages when i talk to people i bring this with me because it.
It’s really real when i say hear it says christians are infidels and do not take infidels as friends i mean what what is that mean is that just a word in the book.

[59:40] Or is that something more serious is that some people will ignore that.

[59:48] But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t there a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound weather sound race created right.
Here is the same thing it’s in the book i get when we did it i would be okay so i would say that i do know that.

[1:00:05] Concerns about religion are something that are valid even in the western world i know that it’s been cancelled i’m a member of church is pressed the saints are more minutes,
and it’s told that if you are teaching someone that is lbs particular of their woman to have husband’s permission or fifth or just one in general there’s often council has no do not teacher did you put in this position where,
she feels that she wants to be baptized that makes a relationship.
An impossible for her and her family for her and her husband so i do know that there and that this this survey and.
Cool provides the americans and the world many in the western world have don’t apply across the board everywhere i know that were pulling many more in their channels are turkey right now because it’s become too dangerous to have them there,
a turkey i mentioned earlier mastering turkey and turkey is,
has there own has their own dictator in chief like china does and that’s it’s a big problem so i agree with you on,
that the values problem i thinks baby is because you were raised and that from a lutheran minister that you take.
Talking about this the current actual book very.
On the really i think some maybe that’s probably heard your message a little bit cuz the turn up with the always will go to if you bring this up in a new furnace is well you know it says in leviticus,
that if you catch someone doing acts that you got do why this unit was jesus christ was all about having a new texas vs offers race to.

[1:01:43] That we no longer had to.
News crews fulfill the law you that that was left in the past and that we now are are free you so that it is the new covenant right so the.
That’s a history lesson of where we came is kind of gives you a story of.
But jesus christ message is clear nobody should ever confused christ message his message was that we’re all sinners.

[1:02:13] And that we are to love our center neighbor and that we were taught share the good news.

[1:02:21] Of christ’s coming and his salvation to people that they no longer have to carry the burdens themselves that he is death.
And what are the cross he died for their sins and release people from their sins freedom freedom in christ right.

[1:02:40] That’s a completely different message so i object to just things that don’t make sense.
When people say that is lol has nothing to do with terror my all kinds of antenna go off because i see no.
It has something to do with terror because we spent seven trillion dollars on it were fighting about nineteen different organizations in every country in the world including every state in the nation we’re fighting islamic terrorism and when you compare.
What to clean plastic landed.
That’s an abomination that had nothing to do you can’t find a part in scripture where it said hanging black people from trees it is not in the new testament.

[1:03:24] It says that we’re all god’s children that we should love our neighbor.
Okay so were there questions that did some bad things absolutely in person tell me that you know hitler kill all kinds of people and i i think he forgot the actually we went over and fried.
A whole civilization based on people’s.
Convictions that there’s right things to do so i’m talking about in in creating a war before going to war with identify who your enemy is.
We’re not fighting hindu terrorists are not fighting buddhist terrorists we’re fighting islamic terrorists period if you can’t agree on that we shouldn’t go to war at all.

[1:04:07] It was suppose back each person that comes back that has p pst is costing your country eleven thousand five hundred dollars.
We have no what what is this is government has done to the the the that’s with va has done to the vets i mean we’re gonna look back,
hundred years from now and is the from in what way guys thinking that the like how we look at the japanese internment camps now or like.
Why how did you guys justify that yeah i think what happened to her that’s is not immoral.
I just i guess in summary will i know we will get on some other issues in summary i just believe that you have to have very honest frank discussion when president trump reads the pole about a snake.

[1:04:53] He’s talking about something in this is long it terrorism he’s trying to tell people that you have to understand the root cause of terror.
I simply fill in the blanks where were president trump talks a hundred forty characters i just share with people little bit more of the information.
And this is a very uncomfortable topic i know it makes people uncomfortable but we have to face it.
Because what’s going on in western europe what’s going on germany is taking a million migrants a year.
Is changing their culture know some people might not care if their culture is gone.
There’s a lot of us that do believe that we are trying to reach is shining city on the hill.
And that that we one was fire to something great that we’re not we’re not perfect.
But our goal is to try to find the best in humanity possible and i believe that.
Conservative values that are are a mother and a father having children a loving home.
Is the best way to pass on your knowledge from one generation to the next match is july skills teaching people to get up in the morning and go to work.
But also am sense of morality.
How to treat other people how to live with than you know with kindness and respect and faith hope and charity those are the values that we have to have pressed in is really a road map of how to be happy.

[1:06:23] Where yet of faith in god you have to believe that you’re here for a reason if they have a belief that if you going to problems you got a friend in jesus.
And then hope that that there’s something to look forward to that there’s there’s a reason we’re here that there’s an attorney that we can.
Can aspire to and that there’s hope for tomorrow that if you go through tough times like when i gained thirty pounds and lost everything.
And i had back surgery and back problems and couldn’t get out of bed for five days that there’s going to be hoping something and then charity that once you have everything in line that you love that’s what love is all about is that you love your neighbor.
That’s my messages that that’s the answer to so many problems and try to figure out how can we use government.
In some women fashion to encourage those the haters i call them christian beaters to it comes from christ faith hope and love.
The grass one of these is love that’s what i look at that’s what i’m that’s what i’m selling people might buy it people may not buy some people might be offended by that.
I think its workforce i think that’s really what trunk means when you make america great again is to get back to.
Take a value system and i think i know a lot of mormons and worked in utah for a full year of my life.

[1:07:49] Absolutely enjoyed my experience getting no incredibly large number of mormons and then good people.

[1:07:58] People family people they there’s a system that they have worked out that that you have worked out.

[1:08:07] Places family above everything right and and that’s that’s a part of as a part of the secret.
And and we’re just trying to destroy families that.
And i din interview with the south dakota public broadcasting lady and i was explain your that the optimum is to have a mother father child and she disagree with me.

[1:08:29] Ask what were we come.
Where that you just need an adult no a child once a sense of belonging you wanna understand where your roots go down you wanna know your father’s and your mother’s heritage.
That’s what the mormon church digs into heritage to know a lot so i know this i know i need the speaking of cup i think that this is one of those values they think most people to believe even those on the that believing in.
Gay marriage the off of the they still have the sense that you need to have.
Strong roots and strong parental figures there and then we could disagree on if that works or not be with gay marriage but i think there’s a general sense of people have that they need.
The two parents are lease is much as possible to have both parents in the picture of a female mother and father mother and father back in.
You get what i’m saying okay lunches and i really as a congressional can i shouldn’t go into the subject but.

[1:09:32] Do you think you’re born gay diets is.
How do you like the african guy is that is dangerous is this the script in the talking points as a dangerous topic because it.
He can go either way there’s some people that feel that yes this is something maybe it’s genetic or it’s something that happened with fetal syndrome so there’s on the fairway but the others feel their choice and me either feel it somewhere in between.
No i’m gonna answer that the person that i have no idea i need that’s that’s not struggle i’ve had,
i have it and it’s not even struggle that i’ve had no family members close to me and you some families do have a family member or to my uncle and nephew cuz i don’t have that so i don’t know.
But you know what’s interesting is that i’m prepared to talk about that horrible and it is the user to used to be on top ass nobody would dare ever talk about.
And i am completely prepared to have an hour long conversation with anybody about that camera is topping and that’s the challenge.
That’s what we want to college the prevailing wisdom was that there was.
There’s a ten percent society on campus utensils present society was.
They thought they said that ten percent of all populations were gay and so they had a ten percent society.

[1:11:02] Yeah that’s like it wanted to usb not that long ago but that’s with a ten percent as it is sitting in the gay students reservation for,
now the question is where do they get the number ten percent that went off in my mind with that doesn’t make sense and so i started exploring that and you know where the ten percent actually comes from i don’t he comes from a study that was conducted in the present.

[1:11:27] Okay now is there a chance that possibly if yours included in the present.

[1:11:36] That more people are more that he has a reason as opposed to not gay.
Right so when you start looking at.

[1:11:48] It’s a very very difficult topic to discuss but when you’re creating policy as a government.

[1:11:57] That is re writing a wholemeal ammonium of history and tradition of a marriage between a man and a woman.

[1:12:06] You need to have people that are very very well versed or study on this issue.
And as much time as i put into this i haven’t spent as much time on the island homosexuality and marriage and in but i have.

[1:12:24] I have investigated and talked a lot and i’m ready.
To at the right time to help lead that conversation because what i’ve found is that of the the the the loneliest people in the world the people that need a hug more than anybody else in the world.
The people that need that believe that they should be cared that they should be cared for and they should be.
My heart goes out to the people that are homosexual because they either filled with anxiety they’re filled with sadness there’s a reason especially transsexuals right now there’s a reason why.
Suicide rates approach forty to fifty that is right yeah the amounts of mental illness and depression for people that identify as transgender as much fire and,
general population there’s a push to have sex change operation once it had a sex change operation to to re identify.
That the suicide rate even goes higher were in and they’re so there’s an effort to.
Maybe even to mainstream that is not even a mental illness but it’s just a physical out malady that has to be corrected so children are having you know.

[1:13:46] Long before.

[1:13:50] They’re able to make any decisions for themselves as an adult there they’re being told that they might have some sort of a.
Sex change this is a major major deal one of the biggest cost of health insurance right now in the state prison yet is is are these things,
and we have to have very,
hard and honest discussions with her and the the prison system say it’s been generally real that you have to go forward with with the gender sex change operation,
so the idea what percentage or was that run for like a medical budget so i think the realize it was that big a deal since it’s it well so that the process you just that the most.
So i think that the most expensive case in the prison.
Is a sex change operation i think it’s two hundred ninety five thousand dollars we spent of that last year as a budget item.

[1:14:46] Something i am talking to diamonds so by a my numbers can be skewed but so.
The process of getting that mean stream starts with a lawsuit that goes towards.
Some sort of of a state institution so maybe a present saying it you have to pay for this and then once it’s illegal statue once you.
And then all the sudden you have all other government officials or government positions have to pay for that and then from there,
that then becomes push on to private health insurance that you can’t discriminate there’s already a number for this in the coding in that you can’t discriminate based on this it’s all of a sudden.
You get these type of surgeries of these type of of diagnoses push through,
we have to be very careful with that one of the things that i saw my nephew was one of the greatest kids a used to play baseball with the money was in three years old he could hit the ball further than curry pocket.
He moved to minneapolis and and and he had a lot of energy.
And he was constraining and all of a sudden he was placed on reading and i started asking questions on how many kids around these type of adhd type of.
Diagnosing almost everybody with that we can’t allow.

[1:16:15] This culture of drugs and you are gonna talk about drugs today but we can’t allow this idea that everybody has a malady that has to be fixed with some sort of chemical issue or what we gotta get back to the.
Can the roots and we have to face these problems head on okay so i would for fifteen minutes or so i guess i think we we gave says some free softballs for coffee press the.

[1:16:42] Play with you what they want and we have ours free press the.

[1:16:51] There are one-third as cory idle perks that’s all ima say ever means worries out of.

[1:16:58] Every every day it’s like is like post st politics blog it’s it’s the.
It’s the democrats others answer just the war college okay to let the beat i just want to one college one is so periphery press okay i was i think that be pretty for my mom some rebeca heard of in,
go buy hamburger just over in verdun because there and look over,
no that is a fan of yours he has anything the at the amount of articles that he had it for a prolonged as i visiting i know who is he so obsessed with me a little bit i would say a little bit but i got.
I mean in all fairness he’s been using you as an example for some subjects so it is not always directly about you he’s just,
say using your property article capture this belt but yeah you are at me the address know i was i was setting up a joke i was wondering of the hindenburg,
i can’t look at it as a hamburger been doing it,
good you are hard and i’m struggling was going to smile i have nothing against corey corey is fine lady said he’s,
lol thank you guys are gonna do good you do well,
very interesting i enjoyed it thank you for the conversation i guess the last question i would have is so nice i started mower started closed earlier told the daily beast article that was alleging.

[1:18:33] That that that you have nt muslim schtick and that you do that shit,
wake love brunch he keeps so we can that the politicians do that so that they can get,
political points and so year that from what i’m saying is you’re if you’re interested in talking about hard subjects and that that comes from a sincere point of view that isn’t that you’re trying to drum up.
Republican points well i think.
Is it the reason i entered politics is because nobody wants to talk about the tough issues and i am not afraid that i make my living.
Cold call sales,
which is the most difficult way to make a living where i get told no over and over and people would rather die exactly and it came not just good at it but i’m the best in my industry in the best in my industry around the world.
And so it i actually enjoy the the verbal jousting or the gym the the thought provoking.
Part of conversation so that’s i am not afraid of any subject and if i don’t know something i’m willing to say no i talk about this issue because nobody else dares to.
I’m willing to talk about gay marriage were trans sexual because nobody else dares to and,
maybe not in the way that i think i am capable of doing it i believe that i’m a pretty thoughtful person a pretty reese.
The argus leader label me as a yellow or it is so rare that i yell.

[1:20:09] When you see me and outweighs is just not my personality that i really get along with everybody.
But i’m willing to stand up for what i believe and if something doesn’t make sense i’m willing to call people on it,
and that creates a confrontation and what i found in my life in my business is that when i have a confrontation this what made you go to cold call sales is that if you can get a confrontation where you get people’s.
Dander up a little better a little bit of frustration you can make break throughs because people are,
listen you’re married he won’t go in maybe i would suggest sometimes having a flight.
Is the next day is actually a good day gonna talk about stuff more just facet pastors over and over you have a your collision you resolve it.
And then you go one on one in my family lives you already do anything else july conflict no we’re very were softies are selfish over swizzle i make my living in conflict are.
With that said i believe that president trump that’s why i identify with president trump is that he makes his living in conflict.
He’s willing to pick a fight with rosie o’donnell he’s going to call ted cruz lion ted which little marco he’s willing to have a rocket man our little rocket man but what happens is is that you keep that dialogue going.

[1:21:39] And if somebody is offended all of a sudden that’s an opportunity to make amends.
And it’s rich’s amazing people would never have.
My best customers have told me i never wanna see you ever again and i engage in a year you are a low life son of a gun.

[1:22:01] And a week later the writing a check for twenty thousand dollars.
And they’re apologizing to me losing while you’re persistent i really give you credit for that and i said you know what.
We have bad days everybody has a bad day and because of that i don’t hold grudges i don’t i had fights with well.
Half of the people in here didn’t talk to me for days right that’s all right we just had a disagreement the next day everything is good.
A little bit about me is that i like to talk to everybody about everything.
And when i was down watching to see one of the people that i would have dinner with quite frequently you at the end of the session center session you be going late into the night.
Any be your midnight or whatever so you go to the senate hs cafeteria and have a little meal.
So you eat with all kinds of interesting people i had dinner with its center dashes several times are or senator lot or whoever.
Center well stone was one of the most enjoyable people to have a conversation with the member center well minnesota.
He was willing to talk about any question that you dare to ask him if you said tell me exactly how you think this works where you can give everybody everything.
And there is not going to create a disincentive for them to actually produce themselves in you have an hour long conversation about that and you have this banter back and forth and that’s really how you learn from each other.

[1:23:37] And so that’s a good example because well stone really did speak to like i lived in minnesota for flight seven years and.

[1:23:47] You know he wasn’t icon to the working class there and collect your thoughts about with what color people that respect from that same group that feels marginalize the flick that,
he he was not really spoke to that democrats still same data over there amongst them you know if you get into a conversation with people about well stone it’s slip covers flowing even years later and the people that disagree with that and that’s that’s,
that’s a part of government that i inspire to be a part of i was amazed that i went to.
Here to talk about very tough issues and nobody wanted to have a conversation.
It was a strange thing it was bought to eat we can have our own conversation you de with somebody and they would wanna change the subject to solve.
Yeah seven intellectual curiosity.
And an to be able to dive in the problems and then learn then you go home and you do you go to bed and you wake up,
two in the morning your mind is going a thousand miles an hour that’s how you solve problems but you have to kinda get that started right.
That’s how those conversations with well stone with that would happen you can do business with people like paul well so you can be this far apart.

[1:25:04] If you could have that center dash on the other hand the reason i was involved in.

[1:25:10] The campaign against him is that he would say one thing and washing dc a different thing in soup in south dakota.
And you did ask him and he would basically tell you what you wanna hear you talk from the heart to tell people what you believe.
And then you defended i just tell people what i believe.
And then i wait for the stage to get big enough so that i can defend i promise you.
At the right time i will share everything i know about this and offer a solution that will work.

[1:25:47] I’m not there yet i mean there’s there’s so so in case this is a good place to and so if you if you are.

[1:25:55] Blessed with success and you get the nomination and from the nomination get elected to congress where you what me you talk about this at the form and meaning are you.
Are you planning to be as open as you are safe here in the studio with us still and then how are you going to prevent yourself from becoming a one of the swamp creatures yeah so.

[1:26:21] The.

[1:26:27] The the last question first is that i am who i am.
Ima it anybody that know has no meaning including senator chrysler ii quits repressive office because i was frustrated with the bureaucracy i predicted that he would lose the next election.
Because he wasn’t relating to the p.
And it was a frustration and he was in office what twenty two years and i want to not run yeah he you,
what happens is you kind of lose touch with just the people right so that the national to my mean.
Yeah just rest and so that’s a but all on it but i just i’ve always.
Told people what i believe and it’s not always worked out well for me to put career wise or whatever you know i wanted.
I want to work in in government when i was twenty two.
Because i thought that we should try to change things in a more drastic fashion for conservative values.
And that’s not the system that was a part of it and so i i i when out of it.
And then i try to get involved in this in center tunes office it or when he was running.
I announced i was going to the little known fact or if you knew this but i don’t know i was going to run for the us senate.
Before to announce to run for ten national i do not know that is so i started taking as around the paper the state i took out.

[1:28:05] Probably five thousand or dollars worth of ads in different areas of and i pick fights with send international.
And i’m trying to point out that he’s living in a three million dollar home in in dc and is driving around nineteen seventy eight oldsmobile and his wife just,
wealthiest lots utilizing wasn’t the wealthiest lobbyist and all appointments ryman in that he said that he was the he was honored by the navy raul for being the champion for pro choice and in,
presentation sisters would write letters to people saying that he with that as well as a pretty good size to position so i am,
talked about that and i thought well gentility did get in the race he shouldn’t be talking about negative stuff somebody else should our it as a result.
Of that.
Turn my name into a male porn website for the next five years of my life to okay that’s whatever tight now you take daniel tap you dot com it went to the action shot.
Google and kidding not serious super low,
and so someone answers for a nineteen what would that does it below the belt be then before same forms to santorum would have to it up into that come.

[1:29:27] Sorry but it just like it’s it’s one thing coming early collected public figure but your just running a primary at that i but that’s.
So i guess that tells you i just have nuclear fuel rods of of energy that i just stand up for what i believe in and if you want to hit me of it daily cuz once they hit me or do right now you daily beast are.

[1:29:52] What i do i been down and drug through all kinds of stuff you’re not gonna change who i am i just staying in a fight to defend my values and i believe in this time so i never thought that i could get elected.
In office because i was too strongly opinionated that i wanted to fight for my ideas but president trump the trump of fact is that people are listening right now and they want people even if they disagree with you.
They want people just looking in the eyes and tell the truth.
This is who i am this is what i believe and just stand there and defend it as president trump does everyday he sd he’s getting hit by a russian collusion story the democrats the media pop culture saturday night live.
But doesn’t get hit by fbi the deep state and the republicans than the mainstream establishment republicans.

[1:30:48] He’s world leaders use your like new england’s establishment republican that you know republican party is a big tent party with a lot of different like subgroups it i think we talked about that because it was a bunch.
But yeah the establishment one of the like ne region is really against me and the right cuz he comes from new york.

[1:31:11] And the intervention of the coolest intervention the idea that we can you know tyler’s jean put in up some sort of like what they’re talking about and serious is quite amazing that you’re going to remove the side and then what.
Who’s gonna take over with already learned their lesson and lydia and i ran would hope so will.
But that’s not theirs that the workers power dream team that pass of this was to go to war nancy pelosi,
john mccain lindsey graham a day older always the contraction every one of them that’s for that’s right and i was for.

[1:31:48] I bought the idea that you could bring peace or that bring freedom to our people you can’t you have to fight for your own freedom.
That’s with the lessons of all this past twenty or thirty years and taught us is that you have to fight your own battles you have to give to you to win your own battles and is coming in there and dropping bombs thirty thousand feet.
Does it help and and i guess.

[1:32:16] My thought is is that i would like to go to washington and i would like to be a leader to talk about tough issues.
And the more interviews i get to do with gas like yours them or in some time we might be able to get this into an hour long interview as opposed to a two hour long.
You get better and better and better talking about very controversial stuff and when you do you lead on that issue.
What happens when politicians of the dodge every issue.
And they never leave any issues and that’s how you get trillion dollar deficit four trillion dollar budget twenty one trillion dollars in debt.
There’s no difference between republican democrat right yeah that’s real question.
Okay i did yeah i could see you pretty much always what’s your take on this this most recent budget that you let you set it,
i’m sitting here in an old plate fiscal conservative i just look at this budget we passing on lake,
so what was the difference between republicans and democrats in congress are so far it’s looking at as in if you look at everything in life is a negotiation.
Imagine that this is a huge negotiation and then you have to have a drop dead date you have to pass by this.

[1:33:35] Or else what you shut the government down the right.
Imagine if your size says that were never going to shut government down okay so then the goal for the other side is just push it to the end.
And get to the very last day is a well i guess we gotta make a decision as to what happens all,
you have you just installed a christmas tree you just load up the christmas tree and use you get past the also the better answer is to say no,
we’re going to shut the government down we’re gonna have tough discussions were gonna have tough decisions and we’re going to defend our positions now.
In my race do you think dustin johnson is going to be able to do.
Even john thriller mike reynolds will they be able to stand and defend.
Post positions and other career politicians they don’t want controversy these are there they’re controlled by fear.
Because at one time newt gingrich should close down the government,
and remarkably one more seats in the room in the set the next legislation or the next really fees historically people taking some of the wrong lessons from that but that’s the lessons they taken that were never gonna shut the game down.
I look at it is saying.

[1:34:52] I am deathly scared the reason i am running is we have a trillion dollar deficit of four trillion dollar budget my friends my my relatives of my relatives friends.
Have invented amazing products that are national or worldwide products and they’re afraid to invest their own money in their own businesses right now because they don’t believe in the system.
Okay when you break down the system where people stop investing in it and start believing it.
Whole thing the music ends and there’s not enough chairs that’s the that’s my fear the reason i’m calling is that we have to have.
Tough decisions we have to make tough decisions or else they’re gonna be made for us and when they’re me or as its gonna be ugly.
Alright well i’m gonna have to call it in for so we found out today that new tapioca is a talker,
that’s not getting a room full of talkers i appreciate you anyone that the time to listen i appreciate.
State senator nude happiest time thank you very much thank you very much is good what i like to think you i have i will confess i have criticize you on my website super come in the past okay but i have found you.
Extremely transparent and forth right we’re not agree on everything but really enjoyed talking with you tonight and,
just really impressed with how you presented yourself and think you very much for coming i was so pleasure to have you here to talk when you said as well like about podcasting that’s long form i like to get into the that com.

[1:36:29] The complexity of bigger issues in this was really nice to have so it and i enjoyed every minute alright so you wanna give a quick shout for your.
Facebook and what not yet and social media websites or is i’m everything is really i try to put everything on facebook of consequence,
so just meal tap you on facebook but www dot neil tap you dot com is where we can have,
what’s the video and and so yeah three weeks left before the selection signing in june fifth so if you live in,
south dakota we have relatives live in south korea tell them to make sure they are registered anywhere in the am but think they wanna vote for temp do they have to be republican but get registered and try to travel the primary vote is on june fifth.
So far i don’t think you so much and absolutely.

The Happy Warrior Ep 001 The Happy Warrior

The Happy Warrior Podcast 001

Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke

Produced by Robert Mehling

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme “Karma” by Bump of Chicken


If you’ve been watching any media lately you might think we’re a nation on the bink.  Deep division with real issues do divide us but that doesn’t mean we can’t be good neighbors and civil in our discourse.  Enter Peter Vaughn Pischke, our happy warrior host who wants to speak out for the right but do so in a positive way that builds up instead of tearing down.  Join him and producer Robert Mehling as they explore today’s political issues, with plenty of random tangents in between.



Open with a reading from the Sneetches story.


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Machine Transcript

[0:24] The starter relay stages had belize with stars the plane belly snitches have none upon dar’s.
The stars were so big they were really so small you might think such a thing would it matter at all.

[0:38] Because they had stars all the star belly snitches were bragging where the best kind of snitches on the beaches.
Weather susan air they would sniff and snort will have nothing to do with the plain belly sort whenever they met some when they were out walking.
The height right past without even talking.
When the star belly children went out to play ball clear playing belly get in the game no not at all.
You can only pray for your bellies had stars and the plainly children and none of on dollars.
Welcome to the happy warrior podcast be happy with punk ass i don’t think there’s another happy when your punk ass there’s a happy warrior sweater.

[1:24] This will will will happy warrior them or a misdemeanor yeah i know this is a menu you familiar with this this nieces and other stories by dr seuss.
A classic story i was told growing up about the perils of.
Racism and prejudice and discrimination and actually sir how long was written it still holds pretty well today.
Unfortunately yeah yeah yeah ass seriously,
when we start off by introducing yourself then tell people little bit about what you see is the future for this podcast know i haven’t where my house is a project that my friend governmental in,
park asking this you empire is helping us to create a cave from not just anyone me a more conservative podcast this was can do for his will even when i was in school board campaign which i ran four.
This again this year well not with what we saw a lot of my survivor often would you too much is just the crazy.
Turn the heat all the fire near you know that just rolls of the people that were you supposed to be reasonable and the crazy crazy stuff they will tell me,
well let couples is miley well you know i you should there be left shoulder ever that was and how do i couple times a diagram of it said that she was scared of me and scared for children,
that crazy i initially talker damages scared me just scared people might be with me.
What the hell is the lifeline leaving there.

[2:58] So where you advocating for like a pro flesh eating over platform or something are doing good lord i mean,
do it was it was ridiculous she with alex and that’s just one more eggs that’s a nice example twenty x this expletives thrown in.
Yeah slot of people feel that you saw in my femur don’t remember they have.
The this class and what school woke up this year the biggest one we had in march if you never was the march for life and i made a stupid decision of asking on facebook in.
Sometimes on facebook and social media intent doesn’t necessarily come across.
Yes of course are chasm is like a sarcasm is often missed which is awkward and painful and yes i was is using his ass when he is okay so they can do this and he gone.
Control are pro gun control march so maybe we should have something for the second and then it,
and i actually i was stupid i did remember to use like thursday that i just like okay just use quicken and go to that farm is like he uses,
leave this for parking but i do not follow my inner gemini cricket and so happens that i had a torrid stones from the enemy.
Are you a counter protest and i believe you have people that and yes we have people there not as many as the trigger but i am more than i thought i’ll share.

[4:29] Yeah it’s just it’s already hard enough to get people to protest and be like we’re going to protest the protesters and will it be hard to write in a movie and it is the hardest being ferguson who is gentle is nice enough,
person reporting.
I have no immunity towards her she reading and art is that i was medicare counter protest and was like by that time was like shoot says they deserve were obviously i am.
I just feel that i was raised drop la fine,
whenever you’re not worth it up but you’ve made your bed and there was no way of getting out of the house i was stuck and a dad thing that i will see the whites entrees invisible nice people on the left there was,
is largely if you’re on laughter that’s what you’re saying about the there was more there’s more energy coming from them the people on the right now,
they they can go over the top taking it very personally or tax know they’ll call for someone until you know someone on the left column live charger someone there,
left will call person on the right and not even the size of a fallback one a bunch of bunch of name calling yup.
Not now lol i thought there sometimes friday if there is the ending calling name calling often of heights.
Hides any real serious conversation search for that is there sounds like no ninety that we can do park st anthony wheatley,
is the more positive things leisure try to not suck at politics from a conservative perspective like green and the radio shows and talk shows and what are are they just this is like help.

[6:08] Let’s hope both sides learn to talk to one another again this year this is him the rest of his family picture yeah more civil dialogue i think that would be.
Man i would welcome that because boy it’s it’s hard out there it’s it’s brutal and like you just illustrated with your your examples of sue you know all too well and from being an operator.
You know i was everyone in minnesota when i lived there thought that i was this like right wing nut and i moved to south dakota in here everyone was like we’re democrat and like,
what’s so yeah i i always figure i’m probably doing something right sophie to just give me a little bit back to back on me and politics just like,
under approach any party or any establishment skeptically you know i’m very like pragmatic.
And by the same token there are just like certain line in the sand issues for me i’m just like i don’t you know i don’t compromise on this you know very beginning of the libertarian in leanings but.
Yeah so i think it’ll be in be an interesting next to see like where we go from here and what we learn about each other and what we learn about the discourse that’s going on in the state and in the larger action is that’s really bad,
it in the plane will the latest feature be able to lots of people i think the media especially has says as.

[7:38] Hi on that fire storms and flooding,
fire bomb throwing brings ratings i don’t think it’s very healthy for affords us or for the job was for that matter like selling sugary ch cereals with your saturday morning cartoons the kids like well you.
Do that puts and it sells cereal but and is good for the kids in the car.
Not ready robert if you don’t know roberts probably he’s probably talk to more political people than i think most just about anybody or know you’re in you’re out there i am,
i am small fish in a small pond small small on well not a small fish but you know what i mean that the of figured tivoli.

[8:24] But i mean look at look is looking at the with the one that we both love styly and start living star he is he’s in the know of neither of them actually bring up their political affiliation all that often the stars democrats settlers republican.
But let me hear they get along perfectly there was a huge fan each other help each other people advocates for ethical government years you falls honesty and if you know me i’m,
i am much more about the municipal government like local government and you notice that was like the political podcasts that i’ve had for.
That’s kinda my beat cuz i kinda look at the national and even on the state level getting lot of.
So barbara e drama e kind of like you know playing to the media and the whole like oh what’s gonna be the story in this part of the new cycle,
and getting up and it frustrates me because so many people go and vote for in the presidential election which,
actually with the way to tour colleges set up to have very little influence or say with that boat they should still vote,
a thousand percent should still vote research your candidates to what to do but,
your vote when you’re voting for like your city council or for your state rep or something like that is so heavy and so powerful you no yt especially compared to a state with like a massive population i mean,
look like how many people one state representative represents in california and then look at how many one state rep,
represents in south dakota minutes it’s ridiculous it’s like every fifty people get there are represented have not quite like that it feels like it sometimes i despair for the population it is.

[10:02] And so i feel like municipal elections and government have.

[10:07] A huge disproportionate say in your day-to-day life the road your driving every day what kind of companies are be in your town to work for what jobs are available education your kids could have this very locally controlled.
And yet that’s the one where people accounts get bit and you know there’s no presidential election so i’m not menlo it obvious i did that person before i do i i try to be better than your exactly right now we’re government affects you most,
is probably first you’ll be invoking the least vents and saadia when i ran for simple school board and i put a tracking put a pretty good.
Effort fighting so will i.
I am not playing i understood that was it wasn’t a very probable fight like when they don’t know it was running feels like i say i don’t think you spend that much money and you’re going up against two.
Well for fighting government so that was that was uphill battle i mean even if you had like someone throwing a war chest that you that would’ve been an uphill battle discuss their incumbents especially the school board evolved to give me and idea.
I sold weed which we here’s faucet currently disabled said we had our election for city council and some other things.
In the hat this was the like the lowest and what twenty five years there saying enter voter turnout yeah and half of those the over half the people that decide come on both the left the school port,
the selection relay last that all that is awful your.

[11:38] Cuz i mean your school work if you like your tax up what’s and your kids education to.
Okay no i’m not gonna so box on this a lot to cover this first episode here but anyway that’s what coming from that’s where peter’s coming from.
Yeah i see em really is that the hd that so i need to try single track absolutely so let’s talk a little bit about your your first story here what why did we leading with with dr seuss,
so dr seuss by with this isn’t cool anymore i don’t always happen the easter for services elementary school where the houses dr seuss the kids,
yeah of course dr seuss be with you later tonight yeah now until they know he’s racist and he’s not low enough and so is not taxes.
What he walked back know what is the dads what,
how many years tell us what’s yeah sorry i have a hard time believing tv if you know his if you know his auto you know his history and stuff like that there’s plenty of things to criticize him about.
He is but for darling of the left than the right i would of said based on like what i know of his life story so i’m really like male really well with summer are having a story today is is everything is just.

[12:59] Flip flops the derby hats crazy yes dark to see this speech is one comes up is about.
Prejudice and discrimination i remember when i was told anyone but on your children and tell them.
That minimum minimum ten percent of the staff and teachers at it at the sioux falls will sister turn republicans is yours its was probably more like forty,
if i had a tv show on the dark but it’s significant number there are all day getting our little blue pocket in that right state,
it’s more purple there’s that you know those boundaries makes a lot more than people think they do yeah well this heat is what the problem they talk about.
You never know they won’t let the kids play in we’ll let now our stars daily speech is kids they don’t get to play with the non star billie sue just his on the other side of the railroad or.
What ever.

[13:50] The devil differently than we do we will have anything to do with that that’s what got me that’s why i was going with this is like okay is that there seems like today is like that is how he is right now between people on the left or right at least that’s,
my personal experience and you of the situation to think where is divided i mean.
Clearly we there stuff like strong divisions there on real issues between the factions.
Do you think we are actually is divided as the media makes us out to be or do you think we have more in common if we actually talk to each other more million i think you’re right there again the,
we are way more similar to power wash much the same tv shows.
We will go to this this is very similar to the organizations we all by the same food every once ice cream.

[14:43] It’s true that says prove that even if it’s the can on milk ice cream they like it there was hoping that you don’t like ice cream that was tasteless and.
Exactly like history we all have our junk food depending on what it is yeah i mean yeah i know it will be more than a life that we are part in the.
And i would say no pet store,
he decided to go in here to four hundred and just got this big mayor election that was paul vs joe and joe was the blue impala the red and by talk i pad,
he can be can talk about servers enlarging this is my daughter emily thought this racism and i love my daughter and i thought that’s about it.

[15:26] That’s cool but parents still friends,
and what’s your you now or have paul and send jo a parent is still in give an honest effort and just have a good relationship with her arms man that’s how it should be we should look at each other because i have a are,
i vote that i put because i’m going to add you know maybe once or twice year,
and i feel the bible that says are and you say we go for the bottom is the seventies we should play he each other’s guts.
It’s it’s ridiculous i think direct it is it’s artificial it’s theirs i think there’s a lot people that.
Benefit from pushing divide but i think we can both i think there’s a whole industry that.
That exploits that divided and you know what industries that are built on this especially in broadcasting or.
You know media on the left and the right cuz if you look at the top radio and if you look at left-wing tv and yeah.
There’s no do i i’d i hear you so just don’t listen sean hannity sign on the radio is stock i cannot turn off is broken so it’s always talk radio all the time,
i listen to great bell fridge in the morning here in sioux falls and.

[16:45] So i don’t really pay attention to my radio i don’t move around hardly ever and so in the afternoons i get off all i can remember is name was escaping me.
Mark levin more which mark levin on the way and everyone you know is like sometimes makes a good point sometimes i’m just like.
What did what what did he say are having problems that is the worst voice for radio there ever was.
And yet it works so we’re how popular is he not with mark that he’s not he’s he worked for the radiator and bush white house he’s,
reading several books on just judicial issues and he’s smart smart and my favorite dog is written by mark levin really gas it starts all right,
what is it like is nothing to do with politics with the words for you that’s awesome.
I have no idea where is there in his room high school and then that’s when there are fair enough.
How do.

[17:48] I think you’re right i think definitely it and when either so many things are important that’s why i want to bring up now if you put in a lineup.
With the fifty cent or some of those other.
Pop artists rappers whenever i can pick them up while i don’t have with it is this is line order,
you know what i’m done i’m worthless for celebrity stuff but it a,
what’s interesting about high va is does all the attention he’s received of last week i want to do car with this because i had to babysit him in help decide to.
Give me the actual plan your record this week got,
sure he was not yeah family was not display well that’s right that’s the story hasn’t even been on the radar as long as we’ve been planning a surprise for the is crazy reaction commune in me and.
Yep so i can say it he always did for my understanding that he was likes to push buttons.
Not just in his music but also let me news and is in always the knots everyone call it that i call the shots cuz thirty six,
just it’s in my brain young the odds in you he said i knew bush wanted the black people lived in the country and not on sunday’s date is that a famous for being flange for,
by having the speaks his mind pressure yes but there really be no from what i’ve read with the exception for anyone comments about.

[19:18] Reset four hundred years of slavery is a choice and i was trying to say was eleven mindset not like they did after americans purpose enslave themselves but you separate for that comment.
He what he says i say dollar at whole,
yeah and he didn’t say eloquently for sure now off with with all the subtlety of of burning battering ram running down a hill but.
Yeah and i think the,
if he wants to have a dialogue especially being i would say a popular figure in the african american community i feel like,
he’s one of the people to have that conversation if there gonna have a conversation about how they identify and get the the broader implications for every american culture history.
You know obviously not a scholar clearly know what you know so is it the next year see pack some but,
yeah i’ll be honest when you put connie on the on the show outline i was slick,
yeah but you know if there is there some merit to this in that you know big think about how much he’s like the left darling,
like when he said the thing search of the bush not caring about black people after perking trina for mike myers just wanted to like crawl in a hole and die on camera did you receive the center that hanged i’m sorry but did you see this area of life where they actually had connie and had.

[20:52] And it was only like a month after this happened and cannot see me had kanya a and they have mike myers on there and then they were both on stage at the same time during is like opening monologue and,
what pic on your pup how’s it going that good is it.

[21:09] Yeah that fix for that the death threats the display company get ahold it recently thank you for doing that well i was on camera with you about it was just like so.
You know obviously stages of their lives get but by the same token it was the real people that was real awkward so i’m like.
Fix your pics for that you know who it just yeah funny moment anyway know it with tommy is.
It’s more about the reaction i think it actually says because he’s like he saying like i like to listen to thomas all,
so did you guys go thomas solis is this very aged black economics,
when your baby is right eggs are about how we should punish those to push those people financially that’s from there and how i can on it shows that and he’s not.
He’s not a radical i mean it to his is in us passe and on the cursor circles caligula systems of school.
If three of a is that is not buenos of the person he is now a white.
Supremacist we make a lot of white supremacist let’s see let’s look at some of the headlines that year he gave me here uncle tom let’s see,
inside the red killing of kanya west as anyone that when enjoyed.

[22:30] Yeah we need to stop giving kanya what is the letter c and then advocate state conversation as microphone to do to.
You didn’t torrance filing time to yeah cuz,
you know cnn is always like super on the ball about getting you another fax right now getting their their people source crackly being fair and impartial and yeah there boo i know it’s so frustrating,
is this weekend a service beef how will that for him.
Yeah and it is i hope it continues to learn things if he follows down this path sincerely to get apart reelect the chavez’s of the way i did,
and if this is something i think will get into later in the podcast when we get into like super brought kind of like the philosophy of the right kind of things with me.
You know back when i was really in in depth and the republican party we have no going back to,
i want five and four instead of her way using the way back and it is really thirteen years and on the ball okay anyway,
um we talked about the year conservative movement and how the republican party is the big tent party because we have all these different.
This perfections but they’ve come together especially with the aid of like the reagan coalition that he built sorry get in my american history history major.
Vain hear a little bit so that you got by the reagan coalition nigerian o’reilly and.

[24:04] The the the there’s idea that we’d so we have libertarians in years but we also thermometer to people that are,
socially liberal and economically conservative and,
yeah we have different people are there more maybe glasses user faith and i was taking political science class slight graduate level the side quests and it was called the big tent party and you got into the break down of that and i think,
personally i think that’s why a big part of why the right works is because.

[24:35] We don’t have any it’s i know people on the left or to hear me say this and just always are grown in just but hear me out.
The brake is less dogmatic than the left brain now is that’s very much true you know it’s because it’s a big tent it’s fit it tends to be a little bit of the wild west and that’s why you have.
movements inside of the republican party were event like libertarians you’ve got like the freedom caucus you’ve got you no more stab bushman north you know the ne can i re-establish yeah yale,
yeah there’s a lot you got your kids you cruise you can i think that’s why so someone like kanya a republicans reaction to it is mostly like.
Well that’s that’s fine he can believe what he wants where were cool with that but on the left that is such a trail that would have something that was off the track of the mayo deer yukon and i can’t hear you and,
you know it in the interest of a little balance here is like don’t think everyone on the left would react that way but,
i think a lot of the mouthpieces for the left in the main media,
are absolutely that way with like a loyalty test and a like or what you know isis and like,
you are seeing it with african americans were its like you over there watching it being forced there is a rule and there are boundaries and he is pushing up against,
the control like norms that they’ve established as of as a coalition as a group of people culture.

[26:10] And so he’s bumping up against that were is on the right we don’t really,
will not ignite entity politics other than your ideology it out because like listen word to me when we were just talking about the different factions and i’m like your religious groups and stuff like that so that’s kind that it’s close but not really cuz,
but when we think of republican we think of like well there’s that to cons there’s the libertarians there’s the in out of these are all intellectual ideological camps as opposed to.
The latino americans and african americans you know ny is hard to the democrat the moniker parties decide to win their politics they’re gonna take.
All of this bread groups you have probably see very differently in different issues after americans on the whole are very religious the most religious then them white.
Yeah majorly and tend to be culturally conservative like much more so than,
that’s always been the like low hanging fruit yet on charted territory for the republican party is to try and like try hards that yeah absolutely and haven’t really seen it.
Yeah but it’s but it’s a tough egg to crack in its a in the base of the colonies message of the end of the day is.

[27:31] You don’t have to vote democrat you can think what you wanna think yeah i was it as a message that republicans you take are to young my favorites my favorite quote.

[27:42] And this is my to my terrible memory there are many of them is about her macaw is thomas jefferson’s question with boldness okay even the very existence of god is a god rather.

[27:55] For my gosh them system put in your days that messages that i would rather have you question his existence and everything that you just,
move forward blindfolded fear and and that’s me and that’s principle our founders had in mind was that what will be will will state things on our on our minds unreasonable and on.

[28:18] Thinking and it’s that the founders were children of the enlightenment and so rational thought and merit and,
you know free thinking where boy huge part of that and i feel like that’s part that’s in the dna of american political thought i hope it still is you know,
i think it is having the ashes are so you know who can fire and work which we still got amber’s members we can work with blowing really hard.
Oh yeah yeah do it if that’s think that’s where we go i think is a country need to do better teaching about.
No notice of it’s like teaching us how to treat one another well that’s important politeness enters the day how they thought about using using your head as far as the got think.
Take more reason more the more reason what appears with the other guy why reasons adaptations you your.
Just had a crazy person.

[29:18] But i’m just teasing sorry i die s know if you’d ask me any questions actually kinda in no idea so please don’t send me messages about.
Kanya a music i don’t know what time you’ll yeah.

[29:36] On the realist song is if i have any choice the matter in a what little i know of kanya is that part of the reason that he’s so crazy is because.
He’s got that he’s a musical genius.

[29:50] And he knows it and it like its a burden and it crushes him because the thing you don’t know about connie is she acts like a clown and his own music and stuff that is not like what i listen to.

[30:02] His like he is a composer and writer and a producer and he’s actually done a lot of the production on.

[30:10] When i say like a third of all the hip hop,
are not have pump popular music even like stuff that’s not rap he’s a mute you know he’s a musical savant and so he,
like that’s where he makes a huge ton of his money is that actually almost all the pop music you’re hearing its like he is a huge influence in and eat like rights of there and what is that is a huge huge huge clear behind the scenes,
any is a musical genius talented and a genius when it comes to composing like it songs,
yeah but not good genius requires some man that’s it that’s another paraphrase and i don’t know where to get the condo idea.
The and ideally would have some modesty but not clear is nine is not handling or is not in that so in.

[30:58] Okay so let’s move move on to we can do a much less fun topic i think but can you important did you part of my beginnings of my relationship brother was an intense to write an essay or two for him.
More for me and he was kind of post its and and this is last year remember.
That was when the charlie card came into the news not not just any movie here in the states yeah and that is a fire and i wrote a piece on it.

[31:27] And that the sioux empire dot com seamus book think yes is it the sioux empire dot com.
This is w w w dot com i think i got it okay to put a ge t t he dots.
Back slash maps in.
Slash category slash pocket that is how to use the the it because it caught fire a little bit not,
the one with another website and a private discussion about the history of euthanasia particularly children and then disabilities you know i’d i don’t work full time i do struggle with,
physical disability a crop acres is is kenmore upright pain gastrointestinal stuff but so maybe makes me a tad.
More motion on the search for people with.
Severe disabilities and not someone that says well because you disable obviously your opinion matters more than someone else’s cherish disability and not like that but you’ve got an informed opinion to half yeah yeah and then charlie guard was that was.
Off on nothing has recently been the case also very different service with charlie guard it was.

[32:48] It was medium or treatable illness so to speak that he did but it was still considered pretty moral and both cases which charlie guard if you don’t remember was this little baby.
On light two milk latin movie lower class british parents and it was basically entry lizzie’s.
And they wanted to do get alternative treatment on us.
Say what you heating here commercials go and get a second opinion from dr yup that is normal not the uk you siri bob that idea is kinda swish because america we we are our health.
Are there health care as the issues that have,
when will we be argue that’s the face i heard for yeah i’m sure list american still believe in this idea where like well mom of the year you gain best for my baby,
i’m going to go to his madang doctors as it takes and try to get the best of the best care possible can best answers families will do this they have no money,
we have resources from the hospital sometimes help lab organizations and having cancer communities community fundraisers even,
in small towns here in south dakota where you know you’ll have dinner at the legion re raising money for someone sue no child that’s got cancer or something like that you see that,
and all the time you’re communities pull together and help which is awesome messages and how many times i’ve read online about someone.

[34:18] Some on one of those fundraising websites a broken record yeah persons go fund me and start making a stat that’s awesome i love that.

[34:28] Yeah that’s what they try to do so they can be was horrible this is pretty much the supreme much.
Fail and he said well we can take charlie am i entitled for hospital we’ve had offers from,
a distributor was the vacuum bags on the first and also america and russia hospitals all over the western world in japan outlet works there we were.
We have any since permanent three to my one trying the oil kayla’s you that and the the hospital the doctors at the hospital he knows and who.

[35:00] You will not move this get there like it’s our kid and the light,
you know you don’t know best we do so later that you are a subject not a us citizen right,
add this related to the uk courts and the uk course back to well,
if you follow this all the way even took for charlie are you got into the year yeah you’re the unit part yup yup and in the basically the gotta see message you can’t leave didn’t matter that the united states medium honorary citizen.
Do you not heard that the pope was like give me that baby yeah didn’t know that mattered they did in their taking the train to get.
It got so bad that was pretty much the thing is terminal and the the password okay fine.
You won’t let’s take hard shit to get treatment really slow and i are you.
Will you grant let’s hear permission to this terrible yeah yeah that’s a,
no it’s awful he wouldn’t the when laying there like green use it tonight you can’t watch over us now they will not let him.
Indeed that’s just and sustainable dies so so ron the harley guard staying.
So wrong lock and it is very similar and this time.

[36:24] It’s just sometimes weather miss you we always here if you bring this up like now.

[36:30] Alternative health care for children yummy let’s parents are better judge.
The hospitals know there’s a great phrase i’m still has from ben shapiro who says you know i care i care more.
Do you ever code.
For my children and so i have their interest dye their best interest and say no you don’t say okay tell me thirty minutes.
Yeah it’s a grown quite compares the rear really care no.
This is this is a christian size things or people jump to well what that his cancer and william get the chemotherapy is.
Just won’t print where it is a very rare thing that happens is is more outlier an actual argument that’s with it until the case manage the run to it and i don’t think that dog hunts because.
Will a big part of that is there is a huge difference between.
Denying or declining help you and.
You know what the parents being like we don’t have the trials that we should help the child in this case the state is the one that is an ideology and says you can’t treat the child as we have this principle the,
that’s what gets me by of the evidence and the more so than chocolate bars light will is it’s always the guy that,
yeah alfie evans one is just insane with the late i mean i hope.

[38:01] Party wants it to not be real but i’m pretty sure that the black me my scene is real with the police line up outside the hospital was really is so that i can take him out of the hospital and the free speech sitting in the first amendment.
It’s getting hard on right cuz america gas yeah lt edmund so that they will the parents hard to talk about it.
Hey they were they were tomorrow and social media player to return the rest people of the meaning of common stayed put,
police like line around the building just business of breaking trying to be out that they had offers this case it was italy was the primary one insurance of us being the uses this how was the kids in italian now isn’t sound system,
and i mean the only had it was like this is the parents never said this was a work it’s like that’s not what he said this is why not.
Where are my cats he’s gonna die anyways why not try yo let’s slimmest of chances he only passed let’s try it.
And the court said no and you got that again that the got a point.
We are after they began just like charlie card pencil okay we you give when i can do more than kids dying.
We have to keep them alive they took him off life support is supposed to directly see this is puts this makes me think that maybe the medical not purchase some staff is questionable they leave a message if he off.

[39:33] Why support breeding mostly with the biggest thing he just i let ya he didn’t,
if you agree to hear the whole wheat and and you don’t like the way give him liquids they will give it food there basically starting him to death yeah that’s.
The parents to keep it alive are taking turns giving cpr mouth to.
Can you imagine that you injured your dimes giving you your wife and your in a hospital and their nurses around there anything other than stop you from helping the church,
holy crap so missing.

[40:10] Yeah george orwell your heart out yeah add remove the priest had a priest the priest at one point he told the stat like god is washing.
You know what you do god is watching.
Having they hit the three south shore up and will they said they wanted okay so again slutty to get home then sent be with family.
You just let that kid die in an uncomfortable happy east environment home.
Send this in union had to change we miss you big changes you.
Before we let you take your kids at five pm a whole attitude change yeah.
And he didn’t remember it is near the end right for the kids i came ounces told protesters’ the uk to go home to lego to see what they were trying to back up and see if they can make this happen because we’re parents you do.
Anything for your can yes even sucking your pride and then you’ll grovel to the lowest of lows between this and the guy with the.
With the stupid you tube not the dog thing in england i don’t follow the case at all between those two i’m just like,
okay scratching me you pay off my list of places to ever since i was like i really like doctor who wants to i was just like,
i wanted to know six me history nerd and because of doctor who.
And now i’m like i wanna go there cuz i just click oh it sounds like north korea at this pic.

[41:44] I mean seriously i’m exaggerating celebrities are not what they use to be because of them remember their do our constitution is pretty fundamental that’s the bottom that rotten government over there free speech is kind of in the middle,
if i made a mismatch english come live here and there and so it can be over ruled,
with what often is gas and the guy with the nasty dog.

[42:08] By the way is a little funny not funny a little it was hilarious he was running he was doing a bit i mean.
Did we just have a separate lives get not one ago that was like.
Was making from supporters to be not even when i was even like painting like a pasta side of house stuff like that just like it you can tell ajay nanci joke.
That’s the thing and not be monsters just like i didn’t see,
you know whatever the nbc affiliate overheating when i get like blacklisted or something like that or is two thousand thirteen as we one more yeah pretty sure is is jokes.
But no me i wouldn’t blame some of the things like i think he selling party was like killed using on i got i would honestly go that way but.
He was tasteless but clearly nine nine is not a danger to the public.
Yeah and just that that was the same way with the you know it’s like i thought some american judges were bad but doesn’t england must be in the us be like the most insufferable.
Judge guy that you picture from like a victorian period piece movie where is called the office will only be allowed one cup couple storage for all of over three was.
May have some also you want to was eating a giant chicken like it.
I mac island the uk so i don’t have a lot of contacts i think i am more culturally literate in the uk in india.

[43:48] You pay the money due to my intense.
Doctor who is watching the cultural exchange program doctor who was.

[44:00] Yes but no way i was and that’s what this week is like i avoid like there are things about the countries.
But civil liberties the us are awesome and yeah a man than a but the nasty bugs stupid.
It was worth your time to rest it was really stupid but its like its.
It’s like the mitch hedberg the comedian where he talks about getting a receipt for buying a donut and he’s like no i do not want to ever see,
for dinner it’s fifty cent just give me,
do not use that need to be paid in paper in the us and i feel the same way about this like a man made a stupid video on you tube i wouldn’t of made it,
but seriously it’s a you tube video giovanni’s girlfriend is don’t need to bring pen and paper into this let alone.
Protracted to your court battle with a fifty thousand pound fine to my knowledge there is not an animal there’s no longer for for hurting animals by train and do not she’s.

[45:09] Guess there wasn’t them it now i don’t know yeah i’m i’m sure i’m sure the house of lords will dictate that get out like.
Yeah i’m sorry i just.
All respect for the british legal system is just out the window for me at this point cuz and saying all the problems of the are purposely ignoring some that.
Eight hundred on themselves on the or just things that happened nations but the are you guys doing that why you’re playing ff four c.
Wait no on this entity slivers of liberty and perseveres social media stuff what are you not doing that that’s what bothers me yeah.
Yeah that’s true i mean of.

[45:52] Isn’t london like yeah that’s right lol london is located at on me to smile about this but the over it’s funny danny that.
When it’s like where the gun control and surveillance capital of the world.

[46:08] What’s that were still the murder capital of europe um.
How about the new control gas starter misty contractors at our lease chef’s i hope that actually i was reading a story someone had a screwdriver and add arrested.

[46:26] She’s right i know i know why you that was told like me or my brothers be like is like me like to like play with pocket knives and part what.
We never railcard anything other than what he’s sick but still will do it so we might be one of the stupid.
People that accidently left in the back or was in your pocket just for yeah and just.

[46:49] I’m sorry it if you ever need something to to light show how.

[46:55] Ineffective and how long gun control is like strict gun control of your pass yet just take one look at.
London situation weather like talking about knife control like,
plugs in studio next it’ll be blunt instrument control of everything over five pounds will have to be wrapped and see the photo now because i mean,
providential argument with the mystery times the never really wanted you with what causes the problem the first place to just hang my captivity and.
Nice but still have that that the pipe is still leaking still vashon walker and still you know you still a promise feeding you just trying to happen at the end.
And i don’t mean that is not working yeah and i’m just that we’re always blows me away that the knife control thing just because.

[47:45] You know a decade ago that would have been the thing it conservative for me to joke about and been like,
no control will we just have not seen a sarcastic rush limbaugh are so maybe like when we just of noise control of the would laughing we all laughing even left left would be like.
Oh that’s it that’s absurd argument you reducing it to a service i’m,
i get a later like we are passing knife control now is it on there when your name i just remembered i think he is getting some fire from people on the on the left is so i’m saying social media.
Yeah unenforceable that your back down to stop and frisk which last time i checked democrats and people in the progressive left do not like.

[48:30] Yeah and as a libertarian i don’t like stop and frisk and you know it’s like.
License to say no nice to feel the heat up what have you of your freedom of but but yeah so.
So how about we just watched doctor who and not go to england news of ie blood.
I’m not that we could be that you could i mean is that i said a few supreme court decisions and we could be could be there.
Is a probably lesson we should learn and i would say to the left.

[49:09] In future arguments that also it may be considered what is causing these these problems what’s late we figure out what’s being wondering speranza i have what i believe are the answers than eighty do your research.
Decide for yourself and we can talk about have a nice civil conversation.

[49:28] I don’t drink coffee that mean you can’t,
so we went about five mins left for an hour and so is no where we were learning it states episode one for crying out loud here your fine i it i can talk for me too man i’m.
So we are we can save some lives for free next time we should probably and by asking people to check us out at.
Happy dash were your dot net yes happy dashboard you’re done and why repeatedly said it.
Hey it’s effective advertising happy dash where your dot net and i mean that was the radio commercials on the top of the list operations like.
Free credit report dot com good credit report dot com that’s the secret,
yup just repeat over and over again so anyway you could check out all my podcasts at the sioux empire dot com yeah folded ones we follow follow me at twitter,
at at podcast underscore empire and that’s,
that’s kind of combine twitter feed for all the podcast so you’ll see content from happy warrior there you also see.
You know that episode will be up there were on itunes teacher soundcloud if you wanna support what we’re doing here and what were are this little project of ours be sure to check out the the patriot page for the sioux empire,
You know it helps can fruit tray in here are some some what beverage or something anyway we to show anyone those people on switch to just the food gas and all that is like the dream of.

[51:10] We live in the future when the future.
So any any closing thoughts that you wanna give before we we call we sign off again this is thursday isn’t it work on this podcast with you right aw thank you very much thank you for those that attend to listen.
For your support and your patience.
Thank you for listening everyone thank you very much please keep trying to use your thinker.
When on the differences to this awesome.

Final Forum: Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, Argus Leader Media and KSFY

Hello, again Sioux Falls,

Here we are the final deba……err…forum for the Sioux Falls Mayoral Race. There have been at least 20 of these things so far, and this is the last one.

I won’t kill the thunder of sister site South Dacola so that I won’t review every single segment of the forum, but I will provide a summary including those tasty tidbits you are curious about.


Joe Sneve asked a really solid question to Jolene about holding back the voicemail until just before the forum this afternoon. (I think he did mention the hacking claims in the question, but neither candidate came back to this)

She said that she was trying to follow Law Enforcement and not post something that could be evidence before it is allowed by them. (I have no knowledge to back up if this is true or not). She held to the line that the Tenhaken campaign was playing dirty as evidenced by said voicemail.

Tenhaken made a rebuttal that this was a cheap political stunt. That is the message he meant people offered him opportunities to use dirt on his opponents and he always”throw(s) it out.” He insisted that this shows voters that he is honest and interested in positive campaigning. He also said that there wasn’t a single bit, “not a shred” of negative campaigning.

Loetcher returned to the point that Paul had dirt on all of the other campaigns and saying: “I haven’t used it” sets a bad example and is behavior that shouldn’t be rewarded. She said that integrity is shown by listening to voices of those people who feel they aren’t heard.

Both sides kept to how honest and positive they are for the rest of the night.

Recurring themes and talking points:

It may surprise you but I think Jo is a democrat trying to woo Democrats, and Paul is a Republican trying to woo Republicans.

Basically, Jo would go Diversity, Diversity, Diversity.

Then Paul would go: Small government, Small government, Small Government.

They both went: my business, my business, my business.

Now do this for 90 minutes, and you have the broad strokes of the answers given at the forum.

I like Tenhaken partly because he is a small government dude, and I know my bro. Scott Ehrisman likes Jo partly because she is so big on diversity. There is no shame in being honest about your ideological principles.

Relying on them for talking points is done for a reason.

Who Won?

I am a Paul fan and supporter. I’ve done some very basic campaign work for him this week, so I’m entirely too biased to accurately gauge who won or not.

So I have to say that both camps should feel pretty pleased with themselves tonight.

Tenhaken relied a bit more on endorsements than Jo which surprised me. Paul would refer to endorsements from the mayor of Harrisburg and the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire. In return, she did fill her side by sharing of stories of transgender people supporting her and meeting with mayors of big towns like Denver or Austin.

Both candidates were great, and both made very good points at different times to the questions asked. For example, on public speech at city council meetings, both candidates brought different sides of the issue, and both made solid points we should learn from.

Tenhaken pointed out that civility is needed on both sides of the city council and that requires both sides to come politely and at their best behavior. Jo pointed out that confidence of the public in having their voices heard at city hall (and in general) has eroded.

Last Note:

This election season has brought a lot of really solid people with great life stories and important topics to bear. From Gunn to Anderson Jr, it’s been great to see some of the fantastic leaders Sioux Falls has to offer.

Unfortunately, just like High Lander: there can only be one!

The Happy Warrior Podcast Coming April 29th

The Happy Warrior Podcast, Conservative commentary on the news of the day from a more positive perspective. Hosted by Peter Vaughn Pischke.  Coming April 29th to the Sioux Empire Podcast Network.