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Perlocution Podcast Ep 013 Labor Day Re-Launch Episode

Perlocution Podcast Ep 013 Labor Day Re-Launch Episode

Labor Day noun: Labor Day
a public holiday or day of festivities held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries on May 1.

Topics include:  People are horrible, Dogs are great, Tabletop Games, and many more.

Book Recommendations

What Happened to Bernie Sanders


Uncle Tom’s Cabin


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Hosted by White Boi

Guests: Adam Wilka and Thaddeus Babb

Produced by Robert Mehling

Machine Transcript
[0:15] How are you doing this is this is a white Boi and a couple of random white boys.
How many try not to say aww as much come back from the Hiatus unfortunately without a Jenny Mac she’s doing well.

[0:34] Other other things to chase after right now so with me today we have a couple of,
couple of my friends mr. Adam wilka who is there local celebrity Adam wilka Azurite,
a fellow philanthropist with daddy is bad AKA Grizzly if you can’t see he’s got a really beautiful beard.
Yes we have the full stages of the beer guy at 9 almost a little bit and then oh my God I live in a cave it’s a good day though see I can’t actually grow that much. I can make it I can get to this point we’re kind of looks like I could grow that much beard.
Past it it’s like all now he can hurt a lot of people.
I’m so jealous I wonder if I like it long and then like cut it like Locks of Love and could donate if there’s maybe a way to look at your face just like her like beard like hair plugs.
For all you bald-faced wonders,
in different places like some people have that and I just acted just Apache,
you had somebody glue cubes all over their face.

[2:02] That sounds very it sounds great.
What is just really like I watch a lot of kung fu in and I keep trying to do that and it just I don’t know the Kung Fu Masters had way better makeup artist in me.

[2:16] It’s crazy how to change so I always feel like it’s just a GFI if I rock.
Button in a plane on your going to swear I’m from South Central LA.

[2:36] What is it like to call this look at McLean.
That’s why I wear the hat cuz you know you said can’t tell if it’s a pimp thing or history thing you never know I might have a banjo somewhere.
I guess I have strawberry strawberry and that you should get a banjo and a banjo
no it’s the size of a hoop but the banjo so kind of.

[3:12] Topics that today are all written down on the notebook at my house on the floor what we’re at Robert says the problem.

[3:19] That’s alright we’ll just a school project to say that’s a problem I have a new puppy Zoe worried about what they’re doing and how many worms are dropping in your place before you run out now that she doesn’t have worms.
I think we got any more,
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah.

[3:41] My dog game it’s old one me about this but I would like that no one ever warned me about this and I never had a dog before.
Are Farm dogs I don’t ever remember any of them having worms honestly there’s this book.
I recommend everyone to read that book for you to read a puppy how to raise the perfect puppy
because I might actually had that on audiobook right now.

[4:14] 3 year for dog training books.

[4:20] I almost like Sam backers about being like the best one that you like that
I don’t like,
try not to use this dog training from the.

[4:51] From God’s perspective,
holla holla trailer leveling starting it and it like.
Instigated the stimulation you know of them licking and then they eat the poo poo the drink the past whatever you want
and then for an after within no time they start taking him outside and then I’ll lick it to start it and then I’ll stop and dog lick another dog will lick them.
Will Traynor died because they can’t have piss and shit in there cuz that will attract Predators while they’re out hunting since it’s official.
That’s how I was raised in a dog is not like raising a cup
I wish I used to work at a Doggy Daycare and so it was really need cuz I be you know.

[6:00] Bike very rare are the chances for a person to just spend hours observing 30 dogs interacting with each other.
Cuz like we would have this it was this Mass play area it was so weird but they definitely do like like we have and I always have to worry about.
Most dogs will eat shit if they have that opportunity,
most dogs will do it with statistics we have these puppies that like
where is puppies that they totally.
They came in but didn’t eat shit they started seeing these older dogs eating shit I started eating shit as like God dammit.
And if you’re outnumbered like it’s almost like I swear all these fucking animals.
Poop at the same time or at least within the same like 10 minutes and then though.
It’s like you’re running all over the place to try to stop to try to get as much shit before it gets eaten as you can.

[7:05] Nasty gross they’re raising it dog is nothing like raising a child anybody that tells you that.
Has never been to a doctor a veterinarian or pediatrician medicine and they said you’re ready for the spaghetti.
That’s some weird shit it’s a problem.

[7:40] Oh well yeah but they can understand after after after like.
What for five years like your kid can understand you when you’re like look I will do what you want right now.

[7:58] I got one at home who,
any kind of reason with them can’t tell this board is pretty much unanimous on dog love with the exception of Robert we all have animals and he will have dogs and he grew up with dogs so.
I think we’re all pretty.

[8:17] This is the part of the show called dogs are great perspective listener in basic idea what you’re going to get here for the Houston is just talking.
About it’s we’re not cast about.
Podcast about cats I don’t hate them I just got General dislike of cats because of how many cats has cancer like humans.
Dogs I like most podcast.
The car seats.
Would you like to see my where’s that’s a little racist,
Hello Kitty Darth Vader.
Racist against mythical creatures.
Canelo you can make that go forever I’m on my way already I already everything I won’t say that I have podcast problem but I already have 3 episode outlines in my head for how I could do that.
Look I’m not saying that I Lorex are Knuckleheads but how many horsepower.

[9:46] I’m ready for modern always there always The Brute strength of it but I mean I realize don’t matter today.
Got actually love that movie that was a really good movie I love that.
Because they wanted it like the people who own the media and the movie studios needed that movie to fail because it because Netflix,
bright because that’s all I got to do it freaking up
except work since 12 Sparrow real sorry I had to take your name but the,
alarm clock for a few months if you have Netflix Will Smith.

[10:29] That’s it’s good it’s got a thing is supposed to is supposed to play on like a racial epithet racial little thing twos like.
Looking at how people address different take the different fairies are different,
mythical creatures are supposed to be like different races or something like that the elves all live in downtown and everything in downtown is like super beautiful and like a blockbuster action movie in the 90s back on.
I don’t know I just
ignited me with my childlike Wonder of my lenses berries
Hardware on Netflix to write yeah I watch the shit out of that.
Like they were together for 3 minutes.

[11:26] What time are the backflips in the beginning they still like the second movie with the like
can I buy me to get the first of all I care about.

[11:47] I need to bring back Sean Connery for the Remake though and he’s still going to be a fucking heavily Scottish sounding spaniel sorry.
But yeah the second one doesn’t make a lot of sense to me the so they time traveled from the distant future.
Different of a cinema,
where he’s like old because he won but the night begins under a shield and he gets the quickening and so he becomes an immortal again,
just a time to get a tax by the 2 cyborg,
the coolest part about that it is like legitimately pool is the idea it’s heavily secured facility
can I do a car just suicide run Ram into it so
they like it just shot up just like completely to hell go there anything but their highlighter so like half an hour later they come back to life in the crib in like okay we’re in.

[12:57] I don’t think I’ve seen that one I think I’m going to see the first Highlander.

[13:01] That’s in the second one that’s the second one that’s not your fanfiction of what should happen to The Last Dragon.
Berry Gordy movie I have it on Blu-ray it’s just one of those things that you need to see at least once but after that it’s like this is
bad way this is misses like I burned up my whole bag bad cuz it’s just terrible that was me was he really Called Bruce Leroy
glow 11,
no I don’t think I didn’t say
I thought we had a boy’s Soul Glo
taimak taymac he’s one of them one by one name people from the 80s vanities in it.

[14:06] I know Julio Brian is that’s the one with the.
Survive the meaning if you look at the movie posters showing up I look like I like I kind of resemble of Sho Nuff had sex with a white woman that’s what his kid would look like everything is well.

[14:24] Sho Nuff your body I don’t have it I don’t have the glow yet but I’m working on it.

[14:31] Never heard of The Last Dragon or Bruce I have it on Blu-ray I wanted to both of you over the long time but I do based on a true story.
Al Pacino is playing.

[14:49] Something starts with girls.
Is it isn’t that the one about the The French Connection or whatever or not,
not the movie but they’ll actual like incident where it was like the New York people wore in Fresh Catch.
Where are The French Connection but I don’t know if we’re going to talk about that
we need to do three episodes one with each Highlander because they get just I don’t think I don’t think they’re great enough to watch all three I watch a season of them though.
How do I download free movies.

[15:41] Three episodes not know I’m talking about the movies themselves having a whole top in an hour about 5 about.
Islander I mean unless you talk about what you would do if you could be a Highlander in the next working superduke asked about being a highlighter the first thing I do is pop cast of my face.

[16:05] Good podcast about everything.
I love this bag that talk about this
tell yo fine arts and craft bag.

[16:26] What how old is Misha
I’m done talk about those you have a little bit of that too
more like I mean not like.
Computer game score
Play Dungeons & Dragons.

[17:25] Shadowrun Shadow my favorite RPG I actually have.
We have code in a screenplay for a pilot episode of Shadowrun not like I want to make it so bad I think that it would do so fucking well.
If anyone wants to like read it at who has money and would pay us for it like you know there’s a message in a bottle baby.
5675 Union.

[18:03] Good workout excuse me for me tabletop games.
And like it just so happened to be like.
I would definitely say that I would probably have made way more bad decisions between 21 and 27
does involving like drugs booze and you know women if I didn’t play tabletop games,
I want to go pretend pretend life
are you still interested
in my twenties I went out and made all those terrible this morning at Buddy’s house no image with money like the upper.
Right right choice have cars guys.
But I don’t know.

[19:17] Rich friends,
trade Magic
video games at all to me were like my rich friend
that’s the best thing in the world to steal a book
thirtysomething is when I’m like I’m going to just chill out and stay home play games and that I dated this girl that you’re always playing that damn game.

[20:04] What do I get there,
would I do love now I play like Dungeons and Dragons
green bastard.
Braces you can be in a lizard person once you get around Dungeons & Dragons World of Darkness.
Running my own Homebrew game right now that’s like based off tonight Cyrus popular series by Simon R green.
Did you ever Adam I love Sia I know of them.
That would be a fun game and I’m having a lot of fun once you get into RPGs.

[20:54] Like where you plan pretty regularly you watch any movie any show.
Well I can’t even buy but she like 75% of them and you’re like someone who wrote this.
Play an RPG at some point because this is literally like I can point at these characters and be like this is an adventuring party
here’s this guy’s job in the party here’s this guy’s job in the party you know what I mean.
I would be surprised if Game of Thrones wasn’t yeah well it is very fantasy base
it’s making me hard for one person to create multiple unit characters but if you’re one person recording a game
of like 5 people at swing multiple unique characters on.
Having all these like like I’m really big on like scripting them out.

[22:05] I’ve learned to just like keep it very wide open where the players can go. It is to the Play Store
what does she like what are we just walk to the poor whites
fuck sometimes
how come no one can hit this guy because then I’ll be over that’s a whole point Buddy Rogers last name.

[22:39] If you know like an 80s movie let’s go back and badass like crack-shot guy always has like an eyepatch
OU am I getting in real life like if you lose an Eye Blind
there’s not a real estate your phone you privately,
$100 actually in real life most do all snipers operate with spotters because we are shooting that far away there’s way too many Factor,
at least having your top move out having your time because we’re talking about time to set that down pick this up boom boom boom so in that kind of situation that’s,
morning substantially more than having the time most snipers don’t magically succeed on the first shot every time so nice thing about having a spotter if they are watching it without reacting The Recoil at all
distance to Tehachapi.

[23:51] Like in the depictions I never say never show someone just blow the fuck up from a sniper rifle,
like those things are good I mean that’s some heavy cap.
Deer or other animals,
the entry hole is small but the back side always like the effect.

[24:22] That spreads out for you 30 out of 6.
Bad for you when your fluids is problems in Paradise.

[24:41] Who wants to go look at what I did when I was a kid it was on it,
remember your kids ever paid attention all scores
Bea Arthur was in the Marines and I wasn’t like all ladies why would I watch that.
Shooting on combat roll but yeah the lady at the store I told her that written report when I randomly ran into my
dude I got the shirt and because of the shirt and I wanted to work and I could remember their names that’s the main reason star watches that I should know these chicks names
I felt embarrassed either day I wore a Star Wars shirt for like force awakens on the store and someone started all really want to like get in-depth about,
The Last Jedi and about Force awakens and I was like.
Actually still haven’t seen.
If this wasn’t dirty that’s why I don’t wear football clothes I had Michael Vick jersey and work to a bar or something.

[26:05] So many compliments on his shirt and I just noticed you wearing a shirt.
I do love some Futurama.
The PHD is working on the right angle have you seen speaking.
Last I started trying to watch it over again something to find another I think they’re building cuz when I was talking to like The Hollywood Reporter when I forget where this interview was,
please tell me about the writing method for this and this was the first one he was ever approaching as like,
a giant arcing story from the beginning cuz he’s like Netflix and so,
he wrote it with the idea that it doesn’t and the idea that it’ll be benched in certain.

[27:03] Broken up into a part 1 and part 2 it really has.
It caught me by like episode end of episode 3 hours.

[27:15] I like it it’s like okay when it’s like finding its footing in those early episodes the last three episodes are like rock solid
so that gets okay I’ll fight through this kind of I kind of like the last episode and a half saw that they back into it,
but it’s like like Parks and Rec I did not like that first episode that you power through it and then you like characters and then it’s curtains like this
great what is grabs you that’s why I’m so that’s why I haven’t given up
Like 31 yeah I like when I get it right away so we time
because I hated Tracy Morgan before before 30 Rock
and then like once once you like watch him enough and realize that like how much of his stick is.

[28:29] Him and how much of it is just like him fucking with you it just like it really hurts hard to tell the seller who’s smarter than you think he is and that.

[28:46] Well I mean yeah I mean I mean sounds about like a Larry the Cable Guy kind of thing as a black dude.
Basically Norm Macdonald was talking about this and it’s why he personally doesn’t like Bill Maher which is that like.
It’s an audience is going to enjoy someone who is smarter.

[29:14] And like is actually kind of dumb it down a little bit more than they’re going to enjoy some of his trying to come office.

[29:22] Or in forgetting to that. Sometimes it’s not even about what about this logic in your life.
Kind of idiot I’m telling you how it is
Bill Maher’s more about it seems like it’s pushing his opinion then talking about yours I could be wrong though shut up.
The boys are talking to,
do you say that smoking a joint with Jesus and do his hair catches on fire in see this year I remember the part though.
What about Morris tow
wrong with sniping a couple Palestinian children if they’re marching on offense okay like that’s basically what he said 12 people.

[30:32] NASCAR all over the place I don’t.

[30:35] I don’t know I don’t care how do you spell warlock.
Then when some shit comes out that I don’t like David Cross I love David crosses work,
like a lot of shit that he’s working but it stand up usually he’ll be like making great points and he’s like a specially.

[31:00] Bob Odenkirk in mr. show is on
but I can do is great but his stand at the End of the Street like going off,
and I remember,
Richard Spencer is crazy right-wing ship that was going on it was like what it is very shady
but you come up my talk about a little bit and be like yeah you’re right you’re right let me go out with him.
And it’s like you’re saying exactly what they’re complaining about which is wacko like don’t say why push it there’s this like you’re going to make a legitimate legitimate point and then you like to meet,
put my name.

[32:09] Find people who like you know honestly we just got to kill these people who disagree with us okay hang on.
Yeah dictator like,
are you sure sound like speaking on behalf of the First Amendment of the same way it’s like
there is social and they’re going to stop anybody from really bad for the brain
the monkey brain is ironically responsible for the fact that so many people refuse to acknowledge that we have a monkey Brainerd
ammo on the center of the universe inner planets flat like we are very smart.

[33:02] What’s that this dick head like a really short little book by dick hard.
Internet suck him and what the name of it is that Mexico.

[33:15] Common sense it’s a common sense or logic.
I said common sense I think it’s Common Sense common sense and I disagree that first I would have first part of the seven senses the one thing that is dispersed evenly throughout all of humanity.
Super populated in any one area or what is he saying so I read on and it was like.

[33:43] You know what no matter how much did it anyone has or at Lacs.

[33:48] Among any commodity that people are going to Value as a good commodity this is the one that people are going to never think they need any more of
and meditation course on method and meditations
we’re reading through some,
but I’m like I don’t even trying to read,
I mean it’s not as nice,
yeah I’d like this I think this way and Aristotle there’s plenty of shit that he said that I agree with but there’s plenty that I didn’t.
But they caught that first sentence that was kind of think you’re familiar with dunbar’s number right now
so dunbar’s number is if you take the relative size of primates brain.

[34:55] And then this one region of the brain how big it is that mathematically like directly determine how many individuals that primate can LaGrange Herbert in their community.
And for humans nobody gets higher than around a hundred and fifty stable relationships which means that’s probably the ideal size of a community for humans so we’re over doing it
Community that’s bigger than a hundred and fifty people once you get out on the peripheries of it.

[35:22] People are not people like the example.

[35:31] You know you might sell your garbage man but for most people
your garbage man isn’t this dynamic character in your brain was a whole elaborate backstory to hit.
I think of it kind of sending Lee but the way your brain is categorizing them is
that’s the thing that takes the garbage where does thing that stalks the shelves at the grocery store.
They don’t even look at you as a person you’re just hitting them food and walking away and they act their worst in front of you it’s nice and I love being a fly live.

[36:19] Don’t act like I’m cells when they know they’re being watched and that’s the one thing about human behavior study human behavior is if you can study and they know they’re being studied,
sorry I got I have a Great Courses that I got an audiobook.
An audible code why you ought to be at work just wanted teaches you about that kind of thing just the way your cognition is coming along where it came from from your parents basically and everybody that raised you in the community,
takes a village to raise a child yeah it is pretty much what it is you learn around its same thing with dogs pit your time of dogs.
Training training a little not to do stuff we do the same thing you don’t absorb like what you’re told to do you definitely also are observing like.
Both what is said to be right and then what is actually effective in terms of like the individuals around you really can get away you know what I mean.

[37:17] Kevin Federline is that is like Britney Spears down a joke
I believe that’s tits that’s a quote that submissive often miss attributed to Stalin but no one else if he actually ever said that but anyway I’m going to link to this article in the show know if this is from one of my favorite writers David Wong.
This is how I learned about like the Dunbar number and stuff like that he wrote this article called the monkey spear.
And it’s like a grand fesus that gets into when you take the Dunbar number in the implications of it that’s how you get to the point where eventually you’re like.

[37:52] You can never look at the world the same way again after you hear that because it’s just like.
That 150 and that group the only way you can expand that is through symbols so like nationalism nationalism is a cheat code so that.
Even though somebody from California is not inside of my monkey spear.
They still follow the same? Charger so my tribe their drive and like talking about like how
it’s like it motivates sports teams evoked motivates that motivates corporations and were all hard-wired like segments
yeah you really want to like some Balaji.
They have believed that like symbols are literally like a form of magic that
masses do follows big sis big sis I had a really powerful people who will get all the hours I was Aleister Crowley
it doesn’t even need to be true of the people who are deciding the face of Nations believe it’s true you know what I mean hell yeah.

[39:01] Where are we at on time 60 40 minutes 40 minutes.

[39:08] I took a poop on the floor.

[39:14] We are Reed
has a group I can’t remember exactly what it was and she called it but basically they come in as kind of like a book club where you come in and everybody brings their own book now I didn’t ask anybody to bring their own book but all of us have a book that,
we have that we’re actually working on or may have just got finished with him a like to share so I was just going to.
She doesn’t got finished writing books that reading book but he’s right multiple books.

[39:43] Yeah I don’t know that’s what I’m doing right now I just got done with with my Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
And now we have to stay at the pace to get him into my brain.
But it’s pretty damn dope I wish I was surprised that chick is very funny and Harriet Beecher Stowe died you wouldn’t think they’d be funny back in 1851,
but turned out she is she thought she was you asking because you said something about her publishing it under a guy’s name.
I didn’t say anything about that but she didn’t it’s stories that she take if she was an active abolitionist so she was taking stories from other people and then turn it into one story.
Says multiple saves in it but I noticed that almost all of them are either mulatto or I learn a new word quadroon.
Cause I’ve heard that before I forgot or African 3/4.

[40:48] Why don’t you hate you have it gets more than that though but I guess ruin is that other Facebook,
based on what category I think it’s super into that.

[41:06] Hey they were there this whole body research about it if they have breeding the worldwide in Minnesota they have they have an exhibit on race and it’s a little 10 ways a rectangle tenant has different hair,
were they took hair out of them people that’s how they categorize you they hold the hair up to yours and if you look like that then your black ass so kind,
you know her and I got you considered black pseudoscience of the light up for Knology like that and
you know the Nazis of course in their special way Twisted into a like a does it cost for Knology that Americans in Bell invented was just supposed to look at,
intelligence level however the things they still like darker skin will that means a lower intelligence,
and according to phrenology like based on my face structure I am supposed to be like a hit.
I have like this little browsing piece of shit to came in here folks.

[42:24] No that’s that’s he has to he has the third Center brow of a sneak Thief.

[42:37] By Jared I think it’s Jared Bernie Esquire what happened to Bernie Sanders.
This is this is actually a super important book.
Cuz this is written by the lawyer who sued the NC for fraud after the 2016 primary actually did that,
and the reason this is important is because since Trump got elected,
we have been subjected to a level of propaganda that has never fucking been seen before in the history baby and Germany.
No I don’t think so because Jeremy should have the resource,
this is so like all of this Neil McCarthy Russian bullshit look there’s a lot of.
Really valid things to criticize Trump for but the only reason that everyone has launched on lashed onto this like.
Bulshit Russia narrative is because it’s the only way these fuckers can actually criticize the guy without criticizing themselves as well and this is why this is nothing but hard Facts of Life.

[43:52] Court documents like this is Bayless Caesar there’s so many court transcripts from his lawsuit against the DNC a lawsuit by the way in which his two key Witnesses
Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich you may have heard of Seth Rich yeah key witness in this guy’s lawsuit against the DNC both of those guys died,
during that fucking lawsuit like what happened to Bernie Sanders Jared back by it read it cuz.
You’re going to have to seek it out because this book is pretty heavily censored like they would burn it if they could so yeah what it is your turn.

[44:31] Buck I’m sorry I didn’t know what I supposed to be.
Right now I’m right now by a graffiti on George Washington via I can’t.
Also told me to read Persuader by Lee Child.
Oh that’s a really good body shop before the story.
But the writing is so terrible area sleeping terrible.
I don’t like the cop who got shot Jack Reacher
but the writing is not like I’m just I was one of those great English tea not working,
you know your English teacher would come and go.

[45:37] You can’t say,
I like the bad lighting is good for supper
but why do you look like you’re going to have a habit of writing for your dinner supposed to catch it sounds bad.
When they’re coming. You need to do it like that.
I don’t like you enough of it.
This is like it’s not true because it’s storytelling skills are on point the story that gives you on your look up like a writing a story.

[47:01] I don’t I think a prerequisite of being an asshole the way this is being unwilling to admit that you’re not asshole latest I think you’re fine.
Actually here’s what it really is the moment.
But also I was going to say I’ve been the podcast right now bertcast my dog’s name is Bert.
And when I’m calling him and he’s not in the neighborhood just running around like I did when I was a kid so special last night on Netflix I didn’t watch it.
But it doesn’t come right away I like that part.
So he’s got birdcast and then he was like and I started listening to listen to this listen to.
Robert let’s see I think I’ve been really on the listen to a lot of audio dramas.
Ramping up for laundry but the last book that I read like 3 weeks ago was I reheat went back and reread the Frank Herbert’s Dune the original one
it’s it’s super good.

[48:24] I I think it’s interesting that one I’m putting in my key right now.
I went through did a YouTube deep dive on interviews with Frank Herbert about it and about the story and like what he’s doing it so fat.

[48:40] If I talk to him know the.
YouTube, is it like you like
white cat in people for Escambia if you want me to be and I’ll be in it okay I would love to know how much interest there would be invoice work
so I stupidly went into the Facebook actress group and I was like is there anyone around here who would be interested in doing this.
My inbox loaded with people who want to get in on this that’s a cool that I had people like unsolicited me like headshot
cast of drug overdose like,
exactly how much that happened like 4 times whatever whatever whatever they’re charging all half,
solar charging my finger then I will give you money
that’s the things I put on there it’s just like this is on all volunteer Operation Ivy I can’t guarantee I’m I’m paying everything but,
right now I’m working on the scripts cuz I have my story outlines of what I want and I’ve also opened up submissions in different writers groups on Facebook people want to submit for the Twilight Zone style sci-fi horror anthology
you can submit your own story and Molly.

[50:04] What’s a awesome
and I got all the equipment to do the Foley work and do all the sound effects so it’s like really going to be going to have like you don’t want to do books like this
you know I got to grab a business card,
how to do book release to do audio books.
Where can you have a room.

[50:40] It’s called like
a movie in your mind I don’t remember
I like the background ambience,
casting voice drama are coming in a Renaissance right now so it’s like what’s funny is it’s kind of the wild west where was like I was like looking for like the standardized form.
A script format is different than like a a screenplay but nobody does it except for the BBC because over in England voice,
dramas never like really died off that I still like really big and stuff so a lot of podcasters use.
Yeah so I’ve got like myself personally but I don’t want the first season to be all my writing I have like 12 to 15 story outlines and I I’m like 2/3 done with the first script of the first episode.

[51:46] So that’s not what I expected I’m in the other room typing actually written some short stories that like,
I’m just fucking done waiting for his goddamn internet poster stick to pay me for so I called I’ll just get you a couple of see if you’re interested,
okay sweetie I want to develop them and I’m going to prove like like you just you guys are volunteer I have a like massive pool of people who are just like I would love to work with you I’m an audio drama so it’s just like so like any,
must have seen each group voices everything went well but
awesome I’ve listened to enough like no-sleep podcast and creepy stuff like that and I’m kind of learning the technique I’ve been doing that for like a year now staying up for this and learning there,
technique for how they adapt just to Ross store you see on the internet and how they,
I don’t know how they’re adopting it and how what they tell guys you have a dad in there later maybe like the narrator yet so voice of God,
this is G,
theater near you we had cat I had this guy in my fraternity Justin would just like a little normal looking guy but whenever he talked.

[53:08] You know just like what so fucking like a ridiculously deep,
so we always call him Justin the voice of God so anything any voice prompt bring me a call it doesn’t like Justin what is school yeah.

[53:23] What were you what cichlid for Delta Tau Delta do you know like Andrew deal or.

[53:30] Jordan Eisler make some really familiar like what years that I didn’t know it well,
I had to change my identity identity about every 50 years or so,
okay those so the guys know my guys at my guys are because I’m thinking of you.
Younger than my truck.

[54:05] How to cover up, man how is that after we get done with this conversation yesterday on one
podcast with Eminem’s Kamikaze that just came out.
Put the pieces of the album is him like looking back at the younger generation of rappers up and coming and telling them all you know I know what’s right
you’re a bunch of idiots fuck your go fuck yourself and it sucked I have heard no musicians I’ve ever come down on a new blower.
But we were talking about on the podcast that this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone that’s more my generation,
looking at the younger generation what that’s like a little bit but I don’t think anybody I ever noticed it felt like a moment where I was realizing
oh God I am becoming old I think it’s a lot
before they open the words to stay open-minded as a girl but you have to make an effort.

[55:27] There’s like a lot of people who work with people like volunteers to buy stuff like that which is like we could be standing yeah yeah yeah.
Unfortunately about time have we gotten to the point
55 minutes so let me know.

[55:58] You come back to me cuz today is actually amazing.
Anniversary of Eugene Debs. The only advice that will never cause harm to the world.

[56:14] I’m not good with quotes know cuz I.

[56:17] I dig into that too much and then I think about them too much and then so I don’t like those like here’s a quote about that could be
to me and I’m going to make it a Rodney Dangerfield quote and I love what he said.
What did he say is like a wife likes to talk after sex.
Just the other night she calls me from hotel room it is.
I walk into a bar and tell them I thought about gender surprise me.
I got my wife a call to tell me about it today is the anniversary of Eugene Debs,
I don’t know maybe just maybe at the first was certainly one of most prominent American Socialist.
I really.

[57:31] I do not want you to follow me or anyone else if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist Wilderness you will stay right where you are I would not lead you into the promised land if I could because if I let you in someone else would leave you out.
And I’ll wrap it up when I wrap it up here man about being.
Play kill yourself by being around later and I’m going to wrap it up with the man.
Mr. Samuel Clemens better known as Mark Twain.
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect white Boi.
Some random white boys have a good night.

Sioux Empire Podcast 121 Siouxpercon Pre-Show with Shane Gerlach and Brian Broekemeier

This week The Sioux Empire Podcast welcomes Shane Gerlach and Brian Broekemeier from SiouxperCon 2018: Return of the Con.  First though, hosts Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, and Special guest host White Boi from Perlocution Podcast break down the biggest headlines in the Sioux Empire.

Sioux Empire Podcast 120 Live605 with Tyler Kruid

This week Robert Mehling and special guest hosts Eric Edwards aka White Boi and Gabriel Night Shield interview the man behind Live605 Tyler Kruid.  You can catch Tyler Kruid hosting a variety of shows on Live605 while taking on a ton of duties behind the scenes. Implanted from Iowa, Tyler has resided in Sioux Falls for the last 8 years.  This week’s episode is brought to you by SiouxperCon 2018! SiouxperCon is a fan convention that celebrates several mediums: Comicbooks, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime, board games, and video gaming. Get your tickets now at  The Sioux Empire Podcast’s mind is blown by the crossovers within crossovers this episode represents.  (Sioux Empire is on Live605, Urban Indianz is on Live605, Live605 is on Sioux Empire… (Insert GIF of Head Explodes from scanners here)

Live605 with Tyler Kruid



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Machine Transcript
[0:50] Welcome again to the Sioux Empire podcast this is the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcasts all about Sioux Empire news comedy music and culture,
as always I am your host Robert mehling and joining me this week subbing on the couches at Eric Edwards Gabriel night Shield.
And joining us also is Tyler Curry Chrome. Croix.
Tyler from live605 the streaming radio service that’s all about the the local scene in music and everything else that’s going on.

[1:32] We’re going to go ahead and jump right into talking to him so we don’t have set here for the book club. My understanding is that he is on a mission to assassinate someone in.
I’m ruining the joke by getting stall. He’s on a mission to assassinate someone in Aberdeen posing as a trip to go to the Brown County Fair.
That’s what’s up with there and then Natasha I’m pretty sure is lost in some sort of I don’t know her cell phone signal was really like garbage but it’s something about there was a guy with a bull’s head and horns and she was in some kind of maze or something like that,
but the Minotaur traps and it’s worth.
But yeah so let’s Jump Right In Here to an interview here with Tyler and put them on the spot he looks nice and nervous hey Tyler how you doing.

[2:26] So tell us a little bit about live605 for the for the uninitiated we’ve been like anybody that’s listening is probably heard about you cuz we’ve been like giving you a shout-out and like every episode of everything.
For those of you who don’t know what’s up with 6:05 is it.
Platform for local easiest musicians comedians content providers to have themselves hurt so.
Is a 24 7 streaming station where we play music which is awesome yes and that’s all bands from Sioux Falls surrounding areas there’s a couple that.
A little bit further than the Sioux Falls Area but they have people that live here so I guess technically that qualifies you.

[3:10] Rapid City so I really don’t have anything out there.
Yeah I know my stripper is pretty much a waste land is really what what I’m just trying to do it.
When I I moved here I grew up in a small town I live about an hour from here and I moved moved here in 2011 and when I’ve always been kind of a music junkie when I moved here.
I said why should you know I moved to a bigger city I should probably go see some shells and I couldn’t find it.

[3:47] So I said well if I’m having this problem other people are having this problem and that’s really where the idea initially start.
Sure how did you get from looking for local like live shows to Internet radio station y that route.

[4:07] When I was much younger I wanted to be a radio DJ and.
After going to school for that and I have no idea what that’s like I clearly had no aspiration to think that it was younger.
But I I did that I did that and then after I get done with that I realized I didn’t really make any money in this business you have to.
Grind for like 10-15 years to get a morning show.

[4:40] Even if even on the morning show even though I mean you really have to love it to do it and I love it but I still need to pay my bill so it’s likely so.

[4:50] You know I’d at that time I smart enough went back to school and kind of always had wanting to do that on the back burner but when I moved here it’s kind of like.
My my training for that and then my love for music and my need for finding more music all kind of collided together and created live605.

[5:10] So something I’ve been curious about love the station and I love like I was getting the point where we used to do a music segments here on this podcast like 2 years ago,
but I was going to the point where it’s like I I don’t know that I can find bands I haven’t had before on here and stuff like that.

[5:28] How how did you like get plugged in enough that you found all these like musical acts cuz I mean it’s 24-7 station and I hear repeat songs but I don’t hear that many repeat songs for as much as I’ve been listening,
I’m Amazed by the catalog of people that are from the area that perform how did how did you plug into that,
what do I reach out to people on Facebook email that website unfortunately a lot of musicians make it really.
Yes they do holy shit after long you know struggles and I first started,
10 bands in like 30 song goes like one track just playing up or no,
you know for the first three years of live605 those kind of just something I just kind of just put a little bit into it.
And it kind of grew over that 3 years at that point my life I really did not know how to do it right so I just kind of doing it but I collected enough music that I probably collected 30-40 fans then.
And I.

[6:43] I had a pretty decent catalog them but it still wasn’t enough to where you could listen to it for 8 hours and not hear a song sure and that’s really where I wanted to be but at the same time,
things are changing in my life going back to school for psychology had a completed that and then my career started taking a different path then why 6:05 was kind of.
Thing that was costing me money and I had a career that was.
You know going in the right direction and it was paying the bills and was paying bills even more yeah and I was like do I dedicate all my time to.
What is paying the bills or this hobby that keeps cost.
The whole work-life family hobby a balance there yeah,
after the first two to three years it’s just kind of sad on the back burner for probably all that was 2011 so 2014-2015 and just kind of you know from late 2014 until.
White 2017 it just kind of sad on the back burner and then.

[7:42] The same thing that Drew me away from live605 actually log me to come back because you know it put me in a different position financially to where I.
Actually have resources that do it the right way before I didn’t have the resources would be a good word for it to promote it properly to put the money into it to build an actual website for it.
To do it the right way so that when people did come to the website that would have a reason to come back they went to come back to this is kind of cool but it’s a piece,
yeah I got to go to the website and super finished polished professional just love it especially the,
do you why I’m kind of jealous cuz I’ve worked a long time on mine and it’s not not as sharp as yours as with the like the backgrounds and stuff and it just just gorgeous website.
Did you build that or is that okay I mean I did I mean if if anyone’s familiar with WordPress I basically took.
A WordPress theme as you could would say for sure and I modified it to what I needed it to do kind of like a lot of people do it for y’all that’s so nice I’m so a lot of of the shell of it was there a lot of the components of over there but I.
Really made of what it is so enough of this week talk about.
The the music a little bit so you wanted local shows what.

[9:07] Like what it what did you use dismissal talking about early on finding people and stuff like that what it were you hoping to find what did you come at like expect when you first started and.

[9:19] I mean it sounds like you’re your pool at music has grown significantly that you can draw on,
yeah well when I first moved here I started this project 2 weeks after moving here so I literally had no idea I did not know one band from Sioux Falls so I had zero expectations I didn’t sure hope there was enough fans to create some.
That’s really when I started it I did not have any expectations at all I was just kind of.
Winging it not,
I have actually within the last month I’ve decided that I was going to replicate this.
Same ID and I won’t mention the city I have some experience in that City I used to work there I was there every single day for about 6 years straight.
I want a name that other Sioux City.

[10:22] It’s hard to give people free advertising Diane’s comedians whoever it is I’ll reach out to people and be like hey.

[10:33] I like yourself you should get it in the rotation so people can hear you and they will say great that sounds awfully here’s a link upload your music.
Trail silent it’s time to get it where it where it is,
Gabriel and I have had a really good conversation I think we did it on Sioux Empire we talked about it on Urban indianz a bunch about there’s finding creative people and they’re spending for 80 people who will get shit done yeah and yeah.
The Venn diagram there’s not a lot of overlap for those Circle.

[11:11] I was trying to remember what I was reading the other day that was like a study of different artists and musicians and stuff like that and that was like.

[11:21] Something about like 80 the ones that succeed like 80% of the what they actually do is sell themselves
and their time and get out there and promote and stuff like that you know the business end of it that you wouldn’t expect Riders that’s what I saw it was about people who write books,
you can write the most brilliant novel in history of man you know who be the next Hemingway but,
you’re not also like hitting the streets and agent and everything else.
Nobody knows about it I mean it could be the greatest book ever written but if nobody knows about it nobody reads it then you carry out an artist as they don’t treat.
The craft is a business.
Everybody wants to play the guitar everybody wants to crack jokes everybody wants to do all the time everybody wants to know the acoustic guitar guy that gets laid in college,
But I learn that you know overtime cuz you know my my professional life brings me into like sales and marketing and all and all those worlds and.

[12:30] You nobody not at least not a lot of people here so there are some that do a good job of it but they don’t treat it like a business.

[12:39] I were in the midwest to so you know a lot of times you’re doing it because you like to do it and I hope that’s what you should be doing.

[12:48] But you need to make money at some point too.
Yeah at least if nothing else like to keep it budget-neutral or someone I know that keeps the wife happy with a partner.
It’s really tough to sustain if it’s just something that you just pour money into and don’t.

[13:09] It and then just like yeah and even if you’re not like out to make a bunch of money just putting energy into the like.
Letting people know you exist you know how many fans out there or the don’t have a Facebook page or don’t have a website and then simple things out of every website is a piece of crap if you just have.
A website that has I exist as I hear listening one of my tracks I don’t care what it is but I mean.

[13:39] I’m not quite a millennial but I have a lot of Malena like Millennial Tendencies sure like the whole Argus Leader,
not like what you see their articles isn’t that bad for me cuz most the time I just read the headlines in a website or if I you know if I can’t find you,
you got one shot if I can’t find you if I’m done.
That’s a lot of people at a lot of people I’m that way I’m just going to like if this if this thing isn’t on the internet it doesn’t exist.
But yeah so you’ve got you got shows on your on your streaming station,
and you do a fair number of them are involved in them cuz you do the countdown if I do the countdown and then I do the Sioux Falls hotline friend of the show Adam White,
does the writing for that and for those of you for the like hundreds time that.

[14:41] That don’t know this when you see headlines for the Su headliner like the city’s going to start parking tanks at Falls Park.
This is satire they are not actually parking Teresa Steelie is not out there parking a tank next to Falls Park,
such a true I would love to go out there and just like that the kids crawl around on an Abrams who’s playing the first time the first episode of that I did.
Hey my girlfriend listening to it.
He does a good job with the very.

[15:21] It’s like I don’t know how you say it’s not deadpan because he’s not verbally saying I mean you’re saying it yeah but like his head lines are very like.
Just believable enough for professional enough that it get its hits that sweet spot that the onion often does or at this point.
Kind of kind of true. Remember the first one I ran what led me to him and very chapped him initially and said hey I think this is something you should do.
I’ll be pushed out new album behind the scenes stuff he didn’t have an interest in that he said you can.

[15:53] Okay I guess I’m out.
Yeah I loved his having the the goose that was running for mayor turn into like I’m kind of a baby meme with the.
You know instead of the Hope poster it was the deuce.
So now I let love to headliner the countdown is really interesting to me so you use the it basically it’s like it’s awesome cuz it’s like a top 10 Countdown,
for local artists which you know is not something you’re going to get from any radio station around here,
that I know of this really like three of them like shaking their fist after my appointment was like right now like that,
I don’t think they do a crow used to do this for their play local music.
Governed by this huge body of this huge company in getting localized material isn’t something that they’re typically,
there are subject to the FCC which which has no power here motherfuckers so it’s good sales on the crow,
one time and I let I let a f bomb fly and I was like oh fuck that was the last time I was that was the last time I was on there.

[17:20] Fucking a 6:05 is that I will have artist reach out to me or comedians right when we decide the hell you’re going to.
Bring your contact into the rotation and they’ll be like is this is there anything I shouldn’t talk about or is it is this can I be explicit,
yes please I want you to know who you are I like how you like please swear something,
not supposed to be able to say they have any certain clothes and don’t allow swearing one of the other, just say what the fuck you want,
heard word as long as you not see you and hate speech you’re free game for the month.

[18:03] So somebody at my newest series about Holocaust denial,
then what kind of test do poorly anyway in the focus group.
Oh man but no it’s really cool how how do people.
Get on the the countdown if they’re local artist listening,
the first and foremost you have to have your music in our room in our rotation so please send it to me if you have it if I ask for it and you say you look up loaded please upload it we get that part. That’s the that’s the hardest part of all of this and then,
any you know any band or any fan of the song song or band they can either you don’t reach out to us attack live605 in Facebook Twitter,
or Texas they can mess just directly at 6:05 I would screw this up when I don’t have it friendly 605-837-9557.

[19:06] If not go to
and it will link to all this in the show notes and I’ll look up the right number put that in the show totes well I will send a message,
what’s that’s mean I get I have the time I get the hosts names wrong or the or my name wrong or some bullshit on the intro always it’s just like clockwork.

[19:34] Yeah.

[19:35] So that we haven’t gotten any of my stuff for whatever so every,
every hour 5 minutes past the hour for 60 seconds itch I mean give or take a little bit longer a little bit shorter whatever it is,
what would be 60 seconds of Comedy so it’s like a quick. Send me their old material like stuff you don’t use anymore cuz.
I want people to come out and see you but I don’t necessarily want them to come out and see you tell a joke that they heard on our,
sure although some jokes are funnier when you know the punchline Kiana have that joke that the that the crowd bags for.

[20:25] You know I don’t want you to send me your current material that you can if you want but you know if you have mold material.

[20:36] This is so fun I just thinking about like how blessed we are to live a live in a time where she like somebody could set up something like this cuz just it’s so cool cuz you know.
If you look at like how we Define community nowadays compared to a like how it would have been in,
in olden times where people would go out and give me space and interact like a human being and it didn’t like the Town Square and do all this crap in this life,
now it’s just like we can have it all like in one big,
online whenever that.
We are actually cuz that was right he had nothing I can’t Tommy had that going in that was around the same time that I started live605 and and we’re asking to partner up on a couple things cuz at that time,
it is strictly hip-hop and I just a strictly everything else I did I’d never less than an ounce of hip hop in my life besides Tupac and Biggie and all that,
of course you got to have those like pretty presents.
Every hip hop rap music that every white person listen to course I widen my.
My love for different genres of music but but the funny thing about that is that.

[22:03] For the past 7 years I think he’s cool he quit doing it. Probably around 20 12:30 and for the past five or six years I’ve been trying to buy that domain name.
It came available in nice.
Short story long yeah that was pretty cool whenever it was around.
Yeah this is the first I’ve ever heard of this what was it was it was a hip hop radio station like a local.
The only had like it was very similar to he’s talking about the way you know I would go on there do interviews and stuff like that and it was really cool actually it was set up like right by my house too so it’s like not convenient so.
We should go down there and talk some shit every once in awhile on there and start my start doing like a show or whatever.
Eminem yeah Tommy was just like I’m moving to Costa Rica.
Yeah he just curious you got a divorce and,
what do you want space man keeps staring at me.

[23:19] He just keeps staring at me it’s got these guys like the Mona Lisa eyes that follow you around the room.
Watching over all of us.

[23:40] But yeah it’s.
It’s super cool do you have any plans for the future of it as far as like things are expanding into or like things you’d like to try doing with it stuff like that ride.

[23:56] I am trying I’m trying to duplicate this in in other cities close to here sure not just anywhere because I want to be somewhere then I have.
Familiarity with like I don’t want to just you know a good car and I’m going to start a local station.

[24:13] For my Ambien not really yeah I don’t know what’s going on in Miami, but other cities are close to going to try doing the same thing.

[24:23] If it’s if it’s available like I said my first attempt to replicate the same idea somewhere else is going.
Terrible Terry this is the worst experience ever just because I mean I’ve reached out to 30 bands like two of them and got back to me and I’m like oh so.
Do you guys like it was easier to build live605 with nothing then to say hey this is what I’m doing in Sioux Falls I can do this here for you guys too but I need you to send me.

[24:50] It you think you’re getting any of that Sioux Falls Sioux City like rivalry going on there with the guys from Sioux Falls.
Not hear those people next turn ups and walk backwards I don’t know I think they have a pretty decent music in Sioux City really,
their music stand down there.

[25:12] They should be able to I mean is
and I haven’t reached out any comedies are comedians there yet just just because you know I kind of need the music,
the music is what fills the gaps when we have shows on or if we have.
Do you know, defense or whatever it is you have that the music fills the Gap and then I mean besides adding more shows I’m putting together studio now so.
Kind of in the process of deciding against not quite putting it together but decided where it’s going to be in,
and doing that stuff and then I’m hoping to host a more Regular Show myself awesome and a co-host anyone need to post position for free anyone willing to work for.
You are preaching the choir.
Emily anyway I’m just stopping a puppy from pissing on the floor in Kansas City.

[26:22] God I mean.
I wake up every day of new ideas I wake up at 3:30 in the morning with new ideas and then I write them down when I wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning and I look at him,
crumble muffins
need to go buy this domain name right now,
right now I have 30 domain names I’m at why do I always will be,
truck driver drives my wife. So I’m just like you you’re just had a conversation at a bar with someone about maybe doing that at like 2 years from now.
I’ve already got domains book at man.
I get it.

[27:22] Absolutely yeah I ate I have a serious domain collecting problem I even did a purge like 2 years ago where I finally let a whole bunch of them go.
I started to build it back up again. Go.
Never have to love ya.

[27:50] I don’t know the Simpsons misled me with us you know somebody pulls up in a limo and with evil laugh offers be a briefcase full of money for something you know.
That’s kind of how I expected it to end button you no not quite.

[28:06] So yeah let’s see if we are at 27 minutes awesome,
are shows stream on your side right absolutely they are all.
All of the ones we’ve got our.
Ron your station speaking of which I will probably have a couple new ones coming up in the next few months so,
well one for sure I can talk about now that I’ve got like the domain name security everything about it is I am I am doing a bunch of ground work to launch a,
we had so much fun and it was so successful with our episode that the Sioux Empire podcast did where we went to Fiero Pizza I just ate amazing pizza and talked about it that one went over so well that,
magic the big guy if what stem of food podcast
so you’re you’re getting me to tell breaking news Sioux Falls must feed designing a custom cover for it and go riding moths is composing the
the theme of Swiftwater.

[29:26] Are doing good,
Woodward Park.

[29:46] It’s like a painting word picture for you.
Wait wait we got a few places that were were in talks with we are not it’s not as easy as you think to talk all the rest local restaurants in me giving you a free meal.

[30:03] Are you sure the place is so,
yeah Jacquees oh yeah oh yeah that’s good.

[30:21] Glover one of the hostesses not here today he is going to be the like Point man on that one and he gave me a list of like 5 places I didn’t even know existed here like interesting stuff would like breakfast and stuff,
and I’m just going to say I’m okay so so yeah that if there’s no shortage of original eateries in Sioux Falls so it look for that in the next few months here Sioux Falls yeah,
Sioux Falls must feed is coming and then the other one which the name was just settled on literally 24 hours ago,
this one’s going to probably be a while before it comes out it might be like half a year or so we’ll see how it goes but this is my next one is.
My Ultimate Dream podcast mental I said that about the paranormal investigation podcast but that was also a dream and I love my cop grimoire such a blast.
Like I said when you listen to this the Flatwoods Monster is episode of Scooby up with the like super super weird ass alien story high weirdness you got to check it out anyway,
cuz I could do a whole thing about well I did a whole thing about my butt.
Yeah where was I going to do I cast podcast the next one is going to be.

[31:43] Laconia Edge case and it is going to be a sci-fi thriller and phology radio place.
The episodes will be like 15 to 30 minutes 10 episodes in the first season,
I am actually going to put up the ad today to open submissions to authors and writers in the area I want to showcase local right or so if you ever wanted to write a Twilight Zone episode or outer limits episode of Black Mirror,
this is your chance I’ve already got out of right like that I’ve already gotten a bunch of like holy shit I had no idea I was like I put out a little thing on Facebook,
my inbox overflowing for voice acting some kind of classes or no.

[32:30] But yeah I will probably be working with the Dominic when it can you who’s done a lot of like local films and stuff like that and are you show me to be helping and then I’ve already got a few writers who I’m like,
are locks on doing episodes I have like three that I’m.
Pretty sure I’m going to put in the season cuz I’m the boss I get to do that even if they suck their liking it
I can do whatever I was like yeah that’s that’s why I do this so I can have my self-indulgent little episodes about the Flatwood monster.
Yeah so I am super pumped about that one was just like really really I’m not going to do it I promised myself I won’t spend the money but it was really looking at some like.

[33:16] Transcript and script writing software like Final Cut Pro and stuff like that I’m just like you don’t need that you’ve already got a template you built yourself in Google Docs you don’t need to spend $200 on software to make your scripts look pretty,
since like when are you focusing did I do this I’m sure other creatives do this when I’m just like spending a toy spend money on a toys. Just to distract yourself from actually like,
when am I actually produce some fucking work with all these toys and I hope that what makes what’s the exception for me is that I’m self-aware enough that eventually I do go,
okay I’m distracting myself with toys time to get the fuck to work and actually produce a podcast,
where is I know a lot of creative people that I’ve seen but don’t do that we’re just going like oh this is just go forever so that anything to do to not actually right Tina.

[34:07] Especially writing cuz writing is a tough little nut to crack as far as like getting past the mental blocks.
You got to get him out of there cuz I can drive you insane if you don’t get him out there so.
It’s way works for me anyway I know you can talk to writers and every one of them a billion writers and you’ll get a billion different versions of how it works but that’s how it works for me anyway.
I got so that’s what I got going going on in the future,
I was not going to release any of that yet but you slide my tongue and we are,
no the the the plush of an alien Facehugger.
That was from a sunshine and noticed his tail.
It’s from a Loot Crate like 2 years ago I think my wife found him under the bed was like let’s not have that around,
what’s the implication of that story means that at some point I was sleeping with an alien Facehugger plush as a grown man so there you go.

[35:25] Go ahead and feel free to judge it’s it’s fine it’s fine so awesome,
let’s see do you have anything Tyler anything else going on that people should be aware of I cuz I know you for them for the live605 thing but you also like the oil painting or like a diving or what.

[35:44] What does Tyler do not have anything that I can legally or oh I think we talked about that.
Call back to Lasky how often are you actually on there like talking.
Doing stuff,
just like any other radio station there are DJs on there so you learn you will hear people talk between songs and and not typing a lot of that slime awesome radio you you don’t.
Walk away I know some of the right people but I’ve made some friendships along the way in town we could we could.
Scratch each other’s back and it worked out to where I can have some some voices on.
Online 6:05 so from 6 a.m. until 2 a.m. there is voice voices on there.
Still no brakes and doing all those fun things just like you’d hear another any other radio station at school.

[37:04] You don’t even want the ones to fill in the two from sex when two and two six.
That’s one of the things that we’re working on now is getting a studio.
Unfortunately live605 say unfortunately I’m I do it because I love it it doesn’t make a lot of money so but they’re not making a lot of money things like studios in and Robert you could probably attest to this you know.
You think like Studios and stuff like that just kind of have to come along when they come along it’s not that easy just to.

[37:40] Send thousands and thousands of dollars you know paying for a studio are leasing out a spot when it’s,
when it’s bringing more you can do. The home studio option I always I always laugh and my wife laughs too but I’m more of us about the our first conversation when I was like,
yeah I got a studio setup in my apartment and you were just collect all I’d love to do something like that but my wife would be so mad about all those like strangers just coming and going all the time I just like.
Yeah my and you said something like your wife must be really cool with it I really like the podcast and I’m just like.
Yeah really she’s really crazy about it
not at all like I think she’s constantly like yelling at me about or awkward about or anything no staff is is so that,
I can bring more local people in and do more stuff with them I mean that’s really awesome that’s the roadblock that that holds me up now is that.

[38:42] Cuz I feel like you’re building a community and I feel like that’s that studio would have to look like potential to be like a focal point for a lot of the like Creative Energy in this town a massage.
I hope you tell them we’re just.

[39:10] Admit I can be a great way to like somebody’s card down if they’re like.
They’re getting like a neck rub and a back rub microphones right here their heads in the little thing and it’s like this is awesome you embezzle from City of Sioux Falls this year,
all about 800,000
yeah I mean I would love to do more shows and do more and have people do more shows where they just come in and talk that’s one thing I like a lot of about.
Like a lot of.
Like this podcast like when you guys do and I don’t know if you guys have written down tops but I think they’re kind of you may have topics but they’re kind of just breathe,
yeah I made it so you might you might start somewhere and they may go anywhere because this this part 2 is usually a book,
report thing from Seth so usually is the outline but it’s not here but like part one is we go down an outline of like local news stories here like this the,
is shared on a town on google doc and stuff like that weird whenever me and Jenny’s podcast to go off the rails like I feel like we should be sticking that you subject,
what is podcasting radio shows now.

[40:32] You know when I when I turn it when I’m listening to a show and they can bring someone in an interview and you’re my most cringe I’m like.
These were these questions were all laid out like you’re answering the cool album.

[40:52] Not what I’m comfortable I don’t want to say it because it’s friend.
I want I would like to be able to do more of that lets you absolutely people just talk about whatever they want to jump on the radios and Tracy Morgan try to do it here and they were not having it.
This is a well-known comic.
Jesus Christ the DJs were uncomfortable you can tell just by the way he see and there’s also.
Any traditional radio except for I shouldn’t say this for everyone but for a lot of traditional radio.

[41:47] That’s it’s a lot like watching a late night show me up set up just like that you.
We have a list of questions do you know whoever may be the DJ or whoever’s behind the scenes of producer whoever it is says alright here’s the questions I want to ask let’s hand them over to this person.
You know the rap for the you know whoever it is that speaker the day or the guest of the day and then they go over and say yes yes no I’m answering these ones I’m not going to answer this one so you know a lot of that stuff unfortunately it’s already.
Put together in it and then you can hear it,
people now I don’t I think like the younger generation secure that they can hear come through and it really turns them off and that’s why.
L’esprit Farm podcast and separate really.
Really taken off cuz it’s just people talk about stuff they want to talk about it’s it’s more like organic and it’s more intimate.

[42:41] I think and it kind of goes hand-in-hand with like.
Anybody that’s like kind of babysitting like teenagers are preteens all the people I talk to that do that and myself what we’ve observed is.
Holy shit they’re obsessed with like you to act like they don’t touch but you can have like I have really good cable I like every channel,
and if I get kids over it’s like no it’s YouTube I want to watch YouTube and I want to watch YouTube and I want to watch,
they’re always like walkthrough videos or something like that or commentary on boxing,
Eric same way cheaper it’s not just for it’s like it’s like all my nieces and nephews going to see some of the YouTube celebrities that she’s her mom took her to see that she didn’t like
what do you mean like is it a concert that I can know like is it like it shows like no like what are they do they just do there.

[43:35] I did if you go to a concert I get that but you’re just going to watch somebody being,
alright fine I think podcasting is hitting a sweet spot with it’s still kind of understood by like Baby Boomers understand like a long form,
like radio show or an audiobook and that’s why you don’t like the taste like radio plays are actually like kind of doing a gigantic Renaissance.

[44:01] But anyway they did get into this but we had a sweet spot where it’s like and then we get the Gen xers where I think we were like.
The people who are gen xers or like borderline between like I am baby boomer and Gen X or it’s just like,
I understand in like internet but basically if you were in that High School stage where you’re like a Mack lc3 in kindergarten and yet to take typing class exactly and then by the time you graduated the internet was like in full
swing it’s like that generation really likes podcasting cuz it’s like a,
Best of Both Worlds still here because they get that work,
relationships because they’re so,
individually isolated with their just like they all hang out in the snow with their little screens in their little world but they still need that human interaction so my guess is that they get the it’s like seeing with your light reaction videos especially,
I feel like sitting there watching with cuz it’s like watching with their friends except you can have the internet
she can find the funniest group of friends and the planet sit there with you and laugh the show.
A lot of people give like kids a lot of hard time of hard times about being on electronics all up what did our parents do though for 6 hours a night.

[45:31] Watch TV I mean this is are situated people or if people are sitting around like talking about the boob tube and how its brainwashing people at,
Sesame Street mr. Rogers kids do today is actually better for their brain,
yes very is it to you because it’s interactive right as opposed to what,
previous generations did where was just like absorb he got that top-down model of San Diego,
scientific things things about your brain I don’t know music by person like cinnamon all I do
when I’m not working or listening to podcasts is I watch YouTube videos and half of them are like science or exploration or things like that so I mean.
But it’s all available to me you can always just like it the vulcanization of popular media or just like everyone have their own little,
archipelago island of light stuff they do.
Someone tells you bullshit you can call my phone Google.

[46:44] Knock knock. You made that up I love it I just never you the bullshit that’s when it gets dangerous,
but I always get a kick out of the like you know all these carts like the guy that does the depression cartoon that shows what our world is really like and it’s the,
like everyone’s mushrooms zombies glued to their screens but I think it’s funny that there’s a mean where she’s like look at all these anti-social Millennials on public transportation on their screens and then,
juxtaposed with,
exact same city and it’s it’s like a subway car and every person has a book or reading a newspaper.
Stay out the window I stare at.

[47:31] What I advise people to do.
Just make sure the disgusting thing I’ve seen is the.

[47:50] The guy that makes fake book covers and then sits up like better,
how to please a woman with your tongue and it’s like I could dance like pedophilia for Fun and Profit or something like that,
as there’s no onions very visible covers.
Oh yeah there’s some if there’s.
An idea out there someone’s doing it’s hilarious and it’s out there I love you too.
I think it’s way more helpful,
what can you not learn how to do on YouTube and you put in instead of right like writing a letter and sending it off into the void I could see you could sit there and comment underneath your video and they,
the actual person that created the media can comment back to you if there’s no,
where we’re at with this technology now if I feel like,
Mexican should be allowed to vote I mean I can just TWiT at the president like right now and he’ll be like yeah I agree with you totally.

[49:12] Skrillex at the only political party.
I brought that one in cuz I’m I’m always thinking about,
I spent a lot of time studying like Europe in the early 20th century and you know the story about the guy who invented the megaphone like the loudspeaker.

[49:37] The guy was like basically like suicidally depressed for his like whole life after World War II because.

[49:45] People couldn’t liking movies like kings will get up on a horse in front of it like gigantic Army and give this like inspiring speech that the cameras right here so we all hear it,
but in real life you can’t rally are like giant army with arousing speech that every individual person and that’s why they had like different flags and trumpets to Signal the people and stuff like that,
until the loudspeaker came along and the loudspeaker came along just in time for the like Nuremberg rallies and stuff like that in Germany so this new technology allowed Hitler to like pump his words directly into people’s heads,
across looks like an end like making sound like the voice of God thundering through this whole Amphitheater and then they
memory of telling people that second hand,
he said that the telephone affect so at the end like half the people just think that we’re going to be like have a barbecue,
what bring all the Jews were going to have a barbecue or Barbeque,
wow that’s how I roll.

[51:07] That was awesome good job
so somehow I managed to turn our nice light conversation about social media to the Holocaust again so we put that up
0 days since Rob turn this conversation Holocaust,
United Circle that the guy who invented the loudspeaker and you can look it up on your bullshit detector really believed that he created.
World War II.
Is there I remember with a history of college history Professor Tony about so I wonder what technology is are equivalent of that What will what will happen with that and then immediately go back to my dorm room and sign up for Facebook.
Oh sorry. He’s so simple when you can break the internet connection with just picking up the phone that’s true.

[52:15] Kids these days will never understand the squeal of a 56k modem
couldn’t wait 2 hours download one song,
it was glorious though it was that fucking small
it had a CD burner oh man I’ve ever been so we had such. Netflix we had Napster,
and get a CD burner and so a friend would come over and we have like a weekend-long like sleepover whatever and.
Like get him a a CD with like 5 illegally obtained songs alright alright alright.

[53:11] Can use this bike make mix CDs and sell them yeah for like I don’t know like 20 bucks a CD or something like that uses just a regular burnable CD was like,
it was like $5 a disconnect like that,
where is like $5 for a $500,
God I couldn’t hang on to eat with a burnable DVDs and just run across the big blue CDs in a purple case I have no idea.
I had a CD player in it.

[54:00] My Mazda that I’m in was one year before they started putting in a line in,
so I can have her sore so that I can actually hook up a phone or something like that to it so I have a little FM transmitter but here in Sioux Falls like every fucking piece of spectrum is taken so I’m just
play this morning even driving around in Just Cause 3 have to change frequency so I can hear my fucking podcast
the cassette tape there’s no cassette I would have thousand percent do that if it was a cassette player but there’s no it’s that boundary where it is,
5 disc CD changer player and radio and that’s it.

[54:39] Yeah they said they never really did can’t figure out another way other than the cassette I didn’t plug it in.

[54:48] Yeah cuz I see I don’t think that would work with the pretty cool but.
So what are we doing about live605 you don’t it’s awesome go to live605.
That’s usually what I do and what I tell my people do cuz really I mean.

[55:16] You don’t really need an app for this if you want to download one more thing that takes up storage on your phone I can build you a nap or you could just save the.

[55:26] The player screen to your home page and you will click on it now open just like it’s a nappy up.
There may be enough coming in the future and then I’ll retract everything I’m saying right now and then I will be the greatest thing ever
the greatest app and then you need it then you will need it you will most definitely.
You can listen to listen to it from there.
I’m trying to resubmit it to TuneIn I had on TuneIn like if you have a car that you know you can you can listen to it there but for some reason.
What’s that new car reinvestigated that nut station disappear for some reason.
Fuck you I had that happen with iTunes like 4 months ago or it was just kind of like.

[56:20] You put one of my podcast in a totally separate iTunes account that all the other since like that’s fucking annoying I don’t have to log in iTunes that often for anything but when you do it’s just like yeah it’s that stupid thing again.
Yeah so I mean you can that you can listen from there from any device pretty much I mean your TV and it,
what are anything that you can use a browser on that the other day you post a picture of somebody was with it or broke or an Alexa was that Firestik Firestik podcast via fire stick,
605 awesome which is I mean.
Yeah there’s any way to list that I personally think it like a whole 1/2 thing is going to probably pass and nobody wants to take up all the space.

[57:08] Yeah that’s that’s why I’m secretly building an FM transmitter in here cuz I feel like this whole internet thing will blow over and then we’ll just so you know like
rocks that’s the future
stumble across across his Facebook page called Sioux Falls rocks and it was wrong.
It’s interesting as well not quite as interesting as rock music,
but yeah I mean yeah that’s the thing my daughter always finds those.
I collect Rock like a little painted rocks happy little trees on my happy Little Rock.
Any podcast a penny.

[58:02] Pretty much any store in the domain name is super easy live605 I mean like come on how how much easier can we make it for you. Call me.

[58:13] XO
Yeah I guess it’s probably that time to slide right into our.
2R British man yelling instructions at us so.
I thought you were the new guy here this week so obviously the whole thing has been kind of a other than that tangent about the Holocaust the Frog got into Super not awkward at all,
yeah so.
Obviously live605 is so people can learn about it any of your favorite podcast apps you can hit me up directly t plus case Explorer on all social media.
Live605 on all social media.

[59:06] And then local artists if you are you know I’ll music maker in the area,
spam this guy get hit in your music thing to do is if you go to our website and give it one good spin like a Wheel of Fortune wheel spin you’ll end up at the bottom of the page and make this submit your content.
Click on that and you can upload your content right there.
Comic Cisco’s for you to Zach dress you should be listening he’s already got some Cisco to say to get a leg up on you guys.
When are we going to go do an index policy on their way of life Zack.
Skyler I have a ton of audio I just don’t have any videos on one of my favorite shows it is a good show.

[1:00:09] If it’s a couple other communities I can’t keep them all straight Daniel has some comedy bits on there too for the fire stick.

[1:00:19] Funny song five there you go,
yes I did that and I was talking to a guy about it later and he’s like why didn’t you just put laughter at 5 after I should leave my funnies on the crow right.

[1:00:40] I never actually listen to The Crow it’s been a very long time since I had enough comedy.

[1:00:54] In Sioux Falls to support having 60 seconds every hour it was we will realize how many Comics are around here,
come here at all I’m snapping photos because normally that’s Natasha’s job is to take like 400 photos for me to pick from but I’m being Natasha Seth and me today.

[1:01:14] I was I’ve been out here glasses a couple times I’ve seen you perform a couple times and I’ve seen a lot of the local guys performing,
it’s like I’ve been watching you from the Shadows I was thinking about stuff South Dakota writers and a whole bunch of stuff about,
submissions and stucco cool. I will make my radio please.

[1:01:44] Shit I should have named the show me wow.
Or if that website is going to be case. / a –
so much case.

[1:02:14] Good stuff like a train myself to say the dash anyway so I think that was your your Shameless plug what you got going on Eric do you want to,
you’re still puppy training carpenter bee shirt Tuesday.
Fernson on 8th every other Tuesday that isn’t with the grain.
Shopping one or they do that like it because you came in again visit boss is every Wednesday,
you know everybody wants more, did they want more music and they want more of the stuff locally generated but is it really it’s up to the people,
fans of that stuff to you I will show up we’re still going to perform you are for a period of time but there’s only so long that place is like Bosses Pizza and woodgrain and persons are going to allow you to do it for a few years,
we’re building a scene let’s keep it going that would be much appreciated support all of this stuff.

[1:03:25] Gabriel what are you. I have course the urban indianz podcast that you can hear hear every two weeks.
With shower and Levi and Kathy we’re on,
going on close to 30 episodes now so that’s pretty cool find us in this month’s 605 magazine yeah and then I got a new album coming out October 5th that will be everywhere,
record release party is October 6th at The Icon soon-to-be on 605 live and or live 605 us.

[1:04:01] And yeah that’s me,
outstanding I will go down now through my list of Shameless plugs once again a big thank you to Matthew Paulsen for supporting us on patreon,
you are a cool dude thank you for doing that if you want to support the Sioux Empire podcast in our entire Sioux Empire podcast,
Network families be sure to go to Sioux Falls to see how you can support us,
a big shout-out for supercon we are getting down to the wire on that is going to be a huge event,
and should probably take this opportunity to announce that Tyler and live605 we’re going to kind of share booths a little bit at supercon so Tyler will be there to do some live streaming some craziness.

[1:04:48] Some you know if I stop by the booth talk to me yes someone please talk to me
I’m going into this completely blind to the English could be fun because I might be like the hardened veteran of supercon and you’re going to be like,
what’s this sir oh my God what is that guy doing in that other guy you know when we talked about it like I said it’s not typically my scene and I’m interested in all things so it’s going to be fun but,
I started doing research on it and then I actually stopped myself cuz I was like why why am I asking these questions now I think it would make more sense to ask these questions when I’m there and then.
We can talk about it and then you know if you’re listening then you can have these questions answer to go.

[1:05:33] So yeah that that’s coming up and in fact I believe our.
Next episode after this one are so we’ll be with Shane who’s the head of supercon giving us a little preview show tell me about what could be going on at supercon.
Let’s see and as always plugging live605 of course available in the show notes and all the information we talked about for live605,
I will be there as well,
yeah I think that’s everything for me thank you for listening everyone guys thank you for being here and we’ll see you all next week.

Sioux Empire Podcast 119 Strangers with KKKandy

This week Robert and guest host Eric Edwards aka White Boi sit down with award-winning hip-hop artist Gabriel Night Shield from the Urban Indianz Podcast.  Topics include: Pairs open air urinals, The Klan Kandy give away in Sioux Falls, Murder at falls park, botched surgery, and food delivery. This week’s episode is brought to you by SiouxperCon 2018!  SiouxperCon is a fan convention that celebrates several mediums: Comicbooks, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime, board games, and video gaming. Get your tickets now at  The Sioux Empire Podcast would like to remind you to not take old people candy from people in white robes.


Gabriel Night Shield



Should Sioux Falls adopt these?


The Klan in Sioux Falls


Falls Park Shooting


Surgery Gone Wrong


Why ever leave my apartment?


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Live 605

Machine Transcript
[0:50] Welcome everyone to another episode of the Sioux Empire podcast this is The Quirk the Sioux Empire podcast the quirky but harmless podcast it’s all about Sioux Empire news comedy music and culture I am your host Robert mehling,
all of my regular hosts were I believe they are
Boston the is it the negative zone of the Phantom so that’s what we’ll go with that again
joining us instead is guest host Eric Edwards AKA white boy welcome aboard hello hello and our special guest this week from the urban indianz podcast and from night Shield production cities.
I hear you some kind of musician as well pump Gabriel night Shield that’s also in the studio yes thank you thank you for having me.
Absolutely let’s jump right into our first headlight here cuz we haven’t done news on the show on a while so let’s talk about what’s happening but oh but first this is early Sioux Falls news it was an interesting enough news story.

[1:52] I wanted to get you guys opinion.
Is this something that we should bring what’s wrong with that to Sioux Falls,
open air urinal than these are becoming a thing in Paris and they’re created quite the.
Quite the Uproar and what it is is basically it’s a public urinal with like no side panels or anything that guy says walking to pee and two and then it like.
Self biodegrades the urine by producing plants in a green box on the top of it is better than just having people pissing on anyting.
It’s not like you have their wagon it around for anybody that takes that they take said excuse out of the hands of any child molesters like you don’t have a reason to wag is there and you said you had to pee when there’s a box right there all you couldn’t make that trade that some.

[2:43] Yet you’re not afraid to perverted camp out at
the outdoor urinologist later if you would like some of those things like that to my daughter
we got our name in the snow with that walking like it’s all good Eric constantly tormenting his daughter in order to give her the maximum
Freudian like she doesn’t have any siblings so I got to play it all the way over there you go,
could be the bully older sibling and then the like middle sibling that’s like,
I mean other than the posture that he’s taken then you can tell you taking a piss job so I mean,
I think about it you get in trouble you can actually get put on the sex offender list for peeing out if you get a coffee and outside because of the fact that people can use that as an excuse,
so I said I don’t see a problem with that at all they really should have like stalls like number two is in case like there’s been a few times I’ve been walking around like,
interrail in a real conundrum what’s going to happen
the river by the River District and then
I want to know like the balls of the first person to propose.

[4:13] Women and it’s only because they jealous that they came to the.

[4:30] So that that’s called Green Box on top of it gross but that’s how I would like a giant tree.

[4:44] Yeah I think it’s a good idea this place all that extra CO2 from all those extra bodies and I mean.

[4:51] I don’t know if it would be convenient if I’m just like.
Man can you imagine the Uproar in Sioux Falls if we were just like the doubt I would like Riverfront district there were like this is definitely something
stop. See anybody anybody sound furnace and Ambrose taking over anybody that would be a godsend yeah.

[5:20] That’s the thing it’s like it’s fucking hilarious but I can absolutely see like a legitimate case for it I just.
It does seem that I’m really happy about that.

[5:34] So yeah this is that for real though I saw a truck I got to talk about your nose we can jump right in I’m sorry,
I mean I’m sure the homeless people would love it and Runners you put that on there,
you have to figure out a way for women you’d have to decide Fair here’s my argument why not build.
You’re a beast I hear from Europeans when they come you’re all that European at Europeans when I come here all the time about our bathroom stalls are so.

[6:05] Gross and bizarre because in America we put those gigantic gaps in the stall so the people can like
and it’s going to take the actual purpose it was built for that’s what y’all country
try to use the bathroom we got a little cat you here’s a little kid hit the door so,
where we are to we have extra gaps in our bathroom but the French were like
I’m just going to piss outside,
did you do that let you give a little hole in the ground for a lady sick and pop and squat a little curtain or something and this is actually a great idea just actually build,
a little enclosed box so that you don’t like the phone
what is old phone to cell phone.

[7:16] I don’t know why Squatty Potty is popped into mind I’m sure that’s out to pick that up somewhere else but there you go there.
Yeah that’s that’s a little box you sent me chords.
Where you at in the clan or cheering for the clan.
This sounds really weird but I will go to a rally.
I’ll probably check it out to show up and I mean the only things kind of worries me in South Dakota stand your ground so.
That’s kind of provocation for them to be able to say hey where they were.
You like who are bold enough to actually right because out I mean I grew up.

[8:12] In southern Indiana and Kentucky so I have a little bit of history with these folks.

[8:21] Bi so the main just here on this story is that.
Klu Klux Klan a couple neighborhood sweet we don’t know like the particular Who The Clansman are in Sioux Falls,
we’re finding a thing that Vape apparently they’ve been finding a lot in like Upstate New York in a bunch of places out east,
is saw in neighborhoods their scattering their leaflets in a ziplock bag with candy so the kids will pick up and eat the candy and then be like what’s this.
Is this is this like a joke.
Tootsie Rolls kids don’t even eat tootsie rolls that I know that this was clearly like
the candy that was chosen by like a 78 year old white guy had to make sure it was all white by the creators and all that silent
well I know I wanted us to don’t,
I suppose they don’t want it like disseminate there even like blurring out stuff on it but I really really wanted to read these and white trash like all week long.
I don’t know if you ever heard of that book was about class Warfare and like.

[9:39] Wow that’s here that’s that’s what did they say what neighborhood they were found in it didn’t mention a specific neighborhood I don’t.

[9:49] But only two neighborhoods I know how many people the special shout-out to all my graphic designer friends on Facebook,
well clearly no graphic designers with no one with absolutely any artistic or graphic design Talent is involved in the Klan right
it looks like it looks like a late flip from like 1770.

[10:14] The top of the line like graphic design technology is tripod.
I will get to it right now if the clan has a rally in Sioux Falls South Dakota I will be in the front seat
alright I got to see this shit up front there is no at.
Well I kind of did but I’m here by accident I mean this week,
yeah it’s Sports about as bad as it gets in do they have not season 2 24 hour hotline,
why don’t they have the Blurred out that’s whack,
help spread their message I guess so
1993 Coleman what’s it’s like wow.

[11:26] Still worse I want to see yeah I want to know who’s doing that,
to the nut bolt not take this to the Kinko’s
like hell no,
what is this.
Okay just talked to Jeff you don’t have to apologize for any fucked-up Frank sorry frappe from Starbucks.
Wow I feel like even though I’m bad with all of that out too bad prank it for sure if you’re saying that.

[12:22] Oblivious to some things that they say and I have other coworkers of color who.
Check them by the way Justin hey dude what did you just say,
you said that you remember the morning stand-up meeting when you were like talking about rounding up all the brown people
I know you grew up in an all-white town but that starts with rounding up the brown people
you know I realize you might not understand the full historic significance of bad,
Aries man.
Tootsie Pop was one in.
To get some get some Lemonheads they like those I’m hired through a bag of Hot Cheetos in there,
talk to a graphic designer friend who’s just as racist as you and make your shit look better that is not a feeling that would make anybody who has any appeal for.

[13:49] Nicely put together things not want to go with your program I never contacted one of my old graphic design friends because him and I one time we’re up drinking and what cuz we’re couples college buddies and we were watching,
the old TV movie version of The Stand by Stephen King’s The Stand where the whole like another forces for good are in one foot spoilers for book that’s like,
30 years old WW2
yeah but anyway there’s there’s the good people are rallying in Colorado and all the evil people meet in Las Vegas at one point they’re showing shots of the streets and stuff like that and on all the light poles are these banners with the evil groups like
Sinister looking logo is red armbands with the you know the Devils logo on it or whatever and,
my buddy Nick and I were just you know we were running a graphic design and print Department that made all that kind of stuff in the time or just come like,
so apparently The Apocalypse of evil graphic designers and evil commercial printers survive in your screen,
you know if he’s sitting around at your evil conference room with your branding standard book to make sure the colors are Christmas.

[15:05] Have you ever been a server.
Either of you ever had somebody hand you went on a Prayer leaflets it has a little story in it like it’s really it looks like it was drawn by guys in prison
yeah I know the story about the biker who was like so bad and in the end he goes to hell and thought it was traded,
dude yeah.
Is a Christian organization that tracks which.
Atheist watch or whatever where they’ll like watch different Christian movies and make fun of it they will also do way.

[15:46] They’re famous for their parodies of Chick tracts which is how I found out about them are used to collect and when I was over nice
but know that they’ll basically do feel basically like perform it with the voices and stuff like that but like guy that made them is like so
New World Order Illuminati paranoid like that everyone’s out to get him in the Antichrist is coming and stuff.
So there’s like one comic where it’s like the spacious little boy comes home cuz you’ve been brainwashed by public schools and.
He’s reports his parents because they’re Christians to what in the world or the New World Order or whatever and the guy that comes their door is like all in black but is headless can like,
top or whatever he’s all like he’s like Captain evil spy versus spy,
Harold penisman sorry that was a,
Way Out YouTube tangent there in conclusion racism pack
everybody hears about a Klan rally please let me know.
Fucking Kansas somewhere and we were eating at.

[17:14] I don’t know Perkins or some shit after the show Fairly some guy came up to us and like you guys better go there’s a there’s a Klan rally like 2 miles down the street,
what what the fuck it was in Lawrence Kansas he was somewhere in Kansas okay don’t know much about
knock knock who’s there is like one of most racist states in the United States own a used to cross the border over into Kansas to be able to help slavery get passed in a lot of that shit stay down there in Kansas city is the bomb.
Yeah I work I work in Junction City Kansas military town that was all right but yeah you.
Let’s see some guy was like came up warning us there’s a really good thing is that they’re all.

[18:07] People that would go to that are dumb enough but they persecute you for being Mexican you know,
he’s dirty Mexicans like I’m native.
But I do have a name for my look
you can’t tell what it is it’s really hard as it was to perform a specific hate crime against
the handlebar mustache I’m telling you I ain’t been pulled over a month
Gothic Spanish we laughed but it’s really terrible plan and let’s see,
maybe they have like less.

[19:08] Just got it pierced like a press conference from in New York where it was happening was like always a good going on,
they like the weather hoods and I shit in New Yorkers will beat that ass ain’t like they could recruit more in there
I mean better in one of them right there.
I’m just amazed it’s not a bunch of Werther’s Originals and everyone.

[19:41] Throw some butterscotch in Scottsdale.

[19:54] South Dakota’s Against Racism that’s an organization I haven’t seen before where you wouldn’t think you need it,
Michaela I think I’m a fan of that page on Facebook.
Mountain South Dakota.
That you know South Dakota was largely settled especially the eastern half by Union.
That the code word that you’d was Union army veterans and what that was was there was actually a significantly High proportion of black people former freed slaves Union soldiers were black stuff like that who settled in South Dakota.
And they actually depopulated them from this part of the country during.
Like right around the time of birth of nation like 1919 10 but up until then there were a whole bunch of like thriving African-American communities in South Dakota but the clan like drove them out with the clan. So crazy in the early you like 1910s,
well guess what we back at work out,
it’s funny cuz I I have stories about.

[21:18] Like my great-grandfather cuz like my family’s all Catholic.
And the clan is not fond of Catholics because we’re bunch of dirty immigrants.

[21:30] We’re all immigrants other than people were Native which is like it’s like,
their Niche is a little too much of a little dentist ball anymore.
We’re just about marrying her cousin still communicating.

[22:01] What would you want to race work everything’s kind of nice here you look at the other places in the world you want to if you want to make this like that come on man,
that’s what that always blows me away to us like yes this is truly a dystopian hellscape where I felt a little sick this morning cuz I ate too much breakfast and,
then I went over and picked up my wife’s order from the Christian bookstore truly this is a hellscape
why would anyone want to live like this.
It’s true because children are rebellious or they follow their parents so if you’re against.
Whatever you’re against what who was it Chris Rock said whatever you’re against your child’s going to marry that you’re just gay people,
can you have a higher chance of your child dating another race and being more.

[23:06] Or like that
what everybody looks like.

[23:34] Popcorn,
that. The whole idea of like the pure Aryan I just like.

[23:49] The guy who thought of that wasn’t even that yeah no brown eye blue eye blonde hair blue.
I don’t know if I have to leave
it’s at the yard but he did have syphilis he was having it at your house getting skinny,
he worked for Hitler having polio to have DVR.

[24:25] Stop it yeah KKK racism.
Or get better candy races of mankind.

[24:40] Just send them a photo of you eating all the candy fire burning their literature.
I’ll take it out go around the country and I’ll do a comedy bit about the clan in Sioux Falls,
against notoriety and then you know maybe they can show up and have a counter argument and that could be amusing but I thought I saw in one report that actually the.
The number there displaying is like South Carolina or something that has the area code on the other 24/7
you’re not saying the burner phone number,
well that’s why I was making a joke earlier about the what is that 24/7 call center like is it okay
teams that are in there like polos and khakis.
I don’t like it might be too just came out the black klansman the Meg Real Talk black klansman came out.

[25:53] Oh and is the inner tube out of black guy posing as it there this might be able to.
Or maybe maybe is it in the black klansman,
new Hollywood.
Press 9 to order two tickets to me,
that’s fine,
you got me raising awareness.
So Falls Park shooting I miss that one too I don’t watch the news because it’s depressing I don’t have Facebook because it’s depressing I still have it but I know she don’t look at it.
Every like once a month I’ll go so if anybody’s message me or anything like that I apologize but I don’t.

[26:58] I’ve actually built in this I’m not joking about this I’ve actually built a bot that the symbol Be stories for me,
and does all the like surfing on social media and seeing what’s popular and what’s the most talked about thing in the region,
but now I don’t have to manually do that and I can I can take a break for like days and hurting from social media and it does it for me
hit me a link to some of these are because if you put them like that and then it’s way easier for me to look at it like that it’s just I feel like I get sucked into it whenever I hit Facebook and
like I don’t even mean to go to Facebook and I’ll push it in and I’ll be there for 15 minutes.

[27:37] Sup but if I honestly haven’t heard of any of this,
you know the surgery gone wrong I feel like somebody’s getting sued over that I heard of something yeah you took out the wrong kidney,
actually I was just reading it in prep for the show will will get to it but it’s it’s something like they were only supposed to take like a growth or a cyst or something around there and.
Oh man oh man.
280 and I don’t know how much can you give me a surgery gone wrong.
I don’t remember which hospital session system here in town it was but they fought it cuz like they were supposed to it was like an open-and-shut thing,
but they just do what a big organization with lots of money do they kept to drag it out with pills and they dragged it out and dragged it out.
It’s dragging out litigation throw red paint get paid just because the hospital like royally screwed up and destroys your life it’s like,
nope they say it’s better they say it’s better though worse you get though so you want to get evicted you want to lose your car I mean you don’t want to but as far as like the banks and this is what they did to me,
why am I getting a little personal history here but my wife’s cancer with the.

[29:06] The first time around that she did surgeries and stuff part of the reason that got two stage four was because of a bad misdiagnosis from.
A dermatologist who kept looking at it and saying oh it’s fine though it’s fine.
And it was not fired at the spread in lymph nodes and all so she died and.

[29:29] She had a lawyer approach her she wasn’t even her like thing that was just like well if you know we should bring a lawsuit against this guy about my body and you can get really paid out and stuff and,
I remember where they were like in the high-rises and it was so,
is there still ambulance Chasers but here’s what they did after they did post her and then to post the the dermatologist.
They basically all but like kicked her out the door and we’re like you know this case would have been a lot better because we were if you know we were hoping to work with your mom and if you had died,
then we could have like really had something here and make money actually I was there they actually said that I like,
the fact that you like miraculously survived you know like even when the doctor said I don’t remember their name actually but.
Cuz it’s been a long time but I would like to know the fact that you survived means that that there’s not enough money in this for us they actually said that.
Why didn’t they showed us the door and it was like let’s get out of here or not.

[30:51] At least they didn’t bullshit you and waste your time well they kind of did I took a day off day off work,
you know I I was just parked at the downtown Minneapolis Barnes & Noble browsing books about the Black Death while she was out of it,
really nothing to lose Chevy Chase.
Any better at all bad but damn them people have bet they’re so,
here’s the deal with the The Falls Park shooting in this up this story is old they have caught the guy since this but who was the victim.

[31:41] Look who I killed it was some drugs,
it was too sad to read but it didn’t hold his picture and did a whole expose around here or something like that.
Basically the one guy he was fighting with open fire at Falls Park and almost hit other people and it was.
Mass yeah this is actually the number one story of the last two weeks according to my other rhythms and all the soup it was most shared on social media,
what the Sioux Falls headliner story making fun of this story saying that Sioux Falls was a Start parking tanks around Falls Park protect people.

[32:26] I seen that and I seen a couple people like thinking it was serious and for the record the Sioux Falls headliner.
Is basically Sioux Falls as the onion.

[32:43] What do you think about crime in Sioux Falls is it getting worse is this just a freak I come from a different place and it’s getting worse.
Shit happens I mean you’re in a city.
I mean people get shot what time you heard gunshots in town.
Safe place.
Stuff happens I mean like the young lady and the guy who cut the young lady’s nipple.

[33:21] That’s it happened but this isolated incident you had think it’s safe as hell here there’s a reason I have a child here,
I don’t think this is that I never ever felt like I’d felt in Northeast Minneapolis.
Cuz that you know that’s that’s a legit guy part but I do see a lot of like.
Side peripheral of like I have a friend like people are directly know who had cars like stolen or broken into last night I like so it’s like anywhere else where you got to be aware of your surroundings,
lock your fucking car yeah yeah I had my car broke into one time they must have thought they were getting something.
They stole my box out of my car and it was just my CDs.
And if I got a call like from like the post office they live in Downingtown near the post office.

[34:23] Call he found the box in the lake
they just threw it away they may not want to sell them out
Smith answer my bad yeah man somebody put this CD in my box I don’t know if you get off cuz I’m just go down there and get them,
some guy broke into my car and stole my CDs and then decided I didn’t want them stuff,
we have a crime problem here I got a guy in my neighborhood Alexis it.

[35:12] And in the middle of the basketball court and smoke weed not a problem is my kids trying to play basketball but other than that.

[35:19] I heard shooting I mean I come from a place where that’s coming.

[35:26] Hear you don’t need all though like if you walk down if you walk on like 14th and Summit are like in that area.

[35:34] I would be a little bit hesitant to be strolling around in that that part of town Lake.
Or up I like mercado’s and shit like that like my kid’s mom will go their way.

[35:45] The closer you get to the police station this shity good news why would you have.
I don’t understand why cuz they’re not there they’re not easiest place to hide is in plain sight.
It’s just I mean it’s lower-income so yeah they’re going to be people taking more risks to get certain things or whatever but it’s just weird that they would have that you think you’d be way more sketchy about them.
Roller coasters.
Right remember the cops don’t pay attention.
Yeah and their response times are pretty amazing compared to what I saw.
I want to live in the city,
are cops out of town. Actually I don’t I’m not trying to blow a cop or anything like that but I think it’s fairly positive we don’t have anybody I mean.
Yeah people getting pulled over people getting her at you feel like you’re being harassed because you got pulled over and.
I don’t know how it stands as far as like minorities getting more tickets or anything like that but I have never heard about a person of minority any standing getting that ass whooped for.

[37:09] Get pulled over whatever I mean if you take a swing at a cop when you get pepper spray that’s kind of on you.
But I got done Point once so because my friend was drunk driving and then he ditched the car and I said in the car and the cop ran up on me and.

[37:27] Yeah I know I got.
Drag me out of the car at gunpoint had me at the ground.

[37:43] Yeah unfortunately suppose you can’t have a battery in the city growing the way Sioux Falls is growing.
You’re going to have some idiot to do some dumb shit yeah it just be aware of where you’re at.
Don’t let your guard down don’t trust weirdo anymore books.

[38:08] Without that.

[38:10] Mansions in alcohol thing there really isn’t like a bar that’s like known for like dumb shit happen anymore cuz it is why I just don’t feel like it’s advertised as much,
boxer Yak Lava Lounge,
this is not Compton what are you doing it’s crazy I don’t know.

[38:37] But if this is not, it was funny did you give her see that report was a box or somebody did about kids that watch that.
Better Run DMC.

[38:49] Movie when it came out like a couple years ago and it’s kids that are like growing up now in Compton will because of gentrification a bunch of other stuff Compton is actually apparently not.
Is actually a like upper-middle-class neighborhood at all these like
you know they’re still like Hispanic and Latino and black kids but there
they’re very like properly dressed and then I’ll just come like I’m just like.
Yeah that’s where the Starbucks is is.
When I first moved in.
It wasn’t as colorful as it is right now yeah a lot of minorities moved in.

[39:45] But the African kids don’t speak like that.
There’s no accident I’m talking like Meghan Trainor they sit outside singing Meghan Trainor All About That Bass,
I mean stereotypically I shouldn’t you understand what you’re saying kid but you’re creeping me out cuz I’m going to go inside
oh man so speaking of Twilight Zone here’s the story we were alluding to earlier about the let’s see so she had her.

[40:20] She supposed to yeah so she’s supposed to be to get a gland removed and instead they removed her healthy right kidney.

[40:27] What the fuck so yeah Baker was informed later that day by Pathology Department at Avera McKennan.
He remove the kidney and failed to do so and he failed to remove the hospital,
any failed to remove the adrenal gland that was not the reason they went in my God.

[40:49] I’ve had friends that say that they will like that are that have been like trauma nurses and stuff like that that if they were going into like for example to get an armored like removed or something like that.
Some of them will like right on their legs like not here or heard of like friends that were in Iraq that would write like their blood type on there like boots and stuff like that. Just save you from a medical error,
I can’t even imagine that conversation like I messed up at work before but that’s fine I mean.
We need to go back into it was the wrong operation,
about to be getting some money so how much is it worth,
you said the number that what I wonder what happened to me and I want the prices for that.
Yeah I don’t know like if you lose the million word much or too little too little.
My Buster Brothers you have your medical bills are going to be more than that if you’re not insured still file back.
Can you get quality of life because he was a basketball player and you jacked your hand up in the basketball player I’m wondering how much.

[42:13] Wonder do you get for I’m curious now cuz if you’re actually Googling it I was going to say as far as like the price of the kidney we can’t really no no because.
They can’t understand International treaties against selling organs hahaha but seriously what are they actually sell them for.

[42:34] But what would be the kidney it cleans your.
It’s like it cleans everything and then pumps it out of urine.
Leftover stuff from the liver I think I think stuff from the liver get in there and then like stuff from your blood moves there cuz I know.
I know like people with lymphedema and stuff like that I know.

[43:05] For example my wife when she gets a treatment or something like that if she does like like urine test right after she does that.
They always panic because they’re like oh my God all these different levels are like near the place was like no I did all my fluids are moving around because they had a lymphedema treatment and they’re like,
I’ll fake God kisses like if this is horrible,
holy shit so can you can you get a kidney transplant like absolutely.
And yeah and there wouldn’t be any rejection I mean hey.
They keep alive without one but it’s very unpleasant,
but if you donate one then you are more vulnerable to there’s a whole bunch of different stuff you’re more vulnerable to and yet to wash more closely. Hey I just got to open his back up okay,
Sam scar you don’t even know ya.

[44:17] You know that’s just that probably just that guy to guy so.
He didn’t take out the.
The growth between you and I but he did take out the kidney so that it looks like on October 11th what he told her was that.
Instead of telling her what’s going on he just told her I did not get everything the lawsuits s while I sure that she have to undergo a second surgery.

[44:47] She got out the second surgery but she went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota where the gland and mass were successfully removed him and they realize so.

[44:55] I’m here if you ever got the kidney back it did he tell the part of the adrenal gland was still there but he didn’t say it did he actually tell her.

[45:07] I bet the other at the Mayo Clinic private like you know you got no kidney right.
Erroneous surgery resulted in incurable and Progressive kidney disease and her remaining kidney.
Where they got a painted as bad as they can.

[45:29] Yeah fuck fuck that’s not good that’s you’re hooked up to a dialysis machine thread.

[45:37] That’s okay if that’s what they pay their insurance company for doctors anyway see that’s why I’m saying,
like baseball players they have their stats
somebody’s going to come tonight it’s like lift for surgery give this guy really like but I like?
At least at least get a like it’s like so I go to the guy who made one bad mistake in the other wise is good doctor second and Ice discount out of it’s shell,
what is this so,
current fire last store here shipped which I never heard of but they’re kind of like in the tradition of the gig economy of like,
Lyft Rideshare Food Dude stuff like that the company that will go out and do all your grocery shopping for you and then just bring it straight to you
like if you have to like go through in like pick out each individual item online I’d rather just walk to the store and save money.

[46:51] Get here so deal with it that I think would be cool is so you can save your shopping carts at like if you do it through High V
yeah it’s like so few of your regular like five things you always got you can literally just pop in hit a button and
oh all the stuff will be here tomorrow I did I was going to High V I didn’t have to.

[47:14] How slick they are with their marketing and shit yeah putting things down low that kids were wanting to catch him in the next you know they got in their hand that’s when I stopped so I probably would use something like that but have you already delivered so there’s no need to.
Yeah but I need deliveries is tough because they’re.
They charge you about your extra if you want it at a very specific time and stuff like that otherwise
please like for our slots will show up sometime it kind of like the cable used to be or not to be like
could you have to have someone around that time let me know be there to pick it up somewhere between 2 and like 8 or whatever,
I did leave you a key in a bit you better than your way.

[48:00] And I’ll give you about it that’s what that thing is with the camera you remember that right where I forget what the Amazon delivers or something like that where it says they’re experimenting with it and it’s like New York in La where,
you get this webcam but you set up by the entrance of your house and then a digital lock and somebody brings your Amazon delivery,
it’s the answer to people stealing stuff off your porch and Stuff unlocks your door for them they said it down they never leave the light periphery of the camera whatever,
and you can watch it and then and then they leave and it just locks the door behind them.

[48:42] I think we should keep a few people don’t do that just so we can still get the videos of the boxes going up and wired up to electrocute people and stuff that I get away from you
but you know what will happen eventually with that is that,
skip gets you get sued by the person that breaks her ankle and then you’re the one doing the like a million dollars cover medical for the rest of your life,
next picture in like Oregon or somewhere like an Amazon store where you just go in,
and you can just grab shit you don’t even pay for it like they just know where they experiment with that and yeah and it just you scan it on your app Sam’s Club,
they’re actually kind of like disc and they used to it at both Walmart and Sam’s Club but they’re discontinuing it at Walmart if people didn’t adopt it enough for something,
but I fucking love as of like business person that I can go to Sam’s Club I scan every item with my phone.

[49:41] And then hit pay the charges my credit card and I just go to the door display a barcode that the guy at the door scans and I leave,
I do not have to wait in line and I don’t have to do and then I see a running total with tax calculated everything else in my phone as I’m going through the store.
Does it does it like a like say,
do you have to wait to pay for everything at once or does it eat it like a debit like each individual you wait till the end if you’re like are you ready to go are you ready to leave
I got an adult and like what’s funny is now that I have that app on my phone it will remind me it’s there whenever I walk cuz it’s geo-locating
we can all be like hey you’re in Sam’s Club you need to Sam’s Club app
and yes I do like 47 different charges from Sam’s Club today,
and to you you know you could sit there and you be like I’m going to pay cash so it lets the guy at the door I’m going to do that or you know all the different store credit cards you can have on there or whatever Apple pay,
I went to the went to the bank yet no I went to use my card the other day and my checking account was a little low and I just going to the app.
Swipe it over like we’re getting your card at home but you got your cell phone which everybody who lose your cell phone hit that been in,
wow Carlos Carlos machine it just gives you another code to punch in LA.

[51:10] Man I love this world just remember that because Natasha is not here I need to be snapping like a ton of photos so,
yeah but outside of the fact that they’re collecting all of her information and using it to spawn if I don’t like that part but I mean the convenience,
is it going to collect it to help you be there be more this is what you want right now,
we’re just helping other people so they can help you too.

[51:48] We walked in the mall there’s all these like digital ads.

[52:12] So where we are way past the halfway point so time to talk a little bit with the Gabriel hear about.
Gabriel what you been up to with the urban indianz we’ve got done album coming out till sold out,
Tomorrow’s World episode 28 or 29 or something like that and I was going to say yeah sounds about right magazine so that was really cool
yeah we got there on newsstands I was I was at last weekend I was in a Rapid City and I seen a bunch of those like.
Like that newspaper things or whatever but 605 magazine saw snap and all those like look here I am and then,
where are Mitchell I seen another one so I took a another snap of that but nice that’s pretty cool they gave us a story in that musically.
That’s why I’m in it yeah yeah yeah we’re all in it it’s great.

[53:10] Good I was really surprised with how the story turned out because I was literally on that phone on the phone with that woman for like a minute,
I know I know if interview was super short we had together a nice well done for sure yeah photography,
photographer he’s like it always looks so bigger online that’s the magic of cameras.
So yeah the magazine things great doing good,
you got the the new album Survivor Survivor Survivor it and when does that drop it will be available worldwide October 5th we’re actually doing the record release party October 6th.
At Icon here in town I’m going to have live art by Jennifer why it’s going to be doing like some live for Stuff paintings and stuff and then.
That performances for myself and maniac.

[54:09] Rogues Gallery a bunch of my friends basically just you know other hip-hop guys and stuff so should be good time and I’m really looking forward to it I got to.
Another big show that I’m waiting to announce here boy very soon so that’s going to be great once I get to announce that very very cool yeah.
Open for Tech Nine at the Full Throttle Saloon the last week so that was
they treated us really well last week was like probably like one of the craziest weeks like
I’m a big jelly roll fan I don’t know if people know who jelly roll is but he’s a.

[54:55] Rapper from Tennessee love jelly roll but I opened up for jelly roll here Thursday night.
So Thursday night I’m hanging out with jelly roll you know and that was just like.
Awesome just to you know be able to talk to that guy or whatever and then after the show we get a I get over at Kathy’s bar.
Hanging out and I got a text and Violent J from Insane Clown Posse at Scarlets but let’s go to Scarlett’s.
Throwing out money like ridiculous money at these strippers there’s like nobody in there there’s like.

[55:34] 8 people may be in there so it’s like his his crew,
maybe like 5 other people and then I think there was like 5 of us there is a very few people in there and yeah he didn’t have his paint on so like if you didn’t know who it was like,
you would have no idea please just throwing out ridiculous amounts of money is.
That was Thursday night Friday night we went up to Sturgis.
I seen I got the Insane Clown Posse opened up in Sturgis or are they performing Sturgis in.
Their shows are always nuts so that was fun and then Saturday night we have
open up for Tech Nine and got to kick it with him a little bit so it’s just like a weird like rap week is like hanging out with me tonight the same LOL be at the show was was.
Really awesome music you Juggalo and it was it was cool.
Is weird it was hard going back to work that next week,
oh God that would be shocked that I wasn’t so yeah last week was really fun that is awesome time.

[57:04] So you are all over the place August 8th man everything’s falling into place very nice.

[57:14] I could use some more of that in my life that is awesome is just getting started so yeah it’s crazier every cool.

[57:24] Very very cool at sea.

[57:28] Hang out with you so much through the podcast we do so much of this like talking on Urban indianz which by the way check out the urban indianz podcast.
So I’m having trouble coming up with like interview questions come just like we should at a see you again in like 12 hours,
but yeah so I was just going to bout to say he kind of already said it but how do you feel about where you are professionally right now I mean okay with it.
No I’m never going to.
Probably never going to be rich off of it but I mean I just like I was getting me in two places where I.
Never thought I would be able to you know do in my life like throwing money with fucking Violent J you know just doing crazy shit so it’s giving me a lot of opportunities I’m happy with where I’m at and if this is where I stay this is where I stay but like.
You know it’s it’s provided a lot of cool opportunities that a lot of people it’s very rare to be out of her for something you love.
As long as I can make enough money to where it makes sense to continue to do it then I’m going to continue to do it as long as I still like to do it.
But yeah I’m happy with it if person’s going to have a hobby that’s one hell of a absolutely.

[58:50] Porsche most in around put them all together and you’ll be feeling going out dollar bills at Skyler’s.
Get all that money up it was it was stupid cuz I know you know what I could do with that money,
what happened with strippers what even that good-looking.
Is what is funny man.
Oh man yeah we’ve already kind of done this but I think it’s about time to move into our.
God it’s been like 2 months since we’ve done an episode in studio so.

[59:52] Sitting at a light load I just hit the Sheamus plugs button there it is,
the system was just like what,
I was wearing a nice so,
Gabriel you know the drill we kind of already talked about it a little bit but where can people where will the new album be available and where is the premiere party again or release party will be at.
At The Icon October 6th and you’ll be able to pick it up you know anywhere music sold online you know stores wherever it’ll be everywhere so.
You haven’t called Survivor it’s my 7th album I feel like it’s my best work.
Tonight so yeah it’s it’s it it’s a lot different now myself you’re looking for like that the sex drugs and Hip-Hop like partying and fucking bitches shit.

[1:00:54] It’s not on this albums,
what do you call it out adult contemporary hip-hop.
Oh no, Dad Dad rap at this point so October 5th.

[1:01:27] I see Eric do you have anything coming up or that your Plug-In or maybe you just want to let the world know it’s awesome.

[1:01:36] I really have a bug I’ve been just sitting around.

[1:01:41] Living and learning.
Comedy contest at the end of the end of the month last Wednesday of every month they have Buffet.
And 5 funny comics I just want it like last month nice and I’m very nice.

[1:02:04] Yeah I’m watching Overlord on Netflix I don’t need to give Netflix any price but I don’t know what I don’t know if you want some anger or not but that’s something that’s a weird.
I seen that one so you can turn up.
Ocean and how you got to that world over there.
That and puppy training that’s all I got going on I got you I got some good I got some good jokes about the parallels of puppy training and kid training.
Are you going to check this out.
Don’t put the wrong one in the in the little bed and the other one in the that the dog hit crate and I do that.

[1:02:51] This goes out to my friend with a really long Blank Spot and hopefully Robert can pets that in later.
I need to get to that bosses I used to go to the comedy shows a lot I thought you,
the boss is on a what’s the name of it,
yeah I used to go there a lot but then I start working nights and I haven’t I haven’t really been able to go there but starting Monday I start I go back to days so.
We got Wednesday’s that bosses Tuesday’s woodgrain every other week and then.

[1:03:33] Personality.
Oh no there are a lot of open mics now cuz I’m trying to set up stuff with the like Zack for the dress code
and the schedule is like we’re always trying to like find a night
doesn’t have an open mic going on here in town so that’s pretty cool my little I mean there you go.

[1:04:03] I don’t know it’s it’s not me things are good.
Nice I took a lift when I was in Rapid City last week in the lady was a comedian.
Just tell me all these crazy stuff I felt bad cuz I accidentally gave her a one-star after afterwards I felt really bad I felt really bad because,
she was cool but now I forget her name but I can try to pull it up on my phone but I was telling her I was telling her about the comedy scene here in town and I was telling her about the agony bunch of other people and she,
I seen that kind of show out there.
Coming up sometime soon and how’s it going to stay at girls and be at that show but I felt really bad cuz I got out of the car and going to pay for lift and then.
That is a good conversation blow up like all the stuff and I accidentally hit like the one star and then I think I didn’t even I think I didn’t even move the stars and I hit submit and
yeah I felt really bad cuz she was yet.

[1:05:03] If you’re listening he thought you were the shit anyways yeah
she said she had a show that night to my car.
Conversation into a real comedian
Catalyst means I can chat tomorrow at 5.
Such Pricks East River West River which one.

[1:05:51] A friends that are from rabbit whenever I say Madison West Riverside,
yeah it it’s a very different culture
the cultural sphere of influence of like Denver and the Rockies
yeah I’m in the Eastern side of the state here I have to analyze everything inside my fucking and apologize for something but the east side is much more.
Even home Market standpoint is what they call Yankee territory whatever wish.
I’m from the rosebud reservation in the traffic was only like 2 hours away for us so.
Like we would always go to wrap it in like even like when I used to live when I first start living here I would go talk to wrap it like every weekend that’s right and all my friends were just go party out there.

[1:06:41] So yeah it’s I have a lot of history in Rapid to bed and I’m going to the biggest town around you anyway.
I need a Walmart in rapid rapid like a Big Res too so it’s like I don’t know if I want to live on like a big red.
Yeah I feel the same way about Kentucky.

[1:07:12] My my Shameless plug this week as always as everyone that’s in the Fantastic work on the the podcast Network.
Obviously Gabriel and the whole crew at the urban indianz podcast.
It got that Macabre Noir we got some more what I call High weirdness stories with like crazy ass aliens and stuff like that from the 50s.

[1:07:33] Stories that make absolutely no goddamn sense but no one can disprove them so it’s like.
Pretty cool we’ve got to see obviously the Sioux Empire podcast that you listening to here.
Dress code and I’ll just all the different shows that are out there and be sure to check them all out at to live 605 where they are regularly scheduled in the evening so you can check out all the different shows like Urban indianz are on there.
Let’s see and then Shameless plug for supercon and for us on patreon support the network on patreon very special thank you to Matthew Paulsen for being a patron.
At the level where I mention his name and every episode,
yeah we will see you all next week thank you everyone alright.

The $1 Billion Dollar Bank Heist No One Knows About

Consider this your warning to never open a suspicious email.  It could cost you $1 Billion with a “B” dollars.

The Billion Dollar Bank Heist.  Bangladesh, February 7th, 2016. The director of the Bangladesh Central Bank got off the elevator on the ninth floor and headed to the back office of the accounts and budgeting department. This was the most limited part of the building. He was there to deal with a problem, one that had been plaguing the office for the last few days. You see, the printer wasn’t working.
This was kind of a big deal. It was causing a real disruption. The automated printer, which was hooked up to the bank’s software, was supposed to work around the clock, 24/7, printing out the bank’s transaction reports in real-time. Due to this technical glitch, however, the printer tray remained empty. Much of the day was spent trying to fix the issue, and after a great deal of effort, there was a success.
They were able to restart the printer. And so, the backlog of transaction reports started rolling out, one by one. Now, it soon becomes apparent that something wasn’t quite right. There were more statements than expected. When they took a closer look, they found 35 suspicious payment orders for what were ridiculously large sums of money. Having supposedly been transferred from the Bangladesh Bank’s own account to various other accounts in other countries. Indeed, no one from their bank had authorized it, and a SWIFT security system in place was unbreachable. As the director sifted through the suspicious transfer requests, the real scale of the situation started dawning on him. The transfers totaled to almost one billion US dollars, an absurd amount, a significant chunk of the nation’s reserves.
Where were they going? Who was responsible? Panic ensued as the workers scrambled to stop the payments. But, it was likely too late. The ill-timed printer malfunction from earlier had caused an unfortunate delay in their response. It seemed Bangladesh had just lost a billion dollars. But how? This happened in February 2016, but what led to this moment actually started nine months earlier.
Philippines, May 2015. Over 3000 kilometers away, a group of men enter the Jupiter Street branch of the RCBC Bank, just outside Manila, and opened four bank accounts with only $500 inside. The men then left, never to return. With their accounts left seemingly abandoned. Now, returning to Bangladesh, the country was becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Their central bank sat in the financial district of the capital Dhaka, a chaotic city with almost 20 million people. But, despite all this rapid growth, it was a nation that could ill afford to lose one billion dollars of taxpayers money.
Fast forward January 2016, a month before the incident. An employee at the Bangladesh Bank was checking his mail at work. Now, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, he thought nothing of it, but he went home that night not realizing he had just set in motion events that would soon shock the nation’s the banking system, if not the world. You see, he had inadvertently clicked on an infected email, one that immediately began installing a malicious program in the central bank’s computer systems. This malware would allow intruders to enter the network and gain access to the inner workings of the Bangladesh Bank.
Hiding in plain sight, these intruders could now spy on workers and study the bank’s operational procedures. And that’s what they did. It was now just a matter of time. A month later, on a Thursday, as the bank was shutting down for the weekend. Which in Muslim majority countries like Bangladesh, tends to be on a Friday and Saturday, instead of a Saturday and Sunday. The intruders once again entered the system. But, it was for the last time, because this was what it was all leading to. Now, they were in the system, but manipulating international money transfers was a whole nother thing.
SWIFT is a global payment network enabling financial transactions to be sent securely and reliably using military-grade security designed to be unbreachable. Just to be clear, SWIFT does not facilitate the transfer of actual funds, but instead, it sends the trusted payment orders between accounts, which the banks then act on. This is the standard in international banking. And, this is partly why bank hackers usually focus on stealing the login credentials of individual bank account holders, rather than focusing on the banks themselves. But, it wasn’t the case here, not for this group. Their target was the institution.
Using the bank’s legitimate SWIFT credentials that they collected from the malware, they were able to take control of the SWIFT terminals, as if they were authorized bank employees. Yes, SWIFT itself is safe and secure, but the banks using them first needed to be responsible for their personal cybersecurity, on their end. If their security happened to be lacking, as, in the case of many developing nations, SWIFT could actually be used against them. And, that’s what was happening here. 35 phony transfer requests, totaling $951 million, was by now being sent via SWIFT to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Okay, but why New York? Well, because the Bangladesh Bank owns an account there with billions of dollars on deposit meant for international settlements.
The details of the requests sent from Bangladesh were to transfer the funds from New York to various accounts set up across Asia. I’ll get to that part soon. Now, with that, they were done. In and out in just hours. The next day, Friday, New York City. One of the world’s biggest financial centers. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York was busy processing Bangladesh’s payment orders or supposed payment orders. The Fed, renowned for its security, initially had no cause to stop the transfers, because SWIFT instructions are legitimate, they’re trusted. So, oblivious to the deception, they began processing their requests. Sunday morning, the Bangladesh Bank employees, back from the weekend, we’re now trying to fix their darn printer problem. The automated printer connected to the SWIFT network hadn’t been working the last days. And, the usual printouts of real-time transfer confirmations were backlogged.
Of course, this was the most unfortunate time for a technical glitch, except it, wasn’t really a technical glitch. The hackers had indeed taken additional steps in preventing confirmation messages from revealing their theft. Wiping out evidence from the SWIFT database, and intentionally crashing the automated printer. This had bought them some much needed time. Now, meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, $20 million arrived in a Pan Asia Bank account of a company called the Shalika Foundation. Sent from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. This, of course, was just one of 35 transfers making its way to Asia. Right back in Bangladesh, the workers had now finally got the printer working, and they were sorting through the transfer requests. Panic quickly ensued as they realized 35 payment orders were made, totaling almost one billion dollars.
They immediately tried to send a stop payment order to the New York Fed, but it was a Sunday, and there was no one there to respond. By the time New York staff would return on Monday, it would’ve surely been too late. Now, little did they know, they had actually caught a lucky break because it turned out the automated system in New York had flagged 30 of the transactions for manual review. By complete luck, one of the words on the SWIFT order happened to match the name of a shipping company that had been blacklisted for evading US sanctions against Iran, pure coincidence. This would prove devastating for the hackers. As $870 million worth of transfers were now blocked.
Later, when the staff took a closer look, they noticed several red flags. The unusually high number of payment instructions, the large transfers to private entities rather than banks, and the ridiculously large total. At this point, they had to seek clarification from Bangladesh. And, after getting word of their stop payment order, the transfers were shut down. It was over, the gig was up. Or was it? Yes, 30 of the transactions worth $870 million would never be seen by hackers, but there were still five transactions left. The remaining 101 million, which the fed’s automated system failed to pick up on, and which was still a heck of a lot of money, had gotten through. Where did these five end up?
The first transfer, Sri Lanka. $20 million, as we know, reach an account in the Pan Asia Bank via Deutsche Bank, which was the routing bank. Intended for a company called the Shalika Foundation. This was a supposed Sri Lankan nonprofit. Now, an observant employee at the Pan Asia Bank noticed something odd, $20 million was an unusually large amount for such a small NGO, not to mention for the country of Sri Lanka. This employee then sent the transaction back to Deutsche Bank for verification. So, now Germany, Frankfurt, the payment order, just like in New York, was being reviewed. And, just like New York, there were red flags. Such as this one, spelling foundation as “fundation.” These suspicions were soon reaffirmed, and ultimately it turned out, no surprise, that this Shalika Foundation was indeed a fake company. The money was then rerouted back to the Bangladesh Bank’s New York account. Then there were four, $81 million. But, we won’t drag this out because these four were all sent not just to the same country, not only to the same bank but to the same branch. The Jupiter Street branch of the RCBC Bank, just outside Manila, in the Philippines. Four accounts had laid dormant for nine months with just $500 inside, untouched. Until a sudden cash infusion of $81 million. These sudden bursts should’ve triggered an alert from RCBC, but for whatever reason, it slid under the radar. And, indeed, the accounts were later found to be under false identities.
From there, the money was quickly withdrawn and laundered through casinos. Where the electronic money transfers were converted to hard untraceable cash. The Bangladesh Bank did try to stop the transfers, but the timing was just not on their side. The stop order was not received by RCBC Bank on the expected Monday, because Monday was Chinese New Year. A non-working holiday in the Philippines. By now you’re probably noticing a trend here. Every step of the way some delays benefited the hackers. And, this was by design.
A remarkably well-timed attack. On Thursday evening they entered the system at the start of the Bangladesh weekend when the bank is closing. On Friday, the New York Fed tries to clarify the requests with Bangladesh, but no one’s there. On Sunday, Bangladesh staff return from the weekend but can’t get through to New York as it’s now the weekend in the US. On Monday, the Fed finally gets the orders to stop the transfers, but not the Philippines because it just so happened to be Chinese New Year there. And, only on Tuesday, five days after the heist, that RCBC staff find out about the fraudulent transfers. But, by then it was too late. Now, two Chinese men, Ding and Gao, were eventually found to be responsible for setting up the fake RCBC accounts in the Philippines. They turned out to be just middlemen. But, they were still a crucial part of the operation. And, investigators hoped questioning them would lead to the real culprits. Unfortunately, before the Bangladesh authorities were able to apprehend them, they left the country. Boarding flights to Macau, a particular administrative region of China, where it was then impossible to track them. And so, with the remaining four transfers, the hackers were able to net $81 million. Not quite the original sum, but still enough, by some metrics, to be considered the single biggest bank heist in history.
Now, despite the attackers best efforts at removing evidence from the bank’s systems, cybersecurity experts were still able to analyze the malware. What they found were similarities in the techniques and tools used in the Bangladesh Bank heist and many other cyber attacks on financial institutions around the world. Which means that this one particular group had very likely been responsible for a series of global attacks. This group was dubbed Lazarus. But, there was more. As experts dug deeper, combing through the server logs of recent attacks, they found something even more unexpected.
An IP address is connecting Lazarus to a particular nation-state. For a brief moment, they had failed to cover their tracks. And the logs had indicated that the attack servers they used had been accessed at least once from a North Korean IP address. There was also a Korean language found embedded in the computer code. Now, it is important to note, that it is possible that North Korea was framed, with the attackers leaving behind purportedly substantial evidence to mislead investigators. But, according to the majority of cybersecurity experts, it is almost certain that North Korea was behind the attacks. And, it wasn’t just attacked on financial institutions, they were also revealed to be responsible for much cyber terrorism and cyber espionage campaigns against the South Korean government and various South Korean infrastructures.
Then there’s the Sony Pictures hack of 2014. One of the most significant corporate breaches in history. Lazarus had taken great exception to the plot of the film The Interview, where the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un was targeted for assassination by the CIA. Cinemas across the US were threatened with terrorist attacks if the film wasn’t pulled. North Korea, of course, denied any responsibility. But, it seemed fairly evident that this group was actively targeting known enemies of the State.
Now, as for Lazarus’ banking exploits, like the Bangladesh incident, the attacks were just the start. They had to ensure the money would then get to the intended location. And, the way they did that was to have the stolen funds moved through places like Macau, which in particular, is known to be North Korea’s financial point of contact with the outside world. We know, thanks to the two Chinese middlemen, that that’s precisely where the Bangladesh funds ended up. And, from there, it wouldn’t have been hard for the money to be wired directly to Pyongyang. Proceeds would then have likely gone towards advancing their nuclear program, funding the lifestyles of the elite, and propping up their economy. All this, quite possibly representing, a significant percentage of the country’s current GDP. If this is all accurate, and North Korea is indeed behind these attacks, the international implications would be profound.
Especially with the recent developments. As this would be the first known case of a nation state robbing banks. From there, perhaps, anything is possible. They could hack political campaigns, weapons systems, private bank accounts, or even YouTube accounts which have made content they may find unfavorable.
This Is How North Korea Attacked Bangladesh in 2016 – YouTube.

The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist – YouTube.

SEP118 It Was Supposed To Be a Love Story (Minisode)

It’s our first minisode of 2018!  Robert interviews Comedian Dan Bublitz Jr about his new one-man show now out on video on demand “It Was Supposed to Be a Love Story.”  It’s a tale of love and life and growing as a person through experiences that combine stand up comedy, storytelling, and poetry. Dan has been a huge part of developing the Sioux Empire Comedy scene and his stuff is always entertaining.  We’ll be back with another full-sized episode next week. Enjoy the summer!

It Was Supposed To Be a Love Story

“It Was Supposed To Be A Love Story” is a one-man show by stand-up comedian, Dan Bublitz Jr that tells a beautiful story about relationships, love, loss, and moving on. Told through the power of poetry, monologues, & stand-up comedy. It’s an emotional journey of self-reflection & rediscovery. A comical love story, yet a painful tragedy that will captivate you while pulling at every heartstring.


Aug 17, 2018, Friday 7 p.m.

Joke on Your Food

‘O’ So Good

Garretson, SD




Aug 24, 2018, Friday 8 p.m.

Will C of the Veteran’s of Comedy

Boss’ Comedy Club

2111 S Minnesota Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57105




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Live 605

Machine Transcript
[0:50] Well welcome everyone to the Sioux Empire podcast I am your host Robert Mehling and this is the Sioux Empire podcast,
the quirky but harmless podcast it’s all about Sioux Empire newest comedy music and culture
joining me today is someone that if you follow our podcast and podcasts is not a stranger at all this is Dan Bublitz Jr hey Dan how’s it going.

[1:11] It’s going well how are you today I am doing great,
so first off you’re you’re here today we’re going to talk a little bit about your one man show that you’re promoting that you’ve got a video online of its it was a it was supposed to be a love story
is the name of it and it’s kind of a personal testimony on One Man Show.

[1:32] Absolutely it’s a show about relationships are or a relationship in a love and loss and,
interesting thing about it is it’s not just comedy it combines Alpha write poetry.
And so it combines poetry and monologues and stand-up comedy in the one show about a particular relationship that went to South.
Yeah it’s it’s quite the story I remember when when I was first finding out about it talking with you and just like God damn it actually happened,
so it’s first off I don’t want to spoil anything but the story is pretty cool,
I am by cool I mean tragic so I you know I’m sitting here like oh it’s so awesome you’re like yeah it was sure awesome the way all those terrible things happen I just,
I will choose my words more carefully your tragedy was great but Noah you know.
No at the time yes it was a tragedy but I was able to turn it into something positive for the Silver Lining if you will and.
Google of a situation and do something with it you know absolutely.

[3:00] And you mentioned that it’s something I think is unique for it for this region and area is that it’s kind of the one-man show format that you’d see a little bit more in like an area that had a more developed like stand up and.
You know just like local community theater kind of seen in general not to at all you know,
denigrate the commute the Fantastic Community Theaters that around here and stuff like that but this is something I’ve more expect to see like on the coasts a little bit where you like someone has a one-man show and they kind of get into a testimonial thing in almost all of them in this format,
I need someone from the Midwest might not be familiar with it or from like more rural area like me,
where it’s like it somebody gets up there and it’s like sometimes there’s music sometimes there’s poet you know that it’s a it’s a mixed format and it isn’t like a full-on play but it’s a one man show where you’re basically like giving a testimonial,
about something that happened and fortunately it even though the story is not fun to have experienced.
Your background and stand-up helps you like interject a little comedy into it and hopefully everyone learns and grows along with you as it goes.

[4:09] Oh absolutely and that’s kind of you know when I hope it comes out of it really for me.
It was a good way to it was a it was a very therapeutic experience and take it and take this this thing that happened to me,
and write about it and then perform it and and get it out there you know and.
Sometimes I can be very therapeutic and sell for me and was very therapeutic but I learned a lot about myself because of the situation.

[4:52] For this relationship ended versus after the right relationship and it could tell that I changed and you know I changed I feel like I change for the better so.
Absolutely it’s.
It’s an interesting story and then another thing that kind of kind of getting rid of regionalism a little bit is that it’s always interesting I find to meet the stand-up comedians were from,
this area cuz you know we have a great, seeing it here in Sioux Falls and you know I’m even seen you in like Aberdeen and now with you and here on is a you don’t like a big.
Boost for it’s tough but just like South Dakota and general we’re not used to like the idea of like a comedy scene I don’t think her like a,
and we don’t have that ecosystem like you have on the coasts,
so I always find it fascinating the people who are like out here out here on the Prairie and are like you know I want to do stand-up or something you know truly,
creative eclectic like that do you feel like how do you feel that being from this region has you. Here’s my very roundabout way of getting to the damn question
how do you feel like your background in this region has influence your work like doing stand-up and doing this this one man show on your background.

[6:05] Well I guess for for me My Piano growing up in the Midwest.
Working more about humble people and maybe a little more self-aware I guess I don’t know if that makes sense.
Because of that and because of my bringing here and I guess I would be a better,
the better way to describe the time we’re down to her but I am also very selfish what means like my upgrade upbringing made me self aware that you know I need to I can’t be afraid to look at my phone.
And try to become a better person and and that’s stuff that I put into my work especially this one man show you know,
story was it’s about a relationship and I like I said that
it wasn’t on one side and it takes two to make everything it makes good relationship work so absolutely,
and yes it was a good.
Bike self realization that I could improve is a person and it’s something that I get like I said growing up in the Midwest.

[7:15] Something that I got from that at least my upbringing my parents and I was just the people that were around me.
Indictments in fact that I’m kind of struggling on about this but I just had a conversation about this with my girlfriend this morning where I was like you know,
sometimes I’m surprised I grew up the way I did like because I didn’t have enough to barely the greatest upbringing and my parents,
they were there but they weren’t there.

[7:49] Bringing could have very well been a recipe for disaster to where I grew up to be just a total you know,
crap bag and whatever and I’m totally not noon probably the opposite and so,
it’s amazing how you know your environment and can really affect who you become.
Absolutely so what in particular about the cuz you do stand-up that’s kind of what you’re known for in general.

[8:24] What particularly about doing a one-man show that was mixed format what inspired you to do that particularly.

[8:33] Well I honestly hadn’t really thought about doing the one-man-show like I’ve,
I knew of one man show then and what they are like going back to what you’re talking about how there are more common on the couch,
which is true because a lot of times I want to and not just Comics but actors will do one person shows.
As a way of you no don’t write a show and then,
perform Adele will belt vent their own little theater in La and try to invite people and it’s a way for them to try to Showcase their acting town if you will but also do know testimonial about whatever,
you know whatever happened to them or whatever well.

[9:14] For me I didn’t really thought about that I was mostly stand up and after this event took place when it was kind of a weird deal I mean I have to give.
Some of it away then you know we we we had a wedding and then a few days later we broke up and it was a big,
Fiasco on Facebook and in the public and just all kinds of just crazy stuff happened and I just was at I was at an open mic one night.
After it happened and I was talking with another comic.
And she was like cute she she does one person shows and she’s dead some friends,
I think she she still lives in the San Diego area
that I write a one-person show about this event is right isn’t a crazy story it’s in the sad as it is a pretty interesting and.

[10:09] And I like and I thought about it more and so.
Decided to try to start writing it and it took over 3 years to actually write it and the funny thing is is that.
The prophet was weird because I kind of started writing the script for it and have any idea about it but I realized after a couple years I had already written it I just didn’t realize it was written.
World erotic poetry after The Break-Up had my stand up already and and basically I had all these different things where I was writing things that were basically about this relationship.
And it was just a matter of taking these and just putting them into one script and I’m taking the Poetry that I had written that was inspired by a taking the comment I was inspired by and putting it into one show.

[10:59] Cool how I did that.

[11:02] So so you yourself were kind of like approaching the one-man-show as I got to cut out new thing but someone that new one-man shows was like hey this is this is a story for it let’s see.
This was filmed in Watertown right.

[11:20] Sofia the guys eyebrows very cool before it before I unfortunately close down.
Sorry to hear that yeah it’s kind of sad to try to save it there got some fundraising and stuff going on and there’s some stuff is there going through there.
Try to get reopen so sure it’s not.
Just kind of and Hiatus I guess right now.
Let’s see Dan where can people learn more about the the one-man-show and buy a copy of it if they’re interested.

[12:02] Well it is available and will be available on Amazon I’m still doing some post-production stuff before I can get it on Amazon Amazon has.
Good morning to requirements that I didn’t wasn’t really prepared for so.
Stop with with subtitles and closed captioning and things like that so we’re still doing some post-production stuff.
Or we can put it on Amazon but it will be available on Amazon in the near future but right now it is available for digital download on my website at Dan bublitz. Com.
And i t a n d u b l i if you just go to the town that says buy my stuff.
On my merch page so you can and we’ll link to all this go ahead.
Obvious of the one man showing one of the interesting things at least for me that I’m wrong but I haven’t seen it done before I haven’t seen a 1 / Michelle.
That combines spoken word with poem spoken word with comedy.

[13:24] Probably one out there but it’s pretty unique because.
And poetry and usually typically known for being sad and, he’s making people laugh so.
Yeah it’s kind of a kind of a hybrid thing which makes it cool and gives it gives it a unique kind of flavor to it.
Let’s see do you have any extra performances or anything coming up that people should be aware of.

[13:55] Well that depends when is this going to air.

[14:00] Oh well if it’s tearing to Dave and yes I have stuff coming up next Friday what says the 17th.
I will be in Garretson South Dakota at oh so good restaurant in in like I said it’s it’s a comedy and Dinner Show and,
Chef Omar is amazing every show that he does he does a three-course meal it’s only plan.
Shows are always really good almost every time they sell out so if you want to go get a hold of also good restaurant to get those tickets.
Okay go fast because of the, it’s because,
I will be in Sioux Falls at Barber Comedy Club I will be for my friend will. Kansas City is a military vet,
in the founder of a Veterans of comedy and does a lot of fundraising stuff or Wounded Warriors.
And then you’ll be headlining in Sioux Falls, and beautiful person.

[15:26] Will Dan thank you very much for joining us here on the podcast we wish you luck with the one-man show everyone be sure to check that out and I’ll yeah check out your vent especially performance coming here in Sioux Falls,
thank you very much and all the information for all that stuff is on my website as well perfect thank you Dan.

[15:47] Thank you.

SEP117 Fiero Pizza

SEP117 Fiero Pizza

Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover

Guests: Jennifer Fierro Kelly with Fiero Pizza

The Sioux Empire podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Amanda Mehling, Seth Glover, and Natasha Estes) are very proud (Fiero is Italian for Proud) and very full and joined by Jennifer Fierro Kelly with Fiero Pizza after the most delicious podcast episode ever.  We talk with Jennifer about the challenges and adventure of being a mom, a small business owner, and working full time simultaneously.  But mostly we just discover that she is the pizza ingredient whisperer.

This episode is brought to you by Fiero Pizza!  BE PROUD!

2016 Voted Best Pizza in South Dakota by MSN.Com!

Offering fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and fresh homespun whole wheat or classic dough that are made with ingredients you find at the grocery store, not a chemistry lab. We are so proud of the pizza we make it right in front of customers. We want our customers to be proud of their own creation at Fiero Pizza. By having the freedom to create their own meal, freedom to pick and choose combinations to their liking and be proud of it.

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Machine Transcript

[0:50] Thank you for the little red blinking let me know that.

[1:02] That’s going with dad jokes on Reddit Empire podcast,
Sioux Empire podcast,
everybody Skipper the first song to you,
also here is Natasha,
this Ed also joining us this Natasha Estes sword.
Awesome and we are here in Fiero pizza today with the.
Air conditioning.

[2:12] Jennifer Fierro Kelly Fiero Pizza thank you for joining us.
We’re here today for part of our whole summer like experiences episode we’re going to check out your your pizza tell us a little bit about,
Fiero Pizza everybody I talk to is like you know it’s late at night been out perhaps inviting in maybe one or two adult beverages I don’t know I’m not in that scene,
tell us what was your what was your inspiration for your middle name.
Italian Irish Pizza.

[3:14] At the beginning when we first open,
and this was kind of my way to entice them to come,
my dad and my brother your husband South Dakota,
the epicenter of all the arrows on me and like everyone moved here,
my family used to revolve around me cuz I was the youngest girl
she would tell you that my family doesn’t all work that way we were revolver on the youngest daughter.
My business card.
And the youngest of two families thanks Dad what’s the name of pizza.

[4:31] East Coast I’ve been around I accidentally I’ve done left like my thing,
I want for myself just like it was just a combination of these different factors.
New york-style crust,
a little bite to it Build You Up,
I know people criticize me all the time to redo the quick-serve,
I did what I wanted,
it’s good to be the chef I can do whatever I want and,
so I just totally went crazy on the rescue like I tried just to get that classic New York from here.

[5:48] Downtown when I first moved I live right.
So I saw these opening when we first open their room for location,
oh wow we moved in and started to move in and it started to fill out to everyone good night don’t feel like I’m in 7 balls.
Because my hectic life of a full-time job two kids little things like that.
Family important.
Sure and so we don’t want to risk it,
that’s how we roll but so you’ve talked about your influences on the crust.

[7:10] So much pizza what was your sleep is for me like I want to sell pizza.
There is no Pizza downtown not nothing at all on me moved here.
Where did you come up with all this which is our most famous.
Is all meat in a side of gruesome but I think he’ll absolutely appreciate it.

[7:46] Well it’s because I thought it was atomic bomb and all the meet just exploding everywhere.
Delicious atrocities so that’s very cool.
My sick sense of humor and then it’s as spinach and it’s White Sox my husband went to Michigan State so.
Cream white.
College football fan in WoW,
the bb&q,
Robert I am one of the seven and he thought it was always here. And my brother was supposed to be the last time.

[9:01] Fake iPhone BBQ pretty much.
Like I said everything relates to family Fresh farmer.
Sorry about that it has egg on it which is it was rare then when you started it.
The First Farmer was when I met John my husband he took me to his grandpa.
The 91st birthday party.
And the first thing he said to me was any reason all Dairy Farmers.
Strong back.
Farmer in the accident just like connected so I just have a very vivid imagination this little things like that.
Just random because it was I don’t remember.

[10:23] I came up with the name of a vegetable vegetable one and apparently is trademarked by some pizza place randomly.

[10:36] Every pizza place ever trademarks every name they’ve come up with for their combos against the point where it’s just like it’s like password.
My husband.
Michigan State.

[11:39] Very cool we’re going on 5 years.
My life has been a blur since children,
pizza place going on or something in the background but I remember diapers and screaming,
just too much on your plate I was one of those particular people who had like in college I had a color coded,
yeah I know what that’s like.
Show me in between and I know it,
I don’t do that either.

[12:54] Well if it wasn’t for your brain to Sioux Falls wouldn’t have this awesome.
Your suffering is our benefit.
Like I said one of those.
And you know I have someone to kill.
Even though I don’t see them here cuz they’re working all the time too but on holidays and all that stuff.
We did we just let me know get together and they like it here.

[13:52] Weird that I tell everyone that I need to spec I travel a lot so I like to go around and get out of here.
Go to USD so until you guys have been to the music museum,
when I when I brought John stuff because it’s the first time.
Campus now that,
in years I know if it’s changed and I haven’t been down there in a while,
unless you say this little lady volunteers and you just look at.
Stratovarius amazing amazing.
Did Britain no real security there’s just like little liar they’re just hanging out but cool you know all these like crazy.

[15:14] Rock and roll stars back in the day from there been like this is the essence of South Dakota,
Vermillion South Dakota so you see it from the inside I love her million my heart but it’s still not the most driving town,
enduring College I never went to Brookings or anything,
Friday Saturday on Main Street Jones main thing and then I did go visit,
for a New Year’s Eve party to see a high school friend that was my only broken his experience in my entire College.
And that was enough cuz he was like the head of the theatre Association Theatre majors are insane their parties are.
Attorney so I was like oh I know pretty wild party you know naked guy with a road cone cover himself out in the laundry.
No I know nothing the party I am but a neophyte to the theater in hers and they’re insane like.

[16:25] How about a hotel like people running around naked in the snow having a snowball fight like sadness.
Sorry about, near me not remind you.
The one thing that something good has it nowhere else that you’ve been hacked.
It’s like the people that you know you get to know and everything and you just can’t get it anywhere else like I survived Avicii because I worked for an office,
find about 98% South Dakota,
I need to see you again Smiley chill out you have those experiences.

[17:15] East Coast people are a little bit more different little bit more wire.
CareSource like.
When we get to relax but we don’t get the West Coast like totally zone out relaxed like Off the Grid like.
But we still get shit done.
I am kind of a workaholic.
I am constantly doing things and trying things at him,
just trying that’s the one thing I don’t want,
my husband does not agree with me.

[18:20] It’s his parents Michigan Midwestern State Farm the whole time,
Dragon right north of Lansing so bad like a Dairy Farmer,
there and they would go up there all the time.
Is there a downside recently and,
how bad is it is a big deal and butt for me before I met my husband,
travel to Europe by myself no one wanted to go like I’ll go have money right now.
That’s crazy. But then again I mean your business owner that’s free agency.

[19:14] Nightmare add you have to add a little bit more planning but I do say that my five-year-old has been more places than I’ve been 25.
Google like get younger kids exposed to some stuff like that early on and get them that whole like beyond the threshold of the home is like comfortable.
I sometimes too but like I said I’ve lived in different places I live south east of town by the horse farm in the summer.

[19:56] Children’s down there by Nina roaming around.
Weirdly like sitcom.
Just like sitting on your patio on your like.
Big Beaver or.
When they came out with.

[20:35] The cops came back you know that crime analysis in my neighborhood.

[20:47] Again but that’s the same time I was like real world in the danger.
And now I’m getting really getting a little bit too much traffic in Sioux Falls.
Sioux Falls,
Saturn is still not what I,
could be so I’m still not at my 45-minute one way from you in you know Minneapolis yet so.

[21:35] I dropped my son off on at daycare on 60th so I can go all the way.
Can I give you advice going to be very close to the message,
little subtle with me no one would say anything,
you know when we started and I was coming to come in and do the Dell or whatever she was two or three and.
Little things like that that you kind of think of it,
she hasn’t narrowed it down to she the best.

[22:48] Serious really good cook but Mom is,
I didn’t shut it off play Melissa Etheridge,
like I didn’t like eggplant and cook it for me.

[23:19] Yes she puts the ingredients in The Matrix but yeah I know I haven’t even I should ask her what the.
I know a lot of people with establishment you know they don’t have,
people need to experience,
especially in Sioux Falls different culinary experience,
it’s really a good idea it’s a good idea if you know it’s like you can really get into Olive Garden,
yeah I know the Applebee’s or Chili’s and that’s your you’re eating out here different cities.
Basically fast food not that available either.

[24:22] Right now the Arby’s bacon cheddar roast beef sandwich that’s my buddy and if I’m in a rush,
you know I understand that it’s like I can’t produce that that’s always been my main thing as a cook like I want to make.
I want to go out I’m like I want to see something that I can’t make it home.
So I protected fried or a cuz that was like burning a huge hole in our pocket for Chinese a lot.

[24:59] And I did finally I protected it for the kids and all that like that.
And at its mother’s day so yeah,
swamp daddy started the midco where I work parking lot in and,
the jambalaya,
I stupidly put like some used to like Midwest hot sauce hot sauce,
I like my usual quantity on it.
Things to get a beverage and I didn’t eat it till I got back to my car just to make phone calls so I’m sitting the car with no beverage.
Call me like walk past the car.

[26:11] I need to go all the way back up in the office from the far lot please park really far away and.

[26:17] Experience is very good.
My favorite home-grown is Nick’s Gyros I can’t check but I know what I know there is nothing better.
Skateboarding nephews that’ll keep South Dakota and Sioux Falls exciting and growing.
Food there that culinary.
Just people surprisingly you know I know they are on the ball however.
Actors so I say that but it’s just like.

[27:31] Don’t have the funds and they don’t have their set patterns yet stuff so they’re not going to like,
but you said they’re not going to get too comfortable,
coming back.
And it comfortable Lake fast food.

[28:09] You’re going to find new things that you didn’t know you liked,
different combinations,
that’s like her mangle just so you know what you like.
Pepper jack cheese but while everything hit.
Provolone mozzarella and cheddar.

[29:04] Full-fat cheese there’s like no not the skim milk cheese that has an extra creamy next to it.
We have it portion everything when I do this is when I wasn’t this is like.
Just too rich and it overpowers the rest of the ingredients.
I know people are stingy with cheese.
That was because.
I’m texting so if you look at her.
Because I’m in 2 minutes we can put more in the chamber at once.

[30:12] Should say.
We strive for a little bit different can’t beat Jack.
Really bad actually happened to you.
You get a cheap pizza that,
do a pizza pan on and it does the mushroom cloud thing or like a cold.

[31:32] For not the fire alarm go off the first six times I cook.
Every time that I kind of maybe like you took a little bit of Steve Dairy Queen.
Seriously it just happened.
Is there anything special about your sauces well we make the Red Sox here.
A little bit.

[32:28] Bilities,
Malaysian Olive Garden I can make the Zuppa,
when you have people who throw things at the table you don’t want to go to a restaurant we feel like we’re kind of banned from restaurants you’re an exiled when I was pregnant with my son am I.

[32:56] It was like I have to have to do but I just wanted to make it and that’s kind of my ability so when I go out to eat I tried to decipher,
yeah just like that’s mine are you saying what’s what ingredients are in there and I could usually match it and of course Google.
I usually can decipher which is like right now.
Tell me about this make me want electric cooking stuff making me feel like this.
What’s the.
Fredo type yep okay,
is good but you said you had the Spartans way.

[34:21] What people usually add to the Spartan is chicken and bacon.
The oven and the ingredients it’s basically like the carbonara from.
Quiznos that’s like a thing I was like.
Okay I’m going to order like three largest cuz I have like a couple for lunch in a couple for dinner and then for breakfast tomorrow I want to be loved chicken carbonara.
What is the Garlic puree,
sauce that you can add on to it some people like it all over for me,
it’s up can you like a raw garlic mix and it’s just pureed so but we recommend.

[35:28] Completely made a couple places.

[35:42] Samantha. Space by Natasha.

[35:51] Domino’s however I got really sick outfit while pregnant when they improve their pizzas they added a again I always try to decipher,
Little bit of garlic salt and a little bit of,
dried basil,
a fresh so is it fresh herbs or is it I mean what kind of spices,
would you want cooking by the way we do.

[36:51] Siri says,
I want to ask you what the bike secret herbs and spices for KFC are.
It’s salt but the thing is,
tell them with fast food stuff to match it it’s not the ingredients it’s different.
You know cuz they pay thousands of dollars like for special tires that can produce,
fat chicken food places,
cuz I’ve been wanting to do that they have like freaking passed them back and then they just like flash oil and then and then.
Is he feared going to.
Soften your noodle.

[38:13] So you know we could like.
Fast food is the process more than the ingredients say that from what I’ve learned would you say here though it’s more the ingredients.

[38:30] The dodo.

[38:34] But we prefer it like.
Play kardo at 4 months for at least minimum 24 hours.
And what why we do that and it just the old school techniques of people actually knew.
Is the yeast eats the sugar.
Trying to compare.
When you eat our pizza different because like I said Slater area and it doesn’t just like sit on your stomach hard you know when you get a pan pizza from,
Pizza Hut,
no no process,
making it into this like that Joe and is taking the car.

[39:44] You know I don’t judge anyone else but that’s why the different flavored kind of like,
classic yeast salt flour.
Ingredients of people asking chemical stuff we don’t we just make it fresh,
30 Taylor Street I was home school before that so anything that I get a specified learned from everywhere,
Dusty I went from their college graduate.

[41:02] Different things but never like learning and she’s like oh I like this,
that’s one of the bad things to about traveling sometimes.
Really at tacos in Mexico you can never really have tacos anywhere else.
The slime.

[41:43] Robert with no cream just like no mayonnaise or just like this thing on a beach in Honduras.
And I’m just like it again and it’s like this is like the best thing I’ve ever had there was on one of the.
There there’s this Famous Seafood Taco Cart where it was like literally feel like,
a handful piece of climbing need for like a dollar six crispy shrimp tacos,
it was like that where it’s like it was a slow on it that was really a small and brown sauce on it.

[42:25] Chill to find a way to like people of duplicated.
Zip code.
I Can’t Tell You Why weird experience in life of town in Mexico,
I’m a long time ago when I was younger and I mean like you open the most,
most delicious water but I’ve ever encountered in my life and I found out later,
how cool they were serving Pacifico on tap,
and they had a can and I was looking at it they’re producing the Pacifico beer where is I tasted that water.
We are in if I don’t drink.
The only thing that I noticed it was different inside is amazing and I like.

[43:44] That’s really cool traveling funny story.

[43:54] So other than your options here is there a combination that you’ve made that just like.
Haven’t started singing for me personally because I’m.
Really classic food I do I simple it down to complicated for me I just like.
The normal mozzarella bacon.
If we have some lettuce and tomato with ranch on top like a BLT with ranch.
RR crust.
And we do make the ranch in house.

[45:08] Like me can I handle it then I’m okay.

[45:23] And like I said I do.
My husband is the one that is really funny good morning.
It’s like I like the flavor I can’t do some space on Asian I don’t know why.

[45:53] I like food.
Every regular try to try something different,
my hobby food and Game of Thrones right,
yes I’m looking forward to that,
married life that’s our only bonding moment I’ve been and I like the things we discussed but Game of Thrones.

[46:33] Stupid kids out,
my husband
I know his family is so into it.
So you can understand the scope any Walking Dead fan lunch.

[47:23] Good one show if you’re going to know which one show,
movie the year for Christmas and Star Wars
the negativity so much with it what you think of the Last Jedi I hate it or love it and there’s like.
Where is it in between cuz I think my brother and his friends fall in between.

[48:07] That one but it’s easy to get it because like you have the old Star Wars the early 2000 Star Wars something,
it’s not the early start.
The Last Jedi felt like I was doing a lot of deconstruction where they were like.
Okay this is really horrible but me and my brother as teenagers would discuss.
And we have decided that there had to be before the prequel.
10 meaning Queen Amidala she was this big,
what kind of fantasy is that,
but the person in the new one.
I think the only problems with the new one is a new one is that I think Rogue one was really good.
And then Last Jedi have.

[49:36] I love Leah but the whole Brian and Justin to where it was like oh everyone.

[49:50] That was from the Rogue one so they will they were like.
Temple Guardians.
They’re battery for skulls in the next one,
there must be forced gusts old Yeldon television,
yleo and Luke are coming back for the next month,
lecithin now.

[50:49] Boy that’s.
Santa Rogue one though I mean not bad.
Weird but you can put.
I wouldn’t put it in uncanny valley though because it was like it was so well done like they really like work that you can tell compared to some things like,
the dreaded Cavill mustache,
I think it was just weird to see him cuz he look younger than the last time I saw him and like it was weird.
But like they worked at it it was a good attempt I think.
Bridge she did a good job this break if you.
But it’s pretty good movies for ever and then husband again.

[52:02] Boyfriends defense.
Last Jedi the death of the big thing on my husband saying.
I got it completely deserve.
Like you said they tried to deconstruct everything but they also alienated what pants held dearly.
Of course you have to train going to work hard yet yet it was in his life.

[52:46] Yeah that’s what I’m fat. In the way Luke supposedly to mine is also very.
Yeah it wasn’t like a I guess it was like,
a little bit where is sleeping.
I think it’s important. More invested in Luke.

[53:22] Call the real Star Wars up until that point and then just to be like a the Planet of the Apes where they couldn’t what’s his face.
NRA guy,
Charlton Heston didn’t want to do it but they threw so much money at him he was like fine I’ll be in it for like 5 minutes so literally he’s the main person in the first movie has the second Planet of the Apes movie.

[53:51] For texting.
You want it. We wanted to see him more.
El Rey’s Lineage 2 that was also like because it’s just like.
That’s just cruel The Darkside trying to be like see the dark side is what’s going to make.

[54:29] Afraid of is that they’re going to be like well you know you can trust me because.
Who is the bad guy Adam Driver,
and you have to email,
we know that something was just trying to make them not cool anymore,
very passionate.
Black people complain about the political undertones but in all the movies are on there.

[55:22] Galactic Empire zip up.
Call swear like you know if you just wanted to write a political paper.
You know they have keyboards,
little things in your face I mean,
what were you spying on boo,
figure out cuz it looks like green peppers for like no that’s not drink,
very subtle.
How about you guys suck I don’t want to set you free and tell you to just make us what you think we should try,
hints that that I’d be very curious to try to Spartan anatomica.

[56:43] Throwing it out there but I like to talk to you and mushrooms and give them to someone else,
open to trying anything but Imma win.
That way you guys can try order,
wheat crust to sell bring one of those out what’s the difference between I mean,
because the whole meat is heavier it doesn’t cost as much as physically.

[57:26] It takes a minute to be on that.

[57:50] Sounds good.

[58:03] Music.

[58:33] Yeah thank you again so much it’s really awesome.
I’m sorry.

[58:53] Thank you very much,
Spartans good but bacon is another level.
But that way.
Certified check.

[59:25] Are you having sex with.

[59:32] It’s going.
Anybody spider crawl fight whoever’s like.
What is this one we all just completely Burton with chicken and bacon I was going to say that,
tell me what’s in here it is,
but I guess you need to know to.

[1:00:15] I think I’m going to have to double up my order next time.

[1:00:21] Oh my gosh. Oh and I suppose it doesn’t help spending an hour talking about.
You’ve reached the destination on the road to glory.

[1:00:45] This is the Edgefest Reggie veggie whatever.

[1:01:13] Look on your face is just like,
so I’d like to go on record saying holy crap holy crap holy crap.
Better for me I love space and I think I’m the only one at this table.

[1:01:54] Are chili oil and hot sausage that made that way.

[1:02:05] Mystery.
A 10-piece.
Later that comes over its NATO Tomatoes everything fresh fresh from Italy know she said so.

[1:02:50] Permission.

[1:03:09] How to restore it be to swap out of the ones we had the club.
So I think the one that just has red sauce you got some space between us.

[1:03:20] Track you know which one has the jalapenos,
well there’s no more seeing red fire roasted peppers and jalapenos and the chili oil,
so that’s the spiciest one on the menu.

[1:03:47] Who are you spinach tomato mushroom is this super spicy.
Try not to.

[1:04:06] It’s a spike here’s another one.

[1:04:27] I’m going to do it do it.

[1:04:37] Yourselves that’s just.
Greg can you see through time.

[1:04:59] Shamrock what are you thinking about mr. sorry it didn’t I don’t even know it.
You know what you know it.
Prodigy smash People level.
Incredible Pizza.

[1:05:49] We want to say a huge thank you to Jennifer and and everyone at Fiero Pizza,
what a fantastic experience you’re really missing out the state gem downtown and you really going to do the pizza acrossed is literally something to write home about,
sing a song anyway they shape was plugs before we go guys I do have to get a chance.
My brother just had his birthday yesterday August 3rd so happy birthday bro.
Massage places.

[1:06:36] 31 hour sensory deprivation chamber.

[1:06:42] Canada this week unicorn,
Shameless plug I like that well I’m going to shamelessly plug 605 magazine a gigantic thank you for the two-page write-up you gave us.

[1:06:59] Really really cool article about Urban Indians real pleasure to work with you guys really fun to see the studio and print just thank you so much and thank you also to Patron Matt Paulson once again.
And just remember you can listen to us at the Sioux Empire.
Can you check us out all night live 605 Ulmer shows are streaming on that station so.
You very much everyone and have a wonderful week that it next time we join you it’ll be with the cast of urban Indians for a crossover episode have a great week everyone and I hope you’re having a fantastic summer.

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve

South DaCola Podcast Ep 020 Schools, Water, and Parking Ramp with Joe Sneve
Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.
Produced by Robert Mehling
Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends

Joe Sneve
County & City Watchdog reporter for Argus Leader Media

Catch Scott at Club David Aug 7th at 7 PM at Club David doing commentary of the city council meeting.

Tags and Topics
Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Sioux Falls, Argus Leader, Schools, water rates

Machine Transcript

[0:27] Paul Walker by episode 20 South Dakota podcast episodes,
a year,
could I have a hobby for kid.
You’re still at one right that I know of I know I haven’t told your child for kindergarten in 3 weeks.
She’s ready for it. Are you ready for looking out all the government forms she hasn’t been in.
Like traditional preschool or anything like that so this is kind of our she’s been off the radar so I think so.

[1:31] Now so it’s kind of like it’s our first introduction into like Opening Our Lives to government with our children the next she’s going to go to public school so.
Poor kids like I’m sorry to hear that,
yeah what was right or just our gas because we have Robert the producer who have to host whose name we will not speak and then we have Joe sneve E,
did you get that right I got sleepy,
Stevie Stevie from the newspaper,
Argus Leader sorry Hill that radio host ceuta montse the ark.

[2:20] He’s been better about at least giving the reporters credit when he’s talking about Argus Leader content. Have you ever heard his reasoning for not saying the name I feel like I’ve Been Told,
why we didn’t get along with anything since you think it’s funny it’s a it’s a Harry Potter bit he said it on there that’s the only reason,
in friction with one of the former Publishers few years back.
Master spell too many words right,
Greg T o d e y on the website and I was laughing,
I always tease Theresa Staley cuz I’m like chivalry like the stories when they’re talking about you,
spell your last name like multiple different ways it’s like they may just take a stab at it,
for them so they can always go back in and change.

[3:25] Probably what are the broadcaster up at SDSU to journalism school that if you spelled some his name wrong in his story Billy.
It’s kind of a continue reading remember the name I don’t,
I know my grammar is not the best and I know I misspelled words but I am kind of a stickler about spelling people’s names right b word good,
yeah and I just just like to just was cuz I don’t want that something them to come back at me,
get off my favorites been watching how many different ways people have been spelling dear ketchum’s name,
Chad I just said catch up most the time but.
Write down small that’s always chaos.
Which Darren spelled his name this way you know your eyes out for a long time I had to go back and look each time just to not make mistakes cuz the old are in his Darrin.
In the stairs Darren which is really weird I’ve never seen a date Dar another two darrins on.
Bewitched and sister nice going out the old the old Wayne’s World.

[4:43] York was that I did that go.

[4:48] I don’t know I was thinking you were moving a dick Sergeant Sergeant York sergeant,
anyway anyway I know right about the stop.

[5:12] What do you think about the school district handling their own election for.
Basically a 300 million dollar Bond I mean what reality you don’t have to agree with me at 9 to take my interest loan special election,
and their claims ER their claims are job because their one claim as we have to have the budget.
To the state by September 30th which is true that is not a lie.

[5:43] We could be amended why we just let flat out ask Brian Maher on the show you can amend the budget anytime. Can’t you and Brunswick.
So you don’t have to have a special election so you can have it with the journal I saw you think they’re feeling I mean what is a good strategy,
well it depends on what your what you consider a victory.
If it’s if only people they’re going to come vote are the ones who supported right yet. Wrong if it’s a standalone election I think that’s not it want to say that they have.
I’ll tear your motives cuz I don’t come to these people I’m not covering this but my first.
Buy at first blush when I saw that was they’re probably trying to keep turn out down excellent understand strategy.
What but also did the other the other part of that is is I will I was going to say that.

[6:51] Is it a state law that says it’s been election special election,
in 60 days of an already schedule election it should be moved to the schedule the last 60 days 60 days.
Free clothes why would you spend all this extra money when you can just do it in November and then you know the will the alternate have Bob would tell.
Mountain pretty early before everybody West River even a fox.
Don’t work hard interactive doesn’t use it doesn’t software support them anymore people be Pro tried to get him to work during the primaries and it didn’t work very good and Shantel said no more I’m not using them.

[7:52] Who’s going to do who’s running this off work how are they going to tabulate they haven’t called Bob you know that right they have had no discussions with him.

[8:02] They’re going to handle their absentee and remember they did that 2 years ago it is if Belle Chase was at lunch you couldn’t eat the door was locked and you couldn’t vote.
And it’s like no that’s not really how it works you can’t just and then I just have a problem with hand County.

[8:20] This is going to be this 300 million dollars is going to be decided by 3,000 people that’s just Insanity rest make any sense.
Yeah I’m probably made it obvious that you always will have a higher turnout.
And big things like this but I mean I mean I understand I don’t feel comfortable enough to hang up I agree with you to support public education.
Okay got to get a 60% Passage.

[8:47] And maybe they’re just thinking it’s easier to get a 60% if not enough people it’s almost like the way they talk anytime you see the superintendent or.
One of the task force people or or or on the school board members talk.

[9:05] The person Phil Mickelson she doesn’t seem as confident as some of the other ones talk they just seem like they are perfectly confident that this is going to be.
Like they have no worries about it and that’s what worries me the most is like what are they know that I don’t know that they don’t work on conclusion the software doesn’t work properly on e-poll book,
that means.
I could go vote at every single super Precinct multiple times,
so that’s the part that worries me the most who’s checking this.
Bev but that also is counterintuitive to the to the argument that they want lower turnout because,
voting Super precincts or whatever he can vote anywhere so it takes another hurdle Overton boat.

[10:08] I would say that using the super precincts are having to go anywhere actually I think does drive internal organs I think it’s those confusion people are used to voting in a Precinct.
I did there used to be a trying to do now for the last couple election is always come back to this stupid thing.
A certain government of what’s the temperature this way a certain government official that is not involved with the school district called a certain person over at school district and basically said.

[10:42] You can have been handled absentee sheets Scott capable.
And they decided to have Randall it anyway so I think they want this all in their house and that’s the thing that worries me the most who’s watching.
Who watches the Watchmen who’s watching the election,
well they got to school.
I get it yeah yeah they ought to elections are elections but every form of government is independent of the other forms of government.

[11:21] At least in terms of Elections Bruce to ask to be an election judge.

[11:28] Any glass pieces I will ask but I don’t know if they’re going to let me but I’ll ask and I’ve even thought about asking and then the other thing to is.

[11:37] Yeah that would be that would be nice but I just don’t know I just got reassured that this is going to.
Run as smooth as they think I don’t know I just it seems it’s being handled so weird it any have Vernon Brown who’s running up this other group and you guys reported about this you know.
In the treasurer’s with the public school Association and supposed to be released.
And in the girls in obviously a is there is a baker or maiden names Baker in the baker’s runoff bonds to their Bank,
you have learned Brown who works rest in which is a conflict because they do tons of work contracts with school district what are you so worried about it for at least they’re nice people,
it doesn’t matter if someone’s nice or not conflict to something that’s on paper.
Hey nothing to do with your personality but we all know South Dakota doesn’t have the most I lost myself.
What is planning on you all the task force members however many people work we’re on their we’re planning on watching them in there.
Families to see yeah once they start building all these things who’s getting the contracts are they are these cuz that’s the problem.

[13:02] Let me couldn’t you report on currently that here’s the task force.
Curious historically what these people have done in the relationship they’ve got with the school district or government in terms of,
Dakota vs contract.
Speaking of scams do you know I have to go too much into this cuz I know you’re working on a story about it.
But obviously they want to build a 230 million dollar water plant which is that price tag is.
And of course they want to do this to the the infamous Enterprise funds that mystery bucktooth and bowl cut created former mayor,
so that you can celebrate so we could have in the second mortgage but.

[14:10] Obviously are water rates are going to go out but this is this is this is what I’ve sent to City councilors.
We have all these cities around us to use our water treatment services which is fine because they don’t want to build their own water treatment plant expensive,
so they’ve been paying us and they pay a higher rate just so people know that what we pay for our sewer and water.
What and what they pay us is a lot more unless they’re just screwing their citizens I don’t know but my suggestion is been.

[14:47] Quadruple the rates,
and if the cities don’t like it they can build their own their own treatment plant and then it takes pressure off ours the other argument I have with this thing is is what they getting their numbers so they can have all these growth projection.
And were you saying on the way over here the last census of was it 2010.

[15:10] Throughout the interim but 80% I just seems like it’s a it’s a weird.
They’re just expecting us to grow and we might not we might start slowing down here in Sioux Falls you never know we’re almost at our borders already.
You know so I think the 260 million dollars about 160 million out of it would actually be spent out there at the water treatment facility,
the other hundred million would be to upgrade,
the conveyance system they call it which is in town your infrastructure that would try to be in the car where you have like.
Clay pipes and some reason I guess.
So let’s say I mean that that core work that conveyance system was going to have to happen anyway so let’s just break that up to the facility steps 160 billion dollars,
the plant that’s out there right now it’s built 1980 and.

[16:13] They say like I got an old article from like 1981 saying I only had a 20 year life expectancy when they.
Today got a 18 x 4 years,
so I got a big chunk of the hundred sixty million is to renovate what’s already there and that seems reasonable.
But I don’t have the numbers in front of me but maybe like half of it is to build on.
Stad tankage and capacity like right now they have like six basins where they break like one,
like seven or eight different steps where they filter out all the crap out of water comes in Black filmed it through the whole process just out there got the same to her you know.
Rihanna four five years ago they were only using five or four of the six basins now there at 5 once they get to 6 they have no,
room for capacity so when you’re not a mathematician or anything like that but you can tell just by looking at what they’re using out there that they are Nearing.

[17:26] Capacity it does base itself on the fact that cities going to continue to grow and like you’re saying I could fall off TJ Nelson in the mayor’s office.
So like you know it’s hasn’t you know for a long time we’ve added over a thousand people here right now are you at the house and now we’re getting it.

[17:45] Well you can’t Bank on that,
right because if if they reach capacity it’s going to take like 12 years to complete this whole waiting till the rack pass,
governance might might my shoe and then you were mentioning this on the way over is that there’s a.
Perpetuity of an increase in the water rates yeah.

[18:26] Aiken,
yeah cuz it was the biggest CIP ever right like my Shooters biggest one ever was $570 an hour,
what’s the biggest cfp ever if you see huge the cleanest water,
sweaty beautiful you drink the water,
and then that’s adorable I see this presentation in the numbers like $200 more than anything I say.
If you take the water treatment plan out of it it’s.
Last but I mean that’s what he said that that would likely see some modest rate increases,
to pay for this I have reported yet I’m not going to break the news here but some folks might take issue with the categorizing them as modest increases.
When you hear what those numbers are I’m working on a story for Sunday’s paper about some of this stuff and we’re going to we have a little bit more inside us to like what the rate modeling will look like,
but I’ve heard a little bit too. Going to that my thing is that.

[19:50] I understand the Enterprise fun thing you know you you charge the users to do upgrades and get that.

[19:58] But I also consider what we’re doing out there as infrastructure.
And that is what the second penny is supposed to be 4 so.
I can understand the shoes in the Enterprise funds to build new pipes maintenance running the facility.
But to say that we’re going to pay the mortgage on this this monster 200.
60 million – Enterprise front that’s not right I think I like how you broke it up how you said that a hundred millions for this and 164 that’s I think we should take we should break that in half.
Have the hundred million part of it we paid for out of the second Penny and then the hundred sixty million paid for out of the Enterprise funds and breaking apart.
And start using II penny for its intention infrastructure Capital this is capital this is infrastructure.
Instead of just saying out again razor buddies water rates that way we can free up the second Penny to build palaces,
and monuments you know and that’s that’s the that’s the problem I have with Enterprise and the other thing is is about the population growth and I’ve mentioned this to counselors in and Theresa’s asked to have this breaking down she hasn’t been successful,
and getting this I think it was in 2016 they figured we had about 5,000 people move.

[21:24] 5000 new people in Sioux Falls 3300 of them were babies,
that were born here so that’s not new people coming to Sioux Falls break it down,
break this population growth down for whatever she wants how many years senior citizens coming here to retire,
how many of the people like I said or how many people are they move to Sioux Falls each year that come from the Town Center using the treatments ready Brandon Canton Tea.
How many are babies,
how many actual people actually moving here from someplace else adult movie near break those numbers down and then you could have a better understanding of what you really need and I guess that’s the way I look at it.
Some of what they’re going to be doing out there is prompted by the federal regulations coming down the chute,
shared by federal regulations coming out your eyes seem.
Limited in reduced or is that a series of tweets I mean down where it would appear that in South Dakota.
Federal Regulations really don’t matter permitting.

[22:51] Basically I nitrate permits aren’t being companies who discharge Wastewater into the waters aren’t.
Being held to the standards that DPS put in place until.
According to the folks I’ve talked to the city says that they have until a few more years to get the compliance for the states going to.

[23:13] We don’t die did you know the states letting people get their ducks in order before does the state have until the EPA test,
like last weekend I tore all this asbestos insulation on my basement in the dumpster behind,
I would not admit that I would cut this whole entire second,
lay it on thick or next I was curious nuclear waste out of my basement now.

[23:58] Yeah yeah I was just not not really Shop but you know that.
It’s not the first time that this is kind of in the news where a federal rule or regulation is decreed upon the land and.
State officials kind of like,
will see you know I will take will take the money that comes with it but we’ll see if we can forward to this for you cuz like I said I saw it on Twitter,
and there was an exchange between a gay guy employee of the administration and an employee of the Argus Leader,
about the story in where the truth lies and in all of it so.

[24:46] We have to discuss that but you previously said maybe here maybe elsewhere that the previous administration at stop returning your phone calls.

[24:57] And what is your sense of your thought of your early in the early days of the new Administration is that the new boss same as the old boss or is your phone blowing up all the time it’s definitely not it’s been kind of a night and day,
different I’ll tell you there’s a press conference today about the budget what was that all about us embargo,
I can’t talk about the 4-wheeler in there because you go on a date,
they were going to email me last night that we Finance HR and T2 nails were there,
and it went out they showed us the presentation and,
and that’s I think I don’t know if user got burned or something like that but,
there seems to be just more trust in the media if we say it will honor an embargo there don’t have any reason to think we’re going to.
Not under the Embargo I don’t think anybody’s violated one yet generally journalist are pretty good at,
is a saurus right you’ll burn a bridge if you do that so,
situation I can call these folks over if there’s something they don’t want to talk about it on record because it’s just too hot or whatever you know they’ll say look we can’t talk about this.

[26:20] On record and then we’ll go talk off record you know what I mean like they’re very forthright with me about what’s going on and.
It’s just my opinion and I’m sure it’s yours too.

[26:36] It’s our government we should build to know everything and accesses information,
actress in question as much as they have a right to say what they want about,
people talking what are they trying to hide by breaking news breaking news we just learned,
which Olsen a view of the Argus Leader does with the days that God gives them when nobody talks to him his imagination runs wild,
that’s what you decided to do with the days that God gave you I’d only been in.
Mayor Hooters office two times in the whole time I covered him and it wasn’t until the first time I was ever in his office was in.
February or March this year I started covering the city beat in 2000.

[27:49] 14
Saw the game of three players club Palace who got the blue carpet in there and like it was super nice and I didn’t know City Hall was So Posh and then I can contact I had seen.

[28:07] So fast forward to the new Administration and Paul 10 Higgins.
Hakins secretary Julius was he through secretary and it’s kind of awkward when you go in there cuz it’s okay Julie I’m here too.
Send me some beautiful and she’s like okay so she calls back.
Hangs up the phone and says you can go back do you know where his office is,
and like I didn’t need to be escorted back there I didn’t nobody held my hand they were just so cute makes open home whatever I walk through I see Erica back sitting in her office with the door open like literally the doors are open in San Salvador city hall.

[28:48] Night and day,
different cell after the door Man in Black Roach,
where as you know we would text him a couple of times since he’s been mayor and he doesn’t respond right away.

[29:08] Don’t usually within an hour I’ll get a text back from him like he did something out of meeting one night and all I said to him was I like what you did on this item and I can’t remember it was later I got it thanks you know,
yeah I mean I don’t know what the reason is but we’re also still in the honeymoon. Here and we’re still like,
digging into all the stuff we couldn’t get under the old regime you know like they’re glad things coming out right now from the Hue through ministration,
10 minute timer, so maybe like we’re building a treatment plant only I write someone flatter stories about them and,
they’re not going to be happy I mean the first test used to be a photographer he seems to out he’s been in PR Rose before,
so he seems to understand the role of the press and he doesn’t,
seem to take things personally I don’t think Paul ten haken takes.

[30:21] Didn’t take it personal the next day was a new day with the media wear as former mayor huether.
Grudges yeah there’s going to be a lot of stuff online today about how.

[30:41] Mayor 10.

[30:43] Haken is considering still moving forward with this parking ramp deal.

[30:52] I do not want well I don’t know either one of those thing somebody said to me is you get outside counsel.
Cuz you know this Joe.
A lot of the same people that were working for heater and it coping to cut this deal are still there so.
Turn letter she was there when this is all going on you can’t tell me she didn’t know anything about it.
Of course Karen’s going to look at Paul and say we’re legally bound here you know she isn’t going to go around and,
I know that there’s been some people who have worn Paul that keeping a ride lot of these heat there people around is not a good idea.
Because it’s going to end up burning your ass in the end cuz you’re going back and tell him what people like Joe Frank and Sue Quan back,
throw heater soldiers on Kearney.
But I don’t know Jeffrey Schmidt I don’t know I’m told that.
There is there are other people in City Hall at ancillary rolls in this but the primary players is which I wrote today we’re Darren catch him back at least people around there still these people,
that you don’t think I’m trying to make the best out of this deal and.

[32:17] I think there’s some people saying and I really believe too they think it kill it number 1 construction hasn’t started.
Okay that’s the first thing they’ve done some utility work that’s about it number 2.

[32:32] You can keep the bonds and build an actual parking ramp there and use the money to build a parking ramp that actually has enough spaces to handle growth you know and at a reasonable price.

[32:47] What the problem they’re probably would be a penalty as someone said to me you know they’re probably a penalty to kill this till like Lamont or so.
Or to the bond or whatever but is it better to just.
Bite the bullet now and pay that penalty and get this to go away because this will always be tied to Legacy and this Fiasco and if you just cut the cord right now.
You’re done,
any key in Impala you can’t blame Paul for this either because he had nothing to do with it he can definitely just come out and say this is our best option to kill this,
we have to pay a penalty it’s going to be a million dollars I’m sorry.
AutoZone on South Main in Seoul.
You just you just you just say it that way otherwise work we’re going to be tied to this now for a hundred years.

[33:51] Most people won’t in the $0.20 bill this day in 20 years most people don’t pay attention,
so people that listen to this podcast will Siri saying if you build it they will forget yeah they will.
That thing had quite the story behind it before it got built you know and then after,
5000 people that move your next year will be like at school building.
There any weather is leasing out.
Which one they’re both options we have the one by five guys and they’re both on the table,
I got yelled at for walking through an Argus Leader Park on my wife works for the Argus Leader and I dropped off in her vehicle and I close the door and,
I think it was the Publishers assistant or something as I was walking out be rated me about holidays for employee parking only and I was like.

[34:56] My wife works there so stop go to hell.
So sew in
the spiritual things are not what I want.
I have heard that there certain people knock City councilors but there are City councilors but I’ve heard that there are certain people in the administration.
That have been trying to find an angle to kill us,
is an escape hatch you know I think.
I respect the dating are the people Tracy turn back my Q3 catch him knew that their time was going to come to an end to end a few short months after they pass.

[35:57] And I’m sure they made that thing watertight options that I said you could throw out there.
Police would not cost us anything cuz we have City attorney staff that could do this and they’re sitting there all day anyway they can they can do this stuff.
My first option was to be send a letter to the construction company that basically says we are.
We’re thinking about litigation don’t even have to say they’re going to do it then said we’re thinking about it you want to go ahead and start construction you can but we highly recommend that she don’t,
Ibanez we may not pay you the contractor tractor that actually building that doesn’t cost anything the second thing you could do,
is you could send a letter that basically says we are considering litigation.

[36:49] And we are awaiting the results of the doj investigation etc etc etc and then we’ll make a decision.
After that or whether we want to move forward or not in other words we’re considering litigation so.

[37:06] We always suggest you don’t start construction the number to would highly suggest it because we might not pay you so.

[37:16] I think the city has options that don’t cost us anything you can just drag this out,
as long as the Department of Justice is going to drag the investigation out the city can do the same thing just keep sending letters I just keep send a letter every 3 months,
we’re still considers cost,
taking things slow under huther eventually.

[37:48] And I eventually lamontez probably trial would just back out I think on their own.

[38:02] Maybe I can construction safety workplace safety in South Dakota Zone 47 right now we can get it,
we can get more people to try really hard but anyway I did there is options there
I think that’s where I look at it is that.
There is things they can do to delay and take stall yeah.
7 years is good at installing.
And you just stall stall the crap out of in Journeys going to go we got other project I don’t have time to sit and fight though,
CPA how many years just playing games,
it’s very yeah. But not every Federal in but I mean what more damn it would have nothing more damning comes out then you stopped for no reason oh well.
Why do you say I’m not at my worst that’s the worst case scenario.

[39:24] They back out and don’t build a hotel we have this $20 in the bank,
we build an actual parking ramp for a good you know $20,000 stall not 40 40,000 stall,
and we get the actual parking needs downtown that we need and we leave some space next to it so if somebody wants to build a hotel next to it they certainly can’t it’s just not going to be,
this one will where are you you should go to.

[39:50] How to import executive session that that tomorrow that they’re going to talk about this and I’m pretty sure it’s what it’s about.

[40:03] That’s.

[40:05] I don’t know I don’t know what’s going to happen we do know that they have Defenders we know that concert nightshirts defended it we know that Christine is defending it and this whole thing about.
So bad too but I can tell you two things that I heard from both separate things I’ve heard from Christine quite a while ago,
that Paul sink was Shintoism and that he was tied in with Norman he was tied in with the Equity Building and and he was tied in with whole grain.
This is stuff that’s never been on paper it’s just stuff you here up second hand for people and she told me this nightshirt told me that Norm was mentoring.
You know.
That tells me mentoring means a lot of things that means investing in his construction company they were using him for all of their projects.

[40:59] We know that was kind of like why would Aaron yeah but what was it known or documented between sink and Canfield.
So which Day in Ireland right ownership in a relationship.
But until they filed bankruptcy none of this was no everything else that’s going to come out I’ve heard from people.

[41:32] The doj is so deep into this right now that there’s there’s something going on.
That’s very serious and just like I said when we started talking about this.

[41:46] Every time something comes up about this we’re going to be tight to this fucking thing and it’s pole cut the cord now get it over with.
Certainly treskilling patzcuaro,
turning out to be true Pat star his whole issue,
wasn’t through the developers where it was he didn’t think it was we’re getting in the parking space project but he should probably cling on to the anti acid decide for.
Doesn’t hold water,
so that’s not that was never going to be the argument that killed project it was this is who the developers are that was the thing that causes public outrage not the fact that it was $40,000 a parking space.
But it wasn’t raining cuz I called all the counselors to see I asked him.
Did you know your project guarantors three of your floor project guarantors were on resolved construction and.
The answer is unequivocally no from Greg.
Night Sir stalia Pat star but I had to phrase the question different ways to Christine and Marshall.
Cuz I would say wait I don’t I guess I don’t quite understand what you’re asking it was a little bit weird so finally I had to just say well it sounds like you didn’t know is that correct.

[43:16] Patterson yeah I didn’t know I like I’mma put you in the category it made it easier to ride the nut graph but.
No response from a couple of them the same way it was with with the three I truly believe that it’s such a shit deal.

[43:37] The best course of action for Paul.
Would be to cut the cord now and if anybody jumped his case about a bod fucking defend him top to bottom.
And cuz he’s been doing there’s been quite a few things that he’s done that I’m like go for it you know this is good stuff and I defend from top to bottom.

[43:57] Only has to say is before my time and it’s a bad deal and I’m cutting the cord that guy’s not here anymore I’m running I’m the new sheriff.
If you don’t have to be a dick about it but he can just say I’m the new sheriff and we’re done I wonder if.
If there was there’s nothing stopping.

[44:20] Them will they pull the Hulk run off after they already approved the deal so they could pull,
so pause making it sound like now that they’re not a part of it see that’s the question everyone I know it’s not true,
they’re certainly part of it Jeff Lamont is running Village River Group LLC he’s the managing actor in the,
Comfort Suites hotel the fact of the matter is those three who also own home construction our project your interest meaning there personally risking their own money,
you wouldn’t do that unless you had some reward coming right so like to say they’re not involved his practice just told him oh shit because.
Their names are on the deal and they wouldn’t be on the deal if they didn’t stand to gain the issue for everybody in this week.
City the people Ginsberg and says we don’t want to do business with people who may have blood on their hands.

[45:17] They’re they’re being investigated they’ve been fined for reckless practices and make crack,
that was where the outrage came from a man died due to the store and then you turn around and die,
about taking care of specs to sue town,
from your base it was a call.
Calling contractors in been saying go ahead and do the work and the fact of the matter is who stands to benefit from this and the issue that’s racist alien,
yeah some of it in her Camp had was we don’t want people making money off of the city project 2,
are not reputable or have a bad track record it’s kind of like when they talk talk about alcohol license,
sure that’s a super lien on a movie theater but it’s like a suitable they don’t seem like suitable people but actually yeah that’s fine,
squishy that was Pearl movie theater and proaxil and don’t let him drive all the way there you have to allow Boos at movie theaters and extra yes
we are here they look so stupid about that but just like I said.

[46:44] The stock gun range in the Stockbridge Michigan hell yeah baby.

[46:56] Get out.
This guy doesn’t even did you go to the guy owns West bottles even live in Sioux Falls and I’m sure he’s never made a campaign donation,
but he said him and his wife just on the movie theater they live in Madison South Dakota I think they live in Madison is where they live they want to see it up there too,
I don’t know I don’t know and it’s like they were two player that’s why I didn’t get it approved he had a safety plan the cops approved it
why is it a sin to safety plan was fine I think they probably would have approved it if I didn’t write a story that they were pursuing this,
permit 2 or 3 weeks before they got from the council and then a couple of nomad members got,
protested the only thing that I would have.

[47:54] What I said the pad is I would have just said no alcohol while your throat.
So what’s the point having one beer but that’s kind of what they consider in cages without booze when it hurts,
they’re only allowed to have one beer while my beer down the throwing axe.
I thought he said that you only drink one in your house while they’re throwing he said yeah but everybody’s,
maybe I’m wrong but there’s this.
Rooms that have cages in them and that’s where you go in the cage to throw but everybody’s in this room for an hour you’re throwing for an hour it doesn’t mean you’re in your cage for all so.
But the gun range thing I have to go to the Dell Rapids sporting club there’s usually.
Empty beer cans filling every garbage there so I don’t think anybody.
Well I’m still waiting for some chick with flip-flops on to drop an accident but rapper.

[49:03] Looks like Teresa said to me I was Tresor pack at member one of them said I just hope they got to go to church policy,
well I mean yeah sure the Astros are going to be like sore called relay,
responsible they would only be serving Labatt Blue or Molson inside maybe you’re right it would regulate itself,
I’m sorry I I was listening to radio show us some like sci-fi from 1960’s speculating about what,
beyond the year 2000 would be like and I was just like you know it’s listening that and it’s just like the pretty shoes at that time you know they figured it would be like you know what laser guns and which planet to colonize next and I’m like it’s 2018 and we’re just going to like.
So do we have to put our beer down to throw an axe inside ArcheAge where I can have a beard,
I have a bigger lady but I can’t have a little cheap red wine while watching,
some crappy movie my wife is drag me to at the cheap theater in Temecula,
gave us feel about how she works on the movie in Denver and was able to have a drink while she had watch the movie and it was the greatest experience ever.

[50:27] But I don’t think we should do that I know it was weird weird every city in United States has drinking theaters it’s been suspended in Europe for.

[50:42] He said what more do you want him to do,
I made the point to Teresa The Pavilion has drinking you can drink while watching a show that’s all ages,
the Orpheum Tri City Event Center yeah I know I just said you know those are all places,
that you can drink how many teenagers you think you’re drinking at concerts in general admission at the Event Center will try are they police in that,
but people don’t just drop their kids off at these places but I don’t imagine dragons show and that’s it felt more like,
I already front tickets,
with all the kids there and I like the glowy stuff and whatever and they were serving hard drinks I had like three too many you know what I was.
Trying to Shield my good show to Sioux Falls Demi Lovato.
Yeah what is it never heard of Demi Lovato story about survival.

[52:09] If you want me back okay so nobody know if if more people are going to the pop shows we won’t baby book is going to Country shows.
The show me anything else exciting you think going out on City Hall that that.
Well good he’s really talk in about how I’ve been trying to square stuff.

[52:34] Well thank you could give them some of that property or not give it to him sell it to him there still space thing about it is it’s not going anywhere it’s perpetual.
Saw it there.

[52:48] Tragedi Square LLC which is a legacy,
if you guys Surplus this and tell me build something there we’re going to lose access to our building is Perpetual it goes with,
landana what so if you believe,
my Cooper is there a long time I’ve got no reason to think he’s lying no matter what happens there whoever buys it,
yeah whoever ends up owning it has to maintain that so that’s kind of long and short of it,
and then when it comes to surplussing land there’s really only like one criteria the city has to consider.
The Surplus land and that is do we need this no answer according to my Cooper and the administration.
So the council’s decision is pretty well made for them yeah but the Legacy folks are trying to I don’t know confuse the council.
By saying we’re going to lose access to this it’s got its retail space it’s it’s it’s it’s downtown space competition that’s why.

[54:05] There I think they’re going to lose those views that the people who want to develop to Huey building.
Have said they think it’s because like I said he’s afraid that these nice patios they built on the back of that building.
Yeah they’ll build something there above that 12 from work and when you look out these patios you’re not going to see up the river quite like you do now,
they say that’s the issue Legacy won’t go on record and say they’re making a stink over views they’re saying it’s cuz,
what about garbage trucks what you need to go to the garbage truck in there we need to have we might get some more special,
they said they could have had a restaurant on the first floor at some point in the only a single replicated reloading base,
there’s a loading Bay back there and they need to have access for a truck to back up.
That I’ve been better this year but it’s a every single restaurant that’s downtown doesn’t use a loading dock because companies like Cisco and us food delivery companies,
do it is dollies indent ribbon areas like that they don’t do daily deliveries that’s so that’s the only people that argument disingenuous another argument that they say has been made to that is.

[55:27] FBI garbage trucks garbage truck access but only.

[55:33] Garbage trucks don’t use regular garbage trucks downtown they think only one company serves downtown and they have a special technology that used to get into tight areas so.
I have yet to determine of that and I think that they.

[55:55] Address for all the more desirable mean that you would be able to been there long time.

[56:00] People may not be so quick to come it was like okay well this feels a little bit yeah probably raise the rent.
Yeah it’s just it and now I don’t know any any other any other controversies I even you know hopefully.
Well TJ cuss anybody out in Facebook lately,
now it’s Patrick Anderson but they are okay and Panda we call it panda,
search for nickname. Patrick Anderson he took some some data from the store and was like.
Shining a light on the fact that the city isn’t it hearing to the standards or whatever and TJ Nelson took issue with some of his tweets so they went back and forth and it’s something like.
I always have you talked to government fishing but don’t you tell me how to do my job or something like that it got kind of fiery and I was in a meeting when this was going on and I came back.
And I looked and I saw the tweets I texted TJ and I said I see you met my friend Patrick and I think it’s all water.

[57:26] But I was thinking what kind is it,
waste water under the bridge cuz he missed a golden opportunity to make the joke shity water,
get out of the car on the bike trail,
get out of there they’re up to their chins and I go get out of there probably and they’re like they were like they were trying to get super powers,
is when is the swim in the river as kid at my dad’s hair is a Trestle Bridge that’s probably 50 60 feet above the water and we would jump off there in the
and I always joke that you probably come out of water was like a third arm and some point now that you’re probably end up with some bacteria that eats your brain looks like one of the nose,
Never End by a bullet hole.
So apparently somebody had jumped too far to the right or the left in like scrape themselves in the way down so then.
A market with us still there.

[58:39] This was Patrick Wiley’s brother’s idea cuz he books music at Club David so starting we’re going to try it for the month of August the owner of Club David said I’ll let you guys do August we’ll see how it goes.
We’re going to do live commentary to the city council meeting so if you come over to Cub David on the stable start August 7th,
who should I call MST 3 K so it’s going to be Patrick.

[59:10] Can me and we’re going to do live commentary yeah I know,
so we’re going to have Bingo cards and then and then we’re going to have a big sky is pretty big screen so you’re going to do this is from dating.
I haven’t been there for a while I go to bed I go to the information I was unloved it cuz I can chew their ass right there that’s great,
and then you can go up right after the presentation and go this is suited definition.
Even me who was criticized what are used to be this is like a freaking circus Heather pastor and James Reid.
You don’t Ciara said it Bass.

[1:00:10] The county is where you go to get your you don’t know where you get Human Service Human Services.

[1:00:21] Well that kind of Katherine crippled says they should do something for them.
Can you put up tents in my yard and it’s like I can’t do that really
yeah yeah yeah,
call my dad had a solution to dissolve homelessness,
go home but here’s what years Michael magic lease all he has home,
have a right to come to public input and and and you know just because you’re homeless ruler and I agree I don’t have a problem with that anybody has a right to come up there.

[1:01:17] My thing is is if you’re going to come to public input to a government meeting that’s being filmed.

[1:01:25] To ask for assistance of whatever don’t put your $600 cell phone up on the podium,
that’s the part that cracks me up I want to know walk up there the whip down there freaking Anarchy there freaking $100 Otter case and they’re $700 phone on the podium I need help,
you need not to have a $700 phone that would be your first Obama phone.
Stop video. First my first suggestion if you’re going to come in a spray.
So yeah well who are the other highlights from Pelican Patel you like Stephen Seattle sit there and kind of thing.
The best part I’m just going to say this and if we have to cut this out that’s fine if I get too carried away Robert.

[1:02:18] I always say I was saying to Pat and Bruce always go I always like it when Stevens up there you know he gives the same speech every week,
and I said I was like what he says they said I was delusional and I’m like you are Desloge at all listen to that,
and it was Pelican but sometimes he’ll drop like music lyrics.
I know some people who know he’s not he’s not a dummy he’s he’s kind of high so high functioning he’s very high functioning but I mean when he sitting there telling them that their murdering him and it’s like.
It’s like do you realize that after you’re dead there’s really not much to do about this team.

[1:03:13] Could you say that where is the crap out of me tell people that all the time laugh about,
Kate Marshall a little worried about the potty words did you know you can bring a loaded gun,
concealed loaded weapon into any public building in in Sioux Falls and there’s that accept the courthouse and there’s not a fucking thing they can do about it
and it’s razor hands and like say who’s worried about that I am your where to buy it,
from calradia,
yeah they losing your job who had the guy he tried to take the signs down remember that.
What’s up Keith it was pissed he had to take the signs down he has to sign the other sign and the Carnegie and there was a sign at City Hall that said no guns,
allowed me to take down cuz state law says nope you can bring concealed weapon into which can to the courthouse see that is he doesn’t make any sense to me it’s like if you can’t bring it into the court house why should be able to bring it into you can’t shoot Billy bring it in the car gears work on here,
what does State House on Lee Road and actually pulled the fire alarm.

[1:04:28] He was trying to get it all that’s right they’re trying to pass that would allow guns in Chambers up in Pier.
And it died but I’m off for debate people to hit the alarm,
button looks like the panic button to prove like the response time because they were sort of like,
kind of check out the kind of knew that I was coming so they didn’t like rush rush in there which.
They should have just rushed in there it really inconvenience everybody got to tell everybody get down for the capitol on lockdown,
what’s happening right now you’re fine I’m all for it because,
maybe they’ll just eliminate themselves one of these days you know what I mean like you know,
the South Dakota State Legislature now is half because they decided to have a gunfight,
get out everybody’s carrying.

[1:05:36] I guess I got to go to the store with you with all ICP where they got right I could tell her shut off time I was a little.
Private so I was standing in line sweep speaking of that I was standing in line at sunshine one day and this girl girl in front of me in her 20s.
And you don’t shoot a gun on a holster it wasn’t concealed it was on her waist it was a pink it was a pink 9 millimeter in will white holster and the first thing I thought was like I don’t think.
Boom and the cheese in front of me and I’m just looking over and I’m kind of Chuck.
And like you’re so cool and you know and then I get and she still grabbing her stuff as I’m checking through and the cashier says to me.
So sweet how you doing today I said I feel really safe right now just super safe and I just looked over at this girl and she’s.

[1:06:36] She thought I was complicated.
The pink 9 millimeter girls on that you got a hard end,
month of August watch Jonathan Alice’s Twitter handle and Patrick Anderson’s cuz they’re going to be filling in for me,
my little boy I leave on the 8th and I don’t return until the,
yeah I heard you’re going to be gone for a while so that’s at Argos jealous is that it I think so,
at P Anderson the Anderson.
Sorry for your vacation.

Sioux Empire Podcast 116 Zombie Uprising with ESCAPE 605

Sioux Empire Podcast 116 Zombie Uprising with ESCAPE 605

Robert Mehling, Natasha Estes, and Seth Glover

Guests: Matthew Livingston, Eric Edwards (aka White Boi), Amanda Mehling, and Dustin Buri.

The Zombie Uprising has finally happened! A special event podcast crew (Robert Mehling, Amanda Mehling, Seth Glover, Matthew Livingston, Eric Edwards (aka White Boi),  and Dustin Buri) have been able to survive in the shadows, but it sure would be nice to be a part of a community again. After a close run with a group of zombies, they retreated into the woods where they stumbled upon an abandoned military installation.  They have one hour to explore the site, grab supplies, and get out before the zombies arrive!! This week’s episode is brought to you by ESCAPE 605.

ESCAPE 605 presents you with the challenge of immersing yourself and your teammates into cleverly themed rooms armed only with your wits and the collaboration of your teammates to solve all of the clues in just 60 minutes and… ESCAPE.

Scenarios ranging from being locked in a bank searching for clues in the vault, or trapped in the 80’s in aunt Edna’s condo shuffling through her 80’s relics in order to earn your freedom will surely test your skills. Whether you spend all of your time playing video games or you are the CEO of your own company, this live problem-solving experience fits every demographic. ESCAPE 605 is the perfect stage for corporate team building or to simply have a night out with family and friends to ESCAPE your screens for an hour. This real-life gaming challenge is waiting for you!

Escape 605

Shameless Plugs

Please help support The Sioux Empire Podcast and the work we do to bring you original local content and voices

HUGE patreon thank you to Matthew Paulson!


Live 605


Robert Mehling, Seth Glover, Natasha Estes, ESCAPE 605, Matthew Livingston, Eric Edwards, White Boi, Dustin Buri, Zombie

Machine Transcript

[0:51] It’s everywhere what the hell is.
Looks like a shopping center one of those big indoor malls kind of instinct memory,
what are used to do this was important place in their lives Wilderness wild rugged.

[1:16] Music.

[2:01] That’s okay Robert how come everyone to it.

[2:09] I am your host Robert mehling people walk around like what the hell is happening.
We are going to try and survive some zombies that’s better than Miles not even open yeah,
zombie themed thing that happens in a mall of Romero movie seriously or the.
Dead Rising Game really that was an omage to.
Dawn of the Dead but yeah by the way where you can cook in a heart.
Does that increase the chances of things are going to jump out of you that’s why I Matthew Livingston is joining us as weak as my personal jump-scare bodyguard,
I will try not to do it myself go get Amanda’s going to go check out.

[3:01] Yeah join us afterwards at Red Robin,
all you can eat fries and get a T-shirt If you do 25 miles in a month that is the proper response to Halo walk 25 miles.

[3:22] What’s like the Step Challenge came back up again I know I’m not doing it no counter.
Because you have to have like one of the six different brands and then they have a app that will play Chrisley download your step.

[3:46] That’s part of why I didn’t want to do is I don’t want to wear a Fitbit around for however long ago is it just a Fitbit or what’s the polar.
Polar there’s Garmin there’s Vivofit 3 full set,
I’m guessing there’s also now that just risk ones you can wear that are the basic pedometer I told the other guys.
Will we have an intern in the queue but he’s just I was like we can join forces and he’s just like yeah cuz it’s like I’m trying to do a Step Challenge anyways and I just got a new car down or not Mike Awesome,
I’m going to take a mixer so between the two of us.
Steps that is mathematically possible for a human being in 24 hours starting on Monday of the challenge and you didn’t sleep for 7 days.
But sometimes like those things syndrome and I put one of those little bicycles under my desk.
There you go sometimes those things know the difference on their own then yes then that would work I would think it be a little bit more.

[5:12] Sensitive if you have it on your ankle it’s going to pick him up.
But I get if your foot Tapper it’s going to really pick it up I guess today I mean unless you’re really flexible so for those of you who haven’t read the show dusk.
The crew today is going to be tackling zombie uprising Escape 605 here at the Sioux Empire Mall.
Like I said so many things things and malls go together like cream horn and barbecue Rogers Jewelry.

[5:47] Barbara time not just reading signs Ashcroft & Oak that I see in Al.
Do you remember if you call Sam will make sure he’s actually why you make me sad the T-shirt Teavana.
Very sad did you call Seth to make sure he’s up yet well I responded early morning to my 5 a.m. method yeah sorry about that I was already up puppy woke me up.
I just like to go back to my safe to do that.

[6:28] No he said they can’t do the lunch thing so I assume that he’s awake and.
Natasha can’t make it to the Olsen already said that yet,
Eric Edwards AKA white boy,
shut the street I want to stick around and watch him.
I like how every once while she watches she put watching the live feed from the bedroom in order to see what the hell were laughing about going to be laughing so hard,
normally you can’t hear anything because if there’s the living room in the middle occasionally it’ll just get so loud that it’s like literally I’m in the room.

[7:20] So I have to figure out what’s going on the sound dampening stuff to even helping,
yeah it’s more for Echo reduction it doesn’t really sound proof that room to help us but it doesn’t like.

[7:35] And more conservative help because before we put any of the acoustic tile up I could hear more gather it’s a significant.

[7:44] Play maybe it’s more from that the echo the reverberations around the room that maybe that’s for getting out beforehand and I don’t know.
What’s are doing the math you said there was math involved in this challenging 400 was there we would like we just got to get in there and.
You have six zombies you have seven survivors now how many zombies do you have I don’t know how.
Somebody help me 2 well that’s the most frustrating part I did one of these in Minneapolis like a year ago is the bank heist one that’s my lovely wife Amanda mail.
Hi and my mom sister and I went and was scared.
Total strangers that pardon my French for complete idiot and I didn’t know what.
Light plug look like and didn’t know to look like the announcer guy was like look under every surface and it’s still like why didn’t think I needed to look under that.

[8:49] One of my foot.
Try looking at it toddler Hulk smash everything,
I don’t spoil anything I do,
walking by now they have a door open while we were prepping the room that’s all them like lifting panels of chain link fence so a little like holyshit what it was on it too.

[9:15] What time I’ve ever heard of this was like on The Big Bang Theory and like they solved it in like 2 minutes and they’re like why you don’t get your money back because you did it extra quick,
it’s like actually people get super competitive about it but it’s oh yeah because they.
What is quickest way to review on TripAdvisor where someone was flicked I would have given it likes five stars except for.
We screwed up this Tuesday basically they screwed up something but they claimed the the guys and it cost them 2 minutes from getting the record.
How’s it going zombie shirt.
Can have it be relevant brought her to Sky Zone on the water and some M&M’s nice.

[10:10] Zombie the humans.
I like this. You and making this in turkey bacon.
You got me thinking Zombie Survival that you need to carry things out,
I’ve never done any of you love you love you.

[10:40] We already recording I was perfect you got your partner in crime.
Amanda you want to do it as best they like me still side of things.
Mystery of it I would love but if something jumps out at me I will fight at extreme range the liability.
Eric we we can ask them if there’s jump-scares and if there’s not then we’ll change the paperwork so you can come to okay.
You don’t have to come you can hang out in the mall until week,
My Bodyguard so.
That we could offer you like that I like that it’s like seeing your Melissa McCarthy you’re going to throat punch.
What is a reflex you guys are sorry this actually have anybody like dressed up as a zombie crate in the room everything was done via.

[11:57] The one photo someone smuggled out on TripAdvisor there was like.
Board plank fence with like trees of darkness and it was like a zombie torso like,
crawling out for the corner of the the fat movie,
I need to make games with them over there,
sort out paperwork part we can go now go now let’s go now.

[12:37] Music.

[14:08] So what did we think air condition air conditioning.

[14:21] I would like to six people is almost a little much at some points,
large people involved to end,
that’s their biggest Squadron bumping into Bible in their room and that first beginning room you’ll see everybody’s just doing.
I think maybe that’s part of the challenges that the sheer Panic of being like crammed in there so phobia yeah we died.

[15:00] Car hydraulic.
I think that was taking us because of the bones I think that would have taken us just as long as the river.
Pretty fun though I mean I liked all those brainteasers and stuff I like to play Lotto,
Sutter yeah with brain teasers on him so I thought it was pretty cool at the whole.
Number sequence raw but I have figured out the wire.
It’s not the way to do it the wire stock aside I am very proud.
Four digit combos that I figured those numbers wrong cuz you do math.
So the math parently I was Amanda was just going to go shopping but she ended up going with us into the.
Zombie road and being air conditioning shopping so you’re still going to do that,
I really do with something too bad sound.

[16:25] Any other closing thoughts,
well I think you’re hearing Yourself by saying that you figured that out because I think they were just operating it from the room and I discovered it go away,
but they didn’t turn it on until we hooked it up that way okay fair enough. As soon as we get that sensor in those cuz I kept pushing the panel’s I don’t think there was anything on that,
pictures of bottom behind the scenes where they go quick I would have been working pose and taking more things out but I didn’t.
Yeah I hang these bones in this sequence tractor.
I can just jump in that window but I’ll jump it is a team building.

[17:18] Sorry about the other free and you together in a thinking unit not all groups are meant to survive.
Tell me a joke out the weak team members what zombie were you.

[17:36] Thriller.
The giant billboard of Red Robin is calling to me sitting behind you and cuz I cuz I love you guys a lot of food.
Yeah it’s going to say 6:05 that’s a lot of fun for a good time this is a great way to do an episode and we’ll see you all next time at 8 and let somebody else got anything else and it goes they want to throw out Adele.
Show me things in that we can hit in the head there you go that’s all that action part at the end cuz I always watch your head.


Epilogue from ESCAPE 605:

“Team “Alpha Wolf Omega Squadron” were turned into some of the ‘crawling not alive’ after unsuccessfully attempting to deliver their Patient Zero, Robert to the Zombie Safe Zone. Well done but better luck next time! Hopefully zombies like the #siouxempirepodcast ! Thanks for choosing us for your escape room experience!”

South DaCola Podcast Ep 019 DTSF President Joe Batcheller

South DaCola Podcast Ep 019 DTSF President Joe Batcheller

Host Scott L. Ehrisman and nameless co-host.

Produced by Robert Mehling

Theme Music “Rainy Day” by Brian Masek & Friends


DTSF President Joe Batcheller


Riverfest August 18th.


Tags and Topics

Scott Ehrisman, Robert Mehling, Sioux Falls, Joe Batcheller, Downtown


Machine Transcript

[0:27] Welcome to Tuscola podcast number 19,
so what is that and what stays guess what i’ve wanted on for a while but is the rent like a good time and there is no what she can and,
oh all kinds of corn go bachelor president of downtown sioux falls.
Co i don’t know they call president president now have a whatever i press it because yeah okay and then of course go seasoning will not speak and robert hulu.

[1:02] Haven’t been there for a while I work kind of the the bad kids of the pot of the podcast Community was suing Firefox.
Like take one week off and then we go out sick of the week that was nice things that three ways these guys going for the summer hooked yeah yeah and you know.
Or kind of lazy so most times for pretty dedicated for a week and a half.
Riding on a bike trails in the morning.
I don’t remember about we did that one for about 2 weeks 2 weeks and 1 day it rained and the next day was like how the mosquitoes are going to be out,
Saturday we’re like we doing this anymore like now,
SoJO before we go into the big announcement today.

[1:57] You’ve been with downtown Sioux Falls now for what 2 years now it’s been 3 years I had my 3-year anniversary last week and you were from.

[2:11] And your wife and you moved and you are a city planner and,
most recently in Vail Colorado so that was great experience like most people are familiar with fail there’s a lot of money there it’s a resort community that kind of Pride themselves on being,
the premier Resort community of North America and.
Those are some amazing development in in vail lot of sweet pickle condo tells,
mixed-use developments in so that gave me some really good perspective coming here to Sioux Falls and,
some stuff that’s on a very similar scale with Sioux Falls actually geared towards a different audience but still you know we’re still talking about the same kind of type of developments,
you roll that you roll then on this job after you know the last mir save downtown.
Yeah no common sense line when only you can be in.

[3:17] You can kind of fortunate that over the past three years downtown is really taking off I mean even more.
I mean lots of developments right building a hotel,
you know if they’re finishing their finally finishing Phillips to the falls or whatever you want to call that 11 shells going in which is super exciting and just I mean
so what can you get that i mean i that’s awesome yeah sue steel just announced that they’re gonna have their own private little thing going on there and of course the downtown thing but,
what what have you seen over the past three years that you go.

[3:52] You don’t besides all those great things where you see why downtown is become so popular.

[4:01] A screw down on First Fridays.
But now it’s like you can’t even walk on the sidewalk and so proud of 3000 people.
So yeah why is downtown so popular now I think it’s kind of this it’s it it’s been this slow build towards it that’s been happening.

[4:23] Yeah well before i she’s on yeah i mean the unit it really sorrow whatever solitaire on doors and yeah absolutely no is frozen or byzantine is downtown pretty much yeah and and it,
those are kind of the Mainstays from you’ve got a few that a few others sticks and steals been around for a long time as well little bit more,
recent and zambras but I look at the development of downtown.
And it started with division for Phillips to the falls,
that led to doing something about the loop,
and then investing in arts and culture and laying the the seeds for that has really been transformative for downtown,
it’s in culture we’ve got the washing that billion that i think it was in i wanna see leak ninety eight that that open up,
it’s been open 18 years I think.

[5:32] So that was that was.
It was hard for people to at first to see the value in the Washington Pavilion and I think it’s,
be hard to say that has a man of value and for the community that as usual constitution brought his eyes and the people in brought more restaurants in town and the reason i say that is because.

[5:57] In the pavilion opened they reside there was basically there’s more than three restaurants that there was basically three restaurants you would go be back before you go to shell and that was that was nervous christine as in touch are,
now opened in 1990 and was the only restaurant that was open after the shows were done so.
Tina’s in Minerva’s recalled at 9 and huge crowd,
four shows you have monster crab because people would try to get in my nerves i make reservations can get and we were we always joked sure was overflow.
So when people could get minarets thirteen as a come down our place so we would only three restaurants and i think the pavilion really.

[6:46] And alot of new restaurants out yeah it’s absolutely in the but there’s been so many things that have me down town successful what you said.
It’s a combination of a sculpture walk is another one I would put out there and then sculpture walk has done wonders for transforming the vibrancy is street life.
As simple as a sculpture bringing complete strangers together talking to one another like they’ve known each other forever about this piece of art and just being a creates this kind of delightful experience and culture
yeah just creates a something to discover for folks so,
yeah yeah absolutely there’s a guy that came in from I think it’s from Austria and he was going down to Vermillion to the National Music Museum and he commented on sculpture walk and like a,
take me to come back every year for this now so you know investing in arts and culture has been huge for downtown but.

[7:49] The thing that is happening is is its national trend.
And you see a lot of baby boomers have become empty nesters,
on a motor yard any more than one house sort of this infusion of vibrancy in their life and so they’re looking for an urban experience.
And then millennials on the kind of the other end of the demographic spectrum are.

[8:18] It for various reasons they they they don’t necessarily have as much opportunity as their parents did they can’t afford to have another if they’re married they can’t afford to have two cars all the time so they want to live,
where me they can get by with one car they do they’re more interested in experiences than buying products and so downtown ss are well suited for millennials and so that does that’s the national trend that’s happening there’s this interest,
in urbanization once again are cores hollowed out,
in really starting in the 50s and that trend,
first i just within the last decade and that’s all you see in happen in downtown sioux falls so.
You know I’m I I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do but I’ve been very fortunate and I attribute a lot of downtown success to these trends that have been going on and so,
you know.
Job i’m just trying to make sure that we celebrated as much as we can and try to turn step of the way success and foster the long hours three there still is tho,
and I just thought about this there’s still a lot of misinformation for instance.

[9:40] There’s a lot of people complain that hot harley nights wasn’t we downtown to share explained alot of people that after i told them you know they can have it downtown cuz the love it,
is all torn up and there’s no place to have it yeah and in their life also send you back down in i go yeah they’re gonna move back downtown again.
So that’s the missing information new have no home.
Primary talk about the violent crime rates downtown now the one thing that i won’t disagree with her is and.

[10:14] There is a circle around downtown you have to admit there is a circle around downtown that is not as safe as.
But the way she didn’t make she didn’t clarify yourself on that when she says I’m not defending her and that was not very appropriate.
It’s very horrible things well,
Amazon that I will just say that another other parts of the core of Sioux Falls they get attributed to being downtown and yeah downtown is a lot safer than yeah,
downtown is downtown is a lot safer than,
lose other neighborhoods and that’s kind of a function of the critical mass that we have downtown so many people downtown and you have so many more eyes on the street.
And you know that i think that that is that’s a large part of it a you talk to people if they feel safe downtown absolutely that you,
the crimes that happened downtown ten to be around drunk and disorderly conduct and to be there benson trespassing instances in and shop with,
and so by and large it’s it’s not violent crime it’s it’s the this is like these are Petty crimes,
when there is a violent crime that happens.

[11:35] Is it a lot of times is outside of downtown there was here’s the example what’s what frustrates me there was a person who was stabbed in an alley supposedly.
And you know reported widely on media outlets and turns out that this was a person who,
had some mental health issues and stab,
herself and we out yeah and we never heard anything else about it it was put out there in the media and then there was no sort of nothing says side about two and a half years ago.
Technically there was a stabbing technically there was,
tell me the weather in what you don’t like it’s for you say that cuz it kinda goes back to the pump for.

[12:36] Um because there was a stabbing but the stabbing occurred in the parking lot of the blackberry,
yeah but everyone said well it would happen at the pump room and it’s like it didn’t happen near the pump right,
and understanding occurred in the parking lot industry you now here’s the thing about violent crime to you that that also is kinda frustrating is that.
A lot of times it happens between people who know each other of the other and people like to attribute that to you know these Urban places downtown sand you know go downtown you’re going to get mugged and stabbed in,
it’s not the case may take your thyroid of a stranger assaulting you,
it’s more likely going to be someone that you know and someone probably it’s going to happen in your neighborhood or you know within 2 miles your house that’s typically how violent crimes were,
so I know some women I know this all me but it’s not nice but I don’t know I wasn’t doing something wrong,
you do you do when my wife and I first moved back to the Sioux Falls Area from Brookings.

[13:53] We went downtown for a couple years,
27 blocks away.
The halloween parade you know i jumps like physically jobs is vizio general frighten comming walking home late at night from downtown.
It is Scott and I got out at the Halloween parade we enjoyed some beverages had a nightcap at the Top Hat when our separate ways,
war podcasts all lead and they’re talking about robert and all the,
a stuff doll that we collide as they’re talking about how old moving sound.
Or swirl jumped under some leaves and i freaked out,
hurry slightly less drunk walk yourself out while we were does not have the francisco behind the hit a big uses liz are a rebate but that’s a,
U-Save and it’s walkable even.

[15:13] They used to have I would I live in the ronning apartments there and I go to the pump room and I’d walk their platform and I will walk back to my partner.
And I always walk to fade away and they have a powwow going on man I mean like a pow wow going on in faywood,
and where in there just what the lines of picnic tables and eight cases of beer sitting out and they just be pounding beers and four morning.
Just having having a good old time yeah it was pretty it was an unsafe,
but it wasn’t a crowd that you probably want to hang out with people that have kind of,
no over space and you know you can be a was in a locker there so that was that was always interesting.
I am i really like feel say with park and never go on there is a kid but,
there’s a lot of places where you could hide in there it was there was not good visibility.
That you can see through there at all at all you could cuz you could walk into feywood Park.

[16:30] And beer nearby trees.
Turn the gas vacation planned so they e pa dr grant from the epa and they basically.
You remember when you were living here they had to go around.
And they dug.

[17:07] Hole in the ground to pull up all this gas for caitian and well and then they rebuild the park and there was a big debate about,
yes they’re gonna put dvd back and it’s like why should put it back yet raised david was hiding the four xl he at this yeah you could barely see him,
yeah straight and trees are so high that he always uses had usually new york ny rangers i am
my seventies and eighties and it’s there’s always a tree bring back was to divide up to use or the other way a branch in fresno insert austin powers cakes and have some of the,
and in the other thing is that the big mystery I don’t know if you ever heard me talk about this job but is it was really.
Pissed off because he had to buy the base for this or something like that.

[18:06] This is 1970 its a $200,000 sculpture 1970 so it’s worth now and so he’s like.
I’m not going to put this on a concrete block and I’m up with this hot Italian marble.

[18:27] And to this day people of asked like when you took David down where did that bass go.
Nobody knows yeah i wonder if it’s was your name in some way locked some water.

[18:43] It is a blue fish you feeling somebody has not a on a walk that’s fine i’d never say never remember then the just bm over the
at the black tell me marble head gold leaves you later yeah so i’m fixing wonderful ever come across the glass hinson about what we’re
that means there will come a scratch that was it never there be controversy oh yeah i’m in a lot,
in a park slightly in awe of course and only down there and send this man is a good at
what is better honestly he’s been outside since nineteen seventy i think he’s online yeah only and a lot in these arrested but it’s gonna be okay but the park with been done for like
yeah you jersey shore three okay i read is like come on i was at your being on the re and really have to watch that was returned to find the,
Yeah so the big announcement today yeah big news.

[19:52] You’re gonna be breaking this to make them now or anything about top.
David and Erica are going to put a dome over all of downtown breaking news or shorts all year long.

[20:08] No it’s not a no so i’m thinking county.
When this whole thing came about where we were going to get the land I had met with David and I’ve known David and Erica billion for a long time.

[20:26] I’ve known Erica since I moved here I met her through work and some other stuff.
Good evening in your car right after this whole ordeal happened with camera man bruce bruce and small mass the railroads.
The miracle we’re trying to figure out exactly what what.
Space was gonna be and they said to me at that time cuz probably near two years ago that they were very interested and they were going to summit and are p.

[21:03] For this so it’s no surprise that they they were awarded,
and intercourse.
The one r p for the delay and four acres it’s ten acres total they got four acres next to the the rear of building this thing the space to the.
And they’re going to build one building that will be done by 2020 and I’ll be a six-story building residential.
And then they’re going to build another building that has to be done by 30 or something.

[21:41] And my question to you is on this very exciting,
leaves the pictures of whole mobile go to your heart disease in falls business services as a video on why i go there to see the pictures of your and.

[22:01] Should i have in this whole matter no live discuss that’s is.
Build residential there you’re going to have to create a quiet Zone with train because the trains are still running.
Movie star so.
Is there going to be is there going to be a plan do you think they mean just your opinion that they going to do gated they’re going to gate those on 8th and 6th Street.
You know instead of doing you know the whistle.
So Bismarck North Dakota recently was got there quiet zones.

[22:43] Things that they got all either all the funding in place or they’ve they’ve been.
It’s been created so I think it’s got to be done I think it’s it’s livability to livability issue for downtown,
I think they are downtown residential numbers are,
are going to be hamstrung if we don’t do anything about that.
One day i size i heard two different stories out there with.
What the rules and regulations are with quiet zones that you have to do.
The city year that you can do part of the city and and from what i understand you can do part of the city you don’t have to all the city but for the most part will be pretty well,
set up to do downtown I don’t think we’ll have any even if we had to do the whole city I don’t think there’s too many other areas where you have to do it,
yeah exactly or the free huge for three.
So yeah so why can’t we put a little bit of that money towards downtown I mean it. That’s a project that’s.
Yeah yeah I know that you’ve had some opinions about the deal with the railyard but you know what Bismarck did that I think is interesting and this is going to get into you.

[24:07] An area of controversy for you Scott but it’s in in its Woodward Fargo did is.

[24:17] Is tax increment financing to pay for their quite sms and basically what they have is they have a written were getting a little nerdy here now but,
that the people use these tips to pay for a new id district they don’t do a parcel beast approach with tax increment financing they have.
I live downtown bismarck is it if district and they the it sunsets in about five years,
but they identify with the public benefit is going to be and then there’s a portion of the tax increment financing that goes towards that public benefit,
in here in Sioux Falls,
don’t get me started yeah well that’s kind of one of the things that about kisses there there’s one study about Tiff’s and it’s that has been cited more than any other study and they look at the tips,
in Chicago and I mean we all hear you know the woods what they say about Chicago politics and,
thing is with test each community is different you if you sunny tips in rapid city you’d probably come up with different findings and what you’d come up with for so as to the area yeah i’d like the idea that is district,
so you’re not you’re not picking a favor.

[25:46] You decide to develop in this area can i get not because you are but that’s the district right,
public benefit should be I think any quiet zones should be one of one of those things I look at what we have to work with downtown with some of the streetscape.
And the elements the street lates the garbage cans street trees and.

[26:13] You know there are there there’s some maintenance that needs to.
And we don’t have a reliable source of funding in place for that maintenance,
and I’ll tax increment Finance Tax increment financing possibly could,
go towards something like that that’s what Bozeman Montana has done they take a similar approach to Bismarck or it’s district-wide they put in all new street lights that are dark sky compliant their energy efficient LED,
great benches and streetscape amenities and they’ve got a beautiful Charming Main Street,
and that’s how they finance that’s where the thing is I don’t I guess you know you have to decide what you want the purpose of of the tip to be but.
Anyway we’re getting a little bit off-topic I think to your original point though yeah they’re definitely needs to be quiet Zone,
yes i live by the railroad tracks in my wallet is yeah you know and it and it’s just like this does bolton noxious just recently time is yes sir you,
counselor nightshirt about the festival thing downtown.

[27:20] And I basically sat you know there has to be some there has to be a study done in there needs to be you know something done different.
And because you can’t treat downtown like you can park it’s just you just can’t because it’s like a.

[27:40] Thank you and so you know what he says well what kind of dropped it for now.

[27:49] So I don’t know if you’ve heard anything on Courage. I encouraged.
Nick Wyoming to do his own study and there was a guy from the white wall.
Hopefully I’m not going to get myself in trouble here but there’s a sound engineer from the white wall sessions kind of said that he could do one.

[28:12] I don’t know if he if he you know he could do one form that would.

[28:20] Basically go around downtown in measure the sounds for about a week to two weeks straight in certain areas and you for my uniform.
If you stand at.
12th and Phillips on a Monday between 1 and and 2 this is what the decibel.
There are some of those readings that the police have diamond and their.
Actually not that far off from what the limit is and let’s really see what these things are,
all the nasty when you can just order lobby and icons and now all the sudden it’s and the effort world you now and it’s like well.

[29:11] You know yeah the thing with icon that.
Duration is well either i don’t know if i should do that let here’s la say.
It has to do with those people have patios and I’m just going to flat out say that because I have somebody I know who has a condo in the building but there were there condos at.

[29:35] Is that West Windows to Windows they don’t have a patio and we were sitting up in his place.

[29:45] And I heard a very very very faint sign,
and I can figure it out it was either a fire truck or an ambulance and I looked out his window and I saw.
Police car going in front of house.

[30:01] So there’s a police car a block away with the school sirens on and all I heard was.

[30:08] Barely could even here so I know and I said them do you think that the sound issue is because they have those patio.
Any kind of.

[30:21] Why it’s one thing to is that before that before john’s two one was occupied by residents right,
i’ll be there to notice it before it to and so and then there is the lab and i’m sorry the he same well the way that their position in the stage.
Turn it still be it’s correct its north of the crowd there the traffic.
Just the problem the traffic is going to produce noise but those will too much food those will conclude by 11 a.m. usually,
gonna be like a bunch bluegrass guys sit in the grass and that’s not months can be you know there’s gonna be la mas o yeah.
In like you said downtown do we need some quiet sources of sure but there needs to be a balance to you can expect to move down to.

[31:24] And go on the sound is quiet is when i wouldn’t heel yeah shocker have or on charles lee you know c jazz lane.
Yeah yeah I mean you moved to downtown and you need to expect there’s going to be a little bit of source,
friction when you move downtown there’s different uses going on different all walks of life downtown.
And yeah so I just kind of goes with the territory,
happening downtown that.
You can’t talk about yet but it’s something on horizon over this next year maybe go on the twenty nineteen that you pretty excited about that’s been cut from around or is it just kinda everything that you know i probably know.
Well yeah there’s a there’s there’s a few things going on.

[32:19] I’ll just say you know with Sue Steele I think that that is something that is really exciting because,
rocking you know a doll little but the same area as the really are redevelopment that this is all contiguous,
and it’s more compact it’s less kind of spread out then then the BNSF rail yard,
so there is going to be some opportunity there gonna be some opportunities that.
Present themself with having contiguous space like that I don’t know really how much it makes sense.
Do a baseball stadium or Convention Center I mean I’m thinking of it through the rise dance pointed you that you know they’re going to hold on to that land they’re not selling it to the city so they need to do something.
Do it yourself no that’s yeah that’s their plan so involved with and.
If you have the money to do it do it privately because you believe what you want.
You know you start your public partnership makes sense sometimes yeah sometimes.

[33:39] But sometimes it’s like there’s going to be more creativity if you just let it private.

[33:45] Owner do what what they need to within within the rights of the Zone yeah yeah I think the,
I have tons of ideas for the space but you don’t know what to wear,
sad some different ideas will take it to there’s some great potential there I look at that receiving Warehouse with the giant windows that are south-facing,
yeah you could open up all the doors and stuff in the summertime,
and have open market in there and in the winter time you can close it all up and still use it yeah I mean I guess if if I were.
You know I had a magic wand that’s what I would do I would I would do some kind of public market with a food Hall there you know there’s some really some great examples across the country,
so what you thinking yeah kind of small Booth restaurants.

[34:54] It’s it’s it’s really a small business kind of on feb all type of incubators and in a lot of ways you look at my place market in seattle and it’s the same kinda thing chelsea market in,
new york city is there any there’s examples from coast to coast with these test things and it’s it’s,
how will a lot of businesses get started it is fantastic to make you said he better,
it’s it’s cool because it’s almost kind of like the Jones building you know it’s just tiny little walk up restaurants and literally run by two people,
p*** Papa didn’t run the cash register the cook,
but more of you know eclectic yeah more eclectic and then you can have a little shops in there too.
Yeah that’s kind of what I Envision for that and then I also thought that.
They have to keep a park on the make a really cool park down there.
The kind of the north side her side opportunity and trail leads back up.

[36:03] Yeah yeah I think it was great opportunity for the phase 3 of The River Greenway to really start at falls park and go all the way to Fay wake.
That’s a long stretch by it you know i can see why going along with either is this the first thing i really need is still.

[36:26] Window but the serious note there is a way and i’ve done the research on this because everyone said we can go on killing these.

[36:38] It’s ways of getting rid of them how ya nasty.
Um there’s all kinds of different you use loud noise using he you just irritate them for several weeks we should off loud noises and eventually their life.
When i think about explosion go in the area of those a neighbor move me guess just have a couple of australian shepherds roaring sound that is a good and serious i would have to see about this for a while,
it looks bad we will spend millions of dollars on the roof,
1112 million dollars already on the river Greenway.
It’s covered with Gucci yeah there’s some spots that are really bad and it’s literally all summer long it’s not the Beast don’t take a break and go,
today we’re not this week we’re not going to shit on the trail they don’t give af,
part of a part of the things which you know we don’t that’s necessary for philips server fastened over here instead of always parks right thing that they have to care,
put literally there are program there is things you can do to get rid of them and move on
one thing we could do is create some natural buffer strips of one year and we can let national grasses grow between the bike trail on the river and it creates a great filter to from river natural filter new tweets.

[38:05] You know in in ten years,
if we don’t have a swimmable Sioux River in 10 years shame on us I mean that is just a great,
natural amenity that we need to invest in and celebrate swimmable but I don’t know if you want to swim in well if you want to swim in it without puking afterwards,
we’re talking and we were just talking about the drive over here about how as i understand it the p where they.
State over discussing how to keep people out of the water and I suggest.
Last menstruation or sign up basically warned about the quality of yes in in the river.
And and the former mayor bucks with a bowl cut wouldn’t do it.
As I told you we were having.

[39:15] This is dangerous to your health to get into this water and now will be more the deter people then then.
You know I don’t know if too many 14 year old kids are going to care that much.

[39:32] Domitalia park or event that area that’s kind of what is not very deep there.
And I saw these kids down teenage kids down there last summer I was riding my bike by they were in the river.
Throwing frisbees and play in the water and ago what do you guys do we didn’t hear the killing was trunks.
And they’re like what we’re playing for when did you become a curmudgeon
maybe they were going to the bathroom.
Is that is on or get hot water on the jar is that is like the most polluted portable dvd player reads of and was like what but is highly that you cool i.
Nobody ever told you any of this and they all looking at me like.
Oh my God yeah yeah.

[40:37] They walked out and they was like looking at each other and I’m like,
disgusting YouTube video guys in the swimming Rivers.
Yeah dog usually have a pretty good digestive system where they can digest that.

[41:05] Yeah anyway but you’re right you’re right there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done on the cleanup side and it was one of the things that a lot of people talked about,
that’s all well and nice that were make and the banks look good but what about the damn river itself you know yeah and.
I i suggest a filter them there expense.
They can run about 50 million you can actually do really cheap ones though.
It’s a lot of maintenance with them but i mean it works and you know it is what time she can scratch your head and go.
Our priority sometimes because there certain things that we can do.
And you know we decide whether to spend money on this instead and we’re like.
Yeah I mean we know why it’s s***** because and fertilizer and pesticide.
It’s I can’t even imagine the suit that soup with that is yeah phosphates in poop.

[42:27] Yeah a little bit about my vision for downtown that that’s kind of one of the cornerstones right there I think that we absolutely needs to be a priority.
You know i’ve had looked in its a lot of other cities,
Denver has done a great job with South Platte there’s people swimming and playing in that they’ve got a park where you can wait out into the river there’s kayakers surfing in the river,
so that it be great to see that sort of activity that sort of interaction with our river downtown c falls.
You know when it’s a one to get back to the server the vision aspect of things you know with.

[43:10] In town i’d that there’s nothing in the works but i would love to see.
I look at like Bilbao Spain they’ve got it before 1998 I think it was.
Bilbao is a sleepy town in Northern Spain nobody ever went there.
And they built the Guggenheim Museum this beautiful piece of architecture,
that Frank gehry-designed houses some amazing works of art and their tours of numbers increase by two and a half thousand percent holy yeah.
Something like 14 million beautiful,
think you could go yeah what’s your height rabbits from the nineties that’s not loose yeah but,
no but I mean like if we can have a kind of a statement a building like that’s a statement architectural piece like that.

[44:20] Across the river doing that no I mean,
that the dark dreams this is going to be in a trash bag can see a lot of tour buses coming off the interstate to that.
On 4th of July.

[44:42] It yeah i brands of four dry and he was telling me october i think is one of the output yeah and he visited.
Where they’re putting it together and and was told me all about it.

[44:56] Oh that’s cool push you gotta let those,
I was riding my bike by their prey,
yeah that’s of right sixty micro piles heater that was done like to send before you put two on layaway yeah that’s it that’s it that’s landmark downtown in,
no but really c a house and it isn’t.
I don’t actually interesting some some kind of I think we need to shoot for the moon here and I think you know we’re really good at dreaming begging Sioux Falls and.
I mean why not go for a world-class Museum something on the scale of a Smithsonian I think that we can do that we have the capability we’ve got enough people in the community that would support that,
not just in terms of attending but in actually putting the dollars up to be able to do something like that.

[45:55] Natural history museum,
with all the kinds of dinosaurs and fossils that are around here and you can do it.
Yeah so call Sioux Falls were named after.

[46:22] So we have something like 14 million people that drive to South Dakota every year to go mostly after the Black Hills,
as for we see it eighty percent from what from what i’ve heard eighty percent of those people are either coming east from the east on i-ninety or from the south on i twenty nine and,
and I think we’re leaving a lot of untapped potential out there for if we’re not pulling them off the interstate we get,
about a million people each year going to Falls Park,
may be great to see that number doubled in the next 5 years.
A water park out by you know,
and the Danny are in that area or whatever but she can pull people often with kids.

[47:22] You’re in town for the water park big slides.
Have you heard about the water park outside of Berlin Germany in an old blimp Hangar massive it is the largest indoor structure in the world.

[47:48] By using your site is the world and then there’s two by six and i’m sick days that everyone has a hole in your ski resort yeah and,
have a water park in will while has had huge yeah it’s a mess now,
you could fit like sixteen football fields and there’s a false holdings and and planted palm trees and stuff like that so it is like basically with our actual weight beach but you look up and you just see fridge from,
the fact that you’re inside of a giant Zeppelin Hangar yeah I mean they do have a reason to like the kit cuz the kids are going to see a billboard,
you know Terry and they see that it’s better than better than stopping at the world’s biggest,
INRI I guess I look at the what we’ve the progress that we made it by investing in the arts and culture,
I would would be the way to go,
I say art museum I mean or whatever I mean the Natural History Museum you know yeah.

[49:04] Or we can just get the Pavilion to at least make the Museum free again,
let’s try that one on for size you know.

[49:23] Exhibits yeah around our necks pouring shit for people,
yeah exactly there’s a lot of cities lot of traveling exhibits let’s i forget the name of it is up in fargo that the,
in an exhibit from delta who leads all of his amazing glass you know the lies go they’ve got an art museum in there the humor the,
collection they brought in a private collection of all these beautiful to God paintings and and how cool would that be in downtown Sioux Falls to be able to go see something kind of like that.
I think there’s a yearning in Sioux Falls to.

[50:08] Become a little bit more sophisticated in our cultural offerings at the same time you know it it’s kind of it’s it’s kind of a little bit of.
We’re down Home Folks to though and mean like we we appreciate it,
I think it’s a balance I mean I think it’s a fine balance.
I have arts and culture but at same time it’s like let’s forget our roots you know that a lot of folks that in a race all to the first generation are mais ce how many people would through that uses yeah like.
Really interesting Modern Art.

[51:02] And if you really don’t want to answer don’t answer because you’re like you f*** your butt asked me this question what’s your favorite wrestler.

[51:09] Yeah it’s like it’s like Sophie’s Choice.
What restaurant do you go eat at more than any other one downtown cuz you’re always like I know what I’m going to get there and I’m always happy when I get it you know I was kind of sad.

[51:29] You know I will say that we do have a lot of really good restaurants um I’m pretty amazed with the progress to be made on that front.
Turn off I’m getting into trouble here or not but I go to MB haskett quite a bit.

[51:54] Yeah every couple years I have a new favorite spot in my new favorite spot.
I love the food yeah they do expanded their bangers and mash I like the best I’ve ever had free Bloody Mary on Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 2 if you want to.

[52:11] I mean my new favorite Parker’s is always been a favorite of mine and Bros for a while and so exchange so,
yeah yeah haskins is everything seems like something that once favorites on the restaurant so these i was but now i recruitment.
Town but the mackenzie river can was modern display lasted two and family friendly restaurant which is something that don’t really need souse so many more people.
Directions to Vons coming draw an eel the boy.

[52:57] From the south side are comfortable which is great we need that,
you know it’s it’s not like,
to avoid the twenty hey there you notice like it going at pizza burgers it’s gonna be great that is there gonna take care is,
yeah I mean it’s a it’s a nicer for a franchise it’s a it’s it’s better than a Chili’s or an Applebees I tell people that,
oh yeah
those are really hot,
it has the purple song says was coming to sioux falls are coming downtown.

[53:52] I had an hour of was the one thing you don’t you have to go do this because that’s what would it.
Go see the goose well you know I talked about what are pretty unique features are that you’re not going to find it any other downtown,
and for our meeting in afternoon.
The traveling on business loan in early.
What’s your name first thing I do is I recommend to try any of our restaurants we had a lot of great restaurants but then for your dessert you got to go.
You got to go to 180 Chris hammers places he’s got the best amazing amazing.

[54:45] I’ve been beliefs once a week I’ve been going there and get ice cream is so good I mean I mean.
You’ve ever had play.

[54:59] Gelato out of a tub and had homemade oh my God it’s the real deal he knows what he’s doing.
Yeah chocolade mousse.

[55:21] So you know go to one of our amazing restaurants go check out one of hanmer’s dessert places and you got a Hemi,
inevitably you’re going to experience sculpture walk along the way and if you have time afterwards you got to go check out Paul’s party doesn’t start cities namesake.
Pretty soon.
It’s like a museum in there a little bit yeah I love going in that back room yeah,
and there’s a bunch of Odd Fellows,
yeah yeah he’s been getting obsessed with the Odd Fellows.
In there yeah Anthony and then I have like a Sergeant Pepper’s.
Can a jacket like six words on my dad was like yeah yeah yeah cool yeah say it’s as easy ambrose is absolutely six ounces the the key the.
Opened the same year I moved to Sioux Falls and I used to live behind get 80 90 100 behind giggle.

[56:42] And I would walk down there at least once a week and have quiche,
that’s right have a quiche and a raspberry smoothie like once a week I try to do that.

[57:08] Yeah she like the ad about downtown well we.
Dtsf is we are the downtown leadership organization we really try to connect grow and celebrates downtown community in,
one of the ways in which we do that is with our events and we have had some amazing block parties already this summer.
We’ve got two more coming out for partnering up with the Levitt and,
out in the blind boys of alabama if you’ve never seen in which i’ve seen twice they’re,
yeah they’re actually blind.
Let’s see them they can’t see yeah yeah full of just for the record they have a full blues band that backs so it’s not gonna be like.

[58:12] Ask for my songs yeah it’s full and blues yeah.
Let’s see we have course Riverfest is our Marquee event that’s coming up on August 15th,
of the think that has the most unique of that to see the falls just a setting right there on the river amongst your lease maximo cold architectures of new architecture,
yeah we get we had about,
i think the figure was fun nineteen thousand people last year and that’s over the entire course of the event.
But that’s your thing good time having a baby first,
little baby ear plugs in her ears and bring it on down. I was at the fair at the fair.
Hawken popped a little bit and my wife get it
my wife made a page getting assaulted by the wrong kind of women you being picky now
my wife makes a face and I just said oh don’t mind her she’s upset the next year she’s going to be driving one of these things down here.

[59:38] Clear bra broke that’s what that that’s what happened.