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Is it Dinner or Supper in South Dakota?

When you were a child, were you called in for supper or dinner? Even as interest in the term “supper” has faded, it turns out that there is actually a difference between supper and dinner. Of course, if you were called in for supper, you know this difference well, but if you were from a dinner family, it might not be so obvious.

While many would be apt to say that supper is an especially Southern thing, that’s simply not the case. Let’s start with the basics of the big meal to tackle the dinner/supper conundrum.

Dinner does not imply a time of day and simply references the main meal, or the largest meal, of the day. One can eat dinner at any time, and since there is no time implied (afternoon or evening), dinner has become the modern catch-all term for the evening meal. As points out, “the word ‘dinner’ comes from the Vulgar Latin word disjējūnāre, meaning ‘to break one’s fast.’” While this is most closely related to breakfast in English, the meaning of dinner still influences how we use it and it has become the most popular word for the largest meal eaten of the day.

Despite dinner’s catch-all phrasing, supper comes from the specific Old French word souper, which means the evening meal in the English language. Because the time of day is explicitly stated, it is related to the late afternoon or early evening meal. Supper is most often a light meal. One of the most intriguing differences between dinner and supper is the time of day they imply for guests when you are having a gathering.

In some rural parts of the country in the 1800s, dinner actually meant the midday meal (lunchtime) and supper referred to the evening meal of dinner. In fact, I remember being a kid on a trip to Kentucky and hearing lunch referred to as dinner, with the promise of a supper club later. How confusing is that?

So what are the regional divisions of the terms? It’s not necessarily an American South or Midwestern tradition, but instead is a farming families’ trademark. Because the Southern and Midwestern states were heavily agricultural, supper was implicitly the lighter, late evening meal and dinner was the larger, main meal of the day.

According to food historian Helen Zoe Veit in an excellent NPR interview. Dinner was traditionally the noon meal, and the biggest meal was in the early afternoon during the 19th centuries to fuel the farmers, their workers, and their families so that they could finish out their day strong and steady.

With its agricultural history, it’s no surprise where the search term ‘supper’ on Google is most active. Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa take home the cake for the most frequent search results.

Supper in these homes also referred to the soup cooking on the stovetop, often all day long, for a lighter meal before bed. As more American families moved away from farming and agricultural endeavors, the large meal of dinner took the place of suppertime because it was the only meal each day that middle class families were able to share together after working and attending school outside of the home.

Sioux Empire Podcast 127 Halloween 2018

In part one of our Spooktacular Halloween episodes, we sit down with award-winning horror filmmakers Dominic Wieneke and Ari Show with Warwolf productions.  We deep dive the local news of the last few weeks like Chief Keef’s legal trouble in Sioux Falls, the stupidity of South Dakota drug laws, the Florida firm that plans to raise rents across Sioux Falls, The SFPD’s name our bomb squad robot contest, and a school chef adds some bounce to a school’s mystery meats.  This week’s episode is brought to you by our great supporters on Patreon. If you’d like to support the work we do here at the Sioux Empire Podcast Network, visit to find out how. The Sioux Empire Podcast can neither confirm nor deny that kangaroos were harmed in this episode.


Warwolf Productions


Ari Nicole – Midwest Medium



South Dakota’s shitty drug laws.

Chief Keef’s attempt to dismiss charge from marijuana edible denied


Higher rents ahead

In $52 million deal, Florida firm snaps up 18 Sioux Falls apartment complexes


Robocop? New bomb robot arrives in Sioux Falls


School cook who added kangaroo meat to chili loses job

Hippo Meat


Seth’s Bi-Weekly Book Club

The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures, and Other Practical Sorcery
Book by Gillian Kemp


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Machine Transcript

[0:50] Hello and welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast it’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture,
I am your host Robert mehling and join me as always is,
show Gunnar I was going for like shotgun and showrunner and I got show Gunner So and I’ve been gone too long I’m clearly not in my name is McLovin Niner.
Seth Glover hey what’s up I’m I’m here I’m on the couch made it.
Set this in the house I guess who else we got in the house it’s our Halloween episodes of course we have are our favorite scary movie scary everything Halloween Consultants are you show.
And Dominic Winky.
Welcome guys we are going to have for doing kind of a two episodes with you guys and where to get it to all the like ridiculously awesome projects that you’re working on cuz you guys are like.
You like.

[1:54] The only people I know her like more prolific than me and I’m running like 9 podcast now so I’m always impressed with what you got going on it’s it’s like oh we’re doing this Plus
went we have a film screening in a film festival in like 3 different states oh yeah,
and and that’s a great way to chase away is the whole like film festivals and.
You guys with your crazy jet-setting lifestyle LOL all over America.

[2:24] But before we dive in all that let’s get to some South Dakota news,
our first update here is from almost 2 weeks ago here but I thought this Baird mentioning if those of you who remember like a year ago when Chief Keef,
although the hip hop artist was in town for a show and apparently what they found was
one freaking edible in his like carry-on bag or something like that and so then they detained him arrested him all that basically he didn’t get to the crumbs at the bottom of the he did not know man.

[2:58] Yeah so is his attorneys tried to get the case dismissed here a few weeks ago it was like his first arraignment or whatever and.
The judge rejected it so we are going to be we can look forward to a South Dakota trial of the century Chief Keef versus the state of South Dakota has an ongoing legal drama because.
That is happening now I just want the news organizations to say Chief Keef
no I want I want his haters to call him Chief queef I don’t hate on him I just want I just legalized marijuana
we are still behind the times and fighting one little edible what kind of an edible.

[3:44] I have no idea I did not go into that much detail in California last year and so I was bored Billboards everywhere for Edibles and I was like that.
Turkey legal weed advertising over out about it now okay cool
it get on it’s kind of like Coca-Cola was like trying to patent a fused,
weed install.
But I’m just like wow that’s that’s that’s where the nation is right now except for South Dakota or as we are.
We’re still still in the.
Illegal here Tire state is the little town from the village and we’re all you know powering in our our little log cabins afraid that the person out in the monster costume in the woods to keep us in line will come get us right,
yeah so yeah that’s why I brought that one up is just to go are we going to suck.
Really really suck and based on what no man Dusty Johnson all these like.

[4:56] Always FrontRunner and stuff like that in a lot of the like GOP people are just like that’s not going to change for South Dakota anytime soon without a voter initiative so get on that South Dakota.

[5:09] You know I had to do was say that the landlocked states are always the last to know it always comes from the coast. Seems like since we’re kind of that deadcenter we’re always,
but dammit then explain Colorado I mean
kind of Minnesota is too. I don’t know it was just because they are so I think it’s just due to the population density of people in the,
sharing of ideas is a little bit more steak,
overruled the Village People out in the country who are just collect changes evil nature oriented and like I think that’s just like that’s there,
state revenue comes from it comes from you know supporting,
their nature reserves and everything and if they lost that then then what I mean there was this whole campaign there was this Lake out there that they wanted to they wanted to do away with this late but this Lake like supported like the the natural water system,
of this entire town and there’s like no you have to save this late like you can’t just you know dump toxic waste into I don’t think that I’m by really high level summarizing but but yeah I mean,
they were very supportive of of there and their natural environments so I don’t know what that.

[6:37] Okay cuz I wasn’t sure if they I don’t think they’ve passed anti-fracking laws there or been able to.
Probably 10-15 years ago so it’s like the lake something out of the lake search the key I know that but anyways back to.

[6:54] Marijuana
so we’d good cash crop really fortunate though that I have reasons to go to Canada now and so,
Winnipeg ain’t that far away huh you like Dominic
I need another appointment to go commune with the spirits up in Canada actually have to go to Toronto.
Yeah we should make more sense over Edmonton.
I don’t know any Dino Toronto I don’t know anything about Edmonton Edmonton is like Minneapolis but it’s more spread out and they actually have like a Mall of America that’s like better than our Mall of America.

[7:43] It’s not going to be the mall of Canada North America Rob,
hour of Mall of America versus other I thought we had a scenario here where you know when you’re up they throw American female or he’s always love that because they,
do all wear blue jeans and then.

[8:05] The big thing is red Solo cups is apparently no one in Europe uses red Solo cups except for Americans so they go to a specialty store and buy Red Solo Cup cops like everywhere all over the,
wherever they’re having a party and all the pictures are people going with
they think Americans are well they’re right
kind of defiance that too so a little less fun you know it supposed to get any cars rating people for,
how do you plant yeah,
so a for deferment snapped up 18 Sioux Falls apartments complex is scattered all over the city and basically it’s,
it’s owner in this article here in The Argus Leader that we went to basically says yeah this is great growth opportunity and oh yeah these guys rents are way under what we think it should be so that’s one of their things that they were going to,
Skyrocket the rents for all the 18 of the complexes that they bought up so they drug courts will drive up,
rents all over the city will you have to generate revenue is so that they can pay Elon Musk to go in there and Boris,
hyperloop’s and that’s how these 18 apartment complexes are going to be connected it’s all connected.

[9:35] They’re going to be like slumlords.

[9:40] But basically Miami slumlords are taking over half the apartments in Sioux Falls but at least they’re being open and honest and true.
It cuz this is totally something that could happen like quietly,
where is be straight up an interview with the Argus Leader is just going that’s why we bought it to make money but the thing is I don’t feel that they’re going to get a lot of.

[10:02] They don’t understand the socioeconomic status of Sioux Falls whatsoever and just make cranking up front doesn’t mean that people are necessarily going to pay it
people will move to cheaper apartment complexes and that might Force the other landlords to maybe possibly lower there around 4 just going to hurt them because they have,
are costs and stuff to go creating this whole mess of the situation until the city finally maybe steps up and then she is about to say like no you guys need to like we need to have a rent standards in the city because you assholes can hear and ruined everything.
I’m sure it already is limited but.
Like learning bass. Whatever you call that living thank you so that that’s going to be a lot like a lot more limited but I think actually like that’s going to,
sort of encourage the other apartment buildings to raise there’s at least site leave still under there at the one but then.
Still Still Still raising it because they can because I mean it’s a possibility I see what you’re saying if people are being able to pay it every year then it’s not worth it because.
He’d rather have a stable income from somebody that somebody that’s not paying you a lot of people out to buy houses also because I mean.

[11:24] This was 13 years ago I was paying 750 for an apartment or I could get a house payment for 700.
Yeah and actually own something so that was kind of nice I think it’s going to do that but it’s also going to drive people out that can’t really afford houses and then the houses are going to.
Become decrepit and so yes I think it’s good it’s a problem they need to fix.

[11:47] Yeah I just like what are you doing about something like cuz it’s obviously can’t pass laws that people can’t buy things you know.
But it’s an issue and I feel like our state’s leadership is woefully inept to,
like answer any of these problems with affordable housing weather at the state level or at the city level.
I mean all they do is just like we will come out of state money yay it’s really has a Barbie like well job well done this will do long-term.
Pretty much that’s a good summation for any South Dakota politics is exactly what will make us happy right now.
Absolutely well that and it would be
well we thought we way overheated the housing market in Miami and in Florida so it looks like tunning secret reference
you’re the one that was saying is like it’s a solid investment because these apartments won’t be underwater in 10 years.

[13:01] So you guys start brainstorming now I have an unfair advantage to start preparing the list here.
Sioux Falls okay I don’t want to I don’t want anybody to overly excited the Sioux Falls bomb squad has a new bomb robot and they are making us for children.
But I feel like the podcast is only like 5 years old so I think we can sneak in there and we can also participate and some suggest some new
names for Sioux Falls is new bomb robot.

[13:38] Missed opportunity I have a good one.
Oh I just thought about it right before we start here’s a picture so you get have an idea of what,
is your parents the bomb,
Jesus fucking Christ is a hundred $50,000 I am in the wrong
I could make that for like 20 what
it was really I don’t think it does. I think that’s part not part of the warranty,
when it blow blow up around it you just replace the chunks of metal that are damaged.
So let’s see so here’s a question about the the little robot when it blows up.
Do they have like all the parts attached so it doesn’t cause shrapnel itself because now like with NASCAR’s when they crash they have like a lot of the parts are Tethered to the actual frame so they Parts don’t go flying.

[14:46] But this robot doesn’t look like that so when it explodes it’s going to just cause more internal though correct
you okay we are literally looking at one photo two guys looking like pretty like themselves
call is actually attached right because I’m guessing there is also a wireless option.
If it’s not into you’re not in robotics like none of us are,
you know we don’t understand what do you know about,
night making sure that things are like the tensile strength of the metal.
A ridiculously long and then it’s low profile for the most part other than like the arm up there.

[15:58] And then you got to remember how it’s going to approach a bomb is that that arm that’s right now pointing straight up is going to be pointed straight out so the whole thing has a Slimmer profile.
Facing the bomb in the idea is that there shouldn’t be any of one around,
is the robots there so you’re not going to do the shrapnel thing because the whole idea is that there’s no one close enough for that to happen unless they got a robot
unless they operate it from 3 foot course which I’m guessing that that is an accessory in order to operate the robot like inside of the office and to like unload it and load it from a truck.
It’s cuz you can see like clearly see where it’s plugged in at,
I can’t remember any lines from short circuit so.
Yeah they can just take the classes and show it to Classic to show two kids and a random Thursday night when it’s slow take it to a bar and go drinking with the robot they again,
in which case I think they should name it better so robot name ideas.

[17:13] Pleasure bot 9000.

[17:17] Roberto Roberto from Futurama.

[17:25] And then let’s eat bomb Enoch bomb face were you the one that made that joke on Twitter that they says don’t take that joke.
The argus911 said about the names of the lake and the first person who says bombing mcbob face gets blocked.
Well they didn’t block me so well… It wasn’t the first one to do it either let’s see another name for the robot I thought would be good with probable cause.

[17:51] Yeah we have probable cause what’s a robot doing that guy’s house a we got a camera.
The Negotiator.
If Steve is a good name for a robot mind that I came up with was a run.
And I feel like that serves as two purposes it tells that it’s it’s a command for the troops to get the hell out of there and then it is no telling run to get in there I like.

[18:29] Tell the most danger because obviously and then the other one.
Hello Bob from Mario somebody else.

[18:45] Yes yes,
why didn’t we think it’s going to be like some parent that’s a really creative and I’m going to tell the kid to submit it cuz that’s how this shit works.

[19:03] That’s the kids were the best ideas or just ask him what the rules were and they just asked me to stop calling
through child to provide this idea I need to speak with your smart ass third grader
I have a great idea it’s it’s for Shark Tank but I need a third grader you just like all they caught was it’s an emergency I need third graders,
bomb has been called off today borrow someone’s child so we could go to Legoland in Kansas City you have to bring a kid,
oh wow yeah that makes gold is an adult we were devastated to her like who do we kids.
We need to go to this way
my name is Sir no I am not from here
he’s got the disease that squirting like.

[20:27] Whatever hook get rid of the kids from experience yeah but real hard-ass for adults.
Call cuz I really want that pizza pizza and then you know.
Tickets prices like the Chloe ball,
it’s really cool you know I know it’s amazing several years ago a friend of mine when he was turning 29 he wanted his birthday party at Chuck E cheese and so we went to Chuck-E-Cheese,
and we actually shut it down like we stayed until like they were like okay guys they were closing,
it’s all talk about it that’s like one of the most epic birthday parties ever it wasn’t like it wasn’t like,
like a 30th or anything like that it was 29 so it wasn’t even you don’t like a milestone birthday,
yeah you know this morning I don’t know birthday slipped that in there alright thank you.
And yeah I I didn’t wake up with any like Grand Revelations or feel wiser or you know like excited about presents right I was just like.

[21:52] How come getting old which is 36 which is.
For the last year I thought for sure I was already 36 so I can test for anterior so I’ve been telling everyone that I’m 36 because I’m actually now
I was 35 for 35 all this year and the next year will be 37.
That’s just too confusing you missed out on 35 be 35 this year you’re 36 last year.
Okay so I was 36 this last year so I can be like totally Reckless and crazy because I’m just some crazy young 35 year-old hitting myself and
become the 80 year old man just but then go back to regular I’ll take my 29 on buttoning me
here’s something to think about it think about it as you get older as you level up so.

[22:55] That’s I’ve read an article where the across the pond they like to say that how many,
ears have you or some shit like that in a level 36 podcaster. So now level 36 podcaster so,
now I have a slightly better understanding the gain is not a volume by the way since we met you so screw you and I know we are the same age,
yeah but hell is the guy was.
Yeah I was I was like 28 and I was all like,
2018 cuz I give up just wasted like of the pop culture references that you were like bring up on basement way and then like there’s no remember you said like you were also quite a bit younger than you actually where we you were closer to your actual age and then
okay you’re getting closer and then now you for the first time I’ve officially heard from you you’re actually age I told you I was 20,
and I drunk or what you might have been you better just been pulling our life but not realizing that we wanted a real answer,
so up where where is the where is the cancers of the left leg or the right leg is like I don’t know what like do you think.

[24:20] I just wanted to say that so.
Now I can see Rob lying about his age.

[24:32] Truth,
which is it sucks cuz I can because of my shity memory I can get gaslighted very easily because I’m just like well that sounds like something I would have said okay I guess you get my car Katherine’s podcast that we do with you guys,
oh yeah I said I was super sarcastic Robbinsdale I was not I couldn’t make it but I told me was very sarcastic asshole
and abandon the craziest of the 3534 and the three,
you know what Jesus moving on
as his address what’s the name of the bomb thing on the actual name adult I don’t think I think that the police just actually decide just like harvesting everyone’s good ideas,
Yoda children’s fingerprint good want to pay a writer to actually come up with a good name for it so what they’re going to do is there going to make it a contest and everyone can stand all their apps with the de police interaction schools
it does absolutely does troops in case the bumper about has to go to your school if you named it you’re going to be real comfortable cuz that’s not a stranger run from the school in a much more orderly fashion with.

[25:56] Fluffy there to save us where to mr. robot mr. robot.

[26:04] No no no no no.
No I don’t know every time I see it on I just getting irritated that guy just irritates me if it’s a real Gucci purse
but I don’t use it for one and two and one and two is both it’s it’s good but it is there some episodes was just like what.

[26:27] What the fuck is going on and it’s the you don’t get an answer that episode but you know,
well yeah it’s it’s it’s a guy can see how you find it frustrating like it over yourself you’re not that special you’re not that cool quit smoking and quit drinking.

[26:46] Yeah that’s probably good advice with the whole mental illness thing he’s got going on that’s spoilers for the first season of.
Hackers no mr. robot 3,
I take you back from getting older by the day I saw where I actually went on a date like that was like my first date movies was half Yorkie,
nice anyways.

[27:19] And what’s his name that I can’t think of right now.
Yeah yeah yeah that one guy yeah good good story for this week is.
Did you guys hear about the school how did this even happen School cook added kangaroo meat to the chili.
At a school cafeteria then served it for like a week and then.
At the end was like haha surprise but we told me I couldn’t introduce kangaroo meat but I did didn’t tell you and where,
okay and apparently it’s because kangaroo meat is a healthier option a cheaper were they in charge of like buying l.
I’m sure there’s something we’re like they do it in Australia and it’s totally fine for like we deer you know,
or is it like there something that like Australia.
I or it’s kind of like.
So it really looks like it happened in Potter Nebraska which I might have family ties to this town.

[28:40] Interesting because my great-grandmother’s maiden name is Potter and they are a massive,
family and I have newspaper clippings where the Potter family tree Union happens in different towns in like the Iowa Nebraska Minnesota South Dakota.

[29:00] Vicinity and so
it’s basically where one family hosts the reunions and then people give gifts to that family this as a thank you for like hosting the reunions and the gifts are just like.

[29:17] I don’t know like a casserole this or some bullshit like that it’s like couches and dressers and armoires and like.
Nice things. This is like three like the late I like I found this newspaper clippings from like the late 1800 into like the early 1900s and like it continues on until like.
I want to see like the 1950s was like the last or the no 70s or some like that but I found like the most recent ones like this has been going on for a generation so I am.
Pretty certain that I have ties to this town.

[29:52] One with the unfortunate kangaroo meat incident we’re not related to that guy,
well that’s something for anything I’m 90% sure I’m related.

[30:08] Call at Toledo real
that’s all right so well I mean kangaroos man why would you die that’s just crazy I don’t know the whole pushing it on time and then.

[30:26] Kevin free sis what was your point man like your the lunch lady like you. Because it says that it comes from a food distributor that must meet Federal firemen’s cell.

[30:40] Yeah it’s it be interesting too hard to hear how they found out slim how does this go under news and crime Argus Leader.
Is it I do like the photo they have now.
Yeah I do like the real Justin kangaroos standards of Australian government for for Ministry
government not USDA like everywhere else is like way better than the USDA first for regulation everywhere but most everywhere.

[31:13] They ever ordered meat in England.

[31:16] Yeah I’ve heard you could have like maggots on it and they don’t care just brush them off in the food,
yeah we talked about that.
I mean if you’re talking about the medical devices.
With meat products the US has a legacy of kind of being more picky than a lot of other countries share simply because of the whole Upton Sinclair the jungle incident in the early 1900s.
Really solidified that is like a solid thing and give the USDA a lot of USDA a lot of teeth as far as meat goes topic.

[32:08] Oh wait.
Actually I think that is give you read the jungle I think that’s is actually the whole point is that like I’m an immigrant falls into the like meat grinder or something like that it’s all about the atom,
processing places in Chicago in like the 1890s 19 hundreds.
Yeah it’s white it’s basically what your list the government to start regulating food was that book.

[32:35] Okay okay so I just want to know though is kangaroo meat,
like a thing in other places where is here it’s not because well I mean there’s stuff in a reason why it’s not and it’s kind of crazy that this guy is trying to catch you get this.
Caught on when it’s just like logistically like stupid reserves here these Buffalo Reserves,
back in like the early nineteen-hundreds hippo like these two guys were hired by the United States of America to make hippopotamus meat.
A thing because hippopotamus meat is like way more delicious then,
beef and the cows were kind of like dying off so that’s why I want to know is is this,
is this just our own personal just like cuz we grew up only having like cows and chickens and pigs is his us just being like you gross kangaroo even though what other places it’s a thing
I’m not saying grows from the BBC is priceless it’s an article about kangaroo meat called.
Eating Skippy why Australia has a problem with kangaroos kangaroos / 1 article.
Prepper a headline that’s I just feel like kangaroos are like the deer of the Midwest.

[34:04] But I know what I think the other problem in Australia video of this if you go to YouTube there’s this video called kangaroo breaks into house and this is It’s like a 30 second video but like.
It’s a dancer this kangaroo like literally looks like they want to like I don’t know,
like Angry Birds in Ohio you can get a 20 pound bag of kangaroo meat for a hundred.

[34:31] It doesn’t really translate cuz he’s like oh God that be creepy.
Man I would be unloading that guy right now.
Second window.

[34:56] Google.

[35:07] He’s trying to fight with it the another mail that he sees in the window.

[35:17] Rubric of creatures that can recognize their own reflection and realize what it is.
So okay so the BBC says that the whole thing with Australia’s eating kangaroo meat is that actually the government would really like them too cuz it’s nutritious and efficient an answer to global warming blah blah blah blah but,
Australians have a very ingrained reluctance to eat them eat up their national emblem.
I like if we figured out the bald eagle meat was the ultimate like efficient meat.
You know everywhere we go the government really pushing that bald eagle meat on us.
Kangaroo meat is a common dish that is often served in bars across the country.
Oh okay your roomie exports are also growing about 10% every year.

[36:03] And they’re also there are there a pest problem that’s that’s the part that they’re having issues with them,
like our dear so it’s basically hey let’s eat them and ship them out,
so kind of is like trying to get people on board with eating hippopotamuses Australia is trying to feed the world it’s rats.

[36:28] Susan sing with the hippopotamuses then there’s just like overrun okay
dangerous yeah that’s what I was thinking we should really cover it in the Panama copper and wire because there’s it’s like a really lengthy article on will and that’s really good hippos all of us if they weren’t trying to be colorful
that was like putting like basically like Wolverine on a fucking like you no display or whatever it was like it was just like the most badass terrifying thing they could think of to put there.
You know I’m not saying disgusting on the kangaroo but I am saying I would be just livid if somebody was like,
I killed she killed this Anaconda down in Florida and there’s such problem there is we need to get all these snakes that are down there,
who will eat my snakes will eat these snakes that would be nasty and I was so tired.

[37:34] Signs they don’t get in the Mississippi or the Missouri I don’t know why I said Mississippi to South Dakota.
Well then we’ll release a species of gorilla that will kill all of us takes like what what are you doing
Oh They’ll freeze when winter comes a Simpsons episode where it’s like monkeys that will
quickie tall there snakes is like that when I get to the monkeys and finally just go problem solved.

[38:17] So that’s that’s all the news I have for you this week do we want to we’re going to segue into.
Seth bi-weekly book club it’s been a little more than bi-weekly but.

[38:31] Music.

[38:58] Bi-weekly book club it’s not about the book it’s about to look and today I’m looking at a book.
Tell us about your book the book is the good spell book it’s got love charms magical cures and other practical sorcery,
it’s been written by Jillian.

[39:23] Gillian Kemp alright cool but it she breaks it down into sections of what you know the different spells are,
based on actual spell book so it’s not like okay cool
I found it you can pick this up at any obscure bookstore in an obscure Islands in a secure card
culturally appropriated Oriental themed knick knack store filled with cursed objects that like.

[40:05] This is true you got me there.
But yes I I came across this spell book so it is a special spell bug to to me so.
But it it’s pretty cool it’s cheaper to sit down into five sections love Health pets.
Well and happiness.
And it’s certainly a book that you can just pick jump to any page and check out the.
The Spells there but then in between she also does give good explanations of.
When it’s a good time to outperform a spell in like as far as like the phase of the moon.
I was just going to ask that goes over that she goes into the history of like Gypsies and Rome Roman Roman Roman yes Romulan,
it’s I don’t know if it’s.

[41:15] Yeah I suppose I don’t know that’s what that’s what they actually called themselves.

[41:20] I mean I called gypsies so that’s what I go away.

[41:27] Yeah I’ve never Hooked on Phonics gypsies are basically romani’s like we call it like we call them gypsies that they’re actually from Romania.
Who will owe in United States or not I thought they were,
they are called the Romani near as we can tell based on the language that they speak amongst themselves and genetic history they are they originated in Northern India and they are.
Yeah they’ve been trapped David doing this nomadic lifestyle for like centuries and so,
Yep they’re more related to like the what were called the Aryan dynasties of Northern India that like conquered it in like,
most a thousand years ago and stuff like that and that’s why their symbol is the wheel and stuff like that cuz that’s actually a symbol that the Aryans brought when they took over Northern India.

[42:21] Yeah it’s a whole thing I’m sure it’s some bookmarks in here stuff I do.
I forget which one tricks
Ono to bind a lover to you is his the first one he has here to spell you need a pack of tarot cards are the major beveled
okay space it was separate out like the like the red cards from the black cards I’m just really high level here it’s simply.

[42:53] Take a hair from your Lover’s head you know I tried to do this in high school once it’s not heard of anything,
is there about like bathing in like gardenia or something like that,
I meant there was some oils yeah there’s some oils Katie could rub your phone with and you can.
Chester components of them on you so they wouldn’t if you’re in frequent contact with them when you feel spell has work return the cars of the pack and burn the hair so easily when.
I guess you initiate the relationship of the second one is to entice love and to have your love returned
she says do you want noise I have an explanation but you’re never going to believe it feel like I wanted to kind of like go through the book from page 1 to the end for a because really I’m interested in like
the wealth steps of a lot more than the Love Stuff I’m good there yeah I’m not trying to find anybody there.
We have bindings on a ring mean oh I mean on her finger.
Find you stepping I bind you that you could not hurt others or hurt yourself.

[44:09] I don’t care if you cry I saw a movie a lot I hate the last part of that just because I hate snakes.

[44:16] It’s hard to watch it’s hard to watch.
But yeah so I I came across this book and I have a fiance who’s kind of into the stuff and,
so I’m getting into it and like I said purchase tarot cards before this before going on a trip and finding that book and so.
Yeah and then my friend actually saw that she had another spell book.
That one was titled like how to get rid of your how to hack ex hex your ex boyfriend or something like that so I didn’t bring it just because of the title but but.
How to see her going to be dealing with any kind of hexes and stuff cuz like whatever happened to them was going to happen to you like 10 times over so don’t even mess with it.
Really yeah I think I’m good on the whole hax’s text a lot of people talk about that.
Yeah it pays off it’s instantly you know but then then you’re peeing and you know janitor’s mop buckets and your you know just being a Bieber out there.
What sold your soul so yeah dude.
Wait Justin Bieber did that yeah I’m like a video for some reason he got his doing before he changed his life and veggies.

[45:41] And had the big strong pick that everybody was impressed with.

[45:46] Wow okay I should I spend my life my world my time on the internet researching the Arcane and the weird well I guess that’s pretty funny there’s up I guess I wasn’t do that likes to rip on Justin Bieber so that’s how they all bi.
I have marked a page for you with a gold cord okay I think.

[46:08] It’s going to take a while but I think.
There’s also have two other things you can do with that later I’m all about letting things just you know take the natural course and just let it flow and yeah so like laughter was the best medicine,
I think that’s why several of my siblings died of tuberculosis.
Okay, super cute closest and laugh at like I was like I was trying to see the connection like I don’t get it.
Sorry it was an old Jack Handy thing is like by Jack Handey and one of them is my parents and we said that laughter was the best medicine.
I guess that’s why several of my siblings died of tuberculosis.

[46:58] Because they didn’t get real medical attention they just were probably told the laugh.
I know I’m sorry I killed it should have said I should just give you a Pity laugh,
and then we could have explained it later that’s what I do anyway for most of us to 90% of it over my head but I.
He gets he actually recorded me laughing at my own jokes and plays Master his jokes and it’s still do it’s very useful that way yeah I mean I don’t fault him but Sinister because it’s people that died like,
2 years ago that are laugh.
What is a Sinister I think I’ve ever thought about that that’s really fucked up like back in like years and years ago.
It and like a lot of Summer facts lots of holy stuff like The Wilhelm scream I know that guy is Super Dad 4 Dead can you get any there is literally a dead man screaming in Star Wars well that’s how they recorded it.
Well at the time it was fake but no no they pushed him off a bridge and they recorded it screen.

[48:22] That that that’s that’s a chilling fast that I never thought.

[48:31] Got it only way to be creepier is if it was like playing off one of those like the wooden sort of hearing that concept Theory without the laugh track. It’s creepy hits,
hidden super high.
Because I really just awkwardly tracks out of shows and then and it’s.
Because they’re all it’s all about timing right away it just becomes really weird,
okay okay I guess night,
so I can say they make a drug to one continue the line yeah I love it though that’s freaking awesome.

[49:30] 300 Halloween P way
Jillian camp for crafting this fine piece of literature so that I can soak up some knowledge that is.
Definitely older than I am and how to spell it.
Well I’m not going to rob I think that life’s going to figure itself out,
that but happy Halloween and you know if you’re going to curse somebody just make sure you mean it.

[50:22] Yeah absolutely.
And they kind of deserve it at least you know if at all possible get your families involved and kind of create a feud there make sure your neighbors and there’s bad blood in the you know ground.

[50:37] You know so if you’re going to do a hex do it right.
Hey folks we’ve had fun today but I want to talk to you a little bit about seriousness of the holiday season I mean I think it’s really important that families come together during this very special time of the year.
The cast of blood magic on each other one on a pentagram Park new or strangers chest with a knife.
I think those are like the American Family Values we can all get behind and yeah I just encourage everyone to take some time and do some blood magic as hell you know I will say I’ve been like forever painted from the,
final two movies of Harry Potter I had it in March some beef like ever.
And since we last seen each other I saw the last two.
Harry Potter movies cheese that starts in the end damn,
damn the whole series is dark and its teaching YouTube like worship death magic no it’s not it’s preparing you for that everyone around you is going to die I’m going to die for you
you’re not going to be able to live up to that but eat people
we’ve been telling you about this real world while you’ve always been in at if you haven’t believed that good luck.

[52:00] We going to cuddling you so that tell you’ll be woefully unprepared for adulthood.
Alright guys where you learn another 4 years of how life sucks.
If you remember any of it in your drunken Haze.

[52:16] Anyway I think this has been since this has been says bi-weekly book club thanks for joining.
Sioux Empire podcast proudly presents this week’s Shameless plugs Sheamus plugs.
Seth do you have any Shameless plugs this week,
I’d like to Shamus T plug with Rob because it’s his birthday it’s his 32nd birthday he doesn’t look a day over 29
but I’ve been saying that since he’s 20 so we we go back about 15 years now and boy,
you know what you get a guy that has all of soundproofing that you could afford,
but that love you man I appreciate that you do this and that that you have had me beat let’s let me be a part of it so thank goodness your mama gave birth to you or else I wouldn’t have a couch sit on right now.

[53:22] This is true I don’t stay here people but I mean just like right now at this moment okay.
Eating eMoney Dominic.
Any Shameless plexus week I do but are we doing one next episode 2 we are but if you got anything happening this week anything going on for Halloween.

[53:54] Really.
No surprisingly after this weekend things slow down everyday is Halloween witch.
Got some Flack for last week remember at Spencer’s.
The phone oh I don’t know we were in make it was looking for this shirt actually that I’m wearing this for cool.

[54:21] And this is something about you can order it online if you need it before Halloween and Aries has no idea he’s just a big fan. I get everyday.
alright it was really kind of like I don’t think he liked the Halloween rest of the year that is not fucking Halloween,
but you made your own happiest people so Shameless by exercising to the next episode of mr. pointy I’m hoping to have released online,
soon so I can get a certain company that will renamed remain nameless to cooperate.

[55:05] Anyway have you read the art of the deal.
Amazon I was going to say till hopefully it’ll be on The Price is Right.

[55:19] God damn it someone said my company’s name.
So hopefully that’ll be online soon and everybody can actually finally do it,
that was awesome oh I guess so if this is released what time is this releasing on Halloween by the way,
is this,
on October 31st I’m going to be Keloland living at 2 p.m. so as,
my dream IBM stuff and do my psychic stuff on
so yes I have my first like TV appearance on Halloween so I’m really excited about that yeah,
readings are you going to like they wanted me to but I’m just.
There’s only six and a half minutes and so am I I don’t know plus like when you do a reading a lot of really personal stuff can come up and so it’s like if you don’t want my personal stuff coming up on the air me it’s best if we just stick to the
questions so that’s spent the part where the show immediately does it cut scene over to her on the air being like.

[56:33] To renew a lot of butt stuff.
Ghetto help this person in your life that you know somebody years ago and they’re just like
Halloween Appaloosa a couple weekends ago and the one thing I forgot was kleenexes at my table and so I might down at please
yeah go get me some kleenexes at Walgreens so he runs and he gets clinics With Envy walk.

[57:05] No there’s no hurry on his part by the time he gets back I have my first client for the day and it was literally just they started like bawling her eyes out and I was like.
Can you like emotional I could have done that I could have pulled that bullshit but I’m not like that so.
Yeah that’s that’s my big thing for Halloween and otherwise I November 10th is the body lab Expo it’s basically another holistic health fair we just had a big holistic health fair at beginning of October of those October 6th this one is another Hollister,
first or China’s close together but I think it’s awesome I’m going to be there doing readings all day and that’s from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then November 16th,
at 7 p.m. at the last stop CD shop on the east side on the white wall Studio I am doing a live Gallery reading and the reason I said life is because it’s going to be broadcast over the internet
so but you have to be in studio to get a reading and tickets for that are $40 or do actual physical tickets just be silly pay at the door,
almost I decide to print out tickets which I don’t think I’m going to so so that’s happening on November 16th and then I’m trying to think of anything else after that I don’t think so.
Very cool.

[58:22] I thought of one other one just because but Twisted nightmare haunted house here on the east side of Sioux Falls.
Check it out very cool my Shameless plug this week is going to be for.
The Netflix The Haunting of Hill House which was surprisingly good I didn’t feel I was like that that’s on my list.
Yeah I was I was pleasantly surprised by although I took some Flack for liking it on the interwebs because there’s a certain local personality that on the Facebook’s that doesn’t like it.
So can I get 10% of rotten tomatoes so they’re all I’ve ever been seeing is really positive.

[59:08] Saturday and I won’t yeah this is serious then it’s okay cuz I just wasted another 10 hours of my life.
Do the same thing that I did three eight three years ago which is watch making a murderer binge-watched it knocked it out.

[59:24] That’s why I’ve been I was home sick yesterday with her kind of a migraine thing so I binge-watched the new season of Castlevania which I will also plug was really good.
I’m just really shocked I mean cuz I.
The first season was so frantic with the pacing it was just like a glue or Borax or glue or Borax boric and I was like this is fucking awesome and the second season.
Totally a slow burn totally about character development until the last two episodes then it’s like the first season but the payoff is huge because they spent all this time building these characters so it’s like it’s just as fucking crazy with the action,
except for now you know these elaborate Back stories on everyone fighting and shit like that like stuff makes more sense so,
good season for a cartoon it’s all about like people being blown up with magic and shit.

[1:00:16] Cartoon.

[1:00:23] But they do it like an anime States America it’s an American Studio American Artist they do it in anime style and it it looks really cool.

[1:00:34] So yeah that’s all I have for everyone this week once again if you enjoy what we do here on the Sioux Empire podcast I’d encourage you to,
going to support us on patreon and support all the great podcasts of the Sioux Empire podcast Network,
over at Sioux Falls you can get exclusive behind-the-scenes content,
find out early about new things we’ve got going on all sorts of fun stuff over there and then a huge thank you to a tree,
patreon Patron Matthew Poulsen for supporting us and once again as always we plug supercon which sits armpits are baby we’re going to be coming up on another year Here and Now.

[1:01:15] Yeah only 340 days you have an exterior.

[1:01:21] I do like this one this year the one it’s called The Wrath of Khan like spelled like on say yes,
and then also be sure to check out to this and all of our podcast so we streaming at live 605 your source for local.
Local music and lots of local arts and yeah great for the radio station that got their check it out.
Thank you everyone that we will see you next week happy Halloween.


The Overcoming Podcast with Caleb Van Vooren Coming Soon

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Sioux Empire Podcast 126 Thea Miller Ryan from the Game Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus

Things get wild this week as we take a nature trail in search of Thea Miller Ryan from the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus.  The Sioux Empire Podcast crew talks with Thea all about all the great programs at the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus and about the wonderful new podcast that the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks has launched.  This episode also features a great bonus interview with Thor Bardon about his upcoming event “Their Only Hope: Foster Care Informational” a great event where people can learn about the South Dakota foster care system in a no pressure environment.  This week’s episode is brought to you by Macabre Grimoire, a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.  The Sioux Empire Podcast has seen some pretty strange things on a trail cam before.

Thea Miller Ryan from the Game Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus

The Outdoor Campus is a part of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. We teach outdoor skills education like hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing and more!

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Podcast

Bonus Interview

Their Only Hope: Foster Care Informational with Thor Bardon

Do you want to know more about the foster care system without the pressure of being asked to be a foster parent? Do you like learning about things without the pressure of being asked to donate or volunteer?

This event will provide an opportunity for Public officials and the general public to better understand who the foster care system benefits and situations that are handled for those children in the system without the pressure of being solicited for donations, political favor, or other “asks” that are typically made with presentations of this nature.

This event is being done to raise awareness of current programs that nonprofits administer that directly benefit the Foster Care system in the State of South Dakota.

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Machine Transcript
[0:00] Sioux Empire podcast 126 South Dakota Game fish and Parks outdoor campus.
Party runs
from the files of civilization on Mars,
I was hauling pigs on the interstate you were in a red car having a problem with your shirt.

[0:31] Music.

[0:57] Well hello everyone and welcome to another very special episode of the Sioux Empire podcast this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast that’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture.
I am your host Robert mehling and join me as always as Natasha to the Estes to the brewery.

[1:18] Insightful.
And also joining us is a Thea Miller Ryan from South Dakota Game fish and Parks outdoor campus.
So Seth is,
we assume losted some like catacombs in Italy or something like that like hunting vampires or who knows what crazy Endeavor he’s up to today so we do not have a Seth’s bi-weekly book club this week we could jump right into talking with the Thea all about,
Bobby outdoor campus so tell us a little bit about.
First off where is it the first contacts for people where is the outdoor campus,
back of its on 49th our park is on 49th Street just east of there.

[2:11] Nice in Sertoma Park you guys are right next to the Butterfly House to write,
is it is there is there a rivalry there a little bit it’s like this is our church who is there first.
People always ask me or you buy the Butterfly House on like no there by us,
just me. Now I get now I get why you’d say that cuz it just like,
new things like yeah the one that we’ve been at forever ever exactly,
so awesome that’s that’s kind of it like in the heart at the heart of Sioux Falls to have unlike her,
the guy is supposed to have grown around a test yeah when we first started building on the property we’re really the South edge of town there is a 57th Street with the gravel road there is a big hell they’re doing over that
the house that they burn down and it caused all that controversy.

[3:17] And they took down the hill and now it’s 57th Street so it’s yeah and of course Sioux Falls goes how far out now 90 something yeah yeah fun ways,
so now we know where it is it to the uninitiated what is the outdoor campus I love them for the laugh cuz we are so many different things,
but our main goal is to teach outdoor skills education so we’re with game fish and parks and that’s where funding comes from.

[3:49] Our funding actually is from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses in South Dakota so we don’t go through this state general fund,
we’re not taxpayer paid so we,
teach outdoor skills education we teach hunting fishing camping canoeing hiking biking kayaking anything you can teach Outdoors or you can do outdoors we try to teach there and just get people.
In the outdoors again awesome what are some of the.

[4:23] What are some of the programs and things you do at the outdoor campus to help with that well we have classes for all ages we call it Pre-K DeGray,
and in the end I’m more gray than Pre-K now is this gray hair right here for the radio of the Mind here I’m showing my gray hair is it’s all called the outdoor campus the outdoor campus,
outdoor front door what what were we saying.
What do Wheaties what are the program sorry got caught on my gray hair.

[5:05] Catch and clean and cook it which is where we teach people families adult how to go outside how to,
catch a fish so that includes everything from being saved to having license to
how to put this equipment on your fishing rod how to hold a fishing rod some people don’t know that at all and that’s okay,
now that you’re sitting here and we’re talking about this the more I’m thinking about the fact this like.

[5:32] Well I know all this but that’s because I came from a family that did it so I was just like all this is like second hat to me but I could totally imagine like if you were if you grew up in Sioux Falls and didn’t
have a family that did that you just have no I mean it there’s nothing intuitive about like which store is he used for what and when then there’s not,
you know like with fishing people don’t know whether the real goes on the bottom or the real goes on the top and you know so we teach him about that,
and then we take them out and teach me how to cast and then we take him to our pond in our pond is really full of fish.
We stock it and it says it’s upon is close by city ordinance.
So nobody can just go back and fish there it has to be for a class for us.
And we do mostly catch-and-release but occasionally when we do these catch it clean and cook it classes,
will teach him how to clean the fish right there and then we take it back to the building and cook it in some of the simplest ways,
and even people who are like and I can eat fish will give it a try because it smells really good.

[6:38] And we’ll have to ask children while I do those classes around in the winter we do ice fishing classes,
so you know your dog shots scares me
what scares you the ice does make a big cracking sound in sometime tonight. Me too I’m not going to lie
having now been out on it with my dad so many times with like him like being like there’s no reason to be scared and to prove it he Slams on the brakes and the pickup and said that he’ll like.
Couple of 316 row I just like totally goofing around on the Isis like it’s fine it’s fine Rob was like you get to us.
Eat you get okay with it you learn the depth of the ice you know,
so go out and roll up we send a few interns or something else,
you know if it’s over 12 inches you’re super save we we don’t fish out there until we’re over 8 but most people start fishing at 3.

[7:52] 3 inches of ice.
Yes we teach those fishing classes year-round rasa doing hunting ones this year we started this whole entire series of hunting classes for adults,
and we’re kind of taking them on one by one,
so instead of having a whole class for everybody sits in classroom and you learn something and then you go out and you maybe do something or maybe we’ll go to a shooting range.
It’s a one-on-one deal so like some of my staff members are taking adults and some kids.
Out and giving him the whole experience so that’s pretty cool yeah we provide all the guns and everything and we have this new license in South Dakota call the apprentice license also if you’ve never.
Hunted before you can get this one time it’s a cheap license and you’re guaranteed to get it and you get that and you can go out with someone who has experience so it’s kind of fun.

[8:50] Mentorship kind of deal what is aimed at and for example one of my staff members Derek he has taken he think he’s up to 17 right now,
individual people and taught them how to hunt so first they met at a gun range and,
no they went over the guns and safety and shooting in the University scared of the report of armor
that’s a very comprehensive beginning to end getting them from point A to point Z and everything in between everything in between and it’s one-on-one yeah and then they meet another day after the people are comfortable with the guns,
and you know the safety and they know the regulations they meet and we have some land owners who have said please come.
They love to help new people learn how to hunt and so they go down there and they shoot a doe and.
Derek teaches them how to clean it and you know they’ll either bring it back or processing or the process that themselves.

[9:50] That is really cool I I did not know the program was like that exhaust if it’s just been in the past we’re heading toward and many other states right now are doing the same thing,
and they’re headed toward,
adult programming or family programming sure so the adult goes along and that’s mainly because we we might have missed some people,
you know we’re missing Millennials in you look at the list of people who hunt and fish in the nation you can see a dramatic drip drip drop when you hit the millennials,
and and so we’re trying to hit them now and we’re trying different ways you know millennials.

[10:34] What times are locavores you ever talk to locavores before yeah so they want to know where their food comes from and you know they want to go out in the field and they want to have the experience,
of hunting and they want to shoot it and know where that food came from.
I know that it wasn’t from a farmer it wasn’t from a grocery store for her where people think food come from you and so they then they clean it and they know where the meat then they haul it back to their house
and they cook it so you go field to plate that’s really cool let’s see.

[11:17] So that’s that’s some of the you know like that that’s a lot of that sounds like it’s like off site or whatever what kind of D do specific things.
And I haven’t been to the outdoor campus yet I need to get out there oh my God she got to come out yeah.
What’s some of the like on-site things that you have going on around so we have classes for starting at Age 3.
Just fun things for preschoolers then we go ages 5 to 7 and then 8 to 12 year olds and then families so you can do classes like coming up October 20th,
we have our Halloween hike it’s an annual hike that we have,
people come in costume and they’d go to various stations around DART Rail System,
it’s a non candy hike people I was like where’s the candy we don’t do candy we just do fun but they come in and do different activities and learn about animals and.

[12:19] Wildlife in this year’s theme is Sophie’s and groupies.
I know that sounds weird for a Halloween hike but what do you call it like a group of toads is called a knot of toad.
So where people are going to learn those kind of things and our staff is all dressed up as a parliament of owls,
nice so we’re wearing judges wigs and I’ll masks and like judge robe.
So we have a lot of special events during the year to and plus we have amazing walking trails.
And that’s why I want you to come out and see if that’s really the coolest part.
Of the outdoor campus we sit in the Hundred Acres we have 2 miles of walking trails and they’re all short.
So you know you can walk all 2 miles by walking all three Trails or you can take a short walk and just go see some wildlife in the pond.

[13:19] That’s really cool yeah I saw the website something about.

[13:25] Did you have a duck webcam or something like that we have had a trail cam for quite a few years and it’s broke him in his so popular we try to put it up on Tuesdays,
every weekend so we call it trail cam Tuesday and we have seen so many animals on their over the years we’ve been doing it for years now.
You know there’s always ducks and geese but there’s dear there’s Fox there’s we star river otters in the last 2 years which is super cool.

[13:55] There’s mink there’s possums there skunks there’s a kazillion raccoons please take them away
but we can have bad luck with our trail cam,
so over the years I bet we’re up to like number 10 by now yeah they get stolen or or this time we had that flood in the park in the trail cam got flooded in.
So I guess I just happened to put on cuz I was like it’s Tuesday there’s no pictures there’s no pictures text me and where are the pictures.
And notes so I had to say I’m really sorry the Ducks had fun during the flood but.
Artrell Town got flooded in that day a lady walked in with a new trail cam and donated it to us she went to Shields and bought a splint.
Nice I know we have we have great people.

[15:00] Trail cam where’s the trail to come Tuesday yeah if I get him up late people are mad at me I got some weird stuff on there too,
you know people walking through a guy with a machete that was fun I got
one of a kind of like half of a guy’s face looking into the cam it was super creepy I’ve had people walking their dogs I had a a policeman on a motorcycle one time and
you can see that I don’t know what the policeman was doing he was probably looking for something but just all kinds of
weird things happen and Parks.
So you got he got the fishing you got the hunting you guys are.

[15:57] You’re dabbling a little bit and podcasting recently bi thanks to you we are we have a new game fish and Parks podcast
and for a while I think we’re up to episode 4 now we don’t have a whole bunch yet it didn’t have a name and now Chris I saw him this week,
Chris Hall from Meijer. Office he is the guy that really is
is in charge of it for game fishing Park and he told me it has a name and he told me and I cannot remember it’s something like game fish and Parks.

[16:31] Podcast in something ridiculous and Parks you’ll be able to find it on all of the usual channels Broadcasting.

[16:44] That’s cool it finally finally has a name name is basically the name we,
podcast and fun to make sense truth-in-advertising I mean that’s what it is so he’s he’s like,
you’ve really creative guy in.
Some of the things that he’s done on the podcast have been really interesting absolutely Blown Away by first the.
The one with the.
The women who were conservation officers,
it was a really cool interview expected.
Yeah these women are kicking but they are out the big guys,
tiny lady that crap martial arts.
I really enjoyed the and I bet Natasha would enjoy this one the talk with the.

[18:01] The guy from the Buffalo Roundup at the Buffalo Roundup you got a booth that everything this year
massage chair the sunlight husbands are and we just kind of hung out there and let me we were in the way back.

[18:19] The second row from the way bag or away from the thing and.
And I have all this other stuff that I want to bring them course is just a bunch of like not finished projects or like what let’s bring this stuff again.
Two things happened but it was still good cuz then it’s like well now at least.

[18:43] My name is somewhat recognizable when I want to try to go next year with her sister I’m done project,
there you go,
please give massage in the snow please let us know I love the Buffalo Roundup I’ve worked at a few time,
when I was younger I’ve been working for game fish and parks for.
24s years 25 maybe and when I was younger it’s on like I’m an old lady and.
I guess I haven’t talked about gray hair.
But anyway what I was younger they did have us go out and work the Roundup and so we help our cars you know at 2 in the morning when the Roundup happen but the coolest part was we got to help down in the shoe.
And when those Buffalo come through it there is no feeling like that left that’s that authentic.
You just can’t imagine anything more real.

[19:47] That you know there’s always say there’s no place left to explore there’s no place you know you don’t discover new things anymore there’s no.
Christopher Columbus’s or or you know.

[20:01] Any of the Explorers left there’s no reason to do that anymore but if you want something authentic to feel a giant herd of buffalo Thunder Bayou.

[20:13] Is is the most real thing
Amazing adult will put up a fit after the fact I had no idea that it was such a big event that was so like well-attended like an art fair kind of like I had no idea.
They did that there I just figured it was like you know like a few people in a line watching or something like that and then between the interview and then to the Tasha stories I was like wow this is this like a bucket list item for me know for sure.

[20:49] I can’t remember how long I’ve I haven’t gone but just last year I actually got to.
Watch the the round up my husband I went out there and then this year we had a booth but.
My dad is in the the 7th Calvary drum and bugle Corps cool so for I don’t remember how many years so one year I went out in and watch that video with my mom and that was fun but my.
My cousin to those like that. Chainsaw art stuff if you would working stuff out there and he’s had a booth out there for.

[21:24] How long time too so it’s like she becomes a Sioux Falls I’ve been looking for a chainsaw artist for one of our events.

[21:34] Maybe I could grab some of his stuff and bring it out here as an excuse to go back home.
You’re from the hell yeah awesome.
Well the Buffalo Roundup is it was my on my bucket list and it is one of the most fulfilling one’s ever it is so amazing.

[21:57] To feel the ground shake underneath your feet and wow yeah.

[22:02] That’s the kind of thing we want people to do at the outdoor campus you want to you want to.

[22:08] You know just try kayaking for the first time and realize the buoyancy of the water and the view how it changes your used to looking at the lake from the shore and you get out on the lake and you look back at the shore.
It’s a whole new experience, so it is it’s really Dynamic it’s beautiful
you feel connected to the to the Earth you feel connected to people who lived here before you you feel connected to your ancestors
at least that’s how I feel maybe I’m a little mushy gushy about it but I love those kind of experiences that you just call,
wow this is there still something left like that Selene that’s really cool let’s see.

[22:56] Trying to think of I know we’ve got just on the game Fish and Parks front and got.

[23:03] Pheasant season coming up here opener for pheasant season is October 20th.
And the weekend before that is resident opener so this week,
I’m in a conference all week I can’t remember what the date is,
all right all right around the the actual like full opening okay.

[23:36] The weekend after that’s like the main openers the big of it cuz that’s when the weather is a little town of Wessington,
just gets just absolutely crazy with events and also took all the time there’s like people there and out of state license place is like The Outsiders our little village.
Yeah have you ever worked I’ve been out to the airport during pheasant season
I’ve seen it like I did like pick someone up at the airport unit time
and the couple days before the season that
convention visitors bureau Sioux Falls Convention visitors bureau goes out there and greets people and now they have other businesses that have booths as well and the people come down off the airplane if they’ve been coming back year after year they’re like
we’re so glad to feed as we give them mugs every year.

[24:29] And they just love those so there’s some guys that have huge collections of our pheasant mugs and you know all these businesses have booths and you can buy your license right there you can you book a hotel room right there,
he don’t have one we don’t recommend that you don’t get one at a time right right,
you can buy things for your dog’s people have some pheasant art there’s flower shops things like that the setup that say,
here send your wife a bouquet while you’re away hunting you know smart people I know but it’s really cool cuz
are there so many dogs barking and dogs coming in and crates and there’s so many guns it’s so weird to see that many guns in an airport yeah yeah it’s quite an experience.

[25:20] Yeah but but the opener is always always not tonight in Wessington does a.

[25:25] Pheasant races every year for the good the only look at the bar kind of like a chicken wire like these two shoots on a
semi trailer what are you yeah it’ll be like kids that have raised as a lot of us in that area would like I have lots of other memories of raising pheasants and then releasing them during the time of year it’s stuff like that and.

[25:48] Yeah it does it’s fun to watch you.
Usually usually they’re like teens or like preteens share up age get their pheasant to go through the every once in awhile one of them like it’s the end of the cage until I close it right.

[26:07] There goes you know if there goes our winner by the way how come you won’t be wearing the Medal of Honor today but he’ll but he gets the his kid gets the honor yeah.
We should do something like that with turkeys and Fort Pierre when I was growing up turkey races.
Always meant turkey races like you described on the semi and and the street dance she was always fun those were the days.

[26:31] Yep Wessington doesn’t bake.
The CIA is the citizen action but they look but they love the acronym cuz it with their hats and shirts and everything say CIA on them.
They yeah they do a fundraiser for pheasants for Lexington which is how they help subsidize and like raise pheasants in the community like like.
Their pheasant banquet takes place in the gym and they’ll do like a big silent auction and like a big roast dinner and stuff like that and they’ll get like.
You don’t like the town is only 200 people in milk at like 500 people in the gym for for that event is a lot of money too.
I think it’s some really really amazing silent auction prices too cuz it got the money from last year to invest back into it so some some years the prices get pretty crazy like an ATV or something like that oh my gosh.
And in a bank would have only 500 people you would have pretty good shot at that you might have to go over there.
It’s always like it’s that Friday night before the opener right up until 5 cuz then it starts at 6 so it looks like I have no way of making it there in time but it’s like.
But it is a super fun event so that’s that’s a Something game fish and Parks e that like I remember growing up with and so I remember my first.

[27:55] My youth license tag when I was younger and.

[28:01] That’s what I fell in love with the the lever action like 3030 like Henry garwyn are buying the first one I was with was it was a Winchester and fell in love with that gun and now that gun is like on my bucket list that I have to own one of us at some point
wow you’re a good little good little rifle they are they are yeah everybody kind of has their got in the
you know they grew up with her that was their grandpa’s or something like that and then you you buy a new one just to say this is my gun and then we’re going to head down now but yeah I still have my 20 my grandpa’s 20 gauge.
Yeah yeah yeah I got my.

[28:41] Got my grandpa’s 22 get that good cuz that’s what I was using before was a little cheap Italian one that just
was chewed up the blast off like oh okay,
oh that’s not good
no that’s that’s the best part of pheasant season don’t you think is the memories thinking about all the time my mom would cook and the hunters and come back in and they be hungry and you know drink beer and.
Talk about their day in.
It was it was an amazing time extended family visits and stuff like that always fun and like to these people you never get to see otherwise then like they come back for Fest in the season and yeah it is we have a hashtag in,
game fish and parks that we always ask people to use hashtag my ASD tradition,
and you know if you have some photos from previous hunts or this year’s hunt we would love it if people would put them up and just use that hashtag on any of the social medias.
We watch for those and we’ll post them on our site or no if we really like them will call you up and see if we can use them in a in a post that we do or something like that.

[30:00] That’s really cool yeah it’s all about tradition.

[30:06] So you’re involved in the podcast in that you do the you do an interview usually at the end of this year they are so Co. Us.
You don’t think one but like a big interview and then you’ll do a shorter one that’s kind of an update about what’s going on at the outdoor campus what inspired you guys to get involved with the medium light podcasting.

[30:28] Oh you know probably probably people like you seriously you know Chris Chris Holland here he is really into all kinds of media and.
And has worked he work for tourism in the past and he’s always kept game fish and Parks updated on every kind of media and social media that kind of thing,
he’s also done some radio and so it falls right into his wheelhouse,
and I don’t know why maybe I just like to hear myself talk cuz I’m sure but I like to do that kind of stuff to you.

[31:08] You’re no stranger to this or talk into a microphone anyway I do it once a week.
And usually I bring a guest so I don’t get to do much talking depends on who the guest is but.
Yeah I love it and so you know we listen to shows like yours and.
Lots of other ones I have lots of favorite podcasts I’m always listening to but we had people requested to you know they want to know what’s happening.
And they like right at the end of our podcast we do don’t forget deer season starts here or,
don’t forget to apply for turkey spring turkey or whatever we talk to you about the latest things that are happening in game fish and Parks so it’s a good tool for us to use that way too.

[31:56] We love having people tell us stories that’s what I try to do with my little 5 or 6 minutes at the end I try to bring in somebody to tell me a story.
I had a guy who was who was a Boy Scout leader and his kids got lost and and they hate they ended up spending the night outside but he knew they’d be okay cuz he trained him well and it was just a fun story it was a good way to talk about.
Things can happen when you’re out in the field and this week I’m going to be interviewing a lady who’s been hunting her whole life.
She does big game hunting and Fishes up in Canada.
You know it’s not there’s not always a ton of women who can claim that amount of hunting and fishing so I’m excited to talk to her.

[32:45] Where’s time we just try to hit on the kind of people that.
That everybody enjoys and like hearing their stories and I want the real story I want people to.
Be able to hear the background in the memories and stuff like that yeah.

[33:05] And yeah and then there’s some great stories to tell like like I said I was really.
It’s like I really like that first interview with the the ladies that wear the conservation officers but I really liked the.
The guy that does the Buffalo Roundup or is like one of the heads of it because that was it was a lot of like it reminded me a lot of like the stories from when I was a kid or just memories from when I was a kid of.
The where we would be rounding up cattle and stuff like that how you getting around them and all that stuff.

[33:39] Yeah that I just found that a lot about that interview really fascinating I ended up it’s one where I was like I added it and I had to go back and just listen to it to him like enjoy the interview and pick up on the thesaurus and stuff it was.
I really like that one that’s what I’m saying going on about.
But yeah I like that too that’s really fun I love the one about the artist The Outdoor artist cuz I collect art I just love art.
And I know that you guys Josh buys and Adam Oswald they’re really known in the National Art world world for their wildlife paintings and Adam to for his.
Golf Course painting and it’s just it’s just fun to hear their processes and their thoughts and how they work together and.

[34:27] Very cool anything else you want to say about the the outdoor campus or the podcast,
well listen to a podcast I could say that.
Let’s see well outdoor campus wise you know I just hope that people will,
come out and visit us if you haven’t been there we’ve been there for 22 years so it’s time time to come out yeah and and see us and take a walk on a trail and just have have some fun,
really a beautiful place and it’s right in the middle of Sioux Falls you can’t go wrong,
even if you’re like I don’t care about bird you might come out there and see a great blue heron that remind you of a dinosaur there so prehistoric-looking.

[35:20] So if you like dinosaurs maybe like great blue heron.

[35:24] Music.

[35:38] And welcome to the Sioux Empire podcast this is Robert mehling and I am doing any interview here with Thor Bardon who is here to tell us all about,
presentation you’re involved in called their only hope foster care informational that’s coming up on October 20th.
Thor tell us a little bit about that it’s so yes you said October 20th between 1 and 4 p.m. I’m doing a free informational event.
I said called Thor sorry it’s not called me it’s called it’s called their only huh Beauty Ages were ever going to be home,
Alpha security formational and,
what this event is is a chance for the public to come in in a format where they’re not going to be hit up for money they’re not going to be hit up for favors or pressured to volunteer or become foster care parents just to come in,
and learn more about the foster care system and what local area nonprofits are doing help the system at the moment as well.

[36:39] In this everybody will have some free giveaways that we have when they come in it’ll be important to the presentation.
And we’ll learn no directly from these nonprofits you know what they do how they operate,
you know where it where they feel their piece of the puzzle is to help children who come from less fortunate circumstances,
we also have a non-profit talking about how they help families stay out of the foster care system as well which is certainly important piece.
And then after the nonprofit’s presents I’m doing a case study.
And this case study is a child’s life from birth to where they are now and it covers you don’t before during and after,
their insurance in the South Dakota foster care system.

[37:28] Interesting so what you know some people may be familiar with your background some might not be what gets what’s particular interested you in this and getting involved in this activity,
well you know what I was when I was younger you know I live with my mom and dad you know that stepdad stepdad came into the picture after Mom and Dad and work out and,
eventually you know there was there was a lot of things going on and so my family reached a point where they weren’t able to take care of me anymore.
And you don’t as unfortunate as that was you know in my teens I actually lived in South Dakota foster care system.
And if it was really an interesting experience and and I learned a lot but there’s a lot of things that people don’t know you know those being that,
when those kids are moving from place to place they don’t really have luggage bags or boxes or anything like that and it’s very.

[38:22] And so most of the time if you got to have two garbage bag.
Then there you go hear you’re moving in garbage bag and just imagine me all your clothes all of your photo albums you don’t maybe you have something special you know with you like a,
a stuffed animal that you have for me Original House something about everything that you own is in a garbage bag and you’re moving for the place the place was strangers that you don’t really know.
And you know there’s a lot of there’s a lot of emotions that go with it you know like.
How come my family wasn’t able to take care of me and how come you know I’m not wanted like these are the kids that I went to a to school with and you know what what what makes me so special that I don’t get this wonderful life,
you know that you see on television and stuff like that so.

[39:07] Yeah so a very very personal close-to-home experience yeah that the luggage thing is not something that would have ever crossed my mind but it’s like oh that’s totally guy.
To be a practical thing to have yeah and you know what I mean if you think about that and I’m not trying to pull her two strings hear anything it’s just as it’s a matter of fact situations but imagine being that kid you know you’re even 11 12 years old okay and.
Your your hand is a couple garbage bag stay here put your stuff in it and do you think we’ll what do you normally use garbage right for like we use drivers rate for.

[39:40] Garbage garbage okay so now all of your stuff is in a garbage bag.
I want to combine that with your family couldn’t take care of you and combine it with you know that.
You see people who move their stuff around and garbage bags that usually the homeless population or like that right and so now you have this feeling that well if my stuff is garbage maybe I’m garbage.
You don’t like I can tell you that most foster care kids who ever move their stuff have this feeling at some point I went through it for sure.
You know when the MS just one aspect of it you know I mean there’s a lot of great things that come out of the foster care system you know how they live on your own because you know I mean what does it look like when the government raises a child they have to learn,
you know how to cook for themselves after one one paying rent is have to learn how to apply for welfare if they need it they hit you in a lot of different things that will Mom and Dad aren’t necessarily around to do that so it’s an important system absolutely.

[40:38] What what was the Catalyst for this this.
This event this I hadn’t heard of something quite like this bring together all these different non-profit organizations and stuff like that what,
was there a catalyst for torturing event not really it’s something that I’ve always kind of wanted to do I recently ran for office which you know it is quite an accomplishment for myself I didn’t do too well with us,
not a thing I mean you got to start somewhere that alright you did better than what I ran in Minnesota,
what’s a what what I had actually done as I said well only know if you wanted to do something to help benefit the Foster your system you know help kids who are currently and situations you know this isn’t a thing of the past like,
their just last year or the year before over 687000 Shield written okay so under the age of 18.
Were served by the foster care system Nationwide.

[41:33] Okay and this usually means you don’t Crisis Care intervention that you know Mom and Dad or pick up for DUIs or you know there’s domestic abuse or there say you know hopefully addiction which is a huge driver right now.
You know it’s it’s something that I wanted to get back into and hopefully help those kids that are in now because the Foster system that I went through,
even though it was just 12 years ago for me that I aged out of the system.
It’s it’s still active it still relevant and it’s a little bit different now too and so I want to I want these kids to have.
Other people understand that’s not like what we see in the movies this is an actual life that people are living in the moment.

[42:17] Very good what do you think are some of the the misconceptions of someone who’s never been involved in the.
In the foster care system but they might like encounter or be surprised by.

[42:33] You don’t South akurate South Dakota’s foster care system isn’t.
Is what you see on television is the it’s not a whole bunch of you don’t miss grandchildren you know that decided to run away from home one too many times it’s
it’s not always a case you know where the kids are orphans it’s not always the case where you know the the parents you know where severely abusing them those cases do happen still.

[43:03] But you know a lot of times you know what special in South Dakota you know there’s a very large Native American population that’s in the system for children you know different things go into that you don’t there’s,
I guess we’re misconceptions saves a lot of psychology things that go into it for the children as well.
It’s not just moving from Foster Care home to foster care home there’s also
government paid psychologist that help these children process their emotions and what they go through there’s nonprofits out there providing small things you know like here’s you know an introduction to a religion,
that you show interest in to here’s where you can go here’s here’s a food box this week we noticed,
you know what a family needed this help in order to keep their children out of the system nonprofits a lot of times can do the rehab counseling,
and you know to help keep these families out of the system as well and,
I guess what kind of delineate a little bit from it but it’s all very related in that.
If things go really bad the foster care system is needed and it’s not always just these delinquent children up seen on TV.

[44:15] What can people expect to if they go to the the event as far as like if you know how long it’s going to be do you know.
Ikea can’t give us an idea I’d like to run down to like who’s going to be there absolutely so coming to this event.
On Saturday is going to be for nonprofits presenting we have.

[44:38] Casa which is the children’s Advocates group they basically represent children.
And the court system set with the children don’t have to face their abusers and be put up on stands and he don’t go through that trauma.
You know that they would have before we have Lutheran Social Services and Volunteers of America at Lutheran Social Services has a very heavy Focus right now on benefit in the foster care system by Volunteers of America does a lot of assistance,
with those with special needs and they also have a independent living transition type program where,
as your aging out you need to learn this is what it means to live an apartment that’s what it means to pay bills we also have coming children’s in.

[45:24] And or Children’s Home Society I don’t remember which facet that is but I do know that they are going to be providing a presentation of how they help and.
You know what sparked Crisis Care situations you don’t domestic abuse they have a really strong program with that and then we also have safe families which is a program of Bethany Christian Services and they’re going to be.
Presenting how they help family stay out of the system you know what what kind of you know things can we introduce him to the family to help them,
become healthy thriving units sure the whole event is it very pretty I’m very happy to see sponsored by The Ransom Church.
With that being said you know what you hear Bethany Christian Services Ransom church Lutheran Social Services this is not a religious event everybody as well, it doesn’t matter,
which Walk of Life you come from who you believe in who you don’t you know this is solely about the foster care system,
it just so happens that a lot of Ministries actually give into it and so that’s why we hear those names it’s who shows up,
exactly it’s a it’s you know any other students who’s there in Indiana why I really.

[46:29] As far as expectations for timelines its from 1 to 4 p.m. we’re talking 3 hours ass after lunch before dinner it’s an afternoon activity and then my case study you know I’ll be presenting
no fair warning to those who it is going to be emotional you know my goal and write in the case study is to have people feel,
you know that sadness that that’s sense of hopelessness but also feel the joy and a happiness that comes from being successful person after going through the experiences that they did
and you know I like I said I have a few things that are given out to you know as as hard Goods that people be able to take with them just that way they can remember their experience and
you know they haven’t done that in a safe environment
as far as topics that we cover we talked about the abuse and neglect of the case study 1 through there was a point where the case study was suicidal at one point
and we talked about the emotions that we’re going through there we talk about their first kiss which is really exciting and when he doesn’t remember their first kiss and give everybody a chance to go off and you don’t really hit those
hard topics without you don’t have him to react to it you don’t do it in a safe environment very cool.
Once again he said it’s at 1 p.m. on Saturday October 20th goes till 4 p.m.

[47:54] Yes it’ll go to 4 p.m. at the latest okay and yeah it’s I believe it’s free if they do ask that you RSVP a register via everbrite or Eventbrite a link will be included in the show notes for that.

[48:09] Anything else you want to tell those blisters,
all know there will also be Refreshments afterwards so you don’t water ice tea and there’s there’s about an hour to where you’ll get to talk to nonprofits as well and,
hey if there’s anything that you wanted to talk to me about after leave that you’re certainly able to adjust I want everybody to get home,
have a chance to come learn that’s it no solicitations no ask just show up as you are there’s no.
You know that a tire preference or anything like that and the seats are pretty comfortable too so if anything if you looking for relaxing place to go it’s the belvis theater if you’ve ever been in it and it’s it’s going to be a good.

[48:46] Very good thank you for coming to her and thank you for what you’re doing and thanks for having me.

[48:52] Music.

[49:06] The Sioux Empire podcast proudly presents this week’s Shameless plugs this is the Shameless plug portion of the show where you can get on your soapbox and you can promote,
the upper campus at garage I mean anything you want to promote this is the point to show where you can name drop and do all that stuff you like a new show on Netflix they really like
oh whatever you want to talk plug go ahead and just do that now
cool well I’m going to need your help with plugging the podcast because I can’t remember all the locations that people can find it I know where on iTunes SoundCloud only the other one,
anymore because there’s so many of them a lot of the shows they just say or wherever you listen to podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app because if it got your RSS feed then they can technically.

[50:04] Listen to you on anything and even add their apps when they can just add You by having that address so,
cool will come and listen to us because we have lots of really fun stuff coming up
if you’re an outdoors person or even if you only halfway like the outdoors are podcast is pretty fun to listen to because we have such a wide variety of,
of things that we have on there I’m going to have a bad person coming up to awesome yeah so we’ll talk about that then that’s a good,
bats eat bugs they don’t eat people I’m a big fat Fan and Batman fan by the outdoor campus we are open,
until November 1st or open 7 days a week after that we’re open 6 days a week so we’re close on Sundays,
after November 1st the building is open Monday through Friday 8 to 5 Saturday 10 to 4 and Sunday 1 to 4.

[51:02] But our park and our trails are open 7 days a week all year round.
If we have snow the city comes in and the City Sioux Falls another plug for them they’re great partners with us.
They come in and they groom the trails so you can go cross country skiing out there there’s no cost for that.
Funtime cross-country skiing is great especially out there.
So pretty can see a lot of deer and fox and all kinds of Critters.
I’m surprised cuz like I said it’s like in the heart of Sioux Falls.
I’m surprised those things can be so elusive how many different animals we see out there it’s really cool and people have no idea what all in town there are,
possums and raccoons and everything all over living know they’ll go down in your storm sewer drainage and move around and come out at night.
Wreak havoc we love that exactly trash panda.

[52:06] We’ve got let’s see hunting with Derek is one of our programs and that’s such an original name and Wheaties in to death about it but,
that’s the guy that’s taking people out one on one
his name is Derek and you’re hunting with tarek
we got that program we got tons of programs coming up for winter will be doing ice fishing cross country skiing snowshoeing and some indoor programs to.

[52:37] Game fish and Parks we’ve got of course every season in the world is coming up right now we encourage everybody to wear Hunter Orange
please yes I want to prevent those accidents that happen out in the field remember where you’re at the end of your gun is pointing
and look beyond your target make sure that there’s nothing on the other side of your target that you can be shooting toward.
You know don’t shoot near houses and livestock and just be nice that’s the best thing to speed nice.
Why can’t everybody be nice and all of the out-of-state Hunters.
They do so much for our economy not just in the state and Sioux Falls in particular they bring in so much funny,
in tax dollars in revenue from hotels in restaurants and gas stations and you know sporting goods stores they are a great source of tax income for us.
So be kind to him so they’ll come back.

[53:48] Excellent yeah that kind of cover what did I forget.

[53:59] Also say being outside will do that
good it’s a gateway drug to getting you Outdoors,
allergic to mosquitoes and mosquitoes,
oh I know don’t you look for that.
Let’s see so yeah so the Tasha’s is being outside so I yeah I’m going to do my Shameless plug is going to be fall and fall weather cuz,
fall rocks.
Let’s see a my birthday is coming up so you know there’s that too
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And then a huge thank you to patreon supporter Matthew Paulsen you can get your name dropped here by giving on patreon as well.

[55:18] As always we plug supercon our big big event and sponsor and co-sponsor.

[55:24] And then it’s always you can listen to our podcast and all of the podcast in our podcast Network at live 6:05. Com check that service out they do a,
I’ll weekly are they called the life 605 music countdown where they actually do a like top,
top countdown but it’s of local artists and local music exclusively so it’s really cool too,
to hear bands and acts rappers that you know from this area are people that are on the pot this podcaster the other podcasts who,
are performing and they sound amazing this is like it you didn’t know it was that was like local you just think you turn on a radio in cuz it’s the quality is just excellent and.
Thea thank you very much for coming today thanks for having me this is so much fun.

Sioux Empire Podcast Bonus Interview: Brian Wirth

In this bonus interview, Robert Mehling sits down with Brian Wirth Independent Candidate for State Senate District 25.

From –
“We need leaders who will represent the interests of the people and communities that we take pride in calling home. We are continuously surrounded with divisive media tactics that seemingly push us apart and make us avoid having meaningful political conversations. I want to bring the conversations back to the people that make up our communities and find ways to work together on issues. If we take the time to talk to our neighbors, we will find that we all agree on almost all of the issues. We all want a safe environment to raise our families, we all want equal opportunity to succeed or fail, and we all want to be able to go to the doctor without bankrupting families.”

Machine Transcript
[0:50] This is Robert mehling with the Sioux Empire podcast and I am joined today by Brian Wirth who was an independent candidate for State Senate District 25 welcome to the show Brian thank you.
Tell us a little bit about yourself I,
I will be honest I’ve been following the governor’s race pretty close but I have not gotten into a lot of the the local districts especially 25 is a little further north than me so,
tell us a little bit about yourself your district and why you’re running originally from Hurley South Dakota I’ve been in South Dakota my life.
I went to USD. Degrees in political science and criminal justice I was there 2001 to 2005.

[1:44] And I was all over the place I did cuz I had to Anthropologie in history in there too but yeah I’m just like,
I’m wondering like to do we take doctor cards South Dakota politics together maybe probably that out that sounds about right tennis crazy to advisor okay.
I also so yeah good old days used to be us so.
I actually have my best friend back then sister work for Tom daschle I’m actually trying to get an internship there buddy that will do that when I was a junior.
Yeah I’m college so that kind of went through and then I waste no time starting a family with my then girlfriend now wife.
We have two kids 11 and 8 my oldest is in 6 grade 9 the Third.
Kind of guilty of like a lot of people is not really following local politics very well.
One thing I did get my attention was when initiative measure 22 got repealed yes cuz a lot of support amounts of Voters and then,
600 Stooges,
turn around and repeal honest is kind of the trail and my mind and it was until well into starting my campaign in our guy should be on the ballot I learned that the incumbent I’m running against is one of the people who led the way in between that and it’s because lobbyist told her to.

[3:07] Oh yes I remember that that session with the the gold watches in the.
All the stuff going on there I was I was a pretty vocal critic of them doing that unlike declaring a state of emergency because people voted on something.
That’s that’s an emergency man and I think they said they were going to put something I’ll fix it but they never did of course.
Oh yeah I will will totally come back and fix it sure I.
Actually left both parties in 2009 after I registered in Dell Rapids Benatar have it for 9 years because of the banking bailout of 2008 and that is Unforgivable,
both parties build out large Banks but they didn’t bail out Working Class People or the middle class.
The what now I’m sorry I had another type of bank or like security I don’t know about yeah I was raised you know you work hard you’re honest you know things will work out for,
call my dad’s Farm are you still is Farmers of the hardest working people in this state that they are the backbone of our economy so much depends on them but yet.

[4:31] You know they’re not getting their fair share the Family Farms need to be more supported we need to move away from concentrated animal feeding operations and clover Farms move things back towards local.
Small business.
Sure no District 25 that’s that’s got a chunk of rural north north of Sioux Falls if I remember correctly the east side east side of Sioux Falls,
Sioux Falls is pretty diced up for some reason some reason quotes in the air Colton Dell Rapids where I’m at Garretson,
I’ll be at Valley Springs so wraps around Brandon and then down to Valley Springs and then we get the southeast chunka Sioux Falls the.
Dawley Farms are you sure so.

[5:22] So then you’re running as an independent because of the the bailouts.
For those who would like to know more about your of Stan on different issues and background I mean is there is there a site would you say you lean right or being left or is it by an issue by issue, Elkhart thing or where at where are you at,
tide sadly in left thumb I think the working class needs better representation in all levels of government I believe.

[5:51] People been struggling to pay medical bills and their insurance for too long and when you do something does happen to me at the fight with your insurance company I mean I was out in,
Valley Springs talking several people who you know they have health insurance but then when they get sick it doesn’t cover what it needs to and they’re on the phone for.
You know it’s like a full-time job just throw the other insurance company because just keep going up and up and I mean the Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction but it’s just my mind it was a handout to the insurance companies.
I think what as a as a state senator from District 25 could you do about that well when the federal government gives you the opportunity this expand Medicaid you could take that opportunity instead of show,
and if we had to free all this pull the money we spent on health insurance and health care we could probably come up with a better just South Dakota cares program,
pretty impossible with very low tax statement pro-business not look in a dress if we change anything on the South Dakota level but I don’t want it.

[6:58] Are ethics board retail they don’t want opportunities like expanding Medicaid to be ignored.
I don’t want our legislators to do what lobbyists tell them to prefer they listen to their constituents and.

[7:14] Which politicians could run more honestly and less on rhetoric buzzwords.
I’m coming I’m running against but the other candidates with house for example in my district will run on things like family ethics.
Low taxes and that’s all they saying that you know that wins.

[7:38] People love to hear going to lower my taxes that’s great that’s awesome but what’s the alternative.
What does the Democratic party offer people in this state.

[7:53] Yeah I asked a lot of people would do the Democrats stand for I don’t know what they stand for in the state seems like they’re all stuck fighting battles before I was born.

[8:04] We ever find what will let you know.
Yeah it sucks it’s a I don’t know just me personal opining here since like I feel like.

[8:18] It’s like the Democrats or the Republicans are just way too,
cuz I’m probably like libertarian almost at my at my bent but the Republicans in the state are would hate to comfortable they are way too I can do anything and no one can touch me and,
I mean I’ve been events work just from like our state reps of like that why she just nothing but contempt for the people that represent like.
Who does Ino like I’ve been in political events in Minnesota at other places and I’ve never seen local representatives to act so like,
unwashed masses going to like I’ve never seen it on that scale I’ve seen it here and it’s cuz they’re way too comfortable so just like part of me wants,
do Democrats or Independence in there if nothing else just to like scare them a little bit and remind them hey you actually do represent people and losing is a possibility yeah I think,
the Democrats need to run Linux support Working Families more they need to run.

[9:20] Are policies that will actually help them that’s why it since I am an independent I have to run on positions I can’t run on party I can’t run right,
Library Castle things I represent obviously I believe in our living wages medicare-for-all and getting money out of politics,
I might think that love last one getting money out of politics because it’s all that issue the other two to fix themselves by now,
I think if you work a full-time job you should be able to pay your bills should be able to support their families craziness and.

[9:51] What’s the plan to fix the healthcare crisis one example of one solution people offer is Medicare for all.
It saves money even a study that was released to discredit medicare-for-all prove that it saves us to trillion dollars over 10 years.
So I don’t know if you’re physically conservative it seems like you should Port should support.
I got to tell you it’s a fiscal conservative I have no idea where that where the hell i’ll and now of considering,
the spending going on in Washington is like now you’re supposed to vote Republican and that’s it that’ll bring the fiscal conservatism.
History is not buried that out let’s put that way yeah be nice if people ran.
And then get back on accident but they ran on you know they say they want to limit government but the government gets bigger every year will they want to let it limits.

[10:44] The meaning of limited government we could limit the NSA Wireless tapping of American citizens.
You’re actually in favor of flexible people having a civil liberties and Privacy Act.

[11:00] Crazy with these crazy ideas pie-in-the-sky like like freedom and yeah I don’t know man that’s pretty scary working for families I mean what.
Are you speaking Klingon right now I don’t know sorry this this election cycle has me very very Senegal we just had an episode of South dacola podcast where we were talking what are predictions for the election stuff,
it’s left me very demoralizing very cynical about the upcoming election just to hear some of the people who been watching it for a long time analyzing and tell me what’s going to happen in like.

[11:41] People just need to,
do the research try and get informed help if you turn the cable news off not much on there that’s informing you and mostly it’s just looking people into a frenzy getting them to fight,
if you actually talk to the people next to you how do we solve these problems you tend to find out we all kind of agree medicare-for-all has 70% sport in America population,
that’s 80% Democrats and 50 a majority over 50% pumpkin support it why isn’t it law or why isn’t my past.
How many the reason I come up with.

[12:18] You know it sounds it sounds cliche or like you’re beating a dead horse but I mean that’s just.
That’s what it is it’s just like totally uncontrolled unfettered money which how do you control.
You know money and spending and politics post citizens united you know I have to pass a law that makes that illegal.

[12:40] Corporations are people money is not speech speech speech people are people so at the Supreme Court level guess.

[12:49] But baby steps in the meantime like at the South Dakota level getting back to a little more local what can you do about the,
that the money issue in politics while we can vote Yes on Amendment w,
don’t think it’s coincidence my last name is worth w w I like it.
I’m going to try to make sure that pass and then you got to make sure that.
People in charge this next session you know set it up correctly so honest politicians.
Do you research don’t just vote down the ticket many of your candidates websites can contact him through phone numbers call him ask him what issues I support don’t ask him what.
Party day right on don’t ask him what buzzwords are using just what are they can do to help you as a welder absolutely.
So you know it’s one thing to to be upset about like the the measure and stuff like that with the you don’t like w and everything and it’s precursors,
but what in particular like in your personal history and story makes you want to want to go to go to pier and you know get get into that.
That conversation.

[14:11] I guess I’ve always been kind of concerned about ethics and laws and preventing fraud I have for the past 12 years worked as a financial crimes investigator First Premier Bank card and then now at MetaBank,
investigate cases involving tax fraud money laundering human trafficking event marijuana businesses.
Just so you would probably scare the crap out of here by the financial crimes are taking place.

[14:50] Guy I like that that’s a that’s a good selling point let’s see.

[14:55] How can people learn more about you and your your campaign and your stand on the issues like you just mentioned like reaching out and talk to you how come people do that on Facebook,
websites www. Brian Wirth 6:05. Cam has lost everything it has sold it more about me.
You can contact me through the website for Facebook you can find my phone number I believe through Facebook but I forgot podcast not sure what that would do.

[15:25] I did give out you know the phone number.
I have a business cards. Took us out to hundreds of people and two people said they call me,
nobody called nobody really seems to care about people are waiting for like the next like presidential election to fix everything and yeah it’s Tessa,
tough and I guess it’s even get mad about it but I guess it’s human nature so it’s like you know.

[15:58] You know that sing with the midterm elections is just like I felt like if we did something like made.
How the elections on Saturdays are made that a holiday or something like that be great and then,
in the US the like voter registration system where it’s just like every state has,
A random assortment of flaming Hoops you have to jump through in order to be registered and then there’s a mechanism to kick you off the register and everything that you know it’s just a hodgepodge and I’m a very states rights person,
but I feel like we need some reform in the just our election system just so that it’s a little more,
General Democratic sure to get rid of things like cross-check I don’t know how familiar with that program South Dakota does participate in that is just as your first and last night match this type of person you’re,
be a fraudulent motor and they kick you off and portents for people to make sure you’re registered and probably check to see if you’re still registered just unfortunate.
I mean I should be able to register to vote when you get your driving all you can you get driver’s license or just having a driver’s license should be enough,
oh yeah. Holiday for boating cuz I mean lost people work last people work multiple jobs to make ends meet.
YouTube support being informed we need to support being able to vote.

[17:24] And we need our leaders are legislators to represent people not large corporate Pac money interest.
Sure so one last saying anything else that you think the voters should,
here here actually let’s go with this usually my closing interview question is if I lived in your District why specifically over any other of the candidates running should I vote for you in particular.

[17:54] I believe I’m overly qualified I do did study this in college I studied in since I have been working like I said as a financial crimes investigator I have a family I know what it’s like.
Baton struggle to pay medical bills I know what it’s like to work for less than a living wage.

[18:15] My comment let the weight of brachial initiative measure 22 she is not there to represent my district she is there to take.

[18:25] Lobbyists interest.
And then it’s actually three-way race so little bit more about this recent particular,
tried to reach out get involved see if I can help somebody run a campaign and,
didn’t hear anything in the meantime the Democratic party failed to nominate anyone to run against the incumbent they sent the.
Petitions in certified and said it registered nurse Allah you have to send the petitions in registered mail.
Never say anything registered meals pretty intense you have to go to a,
post office novel by the contract office and they take out this old machine and they run this tape in the string and then they stamp at about you know a hundred forty two times so since they didn’t get,
all the petition sent incorrectly,
there is qualified so that’s when I started going door-to-door to make sure that my voters had a choice when it came to this little C and South Dakota District 25.
Do you have an option to go without the person who repealed your ethics board.

[19:36] Sounds good Brian thank you for joining us today and you can learn more at Brian Wirth 6:05. Com will also link to all of that in the show notes thanks for listening everyone and we’ll see you next time.

Sioux Empire Podcast 125 Jason Kurtz and Sion Lidster with Full Circle Book Co-op

Finally finished with our SiouxperCon Hangover, the Sioux Empire Podcast is ready to get back to business.  Specifically the book business with Jason Kurtz and Sion Lidster with Full Circle Book Co-op who are launching a new downtown location.  But first, we take a look at Sioux Falls, and it’s growing reputation, we name a new school, and finally, the crew explores the consequences of stacking hamsters.  This episode is brought to you by Perlocution Podcast; Turning idle chatter into thoughts that matter. Comedian White Boi along with guests gives commentary on society, culture, and entertainment. No boundaries. No filters.  The Sioux Empire Podcast always stacks its rodents in an orderly manner.  


South Dakota’s biggest city isn’t a college town or a state capital or in the Sun Belt. So how does it keep growing and growing?


Name a school (Sanford High)


Hamster Stacking…?

Shameless Plugs

Please help support The Sioux Empire Podcast and the work we do to bring you original local content and voices

HUGE patreon thank you to Matthew Paulson!



Live 605


Machine Transcript
[0:00] Empire podcast 125.

[0:13] Smile.

[0:27] Music.

[0:54] Well good morning and welcome everyone welcome to another fantastic episode of the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast it’s all about Sioux Empire news, music and culture,
I am your host Robert mehling and joining us is long-absent host Natasha Estes cheese.
Yes how’s married life treating you are you are you regretting anything yet after one full month mark.
One and a half.

[1:26] Okay it’s a good it’s a good thing you didn’t reply with exactly a hundred and seventy two hours 10 minutes 12 seconds
Spider-Man that is a lot of math
math is not kind to me so yeah yeah awesome congratulations finally get to tell you that in person and also joining us is Jason and Shawn from the full circle book Co-op,
welcome to the show gentlemen thank you where did IHOP first into headlines and then we’ll talk to these guys little bit about their their project.
Our first headline is South Dakota’s biggest city is in the college isn’t a college town or state capitol or the Sun Belt so why does it keep growing.
The big thing here is that a few weeks ago here Bloomberg actually did a big write-up that was very nice about,
Sioux Falls being a mecca for industry and for growth and I mean I know we get a lot of these like new stories and stuff like that,
regularly that are like you know arbitrary people put out arbitrary list lists and we happen to be on it but I thought it was an interesting.
Interesting article just talking about like a lot of the things that Sioux Falls has growing for it and I thought something you guys would appreciate cuz you’re going to go to the downtown culture of the art culture especially like the spoken word written word kind of stuff,

[2:53] Yeah I’m curious to get your your take on do you feel like Sioux Falls has grown as a place for for parts like written word spoken word stuff like that.

[3:07] Yeah I mean I’ve been here 5 years and December now and I mean when I first got here as far as the spoken word I couldn’t find my.
You like when I first got here everyone was this painting rocks together and grunting in people now we’re hitting about 50 to 60.
You know each month so it’s growing in and that says a lot of work Jason’s been doing with the the right in community as well it’s working hand-in-hand to help that grow.
Everything was you no music in all kinds of different not work and stuff sometimes,
Urban Indians podcast about how much the music scene is grown because Gabriel’s kind of one of those like original Sioux Falls rappers or whatever and he will sit there with like V the noble one and a few others and Bill tell stories about,
having to pay a venue to let them perform,
back in the early aughts and stuff like that just begging people to show up to it knowing they were to lose money on the whole thing and it’s come a long way since then.
All you have to do is.

[4:17] Just look on you know a Facebook events calendar something for the weekend there’s open mics all over town now and two years ago when we started some of the stuff.
You know Sean’s you know the beer in poetry gig was the only open my poetry thing going on in Sioux Falls and now.
There’s regular ones there’s like three regular ones a week or a month that are ensure they incorporate sometimes incorporate stand up and live music and stuff like that but.
There’s just really a lot more venues that you can actually use,
and that’s why we’ve decided to start the full circle Book quote because it’s there so many people that want to get out there and be creative in the community that finding a venue is really getting hard to find then so.
Yeah I mean we had our biggest South Dakota rights does writers happy hour.
On the third Monday of every month third Monday night of every month and.
In January of this year we had our biggest one we had almost 50 people show up just for a happy hour on a Monday night in January.

[5:22] Because I probably were stir crazy after the holiday we are thing but I mean still.

[5:27] Considering that two years ago I think I got it. Human being instead of my family right kind of an interesting thing to see the,
the art community grow at least from our,
do something we get involved in absolutely and I mean obviously you guys are coming we’ll get to that in the second half beer but you’re investing in this like idea of Sioux Falls going to growing and developing as an artistic place what.
What are your thoughts or do you have any theories on why Sioux Falls why now and why Sioux Falls.

[5:59] I don’t know if I have any theories but I have some interesting statistics they said that for every person I’ve read recently we had to some statistics kind of thrown around that for every person that we lose to Minneapolis from Sioux Falls we get eight back.
Nationals and so I think that it has to do with a lot of the meaning of the hospitals and in the you know a lot of the bigger I mean you know I think.
One of your your satellites put out a comedic post the other day about we’re just installing cranes downtown to look like a big city but in reality I thought the crane they had there was really huge in the first place and I had to use that cream to put up the really big green.
Downtown right now that we’ve reached a peak crane.
But I mean just you know some of those statistics like Lincoln County I know two or three years ago is the fastest-growing county in the US.
And that basically constitutes 57th Street South and so I mean there’s just a lot of.
Big things happening in Sioux Falls so I imagine that with all those exciting new things with the Levitt Shell and a bunch of those things happening people hear about that and then they want to come.
To a city like ours that still small enough but not too big yet.

[7:20] Sure let’s see and then Natasha you bet you’ve been quiet your your back up on the scene what what do you do pay attention to local art scene to you,
do you feel like it’s it’s developing I mean like your your your new hubby I mean he’s Lee involved in like the tattoo scene and stuff like that those are kind of like epicenters for a lot of the art and culture in town here Julian and Company and request Dustin,
is the coolest but I mean do you ever hang out there with him and see like what’s going on and.
Yeah but mostly I just sit there with my yarn and makes faces at him before he notices on there about the plants like laugh and he’s like what are you laughing at you laughing is like.
Oh I didn’t get to this little Kermit the Frog it’s supposed to be supposed to be Ghost Rider I know but yeah I’m kind of screwed Kermit the Frog.

[8:29] Cool talents and stuff so let’s see next door here.
This one’s more of just you know if they pass the big Bond bill here in town so we’re to get our new new high schools.
Spending the big money on education and of course the most important thing we have to consider about that is what are we going to name the new high school which.

[8:56] I don’t know I thought for sure they’d go with the whole Rushmore theme that they had going so it was going to be like Jefferson.
But apparently that’s not set in stone.

[9:08] So my humble humble submission is that we call at Sanford High.

[9:15] Best mascots could be the fighting Denny’s I was thinking you know.
One of the more innocuous presidents like Wilson maybe you know somebody that Harding and somebody that was,
kind of below-the-radar a little bit you know are there any schools that was it usually caesarea ever president.
There’s a few of them to have like more Lakota influence pains and then there are some that are you know like or like civil rights figures and slow by ro you got some other ones.

[9:59] Maybe Ginsburg no RDG throw that out.
The school Mount Rushmore will never be as cool as Western South Dakota Mount Rushmore.

[10:18] Yes we know we know you’re at the West River and that West River is better than East River she got it.
Becca to Westside co-hosts there their they’re always ganging up on me about how much better the west side,
sometimes other than that like having a place to shop and live in job,
but it’s really pretty to visit it’s really pretty Sylvan Lake amazing but no jobs.

[10:51] So

[10:53] You know there’s stuff the Facebook comments on this have just been golden just like schoolie mcschoolface Garth that big research vessel boaty mcboatface.
Absolutely thanks internet.

[11:13] It’s kind of like oh what was it on the International Space Station that they were going to name and then.
Better naming contest in banded up shutting off the being able to submit any name yep I remember that.
To change it halfway through the contest to change it to like you have these 12 options and they’re all like very like Endeavor and Wikia yeah they’re all they’re all like Star Trek ship names basically yes.

[11:39] Star Trek Excelsior defiance let’s see.

[11:48] So are our last new story we’re going to talk about here you don’t really hard hitting new stuff but going on here.

[11:55] Is the hamster stacking incident thing I don’t know if you’ve seen the the Billboards I finally saw one this morning but I’ve been following it online and they have been like replying to me and stuff like that,
okay full disclosure on Tuesday night I was running Monday night I was running a really high fever.
And I proceeded to get on there and launched a gigantic tirade at them about how,
what kind of Ray Bradbury Halloween twist ending is I’d like a hamster’s going to eat my face or it might have turned into a hamster
or you guys secretly hamsters on with keyboards or I’m just like what
what’s the Shyamalan twist here about this like this pops up it’s right before Halloween there’s got to be something like Syfy Twilight Zone Shenanigans going on here,
there, it was just like wow okay,
yes really interesting but are but what we are is a lot less I-5 and what your which yeah turn out to be pretty mundane it’s the what’s the name of the group.
It’s appointment up here maybe if it was low.
Yeah there we go Heineken Schultz creative it’s the one that created the whole hamster stacking website and got this whole ball rolling.

[13:23] Babe they picked initiated measure 27 because that this is their 27th year in in business that’s why they.
Get that hold on it to send proposal I just like you but you spent much you spent money on billboards and a website and a Facebook ad campaign.
You know Google quick one so I case you guys haven’t seen it you’re still the website.

[13:50] The art of hamsters dancing it’s incredibly vital the local businesses and surrounding communities Coppola still going,
yes let’s let’s stack those hamsters.
Oh yes is pulling ahead right now this is as of 10:24 a.m. Central Time Saturday October 13th 65.22% of Voters are saying stack them hamsters.
No hamsters should run amok.

[14:28] But at Tasha’s apparently.
That’s a great face when you’re pitching Anarchy by the way that is the face to do it well.
Saw that could there’s a big east of a picture of these the stack of hamsters.
Oh oh and then I don’t know if it was like.
Ghetto hamster devil,
and after that I put obviously the green one cuz there was a red one a green one and a blue one with like no reason it’s just obviously,
Good Times.
So yeah supercon wrapped up and we had a great time with that obviously if you listen this podcast you caught up on.

[15:24] Everything I was doing there with all the panels there’s one left to are yet that’s the life but Capri more recording we did you want to be sure and check that out over it Macabre
That’ll be I think I episode comes out 2 weeks it cuz the recording schedule with that one we’re so far out ahead with episodes we recorded the.
It’s like we got a back catalog of things to like push out there.
But anyway that’s that’s the news that’s what’s going on locally anyway all the very important stories at at least course of course.
So let’s jump into a full circle book Co-op so tell us a little bit about first off it’s a co-op.

[16:06] What what up what up with that so am I going to be able to go get like my sex mug filled with coffee every morning or I don’t know about that.
Well that’s a start the co-op model it’s kind of based off the the food called Model where you become a member of.
Of the of the whole thing but you don’t have to be a member to shop there it’s more like an added benefit if you do there’s a couple of different ways to become a member whether it’s paying or you can donate your time or you can.

[16:45] Gout in blood out.
When we were inspecting the basement we walked in downstairs and you know there’s no lightning or anything in,
we got our phones out when do the back room and there’s like a hundred candles burn to the ground is a big black backdrop this tins of salt and fake blood everywhere,
and so it might be room for some blood donations,
you don’t work out you can always open a for text to hell in the basement,
reasons for it down there but we’ve kind of like the mystery aspect of it a little bit but.

[17:43] They’re going to ride it out don’t do was feeling music video down there or something for a commercial and so it turned out to be.
It was scary on that initials.
Recall on the 605 Ghostbusters right now we saw the hydro guys were trying to smoke us out something new.

[18:11] Star Lake.
I don’t think we’re we’re in New England at this like that old ones we feel them if I was going on.

[18:26] Yeah I know so,
and it’s a it’s a club for a lot of reasons because we’re you know we partner with a lot of local businesses and stuff as well I mean we’re going to have a featured artist every month that’s going to be hosted by,
I asked him the same in Prince and repeat and she’s kind of,
artistic coordinator and she’s got people lined up to be a featured artist through the next couple months actually,
and so every first Friday we will launch a new artist and we have their stuff on the wall and then we have prints for sale.

[19:03] And that’s you know how we’re supporting them we have a vendor area so on our opening on our grand opening weekend we have.
Any Jane handicrafts coming in and setting up there she does leather and leather jewelry and stuff like that so she’s going to have a booth in there plus we have all the South Dakota right to authors that are going to be having their books they’re on the shelf and so it’s really,
when you think of a food co-op where they get like a lot of local produce and everything we’re doing exactly the same thing except for the artistic community so it really is a co-op,
any ideas at all these people are contributing to the space not to mention we have the block Collective will be headquartered their self go to rights will be headquartered there.
You know just a lot of different organizations going to come in together to use the spacing and make it something amazing so nice.

[19:55] Let’s see so why books,
what why is that your ear like go to thing for so I can imagine this is like a bar coffee bar always keep it like venues that could be like a center for like artistic,
Endeavors why bookstore well it is a bookstore Beer and Wine Bar.
And event space so I mean it’s kind of we’ve heard of different places but I guess when I was getting my MFA in up in Minneapolis they had.
The Loft,
up there and it said they had it’s basically a bookstore that that teaches classes and they host events when authors come to town so they have like you know,
I believe anyway they have wine and cheese it’s been awhile since I’ve been up there but I think they have that kind of thing I’m like I think I thought the Sioux Falls was big enough to support a place like that and so the idea of,
the BET and they also do like handcrafted cards and it so they kind of have a this.

[20:56] Not exactly what we’ve done I think we’ve done it more Grassroots and more intensely local maybe than the loft is done cuz I think they do have new,
but like their regular independent Bookseller I think and we’re not clan on quite go that way but part of the philosophy to which Sean’s been you know talking about a little bit.
Is that we wanted to provide a place that artist can actually afford to come too and you can talk a little bit more about our flaskey on that.
We want to to be the place that I just can just spend 6 hours working on that project lol you know meeting up with people to talk about the project without breaking the bank and without then having to.

[21:38] Been doing that money you know I want to give people time.
To add to work on Monday the passions part of that is keeping the prices low in the shop everything everything except for like reading books and maybe particular items is probably under $10.
Coffee will be affordable books will be three and four dollars about from the the local author books for everything that is a used book I will be that.
And as far as why books in a bar I mean.

[22:10] If I was at loose in a Bookshop after a couple of beers that’s I’m buying a lot of books.
Yeah I don’t know what I mean these things exist in like some of the major city you know the city as you can.

[22:25] Go to Colorado then spear books there is you know these things are around and we just figured that was time that’s too. Plus there’s no fuse Bookshop.
You know specific used book shop downtown zombro sell some books and last stop CD shop also sells him but you know.
Used book store on we have we have thousands of books ready on the Shelf so awesome.

[22:49] Very cool what so we’ve established why why the books and you can a hopping on the the idea of.
Investing in the idea of like a performance space.
And we talked a little bit about before we got in this part about why you’re doing the their performance space but.
More specifically why was that important to you to like personally specifically to have a.
Performance space downtown like that well that was the whole thing we’ve been running our own non-profits for 2 or 3 years.

[23:29] It’s tough to find a an all-ages venue that also could accommodate you know I don’t see want to have a beer on order glass of wine while watching something without spending $300 on a venue for a non-profit running on a shoestring budget,
you you don’t even bring me a coffee so we just figured.
Well if we open up our own place maybe we can substitute with you no beer Wine and Food Sales Plus the books and then we can just have either free space or very affordable space for any nonprofits or individuals who want to hold some stuff there.
That was that was very first conversation I had with you about this I think was how to solve that problem and that’s what we this is what we come up with.
Two guys sitting around like it we should have a business let’s make a bar you know I like yeah,
block puzzles but that’s not the Genesis of this it really came up with what are we going to do like we were sitting down possibly at a bar and we had our our calendars out for the next two months and we’re like.

[24:32] Sean and I literally we posted probably 200 events in the last 2 years either here locally in Sioux Falls or across the state and.

[24:43] We were having like but we can’t go here cuz they’re booked we can’t go here cuz they’re booked we can’t get in here oh well we love going to library but they don’t allow you to charge a ticket event while we have.
You know we’re going to have a special guest speaker we have to pay them and we know from experience that if we pay our speaker and we don’t have a ticket event then we always go in the hole,
and so how are we going to We Can’t basically a year-and-a-half ago we just said we can’t keep doing this like.

[25:12] We were spending so much time on the organization aspects of just finding a venue versus actually putting the classes together and doing a bunch of other stuff.
And so that’s kind of we started with the event space and then we’ll how can we provide the event space without.

[25:28] Breaking the Bank you know like how what are we going to do for it well of course everyone that shows up to our events wants to eat and drink so that was the next logical thing and then we thought well.
The South Dakota rights authors never have shelf space so what about.
You know how do we get there books on the shelf and then what about you know poetry books poetry is a very under marketed you know venue,
I’m in a lot of the book stores in town and things like that and we knew we had some local poets and local authors and so just kind of you know grew into this idea,
books and beer and wine and and leave in space but,
where do you gather where do you hang out and there was no one Collective space and I don’t I mean there’s not so we were hoping to be that,
I’m taking a little bit of the responsibilities of yuno gasai keeping those prices low.
I mean to get to get like philosophical with it I was I was in The Beatles Museum back home in Liverpool.

[26:32] Adesina stood out to me is that if it wasn’t this one business in town in Liverpool who who allowed people to buy their guitars on like layaway.
The Beatles never would have picked up a Guitar because they could never afford it so it becomes a responsibility of a community in the business and the bigger picture to.
To accommodate if you want to build a Nazi and I’ll help you out seeing grow so that’s kind of his kind of what we were trying to do thought about but yeah I mean.
Do you know it’s like what what do you do to fertilize the ground and create.
Environment for that kind of community did you go in and it’s a $6 cup of coffee you have one copy and copy and leave and you know what I mean like if you’re broke
it’s all pretty but if you got a bottomless cup for 2 bucks you know maybe it’s different with the people that are on an Apple laptop who are working on their novel that is Sunday come out
and knock and yeah,
I like the idea of keeping it affordable and accessible that’s that’s really cool about the book Co-Op part but,
very many people at few people ask us about why full circle and the whole concept is is that we started out with.

[27:47] People who who you know right there palm and get up on stage and speak it out loud and we start with people who are riding their novel and then we teach them how to edit it or we teach them how to speak better and then we teach them how to put it into book form,
and then we help them get their hard copies and then we provide a place to put them on the Shelf so it’s a you know from origin to finish it comes right back in the same location,
and that’s something that we’ve seen already have it over and over again I mean we have people in the black Collective are in the process right now on,
the night of November 3rd when we’re doing our next year in poetry our first one at the shop.
Our friend Matt Miller just since we’ve known him in the last year has got a book together a poetry book that he’s been reading it at Open Mic poetry in.

[28:33] South Dakota rights authors you know.
Because we meet regularly and they see other people putting their books out they finally like I should put my book out and so then they get online and get their books out and we’ve had just,
explosion of new books a new poetry books in the last year that did not exist prior to when we started so I mean.
Yeah it’s pretty sure that the moment that’s coming out,
so we can take some classes on that kind of stuff and school.
Let’s see so what’s your your timeline on on on opening up.

[29:21] November 2nd grand opening night and weekend cuz we’ve had a lot of lot of interest on Facebook,
when was the last time you saw a line outside of a bookstore probably not often here in Sioux Falls anyway maybe for a Harry Potter release at Barnes & Noble,
but yeah cuz we have you know a certain capacity that load that we can only handle and we.

[29:49] According to you know some of the statistics are seeing on Facebook we are going to smash that on opening night so,
San Leandro is the opening day we’re running a Kickstarter right now that has an option to come to the pre-launch party on the Thursday night probably visit,
which will be there let you know the first time that you’ll get to see all the changes that we made and stuff that we’ve got sample of foods get some beers wines and.
Take some books off the shelf Maybe.
We have a lot of other options for specific,
we actually have a ton of stuff going on that hold grand opening weekend we have like I said we have a handicraft vendor coming in on,
Saturday afternoon we have Matt’s watching his book at the beer in poetry not on Saturday night we have.
Nanowrimo which is National novel writing month is the the our first kick it kick off right in is that Saturday or Sunday afternoon so we have a lot of,
I mean the opening weekend is already packed and then,
on our calendar already coming up we have a few things that are monsters real theater company’s going to be coming and doing some things with us in looking at working with Indie band for a midnight movie and then.

[31:13] Talking with Angelica Mikado about a woman’s poetry night and to help the.

[31:21] Help with that movement so we we have got some stuff coming up and got a pretty pretty varied but.

[31:29] Very cool let’s see so.
You know first. Look up your good guys have been collecting books for a while you’ve been very active for not having a location you’ve been like a very active organization that I’ve had people remarks like
they don’t have locations are working on it and it worked,
yeah we were Optimus no business people who know so we we we thought that would be open last summer time,
we thought we just walk into the space but finally enough. Space we have now with the very first place we have looked at and,
again yeah it’s supposed to go all the way nice,
book drives in Jason’s garage for the last year with the community of just pulled out and just being so cool,
most of our inventory is from donations from the community and there’s some really good stuff with some unexpected books that have come through which is great.
Yeah we just picked up four thousand bucks the other night yeah that’s how so I put down two flights of stairs to 1.6 tons of books by ourselves and one night but yeah that’s the fun training program.
Yeah we’re both dumping weight like crazy it’s awesome but no I think we’re we I think we’ve crested over 30,000 books now currently in our inventory.

[32:53] And then just I mean anything is if we would have been opened last August we would not have had our supply we would not have had a lot of the things that we now have in the shop.
And so,
it actually just turned out kind of perfect that we however we were bursting capacity we had a storage unit that was overflowing at a double stalex in the garage it was overflowing my spare bedroom is overflowing,
add stop stacking up in my living room Sean’s got stuff in his house in his living room in his garage and we’re like.

[33:25] We had a move-in day last Sunday where we had a group of about 20 volunteers come and help us.
And I have my entire house I can park my car in the garage for the first time in a year-and-a-half it’s amazing like just some of those like emotional moments that you want to get back you know I mean but,
absolutely fun crazy watching something you like this got to be exhilarating to just like a lot of fun being really good living and care of them we’ve just just being a blast you know.
Julia just got out for another Community response is just being pretty hot warming and especially for a Kickstarter to I mean we’ve had all these books donated which humbles us and then all the people are actually giving us money to do this which we are.
So thankful and so humbled in mind boggled everyday we’re at 91% of our Kickstarter we have 9 or 5 days left now and we’re just everyday we’re just you know feeling that the community really wants us to happen just like we do so we’re really excited,
that is awesome.

[34:25] Let’s see sweet covered your opening date you guys and you have a Kickstarter going on we’ll link to that in the show notes trying to think of what else I should bug you about are you guys still doing the,
the compilation that like Midwest apocalypse how’s that going.
Well let me see maybe I could take that one up know the funny thing was it courses that last year we had all these high hopes of getting open and everything and we wanted to have some books ready to go for when we opened well of course we were hanging on to them.

[35:01] Until we get a shop open and so they have weird kind of put on the back burner as a because we do want to do local publishing that’s.
Essentially the final part of the full circle is that we publish it for the local people as well so we do have Midwest apocalypse Anthology and,
a poetry magazine Penzeys into mace and actually that one might come out first even though that the call was afterwards but that one’s going to be a lot easier to put together sure until I think we’re very close on getting that one to the printer and you know,
of course now with the the shop opening itself it might be January when we see some time to actually put that out but.
We would love to do a launch you know a lunch in January where we just have a random,
you know oh here’s our new publication and we’re going to have a you know it a book launch for the new publication and things like that and so we do,
a 10 so that was fun getting I mean like you said we have not been still and that was one of the things we thought we could probably get organized while we had we’re waiting for a permanent location and so yeah we do have those too,
pieces of publication in the works right now and then you know we have one of my gosh just so many things on the plate.

[36:11] To get organized I mean like employees and
food ordering and construction and we finally have our permits all lined up from the city and we have to go to the city council on Monday night and get our beer and wine license and your Tuesday night
it is Monday night last time they moved it to Tuesday but I believe it’s Monday night October 15th okay so yeah so I mean it’s been.

[36:40] All the hoops and of course we’re new at all this so it’s just some things that we’re like okay what’s the next step oh no these are the next seven steps before all day will do these 7 things before we can get to the next step okay I got you so it’s been a
learning curve definitely sounds like a grand Adventure go very much it is.
Let’s see I know we’ve mentioned your downtown but I don’t think we mention the exact location of where you are downtown 123 West 10th Street.
Well that’s easy remember what night is a nice address yeah I didn’t say I did I said dress Hydro used to be in there so it’s the Hydra whole show former Hydra Hall location right across the road from the diner.
Okay yeah 123 West 10th Street.

[37:29] November 2nd full circle be there
skit guys need sandwich boards or one of those guys that like Twirls around the big Arrow to stand on the corner.
A literary gorillavid ago me and Larry’s Pawn a guy out there in gorilla suit holding the book.

[38:02] I’m here with Jason is where we’re throwing books from an overpass in traffic and tell people the books.
Don’t do that.

[38:16] Give them to us give the books to us,
I’ll take him so any anything else you think that people should know about the full circle book Co-op button cuz I mean so,
if I got this right you’re going to have a beer and wine kind of,
you know bar set up there yep you’ve got the bookstore activity going on it is Up Performance space what’s the capacity on the performance base,
oh that’s a good question I believe we the entire,
area is 70 okay and so depending on where we where people are but we’re kind of were tentatively telling people 50 is what the event space is going to be so if they want to book a,
Christmas parties are or if we have to take the adventure something like I think right now it’s full of
stuff and so we we don’t have the chairs all set up and we have a good idea but according to what our new permit allows us to have is going to be 70 for the entire space so
and that includes the bookstore area which is very limited capacity and in the bar and the event space so we figured that it’s more like a 4820.

[39:32] Something kind of thing so we also nothing but love the numbers but we also have a boardroom scriptorium alright with Rhett to mention that you wanted to,
you don’t know prophets have to host meetings monthly things and all the stuff off does any business guys or anybody wanted to just kind of higher up that room and.

[39:51] Yeah so we have we have that extra little spot as well yeah.
This is a lot going on in a small space that we’ve got our boardroom is called the scriptorium.
Nice it Edition ain’t no and an old word basically we’re the monks would go and.
Script you know they would be able to illuminate and they would write their text and so obviously it’s going to be open to anyone who wants to go in there if it’s not booked and it’ll have,
AR archive is going to be in there because one of the things we’ve been doing through South Dakota rights answer the book Co-op as we’ve been buying,
and collecting donations of anything that’s ever been written in South Dakota so it’s a living archive you don’t have to go to SDSU and get down in the archive and check something out you can come in,
see what we have on our shelves and it’s just some of the random things that we have is like,
the the Autobahn the South Dakota Audubon Society quarterly news magazine.
From the 50s we have been like years and years of runs of that we have you know the South Dakota history magazine we have,
the Hulk would we have passed petals from the 70s we have you know annuals from the colleges,
all these have articles that were written by South Dakota residence and I think that that’s something that’s really interesting one of the things we sold at the pop up.
I need American gentleman was in there in and asked if this was for sale and where like of course it is that’s why it’s here it’s like only $3 like yes he’s like why do all the illustrations in that book.

[41:20] And he had a house fire and lost it and I lost all the original and in this book was I think it was drawn in the early 90s it was like a,
it was a lot like locally published book but it was like Lakota dresses like their the way that they dressed in a lot of their fancy dance things and everything,
and he was like almost in tears purchasing it because we had that in our shop Barnes & Noble doesn’t carry that on their shelf you know it’s,
that’s the kind of stuff that we actually gravitate towards and want to grab so we loved having it for him and his awesome,
that the Mystique of a second hand Bookshop you know you get in there and you don’t know what you’re going to find we want to.
They got bigger so instead of just the books you know you don’t know who you’re going to find out how do you know what kind of event will be going on but vendor will be there so I just wanted to make it like an experience of just walking in there not to like.
And I’ll make it to to a funeral philosophical game but you know just just have an experience unique,
you’re not just going to get a cup of coffee you can go in there too you know maybe start a new venture.

[42:26] Cuz I mean that’s how all this started just you know we bumped into each other somewhere just show up.
Podcast probably presents this week’s Shameless plugs well this is the I mean basically giving you like a Shameless plug the second half of this episode Flex if you want to,
do a quick like soundbite Roundup of everything people should know about full circle book Co-op and what’s going on and everything else now is your chance,
if you got any other events not even related to it that you want to promote their selling something or anything like that this is the point of the show where you can feel free to unleash that.
Well I think it will probably just keep that our grand opening weekend we’re at 123 West 10th Street the full circle book Co-op our grand opening is November 2nd,
we have a ton of events going on the entire weekend we have new featured artist Alabama future artist launching that night we have,
featured poet and Open Mic poetry on Saturday night we have National novel writing month kicking off and we have all kinds of things starting to fill the calendar already for the month of November so.
Come down and see us their outstanding Natasha do you have any Shameless bucks this week.

[43:49] All shamelessly plug Spa mm cuz that.

[43:58] Let’s see my Shameless plugs this week are as as always I’m going to plug the two Empire podcast Network and all the great work that all of our volunteers are doing please help me provide them with donuts and coffee,
you could support us at patreon by going to Sioux Falls,
and then a huge thank you to pay transporter Matthew Paulsen if you want your name name-dropped in episodes like this I got to do is sign up for a set level over on me all the old patreon.
And yeah and then also a shout out to sponsor supercon,
of which they’ve already got the dates set for that exact same weekend next year and that is going to be asking to be awesome,
it was really great to see it like totally explode and take over the the space that it did at the convention center this year and I’m really looking forward to next year is that wrath of the Khan next year I believe is the time.
We’re finally out of Star Wars titles Star Trek one so there you go that’s a bee Supercut number for.

[45:05] And then I as always you can listen to the Sioux Empire podcast and all of our podcasts over at live 605 which also does the,
5625 count down which is an amazing weekly countdown,
of the top songs voted on by you from the Sioux Falls Area so it’s all Sioux Falls artists and talent,
and it’s all locals voting online for their if their favorite artists in,
we’ve got a lot of artist friends from Urban Indians podcast to their songs are on those charts and yeah it’s a,
great things will be sure once again to check out all the stuff over at live 605.

[45:44] And I think that does it for this week thank you both gentleman for for being here thank you very much thank you Natasha fur for surviving and making it back and good to see you again hey how was the Buffalo Run that good.

[45:57] Yeah good awesome way to summarize that like spectacular event with the,
who is Nora if I remember it was like the first time or at least in my a long time that it snowed on
although you know on the booths at the Art Festival,
come back but you know it was it was a thing
okay what school got on the poem for next year was going to be so much better there.

[46:35] You know I know how it goes that’s that’s the way I’m with the booth every year for super, some like next year were to do this and what can I do this,
and it usually ends up being an over-reaction plus respond it’s called planning for Wars words like your plan for the last one rather than when you’re actually going to go do you know the exact same way but anyway I digress thank you for joining us everyone and have a great week.

Sioux Empire Podcast 124 How to Podcast Panel from SiouxperCon 2018

Sioux Empire Podcast 124 How to Podcast Panel from SiouxperCon 2018

Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Are you a podcaster who wants to learn some new tricks? Then you don’t want to miss this panel at SiouxperCon 2018: Return of the Con on Friday, September 28th at 8 PM at the Sioux Falls Convention Center!

What kind of equipment should I use? Is there free software that can help me sound professional? What are the benefits of Podcasting? What are the pitfalls that cost rookie podcasters money and time? We’ve got you covered.

Robert Mehling has been producing podcasts since 2014 for He has created hundreds of episodes for over a dozen podcasts featured in national media such as USA Today and NPR. A podcasting consultant for the State of South Dakota Game Fish & Parks and featured speaker at 1 Million Cups Sioux Falls, he’s offering you a crash course on how to make your podcasts and will be available for Q&A on any aspect of Podcasting.

Famous for his “open door” policy on podcasting Robert has worked to foster an interest in the art of podcasting in others. That’s why he is offering this presentation and Q&A with no fees or strings attached. Just come on down to SiouxperCon.


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Machine Transcript
[0:50] So I guess I’m just going to leave in a little bit here just get it going to do it a little informal cuz we just got a small group here,
what are people’s kind of expectations for the payoff the thing with podcasting is that it’s,
there’s like a million different formats there’s a different ways to record it what what are some of people’s ideas or what would you like to hear about or do you just want me to start from the top like totally how to do it,
like like a cookie cutter.
Podcast so okay I’ll do that and then I just with the disclosure that there’s a whole bunch of like if you get to a point where I couldn’t do that.
There are other workarounds and other ways to do it there’s like a million ways to do a podcast,
so the first step is you need a topic something to talk about obviously,
it’s ideal have like a dish of some kind something that people haven’t heard before I mean you could totally do something that other people do you can do this for fun that’s totally your thing I mean there’s no,
pressures are obligations there I will caution you if you’re thinking that you’re going to get rich podcasting in any way shape or form,
that is never going to happen unless you are even the people that have done that like maren and,
Joe Rogan were famous before and they use their connections from being famous before the podcast.

[2:14] The Streamlight in in there so,
famous yeah that’s like it’s.

[2:32] You got it got really famous for interviewing Obama a few years ago but I don’t.
Yeah certainly like to think you’re saying and said another reason to do it is if you wanted kind of become more involved with just your community I mean the thing with.
Sioux Empire podcast as we started the first year with just Rob myself and his wife and we pick the topic of.
Local Sioux Empire stuff it quickly it’s no Mall from Larry.
But you know the first season we just did it ourselves never hadn’t guessed but then we started having I guess after we can make bills established ourselves in the listeners.
And then we started having a lot of really cool guest on and that’s kind of cool way to meet new people and talk about it something new that you don’t know very much about him.
If you’re interested in getting more involved with people around you is really.
Yeah whatever Community it’s like if it’s sewing if it’s cosplay if it’s local news something like that it’s a great way to reach out to a community.

[3:53] Whatever you dig and you can have her pain is not a bad place to start when you’re talking about.
I think you’re probably going to admit.
We’re going to but when we first started we did 10 episodes before we ever believes it and it’s good to have that you know sort of.

[4:14] So that you can.
You’re pretty. Depends because there’s been a lot of like conjecture on that rule and stuff over over the years now that kind of like change that a little bit we’re not all podcast will launch in with so many,
you know there’s there’s a whole bunch of arguments about you should have 3 episodes in the can before you laundry stuff too,
or excetera excetera head games trying to be like in the system would become really popular by doing that you’re not.
Just don’t mess with like little petty games like that if you put on and you promoted know you’re out there people will find you and,
a joke with people that I’m still a farmer like I was when I was a kid growing up on a farm you just planting seeds in overtime at gross I mean we probably had like 50 listeners and episode the first year,
like 200 when we added guests in season 2 and then season 3 is when it started to get,
crazy like 800 to 1200 per episode life in that territory.
There were two years there where it felt like we were basically like in a room Talking to Ourselves.

[5:28] Take off Merry Christmas images canopy layer but I guess they’re just try to get some Grill.
Fish learn English through the podcast which is terrifying,
you’re not learning from the doctors not. Too much so the next thing once you got your topic in your idea and your niche,
will get another technical stuff your equipment a lot of people,
the big mistake they make right off the bat is it going in there by like a lot of equipment you do not have to do that there are top 10 iTunes podcasts out there where they recorded with the little earbud headphones that have a microphone and then from there I saw,
that’s all they used to record so you do not have to splurge on equipment that is totally unnecessary it depends a lot.
You’re by yourself.
I don’t like Sarah Werner who’s a big podcaster here in town she’s got out iTunes like top 10 sci-fi podcast of girl in space that’s amazing.

[6:44] I always was like man I have your studio sound,
and then she’s got a bunch of acoustic foam like from Amazon and chicken wire and she made her podcast cone,
top 10 iTunes podcasts like,
and treated like this and that’s how she gets that perfect absolutely no outside noise perfectly balanced sound.

[7:26] I’m imagining she’s operated by now but I will always like a picture in the cone of silence.
Anyway so yeah like I said you do not need to spend a lot of money you can get great sound that way if you doing the podcast it’s more like ours where it’s like conversational it gets a little more complicated but even if you’re like short on money like this little guy right here this Olympus recorder,
the best recorder for $40 at Office Depot you can probably get a lot cheaper online,
it’s got everything I’m saying. So much better,
and I listen to podcast and once I’m done with it it’s it’s listenable it’s not going to be like,
but it’s going to sound good especially for like a starting out podcast getting your feel and deciding if it’s something you want to do for like your first season or whatever more than adequate or like I said like if it’s just by yourself.

[8:28] IPhone earbuds,
if you want to be a crazy person and have like no self-control you be like me and go buy an answer mics and a mixer and all that stuff like right off the bat which it is nice and it gives me a lot more flexibility,
but especially like the first few years when I didn’t know what I was doing with the mixer yet it’s really debatable whether it was like a hindrance or a helpful even have all that equipment cuz I was learning from it which I learn how to use equipment so that’s that’s helpful.

[8:58] Answer that would be confiscated stuff,
don’t spend a lot of money on equipment try it out with something cheaper and then like it’s taking off and someone starts a bit about sponsors or you’re like pushing like a thousand listens an episode or something like that eventually or something like that,
send me a pic then you can start looking at like upgrading to set up and stuff like that or if you’re doing it for fun like I am and you just done with money anyway you can I mean you can Splurge if you want but,
it’s time to make or break your podcast a lot of people will go in thinking they can spend a bunch of money off the bat,
and then that will make her podcasts work no you can have a $400 you know NPR condenser mic and make it terrible podcast I’ve heard them,
they’re out there that you were about the job again like you shouldn’t feel bad if.
Yeah I have to jump Tilex because like I said we started out with one mindset and then quickly changed as you learn how you’re doing.

[10:03] So the next thing once you got some kind of equipment to report it almost all these devices,
that’s what your audio should have come out as some of them were going to have it stereo some of them will have it just one channel in mono,
unless you’re doing like an audio play like radio play with those are fun,
it’s like full of like characters and sound effects and stuff like going on unless you produce it like fully produced like that,
I upload all my stuff in in single-channel mono anymore because it has the amount of data and,
something I’ve learned like the first year I was uploading stereo so I was literally just wasting and paying for twice too much upload that I needed to but you don’t you learn from your first year,
yeah so yeah.
So you get the way file the next thing is how do you clean it up there is a free program that is very easy to use for audio editing.
90% of podcasts use it podcast that are like four people do this for a living.
Bands that use audacity cuz it’s like like anything on the network that like flophouse and my brother my brother my brother and me.

[11:30] Let’s get bunch of them they all use audacity even though they’re guys that make their living off of podcasting that’s all they do and they still use this free software cuz it’s really stupid easy to edit
Dragon drop stuff Ben is super straightforward you want to fade you just go at it.
What are the things that you’ve done is outsourced.

[11:57] I had her intro Outdoors too so that’s kind of cheap way to kind of put some stuff if you’re not give the musically or whatever you want to,
dad as far as like there is a ton of royalty.

[12:24] There’s a ton of royalty free music out there so as far as like your intro and stuff like that I would rely on that.
Royalty free for the first two seasons like that and that in the third contacted a composer that I met on fiber fiber is right by the way if you just want a voiceover intro person that isn’t you welcome to the show until podcast.

[12:47] It’s different so it sounds more professional and stuff you can go on fiber and pay them like 5 $10 and they’ll send you that audio clip and you give them a script.
It’s stupid easy to Outsource stuff that way it’s really feel like people with British accents.

[13:05] When will I arrive at British British woman record our intro where she said all of our names like with Robert smeding Natasha Estes for the longest time I left it there but she was like set.

[13:29] He messes up names and for the first year it was just me and the podcast other than 5 and you certainly didn’t mess up hers but you know that my mood.
I believe it cuz I do that but yeah okay I’ll believe that anyway my apologies back on a podcasting and how to,
the next thing you could do so you’ve got that WAV file you’ve got I know what you want like I said you can have intros reported you can use you know royalty free music I recommend that.
Don’t push the the car anything copyrighted be really careful with fair use a lot of people will push.
There used to be like all that’s fair you have some in the elf like pulling it Tire 80 ACDC song as their theme in the podcast is like that.
Podcast to the wild west so it’s not like YouTube you will not get flag right away.
Eventually it can really come back to bite you like severely with the legal ramifications so I would strongly recommend you not do that unless you got Express.
Information it’s up and then if you’re like me and you upload your podcast to YouTube as well cuz that’s another outlet for Distributing.
YouTube will flag you like right away cuz they’ve got the algorithms to detect right away you’re using a song that you don’t.
Glad you for using music that you own and have explicit written permission to use.
And I’m still glad you would be like we don’t believe you even though your Britain documents that say I own this.

[14:56] Podcast of paranormal investigation with copper Anwar band called mouth full of BS recorded this really cool Erie soundtrack that’s the intro to it,
every episode I have to file a dispute with YouTube cuz every episode,
glad the intro as a copyright violation and then I have to email the form that says no I got written permission to use a song and then like okay.

[15:22] So just part of my routine just email that outfit every episode that.

[15:27] So stay away from copyrighted music as much as he can use the original stuff.
So you got this way file we put music in it before the intro wanted you recorded what you were your content the next thing is to format a little bit,
one of the best kept secrets other than audacity that’s free for for formatting and editing is a little program called level later.
If you Google level later you’ll find it it’s really Define to run from a company called the conversations Network and it is.
You are liquid gold it is amazing you literally drag your wave file onto the the little window that pops up and it spits out a WAV file that is like totally balanced it will lower your high and raise your Lowe’s,
superb like better than,
I have a service I use for other different like body of finishing things that’s like a paid professional service it is not as good in a lot of cases of levelator.

[16:32] I don’t like people in the industry rant and Rave about that that program and it’s totally free,
so at the best kept secret you hear a lot of people when they’re learning a podcast they’re starting out there audio levels were like really really low or really are really really high but usually really low because they’re scared and shy on the first time the first 15 minutes,
let you know the rule that everyone is scared of podcasting the first 15 minutes and then they get natural sounding.

[16:58] Yeah yeah so level later that’s one of the best piece of advice I can give you cuz I know a lot of podcast that could really use that that don’t know about it.
It’s really different than the previous year.

[17:18] Yep it’s it’s a great tool and it’s free so I highly recommend that so then the next thing you got to figure out how to host your your podcast cuz you got that file I need to distribute it to people.
Here’s where it gets a little technical because there’s like a hundred different ways to distribute it,
I’ve really common one with a lot of people I Know It SoundCloud that is absolutely a good valid resource I,
I would recommend it I know there’s some people who are like very sad again SoundCloud because the company has had some like instability with leadership and stuff like that,
but it’s a great Value Plus like $120 a year and then unlimited audio for the entire year like you can upload a hundred episodes and.
And SoundCloud.

[18:03] Are they give you the pretty front end in the player that you can embed in your website stuff like that pretty straightforward and get and now they used to not do this now they offer an RSS feed so that you could submit it to iTunes through SoundCloud so they are a full fully functional,
posting service,
another one that I use is called libsyn that’s the professional industry Standard 1 a lot of your like iTunes top 10 podcasts are posted by lips and they are the gold standard.
The thing with them is that,
they’re by media host so they host your file and they give you a little player but you might want a prettier like WordPress website that actually put the player on and display to people because otherwise the lips and websites kind of ugly but it’s.
But it’s a good host and the brakes are pretty reasonable but that one will charge based on the volume or the amount of files.
That’s why I was talking about paying double cuz I turn the stereo files instead of mono files so it’s like I’m using up twice as much memory as I need to every month.

[19:09] But yeah I can’t say enough good things about Lipson but I know people who you SoundCloud are super happy with that I know a few people who use a service I can recommend cuz I’ve never used it but podbean is very popular.
Blueberry is very popular I actually use their there plug-in on my WordPress site because if you’re going to do host multiple podcasts like I do want to cite what you can do is you can host the media file on Lipson,
and then use Burberry to create like a channel for like 6 so I can have six different podcasts from one website is burberry can just spit out,
here’s the website here’s a podcast. Here’s a separate podcast feed is another podcast feed so all of my podcast website,
fix it just it’s so easy to manage to that plug in so,
that’s a great product but I still like lips in as the host like I said they are the gold standard and they have really up their game on the analytics like giving you about who’s listening to where and for how long and things like that.
Yeah I know how to hard test I guess welcome.

[20:15] So beyond that didn’t you get into but that’s how it looks and so if you use Ice and Fire.

[20:27] I’m sorry what was that very last part.
Yes cuz cuz here’s the deal I didn’t mention I touch your podcast basically they are an aggregator and a search engine you give them the RSS feed,
which is what your podcast feed as it’s just a syndicated data feed and iTunes just basically a search engine for podcasts.
So you want to submit your podcast there because in the last report that lips and did they said that,
something like 70% of all podcast listeners are still listening through iTunes,
I mean it’s not even close how many how much Apple dominates that market so you have to be on iTunes there’s just no getting around that.
You’re going to be.

[21:20] Yeah it while we’re on the topic of submitting your podcast if you’re going to use explicit language totally fine as long as you’re not doing anything like bigoted or like race really don’t like.
Did you know really icky stuff as long as you’re staying out of that just your basic swearing,
as long as you put the explicit disclaimer on your podcast feed iTunes does not care one bit in fact,
I do it on podcasts where we don’t swear my flight Macabre Noir just doesn’t insurance policy so that they can never say all you should have said that on a non-explicit podcast,
but yeah,
but if you swear on a podcast that does not have the explicit carrier they can get really nasty about throwing you off by Toots and like I said if they close the door on you what iTunes that’s 70% of the worlds podcast listeners cut off.
So it’s very important to keep them happy.

[22:20] I don’t think I can.
Put on all of theirs I think this American life if I recall they put the explicit on specific episodes which some,
some Services allow you to do that and some don’t I don’t know if the Burberry plug-in I use lets me do that so just as a caution I put it on the channel just so I’m covered,
I just don’t want any any miscommunication where someone Flags me for having swearing when I’m not supposed to.
Cuz yeah they’ll do that and then what time does American life does it’s because they’re also going to broadcast on public radio is there put a censored version on their website and on the radio but the explicit one is the one that’s in your main feed.

[23:13] So yeah you and Stitcher is another great resource I mean not nearly as big as iTunes but basically you just take your RSS feed that you have from your host,
you just put that lead in you know you do face the Google submit a podcast to Stitcher submit a podcast to iTunes,
you’re immediately to find their connect portal and if you could set up an email account with some face if you don’t like.
Basic basic information like a horn basically you’ll be all set because what they’ll do it used to be a lot more like work on your part
but nowadays almost all of them are built so you just feed them the RSS feed they’re going to look at your house and pull that information from the beat so you don’t even have to put in your show description or your artwork half the time because
child support from a seed.

[24:00] So where were you hosted at either Lipson or SoundCloud it’ll just take that information you only thinner at once you just distribute the RSS.
If you heard of.
Cuz once it’s up and running it’s stupid easy to just upload another episode upload another episode there’s like no maintenance on it it’s just that initial getting started and submitting it everywhere.

[24:26] It’s very rare to have a podcast like turned out I’ve never had one in Sac Apple usually approve something I submit to them in like 12 hours I can have a podcast up and running,
but they say it can be up to like 2 or 3 days cuz it is a literally an internet Camaro sitting there that like manually ghosts,
you know it’s like the lowest totem job on the pole I guess is,
State the one internet approves podcast but they do have a human look at it and go this is humans.

[25:00] Yeah they don’t do a lot out to iTunes with them.
It’s better than now YouTube YouTube YouTube it’s like the cautionary tale of going too far the other way for you to restrictive and iTunes is very much the wild west get Facebook if you upload and that’s the thing is just because it’s audio a lot.
People doing stuff for their logo or like a screensaver anything with their logo but again fiber is your friend you can hire someone or Fiber to make the animated logo that just loops,
and don’t put their audio on,
I like Facebook or even streaming on Facebook live there’s so many resources and so many different like channels for delivery but if you’re doing a true audio podcast,
I can’t stress enough that iTunes is this the way cuz you know Lipson is the biggest game in town and they put out there anywhere Port every year and this year they said like 70% of listeners are still on iTunes.

[25:59] I expect that to shift a little bit now that Google is finally taking podcast seriously and there is no a dedicated Google podcast app there wasn’t before so you had,
Stitcher and pot holders like a million podcast catchers out there but the nice thing is that almost all them dish steal information from iTunes,
and skim it so once you submit the iTunes you’re on like a dozen different applications you don’t even know about.
Screaming because there cuz they want you know people to listen on their service so they’re going to pull them so you really have to submit to the big boys submit to Google submit to iTunes,
and Spotify is growing rapidly so I would definitely submit to Spotify their submission process is a little more pain in the butt is the technical term,
but yeah it’s it’s worth it cuz they are there rapidly growing there.
They are the next biggest on the radar last year and now this year they’re like the next even though a papalas 70% the next fastest and the fastest-growing is Spotify.

[27:10] So it’s a good place to be.
Yeah and from there you just need to promote your your podcast there’s a lot of different ways to do that depending on what kind of podcast is.
Like Seth was saying earlier it really helped us when we start doing interviews with people and feel like communicating more with the community,
guests are a big big boom unless you unless you’re going to do like an ass a kind of thing where you’re going to like research and plan it out in like read this set essay if your discussion and you.

[27:42] Your glasses are big part of succeeding going to let him finish.
It’s really scared to hear Dan Bob it’s Juniors voice like that is like a voice God right now.

[28:11] But that much power is terrifying.

[28:17] He’s a friend and he’s from here on homeboy cuz he’s pick her up and look like seeing for the state ID.
There’s like almost no one out there so I’m surprised you’re not related really.

[28:29] Anyway so we’re talking about Distributing podcasts and promoting is is a key thing.
Around here Facebook is a twat bigger than Facebook is paying your trying to put that depends on your,
it depends on your Niche because we are targeting people in the Sioux Empire that is our Niche so 70 to 80% of users in this area are.
Do like all their do everything on Facebook so that’s where we’re at like heavily we are very heavily invested in Facebook,
the point that I don’t like it cuz it’s a bit of a monoculture so it’s like a Facebook changes one thing we have to immediately react that’s another marketing there where you don’t want to like it too dependent on one channel for promoting your stuff.
Periscope is really growing and doing well you know YouTube obviously.

[29:26] Social media is a big retard about promoting now sorry.

[29:32] Which one am I promoting another good channel is emails I do like to get an email list I’m not huge on collecting emails but,
it is effective for like the set people that you eat,
rely on email and it’s controlled by Facebook or Twitter and Facebook puts out an algorithm change tomorrow that makes it really hard to find my podcast.

[29:56] My email is people are completely unaffected by that that’s all me I own that I own those means of communication that way.
Generator software or do you.
Emailing and have the list all enjoy your own use MailChimp and so what you can do there as you can have like up to 2,000 email addresses which is like way bigger than my list is for free,
and you got chicken connected to an RSS feed so what mine does is if a new episode of my podcast comes out.
MailChimp reads the RSS feed puts out the set you know the image from my podcast app,
title of my podcast episode and Link and emails that out to the list whenever a new episode comes out at the set time that I determine NFL free,
so that’s a really great Channel once you start collecting some emails and then they make an embedded form you can put on your website to collect more emails you like to sign up for our mailing list for your newsletter and,
especially this is the only way you’re going to use it is to tell people there’s a new episode of podcast.
Tell people that tell him you’re not going to sell it or anything like that this is just hey I want to hear there’s a new episode.

[31:06] People are usually a lot more receptive when they know it just like I’m just one person this is just my podcast this is not a multi-level marketing thing going on with your email.

[31:24] Dumb Polo South Park Cartman’s dad nobody wants that that’s no David cuz I’m sorry he doesn’t even.

[31:34] Podcast.
And even if it’s a humorous podcast,
podcast that you can go in but I mean.
Hi baby I certainly don’t want to get it as serious as we do I mean I don’t mind getting in serious as we do but.

[32:06] Later or another, the end of it.

[32:13] Yeah that’s that’s my baby.
Yes Shameless plug for the panel tomorrow night we’re working at the episodes of my humor and local news when the Sioux Empire podcast,
and then my paranormal investigation 1 Macabre Noir where I have magician Travis 9 and then area shows of medium is going to be there and I think she said she seriously said that so if that could be.
We’ll see how hot it we can get this convention center.

[32:48] Oh I think she she’s got like peridex and crystals and yeah it is it’s going to be not so I’m sure but.
That’s at 8 p.m. tomorrow maybe.
No it’ll be wearing when the closer ones up here by then hopefully the jock smell of waste out of that one.
So yeah that’s podcasting in a nutshell I know that was super vague overview but like I said that the more I learn about podcasting the more I learn the.
There’s like a million paths to success or what you want out of podcasting and there’s a million different ways to do it it’s just based on your own resourcefulness,
what kind of questions do you guys have about how to how to go forward out of out of wherever you’re at in the process if you’re still like,
kicking around an idea or if you’d like to rolling with something go ahead.
Everything about how to approach how can I be an extra going through with it if I’m saying I’ve always.

[33:59] I get Social Anxiety really bad if I did not want to talk to strangers let alone with microphones all weird and like I’ve got way more comfortable with it now but yeah when we starting off at the super super awkward.

[34:15] Robert Stacy cell.
It depends it depends on what kind of people you’re looking for so like with local news here in the Sioux Empire what I do is I will look for.
You know who who is making news and we started out really small so it was just like a local comic book artist Dylan jakobsen got featured in The Argus Leader because his Kickstarter raised like 25.
What was the 5000 no $6,000 in one week or something like that that’s what made like the front page of the Argus Leader of what’s his story so then you use social media to stop them and track them down like a dog.
Facebook is the greatest intelligence resource ever.
Yeah Facebook Messenger to talk to somebody in your local group or you can even do it by web and you know I said something that.
Download daily a lot of people in this area earlier shopping.

[35:34] Connections by a ditch Facebook groups where we can find people who are in that same thing if you’re talking about an industry podcast LinkedIn is a great resource of group if it’s like a business podcast.
You know just go where they are and then I guess it’s just like dating you just got to ask are getting in getting your desk.

[36:01] They’re in their hand in hand because the the guest helps promote usually don’t go back on their show or anything like they’re doing or those,
like what’s a podcast that was just a big part word-of-mouth the people like fuck I was on this podcast last weekend because my friend was a guest on it you know,
about to go or something like that and then as you kind of like climb the totem you get bigger and bigger guests,
and those cats have a bigger umbrella and I mean you see how it works at snowballs basically to the point that you get like the art director of the Washington Pavilion in our you get like the mayor or somebody like that.
You know you’re whatever your goal yes exactly let’s see any other question.

[36:51] Okay so talking about pot in fridge and stuff how do you how do you go about getting coffee and then keep doing that how do you keep in the.

[37:01] Nai an hour late all you can control this surprise robbed.

[37:08] Like I’m there for the ride so I mean you really have to be dedicated if it was up to me is this wouldn’t we would have not.
God has one season just because I robbed as a super dedication and.
You know he asked me how I do and I tell them that mental mental issues really help.
Mental illness is a key to keeping all these podcast going at once.

[37:42] You’re not going to blow up in the first year necessarily so he got a thank-you turns of years with podcast in your.
Growing your audience at the only podcast I ever had like blow up right off the bat was actually Urban Indians podcast that I produced The Toasted by Gabriel Knight shield that one exploded right off the bat,
hey sweets won the Native American music award like the Native American version of the Grammys where they are award ceremony in New York and stuff,
he’s wanted like 4 times and so he has like a national following except it’s so that got us on the USA Today and NPR and stuff like that so like the first.
Of that podcast we like 6,000 downloads and that’s just that that’s that power of that let me talk in earlier about like Rogan and people like that you’re already famous podcast.
Easier but obviously everybody doesn’t have that kind of resource but if you’re looking for like a co-host or something like that if you know someone,
that’s the thing that these are like a very obscure to someone who died in the Native American community so you wouldn’t on the surface think that would be a massive draw if you know somebody that’s like big in your industry a big influencer,
to or like to in your topic for you know somebody just like a comedian,
like has I’m following that can help as far as like your guess depending once again on your topic keeping it open-ended year.

[39:09] It like I said if they’re out of state or whatever the people that you want to contact her that you don’t post and I refer to.
Seth siouxpercon.
Leaving job me off track.

[39:42] So back to your actual question about content creation.
It depends a lot on your topic if you find your burning out on it you might want to take like a different direction and retool a little bit or like fine like a different knit with a niche in automobile.
Full disclosure I produce a podcast for Pete year Pappy for your podcast it’s a political podcast.
I would say like say you’re getting this is an example for the group.
Like if you’re getting frustrated with one kind of thing like the Kavanagh by testimony with Springport stuff like that you can switch gears there’s a lot of other stuff going on in politics that you could cover the it’s not being covered.
I mean are you talking like looking for like topics are you talking about just like the creation of something from a topic like research or starting out for you about.

[40:45] Getting into the consecration Kevin just keep going the Caillou.
How do you keep the fire alive okay that that is that is a quite a different question than I thought what you were asking.
That’s a good one.
You just got to be determined you can’t be motivated by money you’ve got to love this hobby it’s and that’s what it is and it’s an art form I believe now after having done it as long as I have.
Yeah cuz it seems like bikers and if it’s a conversational type of hot gases in your thing maybe try writing one out if maybe it is you like writing and have it.
Scripted podcast because that’s something completely different so if you’re kinda.

[41:27] Laundry on the conversations and kiddo. Really loving that maybe have something written out a time and you might enjoy that process.
So you can try new things like probably saying there’s a million different ways.

[41:42] It’s all about really you know you got to want to do it Whatever It Is.

[41:51] I’m going back to determination it’s it’s just like.

[41:59] It just baffles me like people that are like Music Makers that like make music that are bands like Gabriel lifeshield or the local stand-up comedians that I have on dress code like sack dress,
same deal you just got to have you got it love what you’re doing and enjoy it,
intrinsic enjoyment from it cuz you’re not going to right away get any kind of monetary from it but it is fun I mean I find a credibly rewarding and it’s one of those like that’s what separates if it was too.
It would get way too easy and way too oversaturated if it was so easy that just absolutely everyone can do it the fact that there is a little bit of a difficulty threshold in it and it does.
I would say difficulty but there’s work there’s Sweat Equity that you must put into it to get established,
in a way that’s a good thing because a little bit instead of like somebody who just goes for thought and we’re planning,
and execute and stand out from.
You know you wouldn’t you wouldn’t want it to be that anybody can just wondering. Street recorded walk away it’s kind of like you even get YouTube That’s What You Get YouTube like years ago.
Pretty much yeah so.

[43:15] Nope that would that I was apologizing that there’s any other questions though.
I guess I have a a question that down.
They have follow-up questions depending on the answer how’d you guys record locally all the time like within the same room or what not.

[43:38] Record some stuff when I try to because it is a major pet peeve of mine for podcast that record one person on Skype.
But that is super common format and it’s incredibly restrictive to me as an artist probably that I that I have that hang up because the ability to talk to people all over across the country is a really powerful tool if done right,
and it could have just bronze your guests beer so I’m I’m lucky that I don’t have to do that because my focus is local so I tried to get the local person in my studio,
and I think there’s better sound quality there and just a better repore cuz then you got body language working and stuff like that,
but I would not let my hang up on that prevent you from researching it doing it right and and talking to guess there are like podcast on fire I can’t remember the guy that produces that one but it’s an entrepreneurship podcast,
and he produces like an hour podcast a day and I think he’s making something like $7,000 a week or something like that just blew up podcasting,
and he did.

[44:46] You did a lot of that with anything but having it set up already like just just you know there he’s got a spare room where he.
It’ll be this setup and he’s been constantly improving it every year so.
Nice. If you do want to be served like a field of work out in field.
Podcast I don’t know if they specialized equipment for it but like Robert name with Richard recording the field use this guy.
TWRP use a slightly upgraded one that’s like $100 instead of the $60 one like this and then used level later on it and you,
I probably golden you can use a little bit of sound filtering the stuff in audacity for like noise cancellation from Hamed’s like that is not the greatest,
all that requires a little bit more about tech like Technical and I can do it sometimes but there are some shows where I can’t there’s only so much you can do on that front,
but some people have recorded really great episode with her interviewing someone like in a restaurant or coffee shop if you got the right recorder once you tested it and like gone out and done that,
it’s actually adds like an Ambiance of the background noise of like you know those like dishes cleaning and stuff like that and like,
you care for once in awhile stuff like that it’s very very homie inorganic and it makes you feel like you’re sitting there at the table with them that’s a pretty cool setup.

[46:16] Yeah maybe like a little further gas and then instead of the Ambiance Mike that is absolutely possible.
But not totally necessary that they did that but I totally totally possible thing I have learned,
and podcasting is that unless you are in a super controlled Studio environment less is more if I were to redo my studio today like.
I had like no credit card debts actually do it,
I would not use condenser mics like I use right now and now everyone every podcast tutorial you’re going to see how the internet says use condenser mics cuz it’s better quality,
well it is if you are an absolutely controlled Studio environment with acoustic foam everywhere and like,
what are two people in the studio super controlled environment otherwise they’re too sensitive I would just make sure that your guest talk louder,
I talked to better mic placement and use regular mic instead of condenser mics,
because I I think we get more background then we need to from our condenser mics which I can compensate that as I’m getting better with like learning my mixer and stuff like that,
but it wasn’t necessary to do that and if I rewired it or read it it I’d probably move away from condenser microphones.

[47:36] He said I’m the 2099 launching an audio drama podcast that’s going to be in like the vein of The Twilight Zone it’s going to like cat sound effects characters and stuff like that,
so I’m glad I have them for that but for like me and Seth and I guess you know like interviewing there’s no reason to use condenser mics,
or that I mean you can’t you have to look at I do but you can save money and save audio adjusting time and you know,
by not doing that that’s that’s what I was getting at the beginning of thing it’s like there’s a million ways to do this so it’s like you can do with phantom power,
you know little earbuds you can do this guy sitting on the table right here all of them work you can you can you can make work if you want.
It’s all up to your personal preference and if you record more you’ll develop personal preferences for I like the way that sounds are you I don’t like the way this sounds or we should have done it in that room or something like that and it just learn from experience. I think.

[48:48] Any other questions mention earlier that like difference.
Platforms like iTunes and Spotify they can take up a lot of time to fill up your uploads to complete does that make it hard for scheduling like.
Do like a weekly podcast.

[49:11] And I didn’t I don’t believe I said that on like a per episode basis for the approval process when they approve you the very first time.
Time your actual uploads now I will speak from my experience I’ve had incredibly good luck with them always appearing the instant I put them on my feed.
Now sure when or who I mentioned earlier than a lot of podcasting she can complain to me that she said podcast that are delayed by like 2 days,
from showing up that is not been my experience at all personally.
For me they always shown up within 24 hours of be posting them so like a very consistently Urban in his podcast is always released every other Wednesday morning at 8 a.m.
Especially with that regular schedule and I schedule it in like lips in and in SoundCloud stuff like that cuz you can schedule when the post like go live.
It’s been very consistent I haven’t had any trouble with it like not showing up on time.
Especially when you got a regular schedule and you’re not like Barney and would like three episode the day or something like that yeah I should be very consistent I think.
Like I said I’m not everyone’s experience but it’s been mine for 4 years so other questions.

[50:33] Going once going twice so what do you do for environmental control.

[50:42] You and your wife you live in private I needed for normal.

[50:46] That was awesome thank you. Me too man.
Yeah Harry show out here she doesn’t podcast called chaos reigns with her husband that’s all about like filmmaking and good podcast and.
House for cats and on a regular basis to get interrupted by cat.
And it’s hilarious will be like how we have to cut away and then you’ll hear like a cut and they’ll be okay we’re back or cats they really wanted in this room because this is the room that their litter boxes this where we record make a story.
This is the story of Marc Maron interviewed Barack Obama with Obama leaning up against maren’s like 2002 Volkswagen Beetle in his garage has his studios in his garage.
So it’s like a picture of Barack Obama leaning against his old car sitting a garage like it’s wonky but.

[51:50] You put composer and the right contact everyone understands that podcasting is something different it’s organic it’s very ground level and so unless you’re doing like an American life for like an essay one that’s like silence,
there’s a lot of forgiveness there I think some people won’t forgive us some people get really picky about having anything like that to podcast but.
I think part of that is the spice of life that actually makes podcast worth living to instead of like a corporate produced like mass-produced thing I need a dedicated space for it you know you can have really lightweight.

[52:26] You want to go longer than an hour you certainly can,
we’re kind of in Q&A and I think I’m about to I don’t know who that guy is that was awesome thank you.
What’s the other thing I was going to say too if anybody does have any other questions I wish I’d said it for.
People in the back left here but I have an open door policy so anytime you want to come over you live in Sioux Falls and you want to Shadow a podcast and see like,
I all the time except most of them sitting next to me and I’ll be like okay this is my mixer this is what I do this is why I do it your experience baby differ,
so you can call you can call me or text me or email me and we can set that up and I you can Shadow an episode of my podcast if I got room for you the studio,
my email address is our it’s Rob at the Sioux Empire. Com so it’s Rob at symbol.
The and then sue cuz I can’t spell Sioux Empire apparently.
How to spell perfect time.

[53:51] And that’s hot rods number but if you email and get so give you his number you can text me.
Yeah we’re all about podcasting as a hold a humidifier so it’s you know Rob Rob loves to go.

[54:14] And I love teaching and I love the do you know a rising tide raises All Ships especially with podcasting,
just like half the battle especially in this market is education like what is a pot.

[54:32] Wake me up at 8:10.
Everyone likes someone to play list of podcast is like their fingerprint I swear I asked every flight person I have on like guest or like people I’m just meeting here at the convention floors of Life podcast do you listen to,
I swear every time someone will have at least one podcast in their list I’ve never heard of hundreds of people that question,
and I swear I never get to say the exact same as there’s common ones like a lot of people like Hardcore History A lot of people like Marc Maron or Joe Rogan,
but they’ll also have this obscure haunted south or Southern Gothic podcast that I’ve never heard of listen to it it’s fantastic.
Or war or something like that Laura is amazing I love for.
Oh yeah they can Amazon TV show For Crying Out Loud Aaron Mahnke that guy’s got to be making bank by now.

[55:34] Yeah that is not the case the median podcast according to the CEO of Lipson gets 45 downloads.
That’s that’s the the medium Armenian and considering you’ve got podcasts to get two million downloads and then once I get none think about how that averages out so it’s just like.
So if you’re frustrated when your first your first few seasons of stuff you get like 40 and 50 lessons you were doing you’re doing well you’re on track if you’re getting that many cuz that’s.

[56:09] And there’s a lot out there it’s so like I said yourself that actually like makes you stand out a little bit helps.
But you can say like you can’t do.

[56:24] Oh there’s already ghosts podcast yeah but is there a ghost of the Missouri podcast is there a you know like haunted podcast that’s hosted by,
you know someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts but has a friend that does he know you can add Dynamics to invest with it look at how big police procedurals are in TV,
like every kind of show is a police procedural but there’s like a billion different flavors of it with different character Dynamics to podcasts.
You can it’s like there’s lots of mystery investigation paranormal podcasts but my hook is that I’ve got a medium,
a magician was a skeptic and nose like tricks light hand and is into the hole like Houdini’s Legacy you’ve like exposing.

[57:10] Mediums and psychics and stuff like that that was a big thing at the end towards the end of his life but he dedicated himself to,
and then he was like an amateur amateur historian slightly better at Googling things than most people so that’s my mic isn’t that that that helps.
So yeah there’s no other questions I think that’s it you won’t have to the business card from Seth and thank you by the way Bar and Grill.
Did you check that box or do you even know okay.
To make sure you put the Rob on there I think I have my cards with a plan that well,
up to date business cards.

[58:08] Thank you and we hope to see you guys tomorrow night 8 p.m.

[58:14] 7 7 p.m. Sioux Empire podcast APM Opera War.

[58:21] 70 x 2,
I love you so much,
I think she’s bringing some crystals and it might be a Ouija board.
But I’m just like the convention center,
I’m like thank you wanted to be on your phone.

[59:12] The convention center that’s a different story… Thanks Jenny I’m going to sleep great tonight

31 Days of Halloween: The Van Meter Visitor

A bizarre legend and unsolved mystery which has haunted a small Iowa town for more than 100 years is the subject of a new book called The Van Meter Visitor.

For several nights in 1903, the small town of Van Meter, Iowa was terrorized by a giant bat-like creature that emerged from an old abandoned mine. 

The identity of this mysterious monster has never been discovered, but over 100 years later a new book is retelling the amazing tale and hoping to shed some light on what happened all those years ago.

The legend dates back to the fall of 1903 when several of Van Meter’s most well-respected citizens reported a half human, half animal with enormous, smooth bat wings flying about. 

The creature is described as moving at speeds the townsfolk had never witnessed before, plus it let off a powerful stench and shot a blinding light from its horned head.

Each time the townsfolk encountered the creature they fired their guns at it, but this appeared to have no impact on the creature.

On the first night, it was first spotted flying across the building tops. The next evening it was spotted by both the town doctor and bank cashier Peter Dunn who took a plaster cast of its ‘great three-toed tracks.’

On the third night, a man spotted it perched atop a telephone pole. Another resident who saw it, described the monster as hopping like a kangaroo, while the local high school teacher likened it to a devil.

Scared and angered by what they had witnessed, the townsfolk followed the creature to an abandoned coal mine near an old brickyard where they heard a noise from the mine.

‘Presently the noise opened up again, as though Satan and a regiment of imps were coming forth for battle,’ reads an article in the Des Moines Daily News from Oct. 3, 1903.

Read More here.

Van Meter Visitor

Van Meter Visitor

Sioux Empire Podcast 123 LIVE at SiouxperCon 2018 Featuring Zach Dresch and White Boi

Sioux Empire Podcast 123 LIVE at SiouxperCon 2018 Return Of the Con Featuring Zach Dresch and White Boi.

Machine Transcript
[0:50] So I’m going to go and kick ass off I am your house Robert mehling welcome to the Empire.
For some reason,
welcome to substitute of code.

[1:28] And they’re also joining us is another one of my posts from perlocution podcast which is,
white boy also also up
comedic persuasion,
committed persuasion on occasion that’s good.

[1:59] So our first item of business tonight is talking about.
Siouxpercon headlights so far.
People are possible there’s some really cool artists out there though,
there’s some dancehall artist out there I’m kind of disappointed that I missed the parade but,
whatever work I’ll support especially when the artist daughter tells me I have gorgeous eyes only I’ll buy everything you have,
stripping wooed by the,
at my best,
was insane my understanding is that.

[3:02] You showed up and threw Donald Trump out of the ring,
they have the Briefcase full of money or whatever I put the string on a ladder,
can my wrestling days I used to know no I just have watched it a couple of times.
People dropping from the ceilings money.

[3:40] So you know. Got a lot of great vendors there some other podcast here but who cares.
Let’s see we’ve got the cosplay competition what it what do we all think of that we might get to see that I was pretty like intense.
Solid Snake,
but I’m staring right at him so we can’t do it at the little red exclamation point over is an awesome God.
Nice work you have SWAT team behind him.
Maleficent just pretty good that’s wondering around the,
steampunk Stormtrooper is super badass why don’t you love that look like wild I saw a toothless.

[4:46] Little toothless walking around like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon Bridget wandered in.
I’d like kind of stole the show,
that was that was you she should have brought a little awkward white kid walk around with her and pretend like he was like the kid from this movie and it was going to work. It’s the movie,
before the start at Dover Road.
And he said no potatoes yet.

[5:46] I should go as Jabba the Hutt which I don’t know how to take that chain,
tell OK Google.
Add Road intersect to head injuries yes pop.
I really miss you too sister.

[6:33] Coming on Star Wars jokes,
the five-oh-first had the actual working like.
Are two or Astromech droid running around I want one of those so goddamn bad they come through with an edit or 80 80 sorry I want to ride.
I would actually like to scale Astromech droid.

[7:07] What was the so bad.
Having a serving tray on the front of a Dodge dealer in my apartment arbitrary point.
Nice to any other observations that you guys have from a from supercon so far that you’d like to throw out there.
I need to see more and just started buying things and it was kind of hard to stop cuz everytime I stopped at saw something else I was kind of jumping out at me so I need to explore more.
Yeah the artist it’s next the artist shoes.
Main thing I’m saying that it’s jumping out of me my little Labyrinth wooden piece with yellow on it and what’s the name of that Pickers,
American Pickers something weird strange by it and I was like you’re not going to see that in.

[8:11] S I bet your house is really interested in you wouldn’t be surprised by me.
There’s more than one lightsaber,
that is awesome the ukulele.
Getting myself right now man this is a good day we just plan to rec room.

[8:42] Yeah I need to see more to us it’s been a busy weekend but,
wasn’t a problem parking lot I don’t know where they don’t know how to weave through this building go over here and you had no problem whatsoever,
I’ve seen Jack Sparrow costumes like no this isn’t it.
Jack Sparrow costumes.

[9:33] It’s it’s Chuck Brennan throw it out there by Jack Sparrow costume anyway.
Main event here instead of a guest interview why the hell do you want to hear more about us part 2 of this is going to be a segment.
Call Sioux Empire fantasy.
East you were going to be my expert panel actually asked you about these fights,
yeah I forgot to pull the score so I don’t have to score some more kiosk but we will post that when we post the episode what the what the.
The convention going audience thought would be the winners for these competitions this should be very interesting fight ticket here.
Do you remember what the other one you said you haven’t seen any of those scores yet right are you don’t remember him.

[10:40] Our first fight is going to be the ultimate battle of plot armor it is DC’s is a DC or Marvel.
Squirrel Girl Marvel versus one punch man,
who would win in a fight okay this is the first I’ve actually I have several girl plot armor stand at one point in time she she defeated Thanos.
I don’t know anything about it but I watched all the seasons,
Call of Duty I was going to Amanda Nebraska just took the spirit of the kind of feeling Nebraska is murdered me one address of,
maybe she was cut maybe she’s tough but I’ve seen this guy punch holes in giant being so I mean I’m going to have to go with one punch man.

[11:48] Maybe I’ll learn something more about her later I might be wrong for one punch man it really depends on how strong that punch is.
If it’s just like a little hoe that’s it then Squirrel Girl for sure he’s just really depends on the execution of the matter.
This would help if you know any of the source material when it,
Outsider perspective.
She’s Invincible she’s Invincible she’s invincible,
probably 3 to 4 ft long I don’t think so like 25 of us at once,
this world,
coming together and turn it into one giant squirrel there hit so weird conversation.

[13:09] We were lucky to make it out alive I don’t think 25 squirrels good.
If you need 50 Scrolls in a feet my for yourself and see what happens.

[13:23] Great Lakes Avengers.

[13:30] What nationality.

[13:37] Babysitter for his kid so I mean.
I mean I’ve heard about it this is Google’s fictional characters.

[13:57] Okay that’s my pic before we get there so we’re going to rule one punch man on this one,
sure thing he beat that due to death.

[14:18] Okay nevermind.
Round two hitting spin Right Round 2 is the Battle of the fake a eyes in 1/4 we have Alexa versus Siri.
Plant holder out of our skulls Siri,
I think they join forces in Murder Humanity series been around.
OK Google home get out. I feel like Siri,
been able to accumulate more information Siri all the time to set timers for coffee machines on way too much background right now,
Siri 30 minutes setting timer for 30 minutes and then the old ladies at the Y would just be like.
Oh you’re some kind of Technology wizard your suppressive.

[15:35] Background and then. Set timer at like maybe I slur my words more or something I don’t know but I’m just like.
Ordering pizza from Giovanni’s what,
I think I have to say OK Google,
if he’s already listening.
Featuring Siri has been around longer there for Siri has seen more shit,
that’s true in humanity is doomed to enjoy what little time you have left his phone probably started listening to same time,
no Joe he’s a murderer special Sioux Falls Rumble.

[16:38] In this Torah mr. bendo yes this is the revised version,
the David Statue so it’s the battle of wits you know the guy versus the guy.
I got to go.
David statue and your head,
give me,
I’m sure it’s also a selection series same thing does penis size matter.

[17:39] I’ll keep a cleaner finish got a mustache or beard there for,
if we could actually bring Bento to life and you could sing that would be my deciding vote but.

[17:57] Steven Singer this is weird in the Bible.
They lied to you so.
I was going to be somebody that’s what’s going on,
David kill Goliath though that sculptures of him right before he goes into battle.
DiCaprio RV Nardo when he designs that that statue he’s.
Cuz he’s terrified that’s a natural like human response to fear.
Like face-to-face with the David Statue and I’ve seen these photos on cracked you look at his face from his eye level he is fucking terrified.

[19:11] I’m going to see that but still has a weapons we went with Randall still kept it going Alex true.

[19:30] He’s got my getting beat that they didn’t have a weapon statue legal purposes,
South Pawleys Island.
Coronaca Dugan get beat up with a muffler ASUS router.
Jesus being Street to Sioux Falls I would like some of our Lady Congress,
here is our next to our next bout it’s another Sioux Falls specialty here in this corner everyone’s favorite pizza delivery device Wilbur the coyote,
versus the institution of many of us older condor’s childhood’s Captain 11.

[20:40] Wilbur the coyote.
It’s the battle of the pizza swinging Cyborg and a guy.
Pizza afterwards about familiar with either the,
he’s our smaller though and he’s a cat,
I know that Uncle Wilbur where did you move to Sioux Falls.

[21:22] 1818 I don’t know.
Had to been done so I could kill a coyote,
what’s the other one.
Call Wilber at Weber with my time so I can.
Over the coyotes.

[22:20] The Whisper the exact date and time of your death in your ear.

[22:36] I’ll say will go to Captain maybe he has phasers I don’t know who.
Is that like an education like Miss Rogers, it was really educational I just remember like screaming and any play Bugs Bunny cartoon
you’re so excited. Hey Guru Meri Captain Kangaroo full version,
coyote make it Stand Out by a crowd if you know I mean.

[23:17] I’m going to Wilbur Wilbur.
Captain 11 clap Alistair alarm clock I’ve been right on these is this,
is there a winner is this a contest there are no rules and the house is going to go in the entire Pizza by himself in a quiet room after the show I did that yesterday,
I did that yesterday and watch office Christmas party never see that film snowblower to shoot cocaine.

[24:08] It’s not a spoiler it’s just a minnow.
What theater is spend like $89.
this this is a fight I put on the ticket specifically for for Zachariah hell yeah we have in one quarter.
Any other Corner Jimmy Eat the fucking world hell yeah.
Everything about this one has to go by given the age that my opinion would change.
I’m in highschool I would have chosen Blink-182 but now that I’m older Jimmy Eat World makes more sense to me.

[25:08] Expect me to have that did you yeah yeah.
I still love for you,
Space Program now and he’s also an idiot,
if you watch every interview It’s Just Like Music,
seriously Google to the Stars Academy is the most fucked-up shit.

[25:52] World famous Nobel Laureate,
like UFO from 2013,
so something is going on there so he’s going on,
what is the low blow for any Nickelback fan.
It’s over. I used to be drinking music,
Nickelback music article Nickelback albums ranked.
And I will have that much time on my fucking answer I just want to see how they defended him.

[27:06] Stop,
this is an instrumental but what’s your take on this fight,
Jimmy Eat World right now Jimmy world even though technically Blake still hold a special place,
Boulder Reservoir,
Worst Band Ever the reason why my opinion his kind of flip flops world back in May,
Minneapolis and they crushed and it was amazing answer right now I’ve been kind of more,
and I will stay there because Matt from Alkaline Trio which is enough.

[28:07] Like right now so they already have an upper hand at this moment but.
As far as right now Jimmy Eat World makes more sense once you leave College Jimmy Eat World hits you like a ton of bricks.
And I want your high school and college.
You make terrible decisions like staying out all night drinking and majoring industry,
Jimmy world how to fix this one thought on that one though,
bear with me here so you all know Josh Brolin the actor in both the movies that made like all the money to Summer literally there’s like no money left in the budget took it all up.
So you got in one corner if you got Josh Brolin Thanos.
Josh Brolin cable which one.

[29:21] You think it’s me I don’t think.
So I don’t think he gets the gauntlet could also use the time Stone to fight time travel back to before table shows up.
Should I get my hand to hand fight.

[29:54] He’s got like a metal arm to beat the Hawk Down,
that’s one of my favorite parts that movie is watching how get beat up there it comes down to a power fantasy,
it’s just one of those things that everybody wants to be the big kid on the Block and knock down,
sometimes you got to get it back.

[30:38] I mean there’s a bunch of wrestlers waiting for all of you in the hallway.

[30:50] So he’s been replaced already
it goes according to what the book said anyways
is it together Captain Marvel so I mean so,
just called and like they activator in the end of it.
Marvel movies to come I didn’t see the film I’m out of touch I’m out of touch.

[31:39] What are you running your successful podcast but researching looks like bro and enjoy doing Vanoss more and you know it I love actors intentions and so I’m gone.
Bam weather Google.
Google squirrel girl so I mean whatever.

[32:06] No I’m strictly a music comedy nerd that’s the two.
No couches safe no face is going to stay on because it’s Tom Cruise versus.
Nicolas Cage schedule I want to because two people are a set it I feel like I should be the devil’s advocate.
Go for it Fly Tom Cruise did you see what he did to that couch.

[32:46] You have a religion at your fingertips.
I mean head Scientology is his thing.
Show me Nicolas Cage doesn’t have that Nicolas Cage still Tom Cruise.

[33:16] Lord Zordon or whatever else is just because of the Dead contingency of the religious Factor.

[33:27] Don’t a big word just because.
Telling me this is fresh in my mind he just released that the GQ video.
Definitely Nicolas Cage.
Because there’s way too many of them and you never know who they are,
in the basement they don’t talk about his number one rule about Fight Club.

[34:10] If you had to choose one roll to represent,
that person in a fight.
For each character what would you choose a Vampire’s Kiss You have to do it or I’ll fire you do you understand.

[34:45] What time Cruise film I can’t even come up with.
That’s my problem with this fight is that how is Nick Cage ever going to catch you.
Ghost Rider.
Voice Superman before so that’s kind of,
The Batman movie like the Batman Lego movie he’s like Nick Cage.

[35:47] You should catch up I’ll take you to a movie sometime.
Pictures of Craig so what if we actually decide.

[36:02] It’s hard not to go case back I say Scientology is going to help out.

[36:10] Jack Reacher the first movie is pretty badass yeah.

[36:15] Con Air exist so I mean.
I know Tom Cruise’s like five foot one but he has Scientology religion Magic.
Husky card,
so you got to be careful me will say con about Nicolas Cage that we cannot handle the bees.
Is there any.
What is it.

[37:16] NE

[37:28] I watch next year there’s a Tom Cruise film called King B and he’s like the king of the bees.

[37:40] When was Nicolas Cage vampire vampires kiss Interview with a Vampire Tom Cruise will kick the shit out of her seat.

[37:57] Robert Cruz Water Vampire and Nicolas Cage. So maybe that’s.
That’s kind of a big distinct that’s a big of sanction he was just nuts that’s like the only Tom Cruise.

[38:22] Making.
Image of Tom Cruise.
This is for all the marbles people this is the last fight of the night the last one of the ticket this is a Sioux Falls Hometown special I hope all of you follow local news a little bit because our contestants are from Keloland news John Jorgensen.
Brian Allen of ksfy news which one of these men the life of the other in a deathmatch.

[39:03] Brian would win because I personally know Brian shit all day.
We had somebody come up and be like oh I work with. Jorgensen he would totally like witness he would like murder the shit out of that other guy I know that other guy but he murder the shit out of.
Or someone else.
I’m just curious what they would pay but I do Google somebody,
and that’s why I’m inside at work the kids play for 2 months so I personally.
Get your past experience.

[40:20] Let’s settle this once and for all I have is Facebook.
Is Major and name-dropping now look at you all all famous I’m also friends with the man who met Andy.
But yeah I’m going Brian I’m so curious how you know that guy different stories another day.
I don’t know Santos or cable but I fucken know Al Bundy awesome God.
So.. My only done Jorgensen story is that we were starting a nonprofit downtown and The Argus Leader set up an interview and like.

[41:28] 10 minutes later one of our volunteers or something like that.

[41:38] Here’s the deal we’re on our way down there we’re going to do we’re going to record some video make sure you have some we can interview there and it’ll take some pictures of your classrooms and we’ll be there in like an hour and a half.
I’m like I’m like asking it was like you’ll have this ready and you left this ready let’s go is like shit okay so I know he’s not fucking around either.
Several women who were voting on the pole if you seen shirtless.

[42:09] I’m going to understand I believe them.
UC. Jorgensen how rip 2 years I used to work for me super ripped he’s going to powder me find that out.
That’s crazy,
I guess I guess we have one Brian Allen and two guys too afraid to say who they think.

[43:13] Google, who do you think would win in a fight the brass ring.
Keloland news.

[43:30] Play now so surprised by that okay smallest things like a guy.
There’s that model like it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog kind of thing.
It’s like he’s just like believe in himself enough to kick some ass so.

[43:58] It’s like it’s not the size of the dog in the fight the size of the fight in the dog,
so don feels he can kick Ryan’s ass,
South style kick your ass,
Sioux Empire middle schoolers.
I’ve seen him.
I want some work to kiss why was 3 years ago.
Zach the Chandler.

[45:07] So this is been Sioux Empire fantasy.
Thank you for playing everyone we will now move into our last order of business for this episode be Shameless plugs.

[45:22] White boy what do you love about supercon,
pretty badass check that out and tell them that you’re sexy,
advantage that was that was very nice that’s the Shameless plug for that,
it really was,
I don’t really have anything that’s going on right now probably Fusion obviously I was saying was just curious podcast,
Predator versus Predator is on the cone on the come-up I’m working on that so we’re going to make it happen.
Female child molesters animals episode review video of it.
Solution for world.
He’s very serious about it and I think as a whole thesis statement.

[46:27] Can I give me the range for a few years will it will work it out there will be no repeat offenders anymore.
Nobody likes.
I do do you like to a twice-a-month kind of thing the date to be determined.
Extremely busy slacker on the go who needs to listen to something at work to distract themselves from the.

[47:03] Albert Camus plugs Friday October 12th and doing a show with Dan Blue Bloods so good in Garretson to that good food.
Do you like pick up the phone and immediately or in another band I have come that way yesterday I said I need a break,
but in a good way we’re all grow good but I’m just like you know I do too much is a lot of things,
you got to choose.

[48:00] Break Kirk from shows right now in titles is the other one,
it’s like punk rock Trio for punk rock Trio it’s my last show with them in late October fun show.

[48:19] It’s our friend my friend Ruben Cinema wrote a bunch of songs and he needed a band so I find an airplane like 10 songs and sweet,
my other band discerned work we added two new guitarist to our band so we’re trying to figure out how that works first before we.
Do shows cuz it be weird to do it he’ll prepared show just like.
Just have like a Bus full of people with random instruments to show up and just play it randomly just like this my band,
Boi cover band is on a break right now but will try to get back in the sub but it’s mainly just been comedy and disarm stuff and I’m going to be.
Does the flu bug handing out candy to kids play October.
So no pictures.
Antioch Katie as a Blue October.

[49:31] Literally just like,
sneezing sneezing,
will probably ask me to tone down the creepy this.
It’s like could you not talk like a chain smoker.

[50:07] This is just me normally anymore Take 5 hey hey hey.

[50:16] I want to see did you want to see in the Live Oak.
Do you like movies about gladiators.
Airplane you ever seen a grown man.
Yes that’s that’s where I’m going so fast.
Super awkward interviews with public officials who sit through something like that for 30 minutes and I was a special kind of awkward.
You know it’s magic you need to tune in and he needs to be up so also could put this man on the spot.
Urban Indians podcast.
Podcast got to check it out and get some fantastic guest and he’s launching a new album next weekend it is going to be,

[51:39] Is it dude giving birth.

[51:47] Aerie show I got her name right for once Yay Area showing her husband Dominic there they do chaos Reigns podcast they are like fantastic,
Joe Kennedy press but they’re winning like every God damn independent film award for horror out there so you really got to check out their stuff.
And also very will be up here in like 5 minutes that’s my other is a paranormal investigation podcast,
we talk about crazy shit like serial killers and the Cecil Hotel being haunted dispach.
In 5 minutes in this room so I hope you will join us if you can,
otherwise have a fantastic night thank you for coming out.

SiouxperCon 2019

Make your plans now: SiouxperCon 2019

South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt

South DaCola Ep 021 $190 Million Bond Vote With Craig Markhardt
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Guests This Week:
Mortgage Banker Craig Markhardt
Peter Vaughn Pischke

Spoiler title

[0:27] Welcome podcast number 21 once again were joined by co-host and they will not speak if I would have known it was the 21st episode I would have brought something to drink,
coffee water in celebration Scott.
Robert mehling producer here and Peter Pischke will be on he wants to sit and talk about this topic and then I have,
would you call yourself mortgage Banker,
that’s a low mortgage Banker Craig Marquardt and when I went to reason I brought on Craig is because we’re going to talk about the school bond issue today and I wanted a little expertise.
Home valuations how home valuations are going in Sioux Falls and this whole thing about the $2 a month $485,000 valuation of your home.
And how that’s kind of like.

[1:33] It’s true but it’s like kind of blown smoke a little bit so Craig I’ll start with you on this.
You know the election and some of the other problems with this issue but I thought it would start with Craig.
So let’s say I own $185,000.

[1:59] How much is 100 how much would $185,000 home go up in value.
Over the next five years in your opinion or praised County appraisal value,
just recently and within the last week we got the new stats for the community Sioux Falls when it comes to the real estate Community the rolling average over the past 12 months home values of my 6.0.
6% that’s kind of an anomaly It won’t always go up by that much each and every year,
the year before it was about 5% year before that you could have said arguably as around two and a half percent beer before that about half percent and before that we are into the,
you know the 2011-2012 part of the recession where home values didn’t actually go up at all 4. Of 2 years so if you were to average it out over 5 years or take it * 5 years out,
you could say home values could potentially go up by maybe 10% over the next.
10 to 12% over the next five years if you got a hundred eighty-five thousand to $21,000.

[3:16] So you know I get the $2 a month argument and it I mean it’s it’s true. True.
Right so the school district basically says that this.
You going to pay $2 a month for the medium home I medium home is $185,000 home should have paid $2 a month.
Were there and words decep were that while that’s true on a hundred eighty-five thousand words deceptive is they make it sound like,
through the life of the loan you’re only going to be paying this $2 a month and it’s like no because your house that’s $185,000 is going to go up in value over the life of the loan.
The other thing that I have the problem with this $2 a month is they keep saying that will this hundred and ten million dollar interest which will talk about later that’s not technically really true because.
We’re going to pay it off early well they haven’t presented a plan on how to get a paid off early no plan.
Number one and number two they’re basing this $2 a month.
The full length of the loan so if you pay it off early you’re going to have to raise taxes to pay it off early.
So that’s been my issue with the $2 a month and.

[4:41] You know that’s that’s how I see how often is a school district go through and it’s s homes for.

[4:48] Taxation honey County does that he does that but the city the city actually is voting tomorrow first reading to raise property taxes they’re allowed to do that each year,
I’m asking you to a net 2.1% this year,
hardly ever never ever they always vote for it there’s always a couple dissenters Kermit always dissented on it,
Gary t a tree so probably descent on it but are usually always passes County does the same thing,
you know so the County Assessors in my right I’m right by your value on a Lincoln there a lot more aggressive lately than they used to be because they hadn’t done it for like a really long time so they got these new appraisers in there just hammering people like.

[5:31] Telling people who have like an appraised value of a hundred grand they going in there now and there’s lots a hundred fifty Grand,
you know when you eat on your pan would say you’re paying tax but it’s been more harsh. There was one one I was watching.
The house was appraised at 200,000 and that’s kind of what they were paying their taxes on and the county came back in like said what’s 300000,
just think you’re thinking about your property taxes going other 33% 1.
The the co-host whose name shall not be spoken Texas value can certainly go up,
while property taxes themselves do not.

[6:23] How old is that happen because it’s called a mill Levy there’s a there’s a percentage of your beer equalized value,
that is charged to each dollar that is in value so what happens is,
the county set the bill they did Mount of money that they want to spend imaginist you walk into a restaurant and you already know exactly how much money you going to spend in advance,
you’re going in there with a group of four people and you already know that the bills a hundred bucks you get the luxury of that way when you set the budget for the annual year which just occurred right,
so then we already know of the budget and then what we do is we find out how much each person’s meal is valued at,
to determine how much comes out of everybody’s pocket so if you got the $25 meal obviously one quarter of the entire bill is yours but if somebody else only has a $10 meal it’s only 10% of the,
the actual cost of the entire meal so what happens is that that Milady will actually might go up or down depending on the value of your house,
or I’m in the middle of you might go up or down depending on the total tax value of all of the properties.
So has all the properties go up the mill Levy could actually decrease if the budget say remain constant.

[7:43] And this is something the school district has been trying to explain to people and I’m glad you brought this up their argument is.
If we.

[7:55] Okay Dad just task force of 30 people to the people that were sitting on it was Mark hutter Public Works director of the city of Sioux Falls and and in the head of planning.

[8:05] Why do I forget his name had a planning for Sioux Falls.
I can’t remember ever either way,
and Mark suggestion was why don’t we borrow instead of 190 million why do we borrow a hundred million,
build the two schools that we need right now and I like his plan to tell you the truth and then borrow it.
Pull the rest out of capital outlays were painless interest cuz when we borrow in half,
and pulled in last out of the levees and that Emmett and they explained they don’t like them they’re going to stop the levees the mill levies because,
they can’t trust here’s what they said the finance department said well we can’t trust Pierre on our levees so cuz they put a cap on.
And so their argument is weird here you know you realize he’s not going to go up.
But you still going to be paying this extra tax my issue is we’ll talk a little bit about this is that.

[9:12] I don’t understand my taxes are going to go up I understand we need new schools I support education funding.
But with this plan if the loan goes to its full extent which I believe it well.
It’s going to be three hundred million dollar loan so hundred and ten million towards in and 190 million. Going to build a schools.
So basically for every $3 that you paid towards this over a dollar of it just Catana to a bond investor and ever get spent on education.
And that’s why I like Carter’s idea where he’s saying will built will borrow half,
if you don’t you’ll save 50 $69 in interest payments because you’re paying for the rest of the schools through that,
do you know when you pay and they take the money and they use it to build the schools where their plan is we’re going to borrow $190 I’m going to stick this in a bank account where I spent half of it right away and then,
the other half of us to take 5-6 years as a mortgage Banker does that make any sense to you what if I what if I came in to you and said.
Rent an apartment and I’m okay with renting my apartment but I want to I want to I want to build.
I want to build a house I want to build a duplex but I want to build half.

[10:27] So I want to borrow $200,000 from you I’m going to in a hundred thousand I’m going to build half my duplex I’m not going to move and live there I’m just going to build it so going to stay in my apartment.
And I want to build the other half of my duplex five years later but I want to borrow all the money right now what would you say hits the person.

[10:46] Well I wouldn’t give that amount of time but we work in the city we always work in 5 your income it’s but I’m going to challenge you Scott when it comes to.
Your proposal or marketers proposal of of half half of it you’ll borrow a hundred hundred million and then use the rest through,
public funds and collect each year for the next five years or whatever it is currently that’s what we do cuz we don’t have a single school bond out there,
with their help. We’ve got it sounds like we pay for everything with our revenues right now right but.

[11:29] But let’s let’s kill back the onion real quick,
and pay proposed 4% interest on a 25-year note okay,
so that equals 110 $9 in interest over the entire course the life of loan if we were to accelerate that pay down which were allowed to,
cuz we would pay biannual every every six months we would pay a big chunk of money whether it’s,
6 million or 7 million dollars whatever we would have to pay at least six million million like 6.6 million is likely the dollar amount you have to spend 30 million a year
LeBron 13. Now if we just chose to to pay 14 or 15 million a year which we very well could possibly,
without any additional levies on our properties.

[12:22] Then it’s going to reduce the effective rate that we pay on that note and sodolaks reproduce that interest rate down below 4% he actually pay no one more step.

[12:34] If we were to look back only 3 years from now,
we’ve lost 20% on spending power in residential purchasing power in last 3 years 20% we’ve lost so a year ago or three years ago we could have bought $100,000 house.
This year we can only afford an $80,000 house why is that because interest rates have gone up the cost of construction has gone up the property values have increased,
and and unfortunately our wages have not kept up with that so now I know the exact same house that we could have bought 3 years ago for a hundred thousand bucks we can only spend $80,000 so we can’t buy the $100,000 house,
and so we have to keep in mind that purchasing power goes down over time and interest rates go up under normal conditions overtime and they’re going to continue to go up as inflation goes up,
we got this inflationary pressure they were already seen so we’re staring into the barrel of.
Higher interest it will have to pay.

[13:41] 2 3 4 5 years from now if we decide to borrow it later and then number two we’re looking at higher cost of construction 2 3 4 5 years from now we’re looking at inflation pressure,
so I may have to take accuplacer Asian now I get what you’re saying you’re saying we borrow all the money now.
Will save on the end. That’s my that’s just my weight my my viewpoint on it right now I’m not saying that’s the way to do it but I think that that’s a decent argument to look at.
And then the other thing is is I just feel like they’re there taking a Gamble.
By saying that they’re going to be able to pick I know what the reason is why they think they’re going to pay it off early I get it I think I understand they have never said this but I believe they believe that they’re going to pay it off early,
because there is so much growth and they believe that the bill to pay this off early because of that girl,
but there’s no guarantees of that either know there’s no guarantees that but but the thing is that,
and I think it’s only four years I think that they have to have two of the three schools done right away they want they want the high school and middle school.

[14:56] It’s one of them either middle or Elementary they want to build two right away and they want them done by 2020 and that’s why they want the swing way to yet and that’s why they want selection early.
And then as I understand it the rest of the money is going to be for Ada there’s like 40 million in there for a table but that’s going to be stretched out.
The numbers change all the time for a while they’re saying for years and they’re saying 5 years now.
No I’ve been here 10 years so they want to stretch it they want to take the the other 90 million and kind of stretch that out I’m going to say 5 years to be safe so let’s talk about so you’re saying that is probably a good idea to borrow it all at once,
is your interest rates could be able not necessarily a bad ideas what I’m saying and then let’s take this take this next approach that you just mentioned that that,
higher quality of Education will help increase increase the number of people that decide to move to Sioux Falls and the more people that move the Sioux Falls two more properties we need to build the more properties we build,
the higher the the larger the tax base the taxable.
Value of all of our properties in the opportunity for the melody actually go down.
Is there’s a lot of things they should get first before they ask for this money they should have drew the back boundaries,
it keeps saying we’re going to do that I’m going to do that going to do that will do it first should drew the boundaries you should have did Yuri District team.

[16:22] And I really believe they need to and open enrollment and and especially from other communities.
I go to school in the Sioux Falls School District.

[16:38] That don’t live there not if they don’t live in the Sioux Falls School District they live in Brandon T her blah blah blah blah and then go to school in Sioux Falls.

[16:46] And we pay for that even though their parents are not paying property taxes in this region,
what you’re not to give Brandon is in Mia County though.
I’ve stopped at there’s a lot of these things you need to do first before they decide what to have.

[17:07] And then there’s a lot of people saying that this 40 million is kind of a slush fund that they really don’t know what they’re going to go in but that’s going into some other stuff
well I guess I guess I guess I get what you’re getting at with it were you saving on the interest rate and that’s the thing that I like is if you,
I can hear the interest rate could actually be one whole percent higher,
buying power you eliminate with an increase of 1% it’s unbelievable invested somewhere,
so so but just regular interest on it I don’t know why I don’t know if any tax exempt all money
so because this is digitaka tax-exempt bonds I don’t know if we can earn interest on ice,
absolutely for sure but it probably takes,
three four years to plan the construction of a school anyways right if we don’t know if a school is coming.

[18:23] Thermals are going to be either they said they have a high school we can pretty much say it’s can be put on the same fertile and they’re not going to refuse that gift I mean,
oh yeah up north here you’re crazy if you think they’re going to use that gift so that’s pretty much we know where that’s going to be two or three million dollars.
They’re going to take that that’s where the other one is going to go they kind of do they get Mason Southeast when I don’t like to be 10 million different places.

[18:54] So I can have an issue with y’all we don’t know exactly where some of these things are going to go on but I also take it easy with the segregation I was watching a thing the other day.
And they were saying woman ever done a study the social at cannot you know did you know that.
Peter shaking his head you can way into and they say they haven’t done a study but for some reason they were able to show.

[19:19] During this work session this is on blast Tuesday they were showing all the schools that had like 80% free reduced lunches,
well it’s pretty easy to figure out what you know where the poor kids are going what school is the poor kids are going to and not talking just race I’m just talking economic social social economic,
but your parents you know.
It’s pretty easy to figure out where the poor kids are going when 80% of the 80% of the school lunches are free and reduced I mean it doesn’t take her a math Wizard never get that out,
but they’re sitting at what we’ve never done stay at cuz they’re trying to claim when Brian Mayer first came here he said.
That open enrollment is created segregation and he quit he hasn’t said that for a long time he shut his mouth about it and they know it is and they don’t want to talk about,
that’s my other issue with this you need to read District first before you then you’ll know where you need to build a new school you should have done that first. Like it’s very painful it’s very painful it’s very painful.
Will you go to your PayPal stuff first before you start asking people for money it’s like we’re going to get a hundred ninety million and then and then we’ll start doing the painful shit you know and it’s kind of like it’s kind of annoying to me like I said I don’t have an issue building is closed when he died.
I love and miss you too funny public education I had public education.

[20:32] I just think that they’re going backwards on all this stuff they shouldn’t you know the news story that I heard last night on Kellogg they had them on.
Is they actually were asking for 280 million and that this hundred 90 million is a reduction.

[20:50] And I’m like what 280 million dollars that’s an innocent sanity.
I just I mean I mean like yeah we reduce it so they basically are saying they were reduced it by 90 million dollars.
The trim the 90 million dollars off this thing sure it’s hard to trim something out that doesn’t exist,
exactly two of asking for all of the money up front now is it would be very difficult in a couple of years to go back to the boulders and say we didn’t want to eat when they’re like we just.
But they wouldn’t have to do that under what car was proposing I know exactly when he was proposing.
She basically was saying you borrow the hundred million.
You use that money right away to build the 2 News schools cuz you need it right away you have no choice but to borrow it and I get that part,
cuz you got to build these two schools right now shirt she got to have that money no contractors going to bid on a project if you don’t have the money at bank.

[21:55] And then you keep the military where they’re at are the levees where they’re at and then.
You bringing in your ear you’re bringing in money to pay for the mortgage and then you’re also bringing in money that can be put into an account Capital account all the school districts have them.
Mechanics legislation got mad at him about it but they said they had to wear their money because then they can bill and then you what you do is you keep collecting that money and then you build the the next schools with that money or class instead of bar.

[22:30] And nobody’s talked about how much debt school district has my guess is.
I looked at their financial report and they’re paying $13 a year in debt certain dead service,
but they’ve never said what their current that is nobody knows they’ve never brought it up they’ve never,
put it into the hell yeah that would be a matter of public record I so let’s get back to the property tax,
part of it so it if somebody’s got $185,000 house in the state of South Dakota requires each County to equalize it so then it’d be about a hundred and seventy $273,000 equalized value.
X the mill Levy rate so that house is a $2,800.
A year tax bill proposal that it sounds like correct me if I’m wrong that that house would go up by.

[23:26] $24.03 per year is that right so what is that a half a percent or something like that in class.
Per year which is smaller than inflation it’s hopefully a lot smaller than wage increases,
yeah I guess I don’t have a problem with the tax increase I’ve learned to just you got to have a tax increase if you’re going to borrow money for the schools I get that.
My issue is how they keep selling this $2 a month and it’s like,
that’s not true okay so then so so to finish my point this is what I’m seeing as a taxpayer if my taxes go up by $24 a year what is my return on the investment what can I expect to see in the near future,
well I’m never going to have any kids so I won’t see any educational game from my children maybe I’ll see my side,
but maybe more people will move to Sioux Falls to increase that tax base so then ultimately maybe that $24 won’t cost me $24 and three years maybe a little down.
Labor cost me $23 or $23.50 because there’s more people here there’s more people here. The budget is always set by the city.
Set of city sets the budget you can only collect that much.

[24:52] Arab descent account County and City yeah cuz you got so you’ve got Municipal levees you got County levies you got school levies and Township letters are all four,
actually water district levy to all five of those items are make up your tax,
a lot of people don’t get that a lot of people think that when you pay your property taxes go to Altura School,
so the the the folks that live in Brandon and they have their kids coming to school they get a they get an additional levy on top of their school district,
because there a Brandon.
Property that is Brandon Valley Property that is coming into Sioux Falls they actually pay 1.1.

[25:41] More Melody.
Then what Sioux Falls does so I think that there’s a little bit of formula for factoring those instances in he can in into,
the whole big picture cool thanks for explaining this to us and like I said it changed my mind about a lot of things.
Clearly cleared me up dancers for anything now that that help me figure out why they want to borrow it all expensive money Scott it is,
boy I tell you what it once that goes up my workshop early such a big deal but if they don’t pay it off early I’m still a hundred ten million dollars that you would pay a hundred and ten million dollars,
but if you don’t it don’t allow it to go to the fall 25-year Mark and you only spend 85 million in interest then you can divide that back out over the principal balance and determine.
And 25 years determine what the effective interest rate is it may be that effective interest rate would be 3.6%.

[26:49] Ira calculator they could do that and still have it in my head.
You can hang out if you want and if you want to chime in Peter’s here with us we were going to talk about to party.

[27:08] I think we already touched on the fact that I have a big issue with not doing all that the redistricting in the boundaries first and open enrollment which I have a huge problem with.
Looks like about the election little bit I think that’s kind of Peter 1 to talk a little bit about that.
I think co-host here has mentioned did you ever do any some research on that you’re saying that when you have an election.

[27:35] If there’s an election quotes to another election you can’t have or.
You would be I believe it’s you would be allowed to tack it on to a general election my issue with the whole thing it’s not.

[27:52] Don’t need schools we do the way the tax in the financing works it’s your putting it within 60 days.
Laguna tour election people have got the election in mind for November for the midterm elections with Ryan this sometime in September when no one is thinking about it so it’s really trying to suppress.

[28:15] Turn out to a much lower level 64 60% in the only white people showing up that are going to go for it that’s all they want.
That’s that’s my,
my issue with the other one direction to the people who are very much against in to show up at fire on them,
the thing that chew is is it’s a calculated risk but I’m going to call bullshit on them on this one but their argument is they got to have their Budget Inn,
by September 30th to the state which is absolutely true.
But any budget weather at the County School District or the city can be amended after that date,
so they could send their Budget Inn on September 30th without the school bond on it it’s all of his alone all they’re going to be doing is telling the state.
Battle we have a loan now $199 loan that’s literally what it is,
and when Brian Maher was asked this on Wally Show.

[29:36] Lolly said you can amend the budget though after September 30th and Maher said yes.
He didn’t want to say yes he kind of kind of stumbled over it but he did say yes oh so I say I call bullshit on them because they can amend the budget for this loan so they can definitely have this election.
With the general but they’re claiming there’s all these things they got to get lined up for the contractors in it and all the stuff.

[30:03] Like you said went to not even to 2 month. What you but we’re within 60 days 60 days I mean what’s 2 months.
2 months in the hole where you used to be couldn’t build how you could build buildings in the winter time you can build out your long now so that two months in my opinion doesn’t mean shit.
It means and then the super precincts using e-poll books that failed hardcore during the primaries.

[30:32] Cuz what happened was.
The school district Barth EZ Pull books idiots why they bought him and nobody else do just that it’s completely stupid so they bought these e-poll books a company has sold is called.
Hunter active no longer supports software on there like poop in the ship pretty much.
And so be Pro Cam and another software election company and said we can fix it so be broke came in before the primaries and they failed they come get them.
Bpro does claim that they got the problem the fixed and they and then they also claimed it was a Statewide issue and it wasn’t syncing up with the secretary of state so they’re claiming that in Sioux Falls to do this it will work,
but we don’t even know if they’re using bpro cuz they’ve never told us who they’re using so my issue is.
Using boat centers which means you can vote anywhere so you have to use EZ Pull books because they have to look your name up,
and when you coming in vote the computer checks you off system in real time so it’s not even the regular Precinct where to go right today to go.

[31:43] But that’s okay cuz I matter where you show up you’ll be able to vote right but you have to,
but yeah but you’re right because everyone’s been used two precincts over the past two years and now they’re switching it around again so what’s going to happen is.
In real time it’s supposed to say when you vote it so you can’t like vote here and then driving your car to another place and vote again.

[32:06] The software is working.

[32:09] And then they’re going to hand tabulated so if any ballots were tampered with the human eyes not going to build a child because what do you think people are going to be doing when they’re counting ballots.
They’re looking for what yes or no.

[32:23] You’re not looking to see if the ballots been tampered with their not going to be able to tell if the boat if that balance been counted once or twice or three times they don’t know.

[32:33] It’s a it’s a simple mark on a on a ballot,
they can easily a group could easily and you don’t hopefully this Creole Apple watches are but a group could easily count the boats usually how it works is correct me if I’m wrong.
Calls but isn’t it to people and they both agree on that what’s in front of them and then how they do it and they both mark it down.
Images about suicide what’s stopping anybody from grabbing them and shovel them in another pile.

[33:04] I guess I guess what I’m trying to say is this hold the way they’re handling this is bad and like I said to someone I go you know for school board election.
You know somebody who gets paid $75 a million or whatever whatever.
490 million-dollar 300 million dollar Bond.

[33:24] We’re hand count in election and a 13 Precinct I mean it’s just.
It’s one of the most atrocious things I’ve ever since and it’s like I said there depending on this to.
Have a low voter turnout will they know it’s going to be a little border turn up even said.
We don’t know why people don’t show up we wish they would pull this isn’t a good recipe to get more people to show up so what we’re thinking is they think the only people going to show up the ones I got to vote Yes and like you said you can go to waste it’s either going to be,
diction fail big time and like I said thank God I have 60%.
Or or it could be gangbusters cuz only people to show up oregonians so the election itself is bad here’s another problem.

[34:12] There’s a there is a campaign there’s a campaign law in South Dakota that says that a government agency.

[34:23] Use public resources to promote a boat so that the school district is not supposed to be coming out.
Insane bolt yes they’re only supposed to be given facts well the only information they give is to promote.

[34:41] The school bus when is the election September 18th.

[34:47] Peter I mean like 3 hours before early voting begin.
Doing it like that closer it’s just going to cause so much confused.
Did you go vote today or just put that sticker on the go I went and voted what did you vote.
And somebody thought that I was already voted in the general election and I’m like oh no his for the school bond what it’s should have just been put in with the school bus.
What do you what do you think he was coming about that but I just rant about here 5 minutes I mean I think you and I,
for school board twice now so he kind of,
studies just a little bit little bit more paying attention the average citizen
is there another requirement to have two readings of this at the school board meeting.

[36:00] They have the first initial reading and then a later there at the next board meeting a second reading of it.
Okay they haven’t notice and then I think they did I was watching the meeting so I think they did it that way.
There definitely are a pro working meetings that’s really like to conduct all their business as much as possible.
For good or ill what do you think of the.

[36:28] Music musica shipping with a general I think okay so I don’t.
My understand my finances is a little weak so okay so the superintendent said that the reason why they want to do this was because,
they had to get reported so many students were enrolled and so if they waited any longer if it was into the general don’t be over this.
So that they would have to count the kids that are enrolled this current school year and ergo it hurt the numbers they wanted for the lungs that was the argument I’m not sure if that’s the truth or not.
I’m only slightly less mystified by numbers than the rest of Sioux Falls,
what is an assistant to something that’s the whole thing that they could use to keep changing your story every every chance they have like I was watching them on inside Keloland last night and it was,
it was Vernon Brown and Brian Maher and Brian Maher said we started at 280 million,
this is the first time I’ve heard this and maybe I missed it I watched all the task force meeting,
and maybe I missed it but that’s where they were starting at probably you probably watch things a little bit closer than the average ever cuz they already turned off $90 and I’m just like.
I never understand any and here’s the other thing about him being on inside Calla last night.

[37:52] He was sitting next to Vernon Brown and Vernon Brown is to chair a vote Yes and say whatever he wants to he’s there a pack there there that’s what they’re doing they spend their money to promote the boat yet.
But those two should have never been sitting next to each other at that desk conversing together the bride Maher is a school district employee.
Who gets paid by the school district he should have not been sitting next to Vernon brown with vertebrae Vernon Brown should have been on his own segment going,
and Brian should have been separate just give you the information,
exact same time and Don Jorgensen with a smirk on his face says we tried to vote to try to find an organized vote no group and we couldn’t find one which is probably true I’ve been trying it there’s been robocalls put out but I haven’t been able to track him down.
I don’t know who they are.

[38:45] I don’t nobody has I’ve tried to get a response to some people but George is so George is a pretty much set of the whole fucking show is going to be you know Robert Vernon Brown and Brian Maher you know and is there again spending.
Our money to promote raising our taxes which irritates the fucking shit out of me.
There’s you can’t spend my money.
To raise my Ed to get me to raise my tax it just drives me insane if you want to give me the facts fine,
don’t sit there and do a raw session with my tax dollars to increase by taxes he did that with the indoor pool.

[39:27] And we busted on so many damn times we filmed them we watch them do this they do the rock sessions about the indoor pool they’re not supposed to do that they did it anyway they were spending my tax dollars doing it,
and it’s just it’s it’s it’s not right is it your big sham we’ve actually asked the ACLU to look at the selection the way they’re handling it.
And we’ve got nothing from them you know for an organization that tries to claim that they you know watch these things in the safe elections and I like this or like this one’s red hot this would be one that you really should be watching.
You know he pull books that are using some other software company you know it’d be like taking your,
you know you’re you’re you’re Del home holding up you know there’s got to be a,
board of directors code of conduct every time that there’s a school board election board member.
They’re they’re not a good sign against the law for them to promote promote cuz they’re not they’re not members that are not with this regard to school okay,
then he happens to be the superintendent so then close,
I mean he’s pretty much right there.

[40:46] I need us that who’s in charge of enforcing that he’s a smart guy Brian is that,
okay then.

[41:14] You know what you have Vernon Brown who was chair of the of the task force and stn who he works for has contracts with the with the school district technical contracts and then.
Baker is coach are you know her whole family owns First National Bank and almost bonds go through dority go through First National Bank so many other conflicts of interest right there.

[41:39] It all on the task force,
get out and then the co-chair for vote Yes for the Vernon and of course Vernon’s wife has it isn’t AP teacher I don’t know if you know this but his wife is an AP teacher,
with the school district was best friends of Dan Conrad who’s marketing Communications person for the school district she can tell me that Deanne hasn’t fed and burning information because she’s best friends with his wife,
and I mean this whole it’s very incestuous all the stuff going on in the culture of the boat yes is the sister-in-law,
to the baker you would never have somebody that was interested in being the chairman of the vote Yes campaign that didn’t have,
some type of involved you’ll never find somebody so right,
Summit media probably missed the boat on.

[42:36] They put together the task force find out okay who’s on the task was on but some that are connected to businesses that are a financial stake,
sandwich somebody said to me and they’re like well you know,
she’s going to go to get make any money from this and blah blah blah and I’m like well you know it when you put out bonds you know what percentage you get isn’t it what is it when they do you know the bond isn’t it 5% Mike that I’m the life of the bond,
how did the dishwasher 2% know it’s probably.

[43:20] Hunter baseball team won 120 what 1% of 10,
what would you what would you get for that well it’s an Institutional Investor that does it not of a Community Bank like.
First National Bank Sioux Falls to do that they’re boarding already does but there are Trump First National Bank.
So but don’t worry it will then go through an institution such as Dorsey or such as Edward Jones are some big institution Merrill Lynch so to speak or whoever underwrite these gigantic bonds.
I’m at the federal level.
Once the money comes to the Guns N I don’t know who I don’t know where the checking account is,
so I’m assuming they probably do and Great Western actually a great western and I’m in the bed I bet I bet you there there’s a likelihood that yeah First National Bank is in there Wells Fargo’s probably in there,
so yes all the money aside and all that I.

[44:36] You know like I said I support this but there just seems to be a lot of things that just don’t add up,
I mean with the with the election but you explain the interest rate thing to me and I’m glad you did cuz it makes more sense now to me cuz they have never really explained it that way.

[44:54] They talk about the construction cost where they’ve said.
And this was the same thing with the Event Center if any of you know about the event center that was the same thing we need to build it now.

[45:07] Because construction costs are going to go up and I’m always like yeah that’s called inflation you know duh everything’s going to cost more next year we all know that that’s not like some,
but the school district is use that argument to it’s just going to cost us more down the road well it’s a false argument because they’ve known for years that we would get to this.
And why weren’t they save in the money up for 1 minute and ended their lead in the argument is memorial sixth grade last year we had too many Memorial 6th graders well,
who sells kits for RV living,
what the what the increasing population was for the school district this year.
Brandon Cella West Brandon was 172 I believe,
I thought I just counted on this but I thought Maher said 800 800 increase.

[46:05] I think that’s what he said but I’d have to watch the show again but here’s the rumor that I’ve been hearing and and and co-host German Fest and we talked to talk to a teacher and then we talked to someone that works and administration without administrator,
office support staff I guess I could call her and.

[46:26] Date you know they’re gossipers and teachers and they’re pissed about how.

[46:32] There’s no plan on how you going to stay after school so in other words teachers are going to get fucking.
Screwed again I’m pay their man that administration of man is in charge of bad.

[46:48] Scary thing is they’re saying that they brought they brought Maher in this was a new thing that I hadn’t heard,
they brought Maher and to pass this in as soon as this passes he gets it rolling he’s gone because I guess the old lady doesn’t like it here and wants to go back to beautiful Nebraska.

[47:07] Like the Sioux Falls isn’t exactly you know my opinion Sioux Falls is,
fantastic but if I had a choice between Sioux Falls and bumper Kearney Nebraska I would be living in Sioux Falls that’s just my opinion but you know some people just like bump,
they want to stay there as well so I’m going to work on stat.
And once he gets a past he’s going to either retire or,
whatever you got to be glad for those teachers are going to cost because of the teachers in God’s up nothing no news about the school district was partly because I talk to support staff to,
I have a friend that used to work for him and I think he just quit last year he wasn’t part of he was in charge of inventory over the library.

[48:01] And he told me that there is so much waste will take perfectly good computers that are working instead of trying to sell them auction them off or I letting students buy them at a reduced rate is thrown away.
For someone to smaller School,
sound to the students for god sakes why don’t we put it on the city does it surplus auction when we do something like that.
I mean I’ve been to those Surplus,
yeah they’re cool actually,
awesome I almost bought a clown.

[48:49] I know that’s what really tall fiberglass clown.
But I don’t even know where used to be I think I don’t know why I was on my way in for the previous administrations mayor’s Fourth of July 5th.
Didn’t go for very much so that I was at there was a brand new Hoover
brand new Kirby vacuum still inside the Box plastic wrap around at the box in the street.
$175 like that.

[49:28] If there’s $199 school bond out there I would want to make sure that.
That the contractors are kept on budget that they’re kept on schedule they keep their reserves they keep the keep the reserves under control and they don’t overspend.
The thing is official restraint believe that this 40 million dollar slush fund,
they’re probably anytime somebody says other stuff with my tax money always go,
that’s that shit was that just for example on Tuesday you know we’ve had this 20 million dollar parking downtown,
dirty dirty habit I already have to spend another $56,000 on an engineer to tell him where to put a pipe.
I mean and it’s an extra expense to have like a 10% contingency reserve account,
I don’t know where you’re coming up with,
47 million because I thought security and age 82 here today I got it right here Security in 88 for Robert Frost and Horace Mann Elementary is 2.2 million.

[50:42] That’s what I’m saying this 40 million dollar fund they calling to upgrade
bounces one day they’ll say 40 the next day they’ll say 50 that memories because I think when you add all these in I suppose okay,
it’s for extras and they’re going to fix a gym in one of the old schools and.
Well you know one Vince new Elementary School proposed for 17.5 million.

[51:12] I am concerned that that’s enough not enough money I mean 17 and 1/2 million bucks,
and the elementary school cost 17 and you’re kind of like,
what get the kids are a little bit smaller at the elementary school but you know it’s like so like I brought.
For your enjoyment Scott the the area mpo area and growth Management areas map,
this is the this is this is this is what’s the proposed growth between now and 2035 in the direction of cities going to go,
right now the Orange is the boundaries of the city in the,
the red the reddish color is where it’s expected to grow so we could probably predict by looking at this little map here,
where the schools are likely to go.

[52:25] See that all that stuff is just kind of like whatever to me I just want to know we push our borders out anymore.
Will the Sioux Falls borders are pretty much they they took care of that last year,
there. You can always ask,
take the established boundaries with a little a little City information,
with all their neighboring cities those are all established.
Done done because all density can build an element Elementary perspective is.

[53:19] Crooks has said that they’re said he’s going to go up to this line in the city of Sioux Falls and allowed to go up to that unless you want the city of Sioux Falls go into Crooks Crooks has to be okay with.
Being absorbed into the city which is not likely to ever happen though.

[53:40] And so I said that’s so I guess the biggest thing in this whole matter is I think they’re spending too much money right away.
Are borrowing too much money right away in the second factor I have is I don’t believe I don’t like where this election is being held I think I might just have a gigantic issue with.
Here’s a little here’s a little funny story just show you about the lady who runs the school district elections okay.

[54:05] Her name is Beth Chase she also runs on the substitute teaching she started.

[54:11] What Chuck says another job shocker so anyway.
But she was the one a few years ago remember where they they were balanced locked in a van and they couldn’t find Bev and she would lock these ballots in a banner they want me to come listen to Lady running the selection so anyway.
So this is it this is funny this is I’ve been giving a lot easier here so Teresa Staley has to do Teresa to believe it or not so Teresa Staley.
I just think she could talk all the Steeler report sometimes she mailed it out someday she doesn’t buy this time she’s she’s putting it in the shop and she let me proofread it cuz I work.
Prince sister company and.
I was reading it and I didn’t say anything to her or I talked to her about it today though but I didn’t say anything to her but I said to the sales manager shopping as I said I said are you okay with that thing that she said in there about the school district printing the map.
He starts laughing and he says let me tell you a story about that so here’s the story.
Teresa’s been after them she’s been pretty neutral about how I’m sure she’s going to Bono but I know she’s been neutral on the matter.

[55:27] Scratch that she’s probably not who I don’t know how she’s going to go so anyway she told School District you should really be.
Machine tabulating the boat you should be using all the precincts.
And then she told the school district you should print a map and the shopping news and The Argus Leader pretty Precinct map or locations of the precinct.

[55:49] And so.
She put it in her article I’m a school district to put a map in the shopping news and they refused so I’m spending my own money to print it in here myself with incorrect grammar no,
and I sent it the sales manager I said.

[56:09] So you’re okay with this in here and he goes yeah I like it and I go okay so what’s the story behind this and he goes here’s the story because you know about chases and I go oh God this is going to be good,
and I go yeah I know who that is and he goes so she calls me he goes and leaves me a message.
Like a few weeks ago and says I want to print a map in for the school board for the election and leaves her phone number.
And he calls her back well if you’re a salesperson and you work at a company and somebody leaves you a voicemail and says they want to do business with you what are you do you call him back now and you probably call him at the number that they let you write three calls her back.
And she says I don’t know what you’re talking about.
He goes well you left me a voicemail saying you want to print the map and in the in the shopping news no I didn’t.

[57:05] And he goes well your name is Bev Chase right and she’s like yeah he goes well that’s the name he left on The Voice Mail and this is your phone number that I just called right,
yes that’s the phone number that you left on the voicemail I didn’t leave you a voicemail and he goes well yes you did how else why why else would I be calling you back.

[57:25] So this is the lady Brian $190 bond election calling peep just calling random people.

[57:37] You somewhere that save that voicemail and so anyway,
please tell me this so why was she denying this why did she just say we changed our mind wouldn’t you just said that like maybe she did call and then we changed our mind we didn’t have it in the budget.

[57:54] Weird he said he goes she probably,
meant to call the Argus Leader and called me and said that she did not realize that she called us and said so did he told her own,
you know I’ve always would you be interested in putting them in the shower.
So he left them voicemails and they never called.
So no he didn’t so Teresa so Teresa’s brick turning the world everybody to know that the school district.

[58:38] Does public service it’s it’s, it’s really funny I’m always going to leave you a voice,
never told you never got a ballot from you that said no on it just like I never got any other no balance,
we lock them in the van they find the van like 2 years for now full of no balance just stacked up somebody finds on it. I think it what you need to do is you need to come up with,
teen volunteers to stand at each one of the districts.

[59:16] Whole entire ship match my joke was they’re going to have to vote do you stick to your you stick your ballot in The Ballot Box I said they’re going to have to ballot boxes at the at the
coincides they’re going to have one that says yes yes,
Andy and the yes ballot was going to be a regular mailbox and then no one’s going to go that’s strange I could see this as an Office episode on the office,
flashlight on,
95% holy moly the highest in the states that didn’t say no it said on so I guess my prediction is if it does pass
it wouldn’t surprise me because of low voter turnout but it’s not going to be much over 60% if it’s super high like 70 80,
90% laws were joking around about to be real concern this election was fuck with big time,
and 60% is all pretty hard. I would think so,
but it also depends on what the voter turnout is it who voted so there’s no requirements for.

[1:00:35] Quora my sister just out of Voters cuz it’s all about you.

[1:00:48] Probably decided by I’m guessing about 3500.
That’s what historically is scoop out with those when they do the super precincts it’s about 3,500 people who’s the school district.

[1:01:03] If it’s held with other if with the city it gets up to be about 12.
If it’s by itself it’s like 4% is there an appeal normally without attaching it’s like 4%,
that this year wasn’t at like 12% for the super city election.
Again Freight.

[1:01:32] Well technically this is not an election this is a school bond vote.

[1:01:44] The only thing is we speak we don’t know if people are voting more than what I was going to do this but somebody warned me they said you could get into a lot of trouble,
cuz you have to seriously prove you were trying to catch them.
I was thinking about going and voting and I already voted so I’m done anyway but I was thinking about waiting for the day of the election and going in voting at 1 Precinct in and driving.

[1:02:11] Boy yeah you know what the fact that I’m trying to
some kind of a pre-approval yeah yeah might like as a secret shopper type things I mean,
seriously, why couldn’t you buy couldn’t somebody approach the city of Sioux Falls Police Department Say Hey I want to do this,
yeah I know that it’s really probably State’s Attorney’s office hey yo, your buddy,
secret shopper going to put me in if you can be a secret shopper,
yeah I don’t I’m not going to be one anybody else want to weigh in on this.

[1:03:04] All of the cool education activists I talk to you say they’re going no because they feel that,
what they were sold on this is higher than that they thought you were being sold on 158th and now we’re 40 over that that’s so they think that’s going to hopefully people are going to vote no and then they’ll force them to come back to the table and come back with the Lord,
I am waiting by the time we get to election day the The Proposal coming out of Brian’s Mars miles going to be like.
We were at a billion dollars and we cut all this off.
Tools and 900 million on a LaunchPad.

[1:03:59] It’ll be a great education for these kids.
I think the 208 million came from when they were doing the meetings with the parent that I forget what they called them when they were,
during the day before they had the official official,
yeah apparently committees they were trying to publicize 280 was their guesstimate for what they thought the body should be.
That’s just insane in math teacher.

[1:04:39] So I get a longer summer,
they were mad that they had that boat to change the school and when you went where did you go to,
where’d you go to school Mitchell Mitchell I knew it was in the region.
Heck yeah,
yeah right you’re from Minnesota and your fruit over after Labor Day to see what’s up I’m sorry but you live in Minnesota but your,
I was always after Labor Day made it one or two years they didn’t stupid experiment to go the week,
for labor day but you never this early was state fair I was school district,
so I was I was chuckling about it because they had to start early so they did so they start early,
start on a Thursday for one and I’m like which was Thursday you obviously those first two days of school you’re not doing,
you’re doing nothing you’re doing nothing you’re trying to figure out your fucking lock they get a weekend.

[1:06:03] Did they only go for days does the Labor Day weekend in and then get off for days and everything and I’m like you started early why
yeah but what was the point of this and that game with what 6 days
animals you fucking around with your locker for 6 a.m.
Parent, Get on Up the story on Facebook about how her son was,
go ahead receivers just devastated that he’s having to start after Labor that know your son is super happy cuz he gets out way early and I love getting traded summer of his life and on top of that,
the funny part was there big argument when the vote was coming was the I was kind of helping with that the change the date thing save the summer thing,
and their big argument was.
That this is always a peek it’s always a p kids and all this stuff did you know that after once they started the new program to start after Labor Day AP scores went up.

[1:07:11] At 8 p.m. ruhlman 20.
To their whole fucking argument about how it was going to hurt a p which actually in the opposite fucking Direction.
Decided to go back to the old way and you’re like.
What Labor Day to Memorial Day He told me at the time why he supported it is like.
He goes when the girls got out of school last year it was snowing on the last day of school it was snowing like early May.

[1:07:49] Hesus like it was stupid.
Coming up next time you’re around your own school for 4 days a week I think it shouldn’t be I’ve said that all along they should get breaks in between and that’s it.
Would pay the teachers for a we get my salary for the Full Bucket year and then you should work the whole year it’ll get me started on that guy say here we go.

[1:08:09] 07 hit
what you did change I want I’m glad I brought you on Craig because you did change my mind at a really good job explaining out all the finance change my mind about that so I feel I feel better about,
you feel better about yourself
I already voted out yet but I did not feel good about the election but I I feel better about the fact that I’m paying taxes on money,
that’s it in a bank account I just registered that we just spent an hour talking about the sick and he’s suffering so the clock lot
see you next time.