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Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.

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Macabre Grimoire Chapter 3 Dreams

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 3 Dreams

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees


Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be interpreted by people with these associated spiritual powers.

In modern times, various schools of psychology and neurobiology have offered theories about the meaning and purpose of dreams. Most people currently appear to interpret dream content according to the Freudian theory of dreams in countries, as found by a study conducted in the United States, India, and South Korea.


One of the earliest written examples of dream interpretation comes from the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh dreamt that an ax fell from the sky. The people gathered around it in admiration and worship. Gilgamesh threw the ax in front of his mother and then he embraced it like a wife. His mother, Ninsun, interpreted the dream. She said that someone powerful would soon appear. Gilgamesh would struggle with him and try to overpower him, but he would not succeed. Eventually, they would become close friends and accomplish great things. She added, “That you embraced him like a wife means he will never forsake you. Thus your dream is solved.


In ancient Egypt, priests acted as dream interpreters. Hieroglyphics depicting dreams and their interpretations are evident. Dreams have been held in considerable importance through history by most cultures.


Dreams can occur anytime during sleep. But most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when the brain is most active. Some experts say we dream at least four to six times per night.


Studies have shown the importance of dreams to our health and well-being. In one study, researchers woke subjects just as they were drifting off into REM sleep. They found that those who were not allowed to dream experienced:

Increased tension
Difficulty concentrating
Lack of coordination
Weight gain
Tendency to hallucinate


Many experts say that dreams exist:

Help solve problems in our lives
Incorporate memories
Process emotions
If you go to bed with a troubling thought, you may wake with a solution, or at least feel better about the situation.

Sigmund Freud believed dreams are a window into our subconscious. He believed they reveal a person’s:

Unconscious Desires




Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.

Machine Transcript

[0:26] They are very welcome to convert one chapter three today we’re talking about dream interpretation of dreams.

[0:35] To the cranberries music oh is that we don’t have a fortune the song from using pronouns account now i don’t even know the silent has even though.

[0:45] Hello.

[0:46] Music.

[0:55] When you marooned is seth super worn.
Wow thank you have the x and the really good thinking.
So everybody have you and get into your stuff for the natural though and i’ll if nobody objects i need to jump right into just a little bit of background for everybody before we get into the actual dream interpretation here,
dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams in many ancient societies such as those of egypt increase dreaming was considered a supernatural communication r means divine intervention.

[1:35] I was message could be interpreted by people with these associated spiritual powers.
In modern times various schools of psychology and neuro biology have offered theories about the meaning and purpose of dreams.
Most people currently appear to interpret dream content according to forty in theory of dreams this is based on a study conducted in united states in the south korea.
Amazing to freud influence like that far out but i mean yeah it’s like is the foundation for all psychology so is that make sense we spent a lot of time on dreams.

[2:08] Let’s see one of the earliest written examples of dream interpretation comes from the babylonian epic of gilgamesh which has made of reference before is like one of the oldest human stories that we have that,
that made it to modern times illustrated and acts fell from the sky people gathered around it in at duration worship.
Gilgamesh through the acts in front of his mother and then he embraced at like a wife his mother,
mean son interpreted the dream she said that someone powerful with soon appear gilgamesh would struggle with him and try to over power him but he would not succeed eventually they would become close friends and accomplish great things she added.
That you embraced him like a wife means that you will he will never for sake you that’s the dream is solved.
And if you know the epic of gilgamesh they’re talking about enkidu his plate best friend like to you know those two are like batman and superman words like they’re gonna like fight at first and then they come together and there like basically the batman superman of babylonian all.
So it is in clearly a reference to a new.
Is that you you will find out we see the men is an electrical does it usually involves me temple prostitutes is the.
Six your marriage okay for the rest oh well played well played sir.

[3:39] Speaking in ancient egypt preece after this dream interpreters hieroglyphics depicting dreams and their interpretations are evident.
Dreams are held a considerable importance in heat throughout history it by most cultures.
I’m getting a little bit into the the science of dreams dreams can occur at any time during sleep but the most vivid dreams occur during ram or rapid eye movement sleep.
When the brain is most active some experts say that we dream at least four to six times per night i have heard that.

[4:13] Studies show me importance of dreams to our health and wellbeing in one study researchers what subjects up just as they were drifting off into rem sleep.
They found that those who are not allowed to dream which,
jesus christ yeah plan that exuberance asshole is that sounds like the beginning of a creepy pastas it will take with your dreams like its phone at a blood saying cassette tape when of like,
swimming hole in the ground that was the laboratory is rates yeah,
he is what is and isn’t a creepy pasta but up in these actual studies,
here’s what i found the not being able to dream causes increase tension anxiety depression difficulty.
Lack of coordination weight gain and at the fun one a tenancy to loose a,
because this immediately makes me think of the episode of star trek the next generation way back in the day of where they all get infected with something that makes the can dream so all the episode the key,
i mean it was like super creepy like waking dreams or hallucinations of the worst one was the,
did they pick it up from doing this like recovery operation were like a hole in the colonists at night so she’s in this hangar with all these bodies covered in blankets.
And she just like looks up from the one she’s working with or whatever and they’re all the stuff still covered but they’re all sitting up by all of them i probably saw that and was like,
ten was without air and that is scared the shit like royal in that was star trek which is living g tv show though is but that’s the vein of figuring out that was the cause was that none of them to dream.

[5:55] We can’t reach rem sleep in so the world of slowly going insane it was causing the accidents all the shipping was nations from.
Let’s see many experts say that dreams this to help solve problems in our lives incorporate memories process emotions.
And stay help you if you go to bed with trouble thought you may wake with the solution or at least feel better about the situation no going back to what freud said about dreams.
He believed that dreams reveal people’s unconscious desires their hidden thoughts and motivations.
Basically he talk like they were expression of all the stuff that you want to do what you really wanna do but can’t because society won’t let you share progress.
Yeah there’s a my dreams are clearly not that was apparently i wanted like explorer like really creepy shit yeah rainy life.
Well i do most of hot gas that’s creepy shit arabia.
The dreams park hold it might soften and that’s all of that.
Is michael and i was going to do that to my psychology degree the consensus was about trimming is that is basically just your brain filtering out.
You know the crap that you go through the draft day is evidence of and i seen in like my own dreams about okay that’s what this is but why did filter it that way take what is wrong with my filter that has the you know sorted.

[7:32] And then but then there’s also do that just like the fuck c,
when is no list to the strength of the wake up and you’re just like what the boss lady in do i to connect with what use is.
I dreamed i was on a vampire and.
Actually drinking people’s blood and i have no interest in vampire they didn’t bulbs the twilight series i mean that might cause that the vampires probably light buffet the vampire slayer notice when time.
Was it washing and had a honey to wash that that was honestly i had no reference for this.
And is like okay filter with ron late what is going on here than the other stuff to worry get visitation dreams you now.
And what’s the visitation so visitation dreams are win eleven who is crossover will visit you in a dream and the dreams are creepy,
well yes no so it depends on the content of the dream because sometimes it really isn’t them but then the other times he really is them and you’ll know that it’s that it’s a visitation dream because it’ll feel.
It’ll feel very real you be able to have an actual conversation like you’ll be able to.
Ask the question the one asking have a conversation the one half it’ll feel like the middle smell like then it’ll.

[9:07] It’ll like just envelope almost your whole senses,
i had my first visitation dream when i was eighteen my great grandfather had passed away and my parents are going through a rough divorce i was hacked going in senior high schools i have a bunch of stress article hyman life well.
I’ve been crying myself to sleep for and how many nights in a row and then just there’s very upset all the las vegas was the first person that a little closer than they actually passed cell.
I have a dream with him in it where i.
Eighth get from my bed in my bedroom and walk into the living room and he’s laying down on the couch almost like its a simulated funeral home all over again which kinda freaked me out and i was like.
What is this and display and just pulls all hearing how’s it going on like.
Is this real or is it you cuz yachts israel fall on my deck while your dead though but.
Where are you right now and he just like won’t little difficult to say where i’m at right now and i tell anthony to work through but i just want you to know that you’re happy so sad about the time but that’s okay you can you can line.
And i’m like but i really miss you i don’t know what to do and he’s like they don’t worry about it just pray you know this focus on happier things and you’ll start to feel better and sell.

[10:38] I was like okay and i traded more information from him about where exactly it was he because and will.
I thought for sure he’d heaven or purgatory or something like that for use of dreaming me did you know you were during all that i was injured during this and then.
And his body he was very vega i couldn’t get an answer out of him so is eventually just his her drop the issue and the music will you know it’s time to go now so mike okay well i love you and then i woke up immediately.
And my aunt hired bedrooms mel like him i need.
Super strong smell where i was late what is email it in i don’t have anything of his in my room shirt so it was just like i couldn’t.
He only went out i try to figure out where this whole coming from that was so intense and then i was able to go back to sleep while.
I went so i was there when i have a slab on obviously the listeners that tickets will that make him and i was working in the school office as one of the existing secretaries and so,
the preset and the teachers at all filter every office through the author of a period and one day with our school priest came into the office and i was like hey,
access is question because i did not to go to meet you somewhere by that your dad great grandfather talk to who you go to go your cat that you go your priest do you figure it out and.

[12:11] And ask them about it,
and he uses a this is a dream is nobody on display for you do you like flying.
Moment and your husband has bullshit like.
No way would break up the time of day he was a two minute conversation and music is,
at the little jaded gonna say line of your excuse me i have to go before his ritual from skynet think i was the gas so,
i really talk to bunch of other people and discuss talk with more people at the age of eighteen and nineteen i found that,
people who have visitation green and then i had a little more research into it news since like no one has a genuine experience,
did is a graph is that wasn’t fully the experience i wanted but it was the best that happened so so yeah so visitation is there.
I’ve only ever had two that i know of that one and i have the other one so so yeah isn’t it doesn’t happen very slowly,
three sorry she’s okay soppy size will always on have anything together it’s basically like a committee that meets like every stain.
Can we talk about one of two not like the frequency of which i have a very far apart but not the pronoun do we have a fantasy football league with.

[13:46] Well i was in the dream is what i should he.
But i was so i was reading about this news book i read called the.
Journey of our souls and it is not a nickel destiny of our souls is both written by dr michael newton who’s sa psychologists and he’s been past life regression on his patients and,
he acts accidentally regressing me to a soul level and so is it just the price of his books so he,
he paper dressing people to their solo he was able to find out more information any able to help them heal lake.
Yow old injuries and larry out of depression anxiety.

[14:32] Tyrell organ issues like basically things that happen than in past lives and now of trent having transmitted and occur in life those kind of the very fast even when they’re all he stays so it’s not just lay.
Some for for a medium regular people on this sunday the man science saying.

[14:51] I was just trying to help you relax and then using the start talking about past life from all a sudden it’s a reno doing past life regression to have a positive result and that’s the office after her anybody am items will,
continue doing it and i residues little and i don’t know what to do with the stuff i guess does that make it look so that the western,
can you explain what that means regressed someone to a soul level cousin as a new but i’m just totally like slightly kill them and bring them back i was like does he still have his memories so okay so,
we we all of butter all spirit with all her soul.
And when our souls have had many lives in so we need you a past life regression on somebody your taking them back to previous lifetime and when they do let well what’s.
What happens in the truck but you have in between time between linear soul a two in your soul be,
this is the last you’ll break room just like you go get yogurt or something and then come back what happens in that in between time when you’re not sold a reversal be your actually,
your your soul and your somewhere between and i people having people call it whatever you wanna call it so they there’s this whole sold round.
And that’s where you go to the with your social group you figure what your gonna put you’re gonna be in your next letter in the mail female if you’re going to universal group.

[16:25] He is over he has seniors over like this is all on.
So yeah thirty this’ll rumor has soulmate is not display is,
what people say so many of the prisoners was america’s actually you multiple soul mates where they is not just like person he marries also the person that the knowledge are friends with or are they your siblings with their,
email mother father whatever on.
What’s the point of this is is that dude in doing the solberg russians he found out that,
set alarm for a dream visitation to happen,
all of these elements have to be lined up just right your your stages sleep past the jesse reyna soul and if your vibration has to be just for a little so it’s that’s why it’s not working every day.
Current every night occurrence we’ll have a visitation dream that’s the profound whatever mean to sell.

[17:27] So so that’s,
but they didn’t under your ball but don’t let her dreaming the visitation tree i mean i’ve heard of people seeing dead people of dreams sir but no there was like a whole like,
saying in theory around and write and and i do whatever just make sure that your listeners know that if you your thing i alway hesitation the ones that really scared the shit out of me there is there are,
if it doesn’t come from a place of love and if it doesn’t come from a place of meaningful miss to then it’s not a visitation like it if you eleven the pain came back to you and their bleeding and screaming and crying does not,
it is not visitation very impressed that is amazing and that’s that’s not even that’s on them so.
Size one and makes that clear because of because i have had clients come to me and say like what my love when he was still hurting look mingles at nine on the other side,
they are healthy they’re holier sometimes are younger sometimes a fair he just do depends on but they have to deal with and their current lifestyle and is that’s.
What’s that sorry to whom or where learning is as.
Residence much about it so yeah and then you yell in your prophetic dreams and you have a pic.
Okay i’m not doing this.
Perfect thing doesn’t specifically mean you dream about something that hasn’t happened yet so screens is exactly that is usually on something that hasn’t happened yet a predicts something that’s to to come i would have prophetic dreams.

[19:09] Constantly when i was a kid and there is bullshit was those kids that leaving a very lake.
You know impactful life you know i would go about things are gonna happen the next day at school or sometimes i have only as it was a week and state.
On the playground exist in their by visual goal when i would see the scene unfold before my eyes and then come back and i would.
Then it will happen if you miss their sometimes days later his dependant cell.
So those are prophetic dreams and then you had a few of those when i was little yeah just like i don’t know what what was going on but it like i remember being at this one hospital fall.
And we were like waiting for a car for for mama because it when i was a kid was a common thing sounds interesting grandma to dialysis,
and we were little we just run along with flashing like i always tripped out here in for dialysis tuesday wednesday tuesday evening and i’m,
are the weather tuesday thursday or whatever and now i just it.
So i was like laying in the backseat but looking up out through the window and there was like a very distinct airplane going over head as a baby is more deja blue but i could swear.
That being cool looking up seeing that airplane travel through that window i could have sworn that like i had dreamed that before,
but it seems that exact same airplane in the exact same spot that i was laying down in the back of the car in this parking lot,
and yeah yeah sure that stage of work that’s because i don’t know i don’t remember the specific dream.

[20:44] At the time but i could have sworn it that that’s where i’d seen great yeah that’s that’s probably my vin diesel but a but i had instances where he,
i deserve so often.
That i was so sure i dreamt it so i started recording down my dreams because i need to prove to my parents that know all this was a dream that i had and this is how i know and.
I live i will record i never actually,
get off that happens you don’t have your dream travel with you entry level analyst happening fit soul but i was able to prove to myself that okay i’m not crazy i am actually dream these prophetic dreams and sell.
But i but i even deserve late.

[21:33] Handle anything that people do you have days of new videos of the people to perfectly in there that are very much these other fish moment so it took about,
prophetic dreams train visitation dreams there any other classes wish classifications of dreams should know about things funny things there’s also a quiet over there travis.
I’m taking it all in.
Are you a movie on dreams and space long as i remember ever having injury and allow really don’t.
I don’t think i sleep enough to have surgery it’s all that’s left is light,
your sleep cycle is just totally shot is not set is also a calzone with hearing classification there’s also.

[22:26] I mean there’s there’s nightmares i mean what i think we all have had there’s what else is there.
Any people talk about you don’t sleep paralysis that’s a completely different that was in the cover on a different be its own episode when we get to that right all recurring dreams.
Switch the streets of it’s winter i have a clear is when i was in high school is really turn it up like french kissing,
so i have one about believer in french kissing me and i was like it happened so,
often when i was just laid off making molecule in the living room when using only kiss using up a lot and then he was like oh so yeah they,
that was that was the weirdest referring to myra had an healing dreams signal dreams.
The signal dreams help you to how to solve problems or make decisions in your waking life.
Never had those all the trees holy crap i have everyone’s that i wanna make a new movie cuz it was just like.
Epic yes yeah so epic as in like you like lead an army on a distance like.
Son of a bitch i’m getting screwed in madrid apart they are okay so what is definition here is a pic dreams,
also you for it was great dreams cause my dreams or in new minas dreams are so huge so compelling and so did,
that you cannot ignore them the details of such dreams remain with you for years as if you just read that last night because of a couple of these days i have these dreams possess much beauty and contain many architectural some allergy.

[24:09] Wake up from such a dream you feel that you have discovered something profound or amazing about yourself or about the world it feels like a life changing experience experience yeah.
Well i don’t know about life changing experience that it definitely was like.
Don’t have way it is one of those dreams a driver when you know knots with because you talking about and it’s so hard to like talk to other people about dreams cuz no one can you know generally unless it’s something cool or creepy years after like where’s,
this cuz specific conversation about dreams then it’s like.
That’s okay whatever is left i can go to work on monday and be like i’ll have you got.
You’re about the stream had no what does that mean that oh yeah who was out here it.
Orders progressive dreams where dreams occur we have a sequence of dreams that continue over a period of nights i had this the do check the dream continues we left off on the previous night.
And sessions are problems all leaders help us were different options and various approaches to problems situation serious as like serial story telling.
Dude that is awesome yeah and new filter and seven between myself and my brother unusual to describe when two people have the same dream,
michigan’s maybe planned it mean that you can actively work for driven one dream scenario call it is a way to improve communication build trust and believe this program at the same time the dream the same dream my little brother and me.

[25:40] We both drank that like.
He was driving like basically he was driving a car he was like eight years old as he was a leader produces during and.
On his it so that there’s a traffic cop standing in the middle of a row directing traffic and has like that is so weird i had a dream that i was it,
traffic backed up in so you is why did you bring me the link self okay nice is it boring conversation that you brushing your teeth before going to school.
So yeah so yeah those are there old.
All false awakenings have you ever have those now only got i have their.
The fuck you what i dreamt this wonderful business what epic and i had it.
What’s the code to her okay and she says i can’t stand the after having already made that pretty clear by the courts to preference really and that was.

[26:48] They are now or something kg which is.
See i thought it wasn’t the ones who is no no you said you in spanish anyways that’s besides the point,
so in my dream i was at somebody’s house in the house is sold for a house and we’re eddie’s we have a family gathering and.
Play with the kids and be using and goes as they always did and then eventually headlight pack up and go home so it home and then,
send somebody mentioned me okay area going to twenty four hour smashing pumpkins concert housing what you even know bout that there will you better get that says a lot of times it gets cell,
they didn’t have any so then i went back and hold those of stressing out about it,
and then it went to bed and i woke up the next morning in my dream and and i was like freaking to get these tickets so and that going to this little store on the corner,
and there was this contest they are having you could win tickets itself a bottle i don’t like some the sodas or whatever insulated windows ticket to buy something like when a ticket and i ended up winning a ticket so um,
i would but the concert wasn’t until the next day so again away to bed or woke up on third day in dream world and,
show that to this concert like with a really for everybody else if i wanted to make sure that i had ample time but i see center center of and am.
As a looks like meet the band and given to fans of a go backstage for those who stupid the early for this concert and then i was able to enjoy.

[28:24] This fall concert and that was that was a green and that is always stuck with the dislike is so bizarre that.
I went to the the motions of late waking up getting dressed brushing my teeth like having a full day almost in dream world so yeah.
I’ll see the translator real-time.
Yeah the lakers probably twenty seconds when they have like a septic pneumonia and was blows my mind when i wake up at like its like for ten.
I don’t wanna be awake for at least another hour and go back to sleep and.
I have a dream or i swear i was in it for like a week you have a ten minute and it’s only been ten minutes it’s like something,
i know this is a yes or sleep time only problem is with that is that,
yeah that would be normally they were accepted state usually restful dreams so it’s usually like in the.
Okay so in fourteen minutes of biking if i can fall back asleep to recover from the week long.
Running from whatever was low when reading that tree when we were yeah yeah.
That’s very personal become so on and so kind that can county joins the category of training which i do.

[29:54] All the time you need interview dream dictionary tell you that.
But there is so yeah so then we once you wanna talk about your dreams race sure.
Travesty wondering is on your dreams yeah okay something is this okay or what was on.
Like i did popcorn three of us okay goes on the idea was the title of the at that was not right.
Ebay but to me it feels that way because i is stuck with me my entire life.
It’s like every blade week or so i think about what is that mean that i have had for a while but is like almost every week i had the same exact dream.
So the only way to explain the dream is that imagine my washing on tv like it was a camera so that so is used in fairway was nothing but white with a single dot.
When does black okay the kindle zoom in on that you live there yet.
And started trying to the right making a whining but it still would go longer since i claim sneak seven dollars data center making alignleft.
I am in a starter pull back sl and get their.
And then all of a sudden like a b and fuel comfort peasley snacks to three one always go like.

[31:29] Massively rapids wilson’s scratches areas all over the place.
Until i got claustrophobic feeling oh to start amaze me in on the whole cluster stuff to where like i almost feel trapped in this whole mess of clothes that line yeah.
And pull back alley california for work related citigroup know that.
Play is like right in between by blacks always station is working and the.
Which is always at your phone to scan it she exactly.
He did that is pretty much live with a dream inside every time like it just like.
Is your life smooth and nice and clean and go crazy and sporadic.
Pull back in the news i was watching so when you look at the eyes.
Do you get a sensor like it if the i belong to a man or woman or,
maybe yeah but it is very just rough scheduled solidifies she says it like its definitions le cartoonist eyes yeah.
Do you feel i.
What are your feelings like when you see the eyes like a personal viewing later you scary happy sad and inches are you like what you can get the cd is it the whole street has come just completely neutral for the most part yeah i know your there.
And is it like the size of the more pocahontas with the chaotic part of it has only got ray.

[33:06] Play the blend the chaos lines just stopped working for so long as like i don’t care about anything else you feel like me sometimes lake.
Things are going on in your life at that time or maybe the water was twelve media things in your life kinda chaotic.
You know it’s crazy like i could even put on timelines yeah i have these dreams like a jean mercier soul age.

[33:34] Yeah it’s i don’t know it’s weird because like for me has a early yeah cuz i started having dreams about snow when.
Whenever i have cleaned really emotional time with some has b six thousand c la snowblower if there’s any flights to have a motion or stressed when i do about snow all.
I’m so maybe like the wine for us like things are out of control maybe it’s time you to like focus.

[34:04] But at the same time the feels peaceful the beginning and then the line is kind of crazy and that was happening and doesn’t use you manually always and i,
what’s that mean eastlake of me in the ass you know,
all makers to or maybe not any medias me because you think about how i feel about the color white how you feel about the color black and blue adjusted,
you can email and then you know the feeling all of those things and then think about what is the does the eye look is looking older persons irian numbers and il.

[34:46] What are you asking yeah.
There is so basic yeah it’s hard it’s kinda tingly pinpointed guess i usually.
Can i see it is leaking and clock are in for rich old ladies that big super saturday in the eyes glasses yeah.

[35:12] It depends on how you flip person with your eyes and all of the amenities just.
Slow down and focus has a very tender the paper active pencil yeah yeah.
Very true that you because the traffic like different things like the show’s like it so.
There’s probably some creativity there is.

[35:37] Changes in on something i don’t know like a perfect day for me is just sitting in her room doing nothing being.
No thinking and missing baking yeah yeah.

[35:52] If you can a lasagne has his industry is user visit when you’re here and i remember me and i’ve probably had like that one gb.

[36:03] Thirty or forty times she’s which is kids roddy it has he seen so much probably program for clothes yeah charges all know that i’m a very google.

[36:17] Is find something that very easy president friends brisa and i can not find it have a very specific vision.
I did not know is in the bay the hands of the paper in miami personal.
Happy for fisher do you know pat said she is your friend here so.
Set up the date because.
Because usually it’s okay for the friendly ask about the different elements of the dream because there’s this girl who does catering to be and,
she said that there is really old guy that sat on her bed and finally cleared her and she fuse in kansas carries you ever thought of just lay but.
I didn’t feel like it was just a how she described the owners the only while.
What are you what is the old man look like he had a spectrum of mike but why you think you sitting on your bed and she has thought about it and said it.
Set my question it was there make you think that you have a fear of getting old,
this is a holy shit so it really does that simple words in this case like needs to focus they maybe it’s like me you have a date this guy europe maybe you’re not now maybe,
but the tendencies very tender of all over the place that’s very possible.
Ends any i’m not even gonna hit me i’m not like formally to use.

[37:47] It’s full interpretation and i need a full size we need to get on the road so have.

[37:57] Play the song dreaming of flat land and yes or no.
Where yeah avidly flatland got it was a reference on the big bang theory and let.
Damn and the nigga flatland.

[38:18] Not prepared for this and it’s a book by and when abbott and abbott pets here in.

[38:28] It says flatland a romance of many dimensions is a satirical novel.
Nah novella by the schoolmaster and wind at at first pollution eighty four.

[38:43] See what is this a relay sheets interacting with each other and it’s just.
Flat piece of paper kind of i guess i don’t i don’t know what it yeah is very link is the theory of stacie think.
It’s like a master piece of science and mathematical fiction is delightful delightful unique and highly entertaining satire that is chime readers for more than one hundred years.
The work of english clergyman.

[39:13] Babe easily and when describes the journeys of a square in math and a mathematician and resident of the two dimensional flatland where women,
then the straight lines are the loneliest of shapes and where man,
or feuding were meant this is so small to read where men have any number of size depending on their social status so.
This is pretty strange occurrences that raymond contact the poster geometric forms square has adventures in space land three dimensions light land one-dimensional plan mention so.

[39:47] Is silica combine these guys yeah with those eyes.

[39:54] So and it has internet connection but not on definition right yeah okay that was very obvious that is that kind of looks great place yet with but very vaguely just,
let’s catch of them yeah interesting refrigerator that marker.
Rate the food gifts.

[40:20] Are you you’re weird weird thing is not he the to call the doctor.

[40:32] Lol what is your mom’s friend re the hoe verizon is my friend yeah sure it the circus.
Yeah so it’s not seem so you try to figure out which one on this friday,
oh i just recently seven of my weirdest ones like i meet with willy for income can figure out where to start okay what’s next jesus christ,
nice place.

[41:09] So i have a recurring dream and i don’t know if it’s like recurring exactly but it’s just of super super common theme of the settings can be very different and the environment and stuff but,
they all have in common that was having this dream where i am.
Moving into like a new house with our new apartment or something like that and it’s always.
Super old and run down but the flight floors that i am going to live on the first and second floor are pretty nice is why i am putting up with it.
But up above.
It just keeps going up and up and up for ever and each floor is a little crappy year like folder and run down yeah and they’re super haunted.
Like all those like floors are like crazy on it and there’s like no way to not like no one knows basically have how how high it goes.
Cuz i never make it past like five or six levels before and like i am coming back down or there’s there’s nothing nothing appear and then come back to my house is like did you see all the stuff there’s like i didn’t see any of that while i was up there.
And i have had that dream probably like once a month or more for like for ever.
Interesting how do you feel about feeding.

[42:32] He died in order not good because it feels like.
With eating nobody really knows how old they are going to be raise you don’t know how many floors there are in this building and.
Some people can’t can describe to you what they seen on certain floors the building because they bend that age i think is coming more metaphorical and i did you see there will no does he have been able to get to that for.
So him been there yet.
Wild did like you was gonna for for like life span for enlightening about the future yet.

[43:15] From the place is really good stuff that.
Some of shit sailing for adoption as well i’ve been as good as the hype formal,
we’re open up and nothing gets more more more run down which is true but reading your body tenses each year in a gauges because it starts off like its plate old but it’s,
fancy words like the parlor is polish wouldn’t start when not in the.
Cool staircase might the twenties or whatever and then as you go up it becomes more more like the old barn loft that is the planet earth just like there’s basically like.
The scaffold but just like support,
two by four and at least that would here to make it’s dirty and there’s a strong the ground and you can see little cracks of light through the wall and stuff like that and that’s just gets more more like that the further up you go.
So i don’t know who you think you think scan reading cuz i just that’s wild.
Yup that can it be that does make sense for me.

[44:19] I am in the other he in hiding in the journalists that’s a really good like it was going to pick something for to mean something is like,
who understood me figure out what the hell that means and then you’re like in like four minutes you let.
All i hear you’re thinking about aging sun of a bitch you blue blue that’s under wide open up your think your,
i don’t know your flight landing and means those three hundred him with am awesome now i know i was so hopeful okay so,
that was pretty fast lol you’re the one of the two other ones their super distinct this is one that,
like any of my college friends or might listen to this podcast will recall me wondering of security telling everyone about this is so fucked up yeah um,
one of the unit terrifying but is like okay set keeping with the theme of like going for ever yeah so,
it’s me my friend nick and my friend bart mush from the fraternity house that let me.
Yeah my best friends and were wandering around the mall of america except this mall of america seems to extend forever down and forever all,
which is like layers of shops and offices and stuff like that and where does water running there’s people all over the place and we’re just walking along and.
It is just like whatever you do don’t don’t steal anything and then.

[45:51] I turn around and eric matias head.
Is like animated acclaim asiana mayo missing in it the only thing i can think of is that you were the party’s begin ventura gets the.
The truck the truck or.
That’s turns out to be a monster whatever and she turns into those all the claymation horizon giant and lesser time and again that i have seen is always located for should i get even like money because it,
that looks so different cd in,
so here are his head is huge like i am right now you can see by holding my arms out like a full lake like that big.
Like a cartoon characters and is it like everything is pretty normal in size except for is always your superhero yeah and just goes.

[46:41] I’m not the ease and s s he says he gave his.
Pupils are the color color and black part of his eyes,
go from like huge would i able to sue her tiny as a kind of the chief and then the rest of the dream were trying to find this office that i need for some reason i don’t remember why we needed it,
the ball hit eric.
Well no i was running around like behind us and beside us what that stealing stuff from people like when they’re not looking and so he’s like the yes you just said that and then he’s there just like stealing from everybody and that’s the dream.

[47:26] Ten so i wonder.
Does it have how do you feel about him as the ira at the time all but now.
Last i heard he wasn’t doing so great he’s got a lot of like.
Mental health problems health problems and he,
he was willing guys got married like a senior year and then they moved cities in the house super nice and everything and he got a job in like an order for the department of defense like basically.
It was always kinda like it that point almost resentful just because he was being so successful and really knows life and i’m still the twenty something college with no job in reno girlfriend or anything i.
Still over and hang out with his.
You know his wife and his house with his like fancy new appliances everything else but after shortly after i stopped communicating with him their in the cities.
His life to leave like melted down where,
she divorced him and got everything and then they said he wasn’t coming at the part of its the fire him and another accounting job and so now i think he lives in like.
Pipe stone and his on my disability and he has all sorts of health problems so sad and he’s my age it’s like a it’s pretty brutal yeah yeah.
So he’s not a thief now it is in the dream he’s a thief yeah but he’s never likes.

[49:01] Because the being over something else but what else could the whirlpool you and how you feel about only thing i can think of is that he had a reputation for.
That being super nice to women oh okay sure and maybe that was something to to do with it like i say.
Rate be but kind of scary like take no and is into like using tricks like i give him for all of that but yeah and like.
Crap playing manipulative super manipulative dallas tell me that you for this week just tell a joke in the fraternity about.
He said of a box with a bottle of liquor apple schnapps and the little white rope,
and let you know we always picture yeah yeah yeah is that so okay so then you think of a thief and what you think of you think that the,
this is just some guy who steals mcguffey rd is just a criminal and also let me would manipulative fall under the aca,
set category to you yeah i guess that’s probably where that cell is acting so it’s just like so crazy to me some sake,
say super remember it because i distinctly remember thinking jesus his eyes are as big as paper plates yeah.
So i’m wondering paper plates setting huge.
Does the things that is very slow specific diane this dinner plate all the directly over head bowling ball.

[50:32] No bigger than that there is a figure also like i said he seemed almost like a cartoon image as normal seemed flat glass a paper plate is was almost like he was,
south park style account paper is south park style like animated fuse is very fake to you then it could be,
that’s almost native to see if you still comically fake,
in all and then he just kind of and manipulative person things that i’m not fit like will you kind of are manipulate you know cuz like you like to manipulate the old women of two.
So maybe that’s the war what is that as far as like the mall that is again it just feels more lake.
Its life in general like people and or levels are younger all higher levels older.
And everybody that’s on the same level and that’s it doesn’t clear interacting with your current.
Level of life which is larry which accents guess it was all people my age yeah.
My peers and say that were all not letting me looking for whatever we were looking at him like yo don’t you ask visit steal from me because you as opposed to the next that’s okay that’s the interesting part of the stealing.
They will what though the quantity items level was like he is just like a generic knowledge assign he was like stealing late you know what.
Something in a box and display in the window it just reaching around grabbing something on the display or like grabbing purses like that just like in the cartoon usually leave around like.

[52:06] Exactly that’s her exactly and this guy gets it up yeah.
It’s kind of ironic that wasn’t interaction of just like maybe like your subconscious calling out units and like this days and or a,
so maybe payton’s me and the babies and pets in a really pages them so your day he looks.
He’s so it stands out yeah and so yeah i guess that could be.
You know that makes sense i mean every office along the tree and be missing something to me who knows the circumstances were exactly at that time your having the treatment other than the details now,
i don’t,
i don’t even know that he had that i knew him well enough for him to have that reputation right great-niece who knows but.
So i got one word reminders for this was important because i turned into a short story and i’ll on a bunch of writing awards all it was of.
People like credit where like holy shit i have one one person in town who read it what like site that is gonna grow up to be the next stephen king and has like holy cow that’s heavy yeah i was happy okay so.
I hate it like a wake up in the morning i remember not seeing anyone or anything but i just like,
you know your routine i am in high school at this point so i just gonna throw on my clothes,
do my morning routine or you know whatever i get my car and i drive it its just like this out where it’s like snow is every liquor store cover workers melted a little bit and it’s overcast so very grey.

[53:45] But it’s enough that the roads are melted clear so i’m driving my my little mustang it’s time and i’m not having any trouble throat crystals melted off is um.
But i’m driving in to west into a little little school are in a class of nine long and,
but you know of a school building was rebuilt like in a eighties cuz that will happen to school fire sort of really nice mars is not the time and i pull up the parking lot,
or the street that will park on there was only a parking lot from.

[54:19] Totally empty my cart like the only one there other than my junker cars that i noticed are like a certain corner of the streets of basically it’s just dead i didn’t meet anyone start to realize that i didn’t meet anyone on the road.
I haven’t seen a human being like since i started and so.
But the sidewalk is it shovel off and it starts to looks really lightly snow and seven and woke up to the school windows are almost blacked over like super black and the doors are locked.
I can get in late oh okay and this is getting a little bit darker and little bit more snow and.

[54:58] Um yes i will that’s weird yeah so i get back in my car.
And i’m trying to figure out like where is everyone has no one main street in unit washington so that’s totally weird but i’m realizing that,
it’s a little too quiet leaving for washington freight it so it’s getting a letter of walking dead when rick wakes up thing works just like when the hell yeah and.
So then i drive back in the halfway point between my folks farm and was intended to school was grand richards house so i pull off they’re pulling seen deal but it’s not locked up just its dark.
There’s no power light something like the stuff yeah there’s no sign of grandma or grandpa in the house.
And you know for every that smells like it was super vivid dream yeah very real um,
it smells like them and everything else i pick up the phone receiver cuz pri cell phone so i’m like the sea like where the hell is everyone right and nothing happens dead.
Which were we’re out but this is back in the day were on earlier with the copper lines there even power off the lizard the snow lines of the stuff on fine sir yeah because we didn’t have digital phone set and.
So i’m like well that’s really weird so that.
And i remember watching the dream like watching myself and being like i’m way too cold for all this yeah and.

[56:34] So i go back i’ll get my car and start driving like to the farm and i get to so there’s a tree strip that wraps around the back of.
Oh that your tree-lined yeah there’s a tree line yet and.
You know like several of them so basically boxes off the forms they don’t see into the field behind some very long and then.
But there’s a big field behind grandpas house says so i’m apart of rolled oats passing by the field behind house and.
I don’t know why but i just look out on.

[57:10] This the snowy field is completely level and.
I don’t remember if i just stop and then walk out there or if there was a reason that i saw something or something that will motivate but yeah i did that’s not clear with reservation was,
you can the car and walk way out in the middle of a field and i start digging in the snow and i find.
One of my little sister katie’s toys for like common ones she plays with all the time when she sleeps she still at this point gas when she would’ve been like if you wanna play with a toy yeah would’ve been like not even ten i think yeah.
But with a little bit when i get in a fight and stuff like it has as i keep getting the snow and working my way i’ll keep finding warmer stuff on the snow buried.
And i’m just like what’s going on in and wake up says.

[58:07] Do you remember if you are having any sort of like.

[58:16] Hot i wanna see this little if i see it that way say nest is what i want to influence your answer okay so all.
Did you fight at all or having an emotional it engagement with her of any kind no where but it on a got along with her really well now with the faster parents that.
yeah yeah okay so i was the peace maker is so sisters love me and whenever they were getting into some incredibly vicious fights that was brought me and.
And me and katie have always had like you into the state we have a special on their clothes for siblings asher okay so i wonder was there anything that happened.
That was there like some sort of emotional fight or whatever in the house he put through the,
key in your sisters or parents or nothing nothing that i can remember cuz i was looking for something sir there cuz lake is usually i just idling really just learned this that water in any kind of form as it presents itself a dream is a sign of emotional all.
Think is waters type of the motions and.
So that’s what i think of when i think of snowball using with my hands is something emotional that i really with like that’s what it is for me,
but like how often do you dream of snow and what do you think of anything right now i think that’s the only dream i’ve ever had was no yeah.

[59:48] Yeah okay so you can the new beginnings or do you think of things dying like what kind what were you fall you think this notice and it,
just neutral yeah like nothing like it was snows on christmas turkeys know you dislike snow later interest share share,
cuz like this feeling kinda think of is like what is your what is your feeling on the season of winter and then.
Just the desolate niceville by the complete loneliness of.
Adjust the whole situation like it is totally completely alone and it sounds like you’re really digging up your best friend stuff.
You know you say what is this what yo like this totally alone and all you have left are does the memories of her as you know.
Of her past or present i guess i don’t know that’s kinda where i’m kinda thinking that the same time is late will you don’t feel specific way about.
But i’d say like looking back on it now as someone older is just like the lock isolation going on in that time yeah is very like it is very alone.
And like the places where you go to others people like a school like that shaft you,
that’s completely dark there’s no one there and then the the people that you know they’re your family they would go to great hey there’s something weird going on there not there,
and you can’t every talk to anybody else in the world and you just got the film easter being of your friends stuff lake as interesting wonder when hes the.

[1:01:22] Actually she recovered season.
Can toys membership in it really hard to tell if i’m projecting his study this was definitely eighteen yeah wrote this for seventeen yeah.
Wake up pretty sure i was worried i was eventually gonna find a body.

[1:01:45] Yeah me either early right did you write and you read the details on yours number of.
You will i thought about it like that the dream and screen like but i have trouble telling if i thought that the time.
Right right now looking back and just like i would have.
Maybe of watch to many horror movie since then but on like this is the part where you find the body wraps you probably because you don’t.
To see that in your dream and what a horrible thing to say out loud like he mom has weird dream about my sister dying yeah sounds like this isn’t simpsons treehouse of horror episode where the good morning burton.

[1:02:22] How did you sleep like i had a fire r i dreamed of a vision of my own fire hd is,
well that’s nice honey let no grass dinner and are grabbing lunch and let’s go to school you’re gonna miss the bus or while supplies when i woke up one morning and my mother all,
true but less than nothing because i might transfer money will happen in your three wishes that all you and i are fighting in general then my mom asked me what happened to me in years ago all died.
I won the died music all the way all of those off all the terrible things to your mom,
again we when you’re we file our business teenager so yeah but.
Dreams are we never know you said no so so how you feel travis where did you go into this capability you now feel like being there’s more dream interpretation than.
It just being get tv the brain equivalent of tv static is over anytime there’s things to interpret.
That it could mean something completely different different times your life just so like how you enter your right now i believe that has,
you sure it that way because it has meaning in her life so you interpret it like a piece of art and so.
To use in our look back at eleven something else you might be considered the same situation may be more conservative wife the lower school realize.

[1:04:01] Heres even if he for real fun interpretation,
yeah so damn i’m super intrigued browser vacations because that’s where a lot of the creative the most presentation stuff my shows come from so.
Yeah i’d cordless chapter show of.
To where it attaches very nice ice get their asses there awesome so yeah.

[1:04:31] Sorry a messenger.

[1:04:34] Hello miss me anyways i need to get to know you very soon to fully grasp the school.
And strapped dream here so her and starting before.

[1:04:50] But with the camera i have a strict dress to the crazy thing is because of her that was black and white color trees me some different yeah even though there’s only black and white if.
Color lights on in the house there’s a colored gasoline it’s kinda weird.

[1:05:08] New re flatland maybe we use the answers of that is really helpful in a weird way.

[1:05:18] I did this order for yeah he’s the weird.

[1:05:24] So yeah that’s all i got so thank you for joining us your recovery more and join us next week when will explorer.
Some other strange maybe us we are now when he goes to freeze this far into this chapter podcast thing that is messages the.

[1:05:46] That’s perfect that’s and that’s how we should have closed yet which is close to nice.
He should as part of some patriotic thank you so much for listening and good night.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 2 Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown writing system. The vellum on which it is written has been carbon-dated to the early 15th century (1404–1438), and it may have been composed in Northern Italy during the Italian Renaissance. The manuscript is named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish book dealer who purchased it in 1912.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 2 Voynich Manuscript

Hosts Ari Show, Robert Mehling, and Travis Nye

Produced by Robert Mehling and

Voice Over by Dave Holly

Opening Theme Enhance Your Starry Night by Mouthful of Bees

The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British codebreakers from both World War I and World War II. No one has yet demonstrably deciphered the text, and it has become a famous case in the history of cryptography. The mystery of the meaning and origin of the manuscript has excited the popular imagination, making the document the subject of novels and speculation. None of the many hypotheses proposed over the last hundred years has yet been independently verified.

The ink and parchment have been analyzed extensively and are all consistent with a book created in the 1400s.  The cover of the codex was replaced at some point in the last 200 years as well as the binding. This is not uncommon for manuscripts of the era.  The colored paint of the book was likely added at a later date.

Every page in the manuscript contains text, mostly in an unknown language, but some have extraneous writing in Latin script. The bulk of the text in the 240-page codex is written in an unknown script, running left to the right. Most of the characters are composed of one or two simple pen strokes. Some dispute exists as to whether individual characters are distinct, but a script of 20–25 characters would account for virtually all of the text; the exceptions are a few dozen rarer characters that occur only once or twice each. There is no apparent punctuation.

The manuscript’s diagrams include breakdowns of plant biology while others are based on astronomy or astrology.  One series of 12 sketches depicts conventional symbols for the zodiacal constellations (two fish for Pisces, a bull for Taurus, a hunter with a crossbow for Sagittarius, etc.). Each of these has 30 female figures arranged in two or more concentric bands. Most of the females are at least partly nude, and each holds what appears to be a labeled star or is shown with the star attached to either arm by what could be a tether or cord of some kind. The last two pages of this section were lost (Aquarius and Capricornus, roughly January and February), while Aries and Taurus are split into four paired diagrams with 15 women and 15 stars each.

The overall impression given by the surviving leaves of the manuscript is that it was meant to serve as a pharmacopeia or to address topics in medieval or early modern medicine. However, the puzzling details of illustrations have fueled many theories about the book’s origin.

The first confirmed owner was Georg Baresch (1585–1662), an obscure alchemist from Prague. Baresch was apparently just as puzzled as modern scientists about this “Sphynx” that had been “taking up space uselessly in his library” for many years. He learned that Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher (1602–1680) from the Collegio Romano had published a Coptic (Egyptian) dictionary and claimed to have deciphered the Egyptian hieroglyphs; Baresch twice sent a sample copy of the script to Kircher in Rome, asking for clues. His 1639 letter to Kircher is the earliest confirmed mention of the manuscript that has been found to date.

A letter written on August 19, 1665 or 1666 was found inside the cover and accompanied the manuscript when Johannes Marcus sent it to Kircher. It claims that the book once belonged to Emperor Rudolf II (1552–1612), who paid 600 gold ducats (about 2.07 kg of gold) for it.

In 1903, the Society of Jesus (Collegio Romano) was short of money and decided to sell some of its holdings discreetly to the Vatican Library. Ruysschaert 1959 published a list of those books, which were for sale. The sale then took place in 1912, but books listed for sale were missing. Wilfrid Voynich acquired 30 of these manuscripts, among them the one which now bears his name. He spent the next seven years attempting to interest scholars in deciphering the script, while he worked to determine the origins of the manuscript.

In 1961, the book was sold to antique book dealer Hans P. Kraus. Kraus was unable to find a buyer and donated the manuscript to Yale University in 1969.  

There are thousands of speculated authors of the book but here are the most intriguing theories with some basis in reality that I found:

John Dee (1527–1608) Dee was a mathematician and astrologer at the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England.  There is a paper trail that may support this.

Some suspect Voynich of having fabricated the manuscript himself.  As an antique book dealer, he probably had the necessary knowledge and means, and a lost book by Roger Bacon would have been worth a fortune.  However, modern forensics performed on the book seem to make it being a Voynich forgery less and less likely. How frustrating must that have been for Voynich, no one would be able to really and thoroughly prove he probably didn’t fake it until 1999.

It has been suggested that some illustrations in the books оf an Italian engineer, Giovanni Fontana, slightly resemble Voynich illustrations. Fontana was familiar with cryptography and used it in his books, although he didn’t use the Voynich script but a simple substitution cipher. In the book Secretum de thesauro experimentorum ymaginationis hominum (Secret of the treasure-room of experiments in man’s imagination), written ca. 1430, Fontana described mnemonic machines, written in his cipher.

Raphael Mnishovsky, the friend of Marci who was the reputed source of Bacon’s story, was himself a cryptographer and apparently invented a cipher which he claimed was uncrackable (ca. 1618). This has led to the speculation that Mnishovsky might have produced the Voynich manuscript as a practical demonstration of his cipher and made Baresch his unwitting test subject.

I think this idea is very interesting and has widespread implications for future historians and archaeologist.  Using a cipher like this was the medieval equivalent of encrypting proprietary knowledge. I shudder to think of the challenges future historians will face in trying to access all of the heavily encrypted and secured data of this era hundreds of years after the keys and hashes have been lost.  Even basic security like DRM software may be creating a future “Dark Age,” and we don’t even realize it. Also the fact that so many of our records are kept on a digital medium. If the earth was hit by a massive solar storm or Electromagnetic disturbance, so much may be lost from this era. Google the Carrington Event if you want to get an idea of how likely and dangerous that scenario is.  (Good future Episode)

According to the “letter-based cipher” theory, the Voynich manuscript contains a meaningful text in some European language that was intentionally rendered obscure by mapping it to the Voynich manuscript “alphabet” through a cipher of some sort—an algorithm that operated on individual letters. This has been the working hypothesis for most 20th-century deciphering attempts, including an informal team of NSA cryptographers led by William F. Friedman in the early 1950s.

Statistical analysis of the text reveals patterns similar to those of natural languages. For instance, the word entropy (about 10 bits per word) is comparable to that of English or Latin texts. In 2013, Diego Amancio et al argued that the Voynich manuscript “is mostly compatible with natural languages and incompatible with random texts.”

The linguist Jacques Guy once suggested that the Voynich manuscript text could be some little-known natural language, written in the plain with an invented alphabet. The word structure is similar to that of many language families of East and Central Asia, mainly Sino-Tibetan (Chinese, Tibetan, and Burmese), Austroasiatic (Vietnamese, Khmer, etc.) and possibly Tai (Thai, Lao, etc.). In many of these languages, the words have only one syllable; and syllables have a rather rich structure, including tonal patterns.

This theory has some historical plausibility. While those languages had native scripts, these were notoriously difficult for Western visitors. This difficulty motivated the invention of several phonetic scripts, mostly with Latin letters, but sometimes with invented alphabets. Although the known examples are much later than the Voynich manuscript, history records hundreds of explorers and missionaries who could have done it—even before Marco Polo’s 13th-century journey, but especially after Vasco da Gama sailed the sea route to the Orient in 1499.

In 1976, James R Child of the National Security Agency, a linguist of Indo-European languages, proposed that the manuscript was written in a “hitherto unknown North Germanic dialect.” He identified in the manuscript a “skeletal syntax several elements of which are reminiscent of certain Germanic languages,” while the content itself is expressed using “a great deal of obscurity.”

In 2014, a team lead by Dr. Diego Amancio of the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences published a paper detailing a study using statistical methods to analyze the relationships of the words in the text. Instead of trying to find the meaning, Amancio’s team used complex network modeling to look for connections and clusters of words. By employing concepts such as frequency and intermittency, which measure occurrence and concentration of a term in the text, Amancio was able to discover the manuscript’s keywords and create three-dimensional models of the text’s structure and word frequencies. They concluded that in 90% of cases, the Voynich systems are similar to those of other known books such as the Bible, indicating that the book is an actual piece of text in an actual language, and not well-planned gibberish.

A ‘brief’ history of the people who have claimed to translate the manuscript in the 21st Century.  People have been claiming to have translated it going back to its modern rediscovery in the 1910’s with a wave of them coming in the 1970’s and being widely discredited.  

In 2014, an expert in applied linguistics Professor Stephen Bax published an article in which he claimed to have translated ten words from the manuscript using techniques similar to those used to successfully decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. He claimed the manuscript to be a treatise on nature, in a Near Eastern or Asian language, but no full translation was made before his death in 2017.

In September 2017, television writer Nicholas Gibbs claimed to have decoded the manuscript as idiosyncratically abbreviated Latin.

Medieval scholars judged Gibbs’ hypothesis to be not novel. Gibbs’ work was criticized as patching together already-existing scholarship and providing a highly speculative and incorrect translation; Lisa Fagin Davis, director of the Medieval Academy of America, stated that Gibbs’ decipherment “doesn’t result in Latin that makes sense.”

Professor Greg Kondrak, a natural language processing expert at the University of Alberta, together with his graduate student Bradley Hauer, used Artificial Intelligence in an attempt to decode the manuscript. Their findings were presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics in 2017, in the form of an article suggesting that the language of the manuscript is most likely Hebrew, but encoded using alphagrams, i.e., alphabetically ordered anagrams. However, the team admitted that experts in medieval manuscripts who reviewed the work were not convinced. The claim is also disputed by an expert in Hebrew and its history.

PDF of the Manuscript

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Machine Transcript

0:26] Everybody welcome to come in for a check to the beach may strict.
So i’m super excited everyone this is robert by the way speaking i am so pumped for this this is one of those classic.
Not conspiracy theory but one must classic paranormal investigative research of things the voyage manuscript has baffled people for hundreds of years that we give you just.
A little bit of background which manuscript as illustrated codex hand written in an unknown writing system.
The film on which is written has been carbon dated to early fifteenth century approximately fourteen four fourteen thirty eight.
And it may have been composed in northern italy during the italian renaissance the manuscript disney for will for which polish coke dealer who purchased it in nineteen twelve.

[1:17] The manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur photographers including american and british hoe breakers during the first and second world wars,
what is your demonstrated foresight demonstrably this sacred text and it has become famous a famous case in the history of printer are part of the.

[1:36] The mystery of the meaning of the orginal manuscript as excited the popular imagination making the document the subject of novels and speculation none of the many hypothesis post of the last hundred years of get to.
Then be independently verified so that gives you the boiler plate wikipedia ask you know definition of what you’re dealing with here.
Where you guys is impressions before i go on with another info about it,
my first impression when you brought this up and i think it is i think i set it private or group chat yes i left a lot of water what so they,
i think this book was written by someone who is trying to write a book.
In a different language but the graph of that language was awful so like imagine if like.
Sixty seven year old kid it was trying to write a book but in spanish and the only had like maybe one and a half years as of late spanish one and be a little happier spanish to say their grasp on the language is lake.
Minimal at best so this book then created by this amateur.
No one can understand it because it’s been lost for so long we now think this is a brilliant work of photography and it really just some teenagers fail latin project.
It’s kind of where i think i think that’s what this could be very angry completely when i try i never heard about this disaster.

[3:09] Talk about this is very much like paranormal conspiracy theory nerd like hot potato that bluff especially the internet is really pissing explode.
Right people of investigate we will get to the history of occasions of it but people been looking at it since it was rediscovering are here in nineteen ten.
I’d like a second grader for both world wars nasa scientists all certain people look at this thing fully some people brother from a date and a i scripts you kind to say for it and the items that was with.
But we’re hebrew or.

[3:43] Ask take lenses that one of the most recent thing that is september twenty seventeen and have an update on that cuz i was like yeah it’s asking.
Is weird but yet he genuinely think because i look back on all i know books from when i was you know nineteen years.
Is something where to find out like five hundred years after the fact that you anything to the blues polling wins baptism and six months ago i think the seeds of these means.

[4:16] Because i only really know these notes are so so yeah but yeah.
Let’s go little bit into what the content of this manuscript is everyone suzuki king of.
Every page manuscript contains text mostly in an unknown language the song extraneous writing is in latin script is usually like notes written in the market things like that.
The ball to the text of the two hundred forty page correct as written in an unknown script running left to right,
what’s the characters are composed of one to two simple pen strokes with some exceptions.
So just be weather there are distinct individual characteristics or if the spirit has around twenty to twenty five characters.
That they think they got it down like twenty five each character like expressed throughout the thing and there’s no apparent punctuation system that they can see.
The mistress diagrams which is part of what makes the messes and we’ve included a link in the show notes to a pdf of the voyage manuscripts if you wanna you know see it first hand you can totally check it out,
the diagrams inside of it which are kind of getting really intriguing they are breakdowns like biological plant life and diagrams of things,
like that biology and science you don’t say for the year mixed with a bunch of astronomy and astrology information.
And like your store movement observation seems like that.
Our one series of twelve gauge is actually depicts the conventional symbol for the zodiac constellations there are chunks of the temple that are missing.

[5:53] And so we don’t have the basically there was like a page for each one and we don’t have the high seas or the taurus.
Where the secretary is because those were lost we have the rest of them and then each one of these has around thirty female figures arranged.
Two or more considered beans and females are usually partially deaf completely new support the theory of the instructions split up worker suck it,
that some of them are the label bias stars are seem to be attached to the women by tether or some kind of the last two pages of the section,
always is an earlier where were lost at sea and so there are.

[6:38] Just want to start diagrams naked women all over and really cool funky plants levels of like there’s even some series.
That you don’t have a really hard time trying to identify the plants yes but,
an author of that year didn’t look at the world of science to see what you were a always want like a literal physical truth is the legacy of the scientific revolution so,
even when people were writing about plants that everybody knew really well and diagram of how it could be very abstract even if it was common plants great because they didn’t,
see the world as this literal thing that we were very interested tele and and click looking at the physical.

[7:19] So that makes a little confusing to some people think that one of the plants that’s diagram it is a sunflower which obviously comes from the new world and so that would you know it’s like to be a plant that didn’t exist in the peoples like.
World that’s crazy ex so many pieces that resembles a sunflower where you know.
Who the hell knows it’s just great making big mystery surrounding doodling yeah you just have the.
Okay the first affirm to her that we have it was george brash.

[7:53] In fifteen eighty five from six till sixteen sixty two was an obscure albums from prague.
He was just as possible as smart scientists and refer to it as gentle as a sphinx.
That taking up space useless leaves library for many years but can’t track it and then he gave it to age so scholar.
And who was very skilled with the coptic language even claimed that he,
which would be released know has translated higher higher listen to the rosetta stone in the eighteen hundred’s and napoleon’s expedition but this just was all the times maybe he could really high requests and so excited to the sky hoping maybe you could make sense of it.
Let’s see septic tank in room and then we have a letter in sixteen thirty nine mentioning the manuscript it’s where abouts.
And we have no is it just you know that there is litter paper trail there’s a paper trail because of,
is your open keeping records that but stuff gets lost over time we kind of dog is little we go buy a connect the dots between little mentions in some physical document we can find.
So the next one is in august nineteenth of sixteen sixty five letter was written that is found on the inside cover of the manuscript and he claims that the book once belongs to this join us marcus.
Who was my understanding from marrying him little thing on this is that basically he was like in.

[9:23] Cord alka missed.
Like mentalist kinda soon was trying to become the core astrologer to and from off the second of the holy roman empire this would be around fifteen fifty two sixteen twelve.
And so he paid six hundred dollar it’s a gold for this book and it was part of his like whole life.
Basically what you call it somebody hit let’s try and impress the zipper become a permanent fixture in the court but we don’t.
We don’t have a confirmation the ever got hired at the end her ever on the book and it drops off the radar until nineteen three.
When was he there is a little catholics i use it jesus was sure money and decided to sell some holdings discreetly for to the vatican library.
It kinda looks like this research and through the list of books that were for sale and.
Screwed up some of the books and so in nineteen twelve that’s when basically it almost kind of just,
thrones out here speculation what makes research or whatever acquire have a book full of the truck when the vatican was selling it to people yeah and so eventually he sells it for money to,
no wilfred winch how we give the book name from.
And so why are thirty for many strips of which is one of them.
He spent seven years trying to build up scholarly interest in this book trying to translate exactly.

[10:58] Yeah that he bought fewer pieces of shit all the time and he was just completely stopped as to what the heck this was.
So then in nineteen sixty one eventually his hair with of selling it to a buyer and that buyer.

[11:16] Basically trying to like seller from off zillow for more money he couldn’t do it so finally in nineteen sixty nine he deleted it to the rear books collection it to university and that’s where is today.
What i don’t understand is why give the name the boy next manuscript because it that seems kinda is barrel,
self-serving but i am that i found it and bookseller really think know you can’t find it was owned by several people up here that he would give it that may be that.
It’s the most famous manuscript that he to and the circulated shirt and the others in documenting like there studies of it,
the manuscript that which passed around that we were all trying to translate that as soon as we’re was he now there’s something to be said for that the blower let me hear non media blitz the time but like.
Due to little letter writing campaigns trying to sellers look into it but i’m not sure that he actually like the event that mean he may have called it you know like,
the codex of the site for sure or sure but its people that came after him with a flick of is that basically people use it now because he’s the like,
modern discover and share this basically was like kinda lost and no one with we’re dealing with until monday ten the first one to be like,
this is a mystery let’s look into it for a in a larger all i see okay yeah that was that was the one thing orson,
that’s seems kind of sorry that he would name actors that it’s not yours and it’s like when i called the italian renaissance cypher you know the.

[12:49] Something something that you for another like in the books and stuff were leaving me for like a book dealer when its so old that it’s like not clear all going on and see an imperfect to his.
You know we can say it was the shakespeare manuscripts if we knew something about the author or the content right name that was more appropriate than its like.
Do you know what weird plant book doesn’t really roll off the tongue especially verse nineteen ten.
You plant it know you’re a yeah just a schedule c here series where i came from the of the first one is that.
I like this one little bit just because it’s cool and it fits probable but to john and he who was a mathematician astrologer quarter panel is that the first england basically people think this might be his like spell alchemy.
Astrology book and.
There’s actually a paper trail words like if roger bacon on the figures whose like associated with the book early and like when were aware of its not mens if roger bacon had it.
He met with johnny interact with him a lot so there is a strong possibility that maybe he’s the one that generated.

[14:00] And give us the tallest like have translator what its talking about everything like that booty,
so now one of the common ones up until nineteen ninety nine i think that’s why exploded on the internet present when people really like okay this is really legit thing it’s not just an urban legend,
what’s the,
you know absolutely lot of people suspected voyage of self fabricated the manuscript as he spoke to he probably would have the necessary knowledge means and,
i lost a book by roger breaking the figure that i mentioned earlier would be worth a fortune,
however modern forensic since then have been perform in the book and they seem to make it less and less likely that is in fact a forgery the pages are actually composed of lamb skin that can be very accurate carbonated,
two that’s why they can give you like four to eight to fourteen thirty eight,
and you know there’s like there sent me for people use old part right and the chicken and put,
not legion but sophisticated chemicals on it and their own stuff on top of it it’s been tested for that,
and the chemicals in the it was definitely written with a quill pen be the electron microscopes to confirm that.

[15:17] That is definitely eric looks a lot like the little black and white ink is very much like from that your from the fourteen hundreds.
The coloring like the green on the plant something that was added after the fact.
But apparently for like manuscripts the forty hundred fifty meters that’s pretty common like a hundred years later someone doesn’t like the style of this book on my questions to standby i don’t know what the rating.
Password for seems like its axis colors and stuff now only questions and yeah it is colored looking.
They could’ve color and had colors that is that’s year your coming off that you’re looking limited manuscripts those gorgeous books that,
you know and that’s your thing we call politics it was a teenagers journal or something that works for this telling think of them were like.
Terabyte hard drives or like state of the art data storage for like a book is a super expensive like five hundred gold pieces.
Lake worth like a whole like families income for two years piece of precious friend re the can you know.
And is it also is it late.
People don’t do they do alot of the margin this thursday the whole thing about how many all photography that miles transfer ibooks of the years with the margins for example box does agree video about.
Why did,
basically became a mean with marks another year of that the gold will always for manchester city transcribe during this period they all have nights fighting since joins seals that’s cartoons in the margin it’s the sales meeting in stock and.

[16:57] It’s like it was just like a mean from the time of the four monsters like writing the same pieces and over and over and over again get bored and start.
Drawing something inappropriate that’s.
Pretty common animals are the little graffiti things like that in fact even when it is for the little that’s a laptop that were talking about written in the margins that’s what that is is that so studying the book in my fifteen or sixteen hundred and was just shut down and i don’t like.
Get groceries and.

[17:28] And those we can tell just from like the style in ink and stuff like that that are from a different kind obviously from the script and all that.
So it is i came away with this this part here being like the frustrating was that for wage that it was.
Not today i mean well after he’s dead in my ninety nine when people are finally like okay this is not fake that these is like.
Hopping around really something to this is yes as a friend size nine until like the new millennium basically to.
The will any of you will to get to the point where they confirm that for it just suggested that some of the illustrations and.
Our from an italian near earnings in a slaughter this giovanni fontana digest from slate any slightly resemble voyager illustrations and they’re actually in wikipedia page they have a picture of some of.
Giovanni is sketches in his like notebooks and stuff.
And no books with the teenager yeah we got it is a good theory and they but i don’t think you can resemble the same marseille the people he draws look like the women from the fountain and stuff like that um,
and he also,
was began using cyphers and his book and on the whole thing and launch into about the cyphers and why is that in books from the serious stuff,
obviously gotta like white proprietary information like this is their livelihood and there like secrets and so and they don’t want another alka must be able to read it because like if they got this really great thing for like.

[19:05] You no pain killers are sharing of some kind it’s like that’s their their livelihood and on some other you know dr picking up their formula on becoming the new alka missed the emperor of emperors like that.

[19:19] So you can a lot of cyphers and codes and stuff like that code exes from this period on something i thought was interesting to talk about with this is the idea of and the widespread implications i get from this ugly given think about.
The future archaeologists trying to understand like what we were doing now yes i do because of you because like that was my joke about that you on my ask one thing i’m roadster the space and just like,
this is the baffle the shit out of space archeology five hundred years and only one of why why they did the in,
what did,
they barely get to space this time when put a carpet that’s all for it to be like a viking burial ship thinking of like think that,
you on the bus server and,
it is mosques are inside of it what that’s exactly the smell me future people like something super satisfying to drive out of the public are all.

[20:23] The latter this truly drove off the edge of the time and so expensive alluded not eccentric billionaire of course.

[20:34] No that you know they get using a cipher during that time like this is there way of like security proprietary information so we wouldn’t crip the hard drive nowadays and.
I think that’s interesting it makes me like shattered a thing or a bit nervous about never people comment on this before the future archaeologists are gonna have.
A devil of a time researching or time period just because both of the aramark digital rights management software sure so we can have some me sitting in a museum like six hundred years from now trying to understand are your.
And the software that’s designed to keep me from getting a free copy of microsoft word,
my keep them from being able to read important documents from this year for a great because everything is like locked up you can just pull off a bookshelf well that that technology stores and some mountain lake,
in like some country list meters by giving the whole lake museum basically.
To get to where this is worth anything that’s been created technologically,
is stored in this amount should it anything happens devastating happen to the current technology of today so let anything that dates back to like the early seventies and the eighties and still no.
Play computers and terminal does that actually exist because x is that feel prove is that you know how how secure is that cuz i mean.
One of the things i was think about is like are we living in a dark age because of all party rm cuz you you know cause of the dark ages not so much that.

[22:09] It was dark times and then when historians the dark ages cuz they’re describing a period of time that is dark to them because they don’t they have so few records that accept this the dark ages history course.
I want to watch the video lectures at the harvard one on itunes university where you can watch like greek art university lectures and.
I was talking about is a peterson legal history or something like that and basically he’s a slight.
It was super devastating effect historian during you know this is obviously later this moment renaissance.
They live the other was a time for that the dark ages were beating you play.
Six other people that he could probably correspond with a good understanding his writing like the level of academic writing he was.
You know performing at your imagine if there were like only six people in the world that.
Like new the special like say your engineer or a doctor you like got something happens meters away like.

[23:10] Two or three people in the whole world who can like replicate my work or can explain what’s going on pray list if something happens those people like say up flag which like happens always units like you can lose.
Huge amounts of like research and information and histories about that and sometimes i worry about that with us with the rm and then especially if this is a good time in will definitely do a future episode about this particular.

[23:38] Disturbance i was about one of the earth is he with a giant magnetic storm from the sun is a thing that exists and in particular i’m siting if you wanna know what that looks like google the carrington event.
And if you’re not familiar with that that’s where a giant solar electromagnetic storm hit the earth.
I want to see like a eighteen what eighteen fifties or something of an.
What happened it was about time telegraph lines were starting to become more popular stuff like that and what i did was those like the only electronic devices around but this started fires all over the country and the walkers the wires,
he was like so much for this year it cost start fighting and like,
telegraph station started on fire in the batteries that the us to the station what blow up and stuff like that the said today that like if that hit north america again,
even just that same scale of the war of the caribbean event was not in solar terms that date of a storm,
set up like a emt hitting the entire continental us and just fri like every electronic system just immediately get a min warnings coming,
it’s all worth sunday and he electromagnetic pulse okay or is on silent and so is commonly associated with atomic explosions generator and a little ac unit so hypothetical weapon that’s never been,
used that we know of is too generous to get me a.
Atomic bomb in the upper atmosphere over an area where you one of low people the way you create a storm in the ionosphere scene kinda thing is hiring event and everyone reset loses power.

[25:18] All other electronics got fried so it’s like a preemptive strike where,
there’s always like there’s a lot of conspiracy theories about the us war game with it up in the first part of the chinese invasion electric.
But no let’s link soon as you can see we could do a whole episode of the carrington event totally totally and the implications of that so yeah future as in it and no it was a good time to grow up because,
imagine the earth got hit by something like that you just have the strength your historians would be like.
Oh that’s the dark if we don’t know anything about what happened between nineteen sixty eight and you know it only seven reminder on this day.
Who knows the toilet went out because there was a story it’s servers is cockroaches and facebook facebook for cockroaches.
Will they will start fine tuning seems to be down.

[26:17] So there’s another of your your with the when your manuscript that is a letter based site for.
That’s the one that a lot of people in the nineteen fifty’s especially those william friedman from the national security agency he was a main photographer in the twentieth century working there.
And he started nineteen fifty’s trying to use the sort translate the twenty transfer which obviously he didn’t.
Get anywhere with the best amazing to think of like an essay code breakers and you know yeah both world war one code breakers and the jet the ones in,
who built like translated them yet and need my device and built the first computers and stuff like that that they look the voice manuscript that was there kobayashi maru,
he was there like ensemble from no win scenario raise the practice on our taxes like that was gonna crack this that way,
are they practice on something it’s on crackle lake the german.
I guess it doesn’t really don’t sign doesn’t like drill in so much is like.
Between coats these possibilities yeah i think about like programmer sit around and talk about programming stuff it always the hardest thing you’ve ever programs share in the challenge amount for someone a client services like.
What could he if you can crack this model is,
i’m not going to the movies at the sleep onto the nsa is low for this one from yesterday sucker should of the new guys tryna veterans information sheet for a lot lately all messages isn’t.

[27:49] But yeah man this makes stories like that so we actually did cracks in the pink that they had to crack it really.

[27:56] Yeah it like an hour and it’s clearly land here there’s a nice hint hint you’re getting warmer to fix what is.

[28:06] So she,
so getting into a more recent one here so someone conducted a statistical analysis in twenty thirteen using ten beats per word,
and compared it to english latin texts this diego monaco who did the test in twenty thirteen says it’s very compatible with natural language.
And incompatible with random texts which is always come up in a research and there’s even more tests for someone.
Use algorithms like google learning and algorithms to to say that.
This is not cheaper if there’s like a clear a structure throughout the entire thing that’s like someone is communicating something through this.
And then we’ve got a linguist jockeys guy wants adjusted the voyage manuscript text could be some little no natural language written in a plane or invented alphabet.
The worst structure i thought this series pretty interesting is similar to many language families in east and central asia.
So it might be so it might be something that’s like a sino tibetan or chinese are burmese language.
That medieval scholars ran into wait wait before like marco polo and sounds like that and so you know like in our modern times we’ve invented.

[29:23] The weather could do a whole history thing about the whole like the british when they invented the system that is you is universal use now for translating chinese characters in the latin letters and back and forth.
But this could be an example of someone trying to do that very thing like way before.
That common system and then develop very figuring out how to translate and he start language like that.

[29:48] And they said that it even has like the same structure and total patterns,
so that i thought that he was pretty interesting how pressing the like to this number just in ellicott this is a language this doesn’t mean something that white that white of but can’t il.
Translate this and that we were present level white people spend their time on this and sister that’s like that’s why does and something i thought was funny was one person on the books mentioned that,
is something about this particular one is that it looks easy yes looks very like,
this is something that if i figure out this monday this be i translate it so it sucks in a lot of trip covers that way because they’re laying all,
yes this is gonna be easier to look at it so straightforward and they just big data on where they get into it the more the lost.
There yeah we’d oh this is a different member of the national security agency this jeans are child.
He was a linguistic indo-european languages propose the manuscript is a hitherto unknown northern germanic dialect.
Yeah fighting menaced manuscript is a skill syntax several elements which are reminiscent of german languages more i don’t know on that one like it much fall on it and i.
Like us your germanic languages i don’t think of late late renaissance manuscript something to.
More germany obscure dialect there was so all different.

[31:16] At the time of the fourteen hundred right cuz that’s it wasn’t that time is the holy roman empire the right place divided up into two billion.
Will that she’s in principalities that baby don’t talk to each other like the staff is like doing my own genealogical research i found out that you know it.
Down the police that he was from.
Germany then turns on but no you’re for romeo but now the sun hotlines and border to suffer drama yes you are from germany how are things now that back at the time it’s your only and gas self,
okay i’m hungarian so it could be but like i said it this thing is just a mistreated since deeper deeper as i think it’s some kids that don’t have that right what they did she.
Do i write my own isn’t the apartments i tried and i ran the federal the website for several years while in so i’m trying real hard,
oh yeah and use it running my own history of magic book.
And he is feels was a lot of driving symbols and starts and the oil and languages for the for the book and.

[32:32] And and and what does it matter where to find that you’ll eight hundred views on the road a little on the young forever,
in the future what the hell is this they understand the concept of infection willy was will help are you can be like us something on their mind when they find the probability of holy crap,
look at this,
fantastical plug this all these terms don’t let me be measured was possible to get it two thousand two or whenever i go with my brother and actually the man bunch of ohio.
I have this monkey should i wear that’s the whole vs wolverine at the moment from the sixties this to go again and i was calling my after versus achilles’ shirt is like that’s all they are is there,
there are version you like,
he always was directed to get all the water of life by a by a car and so he’s indestructible vs hector the greatest champion of the trojans and there are these larger than life immoral beings continental moral struggle and,
the same way that with comic books and movies but will that this remake that hundred it is but in this comic book series they told this story a lot like how human oral traditions work where it’s not.
Hard and set into a single like can in document about this riddle me how many times a superhero character died and are born again so hundred years from now when history be like.
What are some accounts that superman die fighting doomsday and it’s back after that the history and still disagree.

[34:06] You know the true or was the original version of the superman story from a hundred and fifty years will never leave whole story’s gonna be told.
And that’s the only twelve story that’s only just sobering me think of all the content out there is like.
Holy crap holy twelve different stories of never told so as long as you have your hair winter here or here ow the story that goes through a,
use answer my mental life change.
Then he doesn’t complete this topic but the but you’ll so then yes it’s late but it’s,
select the the story with the guys and stuff from you know the hundreds and hundreds of years ago we was actually just comic book crap that now we’re regurgitating in reno make but we know that has actual this,
fictional characters that right but there on the view the people she booze this stuff look at other sure everything is she use the as so and that’s when making an argument because he,
you find reference sister hercules on all the stuff from pottery always for cultures,
all these different legends that contradict each other always powers were is the city of the fantastic part is he dies or real.
It doesn’t worry so here is my brief rundown of history of people who claims to have translated the manuscript in the twenty first century cat.

[35:38] In twenty fourteen we.
I have an extra three play of the implied of the client list ix professor steven backs revolution article of twenty fourteen claiming to translate ten words to minister i remember when this one came out and he.
Use a similar technique justice iverson injection hieroglyphics he claimed the man you split manchester is a tree he’s on nature in near eastern or asian language but no full translation was ever made before his death in twenty seventeen,
forty two something like.

[36:14] The weather is no answers of making of the one guy dies and goes all knowledge what’s or who’s he never publishers release the one who says he apparently i didn’t get,
you know obviously have like,
a lot of time delay digging every theory but it’s interesting one but i’m always skeptical when someone’s like i have the answer and then they drop off the face the earth doesn’t like yeah he died in twenty seventeen.
Creams founders of twenty fourteen.
So why didn’t he put anything between now it was conspiracy he class of people telling which parent as exactly that.
I got you got me there i mean he really said i’d like a suspicious.
Yeah but regardless i mean if you know any scary things to say that he even came close it has in contribution to all these starting.
Yeah i agree to come in tight and with that three we were talking about about being.
Like an eastern language or something like that is your translation for eastern languages.
So let’s see in september twenty seventeen television writer named nickel which always really makes me feel better about their research yeah it was gives claim to be quoted the manuscript as a music for,
crackly previous latins now yeah legal scholars to his work,
and they said that his hypothesis wasn’t originally criticize date is patching together a whole bunch of already out there scholarship perhaps even building up on one of you know backs.

[37:55] And basically,
the lady looked at me of america stated that gives the sacraments doesn’t result in latin that makes any sense there’s a naval academy of america and i kinda wanna work there so this last case you this is the one that you’re probably,
you probably mentioned earlier this happen just recently and yes november twenty seventeen so professor great could.
Contract and what’s funny is i heard this one to and actually your friend before i started my research were like water the translated it and it starts one of,
at work about this particular thing but now we have an update that’s like yeah as soon as i hear what’s going on great professor great contract,
a natural language processing expert from the university of.
Up together with his graduation bradley how our use artificial intelligence as the gas to to try and attempt to code the manchester,
their findings workers that presented at the annual meeting of the association of computational linguistics what mouthful twenty seventeen.
In the form of an article suggesting the language of the heart manuscript is most likely hebrew.
But in coding music included using algor are plants will it alphabetically serial.
It’s all the rooms that is that just shut your mouth or nose cookies for breakfast.

[39:18] However the tv and this is the part i didn’t know about my coworker told me about i i really.
You know the product was all discovery trip for all of us are the key word is yet you do you follow up like six months later when the news doesn’t isn’t talking about it cuz there’s no press release,
six oh well that fizzled where all the niggas or whatever so here’s the.
But for somehow ever this evening at the experts in medieval manuscripts overview that were not convinced.
And the queen is strongly disputed by expert in hebrew and its history here’s something is saying that all okay.
Six okay so he drops a little bit okay perfect so case so they’re saying that its.
They kind of practice a little bit but then the angles and bullshit heating the people saying bullshit.
Maybe are to protect themselves away to be the one to be the ones to crack it like it is and i have.
But self preserving because they.

[40:27] I have an ego thing in academia i’ve run into a lot of that this into this part of the built in.
How active you functions is that you put out of my house this is and,
really work and in what sizes people try it you put that out there and everyone tries to replicate yeah and to punch the shit out of it to see if it can actually like stand up to being festival in everything else.
So i mean its partners at the serial role in scientific inquiry like this built in your head.

[41:00] But i also know from personal experience with family members have worked in my high and last genetics is it that the absolutely people’s egos play a big role in it as well so it’s like there complement each other like,
is it isn’t showing it is like the personality types that go into this kind of thing.
Drive that way or does this attract that personality was making them more like this you know right right so yeah there there can actually there can absolutely be a.
If the opponent that pisses they haven’t put out there like a fool translation or even like a big block of la translation,
it’s really hard to dispute between ask for a says there’s an expert he says this is seems like right now the consensus is that they haven’t cracked it from what i’ve found but it’s not because it’s so here’s the thing.
It’s so new fb record this in,
you know february of twenty eighteen addresses just in full of twenty seventeen that you know this could shake out we could learn a whole lot more coming up here but we don’t get.
That’s macabre or rich from the headline and he never add rule to hear first exactly.
One thing i’m kind of x and no one’s if they we’re find out what it is i hope it’s something this is completely means like.

[42:20] I can do just as surely something mundane like you just so could fifty grand and yeah like if they translated literally the picture with the lightning at least about that little all the text is in like.
In five different languages of latin and hebrew and always that amazing place horses live yeah it’s yeah lr to send us.

[42:47] So
Find over and done is what travis what do you think it is honestly look into your computer honestly think it it is if you if you had to get like.

[43:00] Get your head for a time traveller what will you guesses based on the plants drawings.
I have no clue who says he is your own one has is a person books a hundred pictures this is true for me yeah i was in the south of france and the naked women.
It’s the base foundation of cocaine manufacturing plants places and planted something warehouses,
oh because the woman i love were close in school and the making of sciences industries so this is like the personal journal both of,
wait wait renaissance scarface exact starfish yeah i think that’s exactly where this is nice like this theory is.

[43:53] Are you is it already like giving us your pieces of rice you know if you’re solid with and if it is in blue background about as we wrote this book.
What is the background we are now is that song from,
we all prepubescent missing p present teenager it was working perfectly okay so if you have is he has ran bloody kinda,
but it’s one season have a lot of friends is one best friend so okay he figured is his parents his mom was it doesn’t do anything she now lives where because you know fourteen hundred,
in italy and have his dad was actually about meters of these pages that painting which would be very expensive and he just steal them from his dad and this way it’s not it’s it’s a huge binders collected pages overtime within an.
You know that there is able to her in the back that time period and he is friends fucking around and just saying let’s let’s practice you know,
drying these plans practice during the things that holds me some moves you know and this is like a weird like this weird meters down lane weight and becoming just like.
This story of him and his friends hang out enough to.

[45:05] Truly think about the case but it’s an idea of that is just some kid around painting explored.
What’s probably have done was have the word but you know this is kind of thought that that was like the first thought that came to my hands of this is just somebody who was.
I am trying to make up their own trying to practice rating in another language and didn’t know what they were do we and they have no way to check their work with someone who actually knew the language.
So you’re saying its history is equivalent of a man who is clearly two children on top of each other trench coat.
He is so i think the truth for those who was the one to actually decipher this thing.
I think the sure way do this not find the kid who wrote to find his best friend because he’s gonna be carol’s lose later on probably photos and the they don’t let those head they were blood brothers and they said i had.

[46:03] Okay so that comment about character development hearts were getting rich back story about this about,
come in the coming of age story young young man italy in really trying to find himself and his best friend on their adventures.

[46:21] Yeah they’re with their father the book binder and get now that say you probably have like a shit for.

[46:29] Is the pages were made out of sheets once in a while not necessarily visit the buyer from yeah,
and they have to have access to the supply if she has twelve years apart to find him hes a live close the reservation forms of her clothes,
and there’s your family of five hundred years ago for years to say where just ivory describing northern italy in the fifteen hundred like.
You know it’s like cut to someone standing around in medieval italy really want to change every were just friends.
Find it go on but the thing is book of yeah.
Turn the heat slowly formidable light and just be like have a.
What crappy burrito something like the sink that is directly of thinking with well actually like,
okay baby places that will see reviews never actually seen the pictures of cecil of sherry has a six days late and at the end he finally seals the receiver minecraft,
set up pics yet what do you do with your who i don’t know i.

[47:49] I am intrigued by the reese girls dream ideally like it was a while and what would you.
What would cause it say you about it basically.
The coolest would be that is the actual spell book of queen elizabeth the first ss astrologer that’s the that’s my favorite one is for it like that would just be so fucking bad ass.
I’m starting to think like one eighth when it says research this morning at three am i thought that,
i would go with this most recent interpretation with the hebrew one where it was like for a few because the theory just like sounds good bs like,
you know you have alot like,
yeah but history of jews in europe at medieval times like that they would have a lot of reason delayed have proprietary knowledge of the protecting the cipher and would have been a delight medicines that played or a magic stuff because that was kinda like arms distance from,
like stuff that you don’t christians at the time we will in a it would explain a lot of things going on there’s a agencies possible.
But more and more as we go into this three surgeries talked out with each other i’m leaning towards the it’s.
Easter island it for a nice like east asia and stuff that was brought over before anyone had any idea how to.
Handle it or how to translate praying what what they were looking at what we’re dealing with right so.

[49:19] So how did you first like find out about the wind is measured is never heard of this.

[49:25] I am in c ville until it uses videos of income it comes up a lot in.

[49:34] Top five greatest mysteries of history homework i like history and this is always like one of the tough ones because this is pretty crackable in the.
It is a very light implies knowledge or technology that is way ahead of its time move for voice doesn’t really apply that don’t know enough about what is actually studying.
But it is not together lot with something that will do it happens about coby and the kids room mechanism.

[50:00] Which is the ancient greek mechanical computer that can calculate the movement of the planets all in a shipwreck and it is the coolest.
Most mysterious like historical objectivity dislike these three the when the manuscript the and tickets for mechanism and about one battery.

[50:18] Where like i got a guy in that line actually built joint working batteries back in like,
one thousand pc or earlier and and we have no idea what it is using them for the head like the citric acid in his special,
pottery made to hold the citric acid in any of the like copper and the iron or however that works with the battery and copper wires and stuff running hot she was using electric current for something and some people that he was like.
Performing sorcerers something like that or that he thought he had medicinal purposes and the light basically like people that he had magic or are trying to create goal is all the.
We just.
Because so far back to where we don’t have like a lot of written right place what the hell is this so that’s the big three in like his historical mysteries is probably the circle and a slave people of the internet is.
Anything for mechanism away from any strip that long battery so okay and get a deeper and you tube is.
It’s cool stuff you said yes so that’s that’s the voyage management international of.
Open invite for everyone to death with that.

[51:36] History of a book with a long way to last like examples of midi but my.

[51:44] Is it ever been documentaries are those movies like it’s inspired movies of booklet what are some movies and books that are kind of inspired list of it to be to buy a recognize any of the books that are like there’s a lot of miles out there that like mention and share the,
you see a lot of like give age is very to vinci code is very.

[52:05] You know that kind of style of story telling like national treasure inspired select knights templar conspiracy kinda stuff no use like one k on trans label codecs for medieval times secret knowledge nothing get.
So if you know it almost like is come like one of the projectors of the tropes of.
Nobody volt rails knowledge conspiracy couldn’t knowledge thing that.

[52:34] Send me nite all hours of the to watch the telly around and that world but there is always many blake.
There’s like little short ones they’re like top-flight mysterious thing all and they have ones that are like the story of the bit of weight management related to our normal history channel human cell cycle.

[52:56] I love you too for that’s where the real history channel is now does not like.
A fucking ax man or like grease it dies right grizzlies nice rose or something,
is this your jealous now where’s the still history of these days he’s like ice road truckers during the summer because it helped us alot so hot.

[53:18] Cool thank you for tuning in everyone once again you can follow us on facebook be sure to check cinema copper more dot com.
And be sure you know what or patron weren’t sure were gonna be offering some exclusive content.
And thank you once again for joining us will catch you next time with another stent stick mystery.

[53:44] Yes and that is the farm.

Macabre Grimoire Chapter 1 Astral Projection

“I have been far away all this time, and I haven’t left the room…It was clear to me that it was because I was a spirit that I had so vividly ‘seen’ and felt a place a thousand miles away. Space was nothing to spirit!” – Helen Keller in her book My Religion in 1927

Welcome to Macabre Grimoire, the podcast of paranormal exploration and weird history.  In our first episode, we meet the team. Medium Ari Show, Magician Travis Nye, and History Nerd with an internet connection Robert Mehling briefly explore each other’s background and then move into our first topic, astral projection.

As far as we can tell, Humans have believed that a person can exist outside of their body since we were human.  From the Ancient Egyptian Ba (Soul that flew to the afterlife with the help of Ka, I studied Egyptology, this could be a whole episode by itself), to the Japanese ikiryō (生霊) (also read shōryō), and countless others cultures down through the centuries.

Emanuel Swedenborg was one of the first people to write extensively about the out-of-body experience in the relatively modern era, in his Spiritual Diary (1747–65).

Most researchers note that the primary evidence to support claims of astral travel is anecdotal and comes “in the form of testimonials of those who claim to have experienced being out of their bodies when they may have been out of their minds.” Subjects in parapsychological experiments have attempted to project their astral bodies to distant rooms and see what was happening. However, such tests have produced negative results.


Sources, Links, and otherwise:

Keller, Helen (1927). My Religion (First ed.). Garden City: Doubleday, Page & Company. p. 33. Retrieved 12 December 2017.

Frederick Lawton Balzac The Echo Library, 2007, p. 18


Sioux Empire Podcast Network Launches Paranormal and Weird History Podcast

Sioux Falls, SD: The Sioux Empire Podcast Network is launching a new podcast about the paranormal and weird history titled Macabre Grimoire. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.
What makes this podcast unique is it’s combining the perspectives of believers, history buffs, and the skeptical eye of a performance magician in the grand tradition of Harry Houdini’s “A Magician Among the Spirits.” In addition to the paranormal, the trio will also examine weird histories and historical mysteries. Topics in the first episodes will include dream interpretation, astral projection, and the Voynich Manuscript.

For producer and co-host Robert Mehling, this podcast is a passion project that he’s been planning for many years. “This project has been a dream of mine for a long time. These topics are something I’ve wanted to approach in a format like this since I was a kid listening to Coast to Coast AM with my dad.” Medium and co-host Ari Show “Since I deal with the paranormal in my everyday life getting to talk about it on a podcasting platform is very exciting. I never realized how steeped I was in not only supernatural experiences, but also paranormal lore after we recorded our first few episodes. I’ve been podcasting for six years now about filmmaking, and we’ve touched on the paranormal before, but I’ve always wanted to be involved with a project where its topic was the sole focus.”

Macabre Grimoire is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and all primary podcast providers. The first full episodes will premiere on Tuesday, May 1st.

Macabre Grimoire Coming May 1st, 2018

Macabre Grimoire is a podcast of paranormal and mystery exploration. Psychic/medium Ari Show, magician Travis Nye, and historian Robert Mehling delve into the dark places where mysteries go unsolved, events go unexplained, and the line between legend and fact becomes obscured. Whether you’re a skeptic, believer or something in between, the Macabre Grimoire will change the way you see the world.

Coming May 1st, 2018.

The History of Science Fiction – Pseudo-Science – Extra Sci Fi – #3

The History of Science Fiction – Pseudo-Science – Extra Sci Fi – #3

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